Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ludwig Grimm

Now that I’m done with all the fairytale characters, it’s finally time for Ludwig’s route. He has a new ending in Director’s Cut, but I’ll make a separate post for that since it’s in the harem route.

Henrietta’s cousin. Ludwig is a year older than Henrietta, and they grew up like close siblings even though they also fight a lot. Ludwig’s power is to bring his paintings to life, and he often uses this ability to assist everyone in battle. The objects he summons are temporary and will disappear after a while, but the effects they bring are real. While Ludwig shows a hint of his real power as the third son of the Grimm family, he actually can’t fully handle his own power yet. Just like Henrietta and her magic book, Ludwig carries his magic canvas everywhere.

At the start of Ludwig’s route, we get to see a new scene in the town of Weser. After the fox brings Henrietta and Ludwig to his house, he tells them to take a bath in the hot spring nearby. Ludwig goes in first while Henrietta helps the fox preparing dinner, but since Henrietta is lethal in the kitchen, the fox tells her to just take a walk outside. Henrietta then hears Ludwig singing from the hot spring, so she takes a peek and finds him taking a bath with a cat. (❤ฺ→艸←) The cat notices her presence though, and Ludwig turns bright red as Henrietta goes “you’re right, I shouldn’t be peeking no matter how sexy you are” before running away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Sad Ending: In Verden Meadow, Alp disguised himself as Ludwig to deceive Henrietta. He tells her that he wants to live with her in peace, but since she still wants to continue their journey, he says it might be better if he gets hurt.. that way she’ll stop travelling to stay with him. That night they kissed, but Henrietta isn’t aware that it’s not the real Ludwig. Soon they meet Hel in Bremen, and suddenly her wand starts chanting spells on its own. Hel then runs away before her wand causes further damage, but Ludwig is heavily wounded and has to stay in the clinic for a while. Feeling guilty, Henrietta decides to stop travelling to take care of him.

A few days later, Alp appears to reveal it was him who messed with Hel’s wand.. and now he’s going to take Henrietta to the dream world. Ludwig tries to stop him, but his entire body is burning up and he can’t move. As Alp takes her deeper into the dream world, Henrietta starts forgetting everything until she can’t even remember Ludwig anymore.

On the way to Reinhardswald, Henrietta and Ludwig take a walk outside at night. As they look at the stars together, Ludwig asks if Henrietta still remembers the first time he used his power. Back when Henrietta was 10, Jacob and Wilhelm gave Ludwig his magic canvas. Ludwig still couldn’t use his power properly, so painting on the canvas would be a good way to practice. At the same time, they also gave Henrietta her magic book — her “grimoire”. Unlike the Grimm brothers who can bring objects to life, Henrietta’s power is special because she can summon spirits through her words. Ludwig was excited thinking he can join his brothers’ journey once his power grows stronger, but they said his role is to protect Henrietta. They “can’t turn back anymore”, so they didn’t want to drag Ludwig along with them.

One week later, Ludwig finally created something from his magic canwas: Henrietta’s favorite flower. (*´ω`*) He shyly gave it to her, but sadly the flower vanished soon after. Ludwig was sad and said he was a fool to feel happy over something like this, but Henrietta held his hands saying she loves his paintings. Ludwig has his own talent, and she doesn’t want him to forget about that. Even though he couldn’t use his power properly, Henrietta will always be his no. 1 fan. Ludwig then smiled saying as long as his paintings make Henrietta happy, he will continue drawing. It was then when Ludwig first realized that Henrietta is always supporting him.

A week after the events in Hessen / Polle, the party arrives at the town of Engelbert. Henrietta sits beside Ludwig as he paints the scenery on his sketchbook, and just before they return to the inn.. Henrietta smells something sweet. She follows the yummy scent deep into the forest and finds a delicious-looking candy house, but she got separated from Ludwig along the way. Before Henrietta can eat anything from the house, a man comes out and tells her not to touch anything. He then introduces himself as Hansel — the no. 1 pattiserie in Engelbert — and only his beloved little sister Gretel is allowed to eat their house his “masterpiece”. Truly a siscon at heart. Hansel doesn’t want Henrietta to regret not eating his sweets though, so he forces her to sit down and brings out his cakes lol.

However, Henrietta then starts doubting if Hansel is telling the truth. Hansel admits he’s not a pattiserie, he’s only here because a witch captured him and Gretel a long time ago. Sadly the witch threw Gretel away, and she’s been missing ever since. Henrietta feels really bad when Hansel starts crying, so she promises to visit him again tomorrow. When Henrietta returns to the inn, a jealous Ludwig welcomes her with “were those sweets you ate with that unknown guy delicious?” Henrietta tries asking for his cooperation to help Hansel, but Ludwig only says she should try solving problems without relying on him. Then he brushes her hands away and leaves saying she’s free to do whatever she wants.

The next morning, Ludwig already went out when Henrietta wakes up. Hameln tells her to give him some space since dealing with her is pretty tiring, and this causes Henrietta to believe that Ludwig got fed up with her. She also thinks he left her on purpose yesterday, so she decides to help Hansel alone. At the same time, Rapunzel knows it’s time for the cupid to shoot the love arrows. When Ludwig returns to the inn, she tells him that Henrietta went to the candy house. She also says Henrietta seems to like the place a lot, and she wonders if Henrietta falls in love with someone in the candy house. This works like magic on Ludwig, and he instantly goes out to chase after Henrietta — leaving Rapunzel giggling at the inn. xD

Back in the candy house, Hansel tells Henrietta more about his past. Gretel and him came from a poor family, and one day their parents threw them away. They got lost in the forest and got captured by the witch, but Hansel survived because the witch loves the delicious sweets he makes. On the other hand, Gretel was more difficult to handle. She keeps on rebelling until the witch threw her out of the forest, and Hansel doesn’t know what happened to her ever since. Just then the witch suddenly returns to the candy house, and Henrietta finds out that the one who captured Hansel and Gretel was actually.. Hel. Who else, really? LOL. Hel then admits it’s simply because she loves handsome young men, and Hansel is a plus because he makes the best sweets. \(^o^)/ She attacks Henrietta for trying to snatch her favorite イケメン away, but suddenly Gretel appears and tells Hansel to destroy the candy house.

Before Hel could lay her hand Gretel, Ludwig finally comes to burn everything with the “flames of jealousy” lol. Since all of their sweets got burnt in Ludwig’s rage, Hel runs away after telling Henrietta that someday she’ll steal Ludwig as the revenge.. so Henrietta turns around and tells Ludwig “isn’t that nice? you’re in her イケメン category too!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Gretel explains that she was taken in by a kind old couple in the village, but she often comes to watch Hansel from afar. She’s been thinking of a way to release Hansel from the candy house, but she also admits his siscon deep love is too heavy for her to handle lol. Gretel still wants to live with him though, which makes Hansel jump in glee as he sticks to her like a glue lol. Hansel also invites Henrietta to become his little sister, but Ludwig punches him saying “don’t hit on my childhood friend!” (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ In the end Hansel thanks them with some sweets, and they return to the inn in the evening.

After leaving Engelbert, the party continues their journey towards Weimar. Alp tricks Henrietta with his illusion again, but this time he takes Ludwig’s form to tempt her. Soon the real Ludwig comes to take Henrietta back to reality, and he explains that he was searching around for her. When he touched her body, a door suddenly appears in front of his eyes.. and he could hear her voice from the other side. Since there’s a rumor about the demon lord appearing near the sea of Lorelei, the party decides to visit Sancto a few days later. Ludwig keeps complaining when Akazukin pulls his sleeves, and this results in Akazukin saying they all should strip and walk around the town naked lol. When Ludwig tells Henrietta not to imagine weird things, she blurts out “n-no! I didn’t imagine you naked while sketching!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Henrietta realized that Ludwig has become more friendly with everyone else, and it makes her feel so lonely inside. That night she leaves the room looking sad, so Rosen tells Ludwig that he fails as Henrietta’s knight. Ludwig says he’s not a knight and Henrietta doesn’t think of him that way either, and Rosen says he should back away then. If Ludwig doesn’t have any intentions of keeping Henrietta for himself, then he should give the role to someone else.. otherwise he’s just a hindrance in Henrietta’s love life. Meanwhile, Henrietta takes a walk outside and got lost in the forest. The moment she whispers Ludwig’s name, he appears behind her saying “good girl, but please say it again and make me happy?” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Henrietta then admits she feels lonely and apologized saying she wants to grow up, but Ludwig hugs her and says “if that means you’ll drift away from me, then don’t grow up.” (p´∀`*q゚+o。♡。o+゚

Ludwig also says he wants to know what makes her happy tonight, and Henrietta says she’s happy just by staying by his side. Of course Henrietta is confused with the change of attitude, so Ludwig says he only came to realize something thanks to Rosen’s words. At first he won’t tell her the reason, but then he admits she’s the only person he loves in this world. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, their ラブラブ moment is interrupted when Ludwig notices that someone’s watching them. A man in a black coat then appears and gives them a letter with the Grimm’s family seal attached on the envelope, but he disappears before they can figure out who he is. The letter was written by their brothers, and they’re inviting Henrietta and Ludwig to come to their castle tonight. They already prepared a boat on the beach too. Ludwig thinks this might be a trap, but since Henrietta is excited, he gives in and goes with her to the beach.

The moment Ludwig takes Henrietta to ride the boat, suddenly fireworks start appearing in the sky. Their boat suddenly grows into a giant ship with skull decorations, and a flamboyant skull greets them aboard. After introducing himself as Captain Skull, he forces them to dance with a deck brush — or else they’ll join him in the realm of the dead. Henrietta can hear a voice telling her not to sleep, but her head is getting heavy and she falls asleep anyway.. which leads her into the maze of nightmares. Seeing her friends dying and hurting each other throws Henrietta into yet another traumatic fit, but luckily Ludwig comes to save her soon. He tells her it’s okay because he’s right here by her side, and she finally goes back to reality with him.

When she wakes up, Henrietta finds herself on a beach. She notices Ludwig lying beside her, and she starts crying since he remains unconscious. Just before Henrietta says she can’t live without him, Ludwig opens his eyes and goes “don’t say that, it’s embarrassing.. and don’t call me Lui” while blushing. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ Sadly the man in a black cloak, who turns out to be Wilhelm, suddenly appears to stop their love game — because they’re a family. Both Henrietta and Ludwig are surprised to see him, but Wilhelm coldly tells Ludwig to move away from the “Maiden of Paradise”. Ludwig did a good job protecting Henrietta all the way here, so his role has come to an end. Before Wilhelm could warn them about the danger lurking ahead, Jacob appears and tells him not to say anything unnecessary.

After washing Wilhelm with his acid rain, “Jacob” reveals that he’s actually Woden in Jacob’s body. Woden isn’t amused that Ludwig is holding romantic feelings for his precious “Maiden of Paradise”, so he attacks Ludwig and throws him away. Henrietta wonders if she should just sacrifice herself to protect the world, but suddenly Ludwig laughs and gets up. He’s a Grimm too, and sharing the blood with the demon lord means he can get the same power to destroy the world. Obviously Henrietta is shocked when Ludwig decides to join the demon lord’s side, but Ludwig says he doesn’t care anymore and grows older using Woden’s power. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Following the demon lord’s order, Ludwig then takes out his magic canvas and calls Cerberus to attack Henrietta. She tries to fight back with her elemental sprites, but in the end she loses and got captured by Ludwig. As he takes her to the demon lord’s castle, he whispers “I won’t hurt you, just leave everything to me” into her ears.

Now that the four Grimms are reunited, Woden treats them like a “family” and have meals with them everyday. Henrietta is of course tied up to her chair, and she’s not happy at all because it’s not her real family. Jacob isn’t the real Jacob, and Ludwig has joined the dark side. Wilhelm still cares a lot about her, but he shows no signs of fighting back. However, from time to time he talks about the past. It’s obviously an attempt to bring Jacob back, but sadly Woden always manage to regain control. Soon a messenger named Bragi informs them that the holders of the key — Henrietta’s friends — have been captured. They’re all now locked up in the prison, and Henrietta sneaks in to see them the next day. After she explains everything to them, everyone tells her to run away. Henrietta cries saying she’s going to stay here with them, but Rapunzel slaps her saying everything will be over if she stays here. Henrietta is their only hope.

For the sake of her friends, Henrietta then runs away from the demon lord’s castle. It’s raining outside, but she keeps running around looking for a way to go back to Sancto. Eventually she falls down and Ludwig comes to pick her up with an umbrella, though he’s still being cold and says he’s only here under Woden’s order. Henrietta cries and asks Ludwig to go back to how he was before — at least until the rain stops — but Ludwig refuses because he has his own role and objective. Ludwig then takes Henrietta to a small shack beside the castle, where he asks her to sit quietly as he draws a sketch of her. Henrietta resists saying she needs to go and save everyone, but Ludwig tells her to think again. If she escapes, Woden will hold them as hostages to lure her out. Ludwig only has one wish, and it’s to protect Henrietta alone. As long as he can keep her alive, he’s willing to do anything.

When Ludwig takes Henrietta back to her room, she turns her back on him. He leaves thinking she won’t even look at him anymore, but she can’t hear any footsteps walking away from her room. Knowing Ludwig is still standing in front of her room, Henrietta then starts a monologue so he can hear her through the door. She admits that just like how he watches over her, she has been watching him too all this time.. but right now she’s losing sight of everything. Ludwig can’t hold back his feelings anymore after hearing Henrietta’s feelings, so he comes back into the room and hugs her. He finally admits that his betrayal was necessary to save her life, and he kisses her saying it’s not enough if she doesn’t become his. Ludwig then asks Henrietta to say she loves him eternally as a man, and he doesn’t mind even if it’s only a lie. However, she wants to save the confession for later. She doesn’t want to be happy while everyone’s lives are still on the line, so he helps her devise a plan to save their friends.

After telling Henrietta to guide everyone and escape from the beach, Ludwig says he’s going to distract the demon lord for a while. He promises to catch up with them later, so she doesn’t need to worry. Before leaving, Ludwig hands his key to Henrietta and asks if she remembers what she said when he first made something from his canvas. When she says “even without the Grimm family’s power, I love your paintings.. and I still do even until now”, he honestly tells her it made him so happy he wants to stay with her forever. Ludwig then goes to see Wilhelm, who was thinking about a way to stop the demon lord. Wilhelm asks if Ludwig is going to stop him, but he’s relieved to hear that Ludwig never betrayed them after all. He also explains that he was the one who left the key on Ludwig’s neck, because it was Jacob’s wish for them to stop him if he becomes the demon lord someday.

Just as planned, Ludwig and Wilhelm then go to distract Woden while Henrietta escapes with her friends to the beach. Their act doesn’t last too long since Wilhelm soon loses his patience, and he angered Woden by pointing out the reason why the demon lord wants Brunhilde that much — because he loves her. What the heck. Woden notices that Wilhelm is up to something, but he finally realized that his beloved “Maiden of Paradise” is gone. Ludwig then appears and summons Tyrfing to stop him from chasing Henrietta, so Woden also summons his Gungnir to annihilate everything in sight. Before their battle begins, Ludwig notices it’s an hour before the time he promised Henrietta.

Meanwhile, Henrietta successfully takes her friends to Captain Skull’s ship on the beach. They hide in a blind spot near the ship, waiting for Ludwig to catch up with them. However, Hameln and the Frog Prince know that Ludwig probably won’t be coming. They can tell that Ludwig is prepared to face death, but they’re shocked when Ludwig’s key suddenly starts turning black. Knowing Ludwig is in danger, Henrietta then asks for everyone’s help to save him. They rush back to the castle, where they find a wounded Ludwig lying in the throne room. While Ludwig was ready to part with Henrietta forever, he admits he feels so happy to see her again.. and he turns back into his 16 years old appearance.

Ludwig then gets up and fights Woden with everyone, but sadly Woden freezes them in place and approaches Henrietta. He keeps saying that he’ll confine her forever and force her to stay by his side, but all of these words are actually directed towards Brunhilde. Henrietta realized that Woden is actually very lonely, but before Woden could attack her being insolent.. Ludwig breaks off the spell and protects her. Blood keeps dripping from his right arm and Henrietta is worried since he needs that arm as a painter, but Ludwig says drawing will lose its meaning if he fails to protect her. Woden doesn’t understand why Henrietta is choosing Ludwig over him, and he keeps asking “why can’t it be me?” as he drinks the wine Wilhelm prepared for him. It’s obviously poisoned, and Woden screams since the poison is burning up his body. He throws Jacob out to endure the pain for him, so Jacob uses this chance to give them the seventh key. Before collapsing, Jacob asks Henrietta to summon Brunhilde and kill him already.

Soon Woden takes control of Jacob’s body again and goes berserk, but the seven keys start shining and a lock appears on Henrietta’s chest. This finally allows her to borrow Brunhilde’s power, and she summons the Gold Dragon to seal Woden in the darkness forever. Sadly the demon lord manages to blow up the castle before he disappears, forcing everyone to escape before it completely crumbles. Henrietta cries a river of tears as she runs out of the castle, so Ludwig tells her not to run away from reality. Their brothers are disappearing behind them, but they need to walk forward until they find happiness ahead. Before going back to sleep inside Henrietta’s heart, Brunhilde also confesses that Woden and her were lovers in the past. What. Aren’t you father and daughter? Brunhilde is Woden / Odin’s daughter right? ( ಠ_ಠ )

Now that the demon lord has been defeated, Captain Skull throws a celebration party and hits on Hameln lol. The Frog Prince’s curse has been lifted as well, though it doesn’t seem like he’ll return Rosen’s love. Rapunzel sighs saying “the flag has been crushed down”, but she won’t complain because they have a happy couple sitting beside them. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Henrietta turns red when Rapunzel smiles at them, so she holds Ludwig’s hand and takes him into the woods. After asking her to lull him with her voice, Ludwig says he feels really tired and falls asleep on Henrietta’s lap. Henrietta feels really guilty upon seeing Ludwig’s right arm covered in blood, and she starts crying as she kisses him good night.

Six months later, Henrietta goes back to live in the newly rebuilt Hanau. One day she visits her brother’s graves in the village, happily informing them about the story she wrote — the story about her journey. After their journey came to an end, Hameln travels to find a rich patron in the eastern lands. Akazukin is now wandering around the southern area, while Rapunzel and Rosen are going on their prince hunt together. The Frog Prince is now back as human, so he returns to protect his country. Henrietta then cries upon mentioning Ludwig’s name, because Ludwig can’t draw anymore due to the wound on his right arm. Just then Ludwig comes and hugs Henrietta from behind, saying it wasn’t her fault at all. He’s happy just by living with her, but if she still feels guilty, then she should do more things to make him even happier. Henrietta then asks where did he go earlier, but Ludwig refuses to tell her. For now.

When they got home, Henrietta shows Ludwig her new pink frilly apron. He blushes and asks her to stop twirling around, but then she pulls out another one saying it’s for him. Obviously he refuses saying it will be the biggest insult in his life. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Henrietta sadly asks if he doesn’t like it, Ludwig gives in and goes “you look so cute I don’t know what to do!” (❤ฺ→艸←) Soon someone knocks on the door.. or rather, comes bursting through the door until it falls apart, and their friends walk into the house lol. They were afraid Henrietta and Ludwig would be lonely, so they come to play. xD Rapunzel then teases Ludwig by inviting Henrietta to join their prince hunt, and everyone decides to join in the fun until Ludwig tells them to give up because he won’t hand Henrietta to anyone — followed by a long confession that makes both of them blush like tomatoes. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After Henrietta bakes a Kirschtorte for him — which ends up in a failure — Ludwig takes her out to a flower field. He asks her to promise that if what he’s going to do next makes her fall in love with him even more, then she won’t ever leave his side anymore. The moment Henrietta promises to do so, Ludwig smiles saying she’s already his.. then he uses his power to make the flower petals around them dance in the air. Ludwig thinks Henrietta will be happy if he can draw again, so he’s been practicing in secret everyday.

Not only that, but Ludwig also sold his paintings to buy a present for Henrietta — an amethyst ring. As he puts the ring on Henrietta’s palms, Ludwig finally confesses that he loves her. He wants to protect her and everything she treasures, so he will always be here if she feels the same. Ludwig says he’ll kiss her if she doesn’t give him an answer soon, but before Henrietta can answer, Ludwig pulls her closer and kisses her anyway. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Then he tells her to keep her eyes on him only, because she’s also the only one in his eyes.

The best route so far. Ludwig is definitely my favorite character at this point, and I really doubt the remaining guys can take the spotlight away from him. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Maybe I’m a little biased since blonde hair + blue eyes = irresistible, but what I love the most from Ludwig is his devotion towards Henrietta. That, and because grown-up Ludwig is simply hawt. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン I haven’t seen his new ending, but the ending in this route is really cute. The last scene in the flower field made me explode in a rave of fangirl confetti. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Henrietta is honest and straightforward in this route, which makes it even more enjoyable.


14 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ludwig Grimm

  1. Jacob and Wilhelm are a bit of a drag after this, but I personally really liked Alp. And yeah, the Brunhilde/Woden is weird, I didn’t get it either. I do think Ludwig is the OTP pairing of the game, so of course his route is awesome. I would have loved to see what would have happened if Henrietta had accepted Hansel’s proposal though.

    • Jacob and Wilhelm’s routes are short, so it wasn’t too painful to go through. Well, at least Wilhelm’s was likeable since Henrietta sucks in Jacob’s. Actually I went (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ when Hansel appeared, since I love his appearance but he’s not capturable lol. I wonder if he’d continue collecting imoutos to fill the candy house..

  2. Kyaaaaaa~ This is my favourite route so far! Super duper cute~ Oh goodness, adult Ludwig is handsome! How did everyone react when Henrietta denied imagining a naked Ludwig sketching? Hel must have a lot of time on her hands…appearing in every route, lol.

    • I forgot, but Ludwig only stared at her in disbelief lol.
      Hel is an otome who’s eternally 16 at heart, so her biggest mission in life is probably her ikemen hunt.. which is why she’s everywhere capturing / fangirling over young boys. xD;

  3. Ludwig, how come you are cute and hawt at the same time lol. He is my fav too, and his route is so cute, I just can’t resist the guy that is so devoted to main heroine lol.

    o.O there is harem ending? =))

    • Then the new ending will make you even happier. xD
      I thought Ludwig’s ending here is the best, but that’s only until I see his new ending.. which is even better. His sad ending is really sad, I agree. The same goes for the Frog Prince’s.

  4. Ah… I can’t chose continue with Ludwig’s route (or anyone)
    I don’t know how to continue without BAD END or SAD END.
    I think it very difficult.

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