Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ibara no Ouji

Now this is more like it. I watched a bit of Dorn’s route and ending, but that only made me more curious about this ドS sleeping prince. Sadly this route is rather short and similar to Rosen’s.

Sleeping Beauty’s older brother. His real name is Dorn von Lune, but people calls him “Ibara no Ouji”. Dorn received a heavy curse to save his sister’s life, and so his body remains asleep in the castle. Despite his formal and polite way of speaking, Dorn is a sadistic prince who loves insulting everyone around him. He’s also charismatic and has a high pride, whipping everyone who dares to object with his rose scourging whip. Whenever his sister is in trouble, Dorn will appear from the thorny vines she summons.

The party first finds Dorn when they visit the castle in Lune — the capital of Reinhardswald. They heard that a princess has been sleeping in the castle for 100 years, but when they find said princess.. they also find a sleeping prince beside her. From the King, they learn that Dorn offered his life to change his sister’s fate. Even after Rosen and everyone else wake up from their 100 years of slumber, Dorn remains asleep because the curse put upon him was heavier than theirs. Rosen then decides to join the journey to look for a princess who can open Dorn’s eyes, but something unexpected happens when Rosen summons her rose vines to attack the Frog Prince. Instead of binding anyone, the rose vines starts shining and Dorn appears before their eyes. He explains that while his body is still sleeping inside the castle, his soul can walk around freely. Which mean he’s ready to whip them if they’re disturbing Rosen.

Since Dorn acts so high and mighty in front of everyone, Henrietta shuts him up slapping him and asking what he really wants from them lol. He quietly admits that he wants to travel with them, and Henrieta gives him a satisfied smile as Rapunzel goes “Henrietta is so 男前” in the background lol. The summon’s effect is temporary since Dorn leaves them again soon after, but he will always come to save her sister when necessary.

After spending a night beside the lake, the path splits towards two different towns — Hessen and Polle. You can read what happened in Hessen here, so let’s go to Polle now! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

When the party arrive in Polle, the first thing they notice is the beautiful Queen’s statue on the central fountain. Her posters are also pasted all over the town, and a man explains that she’s going to celebrate her birthday soon. All the men in Polle are rejoicing since they can catch a glimpse of the Queen, but recently there’s a rumor about an evil witch appearing in the forest. Everyone then decides to check if the rumor is true, but instead of finding an evil witch.. they find three dwarves singing a masochistic song as they mine rocks together. The Frog Prince saves them from a falling tree, so they invite the party to visit their place — thinking that their “master” is currently away.

However, Henrietta and friends are welcomed by the scenery of a beautiful princess sitting on the throne inside — Snow White the ドS princess. She smacks and steps on her dwarves as the punishment for bringing strangers into their small hut, but it sends them to the seventh heaven. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ They get jealous when Snow White starts torturing Ludwig and Akazukin, and so the seven ドMs chases them out of the hut lol. That night Dwarf #1 and #3 are staring at the apple tree behind their hut, discussing about their “experiment” together. It turns out that based on #1’s idea, #3 has been developing apples to make them grow larger. He hopes they will be abpe to protect Show White if they’re bigger in size, but they don’t know if the apples are successful products or simply failures. At least until the next day.

The next morning, a certain witch we know visits Snow White in the hut. Hel tries to sell the poisonous apple to Snow White, but since Snow White refuses to pay for her food, Hel gets frustrated and lets her have the apple for free lol. This causes Snow White to faint instantly, so Hel goes to grab the reward from her client — the Queen. She’s not aware that the Queen is giving her an old, mute mirror in return, but things doesn’t go according to the Queen’s plan either. Upon finding Snow White lying in front of their hut, the dwarves run into town looking for Henrietta and friends. Knowing the Frog Prince’s kiss has the special power to wake up princesses from their sleep, Henrietta then asks him to save Snow White.. who soon opens her eyes and screams upon learning that she was kissed by a frog lol. Just then they see a shadow moving near the bushes, but Snow White knows who their guest is and calmly says “what are young doing here, mom? are you making sure that your daughter is really dead?”

Since everyone has noticed her presence, the Queen walks out of the bushes and wonders why Snow White is still alive while Hel reported her dead. However, the Queen isn’t wishing for her daughter’s death for no reason. It turns out Snow White is planning to tell everyone in Polle about the Queen’s plastic surgery. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When the Queen tries to slap her evil daughter, Dwarf #1 and #3 quickly throws their experimental apple into her open mouth.. which shrinks the Queen up to the point that Snow White can pick her up easily. After forcing the Queen to promise that (1) she will continue paying for Snow White’s living expenses, and (2) she won’t try to kill Snow White again, Snow White throws her mother into the forest — wishing her a very happy birthday lol. The poor Queen got captured by a bird flying up in the sky, but at least the effect isn’t temporary. She’ll return to her original size in a few hours. xD

As Snow White starts punishing her dwarves for conducting dangerous experiments, Rosen comes to bitch since Henrietta, Ludwig and the Frog Prince are taking their sweet time in the forest. The tempting red apple on the ground instanty grabs Rosen’s attention, and she starts chewing it despite Henrietta’s warning. At first she’s totally enjoying the delicious apple, but then she suddenly starts shivering in pain and summons Dorn to save her. Before anyone can say anything, Dorn orders the one who poisoned Rosen’s apple to step forward.. but Rosen then coughs saying she only choked on the apple, and he instantly goes “….. (´・ω・`;)” LOL.

Upon learning that the apple was invented by the dwarves, Dorn lashes his scourging whip onto the dwarves with no mercy — and they’re completely enjoying his torture lol. Obviously Dorn goes エッ( ゚д゚ ;) and asks for everyone’s help, but Henrietta only tells him to give up since the dwarves are ドM by nature. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After he’s done dealing with the dwarves, Dorn asks if Henrietta has found the 13th magician. When Henrietta says this isn’t a journey to find Dorn’s nemesis, he instantly goes into rage mode and tells them to do their job properly lol. Rosen then tells Dorn to calm down since it’s ruining his handsome face, so Dorn disappears after ordering everyone to work for him. Soon after Dorn vanishes, Ludwig grumbles saying they don’t need two 変態 princes in the party.. and yes, the other one is the Frog Prince lol.

Following the clues given by the dwarves, the party continues their journey towards Weimar. What happened next is exactly the same as in the Frog Prince’s route, but here Alp disguised himself as Dorn instead to tempt Henrietta. The real Dorn soon comes to save Henrietta with Rosen’s key, revealing that Rosen ran out of the inn looking for her. Rosen fell asleep before reaching the plaza though, so Dorn took over and borrowed Rosen’s key. It’s the first time he ever saw Rosen going that far to save someone, so he was “forced to take action” lol. Dorn then takes Henrietta back to reality, where she wakes up to find Rosen beside her. When she heard that Dorn appeared in Henrietta’s dream, Rosen is delighted thinking Henrietta might be the princess destined for her brother. Henrietta blushes saying it’s impossible since she’s only a peasant, so Rosen drops the subject for now.

During the demon’s lord attack on Weimar, Rosen is the one who protects Henrietta until she gets crushed by Woden’s power. She collapses to the ground after that, but she manages to summon Dorn to protect Henrietta in her place. While Dorn puts a scratch on Woden’s cheek with his whip, sadly his power is no match for the demon lord’s. After sending Dorn’s soul to the underworld, Woden throws Henrietta into the maze of nightmares.. and because Dorn is currently busy wandering around the underworld, Rosen eventually comes to drag Henrietta back to reality. They meet up with everyone else on the beach, and continue their journey to the port town of Sancto — where they devise a plan to attack the demon lord’s castle.

Late at night, Rosen notices that Henrietta is still awake. Henrietta blushes when Rosen asks if she’s thinking about Dorn, but since Henrietta keeps insisting that she’s not suitable for him, Rosen reveals that her brother usually won’t save people. It means Henrietta is special in his eyes, and Rosen is more than excited to have Henrietta as her sister-in-law. In order to push Henrietta’s back, Rosen then summons Dorn, asks Henrietta to take care of him, and goes to bed before he appears lol. While he usually throws insults at everyone upon appearing, Dorn remains silent tonight. Henrietta thinks he’s actually asleep while standing, but then he replies with “that’s impossible” and surprises her lol. Dorn then says he’s going to take a night walk, and Henrietta decides to follow him to the beach.

As they walk along the beach, Dorn asks if Henrietta is sure about fighting the demon lord. He thinks she’s being stupid and careless, but he agrees to help anyway. Henrietta then thanks Dorn for saving her in Weimar, and Dorn blushes saying it only happened because Henrietta is a slowpoke. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He admits he’s getting bored of his lonely slumber, and he wants to watch over Rosen directly by her side.. then he smiles and adds “and watching over you doesn’t sound bad either.” イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Dorn disappears again after that, and Henrietta feels really sad to see him vanishing — even though it’s always been that way up until now. Soon Rosen comes asking if she’s done thanking her brother, and Henrietta tells Rosen that Dorn is worried about her romance. Rosen then decides to confess to her prince, so Henrietta helps her by taking the Frog Prince to see her on the beach. Sadly this ends up in a misunderstanding, and Rosen thinks Henrietta is hurting her on purpose because she’s also in love with the Frog Prince.

Just then Rosen’s body starts attacking them on its own, and soon Monat appears to seal her in “the mirror of deception”. However, Rosen cries for help and summons Dorn just before the mirror seals her inside. Even though his sister’s life is on the line, Dorn doesn’t care and whips Monat saying a “leftover” like him shouldn’t be so cheeky. Dorn then binds Monat with his whip and forces him to release Rosen, and this shocked Monat since Dorn used to be a really weak prince 100 years ago. Unfortunately for Dorn, Monat refuses to give up and steals a chance to seal him inside the mirror as well. Dorn’s eyes lose their light upon entering the mirror, and Monat tells Henrietta to come to the demon lord’s castle if she wants to get them back.

The next day, the party sails towards the demon lord’s castle. Similar to Rosen’s route, they find Monat along with Hel and the mirror near the entrance. Henrietta tries calling Dorn inside the mirror, but he remains silent with a sad expression. Following Hel’s advice, Henrietta then dives into the mirror to save both Dorn and Rosen. She quickly finds Dorn inside, staring at a painting of a beautiful woman in silence. When Henrietta asks who she is, Dorn explains that she was his first love — Luise. 100 years ago she was working in the castle, and they both fall in love with each other. Of course Dorn is a prince and Luise was a peasant, so rumors started spreading and they were forced to part. Dorn then asks Henrietta to take Rosen and escape without him, because all he wants to do is to stay here staring at the painting forever.

Henrietta is obviously heartbroken and shocked, so she starts crying and says Dorn is really selfish to brush her off like that. She came here to save them, and yet he refuses to go back just because he wants to drown forever in his past. Dorn is surprised, but Henrietta doesn’t care about what he thinks anymore and drags him out of the room. When he asks why she’s crying, she says it’s because the mirror will break soon. If they don’t make it in time, she won’t be able to see him again. This finally opens Dorn’s eyes, and he grabs Henrietta’s arm saying they’re going home. They find Rosen lying unconscious near the throne, and they go back to the demon lord’s castle by using Rapunzel’s hair. Monat then apologized for cursing them, but Dorn says right now he actually feels grateful to him. He disappears right after that, so Rosen decides to forgive Monat for him too.

To show their gratitude, Monat and Hel guide everyone towards the demon lord’s throne. They get attacked by Wilhelm on the way, but Rosen protects her saying she wants Henrietta to be Dorn’s princess after everything is over.. and she won’t let Wilhelm disturb that plan. Wilhelm then joins the party, and Henrietta eventually defeats Woden with her Gold Dragon. During the summoning, Rosen hands her key to Dorn instead. Dorn admits he’s having fun travelling with Henrietta, and he blushes saying it’s been a century since the last time he feels this way. He also says even if his body withers and disappears, his heart will always be with Henrietta. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Then he puts the key into her lock.

However, instead of withering along with the rose vines, Dorn starts coughing up blood in the crumbling castle. Dorn tells Henrietta that his power is running out, and he asks her to be best friends with Rosen from now on. When Henrietta says that her wish is to stay with him, Dorn admits that he loves Henrietta for who she is — not as Luise’s replacement. Protecting her is more than enough for him, and he closes his eyes after saying goodbye. Later on, Monat tells everyone that Dorn’s soul is going to the underworld. He warps everyone to Reinhardswald, where they find Dorn’s body still sleeping in the castle. Dorn’s heart is still beating, and Monat explains it’s because he just arrived in the underworld. It’s not too late to save him now, but someone needs to go down there and ask the lord of the underworld to release Dorn’s soul.

It’s highly risky since failure means death, but Henrietta takes the chance and asks Monat to open the underworld’s gate for her. Henrietta meets Alp as she walks down the stairs to the underworld, and knowing she’s here to save Dorn, he takes her to the underworld version of Reinhardswald. There she finds her prince sleeping in the castle, and he wakes up when she kisses him. Dorn is surprised when Henrietta says she came here just to save him, but when she asks if it’s troubling him, he answers “if it’s a trouble I won’t feel this happy..” ε-(*´∀`|萌| Henrietta then says she’s here because she loves him, not because she feels responsible, and Dorn pulls her to kiss him again as the proof. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

Dorn also reveals that he often came to the underworld in the last 100 years, so he’s actually good friends with the lord of the underworld. Unfortunately, the lord of the underworld won’t let Dorn leave so easily. It’s been 500 years since the last time a charismatic person came to the underworld, so he wants Dorn to stay and help him rule the realm. Henrietta doesn’t give up either because she needs Dorn, so he sends them to attend the “underworld trial”. Dorn’s past will be judged in the trial, and they will determine if he deserves the chance to return to life. Just as expected, the “witnesses” state that:

1. Dorn bullied Rosen in the past
2. He also bullied everyone who picked on Rosen before
3. He rebelled when the King scolded him

Henrietta tries to defend Dorn by saying he always protects Rosen and even kicks the demon king’s ass, but Dorn denies it and admits that he’s indeed guilty of all those accusations lol. He says he only protects Rosen because “I’m the only one who’s allowed to pick on her”, and he only kicked Woden’s ass because “he pissed me off and just happened to be the demon king.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Obviously Henrietta protests since he’s wasting their only chance to go back, but Dorn blushes saying all the things she said are embarrassing. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Henrietta won’t allow him to get trapped here forever, so she takes control by telling the judges to “shut up” ..and they obey her LOL. In the end they decide Dorn is a dangerous being, and they kick him out of the underworld. xD

Upon returning to the castle in Reinhardswald, Henrietta feels deceived because they can go back so easily lol. Dorn reveals that he knows about this since he often visits the underworld, but he kept quiet because Henrietta’s reactions are amusing. xD Dorn thanks Henrietta before returning to work, and Rosen laughs saying that’s just his way to express love lol. Rosen then guides Henrietta to her room, but Henrietta suddenly feels dizzy and faints on the spot. When she opens her eyes later, she finds herself in Dorn’s room.. and the owner is sleeping on her lap. Soon Dorn wakes up and shows her the snow falling outside, revealing that she’s been asleep for a month. Σ(゚д゚ ;) He’s really glad that Henrietta finally opens her eyes, and now he can understand how his family must have felt during the time he spent asleep.

When Henrietta notices a small picture of Luise on the wall, she decides to ask Dorn about it. He apologized since he can’t take it off, but he wants her to understand that he doesn’t have any feelings for Luise anymore. Dorn then explains that Luise married another man after that, and he saw them living quietly in the underworld before. He was devastated 100 years ago, but he didn’t feel anything anymore upon seeing Luise — because Henrietta is the only one in his heart. Dorn doesn’t want to lose Henrietta, so he’s going to make everyone approve their relationship no matter what. He’s been convincing all the attendants to accept Henrietta, and he’s going to give her all the necessary education so she can be a great queen in the future.

Dorn then pulls out a ring and puts it on Henrietta’s finger, asking her to wait for now. He still needs time to prepare a lot of things, but he promises to propose to her in Spring. The ring is also the proof that Henrietta is his, so Dorn tells her not to give her heart to anyone else until then.. or else his whip is ready to punish her. xD Henrietta asks if this is also his expression of love, and Dorn smiles saying it’s a “royal secret” lol.

The next Spring, Dorn and Henrietta hold their engagement party in the castle. Someone steps on Henrietta’s foot during the ball, and despite her saying it’s okay, Dorn is enraged and asks the person to come out. He’s also planning to whip everyone in the hall if the person doesn’t come out, so Henrietta quickly covers it up and drags him away lol. Since Rosen then drags the Frog Prince to dance with her, Henrietta tells Dorn she wants to dance too.. but she finds him fast asleep beside her. He also mumbles “haha.. cry more..!” in his sleep, so he’s probably dreaming of whipping everyone lol. Henrietta sighs and gives up waking him up, but suddenly Dorn wakes up saying it was only an act so everyone will leave them alone. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ As he escorts her to the dance floor, Dorn asks Henrietta to stay with him forever.

In his second ending, Dorn informs his parents that he wants to marry Henrietta. She’s the one who saved them, and he needs her by his side. At first the King is surprised since 100 years ago Dorn said he won’t fall in love anymore, but knowing he has changed thanks to Henrietta, the King warmly welcomes her into the castle and tells her to be happy with Dorn. The queen also asks Henrietta to do her best from now on, since following her ドS son won’t be so easy lol. Then one day, the King suddenly decides to retire because he.. cracked his hip and can’t stand up.. so the next day Dorn is crowned as the new king of Reinhardswald. The first thing Dorn announces as the new king is: “From now on you’re all under my order. Those who dare to object will be punished on the spot” ..which causes the citizens to run away in fear lol.

Of course Dorn’s wedding with Henrietta will follow soon after, so he decides to have some fun by telling their friends “if any of you have any objections, come and face my challenge!” Dorn summons thorny vines to surround the castle when everyone comes to steal Henrietta away from him, and he laughs saying from now on he’s the “demon king” of the castle. Such an appropriate title lol. Obviously everyone has like zero teamwork since they’re all rivals, so in the end only the Frog Prince made it to the throne room lol. Dorn is ready to hand Henrietta as the reward, but she gets pissed and tells him not to determine her future through a game like this. She knows Dorn is unreasonably sadistic and scares the citizens, but she’s ready to support him. Because she loves him. Dorn laughs and thanks Henrietta for choosing him, and then he reveals that everything is just an April Fool’s joke to fool her. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. The others know about this, and since the reward for the winner is a kiss from Henrietta.. she has to kiss Dorn in front of the cheering crowd. xD

After that, the King goes back to resume his duty as the king. So yes, it was also a part of the game lol. The next day, Monat comes to deliver a present from the Frog Prince: a black horse. Nobody in Märchen could handle the wild horse, but Dorn can handle wild things just fine.. like Henrietta, for example. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Dorn then takes Henrietta to ride the horse with him, and they go around the half-empty town together — planning to build a lot of things together in the future. Henrietta says she has two requests for him. The first is to make graves for Jacob and Wilhelm so she can pray for them anytime, and the second is to build a tiny house in the castle garden for her. She was raised in a small house back in Hanau, so she feels more relaxed in a small house. Henrietta asks if she’s being too selfish, and even though Dorn says “yes”, he agrees to fulfill her wishes.

A year later, Dorn really built a small house for Henrietta in the woods beside the castle. Dorn often skips work and takes naps with Henrietta in their house, while all the guards are running around looking for him outside. She complains that he’s sleeping too much, but he says he can only relax in front of her. Then he hugs her saying he’ll make her happy to make up for the 100 years he lost. 。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. The current Reinhardswald doesn’t look like a ghost town anymore, and one day Dorn will rule the country with Henrietta as his queen.

Despite Rosen eating up half of Dorn’s spotlight, I still enjoy this route a lot. It feels like his story starts a few seconds before his route ends, so honestly everything would be so much better if they make Dorn the only Sleeping Beauty instead. As a character, Dorn is unbelievably sexy and everything about him makes me go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ lol. I love Dorn’s personality a lot, not to mention his appearance is simply hot beyond words. I mean look at those shorts behind his coat. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He looks great in a tuxedo too. It’s too bad we don’t get to see Henrietta and Dorn’s wedding, but the endings are sweet so I will forgive. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

12 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ibara no Ouji

  1. Lol he is so sexy, never thought I’ll like him a lot lol. But that rose in his hair lol he should take it down :)) So far I like all the guy here, can’t wait to see ur next summary ^^

    Never thought snow white will be like that and 7 dwarfs are masochist lol (It ruined my imagination again he2)

  2. Uwaa! I think his route have added new CGs from PSP ver. (the dwarves and the epilogue)… That horse riding epilogue is a new scenario, because the last is about the engagement party. I want to play his route now.. Thankfully, Karin made a new added scenario for him (maybe because his route is too short?).

    • Oh, the dwarves CG is new? Does the PSP version has that scene too? I thought the new CGs are only the ones from his new ending. xD Sadly Dorn’s route is still too short even with two endings, but yeah it’s a nice addition. I’d rather have him as the only sleeping beauty. ;__;

      • Yes, he doesn’t have CG with the dwarves (downloading my own CG again ‘coz I have erase it in my PC). The new CGs are also in sad route (before, it doesn’t have any CG). This giving me heat to quickly get it all. But even if he doesn’t have new epilogue, I’m quite happy with their engagement CG. It’s beautiful with pastel-color atmosphere. That reminds me, Dorn’s hair in that CG is quite short..

        • That makes me curious. *downloads your CG pack* xD
          Both of Dorn’s endings are really sweet, I agree. If you’re rushing / skipping through DC, the other additions are the harem route and new endings for the Grimm brothers. :3

  3. Dorn, MARRY ME!!!! Oh gosh…the route in Polle is so messed up yet hilarious. This route is so cute and funny…so many great moments.

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