Kinema Mosaic – Epilogue Mode

Since “second year mode” and “informant mode” are on a different timeline, Iet’s start with the “epilogue mode”. The epilogues are short stories taking place directly after the “after stories”.

While it’s a nice idea to put extra epilogues in Kinema Mosaic, I can’t help but wonder about the people who couldn’t buy the “after stories” from PSN. These epilogues would feel incomplete if you don’t play the “after stories” first, and you’d feel like you missed something between the endings and the epilogues. (´・ω・`A;) Wouldn’t it be nicer if the “after stories” are more like an optional sweet scene, and the epilogues take place here instead? Oh well, I dedicated a post just for the “after stories” here, so feel free to read it if you’re not buying them.


当主ノ妻ラシク?Like the Family Head’s Wife?

One afternoon, Tae comes to tell Haru that Tadashi will be coming home late. He only said he’s going out with Norio after work, but Haru knows it means they’re going to drink tonight. When Haru mentions that Sanae was really happy to receive Genichirou’s painting, Tae tells her that Genichirou is visiting the hospital from time to time. He’s probably still busy plotting something in the background, but he’s well aware that he’s getting old too. Tae also asks how Haru is doing with Tadashi, and Haru says they’re doing just fine. It’s just Tadashi often scolds her because she doesn’t behave like the head’s wife. Someone even mistook her for a servant in a recent dance party, and obviously Tadashi got really angry. Haru thinks her personality makes it hard for her to behave all prim and proper like an elegant lady, but Tae has an idea…

That night, Tadashi tells Norio that he finally managed to tell Haru “I love you”. Norio tells him it’s definitely his fault that Haru became so worried though, since every single married couple out there normally say romantic words to each other. Tadashi asks if Norio also say those words to Kurenai, and he’s shocked when Norio answers with “everyday” lol. For Norio expressing one’s love is a married man’s duty, so he says it every single day without fail to make Kurenai happy. Norio knows it’s probably impossible for Tadashi though, since this is the man who had to take his wife all the way to a villa just to say “I love you”. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Norio then changes the subject by asking “so when will you make a kid?”, and Tadashi instantly spits out his drink upon hearing that. xD Tadashi admits it’s not that easy to create the right atmosphere, not to mention Haru is still young and inexperienced with men. Plus, he needs to do something to fix her behavior. He doesn’t want people to mistake her for a servant again.

When Tadashi returns home, he finds Haru waiting for him near the entrance. She’s behaving really calmly and speaks in a more refined tone than usual, but he finds it weird and asks her if there’s something wrong. Later on he asks what she’s doing today, and when she answers “cleaning up and shopping for Isami-sama”, he scolds her as usual for behaving like a servant. Usually Haru would protest saying she’s doing her best to change, so Tadashi thinks it’s really weird that she only apologized tonight. He continues asking her questions like “did father say something to you? was it Chitomi?” and “did you have a fight with Masashi? or Tae?”, but she remains silent until he forces her to answer.. and she finally replies with “stupid Tadashi-san!” before running out of the room lol.

Tadashi chases after Haru to the garden after that, where she admits that she was trying to behave like the head’s wife. She asks if she properly behaved like one, but he answers with “you’re so stupid! I was worried thinking something happened to you!” xD Haru then sneezes since it’s snowing outside in the garden, and Tadashi smiles saying she should fix that side of her first before fixing her way of speaking. Then he hugs her saying a head’s wife won’t go out when it’s snowing like this. (*´∀`*) Haru sadly says she might turn into an old lady before she can behave like the head’s wife, and Tadashi laughs saying it’s probably true.. but then he adds “well.. isn’t it okay if you stay this way?” Even though he’s the one who keeps scolding her lol. Haru asks if it’s a part of his strategy, and since Tadashi also sneezes before he can deny her statement, they end up going back inside. She’ll make something warm to make sure he doesn’t catch a cold.

手ト手ヲ合ワセJoining Hands

The next day, Haru caught a cold and has a high fever. She thinks it’s the punishment for not behaving like the head’s wife, but Tadashi decides to stay at home to nurse her back to health. He goes to the kitchen and personally asks the chef to cook something warm for Haru, and he also tells Chitomi to call the doctor only — he’ll take care of everything else. He wants to help Haru change too since it’s hard for her to get up from bed, but he gets embarrassed and asks for Chitomi’s help instead. Haru’s fever has gone down when she wakes up at night, and she finds Tadashi reading a book by her bedside. She apologized for taking up his whole day, but he tells her it’s only natural because she’s his wife. ε-(*´∀`|萌

When Tadashi asks if she needs something, Haru asks if he would be worried about her cold before they got married. Since his feelings for her changed a lot ever since they first met, he wants her to specifically determine the time of her question lol.

Haru: “What about when I first came to work here?”
Tadashi: “I wouldn’t be worried then. It’s just a cold right?”
Haru: “…then what about when we went to the villa?”
Tadashi: “Um.. I’d probably be worried.. maybe.”
Haru: “What about now?”
Tadashi: “Of course I’m worried! That’s why I’m nursing you all day!” ( ಠ_ಠ )

Haru then asks Tadashi to hold her hand, and she goes back to sleep still holding his hand. ♥

当主ノ仕事The Family Head’s Job

A few days later, Norio comes to visit Tadashi at work. Norio asks how Tadashi is doing with Haru, and when Tadashi says they’re doing fine despite Haru’s carefree behavior, Norio goes “not that, but about your future kid.” (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ It’s been half a year ever since Tadashi and Haru got married, so Norio is wondering if everyone’s starting to expect a child from them. Like how everyone in the Tsukumoin family keeps telling him and Kurenai to have a child already. It might be different for Tadashi though, since they can never imagine Genichirou saying “I want to have a grandchild.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Norio’s prediction soon comes true though, because at night Chitomi tells Tadashi to have a child with Haru. Genichirou is getting old, so they need to think about Tadashi’s future successor — it’s a part of the family head’s job lol. Chitomi keeps telling him that years will pass quickly if they don’t think about this issue as soon as possible, so eventually Tadashi gives up saying he understands.

Noticing that Tadashi keeps thinking about this during dinner, his brothers then start discussing about this. Masashi says this happened because Tadashi “doesn’t do it right away” (..and yes he knows what he’s talking about lol), but Isami and Susumu know it must be because Tadashi treasures Haru too much. Or because Tadashi always says what he wants to say and never really asked for Haru’s opinion. In any case, it’s his responsibility both as the family head and as the oldest son of the Miyanomori family. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

When he returns to his room later, Tadashi tries his best to talk to Haru about this. For the last six months they have been sleeping in the same room, but they also have two separate beds. The moment Tadashi says “how about if we sleep together on the same bed?”, Haru instantly drops the stuff she’s holding and goes ・・・Σ(〃д〃)エッ!? This causes Tadashi to panic, and so he quickly adds “I didn’t mean anything weird! It’s because making a successor is an important job for the head! Wait, that sounds weird. No, I mean..” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Upon seeing Haru staring at him in silence, Tadashi realized that their problem lies a long way before creating the atmosphere lol. Tadashi says he won’t force her if she doesn’t want to, but Haru finally says she’ll sleep with him and nervously climbs into bed with Tadashi. They don’t have any chance to do naughty things though, since Haru instantly falls asleep upon touching the pillow lol. She probably got tired thanks to the nervousness, or maybe because she feels really calm to sleep beside him. Tadashi chuckles saying his brothers will make fun of him if they see this, but from now on he’ll sleep on the same bed with Haru every night. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

LOL Tadashi. Honestly, I thought he already did it with Haru at least once. I never thought he’d be such a slowpoke when it comes to bed-related stuff, but well.. that’s what makes Tadashi adorable. *:..。o(O*´∀`*惚)o。..:* Good luck, Tadashi! Get some advice from Isami if necessary!


大事ナ人大事ナ場所Important Person, Important Place

A few days after Haru gave birth to their baby, Isami tells her that she can go home tomorrow. Isami notices that their baby is gone from Haru’s arms though, and when she says their baby was taken away for some check-ups, he instantly enters panic mode and goes “what kind of check-ups? they won’t be violent right!?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After he calms down, Isami says he already thought up of a name for their baby — Sachiko, with the hopes that their baby will grow up surrounded by happiness. Since Haru only replies with “うーん・・・”, Isami then starts suggesting other names: Kiyoko (a girl with a pure heart) or Katsuko (a girl who wins against everything). He asks if Haru has any name ideas because she keeps sighing upon hearing his suggestions, and that’s when she finally says “it’s a boy you know?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Just as Haru expected, Isami was so excited to have a baby he forgot to check their son’s gender lol.

After leaving the hospital, Isami keeps thinking of their son’s name as he walks through Ginza. Obviously he expects their son to make Japan a stronger country in the future, so he wants to give their son a “strong” name. Just then he runs into Toki on the streets, and she’s carrying a lot of stuff she bought for their son. When Toki asks about how Genichirou is doing, Isami tells her that he’s probably still plotting something in the background. Even though Isami is the family head, there are a lot of things only known by Genichirou alone. A year has passed ever since Isami took the position, and yet his job as the head so far is only granting permissions. The one who thinks and decides things for Miyanomori isn’t Isami — it’s still Genichirou. He’s probably thinking Isami is easy to control, but Isami won’t let things stay this way forever.

Toki doesn’t really care about Genichirou though, since she’s more interested in giving Isami’s son a name instead. At first Isami refuses, but eventually he agrees upon learning it might be the last thing Toki can do for them. Toki’s father — Honjouin Tessai — has fallen sick recently, and she might have to return to Kyoto soon. Toki is the only one who inherits his traditional tea ceremony skills, so if Tessai dies.. she’ll stay in Kyoto forever to continue his career. Toki has no regrets though, since she had a lot of fun here in Teito. At night, Isami informs Heisuke that he’s going to pick Haru up from the hospital tomorrow. Heisuke says he should leave such a simple task to a servant instead, but Isami tells him “picking up my wife and son is my duty, not the head’s duty.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Isami is well-aware that Heisuke’s loyalty always lies in Genichirou, so he warns Heisuke that he’ll start taking control soon. He wanted to become the family head for the country, and now he’s going to do it his own way.

The next day, Chitomi helps Haru packing up when Isami comes to pick her up. When Chitomi asks if they already have a name for their son, Isami tells them about what happened with Toki yesterday. As they walk out of the hospital, Isami also tells Haru that he’s planning to carry out his plan soon. Now that he already have a wife and a son — the important people in his life — it’s time to conquer the world! strengthen the country. One day Isami will gain a promotion and becomes a major general, but before that.. he’s planning to bring Genichirou down. After that, he’s going to use Miyanomori’s fortune to train the entire upper level of the army so they won’t lose to anyone. Isami then notices Haru looking sad beside him, and when he asks he what’s wrong, she says he feels so far away whenever he talks about his future plan. Upon hearing this, Isami kisses Haru’s hand saying he’s still the man who walks beside her in life. He has an important mission for the country, but her happiness is even more important to him. When Haru says she’s worried of losing this happiness, Isami tells her it’s nothing to worry about. He will always love her, and he won’t ever let her go. (*´∀`*)

夫婦ノ時間トハWhat “A Couple’s Time” Means

After Haru and Isami return home, she becomes really busy taking care of their son. The baby keeps crying nonstop when they wake up in the morning, and Haru has to change his diapers by herself because Chitomi isn’t around to help her. Isami isn’t pleased that his wife’s ignoring him all morning, but he has no choice because whenever he calls her, Haru always responds with “please leave it for later! I have to change his diaper now!” lol. When Kisuke congratulates him at noon, Isami tells him it’s not the time for celebrations because his happy married life is in danger. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He asks Kisuke for some advice to save his married life, so Kisuke suggests visiting memorable places they used to visit before. Isami thinks the most memorable thing between Haru and him was the dance party two years ago, and so he decides to hold a dance party next week — just for the two of them. xD It’s necessary to “deepen their bond”, especially since Chitomi says Haru will be busy taking care of their son for about a year.. and Isami isn’t sure if he can endure being ignored for so long lol.

When Isami comes home in the evening, Haru apologized for not seeing him off when he goes to work. After checking their son in the cradle, Isami tells Haru he’ll be troubled if this condition continues for a whole year lol. He has a lot of plans both as a soldier and as the family head, but right now his top priority is to eliminate this “danger” from their married life. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Obviously Haru goes “danger? since when? (´・ω・`)?”, and Isami answers “this morning! your mind was full of our baby!” lol.

Haru: “Are you jealous?”
Isami: “No! This isn’t something like that!”
Haru: “Really? Then excuse me, I’ll go take care of our son.”
Isami: “W-wait!”
Haru: “See, you’re jealous.”
Isami: “You’re mine! So.. uh.. It’s bothering me.”
Haru: “Why?”
Isami: “Our son is important, but so are you! I want to treasure our time together!”
Haru: “Hehe.. I understand. I know Isami-sama always gets jealous so easily.”
Isami: “SHUT UP!! I won’t hand you to anyone, you’re mine and mine alone!”

..and to get his point across, Isami hugs Haru until she runs out of breath and faints. Then he panicks and tells her to pull herself together. LOL Isami you dork, don’t ever change. xD

アノ時ノ舞踏会ノ様ニJust Like That Dance Party

A few days later, Toki comes to visit Isami and Haru’s villa. Isami built their villa at the speed of light, and Toki knows really well it’s probably because he doesn’t want anyone to disturb their time together lol. Toki already thought up of a name for their baby too, and she hands a paper to Haru with the name written on it — Takashi (“剛志 / strong-willed“). Toki wants the baby to become a strong-willed man like Isami in the future, and it took her quite a while to think of this name. It’s the only thing she wants Takashi to inherit from Isami though, since she tells Haru to educate Takashi really well so he won’t become like Isami in any other areas. Especially when it comes to romance. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Haru says she will be lonely once Toki returns to Kyoto, Toki answers that her plan has been cancelled. Tessai has reached critical condition once, but he completely recovered after that lol. He’s getting old though, so Toki will still return to Kyoto eventually. Just not anytime soon. Takashi then starts crying in Toki’s arms, and they change his diaper together. It reminds Toki of Isami when he was small, though she absolutely has no idea what went wrong when he grew up. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

After Isami comes home from work, Haru informs him about Takashi and explains the meaning behind the name. It’s a “strong” name just like what he’s been wishing for, so Isami is satisfied and says it’s a suitable name for his son. Genichirou doesn’t seem interested in his grandson though, since he never came to see Takashi at all. He never even came to visit their villa. Haru wants to believe that Genichirou isn’t that cold-blooded, but Isami knows his father more than she does. Especially after Genichirou trolled him so hard during the game. When Isami tells her to rest for tomorrow’s dance party, Haru says this “danger” will go away if she can divide her attention equally between Isami and Takashi. Isami says Takashi is important to him too, though his love for Takashi is obviously different from how he loves Haru. He doesn’t think the dance party will change anything, but he believes reminiscing about the past is still a good idea. Haru remembers the demonic dance training sessions with Isami back on her maid days, and Isami laughs saying he got a lot of points for dancing with her in front of Genichirou. He was really harsh to her back then, but right now Takashi and her are his home. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

The next day, Chitomi sighs in disbelief since the family head holds a dance party just to make his wife happy lol. Tae says they can’t do anything since it’s a direct order, so Chitomi goes to look after Takashi while Tae guards the hall entrance lol. Inside the dance hall, Haru is worried about Takashi and wants to check up on him, but Isami grabs her hand saying it’s now time for the two of them. Of course they can’t reminisce about the past since Haru is so distracted, so Isami kisses her eyes saying he’ll bear with this for today. She’s glad that they’re alone in the dance hall, though he doesn’t mind kissing her in front of everyone else. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru says that side of him will never change, and Isami says it’s because he has no intentions to do so. His feelings for her will always stay the same, and he whispers “I love you” into her ears.

Isami has always been a dork before he got married. He’s still a dork after he got married, and will always be a dork no matter how old he gets. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ I love how he puts Haru on top of his priority list too, and I swear Toki has the best lines when it comes to her son’s antics lol.


全テハ此処カラEverything Starts From Here

A few months after their wedding, Shigeru builds a new house for Haru and himself. It’s right beside her parents’ house, but they want to stay in their old house instead of joining Haru and Shigeru next door. One day Shizuko tells them that she’s going to visit them, and both of them go pick her up when she arrives in the village. Shizuko’s on an indefinite vacation after closing Yasuda, so she decides to enjoy the hot spring while she’s here. There entire village only has vegetable fields and rice paddies, but Shigeru proudly shows his sturdy arms to his mother — a proof that he already got used to field works. Shizuko can see their house from afar, and it really stands out because it’s a new building. It took Shigeru a week to convince the elder, but eventually the old man let them use the empty lot beside Haru’s old house.

Shizuko won’t stay in their house though, since she already booked a room in Oboro-tei. This is her first time visiting a hot spring, so she wants to know how it feels to stay in a hot spring inn. Sadly Oboro-tei isn’t doing too well, and the owner says Shizuko will be his last customer. A new inn nearby is taking away his customers, not to mention the recession is making things even harder for him. Since Shizuko used to run her own business, she knows really well that it’s not the only reason. Even though this is her first time visiting a hot spring inn, it’s noticeable that Oboro-tei is too normal. It doesn’t have any characteristics to attract customers, which is a waste since the building is big and nice. The owner says he tried to do his best though, and Shizuko keeps thinking about this before she goes to have dinner with Haru’s family.

When Shigeru takes Fumi and Tae to their bedroom after dinner, Shizuko notices that he looks much more cheerful after leaving Miyanomori. At first they weren’t sure if Shigeru can keep up with field works, but he becomes really reliable and takes care of most things for them. Haru’s father asks if it’s really okay for Shigeru to leave his family like that, but Shizuko doesn’t mind. It’s Shigeru’s life after all, and she’s happy with his son marrying Haru. After walking Shizuko back to Oboro-tei, Shigeru returns home and tells Haru that his mother has something on her mind. He can tell she’s going to do something for Oboro-tei, because he knows she’s not the type of person who can sit back and relax all day. Shigeru and Haru’s days start really early in the morning, so they go to bed together right after that.

未来ヲ見据エLooking at the Future

The next morning, Shigeru comes to eat breakfast with everyone next door. Haru is still asleep though, and he didn’t wake her up because she seems tired. Haru’s father informs him that the elder is offering another field for them to work on, but Shigeru doesn’t answer right away and goes to discuss with Haru first. The reason is because farming depends on weather a lot, so he doesn’t think a new field alone would be enough to improve their life from now on. Haru is still sleepy and wonders why Shigeru can be so energetic in the morning, and he answers it’s because “something good” happens between them at night. (* ノ∀ノ)イヤン She turns silent and blushes upon hearing his answer, so he teases her by saying “that side of you is always so cute~” before leaving.

As he walks to the field outside, Shigeru keeps thinking if he should leave farming and take up another job. There’s also a factory in the village, but he doesn’t think working in a factory suits his personality.. and so does farming actually, though it’s still different because Shigeru enjoys his farming life. Just then Shizuko comes to talk to him about Oboro-tei, and Shigeru can guess what she wants to say — she bought the inn and became the owner. Just as he expected lol. Shizuko is a bit worried that her presence here might disturb their life, but Shigeru says she’s thinking too much. Haru will be happy too if Shizuko lives nearby, since both of them get along really great even during the former’s maid days. While Shizuko will be busy taking care of the procedures and preparations to move, Shigeru says he will have to work extra hard too if he wants to have children with Haru. They can’t sell their crops directly since the management is handled by the elder, but he wants to keep farming with Haru’s father. Shigeru doesn’t need to worry though, since Shizuko has a great idea: homemade fruit jams! .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. They need to think about the place and necessary equipments to produce jams, so both Shigeru and Shizuko now have their own businesses to run.

新タナ茂変ワラナヌ茂New Shigeru, Unchanging Shigeru

A few days later, Shigeru and Haru’s father are planning to grow strawberries for their jams. Since they’re in charge of the crops, Haru and her mother are going to prepare the recipe and the jam bottles. Their product range might not be limited to jams only, so Shigeru says he’ll ask the elder for more suggestions later. That, and because they also need the elder’s permission to sell their jams. Haru tells him there’s no need to rush, but Shigeru replies with “well yes, but we don’t know when our family member will increase.” (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ She’s surprised to hear his answer, but her parents are excited to have grandchildren in the near future.

Shigeru then leaves and visits Shizuko at Oboro-tei, where she tells him that she used to live in a small village too when she was young. Back then she only wanted to get out and work in Osaka as soon as possible, but right now she thinks living in the countryside is nice too. She might need to use her connection list and get her ex-customers to visit Oboro-tei, but Shigeru says Shizuko looks the best when she’s busy. Shigeru also reveals that the wooden statue they made for Shizuko was made from the same wood as their house. It was Haru’s idea to make a farewell gift for Shizuko, since they never thought they’d see her again. Especially not here in this village lol. He also asks Shizuko to remarry if she can find a nice person, but she only laughs saying it’d be hard to find someone who can surpass Genichirou. Shizuko had to go through a lot of things in her life, but she doesn’t regret anything because it eventually led to her marriage to Genichirou. Before going back home, Shigeru remembers that he came here to ask for Shizuko’s help about something…

In the afternoon, Shigeru returns home and apologized for being so late. Haru turns around to greet him, and she’s surprised to see him with short hair. He asks if the haircut suits him, and she replies with “your hair’s gone!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Haru asks him what happened, Shigeru answers it’s because he wants to turn over a new leaf and work even harder from now on. Shizuko is doing her best too, and he doesn’t wanna lose to his mother. The haircut looks good on him, but Haru says it’ll take time until she gets used to the short-haired Shigeru. Plus, her sisters might not recognize him because the change is so drastic lol. He didn’t leave Miyanomori to throw his family away, but rather to walk on his own path in life. Right now he already has a house, his job is starting to improve, and he wants to make children with Haru.. there are a lot of things he needs to do. The haircut doesn’t mean Shigeru is changing though, because Haru knows Shigeru will always be Shigeru. She tells him she loves the current him, and he thanks her before saying he loves the current her too. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Shigeru’s epilogue feels a lot more peaceful since he doesn’t have to deal with Miyanomori or Genichirou anymore, but I think it focuses too much on Shizuko and not enough on Haru. I was expecting more ラブラブ moments, but oh well.. Shigeru looks hawt with short hair though! ♥


君ヲ手ニ入レルガ為In Order To Get You

After receiving Susumu’s proposal, Haru sends a letter to inform her parents that she’s getting married. They’re going to live with Fumiko starting from next month, and they have a lot of stuff to take care of before their wedding. Haru feels a bit sad that Susumu will be living away from his brothers, but he tells her it’s fine because they can always meet up anytime. Besides, he’s more worried about Fumiko living all alone. While Haru thinks it’ll be lonely without his brothers, Susumu is excited to start a new life with her. Most likely because his brothers won’t be there to disturb them lol. When they go to visit Fumiko in the afternoon, she lets them use the second floor of her house after they move in. The house is too big for Fumiko alone, though it’s a proof that Genichirou is actually way kinder than they thought. Susumu still doesn’t understand why Genichirou protected him from Mamoru, but Fumiko says it must be because Susumu’s his son. Fumiko is really happy to have Susumu and Haru living with her, and they’re planning to send their stuff to her house next month. They will only send the necessary things though, because they’re leaving all the memorable ones in Susumu’s room in the mansion.

Since they’re going to see Haru’s parents tomorrow, Susumu tells her they need to buy some presents for her family. Haru says she’ll go buy them by herself, and Susumu runs into Sanji right after she leaves. While Susumu and Haru are busy with their wedding preparation, he’s still stuck in the proposal stage because Tae won’t give him an answer. Instead of saying yes, she keeps replying with “lies!” or “debt man!” and even “you’re the worst!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Poor guy, but what does he expect from such a tsundere? xD Sanji isn’t giving up though, and he swears he’ll force Tae to give him an answer later lol. Sanji promises to let Susumu know once Tae answers his proposal, and they wish each other good luck before Sanji leaves.

This reminds Susumu that Haru accepted his proposal because he asked her to do so, and he asks her about this when she’s finally done buying presents. Susumu is afraid that Haru said yes because she didn’t have an option, but Haru says she accepted because Susumu is the only one for her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He also tells her about Sanji’s proposal to Tae, and she says Tae always responds with “I don’t know” or “none of your business” whenever she asks her about this lol. It’s been a year ever since those two started dating, and Susumu knows Sanji will have to wait until Tae is really ready to give him an honest answer.

Before Haru leaves his room at night, Susumu asks if she really has no regrets about marrying him. He’s not worried about their future ahead, but sometimes he gets worried since he keeps thinking about how she truly feels inside. Haru answers that she doesn’t regret anything, and besides, they will always be together after they got married. Before she could say anything else, Susumu hugs Haru and says he can’t wait until their wedding day.. because he’ll get her everything after that. (* ノ∀ノ)イヤン He asks if she loves him, and when she says she does, he tells her that he won’t ever let her go. Susumu has some worries because it’s the first time he truly loves someone, and he can’t wait for their wedding day to erase those worries. Though he admits he might become greedy and seek something else from her by then. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

蛍舞ウ中デAmong the Firefly Dance

The next day, Susumu and Haru arrive in Haru’s hometown. Of course Haru’s parents were really surprised when they first received her letter, since they never expected their daughter will marry a Miyanomori. When Haru’s father asks if Susumu is really okay with this, Susumu tells then not to worry because Genichirou already approved their relationship. He promises to make Haru happy from now on, so they can leave their daughter in his hands. Upon receiving such a polite answer, Haru’s father asks Susumu to take care of Haru. (*´∀`*) Haru’s sisters are curious though, and they flock to Susumu saying a few members of the Miyanomori family bullied their big sister before. Haru and Tae never told them the names, but Susumu knows it must be either Masashi, Tadashi or Isami lol. He tells them his brothers are pretty strict, but he will never pick on Haru like they did. Really…? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

When Haru comes to join them in the living room, her mother tells Susumu that Haru worked so hard for them. She started working as a maid when her father fell sick, so they want her to be happy from now on. Her little sisters then start crying since Haru’s leaving them to get married, but Susumu gently tells them that he’ll make their big sister happy. Haru is an important person to him, because without her Susumu wouldn’t be able to regain his emotions. They have to go back to Teito tomorrow since he needs to return to work, but they’ll see Haru’s family again on their engagement day. Susumu also tells them that Genichirou won’t be attending, so it’s going to be Fumiko only. Since they’re moving in with Fumiko next month, Haru is also quitting her job in the mansion by the end of this month.

As they walk back to the inn at night, Haru reluctantly asks Susumu if she can see her family every once in a while. She heard people won’t be able to return to their hometown after they got married, but of course Susumu doesn’t mind at all. He’ll come with her too whenever she wants to visit her family, and Haru happily says she’ll match the dates with his schedule then. They have a lot to take care of though, so by the time they visit her hometown again, they’re probably already married. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When the fireflies start appearing around them, Susumu suddenly asks “do you think I’m mean and selfish?” and Haru replies with “I think so.. and also pushy and self-centered.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ She loves the current him though, since he’s more “human” compared to how empty his kindness was before. The gun fight with Sanji was the beginning for Susumu, since he’s starting to change after that

Susumu also tells Haru that he actually knows about Mamoru’s real identity, but he decides to wait instead of handing him to the police. Back then Susumu didn’t know why he let Mamoru escape, but right now he knows it’s because he didn’t want to kill him. Susumu would slash Mamoru with no doubts if he was still emotionless, and Susumu doesn’t want to become such a cold-blooded person again. Besides, it’d be a problem if a police kills someone.. even if that someone is an assassin lol. Haru doesn’t have to worry though, since Susumu will protect her even if Mamoru comes to attack them again. He’s willing to do anything for her.

待チワビタ日The Long-awaited Day

On the day before their wedding day, Susumu meets up with Sanji in Ginza. It took longer than planned, but Susumu and Haru are finally done with the preparations. As for Sanji, Tae finally said yes by the end of the year, so now it’s their turn to prepare their weddings. Sanji knows it’s going to take quite a while though, since it took months before Tae agreed to marry him lol. Tae refused right away when Sanji forced her to marry him, but when he got pissed and said “fine do whatever you want”, she finally answered “okay I don’t mind marrying you”. Then she called him stupid and ran away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Their relationship progress was so slow that Haru and Susumu actually made a bet about which one will come first — Tae’s answer or their wedding day lol. Tae never told Sanji she loves him either, but Sanji doesn’t want to ask how she feels since it’s going to take months again. xD

The next day, Fumiko comes to see Haru before the wedding ceremony starts. Haru looks so beautiful in her wedding dress, but Tae’s being her tsundere self and tells Haru everyone will shower her with flattery today. After all, nobody would say “the dress doesn’t suit you” to a happy bride lol. Chitomi tells her not to be so thorny though, since they all know her turn with Sanji is coming up next. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Fumiko then chuckles and tells Haru it’s not empty flattery since she admires pretty wedding dresses, and Haru says it was Susumu’s decision to use western clothes instead of the traditional ones. All of their guests are already waiting outside, so all that’s left is for Haru and Susumu to enter the venue. Before they leave to guide Susumu to the entrance, Chitomi tells Haru to wait here and try not to be so nervous.

Someone suddenly enters the room right after everyone leaves, and Haru is surprised to see that it’s Susumu. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. She panicks and asks why he’s still here, but he’s at a loss for words upon seeing how beautiful she is in her wedding dress. Ignoring her protests, Susumu says he’s here to kiss Haru before anyone sees them. (❤ฺ→艸←) That, and because he wants to see her as soon as possible. Susumu then tells Haru he loves her, and he won’t ever let her go no matter what happens. Today he finally receives her everything.

I’m so happy to see Susumu finally marrying Haru! (๑´ლ`๑)♡ It’s so nice that they’re moving in with Fumiko, since Haru and her are really close to each other. Sanji and Tae’s relationship is amusing to watch too. I thought she’d grow softer after they start dating.. apparently not lol.


欲ハ限リナクPassion is Limitless

After their wedding, Haru and Hiroshi move into their own house. She finds a lot of martial arts books in his package box, so he explains it’s because he was learning how to fight during his stay in England. Since Haru doesn’t know about Mamoru yet, Hiroshi then admits that he made a promise with Mamoru five years ago. Back then Hiroshi didn’t know what to do and decided to keep Haru by his side all the time, but in the end she got slashed to protect him. The incident haunted him during the five years he spent in England, and it still appears in his dreams even up until now. Hiroshi did his best so he can protect Haru properly next time, but it doesn’t seem like Mamoru has any plans to attack them now. He also tells her about Mamoru’s identity and apologized for not telling her, but she understands since a lot of things happened back then. Even though Haru feels a bit guilty for not realizing, Hiroshi says it’s not her fault at all. Hiroshi decided to study in England because of the promise, so he’s actually grateful to Mamoru for making him stronger.

That night, Hiroshi notices that Haru is still thinking about what he said earlier. Haru admits she has mixed feelings because Hiroshi spent a really meaningful five years, while all she did was waiting for his return in the mansion. He tells her not to think too much about it, since she can work harder from now on and live her life with no regrets. Hiroshi suddenly asks if she loves him, and of course Haru answers she does. When she asks him what’s wrong, he says it’s just checking because he doesn’t want her to hate him. He also tells her that he’ll keep asking the question regularly, and she laughs saying that side of him will never change. Despite his visible growth, Hiroshi says he’s still the same old him. His feelings for Haru will always stay the same, and he only comes to love her more during the time they spent apart. Hiroshi was really happy when Tae sent him a letter saying Haru is waiting for him, and he blushes when she says “it’s because you gave me that countdown watch.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡

As he hugs Haru in his arms, Hiroshi says they can finally be happy after spending those five years apart. She would only suffer if he married her by force back then, but right now he can love her and make her happy properly. They can make children too now that they’re officially married. (* ノ∀ノ)イヤン She was always on his mind during his stay in England, and he did his best in everything for her sake too. Hiroshi then asks if Haru feels loved, and when she says she does, he laughs saying he doesn’t feel satisfied like she does. Even though they whisper “I love you” to each other everyday, he can never get enough of her love. Hiroshi jokingly tells Haru he might be able to feel a bit satisfied if she closes her eyes, and she laughs saying he doesn’t change indeed. Then he kisses her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

新シキ物ハ誰ガ為New Things For Who?

A few days later, Haru goes to get Hiroshi’s books in the mansion. She meets Tae and asks when she’s going to get married, but Tae refuses to sacrifice her job for marriage. She’s now proudly working as the head of the servants, though she might be willing to let go of her job if a wonderful man comes to pick her up. Since Haru says she doesn’t know Tae’s taste in men, Tae says it’s definitely not a man who makes her wait for five years lol. Everyone kept telling Haru the same thing, but she refused every arranged matchmaking since she has decided to wait for Hiroshi. Her parents told the villagers that she’s already engaged to block any offers for matchmaking, even though Hiroshi never really promised her anything. Tae has to return to work after that, but she promises to meet up with Haru in Ginza this weekend.

Just before Haru leaves the mansion, Masashi comes out to add more books for her to carry. Hiroshi was the one who requested the books, so she should direct her complaints towards her husband instead lol. When Haru asks him what’s inside the package, Masashi tells her it’s the complete set of “All Kinds of Curses”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He tells her it’s just a joke.. but is it, really? xD Masashi then asks if Hiroshi is working properly, and Haru explains that Hiroshi is busy with research recently. The fax machine prototype he’s working on is almost complete, so everyone in the team is working extra hard right now. Masashi knows they’re going to let the Japanese Emperor see their invention before announcing it to the public, so he’s wishing they will fail and be humiliated. LOL how evil. From him, Haru also learns that Mamoru hasn’t been publishing anything lately. Masashi thought it means Mamoru will attack Hiroshi soon, but he’s not so sure anymore since nothing’s happening between them lol.

When Hiroshi comes home in the evening, he notices the pile of books lying nearby. The books are actually Mamoru’s novels, since he feels like reading them despite having no time to do so. Haru also hands him the package from Masashi, and when he opens it.. he finds the complete set “All Kinds of Curses” inside. It wasn’t a joke after all. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru thinks he’s just worried that Mamoru might come to attack Hiroshi, though Hiroshi doesn’t think so lol. The book Hiroshi wanted to borrow from Masashi is actually a book about formal greetings, since he needs to learn them before announcing their invention to public. Haru sadly says she never knew Hiroshi is working on such a big project, but Hiroshi says it’s not as impressive as she thinks. It’s just the country is funding their project, and it gets a lot of attention because it’s the first time people invent something in Japan.

Hiroshi then admits he doesn’t know if their invention will be able to help anyone. The price will be too high for everyone to afford, and it’s going to take time before they can produce things with a lower price. He can’t help but feel that their invention isn’t really helping people. It won’t improve their standard of living, and it won’t make the country profitable either. In the end their creation might be invented simply to satisfy themselves as the inventors. Haru doesn’t think so though, since nobody would work that hard only to satisfy themselves. When Hiroshi asks for her opinion about the reason, she says it might be “to get praises from people”. It might sound simple, but it’s something she realized after working as a maid. Hiroshi says Haru’s maid days sound so nostalgic now, and she answers “the spoiled Hiroshi who kept asking me to marry him sounds really nostalgic too!” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ A lot of things happened during her first year as a maid, and even though not all of them are pleasant.. right now both of them can look back and think of those days as good memories.

博ノ手料理Hiroshi’s Home Cooking

Several days later, Hiroshi finally gets a day off and goes to Ginza with Haru. He asks if she’s angry because he rarely has time to relax with her, but she says she’s a really understanding wife who won’t get angry just because of his job lol. Haru believes it’s a wife’s duty to follow her husband, and she asks if things are different in England. Hiroshi says it’s totally different, because all the gentlemen always let the ladies go first. He was surprised too at first, and he did his best to adapt during his stay there. He tried to remember that he needs to walk behind whenever he’s walking with a girl, and also to pull the chair for them whenever they went out to eat. Of course this also means Hiroshi walked and had meals with girls in England, so Haru pouts and goes “but you told me you didn’t cheat!” Unfortunately, Hiroshi digs his own grave by saying he didn’t cheat even though the ladies in England are so aggressive. He had a hard time rejecting them, and they also kissed him for greetings. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ This causes Haru to get angry, and she runs away after calling Hiroshi stupid.

Even after they go home, Haru is still sulking and denies that she’s jealous. Hiroshi asks what he should do for her to forget him, but she keeps insisting that she’s not angry.. until suddenly she feels dizzy. For a moment Hiroshi thinks she might be pregnant, but sadly Haru says she’s not. (´・ω・`) It’s true that she’s feeling unwell though, so she goes to lie in bed while he calls a doctor. The reason turns out to be fatigue, because Haru has been busy with moving out right after the wedding. Hiroshi is always busy with his research, so Haru cleaned up their house all by herself. When she wakes up in the evening, she asks if he doesn’t regret marrying her. Knowing that Haru is feeling insecure, Hiroshi tells her that he will always love her and stay with her. Haru finally apologized for sulking earlier, and when Hiroshi chuckles, she asks him if he wouldn’t get jealous should the situation be reversed. He replies with “I’ll sulk, get jealous, and maybe even leave on a journey.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Hiroshi’s answers makes Haru laugh, and he goes to cook dinner so she can drink her medicine after that.

After dinner, Hiroshi reveals that he actually asked Tae for the recipe. Haru says it’d be nice if Hiroshi cooks dinner every once in a while, and Hiroshi answers he’d cook for her everyday if he has enough time. Haru jokingly tells him that her role will be gone, but Hiroshi says he only wants to do everything he can for her. Since Haru’s condition has gotten a lot better, Hiroshi then asks her to thank him with a kiss. (❤ฺ→艸←) He says it feels “fresh” whenever she kisses him first, and he wonders if he should ask her to do it everyday. She refuses, but she doesn’t mind if it’s only once a week. Hiroshi laughs saying she’s so weird, but that’s what he loves from her. Then he asks Haru to kiss him again.

C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Hiroshi breaks my heart whenever he tells Haru about the “temptations” in England.. but whatever, grown-up Hiroshi is so hot. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ I love how his laugh doesn’t change though, it’s the proof that Hiroshi will always be Hiroshi.


不器用ぷれぜんとAn Awkward Present

One afternoon, Heisuke greets Masashi when he comes home. Masashi already read through the cash flow report written by Heisuke, and today he’s telling Heisuke to fix some mistakes in it. Another thing Masashi notices is a red mark drawn beside an unknown expense, and even though Heisuke says he doesn’t know anything, Masashi knows it’s probably Genichirou. He then orders Heisuke to ask Genichirou about this, or else he’ll stop paying for this suspicious expense starting from next month. Masashi is such a reliable family head lol. He makes it really clear to Heisuke that Miyanomori isn’t Genichirou’s personal properly, so he’s going to eliminate all of Genichirou’s influence in their family business.

Since Masashi will graduate in two years, Heisuke then asks about his future plans. Masashi’s answer is simple: “go to Teito University and graduate, then start working and marry ‘trash’.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Masashi is still thinking about his future job though. If he likes working as the family head, he’ll continue leading Miyanomori. If he finds it boring, then he’ll just hand the position to Tadashi. On the other hand, his plan to marry Haru is fixed. He finally managed to hear her feelings with Mamoru’s help, but she never said “I love you” again ever since.. and he’s obviously not happy with this lol.

Later on, Masashi goes to visit Chiyoko and Haru in their shop. Chiyoko happily says she has a kimono that will suit him, but he refuses saying he already wore a yukata in Summer — she should be satisfied with that. However, Masashi instantly softens up when Chiyoko tells him that it was Haru who chose the kimono for him. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Soon Haru comes back from her daily shopping, and Chiyoko lets her go outside so Masashi can talk to her. Chiyoko also says Masashi refuses the kimono, and just as expected, he responds with “I didn’t say I don’t need it!” (❤ฺ→艸←) Both of them keep saying he’d look good in a kimono, so eventually he gives in lol. Haru then goes to change first since Masashi doesn’t like it when she’s wearing a kimono to go out with him, and Masashi goes to wait outside. He excuses himself by saying “bye auntie” to Chiyoko as usual, but Chiyoko already got used to her son’s tsundere remarks.

Once Haru comes out of the shop, Masashi asks if she’s wearing their engagement ring. She shows him that the ring always stays on her finger, and he smiles saying “I’ll give you a new ring when we got married. You should wear that one all the time too.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru admits she’s a bit worried about losing such a precious ring, but Masashi says wearing the ring is much better than keeping the ring in a safe place at home. She might forgot where she put it, and it might get stolen if a thief sneaks into her house. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Masashi then hands Haru a magazine showing “Modern Girl” fashion, and he wants her to choose the ones she likes. He says he might need her opinion for Miyanomori’s western clothing business, but we all know that’s not the real reason. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Masashi falls asleep on Haru’s shoulder by the time she’s done choosing, and she realized he must be really tired to have such a busy schedule. He does his job as the family head after school, and he always comes to visit their shop right after that. She tries to wake him up, but he only mumbles “stupid, die.. I’ll kill you..” in his sleep. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

元暗殺者ノ計画The Ex-Assassin’s Plan

A few days later, Masashi meets up with Mamoru in the parlor. It turns out Masashi asked him to buy the clothes Haru chose from the magazine, and today Mamoru is bringing his order. Of course Masashi refuses to tell Mamoru the reason, but Mamoru laughs saying Masashi’s really hardworking when it comes to Haru. xD Mamoru keeps complaining that Masashi is using him the wrong way, but he keeps helping out anyway lol. Masashi still calls him “a killer who can’t kill” whenever he gets the chance to do so, which results in Mamoru raging that he only killed people to destroy Miyanomori — he’s not a killer nor a hitman lol. Masashi also forces Mamoru to carry all the clothes to Chiyoko’s shop, and Mamoru has no choice since (1) Masashi is still holding his weakness; and (2) people will stare if he rages. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Upon arriving in the shop, Masashi gives the clothes to Haru saying “I bought all the stuff you ordered” lol. Mamoru explains that it’s a present from Masashi, and Masashi tells him to shut up before he says anything unnecessary. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Haru is confused since Masashi said he only needs her opinion, and since he denies saying something like that, Mamoru acts like a good big brother and translates Masashi’s tsundere-speak: “He bought these clothes because he wants you to wear them, and maybe also because he wants you to say ‘I love you’ again.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Mamoru also says men sends presents because they have hidden intentions, and Masashi shuts him up by force before he could continue. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He’s going to go and kill Mamoru now, but he tells Haru to wear the clothes before leaving lol.

As he drags Mamoru outside, Masashi asks why he keeps saying unnecessary things in front of Haru. Mamoru answers it’s because their relationship made absolutely zero progress, since normal couples will grow to be more intimate as they date. Masashi might be smart, but he’s a kid when it comes to romance and relationships lol. Since they already got to the kissing stage, Mamoru says the next step will be to create a romantic mood when they’re alone. Just meeting up in Ginza isn’t enough. They have to make sure the date feels special. Noticing that Masashi is totally clueless about dating, Mamoru sighs and says he’ll make a special plan for the two of them. Masashi doesn’t get why he’s so excited about this, but he agrees anyway lol.

愛ハ態度デ示スベシLove Should Be Shown Through Action

For their next date, Haru wears one of the clothes Masashi gave her. He notices that she’s a bit weird today, but she can’t tell him it’s because Mamoru came to talk to her before. Mamoru told her that Masashi is an extremely late bloomer who’s completely hopeless in dating, not to mention he’s a tsundere who can’t say his feelings honestly lol. Masashi wants Haru to show her love through actions, so Mamoru asks Haru to be assertive and grant the poor kid’s secret wish. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Mamoru also knows that Haru is equally inexperienced, and that’s why he already has a certain suggestion for her.. and it was his suggestion that makes her really nervous today lol. Masashi forces Haru to tell the truth if she doesn’t want to get cursed, but somehow she avoids danger by dragging him to the theatre and watch a horror play. It goes really well with Masashi’s plan too, since Mamoru told him to take Haru to a dark place. xD

While the play scares the daylight out of Haru, it fails to entertain Masashi. He throws all sorts of complaints during the play, and he’s sighing with boredom when it finally ends. Haru knows they’re not here to enjoy the play though, so she gathers up her courage and kisses Masashi on the cheek. He goes ・・・!! Σ(〃д〃) and falls into silence instantly, while Haru tries her best to explain that she wants to show him how she feels. She’s glad to see that her feelings have reached him properly, but since he keeps responding with a simple “うん”, she wonders if he’s angry. Masashi admits that he’s so surprised he doesn’t know what to say, but he tells Haru not to apologize because he actually feels happy. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Then he covers it up by saying “of course it’s a lie, stupid!” LOL. Haru sighs saying she needs to work harder until their wedding day, but Masashi whispers “showing love through actions.. not bad.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

LOL blushing speechless Masashi is so cute! ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ It’s pretty clear right from the start that Masashi is clueless about dating, but I never thought he’d run to Mamoru for help and advice. These two makes the best combination out of all seven brothers. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ


月下ノ執筆其ノ横ニBeneath the Moonlight, Beside the Writer

One day, Mamoru takes Haru for a walk outside. He’s been trying to write his novel, but sadly he’s stuck with no idea and makes no progress at all. Since Haru wants to buy some food for their dinner, they decide to take a walk around Ginza. When she asks him about Genichirou, Mamoru tells her that they haven’t met each other recently. At first she was surprised when he starts drinking with Genichirou, and he explains it’s because of his mother’s ring. He didn’t notice when Genichirou gave him the ring, but later on he realized it was the ring Kazue got when Genichirou married her. Even though it took him two years, Mamoru is starting to forgive Genichirou. He did his best to write too in the last two years, because he doesn’t want Haru to live a hard life after marrying him. Mamoru still has the money Kazue left plus the payment he got from killing people, but he knows Haru wouldn’t want to use those money.

When Haru goes to buy some eggs, Mamoru starts thinking up of ideas for his next novel. His last novel — “The Maid Above the Corpses” — was an action novel, so this time he’s planning to write a light slice-of-life story. Mamoru is suddenly gone when Haru comes out of the shop, and she runs into Tae while she’s looking for him. Tae teases her by saying she’s living a poor life after marrying a novelist, and Haru can’t deny it because they can’t bathe in luxury goods like the Miyanomori brothers. Mamoru is now a Miyanomori too, but nobody makes a fuss over his origins because they’re all scared of Genichirou lol. Before leaving, Tae asks Haru to take care. If she has any requests to murder someone, she’ll come and ask for Mamoru’s help. xD

As soon as Tae leaves, Mamoru appears saying he can kill people easily.. but he can never kill someone he’s emotionally attached to. Even if they’re connected by hatred. Haru jokingly says “but you slashed me”, and this sends Mamoru into guilt mode instantly. He keeps saying it was her fault for keep standing on his way, but she says she’ll regret it forever if she doesn’t stop him back then. Mamoru admits he wrote “The Maid Above the Corpses” based on that incident, but whenever Haru mentions her wound, he can’t do anything other than apologizing. It left a scar on her stomach after all, even though it’s fading away. Haru tells him not to think about it though, since she was just joking and it’s all in the past. She needs to cook dinner and Mamoru has to continue writing, so they decide to go home for today.

That night, Haru asks if the two years they spent apart were really for the best. Mamoru says those two years were necessary for them, and he used the time to reconsider a lot of things. Mamoru stopped killing because he doesn’t have a reason to kill anymore, but he can still slash people with no doubts. Especially if those people attacked Haru. Mamoru then turns around to ask for Haru’s opinion, but he finds her asleep on his shoulder instead. As he looks up to the moon, Mamoru gets the inspiration to rewrite “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku”. It was one of his older books and it’s still far from perfect, so now he wants to improve it and turn it into a novel — adding Genichirou’s past to complete the story. Then he looks at Haru and puts down his brush, saying he’ll just start writing tomorrow. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

過去トノ交差Intersection With the Past

The next morning, Mamoru takes Haru to visit a town Kazue used to live in. He was planning to visit the town after destroying Miyanomori, but since his revenge plan has come to an end.. he decides to visit it now with Haru. The town is really quiet and surrounded by a lot of factories, and Mamoru explains that most of the resident are factory workers. One of the factories here is owned by Miyanomori, and Kazue met Genichirou here when he came for inspection. Haru asks what would happen if their first encounter takes place in this town instead, but Mamoru quickly answers “I’d probably ignore you.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru finds it magical that two people who don’t know each other can meet and fall in love, but Mamoru reminds her that it’s the same for both of them. She remembers that he tried to kill her right from their first meeting, but he quickly goes “no! that was only a threat!” lol. Their encounter and what happened after that weren’t exactly pleasant, but they’re now happily married to each other. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

When they return home at night, Haru says it feels that Mamoru is settling things one by one. First it was his relationship with Genichirou, and today he settled things with Kazue and his past. Of course Mamoru’s relationship with Haru is also included, and Mamoru jokingly says he married Haru just to take responsibility for slashing her. She turns silent and looks really sad, so he quickly says it was only a joke. Then he enters panic mode and goes “Hey! I waited two whole years and even came all the way to your village! Why are you doubting me now!? Why don’t you trust me!” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She only responds with a sob, but when he apologized and asks if she’s crying, she goes “Just kidding. Now let’s clean up.” — leaving him completely speechless LOL.

三人デ祝ウ誕生日The Birthday Celebrated by Three People

During their next meeting, Mamoru informs his editor that he’s rewriting “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku”. His editor also mentions that Genichirou is banning the press from publishing articles about Mamoru, and Mamoru admits he’d actually be happier with publications. It might raise his sales after all lol. He was acting all cheerful in front of his editor, but he’s actually pissed after learning about Genichirou’s way to protect him. A delinquent bumps into him on the street, and the poor guy runs away in fear when Mamoru pulls out his sword. Mamoru is still irritated, but he panicks again when Haru comes out of the shadows saying “I~ saw~ tha~t!” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ At first Mamoru keeps saying he needs the sword for self-defense, but since Haru stares at him with a doubtful look, finally he goes “I’ll be more careful next time. Sorry. (´・ω・`)” lol. xD

Haru: “You won’t kill people anymore?”
Mamoru: “I won’t.”
Haru: “What about Miyanomori?”
Mamoru: “I won’t kill them.”
Haru: “What about me?”
Mamoru: “I love you.”
Haru: “Wha..” Σ(〃д〃)
Mamoru: “? Did I say something weird?”

LOL Mamoru. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Haru asks him not to say something like that in public, he laughs saying that side of her will never change. Haru admits she’s childish, a crybaby and sulks so easily, but Mamoru actually wants her to stay that way. He can understand her easily when she’s honestly expressing her feelings, unlike other women who keep their true colors hidden underneath layers of make-up. Haru says she wants to be calmer since she’s an adult now, but Mamoru laughs saying it’s impossible lol. Mamoru doesn’t mind even if Haru stays this way forever, because he will always be with her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After they’re done shopping, Haru shows Mamoru that she bought a lot of stuff today. Since he doesn’t seem to remember, she reminds him that tomorrow is his birthday. She’s going to make a feast tomorrow, so she will start preparing the dishes tonight. Haru actually wanted to buy a birthday present for Mamoru too, but she can’t give him anything this year because they have to save money. When she apologized for not preparing any presents, Mamoru says just having Haru by his side is more than enough for him. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. His life was full of painful memories, so now Haru wants Mamoru to live a normal life with her as a family. Before she could say anything else, he suddenly hugs her and kisses her — saying “I’m glad I chose you.” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Haru tells Mamoru “the three of them” are going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow, and naturally it causes him to think she’s pregnant.. but she’s actually talking about the landlady lol.

OMG Mamoru.. why are you so adorable. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.
Was Mamoru this cute in the original HanaIchi? I remember him panicking over stuff with a serious look on his face, but the main story probably overshadowed his cuteness.. and since his grudge is gone, we can fully see his real personality here. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Everyone except Tadashi does their duty as a husband properly. Masashi and Susumu don’t count since they haven’t married Haru yet / just married her, but the others are expecting her to be pregnant with their first child. Or in Isami’s case, already had their first child. Isami sure moves fast.. lol. Now go do your job Tadashi! 8D


10 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Epilogue Mode

  1. Isami is adorkable, indeed. (♥ε♥) Tadashi without the glasses and Shigeru with his short hair…. ^///////////^
    I had lots of fun reading this as much as I did when I read your reviews about the first game.

    • Now that I look back, my reviews for the first game were so badly written. I’m sorry.. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Now I’m trying to compensate by writing better posts for Kinema, because I really love this series and want to give it my best. xD;

      Oh, and Isami should stay as a dork forever LOL.

  2. I’m currently playing the epilogue because I can’t wait to smooch the guys 8D
    Oh, Isami (*ノωノ) you dork little thing. I love his whole jealous conflict between his son and Haru. I love him to bits.

    Tadashi has zero experience when it comes to love and bed scene ww. So cute.
    /drools over Tadashi’s bed hair

    You’re fast and I know why :D love you review as always!

    • You made the right choice then, because the “second year mode” is filled with brand new drama.. which means you won’t get to smooch the guys right away. 8D Isami still moves pretty fast though. He’s a dork, but he always acts so fast when he falls in love. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ I love him to bits too, and even though I love Kisuke as well, I can never move Isami to 2nd place lol.

      Oh, if you’re into Tadashi’s night look (who doesn’t honestly), you can see more in the “second year mode”. In the first game he only looks like that before he goes to bed, but here he actually goes out with his hair down / no glasses. ♥ …but seriously Tadashi, get some advice from Isami lol.

      Fast? Really? xD;
      My pace will be dropping for Kinema though, because it’s pretty long and I don’t have much time to type the posts.. orz

  3. Wow, wow, wow, wow!
    Tadashi…tsk, tsk! Go make a baby already!!! Isami beat you to it!
    Isami is a total dork, but it’s adorable! If he’s already getting jealous now, wait til his son grows older. xD Good thing Haru is taking care of the baby, can you imagine what would happen if Isami was left alone with him? xD
    Shigeru’s route is great because it’s peaceful, which is a good thing for him. He looks great with short hair, by the way.
    Susumu, sooooo cute~ Yay, they finally are married! Tae is such a tsundere…poor Sanji.
    Hiroshi, is on his way to make a baby…possibly? Well, he’s a step ahead of Tadashi. But, he’s still the same old Hiroshi.
    Masashi is so clueless, but it’s adorable. However, get a move on with Haru already! I agree with Haru that he looks good in a kimono.
    Mamoru, is so cute. I love the part where Haru caught him with the sword and the part where Haru fakes crying. xDD

    • LOL imagine what would happen if Takashi keeps clinging to Haru even after he grows up. It would be war with Isami. xD Well.. Isami cares a lot about Takashi, but I don’t think he knows what to do if Haru is away. *imagines Isami changing diapers* ….. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

      Except for Tadashi, everyone else who’s already married to Haru (Isami, Hiroshi, Mamoru) are expecting their first child.. while Tadashi finally gets Haru to sleep on the same bed with him. What a slowpoke. xD I love how Haru keeps trolling them too with her fake tears. She’s been this way ever since the first game, and it’s one of the reasons why I love her lol. She’s an amusing heroine.

  4. The epilogue story is cute :)

    Tadashi – he is dense about love xD and he looks so hot without glasses xixi

    Isami – He is so cute when he is jealous with his own son xD

    Shigeru’s story is so warm and peaceful, and I like him better with short hair he2

    Susumu… I am so glad Susumu married her at the end he2

    Hiroshi.. so he is trying for baby (Tadashi, you need asking for advices from your younger brothers lol), I love grown-up Hiroshi xD

    Masashi and Mamoru interaction is really amusing ( and they are my 2 most fav lol). And Masashi.. you are so tsundure but so adorable….

    Mamoru… he is so cute when he is panicking (Haru… you must often use your tears to make him panic xD).

    • LOL Haru is such a troll. She often uses her fake tears too for the other guys, but it’s especially amusing in Mamoru’s route because he feels guilty for slashing her before. xD ..and yes I can’t believe even Hiroshi actually surpassed Tadashi in that area lol. I think Masashi will be as clueless once he marries Haru in the future, but then again he has Mamoru to feed him with advice. 8D

      Don’t you think Isami moves really fast when it comes to this stuff? LOL. His brothers are still waiting for their first sons, so he’s way ahead of everyone else. xDD

  5. My choice since the first HanaIchi goes to Hiroshi (I don’t know why, but maybe it’s just me who choose him). And glad he have good epilogue story. And also, glad Shigeru cut his hair. It feel refreshing.

    Compared to others, Tadashi sure didn’t have good role as newlywed.. But it’s still cute (so, will forgive him).

    • Actually Hiroshi has a lot of fans, so it’s not just you. xD; He was a bit childish at the start of the first game, but he grew up a lot by the end of the game.. and the result is this hot grown-up Hiroshi we see here. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Tadashi is REALLY slow when it comes to love. Like super slowpoke.. but that’s what make him cute, so you just can’t hate him. Because underneath that serious exterior, he’s actually almost as dorky as Isami lol.

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