Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Alp

The game refers to him as “Muma / 夢魔”, but I decided to go with “Alp” since that’s what the opening movie calls him. I had high expectations, and this route is even better that I expected.

A mysterious incubus who plays an important role in the story. Alp was the one who put both Henrietta and Ludwig to sleep five years ago, and he keeps appearing to tempt Henrietta even up until now. It seems like Alp is interested in Henrietta’s power, so he’s been trying to lure her into his realm — the dream world. While it seems like he’s an enemy they should be aware of, from time to time he also shows a lonely expression in front of Henrietta. Nobody knows what he wants to achieve, and it’s unclear if he’s a friend or foe.

In his own route, Alp first comes to deceive Henrietta by disguising himself as the Frog Prince. He runs away when the real Frog Prince comes to save her, but Henrietta then says Alp looks really lonely and she just can’t leave him alone. When the Frog Prince explains about how Alp takes the form of his victim’s “ideal image of a man”, Henrietta thinks it’s really lonely because nobody would love the real him. Once his victim wakes up from the dream, their love would be over too. Henrietta then returns to reality, while Alp is watching her from afar. He was told by someone to break her heart, but he can’t do it. Instead, he wants to keep her heart for himself.

When Henrietta and friends reach Weimar, Alp brings Henrietta into the dream world again. He disguised himself as both Wilhelm and Jacob this time, because they’re the ones she wants to see the most. They hold her hands saying they should sleep together, but somehow Henrietta can sense that they’re not her brothers. Alp then reveals himself and stays quiet, so Henrietta asks if he’s lonely and wants her to play with him. Normally people would get scared and run away upon seeing his real form, but Henrietta doesn’t mind at all. She even says his real form is “wonderful”, which makes him blush and go “y-your taste is so weird!” (❤ฺ→艸←) However, Ludwig then comes to save Henrietta. Before she goes back to reality, Alp tells Henrietta not to regret leaving him and the dream world.

A few days later, fire suddenly breaks out in Weimar. This reminds Henrietta of Alp’s warning, and she also remembers he looked really sad when she left him. She doesn’t know what he’s planning to do, but a part of her believes that it was purely a warning. Jacob comes to attack everyone after that, and Henrietta meets Alp again when Jacob throws her into the maze of nightmares.. but she’s in a traumatic condition and soon Rosen comes to save her. Henrietta and her friends then continue their journey to Sancto, where they devise a plan to attack the demon lord’s castle as usual.

That night, Henrietta finds a hungry cat outside her window. She lets the cat come inside and gives it some leftover food, but soon the cat takes the magic book and runs outside. Henrietta chases after it all the way to the beach, where the cat reveals itself to be Alp in disguise. He’ll be taking her magic book with him, challenging her to take it back by force if she wants him to return the book. When Henrietta asks why he keeps getting in her way, Alp laughs saying it’s simply because he loves her. Henrietta then follows Alp all the way into the dream world, but he hides her magic book and tells her to find it by herself — if she can. Obviously Henrietta is pissed and says she’ll kick his ass once she finds the book, but Alp calmly brings out a sweet café au lait for her. He also tells her to use the sofa as she likes, and that’s when she notices that his room feels nostalgic somehow.

Before going to bed, Alp suddenly shivers in pain and drops the glass on his hands. Henrietta notices a wound on his stomach, but he quickly hides it saying it’s nothing. When she tells him they better treat the wound, Alp pushes her onto the sofa and tells her to be careful. They’re enemies, and he can lock her up in the dream world forever. If Henrietta is worried about him, then she should give him some of her power. She feels a strange, nostalgic sensation when Alp touches her, and he asks if she has forgotten about him. As he leans closer to Henrietta, Alp whispers that they actually used to play together in the past.

A long time ago, Alp was a stray cat on the brink of death. He found a thin woman lying on the street one day, and he lied next to her thinking it’d be better than dying alone. The woman kept calling him with the name of her lover, and the next died she died with a smile. After spending 100 years sleeping beside people and seeing their dreams, the stray cat eventually turned into an Alp. He gained the power to change forms, and he starts using that power to eat women’s dreeams.. which is the only thing he needs to survive. None of them loved the real him, but he was satisfied with his life.

One day, Alp took a walk in his cat form and got lost in a forest. The one who found him was Henrietta. She was only a small girl who never experienced love before, so he was only a cat in her eyes. However, Alp was surprised when Henrietta brought him home. She gave him a warm blanket to sleep on, poured some milk for him to drink, and kept him warm in her arms. It was the first time someone ever treated him that way, so he decided to stay with Henrietta for a while. However, he’s an Alp and won’t be able to survive without dreams. After spending a month living with Henrietta, his unbearable hunger turned him back into his Alp form. He didn’t want to eat her dreams and would rather die as her cat, but sadly he was seen by Jacob — who obviously misunderstood his presence. Jacob didn’t want to hear any excuses from him, so he kicked Alp out of their house and told him to never return.

Realizing that he’s a demon who might eat Henrietta’s dreams someday, Alp decided to leave before hurting her. He turned back once to look at her house, and he saw her running out of the house looking for him. She was crying and kept calling him to come home, and he walked away without turning back.. because he knew he’ll change his mind if he does. He felt really lonely to leave Henrietta and her warmth, but his decision was firm.

Back in the present, Henrietta finally realized that Alp is the black cat she used to keep. Sadly when Alp admits he took some of her power just now, she gets angry and says she doesn’t want to stay with him. Even though he already apologized. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Alp warns her that it’s dangerous outside, but Henrietta ignores him and runs into the forest.. only to get attacked by a wolf. Such a wonderful damsel in distress. Luckily Alp comes to save her just before she got bitten, and he tries to protect her with a wooden staff. Just like how a little boy tries to protect himself from a wild dog. Henrietta asks about his magic spells, but Alp explains he’s wounded and doesn’t have enough power to cast any spells. After hitting the wolf’s eye, Alp grabs Henrietta’s hand and takes her back into his room.

Even though Alp still tries to hide his wound, Henrietta notices blood on the bandage wrapping his stomach. Realizing that his wound might be heavier than she thought, Henrietta took off his bandage by force and finds a hole on his stomach. Alp then explains it was Woden who made that hole, and since his power keeps leaking out from the hole.. he might disappear forever if it got worse. Since Henrietta can’t give her dreams for Alp to eat, she decides to make him feel better by cooking a “nutritious” soup for him. It tastes absolutely nasty just as expected, but he eats everything with a smile and falls asleep on the sofa after that. Henrietta uses this chance to search for her magic book, but then she realized the room is so big for Alp alone. There are dust piling up everywhere, so she decides to do some cleaning up too lol.

While Henrietta is busy in Alp’s room, her real body remains asleep in Sancto. She won’t open her eyes unless she leaves the dream world, so everyone decides to stay and wait until she wakes up. In the dream world, Alp’s room is now sparkling clean thanks to Henrietta. He’s still asleep and keeps groaning in pain, and Henrietta finds a bunch of love letters under the sofa. They’re still sealed and obviously not addressed to the real him, but Henrietta gets pissed and threw them away. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ She also finds a book under the sofa, and she realized it’s a fairytale she read a long time ago. The title is “The Moon Prince and The Sleepless Princess”, and her brothers placed it on the highest shelf because the story is too dark for children. She was desperate to read it back then, so she asked Alp (in his cat form) to get it for her.

Henrietta then falls asleep on the sofa, and she finds herself in a dark forest. Soon Alp shows up and explains they’re now inside his dream, and they can see a large castle that belongs to “The Sleepless Princess”. The Princess was too scared to sleep after having a nightmare, and so people called her “The Sleepless Princess”. The King announced that anyone who can help his daughter will be allowed to marry her, and that’s when “The Moon Prince” appeared with a potion made from the stars. The star potion allowed him to enter her dream, and he slayed the monster in her dream with his “Moon Saber” — saving her from the nightmare. Sadly while the Princess wakes up safely, the Prince was trapped in the dream forever and everyone forgot about his existence. Then one day, a monster suddenly kidnapped the Princess. The monster had the “Moon Saber” tied onto his hip, and both of them disappeared into the forest.

When Alp takes Henrietta out of the dream, she tells him she remembers reading the book with him before. Back then she pitied the Princess, but right now she knows the Princess must be happy with the Prince who saved her. Henrietta also notices that Alp’s room looks a lot like the Prince’s room, which is why she feels nostalgic. Alp then admits he’s hiding Henrietta’s magic book because he doesn’t want to see her fighting her family, so he’s going to face the demon lord in her place. He has lived long enough, and because he’s always alone, nobody will feel sad even if he dies. However, Henrietta hugs him saying he’s a part of her family too. Instead of sending him to fight alone, she wants him to fight alongside her. Alp asks if she can forgive him that easily since he gets jealous easily and keeps causing problems for her, but Henrietta doesn’t mind because they have always been like this ever since he was a cat.

Unfortunately, their happy time together doesn’t last for a long time. The whole room suddenly starts shaking as Woden attacks the dream world, and he stops them in the forest when Alp tries to send Henrietta back to reality. Woden is pissed since he was the one who told Alp to bring the “Maiden of Paradise” for him, and since Alp refuses to hand Henrietta to him, Woden attacks Alp with his spells. Just like the hole on his stomach, one of Alp’s leg starts vanishing upon taking the hit. He tells Henrietta not to worry though, and they escape when Alp warps them into the King of Märchen’s dream. Alp needs power to fight back, but he doesn’t want to eat another woman’s dream in front of Henrietta.. so he asks the King to lend them his power. The King is more than willing to help, and he gives them his necklace to provide power for Alp. Before they leave, the King asks them to take care of his son — the Frog Prince.

Even after collecting power from the people who are supporting them and their friends, Alp’s body is still slowly vanishing. When they visit Chuma’s dream, she tells them that everyone is still waiting for Henrietta to wake up in Sancto. She also gives a present for Alp: a star potion. They all know the risk, so it’s up to him whether to use it or not. Alp then warps them into the dreams of Henrietta’s friends in Sancto, but unfortunately they got ambushed by Woden there. Despite Henrietta’s protests, eventually Alp takes out the star potion and drinks it. Her friends will protect her once she wakes up, so he’s going to protect her until then. Henrietta cries and says he already promised to fight together, and Alp says it can’t be helped. He’s a demon who can only live in the dream world, but despite his demonic appearance, he wants to be a prince for Henrietta. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Before Henrietta could stop him, Alp apologized and gives her a goodbye kiss — waking her up in reality.

When Henrietta opens her eyes, she finds her friends watching over her. It turns out Alp also returns her magic book, which is now safe in her hands. They quickly run to the beach to sail towards the demon lord’s castle, but they find Woden standing still on the beach — just like he has fallen asleep while standing. Soon Wilhelm appears and gives them the last key, revealing that he promised Alp to snatch it away from Woden’s hands. Realizing that Alp is still fighting the demon lord in his dream, Henrietta wastes no time and summons her Gold Dragon to seal Woden into the darkness.

After the battle, Henrietta starts crying alone and prays for Alp’s safety. Suddenly she hears his voice saying “I’m happy to see someone crying if I’m gone”, and when she lifts her head.. she finds Alp standing in front of her. She tries to approach him, but he backs away from her saying they’re now in the dimension between dreams and reality. If she steps into the dream world by accident, she might not be able to return to reality. Henrietta says she doesn’t mind, but Alp tells her not to cross the boundary. He’s only here to say goodbye properly, because she was crying when he sent her back. They live in different worlds and aren’t meant to be together, and he’s going to disappear anyway. Once she wakes up from this dream, Alp will slowly fade away from Henrietta’s memories. He says he will be happy if she can remember him for a long time, and he asks if he became a prince in her eyes. When Henrietta says yes, Alp finally disappears into a light — whispering “thank you, Henrietta” as his last words.

As Henrietta cries alone hugging her magic book, suddenly a light appears from her chest and goes into the magic book. She wonders why it feels so warm, and she opens the book to find Alp drawn on a new page. The description says: “Alp — The Moon Prince. Has the power to conquer nightmares.” ・゜・(PД`q。)・゜・ Right now his picture seems tired and asleep, but she’s glad since they can always be together from now on. She promises to take him to the bright world he admires, so he should rest well until then.

Half a year later, Henrietta and Ludwig are living Bremen. Since Alp is her “eternal lover” now, she keeps summoning him whenever she wants to. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。 He keeps telling her to call him at night or midnight since he’s asleep until then, but she doesn’t care and summons him anyway lol. Of course Alp can eat Henrietta’s dreams until he’s full, so he doesn’t need to look for other women’s dreams anymore. He also reveals that he only used the star potion to seal Woden, and she doesn’t need to worry because the potion is no longer in his hands. Henrietta is the one who put and end to his nightmare, so he will always stay with her from now on. He admits he has an uncool side and gets nervous a lot.. which soon shows as Alp blushes and tells Henrietta “y-you’re the best, and uh.. you’re pretty cute too.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Since they’re going to Rosen’s ball tonight, Alp twirls around and changes into a tuxedo. In the past he always followed his victims’ ideal image, so right now he wants to be a bit selfish and asks Henrietta to learn about his taste. Alp then pulls out a beautiful dress for Henrietta so she can get an idea about what he loves, and she receives it gladly. When Alp holds her hand and takes her outside, Henrietta thinks about how she won’t let him sleep until morning comes. Just like usual. (❤ฺ→艸←) They’re going to dance all night, and the “magic” between them will never wear off.

Sad Ending: Alp saves Henrietta from Woden’s attack in Weimar. He takes her to escape to the dream world, where they can hide from the demon lord for a while. Alp asks if Henrietta has a person she wants him to transform into, and he blushes when she asks him to stay in his real form. (*´∀`*) Alp also tells her that he has met Brunhilde a few centuries ago, when Woden asked him to gather some information about the goddess. He refuses to say what happened after that, but soon Henrietta sees the continuation when both of them falls asleep. Back then Alp disguised himself as Woden — the person Brunhilde loves the most — but obviously she could see through his disguise. She asked him to show his real self, and Alp reluctantly turned back into his real form. He said he’s just a small, ugly demon, but Brunhilde knew someday he will find a person who loves the real him.

Not too long after they wake up, Alp sends Henrietta back to reality. He’s planning to fight the demon lord alone, and there’s nothing she can do to stop him. A few years after Woden burnt Weimar down, Henrietta is still living in the town — hoping she can find Alp again if she stays there. Woden, Jacob and Wilhelm never appeared again ever since.. and so does Alp. All that Henrietta knows is that Alp did something to stop the demon lord, but she never finds out the truth behind the screen.

OMG Alp’s route is awesome. I read some reviews for the PSP version, and it appears that he doesn’t have a happy ending there? I’m SO GLAD I played the Director’s Cut version, or else I’d cry a river or tears. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 The reference to “The Moon Prince” was wonderful, and I almost cried when Henrietta reads the description of Alp on her magic book. I love his sweet ending too, because he deserves to be happy after living in loneliness for so long. There’s one thing that left me confused though. Why did he put Henrietta to sleep five years ago? Is it the demon lord’s order? It was never explained, so I can only guess lol. Now excuse me, I need to watch his ending again and fangirl some more. ε=ε=ε=(ノ*´Д`)ノ


18 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Alp

  1. I asked that same question but according to someone’s comment on my blog its because there was some war going on or something and he wanted Henrietta to be safe?

  2. So cute…so cute! I love him! The part where Alp tells Henrietta that she’s the best and she’s pretty cute too made me squeal. My second favourite! Is this the last route or is there more?

  3. O.O never expected to like Alp, but after reading this, Alp is cute and his route is good. o.O so for PSP version he doesn’t have good ending? I think I might avoid this game in PSP xD

    • Yes, from what I’ve heard his PSP route ends when Henrietta finds his page on her magic book. Karin’s Director’s Cut edition is always better than the original game, so you might as well play this version instead. xD

  4. In the original PSP version he makes a comment that Henrietta and Ludwig should be glad he made them sleep, since they didn’t have to live through the war that way. So he might have known Hanau was going to get destroyed, maybe because the demon lord told him?

    And yes, he has no happy ending in the PSP version, it cuts off when she reads the description in the book, so we don’t know if she can summon or if his wish to become her prince came true. If it implied she could summon him, it was very subtle because me and the other players cried a river of tears.

    But even with no happy ending, Muma was still an awesome character. He was the reason I bought the game, I fell in love with his design. Which may be shallow, but hey, he turned out awesome. It’s why I have such high hopes for Mejojo and not so many for Auger. They look similar, but Auger just rubs me the wrong way and from what we’ve heard he sounds like a man whore. That’s an immediate unatraction to me, the same reason it was so hard for me to enjoy Gekka.

    • It also baffles me how apparently no one but Henrietta find his real form hot. Are you kidding me game? He’s the hottest character in the game!

    • I see. I didn’t pick that up at all, probably because I don’t get what’s going on at the beginning. Or because Alp keeps connecting “reality” with “hell”, so I took that as a connotation. :| He’s an awesome character, I agree. Karin’s designs for demons / non-human characters are always awesome, since I loved all the demons in Danzai no Maria as well. ♥

      Also, I’d do anything to turn Alp into Phantom Earl. ;_; I mean, I like Alp’s design, but Phantom Earl is like a much hotter version of him.. orz

      As for Black Wolves Saga, I don’t think Auger is simply a manwhore though. From his description, it seems like his playboy side is only a facade to hide his real personality. They describe him as more wicked, more scheming than Mejojo, so I’m looking forward to see the real him. :3

      • Phantom Earl is like older Ludwig, so of course he looks hotter when he looks older. But unlike Ludwig, they didn’t give him a route where he remained in that form. Oh well, they added the happy ending, so I can’t complain too much.

        Yeah, I also know that he’s even worse than Mejojo in terms of wickedness, but facade or not there’s still gonna be part of the game were we have to deal with that before he starts showing you his real side, and till that happens I’m just gonna get pissed. At best he’ll be a manwhore in the same style Ikki was from Amnesia. Speaking of that, if he actually pays attention to women rather than just obsessing over one like his brother, you know what that means…annoying mob of fangirls potential!

        • LOL. Seriously, Ikki’s fangirls make the worst bitch squad I’ve ever seen in any otome games. I hope Auger’s wont’ be as bad, though it’d be much better if we don’t have to deal with annoying fangirls at all. I’d rather have Auger turning into a crazy yandere than dealing with them, since Fiona sounds like a very nice doormat for them to step on. (´・ω・`A;)

  5. Well, do remember than in TYB Honey Milk, Yuuto had some crazy stalker fangirl, but she died in like two days. Maybe rejet will do something like that or realize that a dark game set in a middle of a war/revolution has no place for annoying fangirls. He’ll probably be a dick and use his flirtyness to make Fiona jealous, and that also pisses me off. But on the other hand, I am curious to see how much worse he is then Mejojo.

    I hated Ikki’s route, I know he got better by the end but I just spent most of it wanting to stab him the eye, so he could never redeem himself to me.

  6. ALP HAS A HAPPY ENDING. FUUUU KARIIIIIN. *has the normal PSP version*.

    ARGH, I don’t want to buy it again though. T__T BUT, MY FAVORITE CHARACTER.

    • I know that feeling. I get pissed too when a character I like gets an extra / better stories in remakes. ヽ(;´д`)ノ How about waiting before playing Karin’s games then? Since they might release a DC edition later lol.

      • I haven’t played Danzai no Maria yet or Princess Nightmare (although PN has gotten enough remakes that I’m sure I’ll find one I like somewhere @_@) but this one was my first Karin game too. Because I fell in love with the opening song. FOPKEWPOFKE well whatever, that’s why we have you to give us all the nice long summaries of the good endings XD;

        I feel so cheated right now.

        • LOL I write long stuff so you don’t have to buy the same game twice. xD; That’s how I feel whenever I see Otomate porting all PS2 games I did to PSP. With extra contents. *glances at Clock Zero* ;___;

    • That’s the new addition lol. You know, after this I don’t feel like playing Karin’s games as soon as they come out anymore. I feel cheated too when I heard they’re releasing Danzai no Maria DC with happy endings, since I put up with the crappy sad / death endings in the original. ;____;

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