Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – The Frog Prince

For the sake of convenience, I’ll refer to him as simply the “Prince” in this post. This route takes place in the demon lord arc, but first you have to see his sad ending in the witch arc. (。・ω・。)

A prince who turned into a frog because of a curse. Even though he looks like a giant frog on a white horse now, the real him is 100% a prince in pumpkin pants and white tights. He fights gracefully with a saber, and he’s also a feminist gentleman who puts all fräulein on the top of his priority list. It seems like the Prince will turn back into a human upon receiving a kiss, but he can’t find a girl who’s willing to kiss him. His real name is Froschkönig von Märchen, the prince of the Kingdom of Märchen.

Three weeks after rescuing Rapunzel from Trendelburg, Henrietta and friends are making their way through the swamps Quelle Forest. They got attacked by a bunch of goblins, and Ludwig goes after them when they steal his magic canvas. One of the goblins attacks Henrietta during the battle, but luckily someone saves her just in the nick of time. Henrietta then opens her eyes to see her savior, and there she finds the heroic Frog Prince on his white horse! \(^o^)/ He politely introduces himself, explaining that he’s been looking for them upon hearing that they’re the holders of the keys.. because he’s holding one himself. The Prince also says the key is the treasure of the royal family, and it’s believed that the bearers of the seven keys will save the world from the demon lord. Henrietta remembers something similar written in Wilhelm’s entries, and she believes the seven keys might lead them to their brothers.

Unfortunately, Rapunzel and Ludwig think the Prince just a delusional talking frog pretending to be prince. They drag Henrietta away before she gets “deceived”, but the Prince says fate will bring them together again.. which is true, because Akazukin then goes to capture their dinner and returns with the Prince on his hands. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At first they really tried to eat the poor frog, but when more goblins appear and the Prince fights alongside them, Henrietta feels that their party is finally “complete”. It’s during this battle too that Henrietta succesfully calls an elemental spirit for the first time — summoning Sylph to protect Rapunzel from the goblins.

Sad Ending: In Verden Meadow, Alp deceives Henrietta by disguising himself as the Prince. He steals a kiss from her, and Henrietta loses her consciousness. When she wakes up later, she finds herself in a forest only with the Prince. He soon notices it’s the forest near the capital of Märchen, so he goes to greet his parents in his frog form. Sadly the King and the Queen can’t hear his voice at all, and they order the guards to throw the filthy frog away. Henrietta tries to cheer him up, but the Prince keeps shrinking in size until he turns into a small, regular frog. The Prince then says he doesn’t want to trouble Henrietta with his unsightly appearance anymore, and he runs away into the forest — where he jumps into the lake. Henrietta can hear Ludwig calling her from afar, and she leaves the lake in tears hoping they can meet again someday.

From a merchant in Verden Meadow, the party learns about the town of Reinhardswald. It’s a ghost town since the royal family got cursed 100 years ago, but lately there are rumors about someone trying to lift the curse for a key. Henrietta thinks it might be related to the seven keys they’re looking for, so the party changes their destination here. Instead of following the path to Bremen, they take the Romance Road towards Reinhardswald. Soon they see the castle from afar, but the path is blocked by a sea of thorny vines. A man near the entrance explains that a beautiful princess has been sleeping inside for 100 years, and the sea of thorns will swallow anyone other than her destined prince.

The Prince believes it’s a prince’s duty to help a fräulein in trouble, and a 100 years old fräulein is no exception. He bravely yells at the thorns to open the path, but nothing happens. Probably because he’s a frog. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ The thorns quietly regenerate when the Prince slashes them, but they instantly go berserk upon receiving Akazukin’s punch. Henrietta then summons Salamander to clear the path, while Ludwig creates a flame sword to cut the thorns blocking their way. Somehow they made it to the dusty castle entrance, and they go inside to find that time had been stopped in the castle — everyone is frozen solid in their places. In the deepest chamber, they finally find the princess lying on her bed.. but suddenly the thorny vines in the room transform into snakes and attack them. Henrietta got captured and screams for help, but everyone only go ・・・(〃д〃) at the sight of her wrapped in tentacles snake vines. Rapunzel included, since she was drooling too when Akazukin got attacked earlier. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

When Henrietta cries asking for the Prince’s help, he figures out that the best way to get rid of the thorns is to wake up the sleeping princess. The Prince tells Henrietta not to worry, but he goes over to kiss the princess instead. Poor girl LOL. However, the princess isn’t the only one sleeping on the bed.. because they find a prince sleeping beside her. The Prince then wakes up the princess with his kiss that looks like a scene from Beauty and the Beast, and this also turns him back into a human. Unfortunately, the effect isn’t temporary. The Prince turns into a frog again a few minutes later, and Sleeping Beauty missed this because she’s still sleepy lol. Henrietta also forces the Prince to kiss the sleeping prince next to her, but it doesn’t work and the prince remains asleep.

Sleeping Beauty then introduces herself as Rosen von Lune — the princess of roses — and she’s shocked to learn that she’s been asleep for 100 years. She scans the room looking for her prince, but she refuses to believe that the giant brown frog in front of them was the one who woke her up lol. Rosen then decides to join the party since she’s holding one of the keys, and the Prince remains ignored since Rosen won’t give him any chance to explain. (´・ω・`A;) However, Rosen’s sleeping brother then joins their journey too. Or rather, his soul.. since his body remains asleep in the castle. He then introduces himself as Dorn von Lune — the prince of thorns — and this finally completes all the members in Henrietta’s party.

Unfortunately, this also means the Prince will get whipped if he dares to approach Rosen lol. When Dorn calls him “タコ” and prepares his thorn whip, the Prince protests saying despite his appearance, he’s 100% a human. He only turned into a giant frog because of the demon lord’s curse. While Dorn doesn’t care about his background, Henrietta certainly does. They continue their journey and reach a lake four days later, where Hameln and Akazukin fully strip as they play water with Ludwig and the Prince. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Of course the girls are screaming while covering their eyes, so Hameln teases them to come over if they can lol. The Prince says it’s embarrassing to run around naked in front of people, and when Henrietta points out that he’s always naked.. he screams and hides his frog body underwater. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Here, the path branches off to two different countries — Hessen and Polle. I’m going to cover the events in Polle in Dorn’s route, so let’s go to Hessen now. ε”ε”ε”ε”(ノ´・д・)ノイッテキマース

Upon arriving in Hessen, Henrietta and friends learn about an upcoming ball in the castle. The prince of Hessen, Sofiane, will choose his bride during the ball, so all the young ladies in town are looking forward to the event. Since they can’t gather information during this busy period of time, everyone decides to have some fun by participating in the ball. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Both Hameln and Ludwig don’t think the prince will be interested in a little tomboy like Henrietta, but Rosen drags Rapunzel and her to buy beautiful dresses anyway. Of course the bazaar is like a battlefield since all the girls in Hessen are out for a major dress-hunt, so Henrietta decides to sit in the corner until Rosen and Rapunzel are done kicking everyone’s butts.

Just then a mysterious man suddenly bumps into Henrietta, and after apologizing, he says it’s terrifying how girls are fighting over dresses up to this point. When he asks if Henrietta is here to buy a dress, she admits she’s only waiting for her friends. Dancing in a pretty dress seems wonderful, but Henrietta knows she’s a tomboy who suits climbing trees more than attending balls. The man then says her dress looks really great on her, and Henrietta thanks him saying his clothes look nice too. He laughs saying this is the first time he wears light clothes like this, and he feels happy knowing Henrietta’s words are genuine — admitting that he’s surrounded by empty praises most of the time. Then he excuses himsef and wishes her a nice day.

On the night of the ball, Ludwig creates a pumpkin carriage for them to ride. Hameln managed to get some “free pass” for them from a coupon shop, so he’s expecting to see fierce rivalry between Rosen and Rapunzel vs other vegetables. They have absolutely zero expectations in Henrietta, but the Prince kindly escorts her into the dance hall. While Henrietta isn’t confident because she’s not in a dress and doesn’t know how to dance, the Prince doesn’t mind at all and leads her as they waltz together on the dance floor. Since it’s hard for him to waltz as a frog, the Prince then asks Henrietta to kiss him — because he doesn’t want other girls to kiss him. When Henrietta kisses him on the cheek, the Prince turns back into a human and dances with her properly. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Henrietta feels a bit jealous upon thinking about how the Prince seems used to dancing and complimenting girls, but he asks her not to look away.. or else he’ll get jealous. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚

On the other side of the hall, Prince Sofiane is telling his attendant that he can’t choose a bride by force like this. The King wants him to marry as soon as possible, but he feels that choosing a bride here means letting go of the person who’s destined for him. Just then Cinderella enters the hall, attracting everyone’s attention with her beauty. Except for the Prince, that is. He says Cinderella is indeed beautiful, but Henrietta is the only one who can reach his heart. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, Cinderella’s personality isn’t as pretty as her looks. Feeling that she will be chosen by the prince, Henrietta runs over asking for her autograph.. only to get coldly rejected since Cinderella is only interested in the prince. She tells Henrietta to move out of her way, stepping on her foot with her glass slippers. What a bitch lol.

When Prince Sofiane runs across the hall to approach them, Cinderella puts on a sweet smile to greet him.. but he ignores her and asks Henrietta to dance instead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The mysterious man Henrietta met in town was actually Prince Sofiane himself, as he often sneaks out of the castle — disguising himself as a peasant. Cinderella is protesting in the background, but Prince Sofiane only goes “sorry, I won’t dance with those who are late” lol. However, the Prince then interrupts too because Henrietta was still dancing with him. Before Prince Sofiane can figure out why he’s here, Hameln comes in a panic saying they have to leave the hall. The “free pass” he bought turn out to be fake invitations, so they gotta run before they got caught.

As they run out of the castle, Henrietta finds a crying Cinderella running in front of her. She’s really pissed and throws her glass slippers away, and she tries to step on Henrietta’s foot as they run down the stairs together. xD; Later on Prince Sofiane finds Cinderella’s glass slippers near the stairs, and he orders his guards to look for the owner. The next morning, the guards find Cinderella in her house. They explain that the owner of the glass slippers will become the prince’s bride, so Cinderella gets excited thinking this is her chance to become a royalty. Sadly for her, Henrietta soon comes to ruin her excitement. Henrietta feels sorry that the prince has to marry someone he doesn’t love, but Cinderella doesn’t care.

Prince Sofiane then appears as well, and he apologized for lying to everyone. He was hoping the glass slippers can bring him to meet Henrietta again, so the main goal behind the search is NOT Cinderella lol. When Cinderella cries asking why can’t it be her, Prince Sofiane answers it’s because love doesn’t work that way. She might look pretty and perfect in dancing, but he just doesn’t feel the same towards her. However, the Prince soon comes saying Henrietta is his partner. He offers his deepest apology, but he can’t hand Henrietta to him. Prince Sofiane is shocked since the Prince is in his frog form today, so they explain that he’s the real Prince Frosch who danced with Henrietta yesteday. Knowing he can’t pull them apart, Prince Sofiane then smiles saying he’ll give up on Henrietta. He also feels bad for ruining Cinderella’s dream, so he offers her a job in the castle — cleaning their doorknobs. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

When Henrietta asks Prince Sofiane if he knows about the keys, he sadly explains that it has been taken away from his family. However, he also gives them an important information here. The flames and horses on the keys are actually the symbol of Brunhilde, the goddess of war. There’s a shrine dedicated to Brunhilde in the neighboring town of Weimar, and they might be able to find some clues about the keys there. He warns them to be careful in Weimar though, because recently there’s a rumor about a demon appearing at night. After saying goodbye to Prince Sofian and Cinderella, Henrietta and friends leave Hessen to continue their journey.

That night the party decides to camp out near a small lake, and Henrietta takes a walk with the Prince around the lake. When she says there are a lot of sad fairytales about lakes and water, he tells her a sad story about a water spirit who fell in love with a human prince. Just then the wind blows Henrietta’s hat into the lake, and the Prince goes to take it back for her. Right after he puts the hat back on Henrietta’s head, she notices that his human form is reflected on the water. The Prince asks if she wants to try kissing him, but then he apologized and cancels the idea. While he wants to turn back into a human, he doesn’t want Henrietta to kiss him only out of pity. Henrietta then falls asleep for a moment, and she later on wakes up to find the Prince watching over her.

Before returning to the tent, the Prince tells Henrietta that once his curse is lifted, he’s going to make Henrietta the happiest princess on earth. She blushes saying a prince like him deserves a real princess instead of a country bumpkin like her, but he says it doesn’t matter. Even after he turned into a frog and lost everything, Henrietta accepts everything in him — she’s the best princess in his eyes. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The Prince then reveals that other than defeating the demon lord, there’s actually another way to turn him back into a human: “a kiss from a pure maiden who never experienced love before.” It means his curse will be lifted if she kisses him on the lips, but Henrietta suddenly feels scared because this is the exact opposite of what he just said earlier.. and she finds the answer upon seeing Alp’s reflection on the lake.

Since Henrietta is confused and bombards him with questions, Alp explains that she’s now in the dream world. Her body is still sleeping beside the lake, with the real Prince staying beside her. As the punishment for rebelling against him, Alp then pushes Henrietta towards the lake. However, the Prince suddenly appears to save her in his human form. He summons a torrent to wash Alp away, catching Henrietta at the same time. He was worried since Henrietta was groaning in her sleep, and his key warps him to the dream world upon touching her body.

Alp turns Henrietta into a frog before escaping, so the Prince gently picks her up and takes a walk with her on his palm. When Henrietta says she’s a bit sleepy, he puts her on a lily flower and explains that he turns into a human because this is her dream. The Prince also asks who did Alp disguise himself as, but Henrietta is too embarrassed to answer it was him.. because Alp takes the form of the person she loves. The Prince says he will feel really happy if it was him, and then he kisses Henrietta good night — wishing she will remember this dream when she wakes up. (p´∀`*q゚+o。♡。o+゚ When she opens her eyes, Henrietta finds herself back as a human. She thinks everything might be a dream after all, but then she notices a lily the Prince put on her hair. (*´ω`*)

Upon arriving in Weimar, Henrietta and Ludwig go to pray in the church. From the priest, they learn that Brunhilde’s shrine has been abandoned and forgotten. A long time ago, there were seven priests who can hear her voice, but people slowly lost faith in the goddess.. and now nobody can hear Brunhilde’s voice anymore. The shrine is in ruins too, as it crumbled during an earthquake five years ago. A replica of her statue is still standing the plaza, so that’s the only clue they have now. However, that night Henrietta hears a mysterious voice calling her name — the voice of Brunhilde herself. She was the one who woke Henrietta up from her 5 years of slumber, and she’s also the one who always helps Henrietta in the witch arc.

Brunhilde then takes Henrietta to her statue in the plaza, where she explains that Henrietta is the only one who can hear her voice.. because Brunhilde has chosen her as the “Maiden of Paradise / Rakuen no Otome”. She also mentions that Henrietta’s party members are all people who can open the lock in her heart, and they will be able to take on anything as long as they work together. Henrietta doesn’t understand anything right now, but Brunhilde says she’ll find out the meaning eventually. Just then Henrietta suddenly feels dizzy, and Brunhilde tells her to be careful. No matter what happens, she shouldn’t lose hope until the end. The next thing she knows is that the fire alarm is ringing and flames are quickly spreading around the town. Just as Henrietta runs towards the inn to warn everyone, a familiar voice suddenly calls her from behind.. and she turns around to find Wilhelm among the flames.

After taking Henrietta to hide in a safe underground passage, Wilhelm explains that the demon lord is behind this attack. Weimar used to worship Brunhilde as their goddess, so he wants to destroy it and seal the goddess forever. Soon Jacob also appears to inform that Ludwig and the others are safe, and they take Henrietta to get some rest at the inn. She soon falls asleep, and when she opens her eyes later.. she finds the Prince lying on top of her — in his human form. He starts kissing her neck saying he’ll be gentle (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン but somehow she knows this isn’t the real Prince, so she slapped him and Alp reveals himself beneath the disguise. He also shows an illusion of Wilhelm and Jacob to tempt her even further, but Henrietta says she won’t fall for his trick anymore.

Soon the real Prince comes bursting through the door to save Henrietta. He saw her running out of the inn earlier, so he followed her and found her lying in front of Brunhilde’s statue. Just like before, the key warps him into the dream world upon touching her body. When the Prince takes Henrietta out of the door, Alp only grins saying “don’t regret rejecting me later, this is a warning!” After she wakes up, Henrietta tells the Prince what Wilhelm said in the dream world. The demon lord will destroy Weimar, seal Brunhilde, and eventually take over the world. The Prince closes his eyes for a moment and whispers “so they’re your brothers..”, but he quickly says they can’t let the demon lord hurt innocent people.

The next morning, Henrietta tells everyone about what happened. They can sense the demon lord’s aura growing stronger, but they decide to continue looking for the last key. Since they can’t find any information in Weimar, the Prince then suggests visiting his hometown — Jena, the capital of Märchen. Henrietta notices that the Prince has been acting strangely ever since their last meeting of Muma, especially since he keeps confirming if Wilhelm and Jacob are her brothers. He also admits that other than losing his human form, he lost trust in people as well. Ever since he turned into a frog, the Prince learned that people judge everything solely based on looks. He finds it hard to believe in people’s courtesy anymore.. but he believes in Henrietta.

The moment they enter Jena, the Prince notices how the whole city seems so lifeless. A man explains that the King has changed ever since his son went missing, so much that people are now calling him the “demon lord”. The King has ordered an invasion to the nearby Kingdom of Baden tomorrow, which shocked the Prince since his father would never do such a thing. He runs off to the castle and tries to enter from the front gate, but obviously he got kicked by the guards. Even though Henrietta is willing to help by kissing him, the Prince refuses saying he doesn’t want to hurt her. Just then a chef comes and asks the guards if the food ingredients for tonight — 100 chicken and 100 frogs — have arrived, and this gives Henrietta an idea. She asks the Prince to guide her towards the kitchen’s back door, where she pretends to deliver a frog for dinner. The chef is surprised when the Prince starts speaking in shock, but Henrietta covers it up by saying he’s a delusional frog who learned human words. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

While their friends distract the chef by pretending to deliver more ingredients, Henrietta carries the Prince and sneaks into the castle. Unfortunately, Henrietta then gets caught by the captain of the guards — Kaspar. She lies saying she’s going to throw away the Prince because he’s deadly poisonous, but things take a turn for the worst when Kaspar says he’ll take the poison for his spear. Henrietta tries to escape, but Kaspar pull her away from the Prince and throws her into a room that used to be the Prince’s room. It turns out that Kaspar knows who she is, because the demon lord has ordered all the guards to “capture Henrietta Grimm” if they ever find her. Soon this country will fall into an endless war, and there’s nothing she can do but to pray from this locked room. Then he slams the door and locks her inside.

After hearing Kaspar’s explanation, Henrietta figures out that the real demon lord isn’t the King after all. The real demon lord must be hiding somewhere out there, controlling everyone in the castle to be his servants. From all the books in the room, Henrietta can tell that the Prince has been studying so he can be a good king in the future. He takes his duty as a prince with pride, so Henrietta can’t forgive the demon lord for turning him into a frog. She summons a bunch of mice to eat the wooden door and escapes, but suddenly someone grabs her arm on the way, and she turns around to find the King standing behind her. Of course the King is worshipping the demon lord as well, so he drags Henrietta to the terrace saying the demon lord’s territory will expand once they conquer Baden tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Prince manages to escape by diving into the pond. Soon he notices Henrietta standing on the terrace with his father, so he runs to the armory and grabs a full set of metal armor to disguise himself. When the Prince reaches the terrace, he reveals that the King was actually forced to make a difficult decision by the demon lord. In order to save his people, the King had to give his son to the demon lord. The Prince wants him to open his eyes, but sadly the King refuses to listen. Especially when he lifts the armor and reveals that he’s just a “filthy frog” inside. Even though the Prince proves that he knows a lot about their kingdom, the King draws out his sword and challenges him to a duel instead. Eventually the Prince’s key starts shining, and it finally erases the darkness in the King’s heart.

The King can feel that the frog standing before him is really his son, but Henrietta says she’ll kiss the Prince to give the King a proof. She’s afraid that the Prince would refuse again, but this time he finally smiles saying he wants her kiss too. However, he wants her to know that he’s not asking for her kiss just to turn back into a human.. but also because he doesn’t want to kiss anyone other than her. Henrietta then closes her eyes, and the Prince finally turns back into a human upon kissing her lips. He says she’s the only woman he loves, and his feelings for her will never change. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After the King apologized for doubting him, the Prince introduces Henrietta as his fiancee. He’s planning to propose to her after they defeat the demon lord, so he wants the King to approve their relationship. The King laughs saying the Prince has grown up to be a great man, and he gives them all of his blessings. When Henrietta says she hasn’t told him her feelings yet, the Prince asks her give him the answer after their battle is over.. or else he won’t be able to think of anything other than her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Soon Kaspar and their friends come to the terrace, and Rosen is shocked upon seeing the Prince hugging Henrietta’s shoulder lol. The King also tells them that the last key was supposed to drown in the sea of Lorelei, but they might be able to find some clues at the port. Before leaving, Henrietta asks the King to help protecting Weimar, and he agrees. After all, it’s his duty as a king to help neighboring towns.

The moment they step out of the castle, Rosen rages that her “destined prince” is now dating Henrietta. Ludwig wonders why the Prince can keep his human form this time, and the Prince says it’s because he truly loves Henrietta. This shocked Rosen even more, but eventually she calms down saying she’s not interested in men who are taken. Even though Rosen acts like a selfish bitch most of the time, she actually treasures her friendship with Henrietta too. Before they can leave for the port, suddenly they hear the emergency alarm ringing. Kaspar informs them that Weimar is under attack — just like in Henrietta’s dream — so the party decides to go back and help defend Weimar from the demon lord.

By the time they reach Weimar, the whole town is already on fire. Henrietta soon finds Wilhelm near Brunhilde’s statue, looking really sad and blaming himself for being so powerless. Wilhelm then asks Henrietta to come to the demon lord’s castle with him, but the Prince comes to stop her — revealing that the “demon lord” is actually Jacob Grimm, Henrietta’s brother. That’s why he’s been acting strangely ever since he saw them in Henrietta’s dream, because Jacob was the one who cursed him into a frog. The Prince also knows that Wilhelm was the one who set Weimar on fire, and Wilhelm admits it’s true.. because he has his own reasons. He releases a spell to turn the Prince back into a frog, but since Henrietta refuses to follow him, he asks her to save “Jacob” and prepares to leave.

However, Jacob then appears and strangles Wilhelm from behind. He warns Wilhelm not to lay a finger on his prey because he will be the one to obtain the “Maiden of Paradise”, then he will use her power to capture Brunhilde. When Henrietta says the demon lord floating above them is definitely NOT her brother, “Jacob” laughs saying he can’t deceive her eyes after all. She’s right, he’s not Jacob. He’s Woden, the ancient deity who has been ruling this world for a long time. He became the evil demon lord after taking Jacob’s body, and if Henrietta wants to save everyone, she has to come to his castle — where she will sing for eternity. Woden then gives her five seconds to answer, torturing her friends even after she says yes, but the power of Brunhilde protects Henrietta from his claws. With no other choice at hand, Woden decides to return to his castle with Wilhelm.

Unfortunately, Woden also throws Henrietta into a deep slumber before leaving. In her dream, Henrietta finds herself surrounded by darkness. As she keeps walking in the dark maze, she sees a string of twisted, real fairytales about her friends. The first one is Hameln who plays a creepy melody with his flute. The villagers can’t pay him for exterminating the rats, so he takes the compensation by throwing all the children off the cliff. Next is Akazukin who got fooled by the wolf in the forest. The wolf disguised himself as his granny, and he eats Akazukin before he goes to bed. Soon the Frog Prince appears to invite Henrietta to his castle, but she cries in desperation and kicks him instead.. so he leaves saying she can’t look at the real him. Even if they meet again someday, they will remain as strangers forever.

The next thing Henrietta sees is the Frog Prince kissing Sleeping Beauty. He violently pushes her saying any women will do just fine, but when she opens her eyes, he puts on an act and asks her to be his princess. They have two children together, but soon the Queen kills both of their babies. Sleeping Beauty is devastated, and her frustration then turns into a raging grudge. Next, Henrietta sees Rapunzel and her prince in the tower. They promised to get married, but the prince knocks her up and the witch finds out. After sending Rapunzel off to an unknown place, the witch tricks the prince and turns him blind.. and he’s blaming Rapunzel for this.

Soon Alp appears and invites Henrietta to live in the dream world forever, but fortunately the Prince also comes to save her. The Prince tells Henrietta to open her eyes before the despair swallows her entirely, and Henrietta finally wakes up from her long nightmares. Sadly she’s now too scared to kiss the Prince, so he remains a powerless frog — kicked and trampled as the people of Weimar escape from the burning town. Rosen gets pissed and slaps Henrietta for doubting the man she loves, but the Prince says it’s okay. He doesn’t want to kiss anyone other than Henrietta, so he’s going to wait until she’s is ready. As Rosen leads them to meet up with everyone else on the beach, Henrietta thinks about how much she hates herself.

Seriously.. Henrietta, what are you doing? ( ಠ_ಠ )

After meeting up with everyone on the beach, Henrietta follows her friends into the port town of Sancto. They learn that the demon lord’s castle is located on an island in the sea of Lorelei, and the silhouette can be seen clearly from the inn. Lorelei is the name of a heartbroken siren who lives in the sea, but the castle terrifies her so much she stops singing.. so now is a good chance to cross the sea. That night, the Prince invites Henrietta for a walk on the beach. She admits she’s not sure if she can help Brunhilde save the world, but the Prince says she’s just like a goddess in his eyes. She’s the hope that always saved him, and he feels honored to be able to stay with her. The Prince then steals a kiss from Henrietta, and while she’s like “why? you said you’re going to wait!”, he admits he can’t hold back anymore. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Since Henrietta says she’s still scared, the Prince gently asks what she’s afraid of.. and she answers “I’m afraid I can’t turn back anymore. I keep depending on you, and I’m scared of my own weakness.” WTF. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ The Prince hugs her saying there’s nothing to fear. He will protect her from the demon lord, and he will always stay with her after their battle is over. The Prince also admits he’s afraid someone else will take her away from him, and finally Henrietta tells him that she will always stay with him forever. The Prince smiles as he thanks Henrietta, and then he puts a ring on her finger — their engagement ring. He swears that he will always love her as his queen, and he will always stay with her in sickness and in health. When the Prince asks for her answer, Henrietta finally accepts his proposal. She also makes him promise that they will come back alive from the demon lord’s castle, and he laughs saying he’ll make her the happiest princess on earth after they return.

Just then they heard a cracking sound behind them, and they turn around to find Rosen hiding in the shadows. She’s in tears and is clearly heartbroken, but she tells them not to apologize. However, Rosen’s body suddenly starts moving on its own.. and she can only scream when her hands start attacking Henrietta and the Prince with her rose whip. Before Henrietta could approach her, a magician appears from the shadows and introduces himself as Monat — the 13th magician who cursed Rosen 100 years ago. He explains that Rosen’s mental power has always been weak, which makes it even easier for him to control her. Monat then summons a large mirror — “the mirror of deception” — and seals Rosen’s soul inside, saying they should come to the demon lord’s castle if they want to save her. Then he vanishes into the night.

The next morning, the party finally sails towards the demon lord’s castle. They bought a cheap boat that slowly sinks as they sail further, so Henrietta forces Akazukin to swim and push the boat for them. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ ..which is useless effort since the boat sinks anyway, and they all have to swim towards the island lol. A guard greets them by the castle gate and takes them into the castle, but the Prince reveals that the guard is actually his attendant — Heinrich. Heinrich followed the Prince when he was taken into this island, and all this time he keeps on believing that someday the Prince will return to defeat the demon lord. However, he’s against the Prince’s relationship with Henrietta. She’s just a simple peasant after all, and her being the sister of the demon lord only worsens his impression.

Following the Prince’s order, Heinrich guides him and Henrietta to save Rosen from the prison. There’s one thing he didn’t tell them though: there’s a golem guiding the prison. Everyone else are guarding the entrance, and Henrietta has to fight the golem alone because Heinrich steals the Prince’s saber from his hands. He’s doing this on purpose to test Henrietta’s real strength, so she proves her awesomeness by locking the golem in a giant cage and turning it back into sand. When they find Rosen in her cell, she feels really guilty for attacking them that night. At the same time, she also feels happy that Henrietta comes to save her. Henrietta welcomes her back to the party, and Rosen hugs her before shaking hands with the Prince — still in his frog form. Realizing that Henrietta truly deserves to be the Prince’s bride, Heinrich bows down and apologized. His eyes are open now, and he will help them to defeat the demon lord. Heinrich then takes Rosen upstairs, leaving Henrietta alone with the Prince so they can kiss. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Before Henrietta and the Prince leave the prison, Wilhelm suddenly appears to challenge them. Their objective is the same — to save Jacob — but he doesn’t want them to die a meaningless death. If they can’t even win against him, they won’t stand a chance against Jacob. Henrietta doesn’t want to hurt Wilhelm, but eventually she summons Undine and washes him away with ocean tides. Since Henrietta keeps crying after that, the Prince kindly holds her hand and says she’s a really kind person. He hated her brothers for turning him into a frog, but she erased all of his hatred and turned them into the will to save her brothers. Wilhelm tells Henrietta she has found a nice man, and he finally joins the party to fight the demon lord together.

From Wilhelm, they also learn that Woden has the seventh key — the last key they need to use Brunhilde’s power. Obviously there’s no way he’d hand it to them, so they have to retrieve the key by force. It might be impossible, but Henrietta believes Jacob’s soul won’t lose to Woden.

When they reach the demon lord’s throne, Woden starts the battle by turning Henrietta into a frog and summons poisonous rain upon them. The Prince protects Henrietta by putting her in his pocket, but Woden then takes out his Gungnir and attacks everyone in sight. Fortunately, Wilhelm manages to snatch the seventh key from Woden. When all seven keys start shining, Henrietta turns back into a human upon receiving the Prince’s kiss. She can hear Brunhilde’s voice calling her, and soon the goddess herself finally appears before them. Brunhilde then tells Henrietta to summon her Gold Dragon, and when Henrietta opens her magic book.. the lock appears on her chest. It absorbs all six keys except for the Prince’s, which he then puts in to unlock Henrietta’s power as the “Maiden of Paradise” — now ready to seal Woden.

However, Henrietta then cries saying she doesn’t want to seal Jacob. Just then she suddenly hears Jacob’s voice telling her to seal him along with Woden. His body has been occupied by Woden for so long, and he begs Henrietta to set him free. In order to grant that wish, Henrietta finally summons the Gold Dragon and orders it to seal the demon lord back into the darkness. Unfortunately Henrietta can’t stand seeing Jacob in pain, and she takes a really SMART move by running over to approach him. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Her magic book falls onto the floor, and that’s when Woden drops the act and burns the book — which also causes the Gold Dragon to disappear. That, and the Prince gets hurt shielding her from Woden’s flames. Good job, heroine! \(^o^)/

When the Prince runs through the flames to get her burnt magic book, Henrietta realized that all the letters inside are shining. While Woden took over Jacob’s body, his words and soul are still engraved in the book. Henrietta opens the burnt book and chants the spell to summon the Gold Dragon again, but you know what.. SHE TRIES TO STOP THE DRAGON AGAIN. OMG make up your mind already! (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Woden uses this chance to run away, but Wilhelm stops him and drags him into the darkness — sealing himself along with the demon lord. The final battle finally closes its curtains, and Henrietta keeps crying alone.. until she realized that the Prince is lying unconscious on the ground. He’s in a critical condition, but thankfully his life is saved thanks to Brunhilde enhancing Rapunzel’s healing magic. After the Prince opens his eyes, everyone escapes from the crumbling castle.

Since their journey has come to an end, the Prince takes everyone back to Jena. His curse is now lifted, so he won’t turn into a frog anymore from now on. The King asks everyone to get some rest in the castle, but Henrietta feels intimidated because she’s just a peasant. Most of the aristocrat ladies are looking at her with insulting eyes, and Henrietta keeps thinking about this even though the Prince always protects her from their insults. That night the King throws a banquet to celebrate their victory, and Henrietta watches the fireworks with the Prince. He notices that she’s crying, but she quickly wipes away her tears. When he says he wants to see the fireworks with her every year, she feels really touched by his kindness. Fortunately, Rosen whips some sense into Henrietta later — “he loves you up to the point of proposing, so you should treasure him forever! put a leash on his neck if possible!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Late at night, the Prince invites Henrietta to come to his room. As they gaze at the night view of Jena, Henrietta admits that she’s not confident about being his future bride.. but when the Prince says he doesn’t have any intentions to let go, she smiles and nods. Henrietta also tells him she was jealous upon seeing the citizens greeting the Prince like an idol, so he hugs her saying they only love him as a “prince”. It’s a prince’s duty to take care of his country, but he wants to stay beside her as a “man”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He kisses the ring on her finger saying he wants to live with her, and she tells him that she feels the same.

The next day, everyone are leaving to continue their journey. Ludwig is going to learn painting in Bremen, while Hameln will keep travelling with Rapunzel and Akazukin. Rosen says she’s going to search for her own prince, and Hameln is interested to take the position. When she refuses saying “you’re already expired as a prince”, he replies with “and you’re a 117 years old granny!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Ludwig is worried since Henrietta is a tomboy who knows nothing about formal etiquette, but the Prince tells him not to worry. He’s going to train her until she becomes a fine lady, and someday she’s going to be a great queen for Märchen. Henrietta also promises to do her best, and she watches over everyone as they walk into different directions.

Three years later, Henrietta and the Prince finally hold their wedding ceremony. She really did her best to learn everything in the last three years, and now she has become a lady who can stand beside the Prince with pride. She had her doubts and worries, but her determination to become his queen cleared away those doubts. The Prince carries Henrietta out of the castle after the ceremony, and Heinrich cries a river of happy tears since his beloved prince finally has a wife. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

As the people of Märchen congratulates them, Henrietta and the Prince can hear their friends among the crowd. To celebrate their wedding, the kingdom built a fountain for them in Jena — with a pair of frog statues on the top. Henrietta remembers how her brothers used to read stories about princesses for her, so she throws her wedding bouquet towards the western sky for them. Her own story with the Prince has just started!

As much as I love the Frog Prince, I have to admit this route gave me mixed feelings. While the Prince himself is so wonderful and romantic, Henrietta got on my nerves so much it took me 3 days to finish the route. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 The romance scenes are perfect, but it feels like such a drag when Henrietta suddenly goes “No! I won’t kiss you! I’m scared!” (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ She was awesome up until that point, so I don’t know what went wrong. Annoying heroine aside, I absolutely love the romance and the wedding ending. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ I’m weak towards princely characters, but the Prince is like.. one of the most princely characters I’ve ever seen in the otome game world. Even though he’s a giant frog for more than half of the route. xD


15 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – The Frog Prince


    So, um, yeah. How can the Prince be so princely even when he is a frog? I had to like, stare at the top picture for a while and then convince myself I wasn’t seeing weird things /shot. This Prince is like overkill for me: WHITE HAIR. Check. Kishio Daisuke. Check. Remains princely even in frog form? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

    …Frog!Henrietta is so cute, though (`・ω・´)
    /Goes back to UtaPri music. Gawd I suck so much at rhythm games that are not Project Diva.

    • LOL. Cinderella is a bitch, and Snow White is a ドS surrounded by ドM dwarves. Say goodbye to our childhood princesses. 8D

      That frog!Henrietta scene is one of my favorite scenes in this game. Too bad things went downhill (for Henrietta anyway, Frosch remains awesome) after the maze of nightmare, since I wanted to enjoy their romance without Henrietta dragging unnecessary drama. ;__;

      Don’t worry, I suck at UtaPri Music too. Diva spoiled me to play with two hands.

  2. Oh my I don’t like frog, but thankfully he returns to his original form. lol. But he in Prince form is cute though and I like his personality :P

    Btw I am a bit confuse with demon arc and witch arc, how to get to that arcs? I looked at the guide but have no clue at all lol.

  3. Hah, I loved this game’s take on Cinderella. At least both her and the prince and some personality here.

    As for FP, I usually don’t like green hair, but his princely attitude is so good that I can look past his hair. I also loved the second to last scene with Alp. “I’ll be gentle” that made me squeal so hard. But yeah, Henrietta was a little bit annoying in this route, but I can forgive her since she’s awesome in a lot of other routes. And I liked that Rosen didn’t turn into an annoying bitch like so many other girls in other games have the tendency to become. She actually does value her friendship with Henrietta, and she doesn’t need to do some mean BS to her first to realize it.

    • Haha, I like Cinderella too even though she acts so bitchy.

      So far I think Henrietta is awesome in Hameln and Ludwig’s route, but she’s a weak damsel in distress in Wilhelm and Jacob’s. I believe she’s also annoying during the final battle in the other routes (demon lord arc only), but thank god we can skip through that. Rosen is a nice friend, I agree. She’s not as amusing as Rapunzel, but she treasures Henrietta. It’d be so much nicer if her route is purely friendship without the yuri hints though. ;__;

  4. I always knew there was something wrong with Cinderella! I never really liked that story that much when I was little. Now I have reasons…XD

    Geez, Henrietta…you were doing so well, until…well the part where you didn’t want to kiss the Prince. I like the Prince’s voice…it’s very princely in my opinion, but I imagined something a bit more “fluffy” rather than a deep voice.

    • Did you like Snow White? Because she’s pretty messed up too here. 8D

      The Prince’s voice is actually lighter when he’s a human, so his deep voice only lasts during his frog days. Henrietta was the reason why I couldn’t fully enjoy this route. She just.. rolled downhill after the maze of nightmares, up to the point where I didn’t care anymore and just wanted the route to end ASAP. ;__;

    • I KNOW. Where’s my IRL prince? I can’t find any lol.
      My favorite scene here is that frog!Henrietta on the lily flower. The Frog Prince is so gentle when he whispers and kisses her good night. (*´ω`*)

  5. The frog prince is really My favourite scene was the ball scene where Henrietta got the attention of the other prince . Uhuhu, so cute..

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