Maren no Rokukishi – Cain

The last knight before I go back to Leviath’s route. I left Cain and Kiefer for last just because they have been following Leviath right from the start, but in the end it doesn’t really matter lol.

The leader of the Kanan (“冠闇 / Dark Crowns“) troops. 29 years old. Cain has been following Leviath right from the beginning of his journey, and he’s been assisting Leviath as the advisor. Quiet and intelligent, Cain actually doesn’t like fighting. Teresa thinks of him as the most reliable person among the knights, and he also helps Renaud with his studies. Because of a trauma in the past, Cain tends to keep a distance away from people. He wields a sword in battle.

During their week off in Curia, Teresa is planning to go shopping alone since everyone’s busy with their holiday plans. She bumps into Cain in the hallway, and he picks up the shopping list she dropped. Since Cain wants to take a look of the civilization level in Curia, the two of them end up going to town together. Teresa is nervous since this is the first time she spends alone with him, but he stays quiet and calm as he accompanies her into the shops. The conversation between them keeps on dying because Cain only answers and never asks, so Teresa tries to break the awkward silence by asking him about his hobbies.

When Cain says he likes reading, Teresa asks if he has any recommendations for her. Sadly the books he’d like to recommend aren’t available in their library, so Cain takes Teresa to the bookstore and picks two novels for her — saying he’ll buy one for her as a sign of gratitude. Since she doesn’t know which one to choose, Cain then goes to buy both books for her.. and Teresa waits outside thinking about how Cain moves at his own pace lol. Not only that, but he also carries her shopping bags as they leave the bookstore. It’s a gentleman’s duty. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

When Teresa opens the paper bag from the bookstore, she finds out that Cain also bought a magic book for her. He takes her to a cafe after that, where he explains that she has talent in magic. She only lacks the knowledge, and he bought the book so she can learn deeper about magic. There’s a strange pause when Cain says that he doesn’t have his old magic book with him, but Teresa decides not to ask. She’s not sure if she can learn everything by herself, but she doesn’t need to worry because he’s willing to teach her. Of course both of them still have to do their respective jobs, so he can only teach her when they’re both free. At first Teresa is reluctant thinking she doesn’t want to trouble Cain, but in the end she gladly accepts the offer. Before going home, Cain and Teresa order some food for lunch. He shares his sandwich with her, and she’s planning to order the same thing when she visits the town next time. Preferably with him again.

The next morning, Teresa follows Cain to the library for their first lesson. Kiefer thinks it’s just a waste of time to teach her magic, but Cain tells him it’s necessary to “take a good care of a flower bud” so it can bloom into a flower someday. What a romanticist. (❤ฺ→艸←) At first she’s nervous because Cain sits really close to her, but after attending the lessons for a few days, Teresa has a bigger question in mind — why is he so good at teaching? Cain is afraid that the curiosity will disturb Teresa’s concentration, so he honestly admits it’s because he worked as a tutor a long time ago. His last student was a girl around Teresa’s age, which makes her feel a bit jealous even though it was around 10 years ago. Renaud comes to invite Teresa to play before she could ask Cain about his last student, and so their lesson today came to an end.

On the last day of their week off, Cain holds a small test for Teresa. He already hid tiny magic stones all over the ship, and she has to find them by detecting their presence. Somehow one of them ends up in Giovanni’s betting table, but eventually she manages to collect all 3 stones and impresses Cain by passing the test. Since Cain wants to give her a reward for doing so well, Teresa decides to take the “reward” by asking him about his students. Cain says he had a lot of students back then (mostly males, much to Teresa’s relief lol), but this is the first time he teaches magic. He’s not sure if he can teach her properly, but Teresa says she can learn things pretty fast because of him. Then she blushes because it sounds like a confession lol.

Teresa then asks Cain about his last student, and he says the girl was the daughter of a noble family. She’s younger than him by 7 years, so everyone saw them more as friends rather than a teacher and his student. Cain thought of her as a good student, so he regrets leaving her so suddenly without even saying goodbye. This causes Teresa to believe that Cain still thinks of that girl from time to time, so she suggests him to write a letter for her. 10 years have passed, but the girl might still remember him. Cain smiles saying it might be a good idea, and he leaves Teresa with a complicated feeling.

After their week off ends, Teresa continues her lessons with Cain during their free time. She already finished studying the magic book he gave her, so he takes her to buy more advanced magic books on their day off. Unlike last time, Teresa and Cain now can talk naturally as they walk to the bookstore together. Cain then goes inside to buy the books, while Teresa waits for him outside feeling happy. She’s thinking of inviting him to visit the cafe from before, but sadly her plans are ruined when a fluffy puppy named “Cain” suddenly tackles her onto the ground. A young lady soon comes to apologize for her dog’s behavior, and she asks Teresa to tell her more about Curia. Her refined appearance screams “wealthy aristocrat”, and she admits that she rarely gets any chance to visit other planets. Teresa gladly agrees, as long as her limited knowledge of Curia can help her to know the area better.

Before they can introduce themselves, Cain walks out of the bookstore searching for Teresa. The moment the young lady sees him, she immediately clings to him saying “Cain, why are you here? It’s me, Celina. I missed you! You’re the only one I love in the last 10 years!” Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll) Teresa is shocked, especially when Celina cries and insists to follow Cain when he refuses to return home with her. Realizing that they’re attracting people’s attention, Teresa then drags Cain and Celina to a back alley — where she quietly leaves so they can talk in private. Teresa is obviously under the idea that Cain is also in love with Celina, so she goes to wait in another alley with mixed feelings. She’s happy about their unexpected reunion, but she’s also feeling jealous at the same time. Teresa then gets up thinking she’ll just go home first, and that’s when some guys appear to hit on her. Before Teresa can run away, Cain suddenly comes to chase them away. She asks him about Celina, but he says it’s okay because they’re done talking.

However, Celina clearly isn’t satisfied with the result of their conversation. She chases after Cain and keeps asking him to take her along, but Cain refuses because he doesn’t want to put her into danger. At first Teresa feels really sad thinking Cain loves Celina that much, but that’s only until he adds “you’re my precious student after all.” Celina is heartbroken and asks about how he feels towards Teresa, and when Cain says she’s also one of his precious students, Celina accuses Teresa of using the position just to stay with Cain — just like herself. Before Teresa could say anything, Celina starts crying and says she’s jealous because Teresa can stay with Cain.. while Cain only turns around and asks Teresa to go home with him. While she feels proud that Cain acknowledged her as his student, deep inside Teresa also feels that it’s not enough. She feels guilty towards Celina too, so she can only walk behind Cain as they go home. Earlier she felt glad that Cain can meet Celina again, but now that feeling has vanished completely. Teresa regrets meeting Celina, because their encounter only widens the distance between her and Cain.

Not too long after they met Celina, the knights finished their mission in Curia. Leviath reveals his real identity and objective that night, and Teresa finally learns that Cain used to live in the capital. The next morning, Cain gives her a more detailed explanations about what happened to Leviath in the past. He said he met Leviath in the imperial palace right after Elis’ death, and he decided to follow Leviath out of the capital. Teresa wonders why Cain followed a man he just met, but he doesn’t tell her anything about himself — he only tells her about Leviath’s past. Eventually Teresa promises to fight alongside the knights, and she excuses herself for today.

Since the knights are busy with their missions, Teresa starts spending her free time reading the magic books Cain gave her. From Sionna, she learns that Cain never told anyone about himself. He often tells Sionna “live on, don’t become like me”, so there must be a reason why Cain thinks he’s no longer alive.. and Sionna knows it’s probably related to his past. Sionna notices that Cain enjoys his time with Teresa though, so he asks her to help Cain. She doesn’t have to do anything grand. Just living together with him would probably be enough. Teresa goes to study in the library after that, and Cain surprises her from behind by saying “I’m so glad you keep studying when I’m away” lol. After praising her hard work, Cain takes Teresa out for a walk saying there’s something he wants to tell her. As they walk into the forest, he apologized for hiding things from her. Cain avoided talking about his own past, and he knew Teresa noticed.. so he wants to tell her everything if she’s willing to listen. She nods saying she wants to learn more about him, and he thanks her before continuing.

A long time ago, Cain worked as a travelling tutor across the lands. One day, he was invited to the capital by General Conrad — Celina’s father. He requested Cain to teach his daughter, and Cain stayed in their mansion as he tutored Celina. Cain didn’t stay for long though, since he met Leviath soon after that and decided to follow him without saying anything to Celina and her family. Back then Celina was only 13, and Cain realized that she was falling in love with him. He only pretended not to notice, because he only thinks of her as a student and nothing more than that. Even though Celina is beautiful and charming, Cain can never return her love. Never did, never does and never will.

Just like what Sionna said before, the reason lies in Cain’s past. Before he went to the capital, Cain had a fiancee in his hometown. He loved her with all his heart, but then the mayor landed his eyes on her and tried to marry her by force — which resulted in her committing suicide by jumping off a tower. She only loved Cain, and she chose death rather than marrying another man. After her death, Cain felt really guilty because he was powerless. It wasn’t his fault, but in the end she died because he couldn’t protect her. Cain’s heart died ever since that day, and the world lost its colors in his eyes. He can’t enjoy anything in his life. While he can get along with people normally, Cain can’t fall in love anymore.. because he’s afraid of losing someone he loves again.

Cain left his hometown after that, wandering around the lands as a tutor until he met Leviath — who just experienced the same bitter fate. Even though they were complete strangers, he couldn’t leave Leviath alone because he knew how painful it feels to lose someone important. When he saw the despair and grief in Leviath’s eyes, Cain decided to keep Leviath’s flame of life burning before it completely died like his own. Cain doesn’t like fighting and admits that he’s actually timid inside, but he’s willing to do anything to support Leviath. He apologized for telling such an unpleasant story, but Teresa thanks him for telling her everything. She honestly says she likes him even more than before, trying to stop herself from saying the word “love”. When Teresa asks why he wants to share his past with her, Cain says it’s because he wants them to know each other better. He doesn’t have much time right now, but he wants to resume their lessons and visit the town with her again later.

Cain then returns to the ship, while Teresa stays in the forest for a little longer. The moment he walks away, Teresa cries because Cain has a woman he can never forget.. and nobody will be able to enter his heart because of this. Celina said she’s jealous of her, but Teresa knows they never had any chance to begin with. She thinks Cain might have realized her feelings too, and he told her about his past to give her an indirect answer — so she won’t feel sad. Which also means that he rejected her before she could even confess.

A few days later, Cain comes to visit Teresa during work. He asks if she has some free time in the evening, and when she says yes, he asks her to come to the library later for their last lesson. Teresa couldn’t concentrate at all because she feels sad that their study sessions are coming to an end, but they manage to wrap up their last lesson with no problems. When she asks why their lessons end today, he says it’s because he already taught her everything he knows. She’s a fast learner, so he believes she can go on without his guidance from now on. Cain takes Teresa to the forest after that, where they watch the beautiful sunset from a cliff. After a long silence, eventually Teresa admits she feels lonely about the end of their lessons. She tries to hold back her feelings, but she ends up crying and apologizing to him. While she wants to keep studying with him forever, she doesn’t want to trouble him because this is a critical time for Leviath and the knights.

As he wipes Teresa’s tears off her cheeks, Cain admits that he actually doesn’t want to end their lessons either. It’s the first time he ever felt this way ever since he started teaching, and he still wants to spend more time with her.. but sadly this is really the end. They have a huge battle ahead, and he needs to prepare a lot of things for the revolution. Teresa then asks Cain to watch the sunset with her for a little longer, and he agrees to stay until she’s satisfied.

On the night before the revolution, Teresa still can’t stop thinking about Cain. She goes to drink some tea in the lounge to clear her mind, and the knights soon come to rest after their meeting. They can’t play around on the night before the final battle, but Teresa promises to cook a feast for them once the revolution succeeds. She also notices that Cain remains silent, though she doesn’t know the reason yet. Before Teresa cleans up the cups, Cain suddenly calls her and says he wants to talk to her. Teresa tries to avoid him at first, but she has no choice because for a certain reason everyone tells her to go and listen to what Cain has to say.

Cain then takes Teresa to his room, where he tells her that they’re going to send her back to Norg tomorrow. Obviously Teresa is shocked, but Cain says it’s a decision made by Leviath and the knights. When she asks for the reason, he explains it’s because she’s not related to their revolution at all. Instead of joining them in the battlefield, she should just go back to her hometown and resume her peaceful life. Teresa objects saying she’s a member of Leviath’s troops too, but she can’t say anything when Cain points out that she can’t protect herself in battle. They’re sending her away for her own sake, and she gets even more surprised upon hearing that he was the one who suggested the idea to Leviath. They don’t think of her as a burden or anything, but his decision stands firm — she’s going back to Norg and that’s final.

Cain tells Teresa to return to her room and start packing for her departure tomorrow, but she hugs him before he can leave the room. He asks her to let go, but she keeps saying that she’s ready to die for the knights. Eventually Cain admits that he’s sending her back to Norg because he doesn’t want her to die, and Teresa says she’s happy to hear his real feelings. He always speaks in behalf of everyone and other people, but he never really says what he truly feels. Teresa then confesses that she loves him, and just as she expected, Cain says that he can’t answer her feelings. However, Teresa says she doesn’t mind. She knows he will never love her back, so she’s satisfied just by staying beside him. Even if she has to live in the battlefield, she’d choose death rather than being apart from him — which obviously shocks Cain. In order to prove her feelings, Teresa then opens the windows and climbs up to throw herself outside.

Before Teresa could jump off the window, Cain suddenly hugs her and pulls her back inside. He angrily asks why she’s thinking of doing something so foolish, and she says it would be so much better to die rather than going back to Norg and leaving his side. Someday she might be able to forget her one-sided love if she stays beside him, but she won’t be able to take it if she has to be apart from him. Since Teresa starts crying, Cain tells her that everything would be pointless if she dies here. He obviously suggested that plan to ensure his safety, and he also asks why she didn’t throw away her love after hearing about his past. So Teresa’s suspicion is true — Cain told her everything because he realized that she’s falling on love with him. Cain apologized for pretending not to notice her feelings, and he finally gives in when Teresa asks him to take her along. He asks if she’s okay with the risk of dying in battle, but he already saw her determination earlier. It also made him realize how important she is to him, and he hugs her saying he doesn’t want to lose her.

All this time Cain has been protecting himself from the fear of losing Teresa, but deep inside he actually realized that his frozen heart is starting to melt because of her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Cain thanks Teresa for bringing joy back into his life, and he finally admits that he loves her. Rather than losing her forever in a faraway place, he’d rather keep her by his side on the battlefield. Cain promises to take her along and protect her with all his life, and then he finally kisses her on the lips. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since it was his suggestion to send Teresa back to Norg, Cain says he will go apologize and convince Leviath to let her stay tomorrow morning. For now, he wants her to stay in his arms because he still wants to feel her warmth. ε-(*´∀`|萌| They also make a promise to come back safely from the revolution, and Teresa wants him to treasure his own life. She won’t be able to live without him, and Cain agrees because he feels the same way.

The next day, Leviath and the knights finally depart to attack the imperial capital. Just like they promised, Cain brings Teresa to join his troops today. Kiefer pretends like he doesn’t care, but everyone actually feels happy that she’s joining them on the frontline — even though some of them are worried about her safety. Noticing that Teresa is nervous, Cain holds her hand right after everyone leaves them alone. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* It makes her feel calm, and he tells her to stay by his side as they make their way towards the capital. Cain and his troops are guarding Leviath along with Eugene, and Teresa’s trained magic power helps a lot since she can locate all the magicians who are hiding to ambush them. Soon after they take down the gate, Kiefer starts capturing all the nobles in the capital as hostages. Both Cain and Teresa are against this idea, so Teresa stays back to release all women and children.. while Cain continues to follow Leviath towards the palace. Cain doesn’t mind if Teresa wants to escape with the nobles, but since she refuses to do so, he only says he’ll be waiting for her to catch up later.

When Teresa is releasing the women and children, suddenly Cain the puppy comes to tackle her again. Celina soon comes chasing after him, and Teresa stops the soldiers from attacking her by saying Celina is her friend. It’s pretty obvious that Teresa is siding with Leviath’s army, and here Celina finally learns that Cain is a member of the rebellion troops too. Despite what happened between them, Celina says she’s happy to see Teresa again. She knows Teresa is going to follow Cain into the battlefield ahead, so she only leaves a message for Cain before escaping: “please don’t get hurt”. Right after Teresa finished releasing everyone, suddenly a loud explosion is heard from afar. She also feels a strong magic power — along with a very bad feeling — and she rushes towards the palace.. where she finds Leviath’s soldiers getting pressed by the imperial guards.

Teresa soon notices Cain fighting alongside Sionna near the palace entrance, and the soldiers help her to approach him. She notices that he’s wounded, but he quickly prepares a carriage and tells her to escape instead. When Teresa asks him to explain what happened, Cain only says their revolution failed because of a certain traitor. He knows that Leviath’s troops will get wiped out by the imperial army soon, and he doesn’t want to drag her into danger. However, Teresa refuses to leave Cain’s side no matter what. Knowing he has no choice, Cain hands her a dagger so she can protect herself. Then he hugs her and promises to protect her, but it’s only a trick because he quickly hits her on the neck. The last thing she heard was his sad apology, and then everything went black.

When Teresa wakes up later, she finds herself far outside the capital with a soldier. Cain is nowhere in sight, and all she can see is the thick black smoke coming from the palace in the faraway capital. From the soldier, Teresa learns that Cain knocked her unconscious and put her into the carriage.. and then he ordered the soldier to take her to a safe place. The moment she hears this, Teresa grabs Cain’s dagger and runs all the way back to the capital, but the soldier stops her and drags her away before she reaches the imperial gate. He tells her that Cain must be alive somewhere, so she should hold back and stay hidden for now. If she runs towards the gate, she’ll only get captured by the guards and Cain’s attempt to save her would be in vain. Teresa cries and keeps calling Cain’s name for a while, but then she stands up and decides to escape with the soldier. Cain saved her life, and Teresa knows she shouldn’t put his effort to waste. She’s not giving up though. She’s going to wait until he returns.

Happy Ending

A year after the revolution failed, Teresa is living in a small village on the outskirts of Armis. It’s located far away from the imperial capital, so she only heard rumors that some of the knights are still missing.. while the others got executed. Despite these grave rumors, Teresa decides to keep waiting until she can find a reliable information regarding Cain. She’s now living in a church along with the orphans in town, and she helps them study aside from taking care of their daily needs. Teresa carries Cain’s dagger wherever she goes, and she always holds the dagger whenever she prays in the church. Her life feels really lonely without him, but she has already decided not to cry until she can see him again.

One day, Teresa takes out a picture book for her lesson with the kids. Just when she starts reading a story about the demon king and a brave warrior, the church’s door creaks open as a hooded man walks inside. Teresa greets him politely thinking he’s a traveler, but the man’s familiar voice surprised her when he answers “I heard a nostalgic voice coming from inside, so I decided to take a look.” The man finally takes off his hood saying it’s been a while since the last time they see each other, and Teresa cries upon seeing Cain behind the hood.

Cain smiles at her, and realizing that she’s currently teaching the children, he asks Teresa to continue reading the story. Obviously she wants to jump into his arms right away, but they decide to wait until the lesson is over. It doesn’t hurt to wait for a while, because they have a lot of time for their tearful reunion after that.

Click here for the omake CG.

Sad Ending

After the revolution failed, Teresa is working in a small inn away from the capital. She tends the reception desk when the owner goes out, reading the novels Cain bought for her back in Curia. The reason why she’s working in the inn is because it’s really easy to gain all sorts of information from the travelers. From their conversations, she learns that Leviath is currently still missing. Most of his troops got executed, but some of them are missing as well. She gets extremely pissed when the travelers call the knights “stupid”, though she tries her best to hold back — knowing nobody would believe her side of the story anyway. Right now she can only stay quiet, but she’s hoping that one day she’ll be able to tell everyone about the real knights she knew. Teresa’s mind then flies off to Cain, and she wonders if he will come back to fulfill their promise. She still believes that he’s still alive somewhere out there, but she doesn’t know how long her faith will last. Because her heart might die if he doesn’t return soon.

Before playing Cain’s route, I heard a lot of people saying that his route feels too normal and boring. Now I have to disagree with that opinion, because I enjoyed Cain’s route up until the end. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. It feels rather laid-back despite his sad past, so I find it relaxing to do Cain’s route after plowing through the heavier ones. Like Kiefer’s dramatic story, for example. Cain has a nice ending too, because I feel that a peaceful life surrounded by children fits him perfectly. Plus, his omake CG is just too cute. I never thought the serious Cain can make such an expression, and he looks really good with glasses. (๑´ლ`๑)♡


12 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Cain

  1. baby end ^^ his expression in the omake cg doesnt look like him but thats wats good about it, this is a great route
    i finally manage to get through the knight end and all the bad ends that came with it, =_= it was a pain to go through
    now i am just waiting to see wat Leviath’s route is going to be like, hope this time it wouldnt be another fail =x

    • Yeah, but then I noticed it also means Cain already moved on from his past. :3 Sadly Leviath’s revolution keeps failing up until the end, so you might as well give up and focus on the knights instead lol.

  2. Why is he the only one with a baby end!? But argh they’re so cute…I did picture Cain as that type of person though: Teresa teasing him while he’s all flustered not knowing what to do~

    So yeah, IMO like Sionna’s route, this one is not as war-heavy and instead focuses in Cain as a person…and I’m not complaining. I feel bad for Leviath cause his revolution keeps failing but knowing its gonna fail anyways makes me go “meh” and I instead focus on the knights themselves.

    But still I feel disappoint no baby ending for the others, though I think its kind of justified (Sionna is too young, Teresa becomes a pirate in Gerhard’s and they fight Sea Serpents orz, Renaud is alive in Eugene’s so technically they already have a child, they’re on the run in Giovanni’s route? and Kiefer is…Kiefer.)

    • Maybe because he’s the oldest? They’re surrounded by kids too, so it’d be perfect for them to have a baby. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Aside from Sionna, I think everyone should have their own babies someday.. though Gerhard and Teresa’s kids would be pirates right after their birth lol.

      Honestly, I don’t know what’s the point of inserting Leviath’s route in this game. It’s like they’re fishing for feedback to decide about whether to make a FD or not.. or just trolling us the players.

  3. Cain, I love you!!! He’s definitely my favourite. I knew his route would be good, I just knew it. Awww, I love the omake CG. Who knew he could make such a panicky face? He looks great with glasses, too.

    Well, Leviath’s route is next…still disappointed that there’s no love route. Do you think there will be a fandisk?

    • OMG yes Cain looks so good with glasses. (๑´ლ`๑)♡
      As for FD, it depends on how generous they are.. but I think it’s possible for a FD to come out. The game leaves some loose ties, especially with Leviath, and I think it might be intentional so they can release a FD later.

  4. Aww…. Cain you are so adorable and such a gentleman xD I admit I don’t like him before cause I thought he was boring but I’ll take back that statement. I love him now :)) Giovanni still the first but Cain and Sionna is a tie now lol. And the omake ending is so cute :))

    • Why does everyone think he’s boring? Is it because he’s the normal one? The remaining knights are a bunch of oddballs. xD;; I love Cain’s omake CG too, and it made me cry because it’s just a CG. I’d give anything to see that as a scene. ;___;

      • Ha2 that before I went into his route, when I played the knight route he seems ordinary but turned out I was wrong xD That CG, I totally want to see it as a scene too because I want to know what will he say about his baby xixixi

        o.O so even in Levi route the revolution is failing again? Ha2 I think I already give up for the success one :((

  5. *throws confetti* Definitely worth the wait to read this route! Cain is my fave character as well =D Loves it that he became Teresa’s baby daddy ^–^ I’m a sucker for wistful romantic endings/cgs like weddings, baby etc or the whole works xD

    I WANT A FANDISK!! Leviath has to have a route I’m telling you! He’s too hot not to have one lol. I’m thinking its a ploy to see if his character will have an impact or lukewarm reception so that they can surprise us with an awesome possum cherry blossom FD route =X

    Again thank you kindly for your wonderful write ups on all routes =D

    • Same here, I absolutely love wedding / baby endings. :3

      Also, I agree with your opinion. I think they’re releasing Maren with only sad endings for Leviath to see the feedback first. If everyone wants him, they might make a FD later. Everyone in the English-speaking fandom loves Leviath, so I hope they’re really going to release a ラブラブ FD next year. With a love or at least happy ending for Leviath.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading~ :D

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