Maren no Rokukishi – Leviath

The last route in the game. It seems like Leviath breaks the hearts of a million fangirls out there because he doesn’t have a love ending. As for me.. I’m not heartbroken. I’m just disappointed.

The charismatic leader of the knights. 28 years old. Leviath’s skills both as a swordsman and as a magician is undoubtedly top-notch, and everyone in the mercenary group respects him a lot. He usually moves on his own and rarely gets involved with everyone else, so his whole existence is shrouded in mystery. Leviath has a huge objective behind the knights’ activities, but only Cain and Kiefer know about what he’s trying to achieve.

From the second run, it’s revealed that the one who kidnapped Teresa was actually Kiefer. He brought her to the fort under Leviath’s order, because Leviath was planning to sacrifice her in the forbidden ritual of resurrection — obviously to bring Elis back to life. The ritual requires the blood of a young girl, but so far Leviath’s attempts to perform it ended in failure.. and Teresa’s blood was no exception. Kiefer was planning to kill Teresa just to be safe, but Leviath ordered him to return her to the village. He already sealed her memories with magic too, which is why she has absolutely no recollections about what happened. All of this was actually witnessed by Sionna, but he decided to keep quiet.

It’s also revealed that Eugene was the one who brought Renaud to see Leviath. He found the poor boy crying alone in the church, begging God to kill him so he can meet his brother again. Eugene approached him because he felt sorry, but he was surprised when Renaud showed him the picture of his brother — who looks almost identical to Leviath. Eugene then invited him to come and work under his “god”, and that’s how Renaud met Leviath in the fort.

In this route, Teresa gradually comes to realize that behind that tough appearance, Leviath is a kind man who always watches over his followers. He warps back to the ship to stop Eugene and Giovanni’s quarrel, and the joke he says even makes Sionna smile. When Renaud breaks his barrier for the first time, he apologized for putting everyone into danger. He blames himself for the magicians’ attack on the fort, but he smiles upon learning that Teresa can sense magic power around them. As a leader, Leviath openly shows his emotions in front of his men, and she knows it’s one of the reasons why everyone loves him.

When Teresa first saw Eugene in his black cloak, she goes to report this to Leviath. She also tells him about her abduction case, and he tells her not to worry because he already set some traps to protect the fort. Leviath will protect everyone in his mercenary group, and Teresa is included. (*´∀`*) He also jokingly says that she’s a really happy-go-lucky person by joining the knights on the spot, and that’s when Teresa realized that Leviath is actually quite mischievous and loves teasing people lol. Before returning to her room, Teresa asks Leviath to take care of his health — surprising him.

After their mission in Dune, Teresa goes to eat lunch in a restaurant and finds Leviath drinking alone inside. She wonders if she should approach him, but he soon notices her presence and invites her to sit beside him. When he asks her to tell him an interesting story, she notices that he looks lonely.. and she’s hoping her story can ease that loneliness. Teresa then tells Leviath about the time Gerhard picked up a stray dog and brought it back to their ship. He kept the dog in the training ground and took a good care of it with everyone, but one day the dog suddenly went missing. Three days later, the dog came back along with his wife and puppies lol. If you pick the other option, she tells him that Renaud accidentally flipped his bowl during breakfast. Teresa panicked and wiped the mess with the napkin on the table, but apparently it wasn’t a napkin. It was Kiefer’s cravat, since he was sitting next to them. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Leviath bursts out laughing upon hearing these stories, and he treats Teresa to a full-course lunch to show his gratitude.

During the week off in Curia, Teresa is planning to take a walk alone since Renaud already left with Eugene. She finds Leviath on the grassy field outside, and she’s beyond surprised when he invites her to visit a nice place together. Leviath then takes Teresa into the forest, and she asks him about his sleeping hours — because the light in his room is never off at night. Leviath says he sleeps whenever he wants to, and Teresa tells him to live a healthy lifestyle. Again, Leviath is surprised upon hearing her concern. She apologized for saying cheeky things, but he only laughs saying she’s an interesting person. Soon after they reach a flower field in the forest, Leviath lies down and instantly falls asleep among the flowers. As she watches over him, Teresa wonders why she feels sad upon seeing his sleeping face.. but she can feel that her trust in Leviath has grown so much deeper. Leviath later wakes up to find Teresa sitting beside him, and they watch the sunset together before going home.

After Leviath reveals his true identity, Cain finally tells Teresa about Leviath’s attempts to bring Elis back to life. He can never forget his past, and now he can only walk forward because he can’t die either. Realizing that the revolution will be a battle to save Leviath’s soul, Teresa then promises to fight alongside the knights to bring Leviath back to the throne. On the night before the revolution, Leviath finds Teresa crying quietly outside. She quickly wipes off her tears and wishes for their victory tomorrow, saying everyone’s ready to do their best to fulfill Leviath’s dream. After a short silence, Leviath says that the revolution will only end the pain he’s been enduring in the last 10 years.. and his dream will begin after they reach victory.

Knowing that Leviath’s grudge is corrupting his soul, Teresa asks him to forgive everything after their victory tomorrow. She apologized for being insolent, but she knows his pain will never end if he doesn’t move on from the past. Leviath admits he doesn’t know if he can let go of his grief and hatred so easily, but he knows Teresa is right. He should let everything burn in the flames of revolution and make a fresh start after that. They don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but they believe the era of hope will surely come.

From here, the flow of events is exactly the same with the knights route — Leviath’s duel with Mayleath, Johannes’ betrayal, the knights’ deaths, and Teresa’s awakening. The difference is after Vahn reveals the truth about her parents, Teresa feels guilty thinking they died because of her. However, Leviath then steps up saying it’s not her fault. He also tells Teresa about the forbidden ritual he tried to do, as well as the fact that he ordered Kiefer to kidnap young girls from her village — including herself. Leviath noticed that she’s different though. While he failed to perform the ritual with the other girls, he couldn’t even begin the ritual with Teresa. The seal on her body completely blocked the process, but the ritual also weakened the seal at the same time. This is why her magic sense became a lot sharper after she got kidnapped. Teresa could only sense Renaud before, but she grew more sensitive to magic because of her weakening seal. If Vahn wants to blame someone, Leviath says he should blame him and not Teresa.

Leviath then asks if Teresa hates him for putting her parents’ death to waste, but Teresa says she can never hate him. She thinks he did a really cruel thing, but she also knows his feelings for Elis is as strong as her parent’s love for her — she just can’t blame him. Leviath apologized saying he should have told her sooner, but she tells him it’s not his fault. This is the first time Teresa can fully use her magic power, and she believes that in the end, it was her strong will to help Leviath that destroyed the seal. Vahn tries to stop Teresa from destroying her parents’ hope, but Leviath defends her saying it was Vahn himself who cornered her until she broke the seal. Their argument comes to an end when eventually Teresa says she’s going to fight the emperor too. She’s going to keep her promise to the knights, and she will use her power however she likes. Leviath accepts her determination, and Teresa takes his hand — though she also feels sad knowing he’s still in love with Elis.

Teresa summons her reflective barrier again, and she blocks the imperial soldiers from coming in to interrupt Leviath’s duel with Vahn. Renaud’s soul also comes down from heaven to lend his power, but sadly Teresa knows she already passed her limits.. so guess what happens? She uses her remaining power to warp Leviath to a faraway place. Again. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ As she slowly loses her consciousness, Teresa prays for Leviath’s safety. As long as he’s alive somewhere out there, their dreams will never die.

Two months after the revolution, Teresa goes to visit everyone’s graves. She found herself in a hospital bed when regained her consciousness, and she also noticed that her magic power is completely gone. Teresa is the only survivor from Leviath’s troops, but even though she’s all alone now, she wants to be happy for her friends who died in the revolution. As she looks up at the sky, Teresa wonders where Leviath is right now. She also wonders if he’s still planning to take the throne from Maximiliath, though she’s wishing that someday he will appear in front of her as a carefree traveler. Leviath is the man who taught her the meaning of love and grief, and her only wish is for him to smile from the heart someday.

… (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
Someone please tell me what’s the point of Leviath’s route aside from trolling the players. He’s got nice events. He even has that “affection up” emblem and everything, but in the end Teresa still can’t have a nice ending with him. I know he doesn’t have a love ending in this game, but seriously? You can’t even make the revolution succeed for once? Not even warping Teresa away with him? What’s the point then? ( ಠ_ಠ ) Poor Leviath. Poor Teresa. Poor us for getting trolled so hard in the end. il||li_| ̄|○il||li


26 thoughts on “Maren no Rokukishi – Leviath

  1. I’m pretty sure the reason why he doesn’t get a love route here is because he gets it in “Angelique ~Tenkuu no Requiem~”, one of the games in the Koei’s Angelique continuum. Since “Maren no Rokukishi” is a spin-off based on books written as a prequel to “Tenkuu no Requiem”, I think either Koei didn’t let Otomate mess with canon or Otomate just decided not to go against canon. The knight-commanders are mentioned and involved in “Tenkuu no Requiem,” but they have no love routes, so you could say that “Maren” is their game and “Tenkuu” is Leviath’s.

    Nonetheless, I highly suggest that you consult an Angelique expert, because this is as far as I know. >.<

    • I know. Just like what I wrote above, I know Leviath doesn’t have a love ending in this game. What I’m trying to say is what’s the point of teasing us with all those romance scenes, or making Teresa falls in love with him, if he doesn’t have a happy ending. By “happy” I mean something like a successful revolution, because I know he won’t end up with Teresa. This route is just like a sad general route with a little bit of Leviath thrown in, and that’s what I found irritating lol.

      • Sorry. =.= It took me a while to research its connection to Koei’s Angelique, and all “Maren” does is make me want to play “Tenkuu” just so I can get to Leviath. I completely understand the disappointment, since he is the star of this game, and they just bait us the whole damn time. I just inadvertently vented on your blog. I want to blame both Koei and Otomate, but I know it’s useless, since they’re still going to sucking money out of my pocket.

      • If I remember correctly, the revolution can’t succeed or else it would mess with the canon in Tenkuu no Requiem. Isn’t Leviath not the emperor yet at the beginning? *doesn’t remember too well* but it would make sense that way if it was.

        This whole thing is just Otomate practicing their trolling abilities anyways so whatever. >_>

        • Yeah, Leviath is still a deposed prince in Tenkuu. All of his “missions” are to invade planets and bring down its ruler, and the Cosmos of the Divine Bird is one of them. But then again, Leviath ends up getting defeated and reincarnates to be Arios.. so his revolution will never be successful in the first place.

          My point is why bother making all of these nice scenes for Leviath and Teresa if you’re gonna pull them apart anyway lol. The knights route should be enough for that, there’s no need to throw in Leviath for extra fanservice. Oh wait, this is trolling alright. xD

  2. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ this is like the first time i ever felt like i had to use this emocon, god i just gave up on the game after i finished Leviath’s route yesterday night =_= i am just playing for the sake of cg completion now, the art in this game was nice and all but seriously they trolled us til the end
    well i hope watever game we both play next will be better than this one

    • LOL what’s the point of playing the game then? xD;
      Maren no Rokukishi is the game for Leviath’s followers, so you should focus on them instead of Leviath and his revolution lol. I went (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ because this route is completely pointless. Despite all those nice scenes between Teresa and Leviath, the ending doesn’t change AT ALL. It feels that they created a route for Leviath just because, and everything feels so half-assed in the end lol. Just for this route though, since the knights have awesome routes.

  3. /flips all tables in a 50km radius … (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
    No no, I already gave up on winning Leviath’s affection. I just wanted his revolution to succeed. But gosh dang it ^( ̄□ ̄#)^ψむき〜(怒) you tease us with stuff and then in the end Leviath still ends up somewhere and nothing comes up (kinda like this Harvest Moon game where you could have heart events with this girl but you couldn’t marry her lol)

    /has absolutely no idea what to write anymore. Someone make a fandisk. Please?

    • Exactly lol. I wasn’t expecting him to love Teresa back, I just wanted a nicer ending for both of them. The revolution fails, okay, why can’t they at least warp Teresa out with him? He can dump her on the way later, but different ending please lol. You make a nice comparison there. xD

      They can make it alternate universe or whatever, but yea fandisk please. щ(゚Д゚щ)

      • LOL dump her on the way later. That sounds terrible and its still better than the crappy ending we get.

        Alternate universe sounds awesome. The knights as high school students /shot

        /looks at banner and spits coke. HOLY SHIT YOU’RE PLAYING DANGANRONPA. LMAO we have the same timing <– just finished 1st chapter

        • LOL is this telepathy?
          Didn’t we play 7d 2020 with the same party too? Are you my soulmate? 8D
          How do you find the game so far? I’m on chapter 3, and I’m enjoying everything lol. So grateful the blood is pink so I won’t feel dizzy whenever.. something.. occurs. xD

          • We’re either soulmates or sisters who somehow got separated; take your pick (# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ

            The game is awesome, so bright and colorful. It kind of reminds me of Persona for some reason. I remember playing the demo and cracking up on the pink blood (I prefer realistic looking blood in video games /shot). I was so freaked out by Monokuma, though: the same voice as Doraemon = somewhat crushed childhood?
            Who’s your favorite character? I like Makoto, Kiyotaka and Kyouko the best~

          • Then we can be both! ヤッホ—ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ—イ

            My favorite character so far is Makoto, Kyouko and Genocider Sho. You’ll learn more about the last one in chapter 2 lol. At first I was scared, but the character turns out to be much more fun than I expected. Surprisingly, I love Monokuma too. 8D The only ones that scared me are Sayaka and the one behind Monokuma’s murderous actions.. orz

            ..and OMG HASUMI TATSUYA IS HAWT. His character description is so challenging too. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since I already did all the guys back in DS 3rd Story, I guess I’ll start with him in Premium.

            /mentally blocks hasumi = spongebob image

  4. Well, certain companies love trolling players and otomate is certainly one of them. Armen Noir anyone? That entire game was almost 100% troll fest. They sometimes even troll players with the choices options, like that one time you had to wait till the last 2 seconds to pick the choice in one of the guys routes. So yeah, Leviath is just there to troll, and that’s all otomate wants/needs.

    • Forgot to say the choice thing was in Clock Zero. Because the exams weren’t annoying enough, they just had to throw timed choices. This one of the reasons I’m always very cautious to try otomate’s games unless it’s a colaboration.

    • LOL I know right. Clock Zero would be perfect without the annoying timed changing questions or the stupid assignments. I refuse to touch Armen Noir because of all the negative reviews, but honestly Otomate.. lol.

  5. Ugh…no way, I was expecting the revolution to succeed…I am beyond disappointed. What was the point of it if Leviath doesn’t even succeed? Poor, poor Leviath, Teresa and us for being deceived. Excuse me while I sob in a corner.

    • xD; My expectations weren’t that high honestly. It’s those nice scenes with Leviath that gave me (false) hope lol. I seriously don’t get why they make two paths with the same result.. aside from throwing half-assed Leviath fanservice. Or probably fishing for feedback for a possible fandisk.

  6. Well up to this point I can know his revolution will be failed again. I saw the chronicle record and his route and knight route almost has the same line, so I kinda guess his knights will die again. Seriously I don’t care if they keep failing as long as the knight still alive somewhere.

    And I agree what the use to have his route, because the result is the same.

    Overall it’s a good game the sad ending in this route really depressing.

    Please FD…… otomate :))

    • Yeah, but then the ending branched off.. so that caught me off-guard lol. I was thinking the knights will die, but the ending will be happier instead of “my friends are dead and the man I respect is somewhere in a different cosmos”. LOL.

      • Yeah, for a while I thought that at least he got the happy ending with Teresa or something but I totally give up since in any other route the revolution is still failing.

        I just know that Arios is his reincarnation no wonder they look alike and have the same eyes.

        Congratz for finishing the game ^^ What title will u be played next?

        Oh and thank you for the summary :)

        • Thanks! I’m taking a short break from otome games to do Dangan Ronpa, and I’ll be back with HanaIchi Kinema Mosaic. :D I still have to write the past chronicle summaries, but I’ll save that for later since my eyes are tired at the moment. ;__;

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