Maren no Rokukishi – Giovanni

I decided to do Giovanni first because he warms up to Teresa pretty fast. That, and because I’m starting to develop a bias towards Morikubo.. but this route is much better than I expected.

The leader of the Kirin (“貴燐 / Noble Flames“) troops. 24 years old. Giovanni is flamboyantly beautiful and can rival women in terms of beauty, but he’s also a natural-born trickster. Smart and good with words, Giovanni can tell all kinds of lies anytime with no problems. Despite his crooked personality, his skills as a swordsman are undoubtedly top-notch. Giovanni wields a slender rapier in battle, and his incredible speed gives him advantage against magic attacks.

Upon arriving in Curia, everyone gets a week off to enjoy the new planet. Teresa is planning to explore the town alone when she runs into a troubled Giovanni in the lounge. He’s looking for Walter since they need to investigate the town in a group of two, but it appears that Walter already left early in the morning. Giovanni sighs saying he’ll just do the investigation alone, but Teresa feels bad and offers to go with him. The city in Curia is larger and more civilized than what Teresa imagined, and Giovanni holds her hand saying it’d be easier to investigate if they pretend to be lovers. At first she blushed and gets nervous, but she agrees to play along for the sake of their investigation.

Their first destination is the jewelry shop, where they find beautiful gems with insanely high prices. Giovanni keeps hinting that the gems are actually mere stones, and Teresa is shocked thinking the shop is selling fake jewels. Since they’re talking about this in the shop, obviously the shop owner gets angry saying she’s been running this business for years. Teresa, being the honest girl that she is, asks the owner directly: “are you selling fakes?” Σ(゚д゚ ;) She turns around to seek confirmation from Giovanni, but she finds him gone lol. The owner chases her out of the shop after that, and she finds Giovanni standing outside with an innocent look. He escaped right when the owner came out, but he didn’t expect Teresa to be so honest lol.

Ignoring Teresa’s protests, Giovanni hugs her shoulder as they leave the jewelry shop. They visit a seafood stand next, where he tricks her again by saying the clam she’s holding tastes really good.. but it bites people. Teresa throws the clam away in a panic, so the shop owner asks her not to be so rough with his goods. When the owner explains that the clam won’t bite anyone, Teresa finally realized that Giovanni — who’s totally laughing at her reaction — has been deceiving her all along. Teresa can’t run away since they visit the town for work, not to mention Giovanni is holding her close, so she keeps getting tricked as they enter more shops. This continues until she eventually gets angry, and he doesn’t feel guilty at all since he finds her amusing. However, since Teresa looks really upset, Giovanni then decides to stop lying and escorts her properly for the rest of the day.

After Giovanni guides her to an expensive theatre and dress shop, Teresa wonders why he seems to know a lot about luxury places. Giovanni says it’s necessary to know a lot of stuff so he can deceive people easily, but he also admits that he often visited expensive shops in the past. Giovanni was born in Norg just like Teresa, but he was raised in the city of Yurinia. Noticing that Teresa seems curious about his origins, Giovanni explains that he’s actually the nephew of Yurinia’s mayor. His family is wealthy, though the current him is only a “bad son” since they already disowned him. Teresa thanks Giovanni for sharing his past with her, and he guides her around the town until it gets dark.

Before they go home, Teresa asks Giovanni to invite her again next time.. and that’s when she finally remembers about their investigation. She panicks since they spent the entire day having fun instead of working, but Giovanni replies with “investigation? did I say that?” lol. He thought she already realized it along the way, so he’s surprised that she didn’t notice at all up until the end. Why yes, the “investigation” is also a lie just to ask her out on a date. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ While Teresa says she’ll accept even if he invites her normally, Giovanni doesn’t think it would be as amusing. Inviting her for “work” makes her more serious, which also means she’ll be more fun to tease. He doesn’t feel guilty at all for lying, and she can’t say anything either because she enjoyed their date. When Giovanni asks if she’s tired and wants him to carry her on his back, Teresa gives up and goes home with him.

A few days after their date, Teresa has been going around asking the knights about Giovanni. She learns that Giovanni is indeed a brilliant liar who lies as often as he breathes, but most of them can accept his personality just fine. Gerhard and Walter say Giovanni won’t tell any lies that can hurt people; Kiefer thinks Giovanni’s an interesting man as long as he’s not the victim; while Cain and Eugene praise his swordsmanship.. though they don’t like his frivolous attitude as a troops leader. Teresa also thinks it’s okay to be tricked as long as she can see Giovanni’s smile, but she brushes the thought aside saying that’s not the problem. Suddenly she hears a voice asking “then what’s the problem?”, and she turns around to find Giovanni sitting behind her. He says he knocked but she didn’t answer, so he just went inside lol.

Giovanni knows that Teresa has been asking around about him, but he’s happy because that means she wants to know him more. Since Teresa told him to ask her out “normally” last time, today he’s here to invite her for a date. He also gives her a present: a white dress they saw at the dress shop before, along with a pair of white shoes. Teresa is embarrassed since she never wore such a pretty dress before, but Giovanni drags her out while ニヤニヤ-ing at how beautiful she is. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ After riding a private carriage to town, Giovanni takes Teresa to watch an opera in the expensive theatre. How he got that much money is beyond her, but he tells her not to think about it. Because he’s a prince and she’s his princess. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

They also visit a flower shop after the opera, where Giovanni starts hitting on the shop owner just to make Teresa jealous.. and it works. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Giovanni then buys a white flower for Teresa and puts it on her hair, which sends her heartbeat through the roof. He keeps staring at her and asks why she’s blushing, so she covers it up by saying she’s thinking of giving him a flower too. Of course he knows it’s a very bad lie, but he’s happy with her feelings. Teresa then picks a fire-red flower — which reminds her of Giovanni on the battlefield — and puts it on his chest. This only makes her blush even more though, since he touches her cheeks and tells her to look at him. (❤ฺ→艸←) He only stops when her stomach grumbles, and he laughs as he takes her to an expensive restaurant in town.

Teresa is surprised upon seeing the restaurant’s gorgeous entrance, but she decides to trust Giovanni and agrees to go inside. When she asks what he would do if she refused, suddenly he carries her up saying “I’ll take you there by force.” (。→∀←。) Obviously Teresa panicks and asks him to put her down, so in return, Giovanni asks her to link arms with him until they reach their table in the restaurant. Then he walks really slowly on purpose so they can link arms for a bit longer. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* After lunch, Giovanni takes Teresa to the dance floor and teaches her how to dance — even though she keeps stepping on his foot lol. Teresa feels happy and everything is going really well, until Giovanni suddenly calls the restaurant manager. When he mentions that he saw the manager in an illegal casino before, the manager got scared and lets them have lunch for free. Giovanni keeps saying he’s only stating the truth and doesn’t blame the manager, but in Teresa’s eyes what he did is nothing more than blackmailing.

Teresa then takes Giovanni outside into a back alley, where she asks if he blackmailed a lot of people for their date today. He tries to explains that it’s a misunderstanding, but she cries and walks away from him. Even though he keeps saying he only wanted to make her happy, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. When Giovanni hugs her shoulder and asks for the reason behind her tears, Teresa answers it’s because she was really happy to spend time with him. She really felt like a princess today and he was as charming as a real a prince, so it hurts her to know that there are lies involved behind their dreamlike date. It feels like waking up abruptly from a pleasant dream. Before leaving, she tells him “that’s so mean of you.. if you’re going to trick me, then deceive me until the end.” As she runs back home, Teresa realized that she’s in love with Giovanni. The flower he bought falls from her hair, but she doesn’t pick it up.. and he doesn’t chase after her.

Some days later the knights finished their mission in Curia. Leviath reveals his true identity to the knights, and everyone becomes busy with preparations for the revolution. While Teresa is occupied with their supplies, the knights have been taking one mission after another. Including Giovanni. She’s been avoiding him since their last date, but she keeps thinking of him even on her day off. Teresa isn’t the only one though, since everyone (except the “pure” Gerhard and Walter) notices that Giovanni has been acting strangely as well. Ka-Fai saw Giovanni looking pissed as he trained with his troops, but soon he joins them in the lounge for tea time. While he sits beside Teresa as if nothing happened, he doesn’t talk to her and goes to make a nasty tea for himself. He keeps insisting that there’s nothing wrong despite the awkward air between them, so after a short argument with Ka-Fai, everyone decides to leave them alone.

Even though Teresa actually wants to apologize, an awkward silence flows between her and Giovanni. None of them say anything until Maria comes looking for Teresa, and she can feel a lonely stare as she leaves the lounge. That night, Teresa starts regretting avoiding Giovanni. Eventually she decides to confess to him before he leaves for another mission, but suddenly one of Giovanni’s men comes to deliver a package for her. It appears that Giovanni already left and won’t be able to return for a while, but he left a present for Teresa — the white flower he bought for her, placed neatly in a glass box. She also finds a letter of apology inside, and she cries upon reading that he wants to apologize while he still has the chance to do so. Giovanni has been working on the battlefields to prepare for Leviath’s revolution, and he doesn’t know when he can see her again. Or if he can see her at all.

However, Teresa then finds another page that says it was only a joke. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He will definitely return safely, and he’s asking her out for another date after his mission is over. Then he signed the letter with “From Giovanni, for my beloved princess.” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Teresa goes “stupid Giovanni!” upon reading everything, but then she laughs and wishes for him to return soon. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

On the night before the revolution, Giovanni finally visits Teresa in her room. He admits that he missed her so much he couldn’t concentrate in battle, but she’s acting cold because she’s still unsure about trusting him. Giovanni then leaves since he only wanted to see her face before their final battle tomorrow, and realizing that her chance to confess is walking away, Teresa finally turns around to chase him.. and she instantly bumps into him lol. He never really left her room. He was just standing behind her, waiting for a chance to give her a surprise hug. Who would have thought that she’d come to hug him first? (❤ฺ→艸←) Since Teresa keeps crying on his chest, Giovanni then asks her to look up and kisses her on the lips. He asks if the prince’s kiss has woken the princess up from her nightmare, and when she says “I’m still sleepy”, he kisses her again. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

As Giovanni hugs her in his arms, Teresa asks him to deceive her forever. She doesn’t mind his lies as long as she can see his smile, and she also feels that he might turn those lies into reality. Giovanni says he’ll grant anything she wishes for, but he also has one wish for her: “Please stay with me forever. Allow me to protect you, because I can’t hand you to anyone else. I want to protect you with my own hands.” (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Her only options are “hai” and “yes”, but Teresa is happy with his wish and won’t ever say no anyway lol. Teresa asks him to return safely from the battle tomorrow, so Giovanni laughs saying he’ll pack his tail and run away if things get dangerous. He’s about to tell her how he feels, but then he stops and says he’ll save the confession until the war is over to motivate himself. Giovanni then leaves before Kiefer or Cain notice that he’s skipping tomorrow’s preparations, and Teresa sends him off with a smile. Their confession will have to wait until next time, but she knows he feels the same.

The next day, Cain tells Teresa to stay in the ship. She won’t be able if she gets attacked on the battlefield, so her task is to guard their home with the other members who have no combat skills. Before the war starts, Teresa sends everyone off outside the imperial capital. Giovanni looks upset and apologized for leaving her alone, but Teresa gives him the white flower as a charm and asks him to come back safely. She returns to the ship after that, and a day passed with the knights still fighting in the capital. However, a wounded soldier from Giovanni’s troops soon comes with a bad news. Leviath’s knights lost to the imperial army, and now they have to depart before the imperial army attacks their ship — Cain’s order. Teresa refuses to leave without the knights, even though they don’t know if the knights are still alive or not. She insists to go to the capital alone, so eventually two soldiers (from Kiefer and Cain’s troops) agree to take her there.

Instead of taking Teresa to the capital, the soldiers take her deep into the forest. They drop the formal way of speaking there, revealing that they hid a small ship around this area. When they see the main ship leaving, the soldiers laugh saying they wanna survive. The main ship will be a bait to lure the imperial army away, while they’re going to escape safely with Teresa as their “playmate”. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Why Teresa? Simply because she’s the knights’ favorites. They tell her the knights are dead and nobody would hear her scream here, but suddenly a trump card flies to pierce their arms. A familiar voice tells them not to be so rough with his lady, and Teresa cries happy tears as her prince walks out of the shadows.

Giovanni is injured and the soldiers draw out their swords to “send him to hell”, but Giovanni says he can’t show such an embarrassing sight in front of his princess. A prince will come to save his princess from the bad guys, so he kills one of the soldiers and threatens the other to point out the location of their hidden ship. The soldiers then flees in fear, and Giovanni hugs Teresa saying everything is alright now. Giovanni also asks if she needs a charm to wake her up from the nightmare, but Teresa asks him to stay like this for a little longer. When she says she was really scared thinking he died on the battlefield, he answers he won’t die and leave her alone. Even if he dies, he’ll come back to life just to protect her. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Despite his marvelous entrance, Giovanni actually searched through the entire forest to find Teresa. He went back to the main ship with the remaining soldiers, but then he heard that she went out with some soldiers. It took him quite a while, but he managed to find her just in time. Sadly, what the soldiers said to her was true. The revolution was proceeding smoothly until a certain traitor turned some certain magician troops against them, and that’s when their coup d’Etat plan suddenly crumbled apart.

After a short silence, Giovanni says it was Gerhard who saved his life. They were protecting each other’s back as usual, but Gerhard then suddenly said “you have someone to protect, go home!” and punched his head from behind. Giovanni was knocked unconscious, and when he opened his eyes, he finds himself outside the capital with the survivors. However, Teresa can tell that Giovanni is hiding something else from her. At first he tries to cover it up, but finally he gives up and tells her the truth. While he doesn’t know what happened to the other knights, he does know about a certain someone’s death.. and Teresa can guess what he’s going to say. Renaud died protecting Leviath from the enemies, but both of them know he must be honored to die for Leviath. Even though Giovanni uses vague words so she won’t be sad, deep down Teresa realized that their friends are really gone and probably won’t ever return.

Noticing the sad expression on Teresa’s face, Giovanni tells her that she’s not alone. She still has him. Since they don’t have a home anymore, Giovanni then asks Teresa to elope with him. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ When she blushes and asks why he uses “elope” out of all words, he replies with “Why? Don’t you want to marry me? Even though I look like this, I’m actually a family man.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The term “love escape” doesn’t work on her either, so Giovanni finally holds Teresa’s hands and says “Will you come with me? If I’m with you, I can overcome any hardships.” *:..。o(O*´∀`*♥)o。..:* Teresa answers that she wants to stay with him too, and Giovanni puts the white flower on her hair before they ride the ship. No matter what happens, he’s going to protect her from now on.

Happy Ending

Six months after the revolution, Giovanni and Teresa are travelling from one planet to another. They didn’t hear any news about their friends getting captured or executed, so they’re hoping to meet them again someday. One day, Giovanni asks Teresa to visit the casino with him. He’s obviously a pro in gambling, and he makes so much money by winning a poker game ten times in a row. Of course Giovanni also cheats to keep winning, so when his opponent finds out, he quickly flips the tablecloth and takes Teresa to escape lol.

As they run back to their ship, Teresa says she’s going to give him a good scolding once they reach the next town. Giovanni says he might run away, but she knows it’s a lie because he’ll never leave her side. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He laughs saying it’s true, and he goes “I love you and I want to stay with you forever!” in the middle of the street. (❤ฺ→艸←) Even though Teresa is a bit worried about their life, she enjoys living with Giovanni more than anything else. She hasn’t confessed to him yet, so once they reach the next town, she’s going to present that fire-red flower to him and tell him “I love you.”

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

The ship suddenly departs and Teresa learns that their coup d’Etat failed. She asks the pilot to go back since the knights are still in the capital, but he refuses to go against Cain’s order. As the ship takes her further away from the capital, Teresa can only cry because she’s all alone now. Giovanni hasn’t told her how he feels yet, and she hasn’t got the chance to confess to him either — their feelings remain untold until the end. All she can do now is to hope that her prince is still alive and will come to pick her up someday.

What should I do. I don’t wanna move on to the other routes. I just want to repeat Giovanni’s scenes and ending over and over again. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Giovanni quickly became my favorite because of his playful personality, but I didn’t expect him to be so princely. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Once he starts calling Teresa his princess and tries his best to make her happy, it sends me into a ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ paradise up until the end lol. The romance starts pretty early and the route feels really short, but I’m not complaining since I’m 100% satisfied. Or maybe not yet since I can’t have enough of Giovanni. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

..and now here I am, stalling Eugene’s route because I’m still busy fangirling over Giovanni.


24 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Giovanni

  1. Kyaa he is so adorable, I admit I played this game for Levi ( he is out of the frame now). Giovanni, and Shiona. And Giovanni is not disappointing, I love his cheerful side and also what a trickster he is lol

    The story still has a sad side, even though it is happy ending for both of them. But why his route is so short :(( I demand a FD please xD xD

    • Just to let you know, the revolution will always fail in each knight’s individual route. I wonder if it will actually succeed somewhere? Maybe in Leviath’s route? (´・ω・`A;)

      Giovanni has the shortest route out of all six knights. At first I thought I’m just biased, but his chronicle is really the shortest. He has the lightest main issue too. I guess it’s great since it means more romance.. but it’s not enough lol. I also demand a FD please. 8D

      • Oh my so in any other route it will fail, hope it wont in Levi route xD So he is the shortest , kinda make me sad since he is one of my fav xD

        Btw who is your fave guy here? Mine is Giovanni, Levi, and Shionna xD

        • Obviously Giovanni. 8D
          Even after playing the other routes, my eyes keep chasing after him and I always go (*ノ∀ノ)キャー whenever he appears lol. I also like Eugene and Sionna.

    • Around 3-4 hours since Giovanni has the shortest route.
      Yes, the omake CG gets unlocked after clearing his route. I’m a bit sad that it’s simply a CG and not a scene though. xD

  2. Aww Giovanni is too sweet! It never occurred to be that he’d be the princely type lol xD The omake pic is so cute *-*

    I’m hoping for a FD! Here’s hoping for a Levi route!

    • I never thought he’d be the princely type either lol. I was interested because he’s fun, but it turns out to be a strike through the heart. Now I can’t stop fangirling over him. 8D

      Yes, FD please! More Giovanni please! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

  3. that look with that kind of personality is against the rules here D= he is nice and all but also cruel too =x

    i just started the game and the first things i thought of was “the heroine’s name is spoken *yay* ^^” then it was “ew Renaud’s voice is soooo bad”

    • Well, he’s a brilliant liar lol. Usually I don’t like characters who trick you, but Giovanni is different because he’s more playful than deceiving.. and he’s a prince, so that’s instant love for me. xD

      Also, you’re the 3rd person I know who complains about Renaud’s voice lol.

  4. Giovanni is such a sweetie…I mean a prince! I was actually expecting his route to be a bit heavier. I love the part where he asks Teresa to elope with him and tells her he’s a family man despite his appearance. XD

    Oh and the omake CG is nice, too. Teresa getting back at Giovanni for his tricks, ufufu~ ! Giovanni has a gorgeous sleeping face (at that buttoned down shirt)!

    Yay, Eugene is next!

    • I know right. The other knights have heavy pasts / routes, but Giovanni’s is so fun and light with all of those dates. I was ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ing so much during that elope scene. He’s both a prince and a family man.. perfect. ♥

      That omake CG.. don’t you wanna unbutton everything? 8D *shot*
      After seeing this, I just can’t get my eyes off Giovanni’s chest. Please excuse me for being a pervert lol.

  5. This is what I call the Morikubo syndrome: I either love him or not in otome games. Good thing this is one of the times I do like him lol even though he’s a liar and all that _| ̄|○
    I feel so bad for Leviath though. His revolution has to fail like what, 6 times? (one time for each knight) you can’t help but want to give the poor guy a hug (at least I want to lol)

    That omake is perfect~ Teresa is so awesome~ am I seriously the only one who didn’t mind Renaud’s voice? I even thought it was kinda cute~
    Oh man, Eugene…I should go get those buckets now (person who cried rivers)

    • Actually, 7 times if you count the first one.. lol. Poor guy. Here in Giovanni’s route I still felt sad when the revolution fails, but as I tackle more guys it’s becoming like “oh look it fails again, okay.. now go look for your guy, Teresa” ._.;

      I don’t mind Renaud’s voice either. Sure it’s high-pitched, but the boy is only 13. It’s not ear-piercing either, so I thought his voice is cute. :3

      Eugene’s ending made me cry buckets too lol.. *hands you a giant bucket*

      • ( ´Д⊂ヽエーーン I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS /shot.
        Why do I keep thinking about Rise when I hear Renaud? I know the seiyuu is the same but lol that’s so extreme.

        Bawww, I’m so emotional. This is why I shouldn’t get near games where people die a lot

        • LOL REIKA. Now I keep imagining Renaud with twin tails whenever he appears. 8D I agree though, this game is heartbreaking if you can’t stand sad endings. ;__;

    • Yeah, but after seeing the revolution fails 7 times in a row.. maybe you’ll get used to it? I didn’t feel as sad anymore in Kiefer’s route, which is my 6th route in the game .__.;

  6. I had to stop and think wherever the snow was part of the CGs or on your page. ;A;

    Hmmm, haven’t tried this game yet but will check it out when my friend’s copy comes. :) The sad ending reminds me of Hakouki for some reason, especially with Kazama’s route where Chizuru finds out that the Shinsengumi guys died. :( But the omake CG made up for it. :”D Her expression. Hahaha.

    • LOL sorry. I can turn it off, but I want to keep it falling until January 4. xD; Yeah, the sad endings are called “sad” for a reason. It’s depressing at first, but after going through the failed revolution 3-4 times in a row, I sort of got used to it. It’s still sad though since their coup d’Etat keeps failing up until the end.. orz

      • Lol, don’t apologise silly! I just confused for a sec there hahaha.
        ‘Sides it a nice change when I’m experiencing summer at the moment. :Db And it’s quite pretty. :)

        It’s different eh? I was thinking, ah sad they’re not as sad right, considering it’s an otome game and they won’t make angsty. But then read through your comments and thought, oh oh. :( When they mean, sad, they really mean it.

        How many routes are there in the game? Considering you mentioned the Knights route which are 12 right?

  7. Man I wanna play this game so bad. Giovanni sounds like my type, the trickster with a heart,pretty boy and princely. Kyaaa I can see
    myself fangirling hard over him.

    • Play it if you have the chance. xD
      Only a few people I know have played Maren no Rokukishi, and it made me sad because it’s actually pretty good if you don’t mind Leviath’s route screwing the ending lol. I’d say forget Leviath and fangirl over his subordinates instead. Like Giovanni. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

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