Maren no Rokukishi – Kiefer

To be completely honest, my motivation to do Kiefer’s route is almost zero. He’s rather harsh towards Teresa from the prologue, but this route improves my impression of him somehow.

The leader of the Hiei (“氷鋭 / Iceblades“) troops. 27 years old. Along with Cain, Kiefer has been working under Leviath for a long time. He’s an aristocrat who came from a noble family, but unfortunately he’s also an extreme sadist who loves torturing people with brutal methods. Kiefer was hated and shunned by his own family because of his personality, so he grew up hating his family as well. He wields a sword in battle and enjoys massacre on the battlefield.

Upon arriving in Curia, Teresa has been feeling weird because of a strange presence nearby. Kiefer finds her looking sick in the hallway, but he says he doesn’t care and tells her to make some tea for him instead. Despite his attitude, Kiefer actually does care and directs Teresa to a member of the Shisai troops who might be able to help. From the magician, she learns about a magic-sealed cave in the forest nearby. It’s unclear what’s waiting for them inside the cave though, so Teresa tries to hide it when Kiefer asks if she learns something. She doesn’t want to ruin everyone’s holiday, thinking herself alone should be enough to check the cave. Her lie isn’t good enough to deceive Kiefer though. He follows her all the way into the forest, where he suddenly attacks her from the shadows. At first Kiefer accuses Teresa of being unfaithful and dishonest towards Leviath, but he puts down his sword upon learning her reason for not telling the truth. Much to Teresa’s surprise, Kiefer is willing to accompany her into the cave. He makes it clear that it’s for Leviath’s sake though. Not hers.

After chasing Kiefer’s back towards the cave entrance, Teresa follows Kiefer as he carefully steps into the cave. They find a shining obelisk inside, and sensing that it’s the source of the strange presence, she goes to take a closer look. The moment Teresa touches the obelisk, the entire cave suddenly starts shaking as boulders come down to block the entrance — trapping them inside. They also find human bones in the cave, but Kiefer remains calm and sits on the ground instead. He already left some marks in front of the cave, so their friends will eventually come to find them. If they can find the cave, that is. When Teresa asks if he’s not scared at all, Kiefer says he’s ready to face death ever since he pledged his loyalty to Leviath. Besides, his family won’t mourn even if he dies. Teresa can see deep hatred in Kiefer’s eyes when he tells her he already thrown his family away, and he thinks bonds created from blood relations are “foolish”. What’s important in this world is power and skills.

Since Kiefer turns silent after that, Teresa tries to send an SOS signal by releasing her magic power towards their ship. Unfortunately this only activates more traps in the cave, and Kiefer got shot in the arm when he (unexpectedly) shields her from the trap arrows. While at first he refuses to let her treat the wound, Kiefer soon gives in when he notices that Teresa is on the verge of crying.. and he stretches out his injured arm towards her saying “treat it quickly then” lol. Teresa feels bad that he got hurt to protect her, but Kiefer tells her not to feel responsible. It’s his duty as a knight to protect a member of the support troops. It’s not like he went out of his way just to protect her. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Luckily, a few soldiers come to rescue them a few hours later. Since using magic would only activate more traps, they blast the entrance open with some explosives. Teresa apologized for dragging Kiefer into this on his precious day off, and while he agrees that she really troubled him, he also adds “at least that wasn’t boring.. it’s not bad.” LOL. What a tsundere. xD

Even after returning to work, Teresa can’t stop thinking about Kiefer. Maria finds her looking distracted in the lounge at noon, so she tells Teresa to just go and see him directly. Following Maria’s advice, Teresa then visits Kiefer’s room saying she wants to thank him for saving her. However, she only finds Eugene inside. Eugene explains that he’s here to read a book, since Kiefer has a lot of famous, good books in his room. He might not look like it, but Kiefer is really cultural. He’s really sensitive to people’s feelings too, though Eugene isn’t sure if it’s a good or bad thing. Eugene also heard about Kiefer saving Teresa in the cave, and his first reaction to the news is “it’s a lie right?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also asks “what kind of magic did you use to control him?”, since it’s almost 100% impossible that Kiefer gets hurt to save someone LOL. It turns out that Kiefer went outside earlier since Eugene came to invade his personal space, so Teresa decides to look for him around the ship.

Lured by a beautiful melody she hears in the hallway, Teresa enters the theatre hall and finally finds Kiefer inside — playing a violin on the stage. Obviously Kiefer is surprised when Teresa gives him an applause by the end of his performance, but he quickly regains his cool and says this is natural for an aristocrat. He believes that only those who are skilled should be allowed to perform, since people who don’t have any musical sense would only produce “noises”. No matter how hard they practice, they’ll still have limitations without any musical sense. Just like his younger brother, Nicholas. When Kiefer laughs saying his father praised Nicholas’ terrible performance instead of his, Teresa realized that Kiefer must have worked hard too despite his harsh words. She can feel that he never received love from his family, and that must have left a deep wound in his heart. However, Leviath is different. He can see and appreciate people’s real skills, and that’s why Kiefer pledged his loyalty to him.

Since Teresa already heard his violin performance for free, Kiefer now wants her to perform something for him. At first Teresa tries to imitate Giovanni’s cute gag by explaining what ravioli means, but since Kiefer coldly replies with “..die ( ಠ_ಠ )”, eventually she decides to sing a folk song for him. Obviously he doesn’t know the folk song because he’s an aristocrat who grew up in Armis, while the song originally comes from Norg. Teresa can’t see Kiefer’s expression because of the bright spotlight on the stage, but he’s actually really impressed with her singing voice. Sadly he also thinks her song is “too radiant” for him, so he walks away without saying anything to her. By the time Teresa finishes singing, Kiefer’s already gone from the theatre.

After accomplishing their mission in Curia, Leviath reveals his real identity and objective to the knights. As everyone continues working to prepare for the revolution, Teresa can’t help but think about Kiefer’s family in the imperial capital. Knowing that Kiefer is actually really kind and fragile inside, Teresa feels sad because fighting with such a deep hatred would only hurt him even further. She finally gets to meet him again when the knights are having a break from their meeting, but he’s clearly avoiding her. He turns silent upon seeing her, picks the furthest seat away from her, and refuses to even look at her. When Teresa brings a cup of tea for him and asks why he looks depressed, Kiefer answers “Even if I have a reason for being depressed, I can’t tell you because it’s related to the meeting. Now go away, I don’t have anything else to say.” ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン Teresa is obviously shocked upon hearing such a cold answer, so she sadly leaves the lounge saying she’s got work to do.

However, that night Teresa notices that someone puts an envelope under her door. When she sees the Iceblades’ emblem on the seal, she realized that it must be from Kiefer. Inside, Teresa finds an incredibly short letter saying “thanks for the song and tea” along with a pair of silver violin-shaped earrings. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* From then, Teresa keeps spending her free time in the theatre. She knows Leviath’s revolution will start soon, and she keeps recalling Kiefer’s violin performance to keep her mind calm. One day, Kiefer walks into the theatre with his violin and finds Teresa sitting inside. After thanking him for the earrings, she asks if he will have to fight his family in the upcoming war. He says the answer is obvious because his father is a really stubborn “human trash” who worships the emperor, but he’s more than ready to slay his own family. Since Teresa keeps wondering if they can avoid it, Kiefer tells her it’s impossible and asks why she’s that worried about him. Before she can even think, Teresa confesses that it’s because she loves him. She doesn’t want him to get hurt.

Upon hearing Teresa’s confession, Kiefer’s immediate response is “do you expect me to play house with you?” エッ・・・(´・д・`||) Teresa starts crying because of his harsh rejection, but she refuses to run away because she wants to stay with him. After a long silence, Kiefer wipes Teresa’s tears and tells her not to make such a pathetic noise. If she wants to stay with him, then she should sing instead. Obviously her voice is hoarse at first, but he tells her it’s alright and starts playing his violin beside her. Kiefer remembers the melody of the folk song, and this makes Teresa really happy because it means he did listen to her song until the end. When their performance ends, Kiefer pats Teresa’s head saying “I can’t play house with you, but this kind of thing isn’t bad.” Then he walks off the stage and adds “thank you for the wonderful night.. ‘leze luta lusha‘.” — the title of the folk song, which basically means “see you again”.

A few weeks before the revolution, the knights summon Teresa to the meeting room. They’re planning to send Kiefer into the capital to create an internal confusion, so they’re asking her to work with him. It’s considered unnatural for an aristocrat around Kiefer’s age to still be single, which is why they need her to pretend to be his wife. Even though she’s not sure if she can act properly, Teresa’s mind wanders off as she imagines her married life with Kiefer lol. After they’re done with the necessary preparations, Sionna sends them off to Armis. When Kiefer’s busy checking the carriage, Sionna quietly tells Teresa that Kiefer probably devised this plan for her safety. Cain was against the idea at first, but Kiefer convinced him by saying it would be much safer than bringing Teresa to the battlefield with them. That’s why if Kiefer tells her to run away later, Sionna wants her to escape immediately. The two of them then say goodbye to Sionna, and Teresa keeps thinking about what she should do along the way to the capital. She doesn’t want to leave Kiefer’s side, but she doesn’t want to trouble him either.

After fooling the imperial guards at the gate, Kiefer explains that they’re currently in the “royal nobles” district — a residence area of those who are allowed to visit the palace freely. When Teresa asks about his family’s manor, Kiefer says it’s located in the Mara area — located far away from the capital. He had a nice life surrounded by wealth, but he was surprised when he first learned that his family is only a “country noble”. They’re going to act as “royal nobles” in order to gain access to the palace, so Kiefer orders Teresa to keep her head up as they step into the palace entrance. However, both of them feel weird since all the people inside always bow politely at them. They soon find the answer when a young lady named Celina comes to greet them, and she calls Kiefer as “General Nicholas”. Apparently Nicholas isn’t just a normal younger brother to Kiefer. They’re twins.

From Celina, they learn about a masquerade party at the palace tonight. Celina soon excuses herself, but Kiefer decides to take advantage of the situation. Everyone will wear a mask, so it’ll be easier to hide his real identity. He’s planning to lock Nicholas up somewhere and pretend to be him, and he tells Teresa to find out the location of Nicholas’ room from Celina. It would be dangerous for her if people notice that there are two Nicholas in the palace, so Kiefer is going to move alone and take care of the necessary preparations for now. Before splitting up, they agree to meet in the palace entrance again in the evening. Teresa manages to deceive Celina by pretending to be lost, but things take an unexpected turn when “Kiefer” suddenly appears near Nicholas’ room. Teresa is about to wave at him when she realized he’s not Kiefer. It’s the real Nicholas. They’re identical twins, but their aura and personalities are completely different.

Unlike his ドS brother, Nicholas is really friendly and invites Teresa to have some tea when he learns that she’s lost. While Kiefer usually orders her around in the ship, Nicholas makes a cup of tea for Teresa and serves her politely. They only have a short chat before a soldier comes to guide her back to the entrance, but it’s enough to make her sad because Nicholas is a really kind man. She doesn’t want to fight him in the revolution. Just as they promised earlier, Kiefer is waiting for her near the entrance. They don’t have much time until the party starts, so they quickly prepare themselves and enter the ballroom with their masks on.

Since their faces are safely hidden under the masks, Kiefer takes Teresa to dance with him in the middle of the ballroom. She gets worried when people start talking about them, but he tells her it’s okay since his plan will take place soon. Just then the windows suddenly open and the wind from outside blows all of the candles in the ballroom. Everyone is panicking, so Nicholas orders the guards to guide them outside. Kiefer tells Teresa to hide in the darkness, while he goes to ambush Nicholas when the latter walks out to the hallway. Even though Kiefer “tests” Nicholas by throwing a dagger at him, the first thing Nicholas says to him is “Kiefer! I’m so glad you’re still alive!” Such a nice guy. (´;ω;`) He also mentions that Kiefer is way more talented than him in everything that they do, but he doesn’t show any signs of hatred towards Kiefer. Nicholas did his best to chase Kiefer’s back, until the day Kiefer suddenly disappeared from their manor. However, Teresa knows that Kiefer also did his best to stay ahead of Nicholas.. and Nicholas’ straightforward approach is only hurting him.

Nicholas then invites Kiefer to go home, saying their father and him will be able to save Kiefer from becoming even more twisted. The invitation causes Kiefer to laugh sarcastically, but then he agrees to return home. Nicholas happily hugs him saying the brothers’ bond between them won’t be able to die so easily, while Kiefer only smiles as he quietly pulls out Nicholas’ sword from its sheath.. and stabs Nicholas through the gut. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Then he sets up the magic stone they received from Sionna near Nicholas’ body — laughing hysterically as he warps his brother’s corpse away. Despite the terrifying sight before her eyes, Teresa feels that Kiefer’s laugh sounds really sad. It’s as if he’s actually crying inside. Kiefer tells her not to come closer because he might “break” her, but Teresa still stays beside him. She doesn’t care if he breaks her or even kills her. She only wants to be a person who can make him feel peaceful inside.

Ever since he murdered Nicholas, Kiefer’s days as the fake Nicholas have begun. He makes Teresa his secretary and gives her a room next to his, but she spends most of her time beside him. While Nicholas’ position makes things a lot easier for Kiefer to prepare for the revolution, acting as Nicholas is stressing him out as well — up to the point of having nightmares. Kiefer starts wondering if he’s actually Nicholas pretending to be Kiefer, and his delusion leads him to think that the real Kiefer already died on the night of the masquerade party. Kiefer demands a proof when Teresa says he’s undoubtedly Kiefer, so she starts singing the folk song they performed together. The one who knows this song is Kiefer and not Nicholas, so Teresa tells him “as long as I’m singing, you will be able to stay as yourself.” The song makes Kiefer feel calm, and he blushes before asking her to repeat the song for him. He holds her hand tightly, and she keeps singing until he finally falls asleep with a peaceful expression.

A few days later, Kiefer has to face yet another surprise when his father — Angus — comes to visit the palace. Angus says he already sent a letter to inform about his visit, but it appears that the letter got warped along with Nicholas’ body. After taking Angus to a guest room in the palace, Kiefer delivers the tea Teresa made for his father. Angus can feel that “Nicholas” has been acting weird today, but he doesn’t realize what happened until Kiefer reveals everything to him. The two of them throw insults at each other, and Angus points his sword at Kiefer’s throat upon learning about Nicholas’ death — saying a twisted person like Kiefer will never be loved by anyone. However, Kiefer stays calm because he actually drugged Angus’ tea earlier. The drug soon paralyzes Angus completely, and Kiefer violently throws him to the bed asking “how does it feel to be looked down by your own son?” He leaves the room after laughing at his father, and Teresa can only stare in disbelief at the sight. Before chasing after Kiefer, she tucks him into bed properly and apologized in Kiefer’s place.

That night, Kiefer comes to Angus’ room and finds Teresa inside. He tells her to get out of the way and takes out his sword to kill Angus, saying the revolution will take place tomorrow. He received the smoke signal from the knights earlier, and so he knows nobody would care about Angus’ life anymore once the revolution starts. Kiefer then turns to Angus and finally reveals the reason why he hates his family that much — because Angus kept telling him “why can’t you be like Nicholas!?” It’s true that Nicholas was friendly and loved by everyone, but Kiefer also did his best in everything. He’s more skilled and talented compared to Nicholas, so it really hurts him when Angus rejected his effort and told him to become Nicholas instead. Eventually Angus sold Kiefer just for money, and that’s when Kiefer threw his family away. Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll)

Kiefer then lifts his sword to stab Angus, but realizing that he’s crying, Teresa hugs him and begs him to stop. She’s willing to do anything for him — even becoming his singing tool — so he should put an end to his revenge here. The revolution will wipe everything out tomorrow, so there’s no need to stain his hands with blood any further. At first Kiefer tells her to let go, but then he drops his sword when Teresa starts singing and says she loves him. Teresa can feel Kiefer’s hands are trembling when he hugs her, and he finally tells her “you’re warm.. I can hear your heartbeat.” His revenge towards Angus has come to an end.

However, Kiefer suddenly orders Teresa to leave as they walk out of Angus’ room. He says she’s only a burden because she’s useless, but she refuses saying she wants to stay with him. They get into a heated argument because both of them are equally determined, and this eventually results in Teresa running back into Kiefer’s room in tears. While he still looks angry when he first chased after her, soon Kiefer also enters the room with a troubled expression. Since Teresa looks really sad, Kiefer finally admits that he wants her to leave because it’s too dangerous in the capital — just like what Sionna said before. She’s the only one he has, and he doesn’t want to break her. Moreover, he’s a man who has killed his own brother.

Even though Teresa says she loves him, Kiefer thinks she deserves a man who can make her truly happy. When she asks for his reason for thinking that way, Kiefer admits it’s because he treasures her. He doesn’t want to lose Teresa in the revolution tomorrow, but at the same time it’s hard for him to let her go too. His feelings for her has grown so much deeper than she can ever imagine, and he can’t even talk to her properly without restraining his feelings. Since she won’t change her decision saying she’s ready to face the risks ahead, eventually Kiefer can’t hold back anymore and pulls Teresa into his arms. As he pins her against the wall, he asks if she’s really okay with this. When she says yes, he tells her that he won’t let her go anymore.. and she answers that she doesn’t want to leave him either. Even if he says she’s disturbing his plan, he actually wants her to stay by his side. Kiefer hugs Teresa saying his heart feels really warm, and he finally tells her “I love you” before kissing her. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ He asks her not to go anywhere after that, and she says yes.

The next morning, a guard comes to inform them that Leviath’s troops are coming to attack the capital. Teresa is surprised when Kiefer says he’s taking her to the battlefield, but he kneels down and kisses her hand — promising to protect her. Just as planned, Kiefer is leading the imperial guards towards doom on purpose. He orders his troops to attack Renaud’s troops on the hill, but it’s actually a trap since Eugene is waiting to ambush them with his Moonlight and Kiefer’s Iceblades troops. He also orders the imperial magicians to attack Leviath’s troops from the palace walls, knowing Sionna’s Daten troops is ready to shoot them down. Teresa nearly got shot by a stray arrow during this attack, so Kiefer prepares a carriage for her and asks her to take Angus back to their manor in Mara. Angus is a person Teresa protected, so Kiefer doesn’t want him to die in the revolution.

Noticing that Teresa is reluctant, Kiefer tells her it’s okay because the knights are going to win this war.. and once everything’s over, he wants her to dedicate her everything to him. In other words, a proposal. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ When he asks for her answer, Teresa happily tells Kiefer that she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him. Before she drives the carriage to the palace, they promise to perform together again after the revolution ends.

Thanks to Kiefer’s commands, the revolution is progressing smoothly. He walks out of the gate and challenges Leviath in a duel, but it’s only an act so he can pretend to be killed — dragging the imperial troops’ morale down. Leviath leads the knights to destroy the gate after that, while Kiefer lies waiting in the ditch to convince the imperial guards about his death. He gets out of the ditch after making sure there are no more guards left, but before he can follow Leviath into the capital.. suddenly an arrow rain falls upon him from above. Most likely thanks to a certain someone’s betrayal. Kiefer got shot in the back, and he crawls in pain as he whispers “I have an important promise to fulfill.. your song..” ・゜・(ノω;`)・゜・シクシク・・。At the same time, Teresa is carrying Angus out of the capital. Somehow she can hear Kiefer’s voice ringing on her ears, but she knows she can’t turn back. All she can do now is to escape and wait for his return.

Happy Ending

The moment Teresa reaches Mara with Angus, she learns that Leviath’s revolution has failed. She decides to keep waiting for Kiefer in the manor, and Angus gradually opens up to her as she nurses him back to health. Since Angus has been rejecting Kiefer all this time, Teresa tells him everything about Kiefer’s role and activities with the knights — hoping it can open Angus’ heart towards Kiefer. A few days later, some imperial guards come to bring an unconscious Kiefer into the manor. He was found lying in front of the gate, and obviously everyone thinks he’s Nicholas. While his life isn’t in danger, Kiefer remains unconscious due to a deep wound on his chest. Angus doesn’t have any intentions of handing them to the emperor, but he asks Teresa to give him some time. He needs to think about how to approach Kiefer properly from now on. Even though Kiefer really fulfilled his promise to return, Teresa feels lonely because she can’t see his smile in this condition. She comes to sing beside his bed everyday, hoping her song will be able to reach him in his sleep.

One day, Teresa cries while she’s singing for Kiefer. She walks to the balcony and gazes at the small graves in the garden — the graves for her friends who died in the revolution. Just then a strong wind blows the curtains behind her, and the next thing she hears is a familiar voice saying “your voice seems a bit hoarse today.” When she turns around, she finds Kiefer sitting on his bed and smiling at her. Teresa hugs him saying she missed him and prayed for him everyday, and he says that must be the reason why her face always stays on his mind the whole time. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Kiefer then asks Teresa to sing for him, saying it was her song that led him back to her. When Teresa asks if he wants to eat something, Kiefer replies with “I want to see your face, hear your voice and feel your warmth. As long as I can have all of those, I don’t need anything else.. because that’s my happiness.” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

After reaching Mara, Teresa hears that the revolution has failed and “Nicholas” died to protect the capital. She decides to travel alone after that, hoping she can find Kiefer and the knights somewhere in Armis. She’s only holding a small hope at first, and that hope slowly vanishes as her journey continues with no result. Since travelling alone is dangerous, Teresa eventually joins a group of travelling performers. Teresa also hopes her song will be able to reach Kiefer, but in the end she never finds anyone during her journey. A few years later, Teresa performs “Leze Luta Lusha” sadly in a theatre — knowing that everyone’s gone and will never return.

Even though Kiefer isn’t my favorite, I have to admit that his ending is really sweet. There’s a lot of family drama going on in this route, and I was surprised by the string of events in the last chapter. Especially a certain bloody scene involving Nicholas. (´・ω・`A;) I didn’t like Kiefer at first because of his high and mighty attitude, but in the end I went into a ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ paradise when he starts turning デレデレ around Teresa lol. Kiefer is a ドS tsundere too, so I think he can easily divide people’s opinions into two groups — love and hate. If you can take his attitude, then you might love him. Otherwise you won’t like him.

Me? I actually like him, thanks to the ending. 8D


10 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Kiefer

  1. I still can’t believe that Kiefer killed Nicholas. QAQ I don’t think Nicholas do something bad, and perhaps the favoritism from their parents made the poor guy mean in Kiefer’s eyes. *sighs*

    I don’t like his attitude for most of the route (even if he’s tsundere), but I like the sweet lines he gave to Teresa. <3 Just those things I guess… xD;

    • I think Kiefer only thinks of Nicholas as being inferior and worthless, so it hurts his pride when his parents compared them.. which only makes him loathe Nicholas even further. Poor Nicholas. He’s a really nice guy too. ;___; So in the end even though you don’t like his holier-than-thou attitude, you still like his デレデレ side. 8D

  2. Kiefer was my least favourite from the beginning and I really hoped thaat his route would make me like him more. His route did not fail me and I enjoyed the ending a lot. I’m still recovering from the shock of the scene with Nicholas though. I still don’t get why he looks so old…

    • Glad to hear this route changes your impression on him. ;D
      Nicholas’ death scene is the most shocking part in Kiefer’s route. I guess it also affects your end opinion – whether you like him or not after seeing such a shocking scene. Well, Kiefer is 27 so I think he looks appropriate for his age. :D It’s just his semi slicked-back hairstyle that makes him look a bit older for me lol.

  3. ; A ; not even FDs are gonna work here cause Nicholas is dead! Why can’t I have him instead? Now don’t get me wrong, Kiefer (I keep misspelling his name as Keifer /shot) is a interesting character and all but T3T Nicholas is so nice…/likes nice dudes.

    He does look nice in his Happy Ending and Omake CG. More relaxed expressions and everything (his normal face made me want to punch my PSP). My opinion about him did change SLIGHTLY at the end, but my mind has been forever scarred with Nicholas’ death and Kiefer’s initial bad attitude orz

    Ufufu~ next is Cain~~(with not Kain but Cain? I like the former’s spelling better lol)

    • Don’t worry, I know that feeling. xD;
      Teresa only had a short chat with him, but that’s enough to leave a VERY NICE impression. As much as I like Kiefer, I have to admit I like nice guys more.. so my opinion is Nicholas is probably similar to yours. ;___;

      While Kiefer was so harsh towards Teresa right from the start, I did notice that he’s slowly starting to accept her. He’s just too tsuntsun to admit, so whenever he goes “you lowly peasant!!1” I always think “okay Kiefer whatever, we know you care about her” lol.

  4. Errr am I the only one who likes him? :)) Well yeah I kinda mad with him when he killed Nicholas but I pity him too.

    And the sweet line that he said to Teresa totally make it up lol. The omake CG is so sweet too.

    Well … when some of Gerhad CG makes him looks old but Keifer’s is the opposite lol I feel that in certain CG he looks younger (Omake, kiss scene) :))

    • I like him too. :D
      He’s naturally twisted, but I don’t think he’d be this warped if his family didn’t mess him up even more. Poor Nicholas is just a victim. ;__;

      You’re right. Kiefer look younger in some CGs. I think his hairstyle makes him look slightly older too, and he looks nicer with his hair down. Like in the ending CG. :3

  5. Kiefer! Why are you such a Tsunderella! Lol its okay my dear boy I’m quite tsun tsun too xD I felt really sad that Nicholas got killed by his hands, I was like O.O How could you?!?!

    The ending and the omake CG made up for it BUT I’m still in utter shock with Nicholas…>_< I do like him though…I think he's hot =X At the moment only two words come to mind when I think of him: Tsunderella+Oresama = Kiefer.

    Woot woot can't wait for Cain's route though! =D

    • LOL Nicholas’ death scene shocks everyone. xD
      I like Kiefer too despite what he did to Nicholas, because he’s just a lonely ore-sama ドS tsunderella lol. It’s just so sad how everyone rejected him because he’s twisted, and I hope living with Teresa can soften Kiefer’s sadistic side a bit.

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