Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Rapunzel

Moving on to Rapunzel’s route now. I think this is also the last route in the witch arc, if you’re not counting the bad endings. Rapunzel is a NEET gamer, so I find her route rather amusing lol.

A girl confined in a tower by a witch. Rapunzel’s beautiful golden hair is even longer than her own height, but she usually wears braided buns on the sides of her head. Even though she’s familiar with magic, Rapunzel has no knowledge about the world outside her tower. Graceful and gentle, she gets along really great with Henrietta. She also loves playing cupid and would do anything to support Henrietta’s love life. Since she’s a “witch apprentice”, Rapunzel mainly uses healing magic to support the party. It’s also the only area she excels in.

Two weeks after leaving Schwalmstadt, Henrietta and friends are still in the lost forest. They find their way towards Trendelburg — a village located near an incredibly tall tower. A lady in the village tells them that her daughter is locked up inside that tower, because she stole a corn salad from a witch’s field in the past. Henrietta is curious and approaches the tower, but it has no entrance at all. However, she remembers her brothers’ fairytale and yells “put down your hair!” towards the top. Suddenly beautiful golden hair comes flowing down, so she climbs up the tower and finds Rapunzel inside.. snacking and gaming her life away. Rather than getting rescued, Rapunzel is more interested in the final battle in her RPG.

When Henrietta asks her about the witch, Rapunzel describes “Granny Chuma” as a kind lady who buys everything for her — games, comics and also anime DVDs lol. Recently she cleared “Princess Nightmare” too. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Her collection even includes a figure of Little sitting on the shelf, along with a huge Uriel doll on the floor. xD Soon she feels someone climbing up the tower, so she tells them to hide because Chuma doesn’t like visitors. However, her guest today is actually Hel instead. Rapunzel doesn’t care though, and since she’s so busy with her game, Hel gets pissed and destroys her TV. Hel explains that Chuma already sold Rapunzel to her, so it’s the end of her NEET life. From now on Rapunzel’s new task is to work as a maid in Hel’s manor. To help Rapunzel, Henrietta then summons a puppy and orders it to bite Hel’s butt. The witch is shocked and falls out of the window, dragging both Rapunzel and Henrietta with her, but thankfully Ludwig saves them by creating a giant parachute.

On the base of the tower, Hel summons her pets to help her fighting the party. Her spell hurts Henrietta, but she escapes upon learning that Rapunzel can use healing magic — because the battle will never end if they have a healer lol. Chuma actually taught Rapunzel various kinds of magic, but she only mastered healing because she was busy gaming. xD; After Hel ran away, Rapunzel takes out a key from her chest and wonders if there’s a meaning behind this. Chuma gave it to her a long time ago, and she treasures it thinking it’s a precious “flag item” lol. Sadly Chuma was her only family, so instead of living with her parents, Rapunzel chooses to travel with Henrietta instead. She’s planning to see her parents when she’s ready, but for now she wants to see the world. Henrietta then tells Rapunzel’s mother that her daughter is safe, while Rapunzel watches from afar — quietly apologizing to her mother.

As usual, Alp warps Henrietta to the dream world in Verden Meadow. He disguised himself as Rapunzel this time, inviting her to play an otome game called キラキラ王子 together and become NEETs for a week. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Soon the real Rapunzel comes to save her, since she has a strange dream. Henrietta is asleep next to her in the lodge, but she can hear her voice from beyond the door. While Alp welcomes Rapunzel with open arms, she quickly refuses because her gaming sixth sense says he’s dangerous lol. After distracting Alp with a blinding light, she drags Henrietta back to reality. When they wake up, Rapunzel is determined to learn stronger magic so she can protect Henrietta.

When they reach Bremen, Rapunzel is amazed upon seeing the lively bazaar. Henrietta takes her to go shopping and buy presents for each other, and Rapunzel says she’s really excited to have her own adventure. She cried and laughed over 2D graphics and written scenario in her games, but she was always alone until she met them. Somehow Henrietta reminds her of Princess Florian, the heroine in her favorite RPG “Princess Last Fantasy”. Princess Florian is weak, clumsy and often got picked on by her men, but in the end she became the queen and got her harem under her feet. Rapunzel always admires her, so now her main objective is to help Henrietta to become a wonderful queen and rule the world! .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Just then a man bumps into Rapunzel on the streets, and soon she realized that the man stole the sweets Henrietta gave her. It’s the first present Rapunzel ever received from Henrietta, so she chases the thief trying to get it back. She’s not scared of any thief, since she can always beat them and gain more experience to level up lol. Rapunzel follows the thief all the way into his shack, where she jumps out in a heroic pose saying “Pretty Traveller Rapuzel will punish you!” xD Sadly reality isn’t a game, since the thief takes out a knife and holds Henrietta as his hostage. Henrietta gets angry because Rapunzel won’t listen to her warning earlier, but she falls into silence when Rapunzel says the present means THAT much to her. Henrietta is her first friend, and to Rapunzel she’s like a prince on a white horse who came to save her.

Since Henrietta and Rapunzel are in their own キラキラ友情 world, the thief uses this chance to snatch the stuff in Henrietta’s pocket and tries to sneak out. Before he could run, Henrietta takes out her magic book and summons a white snake to bind his legs. For the final blow, she summons a cute panda to sit on top of the thief until he runs out of energy. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ As if that’s not enough for the poor guy, Rapunzel also uses the “punishment version” of her healing spell — splashing him in the face with a bucket of water lol. The thief got tired of these girls pulling pranks on him, so he tells them to call the guards already. xD As the reward, they receive a certificate from the guards and exchange it for a lot of money.

When they return to the inn, Ludwig asks if they did anything dangerous. They say they only had a fight earlier, which terrifies Akazukin since their dresses are dirty and their hair are all messed up lol. Since Rapunzel really treasures the sweets she gave her, Henrietta is thinking of giving her a present she can keep forever. Both of them have different objectives, but they promise to keep their friendship alive even after their journey ends.

Five days after leaving Bremen, Henrietta and friends got captured in Neuses. Henrietta keeps quiet when the guards approach them, but they still got thrown into jail anyway. (´・ω・`A;) So I guess it doesn’t matter whether she protests or not lol. Rapunzel doesn’t want to get a “game over” here, so she throws Henrietta out into the sewer through the escape hole. Later on she returns to save everyone, and here Rapunzel unlocks the seal on the royal cell’s door. It’s the same magic as the one used to seal her tower, so she feels a familiar sensation upon seeing the seal. They manage to rescue the Queen and the Prince inside, and they finally release the King from Hel’s clutches. As a sign of gratitude, the King holds a lively carnival for everyone.

That night, Henrietta goes to enjoy the carnival with Rapunzel. People are showering both of them with praises for being so brave even though they’re girls, but their happiness soon gets interrupted by a guard. Thanks to what Hel did, Neuses is now banishing witches from town starting from tonight.. and Rapunzel is included because she’s a witch too. Henrietta tries to tell him that not all witches are evil, but he doesn’t trust Rapunzel because she was raised by a witch. People (who just praised them a minute ago!) start staring as well, so Rapunzel sadly says she’ll leave the town right away because she doesn’t want people to hate Henrietta for staying with a weird witch like her. She gets scared of people’s cold glares as well. She only wants to know more about the world, and yet they’re judging her just because she’s a witch.

Henrietta won’t let them chase Rapunzel out of town though, so she summons the goose that lays the golden eggs to entertain everyone. Her summoning magic instantly clears all the doubt in people’s eyes, and they start clapping as she sends the goose back into the book. Henrietta then tells Rapunzel there’s nothing to worry about, because magic can make people happy as well. Since she’s still recovering from Hel’s spell, Henrieta soon faints and wakes up in the inn with Rapunzel watching over her. Rapunzel suggests staying out of town until the commotion dies down a little, but Hameln then comes to inform them that a witch was seen in the Forest of Demons. It’s not clear who the witch is, so they might want to check.

Witches moves quickly and are hard to catch, so Rapunzel pulls out a magic broom and says she’ll try to catch up with this token 魔女っ子 item lol. Henrietta asks Rapunzel to take her too, so the two of them fly off into the night sky — leaving Hameln and his warnings. On the way Rapunzel admits that she’s not that good at flying, so Henrietta holds on tight saying this might be the end of her life. Rapunzel tells her it’s okay though, since she’ll die along with Henrietta if they really fall. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Plus, Rapunzel only knows how to accelerate and has no idea about how to stop, so.. it was nice knowing you, Henrietta. xD; Both of them got thrown off the broom after that, but luckily they land right in front of the witch’s house in the forest.

Soon a witch dressed in white comes out of the house, and Rapunzel recognized her as the witch who raised her — Chuma. While Rapunzel is happy to see Chuma again, Chuma clearly isn’t pleased to meet Henrietta. Her words feel thorny, so Rapunzel apologized for leaving the tower. When she explains what happened with Hel, Chuma is surprised since she was only attending a witch convention. When she got back, she only found an empty tower along with Rapunzel’s broken TV, so she thought Rapunzel runs away from home. Chuma then ensures Rapunzel that everything will be okay from now on. She can resume her safe life back in the tower, and Chuma will buy new games to keep her entertained. However, Chuma’s kindness vanishes into thin air when Rapunzel says she wants to keep travelling with Henrietta.

Chuma then accuses Henrietta of corrupting Rapunzel, so Rapunzel explains that it’s her own decision. Besides, she wants to improve people’s opinion about witches. Rapunzel is proud to be raised and trained under Chuma, and she wants to prove that magic can protect and make people happy too. Chuma is surprised that Rapunzel has grown into such a reliable young girl, since she couldn’t do anything without Chuma back in the tower. Just then Hel appears with a suspicious smile on her face, and Rapunzel attacks her for deceiving them. Her spell missed the target, but Chuma is impressed at how much Rapunzel’s magic has grown. Hel then calls her pet so they can have a 3 on 3 match, though Rapunzel’s eyes are set on Hel only. Sadly the battle is draining Rapunzel’s energy pretty fast, so when their friends come to help, she asks Ludwig to draw an awesome MP recovery item from her RPG. xD

However, Henrietta then points out that “side effect: intense nosebleed” is written on the label. Before Rapunzel could decide between full MP recovery and keeping her nose safe, Hel uses this chance to snatch the item from Ludwig’s hands. It gives her a massive nosebleed, but she doesn’t care since it also fully restores her MP. When Henrietta summons Sylph to attack Hel, she reflects the tornado and knocks Rapunzel down. Hel then casts more spells to attack her, but Rapunzel only lies on the ground — thinking of giving up. Chuma tells Henrietta they should believe in Rapunzel right now, so she closes her magic book and asks Rapunzel to get up and fight back. Henrietta’s voice opens Rapunzel’s eyes, and she remembers a similar scene from an anime she watched before: “Conviction Soldiers – Sailor Exorcist SS”! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

In her imagination, Rapunzel is the leader of the soldiers — Danzai Maria. Her friends (who all have planet names unlike their leader lol) encourage her not to give up, and so she strikes the evil Demon King with her ultimate attack “Danzai Tiara Mode! Exorcism Hyper Make-up!” which summons the demon Uriel. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! OH GOD I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING LOL. Thanks to this delusion, Rapunzel wakes up in an extremely high tension and thanks Henrietta for opening her eyes. Then she strikes a pose and goes “in the name of God, I will punish you ♪” before hurling a gigantic light that eats Hel along with her surroundings lol. Chuma slaps her for using such a dangerous spell, and Rapunzel apologized in tears knowing Chuma is really afraid of losing her. Chuma also apologized for not helping her, but she’s really proud to see how strong the current Rapunzel is.

When Hel and her pets regain their consciousness, they’re absolutely terrified and admits that they were only fooling around lol. Henrietta lets them go as long as they promise not to do evil things again, and they thank her, Rapunzel and Chuma in tears. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After they go back to the inn, Rapunzel tells Henrietta that she wants to study magic properly. From Chuma, she learns about a magician’s island located in the southwest area of the continent.. and she wants to pursue her dream there. Henrietta supports her decision, and that night they have a long chat about the future. Two days later, the King invites Henrietta and Ludwig for a reunion with their brothers. Henrietta introduced Rapunzel as her “best friend”, and she fangirls over how her handsome brothers remind her of the berserker and sage from her RPG lol.

Now that their journey has come to an end, Ludwig goes to Bremen to learn painting. The Frog Prince continues his journey only with Akazukin, while Hameln leaves on his own journey as a travelling pied piper. Everyone says goodbye as they walk into different directions, promising to meet again in the promised hill someday. Chuma then appears to pick the girls up, teleporting them to Trendelburg before they leave for the magician’s island. However, Rapunzel then asks Henrietta to wait as she finally goes to visit her parents. Knowing her mother is sick, Rapunzel heals her with magic and tries to leave without revealing her identity. They quickly realize who she is, but Rapunzel apologized saying she can’t live with them. She’s really thankful to them for giving birth to her, and she tells them not to worry because she’s living a happy life. Before saying goodbye to her parents, Rapunzel asks them not to hate witches.

As she flies on her broom with Henrietta, Rapunzel uses her magic to send a lot of flowers to her parents below. Henrietta asks if she’s really okay with this decision, but Rapunzel doesn’t want to trouble her parents. People would give her parents the cold stare if they find out that she’s a witch, so she decides to leave for their sake. It turns out that Rapunzel was born with magic power, and Chuma saved her by taking her into the magic world. She cries as they fly higher into the sky, and Henrietta hugs her from behind.

Upon arriving in the magician’s island, Henrietta and Rapunzel both start studying magic under Chuma and Hel’s guidance. While Henrietta is improving her abilities as a summoner, Rapunzel quickly becomes a great witch as she develops her talents one by one. She’s enjoying her life in the magical world, but she continues her gaming life as well.. and since she’s living together with Henrietta, the latter becomes a gamer too lol. One day Rapunzel asks Henrietta to go out once she finishes her game. She noticed an evil witch in town earlier, so it’s time for them to get in action as “Wandering Majokkos”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Henrietta is still dreaming of having a warm family someday, but for now she’s enjoying her life with Rapunzel.

In the witch arc trio’s true endings, they fight the demon lord three months after defeating Alp in the dream world. They meet up in “the promised hill” when their keys suddenly start shining, and that’s where they find the demon lord nearby. The demon lord then warps everyone to his castle, but soon Rosen comes to complete the party along with a wounded Wilhelm. Thankfully Wilhelm also has the last key, so Henrietta finally seals the demon lord with her Gold Dragon.

Two years later, Henrietta and Rapunzel are living in Neuses together. Instead of returning to the magician’s island, they’re now running a magic shop to improve people’s impression about witches. Aside from selling handmade sweets and syrups, their magic potions and perfumes are really popular with the girls in town. Of course Rapunzel’s popularity also skyrocketed as the owner of the shop, and the magazines in Neuses are lining up for an interview. One day, Rapunzel shows Henrietta her new creations: a love potion, an oil to make any food delicious, and a potion to change gender lol. When Ludwig, Akazukin and the Frog Prince come to visit their shop, Rapunzel decides to test her love potion on them. Because her biggest goal in life is to make Henrietta fall in love with someone. xD

LOL. Rapunzel’s route is hilarious. The parodies of Danzai no Maria, Sailor Moon, and RPGs in general are epic, especially the one during the final battle. God, I was laughing so hard tears were coming out. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ I had pretty high expectations since Rapunzel is a hardcore otaku, but her route is even better than I imagined. Funny moments aside, I love how the story feels so magical. Too bad Rapunzel isn’t playing cupid here, because that’s actually what I like the most from her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Her story is a lot lighter compared to Akazukin’s and Hameln’s, so it’s a refreshing route overall.


18 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Rapunzel

  1. Best girl route in an otome game ever. I usually don’t mind yuri, so I don’t get mad when it pops up in otome games like most other players do, but even then, most girl routes are weak. I like both of the routes in this game and Daria in Gekkan, the rest meh. Vivaldi’s routes were awesome in the Alice games (it was mostly a friend route unless you choose to make it a threesome with her brother), but the second and the third games gave her the short end of the stick. Then again, Quinrose has been nothing but a disappointment for the past year.

    BTW, I think it’s safe that you play Princess Nightmare next, since they already released the “deluxe” edition on PS2. Danzai no Maria, yeah, you should wait for the DC cut.

    • I’m not into yuri, so sadly I’m only interested in Rapunzel’s route in Grimm. ;__; Probably I’d like Rosen’s route better if only she’s not a selfish ojou-sama, but oh well. Actually, I’ve played Vivaldi’s route in Heart no Kuni no Alice and liked it too. That, and the “rose endings” with Blood. But yeah, I heard Vivaldi’s route in Clover and Joker sucks.. which is too bad, since she’s an awesome character. :|

      My faith in QuinRose is waning after attempting to do Mother Goose lol. Their other games like KoiIza doesn’t look too good either, but I heard nice reviews for PeterPan. :D

      As for Princess Nightmare and Danzai no Maria, I’ve already done both of them years ago. That’s before I start blogging, so yeah I didn’t write any summaries / reviews sadly. I might play Danzai no Maria DC if they add happy endings though. The original was too dark and cruel for my taste lol.

      • Hmm, they usually add some more happy endings in their re-releases (Franken in the PS2 anyone?), however I get the feeling that they’d rather do something nuts like add a route for Zeed or just make an entirely new character…with a sad ending. Because I don’t see Maria ever being a happy game, it was cruel, but so was animamundi, which was even worse. I get the feeling Karin got a bit tired of the happy otome atmosphere with Princess Nightmare and decided to lightly go back to their roots, which is why I don’t see them adding happy endings.

        I have heard some good reviews for Peter too, but lets remember the fact that Peter was in production for over a year. The new games that they chug out every few months in between crappy ports don’t have nearly as much time to be developed, since Quinrose isn’t as big as otomate or collaborates with anyone on these games. So yeah, I believe those new games are mostly made as quickly as possible to keep up with their stupid one-game-a-month release schedule. Either way, after Toybox I’m done with them, I’ve moved on to Rejet and Karin. I just look forward to what they’ll do next year, since they have almost no games left to port. Maybe they’ll just go back to porting games from other people.

        • That’s exactly why I avoid Animamundi. Yes Maria is cruel up until the end, but the banner for La Campanella says they’re adding happy endings and extra scenes.. so the DC version must have them as well. Otherwise I don’t see the point of re-releasing it lol. It’d be nice if they really give Zeed a route though.

          I agree, QuinRose should do what they did at first: produce quality games every once in a while. Arabian Lost and the Alice series are great, but their newer games are mostly meh. Cinderella looks interesting, but I dunno what to expect from them anymore. It’s getting released in a few months too, so I have a feeling it’s gonna be crappy. I hope I’m wrong. =_=

          • I wonder what definition of happy will they be using then. Because animamundi had some supposedly happy endings, but all of them just some little details or some catch that would still leave you unsatisfied. And I doubt they’d add them to all characters. We’ll see, but I’d prefer an extra route myself, maybe Zeed. As for re-releasing there’s a point, they’ve noticed people like their re-releases, so it’s an easy way to make money. Besides even if the new endings they add aren’t as happy as the endings in Grimm, it’s always worth checking out the new scenes they add.

            As for Quinrose, I guess they really despised the fact that they had a loyal fanbase that made them tons of money with just one franchise and was willing to give their other products a try. Instead they went like, ‘no, we wanna be a giant like otomate’, missing the fact that otomate’s games are hit and miss unless if they’re collaborating with a good company, and that they have no way to produce as much as otomate. And utterly missing the fact that the reason they were popular was because they were known to produce good games consistently, and that a huge reason Alice was popular was because of the sexiness in it for an all ages game. Seriously what is up with censoring the Alice ports to give them a B rating? I played censored heart, and it suuucckeeed. Toybox is finally allowed to be C, but at this point it’s too late for me to like them again. Plus I don’t appreciate how Alice was always a PC game then ports first, and this time they decided to screw the PC players over. Why, wasn’t the first method good enough? In fact toybox was announced for PC first, what cock teases.

          • Well, in Maria’s case.. anything happier than their dead / “alive but can’t be with you” will do for me. Even something like Kirito’s “alive and together until I die in a mission” is better than those sad endings lol. I don’t think they’ll add super happy endings like in Grimm though, it doesn’t suit the atmosphere of the game. But I won’t complain even if they do. ;D

            Ehh is Toybox for PSP? They first announced it for PC, and I’m lagging behind the news because I don’t follow QuinRose anymore. What the heck, seriously. It starts from PC, so why release the FD on PSP. =_= In Otomate’s case (Wand of Fortune) it’s understandable because PS2 was dying, but this is different.. orz

          • Yes, I raged about it so much when I found out. Because Quinrose can’t give less of a crap about their loyal PC fans that made them popular in the first place. Peter was also announced for PC first, but you know where that went to. Like I said, they want to be like otomate, focus on consoles only and release as many games as possible.

            I’m sure this will be their eventual downfall, I remember before they became dicks that Quinrose games were very hyped and swimming with good or at least positive reviews, now I can barely find anything about them. Peter got some good reviews, but its release response still paled compared to their previous games. And all the other games have gotten crap reviews *cough*mother goose *cough*, and no one’s bothered to even care about the ports. Not that there’s much to say, because unlike otomate they don’t add anything to their game ports, they just censor existing stuff (and yes, I know they added stuff to the heart port, but that was long before they became nuts, so they actually spent some time on it).

  2. Rapunzel is so cute, I am so glad it is no yuri in this game. Now I can’t wait to play this game xD

    Btw the one you play right now is the PC version or PSP version?

    Tq :D

  3. Wow, Rapuzel’s route is hilarious all the way! The parody of Sailor Moon…xD Ah, Princess Nightmare sure brings back memories.

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