Maren no Rokukishi – Eugene

Next up is Eugene, because he steals my attention somehow. He’s actually really gentle and kind beneath that emotionless exterior, so I wanted to see what kind of romance he will bring.

The leader of the Gekkou (“月光 / Moonlight“) troops. 21 years old. Eugene is a good-looking, cold young man who devotes himself entirely to Leviath. He’s incredibly loyal and is willing to go to extreme lengths to carry out Leviath’s order. Eugene doesn’t trust Teresa at first, but he has a soft spot for Renaud and protects him during their missions. Eugene’s main weapon is a sword, but he also has assassination weapons and tricks hidden up his sleeves.

During their week off in Curia, Teresa finds Renaud and Eugene in the lounge. Renaud has to attend Leviath’s magic lesson, and Teresa gets into an argument with Eugene because she’s worried about Renaud’s health. Before she can apologize, suddenly Teresa senses a strange presence coming from the forest. Eugene goes to check the area, and that night he returns to inform them about an underground cave entrance in the forest. Cain then asks Renaud to join Eugene in the cave investigation, but sadly Renaud got a high fever the next day. He cries and feels really bad, so Teresa promises to go and help Eugene in his place. While Eugene smiles and agrees to take her along, he turns cold the moment they leave Renaud’s room. Obviously he only said it to make Renaud feel better, since he has no intentions to take Teresa on such a dangerous mission. This causes them to get into another argument, but eventually he gives in and lets her come along. Even though he won’t take any responsibility if she gets into danger.

As they walk through the forest, Teresa feels really bad for taking out her anger on Eugene. She apologized to him, but he only answers with a cold and simple “I don’t mind”. Thinking that she doesn’t know much about Eugene, Teresa then asks him to tell her more about himself. It doesn’t have to be something big, since she’ll be satisfied just by knowing what he loves and what he hates. However, Eugene says it’s not necessary because she already knows. She just doesn’t realize it. Teresa always prepares tea and sweets to match everyone’s different tastes, and she always gives Eugene the flower tea he loves. It might seem trivial, but she’s is the only one who knows that side of him.

Upon reaching the cave entrance, Teresa opens the sealed door just by touching it. It wouldn’t even budge when Eugene touched it yesterday, but she keeps unlocking the doors as they go further into the cave. They find a strange object in the deepest part of the cave, and a hidden passage reveals itself when Teresa touches the object. Despite Eugene’s warning, she runs into the hidden passage and falls into a hidden trap hole. (´・ω・`A;) Teresa can hear Eugene telling her to look before she leaps from the ground above, but instead of helping her to climb out of the hole.. he walks away and tells his men to return to the entrance.

Obviously Teresa panicks thinking Eugene is leaving her behind, but soon he comes back with a rope to take her out. When she cries in his arms, he apologized for his lack of words. Their only rope was left outside the cave, so he just went to get it without saying anything. Eugene says he only saved Teresa because Renaud will be sad if anything happens to her, but he’s gently patting her head at the same time. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 After they get out of the cave, Eugene says the entire cave might be an ancient trap to lure magicians during the war. Teresa didn’t notice earlier, but there are human bones on the bottom of the hole. The thought of staying in a hole with human remains terrifies Teresa, and Eugene gently hugs her shoulder when she subconsciously clings to him. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ They return to the ship after sealing the cave’s door, and Eugene promises to keep Teresa’s “failure” a secret from everyone else lol.

A few days later, Eugene comes to talk to Teresa at night. It turns out that Renaud scolded him for leaving Teresa in the hole without saying anything, and he told Eugene to apologize to her. Since he wants to give her something as a form apology, Eugene then invites Teresa to go out with him tomorrow — which is also their last day off. He asks if she has a place she wants to visit, and when she says she wanna visit the town, he smiles saying he’ll prepare a carriage for them. The next morning, Teresa meets up with Eugene in the lounge. She thought they’re going to take Renaud along, so she’s surprised when he says it’s just the two of them today. In other words.. a date. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Eugene takes Teresa to the plaza in town, where they have tea in a cafe together. Because of what happened in the cave, today Eugene has a present for Teresa: a protective gem he found during a mission. He tells her it’s a charm that will protect its holder from danger, so she thanks him saying she’ll keep it with her all the time. When Teresa asks if he’s worried about her, Eugene blushes saying it’s because she’s reckless and often gets into danger. She thinks Renaud is even more reckless than she is, but he laughs saying she’s actually really similar to Renaud. Eugene knows that both Teresa and Renaud are hardworkers, and Teresa feels that despite his cold exterior, Eugene is always watching over them.

Since Teresa asks Eugene to choose their next destination, he takes her to a small stationary shop. Eugene buys a pretty letter set for Teresa, and they also choose a present for Renaud together. Before going home, Teresa thinks it would be nice if they can visit the town together again someday. Then just like he’s reading her mind, Eugene tells her not to worry — they will. Even though he only asked her out because of Renaud’s request, today he feels happy to see her smile. They can see the beautiful sunset on the way home, and he’s hoping to see more of her smile as they gaze at the scenery together. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

One week after their break ends, Renaud and Eugene are back from a long mission. Renaud seems tired from the long journey, so Eugene asks Teresa to take care of Renaud as he goes to report to Cain. The fatigue also causes Renaud’s mind to go unstable, and that night Teresa can feel his presence wandering out of the ship. She goes to check his room only to find him gone, but before she can chase after him.. the cloaked man from before enters the room with a sleeping Renaud in his arms. Even though she’s scared to death, Teresa takes Renaud’s rod and tries her best to chase him away. However, the cloaked man catches Teresa when she stumbles. His gentle arms feel strangely familiar, so Teresa asks “Eugene?” and takes off his hood — revealing a troubled Eugene behind the cloak.

When Teresa asks him to explain, Eugene honestly admits that he didn’t want her to know that Renaud has been destroying Leviath’s barriers subconsciously. Teresa feels terrible because she can actually sense Renaud’s presence walking around at night, and yet she didn’t realize this sooner. Eugene also explains that something similar happened back in Dune, and Teresa cries upon realizing that everyone has been trying to protect her from the harsh truth. Eugene wipes her tears saying she’s protecting Renaud properly, but he pulls his hand away when Teresa calls him “kind”. As they watch over the sleeping Renaud together, Teresa remembers that Eugene said Renaud is really similar to him. Eugene knows Renaud has a huge scar in his heart, and that’s why he can’t leave Renaud alone. Teresa wonders if Eugene is suffering too and asks him to get some rest, but he only says he’s fine.

The next day, Eugene and Renaud got a day off after their mission. Since Teresa doesn’t have work at noon, the three of them take a walk in the forest together. When Renaud goes to play in the river, Teresa asks Eugene about how he survived from the cliff back in Norg. He smiles saying he used a very thin rope to get out of her sight, and he admits he’s having fun creating tricks to deceive their friends lol. Eugene then goes to check up on Renaud in the river, but he returns when he notices Teresa crying from afar. She tells him she’s happy upon seeing such a happy scenery, but he says their “happiness” is a little different than what she’s thinking of. After calling Renaud to come over, Eugene places Renaud between them and gently touches Teresa’s shoulder — showing her this is happiness and she’s a part of it. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Eugene and Renaud can fight with ease because Teresa is always there to support them, and they’re willing to do anything to protect their happiness.

Since Renaud wants to pray, Eugene and Teresa take him to the church after that. Eugene is praying for Leviath’s victory as usual, but when Teresa asks if Leviath is also a part of their happiness, he says Leviath is different. Leviath is a god for Renaud and him. He might be just a normal human in Teresa’s eyes, but people’s opinions regarding each other might change as they make more decisions in life. Eugene’s eyes turn cold when he mentions about “a choice that determines one’s path in life”, and Teresa wonders if Eugene had to make a life-changing decision in the past.

Soon Renaud finishes his prayers, telling them that he prayed for Teresa to smile more. When she thanks him, Renaud goes “it’s not just me, Eugene said he loves your smile too!” and adds “uh.. was that supposed to be a secret?” upon seeing Eugene blushing beside them. (❤ฺ→艸←) Eugene admits that it’s true though, because it would be even more embarrassing if he tries to hide it now lol. He turns to face Teresa and tells her “please allow me to protect your smile, so we can keep his happiness forever.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ While Eugene thinks of Teresa as a radiant existence that keeps their spirits alive, for Teresa, Eugene is the light that keeps her shining all the time. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After their mission in Curia, Leviath reveals his true identity and objective to his knights. They become busy with preparations, and they start taking one mission after another. Teresa can only meet Eugene between his missions, but it’s really obvious that they care a lot about each other. Noticing that Teresa is growing romantic feelings towards Eugene, Kiefer warns her to be careful. Eugene will do anything Leviath orders him to do.. including killing his own fiancee in the past. Teresa finds it hard to believe because Eugene is a really kind man despite his cold exterior, but it bothers her so much she ends up avoiding him. Obviously Eugene is confused and follows her all the way into the forest, where she finally asks about his past. She knows there must be a good reason behind this, and she wants to hear how he truly feels.

Even though Teresa is afraid that she might be hurting him, Eugene is willing to share if that’s what she’s wishing for. Eugene’s hometown is Gaia, a port town located between Shiva and Yurinia. His parents died in a traffic accident when he was small, and he was taken in by his father’s friend — the mayor of Gaia. They provided everything he needs, and he did his best in everything because he didn’t want people to look down on him. He became number one in everything he does, and everyone loved him because of his nice personality.. but deep inside he was really tired and lonely. Nobody knew the real him. His days felt so empty, and he kept waiting for someone who can set him free. Someone who can see the real him and needs him for who he truly is.

Eugene finally found that someone when Leviath came to Gaia. It was on the day of Eugene’s engagement party with Amelia, his childhood friend and the daughter of his foster father. She only loved Eugene’s façade just like everyone else, and he was only acting to fill the image of an “ideal lover” she wanted from him. That evening, Eugene heard Leviath’s voice and ran out of the mansion to find him. Eugene felt a strong bond to Leviath right from their first encounter, and three days later he decided to follow Leviath. At first he was a bit hesitant since following Leviath means throwing everything else away, but he knew he would only die inside if he lets go of the chance — he’ll be stuck in those empty days forever.

However, Amelia then noticed that Eugene was gone from the mansion. She chased after him all the way to Leviath’s place, where Leviath asked Eugene to “cut the ties” to his old life.. and so he killed her with no hesitation. Eugene has been working for Leviath ever since, devoting himself faithfully for the man. He has absolutely no regrets, so it’s okay if Teresa wants to tell Renaud about his past. Teresa notices that Eugene’s eyes look really sad, but when she asks “will you kill Renaud and me if Leviath orders you to do so?” ..he says “yes” without any trace of doubt. The shock causes Teresa to say she doesn’t understand him, so Eugene sadly says she doesn’t have to approach him if she’s scared. If she needs something from him, she can send a message through the soldiers. Eugene then leaves before Teresa could say anything, and she cries alone in the forest.

Later on, Teresa goes to Giovanni for some advice. From him, she learns that Leviath wants
to use Eugene to rule Gaia in the future. Gaia is a holy land that’s been supporting the empire for a long time, so it will be a precious ally once Leviath takes the throne. The people of Gaia already thinks of Eugene as their future mayor thanks to his façade, and Leviath recruited him for that reason. Eugene also became a troop leader because he does his job well, but none of them expected him to be so devoted to Leviath. The only one who can understand his strong devotion is probably Renaud, because he also worships Leviath like Eugene does.

Since Teresa has no idea about the role of Eugene’s Gekkou troops, Giovanni then explains that they’re obviously Leviath’s assassins. Their job might hurt Eugene’s soul even more, but then again Eugene is willing to do anything for Leviath — including dirty jobs. Despite Eugene’s undying loyalty towards Leviath, Giovanni believes a god alone won’t be able to fill someone’s heart. People needs someone who can stay beside them and heal their hearts.. and everyone knows that for Eugene, that someone must be Teresa. She’s still confused and shocked right now, but Giovanni asks her to think about it if she still wants to follow Eugene.

Even though Teresa still talks to Eugene after that, Renaud notices something wrong because they won’t look into each other’s eyes. He also points out that Teresa looks sad, while Eugene seems really tired lately. Since Renaud looks like he’s about to cry, she admits that she was a little scared of Eugene’s strong devotion towards Leviath. However, Renaud opens her eyes by saying Eugene is really similar to him. Even though they worship Leviath, Teresa and their friends are equally important for them. If she’s not scared of Renaud, then there’s no reason for her to fear Eugene’s devotion. This makes Teresa realize that she’s been forcing Eugene to choose between Leviath and her, and she feels really guilty for asking such a question to him. Following Renaud’s advice, Teresa writes a letter of apology for Eugene. With the letter set he bought for her.

The next day, Renaud delivers a reply letter from Eugene to Teresa. In his letter, Eugene says it’s true that he commited a great sin.. but he has no regrets because that sin set him free. He doesn’t have to act anymore after following Leviath, and he’s happy with his current life since he can be himself. Teresa accepts the real him without expecting anything in return, and he’s really grateful about her decision to fight alongside the knights. Eugene is willing to do anything to protect this happiness, and he asks Teresa to watch over him. Reading his letter makes her feel a lot better. It’s not easy for her to accept his past, but now she can smile at him again.

A few days later, Teresa is checking their supplies in the storage. She hears someone talking on the corner of the training grounds, and she approaches them to hear two men exchanging information. Or rather.. someone from their troops leaking internal information to a messenger. Before she could even react, suddenly a man comes out from the shadows and knocks her unconscious. Her scream is heard by the knights, but sadly the man holds her as a hostage and kidnaps her as he escapes with a carriage.

The moment Eugene hears about this, he immediately runs off to chase the carriage. Eugene quickly catches up with them, but knowing Teresa’s importance to him, the man orders him to commit a suicide or else he’ll kill her. Teresa panicks when Eugene takes out his sword, but then he gently whispers “don’t move” and slashes the man with his golden rope the moment she stops moving. Eugene then hugs Teresa and she cries in his arms, but when she looks up.. she notices that he’s quietly crying tears of relief as well. Teresa passes out soon after the knights arrive, and Eugene carries her home on a carriage. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

While Kiefer thinks Teresa is Eugene’s weakness, Giovanni knows she makes Eugene even stronger. Kiefer might not understand, but they will be able to see it in the upcoming revolution. Sadly even though they know there’s a spy among them, they don’t know his identity because Teresa only heard his voice. It’s hard for the knights to doubt their friends, but they have to be careful and watch out for everyone around them.

That evening, Teresa wakes up to a nice scent and finds Eugene putting flowers in her room. When she says she was really scared thinking he’s going to kill himself, he touches her cheek saying he won’t die. He already promised to protect her, and he will always keep that promise — just like how he protects her today. Teresa also notices that the gem Eugene gave her has broke into half. It really protected her from danger, so next time she’s going to look for a good “resting place” to bury the gem. Eugene then tells Teresa to go back to sleep, and he kisses her forehead as he says goodnight. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

On the night before the revolution, Teresa goes to visit Eugene in his room. Noticing that she’s on the brink of tears, Eugene touches her cheeks saying it’s okay to cry if she feels worried about the final battle. Teresa refuses saying she’ll save the tears for their victory celebration, and he laughs because it means she’s going to cry a river of tears after the war.. but it’s okay because he’s going to comfort her until she stops crying. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Only those who can fight are allowed to enter the battlefield, so Eugene asks Teresa to wait in the ship for their return. He promises to protect Renaud with his life, but she tells him not to say such things because she can’t bear the thought of losing him. Instead of fighting until he dies in battle, it’d be much better if he fights so he can return to her side safely.

Eugene is surprised, but then he blushes and admits he feels happy that Teresa is willing to wait for him. He promises to return safely with Renaud — because they’re his “home”. When Teresa cries beside him, Eugene pulls her closer and kisses her forehead saying he’ll always protect her smile. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*´艸`*)―ン。o+゚ Teresa then admits she never thought she’d fall in love with Eugene, considering their encounter was the worst lol. Eugene jokingly says he’s a mean person who can kill her under Leviath’s order, but Teresa knows it’s a lie. She tells him nobody would ever destroy their “home”, and he laughs because she’s right. Eugene’s dream is to see Leviath taking back his throne, and once they reach that dream.. he’s going to create another dream with Teresa.

The next day, Teresa sends everyone off outside the capital. She waits in the ship and prays for everyone’s safety after that, but she can sense a really strong magic power coming from the capital. It’s even stronger than Renaud’s and Leviath’s, and obviously she’s worried about
her friends on the battlefield. When she goes to calm herself down in the lounge, suddenly a
wounded soldier comes to inform everyone that the revolution failed. It was going well at first, but they got surrounded by the imperial army after Leviath and his knights entered the palace. Cain ordered the ship to depart just in case something like this happens, but Teresa refuses to leave without the knights. Ignoring the soldiers’ warning, Teresa sneaks out out the ship and rushes to the capital looking for the knights. She almost got captured by the imperial guard, but luckily Gerhard and his troops arrive just in time to clear the path for her.

As she drives her carriage into the capital, Teresa senses Renaud’s presence and follows it all the way to the burning palace.. where she finally finds Eugene carrying an injured Renaud out the the flames. Eugene explains that Johannes betrayed them, and Renaud got hurt upon protecting Leviath from Vahn’s magic attack. It’s not too late to save Renaud’s life, so Eugene asks Teresa to take Renaud out of the capital and treat his wounds. Eugene needs to return and assist Leviath in battle, so he can only apologize when Teresa begs him not to leave. His “god” is still fighting inside — he just can’t leave. However, Eugene then promises to return to her side and seals the promise by kissing Teresa on the lips.

Before going back into the burning palace, Eugene asks Teresa to wait for him with Renaud. Teresa can’t remember clearly what happened after that. All that she knows is that she took Renaud out of the capital with her carriage, and she cries saying she won’t forgive Eugene if he doesn’t return safely.

Happy Ending

A few months later, Teresa and Renaud are travelling around the capital. Renaud is now fully recovered, but they don’t know what happened to the knights after that. He also lost all of his magic power, though he’s glad because he can look for a new path in life — a path that won’t make Teresa worry. One day, Teresa and Renaud visit a big hospital near the capital, hoping to find some clues about the knights. He tells her not to worry because Eugene must be alive somewhere.. which is true, because they find Eugene standing in the hospital garden. Before Teresa can call his name, Eugene notices their presence and greets them with a gentle “good day, may I know who you are?” Both Teresa and Renaud are shocked, so Eugene apologized saying he lost all of his past memories. ゥヮ━━。゚(゚⊃Д;゚)゚。━━ン!! He was found unconscious in the forest a few months ago, and he was taken to this hospital. Judging by the wounds on his body, it seems that he fell from a high place and hit his head. 。゚(*゚ノД`゚*)゚ ゚。

Eugene heard from the doctor that Teresa and Renaud are looking for their missing friends, so he kindly invites them to have tea together. Despite the shock, Eugene’s peaceful smile makes Teresa realize that he can finally feel at peace after losing his memories. All of his sin and pain are sealed along with his memories, so she feels glad that he can have a new life. There’s no need to force Eugene to remember everything, and they can start over from scratch until the day those memories find their way back to his mind. Even though he doesn’t remember them, Eugene notices that Teresa and Renaud are looking at him with a kind gaze. When he asks if they know him, she answers that they’re his family.. and they’re here to pick him up. Renaud tells him that his name is Eugene, and they finally ask him to return home with them. He smiles and thanks them, saying he’s happy to know there are people who were waiting for him.

Teresa also thanks Eugene for keeping his promise, and he hugs her shoulder as he asks her not to cry. However, Renaud tells him it’s okay because she’s crying happy tears. She’s been holding back all of her tears for the last few months, and now she can finally cry again after finding him. After hearing Renaud’s words, Eugene then tells Teresa “cry until you’re satisfied then, but please smile again after that.. because I love your smile.” OMG even after losing all of his memories, Eugene’s feelings for Teresa stays. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Now that Eugene has finally returned, the three of them can walk towards the future they’ve been dreaming for.

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

After Renaud recovers, Teresa returns to Norg with him. They don’t know what happened to the knights, but there are rumors about some of them getting captured and executed. Renaud completely lost his sight along with his magic power too, so Teresa can’t sense his presence anymore. Both of them received a huge mental wound from the revolution, and Renaud feels guilty for being unable to save Eugene. Teresa knows she needs to stay strong for Renaud’s sake, and he tells him not to give up hope. They go back to their home in Shiva, and they keep waiting for Eugene to return to their side someday.

Eugene’s route made me cry a river of tears, especially in his good ending. I was expecting a sad ending towards the end, but that ending is absolutely beautiful. ゚+。:.゚(泣´・д・、)゚.:。+゚ While Eugene acts really cold and keeps suspecting Teresa at first, he’s really kind and gentle once they grow closer. I really like how none of them says the word “love”, but you can clearly see their feelings through the way they talk to each other. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Eugene speaks in a cold monotone most of the time, so it’s really nice to hear him growing more and more gentle as he falls in love. (❤ฺ→艸←)


15 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Eugene

  1. T_T its sad, the good ending is sad i am losing my will again to play this game
    its beautiful but so sad, i guess as long as hes alive its alright but i think they need a fandisk for this one
    cant wait to read the next review

    • If you can’t stand sad endings, then this game isn’t for you. Maren no Rokukishi has a LOT of sad / bad endings lol. The sad endings in each guy’s route break my heart too. ;__; I honestly think they need to make a fandisk to satisfy all of those heartbroken Leviath fangirls out there.

  2. See? This is why I told you I should go get a bucket…gawd I cried rivers again. I’m glad he’s ok at the end but losing the memories they created still hurts (。┰ω┰。) the difference in the facial expressions before and after is amazing though. Who could have thought that Eugene could have such a soft expression in his face? Gosh I am loving this man more than I should, I need to stay faithful to Sionna…

    This is me waiting for your next review: (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) who are you doing next?

    • I’m doing your favorite next. 8D

      Eugene always has that gentle expression whenever he’s with Renaud, and sometimes in front of Teresa too.. but I’m glad to see him looking peaceful all the time in the end. Even though it also breaks my heart at the same time because all of their memories are gone. 。゚(*゚ノД`゚*)゚ ゚。 I wish they’d make that omake an extra scene and just not a simple CG.

  3. O.o I don’t expect Eugene turned to be a sweet guy lol. His route is heavier then Giovanni but it is sweet story. The happy ending one is feels sad too since he lost all his memories.

    I really hope the other missing knights are still alive ^^

    • It’s never explained what happened to the other knights. In some routes Leviath is simply described as “missing”, but there are rumors about some of the knights getting captured and executed. Giovanni.. ;__; ← (still in the wrong universe)

      Eugene being such a kind man is really unexpected, isn’t it? xD
      At first he seems to be a cold, emotionless man, but who would have thought that he’s actually really soft and gentle inside lol.

  4. As expected, Eugene is so sweet! Although, I was a bit sad that Eugene lost his memories…I feel that it’s for the best because now he can be at peace and start over. I love the fact that he still loves Teresa even after he lost his memories. It shows how important she is to him. ^^

    • Yes, and that’s what I find beautiful. It’s sad, but at the same time it’s good for Eugene because he can finally feel at peace. When Eugene said he loves Teresa’s smile, I cried yet another river of tears because his feelings don’t change even if he’s amnesiac now. ;____; Eugene’s loyalty / gentleness is probably the reason why I love him much more than I expected lol.

  5. It’s a harsh situation though. Even though the ending is sad, when you see Eugene’s expression and realize that, without his memories, he can truly be happier…it almost feels like that wishing for his memories to return is actually wishing unhappiness on the guy >A<

    It's frustrating! ARGH. That aside, I have to say this route is the one that really feels like a proper family, with Teresa and Renaud supporting Eugene. God they're all so cute I just want to hug them. And cry. Maybe both.

    • It’s complicated isn’t it? 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
      At first I was like “nooo he lost all of their memories together!” too, but then again Eugene looks so much happier.. and I start thinking the way Teresa does. As long as he’s happy.

      OMG yes Eugene, Teresa and Renaud make a perfect family together. That omake CG.. I wish we get to see a happy scene instead of just a CG. ;___;

  6. I cried after reading this lol. I’m biased to “cold hearted-cum-gentle” men like Eugene and the ending was so bittersweet ;_; I have to say I did like the fact that he lost his memories so that he could start over and have a new beginning with Teresa. Its always harder to be truly happy when you have a baggage of pain and sadness that you continuously have to drag for the rest of your life. Ultimately it’ll just weigh you down and you can never be content.

    The tear jerker for me was that Eugene “remembered” his love for Teresa (saying his loved her smile) although his memories were completely wiped out. Ahh I’m feeling the tears coming out!! xD

    • Oh, you’ll definitely cry if you saw the actual scene then. xD It’s sad how he lost all the memories they shared, but yeah I love the ending because he can have a fresh start. Aside from his past, Eugene was also shackled down by his loyalty towards Leviath. While I feel sad that he doesn’t remember his “god” anymore, I’m also happy because Eugene is now free. ;__; This route / ending gave me so much emotions lol.

  7. The happy ending was somewhat bittersweet for me…Is it better to have forgotten the memories of the past? Including the good ones? Or start all over again, remembering nothing? Personally,I would have preferred him to remember. But, of course,we each have our own opinions… Still… -conflicting emotions-

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