Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Director’s Cut

Now that I’m done with the mafia world, it’s time to move on to Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. I’ve been eyeing this game for a long time, but I’m glad I waited since Karin released the DC version. :D

Once upon a time in the small village of Hanau, lived a small girl named Henrietta. Her parents died to an epidemic, and she’s been living with her cousins ever since — Jacob, Wilhelm and Ludwig Grimm. The oldest two are doing a research about how to turn fairytales into reality, and they often leave Henrietta with Ludwig in the village. The village is poor and most of the other villagers have left for a bigger town, but Henrietta’s dream is to get married and live in Hanau forever. Sadly, that dream is ruined when a voice suddenly calls her name one night.

Lured by the mysterious voice, Henrietta runs into the forest and follows a shining butterfly into the deeper area.. where an Alp has been waiting for her. He wants Henrietta to follow him to a circus, but he soon loses patience when she refuses and tries to go home instead. Ludwig comes to save Henrietta not too long after that, and the two of them try to fight back by summoning some mandragoras with the Grimm family’s power. All four Grimms have the ability to bring objects to life. Henrietta’s weapon is a magic book, while Ludwig’s is a magic canvas. Unfortunately their magic can’t match Alp’s, and he lulls them to sleep with a spell.

When Henrietta and Ludwig open their eyes, they find themselves in a coffin full of flowers. Both of them are now five years older, and they’re also naked with hair so long they reach the floor. They realize that they might be in their brothers’ research lab, which is proven true by Wilhelm’s diary on the table. The only thing they can understand from the diary entries is that their brothers are involved with a certain someone, and Wilhelm only left them these words: “The keys are always drawn by the lock.” Henrietta doesn’t know anything about any keys, but Ludwig notices that he has one hanging around his neck.

Since they can’t stay in the lab forever, the two of them decide to go out and unlock the lab’s door with Ludwig’s key. Instead of finding some clues outside, they only find the scenery of their house and the entire Hanau village in ruins. Soon Alp appears to laugh at them, saying it would be much better if they never wake up from their peaceful slumber. Both Henrietta and Ludwig have never took a step out of their peaceful little village, so Alp mockingly tells them that they won’t be able to survive in the harsh world out there — where a hell called “reality” is waiting for them. Then he disappears, leaving them in the destroyed village.

Despite Alp’s mocking words, Henrietta and Ludwig decide to leave the village and search for their brothers together. There’s nobody left in Hanau, but they might be able to find information in other towns. Or maybe new friends to travel with. Henrietta remembers that the sky was grey when they started their journey, but she believes they will be able to find their brothers under the clear blue sky someday.


6 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Director’s Cut

  1. This caught my attention while looking at my mails. I’ve been eyeing this one but I’m quite afraid that it’s long (and exams are getting in the way of my otome gaming life T_T). D: But…but fairytales~~ looovveee!! *gets shot for being so childish xD;;

    I’ll just look on your tumblr posts for now. :D

    • Yes, this game has like 10 characters to capture lol. The routes aren’t that long, but I can only do a character a day thanks to work eating 70% of my time. xD; I love fairytales too, and since that’s the main reason why I play Grimm (the other reason being a fan of Karin lol).. you’re not alone in that area. 8D

  2. How was the game? Is it worth buying? I’ve been eyeing it for the PSP, but…. since I live in Japan right now I think I’d rather buy the PC version since it’s easier to see the txt. For some reason I can’t find any PC otome games for sell on import sites. / : What’s up with that? Anywho… the Amazon.co.jp has it and I reeeeallly wanna buy it though it’s a whoppin 7,000 yen. Oh well. I spent about that much or more on Lamento and Under The Moon. If it’s got fun characters and some good scenarios though, then I don’t mind the cost. Ijiwaru my master is first on my list for now though. I already know I like it since I played it a while back. cough cough… through downloading. But I’m coming clean. I’ll dish out the money for something I enjoy. I still can’t forget Lucas’ route. The sugoku sweetness is still stuck in my head.

    • If you want to buy this game, go with the PC version. Aside from bigger CGs, the PC version also has additional scene and endings. Think of it as the bigger, upgraded version of the original Zettai Meikyuu Grimm on PSP. :)

  3. I’ve only completed the prologue but it’s really awesome so far :D I was wondering what walkthrough you followed (if any) you used to complete this though?

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