Maren no Rokukishi – The Knights Route

For the first run, you have to do the knights’ route first. This route ends with a sad ending, but I think it’s a great idea since you get a clear view of the main plot. This is NOT Leviath’s route.

When Renaud guides her around the fort, Teresa gets a feeling that she’s been here before.. on the night when she got kidnapped. From Cain and Sionna, she learns that a war will break out soon. The mayor of Shiva has been raising the tax and prices to fill his own pocket, and people formed a resistance army to bring him down. The resistant army is the knight’s client, so they’re going to help them fight against the mayor’s army in the upcoming war.

Even though Teresa only joined the knights for Renaud’s sake, now she has a lot of questions in her head — what happened to her on the night she got kidnapped? and what will happen to their village once the war starts? In any case, the knights have to stay hidden in the fort until then, and Teresa is more than willing to cooperate. After a month working in the fort, Teresa is gradually growing closer to the knights. They’re starting to accept her too, since she can pass through the mental trials she has to face. Especially from Kiefer and Eugene, though the latter doesn’t test her on purpose like the former does lol.

One day, Teresa was walking in the hallway when a loud explosion is heard from the eastern part of the fort. At first she’s worried since Renaud’s room is located on the eastern wing, but soon she can sense his presence from the chapel — safe and sound. However, Teresa also detects a strong magic power coming from the forest. She points out the location on the map, and that’s where the knights find a group of imperial magicians who attacked their fort. Aside from sensing Renaud’s presence, it appears that Teresa can detect magic power in general.. and her power is much stronger than Eugene’s, who has the sharpest sense of magic among the knights.

From the magicians’ leader, everyone learns that the emperor of the universe — Maximiliath — and his older brother Mayleath are after Leviath’s life. Leviath and his knights keep fighting the authorities to help those who are pressed underneath, but obviously the royalties took this as a form of rebellion.. and they want to crush the knights before it’s too late. That night, Leviath visits the chapel and finds Sionna with Renaud there, staring at the painting of a god and his sons. The legend says that the fourth son was the first emperor of the universe, but Leviath suddenly tears the painting down with his sword. He tells them the fourth son took the throne after getting rid of his brothers, so his entire lineage is filled with nothing but usurpers. Renaud is scared and notices something from Leviath’s right eye, but Leviath tells him to shut up if he doesn’t wanna die. This causes the poor boy to think Leviath hates him, and it thrusts him into a mental breakdown until Sionna, Eugene and Teresa pull him back up on his feet.

A few days later, the war finally starts and the knights lead their troops to attack the mayor’s mansion. The sight of people dying makes Teresa feel sick, but she keeps watching until the end because it’s Renaud’s first battle. Eventually the resistance arm wins the war, and Teresa spends the rest of the day treating everyone’s injuries. At night she goes to visit Renaud in his room, and that’s when she finds a cloaked man lurking around in the hallway. She chases him all the way to the lounge, but sadly he escapes by jumping off the cliff. This triggers a piece of memory in Teresa’s mind, though all she can see for now is a mysterious cloaked man holding someone in his arms.

Now that their mission is Norg is over, the knights are going to Fayray for their next task. They need magic stones to power their spaceship, so Renaud helps Leviath filling the magic stones with power. Sadly this also drains a lot of Renaud’s energy, and he’s still resting in bed on the day of their departure. Since Renaud needs some time to recover, Leviath decides to send him and Teresa to Dune instead. Maria and the support troops are going there too, and the knights will meet up with them once they’re done with their mission in Fayray. Teresa sends them off the next day, and that night she learns about Leviath’s magic teacher from Maria. Rumors say that he’s a white-haired bearded old man in a black cloak, though only Leviath knows the truth.
Teresa gets another vision upon hearing Maria’s description, and this time she can clearly see a white-haired bearded old man chasing after her parents. Unfortunately Teresa’s parents are no longer around, so the flashback remains a mystery for now.

By the time their ship reaches Dune, Renaud already regains all of his energy. Maria and the others are busy setting up their camp, so Teresa takes a walk in the forest with Renaud.. and got attacked by some bandits. (´・ω・`) Before they got captured and sold overseas, thankfully an adventurer named Johannes appears to save them. He then joins the troops and helps out in the camp, saying he’s a free person who can stay anywhere as long as he gets to eat and sleep properly. A few days later, Leviath and his knights finally arrive in Dune along with two new members: Ka-Fai — a man who fought against them in Fayray; and Walter — a boy they picked up on the way to Dune. Johannes then requests to join the knights, and Cain places him in Shisai as the subleader. He can watch over Renaud from now on, so Teresa will be able to focus on her job in the support troops.

Meanwhile, Leviath goes to visit his teacher — Vahn — the rumored white-haired old man. He asks Leviath to throw away his hatred and grudge, but since Leviath keeps giving him vague answers, in the end Vahn only tells him to be careful. A certain someone in his troops has a magic power strong enough to destroy the entire world, though the power is still sealed at the moment. Two months after their arrival in Dune, the knights’ camp suddenly gets attacked by a fireball rain. Again, Teresa points out the attacker’s location and they manage to capture half of the imperial magicians. Dead, unfortunately. Sionna’s arm is injured since the flames trapped him in the storage, but luckily Leviath himself went to save Sionna from the burning tent. Since their location has been revealed to the emperor, the knights decide to move three days later.

Their client in Dune provides a big mansion for them, but they still need to charge their ship just in case. Worried about Renaud’s health, Teresa then asks Leviath to let her fill the magic stone in his place. None of them can sense any magic power coming from Teresa, but surprisingly she fully charges the magic stone with energy right from her first try.. and only on her first try, because she can’t release anymore energy after that. In order ease Renaud’s burden, Teresa then starts training her magic power under Leviath’s guidance. Unfortunately, the knights have to face yet another attack a few days later. Teresa was away to buy some supplies, and she returns to find the entire town burning in flames. The knights are safe and alive, but she feels guilty for not being there to point out the attackers’ location. However, Leviath tells her not to feel responsible. It’s his responsibility as their leader, and he’s going to make the emperor pay for this later.

Late at night, Leviath finds a sleeping Renaud and a cloaked man in the chapel. Leviath knows that it’s Eugene behind the cloak, so Eugene takes off his hood and begs for forgiveness. He’s willing to die along with Renaud, but Leviath stops him from doing anything reckless. When the others come to join them, Leviath finally explains that the one who keeps destroying his barrier is actually Renaud. His magic power is really strong — especially when he’s sleepwalking like tonight — and earlier his power went out of control here in the chapel. In order to protect him, Eugene disguised himself with a black cloak and uses hypnosis to put Renaud to sleep. Even though he knows Renaud’s power is dangerous since it keeps revealing their location to the enemies, Eugene doesn’t want Renaud to be executed. Leviath feels the same way, because he decides to let both of them stay with the knights. As they leave the chapel, the knights find Teresa on the field outside. Before she comes to approach them, they all agree to keep this a secret from her. They’re going to protect both Teresa and Renaud, so Teresa doesn’t need to know the harsh truth behind everything.

During their next meeting, Cain requests Teresa’s attendance as a part of the support troops. When Leviath tells everyone that Vahn might be involved with the emperor’s attacks, Renaud makes an unexpected revelation: “Vahn? Isn’t that onee-chan’s grandpa? My grandpa said a friend named Vahn asked him to take care of his granddaughter.” Σ(゚д゚ ;)エッ? This is further confirmed when Leviath mentions that Vahn has a son named Raoul, and Teresa recognized it as her father’s name. She never heard anything about Vahn though, and she also has no idea about what happened to her parents. While they don’t have any proof for now, this revelation explains why Teresa has magic power in her — because she’s the granddaughter of such a legendary wizard.

The knights then ask what Teresa wants to do from now on, since staying with them means she might have to fight her grandfather one day. Teresa isn’t sure if she’s ready to fight her own family member, but in the end she decides to stay with the knights. She wants to meet Vahn directly and learn the truth, but she promises that she’ll never betray them. They’re her precious friends after all. After helping their client to tregain his territory in Dune, the knights move onto their next destination — Curia. They have a day off upon arriving, so Teresa goes on a mountain lake picnic with Renaud, Gerhard, Giovanni, Sionna and Walter.

The mission in Curia goes according to the plan, and the knights quickly accomplish the task by destroying the huge empire that has been pressing all the smaller countries. However, Teresa starts questioning the real objective of the knights. From Sionna, she learns that Leviath’s goal might be to “create a new world”, but it’s only a speculation since he doesn’t know either. The only thing he’s sure of is that everyone has their own reasons and goals, and that they might be able to see the truth soon enough.

Just as Sionna predicted, Leviath gathers his knights and Teresa right after the war ends. It’s time for them to learn his real objective, so Leviath finally reveals his real name: Leviath Ragna Arviss — the crown prince of the universe. As the proof, Leviath takes off his eyepatch and shows them his golden right eye. Everyone in the royal family has golden eyes, and Leviath’s golden eye was seen by Renaud back at the chapel in Norg. He left the imperial capital after Maximiliath took everything away from him, and now he’s going to cause a revolution to take back what originally belongs to him. Not only the throne, but the control over the universe as well. Maximiliath has been ruling the universe by abusing his power, and now Leviath is going to bring him down for those who are suffering under his reign. After all the knights swear to follow him until the end, Teresa nods saying she wants to fight with them as well.

Later on, Cain explains that Leviath lived a hard life as the crown prince. Both of his parents brought him up harshly, and the only one who truly cared about him was Elis — his mother’s maid. Leviath and Elis were lovers in the past, but Maximiliath then took her as his concubine. Elis couldn’t stand the grief, and in the end she died because of it. Leviath left the capital after her death. He was only 18 at the time, with Cain and Kiefer as his only followers. He learned swordfighting and magic to grow stronger in the last 10 years, plus gathering all the soldiers and materials necessary for his revenge plan. Mayleath, the man behind the first attack on the fort, is actually Leviath’s father. Leviath is ready to fight his own father if he’s really involved, and Teresa should be prepared to face Vahn too. Both Cain and Teresa hate fighting, but they want to help Leviath to take back the throne. Even though she’s scared and worried about the war, Teresa loves the knights and wants to fight with them until the revolution succeeds.

After sending Ka-Fai, Walter and Gerhard to conquer the small planets surrounding the area, Leviath and the remaining knights lead their troops to attack the capital. They manage to clear the path, but Maximiliath plays dirty by using Leviath’s family to protect himself. First, he ties up Anna — Leviath’s mother — on top of the gate. Obviously the knights are hesitant, but Leviath doesn’t back down and orders them to attack the gate anyway.. which causes Anna to fall to her death. Maximiliath then summons Mayleath to fight his own son, but Leviath’s fighting skills are way above his father’s. It doesn’t take long until Leviath corners Mayleath and stabs him through the heart, and Mayleath apologized to his son before dying. Leviath only answers that he doesn’t have any traces of mercy anymore, and it’s something taught to him by Anna and Mayleath themselves. He’s clearly shaken despite his cold words, but he continues to lead his knights towards the imperial palace.

Unfortunately, thing take a sudden turn for the worst when they have to face Vahn. Renaud cries (out of guilt towards Teresa) when Leviath orders Shisai to attack Vahn, so Johannes takes control and leads the troops to summon thunders.. to strike Leviath along with Kiefer’s troops. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Everyone is obviously shocked, while Johannes laughs saying his acting is good enough to deceive even Giovanni. Johannes is actually one of Vahn’s students, and he’s been working for Vahn all along. Since Renaud is only a young boy, it was really easy for him to take Shisai out of Renaud’s hands. Now that their magic troops have joined the emperor’s side, things are starting to get out of hand for the knights. Not too long after Teresa caught up to them, the first death among the knights occurs: Renaud shields Leviath from Vahn’s magic.

As if Renaud’s death isn’t enough to devastate Teresa, Vahn adds the damage by saying her parents aren’t missing. They’re both dead. Vahn admits that he does care about Teresa, but he also has an important task to carry out — “to stop the ‘black-haired demon’ from destroying the universe.” Realizing that her true “family” is the knights and not Vahn, Teresa decides to fight against his grandfather in Renaud’s place. She doesn’t have any combat skills, but now her life is dedicated to Leviath. Teresa’s devotion gives the knights a morale boost, and they get back on their feet to continue fighting Maximiliath and Vahn.

As Leviath fights his way towards the emperor, Gerhard clears the path for him and Giovanni guards his back. Before Johannes could command more magic attacks, Eugene and his troops wipe out Shisai completely. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! When Johannes begs for mercy saying he’ll do anything for Eugene to save his life, Eugene replies with “is that so? then bring Renaud back” and slits his throat. Johannes dies in his own pool of blood, while Eugene whispers to Renaud in a gentle voice: “you won’t be lonely anymore, because I’m sending these people to accompany you.” 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Terrified by the knights’ revival, Maximiliath escapes into the palace with Vahn protecting him. Leviath leads the knights to chase after them, and sadly this is where the knights die one after another. They have to face Vahn’s undead berserker on the way, and the monster multiplies itself whenever they cut it down. Realizing there’s an underground level beneath the palace, Eugene asks Leviath to destroy the floor and push all the undeads into the hole. Unfortunately, the monster has multiplied so much that Leviath’s magic isn’t enough to get rid of all of them. In order to protect Leviath, Eugene throws a golden rope onto the remaining undeads’ necks and jumps into the hole — dragging them to die with him. (ノД`)・゜・。 The third one to die is Sionna, who’s guarding the palace entrance with his troops. His men die one by one as the enemies swarm the gate, so Sionna takes out his magic stone and releases its energy to create a huge self-destructing explosion — destroying all the enemies around him.

Sadly, Sionna’s explosion didn’t kill all the enemies outside. The remaining enemies come in to attack the hall entrance next, which is guarded by Gerhard and Giovanni. Gerhard protected Giovanni from the imperial magicians’ flames earlier, and he’s already dead when Giovanni turns around to look at him. As Giovanni fights all the enemies alone, Leviath finally reaches Maximiliath in his throone. Kiefer sacrifices himself to create a chance for Leviath to attack Vahn, and Cain follows him soon after because of the wound he got upon protecting Teresa from the undeads earlier. At the same time, Giovanni gets shot through the chest.. but he kills all of the remaining enemies before he dies. Massacre nightmare. ゥヮ―。゚゚(PД`q゚*)゚。―ン

Since there’s no one left to protect Leviath, Teresa steps forward to stop Vahn from attacking him. When Vahn casts a spell to attack both of them, Teresa’s eyes suddenly starts shining as she dispels the attack — her sealed power has been released. Maximiliath then calls a bunch of guards and magicians to surround them, and Teresa subconsciously creates a barrier that reflects their attacks. Maximiliah got scared by all the reflected weapons and flees, so Vahn orders everyone to start attacking. He finally explains that Teresa has a big magic power ever since she was born, and it grew even stronger as she grew up. Eventually her power went out of control when she was 3, and her parents were worried that such a huge power would only hurt her someday.

Teresa’s parents then asked Vahn to seal Teresa’s magic power, but Vahn refused because the sealing ritual only caused tragedies in the past. However, Teresa’s parents then went to perform the sealing ritual by themselves. Even though it was successful, Raoul and his wife had to pay with their lives. Both of them were on their dying breath when Vahn arrived, and Raoul whispered his last wish before he dies: he wants Teresa to live as a normal girl. Since it was their wish for Teresa’s power to be sealed, Vahn asks her to stop fighting and respect her parents’ decision.

However, Teresa refuses saying she already promised everyone to help Leviath to retake his throne. This leaves Vahn with no choice, so he decides to kill both of then after all. Renaud’s soul comes down from heaven and gives Teresa his power, but knowing they won’t be able to win, eventually Teresa uses her power to warp Leviath to a faraway place. Leviath can’t die here. As long as he’s alive, one day he’ll be able to achieve the dream everyone died for. After that everything fades to white.

Two months later, Teresa goes to visit her friends’ graves. There are nine graves for all the knights who died in the revolution. Including Walter and Ka-Fai, who both died during their last mission. As she looks up at the sky, Teresa wonders where Leviath is and what he’s doing right now. A part of her is still wishing that everything is only a nightmare, but she can’t “wake up” from reality no matter how long she waits for it. Her magic power is completely gone too, so now she’s living alone as a normal girl — just like what her parents wished for. She’s not sure about what happened at the end of the revolution, but she knows it was probably Vahn who saved her life.

Gah, such a sad ending. (ノД`)・゜・。 I noticed that the route chronicle branches off to another path in the end, but it’s still locked on the first run. Since Leviath doesn’t have his own route, I think the other path is probably his ending. I’m not expecting a love ending with him, but at least I want a happy ending where his coup d’Etat actually succeeds or something. il||li_| ̄|○il||li It’s so depressing to watch the knights’ deaths too, especially Eugene since he’s really devoted to both Leviath and Renaud. Now I need the romance routes to heal my heart. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。


14 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – The Knights Route

  1. Fucking Johannes. And I liked you, too! ; A ; and everybody dies. I remember screaming their names as they died (except for Johannes, I was like “GJ, EUGENE” orz). So yeah, since this is about war and stuff I expected people to die, but gawd this is so depressing ; A ; (like, especially when you watch what happened to Ka-Fai and Walter, I would have really liked those 2 to have more screentime)

    …Johannes can go burn. I’ll go burn him.

    • Yessss OMG I actually loved Johannes’ refreshing personality. When Maria said “just marry him and become Renaud’s parents together!” I was like カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ) until he destroyed everything in the end. Please burn him for my broken heart. 。゜(。ಥ_ಥ。)゜。

      I’m saving Ka-Fai and Walter for later, but I.. sort of get what will happen from Walter’s CG thumbnail. *prepares self more more depressing scenes ahead* il||li_| ̄|○il||li

  2. ok NOW i am interested =D *goes and download the game right now* lol its interesting and i agree with u about the sad ending first, its sad but u get it over with or if its me i will leave it to the end and feel bad about the game when i am done. but then again, i might not want to continue since its such a sad ending D=

    • More than getting rid of the sad ending, actually I was more happy that we get to see the main plot first. You can’t leave this ending for last, because you have to do it first to unlock other routes. xD

  3. Levi without an eye patch = HOT lol still sad cose he is not love interest. This route is pretty sad since a lot of people died, hope the other route won’t be like that :)

    • Oh no, the other routes aren’t as depressing and ends in a happy ending. :D Each route has a sad ending too, but then again it’s not as depressing as this one lol.

  4. So sad…well, on the bright side, the sad ending is cleared! I’m hoping the love endings won’t be as sad though. I must admit that I’m pretty disappointed that Leviath doesn’t have a love ending, he is my favourite. At least there’s Giovanni, Sionna and Eugene! ^O^

    • Nah, the love endings are happy. :3
      It’s actually pretty nice how the game forces us to get the most depressing ending out of the way first, since I don’t think I’d bother with this route if it’s not required for the first run lol. Leviath is still stuck on Elis, so yeah we can’t go after him here. :|

  5. I just finished the Knights Ending last night, and I was like “What the what?” When everyone was dropping like flies, I thought Koei was going to pull another Haruka 3 time-travel shtick on me. I’m glad they didn’t, but it’s a little sad to have nearly everyone die on the first play-through. Well, at least we can get the sad stuff out of the way.

    I’m still wondering when they are going to drop the name “Angelique” and the Queen-of-Cosmos stuff, since this is supposed to be an Angelique game….

    • I don’t think they ever will, honestly. This is just a spin-off of the novel Kuroki Tsubasa no Moto ni, and everyone keeps saying this is an Angelique game that doesn’t feel like Angelique at all.. though it’s enjoyable if you don’t expect to see any “Angelique-ness” in it. What am I saying lol.

  6. Oooooh. So, that’s why I keep saying that title in the credits. Maybe I should do a little more research into the games I start to play. >.> Now I want to get my hands on the novel just to get the backstory.

    • There are “past chronicles” in the game, and they’re unlocked after you clear the first route. I never read the novels, but I guess these “past chronicles” will give you more information about the background story? There are Vahn / Leviath’s past, as well as Johannes’ plus Walter and Ka-Fai’s stories. :3

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