Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku – Kinema Mosaic

After months of waiting, I finally got my paws on HanaIchi Kinema Mosaic! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Before starting the game, I also went back to grab all the remaining items in HanaIchi to carry over. ♥

Kinema Mosaic takes place one year after the original Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku. None of the six Miyanomori brothers made it to become the new head of the family, and so Genichirou is holding the competition again this year. In addition, he also takes the seventh brother to live with them in the mansion — Mamoru. There are three modes in Kinema Mosaic: “second year mode”, “epilogue mode” and “informant mode”.

Second Year Mode

As the name says, “second year mode” is about Haru’s second year working as a maid in the Miyanomori mansion. She didn’t fall in love with anyone during her first year, and the brothers all failed to become the new head. Since Genichirou is really planning to retire soon, this year he’s holding a new round of the competition. Aside from taking Mamoru to live with everyone in the mansion, Genichirou also asks Hiroshi to go back to Japan because cholera is breaking out in England at the moment. Or so he says. We all know the real reason. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ For the new competition, Genichirou also adds a new rule. He gives 1000 yen for each brother, and they have to entertain him by using that money. If none of them can please him by the end of the year, Mamoru will inherit all of Miyanomori’s fortune. Obviously the brothers aren’t pleased upon hearing Mamoru’s dark background, but that’s exactly what Genichirou wants to see. He wants the seven of them to seriously fight each other in the competition.

On the first day of April, a newcomer named Onoda Hideo starts working for the Miyanomori family.. and Chitomi asks Haru to guide him. Just like Haru, Hideo came from a small village and went to Teito searching for a job. That night they receive a “personal attendant” survey from Genichirou, and Haru knows they’re about to get involved in the brothers’ competition as well.

Epilogue Mode

This mode contains epilogues for the original Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku, with Haru dating or married to the Miyanomori brothers. Each brother has three scenes and two new CGs, but keep in mind that these epilogues don’t take place directly after the endings. They actually take place after the “after stories” you can get from PSN. Of course it would be unfair for those of you who can’t access PSN, so I summarized the “after stories” in this post. Feel free to read if you’re confused about the epilogues here.

Informant Mode

In the “informant mode”, we get to control Genichirou’s personal informant — Arita Kisuke — instead of Haru. This mode takes place during Haru’s second year in the Miyanomori mansion, and it offers a different, fun experience viewed through both Kisuke and Haru’s perspectives. Kisuke has his own route and ending in this mode.

37 thoughts on “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku – Kinema Mosaic

      • Oh Kinema is long? I thought since it was just a FD, it wouldn’t be as long as the first, which IMO was long. YAAAAAAY! More for us, I guess? xD

        Can’t wait for your reviews as always Rin! Can’t wait for Hiroshi :3

        Oh btw, is there anyone you would consider as the “main” guy of HanaIchi? I haven’t played everyone’s route in the first, so it’d be great if you could answer. Thanks!

        • It’s even longer than the original, because it doesn’t have a general route. xD Even though the main issue is the same, we get to see different reactions in each route.. and that’s what makes the game so long. Not that I’m complaining though, since just as you say, more fun for us. 8D

          Ah no, there’s no “main” guy in HanaIchi. Everyone’s equally important. You should go from Tadashi → Isami → Shigeru → Susumu → Hiroshi → Masashi in the first HanaIchi though, because that’s the order of the revelation. Kinema doesn’t have a grand revelation, so you probably won’t need to worry about order. :3

      • Are you serious? Judging by your reviews HanaInchi seems to be an excellent otome game! He is adorable, there’s just something about him and his uniform that I love so much! ^^

        • It’s beyond excellent. It’s so awesome I don’t know if there’s a proper word to describe how good it is. xD Yes, Susumu looks great in his police uniform. I must have something about uniforms, because I adore Isami’s military uniform, Susumu’s police uniform, and Hiroshi’s (+ Masashi) school uniform lol.

        • As far as I know, yes lol. Only a few of my otome friends have played this game and loving it, but most of them think the art isn’t as shiny and the seiyuu is unknown. That’s instant donotwant.jpg for them, even though the game is high-quality.. orz

  1. Waii! Hope you had a happy new year Rin!

    Ah, I was hoping to see this title pop up, considering I was a bit skeptic on wherever to purchase Kinema or get the original game. From the looks of it, it looks pretty good. :)

    • Happy New Year! :D

      If you’re looking for the game, they have a twin pack so you can get both at a cheaper price. Since it’s PSP, maybe you can look in Play-Asia or something? The series is beyond good. It’s awesome. :3

  2. I keep failing on the servant test at the end of the month and then its game over in the July period I’m not sure why I am failing unless I haven’t been stat building or something?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    • Did you get any × in the exam?
      I think for the first HanaIchi, you’ll get fired if you get 3 ×’s in the exams. In Kinema Mosaic, one × is all it takes for them to kick you out. I’d recommend using the wiki as you play. It helped me getting all the endings. :D

  3. Thanks for the quick reply and I think I always got 2 wrong or something but I shall try to use the guide and see how it goes. Thanks again :D

  4. Hi, I have a big problem with the voices. Even tough I can hear the BGM, I can’t hear anyone’s voices. I don’t know if it’s just the start of the game, but it bothered me. Maybe it’s my PSP??
    Well, if anyone knows if I just have to wait or how to fix it, please help meee ^^

    • Actually, I’ve been playing Tasogare Polar Star on the side.
      There are still a lot of routes to cover since work has been super busy for me this year, but I’ll probably start posting once I’m done with Ken ga Kimi. Focusing on one game at a time is easier to manage. :D

  5. May I ask another question about tasogare
    I don’t know why when I played first route and when I let haru go to bed to went on next week but nothing happen ToT why I can’t do nothing with bed or I had to do something first?

    • I forgot, it’s been a while since I took a break from Polar Star… but try doing something else? The events are fixed, so they should show up automatically as long as you raise Haru’s parameters.

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