Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Hameln

Next up is Hameln. He’s that infamous pied piper, but his personality in this game is so warped it’s amusing. Hameln is definitely one of my favorites though, and Henrietta rocks in this route.

A pied piper who travels the lands, Hameln is the first to join Henrietta and Ludwig during their journey. 21 years old. Despite his good looks, he’s actually a lazy liar who loves to fool around all day. Hameln is also aloof and it’s hard to guess what he’s thinking of, but everyone knows he’s a greedy scrooge who charges money for everything he does. Hameln has the ability to charm people with his performance, as every living creature will be under his order once they heard the melody he plays.

One week after their departure, Henrietta and Ludwig reach the town of Weser. They’re both hungry and tired, so Henrietta decides to accept a friendly fox’s offer to stay in his house. It’s a trap though, because that night they find the fox sharpening his knife in the kitchen — ready to cook them. The fox chases Henrietta and Ludwig as they escape into the forest, so Ludwig creates a trap while Henrietta summons a beautiful (?) female fox to distract him. The fox runs away after the trap bites his leg, but sadly Ludwig gets hurt during the fight. Henrietta goes to the lake to get some water from Ludwig, and that’s where she finds Hameln playing his flute.

Even though the sight charms Henrietta instantly, her beautiful fantasy soon comes to an end since Hameln then captures a rabbit and eats it raw. Σ(゚д゚ ;) When he finally notices Henrietta standing nearby, the first thing he does is to accuse her of eyeing his meat lol. Hameln wants Henrietta to pay since she listened to his flute earlier, but since she refuses to pay up, he tags along as she goes back to Ludwig’s place.. where they find a fake Henrietta hugging Ludwig. Here, Henrietta gets a wonderful idea and says that she’s the fake one, so Hameln should get the payment from the “real” her. The fake Henrietta gets scared when Hameln starts cornering her, and she quickly takes off her disguise — revealing that “she” is actually the fox who tried to eat them yesterday. The fox escapes in fear, but not before Hameln grabs a bite of his tail.

Just as expected, Hameln now wants Henrietta and Ludwig to pay for his help. He notices the key on Ludwig’s chest and tries to grab it, but when the key repels his hands away, Hameln reveals that he actually has one too in his pocket. He got the key through a certain event in the past, and now he’s interested in Ludwig’s key too because they seem expensive lol. That, and because taking other people’s belongings by force is 男のロマン for Hameln. WTF LOL. Hameln then decides to join their journey since Henrietta and Ludwig are newbies in travelling, but the real reason is because he’s interested in them.

The general events in Hameln’s route are the same as in Akazukin’s route, but here Alp tricks Henrietta by disguising himself as Hameln instead. When Alp kidnaps Henrietta from the lodge in Verden Meadow, Hameln comes to save her from the dream world. Somehow Hameln can get into Henrietta’s dream and heard her voice beyond the door, and he takes her back to the real world after giving Alp a good slap across the face. Alp might be the “rules” of the dream world, but Hameln doesn’t want to participate in his games lol. However, Hameln is surprised to hear that Alp has been bothering Henrietta for a reason she doesn’t know. He tells her not to think about it though. For now she should get some sleep, and if she can’t sleep.. he’s more than willing to lull her to sleep. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

Upon reaching Bremen, Henrietta and friends spend the whole day looking for any information about their brothers. Sadly their search is fruitless today, and while everyone’s planning to go to the inn, Hameln walks off to “play with girls” in the evening. Noticing that Henrietta is curious about Hameln and his night activities, Rapunzel pushes her back saying “you can return in the morning!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She also convinces Henrietta that it’s to clear any suspicion they have about Hameln, so Henrietta quickly chases after Hameln before he disappears among the crowd — unaware that Rapunzel is only playing cupid. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Hameln is surprised when Henrietta follows him all the way into a bar, but he tells her to come over and orders milk for her. When Hameln play his flute, the master explains to Henrietta that Hameln always comes to this bar whenever he’s in Bremen. People who visits the bar all have their own problems and often fight with one another, but Hameln’s performance always heals their hearts. This is also why Hameln doesn’t want Henrietta to visit the bar, because it’s not a peaceful place for kids like her. Soon a drunk man tries to hit on Henrietta, but Hameln uses his flute to stop him. He tells the man not to bother his companion, or else he’ll stop performing for tonight. The man quickly apologized, and Henrietta watches Hameln’s gentle expression as he continues his performance.

Before they leave the bar, the master mentions that he didn’t call Hameln’s fangirls tonight. She gets jealous thinking that “playing with fangirls” is part of Hameln’s life, but before she can let out a sigh.. a donkey suddenly comes to praise Hameln’s performance with sparkling eyes lol. Hameln is tired though, so he coldly leaves the poor donkey saying he wants to drink quietly in another bar. Henrietta asks if she can come along, and Hameln agrees to take her with him as long as she stays quiet. Even though he knows it’s impossible. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Henrietta tries protesting, but Hameln seals her lips with his finger saying this is why she’s still a kid. Hameln then gets drunk all night, so in the end Henrietta really returns in the morning with him.

On their way back to the inn, Henrietta and Hameln suddenly hear a demonic sound produced by a band of animals playing musical instruments together. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hameln’s good mood is instantly blown away by their “music”, and he runs into their cottage yelling at them to stop this horrible ensemble lol. Just in case you’re wondering.. yes, the donkey from last night is a member of this band. xD; Henrietta this their performance is “music violence”, and Hameln teaches them how to play the instruments properly — so they won’t disturb the neigbourhood anymore lol. The donkey then asks him to stay and become their music teacher, but he leaves saying he doesn’t want to be bound by anything. Despite his cold attitude, Hameln sits outside of their cottage and listens to their slowly improving performance until it gets dark.

Hameln then asks if Henrietta isn’t going back to the inn, but she says she wants to stay here with him. When she thanks him for saving her last night, Hameln suddenly pushes her against a tree and warns her to be more careful. If a woman comes into a bar alone like Henrietta did, it’s the same as indirectly asking for men to hit on her. Henrietta needs to know that men have another side behind their gentle cover, since they can have one night stand with no emotions involved. Henrietta then asks if Hameln is that kind of man too, and since Hameln replies with “what if I am?”, she gets angry saying he’s the worst. They end up having a big fight because Hameln thinks she’s following him because she doesn’t trust him, while all that Henrietta wants is only to prove that he’s a trustworthy ally.

Eventually both Henrietta and Hameln get really pissed. He chases her when she runs inside the cottage, where they have a “married couple’s fight” that startles the poor animals. Hameln uses his flute to make Henrietta do a weird dance, so she fights back by summoning Sylph to make a tornado. Inside the house. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meanwhile, Hel and her pets are lurking outside. They’re looking for a chance to attack Henrietta, but the “roaring sounds” makes them think there’s a terrifying monster inside.. and so they run away in fear. xD Henrietta feels bad and apologized to the animals in the morning, but her fight with Hameln actually inspires them to do a better performance from now on — with passion lol.

Since they don’t fight any energy left to fight, Hameln asks Henrietta not to follow him into any bars again next time. Since she seems reluctant, he says it’s an action she should take for the man she loves. Henrietta then goes “what would you do if I say I love you?”, but sadly Hameln only replies with “…are you drunk?” and changes the subject. He’s impressed by her guts, but it’s not so easy to close the distance between them. After they return to the inn, Hameln walks out again when Henrietta isn’t looking. No matter how hard she tries to catch him, in the end he always slips out of her fingers. Henrietta doesn’t give up though, and she tells everyone that Hameln has been “working hard” for the last two days. Surprisingly Hameln doesn’t seem to be annoyed, and Henrietta believes one day Hameln will tell them more about himself.

After their adventures in Bremen, the party continues their journey towards Neuses. Henrietta notices that something has been bothering Hameln ever since they enter the town, though she decides not to ask. When she wonders why Neuses is so quiet and gloomy, Hameln explains it’s because the Queen and the Prince disappeared three years ago. The King has been under the influence of a prophet ever since, capturing the citizens and forcing them to peel potatoes everyday. Because the King loves mashed potatoes lol. Just then the guards come to capture them, but fortunately Wanderer drags them to hide in the bar. His help isn’t for free though, so he suggests them working at the bar to make money. Plus, they can gather information about their brothers this way. Henrietta gets really pissed since Hameln calls her a “clumsy kid with zero sexiness”, so she decides to work right away — dragging everyone with her.

Just Hameln expected, that night a drunk young man starts hitting on Henrietta. Hameln quickly saves her and says she shouldn’t listen to men who are drunk. They’re being “nice” because they have a hidden motive, just like what he told her before. He also tells the young man not to touch Henrietta because she’s reserved exclusively for him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Hameln then brings out a bag of money and puts it on the table, ordering Henrietta to bring a bottle of whiskey for him, as well as a glass of hot milk for herself. (*´ω`*) When she sits beside him and pours the whiskey for him, he says she’s a really kind girl. At first he thought she’s just a weird country bumpkin, but soon he realized that she’s a genuinely warm person.. and that’s why he’s not suitable to be their friend.

However, Henrietta tells him it’s not true. Even though she loves everyone, she can’t imagine continuing their journey without Hameln anymore. Upon hearing Henrietta’s words, Hameln lies down and puts his head on her lap. She admits she’s worried that Hameln might leave without saying a word, but he tells her not to worry. Because he’s thinking of marrying Henrietta once she turns 16. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Hameln then laughs saying having a wife like her might be troublesome, and then he falls asleep on Henrietta’s lap. Everyone else go back to the inn after that, but Henrietta waits until Hameln wakes up.

Before leaving, Henrietta gives her salary to pay Wanderer. He laughs saying that was only a joke, and he asks what they’re gonna do next. They can’t find any information here, so it might be time for them to continue their journey to the next town — the town of Hameln. The moment they heard the town’s name, Henrietta notices the sudden change of expression on Hameln’s face. He admits he doesn’t want to visit that town, but he tells Henrietta to move on with their journey. A young man in the bar seems to know something about Hameln’s past, but he runs away after Hameln uses his flute to control him. Even though Henrietta has a lot of questions in her head, she quietly follows Hameln out of the bar.

On the way back to the inn, Hameln asks Henrietta what she thinks of him. She honestly says she loves him, but she doesn’t explain in what kind of way. As the reward for answering his question, Hameln then takes Henrietta to a lake, where she admits that sometimes she’s afraid that her brothers might have abandoned her. Hameln says everyone will eventually part with their families, so Henrietta has nothing to worry about. Even if her brothers are gone, she has him by her side. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*´艸`*)―ン。o+゚ Hameln then asks what she’s gonna do if he really means those words, and Henrietta only blushes in silence. He gently pats her head and asks her to stay pure even when she grows up, so he will always have hope no matter how dirty he gets because of his “sin”. Henrietta then hugs Hameln, and he blushes when she says she will always stay by his side. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・

Since she’s still worried about Hameln, Henrietta asks if she can sleep in his room tonight. He warns her that he’s a man too, but she says it’s okay because she trusts him. Sadly this only pissed him off, and he pushes her onto the bed saying he’ll destroy her baseless trust in him. After telling Henrietta that she knows nothing about the “real” him, Hameln shuts her up with a kiss. He says this is how he really is, and then he yells for Ludwig to come before something happens to his precious sister. Of course Ludwig is enraged upon seeing what Hameln did to Henrietta, so he takes out a bag of money and throws it towards Hameln — telling him to leave now that they have paid for his performance. Henrietta notices that Hameln’s eyes look really sad, but sadly Ludwig stops her from chasing after him.

As he leaves Neuses, Hameln sadly thinks about how kind Henrietta is. She always treats him as a friend and will always trust him if he stays, so he had to leave because she will get hurt once she learns about his past. Henrietta and friends leave Neuses the next morning, but she feels really lonely without Hameln in the party. She finds the young man from last night in the forest, hugging his feet after being forced to dance all night under Hameln’s spell. The man is surprised that Henrietta travelled with the “Black Demon” with no knowledge about the rumor, so he explains that in the past.. Hameln killed the children in the village of Wald. Realizing that it’s the reason why he left them, everyone decides to help Henrietta to search for Hameln.

On the way towards the town of Hameln, Henrietta and friends have to go through the Forest of Demons first. They find the small village of Wald in the forest, and they decide to pay a visit hoping to find some clues about Hameln. However, all the villagers look strangely cautious and start whispering the moment they enter the village. An old lady also make it clear that they are not welcomed here, so Akazukin says they’re looking for a man in black named Hameln. Sadly this only enraged all the villagers around them, and Henrietta makes the situation even worse by saying Hameln is their friend. Currently 11 children are missing from the village and haven’t returned for a month, so they accuse the “Black Demon” of the crime despite having no proof.. and now they think the party is involved too because they’re Hameln’s friends. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Before an angry old man can slash Henrietta with his sickle, Hameln suddenly appears saying they’re not his friends. He’s been deceiving them, so they’re just his victims. The villagers don’t wanna hear anything though, and they angrily yell that Hameln killed the kids in their village five years ago — controlling them to jump off the cliff with his flute. Hameln admits that it’s true, but since Henrietta refuses to believe it.. Hameln hugs Henrietta, plays a song to lock everyone in their spots, and runs off carrying Henrietta in his arms. He takes her to the forest, where they get into another fight. Hameln thinks they’re out of their minds to search for him all the way to Wald, while Henrietta insists it’s because he left them without explaining anything. When she cries saying she won’t run away from him, Hameln finally agrees to tell her about his past on the condition that she keeps it a secret from everyone else. Or else he’ll disappear forever.

Five years ago, Hameln was a wandering pied piper who only played his flute for money. One day, the village chief of Wald asked him to lure the rats away from their village. He took the job and got rid of the rats by leading them into the river, but then he noticed that some of the kids got bitten during the rat invasion. Soon those kids suddenly went missing from the village, and the village chief asked Hameln to save them. Unfortunately, the kids were infected and already turned into rat monsters when he finally found them in the forest. The village chief then asked him to kill the kids so they won’t suffer anymore, so Hameln played his flute and brought them to the cliff.. where he led them to plunge to their death.

It broke Hameln’s heart knowing the kids are humans, but he kept playing until every single one of them fell into the valley below. All the villagers gathered outside upon hearing their scream, and without even looking at the infected corpses in the valley, they accused him of murdering the kids. Even though he saved their village, in the end he left Wald without taking any reward. The village chief’s reputation would be tarnished if they reveal the truth, so Hameln took all the blame and people called him the “Black Demon” ever since. The rumor got even worse as time passed by, and now people believe Hameln killed the kids because the village chief didn’t pay him for exterminating the rats. Henrietta doesn’t think Hameln’s power is terrifying, but Hameln breaks his flute into half yelling his power only hurts people in the end.

Before Henrietta can say anything else, suddenly the angry villagers come marching through the forest to attack Hameln. He tells Henrietta not to protect him or else she’ll get hurt, but she knows that Hameln is always crying inside. She turns around towards the villagers and tells them rather than attacking Hameln, they should look for the missing kids instead. Just then Hel suddenly appears to bind both Hameln and Henrietta with spider web, but luckily their friends soon come to help. After Rapunzel dispels the binding spell on Henrietta, Hel strikes her down with her thunder and reveals that she was the one who kidnapped the kids.. and she’s having fun because the villagers will always push the blame to Hameln. Hel also tries to invite Hameln to join her party (because she loves young men), but sadly he’s not into ババァs and refuses.

Since Hel also brings her pets along, Henrietta has to fight her only with Ludwig. Sadly Hel’s magic is way above them, and she uses a confusion spell on Henrietta after binding Ludwig wth her spider web. Upon seeing Henrietta fighting back with her elemental sprites, Hameln knows he has to fight back too. Hameln then starts singing a song that wakes up Rapunzel, dispels the binding and confusion spell, as well as paralyzing Hel and her pets. Since Hel still refuses to cooperate even in this condition, Henrietta snatches her wand and forces her to release the kids already. Their conversation is heard by the villagers hiding nearby, and they finally learn that children will turn into monsters once they step into the forest.

The moment Hel unlocks the shack where she kept the kids, suddenly they hear a heavy voice saying “who tries to steal my meal!?” Σ(゚д゚ ;) A giant tree — Barthandelus — appears before them, revealing that Hel actually kidnapped the kids to feed him. In fact, the whole forest is like his private dinner plate. He’s been eating the pure hearts of children to gain power, and that’s why they turn into monsters. In order to stop him from eating the kids, Henrietta tells him to eat her instead. Barthandelus grabs her and tries to eat her heart, but she slaps his hands away saying “Sorry, but I won’t let you eat my loving heart. Don’t underestimate a girl’s obsession!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. ∵ Before Barthandelus absorbs Henrietta’s heart, Hameln sings a song that releases all the spirits eaten by the tree. Including all the kids from 5 years ago.

The kids say they can’t go back to life, but at least they can say goodbye to their families now. As they disappear into the night sky, all the spirits thank Hameln for releasing them. The village chief apologized for causing so much pain for Hameln, but he only tells the old man to comfort his villagers without revealing “unnecessary things”. Hel also admits that she only took this job because Barthandelus promised to pay her with some newt tails, so she escapes after taking a jar full of newt tails behind the shack lol. When Henrietta asks how much she has to pay for Hameln’s wonderful song earlier, he only blushes and says “don’t tease me so much” before walking away. xD

To show their gratitude, the village chief holds a feast for everyone. Hameln says he’s staying outside though, because there might be some people who still can’t forgive him. Upon hearing this, the village chief gives him a small wooden flute that used to belong to his granddaughter. Hameln accepts the gift, and that night everyone celebrates his return under the moonlight. As he plays his flute for them, Henrietta notices that the current Hameln looks more “alive”. Here, the Frog Prince realized that he heard Hameln’s song before in the royal palace, but Henrietta says she won’t ask unless Hameln is willing to share his mysteries with her.

After everyone falls asleep, Alp kidnaps Henrietta to the dream world again. Alp tries to tempt her by disguising himself as Hameln and asking her to spend the night with him, but Henrietta knows it’s not the real him. Soon the real Hameln comes to save her, saying their bodies are sleeping in Wald. Rapunzel told him Henrietta keeps groaning in her sleep, and his key warps him here upon touching Henrietta. Alp isn’t amused by the trust between them though, so he evolves into Phantom Earl and attacks them. The Earl uses Hameln’s regret to put him in pain, but soon Hameln gets up saying he won’t live in the past anymore — for Henrietta’s sake too.

Since Hameln plays supportive role in battle, he protects Henrietta as she summons the Gold Dragon. The mysterious voice helps releasing Henrietta’s full power, and the Earl turns back into an Alp upon getting burnt by the Gold Dragon’s flames. Henrietta feels sorry knowing he’s always alone in the dream world, but Alp says he doesn’t need her sympathy. He disappears after saying goodbye to her, and they return to reality with Henrietta’s lock and Hameln’s key. Even after they wake up in Wald, Hameln is still holding Henrietta’s hand. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

From here, the party goes back to Neuses once and releases the King from Hel’s brainwash. They manage to capture her along with her pets, and now they have to work in the castle as the punishment. What kind of work? That’s right, peeling potatoes in the kitchen. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Henrietta and friends continue their journey after that, and they finally reach the town of Hameln. That evening, a royal messenger informs them that the King found their brothers, so Henrietta hurries to the castle with Ludwig. She also invites Hameln to come along, because she wants to introduce him to their brothers. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Jacob and Wilhelm are still busy with their research, but this time Wilhelm explains that they’re looking for a way to let people use summoning magic safely — like Henrietta does. When she introduces Hameln to them, Wilhelm immediately asks him to take care of their sister lol. Jacob then goes “since you’re taking our cute little sister, you have to greet us as her family right?” and Hameln blushes as he replies with “I’ll make your sister happy.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Of course Jacob laughs upon hearing Hameln’s nervous answer, but then he leaves Henrietta in Hameln’s hands as well.. which means Hameln is a part of the Grimm family too from now on.

The next day, Hameln takes Henrietta to go out together. An old lady who knows him notices them walking through the streets holding hands, and she asks if Henrietta is Hameln’s wife. xD Henrietta blushes and panicks, but Hameln hugs her shoulder saying “she’s my reliable future wife!” イヤ—–(*ノ∀ノ)—–ン!! When the old lady praises her for taming the “wild horse”, he says it was a good match since Henrietta is pretty wild as well lol. After saying goodbye to the old lady, Hameln takes Henrietta to a small house on the outskirts of town — his teacher’s house. He falls into silence as they stare at the dusty interior, and then he explains that he lived here for 10 years. For him, the town of Hameln is his hometown.

Fifteen years ago, the town of Hameln got involved in a war. Hameln became an orphan after his parents died in the war, and he was left to survive alone in the ruined town. During those times, a dirty old man appeared in front of him and sang a beautiful lullaby. Hameln was drawn to his song, and he followed the old man all the way to this house. At first he told Hameln to go home, but he gave in since Hameln didn’t have a home anymore. The old man then took him in, and he was the one who taught Hameln how to sing and play musical instruments. He worked as a musician in the royal palace before, but his amazing ability attracted jealousy as well. He was forced to quit his job when some jealous musicians slashed his arms. Hameln thinks he’s still a wonderful musician, but obviously the King have higher requirements. Because they met in the town of Hameln, the old man then gave him the name “Hameln”.

Unlike his apprentice, Hameln’s teacher never took money from people. He travelled across the lands to comfort and encourage people, spreading his music even to the smallest villages. Six years ago, Hameln’s teacher caught an illness. They didn’t have money to pay for medicine, so Hameln went to see the people his teacher ever performed for — hoping they’re willing to lend them some money. Sadly despite Hameln’s cries, nobody gave him any money. The best thing they threw out for him was only a piece of bread, so in the end Hameln could only stay beside his teacher’s bed. After asking Hameln to play his flute for him, the old man eventually passed away. From then, Hameln always demands payment for anything he does.

When Henrietta asks why he tells her about his past without asking for payment, Hameln hugs her saying it’s because he loves her. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ She tells him that she loves him too. Even though it might be painful for him right now, she believes one day he will tell her everything about his life before meeting them. Henrietta then helps him cleaning up the house, and she finds a letter Hameln’s teacher left for him. Through the letter, Hameln’s teacher said he was really happy to live with Hameln. They were poor, but Hameln was the one who gave him hope after he lost everything. Even though he knew they will have to part one day, he’s always wishing for Hameln’s happiness.

Before going back to the inn, Hameln tells Henrietta to wait for him outside. He says he wants to bid his last farewell to his teacher, but the moment she opens the door, he suddenly kisses her saying “you fell for it”. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Then he turns around and says “teacher, this is the ‘irreplaceable person’ you told me about before!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Hameln doesn’t know when he’s going to return to this house in the future, but he asks his teacher to wait until he comes back. When they return to the inn, Ludwig tells Henrietta he’s going to learn painting in Neuses. He has found his own path, so she should choose the path she wants to walk on.. and be happy with Hameln.

The next day, everyone says goodbye as they go on their separate ways. Ludwig is leaving for Neuses, Rapunzel continues her journey with Akazukin and the Frog Prince, while Hameln will travel the lands with Henrietta. Someday the keys will bring them together again, and they promise to meet again on the promised hill. As Hameln walks down the hill, Henrietta chases after him and clings to his arm. Hameln says he might wander off somewhere if she doesn’t hold on to him, but Henrietta says she’ll never let go of him. If his “sin” is too heavy for him to carry alone, then she will help him to carry the burden. When Henrietta says his flute always makes her feel happy, Hameln hugs her saying he won’t ever let go of her either. ♡(。→∀←。)

Six months later, Hameln becomes a very successful musician. The amount of his fangirls has multiplied thanks to Wanderer sponsoring him, and Henrietta is working as his manager. She’s also in charge of their finance, so Hameln can’t waste their money in the bar lol. Henrietta gets jealous since Hameln is now everyone’s idol, but he always sings a song only for her after his live — with a gentle expression he only shows in front of her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Hameln still treats her like a kid most of the time, but Henrietta will spend the rest of her life by his side.

In the witch arc trio’s true endings, they fight the demon lord three months after defeating Alp in the dream world. They meet up in “the promised hill” when their keys suddenly start shining, and that’s where they find the demon lord nearby. The demon lord then warps everyone to his castle, but soon Rosen comes to complete the party along with a wounded Wilhelm. Thankfully Wilhelm also has the last key, so Henrietta finally seals the demon lord with her Gold Dragon.

A year later, Henrietta and Hameln are living in Bremen. One day after their wedding, Henrietta goes with Hameln as he performs in a wedding ceremony. Hameln’s performance in the town festival was successful, so now he receives a lot of invitations to peform in ceremonies and weddings. Since both Hameln and Henrietta love travelling, they accept every job offer despite their locations. While he doesn’t really care about appearance, Henrietta puts a lot of effort in preparing Hameln’s costumes. Today he’s wearing a tuxedo, and she fixes his necktie before he steps onto the stage. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He asks her not to look at other guys while he’s performing, and she tells him not to play around with his fangirls lol. Wanderer soon comes to get Hameln to the stage, and Henrietta happily listens to their duet from the backstage.

OMG HAMELN MARRY ME PLS. (*´∀`)*゚д゚)*´д`)萌ぇ~ I absolutely love everything in Hameln’s route.. and by everything I mean everything. Sure it takes time for him to turn デレデレ, but can you resist this adorable blush? Because I can’t. (*´Д`)ハァハァ I feel warm and fuzzy inside as I watch him slowly opening up to Henrietta, and both of his endings are really sweet. Especially his true ending. (❤ฺ→艸←) Speaking of which, Henrietta is awesome in this route. She might not kick ass in battle, but she drags Hameln back when he tries to sacrifice himself. That’s the kind of attitude I like. Oh and if you’re a Terashima Takuma fan, his voice is incredibly sexy here. ♥


7 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Hameln

    • Hameln is my 2nd favorite after Ludwig actually, and I haven’t even seen Ludwig’s true ending. When Hameln starts blushing I went into a ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ paradise lol.

  1. Such a great route! Hameln is so sweet, not to mention his voice sexy as well. The part where he eats the rabbit terrifies, yet humours me at the same time. Is it just me…or does Henriette look like a lolita?

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