Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Tadashi

Just like the first HanaIchi, I decided to start with Tadashi. He might look intimidating and evil in the official artworks, but once again.. Tadashi is actually really dumb and cute. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

The oldest son of the Miyanomori family. Ever since he was small, Tadashi was brought up to become Miyanomori’s next head. Not for the family itself, but rather for Sumida — his mother’s family. Even though Sanae’s downfall released him from all restrictions, Tadashi is still thinking that becoming the next head is his entire purpose in life. He’s rather clumsy and awkward, but he cares a lot for everyone around him. He’s always been together with Norio, his best friend, since their school days. Tadashi is the head of the Miyanomori Bank. 34 years old.

While Tadashi tries to remain calm at first, he can’t accept Mamoru’s presence in the mansion. After all, it was Mamoru who tricked Sanae and led the Sumida family to its downfall.

April 2

When Tadashi wakes up today, he has a terrible hangover thanks to his brothers dragging him to drink all night long. He then notices Haru talking to Hideo near the entrance, and he asks her to bring some medicines to his room. It turns out Tadashi overhears their conversation earlier, so Haru explains that Genichirou gave them a survey regarding personal attendants. It’s only a survey, but since they get to choose which brother to serve, both Hideo and her think about it as a popularity poll instead lol. Upon learning about this, Tadashi asks for her opinion regarding Genichirou’s actions. Haru plays safe by saying Genichirou isn’t doing anything wrong, though she also adds that Tadashi should follow his own opinion and thoughts. She always thinks of him as a confident person who stands in the center of the world, so it feels weird to see him losing confidence or depending on other people’s opinions. Haru then realized she’s talking too much and quickly excuses herself, but Tadashi only smiles saying aside from Norio, she’s the only one who can say these things to him.

April 3

As she cleans up the garden, Haru is thinking about whose name to write in the survey form. She quickly hides the survey form when Tadashi suddenly appears behind her, but he already noticed and asks her to show what she’s hiding. Before she could escape, Shigeru and Isami also come to check if Tadashi’s taking out his anger by bullying Haru lol. Isami then forces her to hand the paper so he can write his own name in it (lol), and this causes Haru to escape so quickly she doesn’t realize her form falls to the ground. It’s still empty though, so Tadashi stops Isami from messing with Haru’s voting right — because even servants have the right to dream. Shigeru then asks Tadashi to return the form to Haru before dragging Isami away, and noticing eraser marks on the form, Tadashi curiously wonders whose name did Haru write before.

April 6

For the last three days, Haru has been searching for her missing form. She goes to do laundry at noon, and after hanging laundries a while, she notices Mamoru walking towards a mountain of wet clothes nearby. Despite her warning, Mamoru ends up bumping into the pile of laundry and keeps on grumbling when she comes to apologize. However, he then helps her picking up the clothes and asks if she’s not scared of him. Mamoru laughs when Haru answers “I won’t be able to work here if I get scared that easily”, but soon he runs off again when Isami comes chasing after him lol. Haru goes back to work thinking Mamoru is quite different from what she expected, unaware that Tadashi has been watching them nearby. It wasn’t intentional though, since he actually came to return her form. He still can’t accept what Mamoru did to Sanae, but his opinion is starting to change after seeing Mamoru’s smile earlier.

April 9

Today is the survey deadline, and Haru’s form remains missing because Tadashi didn’t return it to her. She ends up getting a new one from Chitomi, and she quickly writes Tadashi’s name on it. Past noon, Tadashi goes to visit Sanae in the Sumida house. Despite her past depression and insanity, Tadashi still thinks of her as his mother. He then asks Sanae to tell him everything about Mamoru’s background, and the truth shocks him so much he starts drinking once he got home. When Haru comes to bring sake into his room, Tadashi mumbles that it’s really difficult to understand people’s feelings. How he views himself might be different than how other people looks at him. After dismissing Haru, Tadashi whispers that there’s more to Mamoru than meets the eye. He thought Mamoru only hates Genichirou, but now he knows that Sanae’s jealousy played a bigger part in Kazue’s death. Sadly Tadashi isn’t ready to accept Mamoru yet, and so during dinner he tells Mamoru not to talk to him. In his eyes, Mamoru is lower than a servant.

April 11

Aside from Mamoru’s presence at home, Tadashi also needs to think about work. When Norio comes to visit him at work, Tadashi learns that the deteriorating economy is starting to affect their banks. The Miyanomori Bank’s cash flow is always on the red recently, and they have to lift the ban on mining gold.. or else the exchange rate will become dangerously unbalanced.

April 15

After two weeks working in the mansion, Hideo notices that Haru is allowed to ask questions to the brothers. Tae is being sarcastic by saying “Haru is special”, and it hurts Haru’s feelings because Tae makes “asking questions” sound like an incredibly huge crime. The real reason is because Haru requested for the brothers’ approval, thinking that asking questions would make it much easier to serve them, but now she wonders if it was the right thing to do. Haru tries to run away from Tadashi when he asks why she looks so gloomy today, but he chases her all the way to the garden and orders her to tell the truth.

When Haru asks why he granted his approval, Tadashi says it’s because she kept asking him questions despite his protests. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He always thought of servants as mere tools who should just be used without asking questions, but if the “tool” he wants to use keeps on questioning him, then he’ll just let her ask questions. It would be much easier for both of them. Tadashi says it was Haru who changed his way of thinking.. and he has no regrets, so she’s not doing anything wrong. (*´∀`*) Haru feels a lot better after hearing Tadashi’s feelings, and she helps carrying his bag as he leaves for work.

April 16

Today the Miyanomori family is holding their annual flower-viewing festival. Genichirou wants to introduce Mamoru to public during the event, and the brothers already devised a certain evil plan with Masashi as the brain lol. First, Haru and Hideo go to help Mamoru to dress up for the event. Since Mamoru refuses saying normal clothes will do, Hideo asks Haru to inform Chitomi while he convinces Mamoru to dress up somehow. The moment Haru leaves, Hideo suddenly changes his expression and provokes Mamoru by saying “you have no proof that you’re really Genichirou’s son.” Mamoru is obviously surprised and thinks Hideo isn’t a normal servant, and Mamoru decides to follow Hideo when the latter says he’ll show Mamoru the proof he needs. Hideo then leads Mamoru to an empty room, where he suddenly knocks Mamoru unconscious from behind. Then he runs off to inform the brothers. xD

After receiving Hideo’s report, the brothers quietly sneak out of the garden. Toki, Shizuko and Yoshi are having a fierce drinking competition on the other side of the table, which really helps since they’re luring the guests’ attention away from the brothers lol. The brothers quickly make their way to Mamoru’s place, and Hiroshi takes out a permanent marker saying they all should doodle on his face to take out their anger and irritation. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It’s a peaceful revenge and yet so strangely relieving, so Tadashi agrees when everyone gives him the marker — saying he should go first. Tadashi then draws a “masterpiece” — a painting of Teito’s scenery — on Mamoru’s face, but his brothers burst into laughter upon seeing his “masterpiece”.. because Tadashi’s drawing skill is apparently in the minus, and the “painting” looks like blotches of ink in Isami’s eyes. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tadashi doesn’t have any time to protest though, since they have to return to the garden before anyone notices that they’re gone. They quickly make their way back to the garden, and poor Mamoru has no idea about what happened to his face. xD

Eventually Mamoru wakes up and goes to the garden, where he shocks Haru and Tae — who just made up after their fight yesterday. Haru can only stare in horror upon seeing Mamoru’s face, while Tae instantly screams “KYAAA—!! MONSTER!!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! ..and so the incident of Tadashi’s “masterpiece” stays in everyone’s mind for quite a long time. 8D

April 19

At noon, Haru meets Tadashi in Ginza when she goes shopping. The moment Haru mentions the failure of a masterpiece on Mamoru’s face, Tadashi instantly goes “it’s a painting! I was the one who drew it! go away! ヽ(`Д´ #)ノ” and sulks LOL. It doesn’t last long though, because he then asks about who did she choose in the survey, and she honestly admits it was him. If she has to choose only one person to serve, then she wants that person to be Tadashi. She didn’t have any confidence back then, and that’s why she tried to hide it from him. Tadashi also asks what she thinks of Mamoru, and Haru says she’s not sure about that. At first Mamoru sounds like a bad person, but when he smiles.. he look “surprisingly normal”. Tadashi then asks what would she do if she can’t understand someone, so Haru says she’ll try her best to understand that person — that’s why she always asks a lot of questions. After Haru excuses herself to continue shopping, Tadashi smiles saying she’s quite cheeky for a maid.

April 21

Today is Isami’s birthday, and he starts the day by attacking Mamoru in the garden. Haru runs inside the mansion and panicks, but soon Tadashi comes to stop Isami and Mamoru from killing each other. Currently they have a competition to face, so they all should live together in peace for now. At least until someone manages to become the new head. He finds it hard to forgive Mamoru too, but he doesn’t want to run away from Genichirou’s game. This instantly erase the intense murderous aura from Isami and Mamoru, but that night Tadashi goes to bed early.. and Haru notices that he looks really tired.

April 27

Norio invites Tadashi to Yasuda today. It turns out that Kurenai returned to help Shizuko in the restaurant, but it’s only temporary since she’s going to quit for real after the wedding. They’re going to hold their engagement party by the end of the week, and now they’re asking Tadashi to choose a date for their wedding day. Norio wants to be free from the Tsukumoin family, so Kurenai and him are going to prepare the wedding on their own — not relying on his family. Of course they have a lot of things to take care of, so they’re planning to hold the wedding in Fall. Tadashi agrees to determine the date because Norio is his best friend, but at the same time he also feels bothered because Norio suddenly feels so far away. Norio’s doing his best to reach his own freedom, and yet Tadashi is still stuck here in Genichirou’s game. It doesn’t seem like he can be free anytime soon.

April 30

Ever since the night of Isami’s birthday, Haru has been worried because Tadashi seems really exhausted lately. After consulting with Chitomi, she decides to cook a homemade rice bowl for Tadashi’s dinner — hoping it can give him more energy. At first Tadashi keeps insisting that he doesn’t need dinner, but eventually he gives up because Haru look disappointed. xD He finds the rice bowl delicious and energizing too, but Haru doesn’t stop there. After Tadashi takes a bath, she asks him to go to bed and reads Momotarou until he falls asleep.. which causes him to get attacked by peaches in his dream. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Tadashi wakes up the next morning, he finds Haru sleeping on his bedside. All of his fatigue are gone thanks to her, and he puts his coat on her shoulder before going to work. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru thinks she made a really big failure by falling asleep in Tadashi’s room, but he feels a lot better thanks to her. Outside in the hallway, Mamoru gives Tadashi a script saying it’s a story he wrote just for Tadashi. It’s a story that explains Miyanomori from Mamoru’s point of view.

Later on Tadashi goes to visit Sanae again, and Sanae tells him that she’s going to move back to his mother’s house soon. She has to sell the Sumida house to pay off her large sum of debt, and she won’t return to Teito anymore.

May 6

When May comes, Mamoru and the brothers are starting to get used to each other. There’s an exhibition by the end of the week, and Tadashi already has someone to invite in mind. (*´∀`*) It’s different for his brothers though. From Mamoru, everyone learns that a lot of women will come to swarm Cocoa Hall during the exhibition.. and this makes them super excited lol. Isami wants to spread off his charm, Hiroshi is interested in meeting girls, Shigeru drags Susumu to join in, Mamoru protests that it’s his idea, while Masashi goes “..this is so stupid ( ಠ_ಠ )” in the background lol. Tadashi later learns about their plan from Kisuke, so he decides to take Haru to the exhibition at night instead. To avoid his brothers lol.

May 7

After asking for Chitomi’s permission, Tadashi invites Haru to enjoy the exhibition together. At first he only wanted to thank her for relieving his stress, but right now he’s not so sure about the reason anymore since Haru was only doing her job. Based on Kisuke’s advice, that night Tadashi takes her to watch fireflies near the exhibition site. It reminds them of her hometown, and they wonder if another arranged matchmaking will be waiting when she goes home this summer. Haru jokingly asks if he feels lonely, but she’s surprised when Tadashi says “maybe” and holds her shoulders from behind — asking her to become his personal maid. Since Haru is unsure if she’s capable to take the position, Tadashi says he’ll take her as his personal maid after the servants’ exam by the end of the month. He believes the result will be the best proof of her skills, so she should do her best for the exam. He will be waiting until then. ♡(*´ω`*)

May 10

At noon, Shizuko comes to visit Tadashi at work. She gives him a list of people who might be able to help him choose a good date for Norio and Kurenai’s wedding, but she also informs him that Genichirou is planning to buy another company soon. They were discussing about this in Yasuda recently, and Genichirou was quite aggressive in convincing the other party.. which Shizuko finds odd because Genichirou is retiring by the end of the year. Before Tadashi could figure out the reason, he runs into Isami on the way home and got dragged into a bar at night. Isami told Tadashi it’s a nice place to have some drink and women, but the bar is packed with Isami’s military friends instead. There’s absolutely no “nice women” in sight. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ As if that’s not enough for poor Tadashi, soon important figures in the military enter the bar as well.. and he has no choice but to drink with them until really late hours lol.

May 11

Obviously Tadashi gets a hangover again in the morning, and he goes back to bed only to see a dream of Haru leaving him to get married. At the same time, Haru watches over him sleeping and wonders whether things would change if she becomes his personal maid. When Tadashi wakes up later, he actually asks about Mamoru’s opinion when the latter finds him spacing out in the terrace. Mamoru tells Tadashi that people’s hearts are like water — they keep changing as time goes by. Nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow, so words like “absolute” or “eternal” can’t guarantee anything.. but that’s why people believe in the present. They should focus on what they should do right now instead of trying to see the future. LOL it’s amusing to see Tadashi having a love consultation with Mamoru out of all people. xD Mamoru then asks if he properly answered the question, and Tadashi smiles saying he did.

May 18

Today is Miyanomori’s annual tea ceremony, so all the mothers are coming to attend the event. Except for Sanae, because she’s going to move out of the Sumida house sometime during this month. Even though none of them likes Sanae, the mothers all feel that Sanae should at least watch Tadashi’s fight up until the end — as a mother. They call Tadashi and Mamoru before the ceremony starts, informing them that they actually knew about what Sanae did to Kazue. While Sanae only married Genichirou to support her family, they all know that deep inside she actually didn’t want him to marry anyone else. They ask Tadashi to leave Sanae in their hands from here, because they’re going to save Sanae together.

Meanwhile, Sanae is quietly walking through Ginza when he sees Hideo — on his way to pick Chiyoko from her hotel — talking to Kisuke…

May 26

At night, Tae suddenly invites Haru to go outside before bed. They go to the laundry together, where Tae shows Haru a bag she brought from her hometown. Tae left her house because she doesn’t want her parents to control her life, but she can never throw the bag away.. and so she hid it in the bushes nearby. Realizing that Haru is worried about Tadashi’s plan to make her his personal maid, Tae then asks if she’s ready for the position. Taking the position means Haru will have to serve Tadashi forever, but she’s not sure because she doesn’t know why he chose her out of all people. Haru asked him about this before, but Tadashi only said “there are things that don’t need any reasons.” Tae thinks it’s because Haru understands Tadashi the most, but it’s not the only reason behind Haru’s worries. If her parents are planning to arrange another matchmaking for her, Haru is planning to accept because she doesn’t want to cause more problems for them — that’s why she can’t swear eternal loyalty to Tadashi. It means her time with Tadashi is limited, but eventually Haru decides thats he wants to do her best as his personal maid until the day she has to leave. Right now Haru doesn’t know what happiness means to herself, so she’s hoping to find the answer after becoming Tadashi’s personal maid.

At the same time, Tadashi and Chitomi are actually listening in to their conversation from afar. Even though Chitomi isn’t sure if Haru is capable, Tadashi doesn’t change his mind and says he’ll still make Haru his personal maid after the exam. Their time together will be limited, but he wants to enjoy his time with her until the time limit comes. After all, Haru is the only one who makes him feel “complete”. Besides, they don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Just like what Mamoru said. The future might or might not change.

May 31

After passing her exam, Haru starts working as Tadashi’s personal maid right away. Tadashi asks her to understand him and his habits, and Haru promises to do her best.. but for now she understands one thing for certain: “you’re hiding something, aren’t you?” Tadashi is surprised and wonders why she knows, but then he replies with “every man has a secret or two!” LOL. It was just a lucky guess though. xD When Haru goes to get his bag, Tadashi wonders if she can really do her job properly from now on, but then he smiles saying things won’t be boring if he’s got Haru by his side.

June 1

After the morning assembly, Haru learns from Tae that Sanae will keep staying in the Sumida house. Just like what they promised Tadashi, the mothers gathered enough money to buy the Sumida house, so Sanae doesn’t have to leave Teito anymore. While Sanae doesn’t get why they saved her, eventually she accepts their help and goes with them to visit Yoshi together. Well.. except for Chiyoko, since she already went back to Kyoto. Before leaving Ginza, Sanae notices Hideo walking nearby. He goes out at the start of each month to “send money” back to his hometown, but Sanae is suspicious because of what she saw on the day of Miyanomori’s annual tea ceremony. For now everything seems to be going well for everyone, but of course Genichirou and Heisuke have another plan to mess with the brothers.

June 4

A few days has passed after Haru starts working for Tadashi, and today he asks if she feels any difference after becoming his personal maid. Haru knows Tadashi is expecting something from her, but she can’t figure out the answer and goes to ask Chitomi for some advice. Chitomi thinks the relationship between a master and a personal maid is different for everyone, so she can only give Haru a hint by revealing her past. More than 35 years ago, Chitomi lost both her husband and their only daughter. The factory she worked on caught fire one day, so she had to look for another job to survive. Back then Genichirou has just built the Miyanomori mansion, and Chitomi applied to be a servant despite having no experience before. The trust between them grew to be really strong as time goes by, up to the point where she’s willing to marry him just so she could continue serving him forever. Chitomi became Genichirou’s personal servant after that, and even up until now, she still remains as Genichirou’s “true wife” under the name of a servant.

That night, Haru asks for Tadashi’s permission to deepen the trust between them. She tells him she’ll do her best to love him as her master, but sadly it only angers tadashi because it sounds like Haru is forcing herself to answer his expectations.

June 5

In the afternoon, Tadashi visits Yasuda with Norio. He already has a good date for Norio and Kurenai’s wedding, and today he’s here to give them the date. When Norio learns about what happened between Tadashi and Haru, he points out that Tadashi simply wants to keep Haru to himself. Tadashi should know himself better than anyone, so deep inside he should know that he’s expecting Haru to dedicate her whole heart to him. Tadashi can let go of everything and gain freedom too if he wants to, but Norio warns him that people can’t let go of their feelings. After hearing Norio’s words, Tadashi returns home at night and immediately takes Haru to the station. He asks his driver to inform everyone that he’s atking a short vacation for a few days, and then he takes the train with Haru to visit her hometown.

June 6

While Tadashi grumbles about the lack of rental cars in the village, he soon laughs saying it’s the first time he breaks his daily routine for a vacation. Haru wonders why he’s taking her all the way to a countryside village like this, but Tadashi answers with “I just want to visit the hot spring!” ..even though there’s a lot of other hot springs in Teito. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Haru falls asleep not too long after taking a bath in Oboro-tei, and she wakes up at night to find Tadashi’s coat covering her body. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When she goes to see him outside, Tadashi holds Haru’s hand so she won’t trip in the dark. He finally admits that he came here to sort out his feelings about her, because he doesn’t want to run away anymore. Tadashi then asks Haru to guide him to her house tomorrow, saying he wants to talk to her parents. Of course this surprised her, not to mention Genichirou is holding his birthday party too the next day, but he says this is even more important than Genichirou’s birthday.

June 7

Just as he said yesterday, Tadashi goes to talk to Haru’s parents today. He tells Haru to wait outside, so she can only wonder what they’re talking about since he won’t tell her no matter what. Before taking her back to Teito, Tadashi only tells her “you’ll find out on summer break. I already asked your family to keep it a secret until then.”

The moment Tadashi and Haru return to the mansion, Chitomi notices their relationship seems to be a lot closer than before. Tadashi then leaves Haru in Chitomi’s hands and goes to talk to Genichirou, who reveals that he actually knew about the trip to Haru’s hometown. He’s more interested in what Tadashi gains from the trip instead of the reason, so Tadashi answers that the trip gave him the strength to win against Genichirou. While the final result of Genichirou’s game is important, Tadashi thinks the process towards victory is equally significant. His goal is to obtain the head position, and he’s going to drag Genichirou down from his throne soon.

June 11

At noon, Tadashi learns from Kisuke that Mamoru seems to have a plan for the 25th. They’re going to celebrate the grand opening of their Miyanomori Ginza Hall that day, and it seems like Mamoru is planning to do something to win the game and destroy the entire Miyanomori family. Kisuke also suggests investigating Genichirou’s involvement with other companies, but this is all he can tell Tadashi for now. During Mamoru’s birthday celebration that night, Tadashi asks Genichirou directly about the acquisition Shizuko mentioned before. It turns out that Teito Touei Electricity — the company Genichirou is planning to acquire — had just merged with a railway company, and Tadashi figures out that Genichirou’s objective must be to get both companies at the same time. Even though he’s retiring soon, Genichirou is still doing a lot of work as the current family head. The brothers have to surpass him if they want to become the new head, or else they’ll end up as Genichirou’s puppet instead. Before that happens, they need to take the head position from him.. using the money Genichirou gave them.

June 19

After thinking about Mamoru and Genichirou for the last few days, eventually Tadashi learns about Mamoru’s plan from Mamoru himself. Mamoru informs him that Genichirou isn’t aiming to obtain two companies at once. He’s actually planning to get three, because it appears that the railway company bought another railway company before merging with Teito Touei Electricity. Mamory says the deal will be dangerous for them, so he’s planning to stop it during the grand opening day. Not for Genichirou, but for the brothers and himself.. though he won’t be able to live with them again after that. Tadashi spends the entire day thinking about this, and that night he finally realized that Mamoru might be planning to murder someone during the event. He runs out of his room looking for Mamoru, but Haru tells him that Mamoru is away and hasn’t returned home yet. Feeling confused, Tadashi then takes Haru for a walk outside.

As they walk through the garden, Tadashi admits that he feels terrible upon realizing Mamoru’s plan. Mamoru has to suppress the urge to kill Genichirou during his stay here, and despite their conflicts at the beginning, Mamoru is willing to risk his own life just to protect his brothers. On the other hand, Tadashi thinks he does everything just to satisfy himself. He went on a trip to Haru’s hometown to sort out his own feelings, and he keeps aiming for the head position just because he was raised to become the next head. If he quits here, he would feel completely “rejected” because all of his efforts so far would be for nothing. Despite Tadashi’s protests, Haru then hugs him saying he’s protecting the family too — just in a different way than what Mamoru does. She knows Tadashi cares a lot about his brothers, so she asks him to protect everyone with his own way. Mamoru is Mamoru and Tadashi is Tadashi, they have different beliefs and thoughts even though their goal is similar. After Tadashi calms down, Haru asks him to never forget that she will always be on his side.

Later on, Mamoru comes to tell Tadashi why he said the deal is “dangerous”. The chairman of Teito Touei Electricity is the Prime Minister Kayama. Both Genichirou and Kayama want to rule the company, which means one of them will have to back down in the end because they can’t have two chairmans in a company. Mamoru knows that Genichirou is probably planning to kill Kayama before retiring, and so the blame will be pinned onto Miyanomori’s new head instead. In order to prevent that from happening, Mamoru is planning to kill Kayama before Genichirou does. He actually wants to kill Genichirou himself, but he can’t do that because he’s currently a member of the Miyanomori family too.

June 20

Knowing that Mamoru is plotting something, Genichirou also creates a new plan to carry out.. and he suddenly assigned Hideo as Mamoru’s personal attendant starting from today. Mamoru knows Genichirou’s definitely plotting something as well, but he decides to play along for now. Mamoru goes to discuss this with Tadashi in the tea room at noon, and Isami overhears their conversation from outside. That, or eavesdropping on purpose. Who knows. 8D The moment Mamoru leaves the tea room, Isami comes inside and asks Tadashi to explain everything. Isami also reminds Tadashi that he’s not alone, so he shouldn’t keep everything to himself. They’re brothers, and brothers always help each other in trouble.

June 25

Today is the grand opening of the new Miyanomori Ginza Hall. Tadashi knows things might get dangerous, so he orders Haru to stay in the mansion instead of following everyone to the hall. As soon as Genichirou begins his opening speech, Mamoru sneaks out of the hall to carry out his plan. He goes to eye Kayama from a dark corner, but something unexpected happens here
— Hideo comes to stop him. This means Genichirou already knew about his plan, and probably it already reaches Kayama’s ears as well. Mamoru then takes out his gun saying Hideo will be the first to go, but Hideo calmly says it’s so naive of him to use a normal gun. In this situation, he should use a silencer so nobody would notice.. and Hideo shows Mamoru an example by shooting him only with a simple “click” sound. Then he leaves saying he’ll nurse Mamoru later. As a personal servant.

Meanwhile, Tadashi and Isami also sneak out of the hall to stop Mamoru, and they’re shocked upon finding the wounded Mamoru outside. They ask who did this to him, but for some reason Mamoru covers up Hideo’s attack by saying he was shot by Kayama’s man. Isami then rushes to prepare the car, while Tadashi helps Mamoru to walk out of the hall before anyone notices. While Mamoru keeps wondering why Tadashi is helping him at first, he willingly accepts when Tadashi says “because I’m the oldest son.” Brothers. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

That night, Tadashi returns to the mansion ahead of everyone else. Haru is surprised to see his clothes covered in blood, so he explains what happened to Mamoru.. as well as telling her to destroy his bloodstained suit later. Tadashi also says Isami is still in the hospital looking after Mamoru, while Genichirou and the others are still in the hall. Before Haru leaves to get some fresh clothes for him to change into, Tadashi asks her to come over and hugs her saying he’s really tired. Haru then asks him to tell her the details of the incident someday, and he says he will once everything calms down.

June 26

Tadashi is visiting sanae again today, and he brings Haru along to the Sumida mansion. Sanae has became a lot calmer ever since Yoshi and the others saved her, and she can also interact with people better now. She never cared about the other mothers before, but now she feels really grateful for their concern. There’s something that’s still bothering her though, and Sanae asks if they a new male servant in the Miyanomori mansion. When Haru tells her about Hideo, Sanae reveals that she saw Hideo in Ginza before. She found it really suspicious since Hideo doesn’t look or act like a servant despite his uniform, and especially because he was talking to Kisuke even though he’s only a new servant. While Haru says it might only be a coincidence, Sanae thinks Hideo and Kisuke were having a planned meeting instead.

On the way home, Haru gathers up all of her courage and tries to tell Tadashi about her plan to accept the next arranged matchmaking in August. Unfortunately, Haru gets really nervous and blurts out “I have someone I love!” instead. (´・ω・`;) Tadashi is obviously shocked to hear her confession, and he takes her home right after that — ignoring her attempts to explain that it’s just a misunderstanding.

June 29

Tadashi has been in a bad mood thanks to Haru’s “confession”, so Tae decides to help Haru to clear the misunderstanding by suggesting a certain plan for them. At the same time, Tadashi is also wondering why he’s so unbelievably possessive towards Haru. As his best friend, Norio says he’s more than willing to give Tadashi some advice if Tadashi can lend the Ginza Hall for his wedding day. Tadashi agrees, and so Norio gives him a certain plan to make up with Haru. When Tadashi returns to the mansion at night, both Haru and him are really nervous. Tae and Norio’s ideas are actually the same: “create a nice atmosphere so you can talk properly!” ..and they gave Tadashi and Haru some tickets for the “triggers” lol. The ones from Tae are tickets for the parlor, while Norio’s are theatre tickets. xD Even though Tadashi goes ・・・(゚д゚ ;) upon reading “free cream puffs!” written on the parlor tickets, he finally asks Haru to go out so they can watch the play and eat cream puffs together. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

July 1

While Tadashi and Haru are busy mending their relationship, Chitomi finds out that Hideo isn’t a normal servant after all. Hideo got employed after Chitomi found him lying unconscious in front of the mansion, but it was only an act so he can work for the Miyanomori family. He received a request to work for Genichirou, though Chitomi doesn’t know his client’s identity. Mamoru is gradually recovering too in the hospital, and Hideo will pick him up when he gets released on July 10. After telling Chitomi that he’s really here to help Genichirou, Hideo excuses himself to go to Ginza. He keeps telling everyone that he’s “sending money” to his hometown at the start of each month, but it’s obviously a lie as well. He actually visits Ginza to do a monthly report to his client through Kisuke, which means Sanae’s suspicion is indeed true.

July 2

After getting Chitomi’s permission, Haru goes to Ginza with Tadashi at noon. First they visit the theatre to watch the play, where Tadashi goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) because Haru keeps reacting to every single scene and cries at the end of the story lol. They walk to the parlor after that, and since Tadashi seems reluctant at first, Haru assures him that the cream puffs are really delicious. Last year she ate them alone when Isami took her to the parlor, so today he wants Tadashi to try eating them too. Obviously Tadashi goes “W-With Colonel? When did he…!? That guy will never change! Σ(´д` lll)” upon hearing this, and so he finally enters the parlor with Haru. Don’t you love it when jealousy affects Tadashi’s actions? (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Since this is Tadashi’s first time visiting the parlor, he makes an order by saying “Bring these free cream puffs along with whatever drinks you have. Two of them.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

While waiting for their order, Tadashi finally asks if Haru really has someone she loves.. and she apologized saying it’s not true. There’s something else she wants to tell him, but she was too nervous to say it. Before Haru could explain what she actually wants to say, the waitress comes back bringing their order. Obviously Tadashi has no idea how to eat cream puffs and stares at his cream puff in confusion, so Haru then cuts it into small pieces to make it easier for him to eat lol. Surprisingly Tadashi finds the cream puffs delicious, and he says they should visit the parlor again someday. Haru gets excited and goes “really?”, but he replies with “just kidding” and laughs at her reaction. xD

July 7

For Tanabata, the servants have their own bamboo tree and a pack of tanzaku to write their wishes on. Haru’s wish is “to serve Tadashi-sama forever”, and she hangs it outside thinking about the strange dream she had last year. At night, Tadashi notices the bamboo tree near the servants’ quarter’s door, and this causes him to get really curious about Haru’s wish. He tries to hold back the urge to read her tanzaku, but he ends up taking down all the tanzaku on the tree to read her wish. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After going through a bunch of tanzaku saying “I want money!”, “I wanna go home!” and “I wanna sleep more!”, Tadashi finally finds Haru’s tanzaku and falls into silence upon reading her wish.

July 10

Today Mamoru finally got released from the hospital. Everyone was told that he fell sick due to fatigue, so the only ones who know the truth are Isami, Tadashi and Haru. At night Haru asks if Tadashi can explain everything to her now, and he agrees because he already understands the case a lot better by now. The two railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity actually have private railroads located in the center of Teito, and so naturally the government is willing to pay a fortune to acquire them.. and that’s what both Genichirou and Kayama are planning to achieve. They want to sell the railway companies to the government for money. Tadashi still has to explain Mamoru’s connection to this case, but he wants Haru to wait until he confirms this to Mamoru himself.

After that, Tadashi goes to see Mamoru in the terrace. He asks what would Mamoru gain by doing such a dangerous thing, but Mamoru says it’s not about benefits and losses. It’s not that Mamoru wants to deepen the bond with his brothers either. It’s just after finding out the truth about his mother and his family, protecting his brothers is the conclusion he landed upon as a member of the Miyanomori family. Tadashi also says he already read the script Mamoru wrote for him, and he says it’s “boring” even though Mamoru thinks it’s a masterpiece.

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou informs everyone about the music festival on the 18th. Hiroshi isn’t amused since they always force him to play the violin every year, but Shigeru has a nice idea for this year’s festival — the seven of them should perform together! \(^q^)/ Obviously this causes Tadashi to go “Huh…? Why do I have to perform!?”, but he has no choice because his brothers are really excited about the idea. Well.. except for Mamoru, who gets forced to join as well lol. They only have four days to prepare, so they have to buy their musical instruments as soon as possible, then hire some music teachers and use the remaining time to practice. Of course they also need money to pay for everything, so Susumu voluntarily uses his 1000 yen to fund their performance. After reading through Hiroshi’s orchestra instrument list, Masashi determines everyone’s parts: violin — Hiroshi and Mamoru; cello — Isami and Shigeru; viola — Susumu and Tadashi; and conductor — himself lol. Masashi will also determine which song to perform, and he won’t tolerate any failure. xD

July 15

Just as expected, the practice session is completely a disaster at first. Tadashi has absolutely zero experience in playing viola, so he has to learn everything from scratch. Like how to hold a viola properly lol. Tadashi is completely stressed out by the end of the day, but then he can hear all sorts of demonic sounds coming from his brothers’ rooms too. Everyone (except for maybe Hiroshi) keeps practicing until late hours, and Tadashi knows he needs to do his best as well. For the next three days, Haru is worried sick because Tadashi keeps practicing viola nonstop — forgetting his meals and sleeping hours.

July 18

Today everyone goes to the Ginza Hall for the music festival. All the mothers are also present to watch their sons’ performance, though Toki had to drag Sanae out of her mansion to attend the event lol. Tadashi is grinning with confidence before the orchestra begins, and he has a good reason to be confident because the seven of them perform like professional musicians — impressing even Genichirou and their mothers. While Sanae was reluctant to come at first, she admits she’s glad to watch the orchestra today. She can see a side of Tadashi she has never seen before.

July 23

It’s Sunday, and Tadashi takes Haru to the beach. As Haru picks up some seashells from the sand, Tadashi finally tells her that he already knows about her plan to accept any arranged matchmaking in August. Haru has her own life and Tadashi knows he can’t change that, so he tells her to be confident and get her own happiness.. which obviously makes her cry because she wants to work for him forever. Tadashi then wipes Haru’s tears saying he understands how painful it must be for her, but it’s a decision she has made for herself. He doesn’t want her to regret the path she chose in life, so he tells her to believe in her own decision. Tadashi also admits he doesn’t want to forget the times he spent with Haru, and she will be the only personal maid in his life. He will never look for someone else to fill in the position after she’s gone. Since their time is limited, Tadashi wants to make a lot of unforgettable memories until the day Haru leaves his side. ゥヮ―。゚゚(PД`q゚*)゚。―ン Haru then says she wants to do her best for him too, and Tadashi tells her it’s more than enough for him.

July 24

Today Tadashi informs Haru that Norio has been wanting to see her. He’ll arrange the date for them to meet each other, so for now she should focus on the exam by the end of the month. At noon Haru goes to Ginza with Hideo to buy some books for Tadashi, and Tadashi sees this from afar when he’s talking to Norio. Since Tadashi clearly looks bothered by the sight, Norio can tell that he’s 100% burning with jealousy lol.

Norio: “You’re jealous right?”
Tadashi: “N-No! They’re both servants, it’s not like I’m..”
Norio: “Really?”
Tadashi: “…well, maybe.”
Norio: “How surprising! You’ve become so honest!” ← プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Tadashi: “Maybe I’m just really possessive. Would it be better if I fix this?”
Norio: “Even if I say yes, would you be able to fix it?”
Tadashi: “Impossible.”

..and so Norio pushes Tadashi away to Haru’s place. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!
Haru soon leaves to buy some sweets for Tadashi though, and Hideo tells him “You still made her your personal maid even though she’s getting married? You must really like her..” before running off to follow Haru. From afar, Mamoru notices that Hideo is planning to do something to Tadashi, but he decides to wait and see how things will turn out from now on.

July 27

After making sure nothing’s happening between Haru and Hideo, Tadashi warns Haru to be careful around Hideo. From Kisuke, Tadashi then learns that this year’s fireworks festival at Sumida River is cancelled because Shigeru booked the entire thing for the Miyanomori family. Tadashi is shocked to hear about this, so she rushes to Shigeru’s room and literally chokes the truth out of the poor guy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since Susumu used his 1000 yen to fund their orchestra, Shigeru says he used his own 1000 yen to make a private fireworks festival for them. Not because he wants to entertain Genichirou, but rather because he loves organizing events and finds it fun to make a private festival for them lol. When Haru brings some coffee for Tadashi later, she finds him busy searching through a mountain of documents on his desk. He explains he was searching for some ideas to entertain Genichirou, but then he found some documents about Teitou Touei Electricity and ends up reading all of them.

When Haru starts cleaning up his desk, Tadashi suddenly asks what she thinks of fireworks festivals. She answers fireworks festivals means yukata in her mind, and Tadashi falls into a short silence before asking “You really don’t understand.. do you?” lol. Haru is confused and asks what he means by that, but Tadashi blushes and quickly tells her to forget it. He clearly wants to ask her out and yet too embarrassed to do so. Why so cute, Tadashi? (❤ฺ→艸←)

July 31

During breakfast, Tadashi decides to ask Mamoru about Hideo. When Tadashi says Hideo is suspicious, Hiroshi teases him by saying “it’s just because you’re afraid he’d steal Haru-kichi away from you~ (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” ..and Mamoru joins in by saying “I heard your personal maid failed her exam” LOL. This causes Tadashi to run out to see Haru instantly, so obviously his brothers are wondering if he’s falling in love with her. Since Isami says he wants to do more “research” about this, they all end up asking Masashi if he has any good plans lol. The moment Tadashi finds Haru in the hallway, he’s already in panic mode and asks her exam result while still running out of breath lol. Haru says she passed the exam safely, and Tadashi finally calms down and mutters “you passed.. I see.. so you passed..” in relief. Then he just walks away without saying anything else, leaving her all confused. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

August 1

Since Haru said she needs a new yukata, Tadashi goes to buy one for her in Ginza today. He gets confused when Hyakkaten’s staff asks “what kind of person is she?”, because it makes him realize that he never really think or look at her properly. Knowing flashy yukata won’t suit Haru, Tadashi quickly picks the first simple-motived yukata the staff shows him lol. When Haru welcomes him home in the evening, Tadashi shyly hands her the shopping bag before asking her to prepare dinner. Haru is surprised to find a new yukata inside, but her questions receive no answers because Tadashi already walks away. Most likely to hide his blush. xD

August 5

Mamoru goes out to meet up with his editor today, and Hideo spies on their conversation from the shadows. Hideo is shocked when Tae suddenly appears and asks what he’s doing here, since he said he’s going to send money back to his hometown. Tae honestly says she finds him suspicious, especially because he became Mamoru’s personal attendant even though he’s a new servant. When Tae forces him to tell the truth, Hideo instantly drops the act and tries to drag her away by force. Since this is Tae we’re talking about, obviously she keeps resisting by screaming “pervert! thief! help!” lol. Fortunately their voices are heard by Mamoru, so Hideo runs off when Mamoru comes to see what’s happening. Haru is really worried because Tae looks really upset when she returns to the mansion, and Tae explains that she actually saw Hideo tailing Mamoru out of the mansion earlier. The sight gave her a very bad feeling, so she followed them all the way to Ginza and found Hideo spying on Mamoru from afar.

Tae then tries to confront Hideo again in the servants’ dining hall, but Hideo only laughs at her because both Chitomi and Mamoru already knew about his real identity. He refuses to tell her anything at first, but he’s forced to tell the truth when Haru comes in to support Tae. His client is actually none other than Heisuke, who offered him a really nice reward for the request — the chairman seat of a group of traveling performers. Hideo mentioned he loves watching all kinds of theatrical plays before, but it’s actually more than just a hobby. Hideo actually really loves acting and wants to stand on the center of the stage. He never got any chance to even stand on a stage before, so the reward sounds unbelievably delicious to him. Haru then points out it’s probably because his acting skills are lacking, and Hideo instantly slaps her saying he CAN do it — all he needs is a chance. Then he storms out of the dining hall.

When Tadashi returns home at night, he notices that Haru’s cheek is swollen. He orders her to say who slapped her, and knowing lies won’t work on him, Haru honestly admits it was Hideo. Tadashi then runs off to the servants’ quarter and calls Hideo to come out, but he’s surprised when Hideo comes out wearing normal clothes — he’s preparing to leave the mansion. Hideo admits he’s only an actor who was hired to act as a servant, but recently he’s starting to lose sight of the real him. Which one is the real him? Hideo the actor or Hideo the servant? He’s not sure about anything right now, and he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do after leaving the mansion. Before leaving, Hideo only tells Tadashi “Please apologize to Haru for me.. I was jealous of you. Goodbye.”

August 6

During the morning assembly, Chitomi informs everyone that Hideo already quit because of an urgent reason she can’t explain. It makes Haru and Tae sad because they still want to talk to him, but that night they have Shigeru’s fireworks festival to cheer them up. 。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。 All the servants wear their casual clothes as usual, but it’s different for Haru since Tadashi orders her to wear the yukata. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Aside from preparing the fireworks and festival stands for Genichirou, it turns out the brothers also have a plan for Tadashi and Haru. Mamoru almost let the words slip out of his mouth, but Masashi quickly comes to shut him up and tells Tadashi to go see Haru before he gets suspicious lol. Before Haru could ask him about Hideo, suddenly Susumu comes and invites Haru to watch the fireworks with him.. in the most poetic way possible. Why so poetic? Because all the lines for their plan tonight were actually written by Mamoru. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Soon after Susumu takes Haru away, Hiroshi carries out his role by coming to see Tadashi in a panic — saying Susumu is planning to kiss Haru tonight.

Upon hearing about this, Tadashi runs off to chase them even before Hiroshi can even finish his story lol. Just before he stops Susumu from kissing Haru, Masashi suddenly appears and asks “why do you try to stop him?” Tadashi answers it’s because Haru is his personal maid, but Masashi counters his unreasonable argument by saying Haru is still their mad. She should obey everyone’s orders including Susumu’s. xD It’s not the end for poor Tadashi though, since Mamoru then appears and takes out his sword saying “if I can’t be with Haru, then let us die together!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Following their plan, Masashi then tells Tadashi to take Haru and run away while he stops Mamoru here.

When they finally reach a quiet place near the river, Tadashi asks if Haru regrets becoming his personal maid. She answers she doesn’t regret anything, because she’s really proud to work for him. She wants to work for him forever if possible, though sadly things won’t go that well for her and her family. Tadashi also admits he doesn’t know what he’s going to become after she leaves, because there are things you won’t realize until they’re gone. Tadashi says he’s only an awkward person whose only goal in life is to become the next head, but whenever he’s with Haru, sometimes he’s seriously thinking of throwing away everything and be free.
Tadashi also praises Haru’s yukata and she thanks him, but suddenly a really LOUD explosion shocks both of them.. and the next thing they hear is Isami and Shigeru bickering in the bushes nearby. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ It turns out Shigeru already prepared special fireworks to create a nice mood between Tadashi and Haru, but Isami ruins the plan saying he won’t let them kiss no matter what. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

August 12

Since summer break starts tomorrow, Tadashi tells Haru to get enough rest for tonight. During dinner, the brothers are having a discussion about Genichirou’s real objective when suddenly Chitomi comes to inform them that Genichirou has just collapsed in his room. Tadashi goes to check Genichirou’s condition immediately, but he’s surprised to see Genichirou still alive and kicking. While he only felt dizzy earlier because of fatigue, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s getting old and needs to retire soon.. so one of them has to take the head position before then. Tadashi then asks if he’s giving them 1000 yen each because he’s going to earn a fortune by selling the railway companies, but Genichirou only laughs saying it sounds like a nice idea.

Meanwhile, Haru is telling Chitomi that she’s bringing Tae along to her hometown too this year. She also admits that her mother sent her a telegram yesterday, informing her that they already accepted an arranged matchmaking without even asking for her answer. She already refused two arranged matchmakings before, so everyone knows she can’t refuse anymore.. or else her family reputation will be tarnished. Her hometown is a small village where rumors spread at the speed of light, so who knows what the villagers will do to Haru’s family if she refuses again. The meeting with her future husband’s family will take place on the 15th, though Haru thinks the result will be the same even without any family meetings. She’ll end up marrying the man anyway.

August 13

After Haru leaves for summer break in the morning, Tadashi has been distracting himself with work all day long. Shigeru tries to get him to do something about Haru, but Tadashi is incredibly pissed and kicks him out instead. Even though Susumu thinks they should leave poor Tadashi alone, Hiroshi believes there’s a better idea to help him — ask for Masashi’s advice! \(^o^)/ Obviously Masashi goes “why do I have to help? ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”, so Hiroshi blackmails him using an old picture of a crying Masashi LOL. Help Tadashi, and he’ll return the picture so Masashi can destroy it later. xD

At noon, Haru finally reaches her hometown with Tae. From her parents, they hear that Haru’s future husband probably will never come to their house again after he marries Haru.. which means it would be difficult for Haru to see her family once she gets married. When Haru asks about what Tadashi told them before, her parents says Tadashi informed them that Haru will accept any arranged matchmaking that comes her way in summer. Knowing she doesn’t want to trouble her parents anymore, Tadashi also asked them to choose a person who can make their lives easier after marrying Haru. It was Tadashi’s request too for them to accept a good matchmaking before telling Haru, because he believes it would the best choice for everyone. Not just for Haru and her family, but for himself too. Haru’s parents then ask if Haru is really okay with this, and she quietly says yes — realizing that Tadashi already made a move before she misunderstands anything from their relationship.

August 14

During breakfast, Hiroshi suddenly tells everyone that he already bought an inn using the 1000 yen Genichirou gave him. He’s not interested in the head position anyway, so he used up the money to have fun with his brothers instead. While Tadashi pretends not to care, he instantly flips out when Masashi says “the inn Hiroshi bought is Oboro-tei.” ..and just as expected, the seven brothers end up going on yet another hot spring trip to Haru’s hometown lol. That night the brothers are discussing about how to manage the inn from here, and noticing that Tadashi is trying to run away by going to bed, they drag him to have some drink instead. xD Somehow they managed to bring Tadashi along, and tomorrow they have to make sure he goes to Haru’s house. Failure is not an option.

August 15

Before the family meeting starts, Haru asks about her future husband’s name. Her parents say it’s the Onoda family from the neighboring village, but Haru doesn’t really think about it until her future husband comes to her house.. and turns out to be Hideo. Who else, really? LOL. It turns out Hideo returned to his hometown after leaving the Miyanomori mansion, and just like Haru, his parents kept telling him to get married already. Of course Hideo himself doesn’t want to get married either, so they end up taking a walk outside feeling complicated. At the same time, the brothers are dragging Tadashi out of the inn saying they can only make a trigger for him. They believe it would be better if Haru stays with Tadashi after all, but the rest depends on Tadashi himself because all they can do is to push his back and make sure he’s not running away from his own feelings. Tadashi finally agrees and runs to visit Haru’s house, but sadly he finds her laughing with Hideo instead.

Hideo actually thinks Haru better return to Teito instead of marrying him, but on the other hand he also knows she has no choice since they live in a small village.. and Haru laughs because Hideo starts mimicking the old ladies gossiping around the village. Obviously the sight causes Tadashi (and Isami) to misunderstand, so instead of talking to Haru, they end up going back to the inn and drink the night away.

August 16

In the morning, Haru learns from her parents that Hideo’s family agreed to take her as Hideo’s bride. Her parents are happy with the news, but Haru and Tae definitely aren’t. Tae points out that Hideo is the worst kind of man who has slapped Haru before, but Haru sadly replies that marrying Hideo is much better than marrying someone she doesn’t know. Tae also tells Haru that Hiroshi bought Oboro-tei and everyone including Tadashi are currently staying there, and since Haru can’t turn back anymore, that night Tae drags her to visit Tadashi at the inn so they can talk properly. It turns out Tae met Mamoru when she went to buy some snacks at the inn yesterday, and so she joined the brothers’ plan to bring Haru and Tadashi together. Mamoru says Tadashi has been looking down ever since he saw Haru with Hideo, and he goes to get Tadashi so they can talk in private.

When Tadashi finally comes out of the inn, he takes Haru for a walk outside. He asks if Hideo is her future husband, so Haru says yes and tells him about the answer from Hideo’s family. Tadashi then says both Norio and Kurenai want to see Haru on the 20th, but he turns silent when Haru answers she will still be around on that date. Haru sadly admits after receiving the marriage to Hideo, she finally realized that her true wish is to stay with Tadashi forever. She wouldn’t know what to do if Tadashi gets married, and she knows he wanted to cut off all ties with her because he knows she might be falling in love with him. Tadashi admits that it’s true, but he really enjoyed his time with Haru and is still wishing to spend time with her until the day she really leaves his side. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Soon they reach her house, and Tadashi asks Haru to see him at the inn before they go back to Teito tomorrow.

August 17

The moment Haru comes to Oboro-tei, Tadashi takes her outside and asks what would she do if he asks her to cancel the marriage. She returns the question by asking what would he do if she refuses the marriage, and he says he’ll keep employing her as usual. Haru has expected that answer though, so Tadashi quickly adds that he would feel happy too. (*´∀`*) It reminds him about what Mamoru said before — there are no “absolute” thing in this world. It means the land of “if only” doesn’t exist either since the possibilities are completely endless, but even in such an uncertain world, Tadashi is enjoying every second he spends with Haru. After that, Haru returns to Teito with Tae and the brothers.. and her not-so-enjoyable summer break has come to an end.

August 20

Just as planned, Tadashi brings Haru to see Norio and Kurenai today. They’re meeting up in Yasuda, and it reminds Tadashi of Haru’s geisha debut with Shigeru last year. Since Tadashi keeps reminding her of how terrible it was, Haru counterattacks by mentioning his blotches of ink of a “masterpiece” on Mamoru’s face. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They continue arguing until Norio and Kurenai open the door, staring at them while going “both of you get along really great.. are we disturbing you? (´・ω・`)” lol. Tadashi quickly changes the subject by reminding Kurenai that she has something to show Haru, so Kurenai takes Haru to see her wedding attire while Norio goes (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ in front of Tadashi lol. Norio thinks they look good together since Tadashi looks like he’s having fun, but since Tadashi keeps insisting that Haru is only a maid and he’s her master.. Norio only asks Tadashi to come and tell him if anything happens.

August 27

Today Genichirou is holding a dance party to celebrate the birth of Miyanomori’s new company — the Miyanomori Railway Company. Sanae won’t be participating this time, but in the morning she warns Tadashi to be careful not to let Genichirou control him. She’s aware that Tadashi is still aiming to become the new head on his own will, but Sanae also wants him to think about what he would do after that. Tadashi still has time to think about the directions in his life, and Sanae doesn’t want him to lose sight of the most important thing.. which might be standing in front of his eyes. In other words, Sanae wants Tadashi to understand himself and be honest to his own feelings. Sanae herself felt really distant to Genichirou when she was still married to him, so she knows sometimes people can feel so far away even though they’re staying by each other’s side. Just like Tadashi and Haru right now. She won’t ask him for the details, so she only tells him this: “You only get to live once. Live with no regrets.”

That night, Haru goes to visit Tadashi in his room. She receives no reply even after knocking the door, so she decides to take a look and finds Tadashi with a high fever inside — because he was drenched in the rain after leaving the Sumida house. He insists to attend the ball as a member of the Miyanomori family, and she has no choice but to help him get dressed despite his high fever. The brothers have to dance with random partners as usual, and obviously this worsens Tadashi’s condition so much he collapses right after returning to his room. Haru is worried sick about him, so she forces him to get some sleep saying she’ll never leave his side. When Tadashi wakes up past midnight, he finds Haru sleeping by his bedside again. He can hear her mumbling “Tadashi-sama..” in her sleep, and he replies by whispering “What do you mean ‘never leave my side? You’re showing such an innocent sleeping face.. Even though I won’t be able to see it again.” (ノД`)・゜・。

September 1

After their morning assembly, Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her mother. Haru knows it must be about the date of her wedding with Hideo, but she didn’t expect it to come so fast. She will have her engagement party in a hotel on September 22, and their wedding will take place the following month — October 31. Tadashi is surprised too when Haru informs him about this, but then he says she can still make it to Kurenai and Norio’s wedding on October 8. Haru’s social standing doesn’t matter since the guests are chosen by Kurenai and Norio themselves, and so Haru agrees to come to their wedding with Tadashi.

September 5

At noon, Hideo suddenly comes to visit Tadashi at work. Obviously Tadashi isn’t pleased to see him, and it only pisses him even more when Hideo says he only came to see Tadashi’s angry face. When Hideo says he actually didn’t want to marry a country bumpkin like Haru, Tadashi grabs his collar saying Haru is the personal maid he chose by himself. He won’t allow anyone to insult her. Not even if Hideo is her future husband. Hideo calmly asks if that means Tadashi thinks Haru belongs to himself, but when Tadashi honestly says he does, Hideo gives him a reality slap — “she’s not yours.” Tadashi angrily says “I’m not giving her to you because I want to!”, but he can’t say anything when Hideo replies with “I’m not receiving her because I want to either!”

That’s not the only reason behind Hideo’s visit though, since Hideo then admits it was him who shot Mamoru during the grand opening day. Genichirou ordered him to keep an eye on Mamoru and shoot him if he tries to kill anyone, though Hideo was also told to avoid any vital parts. It was’t a big deal for Hideo, because for him shooting someone is as easy as acting on stage. Hideo then excuses himself, but before leaving he has another message to enrage Tadashi even more: “After we get married, Haru will never come to Teito anymore. I’ll make her forget everything, both about Miyanomori and also about you.” Then he walks out, leaving Tadashi to rage in his frustration.

September 10

Today Haru meets up with Hideo in Ginza. She’s surprised to see him coming to Teito, but he says he’s already been in town for quite a while. Hideo then asks about how Tadashi is doing recently, and it reminds Haru that Tadashi has been super irritated for the last few days. Haru asked if Tadashi is bothered by her upcoming engagement, but he denied it and said she’s just a maid.. and as a master, he can’t be bothered with such “trivial” things. However, Haru was shocked when Tadashi suddenly added “maybe made a mistake by employing a maid with a time limit after all” before dismissing her. Hideo then tells Haru to stop worrying about her job, since she’s going to quit anyway after their wedding. The Onoda family owns some factories in their village, and they’re planning to give one of their factories for Haru’s father to manage. Which means her family will have to move from their village. It’s going to make life much easier for her family, but Haru protests since she never heard about this before.

Sadly Hideo also says it wasn’t him who made the decision, so both of them can only prepare for what’s ahead. After all, they can’t turn back and cancel the wedding anymore. They also need to prepare a lot of things for their wedding, so Hideo wants Haru to quit her job by the end of this month. In fact, Hideo actually came to Teito to take care of their wedding attire. His family has money compared to Haru’s family, but they can’t sit back and relax forever since they’re not super wealthy like the Miyanomori family. When Kisuke comes to the mansion later, he finds a sad Haru in the garden. Haru tells him that she’s going to quit her job by the end of the month, but she doesn’t know how to tell Tadashi because he was really pissed when she mentioned her engagement. She doesn’t want to annoy him even more, but she knows quitting without any words would make him angry too. Feeling sorry for Haru, Kisuke then decides to help and tells her to leave everything to him.

That night, Genichirou and his sons celebrate Hiroshi’s 20th birthday, but Tadashi looks really gloomy and distracted on the edge of the table. Genichirou soon leaves the dining hall and the brothers start discussing about Tadashi’s problem with Haru, but Tadashi also leaves without paying attention to them. He the meets Kisuke in the hallway, who tells him that Haru is quitting by the end of the month based on Hideo’s order. Since Tadashi keeps acting like he doesn’t care and says his only goal in life is to become the next family head, Kisuke gets pissed and apologized before saying: “What does the ‘head’ means to you? Is the position worth letting go of someone important? You can’t make up your mind and Haru only became the victim of your irritation. Is this how you do things?” Sadly Tadashi only asks Kisuke to let go of him, because even though Tadashi can change his personality and his way of thinking, he can’t change his life that easily. Becoming the next head is his responsibility as the oldest son of the family.

September 13

Today Haru informs Chitomi that she’s going to quit by the end of the month. She can’t answer when Chitomi asks what Tadashi means to her, and knowing that Haru is in love with Tadashi, Chitomi tells her to lock that feeling deep inside her heart forever. Haru will still take the exam though, since it’s her last chance to cut off all ties with the Miyanomori family and leave them behind.

September 16

When Mamoru comes to Tadashi’s room, he finds Tadashi destroying things out of irritation. He then takes Tadashi to the garden, where he explains that Genichirou will be holding another ball on October 1. This time it’s to officially celebrate the foundation of the Miyanomori Railway Company, which turns out to be a company formed by merging the two railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity. Kayama will become the chairman for now, but they won’t know what Genichirou will do in the future. Mamoru thinks Genichirou’s real objective is to buy the electricity company instead, so he’s luring Kayama away by placing him in the new company. After that, Genichirou is probably planning to sell their new railway company and kill Kayama so he doesn’t have to split the payment.. so Mamoru doesn’t have any intentions to kill Kayama anymore, knowing it will only bring more benefits to Genichirou in the end.

However, Masashi soon appears saying Mamoru made some mistakes in his analysis. From Masashi’s point of view, Genichirou is placing Kayama as the chairman to raise their railway company’s value in the government’s eyes. Of course Kayama would lose his purpose after the government buys their company, so Genichirou will probably get rid of him by then. People will find it suspicious to see Kayama selling his own company, and most likely they will think that someone else has been pressuring Kayama behind the screen. Genichirou should already be retired by then.. so guess who will take the blame?

Here, Shigeru also appears to add that Genichirou will probably use the large sum of money to escape overseas after retiring — completely pinning the blame onto Miyanomori’s new head. It’s not a baseless speculation, because Shigeru noticed that their shipbuilding company has been creating a huge ship ever since last year. A ship big enough to sail overseas. It seems like the ship will be completed this autumn, which is just in time for Genichirou’s plans. Susumu then joins in the discussion by saying Kayama will probably sell their company soon, because his friend in the Tokkou division (most likely Sanji) informed him that Kayama is going to have a political party soon. He needs a lot of money and power to fund the party, so there’s a really high chance that he’s going to sell their company as soon as possible. Soon Isami and Hiroshi comes to the garden too, saying Genichirou is probably trying to get them to do something with the money he gave them. It’s probably not something individual, but more like something larger they need to do together. It doesn’t seem like murdering Kayama is the main issue here, so if they really have to do something.. then it might be to stop Kayama from selling their company.

Late at night, Haru finally comes to tell Tadashi that she’s quitting soon. Sadly Tadashi brushes her off saying he’s busy, and Haru runs out of the room when Tadashi says he already heard about the news from Kisuke — stressing the point that she told Kisuke even before she tells her own master.

September 21

Today the brothers are leaving to attend Honjouin’s tea ceremony in Kyoto, while Haru is going back to her hometown for her engagement party. Before Tae goes to send the brothers off to Kyoto, Haru tells her that Tadashi didn’t give her any chance to talk to him properly — he even told her NOT to see him off today. Tadashi has been extremely irritated lately, and he always gets angry even before Haru could tell him that she’s quitting. After a short silence, Tae asks Haru to wait in the servants’ dining hall until she returns. Tae then goes to the entrance to see Tadashi and tricks him into coming to the servants’ quarter, where she shoves Tadashi into the dining hall saying he should listen to what Haru has to say.

When Tadashi asks what she wants to talk about, Haru finally says she’s quitting and thanks him for everything. She starts crying and apologized, and he also apologized for saying things he didn’t mean before — he doesn’t regret anything by taking her as his personal maid. They both have to leave for now, but Tadashi asks Haru to come and talk to him again when they return to Teito. After sending Tadashi off, Haru thanks Tae saying she’s really glad to be able to say goodbye properly.

September 22

During their engagement party, Haru remains completely silent as Hideo sighs with boredom beside her. Hideo’s parents are expecting Haru to follow their family rules after their marriage, and Haru has no choice but to accept their conditions. However, Haru is shocked when Hideo says he’s going to make her forget the Miyanomori family on top of forbidding her to visit Teito again after their wedding. While she doesn’t mind not seeing Teito anymore, Haru knows she won’t be able to forget the Miyanomori family. The end up having a fight outside of her house, and Hideo pushes Haru down saying he’ll just make her forget them by force. He tells her she belongs to him since they’re getting married soon, so she doesn’t need the Miyanomori family anymore in her life. When Hideo starts ripping her clothes apart, Haru keeps resisting with all her might and eventually slaps him in the face before running away in tears.

As soon as she enters her house, Haru tells her parents that she’s going back to the mansion because she’s got work to do. Of course they’re confused because they have more things to take care of, but Haru insists that she wants to go back and shuts herself in her room. There is only one thing in her mind right now — to see Tadashi as soon as possible.

September 23

When the brothers return from Kyoto, Tae tells Tadashi that Haru already returned last night.. but she won’t come out of her room after all. Tae used a duplicate key to check her condition earlier, but Haru wouldn’t tell her what happened. She’s been sitting in her room without even changing her clothes, and Tae knows something really wrong must have happened between her and Hideo. This is the first time Tae has ever seen Haru in this condition, and now she’s asking for Tadashi’s help because she just can’t leave Haru alone. Tae then uses the duplicate key to unlock Haru’s room, and even though Haru turns her back on him, Tadashi notices that her clothes are ripped in various places. When Tadashi asks what Hideo did to her, eventually Haru cries saying she only wanted to stay with Tadashi forever. Marriage is the decision she made for herself, but she’s really scared after what happened yesterday.

After a short silence, Tadashi tells Haru that he punched Isami during their high school days. Tadashi got the best mark during an exam and brought the result home to show Genichirou, but Isami tore the paper into pieces because their relationship was really bad back then. The second time Tadashi punched someone was when he punched Norio during their university days, though he can’t remember the reason anymore. The third time was when Tadashi tried to calm Hiroshi down, and right now he’s thinking of making Hideo the fourth victim of his fist. Haru is surprised since Tadashi doesn’t look like the type who punches other people, but he smiles saying Isami, Norio and HIroshi didn’t expect it either. They all went ・・・(゚д゚ ) when he punched them, so it seems like they were more surprised than hurt. When Haru finally laughs, Tadashi asks if she can really marry Hideo. He was the one who asked her parents to accept the matchmaking, and Haru herself knew she can’t turn back anymore, but they can’t say the same after what Hideo did to her.

Tadashi then admits he wanted to draw a line before his feelings for Haru crosses over to the other side. That’s why he told her parents to accept the matchmaking, thinking it would be the best for everyone. Haru and Tadashi will always be a maid and a master, and her family will be able to have a better life. Haru also admits even though she was the one who decided to accept the marriage, she never thought a marriage would be such a painful thing.. because she has realized that her heart truly belongs to Tadashi. She was planning to keep it a secret forever, but she can’t hide her feelings anymore. Even though Hideo ordered her to forget the Miyanomori family, Haru knows she can never forget Tadashi — because he’s the only one in her heart. Haru apologized for saying such things even though she’s only a maid, but Tadashi hugs her saying he understands.

Sadly this is the only thing Tadashi can do for Haru, since he then says he can’t answer her feelings any further.. and he apologized saying it took all of his might just to reach this point. Nothing will change despite what Hideo did. Haru is getting married next month, and Tadashi asks her to keep her love for him hidden forever. Tadashi doesn’t regret taking Haru as his personal maid, and Haru should do her best to serve her in their remaining time together.. so she won’t have any regrets too. 。゜(。ಥ_ಥ。)゜。

September 30

Haru passed her last exam successfully today. Tae is really worried about her, so she takes a day off tomorrow just to accompany Haru to her hometown. That, and because she also has something to take care of. After Haru finishes her work, Hiroshi gives her a farewell gift and tells her to open it later — it’s something she’s going to need someday. Shigeru also gives Haru a kimono from Shizuko and himself, telling Haru that he’ll see her again in Kurenai and Norio’s wedding. Next, Haru also receives more presents from Susumu, Isami and Masashi. Obviously Isami and Masashi kept saying “why do I have to give a present for a maid?”, but they still bought a present for her anyway. xD; Isami’s gift is a pack of manjuu, while Masashi gives her a book titled “Curses All Over the World — with an index page for easy search!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Susumu’s present is a normal novel though, so Haru can relax since he won’t give her anything weird lol. Mamoru only gives Haru a letter and tells her to hand it to Hideo, so naturally Susumu thinks it’s a challenge letter filled with his grudge against Hideo. xD Haru thanks the brothers after receiving so many presents, and she goes to bid farewell to Tadashi before leaving.

When Tadashi sees Haru holding his brothers’ presents, he smiles saying she’s the only one who can gain this kind of special treatment from them. Tadashi also has a present for Haru — a train ticket to attend Kurenai and Norio’s wedding. He already booked a whole compartment for her, so he wants her to come on October 8. It’s Tadashi’s last order as Haru’s master. She promises to come because she hasn’t say goodbye to Kurenai and Norio yet, and so Tadashi only says “see you again” instead of “goodbye” before Haru finally leaves the mansion. Haru and Tae go to the station after that, taking the night train back to her hometown.. carrying the onigiri Chitomi made for them.

October 1

Just as planned, Genichirou is holding a ball today to celebrate the foundation of the railway company with Kayama. The brothers are yawning with boredown as usual, but that’s only until Genichirou collapses before giving his speech. This throws everyone into panic, while Mamoru can only stare in confusion. Meanwhile in Haru’s hometown, Haru’s mother and little sisters are crying because she’s moving away to live with Hideo’s family. Haru apologized for being such an unreliable big sister to them, and then she runs off to cry alone outside.

October 5

Today Haru finally gives Mamoru’s letter to Hideo. She also asks him for the permission to go to Kurenai and Norio’s wedding, but just as expected, he won’t allow her to visit Teito again. Especially since she’s now living with his family. His words won’t stop Haru though, since she tells him she will still go even without his permission. Hideo yells at her for not listening to him, but Haru’s decision stands firm. She will listen to everything he says after their wedding, so he should allow her to do at least this much. Then she runs out of the house, leaving Hideo to crumple Mamoru’s letter alone.

At the same time in Teito, Genichirou is diagnosed with a deadly cancer. He only has about six months to live, and the doctors in Japan won’t be able to save him even if he takes a surgery. Heisuke is shocked to hear there’s no way to save Genichirou’s life, but he only says it’s just “fatigue” when Chitomi comes to visit the hospital. They bring Genichirou back to the mansion after that, and Genichirou starts moving around in no time despite his conditions. Heisuke also tries to conceal the truth from him, but since this is Genichirou he’s dealing with.. of course he knows that Heisuke is lying. Genichirou thinks six months are more than enough, and he has no intentions to take any surgery to remove his cancer. Knowing death is coming to pick him up, Genichirou then tells Heisuke to cancel the shipbuilding — he’s going to stay in Japan up until the end. Of course Genichirou won’t be able to move around easily in this condition, so they have to make some alterations about their plan regarding Kayama.

That night, Genichirou comes to celebrate Shigeru’s birthday with everyone else. He’s acting as if he’s 100% healthy, but Masashi notices that something feels different about him. After dinner, Tadashi chases Genichirou out of the dining hall and asks why is he planning to sell their railway company. Tadashi says Miyanomori is wealthy enough doesn’t need anymore fortune, but Genichirou tells him it’s not about money. He doesn’t want to grow old and senile like a fangless tiger, so he will continue fighting up until the end. He’s dealing with the Prime Minister and the government this time, and he’s willing to do anything to win this fight. Even if it means he has to kill someone. Obviously Tadashi can’t agree with Genichirou’s brutal ways, so he says he’ll protect Miyanomori with his own way. Genichirou then challenges Tadashi to stop his plans, and Tadashi accepts the challenge.

October 8

Kurenai and Norio are holding their wedding in the Ginza Hall today. Norio isn’t pleased to hear that Tadashi is letting go of Haru, but Kurenai can see that Tadashi actually feels sad despite his attempt to stay calm. Norio also says he might be able to help Tadashi with Genichirou’s challenge, though they will have to leave the subject until the wedding ceremony is over. Just when they wonder why Haru is so late, suddenly Haru enters the hall with an extremely dirty and torn kimono. She apologized saying she fell down on the way, but they know something must have happened to her earlier. Before Tadashi could force her to spill the truth, suddenly Hideo comes into the hall to drag Haru back home.. and by “dragging” I mean grabbing Haru’s wrist and literally drags her out of the hall. Tadashi can’t do anything since Hideo says Haru is no longer his maid, but upon seeing Tadashi staying quiet, Norio punches him in the face and tells him to chase after Haru before it’s too late. Kurenai is worried about Haru too, but Norio tells her to leave everything to Tadashi. They have their wedding ceremony to take care of.

When Tadashi caught up to them outside of the hall, Hideo says Haru is not allowed to go to Tadashi’s side. Her family are currently on their way towards their new home, what would happen to them if she goes against Hideo’s order? However, Mamoru then comes to stop him from messing with Haru and Tadashi any further. Mamoru clearly knows something they don’t, but Hideo stops him from revealing the truth and continues dragging Haru away. Haru keeps crying as she calls Tadashi’s name and Tadashi tries to chase after them, but Mamoru stops him saying he needs to hold back right now — there’s something else he needs to do.

October 14

Ever since she returned to Hideo’s house, Haru has been keeping her mouth shut. Hideo asks her to endure the pain for now because everything will be over soon, but she doesn’t reply.

Meanwhile, Norio visits Tadashi at work and asks him to build a new bank together. Someone else can take their positions in their family banks, but Norio needs Tadashi to work with him in the new bank. It’s not like they’re walking out of their families either, they’re just going against them a little bit. Norio reminds Tadashi that he has a lot of decisions to make, both about Haru and about this offer. All of these decisions are in Tadashi’s hands, and Norio wants Tadashi to decide based on his own will — not because of anyone’s order. He needs to think carefully about what’s really important to him, and Norio warns him not to make the wrong decision.

October 18

In the evening, Hideo’s mother asks Haru to help cleaning up a room. She obediently says yes and starts cleaning up just as ordered, but Hideo’s mother feels scared because the current Haru is just like an emotionless doll. Hideo’s mother doesn’t know what’s wrong since Hideo isn’t around to answer her questions, so she can only wonder if Haru has always been like this right from the start.

At the same time in the Miyanomori mansion, Tadashi sees Kisuke in the hallway. Lately Kisuke seems busy searching for information regarding the railway company, but he already knew about Norio’s offer. Tadashi is still unsure about the offer because he just can’t hand over his position so easily to someone else, so Kisuke tells him that people won’t fully understand their position until they receive it.. but after they get the position, sometimes it’s just too late to turn back. Just like Norio, Kisuke also says everything depends on Tadashi from now on.

October 22

The news about Norio’s offer soon spreads among the brothers, and they ask Tadashi about this during breakfast. He keeps insisting that he can’t leave the Miyanomori Bank that easily, so Masashi points out that he’s always doing things for the family.. and never does anything for himself. Unlike Tadashi, everyone else are actually walking on their own paths. Even Shigeru, who has limited choices, is working on Shizuko based on his own will. Mamoru tells Tadashi they won’t be able to say anything if that’s how he really wants to live, but right now there’s a huge crossroads in front of him, and Tadashi needs to make a choice for himself. Their words finally make Tadashi realize that ne never chose any paths in his life. He always thinks of his education, work and even goal in life as “fate” rather than choices. It’s not reasy for Tadashi to make a decision after having his life planned out by other people for so long, but he knows he has to choose right now.. and so he finally decides to accept Norio’s offer.

To celebrate Tadashi’s first ever decision in life, Mamoru then gives him a document containing the crimes Kayama committed behind the screen. He bought and merged with the two railway companies, but he actually killed their chairmans too so he can always sit on the very top of the company. They need a proof to stop Kayama before he seels their railway company, so Isami and Susumu agree to help with the army and police force. Shigeru says he’s going to dig more information from Shizuko, and they all give their remaining money to Tadashi so he can buy their railway company from Kayama later. This case is unrelated to Genichirou’s game, but when Masashi asks why Tadashi is doing this, Tadashi finally answers “it’s for myself.” Even though he’s well aware that Genichirou won’t be pleased, Tadashi is more than ready to face the risks. This is is his way of protecting his family.

October 29

Tae is taking a day off today, and she comes to see Haru in Hideo’s house. It turns out Tae is working with the brothers to carry out a certain plan, and even though she already told Haru about this in her letter, she can’t reveal the details yet. At least not until she makes sure that Haru’s family really has a new house in Hideo’s village. Once they move into their new house, it won’t be so easy for anyone to chase them out of the village. Haru think it’s natural because her father will start working in a factory, but Tae is clearly hiding something bigger from her. However, Tae is worried when Haru says she’s serious about marrying Hideo. She knows really well that Haru is in love with Tadashi.. and so does Hideo. Before leaving, Tae tells Haru that she will be waiting in Teito on October 31 — the day of Haru and Hideo’s wedding. Haru thinks it’s impossible for her to visit Teito anymore, and she sadly whispers that she can’t go.

October 30

Today Shigeru and Shizuko are serving Kayama when he visits Yasuda for a drink. They stall the time successfully until Isami eventually comes with his army troops, and despite Kayama’s attempts to resist, Isami manages to force him to sign a contract stating he’s handing over the railway company to them. Refuse, and Isami will spread Kayama’s crime list to the public. At first Kayama denies the accusation because they have no proof, but Isami tricks him saying one of his victims is actually still alive.. and Kayama digs his own grave by saying “Impossible! I made sure he was dea—!” \(^o^)/ Before dragging Kayama to their military base, Isami asks Susumu to deliver the signed contract to Tadashi. Now the rest depends on him.

Back in the Miyanomori mansion, Heisuke panicks as he informs Genichirou that Kayama has been arrested. That, and Tadashi has became the representative of the Miyanomori Railway Company. Even though his sons completely trampled his plans, Genichirou laughs saying they beat him in this fight. He actually finds it fun though, so he doesn’t mind losing this time. Norio already decided the name of their new bank too — Roman Bank. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tadashi obviously isn’t pleased with the name, but he’s glad to hear that Norio already took care of all the necessary procedures. Norio is willingly giving the president position to Tadashi, while he gladly takes the vice-president position. They now have a railway company under their wing too, so they’re going to be busy managing their own business from now on. Norio then asks if Tadashi is going to attend Miyanomori’s annual ball tomorrow, but Tadashi says he won’t be present. He’s got something even more important to do — visiting Haru’s place.

October 31

Before their wedding ceremony starts, Hideo goes to Haru’s room asking “don’t you want to stay with Tadashi-sama instead of marrying me?” When Haru asks why he says such things now, Hideo tells her to get out of the house if she doesn’t want to marry him. Or rather, she has to get out of the house no matter what — because he’s been working hard to reach this point too. Hideo’s father tells them to get dressed for the wedding after that, so Hideo leaves the room saying he doesn’t want to marry Haru either. After they left, Haru finally decides to open the present from Hiroshi. She’s been ignoring it all this time because a lot has happened, and she finds a strange device inside along with a letter saying: “Press this button to start. It only plays once, so pay attention!”

The moment Haru presses the button, she hears Tadashi’s voice shooing Hiroshi away before recording a message for her: “When you come to Teito on October 8, I’m going to tell you the things I couldn’t say before. I don’t want to regret anything, so um.. I’ll be waiting.” Meanwhile, Tadashi finally arrives in the village and is surprised to find Hideo waiting for him outside of the house. Their wedding ceremony is about to start, but Hideo knows Tadashi will be coming. He then asks why does Tadashi come here — is it to ruin their wedding? Tadashi is a Miyanomori and he should be able to get women easily. It doesn’t have to be Haru.

At the same time, Haru and everyone else are waiting for Hideo inside. The ceremony is about to start, and Hideo’s father is wondering what’s taking his son so long to prepare. However, everyone is surprised when the front door opens and Tadashi walks in instead. Hideo’s father asks who he is and what he’s doing here, but Tadashi simply says “I’m Miyanomori Tadashi, the oldest son of the Miyanomori family. I’m here to pick Haru up.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Today he came here on his own will, and he apologized to both Haru and Hideo’s families before he asks them to cancel the wedding. When Hideo’s father refuses to do so, Hideo comes in and tells his father to give up and accept it already. Tadashi and Haru will walk out of this house together, and Hideo himself never has any intentions to get married in the first place.

Haru’s father then asks why Tadashi is willing to go this far for their daughter, and Tadashi honestly answers it’s because he needs Haru in his life. His brothers have been pushing his back all the way here, so he doesn’t want to run away from his feelings anymore. Tadashi is willing to take any responsibilities, asking them to talk to him if they ever need anything. Before Hideo’s father can object again, Hideo quickly tells them to go — he’ll see them in Teito after doing something about his parents. While Haru is reluctant at first, she finally takes Tadashi’s hand when he apologized for coming so late to pick her up.

A few days after Haru went back to Teito, Tae apologized for deceiving her. Hideo has been acting really mean towards Haru and Tadashi, but everything was actually just an act to bring them together. Tae and Hideo’s plan was actually to make Haru leave the house and run out to Tadashi’s place on their wedding day, though in the end it was Tadashi who came to get her instead. They had to keep it a secret from Haru, because they had to make sure her parents won’t get in trouble afterwards. Right now Haru’s father is working at the factory, and both families agree to cancel the wedding. After all, they only want their children to be happy. Just like Tadashi, Haru was tied down by her family too.. even though all they ever wanted was for her to be happy. Haru knows Tae needs to sort out a lot of things with her parents too, so next time she’s planning to return the favor by accompanying Tae to her hometown. While Tae refuses at first, eventually she admits she tried to help them because she loves Haru and her family. She finally asks for Haru’s help, and Haru gladly says yes.

Meanwhile in the mansion, the brothers are going “wow, we can’t believe that Tadashi ruined Haru’s wedding and took her back here!” xD Tadashi doesn’t care though since he already got what he needs, so all that’s left is for them to wait for Genichirou’s next movement. However, Tadashi already made it clear that he has no intentions to become the new head. Not even if Genichirou personally hands over the position to him. After lunch, Tadashi goes to pick Haru up from the Sumida house, and he notices that she gets along really well with Sanae. While Haru was scared at first, Sanae turns out to be a fun person to spend time with. Today she teaches Sanae how to knit, though Tadashi goes “Mother..? Knitting..? (´・ω・`)” since finds it hard to imagine Sanae knitting lol. However, both of them know that Haru can’t stay in Sanae’s house forever.. so once they’re outside, Tadashi pulls out a ring and puts it on Haru’s left ring finger. (❤ฺ→艸←) Tadashi blushes when Haru says it’s a place for wedding rings, but then he clears his throat and finally tells her “marry me”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ As the answer, Haru smiles and flies into Tadashi’s arms.

Extra Ending

In the extra ending, Hideo says he’s glad everything works out well for Tadashi and Haru. He also apologized for being so mean towards her back then, and he happily tells her that finally he’s got a role in a play. It’s only a minor role with only a few lines, but Hideo feels his acting career is gradually improving.. and his father is happy with the news too. Soon his senior in the performers group calls him for practice, and before leaving, Hideo gives Haru two tickets and asks her to come watch his play with Tae later.

In the Miyanomori mansion, Genichirou is telling Heisuke that he actually wanted his sons to screw each other first before one of them becomes the new head.. but the result is exactly the opposite of what he expected. Genichirou also realized that Tadashi must have desired freedom more than anything, which is why he refused the head position and chose his own freedom instead — the freedom he obtained with his own hands. Genichirou thinks it’s a nice result though, because now his sons will be able to take care of the family even after he’s gone. He won’t leave any will for them either, believing they can decide things and share the fortune on their own. At first Genichirou wanted someone who can surpass him as the new head, but in the end he feels glad to see such a nice result.

When Sanae and Haru ask for his reason for refusing the head position, Tadashi admits it’s because he’s enjoying his job more than anything now. Aside from their bank, Norio and him also have a railway company to take care of.. and Tadashi doesn’t think he can handle a lot of things at once. Plus, he’s got Haru by his side to complete his happiness. Sanae smiles saying Tadashi has finally found the most important thing to him, and she’s glad to see him finding that thing with his own hands. Soon Toki and Shizuko come to visit Sanae, so Tadashi and Haru excuse themselves — with Haru promising to teach Sanae how to knit again next time.

As they leave the Sumida house, Haru asks for Tadashi’s permission to visit Tae’s hometown next week. Tadashi instantly says “no!” and won’t change his answer no matter what, so in the end Haru asks him to come along with them, and he answers “okay, but only because you ask me to come” lol. Haru says she’s relieved because Tadashi gets lonely so easily when she’s not around, which makes him go “Me? Lonely? N-No, I don’t think so..” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ She also asks what he wanted to say on Kurenai and Norio’s wedding day, but he nervously says he forgot and changes the subject lol. Besides, it doesn’t matter anymore since they’re getting married soon. ♥ Mamoru is directing and organizing everyone to prepare for their wedding, and Tadashi sighs before saying Mamoru has completely became a part of their family now. He won’t expect much, but he won’t complain since Mamoru is taking care of everything lol.

When their wedding day finally comes, Haru keeps mentioning that Tadashi still won’t tell her what he wanted to say back then. Since she will continue to pester him about this even after they’re married, Tadashi finally gives up and admits he wanted to say he likes her.. but it’s a little different now. Haru then asks Tadashi about the difference, but then his brothers keeps interrupting by shouting “be happy!’, “congratulations!” and “kiss heeer!” in the background. xD After taking Haru to a quiet place, Tadashi asks if she feels happy right now. Haru answers “Of course! I can always stay with you from now on!”, and Tadashi replies with “Me too.. I love you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Wow, that was LONG. Maybe it’s because there’s no general route here, but this mode feels even longer than the first HanaIchi lol. I guess Tadashi will never change without his brothers and Haru, because he will keep holding back until someone stops him by force. It’s really nice to see all the brothers working together in this route, and even Mamoru is helping Tadashi so he can be together with Haru in the end. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Personally I love Tadashi’s “second year” ending better than the one in the first game, because he can finally be free here. Sanae also becomes a lot nicer, and I had a lot of ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ moments because Tadashi’s reactions are always so cute.

…but I feel bad for Hideo since he had to play the antagonist. (´・ω・`A;)


18 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Tadashi

  1. So Hideo’s just acting? And to think I hated him for doing bad things to Haru. D:
    Does Isami like Haru in this route? :O I might have misunderstood it sinceI skipped some days so I’m not really sure if this is mentioned. Sorry for asking this trivial question. ^^;;

    • Yeah, it was just an act to chase Haru out of the house. Haru won’t move to protect her family right? So Hideo had to make sure she runs away before the wedding.. by being really mean to her. I was like ( ಠ_ಠ ) too at first, but after realizing what’s happening I actually feel sorry for Hideo lol.

      Ah no, Isami isn’t in love with Haru here. He just noticed the sight of Haru laughing with Hideo, because he followed Tadashi to make sure he’s not running away.

  2. … that was sooooo long, it took me hrs to read and i got kinda bored somewhere in the end cause my attention span gave out on me =_=
    anyways the route was pretty funny so i had a good laugh

    • Then you don’t have to read everything. :|
      I write in extra details for those who have problems understanding the game, since the language level is pretty hard.

      • Otsukare-sama on writing the post… how long did you spend typing all the juicy details? XD
        The language level is hard…? I guess I have to delay playing this until I have more confidence in my Japanese skill… :-/

        • Um.. one day? xD
          But then again I only typed this when I take a break from work, so I have no idea how many hours I spent typing these textwalls lol. Oh, I don’t mean it’s hard as in complicated. It’s just they use a lot of old terms and old Kansai dialects. If you can take Hiiro or Hakuouki, then it shouldn’t be a problem. :3

    I love love love Tadashi! <3 Ehehehe megane and a tsundere ~
    And I disagree with the poster from above. :@
    I loooove extra details! I want to see every cute moment with a character I like ~

    • You’re welcome! Glad to see you’re enjoying it. xD
      You’re right, Tadashi is such a tsundere even though he’s much more dorky compared to Masashi.. and I just realized this game has three tsunderes. xD;;

  4. Tadashi, he looks better without glasses ( He looks old with it lol), he is as usual a tsundure lol. But I like this second year story better than the original one. The ending is cuter too xD

    • He is old. He’s 35 in Kinema. xD
      That, and because he’s a workaholic bank head so.. lol. I fangirled so hard over his night look back in HanaIchi, so when he suddenly starts walking around without his glasses / slicked-back hair, I went ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ instantly lol.

  5. Phew~ that was a long post. But, it was really good! HanaIchi is sooooo amazing! Tadashi’s “art” must be quite horrible enough to make Tae scream “Monster!” I still have no idea what shoe creams are…I was thinking the cream the you use to clean shoes, but that’s not right. DX Goodness and I laughed so hard at the scene where the brothers are practicing their instruments ( making demonic sounds). Such a shame Hideo has to play the bad guy. I don’t think there’s a route for him though, right? Overall, it’s a very sweet route and I’m glad that Tadashi can be free.

    • Ah I’m sorry, I forgot that “shoe creams” are Japanese term lol. I’ll go change that to “cream puffs”. xD Hideo doesn’t have a route, but so far he only plays the antagonist in Tadashi’s route. He’s normal in Isami’s and is actually pretty supportive in Shigeru’s. I guess a bad guy is necessary to make sure Tadashi moves?

  6. Chou creme! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful new year Rin! Thanks for the write up, it must have taken you ages to write this eh? But it was worth it, as I enjoyed reading and gudddd Tadashi is hot without his glasses and his hair..

    Am looking forward to Isami’s route.

    • Ahaha, I totally forgot it’s originally called choux ala creme.. orz

      You’re welcome! I hope you had a great new year too. :D
      It took me a day to type / edit the post, but the route itself took three days to finish because it’s so long lol. I’m going to post Isami’s route soon, but at this rate I’m gonna use the entire January playing Kinema. xD

  7. @Rin
    hello master!
    I got a hard time at the maid test
    on the last(the one that had a katakana shi or tsu?) uh–number of the first test,i didnt pass it
    what should i do?
    please help me! T.T
    ah,i cant pass the second test too T.T
    well,the point is i cant pass the test,please help me!

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