Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ibara Hime

..why does this game have two girls to capture? Rapunzel was fun because she’s an otaku gamer, but I have no interest in Rosen. Not to mention she’s a selfish, bitchy ojou-sama at first.

Sleeping Beauty. Her real name is Rosen von Lune, but people calls her Ibara Hime. She’s the princess of Reinhardswald, so she’s extremely selfish and used to having everyone wrapped around her fingers. Rosen has a high pride, orders her friends around and puts herself on top of everyone else, but surprisingly she cares a lot about them too. She was 17 upon receiving the sleeping curse 100 years ago, so that makes her a 117 years old granny by age. In battle, Rosen uses a thorny rose whip to lash everyone who stands in her way.

The events in Rosen’s route are similar to the Frog Prince’s route. Instead of taking the path to Bremen, the party goes to visit the castle in Lune — the capital of Reinhardswald. After going through the sea of vines wrapping the castle, they find Rosen sleeping inside. She opens her eyes when the Frog Prince kisses her, but instead of waking up.. she goes back to sleep for a while. Since Rosen’s curse has been lifted, the time in the castle starts moving again. Which isn’t good at all, because the guards soon come to arrest Henrietta and friends for barging into Rosen’s room. The ruckus finally wakes Rosen up, and she shows her gratitude by whipping everyone. \(^o^)/ She orders them to bring her prince out, but she refuses to believe that her “destined prince” is the giant frog standing in front of her. Rosen also acts like the bitch of all bitches until the King eventually comes to apologize and explain everything.

When Rosen was born 117 years ago, the King invited 12 magicians to the celebration. Each of them gave Rosen magical blessings, but right after she received the 11th blessing, the 13th magician suddenly appeared. Enraged that he wasn’t invited to the celebration, he put a curse on Rosen: “once she turns 17, the princess will prick her finger on a thorn and die.” Dorn then begged the 12th magician to save his sister, and he’s willing to give his own life to keep Rosen alive. However, the 12th magician was in a panic and changed the curse instead: “even if the princess pricked her finger, she will only fall asleep for 100 years.” The 13th magician’s curse has been lifted, but Dorn remains asleep since his curse is heavier than everyone else. After all, he offered his own life to change his sister’s fate.

Upon learning about the party’s objective to collect the seven keys, Rosen reveals that she’s actually holding the sixth key. Rosen then forces her way into the party, saying she wants to search for her “destined prince” and a princess who can wake her brother up. After making everyone wait for a LONG time, Rosen finally comes out of the castle in her travelling clothes. She also has a bunch of luggage and orders Akazukin to carry everything, treating everyone as her slaves. When Akazukin refuses, Rosen cracks her whip and summons rose vines to kick their butts.. but then her equally sadistic brother comes out from the vines instead. Dorn’s body is still asleep in the castle though, so it’s only his soul that joins their party.

In order to set up their “friendship flag” (according to Rapunzel), a few days later the girls take a bath together in the lake. They wait until all the guys are asleep at night, and they have fun splashing water onto each other. At first Rosen still treats them as her “slaves”, but then she blushes saying she’ll grant them “special permission” to bathe with her tonight. Both Henrietta and Rapunzel are happy with this development, so they cling into Rosen and grab her F-cup breasts — saying she should share some for Henrietta’s flat chest. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

From here, Rosen’s affection towards Henrietta starts growing. She shares a piece of bread with Henrietta in Polle, and Alp takes Rosen’s form to trap Henrietta in his illusion. Soon the real Rosen comes to save her, explaining that she was extremely worried upon seeing Henrietta’s empty bed at the inn. She ran around looking for Henrietta at night, and she finally found her in the plaza, lying unconscious near Brunhilde’s statue. When Henrietta explains that the guys in her dream earlier are the brothers she’s been looking for, Rosen says it’s natural for an 乙女 to feel happy around her brothers lol. She misses her brother too, and that’s why she’s going on a journey to find his princess.

After the demon lord’s attack on Weimar, Rosen goes to drag Henrietta out of the nightmare maze. Alp keeps saying that Henrietta is a traitor because she’s the demon lord’s little sister, but Rosen tells him to shut up — only Dorn and her have the right to pick on Henrietta lol. As soon as they return to the real world, Rosen gives Henrietta a well-deserved slap across the face. The current Henrietta keeps looking back and drags everyone down, and Rosen doesn’t want to travel with such a weak person. The one who attacked them was the demon lord, not Jacob, so she should stop drowning in depression already. Rosen then drags Henrietta to join everyone on the beach, and they take shelter in the port town of Sancto that night.

Noticing that Henrietta is still awake late at night, Rosen takes her out for a walk on the beach. As they pick some sea glass together, Rosen admits that she wants to confess to her prince. She knows her love is one-sided, but she wants to get her feelings across before they leave to fight the demon lord. If she gets rejected, then she’ll give up and turn a new page in life. In order to help Rosen, Henrietta then goes to call the Frog Prince. Before leaving she also gives Rosen a heart-shaped sea glass — a charm to help her confession. Unfortunately for Rosen, the Frog Prince rejects her knowing she’s not in love with him. Rosen is in love with the image of her “destined one”, and even though he was the one who woke her up, Rosen’s “destined one” isn’t the Frog Prince. It’s Henrietta. What. Just then the Frog Prince turns back into a frog, and Rosen goes ガ—Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ—ン!! at the revelation LOL.

When she learns that the Frog Prince became a human with Henrietta’s kiss, Rosen instantly accuses them of hurting her on purpose. She cries, screams, and denies everything just like a selfish bitch that she is, but she’s surprised when her body starts moving on its own. Before Rosen can recover from the shock, Monat — the 13th magician — shows up and seals her in “the mirror of deception”. He’s planning to give Rosen to Woden as Henrietta’s replacement, so if they want to save her, they have to come to the demon lord’s castle. Apparently the mirror actually belongs to Hel, and Monat is actually her grandson. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Monat wants to impress Woden by presenting Rosen, but Hel warns him to be careful. If the mirror breaks, everything sealed inside will disappear — including Rosen and her key.

Upon arriving at the demon lord’s castle, the party finds Monat and Hel near the entrance. He takes out the mirror and shows Rosen inside, but despite Henrietta’s attempts to call her, she only says “I hate you and the Prince, leave me alone.” ( ´_ゝ`) Monat then explains the world inside the mirror is freezing cold, and they won’t be able to do anything because he’s the only one who can release Rosen. However, Monat is willing to let Rosen go if Henrietta goes inside the mirror to replace her. Henrietta accepts the deal, but then she quietly asks Ludwig to make a “dummy copy” of herself to deceive Monat. Sadly the fake Henrietta is really a “dummy”.. in the sense that she’s really dumb beyond belief. Right after she comes out of the canvas, she greets everyone with “Hello everyone, yoroshikupo! I really LOVE Ludwig!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ludwig blushes saying it’s a failure because he drew her in a rush, and so their plan failed lol.

Henrietta feels guilty for trying to save Rosen with a dummy, so eventually she dives into the mirror to bring Rosen out. Following Hel’s advice, they also throw Rapunzel’s long hair inside so the two of them can climb out of the mirror. Why is Hel being cooperative? Because she’s afraid her clumsy grandson will trip and break the mirror lol. Just like her attitude earlier, Rosen refuses to leave and tells Henrietta to leave her alone. The world inside the mirror is similar to her castle in Lune, so she wants to escape reality by staying here forever. However, Rosen finally opens her eyes when Henrietta says she loves her. As a friend. She was happy that Rosen confided in her about the confession plan, and she really did her best to cheer her on. Since Rosen is still going “but you hurt me! nobody ever hurt me before!”, Henrietta gets pissed and tells her to stop whining. It’s not like her world will crumble just because of a broken heart.

When Henrietta says she’s always jealous of Rosen’s beauty, Rosen finally gives in and hugs Henrietta. Obviously Henrietta is surprised when Rosen kisses her cheek, but Rosen says it’s the payment for hurting her — because Henrietta now belongs to her. \(^o^)/ After thinking about her own feelings for a while, Rosen finally learns the real cause of her jealousy. It’s not because she thinks Henrietta is stealing her prince, but rather because she doesn’t want the Frog Prince to steal Henrietta from her. Henrietta is her first friend after all.

The mirror shatters right after they climb out, much to Hel’s relief. She also tells Monat to stop dragging his grudge already, so he apologized to Rosen saying he was annoyed at his twelve brothers. They always leave him behind, and it pissed him off even more when Rosen’s father didn’t invite him to the celebration. Monat is ready to receive Rosen’s wrath, but she decides to forgive him. She’s still pissed about the sleeping curse, but she doesn’t want him to follow her around just because of this. It’s her father’s fault anyway, so she’s going to scold him when she returns to Lune. To show their gratitude, Hel and Monat then guide the party towards the demon lord’s throne room. They fight and recruit Wilhelm on the way, and eventually Henrietta defeats Woden by summoning Brunhilde and the Gold Dragon.

Now that the world’s back in peace, Henrietta and friends return to Sancto. However, Rosen knows that Henrietta is still mourning over her brothers. That night Rosen finds her looking at the sea alone, and she gives her shoulder for Henrietta to cry on — saying the memories of Jacob and Wilhelm will always live in her heart. Since their long journey has reached its end, Rosen says there are a lot of things she wants to do from now on. She wants to learn more about opening boutiques or cafes, and she’s inviting Henrietta to join her. Henrietta is unsure since she’s only a simple country bumpkin, but Rosen says it’s her goal to turn Henrietta into the no. 1 princess in the world. Henrietta then smiles and accepts Rosen’s invitation, but first she needs some time to sort out her thoughts. She wants Rosen to wait until she becomes a girl who can answer her expectations.

The next day, Rosen’s attendant from Lune comes to pick her up. Because Dorn is still asleep, Rosen needs to do her duty as the future queen of Reinhardswald. Thanks to the demon lord, she completely forgot about searching for Dorn’s princess lol. The attendant doesn’t want to hear any protests though, so he drags Rosen into the carriage by force. Before the carriage leaves Sancto, Rosen promises that one day she’ll come to pick Henrietta up. Everyone goes on their separate ways after that, and Henrietta returns to live with Ludwig in their old house. Hanau is undergoing major reconstruction now, so they had to rebuilt their house too.

Six months later, Ludwig notices a parade in the village. He thinks the village festival is taking place in the wrong season, but Henrietta points out that it’s not a parade — it’s more like a King and his entourage. While Ludwig doesn’t think a royalty would visit a small village like Hanau, soon a pink, glittery carriage arrives in front of their house.. and a very excited Rosen comes out to hug Henrietta. Just as she promised, she’s coming to take Henrietta to her castle. When Ludwig tells her not to disturb their peaceful life, Rosen replies with “you must be joking, this isn’t your ending!” and forces him to agree.. with her whip. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Rosen wants Henrietta to wake Dorn up and marry him, so they can be sisters forever.

After binding poor Ludwig’s legs with her whip, Rosen takes Henrietta to Lune on her glittery carriage. She already prepared beautiful dresses for Henrietta, and she orders her servants to help Henrietta get dressed upon arriving at the castle. From now on Henrietta will become the main model of Rosen’s fashion brand, as well as assisting Rosen to make dresses for all the girls in the country. Henrietta believes that someday both of them will find their princes, but for now they’re going to live together and support each other.

First of all, I’m sorry for the minimum amount of effort I put into this post. Most of the events are exactly the same as in the Frog Prince’s route, with the only difference being Rosen protecting Henrietta instead. Honestly, I don’t know why Karin even bothered with this route. It would be so much better if they make Dorn the sleeping beauty instead, since Rosen isn’t as interesting as Rapunzel and her story is rather thin. I had a really hard time liking Rosen, and yet I had to deal with her heartbreak drama. Plus, this route feels more yuri than friendship. (´・ω・`A;) Oh well.. as long as I can get with her brother.


10 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ibara Hime

  1. I think they added two capturable girls because most fairy tales have female characters, and they couldn’t just replace them all with male versions (and Dorn already sort of is a male sleeping beauty). Plus the yuri here isn’t as hard as say, Gekka or other games, you kinda get the feeling she still wants Henrietta with her brother. Rosen might have been bitchy and there was the whole FP drama, but I really appreciated the fact that she wasn’t disgusting about it like most ‘friends’ in otome games are, and do something mean to her like trash talk about her or lock her in a well or something. And I liked Henrietta in this route, so in short, this route didn’t bother me. Then again, yaoi, yuri, straight, hermaphrodites, etc, none of that stuff bothers me.

    • That’s the point actually. If they’re gonna make a male sleeping beauty, why bother making a female one? ?(´・ω・`)? Probably to make things more interesting, but I just can’t like Rosen up until the end. I like how she treasures Henrietta and friends, but all that heartbreak drama only lowers my opinion about her even more.. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Considering I can stomach the yuri in Daria’s route, I think the biggest reason here is probably Rosen’s personality more than anything else.

  2. Perhaps all those years of sleeping made her a bit grumpy…or maybe it’s the fact that she’s a 117 year old granny. xD

    Wtf…this route is filled with randomness/surprises. Monat being Hel’s clumsy grandson, Hel’s lack of confidence in Monat’s sense of balance, the Frog Prince’s revelation to Rosen, “dummy” Henrietta’s profession of love for Ludwig and Ludwig getting binded by a whip.

    This route was okay though, but I much prefer Dorn. *drools*

    • No, she’s just a selfish princess lol.
      This post is like the shortest review I wrote for Grimm, so you can tell how “excited” I was during Rosen’s route. /orz

      I actually like Monat though. He’s surprisingly cute for a character who’s supposed to be an antagonist lol. Monat is a clumsy ドジっ子, so yeah Hel was afraid he’d drop the mirror out of pure accident. xD

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