Maren no Rokukishi – Gerhard

Since I’m leaving Cain and Kiefer for last, Gerhard is next on the list. It’s been a while since the last time I heard Hiyama’s voice in otome games, so I keep getting Tokimemo GS flashbacks lol.

The captain of the Kairyuu (“海竜 / Leviathan“) troops. 22 years old. Gerhard was a pirate, so his troops members are actually his loyal pirate crews. Huge, lively and proud of his physical strength, Gerhard loves telling “spiced-up” stories of his adventures. He spends most of his time among men, so he doesn’t have much experience in handling women. Gerhard wields a giant cutlass in battle, and he’s unbeatable in terms of physical strength. Maria’s older brother.

During the week off in Curia, Maria invites Teresa to go to the sea together. Today the Kairyuu troops are sailing, and Gerhard wants Teresa to come along. He’s obviously too embarrassed to ask her out, so Maria invites her in his place. As they feel the sea breeze together, Teresa asks how did Gerhard and his crews joined the knights. Gerhard then starts bragging just as usual, but luckily Maria is there to keep the facts straight lol. From them, Teresa learns that the Kairyuu Pirates were famous in the Metamoria Sea. They used to hunt sea serpents to make money and food, and they were hunting too when they spotted Leviath’s ship sailing nearby. The ship was heavily guarded by a lot of soldiers, so Gerhard led his crew to attack the ship thinking they can get some treasures.

After Gerhard challenged the owner to come out and face him in a duel, eventually Giovanni walked out to accept his challenge. They thought it was a joke because Giovanni looks weak, but he’s obviously much stronger than they expected. After a long duel, Gerhard managed to knock Giovanni’s rapier off his hands.. but he had to admit defeat because Cain has sneaked into their ship and held Maria as a hostage. However, Leviath then came out and ordered him to release Maria. Gerhard was ready to face death back then, so he was really grateful when Leviath recruited him and his crews instead. Teresa thinks it’s so manly of him to talk about his past with a smile, and she can tell that Maria and Gerhard really treasure each other.

Upon reaching the destination beach, Maria hands a swimsuit to Teresa and forces her to get changed. It’s her first time visiting a beach, so it won’t be fun if she doesn’t swim! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Teresa is shy because her body isn’t as curvy as Maria’s, but Gerhard and his crews are all amazed upon seeing her in a swimsuit lol. Maria soon joins the crews to catch some fish, so Gerhard carefully guides Teresa into the water. While she can’t swim into the deeper areas, she’s really excited to see colorful fish and corals underwater. It’s far more beautiful than the pictures she saw in her books, but Gerhard says the Metamoria Sea is even prettier.

After a while, Gerhard notices that the wind are getting stronger. A huge wave then comes to swallow Teresa, but thankfully he protects her before she gets dragged into the sea. He asks her to stay still for a while until the tides grow calmer, but she gets embarrassed and breaks out of those “reliable arms”. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Teresa still wants to stay with Gerhard on the beach though, so he holds her hand saying this will keep her safe. She also asks him to take her to the sea again next time, and he agrees to do a pinky promise with her — as long as she keeps this a secret from Maria.

After taking all the fish they caught back to the ship, Teresa watches Maria as the she throws the inedible fish back into the sea. Teresa says it’s dangerous since the fish might hit someone nearby, but Maria tells her not to worry since only a fool would get hit by all of these fishes.. and soon they hear Gerhard going “Ouch! Why did this fish fall from the sky!?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ That evening, Teresa joins Maria, Gerhard and his crews for dinner. She asks if they always did things like this on their pirate days, and he says it’s true. Their days were filled with a lot of food-hunting, and they would have a party if they caught a lot. When Teresa jokingly says she wants to join their pirate life, both Gerhard and Maria welcome her with open arms. One day if they go back to become pirates again, they’re going to take her along. She can bring Renaud too, since Gerhard and Maria will take care of them.

A few days after their week off, Teresa meets Gerhard when he returns from a mission. He says he’s got a present for her, but realizing that he left it back in his room, he runs off to get it. Since he’s not returning after a while, Teresa then decides to visit Gerhard’s room as well.. where she hears loud noises from inside. Despite Gerhard’s attempts to keep her out, Teresa goes into his room and immediately understands why he asked her not to come in. His room is incredibly filthy, with so much stuff scattered around they can hardly find a place to step on. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Maria already gave up scolding him since he has zero intentions to clean his room, but Teresa manages to convince Gerhard somehow. Besides, they might be able to find the present as they do some cleaning up. At first it was tough since there are so many garbage lying around, but thankfully Maria then comes to help along with Gerhard’s crews.

Thanks to Teresa’s guidance, Gerhard’s room becomes really neat and clean by the end of the day. Gerhard himself only stays in the corner though. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He kept breaking things up when he tried to help, so Maria told him to stay away and don’t disturb them. Poor guy. xD Maria then asks why they suddenly started cleaning up, and it finally reminds Gerhard that he actually kept the present neatly in a drawer. Which means Maria and the pirates’ effort was for nothing lol. Ignoring Maria’s protests, Gerhard then searches through the drawer and pulls out the present for Teresa — a seashell pendant he made just for her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When Teresa notices that the shell has the same color as her eyes, Gerhard nervously laughs and says “What a coincidence! I-It’s not like I searched for a shell that matches your eyes!” Such a bad liar. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, he admits he braided the string carefully so it won’t break, and he also uses gold for the clasp so it won’t rust.

Happy with the present, Teresa asks Gerhard to put it on. She gets nervous with him being so close, but he tells her to stay still until he’s done.. and all she can think about is how she can kiss him if she looks up. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ He tells her to be careful not to lose it, and she promises to take a good care of the pendant. Gerhard blushes when Teresa says it’s her no.1 treasure, but Maria then pulls them out of their own little world lol. She’s still in the room along with the crews, who then starts teasing Gerhard about his blooming romance with Teresa. They also ask which part of her does he like the most, and this continues until he yells “stop it! starting from tomorrow, all of you will have extra training!” (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He asks for Teresa’s help, but she only laughs saying it’s really fun to spend time with them.

That night, the knights finish their mission in Curia. Leviath reveals his identity and objective as usual, and everyone becomes busy with preparations. Three days later, Giovanni and Walter tell Teresa that Gerhard is looking for her. She returns to her room after that, where she finds him waiting in front of her door. Since Gerhard is free tomorrow, he’s asking her to go to the sea again. This time it will be just the two of them, and they’re going to have a date hunt some sea serpents. Teresa accepts the invitation, so they sail away on Gerhard’s ship early in the morning. When she asks why he suddenly wants to go to the sea, he says it’s to remember the day Leviath saved his life. He’s indebted to Leviath, so he wants to help the man up until the end. Gerhard then takes out a knife and ties it onto Teresa’s hip — just in case she needs protection. He doesn’t think she needs it though, because he’s here to protect her.

After sailing for a while, Gerhard spots a sea serpent near a rocky beach. He warns Teresa not to approach the sea serpent no matter what, and then he goes to behead the serpent by himself. However, something unexpected occurs when Gerhard turns around and waves at Teresa. Another serpent suddenly appears, and Gerhard gets hurt when it suddenly attacks him from behind. Teresa tries to save him by throwing her knife to the creature, but obviously it only results in her getting tail-whipped towards the nearest rock. The attack sends Gerhard into rage mode, and he kills the serpent almost instantly. After that he runs over to check her condition, but then he gets angry at her for doing something so dangerous. Teresa says she wanted to protect him, but Gerhard tells her that “protecting” can only be done by people who are strong enough to protect themselves. If she gets hurt trying to protect him, then he’d rather die without her protection. They return home in complete silence, and Teresa feels really sad because she can’t do anything to help. She can’t just close her eyes when her friends get in danger, but is that the right thing to do?

On the night before the revolution, Teresa tries to talk to Gerhard again. She comes to visit his room, but then she sadly leaves when he says he’s busy. He doesn’t even open the door for her, so naturally she thinks he’s still angry and doesn’t want to see her. Teresa keeps thinking about Gerhard during a meeting with Maria, so eventually Maria squeezes the truth out of her. While Teresa is afraid that Gerhard hates her after what happened, Maria tells her that there’s nothing to worry about. Her brother will never hate her best friend, so he must be really busy earlier. Teresa is still unsure at first, but Maria’s words are proven true when Gerhard comes to visit her room later. She asks if he’s not angry anymore, and he answers with “huh? you’re still worried about that? (´・ω・`;)” lol.

When Teresa lets him come inside, Gerhard takes out another present for her — a beautiful necklace with glass beads and serpent fangs pendant. He did his best to finish the necklace before the revolution, so earlier he was actually busy making the necklace. He was planning to surprise her with the present, and that’s why he didn’t want her to enter his room. Serpent fangs are protective charms for sailors, so he’s hoping the necklace will be able to protect her tomorrow. Teresa suddenly feels really bad for the misunderstanding, and she cries saying there’s nothing she can do for Gerhard. As he asks her to stop crying, Gerhard says it’s not true. She has given him a lot of things. She thanked him when he protected her on the beach, she treasured the pendant he made, and on top of everything else.. her smile always gives him the strength to go on. Gerhard then puts the serpent fang necklace around Teresa’s neck, and she gives him the shell pendant in return. It’s her no.1 treasure, so she wants him to come back safely and return it to her after the revolution. Then she asks him to stay with her a little longer, and she wishes for the time to stop.

On the day of the revolution, Teresa goes with the Kairyuu troops to Sorus. Their mission is to destroy the emperor’s magic cannon, so Gerhard leads his troops to blast everything on their way as they invade the imperial fort in Sorus. From one of the imperial guards, they learn that the imperial commander — Specter — is hiding in the control room. The door is sealed with a magic stone though, so Teresa helps Gerhard to open the door for everyone. Unfortunately, Specter is bloody insane and only cares about his own safety. None of his subordinates can rival Gerhard’s strength, so Specter releases the magic cannon’s power out of desperation. Gerhard knocks him unconscious right after that, but the imperial guards are beyond terrified knowing the cannon has gone out of control. It’s going to shoot all the planets randomly before eventually self-destructs, so Gerhard takes his crews to destroy the cannon on the top floor. Teresa wants to come along, but since Gerhard asks her to take care of the injured soldiers with Maria.. she makes him promise that he’ll come back safely.

On the way to the rooftop, Gerhard and his crews meet the imperial general. At first he tells them to escape before the fort explodes, but upon learning that Gerhard is trying to stop the cannon, he orders the imperial guards to stop attacking Gerhard’s crews and help everyone to evacuate from the fort. When they finally reach the cannon’s chamber, suddenly Gerhard orders his crews to return to the ship with Maria and Teresa. At first they refuse to leave their captain alone, but they’re relieved when Gerhard shows them a magic stone from Sionna — saying he’s going to warp back to the ship later. However, Teresa refuses to escape without Gerhard. Instead of going out with the rest of the crews, she runs to the top floor and finds him there, destroying the cannon after using the magic stone to remove the barrier around it. They try to run away before the cannon explodes, but suddenly the door behind them shuts close and traps them inside.

When the fort starts crumbling because of the cannon’s energy, Gerhard hugs Teresa so she won’t feel scared. She feels really calm in his arms, and she tells him that she wanted to go to the sea again. Gerhard also says he wanted to take her to the Metamoria Sea and see Teresa in a swimsuit again, but both of them know it seems impossible to fulfill those wishes.. or is it? Soon after the wall beside them crumbles, Gerhard notices a secret passage behind the wall. It leads to a hidden room with a single teleportation device for emergency escape, and he tells Teresa to get in first so she can use the cushion. Teresa enters the device thinking Gerhard is going to come after her, but he only stands outside saying the device is actually too small for him. He asks her to thank his crews for him, as well as leaving a message for Maria: “I’m sorry for being such an unreliable big brother.” 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Knowing that Gerhard is planning to die alone, Teresa cries and asks him to fulfill his promise to come back safely. It seems difficult, but Gerhard says he’ll create a miracle if Teresa stops crying. Since her tears keep flowing down, Gerhard then kisses Teresa hoping the surprise will stop her tears.. and it really does. When the cannon lets out another explosion, they know it’s time to go. Before the device warps her outside, Teresa kisses Gerhard once again saying she will always wait for him. He still has her shell pendant, and he promises to return it to her later. After that everything turns white, and Teresa’s consciousness is fading as the device takes her outside. The last thing she saw was Gerhard’s peaceful smile.

Happy Ending

A month after the revolution failed, Teresa is sailing on the Metamoria Sea with Maria and the rest of Gerhard’s crews. Back then they found her unconscious outside the fort in Sorus, but Gerhard was nowhere to be found. Maria cried a lot after hearing what happened to Gerhard, but eventually she decides to stop crying for her brother’s sake. While Teresa feels guilty for leaving Gerhard alone in the crumbling fort, Maria tells her it’s not her fault. She doesn’t want Teresa to apologize, and she tells Teresa not to think too much because she knows Gerhard will return someday. Maria isn’t sure about Teresa joining their pirate life, but Teresa’s decision to follow them stands firm. She misses her hometown, but she knows Gerhard will return to the Metamoria Sea one day.. so she’s going to wait for him here in the sea. When she holds her serpent fang pendant and prays for his safety, Maria knows it must be from her brother.

Soon the crews spot a merchant ship sailing ahead, and Maria hands a knife to Teresa saying they’re going to attack the ship together. Teresa obviously wants to stay on the back, but she has no choice since she’s now a member of the Kairyuu Pirates too. Following Maria’s order, Teresa kicks the captain room’s door and yells “please surrender if you don’t wanna get hurt!” She closes her eyes out of fear, so she’s really surprised when a familiar voice replies “even a kid’s bullying is more convincing than this.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When she opens her eyes, Teresa finally finds Gerhard smiling in front of her. She instantly flies into his arms, while he apologized for taking so long to return. He had a lot of things to take care of, but he’s finally here to pick her up. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Noticing that Maria and the others are going ( ಠ_ಠ ) in the background, Gerhard turns around and laughs upon hearing that Teresa is now a pirate too. They can explore the world together from now on, but Gerhard already chose their first destination — Teresa’s hometown. It’s the start of their new, never-ending journey of freedom.

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

Teresa becomes a pirate and sails the Metamoria Sea with Maria and Gerhard’s crews, but he never returns. Maria cried a lot at first, but she decided to move on and leads everyone in her brother’s place. There are no signs of Gerhard anywhere, but they all believe he’ll come back someday. As she stares at the sea alone, Teresa touches the serpent fang necklace Gerhard made for her. One of the fangs was broken when she got inside the escape device, so right now there’s only one serpent fang hanging on the pendant. She won’t ask Gerhard to return quickly. She just wants him to come back safely, no matter how long it takes.

While I didn’t go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ like in Giovanni or Eugene’s routes, I have to admit that I actually like Gerhard a lot. He’s a fool who keeps mixing up words, but he’s really manly and is willing to sacrifice himself for everyone. He’s really adorable too whenever he blushes around Teresa, since he’s a novice in love. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ My only problem with Gerhard would be his character design. In most of the CGs he looks okay, but he looks old in the kiss CG. (´・ω・`A;) That aside, I enjoyed Gerhard’s route because it feels light and relaxing. It’s not explained how he survived near the end, but I don’t mind since the ending is so heartwarming. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*


16 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Gerhard

  1. is it just me or what? i think Gerhard and Maria and Teresa’s hair colours are really alike =x i know the first 2 are siblings so thats ok but Teresa’s about the same and isnt it that red hair arent common at all?
    anyways, this is a pretty fun route light and happy-going ^^ but i feel we dont know what happened to the other knights =x

    • Yes, they’re all redheads lol. It’s unknown which colors are common and which ones aren’t, since people have rainbow hair colors in this game. It might not be that obvious, but Renaud is a good example. Oh, and you might as well give up on the other knights. Their fates are always like that in each route lol.

  2. Uwooo~ He’s such a nice guy for making necklaces for Teresa. He’s definitely a “pure” guy after all, but I think it’s the thing that makes him cute.

    Seeing Teresa, Gerhard, and Maria together make me think that they’re all siblings. xDDD I blame the hair color lolol. And woah Teresa’s pirate outfit. |D Why didn’t they managed to bring Renaud with them though?

    • …because Renaud is dead, most likely. ;___;

      Isn’t it great though? Now Gerhard can build a family entirely filled with redheads. 8D Actually his pirate crews feel more like a family more than anything else, and that’s one of the reasons why this route feels so light. I’m glad Teresa joined them lol.

      • Awww.. QAQ

        Yes. Rather than her being stuck on an island, she can explore more areas. And after visiting Teresa’s hometown, I hope the can arrive at Metamoria Sea. FANDISK PLEASE! 8D

        • LOL you just wanna see more Sionna, and I need more Giovanni.. so yes fandisk please! 8D Also, they’re already in the Metamoria Sea lol. I hope one day Teresa and Gerhard gets married on their ship as they sail around the Metamoria Sea. x3

  3. LOL that omake CG, a family of redheads!? That’s kinda cute~ Teresa’s outfit is so sexy, but I like her normal dress better, but since she became a pirate there’s no helping it orz

    Yeah, I had the same feelings about some of his CGs, this man seriously does not look like he’s 22 (even Giovanni looks younger lol) but he’s so cute~ all light and happy~

    …I can’t hear anything but Veigue from Tales of Rebirth when someone says Hiyama. He was Kazuma in TMGS 1 right? Ahh, it’s been a while indeed

    • LOL yea Teresa’s pirate outfit is so sexy, and so does Maria’s. I love that omake CG though, since the three of them are wearing matching serpent fang accessories. ♥

      Actually, I think both Gerhard and Eugene look older than Giovanni lol. But then again, the novel describes Giovanni as looking younger than his real age so.. 8D

      ..why does reminiscing about TMGS1 make me feel so old lol. Suzuka Kazuma was my first love in the otome world, and that was like 8-9 years ago /orz

  4. Lol, his route is so relaxing, but I think I like Gerhard (which I don’t at first), my first impression of him was like : Ok, I’m not interested with him, I think I’ll skip him. But turned out I was wrong :))

    Now I need to play his route ^^

    Btw I think you are right in kiss CG, he looks older lol.

    • I wasn’t interested in him too at first, mainly because of his appearance, but he turns out to be pure and adorable lol. He looks older in the kiss CG because of that wrinkle near his eye. I wish they’d erase that and make him look properly 22. xD;;

  5. Wow, who knew Gerhard can make such pretty jewelery! It was a cute route and it wasn’t heavy either. I don’t understand why they make Gerhard look 35+ when he’s 22. However, I’m not so sure I like Teresa’s pirate outfit in the omake CG.

    • It’s sexy~ 8D
      Personally I like Teresa’s normal dress a lot so it’d be unfair to compare her outfits lol. I think it looks nice on her though.

      ..and yeah Gerhard doesn’t look 22 at all. xD;; I know he’s a pirate and they need to make him super gachimuchi, but at least his face should stay young lol.

  6. *Cue song “He’s a Pirate!* Lol I admit I wasn’t interested in Gerhard at all. But after reading your review he’s pretty cool and his route is laidback (which is nice considering I cried after reading your route on Eugene ;_;)

    Seriously though the man looks like he’s in his 30’s. Even if his kiss cg makes him look a lot older than he is, I still think he looked a lot older even in the other cgs. Either than that he’s a real sweetheart =)

    • His BGM screams pirate and manly at the same time too. xD Cain, Gerhard and Giovanni have lighter routes, so it might be a good idea to play them between the heavier ones. Since I did Gerhard right after Eugene and Sionna, this route feels extremely happy and warm lol.

      It’s really too bad about his design though. I think it’s the way they draw his face, and that small eye wrinkle in the kiss CG only makes him look even older.. orz

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