Maren no Rokukishi – Sionna

It’s Kaji time! ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ Sionna was the reason why I played this game, though I end up loving Giovanni instead lol. Kaji uses his low voice here, so it’s heaven if you’re into his lower range.

The leader of the Daten (“堕天 / Fallen Angels“) troops. 15 years old. Sionna is a genius who loves reading and researching, but his extremely high intelligence caused him to commit a sin in the past. He always feels lonely and empty because of this, not to mention he also has the tendencies to stay detached from people. Despite leading the sniper troops, Sionna fights with a knife in the battlefield. He’s actually quite inexperienced in direct war or battle.

During their week off in Curia, Teresa senses a strange presence coming from the forest. It’s similar to Renaud’s, but she can tell it’s not him. She goes to ask Cain and Sionna in the library, and they decide to ask a member of Shisai who was born in Curia. From him, they learn about an ancient ruins deep in the forest. Rumors have it that the ruins was created to seal a strong magic stone inside, but nobody knows if the rumors are true. Cain and Sionna are planning to investigate the ruins and ask for Teresa’s help, though they need a few days to prepare. She agrees and excuses herself from the library, saying she’s going shopping to town. However, Sionna then notices her walking towards the forest carrying a food basket — she’s going on a picnic to check the ruins alone.

Even though Sionna is reluctant to approach Teresa, he chases her all the way into the forest just to warn her to be careful.. or so he said, because Cain knows he’s actually worried about her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Sionna is running out of breath when he caught up to Teresa, so she gives him some water and asks him to rest for a while. He blushes upon realizing that he just ran out of their ship just to chase her, but he denies it when she asks if he’s worried about her. Teresa notices the change in his expression and apologized if she said something wrong, but Sionna looks away and only tells her not to approach him. She asks for the reason, but before he can answer, suddenly she feels the strange presence nearby. The ruins might be closer than they expected, so Sionna gets up and follows Teresa deeper into the forest.

After walking in silence for a while, eventually they find a cave entrance in the forest. Sionna goes inside to check, and Teresa follows him soon after since the cave is absolutely empty. It seems like a simple cave, but Teresa finds a secret passage upon touching the wall — leading them to a hidden room with a strange object inside. The strange object doesn’t react to Sionna, but the moment Teresa touches it.. suddenly some huge boulders come rolling down to block the cave entrance. Obviously she panicks and tries to run towards the entrance, but he stops her knowing there’s another trap beside the boulders. Sionna then picks up a rock and throws it towards the entrance, and his suspicion is proven true when suddenly a magic laser burns the rock into dust. Luckily this also disarmed the laser trap, but now they’re trapped inside the cave with no way out.

Since they can’t remove the boulders, Sionna tells Teresa to sit down and wait until someone comes to help. He wonders if they’re going to die in this cave, but then he adds that he’s not scared of death. He just wants to know the meaning of death and what lies ahead after you die. Thinking that Sionna is worried, Teresa then hugs him saying everything will be okay. The knights will realize that they’re gone from the ship, and they will definitely come to save them. Sionna feels bad and apologized for not examining the cave carefully, but Teresa says it’s her fault too for being so careless. They decide to play a word game to pass time, and Teresa lost because Sionna knows she’s really pure and simple — just like Renaud.

Sionna falls into silence again after that, so Teresa focuses her concentration and senses the strange presence coming from the strange object. Following Sionna’s advice, Teresa touches the object again and opens another secret passage. This one leads them to a hidden chamber with a rare magic gem on a glass pedestal, and that’s when Sionna realized that the ruin was built to seal the magic gem. Different from a regular magic stone, a magic gem has tremendous power. It’s really dangerous if someone uses that power as a weapon, so it was sealed here to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

However, Teresa then takes the gem off the pedestal and hands it to Sionna. If the gem is that dangerous, then leaving it in his hands will be for the best. By now he already figured out the trick behind the magic traps too, so he uses the gem’s power to remove the boulders blocking the entrance.. and they can finally get out after spending a few hours trapped inside. Teresa is impressed by his broad knowledge and logic, but Sionna says they won’t be able to get the gem without her magic power. As they walk back to the ship, Teresa remembers that Sionna hasn’t told her the reason why she shouldn’t approach him. She missed the chance to ask him about this, but she decides to leave it for now. After all, they grew a lot closer today.

Upon returning to the ship, Sionna instantly gets absorbed in his research. The story of their “adventure” has reached Kiefer as well, and he snickers saying it’s so fortunate that Teresa is alright after spending a long time alone with Sionna. He’s hinting that something terrible will happen if she gets too close to Sionna, but suddenly Sionna enters the lounge saying there’s no need to worry about that. He’s not close to Teresa, and he doesn’t have any intentions to get closer either. Teresa is shocked upon hearing his rejection, but Sionna doesn’t even look at her. Soon Renaud comes to take Sionna and Walter to the library, and Eugene helps Teresa to turn down his invitation to join them. After they left, Eugene says it might be better to keep a distance between herself and Sionna for a while. He can’t tell her the reason behind Sionna’s actions, but he knows Sionna needs some time to think.. and so does Teresa, because she’s currently shocked and confused. It’s for their own sake.

A few days after their week off, Renaud asks Teresa to help Sionna with his research. The knights are currently busy with missions, and Renaud is worried because recently he doesn’t have time to charge Sionna’s magic stones. Besides, he also needs to save his magic power to charge their ship. He feels bad since Sionna can’t charge the magic stones by himself, and so he’s asking Teresa to help Sionna in his place. Even though Teresa is a bit reluctant at first, she agrees knowing the distance between them would only grow larger if she keeps avoiding Sionna. Teresa goes to talk to Sionna when he returns from his mission, which surprised him since he said terrible things to her last time. When Teresa says she’s happy to hear that he’s actually concerned about her, Sionna admits that he feels guilty for saying such things to her. He asks if she doesn’t want to know the reason behind his actions, but she says she won’t ask him anything unless he’s willing to share. Sionna finally smiles saying he wanted to ask for her help too, and he blushes when she happily holds his hand. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

The next morning, Teresa comes to Sionna’s room to help with his research. He explains that he’s planning to create replicas of the magic gem, and first he wants her to charge the gem to determine its maximum volume. Just like how it was with the ship, Teresa can only charge the gem once because she can’t control her power yet. Sionna tells her to get some rest, and she falls asleep while he searches for a way to control her magic power. Later on, Sionna wakes her up and explains that magic control is related to the user’s emotions. Teresa is expressive and emotional, and it might be the reason why she can’t control her magic power properly. It’s just a theory though, so he asks her to try charging while changing expressions.. and then he laughs upon seeing her “one-hundred faces” performance lol. Sionna is aware that he lacks emotions, so he’s jealous of her rich expressions. However, he quickly ends their research when she points out that he’s smiling too. Teresa wonders what could be the key to unlock Sionna’s heart, but everyone else notice that he has a gentle expression when he’s with her.

Some days later, Teresa brings some tea and food to Sionna’s room. He didn’t come out of his room since yesterday, so Cain asks Teresa to remind him about his mission tomorrow. Eugene also asks Teresa to tell him or Cain of something happens with Sionna, but she thinks they’re just worried about him. Soon after Teresa enters his room, suddenly Sionna looks startled and turns his back on her. When she asks him to have tea together, he apologized and asks her to leave for now because he’s busy with research. The moment Teresa leaves, Sionna reveals that he’s actually holding a knife the whole time.. and he’s terrified upon thinking what he was about to do to Teresa with that knife. It’s hurting him, and he needs to do something before he gets taken over by his dark desire.

That night, Sionna visits Teresa in her room. She’s shocked upon opening the door, because he’s holding a dead duck and a bloodied knife. Sionna says it’s a “necessary material” for his research and asks for her assistance to dissect the duck, but Teresa can only stare in horror. He then says his research involves dirty and scary things as well, so she won’t be able to be his assistant if she gets scared by this kind of thing. Sionna then turns around and leaves, but he’s surprised when Teresa chases him saying she’ll do her best to help him. If they need to cut up animals corpses, then she’ll hold back until she gets used to the job. She’s willing to do anything, as long as she’s allowed to help him. However, Sionna sadly says he can’t do that. When she asks why, he answers “because I hate you” and runs off.. but not before Teresa notices his tears. As she stares at the empty hallway, she whispers “Sionna, tell me the truth. Why are you avoiding me? Do you suffer that much because of me?”

After their mission in Curia, Leviath reveals his true identity and goal to the knights. Everyone become busy with preparations after that. The knights are busy with missions, while Teresa is occupied with her support job. Sionna is still avoiding her as well, so one day she goes to clean Renaud’s room to distract her mind. Meanwhile, Cain and Sionna have just finished their mission on another planet. While it’s hard to produce enough magic stones for the revolution, Sionna mentions that his research has been progressing smoothly. Cain knows that he’s been thinking of Teresa all the time, but Sionna sadly whispers that it’s impossible for him after all. Even though Cain thinks Sionna has changed and learned more emotions thanks to her, Sionna doesn’t trust himself. He doesn’t know what will happen to Teresa if she stays around him, and that’s why he’s pushing her away. Right after Cain left, Sionna quietly whispers that he actually misses Teresa a lot. Just then the magic gem reacts to his feelings, and it warps him to Renaud’s room in the ship — taking him back to Teresa’s place.

At the same time, Teresa is wondering if Sionna is doing fine. She’s surprised when a strange light suddenly appears, but she’s happy to see Sionna coming out from that light. At first she thinks he’s looking for Renaud, but he hesitantly admits that the gem warps him here because he wanted to see her. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Sionna tries to run away and plans to warp back to Cain’s place, but he gives in and decides to stay upon seeing Teresa’s happy smile. His mission with Cain is over anyway, so Teresa sends a message to Cain informing Sionna’s return and asks Sionna to just relax for today. He asks her to tell him how to relax properly, which means he wants to spend the day with her, so she takes him to visit a bookstore in town. He looks so happy as he gets absorbed in the books, and he gives her a more detailed explanation about the magic gem. It has enough power to warp back and forth between two planets, but they can only warp to places they have visited before.

After leaving the bookstore, they visit a small hill on the outskirts of town. While Teresa enjoys the scenery, Sionna keeps looking at her saying he had fun today.. and he doesn’t want their time together to end. The more he wants to monopolize her, the more he wants to confirm “the end of her life”, and he can’t fight against that desire anymore. Teresa notices how Sionna’s eyes suddenly turn emotionless, and he apologized before pushing her off the cliff. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Teresa manages to hold onto the cliff and cries for help, but Sionna only stands there looking at her with a cold gaze. Even more than the fear of death, the pain on her fingers, or even the shock from the attack, she’s really scared to part with him. She screams “I don’t want to part with Sionna! I want to stay with you!” just before she falls, and luckily it brings Sionna back to his senses. He quickly grabs her hand, and then he uses the magic gem to warp them to the grassy field below.

When Teresa opens her eyes later, Sionna apologized saying this is the reason why he told her not to approach him. He should have told her sooner, but he admits that he didn’t want her to know. Sionna then tries to leave saying he won’t approach her anymore, but Teresa grabs his hand and asks him to explain. After apologizing once more, Sionna finally comes back and sits in front of Teresa saying he’ll tell her everything right from the start. Everything, including the sin he commited in the past.

Just like Teresa, Sionna was born and raised in Norg. He lived in a farm in Metamoria with his parents and his older sister — Kelly. Ever since he was small, Sionna has been interested in death. He wants to know the limit between life and death. He tried to find the answer by killing insects and small animals, but his actions only escalated because he still couldn’t understand the meaning of death. Obviously his parents were scared and avoided him, but Kelly’s love for his brother never changed.. until eventually Sionna killed her as well. She came to sleep in his room one night, and he suffocated her with a pillow until she died. His parents covered up the murder saying Kelly died because of an illness, but everyone still avoided Sionna after that. In their eyes, he’s nothing more than a psychopath murderer.

Sionna was always alone both at school and at home, and he finally met Cain when he buried his “best friend” — a bunny he ended up killing as well. When Cain asked what he’s doing, he suddenly cried and told him everything. Cain then invited Sionna to join Leviath and his knights, hoping he can find the answer by seeing a lot of wars and death with his own eyes. On the day Sionna left to join the knights, he only received a bag of money from his father. None of the villagers were there to see him off. He’s been staying with the knights ever since, but he still doesn’t understand the meaning of death even up until now.

Sionna then admits that even though he loves researching, his research is only a way for him to avoid people. He doesn’t want to get too close to anyone fearing that he might kill them, but he can’t run away from Teresa because she’s special. Sionna realized this back in the cave, and he’s been suffering from his own feelings ever since. Even though he tried to hold back, he ends up coming back to see her again — just like how it was with his spatial teleportation. However, Teresa says she feels happy with his feelings. It would be a lie if she says she’s not scared at all, but she believes Sionna can win against himself.. so he should trust himself too. Sionna then asks if he can stay with her, and he finally smiles when Teresa asks him to always stay by her side. Teresa knows Sionna treasures her a lot, and he promises to do his best to protect her. He tells her to run away if he ever loses his senses again, and when she jokingly says “I don’t mind getting killed by you”, he blushes saying that’s such a killer phrase. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

As they walk home holding hands, Teresa asks Sionna not to deny his past anymore. It’s true that he committed a sin, but that’s also a part of himself. Even though he has to carry that sin, he can always walk forward from now on. Sionna says he joined the knights to atone for his sin, but he’s slowly changing thanks to Teresa. Her words also give him a hint about his magic gem research, and he gets the idea of creating magic gems from regular magic stones instead of making one from scratch. Teresa smiles upon seeing Sionna’s “researcher mode”, and she borrows the magic gem he’s carrying for a moment. Much to Sionna’s surprise, Teresa fully charges the gem only in one shot. He asks why she can do it so easily compared to before, but she only winks and keeps the reason a secret. She wanted to help his research before, but right now it’s different because he’s an important person to her.. and her feelings for him helps stabilizing her power.

When they returned to the ship, Sionna asks Teresa to help with his research again starting from tomorrow. Before leaving the lounge, he blushes saying he still doesn’t understand the meaning of life, but now he can walk forward to protect her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Eugene comes to the lounge not too long after Sionna leaves, and he seems happy to see his relationship with Teresa. Eugene says Sionna needs someone to support him in life, and he also says that he’s actually supporting their relationship. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

The next evening, Sionna visits Teresa saying Cain allows him to focus on his research. With her help, they might be able to produce enough magic gems for the revolution. Since Renaud is also in Teresa’s room — writing a letter to his mother — both of them ask Sionna to write one for his family too. At first Sionna refuses saying his family will only suffer if he contacts them, but he gives in when Teresa tells him to face his past. Besides, he won’t have any chance to do so once the revolution starts. Teresa thinks Sionna needs time alone to write the letter, but he asks her to say until he’s done writing his letters. After asking his subordinate to post the letters, Sionna and Teresa take a walk outside.

Noticing that Sionna wrote two letters, Teresa asks if he wrote separate letters for his father and mother. It turns out that the second letter is actually addressed to Kelly, because he has a lot of things to say even though she’s no longer alive. Sionna also has a letter for Teresa, and she reads it as he sits beside her on the grass. The letter expresses all the things he couldn’t say to her directly, starting from how grateful he is to have her by his side. He apologized for doing such a terrible thing to her yesterday, but he’s happy that she didn’t run away from him. Even though there’s still a lot of things he can’t understand, right now he knows that she’s an important person to him, and he doesn’t want to lose her. It’s not easy for him to change, but he wants to accept these new changes — because he wants to “shine” like Renaud and her. Sionna is aware that his heart is lacking something as a human, but he’s hoping his feelings can reach Teresa properly.

After she finishes reading his letter, Teresa hugs Sionna saying his heart isn’t lacking. All of his warm feelings have reached her properly, and that’s the proof that he has emotions too. When she asks if he still doesn’t understand the meaning of life, he admits that he’s not sure because there’s a lot of “unknown feelings” inside of him. Realizing that Sionna is in love with her, Teresa decides to answer his love. Right now he still doesn’t know that those “unknown feelings” are called love, but Teresa wants to stay with Sionna and support him forever. He holds her hand beside her, and she looks up at the starry sky above — wondering what she looks like in his eyes.

A week after Leviath’s revelation, Sionna and Teresa are busy producing and charging their magic gems. Sionna has been working extra hard on everything, but he says he sleeps and eats normally so Teresa won’t worry about him. They manage to finish everything two days later, but Sionna eventually faints from fatigue during a meeting. Knowing Teresa also used up a lot of power to charge the gems, Leviath tells her to rest along with Sionna. When Sionna wakes up later, he tries to join the meeting again despite his condition. The knights are his only home, so Sionna wants to fulfill his role for their sake. She tells him that Leviath and everyone are worried about his health, and he finally gives up when she says staying healthy is a part of their job. Since Teresa refuses to rest saying she’ll watch over him, Sionna pulls her onto his bed so they can rest together — holding hands. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*´艸`*)―ン。o+゚

Lying next to Teresa reminds Sionna about Kelly. He tells her that they used to sleep together when they were small, reading books and eating sweets together before bed. They believed
that shooting stars would give them nice dreams at night, so they often looked at the night sky hoping to see shooting stars. After hearing about his childhood days, Teresa asks him to have tea under the starry sky next time. They can look for shooting stars together, and Sionna says he might be able to find a lot of shooting stars with her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* The two of them have a peaceful night under the blanket after that.

On the day of the revolution, Teresa is worried because Sionna is still feeling unwell. He only rested for a while before going back to his research, so obviously he’s not healthy enough to fight on the frontline. Since Teresa wants to support Sionna on the battlefield, Giovanni asks Sionna to stay on the back with Teresa and the support troops. They already provided enough magic gems for everyone, so Sionna shouldn’t force himself to lead his troops. The members of Daten are worried about their leader too, so they ask him to rest on the back — they’ll do all the fighting for him. Besides, they also have Giovanni and his troops fighting in front of them. Sionna finally agrees to stay with the support troops, asking their friends to do their best on the battlefield ahead.

Even though they can’t see the frontline directly, Teresa and Sionna can see thunders striking from the sky as Leviath’s troops use their magic gems to wipe out the imperial guards. Sionna believes nobody can win against the knights in terms of strength, but he’s not sure if they can win against the emperor. That’s why he worked so hard on the magic gems. When they reach the capital, the gate has been destroyed with thunder and the imperial palace is burning up in flames. This is the scenery Sionna has been wanting to see — war, massive destruction and massacre. He asks what Teresa thinks of this scenery, but she simply tells him “we made a mistake”.. and he knows she’s right. The magic gems are truly destructive weapons, and they realize the gems only bring tragedy instead of anything else. It can’t be helped though. They’re in the middle of a revolution after all.

In front of the palace, Sionna and Teresa join Leviath’s solders to guard the entrance from the swarming enemies. Teresa is worried, but Sionna tells her to stay close to him. She can close her eyes if she’s scared, because he’ll keep his promise to protect her. Sionna then uses his magic gem to summon thunders and wipes out all the imperial guards outside — burning even the buildings around them into ashes. However, Sionna then realized that Teresa is gone from his side. All he can see around him are mountains of corpses, and he can’t find her anywhere in his sight. Since Teresa doesn’t answer when he calls out to her, Sionna starts having a lot of negative thoughts. What if Teresa is buried under these corpses? Did someone attack her when he was busy wiping out the enemies?

Sionna continues searching for Teresa while calling out her name, crying and begging her not to leave him alone. Fortunately, he finally finds her beneath the rubble nearby. She apologized for not answering because she was buried, but he’s really glad that she’s alive. When Teresa says she’s fine because he protected her, Sionna hugs her and cries out of relief. He finally understands how it feels to lose someone important, and he admits he was beyond terrified upon thinking about her death earlier. As she hugs the crying Sionna in her arms, Teresa feels happy that he can finally learn the meaning of life and death. She doesn’t know who to thank in this situation, but she feels grateful that Sionna can cry these warm tears now.

Happy Ending

Suddenly they see a bright white light shooting up to the sky. When Sionna says it’s the sign of surrender, Teresa’s heart sinks knowing the revolution has failed. They return to the ship after that, but Leviath and the remaining knights are still missing in that burning capital. There are no signs of them returning, so Sionna then commands the ship to leave the imperial capital before the emperor orders anyone to capture them. Both Sionna and Teresa know the knights and Leviath will never surrender, which also means the troops lost their leaders somewhere along the way and decided to give up.

As they sit in the lounge, Sionna wonders if the knights aren’t scared of dying. He just learned the fear of death himself, so he wants to know if their friends feel the same way. Teresa tells him that everyone fears death, but that’s why they live their lives to the fullest. The happiness they gain in their lives allows them to move forward without fear, and she knows that must be how the knights are thinking. Teresa then asks if he still doesn’t know the meaning of life, and Sionna shakes his head saying he already understands — because he feels alive beside her.

Sionna admits he was scared to let go of someone precious, so he always killed them before he lost them. Sionna didn’t understand anything before, but right now he knows that he was wrong.. because he fears Teresa’s death even more than losing her. He still can’t understand the warm feelings inside of him, but he knows that he wants to live with her forever. He feels that he can find a lot of answers with her. Sionna then hugs Teresa’s shoulder and asks her to stay with him forever, saying he will be able to change slowly with her by his side. When Teresa nods and says she’s happy, Sionna finally kisses her on the lips. The warmth makes him feel relieved, and he kisses her again after saying it’s the proof that they’re alive.

When the ship reaches Norg, Sionna and Teresa get off and return to their home planet. They take a carriage to Metamoria after that, finally reaching Sionna’s farm home a few days later. Sionna is reluctant thinking people still sees him as a cold-blooded demon, but Teresa tells him they won’t know until they try. Besides, she knows that the current Sionna will be able to tell them how he feels. Teresa believes his parents are waiting for him, and Sionna finally smiles and nods. Then he takes her hand as they walk towards his house.

It might be hard for his parents to forgive his sin, but she will always be here to apologize with him. Even though Teresa can feel his finger shaking in her hand, she knows Sionna is trying his best to walk forward.. and she feels really proud of him. After gathering up his courage, Sionna finally grabs the doorknob and opens it — saying “I’m home” as they enter the house.

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

After seeing the sign of surrender, Sionna and Teresa try to escape along with the soldiers. Sadly the flames are trapping them in front of the palace, so Sionna apologized since it seems impossible for him to protect her in this condition. Teresa is ready to die with him in the flames, and Sionna hugs her asking if she wants to return to her hometown. When Teresa says she does, he suddenly takes out his magic gem and uses the remaining power to send her back to Norg. ゥヮ━━。゚(゚⊃Д;゚)゚。━━ン!! He used up most of its power though, so he won’t be able to go with her. Sionna admits that he doesn’t want to be apart from her, but he wants Teresa to live and keep smiling. The gem then warps Teresa back to Shiva, and she cries saying she’ll wait for Sionna to come and see her again someday.

While the last revolution scene feels sort of anticlimactic, Sionna’s route has that certain warm feeling I can’t quite explain. Especially the ending. While we can’t see what happened after he meets his parents, that omake CG perfectly answers everything. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* I think Sionna has the best character development so far, and I enjoyed this route a lot because he’s so cute when he blushes. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ It’s unclear when he starts falling in love with Teresa, but it must be pretty early because his eyes were already set on her at the start of the route. It might be from the end of chapter one, because that’s their first scene together. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.


16 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Sionna

  1. \(T∇T)/オカエリー
    /has so many emotions inside her now.
    God I love you <3 thank you so much really for taking the time to write reviews for those who can't fully understand the game~

    OK so back to my baby~ I think his route isn't as war-heavy as the others and focuses more on his own personal problems, but I think that's what makes him unique…which in turn makes me go O(≧▽≦)O whenever I see him orz. That blush should be illegal, I feel like such a pervert for, er, perving on a 15 year old /shot

    The omake is really nice, too~ since Sionna has been doing so many experiments and stuff for a long time, Teresa is giving him a change to experience other things~ o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o

    • I love you too for always reading my tl;dr posts ♥

      I agree, Sionna has a unique route in terms of pace. It doesn’t follow the same template since he actually stays back with Teresa, and the revolution actually focuses more on himself rather than the coup d’Etat itself. Poor Leviath lol. For me Sionna doesn’t feel like a younger guy at all, which is why I suddenly feel like a giant shotacon upon realizing that he’s only 15.. orz

      A peaceful life in the countryside farm is such a perfect ending for Sionna. Now that he already learned the meaning of death, he can stop researching and put his talent to cooking instead. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

  2. So cute~ And I just realized I’m 3 years older then him…but he doesn’t seem the least bit like a shota to me. I don’t know how to explain it, but Sionna’s appearance is so cute anf fluffy. I find his route heavier than Eugene’s and has less focuse on battles. I’m happy that he was able to overcome his problem and go see his parents (which I give credit to Teresa as well). I love the omake CG very much!

    • That’s also how Giovanni described him in the drama CD. Cute and fluffy, though he was wearing a woman’s costume at the time lol. Sionna’s route feels heavier because he has an unresolved issue, while Eugene’s route focuses moe on how Teresa deals with his past and devotion. :3

  3. its a nice route, didnt feel sad at all but i feel kinda bad for Leviath cause the revelation failed yet again, just how many more times is he going to fail? o and i was wondering if Leviath has a route or not, i feel bad since his plans fails everytime i just hope atleast if he has his own route it wouldnt fail =x

    • At this point I honestly stopped caring about the revolution lol. Looking at how things go, I’m sure the revolution will fail 7 times in a row. xD;; I wonder if it will actually succeeds in Leviath’s route? If it doesn’t, wow.. poor Leviath lol.

    • Both Sionna and Eugene have a shocking past, so playing them back to back might be a good idea. 8D I can never hate a character just because of his past, so Sionna’s past didn’t bother me at all. I actually felt sorry for him, it must be tough when his high intelligence and curiosity gave him troubles. :<

  4. Wait he’s a guy? I thought he was a girl when I saw him in the CGs you posted. Wow, in all my years of playing these games, this has never happened to me, especially since I like girly guys. He and Eugene have a pretty sad past, do the other routes have a happier feeling?

    • I don’t blame you. He looks prettier than Teresa lol.
      Sionna, Eugene, Kiefer and Cain all have a sad past, while Giovanni and Gerhard’s routes feel lighter and more relaxing. All of them have happy endings though, if you ignore the failed revolution and the missing knights. xD;

  5. Sionna Sionna, you’re too beautiful to kill xD He doesn’t look like he’s the type to commit such a sin. Lol he looks too cute to do something like that. Physically Sionna isn’t my type. But his voice is lol (Can one just fall in love with a voice?)

    For some reason reading his route makes me all fluffly and warm inside :3 Plus I love the omake pic! Its so adorable ^-^

    • Just as Teresa described him, Sionna looks like an angel. :3
      Usually I don’t like guys who are prettier than the heroine too, but Sionna is different because I really like his personality. Okay, personality and voice lol. I think a warm farm life is such a perfect ending for Sionna. :D

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