Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Jacob Grimm

Plus Woden’s true ending and the Grand Finale. I don’t want to make a separate post for them, so I’ll just put them in this post. My motivation is pretty low, so please excuse me if I got lazy.

The eldest son and the head of the Grimm family. Despite the 13 years age gap between them, Jacob loves Henrietta a lot ever since she was small. He’s mature and kind, though he doesn’t spoil her as much as Wilhelm does. Jacob also loves researching more than anyone else, and he holds a great power that can match his high pride as well. Because of his research, Jacob and Wilhelm are mostly away from their house in Hanau. It seems like there’s something hidden in Jacob’s heart, but it remains a mystery until much later.

..or so they said. If you’ve reached this point, then you should know that Jacob is possessed by Woden (the German equivalent of Odin) and became the evil demon lord. \(^o^)/

Jacob’s route is almost identical to Wilhelm’s, except that Henrietta misses him the most. While she spends all night thinking about him in Sancto, Jacob is trying his best to take control of his own body from Woden’s possession. Time is running out, and he wants Henrietta to come as soon as possible. Before Woden commits another crime using his body. When she falls asleep that night, Henrietta can hear Jacob’s voice warning her not to head to the “wrong direction”. Sadly she doesn’t know what to do, and she falls into the maze of nightmares instead. Before Alp can haunt Henrietta with his nightmares, they suddenly hear Jacob’s voice again — telling Alp to stop his illusion. Henrietta cries and hugs him, but Jacob says it’s still too early for tears. He also tells her that he has prepared a boat for her on the beach, and he wants her to come to the demon lord’s castle and take the seventh key away from his hands. Then he disappears without answering her questions.

Following Jacob’s words, Henrietta leaves the inn and sails on SS Naglfar to reach the demon lord’s castle. She finds Wilhelm standing near the castle gate, and after learning that she came here upon Jacob’s request, he guides her inside to see the truth with her own eyes. Henrietta is a bumbling idiot in this route though, so despite Wilhelm’s warning to follow him closely, she goes to chase a shining butterfly instead. What the heck, seriously. ( ಠ_ಠ ) The butterfly takes her to see Jacob (or rather, Woden in Jacob’s body), but since Henrietta has no idea, she only goes “huh? is this the real Jacob nii-san? ?(´・ω・`)?” as he hugs her. Woden then pushes her down saying this makes women happy, and that’s when she finally realized the man standing before her is not the real Jacob.

Before Woden could kiss Henrietta, Jacob manages to stop him by taking over his body. Jacob doesn’t have much time to explain everything to her, so he only asks Henrietta to kill him before losing his consciousness. By the time Wilhelm finds them, Woden’s already back and in control of Jacob’s body again. After introducing himself, Woden explains that he was an ancient deity who has been ruling the world for a long time.. but after taking both Jacob’s body and the last key, he became the almighthy demon lord. Henrietta is taken to her room after that, where she cries a river because it’s impossible for her to kill Jacob. When Wilhelm comes to visit her, she goes into a hysteric fit of “嫌だ!絶対嫌だ!” and scratches her own throat saying she hates Brunhilde for choosing her as the “Maiden of Paradise”. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Wilhelm then slaps Henrietta saying they have no time, so now he’s going to see her friends in Sancto and explain the situation to them. He’s planning to gather the key bearers and summon Gleipnir to bind Woden for a moment, then Jacob would be able to take control of his body and give them the last key. Once they have all seven keys, Henrietta can summon the Gold Dragon and release Jacob from this torture. Wilhelm will take care of everything, so all Henrietta needs to do now is to wait and prepare herself for the battle ahead. It sounds like a nice plan to save Jacob, but what does Henrietta do? She sits in her room going “prepare? what preparation? I want to stay with Jacob nii-san!”, then she stands up and roams around the castle looking for him. Even though she knows he’s possessed. WONDERFUL. \(^o^)/

After examining like EVERY SINGLE ROOM in the castle, Henrietta enters the throne room only to find it empty. She discovers a secret passage behind a painting, and it leads her to another room.. where she finally finds Woden drinking alone. In his eyes Henrietta is nothing more than Brunhilde’s replacement, but she still comes to sit beside him even though he keeps calling her “Brunhilde”. He also reveals that Brunhilde is (obviously) against him taking over the world, but he doesn’t care as long as they can rule the world together again. Woden won’t stop his plans no matter what, but then he switches to Jacob so Henrietta can have a “gentle nightmare” for the last time. Jacob tells her not to cry, but Henrietta clings to him saying she doesn’t care. He explains that Woden is bitter because humans forgot about his existence, and he became the demon lord to have his revenge.

..but you know what? Henrietta doesn’t give a damn about Woden. All she cares about is why Jacob has to carry the sin along with Woden, even going as far as saying “such a heavy role should just be passed to someone else! anyone other than you!” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ What the heck, so you don’t mind if one of your friends became the demon lord? As long as it’s not Jacob? ( ಠ_ಠ ) However, Jacob only says he’s glad Woden chose to possess him instead of Wilhelm or Ludwig. Jacob then asks Henrietta to stop crying and accept the truth already, but she keeps crying anyway. He also mentions about “the first time Ludwig and Henrietta had a fight”, but before she could ask him anything.. he notices Ludwig and Wilhelm coming towards the castle. Knowing it’s time for everyone to seal the demon lord, Jacob quickly says goodbye and switches back to Woden — who’s already in rage mode.

When Ludwig, Wilhelm and everyone else reach the throne room, Wilhelm wastes no time and summons Gleipnir just as planned. They’re ready to fight Woden together, but sadly Henrietta is a fool and freaking chooses Jacob (read: Woden) over her friends. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ She summons Gnome to protect him from Wilhelm’s icicles, then she calls Salamander to burn her friends so he can escape. What are you doing, dumbass? ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ Obviously everyone can’t believe their eyes, but Henrietta keeps crying and saying she doesn’t want to lose Jacob. Even when Ludwig tells her “what you’re doing is an insult to Jacob nii-san!”, she starts screaming “NO! NOOO! I WANT JACOB NII-SAN!” ミヾ(#`Д´)σバカジャネーノ This continues until Jacob eventually takes over his body and protects Henrietta from the falling chandelier.

Instead of doing something about the situation at hand, the first thing Henrietta says is “Jacob nii-san, are you back? you’re going to stay with me?” Of course the answer is “no”, and since Henrietta can’t think properly, Jacob ends up stabbing himself with his spear. He’s going to die either way, so Henrietta shouldn’t waste his feelings and put an end to his pain already. After hearing this directly from Jacob herself, Henrietta finally summons the Gold Dragon and seals the demon lord in tears. However, Woden manages to destroy the castle before he vanishes. Wilhelm and Ludwig try to get Henrietta to escape with everyone, but instead of getting out of the crumbling castle.. she hugs Jacob and says she’s staying here with him. Even though the man in her arms is still possessed by Woden.

As the crumbling castle buries both of them, Henrietta can hear Jacob’s voice beside her. She asks if they’re going to die together, but he says it’s not the time for her to die yet. There’s still something she needs to do. Back when Henrietta was small, she got into a fight with Ludwig. The reason was because Henrietta accidentally broke one of Ludwig’s crayons, but the fight continued even after Jacob told them to be honest and make up. Ludwig locked himself in his room, while Henrietta ran into the forest and — just as expected — got lost. She didn’t return until the sun started setting, but eventually Jacob found her hiding in the bushes.

Since Jacob didn’t force her to go home though, so Henrietta sulked saying she’ll just live alone in the forest. He told her not to say such a thing without thinking, and he hugged her saying he can’t live alone anymore. Wilhelm, Ludwig and Henrietta are a part of his life, so he won’t feel “alive” without them by his side. Henrietta then asked him to stay with her forever, and Jacob promised to do so until death do them part. After they went home, Jacob also asked Henrietta to promise that no matter what happens, she will never throw away hope until the end.. and this is the promise the current Henrietta needs to fulfill. For Jacob’s sake too. Everything goes black after that, and the next thing Henrietta sees is a happy dream of her travelling together with Ludwig, Wilhelm and Jacob.

Back in the real world, Ludwig and Wilhelm are searching around desperately for both Jacob and Henrietta. Wilhelm asks Ludwig to stop digging and accept the fact that they’re gone, but then suddenly a single white feather from Brunhilde’s wing falls from the sky. A blinding light wraps the castle ruins, and when Ludwig continues to dig deeper.. he finally finds Henrietta and Jacob buried underneath. Jacob is hugging Henrietta in his arms, and even though he’s not moving anymore, soon Henrietta opens her eyes. Wilhelm says it’s okay to cry if she feels sad, but Henrietta says she won’t cry — because she already promised Jacob not to give up hope until the end.

That’s.. such a sad ending. While I don’t like Jacob and Henrietta together, I actually do like him as a character. Jacob is a great guy who cares a lot for his family, and he sacrifices himself in most routes including his own. If this is the PSP version, I’d probably be pissed since such a guy deserves to be happy. The reason why I don’t like Jacob’s route isn’t because of the huge age gap between them, but rather because of Henrietta herself. She’s extremely annoying in this route because she’s freaking obsessed with Jacob, and I really wanted to smack her on the head starting from the fifth paragraph. Thank GOD it’s almost the end of the game.

In Woden’s true ending, Henrietta got messed up in the head as she starts hating the world as well. Just like Woden who hates humans, she hates the world for thrusting such a cruel fate towards Jacob. After Woden defeats Wilhelm, Ludwig and Henrietta’s friends, Henrietta says she doesn’t need their help and decides to stay with Woden. Later on, Woden gives Henrietta a safe place to stay in — a giant bird cage. Obviously she’s not pleased and says this isn’t the result she’s wishing for, but there’s nothing she can do since Woden holds the key. Thanks to her stupid betrayal, Woden also killed all of her travelling friends and Ludwig. The only one left is Wilhelm, who will receive more torture before his death.

Time passed, and Henrietta is still inside the cage. Woden comes to visit her everyday, gently patting her head as he calls her “Brunhilde”.. and she’s satisfied with it. After spending such a long time in the cage, she couldn’t care less about anything else anymore. Henrietta Grimm, the happy girl who grew up in a loving family, is no longer around. The current her is nothing more than the “Maiden of Paradise”, an imprisoned girl who has Brunhilde’s soul in her. Or rather, a replacement for Brunhilde. As he hugs Henrietta in the cage, Woden then turns into his original demon form. Even though she’s going to spend the rest of her life in the cage, she’s satisfied as long as he keeps looking at her.

To start the Grand Finale, you have to pick “本当よ!” when Wilhelm reads a bedtime story for Henrietta. She says she has heard of the story before, so he tells her to “return to reality” and write the ending of her story.. which leads straight to the final battle with Woden. Wilhelm has the last key in his hands too, so all that’s left is for Henrietta to seal the demon lord. Right after her lock absorbs the seven keys, it turns into a gold ring — the ring of Nibelung. Brunhilde then appears and explains that aside from sealing Woden, the ring allows Henrietta to send his soul to Valhalla as well. Brunhilde also tells Henrietta as long as her love for Jacob remains strong, it should be able to save Jacob.

After Henrietta summons the Gold Dragon, Brunhilde pulls out Woden from Jacob’s body while Henrietta keeps holding on to Jacob. Since Woden keeps fighting back and resisting, Brunhilde then summons the holy sword Balmung to stab him. This finally splits them apart, and Jacob is released at last as Brunhilde takes Woden back to Valhalla. During the process Brunhilde also calls Woden as her father, but let’s not go into that. (´・ω・`A;) For now Woden is going to fall asleep in Valhalla for a while, and one day when the world has become the perfect world — Arcadia — they will descent once again to bless it with their power.

Staying with Woden for so long puts quite a huge impact on Jacob’s body though. He coughs up blood before eventually fainting, but he’s finally back and reunited with his family. Henrietta carries him out of the castle with her friends’ help, returning to Sancto to end their journey.

A few months later, the Grimm family is living in Sancto. Jacob’s life was saved, and he’s now gradually recovering. In Spring, Henrietta pushes his wheelchair as they take a walk outside. It turns out the demon lord’s castle and island are originally a part of Märchen, and Jacob got the permission to maintain it. One day, they invite their travelling friends for a party in the castle. In the evening they play on the beach together, and at night they launch big fireworks in the sky. Both Jacob and Wilhelm have been researching about fireworks recently, and they manage to make beautiful fireworks just for today’s party.

It’s been a while since the last time Henrietta opens her magic book, and when Jacob tells her to take a look, she finds a nice surprise — both Brunhilde and Woden printed inside. One day they will come to lend her their strength, so until then Henrietta will be living in the paradise her family created: the land of fairytales where princes and princesses live together.

The “Grand Finale” is, just as the name says, a perfect ending for the main story. Everything in this ending is wonderful even though Henrietta doesn’t end up with anyone. The Grimm family is complete, Woden and Brunhilde have their own happy ending, and the last scene is perfect. It reminds me that despite how tiring Karin’s games could get, in the end it’s always worth the effort. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Now I still have the harem route to tackle, but I guess things are going to get even better there. Oh, and before you ask.. yes, I have no comments regarding Woden’s true ending lol. It creeps me out so much I’m at a loss for words. (´・ω・`A;)

13 thoughts on “Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Jacob Grimm

  1. …Henrietta, I’m extremely disappointed in you in the first route, you ruined it for me. Enough said. The second route is just plain creepy and the last route is nice because everyone lives.

    • The Grand Finale wouldn’t be complete if anyone dies. xD
      Henrietta annoyed the heck out of me in Jacob’s route. She was awesome in some of the other routes, so I was disappointed as well. ;__;

  2. I also like Jacob, but Henrietta was so freaking annoying. I was surprised the Woden ending isn’t required to get Jacob first, because the way she was acting I was expecting for her to betray the others all the time . And it’s so sad to see Henrietta open her eyes only to see a dead Jacob holding her…after that Karin owned us fans the harem route.

    • I know right, that blood splatter near Jacob’s head breaks my heart. ;__; The biggest disappointment for me was when Henrietta said “someone else should just become the demon lord!” – it’s like she’s absolutely okay even if one of her friends take the role. As long as it’s not her beloved Jacob nii-san. ( ´_ゝ`) Oh well, at least she’s fine in the harem route.

    • Jacob’s route is really short, and 90% of that short route is ruined by Henrietta’s stupid obsession lol. Comparing Jacob’s Henrietta to Ludwig’s Henrietta makes me sad. xD

  3. I didn’t play the game (and I doubt I ever will T.T) but I really loved to read all the reviews here! Thank you very much for that!
    I loved Ludwig! Jacob too (it’s a pity our heroine messed up everything…)!!! And Dorn and Alp’s routes! (though Alp could get a better “drawing”, I mean, it’s rude but appearance does make a difference in games).
    P.S.: Do you play it in Japanese?

    • No problem! I write long posts for you guys who can’t play. xD
      I actually love Alp’s appearance, so that’s a matter of taste I guess? :3 ..and yes, I play all games in Japanese. The only English otome game I’ve played so far is Re:Alistair.

  4. Thank you for another awesome review! At least I’m able to understand each and every route in-depth lol. I play Otome games but my understanding of japanese is er…not as great cos I can’t read but I can sort of understand by listening to the language (thanks to Otome games) Ironic I know xD

    I’m hoping they release this on the PSP. I rather buy the director’s cut. Plus I have no idea where to get this on the PC =(

    • Sadly the one for PSP is the original version, which means no Director’s Cut bonus scenes and endings. ;__; It’s hard to import PC games, isn’t it? ._. I had to ask my friend in Japan to help with shipping because most online shops don’t ship overseas.

      Oh, and I believe your Japanese will improve as you play more otome games. It helps improving my Japanese for the last few years, though it’s still far from perfect. xD

      • Ahh..that’s sad to hear =( Do you have any idea where to buy Japanese PC games online? In english preferably lol. I’ve been wanting to buy some PC games for awhile such as Tiaramode’s Butler’s and a couple of R18 ones. I don’t condone to downloading games online so..I’m kind of at a dead end.

        Haha, I’m hoping my Japanese will improve! Although I can’t say the same for reading Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana ;_; Your reviews are extremely flawless! If that’s not near perfect Japanese then I guess mine is way below par lol.

        • Thank you! I believe you’ll also improve gradually. :3

          I ordered mine from Amazon JP and asked my friend to send it here, but aside from that.. probably HMV or AmiAmi. It’s hard to find shops that can ship overseas though, so if you’re really stuck, how about using third parties service?

          • Ahh Amazon JP has the games I want but yea they don’t seem to ship any electronics overseas =( Sorry to bother you Rin-san but any recommendations from third party services I could use to aid me?

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