Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Akazukin

Following people’s suggestions, I decided to start with Akazukin. I was thinking of getting him out of the way first since chasing shota just isn’t my thing, but he’s actually pretty adorable. :3

Little Red Riding Hood. His real name is Carlots Scharn, but people call him “Akazukin” because of the red hood he always wears. Despite his adorable looks, Akazukin actually has a rough temperament and has zero ability to read the situation. His great sense of smell allows him to sense anything from a few kilometres away, and his strength is enough to break a solid rock in one punch. Akazukin uses brass knuckles in battle. Currently he’s looking for the wolf who killed his grandmother.

Two weeks after meeting Hameln in the town of Weser, Henrietta and friends find themselves in the “lost forest” of Schwalm. Here they see Akazukin running around in the forest, knocking Henrietta out of the way in a panic, but they don’t really know who he is at this point. Soon the party reach the village of Schwalmstadt hidden deep in the forest, where they meet Akazukin again. He takes them to his house and introduces them to his grandma, who bakes strawberry pies for them. Akazukin and his grandma are the only ones left in the village, and Ludwig also notices vicious claw marks on the village fence — proof of wild beast attacks. After Henrietta and Ludwig left their house, grandma hands a key to Akazukin saying it’s a “protective charm” for him. She also tells him to join Henrietta’s journey instead of staying in this lonely village with her, but Akazukin refuses since he can’t leave her alone.

Soon the sky turns dark and Akazukin senses the smell of wolf in the air. Grandma sends him to warn Henrietta and the others, and he rushes into the forest before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Henrietta and friends meet a hungry, thin wolf who says he hasn’t eaten anything for 3 days. Akazukin comes before the wolf can do anything to them (even though the wolf keeps saying he’s harmless), but then he smells another wolf lurking nearby. One stronger than the thin one standing before them. Realizing that grandma is in danger, Akazukin and the party hurry back to the village, but sadly it’s too late. The village fence is destroyed, and the wolf already killed poor grandma back in the house.

Akazukin is enraged and runs off to punch the wolf from earlier (even though he’s innocent in this case), and soon a witch named Hel appears to stop him from “bullying” her wolf. Hel then sets the forest on fire to trap Akazukin in flames, so both Henrietta and Ludwig join the battle to save him. Ludwig creates a giant bucket of water and Henrietta summons an elephant to spray water onto the trees, but the battle doesn’t really stop.. until the wolf nearly faints from hunger, and Hel is forced to take him home. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ As they go back to the village, Akazukin tells everyone that his parents were killed by a wolf too. He decides to join the party to search for the wolf who killed his family, but he also promised not to take revenge. Instead, he wants to seek hope and find out what grandma wanted him to see out there.

Before continuing their journey, Hameln also asks Henrietta if she’s ready to accept Akazukin for who he is. She doesn’t understand what Hameln means, but this becomes important later.

After spending weeks exploring the lost forest, Henrietta and friends finally find their way out. They spend a night in a lodge in Verden Meadow, where Alp comes to trick Henrietta at night. He disguised himself as Akazukin and warps Henrietta to the dream world, and he tries to eat her dream through a kiss. Nobody would notice since Henrietta’s body is sleeping in the lodge, which is why she has bedsheet marks on her hands. Fortunately, Akazukin is also having a “strange dream” of Henrietta being kidnapped by Alp. He can hear her voice beyond the door in his dream, and he comes to rescue her just in time. After punching Alp in the gut, Akazukin guides Henrietta back to the real world — finally waking her up.

Not too long after leaving Verden Meadow, the party finally reach their destination — the town of Bremen. Hameln immediately leaves to play on his own, while Rapunzel drags Ludwig and the Frog Prince away so Henrietta can be alone with Akazukin. Since both of them came from a small village, Akazukin and Henrietta are amazed by the sight of a bustling city. He holds her hand so they won’t be separated, and they take a look around the bazaar together. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Noticing that Henrietta is looking at the fashionable city girls with envious eyes, Akazukin then buys a beautiful red one piece for her. When she says he doesn’t have to go that far to make her happy, he tells her it’s only because he wants to see a different side of her. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

As they walk further through the bazaar, Akazukin and Henrietta find a lost goat man crying in the middle of the street. He doesn’t have a name, so Akazukin gives him the name “Yagio”. Of course Henrietta thinks his naming sense is so cheap and simple, but Yagio is happy with the name lol. Yagio then explains that his entire family was killed by a wolf. He escaped to Bremen thinking it’s a safe place to stay in, but he got lost in the bazaar crowd instead. They decide to help taking Yagio back to his house in the forest, where Yagio sadly tells them that it might be his fate as a “delicious goat” to be eaten by the wolf. However, Akazukin tells him not to give up so easily. As long as he doesn’t give up, there must be something he can do. Upon hearing his words, Yagio suddenly cries and tells them to run away.

It turns out that under the wolf’s threat, Yagio has been kidnapping people from Bremen. All of his siblings weren’t killed — they’re being held as hostages. Soon the wolf will come home, so Yagio wants Akazukin and Henrietta to escape before it’s too late. However, Henrietta has a better idea. In order to stop Akazukin from going wild, they dress him up in the red dress they bought earlier and transforms him into Little Red Riding Hood™: Girl Version.. and it works like magic on the 変態 wolf, who turns out to be Hel’s wolf. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before he can eat any of them, Akazukin takes off the disguise and kicks the wolf’s ass. Which breaks his heart as well since his tsundere “honey” has just vanished into thin air LOL.

After the wolf ran away in fear, Henrietta teases Akazukin by sticking to him like a glue. They were hugging each other to complete the disguise earlier, but right now Akazukin panicks and turns red. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Henrietta is glad to see him staying calm in front of a wolf though, and Akazukin says it’s because Henrietta is here to stop him from going berserk. He only punched the wolf once today, but it’s more than enough to clear his mind. When Henrietta says it must be because he fought to protect someone, Akazukin falls into silence for a short while. Then he smiles, holds her hand and takes her back to town. Henrietta turns back before they leave, and she sees Yagio waving goodbye at them with a smile.

Five days after leaving Bremen, the party is heading towards the town of Neuses. Unlike the lively Bremen, Neuses is gloomy and quiet with only a few people walking outside. Just then some soldiers appear to warn them for being so loud (read: talking) on the streets, revealing that the town is so quiet because the citizens are mostly in jail under the insane King’s order. The party then got thrown in jail too thanks to Henrietta’s big mouth, but fortunately Akazukin punches a hole in the wall and throws her out to the underground sewer. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Henrietta then summons her elephant to break the iron bars, and from there she finds her way back to the town. Of course the soldiers won’t let her escape so easily, so they announce “Henrietta Grimm” as a criminal. (´・ω・`A;) She needs to save her friends before 5 PM, or else they’ll kill her friends and have the Frog Prince fritters for dinner.

In order to get more information about the castle, Henrietta decides to visit the bar. She finds a man named Wanderer who knows everything about the castle jail, but he obviously demands a high price in return. Even though Wanderer refuses to help at first, he suddenly changes his mind when Henrietta mentions Hameln’s name. It turns out that Hameln and him are old friends since they’re fellow informants, and if it’s to save Hameln, Wanderer is willing to help for free. From him, Henrietta also learns that Neuses used to be lively city in the past. Three years ago, a strange prophet came to town and the King has been insane ever since — capturing people for the most trivial reasons. The captured citizens aren’t treated as criminals though, since all they have to do is to peel potatoes in the kitchen. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Following Wanderer’s advice, Henrietta sneaks back into the castle from the roof. After calling a bunch of mice as a distraction, she also summons Gnome to stop the soldiers with a ground wall that blocks their path. The Frog Prince joins Henrietta along the way (he escaped from the kitchen before they turn him into frog fritters lol), while Hameln and Akazukin put the guards to sleep back in the jail. When Ludwig asks why Hameln didn’t use his whistle sooner, he admits it’s because life in the jail sounds easy — free food three times a day! \(^o^)/ After meeting up with her friends, Henrietta notices a sealed door with the kingdom’s engraved on it. Earlier Wanderer tells her it’s a special room used to lock up royalties, so Akazukin destroys the door with his fist.. and inside the sealed room, they finally find the Queen and the Prince of Neuses.

Meanwhile, Wanderer is leading the remaining citizens to attack the castle. The King thinks it’s Henrietta’s fault and orders his soldiers to capture everyone, but soon the Queen comes in to stop her husband from this insanity. Just as expected, the King has been fooled by a witch all this time. Obviously it was the witch too who threw the Queen and the Prince into jail, and the Queen explains that Henrietta was the one who saved them. Realizing that he nearly lost his country as well, the King apologized and thanks Henrietta for opening his eyes. Just then Hel — obviously the witch responsible for this case — appears with her fox and wolf, grumbling that the King is such a useless pawn. Hel isn’t planning to stay and get her ass kicked though, so she flees after choking Henrietta with her dark magic.

As an apology to everyone, the King follows the Prince’s advice and holds a carnival in town. Henrietta is still feeling sick thanks to Hel’s spell, but she accepts Akazukin’s invitation to go to the carnival together at night. ♡(。→∀←。) Sadly Henrietta’s body can’t handle it, and she faints before they could even reach the carnival. Akazukin then carries her back to their inn, and he feels really bad for not thinking about Henrietta properly. When Akazukin goes outside to think alone, Hameln follows him asking if he’s still holding a grudge against wolves. Before leaving, Hameln gives him a piece of advice: “stop looking at the dark forest, it will make Henrietta sad.” Sadly even though Akazukin knows everyone will be happy if he stops holding a grudge, he can’t forget his grandma’s death so easily.

When Henrietta wakes up the next day, Akazukin invites her to visit the forest. Since Henrietta is still recovering, Akazukin helps her walk to the forest entrance — where he picks up some cherries for them to eat together. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Henrietta feels guilty too since everyone got captured because of her, and even though she puts up a bright smile in front of Akazukin, she keeps thinking of leaving the party for their own sake. However, Akazukin knows it’s the smile of someone who’s about to leave and never return. He hugs her saying he only wants to stay with her, and he doesn’t let go until a certain smell reaches his nose. The smell of a wolf.

Before they can even react, a shadow suddenly attacks them from behind. Both Henrietta and Akazukin are knocked unconscious, and when they wake up later, they find themselves tied up in a shack. With a big bad wolf named Drom. Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll) Drom keeps kicking Akazukin and asks what the boy means to Henrietta, so she cries saying Akazukin is an important person to her. Upon hearing her answer, Drom gives her a sarcastic laugh and says he’ll show her the true colors of her “important person” then. The moment Drom opens his mouth to eat Henrietta, Akazukin starts screaming in pain.. and suddenly a pair of wolf ears pop out on his head. As much as he wants to deny it, Drom knows Akazukin can sense that he’s not a normal human.

Akazukin actually has a wolf’s blood in him, which is why he has extraordinary strength and sense of smell. There’s an old legend that says if a woman is bitten by a wolf on the night of a full moon, the child in her womb will inherit the wolf’s power. At first Drom didn’t believe in that legend, but he was surprised to hear there’s a boy with super strength in Schwalmstadt. Why does Drom know all of this? Because he was the one who killed Akazukin’s family, obviously. Since Akazukin is a rare half-blood who possesses both human knowledge and the strength of a wolf, Drom now wants to eat him to gain his power. His plan doesn’t go smoothly though, because Akazukin then goes berserk, breaks the rope that tied him onto the pillar, and starts beating the living daylights out of Drom.

When Henrietta tries to stop him, Akazukin yells at her to go away. The shock makes Akazukin thinks he can’t stay with them anymore — because he’s not a human. Henrietta says it doesn’t matter even if he’s a half-blood, but Akazukin only tells her to “shut up” and knocks her away. She doesn’t give up though, and she reminds him of the words he said to Yagio: “As long as you don’t give up, there must be something you can do!” There’s no way they will reject him just because he’s not a human, so he shouldn’t give up until the end. Upon hearing Henrietta’s words, Akazukin puts down his fists and tells Drom to go away before he changes his mind.

Unfortunately, they forgot that Drom is a wolf who will take any chance to attack. The moment Akazukin turns around, Drom slashes his back with a claw. Henrietta then drags Akazukin out of the shack and summons a wyvern outside, which takes almost all of her energy. Sadly the wyvern then goes out of control and sets the entire forest on fire, so Akazukin tells Henrietta to calm down and put out the flames first. Following his advice, Henrietta summons Undine to create a holy rain — which fortunately also allows her to send the wyvern back into the book. When the terrified and burnt Drom begs Akazukin not to kill him, Akazukin once again tells him to leave. He realized that killing Drom means that he’ll be just the same as the other wolves, so he won’t resort to killing no matter what. Even though his hatred won’t disappear so easily.

After Drom leaves them, Henrietta apologized for the trouble she caused. Akazukin hugs her saying it’s okay, and he thanks her for bringing him back to his senses. She’s right. It doesn’t matter if he’s a human or a wolf, because Akazukin will always be himself. As Akazukin takes her hand, Henrietta notices that his wolf tail is waggling back and forth. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Akazukin might have his wolf insticts, but Henrietta will never be scared of him. Because that swinging tail of his is just too lovable to resist. ♡(。→∀←。)

On their way out of the forest, Akazukin senses a “raw” smile in the air. Soon the Frog Prince appears to pick them up along with Hameln and Ludwig, but Henrietta feels something wrong from Ludwig. It’s like he’s a different person. Which is true, because this “Ludwig” is actually Alp in disguise. The moment Akazukin leaves Henrietta’s side, Alp takes off his disguise and kidnaps Henrietta to the dream world again. Alp invites Henrietta to escape the painful reality by staying in the peaceful dream world with him forever, but she refuses because her heart will die without Akazukin. Realizing that Henrietta is in love with Akazukin, Alp then vanishes and returns after disguising himself as Akazukin. He tries tempting her saying they should live here and make a warm family together, and she can’t fight back because she just can’t attack him — even though she knows he’s a fake.

However, the real Akazukin soon comes to save Henrietta. He grabs her hand saying he can’t say gentle words and might hurt her someday, but his feelings for her won’t lose to his fake’s. *:..。o(O*´∀`*惚)o。..:* Henrietta suddenly fainted in the forest earlier, and the key on his chest warped him to the dreamworld upon touching her body. Akazukin tells her not to worry since he will always stay with her even in the real world, and Henrietta finally smiles. However, Alp isn’t pleased with this outcome. He then evolves into Phantom Earl — the advanced form of an Alp — to crush the fools who rejects the temptation of dreams. The Earl takes advantage of Akazukin’s wolf blood to put him in pain, but he stands up and fights so Henrietta can summon the powerful Gold Dragon from her magic book.

When Henrietta opens the last page, suddenly the magic book starts shining with overflowing magic power. Just then Akazukin’s key starts shining as well, and Henrietta hears a voice that wakes her up from her 5 years of slumber. The voice says she will lend Henrietta her power, but right now she can’t tell Henrietta who she is yet. With her help, Henrietta finally summons the Gold Dragon to burn the dream world along with the Earl. Akazukin quickly takes Henrietta to look for the door back to the real world — just like last time — and suddenly Akazukin’s key starts shining again. Something inside of Henrietta is shining as well, and when she touches Akazukin’s key, a shining lock suddenly appears on her chest. Akazukin then tries putting his key into Henrietta’s lock, which finally unlocks the path back to the reality. As they run out of the dream world, Henrietta can feel her consciousness slowly fading away.. but she can still feel the warmth of Akazukin’s hand. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

A few days later, the party is preparing to continue their journey. Akazukin revealed his wolf blood to everyone after returning from the dream world, but they’re not surprised. Their party has a tomboyish summoner, a greedy pied piper, a NEET witch apprentice and a frog prince.. why would they be surprised by a half-wolf now? (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Akazukin only grows a pair of ears and a tail, and everyone thinks he’s more like a dog rather than a wolf LOL. Also, Hameln already knows about this ever since the first time they met Akazukin, which is why he asked Henrietta to accept Akazukin for who he is.

Before they leave Neuses, a guard suddenly delivers an invitation from the King. As a form of gratitude, the King has been helping them to search for their brothers. He found out that those two actually visited the castle during the carnival, so now he invites them for a reunion dinner with Jacob and Wilhelm. Their brothers are surprised to see how much they have grown, and Jacob explains that Henrietta and Ludwig wouldn’t open their eyes back then. Both Jacob and Wilhelm thought they were dead, that’s why they put them in the coffins before leaving Hanau.

Sadly Jacob and Wilhelm can’t stay with them due to their research. They can’t say what kind of research either, since it’s related to the secret of a royal family. Henrietta is sad since their reunion quickly comes to an end, but Akazukin holds her hand saying everything will be okay. As long as they’re alive, they will be able to meet again someday. Before leaving, Jacob asks Akazukin to take care of their beloved little sister. Now that their journey has come to an end, Ludwig decides to become a painter in Bremen. He asks Henrietta about he future plans, but she can’t find the answer at all that night. At the same time, Akazukin is also confused about what to do. The King gave him a certain offer earlier, but he wonders what everyone will do from now on. After all, he doesn’t want to be apart from Henrietta.

The next day, Henrietta notices everyone (minus Akazukin) discussing something. When she comes to approach her, Rapunzel greets her with a bright smile.. and lures her into admitting that she’s in love with Akazukin. ♡(。→∀←。) Just then Akazukin enters the room, and Hameln decides to have fun by making him jealous. He hugs Henrietta from behind saying she’s cute and girly, and this continues until Akazukin blurts out “Stop that! I will treasure you more than Hameln will ever do!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Obviously Hameln is delighted to hear Akazukin’s “proposal”, so he shoves Henrietta towards Akazukin saying they’re really similar — both of them are equally gullible lol. Since everyone keeps pushing their back, Akazukin turns bright red and finally takes Henrietta to go outside. (❤ฺ→艸←)

In the forest, Akazukin tells Henrietta that the King of Neuses gave him a mission to rebuild and protect the villages around the country. Akazukin knows how painful it feels to see your home village getting destroyed, so he’s thinking of accepting the duty in order to prevent people from suffering through the same fate.. and his first mission is to rebuild the village of Schwalmstadt. After a short silence, Akazukin takes a deep breath and asks Henrietta to come with him. He spent the whole night thinking about this, and he finally knows why he feels sad upon thinking their journey together are coming to an end — because he loves her. (p´∀`*q゚+o。♡。o+゚

Henrietta tells Akazukin that she loves him too, and she’s going to follow him from now on. He promises to make her happy and restore Hanau too someday, but she’s already satisfied just by staying with him. As long as she’s got Akazukin by her side, Henrietta doesn’t mind where they live. Because her place is right by his side. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Soon they say goodbye as everyone continues their journey. Ludwig is going to Bremen just as planned, and Hameln will continue travelling with Rapunzel and the Frog Prince. They’re walking towards different paths for now, but they promise to meet again on this hill someday. After they left, Akazukin asks Henrietta to lean over and kisses her forehead. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Before they leave on their own mission, Akazukin says he’s really glad to have met Henrietta.

A month after they restored Schwalmstadt, Henrietta is helping Akazukin to build fields in the village. It’s still a small village for now, but the number of villagers are slowly growing as they build more houses. While Henrietta takes care of the fields with her sprites, Akazukin leads his own voluntary troops to protect the village. It’s called the “Red Hood Troops” and the members are all wearing red hoods like their leader. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ One day a traveller asks Henrietta for directions, and suddenly a jealous Akazukin comes to shoo him away lol. Soon a member of the troops informs him about some bandits outside the village, and Akazukin goes to do his job as Henrietta watches over him as he joins his troops. Recently he loves gathering shiny stuff and burying them on the ground too — like a dog — but she’s happy with their life. (*´∀`*)

In the witch arc trio’s true endings, they fight the demon lord three months after defeating Alp in the dream world. They meet up in “the promised hill” when their keys suddenly start shining, and that’s where they find the demon lord nearby. The demon lord then warps everyone to his castle, but soon Rosen comes to complete the party along with a wounded Wilhelm. Thankfully Wilhelm also has the last key, so Henrietta finally seals the demon lord with her Gold Dragon.

Two years later, Henrietta is living a happy life with Akazukin in Schwalmstadt. They live in a treehouse so she will be safe from the animals in the forest, but it’s only “dangerous” because they keep coming to hit on her — including Hel’s fox and wolf lol. One night they come and flirt with Henrietta when she’s eating dessert with Akazukin, so he throws rocks at them until they run away. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Henrietta then falls asleep on Akazukin’s shoulder, and he blushes saying he can’t be apart from her anymore. He leans closer to kiss her, but Hel’s fox and wolf suddenly yells to wake her up on purpose lol. Since Akazukin doesn’t want to be sneaky, he then whispers “I’m going to propose to you soon” in Henrietta’s ear. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

LOL. Again, I’m not into shota.. but Akazukin is so adorable. Once he grows his dog wolf ears and tail it’s just impossible to resist, especially since he keeps swinging that tail. (❤ฺ→艸←) I’m a big doggy fan, so please excuse the bias lol. Akazukin’s romance with Henrietta is super cute too. He doesn’t get a “proper” kiss on the lips CG, but I won’t complain since everything else in this route made me squeal like a rabid fangirl. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He can be a bit too hot-tempered and loud at first, but he grows calmer once his personal issue is taken care of. So even if you don’t like him at the beginning, do give Akazukin a chance. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ


17 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Akazukin

  1. I’m replaying his route again now. I think there isn’t any single differences with the PSP ver, so I mostly skipped it. And to admit, I was shock by when Akazukin’s past revealed. He became a thing he dislike so much *sob*.

    • But in the end he becomes an adorable wolf boy, so I guess that’s okay? Henrietta loves his tail too. xD From what I read the new additions are new endings for the Grimm Brothers, Ibara no Ouji and Alp. There’s also an ending for the demon lord lol.

  2. So you’re finally playing this? This is my favourite otome game, though I do have a bias for fairy tales, but I still think this game is really good, especially the interactions between the characters. This game made me believe that the party members were friends, I actually loved the girl routes for once and I just loved Alp. Can’t wait till you do him and Rapunzel (she’s so funny).

    • Yes. A bit late to the party, but I’m glad I waited. From now on I shall wait before playing Karin’s games. Just in case they release a Director’s Cut version lol. I’m done with most routes actually, I only have Alp, Wilhelm and Jacob next. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* The fairytale references are brilliant, but sadly for the girls only Rapunzel’s route was enjoyable for me. I didn’t like Rosen’s. ;__;

  3. I like Akazukin! I do sort of have a shota thing…depends on what type of shota, not the hot-headed ones though. But he’s cute!

  4. I’m sorry, but how do you get the witch arc trio’s endings ? And the demon lord ending ? I’ve got a walkthrough but it doesn’t mention these two xD

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