Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Isami

Now that I’ve collected the keys from Kisuke’s route, it’s time to go back to the brothers. Next up is Isami’s route, and he’s still as dorky as ever. Which means he’s still my favorite. (❤ฺ→艸←)

The second son of the Miyanomori family, 32 years old. Isami is a colonel in the Army Infantry Regiment, and he believes authority and position are both necessary to influence the country. He needs a lot of money to reach that goal, so he’s planning to become the next head and use Miyanomori’s fortune to gain a promotion. Strict, direct and honest, Isami never lies to anyone. He’s really close to his mother Toki, and he always tells her everything. Including subjects that aren’t exactly necessary. He’s cold and harsh towards people he’s not interested in.

Since Mamoru was the one who shot Isami’s back during Saeki’s speech last year, Isami has been holding a personal grudge against him.. and he just can’t accept Mamoru in the family.

April 2

In the morning, Isami is busy thinking of strategies to entertain Genichirou with his 1000 yen. He notices Haru’s survey form lying on the floor, and he goes to ask Chitomi about this. Even though the brothers usually don’t really care about their servants, surprisingly Isami is curious about survey result — because it’s just like a popularity poll about the brothers. xD He’s pretty confident though, thinking it’s only natural for him to be the most popular lol. Meanwhile, Haru finally realized that her form is gone and panicks.

April 3

After the morning assembly, Chitomi returns the survey form to Haru. She’s surprised to learn that Isami was the one who picked it up, and she thinks Isami would probably get angry if she writes his name on the form. Haru is still thinking and mumbling about this as she cleans up the hallway, until Isami appears from behind going “why are you talking to yourself? ( ಠ_ಠ )” LOL. When Haru thanks him for picking her survey form, Isami asks if she already filled it. She says not yet, so he decides to borrow the form and writes his own name on it. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He hands it back to her after that, and he tells her to give it to Chitomi as if nothing happened lol. Haru isn’t the only victim though, since apparently Isami also did the same thing to Hideo, Tae and the other servants. In fact, he even wrote “Miyanomori Isami. Teikoku (Empire) Banzai. Do not rewrite.” on Hideo’s form. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Of course the survey will lose its meaning if everyone’s paper says “Isami”, so Tae goes to report this sabotage to Chitomi. xD

April 6

Today is the first time Mamoru joins his brothers for breakfast. Since Mamoru clearly doesn’t have any intentions to get along, he pissed both Isami and Hiroshi as soon as he enters the dining hall. Hiroshi storms off in anger, but Isami doesn’t waste time and takes out his sword to attack Mamoru. They keep fighting on the dining table until Masashi hits his patience limit, so he grabs some plates and starts throwing them at Isami and Mamoru. Masashi knows no mercy. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Hiroshi comes back to the dining hall and asks what’s happening, Masashi goes “we’re having breakfast, RIGHT?” with a very sharp tone lol. Isami and Mamoru has no choice but to obey, and Shigeru says they all should depend on Masashi to stop their fights from now on. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

April 9

While Chitomi gave the servants new survey forms to avoid Isami’s sabotage, in the end Haru still writes Isami’s name on her form. She’s been planning to write his name in the first place, but she was afraid to do so. When Haru goes to greet Isami later, he forces her to say whose name did she write on her form. He was afraid that she’d write Mamoru’s name instead, but she admits she wrote his name instead. Isami then orders her to explain the reason, so Haru says she has no specific reason to choose him. It’s just if Haru can choose her own master, then she wants to serve Isami. Haru then asks if she can ask him one question and Isami says “NO” right away, but when she apologized and excuses herself, he instantly goes “I’ll grant you permission just this once.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Her question is of course “why did you write your own name on our forms?”, and he admits it’s because he wants to stand on top of everyone else. Plus, he thinks a survey for servants is absurd. He will be the one who determines his own personal maid. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!

Isami goes to visit Toki after that, and he tells her about Genichirou’s survey. Toki knows her son probably did something weird to win against his brothers, and Isami’s nervous denial only confirms this suspicion lol. Since Isami is brutally honest, eventually he admits that he wrote his own name on everyone’s forms. xD Isami doesn’t think it’s wrong and even protests about how the servants received new survey forms, so Toki sighs and gives him a lecture like good mother that she is. Servants never get any chance to express their opinions, and what he did was ruining their only chance to do so. Writing his own name on everyone’s paper is pointless too, because in the end he will only have one personal servant — not all of them. Toki won’t force Isami to marry even though he’s already in his 30s, but she wants him to stop being so childish.. and Isami answers with “sorry, I won’t do it again (´・ω・`)” lol.

Isami also tells Toki about Mamoru’s participation, and Toki is surprised to hear about this. She knows Kazue would never expected this to happen, and she has no idea what Genichirou is thinking about.

April 11

At night, Isami returns from work and Haru greets him by the entrance. He asks if she knows about the survey result, but then he gets really pissed thinking someone might have voted for Mamoru. In his eyes Mamoru is still an enemy, and he won’t be able to accept if Mamoru gets even one vote in the survey. Isami is about to run off and attack Mamoru again, but then Haru blocks his way and tries to stop him. Despite Isami’s intimidating stare, Haru tells him she can understand his irritation.. but Mamoru didn’t do anything wrong in this case. It’s not his fault if someone voted for him. Haru begs Isami to calm down, and eventually he gives in saying “if you say so”. xD Isami then walks away still feeling irritated, while Haru sighs thinking it would be hard for Isami and Mamoru to get along normally.

After dinner, Masashi gathers his brothers in his room and announces that he has a revenge plan for Mamoru. He knows Genichirou is planning to introduce Mamoru to the public on their annual flower-viewing festival, so they’re going to carry out the plan on the 16th. Isami thinks the fastest revenge plan is to kill Mamoru right away, but since they can’t do that, they’re going to use a special veritaserum made by Hiroshi instead. Even though the potion is unbelievably stinky, it will make the drinker spill the truth once.. and they’re going to use it on Mamoru.

April 16

After Haru guides Toki to the entrance, Isami takes Haru away to help him get dressed for the festival. Masashi already informed her about today’s plan, and she promises to do her best. Right after Heisuke orders them to help Mamoru get dressed, Haru and Hideo carry out their plan immediately. What happens here is similar with Tadahi’s route. Hideo tells Haru to go and call Chitomi because Mamoru is resisting, and he starts acting a different role once she walks away — telling Mamoru to look for a proof that he’s really Genichirou’s son. Falling for Hideo’s act, Mamoru then follows him to an empty room.. and that’s where Hideo knocks Mamoru out to accomplish his role. xD

While Yoshi, Toki and Shizuko are attracting everyone’s attention, the brothers quietly sneak out of the garden just as planned. They find Mamoru still lying unconscious in the empty room, and Isami shoves Hiroshi’s stinky veritaserum down his throat. Unfortunately, the deadly odor is killing everyone’s noses, and the brothers run out of the room one by one — leaving Isami to squeeze the truth out of Mamoru alone. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ The only thing Mamoru can say is “I.. came to.. this mansion.. but..” which is completely meaningless, so eventually Isami dumps him onto the floor and runs out as well. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

April 17

In the morning, Shigeru finds Toki and Shizuko waking up with a terrible hangover. They didn’t notice at all because they were really drunk, but Yoshi was perfectly fine and already went home last night. xD Soon Mamoru also comes out of his room, and Shigeru laughs saying he doesn’t stink anymore. Yesterday Mamoru was lying unconscious for so long that the deadly smell completely stuck onto his body, so he had to take baths countless times until the smell finally goes away. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Mamoru has no idea why he woke up surrounded by that deadly smell, and Shigeru refuses to tell him the truth. In the end both their plan and Hiroshi’s veritaserum ended in a huge failure, so all is good for everyone. \(^o^)/ Shigeru then runs away to eat breakfast, and Mamoru decided to take another bath just in case lol. Poor guy.

April 19

At noon, Isami is patrolling with his subordinates when he notices Haru standing in Ginza. He then tells his subordinates to go back first, and he’ll return later because there’s someone he needs to scold. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Haru is actually admiring the merry “flower trains” nearby, and she’s really surprised when Isami suddenly appears saying “so you’re forgetting your work to watch ‘flower trains’?” lol. She quickly apologized and tries to walk out of the crowd, but then suddenly she hears a commotion coming from the ‘flower trains’ — a certain military soldier is trying to book one for himself. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Apparently Isami never rides a train before, and he thinks riding the “flower trains” might give him an inspiration to entertain Genichirou. xD When he notices Haru waiting for a regular train nearby, Isami drags her to ride the “flower train” with him instead. Then he orders the train driver to start driving. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

As they sit on the train in silence, Haru wonders why Isami is doing such an absurd thing.. but she’s afraid he would get angry if she asks questions. Eventually Isami breaks the silence by asking if she rides the trains regularly, and she says she always takes one to go shopping in Ginza. His first impression of riding a train is that it reminds him of troop carriers, since all the passengers are facing sideways on both vehicles lol. When he notices people waving at them outside, Isami tells Haru that it reminds him of World War I in Europe. Isami was 25 back then, and he really wanted to participate in the war.. but sadly his troops were ordered to standby in Japan. Thinking he won’t be able to help in the war, Isami then requested for an assignment from the 8th Troop in Osaka. Both Tadashi and Toki tried to stop him, but Isami still went to join the war in Aoshima — it was his first time standing on a battlefield. Isami actually wanted to participate in the Russo-Japanese war too, but he was still a student back then.

Even though Isami dedicated his life to defend the country, all of his determination was gone the moment he killed his first enemy. The only thing on his mind was to “pull the trigger faster than the opponent”, because in war there are only two options — kill or get killed. In the end people fight in the war just to survive, and Isami was really disappointed upon realizing this fact. He always remembers “Schneewittchen / Snow White” whenever he sees weak people out there, and it only makes him more determined to make Japan a stronger country. Isami then laughs saying a maid like Haru probably won’t understand, but Haru says she actually learns one thing today — Isami is just an ordinary person. She quickly apologized saying it’s not an insult. It’s just she always thought of him as a fearless person, but now she knows that he can feel scared too.. just like her and everyone else. Isami instantly goes “I’m not the same as you!”, but Haru bravely replies with “it’s the same!” (。→∀←。) Haru admits she feels relieved though, because it also means Isami can understand other people’s pain.

The train soon reaches the station near the Miyanomori mansion, so Isami tells Haru to go back to work — he’ll continue riding the train until it reaches his military base. Before getting off the train, Haru thanks Isami for telling her about his past and feelings.. though he replies with “I didn’t book this train for you!” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Eight years have passed since his first battle, and Isami knows he has to settle everything this year.

April 21

Today is Isami’s 33rd birthday, and the first thing he does in the morning is to attack Mamoru again. Haru runs into the mansion while Chitomi goes to inform Heisuke, but eventually Isami stops attacking when Mamoru says “I can’t die here, or else I won’t be able to find out about Genichirou’s real objective!” Isami thinks Genichirou simply wants to choose his successor, but Mamoru knows there must be a larger objective behind everything. Mamoru was ready to face the consequences of his crimes, and yet Genichirou is willing to erase his sins.. on the condition that he joins his brothers to live in the mansion. There must be a hidden trick they’re not aware of, and Mamoru is here to stop whatever plan Genichirou has for them. He already promised Genichirou not to kill anyone in the mansion, though he doesn’t know what’s going to happen if he becomes the neew head. After hearing Mamoru’s condition, Isami finally puts his sword away and swears that he won’t attack Mamoru anymore. He doesn’t trust Mamoru yet, but they both agree to have a temporary truce for now.

During his birthday dinner at night, Isami also announces the truce to his brothers. Tadashi is surprised because Isami has been so hostile towards Mamoru, but Isami says he wants to know Genichirou’s real intentions as well.

April 26

When Haru goes to call Isami for dinner, she finds him deep in thoughts in the hallway. Instead of going to the dining hall, Isami orders Haru to bring some sake to his room instead. It turns out Isami has been thinking about the last eight years in his life, and he keeps wondering if he has made any significant growth during that time span. Isami then goes to the terrace thinking he’d watch the stars while drinking, but sadly the sky is really dark tonight. He notices Haru talking to Tae and Hideo below, and he’s planning to scold them again for chatting instead of working. Even though it’ already past dinner time.. lol.

Below, Tae asks what would Haru do if she really becomes Isami’s personal maid. Tae thinks it would be hard to serve someone like Isami, but Haru says she will try to understand Isami first. Isami is just a normal person who can feel scared too, so Haru believes there must be things he can enjoy as well. Haru doesn’t realize that Isami is listening in to their conversation from above, and her opinion actually gives him some inspiration. He realized that he needs to re-understand himself, along with re-evaluating his own goals in life.

April 30

Today Toki calls Isami to Ginza so he can carry her shopping bags lol. Isami keeps protesting because he’s busy thinking of plans to win Genichirou’s game, but Toki doesn’t care knowing Isami probably got nothing to do at home. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Haru is shopping in Ginza as well, and she greets them on her way back to the mansion. Noticing that Isami is busy looking at the exhibition poster instead of listening to their conversation, Toki sighs saying nobody wants to marry Isami because he’s always like this — never listens to people and keeps moving at his own pace. At first Isami tries to argue, though he can’t say anything when Toki goes “it’s the truth! you voted for yourself in the servants’ survey too! that’s so pathetic!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Toki then asks who did Haru choose in the survey, and she bursts into laughter when Isami says “it was me” lol. She leaves to do some shopping in Hyakkaten after that, telling Isami to pass time with Haru until she’s done. xD

As they stand next to each other in silence, both Haru and Isami remembered that something similar happened to them before. Isami already forgot what they did back then, but when Haru says he took her to the parlor, he asks her how much the parlor costs. Yes, the parlor and not the food it sells lol. Isami is thinking of buying the parlor to entertain Genichirou, though he’s not sure if Genichirou would be happy to receive it. Since they have to wait until Toki’s done with her shopping, Isami then takes Haru to eat in the parlor. Just like last year, Isami refuses to eat anything because he hates everything Western.. and the Western sweets in the parlor are no exception. However, Isami gets curious when Haru says she already got used to the parlor’s cream puffs, so he finally decides to take a bite. The result? He rages because he absolutely hates sweets, and he finds the taste “enigmatic”. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Isami is about to call the patisserie and unleashes his rage even further, so Haru drags him out of the parlor before anything happens lol. He can’t understand why people love eating such a weird-tasting thing, and so he loses his desire to buy the parlor. xD

Outside, Isami says he learns one thing from this experience — challenge is necessary! Haru sighs and says he’s right, though she’s probably talking about a different challenge lol.

May 6

During dinner, the brothers are discussing about the upcoming exhibition. Mamoru already got used to his brothers too by now, and he informs them about the existence of a delightful place called “Cocoa Hall”. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ During the exhibition, all the women in Teito will go there to.. uh, drink cocoa, so it’s a perfect place to look for a fateful encounter. Isami, Shigeru and Hiroshi are all excited about this idea, and so everyone decide to go to the exhibition tomorrow. Even though Masashi is still going “how stupid ( ≖_ゝ≖ )” in the background lol. After that, Isami tells Chitomi to prepare some servants for them tomorrow. He thinks Mamoru’s plan is made just for him, but since the seven of them are going out together, they’re going to need some servants to serve them.

Obviously Chitomi gets the wrong idea about Cocoa Hall since Isami describes it as “a place where women gather”, but she assigns Haru, Hideo and Tae to go with the brothers lol. Both Haru and Hideo are really excited to go to the exhibition, and their excitement won’t go down even though Chitomi clearly says they’re going out for work.. so in the end she has no choice but to leave everything in Tae’s hands lol.

May 7

The moment they arrive in the exhibition site, Isami and Mamoru drag everyone towards Cocoa Hall immediately. Isami gets too excited though, and this causes him to get lost with Haru in the crowd instead. She tries to guide him back to everyone’s place, but soon a bunch of tourists come to flood the place and she almost got carried away when they leave lol. Somehow Haru manages to get out of the crowd and walks back to Isami’s place, but he gets pissed thinking everyone might have gotten all the ladies because he’s late.. and it’s all her fault for delaying his arrival lol. Isami scolds her for not improving at all compared to last year, and Haru admits that she doesn’t make any significant progress. She thinks she’s grown used to her job, but now she realized that she still needs to work harder and re-evaluate herself. Haru is starting to understand Isami and his brothers, so she doesn’t want to think that she’s not fit to be their maid. Haru then looks up and notices that Isami is gone, but soon he comes back and hands something to her — “Here, it’s for you. A snake.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Haru instantly screams and throws the thing away, while Isami bursts into laughter because it’s actually just a rope — he deceived her lol. Despite his bad mood earlier, Isami now feels a lot better after seeing Haru’s reaction. xD He tells her that he doesn’t like long rambles, so from now on she should keep it simple whenever she’s talking to him. That’s not the only thing she learns from him though, since today she finally realized that he’s actually quite mischievous lol. Isami replies with “next time you ask me a question, I’ll give you the real thing!” and he laughs again when poor Haru goes Σ(;∀; lll) lol.

By the time Isami and Haru reach Cocoa Hall, they find the entire place packed with.. old ladies from all over the country. Susumu quietly says “I never knew Mimori-san is into this..”, while Mamoru keeps protesting that it’s all a mistake. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tadashi then calmly invites Hiroshi to ride the ship together, and in the end everyone leaves the cocoa hall. Their plan for today is a complete failure LOL.

May 12

In the evening, Isami comes home with Susumu. They just went drinking at Yasuda and found out that Kurenai will keep working until her wedding day. This reminds Isami that Haru refused her second matchmaking last year, and he asks if she’s going to refuse again this year. Haru admits that she wants to continue working, but she knows it’s impossible after all. This might be her last year to work for them, and she’s going to do her best until the end. Isami approves saying it would be for the best, since he believes a woman’s duty is to get married and make more children to populate the country. As Haru accompanies him back to his room, Isami says she has improved a little compared to last year — the number of her questions has decreased lol. He also jokingly reminds her that the next time she asks him a question, he’s going to give her “the real thing”. xD After Isami goes into his room, Haru remembers that he’s planning not to get married all his life.. and she wishes she can be free like him.

May 17

Since tomorrow is the annual tea ceremony, today Isami is teaching Mamoru how to make tea properly. He insists that it’s not for Mamoru’s sake though, but rather to protect the Miyanomori family reputation. They would be embarrassed if Mamoru doesn’t know how to make tea after all. Isami asks why Mamoru didn’t kill him last year, and Mamoru admits it’s because he wanted to see Isami’s reaction. Later on, Haru sees Isami walking out of the tea chamber, and he tells her that Mamoru is still practicing alone inside. Isami admits that he went home early today just to teach Mamoru, but the rest depends on Mamoru himself. Haru says she understands and excuses herself, but Isami suddenly stops her saying “you’re not going to ask any questions?” LOL Isami. You want her to ask questions, admit it. xD

Even though everyone else allows her to ask them questions, Haru says she won’t ask Isami anything. Normally only personal maids are allowed to ask questions, and it was Isami himself who told Haru to just obey and don’t ask. Haru then wonders if Isami actually wants her to ask questions, and he answers with “don’t say such stupid things! go away!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

May 18

Today is the annual tea ceremony, and all the mothers are attending except for Sanae. Haru learns from Tae that Sanae is going to move out of the Sumida house by the end of the month, since she needs money to pay for her debts. When the ceremony starts, Mamoru is ready to participate thanks to Isami’s training. Somehow he manages to make tea successfully, though foam is dripping out of the bowl in the process lol. Mamoru says he did his best to imitate what Isami did, but he turns silent when Isami replies with “oh, did my tea turn out like that?” xD By the end of the ceremony, Yoshi calls Tadashi and Mamoru for a discussion with the mothers. Most likely to inform them that they’re going to buy the Sumida house, so Sanae won’t have to leave anymore.

May 21

At noon, Isami finds Haru talking to herself in the laundry. Summer is coming next month, and she was wondering if any matchmaking will come her way during summer break. Haru then gives Isami a letter she found on his uniform pocket, but he tells her to throw it away because it’s only a “trash”. Apparently it’s a letter he received from a geisha named Koyuki, though he doesn’t even know her name until Haru reads it from the envelope. She keeps telling Isami to read it despite his protests, so eventually he goes “I should have thrown it away right from the start.. give it to me!” and tries to grab the letter from her hands. Knowing he’s trying to destroy it, Haru refuses to give him the letter. It must have taken a lot of courage and effort for Koyuki to write the letter, and Haru knows she would be sad if Isami destroys the letter without even reading it. Since Haru is being persistent, Isami gives in and reads the letter properly.. but he thinks the contents are completely foolish. It might be better if he doesn’t visit the shop again, because Koyuki will forget her place as a geisha and get spoiled by his presence.

Isami then orders Haru to throw the letter away, and this makes her really curious about the contents. It doesn’t help that Isami keeps saying things like “that letter won’t change anyone’s feelings” and “I will never ever get married”, so Haru can’t hold back and ends up asking him about what’s written inside. Isami replies with “oh, you’re asking me a question?”, and when Haru apologized, he snatches the letter from her hands and tears it apart — then he tells her to clean up the mess lol. However, Haru actually collects the pieces and puts them together like a puzzle. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Upon realizing what she’s trying to do, Isami runs back to the laundry and goes “貴様ー!ヽ(#`Д´)ノ” LOL. Haru quickly apologized and runs off to throw them away. xD

Meanwhile, Shigeru watches this from afar and wonders what they’re doing. Mamoru, who happens to be there as well, answers with “isn’t it training?” LOL MAMORU. WHAT KIND OF TRAINING. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

May 26

Before bedtime, Tae takes Haru outside and shows her the hidden bag she brought from her hometown. While Tae is telling Haru about her past, Isami is having a discussion with Tadashi in his room. Kisuke has informed Tadashi that Genichirou is planning to give personal servants for them, and they know it means Genichirou is plotting something behind their backs. Tadashi thinks Genichirou probably has a plan to leave the mansion for quite a while, and so he needs personal servants to keep an eye on his sons. Isami doesn’t think servants can keep watching and reporting their moves to Genichirou, but he believes they’ll find out the reason by the end of the month.

Back to the laundry, Tae asks if Haru is ready to become a personal maid. Tae can’t go back to her hometown, so she’s planning to work here forever.. but it’s different for Haru. She won’t be able to refuse if her family receives a matchmaking offer this year. Since Haru will leave to get married someday, Tae then tells her to refuse if she gets assigned to become the brothers’ personal maid. It will only trouble everyone if she accepts the position.

May 31

After the servants’ exam, Chitomi gathers everyone to hear Heisuke’s announcement. Just as Kisuke said, Genichirou is assigning personal servants for the brothers starting from today. Of course he’s planning to assign one for each of them, but for now he’s only assigning personal servants for Tadashi, Isami and Mamoru. The servants are hand-picked by Genichirou himself: Tadashi — Hideo; Isami — Haru; and Mamoru — Tae. It’s a direct order, and they’re going to make another survey for the remaining brothers later.

When Genichirou tells his sons about this, Tadashi demands to know his reason. Genichirou says it’s only because he will be busy preparing for his retirement, while Chitomi and Heisuke won’t be able to take care of everyone.. so assigning personal servants will help easing their burden too. He only chose three servants for now because it’s still a “trial stage”, and he will assign more servants for everyone else if the personal servants can really help Chitomi and Heisuke. After breakfast, Chitomi takes Haru, Hideo and Tae to greet their respective masters before they go to work. Tadashi instantly gets a headache, Mamoru suspects Tae, and Isami tells Haru “work hard so you won’t get killed”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Haru has become his personal maid, Isami “has no choice” but to let her ask questions now. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Haru still remembers what Tae said though, so she’s planning to consult with Chitomi about her potential matchmaking in summer.

June 1

After the morning assembly, Haru learns from Tae that Toki and the others already saved the Sumida house. Tae and Hideo also received Mamoru’s and Tadashi’s room keys, but Isami still hasn’t given Haru his room key yet. She tries to ask him about this later, but Isami cuts her off saying he’s got an order for her today. Before, Haru said she’s starting to understand him, so tonight he wants her to prepare the dishes he wants to eat for dinner. At noon Haru goes to Ginza to do some shopping, and she’s still thinking about what Isami wants to eat when she runs into Toki on the streets. Which is really fortunate actually, since Toki gives her some hints about Isami’s taste. First, Haru needs to be careful not to make a similar menu to Isami’s lunch. Second, Isami absolute hates sweets (lol cream puffs), so Haru has to keep that in mind too. Toki is amused to hear Genichirou assigned Haru as Isami’s personal maid though, and she’s planning to dig more information from her son later.

Based on Toki’s advice, Haru goes to Isami’s military base to check his lunch menu. Obviously one of the soldiers asks what she’s doing here, but instead of answering the question, Haru goes “what does Colonel Miyanomori have for lunch today?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The soldier tells her that Isami had a special menu today — boiled fish, rice and miso soup. It’s more than enough for Haru, so she thanks the soldier and leaves.. which makes him go ?(´・ω・`)? LOL. Next, Haru goes to talk to the chef back in the mansion. The chef notices that Isami often asks him to cook fish dishes, but it’s hard to tell Isami’s likes and dislikes since he eats everything (except sweets lol) with no complaints. In the end, Haru decides to settle with normal dishes instead of special ones. She knows Isami had a white fish for lunch, so she asks the chef to cook a different kind of fish for dinner.

When Haru serves dinner for Isami at night, his first response is “it’s simpler than I thought” lol. Isami wants to know her reason for choosing this menu, and Haru answers it’s because she thinks Isami wants to eat a lot after work.. so she prepares spicy dishes and balances them out with vegetables. Tonight Isami comes home straight from work, and she thinks he might be looking forward to see her failing — which is true lol. Haru is afraid that she really failed the task, but Isami is actually impressed. Especially since he received a report that a “suspicious girl” came to the base and asked about his lunch menu today. xD As the reward for her effort, Isami finally gives Haru his room key. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He also admits that he doesn’t have any specific menu in mind, because he only gave her the task to see how far she’s willing to go for him. She exceeds his expectations, and he happily eats the dinner she prepared for him.

June 4

In the morning, Isami takes Haru to go out. Genichirou’s birthday is coming closer, so he needs to buy some stuff and think of a way to use his 1000 yen. Of course he needs to bring those 1000 yen along, and that’s why he’s taking Haru along — to carry the ultra-heavy money bag lol. Since Isami has no idea what to buy for Genichirou’s birthday present, he asks what Haru would do if she’s in his position. She has to imagine that she has 1000 yen in hand, and she needs to use it to entertain Isami or else she’s fired. Haru simply answers it’s impossible for her to imagine since normally people won’t give that much money just to entertain themselves, and this makes Isami realize that Genichirou is asking them to do impossible things on purpose. Haru quickly adds it’s just her opinion, but she thinks there must be a reason why Genichirou suddenly gave his sons that much money. After hearing Haru’s answer, Isami says he’ll try changing his way of thinking and takes her to go back home. He’s been thinking about what he can do with his 1000 yen, but that might be wrong.

June 7

Today is Genichirou’s birthday, and his sons give him special presents:

Tadashi: a personal slot in their bank’s underground vault.
Isami: an expensive wine.
Shigeru: a copy of Yasuda’s customer list.
Susumu: a copy of the Tokkou division’s schedule.
Hiroshi: a handmade alarm.
Masashi: Teito Touei Electricity’s internal document.
Mamoru: “Kayama is also negotiating with other people tonight, in Akasaka.”

…this present list lol.

Genichirou laughs saying he’s having a good birthday this year, and he soon excuses himself to go out with Heisuke. After Genichirou leaves, Mamoru tells his brothers that Genichirou is planning to buy Teito Touei Electricity from Kayama.. and this information is more than enough for Isami to know that Genichirou is plotting something indeed.

June 11

In the morning, Haru asks if Isami feels any changes after she became his personal maid. She wants to know, because she wants to be useful to him. Sadly, Isami says the only difference is that Haru can ask him questions freely now. He relies on her because she’s always staying near him as his personal maid — it’s as simple as that. They celebrate Mamoru’s birthday that night, but again, Genichirou leaves the dining hall when Kisuke comes to report. The contents of the report is about Mamoru’s plan for the grand opening day, and Genichirou already has an idea how to stop Mamoru from ruining his plan.

Kisuke stops by the servants’ quarter after that, and he notices Haru looking sad inside. When Kisuke asks her what happened, Haru says it’s because her relationship with Isami doesn’t change even after becoming his personal maid. Haru believes a personal maid’s role involves more than just serving his / her master, and she feels like a regular maid around Isami. While Haru thinks there’s a problem with her approach, Kisuke points out it’s probably because she’s worried about the matchmaking that might come in summer. She admits it might be true since she won’t be able to refuse, and she wonders if it would be better if she refused the position like Tae suggested. Kisuke says it depends on Isami himself, but he’s willing to help and tells Haru to leave everything to him.

After that, Kisuke goes to talk to Isami. First he informs Isami about Mamoru’s plan, and he also gives Isami an important hint: “Mamoru and a certain servant will play an important role on the 25th.” Kisuke can’t spill the details because he works for Genichirou, but he warns Isami to be careful. Especially since Haru, who doesn’t know anything about this case, will be coming to the grand opening too. It was Genichirou who assigned Haru to be Isami’s personal maid, but Kisuke wants Isami to know that she’s starting to lose confidence for the position. That, and she won’t be able to refuse if her family receives a matchmaking offer again. Just as Kisuke expected, Isami responds with “I don’t care about her confidence, and I’ll just use her until she gets married!” Before leaving, Kisuke only asks Isami to listen to Haru’s worries every once in a while.. even though Isami doesn’t understand why.

June 13

When Haru goes to wake Isami up in the morning, she finds him gone from his room. Isami is actually in Mamoru’s room — forcing him to reveal his plan — and Mamoru only laugh saying it means Genichirou probably already noticed too. Mamoru explains that Genichirou wants to buy Teito Touei Electricity, and that company already bought two railway companies before. He doesn’t know what Genichirou is planning to do from here, so he wants to figure it out by leading Genichirou to think that he’s going to kill Kayama on the 25th. Of course Mamoru won’t attack Kayama for real, because he only wants to see Genichirou’s reaction. If he comes to stop Mamoru, then it means the deal is really important to him. If Genichirou ignores him, then Mamoru will just pretend to attack without shooting Kayama for real. In order to gain Isami’s trust, Mamoru then gives Isami his gun and tells him to keep it until the grand opening. He can take out all the bullets too if necessary. Isami finally agrees, saying their objective for now is to see Genichirou’s reaction towards the deal.

Later on, Haru finally finds Isami when he walks out of the entrance. She asks where did he go earlier, but he coldly replies with “none of your business”. (´・ω・`) While Haru clearly has something to say, she decides to keep quiet and accept his answer. Isami also says nothing between them has changed, but based on Kisuke’s information, he orders Haru to stay in the mansion on the 25th. Even if Chitomi tells her to come along, he wants her to refuse because she will only “be a hindrance” there. Haru is his personal maid and his order is absolute, so if she’s not listening.. Isami is going to remove her from the position. Of course Haru feels sad because of Isami’s harsh words, but she obeys and sends him off to work.

June 17

At noon Hiroshi sees Haru in the hallway and goes to talk to her, but she looks really sad and starts crying when he asks her what happened. Soon Susumu comes to see what’s going on, and Hiroshi quickly explains it wasn’t him who made her cry. It’s definitely Isami no matter how they look at it. That night, Isami comes home and gets really pissed because Haru isn’t around to welcome him back. What he gets is an angry Hiroshi and Susumu instead. They’re definitely not pleased about how Isami has been treating Haru, because she’s doing her best to make Isami proud as her master — even though her time is limited. At first Isami keeps saying “She’s my personal maid, I can do whatever I want to her!”, but he’s shocked when both Hiroshi and Susumu say “If you don’t need her, then release her. We’ll take her.” Before they can leave to talk to Genichirou about this, Isami suddenly stops them saying Haru belongs to him. (❤ฺ→艸←) Susumu throws more provocations by saying “Haru will be happier to become my personal maid instead of yours”, and as the result.. Isami punches Susumu, yells “She’s my personal maid! I won’t give her to you!”, then runs off inside the mansion lol.

The moment Haru comes out to greet him, Isami drags her to his room and forces her to spill out all of her worries — “Susumu wants to take you, but you belong to me! I won’t allow you to leave me! Now say it!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru then admits she wants to do her best for Isami, and she wants to be a personal maid he can trust. Even though she might have to leave before he can trust her, Haru still wants to give it her all while she’s still here.. but she’s losing confidence because of how Isami treats her. Whenever he says other servants can take her position easily, she feels more and more insignificant.

After hearing this, Isami clearly says Haru is his personal maid and that will never change. All she needs to do is to serve him and listen to his orders. She doesn’t need to worry about the problems that occured between them, because it hasn’t been a month ever since she became his personal maid. There’s still no trust between them, so it’s natural if they have problems to face. From now on they’re going to overcome any obstacles together, and they will trust each other more over time. Despite her worries, Isami tells Haru that she has grown and made one step forward today. She might be facing problems right now, but he wants her to do her best to be confident someday. Haru thanks Isami saying she’ll continue to work harder, and finally he smiles saying “I’m expecting a lot from you.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Right after Haru leaves, Isami goes “I have to be really careful of Susumu” LOL.

June 18

When Susumu greets Isami and Haru today, Isami instantly guards Haru and tells Susumu not to come any closer. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Isami takes Haru to Ginza at noon, and he keeps grumbling about Susumu along the way lol. Isami is still under the idea that Susumu and the others want to steal Haru from him, so he makes a plan to keep their hands off her — “starting from today, you’re not allowed to talk to anyone else!” xD She asks why does it bother him that much, and he honestly answers “because I don’t want them to snatch you away from me!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Of course Haru can’t ignore the brothers or else she’ll get fired for sure, so she asks Isami to trust her. She will never leave him to become someone else’s personal maid, and even if Genichirou orders her to do so, she will come to discuss with Isami first.

Since Isami wants something as a proof of her promise, Haru then gives him a hair tie that her mother made for her. She received it before she went to Teito, and it’s really important to her. This is the first time Isami ever touched a hair tie, so he gets curious and tries stretching it as far as possible.. until the hair tie snaps into half. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Isami quickly says they can buy a new hair tie for her, but he suddenly feels really bad when Haru finally goes “…it was really important (´・ω・`)” after a long, LONG silence lol. Just then Toki notices them standing on the street, and she asks what did Isami do because Haru looks like she’s about to cry. Isami can’t say anything because he feels guilty, so in the end Toki drags both of them to the parlor lol.

After hearing everything from them, Toki says it’s obviously Isami’s fault. Isami keeps saying he already apologized, but since Toki knows he doesn’t understands, she asks “what would you do if someone blows your emblems into pieces?” It doesn’t work though, since he replies with “I’ll slash and kill that person.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Haru says it’s okay because it’s just a hair tie after all, but Toki doesn’t stop there because Isami needs to know how much Haru wants him to trust her. She also tells Isami that servants are humans as well, and what he’s doing to Haru is just the same as the evil witch from his favorite fairytale — Snow White lol. They can’t replace Haru’s precious hair tie, but Toki wants Isami to at least buy a new one for her. Isami answers with “I know! I’ll prepare a new one for he–” and Toki slaps him saying “NO! YOU GO AND BUY IT YOURSELF! Haru, make sure Isami buys a new one for you.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Then Isami drags Haru outside to buy a new hair tie. OMG Toki is so awesome. xD

June 24

In the morning, Isami informs Haru that he’s going to have dinner in Yasuda with his brothers tonight. Mamoru is going to explain his plan for tomorrow, so they can’t discuss about it in the mansion. Since Haru receives no order to follow Isami to the grand opening, she’ll be staying in the mansion tomorrow — just as he ordered. By now Haru already realized that something dangerous will happen tomorrow, and Isami admits it’s probably true.. though they don’t know what’s going to happen. At night, Mamoru reveals the details of his plan to his brothers. They still have no idea what Genichirou truly wants to achieve, though Masashi drops a hint here: “Isn’t it the railways?” Hiroshi is afraid that Mamoru will shoot Kayama for real, but Isami tells him they have to trust Mamoru for now. He already took out all the bullets from Mamoru’s gun, and if something happens, he’s going to stop it with his own hands.

June 25

Just as Isami suspected, Chitomi drags Haru to the grand opening today. Genichirou ordered all of the servants to come along, and Chitomi won’t listen to any excuses because Genichirou determines the rules in the mansion. Haru the goes to inform Isami about this, and he has no choice but to let to come along.. though it also deepens his suspicion towards Genichirou. The moment Genichirou starts his grand opening speech, Mamoru tells his brothers to stay in the hall while he sneaks out to carry out the plan. Of course Mamoru’s gun is completely empty, and since he won’t be able to fight back if someone appears to attack him, Isami decides to follow him while Susumu stands guard near the entrance. As soon as Mamoru takes out his gun, suddenly Hideo appears and points his gun towards Mamoru — telling him not to move. If they want to know why Genichirou insists to bring all the servants along, it’s because it would be suspicious if he only takes Hideo.

Before Mamoru could say anything, Hideo shoots him and escapes. Hideo is well-prepared too because his gun is equipped with a silencer, and nobody would even notice that Mamoru got shot here. Nobody except Isami that is, because he was nearby and heard the sound of the gunshot. When Isami and Susumu finds Mamoru, they’re really shocked to see him bleeding on the floor. Isami immediately runs off to chase the culprit, while Susumu stays back to help Mamoru. Susumu also asks who shot him, but Mamoru protects Hideo’s identity by saying he didn’t see the culprit’s face.

Meanwhile, Isami manages to catch up to Hideo. He orders Hideo to turn around and show his face, but Hideo calmly says he already has a backup plan for emergencies like this. He then asks the man nearby — most likely Genichirou’s hitman — to shoot a certain maid who is now standing near the entrance. This leaves Isami with two choices: shoot Hideo and let her die, or let Hideo go and save her life. At first Isami says he’ll kill Hideo with no doubts, but he instantly changes his mind when he heard people screaming from the hall.. because he realized that Haru’s life is in danger. Isami then runs back towards the hall entrance, where he finds Haru looking scared among the crowd. Isami shields Haru just before she got shot, and he quickly shoots back before the man could escape. Haru almost cries upon seeing Isami getting shot on the shoulder, but he tells her “Don’t worry. Leave the rest to me.” |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。*

June 26

Despite his wound, Isami’s already walking around the mansion today. He’s taking a day off from work though, just to be safe. Isami goes to talk to Genichirou about the incident, but of course Genichirou pretends not to know — saying they haven’t captured the culprit yet. He also wonders who ordered the cuprit to shoot Mamoru, and Isami replies with “I hope it’s not you.” xD;; Genichirou only laughs and asks why would he do something like that, and then he stirs the suspicion away by saying the culprit might be Kayama’s man. Mamoru’s plan might have reached Kayama’s ears somehow, so it’s not strange if Kayama already prepared some bodyguards to protect his life. Later on, Genichirou learns from Heisuke that their hitman is now in the police’s custody. It was a backup plan they prepared just in case of failures, so Genichirou didn’t expect Hideo to use it.

After returning to rest in his room, Isami gets bored because he’s got nothing to do. He tells Haru that he actually chose to shoot the culprit at first, but when he heard people screaming from the hall, he suddenly felt really scared. In the end Isami thinks he made the right decision by running over to Haru’s place, and he’s really glad that she’s unharmed. On the other hand, Haru is really worried about Isami. Last year he got shot by Mamoru, and this year he took another bullet to protect her. Isami laugh saying he got hurt quite often even though it’s not a battlefield, but he’s more worried about Mamoru right now — who’s still unconscious in the hospital.

July 1

During the morning assembly, Chitomi announces that Mamoru will return to the mansion on the 14th. He just regained his consciousness a few days ago, but it seems that he wants to go home as soon as possible. The announcement actually surprised Tae, because she’s been visiting Mamoru and yet she never heard about this from Mamoru himself. Haru is thinking of visiting Mamoru with Isami now that he’s awake, but then she remembers that Isami is going to visit Toki tomorrow.

July 2

When Toki first heard about the incident, she was really surprised. Not only because Isami got shot two years in a row, but also because he got hurt to protect Haru. Isami admits he’s glad he chose Haru over shooting the culprit, since he survived with only one bullet to the shoulder and Haru is completely fine. Obviously Toki finds this amusing, considering Isami always called servants as “trash” and “fools” before lol. She teases him by saying “ooh how surprising~”, but he answers with “it’s because she’s my personal maid”. (❤ฺ→艸←) Since the music festival will take place this month, Toki says she’s going to take Sanae to attend the event this year. It turns out that Isami doesn’t know about what happened to Sanae yet, so Toki explains that the mothers bought the Sumida house just to help Sanae. Isami goes “sorry, can you repeat that? (゚д゚ )” upon hearing this, and Toki laughs saying they just can’t leave Sanae to suffer alone. It’s true that what Sanae did was unforgivable, but as fellow mothers, Toki thinks they all have the responsibility to see their sons’ battle up until the end. Before leaving, Isami laughs saying he’ll answer Toki’s expectations. Toki knows this year’s going to be fun with Genichirou’s new game, but she doesn’t want Isami to do reckless things again.

Outside, Isami tells Haru that Toki finds it surprising that he saved her. Haru admits she was surprised too, but she thinks Isami will surely come to save his personal maid.. even if it’s not her. Despite his strict personality and harsh words, Haru believes Isami isn’t a person who’s picky when it comes to saving people. He won’t turn a blind eye when he sees someone in danger, even if that someone is a mere servant. Haru then guides Isami back to the car, and he keeps thinking about her words on the way home.

July 7

For Tanabata, the servants got their own bamboo tree and tanzaku pack. Tae tells Haru and Hideo to write their wishes quickly because they still have work to do, so Haru quickly writes “I hope for Isami-sama’s safety” on her tanzaku. (*´∀`*) That evening, Iasmi suddenly asks Hideo where the servants put their Tanabata bamboo tree. Hideo tells him it’s in front of their quarter’s entrance, and when he excuses himself, Isami notices that Hideo’s back looks really similar to the culprit’s.. but he pushes the suspicion aside because Hideo is only a servant. Plus, he’s got something more important to do right now — reading Haru’s tanzaku. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Upon reading Haru’s wish, Isami sighs saying she doesn’t understand him after all. Why would she make such a wish? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Isami then gets an idea, and he scribbles something on Haru’s tanzaku before leaving.

Later on, Tae notices that someone overwrote Haru’s wish. Haru is surprised and goes over to read it, and that’s when she finds “to become the no. 1 maid in the country” written on her tanzaku. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s pretty clear who did it, because Haru still remembers Isami’s handwriting from the survey sabotage lol. Well.. that, and because there’s a small message on the corner: “P.S. Staying as my personal maid is a requirement.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡

July 9

Today Isami goes to visit Mamoru in the hospital. When he comes home later, he informs Haru that Mamoru is recovering just fine. He can talk with no problems, so they’re going to hear him out once he gets released from the hospital. Haru is glad to hear that Mamoru is okay, and it reminds her that she wished for Isami’s safety too. Until a very certain someone overwrote the wish on her tanzaku. Isami denies it saying there’s no proof that he did it, and he stirs the topic away before Haru can ask any further lol. Isami wants Haru to be careful from now on, but he also promises to protect her as long as she’s staying as his personal maid. While Haru feels happy with Isami’s concern, she also finds it odd because normally people won’t protect their personal servants.

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou reminds everyone about the music festival on the 18th. Hiroshi isn’t too excited since they always force him to play violin every year, but Shigeru has a wondeful idea for this year’s festival. When Mamoru enters the dining hall later, Shigeru announces that the seven of them should perform together! \(^o^)/ Since they need money to buy all the necessary musical instruments, Susumu then decides to use his 1000 yen so they can make an orchestra to entertain Genichirou. Obviously Mamoru is confused since he just came home from the hospital, but Isami is ready to take the challenge. Aside from dragging Tadashi (who’s about to run away) to participate, he also tells his brothers to practice hard for the festival — they only have four days to master everything.

After dinner, Isami tells Haru that he’s going out tomorrow morning. Susumu doesn’t know any music teachers who can guide them, so Isami is going to ask for Toki’s help. He’s going to start training tomorrow night, and he wants Haru to wake him up at 5 AM starting from the day after tomorrow. He’s sacrificing his sleeping hours for training lol.

July 15

When Isami informs Toki about their upcoming orchestra, her response is “musical instrument? you? ahahaha!! ah that was fun, now let’s go to work.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Somehow Isami manages to convince her that he’s serious, even admitting that doing something together with his brothers is actually a good idea. They’re going to perform in front of Genichirou, so failure is not an option. After making sure that Isami is really REALLY serious, Toki finally agrees and says she’ll do her best to help.. and she won’t forgive them if they fail. xD

Isami rushes back to the mansion after work, and Haru informs him that his cello teacher has been waiting in the guest room. She tries to explain that there’s something wrong about the teacher, but Isami doesn’t listen because they have no time to waste. The moment he enters the guest room, Isami finds his cello teacher waiting inside — a foreigner who speaks 100% in German and doesn’t understand Japanese at all. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Needless to say the practice session turns into a disaster, but as if that’s gonna stop Isami from practicing. After telling Haru not to enter his room until he’s done, Isami drags his cello teacher to practice inside. The teacher isn’t impressed at how violent Isami handles the expensive cello, but he’s shocked when Isami suddenly starts speaking to him in German. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Just in case you forgot, Isami learned German just to read Snow White. 8D Isami admits he can’t read musical scores at all, so in this case “practice” means remembering and mimicking how the teacher plays the cello lol. The teacher likes how Isami takes on this challenge, and he finally agrees to show Isami how to play a cello properly.

From the hallway outside, Haru can hear a beautiful melody coming from Isami’s room.

July 18

After spending the last three days practicing like monsters, the brothers finally perform their orchestra in the music festival tonight. The mothers are worried because their sons only had four days to prepare, but the orchestra turns out to be much better than they expected. Their performance is good enough to impress Genichirou, who enjoys watching his sons working together. Toki is surprised too because she never knew Isami can play the cello so well, and she thinks her son’s performance tonight is such a rare sight.

July 23

Since the weather is really nice and sunny outside, Shigeru says the seven of them should go out together today. Hiroshi says he wants to go to the beach, and ignoring Masashi’s protests, Isami orders his brothers to prepare right away — they’re going to the beach. ィェヽ(*´∀`*)ノィ Masashi doesn’t need to worry about the crowd too, because Isami is being a nice big brother today by chasing people away from the beach lol. There’s no one else in the beach except for them and Haru, so they can have a lot of fun today. Tadashi and Mamoru are absent though, since Tadashi is busy with work and Mamoru still has to rest in bed.. which is why Hideo and Tae are absent as well. Isami tells Haru to wait on the beach while he goes swimming in the sea, but after a while he comes back to splash water on her because she looks so bored. xD While Haru can’t swim or play with them, she says she feels thankful to Isami for taking her along. As a maid Haru rarely gets the chance to leave the mansion other than for shopping, so Isami then replies with “from now on I’ll take you along whenever I go out.” ε-(*´∀`|萌| Haru excitedly asks if it’s true, but when Isami says it’s a lie, she says he really loves tricking and teasing her lol.

Isami: “When did I ever tease you?”
Haru: “I still remember your snake lie.”
Isami: “Ugh..”
Haru: “My precious hair tie..”
Isami: “That issue is done and over with!”
Haru: “..and my Tanabata wish!”
Isami: “That’s because you wrote stupid things! I didn’t deceive you!”
Haru: “So it was Isami-sama after all.”
Isami: “……….”


Isami sighs saying Haru is messing with her master, but then he tells her to hold out her hand and puts beautiful seashells on her palms. He saw them when he went diving earlier, and he took them just for her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru thanks him and asks why did he go that far just for her, and Isami answers “because you’re my personal maid”. ♥ Haru then says she’ll go and watch them from afar since the waves are splashing towards her, but before she can walk away, Isami suddenly grabs her and lifts her up sayings she doesn’t have to worry about getting wet this way. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Ignoring Haru’s protests, Isami says she’s really light and asks if she’s been eating properly. Haru quickly answers she does and begs him to put her down, but Isami only laughs and keeps teasing her instead.

Meanwhile, in the background, Hiroshi and the others are going “having Haru as a personal maid is so nice” and “those two are so close” lol. Oh, and Masashi? His fabulous sand castle got washed away by the waves. Poor kid. xD

July 26

From Kisuke, Haru and Tae learn that Shigeru is booking this year’s fireworks festival for the Miyanomori family only. Haru goes to buy a magazine for Genichirou after that, and she finds Isami looking at the fireworks festival cancellation flyer in Ginza. Obviously Isami isn’t pleased to see his personal maid walking around alone, but he can’t do anything because Haru is here based on Genichirou’s order lol. However, Isami gets pissed when Haru tells him that Shigeru booked the fireworks festival. Isami then decides to drag follow Haru to the bookstore so she can buy Genichirou’s magazine after that, but before she goes to the counter, she notices him looking at a book titled “This Year’s Perfect Fortune-telling ~Ultimate Edition~” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Isami quickly puts down the book when Haru read the title out loud, but she secretly buys it for him and gives it to him once they’re outside. xD

At first Isami goes “as a soldier I can’t be curious about this kind of stuff!”, but he instantly gets absorbed when Haru starts reading his fortune from the book lol. Isami is impressed because the book is extremely accurate, but then Haru admits it was all a lie. She made up the fortunes based on the events he experienced this year, so of course it’s accurate lol. This causes him to go “how dare you deceived me!”, and she runs away after leaving the book in his hands. LOL HARU. I love how you’re handling Isami. グッジョブ!!Σd(・∀・ *)

Before returning to work, Isami feels that someone is staring at him. He pushes the thought aside thinking it’s just his imagination, but well.. it’s not. Hideo is watching him from afar.

July 30

When Haru comes to ask for his schedule, Isami tells her that the servants will probably come to the fireworks festival as well. Haru is delighted even though she will be coming for work, and she happily says becoming Isami’s personal maid gives her a lot of fun experience. The subject of personal maids reminds Isami of what Haru said after the grand opening — that he will save his personal servant even if it’s not her. Back then he chose to shoot the culprit, but when he suddenly heard people screaming, the only thing on his mind was “I have to protect Haru”. Similar to his first war, the incident proves that people can change their minds when they’re thrown to experience a new situation.. and so Isami thinks the most important thing is experience itself. Haru agrees saying she always thought being a personal maid would make work easier, but it turns out to be harder than she expected. Of course Isami protests saying he’s an understanding master who listens to her worries, and so Haru pulls out his yukata to change the topic lol.

Before Haru leaves his room, Isami asks if she’s going home for summer break. Isami is being really vague, but Haru knows he’s actually thinking of her potential matchmaking. When Isami tells her to report to him if she receives any matchmaking, Haru sadly admits that she actually wants to keep working. She wants to experience more things with him, have fun with him and overcome obstacles together with him, but she doesn’t have any choice. If her family receives any matchmaking offer in summer, she won’t be able to refuse anymore. Or else she will only cause problems for her family.

July 31

After the exam, Haru goes to report the result to Isami. Right after she knocks on his door, he suddenly comes out going “you passed right?” with that intimidating stare of his lol. She asks if he’s been wondering about her exam result, and he admits he was curious — because she’s his personal maid. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

August 1

At noon, Kisuke notices Isami absorbed in thoughts in the hallway. When Kisuke comes over and asks him what’s wrong, Isami honestly answers “I was just thinking about Haru.” xD The reason is, of course, Haru’s arranged matchmaking. Isami knew someday Haru will leave him to get married, but he suddenly feels really complicated when she directly tells him that she’s going to accept the next matchmaking. Kisuke then asks if Isami actually doesn’t want Haru to quit, and upon seeing Isami not answering right away, Kisuke says this isn’t like the Isami he knows. Isami always does whatever he wants to do, so if he doesn’t want Haru to quit, he’d go and stop her matchmaking. Last year he did stop Haru’s matchmaking with his brothers, but this year Isami doesn’t think he can do the same thing.. and he doesn’t understand why.

In order to help Isami and Haru, Kisuke then goes to discuss this with Shigeru. \(^o^)/

August 5

Today Mamoru goes to meet his editor in Ginza, and Tae caught Hideo spying on them from the shadows. This leads to Tae confronting Hideo with Haru’s help, and Hideo is forced to reveal that he was recruited to work for Genichirou. Back in April, Hideo was actually working for a group of performers. He has a different approach towards acting, and the chairman fired him because in his eyes, Hideo can’t even do a minor role properly. That’s when met Heisuke — who had been watching him right from the start. Genichirou will buy the entire group and make him the chairman as the reward, so Hideo accepted the request because he was desperate to get people to appreciate his acting. The revelation causes Haru to get into an argument with Hideo, and he ends up slapping her before running away.

That evening, Isami comes home with a gift-wrapped present. Earlier he met Toki on the way home, and she asked him to hand the present to Haru. They find a beautiful yukata inside, and Isami laughs saying it must be because he told Toki about the fireworks festival. Isami happily tells Haru to wear the yukata to the festival, but then he suddenly turns quiet and asks her to show her face.. because he notices that her cheek is swollen. Since Haru won’t tell him who slapped her, Isami says he’ll just find out on his own and make sure the guy is dead. He runs off to the servants’ quarter after that, where he yells “which one of you hit Haru!? come out!” in the hallway.

The moment Hideo comes out, Isami punches him saying Haru is his and so nobody is allowed to touch her. Isami then pulls out his sword to slash him, but Hideo doesn’t care anymore since everything is over for him. His mission to act as a servant has failed, and his chance to stand on a stage is forever gone. Upon hearing this, Isami realized that it was really Hideo who shot Mamoru and sent the hitman to attack Haru. Hideo won’t reveal his client’s identity, though he believes Isami should have known by now. He’s also ready to face death if Isami wants to kill him, but Isami says the punch is enough to make him pay for slapping Haru. Hideo knows his life will be in danger once he leaves the mansion, so he tells Isami to be careful too before he finally walks away.

August 6

In the morning, Chitomi informs everyone that Hideo already quit because of an urgent reason. She feels sad knowing Haru will probably be the next to go, and Haru sadly says she’ll talk to Isami if she receives any arranged matchmaking. The brothers are discussing about Hideo and Genichirou during breakfast, but Isami only stays quiet before returning to his room. It reminds Shigeru that he has a plan to help Isami and Haru, and he needs his brothers’ cooperation too.

When the fireworks festival starts, everyone immediately goes to their “assigned positions” so Isami can be alone with Haru. Since Shigeru needs time to prepare the “special seat” for them, Mamoru and Tadashi are distracting Isami by taking him to get some drink. When Haru comes in her yukata later, Isami is already waiting for her on the hill. He says her yukata is “okay” since Toki’s taste is different from his, but he allows her to sit beside him for tonight. (❤ฺ→艸←) Isami honestly tells Haru that he feels complicated about her matchmaking, even though he believes marriage would be for the best — both for her and for the country. He still can’t figure out the reason, but one thing for certain is that he can’t have anyone else as his personal maid. It has to be her. They also notice Haru’s old survey form lying near Isami’s feet, and this makes him start wondering what she truly means for him. Haru is happy with Isami’s feelings and says it might take time until she can truly be the only personal maid one in his eyes, but he looks away saying she won’t be around for that long. Normally Isami wouldn’t give a crap about a maid’s matchmaking, so he has no idea why Haru’s matchmaking is bothering him so much.

As they look up at Shigeru’s fireworks in the sky, Isami asks “Haru, if you leave me I won’t be able to protect you anymore. Are you okay with that?” She replies with “Is that because I’m your personal maid?” and he says yes, so Haru repeats what she said back after the grand opening. She still thinks Isami will save anyone in that situation — it doesn’t have to be her — but here, Isami clearly answers “No, I think it’s because it was you.” Shigeru uses this perfect timing to push Haru from the shadows, and she stumbles towards Isami just as planned. Haru apologized thinking Isami will get angry, but instead.. he hugs her saying “I finally understand it now. I don’t want to lose you. I won’t allow you to leave me. Serve me only. I won’t hand you to anyone.” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

When Haru tells him that she won’t be able to refuse any matchmaking, Isami finally says he’s coming to her hometown as well. He doesn’t want to let go of her, and he has absolutely no doubts about this. (*´∀`*) They can hear Hiroshi and Masashi whispering from the shadows, but Isami doesn’t care and tells Haru not to worry. He’s going to talk to her parents, and she should leave everything to him.

August 12

In the morning, Haru informs Isami that she will be leaving on a train tonight. Isami says he will come to her hometown in a few days, so she should just wait patiently at home — he’s going to take care of everything. During dinner, the brothers are discussing about Genichirou’s real objective when suddenly Chitomi rushes in saying Genichirou has just collapsed earlier. Isami and Tadashi go to check his condition, but they’re surprised to see Genichirou looking just fine. He says he only felt dizzy because of fatigue, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s getting old.. so one of them has to take over his role soon. Isami still can’t figure out Genichirou’s real objective, but he’s sincerely wishing for Genichirou to stay healthy until the end. After that he leaves so Genichirou can get some rest for tonight.

Meanwhile, Haru and Tae are getting ready to take the night train. Tae keeps denying that she wants to come along, but Haru says she needs Tae by her side this year. Haru is afraid that she might lose control and refuse the matchmaking on the spot, so she wants Tae to scold her and drag her back to the right path if that happens. Isami’s plan to come along surprised them though, and Haru wonders what will happen when he arrives.

August 13

During breakfast, Isami informs his brothers about his trip to Haru’s hometown. He also asked Tadashi to make reservations in Oboro-tei earlier, and when Susumu asks for the reason, he honestly answers “to stop Haru’s matchmaking” lol. Of course Mamoru doesn’t get why Isami would go that far for a maid, but Isami replies with “She’s my maid. If she gets married she’ll have to quit, so that means marriage isn’t necessary to her.” Isami, your logic. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Masashi points out that Haru’s family will probably be ignored by the villagers if Haru refuses the next matchmaking, but Isami says it’s not a problem — he’ll “take care” of them. This is so frightening coming from Isami, so Shigeru stops him from doing anything violent lol. However, Tadashi soon comes saying he can’t make any reservations. Oboro-tei is closing down, and the new inn nearby is fully booked. Isami won’t let anything stop his plan though, and this is what he comes up with:

Isami: “Closing down? Alright, I’ll buy that inn.”
Tadashi: “Huh..?” (゚д゚ )
Mamoru: “Ahahaha! What a great idea!”
Isami: “Shut up! We need to act fast! Tadashi, go buy the inn! Quickly!!”

..and Isami’s buying it with his own money too, not the 1000 yen he got from Genichirou LOL. Since Oboro-tei now belongs to Isami, he’s inviting his brothers to come along for a hot spring trip like last year. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

At night, Haru finally asks her parents if they received any matchmaking offers. The number has decreased since she refused one last year, but there’s still one family that wants Haru’s hand in marriage. They’re going to visit on the 15th. Haru is surprised since it’s so sudden, but apparently her parents arranged the matchmaking on purpose knowing Haru will be home that day. Both Haru and Tae then explain that Isami will be present too, because he doesn’t want Haru to quit as his personal maid. Haru’s parents are surprised since Haru just can’t refuse or else it means trouble, but Tae helps convincing them to at least hear what Isami has to say. An arranged matchmaking doesn’t mean Haru will definitely marry the man, so they shouldn’t jump into conclusions at this point.

August 14

When the brothers arrive in Oboro-tei, the previous owner expresses his gratitude to Isami. Even though Isami is now the official owner, he’s leaving the management for the previous owner to handle. They need to think about new management methods though, or else the inn will go bankrupt again. While his brothers are enjoying the hot spring, Isami is thinking about the “final battle” with Haru’s parents tomorrow. xD

As they take a walk at night, Tae asks what Haru actually wants to do. Tae has no idea what plans Isami has in mind, but she wants to hear how Haru truly feels. Does she want to keep working as Isami’s personal maid? Without a doubt, Haru answers “of course!” She wants to understand Isami more, and even though she’s a bit reluctant, she says she will keep serving him forever. Even if he gets married someday. Tae is also planning to serve Mamoru forever, but her dedication is different from Haru. She has no intentions to understand Mamoru, since following orders perfectly is good enough for her. Tae also believes Isami is willing to go this far because it’s Haru he’s dealing with. Tae knows Isami wouldn’t do the same if his personal maid is her and not Haru.

August 15

Before the matchmaking starts, Tae takes Haru’s little sisters to go shopping. Haru’s parents mention that they’re going to meet a man from the Onoda family today, but Haru didn’t pick up the hint.. until Hideo shows up at her doorstep. Before both Haru and Hideo can recover from the shock, suddenly Isami comes through the front door going “excuse me, is Haru here?” xD He’s wearing a suit and looks really neat today, and he’s also surprised to find Hideo inside. They have a lot of things to sort out, so the three of them then sit down to explain everything to Haru’s parents. Just like what Tae and Haru said before, Isami is here to stop this arranged matchmaking.. and he wastes no time by asking them to cancel the idea right away. Of course Haru’s parents also have their own condition, so her father explains that it’s already Haru’s third matchmaking. If she refuses, nobody would want to take her as a wife anymore. Plus, everyone in the village will start whispering and that will stain their family reputation forever. He’s honored that Isami loves Haru as a personal maid, but as a father, he wants Haru to live a happy life. However, Isami’s decision stands firm. He won’t let go of Haru and that’s final, but he’s still thinking of a way to help her family too.

After a long silence, Hideo finally admits that he actually wants to break off this matchmaking as well. He came home because he didn’t have money anymore, but he’s still planning to visit Teito again and restart his acting career from scratch. Their only problem now lies in Haru’s family. While Hideo’s family might be able to cover up this issue, the villagers here will surely make things hard for Haru’s family. Isami didn’t come here with no plans though, because he then suggests Haru’s family to move to Oboro-tei instead. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The manager is looking for some workers to help out at the inn, and they also have a separate house for the staff to live in. The idea surprised Haru’s parents, so Isami gives them some time to think about it. They never thought Isami would go this far just for their daughter, and Isami says he will always get what he wants. It was Genichirou who brought him up this way, but unlike his father, Isami doesn’t want to do things that will make Haru sad. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Isami takes Haru outside after that, and Hideo also leaves saying he’ll ask his parents to cancel the matchmaking.

Outside, Isami says he still can’t forgive Hideo for punching Haru.. but he’s willing to forget the incident since Hideo is cooperating with them. After Hideo leaves, Haru admits that she was beyond surprised upon seeing Isami’s grand entrance earlier. Not only because he arrived at such a perfect time, but also because he’s wearing a suit — the Western clothes he hates so much. Apparently it was Shigeru who helped him get dressed, saying Isami can’t visit Haru’s family with his casual clothes. (*´∀`*) Sadly while Isami is happy now that Haru completely belongs to him, Haru isn’t satisfied with their relationship. She will always be a maid and Isami will always be her master, so she finds it weird if he keeps coming to break her matchmaking. Since Haru keeps trying to argue, finally Isami gives her a clear answer: “I will NEVER marry anyone in my whole life. As long as I have you, it’s more than enough.” Then he hugs her and says she’s special to him, even though she’s only a maid. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru is still concerned because it was Genichirou who chose her and not Isami himself, but Isami says he doesn’t care about the trigger. He needs her and wants her to stay with him forever, and he swears that he won’t ever make her sad or regret her decision. *:..。o(O*´∀`*惚)o。..:* Haru remains silent for a while, but eventually she promises to serve Isami for the rest of her life.

August 16

Following Masashi’s advice, Isami invites Haru’s family to Oboro-tei today. Right now they’re still confused, but seeing the inn directly might be able to help them decide. While her parents are reluctant at first, Haru’s little sisters are totally excited to move and live at the inn lol. Earlier Hideo’s parents contacted them to cancel the matchmaking, but Haru still apologized knowing her family will have a hard time if the villagers start ignoring them. She wants to do something for them, and so she asks them to give Isami’s offer a chance. Haru’s parents finally agree to visit Oboro-tei, and they’re impressed upon seeing how big the inn is. Tae thought Haru’s little sisters will be scared of Isami’s intimidating stare, but they’re running around with excitement when Isami allows them to do whatever they want at the inn. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* They already did everything they can, so from here everything depends on her parents.

That evening, the brothers are impressed since the inn’s food suddenly becomes much more delicious. Haru’s mother is in charge of the kitchen, and Haru happily brings more food when Mamoru asks for seconds. Isami also grows to be even more possessive of Haru after what happened, so he’s totally not amused that Mamoru is giving orders to his maid. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Aside from the delicious dishes, they also notice that the dining wares and sake also become much more classy tonight. When Isami asks who prepared all of this, the manager says it was Haru’s father. Soon Haru comes back to serve them with more food, and she goes Σ(・∀・ ) when Masashi asks for seconds. xD

By the end of the day, Haru’s parents are really happy to hear everyone loves their service. It was tough at first since they’re not used to the inn yet, but now they have more confidence to work in Oboro-tei. They’re going to try working here again tomorrow, and Haru is glad to see her parents enjoying their new job at the inn. Haru’s mother is still worried about her choosing work over marriage though, but Haru says she has made up her mind — she’s going to follow Isami forever.

August 17

Before going back to Teito, Haru informs Isami that her parents agreed to work in Oboro-tei. Isami happily says he’ll take care of the procedures so they can move in right away, but this actually makes Haru feel complicated. At first she doesn’t want to say it thinking Isami will get angry, but eventually Haru admits that she might get the wrong ideas because of his kindness. Up until now both Isami and Haru believed that a servant’s duty is to serve and be useful to their master, and he already went far past that line by helping her family. In conclusion, Haru doesn’t understand what a “personal maid” means to Isami. At the same time, Isami doesn’t get why Haru keeps complaining either. She belongs to him and he does everything for her, so all she needs to do is just to follow him without questioning every single one of his actions. Isami then goes back to Teito ahead of her, and Haru wonders why it’s hard for him to understand her point.. but then she realized it’s only natural. They’re only a master and a maid. It would be weird if he understands what she’s thinking. It’s all her fault for forgetting her place as a maid.

August 21

When Isami comes home at night, he finds Chitomi waiting for him instead of Haru. Chitomi has heard about what Isami did for Haru’s family, and noticing that something happened between them, she asks Isami to tell her everything — she’s going to help however she can. Isami then admits he doesn’t understand why Haru keeps defying him, and he’s under the idea that she’s only troubled by everything that he did for her. Since Chitomi already heard Haru’s thoughts as well, she tells Isami that Haru isn’t being disobedient. It’s just Isami has to remember that he’s a Miyanomori and Haru is a maid, so they can never be anything more than a master and a maid. Chitomi also explains that Haru has her own life. She has things she wants to do, and one day she will fall in love with a man too.. but she’s letting go of those things to serve Isami forever. If Isami can’t act like a good master towards Haru, Chitomi thinks it would be better if he fires Haru and set her free instead.

After thinking about Chitomi’s words for a while, Isami goes to visit Tadashi in his room. Isami then asks Tadashi to take him somewhere else, and so Tadashi drives them to the beach so they can drink under the moonlight. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When Tadashi asks him what happened, Isami tells him what he truly feels towards Haru.. and also what Chitomi said earlier. All this time Isami tries his best to be a good master for Haru, but right now he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Tadashi says it must be because Chitomi notices Isami’s feelings for Haru, and she tries to stop them because of the gap in their social standings. Even though Isami insists that he understands, Tadashi knows he doesn’t realize his own feelings.

Tadashi: “She’s only a maid, why are you that attached to her?”
Isami: “Because she’s mine!”
Tadashi: “No! It’s because you love her!”

Isami is surprised to hear this, but Tadashi says everyone else already knows how he feels. The brothers are actually supportive of their relationship, but Tadashi warns Isami “not to do anything that attracts too much attention” — it might put Haru’s job in danger. Isami is ready to take on anything though, so he replies with “I won’t let that happen. I stopped her matchmaking and I will stop her dismissal too.” Isami feels grateful to Tadashi for opening his eyes, and to show that gratitude, he pushes Tadashi into the sea. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Of course Tadashi won’t let him get away with this, so he grabs Isami and throws him into the water too.. which leads to them pushing each other into the sea. Yes, two men in their 30s having a water fight on the beach at night. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Chitomi will get angry for sure once they get home, but then they laugh saying it feels nostalgic.

August 27

Now that Isami has realized how he truly feels towards Haru, he tells Chitomi that he reached one conclusion: “I’ll do what I want to do. I don’t need anyone else but Haru. If she gets fired, I’ll stop it. If she still has any doubts, we’ll talk and resolve it.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ That night Genichirou is holding a ball for Kayama, but Haru is more important to Isami rather than the ball. When she comes to help him prepare, he also tells her what he said to Chitomi.. but he adds “I don’t want to make you sad, so tell me if something happens.” ゚+o。ドキュ―(*´艸`*)―ン。o+゚ He admits there might be times when he will hurt her, so he wants them to talk and resolve their issues when that happens. Isami then says he’ll do anything to make sure Haru is staying by his side, and Haru is touched that Isami is willing to go that far for her.

Since Mamoru and Masashi have been feeding them with information, the brothers know that the ball tonight is only a cover for Kayama and Genichirou’s meeting. It also means Genichirou already bought Teito Touei Electricity successfully, but Isami is suspicious because he didn’t change the company name. While his brothers are choosing dance partners randomly, Isami walks out of the hall thinking about what he can do to stop Genichirou’s plan. Just as Masashi said before, Genichirou is probably planning to murder Kayama after selling the railways to the government. By then one of them should already be sitting on the head position, so Genichirou will be able to escape after his retirement.

As he walks through the hallway, Isami suddenly notices Heisuke talking to Kayama in a quiet corner. They’re talking about an official “opening ceremony” in October, and Kayama says he’ll gladly attend the event for Genichirou. Isami is listening to their conversation from afar, but he has no idea what “opening ceremony” they’re talking about.

September 1

In the morning, Chitomi announces that Honjouin’s tea ceremony will take place in Kyoto on the 22nd. Genichirou and the brothers will be attending, but the servants are staying back in the mansion. After the assembly, Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her family. The letter basically says that her family is doing well in Oboro-tei, and the inn itself now has much more regular guests thanks to them. They’re not bound by any village rules anymore, so Fumi and Tae can love a free life too from now on. The manage is really grateful to Haru’s family, and they’re all living together in peace. Haru feels glad to hear that her family is living a happy life, and she promises that she’ll do her best to serve Isami forever.

September 5

Today Chitomi suddenly gives Haru the key to Genichirou’s room. From now on Chitomi will be spending most of her time there, so Haru should use the key just in case she needs her. Even though Genichirou told everyone he only collapsed because of fatigue, Haru can’t help but feel worried about him. Later on, Haru enters the servants’ dining hall to find Tae holding a theatre brochure. She hands it to Haru and point out Hideo’s name in the cast list, even though it’s only a minor role. Despite what happened between them, Haru is glad to see Hideo is starting over with his acting career. He helped out with the matchmaking last month, so in the end Haru just can’t think of him as a bad person. Tae then leaves saying she only picks up the brochure as a random trash, but Haru laughs knowing Tae took it back here just to inform her.

September 10

When Isami visits Ginza in the afternoon, he meets Hideo on the streets. Isami wants to know why he’s now back in Teito, so Hideo explains that he joined a new performing group. By the end of August he saw a recruitment flyer, and he got accepted when he applied. Isami is still acting thorny because Hideo sent the hitman to shoot Haru, so Hideo only says “please tell her I said hello” and quickly leaves lol. While Hideo never reveals any details, Isami knows the one who ordered him to attack Mamoru must be Genichirou after all. Isami still doesn’t know what Genichirou wants to achieve, but he can tell that hideo was hired for preventive measures. In the evening, Isami tells Haru about his meeting with Hideo. Recently he also received a report from Oboro-tei’s manager that the inn is doing really well, and Haru says her parents will be happy to hear this.

That night everyone celebrates Hiroshi’s birthday, and Genichirou leaves the dining hall not too long after they had dinner. Isami goes to follow him outside, but before he can call Genichirou, he overhears Heisuke saying “your conditions haven’t improved after all”. The medicines from the doctor only soothes his pain temporarily, but Genichirou says he can’t stop moving now. Despite Heisuke’s pleas for him to visit the hospital, Genichirou refuses saying he’s currently in an important period of time. Even if his life’s on the line, he needs to win this fight. Heisuke then helps Genichirou to walk back to his room, while Isami keeps watching them in silence.

September 14

In the evening, Haru comes to prepare Isami’s clothes for the Kyoto trip. She notices that he’s absorbed in thoughts, and eventually he asks if Chitomi said anything about Genichirou lately. Haru answers that Chitomi has been spending most of her time in his room, and in return, Isami tells her about what he saw on Hiroshi’s birthday. It means Chitomi knew about Genichirou’s health condition as well, and Isami wonders why Genichirou doesn’t tell them anything. Isami also asks if Haru would notice if he’s feeling unwell, and she answers “of course! and I have to stop you, because you’ll go to work despite your health!” ..which is what happened when he got shot back in June lol.

While Haru receives no order to go to Kyoto, Isami tells her to come along with him. Haru isn’t sure about this since they’re going to stay in the Honjouin house, but Isami doesn’t care even if Genichirou or Chitomi will get angry — he just can’t be apart from Haru. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When Haru asks if it’s because he’s worried, Isami replies with “Isn’t that obvious? What if something bad happens to you? I won’t be able to protect you!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Isami is a soldier who might lose his life in the battlefield someday, but Haru is not a soldier and so he won’t let her die. LOL ISAMI I LOVE YOUR LOGIC. xD

September 17

Today Isami goes to visit Toki, and he informs her that Haru will be coming to Kyoto too. Toki finds it weird that Isami wants to take her along just because he’s “worried”, so Isami honestly admits it’s because he’s in love with Haru. He doesn’t really understand love either, because he only knows that he wants to make her his so badly. Toki has been wondering about this for quite a while, but today she finally decides to ask: “you’ve never been in love before, have you?” ..and he replies with “never, is that a problem?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Well of course it’s a problem, because Isami is now experiencing his first love at the age of 33.. with his personal maid. (❤ฺ→艸←) Just like everyone else, Toki doesn’t think they can be together because of the gap in their social standings, but Isami says he’s well aware of that. Haru chose to serve him forever without getting married, and he’s planning not to marry for the rest of his life too — it’s more than enough for him.

The moment he walks out of Toki’s house, Isami immediately tells Haru “seems like it’s my first love..” When Haru asks who is he in love with, Isami simply answers “you”. (❤ฺ→艸←) He then asks if she has experienced her first love before, and he’s shocked when she says she had. Haru points out he’s the one with the wrong order (e.g. playing around with a bunch of geisha before falling in love), so Isami quickly changes the subject saying they need to buy her some clothes for the Kyoto trip lol. Since Haru keeps holding back, Isami then takes her to Hyakkaten and orders the staff to bring out some kimonos for her. He notices that she looks really sad when she says “a Miyanomori like you shouldn’t buy things for a maid like me”, but she quickly covers it up saying it’s nothing. Everything will be just fine if she keeps doing her job properly. In the end Isami buys the most expensive kimono for Haru, and she learns that he prefers bright-colored kimonos rather than the soft-colored ones. He admits he doesn’t really care about women’s kimonos though, because in the end he’s going to take everything off anyway. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Haru sighs saying no wonder Isami doesn’t understand love, since she’s more experienced than him and she still can’t understand the emotion sometimes. xD

After leaving Hyakkaten, Isami asks if Haru still remembers her promise to stay as his personal maid forever. This reminds Haru of her precious hair tie, which makes him go “that’s done and over with!” lol. Isami then admits he wants to give her a tangible proof his feelings, and that’s why he bought the kimono for her. While he also bought some kimonos for some women he played with in the past, his actions towards Haru have a different meaning. Haru gets curious and asks what does her kimono mean then, but Isami blushes and tells her to drop the subject already. (。→∀←。)

September 21

Today Mamoru takes Isami to the garden, saying he wants to talk before their Kyoto trip. The topic is obviously about Genichirou, and Mamoru informs Isami that Genichirou will be holding a ball on October 1 to celebrate the foundation of the Miyanomori Railway Company. Genichirou already released the railway companies for Teito Touei Electricity, and he merged them into a new company under Miyanomori’s wing. Isami realized this is the “opening ceremony” Kayama was referring to, and Mamoru also tells him that Kayama is the chairman of this new company. Tadashi and the others then come to join the discussion, and they come to the conclusion that:

  • Genichirou is using Kayama to raise their company’s value in the government’s eye.
  • Genichirou is going to murder Kayama after that, and the blame will be pinned onto the new head once he retires.
  • Genichirou is planning to escape overseas using the money, since he’s been building a big ship ever since last year.

The brothers know they have to stop Genichirou from killing Kayama, and they have to move fast before something major happens next month. Just before their departure, Heisuke informs everyone that Genichirou can’t join their trip to Kyoto. Isami thinks it’s because Genichirou’s health is dropping, but Heisuke says it’s only because he’s busy with a lot of work — like their new company, for example. Mamoru finds it odd that Isami is concerned about Genichirou’s health, but Isami says he only asked out of pure curiosity. Isami then calls Haru to hurry up, and she rushes into the car after saying goodbye to Chitomi.

September 22

During the preparations for the tea ceremony, Toki asks Haru tp help serving their guests for today. When Haru reluctantly asks Toki about Isami, Toki says her son is so weird and keeps doing things that are far away from normal. Toki then asks how Haru feels towards Isami, so Haru honestly admits that she’s probably in love with him too. Her feelings are still unclear, but she has no intentions to make it clear.. because if she finds out that she loves him, she won’t be able to kill her own feelings. Haru has sworn to serve Isami forever, and she’s aware that loving him will only disturb her duty. Haru’s answer really impressed Toki, who says that she has grown a lot compared to last year. Toki then says she always hated her family, but she can’t run away from her family name. She married Genichirou so she can be free after their divorce, but in the end she’s still a Honjouin even if she lives far away from her family. Even though she’s showing signs of disapproval at first, Toki admits she’s actually looking forward to see how Isami and Haru will handle things from here.

When the tea ceremony starts, Masashi yawns, Hiroshi complains he’s hungry, Shigeru says his feet are numb, Mamoru is sleepy.. and Tadashi is already asleep. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The only ones who are attending properly are Susumu, who’s busy taking care of his brothers, and Isami, who’s busy looking for Haru among the crowd. xD As soon as the tea ceremony is over, Isami goes and asks Toki where Haru is right now. From a Honjouin servant, they learn that Haru actually went out to do some shopping earlier, but it’s been 2 hours and she hasn’t returned yet. After getting the directions from the servant, Isami immediately runs off to look for Haru while Toki sighs at the background. The cause is pretty obvious: Haru must be lost in Kyoto lol. Isami finally finds Haru when it’s already dark outside, and he hugs her saying “why do you leave me? I’m worried sick about you!” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru panicks since they’re in public, but Isami doesn’t care and tells her not to wander off alone again from now on. If she needs to go out, then he’ll accompany her. When Isami finally lets go, he praises Haru by saying the kimono looks really nice on her. (*´∀`*)

Since Haru can’t stay with him 24/7, Isami then says she should stick to him whenever he’s nearby. He admits that he wants to protect her all the time, but whenever she gets out of his sight like today, he gets really worried and panicks instantly. Before, Isami said he still doesn’t know what love means, but he’s starting to understand how it feels like after what happened today. Isami then moves closer and tells Haru to close her eyes, asking if this is her first time. Of course Haru is surprised and asks him why, so he answers “because I want to kiss you, now close your eyes.” キャ—(*ノ∀ノ)—♡ She doesn’t need to worry about their surroundings, since all she needs to do set her eyes on him only. As soon as Haru closes her eyes, Isami finally leans in and kisses her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After realizing how he truly feels, Isami says he can never use Haru as a maid anymore. He doesn’t care about the gap in their social standings, because Haru is everything to him. Isami then says he wants to live with her from now on, but he knows she won’t like it if he throws away his dreams and ambitions.. so he’s going to reach that goal first in order to live with her in the future. Then he finally says “I love you”. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

September 23

After leaving the Honjouin house, Haru remains silent along the way back to Teito. When Isami asks her what’s wrong, she can’t explain it very well.. but right now her heart is beating fast whenever she’s thinking about him. It’s similar to her first love back in elementary school. While Isami doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that, Haru says she’s not allowed to fall in love with him. She’s only a maid, and she won’t be able to serve him with these feelings. Isami then says she’s not a maid anymore, so Haru asks what is she then.. and if she’s really allowed to stay beside him. Haru promises to convert her love into work, and Isami says he understands.

Isami then explains while they’re wondering about what to do with their 1000 yen, something bigger continues to move behind the screen. Before he can strengthen Japan or take care of his relationship with Haru, right now Isami needs to stop Genichirou’s plans at all costs. Even if he becomes the new head later, Isami won’t be able to see Haru anymore if he doesn’t stop Genichirou’s madness. Haru is surprised and asks for the reason, but Isami only tells her not to worry. He can’t tell her the details, but he’ll take care of everything. Right now Isami has a mission to accomplish, and he wants Haru to endure the pain for a while. Once he becomes the new head and gains a promotion, he’s going to take her as his wife.

September 30

Even though Haru passed the exam safely, Heisuke isn’t amused to see her relationship with Isami. He warns her to be careful not to get carried away, and Chitomi also thinks they should make evaluations regarding personal servants. Haru then goes to consult to Tae, who knows really well that Isami won’t listen to anyone. Nobody would object if Isami marries Haru after he becomes the new head, but still.. it’s not a good idea for a Miyanomori to marry a maid. Tae also tells Haru to remember that she’s here to serve Isami as a servant, not to stay with him. Haru refused the last matchmaking and made her parents move to Oboro-tei for that purpose, so she should think about why she’s staying in the mansion — for work!

When Haru goes to report her exam result to Isami, he notices that she looks really sad. She tries to tell him that she needs to stay as a maid forever, but this only causes him to hasten his plan to marry her. He promises to take care of everything next month, asking her to wait until then. He will make her his, and he vows to make her happy.

October 1

Today Mamoru shows Isami a document recording Kayama’s crimes behind the mergers. This means Genichirou already knows about Kayama’s movements, and it seems like he’s planning to use the document to get rid of Kayama forever. If it doesn’t work, then Genichirou will just have to kill him later. Their time is running out because Kayama is probably planning to sell the railway company soon, but they have no proof to evict him.. and none of them has entertained Genichirou enough to get the head position. In order to stop Genichirou’s plan, Isami decides to see Genichirou directly and asks him straight to the point: “father, what are you planning to do with Kayama?” Isami’s direct approach actually amused Genichirou, so he admits that he made the railway company only so they can sell it to the government later. He’s aware that Kayama is probably going to sell the company behind his back, so he prepared the crime list to threaten Kayama later. However, Isami knows that Genichirou has a backup plan in mind.. and in order to use that plan, he needs one of his sons to become the new head first.

When Isami says they’re not born to become Genichirou’s tools, Genichirou laughs and admits he only wants to test his strength against Kayama and the government. Since Isami wants to know what he’s seeking from his successor, Genichirou answers he’s looking for “someone who can surpass him”. Genichirou dismisses Isami after that, but before he can even finish his sentence, he suddenly collapses onto the floor. The sight shocks both Isami and Heisuke, but Isami soon snaps back to his senses and tells Heisuke to call a doctor.

October 2

In the hospital, Genichirou is diagnosed with a deadly cancer. The chances to save his life are very slim even with surgery, and he only has six months to live. Heisuke is devastated upon hearing this, but he covers up Genichirou’s sickness as a simple fatigue in front of everyone. Isami gets the feeling that Heisuke is lying, but he only asks Heisuke to let him know if anything happens. Genichirou, on the other hand, can’t be fooled at all, and Heisuke has no choice but to tell him the truth. Their conversation is actually heard by Isami from outside, and he comes into Genichirou’s room asking them to explain. Even though Genichirou thinks six months are more than enough, Isami is shocked to hear that Genichirou doesn’t have much longer to live. However, Genichirou says a battle is still a battle despite the time limit. They can’t allow this to reach Kayama’s ears, so Genichirou asks Isami to keep this a secret from everyone else.

Ignoring Isami’s protests, Genichirou then challenges him to have a bet. He’s going to sell their railway company and threaten Kayama — killing him if the threat fails — and he wants Isami to stop everything. Including the deal with the government. If Isami wins, Genichirou will give him the head position right away.. but if he couldn’t stop Genichirou from killing Kayama, Isami will lose and Genichirou will take the most important thing for him — Haru. Isami knows he doesn’t have much time left, so he decides to accept the challenge. He will lose Haru if he can’t stop Genichirou, but he needs the head position to marry her as well.

Meanwhile, Chitomi tells Haru that she’s a failure as a personal maid. She already heard what happened from Tae, and she thinks Haru’s half-hearted devotion will only become a hindrance for Isami himself. As a comparison, Chitomi then explains how Genichirou clearly draws a line between his personal maid and his wives. Genichirou treats Chitomi as someone who’s going to serve him until death do them part, but she’s diffeent from all the women he married. Unlike Genichirou, Isami is treating his personal maid as his wife. Haru thinks Isami keeps worrying because she’s unreliable, but Chitomi then says every servant has a different way of serving their master. Chitomi understands that Haru is worried about Isami, but the most important thing for now is for Haru to think about how she truly feels. Of course Chitomi says she’s against their relationship, but that’s her opinion as the head of the servants. As a motherly figure for Haru in the mansion, Chitomi sincerely wishes for Haru to be happy. Haru then starts crying on Chitomi’s arms, and Chitomi says she’ll talk to Isami too about this.

October 5

After Shigeru’s birthday celebration, Isami returns to his room with Haru. She tries to tell him that he doesn’t need to rush their marriage, but he can’t back down now that he has accepted Genichirou’s challenge. Before Haru leaves the room, Isami asks her to come over and hugs her saying she doesn’t need to worry. He’s going to protect her, and he won’t let anyone take her away from his side.

October 8

In the morning, Haru informs Isami that Tadashi and Shigeru are going to Kurenai and Norio’s wedding today. The moment he heard Haru also received an invitation, Isami instantly flips out and goes “what!? you won’t go right?” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru says she’s not going, because right now she’s more worried about Isami more than anyone else. She tells him she doesn’t mind staying as his personal maid forever, but he says that won’t do. He has to obtain everything within this month. When Isami walks out of his room, he finds Genichirou going out in a hurry. It turns out Kayama is starting to make negotiations regarding the railway company today, so they all need to act fast before it’s too late. Isami is about to run out and see Kayama as well, but Masashi stops him saying it’s dangerous. Based on the crime list, Kayama murdered two people after acquiring their companies. There’s a high chance that Isami will become his third victim if he’s not careful, so it’s really risky for him to go alone. Instead, Masashi takes Isami and Susumu to follow Genichirou’s car towards Kayama’s house.

Before Isami barges in from the front door, Masashi stops him again saying Genichirou won’t kill Kayama today. It’s still early for Kayama to sell the company, so he thinks the news might be a trap laid by Kayama to see Genichirou’s real intentions — similar to Mamoru’s plan from before. Masashi then says Isami should move after Kayama’s meeting with Genichirou, and he pulls out a certain document for Isami to use.

Soon after Kayama part ways with Genichirou, Isami comes out to confront him directly. Since Kayama denies the “rumors” about him trying to sell the company, Isami shows him the certain document he got from Masashi earlier — a testimony written by the ex-chairman of a railway company Kayama bought. Or rather, a fake testimony forged by Masashi. While people thinks the ex-chairman died due to overworking, the testimony can prove that he was actually killed by Kayama instead. Kayama turns pale upon seeing this, and Isami warns him not to sell their railway company.. or else he’ll publish the testimony to the public. Knowing Kayama has just became the Prime Minister a few months ago, Isami also says he better focus on his political life rather than filling his pockets with money. Isami then leaves with the testimony, unaware that Kayama is whispering “don’t think you’ll get away with this!” behind his back.

October 12

Isami told Susumu and Masashi to keep quiet before, but today he decided to let their brothers know about what happened with Kayama. Even though Isami managed to stop Kayama from selling the company, they know it also means Isami’s life might be in danger now. They have to do something about Genichirou too, because they don’t know why Genichirou gave an extra challenge only for Isami.. though Hiroshi knows it’s probably related to Haru. Knowing Isami will refuse their help, the brothers then decide to do something for him. Secretly.

October 17

After Isami goes to work, Genichirou suddenly summons Haru to his room. Since Haru doesn’t know anything about their bet, Heisuke explains that Isami will become the new head and gain a promotion if he can stop Genichirou’s plans. However, Genichirou will take Haru as his new wife if Isami loses. What. Seven wives aren’t enough for you..? (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Haru is shocked upon hearing this, especially since Heisuke says they can already see Genichirou’s victory in front of their eyes. As the final blow, Genichirou tells Haru this before dismissing her: “Isami must be really desperate for the head position and the promotion, so much that he’s willing to sacrifice you if he loses.” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Soon after Haru leaves Genichirou’s room, Tae asks her to do some shopping. She’s surprised to see Haru looking so shaken, and even though Haru says it’s nothing, she goes to report this to Mamoru. Just in case.

Later on in Ginza, Hideo and Toki are debating about the latter’s acting when they notice Haru walking nearby. They call her name from afar, but she doesn’t even notice until Toki comes to approach her. Toki asks if something happened between her and Isami, but Haru only says it’s nothing before running away from them.

October 22

Today Chitomi announces a sudden maple leaf-viewing event for everyone, but Tae notices that Haru is still looking down. When she asks if Haru had a fight with Isami again, Haru says she’s just worried about Isami. Haru goes to help Isami’s preparations afterwards, and that’s when she finally asks “why did you make such a bet with danna-sama?” Isami is surprised that she knew about their bet, moreover when Haru says she will have to marry Genichirou if he loses. Haru has been holding back for the last few days, but she can’t stand it anymore. She tells Isami that she’s not a prize they can bet over, and she’s really disappointed that he never told her anything about this. Haru always trusts Isami all the time, so now she’s angry thinking her trust is one-sided. Isami then goes to ask Genichirou why he told Haru about this while their fight isn’t over yet, but Genichirou calmly says it’s just because dying alone sounds so lonely. He wants to die with a wife by his side, even if that wife is a maid. If Isami doesn’t want Genichirou to marry Haru, then he just needs to win their bet. Genichirou also tells Isami that Kayama will be present today, and he laughs saying Isami should be careful. Before he leaves, Isami angrily tells Genichirou that he’ll win the bet even if it costs him his life. Chitomi, who’s in the room as well, is surprised to hear about Genichirou’s plan too, and she tells him that he’s only hurting both Isami and Haru by doing this.

Meanwhile, Mamoru and Masashi are gathering some materials before the even starts. They inform Susumu and Shigeru they have some documents about Genichirou’s past,
and they still have Tadashi’s backup plan if they fail to stop Genichirou. Soon Susumu alerts them that Isami is coming, so they quickly stir the conversation towards Haru instead. Mamoru has received a report from Tae that Haru has been looking really sad lately, and Isami explains to them about what happened with Genichirou earlier. Genichirou’s plan to mary Haru isn’t the only thing he’s concerned about, because Haru was really angry that he didn’t tell her anything. Even though Isami kept quiet because he didn’t want her to worry. Now that they have an excuse to help, Masashi hands the documents about Genichirou’s past to Isami. Mamoru actually went through a lot of trouble to collect them, but they deceive Isami by saying he accidentally brought those documents into the mansion lol.

When Isami greets Kayama in the garden, the latter accuses Isami of deceiving him. He went as far as contacting the ex-chairman’s relatives, and none of them knows about the written testimony. Isami calmly says it’s simply because the testimony was mailed towards a certain person, and this causes Kayama to lose his composure instantly. He quickly controls himself to avoid suspicion, though he remains suspiciously silent when Isami excuses himself.

After leaving Kayama, Isami takes Haru to a quiet place so they can talk in private. Now that he’s calm enough to explain everything, Isami tells Haru that he never thought of her as a prize to bet over. He finally tells her about Genichirou’s plans, explaining that he only accepted the challenge to stop those plans. When Haru asks why he didn’t tell her anything, Isami answers it’s because he didn’t want to involve her in this dangerous case. However, today he learned that leaving her in the dark only makes her sad.. and he promises to tell her everything from now on. Since Haru keeps saying that she’s only a maid, Isami then hugs her saying this is a fight he started for her. He thought he can be with her after clearing this mission, but now he realized she’s the only thing he wants. He can get the head position and the promotion later, but he needs her. Isami apologized for not telling her about the bet, and Haru finally forgives him because he already told her everything now. She asks him to let go since someone might see them together, but he keeps hugging her and asks how she feels towards him instead.

Haru: “Eh! But, oh.. um.. I love you.”
Isami: “I can’t hear you clearly.”
Haru: “I hate you!”
Isami: “Wha– Why!?”
Haru: “It’s a lie, I love you, I’m sorry.”
Isami: “Is it hard for you to say?”
Haru: “Normally people can’t say it that easily!”
Isami: “But I can say it anytime.. I love you.”

OH ISAMI. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

October 26

Today Isami goes to visit Toki. Despite her initial signs of disapproval, Toki accepts Isami and Haru’s relationship right away when he tells her everything. Toki believes Genichirou actually approves too, since he’d pull them apart right from the start if he’s against their relationship. He just wants to mess with his sons lol. Isami understands how Genichirou feels though, and he knows Genichirou wants to win because this will be his last battle. Toki thinks Isami is talking about Genichirou’s retirement, and Isami leaves without telling her about Genichirou’s health conditions.

That night, Haru comes to bring Isami’s dinner to his room. She finds him asleep on his desk, and since he won’t wake up at all, she’s planning to use all of her strength to carry him to the bed. The moment she tries to lift him up, he suddenly says “isn’t it impossible?” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Obviously this really surprised her, so she screams and throws him away by reflect LOL. xD When Haru says she was trying to carry him to bed, Isami bursts out laughing and says guys should be the one to carry girls.. then he lifts her up and wonders where he should carry her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru reminds him to eat dinner first though, and Isami finally puts her down saying he’ll be able to stay with her in just a little longer. Once his fight with Genichirou is over, he’s going to make her even happier.

October 30

Knowing that Kayama is drinking in Yasuda tonight, Isami sends Kisuke to deliver a piece of newspaper for him. The newspaper will be released tomorrow, and Kayama is shocked upon seeing the testimony placed nicely on the page Kisuke shows him. He immediately orders his men to stop all newspaper from being published tomorrow, but Kisuke says it’s the same as admitting his crime. There’s only one way to protect both his reputation and his political career: give the railway company to Isami. At first Kayama refuses saying it’s a shared company with Genichirou, but Isami then enters the room saying he can do it easily as the chairman. Isami will give him the real testimony in addition to stopping the publications, and the only thing he’s asking for is for Kayama to hand over the railway company. While Isami has no proof that he will really stop the publications, Kayama needs to make a decision right now — his reputation is on the line. The testimony only appears in one newspaper for now, but it’s only a matter of time before it spreads into every single newspaper publisher all over the country. Since he has no choice, Kayama finally agrees and Isami gives him the fake testimony.. but not before Kayama signs a contract stating he’s giving the railway company to Isami. \(^o^)/

After Kayama leaves, Tadashi examines the contract and says the railroad company officially belongs to them now. It’s still under Isami’s name for now, so he’ll take care of the procedures and change it to his bank’s name later. They all think the newspaper piece is a fake too, but apparently it’s the real thing made by using Kisuke’s connection to the publisher lol. Kisuke will undoubtedly report this to Genichirou, and since Kayama will attend their ball tomorrow, Isami says he’ll go talk to Genichirou later. Hiroshi asks if Isami will take the head position now, but Isami says he won’t. This case is resolved because the brothers are all working together, so he just can’t take the position for himself. One day he’ll gain the promotion and becomes the new head with his own effort, so he will only take one thing for his victory — Haru.

October 31

When Isami informs Genichirou about what happened, Genichirou admits he didn’t expect his sons’ hidden movements. Since they can’t sell the railway company anymore, Genichirou now doesn’t have any reason to kill Kayama anymore — unless he loves murdering people for no apparent reason. Genichirou laughs saying he’d rather save his stamina for something else, and Isami says he feels glad to have a final battle with him. Genichirou never really talked to his sons before, but this year he feels that he has exchanged a lot of words with them. Even though he lost the bet, Genichirou says he enjoyed the battle with Isami. The bet also makes Isami realize that he will never win without his brothers’ help, and so he’s going to share the victory with them. He doesn’t need the head position nor the promotion, because the only thing he wants is for Genichirou to approve his plan to marry Haru. Genichirou thinks it’s a really small reward, but the finally answers “do whatever you want”. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After thanking Genichirou, Isami goes back to his room and shares the good news with Haru. While Haru is too surprised to react, Isami hugs her and laughs saying “I can marry you now! One day I’ll get the head position and the promotion with my own hands, and I can do it as long as I have you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru says it’s just like a dream, but Isami says she can feel how real everything is from now on. They will be busy with preparations, but for now he needs to report this to his brothers. After all, he won’t be able to go this far without them.

During the ball that night, Isami happily announces to everyone that he’s going to marry Haru. Hiroshi is surprised to hear the news, but they’re all happy for Isami and showers him with congratulatiing words. Isami jokingly apologized to Tadashi since he’s going to marry ahead of him, and Tadashi replies with “u-unlike you, I’m going to marry after becoming the new head!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Isami then leaves to talk to Haru, but here Masashi realized that Kayama is gone from the hall. Knowing that Isami might be in danger, Masashi asks Mamoru and Susumu to search for Kayama as soon as possible. Outside, Isami asks if Haru feels happy tonight. She answer she does feel happy, though a part of her still finds it hard to believe that she’s now engaged to Isami. Just then Kayama appears to intterupt their happy time together, and Isami simply tells him to go away because he’s busy tonight. However, Kayama then pulls out a gun saying this is a “sign of gratitude” for what Isami did to him yesterday. Then he shoots Haru. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻

When the brothers finally found them, Isami is calling Haru’s name and asks her not to leave him. He’s about to attack Kayama, but Mamoru holds him back while Susumu calls for help.. and Tadashi goes out to prepare a car. Along the way to the hospital, Isami promises that he will save Haru — he won’t allow her to die.

Later on, Haru wakes up in the hospital and finds Chitomi beside her. From Chitomi, she learns that Kayama has been captured for shooting her. \(^o^)/ Things were pretty chaotic even for Genichirou, but they’re glad that Tadashi’s bank already bought the railway company from Kayama. Now they won’t have to deal with him anymore. Haru has been asleep in the hospital for a week, and Chitomi tells her that Kayama was actually aiming for her right from the start. Kayama has been holding a grudge against Isami for quite a while, and he learned about their relationship after doing some investigation about Isami. Soon after Haru goes back to sleep, Isami comes to see her condition. He wonders when she will be released from the hospital, but Chitomi says it’s going to take time. Haru’s wound was critical, and it’s a miracle that she’s still alive after receiving such a fatal blow. Chitomi then excuses herself, and Isami asks her to take care of Genichirou before she leaves.

As he watches over the sleeping Haru, Isami promises to take her to the beach again when she recovers. He feels really guilty for failing to protect her, but he won’t ask for forgiveness. Instead, Isami is going to do everything he can for Haru and stay with her forever. Inspired by Snow White and her prince, Isami then moves closer to kiss Haru — wishing she can recover quickly. However, Haru suddenly goes “p-please don’t!” and reveals that she’s actually awake the entire time. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Her wound still hurts and she can’t get up yet, but Haru tells Isami that she’s recovering just fine. When Isami tells her to go back to sleep, Haru says “but it seems like you’ll kiss me again when I’m asleep”, and he replies with a simple “yes”. xD He also asks what she wants to do once she can leave the hospital, and he turns silent when she says “lets visit the parlor again!” ..but then he says “okay” lol. Haru is surprised knowing Isami absolutely hates sweets, but he tells her: “Only I can grant your wishes. Only I can love you.. and only I can make you happy.” Then he kisses her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Extra Ending

In the extra ending, Haru already left the hospital and visits the parlor with Tae. She doesn’t want to spend all day lying on the bed, so she’s walking around even though the wound still hurts a little. Haru actually wanted to return to the mansion, but Isami said she’s not a maid anymore and sent her to live with Toki instead. From Tae, Haru also learns that Isami actually wants to move to Toki’s house too after their wedding. Just then Sanji suddenly comes into the parlor looking for Tae, and since Tae pretends not to know anything, they start bickering until Haru drags them outside lol. It turns out Tae wants to tell Haru that she’s going to marry sanji soon, but she’s having a hard time being honest and ends up running away instead — saying “s-someone like you should just get married! goodbye!” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

When Haru returns to Toki’s house, Isami welcomes her back with “you’re so late! didn’t you say you’re going to talk to Tae? why did it take so long!?” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Toki sighs saying it’s so pathetic for Isami to be so childish at this age, and she gently tells Haru it’s not too late if she wants to change her mind about marrying Isami lol. Toki also says she doesn’t mind having Haru to live with her forever, but Isami then grabs Haru saying they’re going out. Today he came here to see her, not to see and entertain Toki. Upon hearing this, Toki tells Isami not to talk that way to his mother.. or else she’s going to reveal his embarrassing past to Haru. For example, about the time Isami destroyed Tadashi’s award. Tadashi punched Isami after that, so Isami sulked in Toki’s house and refused to go home. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before Toki can reveal more, Isami says “let’s go, it’s dangerous here!” and drags Haru outside. xD

After leaving Toki’s house, Isami tells Haru to return to the Miyanomori mansion next week. He says he already prepared a room for her, but when she asks which room, he answers with “of course in my room! we’re getting married anyway, so we can sleep in the same room” lol. Preparing WHAT room, Isami? (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Genichirou is still alive and kicking as usual, so the brothers decided that they won’t fight over the head position for now. Haru is still worried about Genichirou’s condition, but Isami says they have more important thing to take care of — their wedding. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He’s planning to hold the wedding ceremony on April 1, because it was the first day he met her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Back then he treated her like a useless trash, and after two years, he finally realized that people’s impressions and goals can change over time. Before, Isami also said that experience is important.. but after Kayama shot Haru, he learned that there are things you just don’t want to experience twice. Isami then tells her “starting from april, serve me as my wife!”, but since Haru points out it’s just the same as her maid days, he fixes it and asks “please live with me as my wife!” (❤ฺ→艸←) ..and finally, she gladly accepts his proposal.

When April comes, Isami and Haru finally hold their wedding ceremony. Chitomi helps Haru to wear her shiromuku, and when Haru asks Chitomi to keep taking care of her, Chitomi laughs saying she will be the one serving Haru from now on. After all, Haru is now the family head’s wife. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* That doesn’t change Chitomi’s role in her life though, since Chitomi says she will still scold Haru if she does something wrong. After a while, Isami finally comes and apologized for being late. When she turns around to see him, Haru is surprised to see Isami wearing a new military uniform instead. He happily hugs her saying he just got a promotion, and now he’s a major general in the army. One of the requirements for the position is to get married, but somehow he convinced them to give him the promotion on his wedding day.

From now on Isami will be busy with work, but he promises that he will always come back to Haru’s place safely. Both the promotion and their wedding are not endings in his life — it’s a new start. Haru replies with “I will.. stay.. with Isami-sama..” before fainting, and Isami panicks upon realizing he’s been hugging her too tight. xD On the background, Toki sighs saying that’s what he gets for not holding back his power. Chitomi smiles saying she agrees, but then she adds “Genichirou-sama will be happy.”

Once again, I’m not sorry for the absurd length of this post. Isami is still as dorky as ever, and I want everyone to know how adorkable he is. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Similar to the first HanaIchi, this route shows how Isami slowly changes from a strict, intimidating master to a loyal man who’s totally in love with Haru. The development is really fun to watch, and it’s really nice to see Isami being Isami even after he falls in love. The beach scene, the Kyoto confession scene, the proposal scene — I absolutely love everything from Isami’s route. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ The ending feels more “complete” too compared to the first HanaIchi, because here Isami finally gains the promotion he’s been aiming for.

Oh, but what Chitomi said in the ending is hinting that Genichirou already died.. and somehow it makes me feel a bit sad despite what he did to his sons. He was an awesome man. (´・ω・`)


16 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Isami

  1. “Isami tells Haru that it reminds him of World War II in Europe”
    -Uh, don’t you mean World War I? WWII doesn’t happen later in the Showa Era since the game is still in the Taisho Era.

    Anyway, it’s lovely to see Isami still being a dork. I LOL so hard when I’ve read the part where Tadashi and Isami are fighting in the beach XD XD XD

    I really love how the brother interact with each other. :)

    • LOL you’re right. It was WW I, my brain automatically goes to WW II whenever someone mentions “World War”. Thanks for the correction! :D I think the brothers also deepened their bond here in Kinema, since even though they were pretty close in HanaIchi.. I don’t remember them being this close before.

      Isami and Tadashi will be dorks forever lol. They might grow older each year, but inside they’re only big kids who love helping and screwing each other. xD

  2. “Oh, but what Chitomi said in the ending is hinting that Genichirou already died.”
    — That’s what I’m about to ask when I read Chitomi’s line. ^^;; I feel a little sad about him. Or perhaps Chitomi’s line affected me. ^^;;

    “I want everyone to know how adorkable he is.”
    –You did a good job. ^_^ I’m pretty sure everyone who will read this will know how adorkable he is. <333

    The interaction between the Miyanomori siblings is enjoyable to read. Despite their ages, they're like normal brothers screwing around yet helping each other when one needs help *coughlovelifes*.

    I want to play this game now, the first one and this. T_T Time where are you? D:

    • Glad to hear I can portray how adorkable Isami is. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

      Since HanaIchi and Kinema are 100% dialogues with absolutely no narration / description, the character interactions are GOLD lol. I love how the brothers interact with each other, as well as their interactions with Haru. Despite their age, I think the brothers are all kids at heart. They have that childish side you just can’t resist. Even Susumu and Mamoru too. xD

      If you ever find extra time lying around somewhere, please tell me so I can get them too. ;___;

  3. 王子様~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆Isami is just too cute to resist! I’m still in the middle of ArcanaFam but I should be done soon this weekend, and I’ve been taking peeks at HanaIchi every now and then so that settles it (qq≧∇≦)☆ Awesome review! お疲れさまでした!


    • こちらこそありがとう!
      If they shut down WP like MU, I’m gonna cry a river of tears and flip a thousand tables (ノ・∀・)ノ〃┻━┻

      Have you played the first HanaIchi? I’d recommend marathoning it and Kinema, because playing Kinema actually makes me miss the first HanaIchi too. xD

      • Oh, no, I haven’t played the first one yet, though I was surprised and a little pissed by Masashi for calling Haru ‘trash’ right from the beginning of the game and refused to eat the bento Haru made for him, saying that he won’t eat something that maids made (`へ´*)ノI was like, are you looking for a fight, you brat lol. I’m planning to play it as soon as I finish Arcana, but Debito’s route was a pain since I don’t like him as much as I love Libeta and Nova…

        Argh. This ended up being a wall of rants lol… Sorry (。_。) ゴメン

        • Yesss Masashi is so annoying at first, especially when he flips Haru’s bento onto the ground. I remember going “the heck you’re taking tsundere too far you little brat (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ ” too, but I end up loving him in the end. He’s just a poor, lonely kid who’s too twisted for his own good. xD

          As for Arcana, Debito’s route is pretty touching near the end. :3

  4. Isamiii, he is such a dork but so cute and adorable :) And that CG with the uniform and the gun, *scream like a young girl* lol. I think his route here is better than first HanaIchi.

    • Kinema is like an enhanced version of HanaIchi, so I think everyone has better alternate routes here. HanaIchi was awesome already, so I’m loving Kinema to bits. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ ..and you’re not alone, since I exploded into a fangirl confetti during that gunshot scene lol.

  5. Oh, wow! I’m quite behind! Isami is such a dork, but that’s what makes him so lovable and cute! I can’t believe he bought the inn so quickly. When Mamoru was saying, “Great idea!” was he serious? O_o Plus, someone has been hanging out with geishas faaaaar too long. It so nice to see how Isami changes his attitude and feelings towards Haru, so cute~ I think the routes in Kinema Mosaic feel more complete than the original, which is a good thing! More fan service for us~~

    Kayama freaks me out.

    • Actually, Mamoru was being sarcastic. xD
      I think back in Taisho era playing around with geisha = military soldiers’ “taste”, so everyone in the army love hanging out with them and Isami is no exception lol. This is the only route where Kayama actually attacks Genichirou’s son personally. Maybe Isami pressured him a bit too much lol.

  6. I had a feeling it was sarcasm. ※థэథ
    Hmmm, that seemed to be right, I’ve read Memoirs of Geisha before so, I had a feeling that was it.

    • In the first HanaIchi, Susumu also said it can’t be helped if Isami spends too much time in the red light district “because he’s in the army”. Apparently that’s enough reason lol.

  7. I love isami so much, he’s like oresama type in this game, but he’s too awesome XD
    I like whenever he gets raburabu with haru and of course his dummy make him more cute
    I love him looks (gosh, he’s handsome and his uniform make me gooo (>\\\<) and his voice is sexy too ( I heard it in op from internet)
    I like how u write in detail :) I can read it again and again :) I'm so happy when I find your blog, cause u know is little hard to find a blog who's write a review about hanaichi –__– sigh, people should know if it's awesome game

    • Yep, Isami is an ore-sama to the core. xD
      Glad to hear you enjoy reading my reviews, because I absolutely looove Hanaichi. It definitely deserves more love! Sadly just as you said, the series isn’t too popular among the English-speaking otome community. Most people find the system intimidating, even though the quests are completely optional and there are guides to pass the exams. ; v ;

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