Kinema Mosaic – Arita Kisuke

I know this is going out of the order, but I’m doing Kisuke’s route next to obtain the storage and atelier keys. This route is MUCH better than I expected though, and Kisuke’s unbelievably cute.

Kisuke is Genichirou’s personal informant. He was the one who recruited Haru, and he often visits the mansion to do regular reports for Genichirou. Whenever Haru or the brothers are in trouble, Kisuke often gives them some advice or even tries to help them out. Similar to Haru, he just can’t abandon those who needs help. Aside from gathering information, Kisuke also loves reading books about love and romance. He gives relationship advice based on what he reads, but since he’s inexperienced, sometimes his advice turns out really wrong. 28 years old.

Ever since he was small, Kisuke has never liked his hometown. He moved to live and work in a factory after graduating elementary school, and once he graduated high school, he started working for a newspaper publisher. His life was filled with information hunt and he only came home to sleep at night, but he always felt that the “dark” information he gathered everyday are not enough. One day, Kisuke bumped into Genichirou on his way home. He was drunk at the time and blurted out a lot of things uncontrollably, but Genichirou actually found him interesting. When Kisuke said the world needs more “fresh” information, Genichirou decided to employ him on the spot. Kisuke has been working for Genichirou ever since, and his payment depends on the value of the information he provides.

April 1

After waking up from a nostalgic dream, Kisuke goes out for an appointment with Genichirou. He eats breakfast in the servants’ quarter before seeing Genichirou, as well as asking Chitomi to fix his torn clothes. While Chitomi keeps telling him to get a wife already, Kisuke doesn’t think he can find such a person with this job. Kisuke then gives Genichirou some information about Kayama’s company and receives payment as usual, but before he leaves, Heisuke makes an important announcement. This is an important year for Genichirou, so they have to make sure Kisuke can provide them with the right information whenever they need it. Starting from next month, Kisuke will have to take regular exams once per two months — just like the servants.

April 2

In the afternoon, Kisuke goes to buy a magazine titled “Love’s Steps ~Special Spring Edition” in the bookstore. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Masashi finds him checking out the contents, and he runs into Haru right after walking out of the bookstore. She notices the magazine and finds it surprising that Kisuke also gathers information about romance, but he says it’s more like a hobby instead lol. When Haru mentions that she’s here to buy some books for Genichirou, Kisuke says he’ll walk her back to the mansion. He needs to pick up his clothes from Chitomi too, so he tells her to see him at the station after she’s done shopping. He’ll read the magazine until then. xD

As they ride the train together, Kisuke explains that the magazine is like a monthly guide about how to enjoy Ginza. For example, they can see “flower trains” in spring to commemorate the anniversary of trains. It’s only for one day though, so Kisuke asks Haru to go and ride “flower trains” together on the 19th. Sadly Haru knows she won’t be able to go out without Chitomi’s permission, but Kisuke is impressed since Haru has grown to be more responsible. Last year she would totally say “I’ll go!” without thinking lol. He’s hoping someone will send her out on an errand though, and he tells her he’s always available in Ginza in at noon. Haru runs off to call Chitomi when they arrive in the mansion, and Kisuke wonders if he has made any growth too compared to last year.

April 6

Before reporting to Genichirou as usual, Kisuke drops by the laundry to greet Haru and Tae. They ask if he does his own laundry, but Kisuke admits he can’t do any housework at all.. and he hasn’t washed any clothes lately. Even though he lives alone, Kisuke mostly relies on his landlady and Chitomi for his daily needs. Kisuke then excuses himself to go inside, and Haru thinks his life might be harder than they imagined. Since Genichirou appears to be away today, Kisuke does his regular reports to Heisuke instead. Heisuke also introduces him to Hideo, and he asks Kisuke to help by receiving Hideo’s report per month. Obviously because it would be suspicious if Hideo directly reports to Genichirou or Heisuke. Kisuke agrees and asks Hideo to report to him each month under the cover of “sending money back to hometown”, but Kisuke actually feels bad for deceiving everyone.

April 9

While Haru and the others are busy filling Genichirou’s survey, Kisuke receives an information regarding Sanae and her plan to sell the Sumida house next month. The man who sells him the information also asks him to work for the newspaper publisher again, but Kisuke chooses his current job even though he makes mistakes sometimes. Later on the landlady comes to call him for lunch, and upon seeing how filthy his apartment room is, she also asks him to get married already so he has someone to take care of him. This makes Kisuke think about how he wants to marry someone he truly loves, and this daydreaming session ends with Kisuke breaking his own stuff lol. At noon, Haru finds Kisuke reading a book called “How to Survive in Teito – For Men Who Lives Alone” in the bookstore. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He instantly blushes and stutters when she calls him from behind, but then he tells her about his housework failure from earlier lol. Kisuke also informs Haru about Sanae’s plan he just heard today, asking her to tell Chitomi about this information. He’s going to tell Genichirou too later.

The subject of marriage returns when Kisuke asks if Haru will get any arranged matchmaking this year. She says it might be difficult since she already refused last year.. but the next one would be her third, and he admits he never got any. Which is obvious, because he left home a long time ago and never contacts his family again. Haru then wonders why Kisuke doesn’t get married, so he tells her it’s because his job is dangerous. He has to risk his life in order to gain fresh information, and that’s why his clothes often gets torn in places. Plus, his income as an informant is unstable and depends a lot on his information quality. He does want to get married someday, but he just can’t find the right person. Especially not with this job. After parting with Haru, Kisuke wonders if there’s a good wife material lying around somewhere. xD

April 12

Just as planned, Kisuke tells Genichirou about Sanae during today’s report session. The main information is about Kayama though, and this is when Genichirou first learns about Kayama’s questionable activities to reach the Prime Minister seat. Since Genichirou doesn’t give a crap about Sanae, Heisuke then pays Kisuke and reminds him about the exam once again. Kisuke also meets Mamoru on the way out, who asks if Kisuke’s scar is starting to fade away. When Kisuke says he’s not that stupid to provoke or take Mamoru’s challenge, Mamoru walks away after telling Kisuke to deliver a message to Genichirou: “I don’t know what you’re planning, but I’ll go wild for sure.” Before Kisuke leaves, Haru notices him at the entrance and goes to greet him with Hideo. Of course they already know each other, but Kisuke is impressed to see how different Hideo is when he’s acting as a servant. His acting is really good, as he conceals his real self perfectly.

When Haru explains that Kisuke was the one who brought her to work in the mansion, Hideo instantly goes “then he must be your fated one!” (❤ฺ→艸←) Kisuke blushes upon hearing this, but Haru agrees saying it was fate that brought her to Kisuke. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. In addition, Haru also offers to fix Kisuke’s torn clothes from now on. She needs to ask Chitomi first, but she’s pretty sure Chitomi wouldn’t mind. It decreases the amount of Chitomi’s work after all. Of course Kisuke is happy with Haru’s offer, and he says he’ll bring some clothes for her to fix next time. He’s surprised when Hideo says he can sew as well though, since he can’t believe everyone can do such a “difficult task” LOL.

April 16

During Miyanomori’s annual flower-viewing festival, Heisuke asks Kisuke to approach Kayama under the disguise of a reporter. He ends up failing though since deceiving people just isn’t his thing, and Haru is surprised to see him working during such a festive event. Soon Hiroshi also comes and excitedly says he wants to visit Kisuke’s place next time, but Kisuke isn’t as thrilled because Hiroshi completely broke his phone during his last visit. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Seeing Haru reminds Kisuke of Genichirou’s survey too, and he tells her that Genichirou might be thinking of assigning personal maids for his sons soon. Obviously Haru is surprised to hear the news, so Kisuke decides to make it more vague by adding “it’s just an informant’s analysis — it might be wrong.”

April 19

Even though Haru miserably fails to get an excuse to go to Ginza errand, Shigeru decides to support her love life by saying “I forgot to buy a ‘flower train’ postcard for Kure-chan, please buy it for me?” lol. It’s completely a lie though because there are no postcards for sale, and he said it only so Haru can meet up with Kisuke. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ She finds him when she’s looking around in confusion, but just as she expected, he completely forgot about their plan to ride the “flower trains” together. Σ(´∀` lll) Kisuke quickly apologized to Haru, but even if he forgot, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re now here to watch the “flower trains” together. It might be Haru’s first and last chance to watch them too, since she has to accept the next matchmaking that comes her way. Nobody would want to marry Haru if she refuses again, though Kisuke finds it hard to imagine her as an “unsold goods”.

Since the “flower trains” are only around for one day, the street is really crowded and people keep pushing their way towards the front.. so it doesn’t take long until someone pushes Haru and Kisuke until they fall down. When Kisuke holds out his hand to help Haru stand, it reminds them of their first encounter last year. Back then they bumped into each other and Haru stood up without Kisuke’s help, but this time Kisuke asks to take his hand.. then he helps Haru stand up when she grabs his hand. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

As they watch the “flower trains” together, Kisuke suddenly asks if this counts as a date — even though they didn’t make any promises to meet up. Haru instantly goes エ—Σ(゚д゚ )—ッ!? at the question, and Kisuke knows she’s right. This isn’t a date, and they’re in no place to have a date when they’re both skipping work lol. He also tells her that Shigeru is probably lying to help them, so Haru then goes back to work after saying she’ll thank and apologize to Shigeru later. After she leaves, Kisuke whispers they got caught by the most “troublesome” person.. since Shigeru loves playing cupid and rooting for people’s relationships. xD

April 21

When Kisuke comes to the mansion, he finds Haru panicking because Isami and Mamoru are fighting in the garden. Kisuke tries to stop them, but he only gets dragged into the fight until he gives them a crucial hint — Genichirou will be coming to the upcoming exhibition. Kisuke also points out that Mamoru never attacks Isami back because he already promised Genichirou to live in the mansion as a Miyanomori, so eventually Isami sheathes his sword saying they need to do more investigation regarding the exhibition. After that, Kisuke reports to Genichirou that Kayama will also come to the exhibition along with the current Prime Minister. Genichirou asks Kisuke to approach the Prime Minister during the event and obtain more information regarding Kayama from him, but Kisuke should be careful since Kayama already saw his face during the flower-viewing festival.

April 26

Today Kisuke comes to practice with Isami in the mansion. When Isami says Mamoru and him are on a temporary truce, Kisuke asks him to think about Mamoru’s feelings. What would Isami do if someone killed Toki? Isami grabs Kisuke’s collar saying he won’t ever forgive that person, and Kisuke says that’s how Mamoru feels towards them.. and yet he’s suppressing his killing urge just to find out Genichirou’s real objective. Training with Isami obviously tears up Kisuke’s clothes pretty bad, but Haru happily agrees when Kisuke asks her to fix it for him. Of course he can’t just strip in front of the mansion, so he says he’ll give the clothes to her later lol.

April 30

Early in the morning, Kisuke wakes up from a strange dream. In his dream, Haru tells him that she received a matchmaking. Kisuke congratulates her and wishes her to be happy, but Haru asks “why don’t you stop me? I’d refuse if only you stop me!” When Kisuke says he doesn’t have any rights to do so, Haru runs away in tears — leaving him all confused. Kisuke thinks he saw such a strange dream because everyone keeps telling him to get married, but he can’t help to think that it might be a premonition. Soon the landlady comes saying Chitomi asked him to come to the mansion, and when he meets Haru there, he asks if she received any arranged matchmaking. Little did he know that the premonition isn’t about Haru. It’s about himself.

Chitomi has always been worried about Kisuke’s careless lifestyle, so she asked Heisuke to help arranging a matchmaking for Kisuke. The girl who’s going to meet him is the daughter of Teito Hyakkaten’s owner, and they accepted the idea even after learning about Kisuke’s job. Or rather, they just can’t refuse since the proposal came from the Miyanomori family’s butler.. and Kisuke has no choice but to accept too. He doesn’t look too happy about this though, as he walks out of the servant’s dining hall mumbling “me..? matchmaking..?” with a puzzled look — surprising both Tae and Haru who are standing on the hallway.

May 1

When Hideo comes to do his monthly report, Kisuke sighs before asking “what should I wear to an arranged matchmaking?” lol. Of course his casual clothes won’t do, so Hideo tells him to learn from how the brothers dress up. Kisuke then asks Hideo to keep reporting to him each month, but he should keep quiet about Kisuke’s matchmaking. After all, it would be suspicious Hideo knows about this while he never really talks to Kisuke in the mansion. The only people who knew about Kisuke’s matchmaking are Chitomi and Heisuke, so rumors won’t spread that easily right?


Back in the Miyanomori mansion, everyone including the brothers are talking about how Kisuke and marriage don’t sound right together. Haru feels a bit lonely about this though, because she feels Kisuke is changing to be someone she doesn’t know.

May 6

After a discussion with Genichirou regarding tomorrow’s exhibition plan, Kisuke decides to do some investigation about the daughter of Hyakkaten’s owner. From one of the staff, he learns that Genichirou actually wanted to buy Hyakkaten, but the owner refused because he’s been building Hyakkaten ever since the Edo era. His daughter, Tomiko, previously went to an all-girls school, but this year she left school to focus on domestic training. Upon hearing that Tomiko is only 18 years, Kisuke feels sorry if she has to accept him as her future husband. Soon Haru comes to shop in Hyakkaten as well, and she finds Kisuke mumbling “Oharu-chan will turn 19 too this year..” outside. She startles him by asking “what’s wrong with me?” from behind, but when he tells her about Tomiko, Haru says both Kisuke and herself are facing “the time to give up” in their lives. It would only apply to both of them if Haru receives a matchmaking in summer though. After Haru leaves, Kisuke thinks it would be so much nicer to have someone like Haru as his future bride. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

May 7

In the morning, Heisuke informs Genichirou that Kayama is going to bring a number of servants for their exhibition lunch. There’s a high chance that those servants will leak information to the press, so Genichirou decides to take a servant who knows absolutely nothing about their plan to prevent those information from leaking out. Just as expected, that servant is Haru — simply because she’s the one who informs Genichirou that the car is ready. Since Genichirou is only using Haru’s presence to keep Kayama’s mouth shut, he tells Haru to wait outside as he goes to have lunch with the Prime Minister and Kayama. Haru obediently waits for a LONG time until Kisuke eventually comes saying Genichirou already left. (´・ω・`A;) It’s a busy day for him, so poor Haru got forgotten and left behind.

Kisuke’s plan is actually to approach the Prime Minister, who should be alone in the dining hall right now, so he’s surprised when Kayama suddenly comes back just to accompany the Prime Minister. Kisuke quickly grabs Haru and takes her to hide behind a wall, watching Kayama and the Prime Minister closely until they leave to greet the prince of England in the exhibition. After making sure they’re really gone, Kisuke finally realized that he’s still hugging Haru. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He quickly apologized and releases her, but this makes her realize that his job can get pretty dangerous sometimes. Since Genichirou already forgot about her, Haru then decides to return to the mansion. Kisuke still needs to follow the Prime Minister though, so he apologized saying it would be nice if they can enjoy the exhibition without work getting on their way. Earlier Haru actually wanted to ask about Kisuke’s matchmaking, but they didn’t have time to chat today.

May 10

When Kisuke visits the mansion today, his clothes suddenly got ripped again even though he’s just walking normally lol. Chitomi tells him to buy a new one or start wearing Western clothes, but he quickly refuses the idea. Kisuke was about to say something about the matchmaking when they see Haru and Tae having a fight nearby, and Chitomi explains it must be because Genichirou took Haru to the exhibition. Tae is jealous and keeps saying she wouldn’t get left behind like Haru did, even though everyone knows the result would still be the same anyway. Kisuke can’t leave Haru to feel sad alone, so he follows the poor girl to the garden — where Haru admits it was her own fault for making Tae jealous. Last year she was so set on trying to understand the brothers, but right now she regrets getting the permission to ask questions. However, Kisuke tells her that “regret” only applies for something you can never fix anymore.

Kisuke then reveals that his father used to be a jobless alcoholic drunk, so his mother worked alone in the fields. Kisuke hated his father and never returned home after he started working.. and he refused to go home even when he received a telegram saying his father was in critical condition. Kisuke didn’t return when his father died. Then one day, his sister delivered a letter written by their father. It took him months before he had enough courage to read it, and when he finally opened the letter, he only found a single word inside: “sorry” — clearly written with trembling hands. Kisuke cried upon reading his father’s letter, and it was the first time he ever regretted something. After hearing this, Haru realized that her “regret” is nothing compared to Kisuke’s past.. and feeling a lot better, she thanks him before he leaves.

May 14

Today Kisuke caught a cold for the first time in the last five years. Chitomi is worried since he lives alone, so she sends Haru and Hideo to check his condition. They buy some medicine and food along the way, but Kisuke faints with a high fever as soon as he opens the door. After cleaning up his filthy room, Haru nurses Kisuke in bed and informs Chitomi that they’re going to return late. Kisuke finally wakes up in the evening to find Haru sitting beside his bed, and she explains that Hideo went out to buy some food for him. Haru then says “I’ll wipe your sweat, so please take off your clothes”, which obviously causes Kisuke to choke and blush saying he’s not the brothers. (❤ฺ→艸←) He tells her normally people would feel embarrassed to say that to an opposite sex, and to make sure she understands, he goes “it’s just the same as me telling you to take off your clothes when you have a cold!” ..and he starts couhing again lol. Then he blames the fever from messing up with his mind. Oh Kisuke. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Kisuke also admits that he feels really comfortable around Haru. When Haru says it would be nice if Kisuke has someone who can take care of him, Kisuke says he wants “someone who loves taking care of people; strong, but shows her weakness from time to time; and someone who can cook and fix my clothes.” — referring to Haru. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Realizing what he just said, Kisuke then blushes and says he doesn’t mean anything weird. The atmosphere between them is so nice that Hideo almost feels bad for interrupting when he returns LOL. It turns out Hideo already cooked full-course dinner just for Kisuke, who sighs saying Hideo will make a very nice housewife. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

May 18

Thanks to Haru and Hideo, Kisuke has recovered completely by the time of the tea ceremony. Tae already starts talking to Haru again, though she keeps protesting because Haru took Hideo instead of her when they visited Kisuke lol. While the mothers are busy discussing about how to save Sanae, Genichirou and Kayama are having a meeting along with Kisuke. Kayama isn’t aware of Genichirou’s real objective at all, and Genichirou also has a backup plan just in case something goes wrong along the way. Genichirou isn’t interested in the mothers’ plan to save Sanae because.. well, he doesn’t give a crap about Sanae really, but he asks Kisuke to keep informing him if anything happens.

May 21

At noon, Kisuke goes to buy some sweets to thank Haru and Hideo. He finds Haru in the parlor along with Fumiko, who asks if Kisuke is getting married soon. Kisuke says they’re still waiting for Hyakkaten’s owner to give them an answer, but he knows the answer will be “yes” and it will come sooner or later. After all, everyone wants to have a connection to Miyanomori. After Fumiko leaves, Kisuke asks Haru which kind of sweets she likes — he’ll buy it for her. When she returns the question, he says he never ate any Western sweets before. The parlor is a famous date spot for couples, so it’s hard for him to enter alone. Eventually Kisuke decides to buy a Siberian cake for Haru, telling her to share it with everyone in the servants’ quarter. As they walk out of the parlor, Haru admits that she’s worried about what would happen if Kisuke gets sick again, since he doesn’t have anyone who can take care of him. Kisuke laughs upon hearing this, and he says Haru is actually really similar to him. They just can’t leave anyone in trouble, though this personality often drags them into trouble as well.

May 26

On his way home at night, Kisuke remembers that he hasn’t eaten dinner today. Sometimes he wishes warm food will be waiting when he gets home, but he knows it’s impossible because he lives alone. Just then a laughing drunk Susumu suddenly comes out of a bar, followed by Isami, Tadashi and Shigeru. Apparently they were drinking to celebrate poor Susumu’s broken heart, since his beloved bike got stolen recently. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since they need someone to shove Susumu into the car, they force Kisuke to help controlling Susumu along the way back to the mansion. Or else Susumu will keep resisting and laughing in the middle of the street lol. The last train already left by the time Kisuke leaves the mansion, and he meets both Haru and Tae at the entrance. Upon hearing that Kisuke is planning to walk all the way home, Tae goes to ask Chitomi if they can prepare a car to drive him home. Kisuke then explains to Haru that he didn’t drink with the brothers, since she’s looking at him with doubtful eyes. xD He tells her that he was on his way home from work, and he’s also aware that he can’t work as an informant forever. People will be able to gain information easier when new technology comes in, so one day informants like him will be gone from the world.

When Kisuke says it would be tough if he gets sick again, Haru replies with “next time you get sick, I’ll visit your place alone.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Obviously Kisuke goes “eh..? (〃д〃)” upon hearing this, so Haru blushes and quickly adds “I already know your house, so next time I can come to visit by myself.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Soon Chitomi comes saying Genichirou allows his driver to take Kisuke home, and so Kisuke excuses himself for today. As she watches the car leaving the mansion, Haru wonders if Kisuke is going to accept the matchmaking. She also wonders what kind of person Tomiko is.

May 31

After Kisuke passed the exam, Heisuke surprises him by saying Tomiko’s family agreed to see him next month. Kisuke thinks the matchmaking is going too fast, but Heisuke only says he’ll let him know the date later. Kisuke finds Haru in the hallway after leaving Genichirou’s room, and he asks he what marriage truly means. He knows to “marry” normally means to “build a family with someone”, but recently he’s starting to lose sight of the meaning. Haru answers marriage is both an end and a start. It’s the end of one’s free life, but it’s also the start of a new life with one’s partner in life. Even though Kisuke can understand her opinion, Haru can see that he’s still unsure about his arranged matchmaking — just like herself.

Later on, Hideo comes to join Kisuke in the servants’ dining hall during lunch. When Hideo asks about his age, Kisuke says he’s going to turn 29 this summer.. and Hideo instantly goes “wow you’re an おっさん.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Soon Haru and Tae also come in to eat lunch, and they have a short chat about Genichirou’s survey before Kisuke eventually leaves. Everyone starts wondering Kisuke doesn’t look like a person who’s going to get married, and only Haru knows it’s because he still has some doubts in himself.

June 1

After taking a look of the new Miyanomori Ginza Hall with Genichirou, Kisuke admits that he’s actually against Genichirou’s plan to murder Kayama. Genichirou has brought the Miyanomori family this far, so Kisuke doesn’t want him to stain his own hands with blood. Sadly Kisuke is only an informant, and he knows he can’t do anything to stop Genichirou. Kisuke goes to hear Hideo’s report after that, and he learns that the brothers are plotting something with Masashi as the brain. At the same time, Mamoru often leaves the mansion at night. Hideo wonders if he was hired just to do regular reports like this, so Kisuke tells him that Genichirou always treats people like tools. He must be thinking of an order for Hideo, and Hideo needs to carry out the task upon receiving the order. Failure is not an option if Hideo doesn’t want to die. Kisuke then asks if Hideo has grown attached to Chitomi and the servants, but Hideo says he’s an actor.. and emotional attachment isn’t required in acting.

June 4

Today Heisuke informs Kisuke that Tomiko’s family is going to meet him on the 30th. Since he has no contact with his mother, Chitomi will come with him instead for the meeting. Haru still feels lonely when she hears about the news, but she wishes him luck and tells him to attend the celebration party the brothers throw for him. That night, Kisuke goes to drink in a bar with the brothers — all seven of them lol. Or rather, he got dragged to drink with them because it’s a party to celebrate his upcoming marriage. The brothers are happy for Kisuke because he’s old enough to get married — ignoring Tadashi and Isami’s case — and Kisuke ends up drinking with them until morning comes.

June 5

Even though it’s Monday morning, Kisuke gets a terrible hangover thanks to last night’s party. In the afternoon Haru comes to deliver some medicines from Chitomi, and she asks if Kisuke needs anything before she returns to the mansion. Kisuke answers he needs something to heal him right now: “I want love like those romance in the movies. I want money and clothes too..” ..and then he falls asleep. When he wakes up in the evening, Kisuke notices that Haru already moved him to his bed. She also left a small memo for him, and he smiles upon reading her “get well soon” message. It makes Kisuke realize that he wants to marry someone he can have fun with, even though it sounds difficult at this point.

June 11

Before visiting the mansion, Kisuke tries to check some Western clothes to wear on the 30th. He doesn’t feel right wearing them though, so he ends up leaving Hyakkaten without buying anything. It reminds him that he has an old kimono from his sister, so he takes it to the mansion and asks Chitomi to wash it while he goes to report to Genichirou. Obviously Kisuke shouldn’t wear such an old kimono for the matchmaking, so Chitomi wants him to buy something proper before then. When Kisuke asks for Haru’s opinion later, she suggests going with a traditional kimono instead of Western clothes. She thinks it would be the best if he shows them the real him, and kimonos reflects his personality better than modern clothes.

Kisuke then mentions that he has no experience in romance, and Haru asks if he ever dated someone before. He admits he did like someone during his school days, but he went to Teito before anything happened. Which is pretty much the same as Haru’s nearly nonexistent love life. They just didn’t have the time and composure for love. Kisuke also admits he’s not sure if he can make his future wife happy, and after he leaves, Haru wonders what does happiness mean to Kisuke.. and to herself.

June 12

When Kisuke comes to get his kimono today, Hideo whispers that Mamoru is planning to go out this Friday. Kisuke goes to do more investigation after that, and that’s when he finally notices Tomiko in Ginza. Her friend is excited about the matchmaking, but Tomiko says she has zero interest in marrying a peasant like Kisuke. Even though he’s Genichirou’s personal informant, Tomiko is sure that her allowance is still bigger than Kisuke’s income. The only thing that can attract her attention is a wealthy family background, so she’s planning to refuse the marriage after the family meeting on the 30th. Kisuke only watches in silence as they leave, but he’s not surprised. Tomiko turns out to be exactly like what he expected.

June 16

Based on Hideo’s information, Kisuke spies on Mamoru as the latter digs information from his editor. It turns out Mamoru already noticed that Genichirou’s real objective has something to do with the railway companies, and his editor is providing him with information because Mamoru says he needs it for his next novel. When Kisuke goes to report this to Genichirou, they figure out that Mamoru will probably attack Kayama during the Ginza Hall’s grand opening. He doesn’t seem to know what Genichirou’s real objective is, so he might be using Kayama to gain more information. Genichirou has nothing to worry about though, since he’s going to stop Mamoru with his own way. Right after Kisuke leaves Genichirou’s room, suddenly Isami stops him and says Kisuke isn’t a soldier — Genichirou’s orders aren’t absolute to him. He can disobey those orders if he wants to, but of course Kisuke knows it won’t be that easy. Isami also tries to get information out of him, though all Kisuke can say for now is only “be careful”.

June 21

After making sure that Mamoru is really planning to kill Kayama, Genichirou decides to stop him by using Hideo. Kisuke has complicated feelings about this whole idea, but Heisuke warns him that he’s only an informant. His job is to gather information for Genichirou, and he shouldn’t do anything unnecessary. Kisuke then asks Haru where Hideo is, and she notices that he seems down. He says it’s because he’s just an informant, and he can’t do anything because he’s not as strong as a bodyguard, a soldier, or a police. When Haru says Kisuke seems to have a lot of secrets, he honestly says it’s true. There are things he can only say in front of Genichirou, and he’s only allowed to drop hints for other people. He can’t tell her anything about Kayama’s case though. It’s related to someone’s life, and she might not be able to handle the truth. She’s better off not knowing anything. Not even the smallest hints. Kisuke then goes to talk to Hideo, and Haru wonders if he’s okay.

When Kisuke comes to see Hideo in the garden, Hideo says he knows he will have to quit this job after the grand opening. His life will be in danger even if he successfully accomplishes the task, so he will have to stay hidden. Hideo then asks if he’s going to be murdered even before receiving the promised reward, but when Kisuke says “you still believe in that nonsense?”, he laughs saying it’s just a joke. He already realized there are never any rewards to begin with, but right now he finds it really hard to leave Haru and the others without saying anything.

June 25

During Genichirou’s speech for the grand opening, Mamoru sneaks out to watch Kayama from the shadows. Hideo also goes out to carry out Genichirou’s plan, but before Hideo could shoot Mamoru, Kisuke suddenly comes to stop them. He reveals that Genichirou is actually planning to shoot Kayama by using another hitman, and he ordered Hideo to kill Mamoru so Mamoru will die as “the culprit who shot Kayama”. It doesn’t matter even if Hideo fails, because either way Mamoru will end up as Genichirou’s scapegoat. Of course Genichirou won’t stop there, since he’s also planning to kill Hideo later to make sure the truth stays hidden. Knowing that Mamoru actually doesn’t want to kill Kayama, Kisuke tells them to run before Kayama got shot.

Mamoru agrees since he can’t die before learning about Genichirou’s real objective, and so he runs out of the hall before it’s too late. Hideo also walks out with Kisuke after that, wondering why Kisuke saved them. Kisuke says he just can’t leave them to die because of Genichirou’s plan, even if helping them means putting his life in danger as well. Kisuke doesn’t mind dying alone as long as Mamoru and Hideo survives. Hideo’s worries are soon proven true though, because someone suddenly shoots Kisuke from afar.

June 26

When Kisuke opens his eyes, he finds himself on a hospital bed. Haru is watching over him by his bedside, and she’s really relieved upon seeing Kisuke opening his eyes. From Haru, Kisuke learns that his left leg was shot by a “thief” in front of the Ginza Hall. They haven’t caught the culprit yet, but Susumu is still searching for said culprit. Kisuke knows it’s not a “thief” though, and it’s soon confirmed by Heisuke — who comes into the room when Haru leaves to call the doctor. While Kisuke thought he was shot by Genichirou’s hitman, Heisuke explains that it was Kayama’s man instead. For some reason Kayama also knew about Genichirou’s plan to shoot him, though they don’t know why his man is targeting Kisuke instead. The deal with Kayama is proceeding smoothly though, so Genichirou will keep relying on Kisuke for information. Hideo has gone missing from the mansion as well, but Genichirou won’t do anything to him because he poses no threat for them. In any case, Kisuke has gotten involved in this case and it’s too late for him to turn back now.

June 30

Since Kisuke is still in the hospital, Heisuke and Chitomi have no choice but to cancel today’s meeting with Tomiko’s family. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Chitomi says they’re just rescheduling the date, but Kisuke knows the matchmaking is over for good. He knows Tomiko doesn’t want to marry a peasant like him, and everything will just end in a failure anyway. Meanwhile, Heisuke already caught the man who shot Kisuke. It turns out the man also met Mamoru when the latter was escaping from the Ginza Hall, but he only knocked Mamoru unconscious instead of killing him. The man knew Kayama would kill him if he returns empty-handed, so he decided to shoot Kisuke thinking it might be able to save his own life. Of course Heisuke already killed the man and got rid of his body, but Genichirou needs to be careful from now on.

At the same time, Haru got assigned to nurse Kisuke until he recovers. She comes to visit him everyday before noon, and she gladly takes care of him even though he feels bad. Haru feels sad upon learning that his matchmaking got broken off, but Kisuke admits he’s actually relieved to get the matchmaking out of his life. Kisuke also feels grateful that Haru is here to take care of him, but he blushes and panicks at every single thing she does for him. Such as helping him to get up or spoonfeeding him whenever he eats. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kisuke always does everything on his own — no matter how terrible the result is (e.g. his super filthy room) — so he’s not used to having someone taking care of him. Haru doesn’t give up though, and she continues feeding Kisuke until he chokes and starts coughing. (。→∀←。) When she leaves to get some water for him, he whispers “I shouldn’t.. get.. my hopes up…” before fainting LOL.

July 1

While Mamoru and Masashi are discussing about Genichirou’s movements, the remaining five brothers are visiting Kisuke in the hospital. Isami is still trying to force him to spit out everything he knows, but Kisuke panicks saying he can’t tell them anything. His life’s on the line after all. When Susumu wonders why Haru was assigned to nurse Kisuke, Shigeru jokingly says it’s because Kisuke needs comfort after his matchmaking got broken off.. but they know Kisuke actually feels happy about it. Today the brothers have a present for him too — “Love’s Steps ~Special Summer Edition~” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru goes back to the mansion at night, so the magazine will keep Kisuke entertained before his bedtime. It turns out that Isami also brought a bottle of sake and starts drinking on the spot, so Kisuke can only sigh saying the brothers are always doing absurd things. Like drinking in a hospital. xD

July 6

Today the doctor informs Kisuke that he can leave the hospital next week. In the afternoon, he gets an unexpected visit from Hideo, who’s clearly worried about him. When Hideo says he’s currently moving around to live with his actor friends, Kisuke hands his apartment key saying Hideo can stay in his room. He’ll inform the landlady later. Kisuke also asks Hideo not to mess up his room, so Hideo says it’s impossible to make that room even more filthy than it already is. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Haru comes not too long after Hideo leaves, and Kisuke tells her that Chitomi cane to inform him that the matchmaking was indeed broken off. Now that Kisuke is free from any unwanted marriage, it’s Haru’s turn to deal with her (possibly) upcoming matchmaking in August. Haru admits that she actually wants to keep working, but she won’t be able to refuse anymore or else her family will be in trouble. While their conditions are different, Kisuke thinks Haru and him are really similar indeed. Despite what happened, Kisuke wants to keep working for Genichirou knowing there are still mysteries to solve. He wants to show his gratitude to Haru for always taking care of him, so he’s thinking of doing something for her on Tanabata tomorrow.

July 7

When Haru comes to the hospital in the morning, Kisuke is walking around with crutches. He’s going to leave the hospital on the 11th, but she’s worried since there are a lot of things he just can’t do alone. Kisuke only laughs saying it’s just his personality to do everything on his own, but then he tells Haru not to trust him too much. He’s an informant after all, and he’s involved with cases she can never imagine. (´・ω・`) However, Kisuke also admits that his stay in the hospital became fun thanks to Haru, and so he gives her a tanzaku as a present. Haru already know what she wants to wish for, and she shows Kisuke her tanzaku with her wish written on it — “I hope Kisuke-san recovers quickly!” In return, Kisuke also shows her his tanzaku when he’s done writing his wish — “I hope Oharu-chan will cook for me after I got released from the hospital!” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* It reminds Haru that she never cooked for Kisuke before, and she asks if he has any particular likes or dislikes. Kisuke says he loves nattou, so Haru keeps thinking about this as she goes to hang their tanzaku on the bamboo tree outside.

July 11

After leaving the hospital, Kisuke finally returns home and Hideo opens the door for him. They were discussing about the brothers when Haru suddenly comes to deliver something Kisuke forgot, and she enters his room before Hideo could even hide. Since she caught them already, Kisuke has no choice but to explain everything to her. He apologized for deceiving her all this time, but this is why he told her not to trust him too much. Even though Kisuke hates deceiving people, in the end he fooled her and everyone else for work. Hideo also apologized and asks her to understand Kisuke’s condition, and Haru says she understands.. she just feel sad that Kisuke deceived her. Haru then apologized before running off looking sad, and Kisuke forces himself to chase after her with his wounded leg.

Obviously running around reopens Kisuke’s wound, and Haru is shocked to see him following her all the way to Ginza. He’s running out of breath when he finally caught up to her, and he hugs her from behind because he’s losing his balance. (❤ฺ→艸←) He also left his crutches at home since he won’t be able to catch up unless he runs, and he says he wants to apologize properly. Haru tells Kisuke not to apologize though, because despite what she just felt earlier, right now she’s more worried than angry. Since Kisuke doesn’t have his crutches, Haru helps him walk back home saying he should visit the hospital again soon.

July 14

Just as he promised to Haru, Kisuke visits the hospital to have the doctor fix his wound again. It will take time for his leg to recover completely, so he shouldn’t force himself or else it would never heal. Kisuke blushes upon remembering how he hugged Haru last time, and he decides to buy a present for her as an apology. An awkward atmosphere flows around them when Kisuke visits Haru in the mansion, so Tae gets curious and asks about what happened. Kisuke answers it’s not an apology for deceiving her about Hideo, but rather because he “borrowed” Haru’s body last time. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Kisuke honestly admits he hugged Haru because he was losing balance, but since Tae’s imagination is really rich.. she screams “how lewd! you hugged and kissed before marriage!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru protests that they did NOT kiss, but this causes Kisuke to blush even more, and so he quickly escapes after giving Haru the present: an aromatic herbs bath set.

July 18

Before Genichirou leaves to attend the music festival, Kisuke comes to inform him that Kayama might be thinking of a quick way to make money. Both Genichirou and Heisuke also knew that Kisuke is living with Hideo right now, but they won’t do anything because they’re done dealing with Hideo. Of course they’ll be troubled if Kisuke does something unexpected again, though Kisuke says he won’t do something like that again. While his leg hasn’t fully healed yet, Kisuke is ready to work hard and make up for his absence.

When Kisuke sees Chitomi near the entrance, he tells her that Hideo is planning to join a group of performers soon and start over with his acting career. Kisuke also asks Chitomi not to send Haru to visit him again, because he feels bad for her. After all, she’s a woman, he’s a man and they’re not married.. he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to visit him regularly. Chitomi finds it rare for Kisuke to care about such things, but she agrees saying she’ll stop sending Haru to check his condition. From now on Kisuke will be busy collecting information, and he’s worried that Haru might get too concerned about him. He doesn’t want her to worry.

July 22

After getting more information from his reporter friend, Kisuke runs into Hideo in Ginza. Hideo thanks Kisuke for helping him, and he gives Kisuke some kuzumochi as a sign of gratitude. He already joined a group of performers recently, so he’s starting to build his acting career again. Hideo also says he just saw Haru standing nearby, and he wonders if she’s meeting up with Kisuke since she didn’t look like she’s here to do some shopping. Kisuke then decides to check up on her, and he finds her looking distracted — just like as Hideo described. It turns out that her family got chased out of the village because nobody wants to take her as a wife anymore, and now she’s blaming herself for choosing work over marriage. She had two chances, and this wouldn’t happen if only she took one of them before.

While Haru doesn’t think her family has nothing to do with her image, Kisuke tells her that rural villagers aren’t that open-minded. Most likely things would only get worse if Haru returns home right now, so it would be better if she contacts her family first. She should ask them for more details for now, and then wait until summer break to go home. Kisuke asks Haru not to look so sad, because he’s going to do something to help her. He just can’t leave her alone, especially since he’s the one who recruited her to work for the Miyanomori family. That, and because he feels grateful to her for always taking care of him.

In order to cheer her up, Kisuke invites Haru to go to the beach tomorrow. He will be there to do some investigation, but it would be nice if she can join him. Haru agrees if she can get the permission from Chitomi, and she says she’ll be careful not to misunderstand.. like when they went to watch the “flower trains”. Kisuke whispers “it’d be nice if you misunderstand though” before leaving, and Haru wonders why he’s willing to go this far to help her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

July 23

When Haru consults with Chitomi about Kisuke’s invitation, Haru admits she doesn’t know why Kisuke cares about her that much. However, Chitomi notices that Haru is different in Kisuke’s eyes — she’s an important person to him. Chitomi grants the permission for Haru to go out at noon, and so Haru meets up with Kisuke at the beach saying she snuck out of the mansion. It nearly gives him a heart attack, so she laughs saying it’s just a joke. Haru also delivers a letter from Chitomi, and Kisuke reads it in silence until Haru asks him about the contents. He replies with “Oh nothing, just as expected from Chitomi-san.” ..which means there must be something important written inside. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

As they take a walk along the beach, Kisuke tells Haru that the beach opening ceremony was supposed to take place here today.. and for some reason, Genichirou delayed it until the 30th. He came here to figure out the reason, but the beach is empty after all. Just then Haru notices people’s shadows from afar, and realizing who they are, Kisuke takes her to hide in the other side of the beach. After making sure they’re completely hidden, Kisuke explains those people they saw earlier are Kayama’s family. Now he understands why Genichirou suddenly delayed the opening ceremony — it’s because Kayama’s family is borrowing the beach. Which means the deal with Kayama must be progressing smoothly.

Kisuke then apologized for talking about work, and he asks if Haru’s feeling better after seeing the sea. She says she does and thanks him for helping with her family issue, and Kisuke says he doesn’t want Haru to experience the same regret he had to go through. Kisuke then holds Haru’s hand saying he’ll do his best to help her, which surprises her since it was so sudden.. but he nervously says he simply wants to hold hands with her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He jokingly asks if she wants to see what’s written on Chitomi’s letter, but then he laughs saying he can’t show it to her after all. The letter actually says:

“You should have realized your own feelings. Now that I think of it, your matchmaking’s failure might be for the best after all. It’s not because you don’t want to get married, but because you already found someone you love.. isn’t it? It’s not a romance with the Miyanomori brothers so I don’t have any reasons to object, but I’m worried about Genichirou-sama’s request right now. You just got shot recently and your job is always so dangerous. If you want to stay with her, isn’t the most important thing your feelings? That girl still hasn’t realized it, so the rest depends on you. Please help her with her family issue.” — Chitomi is 100% supportive.

July 27

When they’re washing laundry, Tae forces Haru to spill the truth about her date with “Hideo”. Haru digs her own grave by saying it was Kisuke and not Hideo, so she ends up telling Tae about Kisuke’s plan to help solving her family problem. They both think that Kisuke is being too kind even if it’s a sign of gratitude, and Kisuke himself is aware of this too. He’s only helping her out because he doesn’t want to see her sad, but he’s starting to realize what Chitomi said is right — he might be starting to grow some feelings for Haru. In fact, his mind is so occupied with ways to help her family that he forgot about his own exam. Which is only 4 days away.

July 31

Despite his short absence, Kisuke manages to pass his exam safely. Genichirou knows really well that Kayama loves money and fame more than anything, so he wants Kisuke to check if Kayama is plotting something for now. On his way out, Kisuke hears from Shigeru that he has bought this year’s fireworks festival to entertain Genichirou. He finds Haru and Tae standing near the entrance after that, so he informs them that this year’s fireworks festival is going to be a private one only for the Miyanomori family. Tae also notices that Kisuke must be nervous during the exam earlier, but Haru feels happy when he says he passed. Soon Heisuke comes to stop their idle chattery, so Kisuke leaves the mansion along with Haru — who goes out to buy a magazine for Genichirou. As for Tae, she wonders if a fireworks festival is enough to make Genichirou happy. Smart girl.

August 1

After buying a newspaper from the bookstore, Kisuke starts reading it as he walks through the streets. At first he’s checking out new information about Kayama, but his mind trails off as he starts thinking about how to tell Haru that he’s going with her to visit her hometown during summer break. The thought causes him to blush and panick as usual, and he almost got hit by Susumu and his beloved bike. xD When Kisuke asks him about Shigeru’s fireworks festival, Susumu says he already used his 1000 yen to fund the brothers’ orchestra during the music festival. However, Kisuke isn’t sure if Genichirou’s definition of “entertainment” is the same as theirs, since the only one who really understands Genichirou’s taste is probably Masashi.. lol. Susumu doesn’t mind losing though. Both Shigeru and him aren’t interested in the head position anyway, so they decided to just make something Genichirou can enjoy. When Susumu leaves to continue his patrol, Kisuke realized the brothers are getting along much better compared to the first time he met them. They keep walking forward despite the surprises Genichirou keeps throwing at them, and Kisuke knows he needs to step forward too.

After that, Kisuke goes to visit Haru in the mansion. He asks when she’s planning to go home, and she says she’s going to take the night train on the 11th. Haru wants to hear all the details from her family first, and she’s going to inform Kisuke after returning to Teito. However, after some nervous stutterings, Kisuke finally tells Haru that he’s going with her to her hometown. Haru goes エッΣ(〃д〃)!! instantly, so Kisuke blushes and says he needs to collect information directly from the villagers. He leaves after saying he’ll contact her again later, and Haru goes to tell Tae that Kisuke will be joining their trip. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

August 6

During the fireworks festival, Kisuke meets up with Hideo outside. Hideo is still doing minor roles for now, but at least nobody comes to murder him so far. When Kisuke tells him that he’s going to help Haru’s family as a sign of gratitude, Hideo says he’d probably already become the lead actor in the group by the time Kisuke and Haru finally stick together. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Kisuke nervously asks what he means by that, so Hideo honestly says Kisuke and Haru make a pretty nice couple in his eyes.. though he already realized this back when Kisuke caught a cold in May. They wish each other good luck before Hideo leaves, and Kisuke knows it’s now his turn to work and help Haru’s family.

August 12

When Kisuke says he will be taking a break for a few days, Heisuke immediately tells him that marrying a servant doesn’t seem like a good idea. Despite Kisuke’s attempts to explain that he doesn’t have any plans to marry her, soon Chitomi comes to defend Kisuke’s relationship with Haru. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Chitomi and Heisuke then get into a looong argument about Kisuke’s “marriage”, and it continues on until Kisuke finally cuts them off saying he’s not going to Haru’s hometown to marry her. Not yet, at least. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Chitomi asks about Kisuke’s feelings after Heisuke left, and Kisuke admits that as pathetic as it sounds, he doesn’t have enough courage to ask about Haru’s feelings. Chitomi’s immediate response is “wait here, I’ll go ask her”, and this causes Kisuke to go “wa-wawawait! why are you so quick in taking actions! aren’t you always so strict with the brothers about romance?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Chitomi says it’s because there are no reasons for her to stop Kisuke and Haru, but Kisuke then admits that he actually has no confidence.

That night, Haru and Tae are waiting for Kisuke in the station. Haru is still wondering why he’s being so kind to her, so Tae asks how she actually feels towards him. Haru keeps saying she doesn’t understand Kisuke’s reason for helping her, but she never really thought of her own feelings either. Kisuke soon comes and calls them from afar, so Haru runs over to see him — with Tae’s words still stuck in her mind.

August 13

When Kisuke comes into Haru’s house today, the first thing her little sisters ask is “who is this uncle?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He politely introduces himself to her parents, and knowing they have an important issue to sort out, Tae takes Haru’s little sisters to play outside. Since her parents seems curious about his job, Kisuke explains that his job is to search for accurate information before the media do. He’s working exclusively for Genichirou though, so the information he’s looking for depends on Genichirou’s requests. Haru helped him a lot when he was lying on the hospital bed, so now he wants to use all of his informant skills to help them. From her parents, Kisuke learns that it was the village elder’s decision to kick them out. The elder is infamous for being an incredibly stubborn old man, but Kisuke decides to go and talk to him. He’ll also start gathering information tomorrow.

August 14

Since Chitomi booked an inn far, far away (three stations away lol) from Haru’s village, Kisuke ends up staying in Oboro-tei instead. At first Haru’s father asked him to stay in their house, but Kisuke refused since it might tarnish Haru’s reputation even more. The rooms in Oboro-tei are all vacant and Kisuke can stay despite his sudden arrival, but sadly he learns that Oboro-tei is closing down this month. Last year the owner thought business will go smoothly because all six Miyanomori brothers came to stay at his inn, but things just went downhill after that. Kisuke promises to help out after he’s done talking to the elder, and the owner tells him an important piece of information before he leaves — the elder’s daughter died young.

At noon, Kisuke does some investigation around the village. Haru actually wants to ask why did he held her hand back at the beach, but she doesn’t get the chance to do so because he soon leaves to confirm what Oboro-tei’s owner said. Kisuke can tell all the villagers here love gossiping, so he introduces himself as a “newspaper reporter” who wants to write an article about the village. This works wonders since “newspaper” means “chance for fame” in their heads, and a lady instantly fills him up with information.

Apparently the elder’s daughter was planning to take an apprenticeship in Teito, but the elder was against it and arranged a marriage for her instead. Back then cholera was breaking out around the area, and the elder’s daughter ended up becoming a victim as well. She died less than three days after catching the epidemic. Kisuke tries to be careful not to touch the subject when he goes to see the elder, but sadly the old man doesn’t even give him a chance to talk. He insists that the village has its own rules and shooes Kisuke away, so that leaves Kisuke with no choice but to leave for today. Haru and her family are worried about him, but Kisuke tells them it’s okay. He will definitely bring a good result for them.

August 15

Since the leader is still acting hostile today, Kisuke gets straight to the point by asking “are you holding a grudge because your daughter died?” It’s pretty obvious that the elder is mixing his personal feelings into the village’s issues, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. Kisuke says he understands the elder’s feelings, but they have to accept that the era is changing. It’s much easier to find a job in Teito, and normally young women wouldn’t want to go back to their rural hometowns after experiencing life in Teito. The elder’s under the idea that Haru is one of those girls, so Kisuke explains that she’s not staying in Teito to have fun. She’s only choosing work over marriage — both for herself and her family. Parents are always wishing for their children to be happy, but will they be happy by getting married? The elder finally says he understands Kisuke’s point, and he asks for some time to think over this issue.

When Kisuke returns to Haru’s house, everyone is away except for Haru. She gives him some iced tea as they talk about the elder’s answer, and he asks what she’s going to do if the elder lets her family stay. Haru says she wants to continue working as a maid, but she wants to get married someday even though she’s almost labelled as an “unsold goods” now. Kisuke calmly replies with “well if nobody wants you, then I’m going to take you as my wife”, but when Haru goes Σ(〃д〃)エ? he blushes and adds “I mean in the future, not now!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru laughs and answers “if Kisuke-san remains single and won’t get arranged matchmakings anymore, then I’ll marry Kisuke-san.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Their words are vague and they’re half-joking, but something also feels certain between them. While Kisuke thinks their current relationship is nice, he realized that he’s not entirely satisfied either.. but he’s fine with it. For now.

August 16

Early in the morning, the elder comes to see Kisuke in Oboro-tei. He’s been thinking about what he would do for his daughter if she’s still alive, because they had a fight about marriage right before she died and he regrets it up until now. The elder always hated those who come from Teito, but now he’ll forget about his grudge and let Haru’s family stay in the village. Taking back such a verdict would affect his reputation though, so he also has one condition to fulfill: Haru can’t stay in the village with her family. She can visit them from time to time, but she can’t live with them permanently. Even though he’s still a stubborn old man up until the end, the elder is forgiving Haru from breaking the village rules.

When Kisuke tells Haru’s family about this, they flood him with gratitude until he blushes saying he’s not used to this kind of treatment. xD Obviously Haru is surprised upon learning that she can’t stay with her family, but Tae and her parents tell her it’s okay. It would be difficult for her to marry, so she can keep working in the mansion. Then one day, she will become a personal maid and dedicate the rest of her life to that person alone. Kisuke notices that Haru looks sad when they take a walk outside, and Haru admits she feels worried about her job. She wants to keep working for now, but she’s not sure if she wants to work forever.. and she can’t go back to live with her parents if she quits.

Since Haru already shares her worries with him, Kisuke decides to be honest too and admits that he finally understands something during his stay here. Kisuke is clearly talking about his feelings, but since Haru doesn’t get what he means, he only tells her that she’s not alone. It can’t be helped if she’s feeling worried right now, but she’ll gradually overcome those worries as she continues working. Haru says Kisuke has became much more kinder compared to the first time they met, and he blushes saying he’s embarrassed if she’s being too direct. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru also asks him to lend an ear whenever she has any problems, and Kisuke smiles saying he knows.

August 17

Today Haru is returning to Teito, so she goes to pick Kisuke in Oboro-tei with Tae. Before that, Kisuke fulfills his promise to help the owner. The inn only has a few regular guests who rarely come to stay, so Kisuke thinks separating the inn and the hot spring might be a good idea. That way local villagers can enjoy the hot spring even withot staying over, and the inn is available for those who wants to spend a night or two. For now the owner should try advertising with flyers first, then he can see how business will turn out. Since the villagers love gossiping, he’ll gain more customers eventually. The owner happily says he’ll give it a try, and Kisuke wishes him luck before leaving with Haru and Tae.

After walking Haru and Tae back to the mansion, Kisuke goes to see Heisuke. It turns out that Genichirou collapsed on the night of the 12th, but he insists that it’s only fatigue. Kisuke feels that something wrong is happening because normally people won’t collapse just because of fatigue, and even though both Heisuke and Chitomi share that opinion, they can’t do anything because Genichirou refuses to visit the hospital.

August 22

During their next meeting, Kisuke reports that Kayama will allow Genichirou buy his electricity company during the ball on Sunday. Kayama probably wants the world to know that he’s got Miyanomori behind him, and it seems to be his highest priority at the moment. Kisuke won’t be able to participate since Kayama already recognized his face, so Genichirou gets ready to do his own investigation. Kisuke then meets Haru on his way out, and when she expresses her worries for Genichirou, he tells her that Genichirou has reached that age after all. The subject of age reminds Kisuke that he’s going to turn 29 on August 31, and he asks if Haru can come to celebrate the day with him. He never celebrated his birthday before, but this year is special. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru gladly agrees and asks if he has any requests for presents, and Kisuke only says “I have something that I want, so I’ll come to take it on my birthday.” ♥

Haru leaves after saying she’ll prepare a present for him, and Kisuke wonders if he can say his feelings properly when the day comes. Just then Chitomi suddenly appears asking what he’s talking about, and she asks if Kisuke has any plans to approach Haru again soon. Kisuke blushes saying his feelings for Haru are firm, so he’s planning to confess to her. Chitomi says it’s so embarrassing to hear Kisuke saying such things プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ and Kisuke admits it’s even more embarrassing for him lol. But still, he wants to tell Haru how he feels.

August 27

At noon, Haru is wandering around Ginza thinking about Kisuke’s birthday present. Soon she overhears two girls talking about arranged matchmakings nearby, and from their conversation, Haru realized it’s Tomiko and her friend. Tomiko is still an arrogant bitch who keeps saying a peasant informant doesn’t deserve her, but recently she received a matchmaking she actually likes. Her future husband is the son of an important person in the army, so Hyakkaten will be safe too after their marriage. When Tomiko and her friend leave for the parlor, Haru is beyond pissed and says she’s a peasant too.. and a maid on top of that. Then she adds “Kisuke-san feels glad that you refused. Hmph, so what if your dad owns Hyakkaten?” xD ..and then she continues her present search lol.

When Tae learns about this during the ball in the evening, she says Haru and Kisuke look nice together. They’re exactly 10 years apart, but age doesn’t matter in marriage. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

August 31

Since Kisuke is coming to report to Genichirou, Haru nervously waits for him by the entrance. Kisuke asks if Haru can go out for a while since he can’t talk here in the mansion, and Chitomi gladly gives her the permission to go “shopping” — because she’s 100% supportive. (*´∀`*) Kisuke notices that Haru is really nervous though.

Kisuke: “Um.. why are you that nervous?”
Haru: “Oh.. um.. I was just wondering when to give your present.”
Kisuke: “W-When? But we’ll stand out here..”

LOL Kisuke. They’re clearly talking about different presents. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Haru then takes Kisuke to a less crowded place, where she finally gives him the present she bought for him — “a r-ring? Σ(〃д〃)” Haru blushes too and quickly explains it’s a love charm from a shrine nearby. The small pouch she gave him actually has a pair of rings inside, and he needs to keep them together all the time. She chose the present hoping Kisuke will be able to find someone better than Tomiko, but he says she doesn’t need to find that someone anymore. Before, Haru said that she’s really glad to have met Kisuke.. and that feeling is mutual because he feels the same. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Since Haru feels apologetic for giving him an unnecessary present, Kisuke finally gathers up his courage to confess. He gets nervous and forgets the words he was planning to say, but eventually he tells her there’s a birthday present he wants from her. Then Kisuke hugs Haru and finally says he loves her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Everyone will tell them to get married if they find out, but Kisuke doesn’t think marriage is purely based on love and parents’ decision alone. He thinks people should get married when they’re both ready for marriage, so he won’t ask Haru to marry him right away. Realizing that he hasn’t heard how she feels, Kisuke then asks for Haru’s answer — it’s the present he wants from her.

Before answering, Haru asks what they should do if they don’t get married right away. Kisuke says he wants to date first, because he wants to know Haru more and deepen their feelings before marriage. Of course they can get married when they want to marry later, because it’s the kind of marriage he’s been dreaming of. At first Haru finds it hard to express her feelings, but eventually she answers “I love you too.” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Haru then asks him to let go slowly so people won’t stare, but Kisuke admits he wants to hug her a little longer. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Kisuke is planning to inform his mother when Haru and him are ready to get married, but some days later he suddenly receives a package from his mother.. and inside, he finds his father’s old kimono.

Just as expected from.. uh, everyone in the Miyanomori mansion, the news about Kisuke and Haru’s relationship spreads at the speed of light. Shigeru and the others keep teasing Kisuke by asking questions like “when did you lay your hands on our maid?” xD but they’re surprised when Kisuke says they’re not getting married yet. While Susumu admires “romance marriage” like Kisuke, Mamoru tells them that people’s feelings change easily. What would Kisuke do if that happens between him and Haru? It’s more “risky” then arranged marriage, though Shigeru thinks Kisuke is so manly to choose such a “dangerous path”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since Chitomi and Tae also said the same thing to Haru, Kisuke thinks they can’t let things stay unclear like this — it would only create doubts and worries. They should create a concrete proof of their relationship after all.. and so he pulls out the rings she gave him on his birthday. Kisuke gives one of the rings to Haru, saying it’s a token of their promise. In other words, an engagement ring. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Haru knows everyone now will think they’re already married instead, but Kisuke doesn’t mind since it’s similar.. and they’ll get married too eventually. Aside from the ring, Kisuke also gives Haru a key to his apartment saying she can come over anytime, and Haru happily accepts the key saying she’ll start with cleaning up his filthy room. xD It seems like Hideo finally got his first lead role too recently, so they’re planning to watch his play soon. Their relationship is rather unusual for everyone around them, but their love for each other will keep increasing as they enjoy their dates together.

…so Hideo’s prediction comes true lol.

When winter comes, Kisuke and Haru have their Christmas date in Ginza. Kisuke lost interest in “Love’s Steps” after he started dating Haru, but it doesn’t mean he lost interest in romance, because his feelings have grown a lot in last few months. Since Genichirou is currently sick and already retired, Kisuke is now working as Miyanomori’s private informant instead. His job and income became much more stable ever since, so he thinks it’s about time for them to get married. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*´艸`*)―ン。o+゚ Haru is surprised by Kisuke’s sudden proposal, but then she smiles and hugs his arm saying “I’m so happy. Please take care of me from now on!” He answers with “Leave it to me!”, but realizing that she’s expecting him to say something else, he finally adds “I’ll do my best to make you happy!” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Extra Ending

Before winter ends, Kisuke and Haru go to visit Haru’s hometown. They’re staying in Oboro-tei together, and the owner thanks Kisuke for his advice in summer. Oboro-tei has a lot of regular customers now, and he even lowered the price so local villagers can enjoy the inn and the hot spring anytime. Kisuke and Haru go to her house after that, and Kisuke gets really nervous as he asks her parents for her hand in marriage. Haru’s parents thought they were going to get married as soon as they started dating, so they didn’t expect Haru and Kisuke to take this long until they finally decided to tie the knot. Kisuke admits that he wants to marry someone he truly loves, and it took months because he knows Haru still wanted to continue her job. He respects her decision to keep working, so he didn’t want to step on her determination. Back then Kisuke was busy with work and wasn’t confident to marry Haru right away, but now they’ve finally found the right time to get married. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

While the elder has became much more lenient, Kisuke and Haru decided to hold their wedding ceremony in Teito. Haru will be living in Kisuke’s apartment after that, and apparently she really loves his room. Including his messy storage next door lol. Haru’s father gladly asks Kisuke to take care of his daughter, while Haru’s mother says she feels relieved to see Haru looking so happy. (*´ω`*) They also meet the elder on the way back to Oboro-tei, and the old man gives them a homemade sake to celebrate their upcoming marriage. Kisuke is planning to drink it as they soak into the hot spring later, though Haru jokingly goes “but you’re weak” LOL.

Haru also says she’ll fix Kisuke’s father’s old kimono so Kisuke can wear it, and even though he refuses to wear such a flashy kimono, he eventually agrees because it’s the only memento from his father. They’re going to be busy with wedding preparations from now on, and Kisuke tells Haru to do her best even though he’ll end up doing most of the work anyway. She goes “then my effort doesn’t mean anything? (´・ω・`)” upon hearing this, and he quickly adds that’s just his personality and old habits to take care of everything.. but then she laughs saying it’s just a joke. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Kisuke says he needs to be careful not to fall for Haru’s tricks too often, though letting her deceiving him on purpose sounds nice too. xD He doesn’t mind since they will always be together.

OMG KISUKE PLEASE MARRY ME. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ I always thought Kisuke is hot ever since the first HanaIchi, so I was a little heartbroken that we couldn’t go for him. Well.. Kinema Mosaic finally grants my dream of having a happy ending with Kisuke. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ His route is shorter compared to the brothers and he has less CGs too, but I don’t mind since this whole route is so adorable. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Kisuke is inexperienced in love, and it’s really cute how he blushes whenever Haru does something for him. I love Kisuke as much as I love Isami, so from today on both of them shall be my #1 in the series. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

…but KISS CG WHERE? щ(ಥДಥщ)
*goes to draw her own Kisuke x Haru kiss CG*


17 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Arita Kisuke


    Oh God he’s so cute…I was grinning like an idiot the whole time while reading this. I like those “inexperienced in love” types, is kinda cute seeing them all blushy and by the end of the route they’re like WOA so hot /shot. His CGs are really nice, too, I like the first and last ones you put here. That blush, damn! Its so bright, it burns.

    …One of these days I’ll find enough patience to play through this game! Once I finish my 2 page long backlog (which is taking me forever since its 40% scary games and I get too scared to play /brick’d

    • I KNOW RIGHT. Kisuke is so cute so Y U NO GIVE HIM KISS CGs. щ(ಥДಥщ)
      At first I was planning to put his flower train CG on top for better textwall-pictures spacing, but I just can’t resist that beach CG. Both Haru and him are blushing, and everything is just so adorable I don’t even asjdhsjkl *goes to stare at Kisuke’s CGs again* He looks nice in Western clothes too. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

      LOL what horror games do you have in your backlog? RE? Corpse Party? xD
      HanaIchi and Kinema are so LONG, but both games are really good. The drama is quite thick, but they also have comedic moments to balance it out. I’d recommend this when you have enough time someday. :3

      • I have both RE and Corpse Party, together with some Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and Amnesia the Dark Descent! But I’m playing the old fashioned RE with pixel graphics and it still manages to scare the shit out of me. My brain fails to understand playing horror games at night with all lights turned off and using headphones is not the best idea ever (maybe I’m some kind of M when it comes to this /shot).
        Amnesia is terrifying, I love watching people playing and laughing at their reactions but the real thing is SO FUCKING SCARY! There’s this part with an invisible water monster that scared me so much I jumped everytime I heard the sound of water orzzz.
        …Now I need some otome games to feel better. Kannou and Renai Banchou 2 are coming out so yay!~ Will you be doing reviews for those?

        • I think I watched Dasoku and Limone-sensei playing Amnesia on NND, and the sudden sound effects creeped the heck out of me. (´・ω・`) You’re such a champion for taking on these games, the only scary (?) games I can take are mystery ones like Dangan Ronpa / Gyakuten Saiban.. last time I attempted to play Fatal Frame, I end up throwing my Wiimote away so I gave up. \(^o^)/

          As for new releases, I might be playing Kannou.. but not sure about Renai Bancho 2. I didn’t like the first one, and I haven’t write any reviews for it either. It’s been like a year lol. I might change my mind though, we’ll see. xD

  2. …I guess Kisuke will be my favorite character too LOL
    I thought Hiroshi might be (but I really have no right to say this because I have yet to start it orz)
    But I say Kisuke is my favorite because his thoughts are similar to mine LOL

    • Y-You’re similar to Kisuke? *stalks you like she hasn’t already*
      I think Hiroshi is the most sawayaka out of the whole bunch, but he’s also innocent and simple-minded lol. He looks ultra sawayaka in the staff blog’s header though. In military uniform too. xD

  3. Thank you so much for doing Kisuke’s review! He caught my interest since the first HanaIchi too. Glad he got that sweet moments with Haru, especially for confession and caretaking event. I also like the last CG you posted. Kisuke is much cooler with a suit. And, how can he’s 28-29 when he’s so cute? Well, age doesn’t matter. Just how can he still read love’s steps in that age? His personality is quite amusing.

    • Seems like Kisuke has tons of fangirls, so they decided to make a route for him. xD Actually I like him more in a kimono + hat, but yes he looks awesome in a suit. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ I guess age doesn’t matter because Kisuke has no experience in love? He’s curious but has no time for romance, so Love’s Steps it is lol.

  4. Kisuke, why are you so cute? X3 Too adorable, he’ll tie with Susumu as my favourites. It’s a total shame that there’s no kiss CG, but the whole route was still so wonderful! It loved the part where Kisuke says, Hideo will make a great housewife. XD What was Hideo’s reaction.

    When I read the part where you said Susumu was heartbroken, I immediately went エッΣ(〃д〃)!! then I read that it was because of his bike, I went XD.

    I just pre-ordered Hakuouki and I can’t wait to play it when it comes~

    • Nah, if Susumu ever got heartbroken the cause would either be Haru or his beloved bike. xD Hideo didn’t show any reactions since the scene ended after Kisuke said that line, but I guess his reaction would be like this → ( ಠ_ಠ ) lol. Hideo is actually pretty nimble with his hands, as in he can do almost anything. Maybe it’s necessary for his acting career.

      Ahh I won’t be playing the English Hakuouki, so I’m looking forward for reviews myself. xD Or maybe I’ll do the PSP Hakuouki to match up with everyone else. Maybe. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

  5. Kisuke…. he is truly cute and adorable ( so happy he got his own route in FD xD). I am so glad his route is good too. Wait.. 28 years old? Lol I thought he is only 24 or something :)

    • His route is awesome, but I’m not satisfied with the lack of kiss / wedding CGs. Where are they? Please bring them out, Otomate! щ(ಥДಥщ) *shot for being persistent*

      Haha yes Kisuke is 29 by the end of the route. xD
      He does look younger than his age, but then again Isami doesn’t look like he’s in his 30s either..

  6. Why no kiss CG???!! (-̩-̩__-̩-̩)

    Kisuke is sooo adorable! And he’s cute too. <333 I love how their feelings for each other developed. I prefer love stories like this since they have a firm foundation of their love. :)) Btw, it's nice seeing him wearing Western clothes. ^_^

    • LOL I know right. That’s my only complaint for this route. xD
      I agree, one of the best parts of Kisuke’s route is the development of his romance with Haru. They start off as friends, and you can see how their feelings for each other grow as the story progresses further. :3 It’s a bit less dramatic compared to the brothers’ routes, but I think it’s a nice balance. I actually like Kisuke in kimonos more, but I have to agree — he looks nice in a suit. ♥

  7. First and formost… Kisuke I love you soooo much and I hope Otomate gives you a kissing CG in Polarstar. Anyway I would also love to thank you, Rin-Sempai, for posting this summary for my Japanese is still in the works. However bad it is though I am planning on playing this once I finish the first one and I was wondering if you have any websites that have a walkthrough for Kisuke’s route. I saw one that haa walkthroughs (i.e. Weekly schedules and dialogue answers) for the seven broskis and another one that has the dialogue answers but none of them have Weekly Planning info for Kisuke’s route. So if you could give me some information it would be most apperciative. And I apologize fot this very long reply. Thank you.

    • No problem. I hope it helps you understanding the story better. :D
      Kisuke doesn’t have a walkthrough chart. I planned his stats as I play, so I can’t give you any charts either since I didn’t take notes. Here are the requirements for his exams:

      1st Exam

      2nd Exam

      The requirements will slightly go up if you’re doing a 2nd run, and it’d be much harder to pass the exams (especially the 2nd one).. so prepare a backup save data just in case.

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