Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm キタ━━ヽ(*´Д`)ノ━━ョ!! Finally it’s time to tackle Henrietta’s older brothers. I’m not sure what to expect since the big plot is already revealed, and Wilhelm’s story isn’t that deep either.

The second son of the Grimm family. Wilhelm is really gentle and cares a lot about his siblings, especially Henrietta and Jacob. He’s a good researcher with a broad range of knowledge, but he also has an unexpectedly clumsy side. While he respects Jacob and would do anything to help him, Wilhelm is also doing his best to stop the darkness growing in Jacob’s heart. Wilhelm spoils Henrietta a lot ever since she was small, and he even asked her to marry him because she won’t be able to live without his cooking. 23 years old.

Back when Henrietta first received her magic book, both Jacob and Wilhelm had just found out that she’s the “Maiden of Paradise”. They realized that their keys are meant to protect her, but sadly Jacob couldn’t just give his key to Henrietta. Woden was growing stronger inside of him, and there’s no way he’d let Jacob get in the way by handing the key away. Wilhelm felt guilty for not stopping Jacob’s research right from the start, but Jacob said he has no regrets. Even though their research led them to Woden, their objective was actually to protect Henrietta and Ludwig’s future. Wilhelm believed in Jacob though, and he decided to stay with Jacob even if he turns into a demon in the near future. Based on Jacob’s request, Wilhelm then left his key in Ludwig’s hands. That way Ludwig will be able to protect Henrietta if something really happens to Jacob.

The events in Wilhelm’s route is similar to Ludwig’s route, with Henrietta walking into the forest near Sancto at night. She misses Wilhelm a lot, and she was thinking about him when the man in the black cloak appears from the nearby bushes. He sneezes and grumbles about the way the demon lord handles him, and while he’s busy with all the medicines in his pocket.. Henrietta clings onto him knowing it’s Wilhelm beneath the cloak. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Wilhelm panicks and tries to fake his voice, but Henrietta refuses to let go until he gives in and takes off his cloak lol.

Wilhelm hugs Henrietta saying he missed her too, but then he lets go of her and apologized for leaving them back in Hanau. Wilhelm then says he has to choose one between two important things, but he doesn’t want to lose any of them. Henrietta hugs him saying everything will be okay, because Wilhelm can always heal everyone with his kindness. He smiles and says “too bad, if only I’m not your brother.. right now I’d..”, but he stops himself and changes the subject instead — telling her everything about Jacob, Woden, the “Maiden of Paradise” and Brunhilde. It might be impossible to save Jacob, but Wilhelm doesn’t want to give up. He asks Henrietta to come to the demon lord’s castle with him, hoping her presence can bring Jacob back.

Since Henrietta looks worried, Wilhelm tries to relieve her by saying he’ll make a delicious feast after everything’s over. He knows Henrietta hates onions, but he tells her not to be picky since she’s not a kid anymore now. When she laughs saying Ludwig said something similar before, Wilhelm pouts and says he can search for a way to make her love onion dishes.. so Henrietta should say she loves him more than Ludwig. It will be a secret just between the two of them. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Obviously Henrietta blushes and looks down in silence, while Wilhelm goes “huh? did I say something embarrassing? s-sorry..” (❤ฺ→艸←) Henrietta feels that she won’t be able to see Wilhelm again if she lets go, so she decides to accept his invitation.

Upon hearing Henrietta’s answer, Wilhelm smiles saying he wants to pamper her even more.. and that’s when Hel suddenly jumps out of nowhere, raging that Henrietta is monopolizing her beloved idol “Wilhelm-sama” lol. She proudly claims to be Wilhelm’s “slave”, but he quickly fixes that to “subordinate” instead. Wilhelm had to prove his loyalty to the demon lord, so it was him who sent Hel to play around with Henrietta before. Hel also brags that she nurtures love with Wilhelm every night, but since Wilhelm doesn’t know what she’s trying to say, he calmly adds “oh we play trump and karuta, it’s fun!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Henrietta is pissed, Wilhelm then calls SS Naglfar — Captain Skull’s ship — and holds her hand as they sail to the demon lord’s castle. It turns out Captain Skull idolizes Wilhelm as well, so he fights over him with Hel while Henrietta gets even more jealous the background lol.

Later on Henrietta falls asleep and gets thrown into the maze of nightmare, but she wakes up upon hearing Wilhelm’s voice calling her. When Henrietta opens her eyes, she finds herself on Wilhelm’s back. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He says next time he’s going to carry her princess-style so he can see her surprised face, and he asks her to pretend to be asleep even if she wakes up on the way — because he feels happy whenever he sees her sleeping face. ♡(。→∀←。) Wihelm also admits he was the one who ordered Alp to show Henrietta the burning Weimar, because he wanted to warn her about Woden’s upcoming attack. After getting lost in the demon lord’s castle (thanks to Wilhelm’s nonexistent sense of direction), they finally reach the throne room only to find it empty. Since Woden doesn’t return even until it gets dark, Wilhelm and Henrietta decide to have dinner without him.

Here, Wilhelm admits that he learned how to cook because of Henrietta. Back when she was small, Henrietta said she wants to bring Jacob if she gets stranded on a deserted island. The reason was simply because Jacob is a good cook, so Wilhelm got jealous and learned cooking until he got better than Jacob. Wilhelm also says “I want to have a happy ending with you and forget about everything else..”, but he stops himself and apologized for saying such a selfish wish in this situation. Henrietta actually feels happy since he’s being honest, but Wilhelm then leaves to get more tea with a sad expression. Staying in the empty room alone makes her feel scared and lonely though, so she runs out and hugs Wilhelm on the hallway. Henrietta asks if he hates her after seeing her like this, but he answers “I think you’re so cute.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

As an apology for leaving her alone, Wilhelm takes Henrietta to the library. The shelves are full of Wilhelm’s fairytale books, but sadly while Henrietta thinks all fairytales have happy endings, he tells her sad endings do exist in fairytales. Wilhelm also tells Henrietta that he’s not as kind as she thinks, but he refuses to tell her the reason. Before she could get an answer, Wilhelm suddenly panicks saying the demon lord has returned to the castle. On the way to meet Jacob outside, Wilhelm apologized saying he’s a hideous person who doesn’t have any rights to hold her hands. Of course Henrietta doesn’t understand what he means, but she’s got a very bad feeling about what will happen next. Which is soon proven true, because meeting her directly isn’t enough to bring Jacob out of Woden’s possession. He even got a “present” for Henrietta: all of her travelling friends — caught, hurt and tied up. Including Ludwig, who’s forced to obey his order if he wants to save their friends.

Now that Ludwig and his key is on his hands, Woden laughs saying he doesn’t need Wilhelm anymore. Since his plan failed, Wilhelm then asks Henrietta to escape with him. They can think of a way to save everyone together, but for now they should stay hidden. Before she could answer, Woden lets out another cynical laughter and says Wilhelm would take any chance to make Henrietta his alone. He accuses Wilhelm of being sneaky and playing dirty, and Wilhelm can’t deny the accusation because it’s true. Deep inside Wilhelm’s heart, a part of him wants to take Henrietta away from everyone else.

However, Henrietta notices that Wilhelm looks really sad upon admitting the truth. She realized that while he really does love Henrietta, Wilhelm also treasures both Jacob and Ludwig as his brothers. Wilhelm accepts everything in her, so Henrietta decides to do the same for him. She hugs him saying he’s really a fool for hiding what his heart says, because she’s always been looking for the real him. Nobody’s perfect, so it’s okay even if he has an ugly side. She wants to accept everything in him, and she asks him to accept her too. After hearing her confession, Wilhelm finally hugs Henrietta saying he never knew anyone as warm as her. Up until now he kept thinking of protecting Henrietta without revealing his real self to her, but right now Wilhelm wants her to see everything in him. Then he gets up and turns around to face Woden.

Woden is obviously not pleased, and he starts blaming humans for forgetting about the ancient gods. It was the gods who blessed humans everyday, and yet humans just forgot about them. Even if Henrietta asks him to give them a second chance, Woden says it’s already too late. He then takes out his Gungnir and starts swinging the giant spear at Wilhelm, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill him. Wilhelm doesn’t dodge the attack either, saying he believes Woden wouldn’t slash him. It might be too naive of him to think that way, but he knows Woden has a naive side as well. Woden should be able to completely erase Jacob’s heart anytime, but Wilhelm knows a part of him doesn’t want to do that. Just like what Henrietta said, nobody’s perfect and gods are no exception. In fact, he thinks they can be kind to humans because they’re not perfect.

Wilhelm’s words are shaking Woden’s determination to conquer the world, so Jacob uses this chance to take over his body. He hugs Wilhelm and Henrietta saying Woden doesn’t have any mercy left for humans, so he gives them the last key and asks Henrietta to seal him before it’s too late. It breaks their hearts to kill Jacob, but Wilhelm accepts the key and Henrietta summons the Gold Dragon to seal Woden into the darkness — finally releasing Jacob from all the pain he had to endure. Before disappearing, Jacob asks Henrietta to take care of Wilhelm and pass his apology to Ludwig and the others. After the fight, Wilhelm apologized to Ludwig and asks if he hates him. Ludwig says he might hate Wilhelm for hurting Jacob, but Wilhelm is his brother too. They’re a family, and that will never change.

The demon lord’s castle then starts crumbling along with the entire island, so everyone rushes to the beach. At first Henrietta’s friends aren’t sure if they can trust Wilhelm, but they decide to accept him eventually. Ludwig also asks Henrietta and Wilhelm to stop holding hands already, which makes both of them blush and let go in a panic. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Wilhelm then calls Captain Skull to take them back to Sancto, but Henrietta is so busy with her own thoughts that she drops her magic book into the sea. \(^o^)/ That’s the only thing Jacob left for her, and while our SMART Henrietta is trying to reach it from the ramp.. the island shakes and she got thrown into the sea. She tries to swim and the waves wash her back onto the shore, but the ship already left and the tides are pushing it further away from the sinking island.

..and what does Henrietta do? She sits down and cries, waiting for death to come pick her up. Great job. How about thinking of a way to leave the island? ( ಠ_ಠ ) Just when she closes her eyes waiting for her death, suddenly Henrietta hears Wilhelm’s voice saying everything will be alright. He jumped off the ship and swam back to the island just to save her, and he manages to save her magic book as well. However, Wilhelm is injured and doesn’t have any power left to save them. As long as he can stay with Henrietta, Wilhelm doesn’t mind if he has to die here as the island sinks further into the sea. After asking Henrietta to call his name, Wilhelm tells her to close her eyes.. and he hugs her as they drown together into the sea.

Fortunately for them, Hel comes to save them from drowning. Henrietta and Wilhelm go to live on the top of a hill after that, and Hel visits them religiously just to see Wilhelm lol. One day, Hel comes to visit when Wilhelm is taking a nap beneath a tree. Henrietta moves closer to see his face, and he mutters “no Henrietta.. don’t break anymore plates..” in his sleep. (❤ฺ→艸←) Even though he’s having a dream of them breaking plates together, she feels happy to know they’re always together even in his dreams. Wilhelm wakes up when Henrietta kisses his cheek, and he touches her face to make sure he’s not dreaming. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

Obviously Hel is shocked to see this ラブラブ scenery, and she cries a river of tears because Wilhelm is picking Henrietta over her lol. Hel reveals that when she found them unconscious on the beach, she was planning to save Wilhelm only. He was hugging Henrietta and wouldn’t let go, so in the end she saved both of them.. and right now she regrets not pulling them apart lol. Wilhelm doesn’t want to make Hel sad because she saved their lives, but when he notices Henrietta getting jealous in the background, he pushes the old hag away to approach her. He also steps on her without even noticing, and Hel can only watch in tears as Wilhelm makes up with Henrietta before continuing their いちゃいちゃ time. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hel’s grief doesn’t last for a long time though, since Ludwig then comes to visit and she changes victims targets to him instead lol. Poor Ludwig. xD

After that, Henrietta and Wilhelm hold a tea party for everyone on a flower field. Ludwig says he’s going on a new journey with Hameln and Akazukin, and he hands Henrietta a letter from the Frog Prince. The letter basically asks Henrietta to come to Jena because the Frog Prince is planning to marry her, and Ludwig adds more fuel by saying “why don’t you accept? it’s your dream to be a princess right?” ..but before she could answer, Wilhelm quickly says “no, she’s my bride. I won’t hand her to anyone.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Wilhelm also puts up a gentle yet scary smile, so Ludwig admits defeat and reveals that the letter is actually a fake LOL. It was Rapunzel’s idea to help their relationship grow, just as usual. Even though she’s busy helping out with Rosen’s prince hunt, she’s still Henrietta’s no. 1 cupid. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

After Ludwig and Hel went home, Henrietta asks Wilhelm if he really meant what he said. He blushes saying that was a proposal, and he prepares a special tea party just for the two of them. Wilhelm then says that after all the things he’s done, he can’t return to live in Hanau like before. He’s going to spend the rest of his life in this hill because it’s located near the demon lord’s castle, and he asks Henrietta if she’s willing to stay with him. She laughs and says he’s asking a weird question. She’s his bride, so of course she’s going to stay by his side forever. As the proof of her “eternal love”, Henrietta pulls out a flower crown and puts it on Wilhelm’s head. Their lives isn’t eternal, but they can write their own love story from now on — hoping their story will remain alive in people’s hearts forever.

Please tell me. Where can I find a big brother like this? щ(゚Д゚щ) Wilhelm is such a gentle, loving man, not to mention he’s a great cook too. I’m so jealous of Henrietta during this entire route lol. Wilhelm doesn’t get a kiss CG in this route, but I don’t really mind since his ending has the right amount of happiness, adorable moments and a tiny bit of sadness mixed in. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Sadly while I love Wilhelm as a character, his story feels more like a sub-story from the demon lord’s route. I was hoping for a deeper story between Wilhelm and Henrietta, but it feels really short because the story itself starts right before the final battle. 。゜(。ಥ_ಥ。)゜。


8 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Wilhelm Grimm

  1. I know I said before that I want to marry Dorn…but I think Wilhelm climbed up to be my favourite so it’s alright if I want to marry him too right? ^o^ This route is surprisingly light and I really love it! Henrietta’s so lucky…she gets to be with him and eat good food everyday…ಥ_ಥ

    • If this short route is enough to satisfy you, then most likely you’ll love his new ending too. It’s much better (with more fanservice) than this one. xD Yes, Henrietta is so lucky. I want a husband or at least a big brother like Wilhelm too. ;__;

  2. That’s the way I love Willhelm. Not for his plot (that I know it’s diverging from the main storyline), but because his route is adorable. It’s cute to see him with Henrietta, jealous of Hel. Absolutely he has the cutest ending in otome game I’ve ever seen.

    • Yes sadly his plot is really short and focuses more on Jacob / Woden instead of him. Wilhelm’s ending isn’t the best for me (it’d be hard to top Ludwig’s ending), but he has a cute new ending in the harem route. (*´ω`*)

  3. Wilhelmn…. marry me please xD I want a brother like him too, gentleman and also can cook xixixix. But I feel his route is a little short though but nevermind since I love his ending, very warm and light :)

    • Wilhelm’s story is just like a branch from the main story. It feels like the main focus is still on Jacob / Woden instead, and that makes this route feels even shorter.. orz The ending makes up for it, but his new ending is so much better.

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