Angelique – Maren no Rokukishi

I was thinking of doing KamiKimi next, but for some reason Maren no Rokukishi kept calling out to me lol. Angelique was one of my first otome games, so playing this feels a bit nostalgic~♪

Ever since Teresa was small, she’s always been together with Renaud. Both of her parents suddenly disappeared a long time ago, and she was taken in by Renaud’s family. They grew up like siblings, and for some reason she can sense his presence. Teresa can tell whenever Renaud is nearby. Sometimes she can even see his current location. They’re living a peaceful life together in Shiva, a small village in planet Norg, but everything changes when Teresa got kidnapped one night.

The last thing Teresa remembered was a cloaked man drugging her from behind. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself back in front of her house the next day.. with absolutely no memories about what happened last night. Renaud is really worried and tries to find out the culprit behind her abduction, but Teresa stops him from doing anything dangerous. However, some days later Renaud goes out to play and never comes back. After a month searching for Renaud around the village, Teresa suddenly senses his presence one day. She follows his presence deep into the forest, where she finds a hidden fort standing by the cliff.

The first greeting Teresa receives is from a purple-haired man who tries to kill her on the spot, accusing her as a spy. As she tries to escape from the fort, Teresa also runs into two men in the training ground. They seem friendly, but she’s scared to death and runs away from them. Right after she returns to the forest, Teresa meets a young man with a bunch of dead snakes and frogs in his hands. He asks if she wants to see, and he shoves them onto her face until she faints lol. Fortunately, Teresa later wakes up to find Renaud watching over her. She tries to drag him home, but Renaud refuses saying he’s now working for Leviath — the leader of the knights in the fort.

Back when he was small, Renaud has an older brother. He loved and respected his brother a lot, but sadly his brother drowned in the river to save him. Renaud has been feeling guilty ever since, thinking it might be better if he died instead of his brother. Leviath looks exactly like his deceased brother, and Renaud thinks Leviath is his brother’s reincarnation. From the knights, Renaud also learns that he actually has magic power, so he decided to pledge his loyalty for Leviath and use his power to help the man. Currently Leviath has seven direct subordinates, who each lead their own troops. Renaud is one of them, since recently he became the leader of the magician troops — Shisai (“死祭 / Priests of Death“). Since Renaud’s decision is firm and they’re currently surrounded by Leviath’s knights, Teresa eventually decides to join them as well. She promises to be useful by taking care of Renaud’s health and do minor jobs (e.g. cooking) in the fort, and Leviath allows her to join in.

Even though people call them “knights”, Leviath and his men are actually mercenaries who’ve been travelling around the universe for around 10 years. They’re only staying in the fort until their mission in Norg is over, so Teresa needs to work hard if she wants to come along. That night, Teresa writes a letter for Renaud’s mother saying Renaud and her are heading for the southern town — giving false information to keep the fort hidden from people’s eyes. She also tells Renaud’s mother not to worry, which also prevents the villagers from searching for them. Now that she has thrown her peaceful days away, Teresa’s life with Leviath and his knights has just begun.

31 thoughts on “Angelique – Maren no Rokukishi

  1. finally got a psp *banzai* got to play so many games that i missed out =D

    now i am currently debating rather i should download this game or not, it seems interesting but at the same time i didnt even get a bit of the plot from the op =x hmm, maybe i will wait a bit to see a route or two to see

    • Yes, you have to play the knight’s route first. It’s required before you can aim for any of the guys lol. I think it’s a nice idea though, since you can get a better view of the plot and not go for the guys feeling confused. :3

      • I agree with you for the knight route ^^ I think it is a pretty good idea too, but well don’t really understand but I think that route is kinda sad since…… I think you know why :P

        • That route has a sad ending, yes. I notice that Leviath’s route = another path in the knight’s route, so I wonder if the ending will be better. At least let the revolution be successful, it keeps failing in the guys’ routes and I’m starting to feel sorry for Leviath lol.

    • You’re not the only one. ♥
      Sadly Leviath isn’t capturable as a love interest, and I know a lot of people got their hearts broken because of this lol.

    • OnoD is Eugene, the cold and emotionless (but actually really polite and gentle) man. This game is nice but so underrated lol, I’d recommend it to anyone. x3

      • How is the heroine? Strong? Weak?

        Also, I’m sure you already know this but Arcana Family fandisk
        (ノ^o^)ノ\(^ω^\) Hell yeah! I was able to take a screenshot of one of the two guys that appear for a second and it looks like grown-up Liberta *drool* Are you hype?

        • She can’t fight, but she’s pretty strong-willed. :3
          At first she can be a little TOO strong and protective of Renaud, but she’s definitely not weak in my opinion.

          Yes! I posted this the moment I saw the official site! xD The latest Dengeki Girl’s Style has the pics of the new characters, Joshua and Ash. <3

  2. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

    I will roll in the floor now, please call me when you post SIonna’s route (obviously extremely biased)
    I’m sad Leviath-sama doesn’t have a route but, given the circumstances, I guess that’s expected lol.

    …I don’t think I remember my first otome game, though I think it was Tokimemo orz

    • Okay! Though twitter will probably notify you before I do. xD
      I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t really care about Leviath lol. I like him, but I’m done fangirling over him back in Tenkuu no Requiem. The reason I play Maren is Giovanni and Sionna. 8D

      My first otome game was Tokimemo GS lol. Then I searched all kinds of otome games and landed on Angelique for GBA.. orz

      • lol that’s because I never got to fangirl about him in Tenkuu no Requiem! And because he’s so hot…especially without that eye patch. I swear this friend of mine who doesn’t play otome games squealed a little when she saw him /shot

        My first dating sim was a Tokimemo game for Playstation (which my cousin played and it was in chinese xD). Then first otome was Tokimemo GS and that was when I didn’t know squat about Japanese so it was playing blindly. Then I liked it and started searching lol

        • LOL I know. Leviath is hawt and his heterochromia is ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ but I’m not sure how to feel about Elis.. orz Maybe that’s why I don’t fangirl over Leviath that much? 8D;;

          Oh if we’re talking dating sims, then my first would be Tokimemo Forever With You. Ancient game is ancient, but back then I was satisfied with the graphics and everything lol. After getting spoiled with Tokimemo GS, I find it hard to get back into the boys Tokimemo. ;_;

  3. My heart got broken when I found out Leviath wasn’t part of the love interest list =( considering he was the guy that caught my eye first lol xD

    Can’t wait to read your review on Cain and Eugene though! =D

    • Most people are eyeing this game for Leviath, so I don’t blame you. xD I’m planning to do Cain second to last (with the last being Leviath himself lol), but Eugene will be up soon. :3

  4. This is really neat. I haven’t played an Angelique game in forever. I have to echo everyone’s sentiments on the lack of a Leviath romance route, though! I’m kind of an Arios fangirl, so it makes me sad.

    • Yeah, it’s been a while since the last time they made an Angelique game. My last Angelique was NeoAngelique, but it has a different feeling from the usual Angelique games.. and so does this one. It’s not like Angelique at all. Just so you know what to expect. :)

  5. Hello :D

    I must be really late to post a comment, but I’ve gotten into playing otome games only a few weeks ago. But, I certainly have to say that your reviews of otome games made me want to go to a store and buy every single thing you’ve done so far.

    I was hoping to play Angelique – Maren no Rokukishi. I have some questions to ask…

    Um… first of all, is there some way to download this onto a PC or is this only available for a PSP?

    Then again, there is no English version of this I suppose for I’m not fluent in Japanese at all. So, does this game need exceptional japanese skills?

    In general, I would be grateful if you could tell me how you got the game because I really do have a hard time getting them. For example. do you buy them on ebay and how much does it usually cost?

    It would be really helpful to my situation. Thank you!

    • I’ve searched it up in google and it seems that it only sells in PSP form. I’ve also learned that it was only in Japanese from what I’ve searched up and it seems to be extremely expensive… T^T Anyways, I’m sorry if this was of annoyance, but nonetheless, I really do enjoy reading your reviews and I look forward to reading more. I just hope that there is a way of getting them easily… D:

      • Maren no Rokukishi is a PSP-only game, so no you can’t play it on PC. The Japanese level in this game isn’t THAT hard, but there’s a lot of foreign names and terms because it’s set in a fantasy world. If you’re having trouble understanding the game, you can use my posts as a translation / guide. :D

        As for buying PSP games, you should be able to buy them through Play-Asia or HMV. They’re easier to get compared to PC games, so you can import them anytime without any problems. The price varies for each game, but they’re usually around 5000 ~ 7000 yen. Limited editions are more expensive though.

  6. I’ve been thinking on at least playing this game since it came out, but I have a question: is it all in Japanese, or does it have subtitles in in? If it’s all Japanese I’d need a capture guide or something and I want to know before I download/buy it.

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