Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Shigeru

Back in HanaIchi, I think I said Shigeru is my least favorite. Now let me scracth that sentence, because I actually like him a lot here. I’m loving his fragile-yet-playful personality. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

The third son of the Miyanomori family. Shigeru’s mother, Shizuko, owns a restaurant named Yasuda, and he often helps out by working as a geisha under the alias of “Ageha”. Shigeru is a carefree person who can’t be tied down by any rules, though he has a moody side as well. Shigeru often clears the atmosphere whenever his brothers are having a fight, but he’s rather clueless when it comes to his own issues. Unlike most of his brothers, Shigeru doesn’t have a steady job and only works for Shizuko. He also loves playing cupid. 27 years old.

April 2

In the afternoon, Haru finds Shigeru yawning in the hallway. He just woke up earlier, but he’s still sleepy because of what happened last night — the brothers (who are legal anyway) are all drinking in Susumu’s room. Susumu was about to run away, but Shigeru pulled out a really suspicious sake and they shoved it down the poor guy’s throat. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Shizuko said it’s the strongest sake in the world, and Isami was impressed to see Susumu starts laughing (read: drunk) just after one cup. Both Tadashi and Isami fainted when they took a sip, and so Shigeru sealed the dangerous thing away lol. They were already drinking before that though, which is why Shigeru is still feeling lazy right now. After telling Haru about this, he decides to go back to sleep.

April 3

Today Shigeru notices Haru staring at her survey form in the hallway, and she tells him about the personal maid survey from Genichirou. Soon Susumu and Isami come to ask what they’re doing, Shigeru excitedly says “she has to write the name of the person she likes in this form!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before Haru can clear this misunderstanding, Mamoru comes to approach them and Isami starts attacking him again. Their fight doesn’t last for a long time though, since Shigeru suddenly yells “ふわちゃっ!!” kung-fu style and drop-kicks them. Σ(゚∀゚ ノ)ノ Even though it’s an unbelievable sight, this actually stops Mamoru and Isami from killing each other. They’re still throwing sarcastic words at each other, but they put away their swords and walk away lol. Haru then goes to report this to Chitomi, and Shigeru just realized that he hasn’t asked her about the survey’s details.

April 6

Mamoru joins his brothers for breakfast today, and he starts a fight with both Isami and Hiroshi instantly. Instead of stopping Isami from going wild, Shigeru turns to Haru saying they should leave the dining hall. Rather than disturbing Isami’s battle with Mamoru, he’s more interested in learning more about the survey. Susumu follows them out of the dining hall, and upon realizing that they’re talking about the “popularity poll”, Isami instantly puts away his sword saying he’s got no time to deal with Mamoru right now. Then he runs out to chase after them — most likely to make sure he stays on top — leaving Mamoru in silence lol.

April 9

Since Isami sabotaged the survey again, Chitomi had to hand out new forms for the servants. Haru decided to write Shigeru’s name in her form, with both Tae and Hideo following her since they don’t know which brother to choose lol. Later on, Shigeru tells Haru that Kurenai returned to work in Yasuda again. He thinks Kurenai’s condition is actually similar to Haru’s — because she refused a matchmaking last year — and he asks why she wants to continue working that much. Haru says it’s because she already got used to her job, but she’s aware that she can’t keep on refusing forever. She’s a girl after all, and Shigeru knows she can’t do whatever she wants like him or his brothers. Shigeru then leaves to take a walk outside, while Haru remains silent as she watches him walk away.

April 11

Irritated by Mamoru’s presence and attitude, the brothers are gathering in Masashi’s room after dinner. Knowing Genichirou is planning to introduce Mamoru during the annual flower-viewing festival, Masashi now has a plan for them to take revenge on Mamoru. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Mamoru will probably enter the garden after they do, so they’re going to lure him somewhere before then. They want to know why Mamoru isn’t trying to kill them anymore, and since they have to make sure Mamoru will talk.. Masashi leaves the task in Shigeru’s hands — knowing it’s his specialty to lure information out of people lol. Shigeru isn’t sure if he can do it, but he accepts anyway.

April 16

While Haru guides Shizuko into the mansion, Shigeru is finishing up his “preparations”. Shizuko finds it weird that he’s preparing something for the event, but Shigeru only chuckles and asks her to look forward to it later. He also asks where Mamoru is right now, and when Haru says Mamoru is still in his room, Shigeru lets out an evil giggle. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shigeru’s plan is, of course, to use the strongest sake in the world. It knocked out both Tadashi and Isami on top of causing Susumu to go wild, and today he’s going to use it on Mamoru. The moment Mamoru enters the garden, Shigeru invites him to sit down and drink with them. Sadly Mamoru refuses and flips the cup onto the ground, so Shigeru decides to blackmail him by pulling out a diary he stole from Mamoru’s room. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! If he refuses to sit and drink with them, Shigeru will read his entire diary entries in front of everyone. xD Knowing he has no choice, Mamoru finally sits down saying he’ll kill them later lol.

As she pours sake for Toki and Shizuko, Yoshi notices that Hiroshi and his brothers are busy with something.. but she doesn’t have time to check since Toki and Shizuko keep bickering as usual. On the other side of the table, Hiroshi is actually wondering if Mamoru died because he fainted as soon as he drank the deadly sake.. and he doesn’t even move when they poke him. Mamoru only mumbles “I can’t drink anyimore..” when Shigeru tries to wake him up, which also proves that Mamoru is actually really weak towards alcohol lol. Since they can’t get him to say anything, Hiroshi then goes to doodle on Mamoru’s face with a permanent marker. Masashi, on the other hand, decides to take his diary instead.

April 17

When Tae and Haru greet Mamoru this morning, they have to hold back the urge to laugh upon seeing his face. They quickly leave before Mamoru gets suspicious, and poor Mamoru has no idea what happened to his face.. yet. Later on, Shigeru finds Toki and Shizuko waking up with a terrible hangover. Haru then comes to prepare their cars, and shortly after they left, Shigeru notices Mamoru walking in the hallway with a clean face. Shigeru says it’s such a waste that the marker rubs off already, and Mamoru instantly goes into rage mode upon seeing him lol. He thinks Shigeru drugged his cup yesterday, but Shigeru calmly says “it’s just the strongest sake in the world.” It turns out that Hiroshi didn’t only doodle on his face. He wrote the diary entries all over Mamoru’s face too. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shigeru bursts out laughing upon recalling the contents (“I won’t forgive Miyanomori!”), and he runs away before Mamoru could do anything.

April 19

Today is the anniversary of trains, so Shigeru goes to watch the “flower trains” with Kurenai. He asks if Norio is okay with them going out together, but Kurenai says they’re not a “normal” couple after all. She will keep working in Yasuda until their wedding day, and they’re planning to organize their own wedding as well. Normally people will hold their wedding ceremonies in a shrine, but they want choose everything by themselves — the location, the guests, and the ceremony itself. Just then Haru, who’s here to do some shopping, greets them on the streets, and Kurenai asks if Haru is surprised to learn about her comeback to Yasuda. Kurenai thinks of Shizuko as her savior, so she wants to do everything she can to help. Kurenai soon leaves to take care of her wedding preparations, asking Shigeru to take care of Haru from here.

While Haru is excited to see the “flower trains”, Shigeru says it’s always been the same every year — the “flower trains” come after their flower-viewing festival. He’s also wondering if he can keep working in Yasuda after Kurenai leaves, considering “Ageha” can’t speak or else his cover will be blown. “Ageha” works together with Kurenai most of the time, and Shigeru can’t imagine doing the same with the other girls in Yasuda. He’s thinking of quitting the job as well, but Yasuda will lose a lot of customers if both “Ageha” and Kurenai quit at the same time. Haru thinks it would be better if he continues working after Kurenai leaves, and Shigeru agrees. For now, anyway. He knows he can’t keep working as a geisha forever. He needs to search for a steady job before he hits 30. Shigeru then helps Haru carrying her shopping bags, and they decide to go home without riding the “flower trains”. It’s too crowded this year, but it’d be nice if they can ride one next year.

Back in the mansion, Chitomi is surprised to find Mamoru helping Hiroshi to study for an exam. He’s a spartan teacher though, so Masashi joins in to help Hiroshi understanding the questions lol. When Shigeru returns and finds them together, he asks if they’re discussing about how to crossdress together. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before Shigeru leaves the dining hall, Mamoru grabs his arm and asks him to return the diary. Of course Shigeru doesn’t know since the diary was taken away by Masashi, who calmly replies with “I threw it away” LOL. Mamoru is shocked to hear this, but he can’t do anything since that’s just how Masashi rolls. Poor guy. xD

April 21

Since Isami and Mamoru are fighting again today, Shigeru decides to stop them with a special method: “If you stop fighting, I’ll give you free invitations to Yasuda! You will also have a lot of geisha including Ageha and Kurenai!” \(^o^)/ This stops the fight instantly, since both Isami and Mamoru are interested for different reasons. Isami obviously wants all the geisha, while Mamoru wants all the expensive food lol. Shigeru takes away their swords before leaving, but not before he adds “I can only get one room though, which means both of you will be coming together. Bye~” Mamoru goes “with you!? ( ಠ_ಠ )” upon hearing this, but Isami stays quiet.

After Isami’s birthday celebration at night, Isami announces that he won’t attack Mamoru again from now on. Tadashi is surprised when Shigeru says it’s because of his invitation, but Isami says the invitation was a good trigger for a truce. Of course Mamoru won’t attack anyone too during his stay in the mansion, and Masashi thinks it’s a good idea because he might kill both of them if they continue fighting. Mamoru doesn’t think Masashi can do such a thing, but he flips out when Masashi starts reading an entry from his diary — “I saw a beautiful woman in town. I wanted to talk to her, but she disappeared while I was wondering about what to do. Such a waste.” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Shigeru then says they should celebrate the truce, and he’s planning to prepare a grand feast for them.

April 25

The news of the truce quickly spreads across the mansion, and when Haru comes to ask him about this, Shigeru explains the seven of them are going to celebrate in Yasuda on Saturday. Shigeru then changes the subject and asks if Haru will accept any matchmakings this year, so Haru says she won’t be able to refuse anymore if her family receives any offers. He says it’d be for the best since she’s a girl, but she’s not sure if she can really be happy after marriage. Haru admits she actually wants to marry a person she truly loves, and Shigeru laughs saying it’s the same for everyone.. but it’s not easy since their parents keep arranging matchmakings one after another. It reminds Shigeru that he’s going to turn 28 this year, and he needs to find a steady job first before thinking about marriage.

April 29

The brothers are celebrating the truce in Yasuda tonight, and Shigeru is serving them together with Kurenai. Tadashi still can’t accept the truce since it’s so sudden, but Hiroshi decides not to run away anymore. Shigeru asks if Mamoru can give a proof that he won’t attack them, but Masashi says it’s safe to trust him. After all, Mamoru can kill them easily if he really wants to. Masashi also knows that Mamoru is trying to find out about Genichirou’s real objective, since it was also written in his diary. Since Mamoru always goes Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ whenever the subject of his diary comes up, Tadashi finally concludes that they really can trust him.. because Masashi is completely holding his weakness. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Isami also mentions that Tadashi used to draw in his picture diary, though Hiroshi doubts Tadashi’s drawing skills. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

After Shizuko delivers some sake for them, everyone except Hiroshi and Masashi decides to have a drinking competition. Each of them receives one bottle, though they give Susumu FIVE whole bottles because he’s the strongest. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Just as expected, Mamoru starts seeing butterflies after a while and falls asleep beside Tadashi soon after lol. The next one to faint is Shigeru, and Isami follows him into the dreamland not too long after that. Both Hiroshi and Masashi run away before someone forces them to carry their brothers.. so I guess that leaves our drunken Susumu to drag them home? xD

Late at night, Haru hears a car returning to the mansion and goes to check the entrance. She finds a drunk Shigeru there, who suddenly asks if she hates him. When she says no, he goes “so you love me~?” and denies that he’s drunk lol. Haru then tries to help him walk to his room, but Shigeru suddenly hugs her and reveals that he’s really not drunk. He only wants to know how she feels, because he found out that she wrote his name for the survey. Haru says it’s because he’s the one who popped up in her mind, and when Shigeru asks for the reason, she asks if he’s picking on her lol. He admits it’s true since he loves teasing her, and she asks him not to tease her too much. She can’t tell if he’s being serious or just joking, so she will always believe in everything he says. Shigeru admits that everything about him are always so vague, but there’s one thing for certain in this situation: “I won’t attack a girl I don’t like, even when I’m drunk.” Then he leaves to get some sleep, while Haru wonders if he’s really drunk or not. She thinks he’s a bit drunk though, or else he wouldn’t do such a thing to a maid like her.

May 6

Despite Tadashi and Masashi’s protests, Shigeru’s taking everyone to the exhibition tomorrow. The owner of Teito Beer came to Yasuda some days ago, and he asked Shigeru to help in his Beer Hall during the exhibition. Of course it won’t be fun if Shigeru goes alone, and that’s why he’s dragging his brothers to come along lol. Hiroshi is excited; Isami and Susumu will be there for work; and Mamoru has nothing better to do at home lol. At first Tadashi keeps insisting that he won’t come, but Shigeru convinces him by saying the prince of England will be there too. If they can approach him and establish a connection to England, even Genichirou won’t be able to mess with them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Shigeru them asks Chitomi to allow Haru to come along, and she sends Tae and Hideo to help out too. When Haru goes to ask Shigeru directly about this, she’s really surprised to hear they’re going to serve beer together. Shigeru admits he actually wants her to come no matter what, and Haru suddenly got a very bad feeling lol.

May 7

As soon as they arrive at the exhibition site, Shigeru hands Beer Hall uniforms for everyone to wear. Obviously Tadashi and Masashi are against the idea, but they have no choice because they’re going to work today. xD Haru and Tae have to wear mini barmaid dresses too, and the short length of Haru’s skirt makes Hiroshi goes ドキドキ so hard he keeps breaking the bottles. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Masashi tells Mamoru to wash the dishes since.. well, none of them knows how to wash dishes, though Mamoru refuses to walk away from the spotlight. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru also trips and almost falls down when she’s carrying a tray, but luckily Shigeru catches her and says she looks really good in her barmaid dress. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He’s wishing everyone would start wearing miniskirts instead, and when she says it’s rather embarrassing to wear, he says it’s only because she’s not used to wear short skirts. They return to work after that, but Shigeru tells Haru to be careful not to get hurt.

Of course Shizuko’s girls from Yasuda are helping out too, and they’re completely taking all the guests to the other side of the hall lol. Kurenai isn’t present though, since Shigeru said she had plans for today.

May 11

Late at night, Shizuko gets extremely tired thanks to Kayama. He keeps drinking in Yasuda until the closing hour, not to mention he keeps requesting for more geisha everytime. Rumors have it that Kayama will become the next Prime Minister, but Shigeru notices how he’s been having a lot of suspicious conversations lately.. and Kurenai also mentions that Kayama spends a lot of money in Yasuda. Shizuko mentions that Isami and Susumu came to greet Kurenai earlier, and Shigeru says it’s because they didn’t help out in Beer Hall during the exhibition. Apparently the owner of Teito Beer was really pleased with their service, so much that they made it onto the front cover of the newspapers. Σ(゚д゚ ノ)ノ Shizuko also informs them that Sanae is planning to sell the Sumida house by the end of the month, and though Shigeru thinks she deserved it, Shizuko says she feels a bit lonely if Sanae has to leave Teito. Toki, Yoshi, and Fumiko are all concerned about this as well, so they’re planning to have a discussion when Chiyoko comes to visit later. None of them likes Sanae, but they have grown attached to her over time.

May 14

Since the brothers are making absolutely no progress in the game, Genichirou decides to add a new rule and test it out on one of them. Meanwhile, Kisuke praises Haru’s magnificent “Beer Girl” appearance in the newspaper. The guests and the owner are impressed, but Haru says Chitomi was really angry upon seeing her in such a short dress lol. Shigeru then invites Haru to visit Ginza with him, and she goes to ask for Chitomi’s permission first. This makes Shigeru realize that Haru has grown to be more responsible compared to last year, and he wonders if he made any growth at all. However, Haru notices that Shigeru’s driving became much calmer compared to last year, and he says it might be because he’s thinking of something else while driving. When Haru asks if he’s thinking of the future, Shigeru says he doesn’t have any goals in his life. He’s not interested in the head position, and he doesn’t have anything he wants to achieve either. The only thing Shigeru knows is that he has to put a limit on his free life soon.

Upon arriving in Ginza, Shigeru asks Haru if she has a place she wants to visit. Haru decides to visit the bookstore with him, where he buys a book called “Everything about the Miyanomori Family”. The book is filled with all kinds of information about them, and Shigeru is amused upon seeing their childhood pictures. There are absolutely no information about Kazue though. Haru wonders what happened to Mamoru before he came to the mansion, but Shigeru doesn’t have any intentions to find out. While it’s difficult for everyone to grow used to Mamoru, Shigeru can feel that they’re really brothers. Shigeru then hands the book to Haru saying he doesn’t need it anymore, but he suddenly grabs it back when she goes “i-is this Shigeru-sama? why are you wearing a maid’s uniform?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s a picture from the infamous “Black History”, and Shigeru can’t do anything because the book has been published all over the country LOL. His brothers doesn’t have any embarrassing pictures though, so he sighs saying the publisher made such a wonderful choice. xD

May 18

Today is the annual tea ceremony, and all the mothers are attending except for Sanae. Since Mamoru has absolutely no idea how to make tea properly, he quietly asks Shigeru to teach him before Masashi’s turn ends. Shigeru bursts out laughing upon realizing Mamoru doesn’t know hos to make tea, and he quickly spreads the revelation to their brothers. \(^o^)/ They’re all panicking since they only have a few minutes left, so Shigeru decides to give Mamoru a very quick tutorial: “Hold this in your left hand, and the cup in your right hand. After that just mix it.” Isami doesn’t think it’s going to work since they’re performing in front of Toki out of all people, but Mamoru doesn’t have any choice and sighs when his turn comes lol.

At the end of the ceremony, Toki goes “’ve got guts ( ≖_ゝ≖ )” since Mamoru mixed his tea so fast the cup breaks into half. It’s not a simple cup either, because they actually used a rare Tenmoku tea cup. Mamoru is shocked when Isami says the cup costs more than his life, not to mention Shigeru also adds “you can buy a country with it” lol. Luckily for Mamoru, Yoshi soon comes to stop Toki’s rage. They have to discuss about the plan to save Sanae’s mansion, and she also takes Tadashi and Mamoru to join their discussion.

.. Shigeru, you’re so evil lol. I feel sorry for Mamoru. xD;;

May 21

At noon, Shigeru finds Haru near the entrance. She’s in a hurry because Chitomi sends her to deliver a letter for Shizuko, so he decides to take her to Yasuda by car. Since Shigeru doesn’t have anything in mind today, his driving is as wild as usual.. and poor Haru feels really sick by the time they finally arrive at Yasuda lol. After reading Chitomi’s letter, Shizuko explains to both Shigeru and Haru that Sanae was really cold towards Chitomi in the past. It was right after her marriage to Genichirou, and Sanae was jealous because Chitomi was serving her husband as a personal servant. Sanae has never been a pleasant person to begin with and Shizuko thinks Sumida’s current condition is 100% her own fault, but as a mother, Shizuko knows Sanae will be sad if she can’t watch Tadashi’s fight until the end. Chitomi’s letter also asks the mothers to help Sanae, so Shizuko asks Haru to deliver a message for Chitomi: “We understand. We’ll do anything we can.”

After leaving Yasuda, Haru asks if it’s okay for Shigeru to leave with her. Haru thinks he came along because he wanted to meet Shizuko, but Shigeru admits he only wanted to go out with her. When she asks him for the reason, he answers it’s because she talks to him normally — not being overly polite like other servants. That, and because he loves teasing her lol. Shigeru finds it fun to be with Haru, and he smiles when Haru says she feels the same. On their way home, Shigeru says he’ll teach Haru how to drive next time. Of course she can’t legally drive before she turns 20, but it’s okay as long as they’re in Miyanomori’s territory. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Soon rain starts pouring down, and Shigeru runs back to the car before Haru could say anything.

May 24

Just before bedtime, Tae takes Haru outside and shows her the hidden bag she brought from her hometown. Right after Tae tells Haru about her past, Hideo appears and asks what they’re doing in the laundry at night. At first Tae shooes him away, but since she doesn’t want to hide things from them.. she ends up telling them everything. Tae was born and raised in Kyushu — far, far away from Teito. Her hometown is surrounded by the sea, a lot of fields, and factories to assort seafood. Tae hated her hometown, so she secretly saved money and went to work in Teito when she was 15. After she started working in the Miyanomori mansion, Tae reduced her sleeping hours to learn everything — formal words, greetings, how to make tea, and even dancing. This job is everything to her, so she didn’t want to get fired.

Tae then blushes saying it’s all she can tell them, and Hideo says he’s learn about a different side of her. Haru also thanks Tae for sharing her past with them, which causes Tae to reply with “don’t say such weird things! now go inside, I’m going to hide this bag first.” xD The bag is something Tae wants to leave behind, but in the end she can’t throw away the memories of her hometown after all.

May 28

Ever since they learned about Tae’s past, Haru and Hideo have been thinking about how hard she worked to achieve what she has now. Haru also left her hometown to work like Tae, but she was too excited because Teito was a whole new world for her. Hideo whispers “anyone who just came from the countryside would be excited.. I was excited too”, but he changes the subject before Haru can fully grasp the meaning. While Haru and Hideo are discussing about their upcoming exam, Genichirou and Heisuke are carrying out their plan in front of Chitomi. At this rate none of the brothers will use their 1000 yen, so Genichirou decides to help pushing their backs using the survey forms from last month. He’s going to randomly pick one form, and then assign the lucky servant to the master of his / her choice. Of course it’s not Genichirou if he doesn’t mess with people, so here comes the extra rule: “The servant has to make his / her master the next head. Fail, and we’ll fire that servant. We won’t allow him / her to quit before the competition ends. Not even if he / she is getting married.”

Chitomi is surprised because it means the poor servant will have to refuse any matchmakings, but Genichirou says that servant only needs to make sure his / her master becomes the next head. He doesn’t care which one of his sons will get selected either, since he only wants to see everyone’s reactions to this surprise. Obviously Chitomi can’t agree with such an absurd plan, but she keeps quiet because Genichirou wouldn’t listen anyway.

May 31

After the exam, Heisuke announces the extra rule to the servants. Haru suddenly feels really scared, while Tae is panicking because she wrote Shigeru in her form. Everyone knows that Shigeru has absolutely no motivation to participate in the game, and Tae regrets not choosing Tadashi instead. Well.. Tae and the others have nothing to worry about, because Haru is the one who gets assigned to become Shigeru’s personal maid. At the same time, Genichirou also informs Shigeru about this. Haru won’t be able to quit even if her family receives any arranged matchmakings, so her fate completely lies on Shigeru’s hands from now on. Both Tadashi and Isami are ready to fight for the head position, but Shigeru is really confused and doesn’t know what he should do. He doesn’t have any confidence nor motivation to become the next head, but he can’t let Haru get fired either. Haru doesn’t know what to do either, but she asks him to take care of her as his personal maid.

June 1

After the morning assembly, Haru learns from Tae that Toki and the others already bought the Sumida house for Sanae. Haru also tells her about Chitomi’s letter for Shizuko, and somehow this reminds her that she hasn’t received Shigeru’s room key yet. When she goes to wake him up later, Shigeru realized that having a personal maid means his lifestyle and job will always be monitored. He admits that he does like Haru, but he hates being controlled — even though it’s a personal maid’s job to check their master’s schedule. Haru then asks what they should do, and Shigeru answers they will have to leave if they want to avoid Genichirou’s rules.. but he knows it’s impossible. Genichirou wants to see Shigeru getting all confused and desperate, and Shigeru knows it.

Obviously Haru feels really down because Shigeru rejects her presence as his personal maid, but Chitomi tells her not to give up. If she keeps sighing and wondering about what to do, she’ll get fired before she knew it. Time will flow and days will change, but everyone has different ways to face the future. Haru is now Shigeru’s personal maid, so she needs to do her job and discuss with him about what they should do from now on.

June 4

Following Chitomi’s advice, Haru tries to serve Shigeru properly as a personal maid. She asks for his plans today, but he coldly answers with “I told you. I don’t need a personal maid, even though I know you have to keep working.” (´・ω・`) Feeling sorry for Haru, Hideo calls Shigeru to the terrace and asks if he doesn’t feel ashamed of himself. Shigeru is running away from his fate as Genichirou’s potential successor, and Haru is a victim of his actions. Shigeru gets really pissed and says Hideo doesn’t know anything about him, but Hideo doesn’t care about him and his opinions. He only knows that Haru is doing her best for Shigeru’s sake, and so he wants Shigeru to accept her as his personal maid. Shigeru himself should know that he can’t stay like this forever, and Hideo leaves after telling him to do something about this situation.

June 7

When Kisuke visits the mansion today, he finds a sad Haru standing by the entrance. It’s been a week since she became Shigeru’s personal maid, but he’s still refusing to accept her. Aside from not giving his room key, he never informs her about his schedule as well. Haru needs to make sure Shigeru becomes the next head or else she’ll lose her job, and yet their problem lies way before that point. Kisuke decides to talk to Shigeru after that, and he also says the same thing as Hideo — nothing will be resolved if Shigeru keeps running away. Shigeru sighs and says he understands, but for now he needs to set a goal first. He wants to look for his own path in life, but he doesn’t know what to do. At this rate Haru will only get fired, and he won’t ever find anything. Since both Haru and Shigeru are confused, Kisuke then suggests a certain plan for Shigeru to “test” himself.

Later on, Shigeru invites Haru to go out with him. He’s been thinking about what to do, and he still can’t find the answer. He doesn’t think working as “Ageha” is the path he’s looking for, but becoming Miyanomori’s next head doesn’t sound right either. Haru is surprised because today is Genichirou’s birthday, but Shigeru says it’s fine even if they’re absent. Even though Shigeru doesn’t have any particular destination in mind, Chitomi allows Haru to go out so they can fix their relationship. Since Haru attracts a lot of attention with her maid uniform, Shigeru decides to buy some new clothes for her. She keeps saying they should return to attend Genichirou’s birthday party, but he insists that he won’t return until he finds an answer. Then he walks into the boutique, and she has no choice but to chase after him.

June 8

In the end, Shigeru takes Haru for a trip to Kyoto. He’s really excited upon arriving in Kyoto, but Haru still doesn’t get why he took her along. Before she can get an answer from him, they run into Chiyoko on the streets. She’s surprised to find them here, but Shigeru says it’s just a mere coincidence. He took Haru to ride a random train yesterday, and the destination just happened to be Kyoto. Shigeru also bought some Western clothes for Haru, and even though she feels uneasy in her new clothes, Chiyoko says they look like a couple since Shigeru is also wearing his suit. Shigeru smiles saying he’s honored, but Haru feels a bit scared because Shigeru is a Miyanomori and she’s only a maid. When Shigeru mentions that Genichirou assigned Haru as his personal maid, Chiyoko knows it means Genichirou added an extra rule for them.. but she won’t ask them anything. Chiyoko also helps booking an inn for them, and Shigeru takes Haru to spend a night together — even though they both know Chitomi will rage if she finds out.

As they walk to the inn, Shigeru tells Haru that he doesn’t have any goals in his life. He wants to keep working in Yasuda after Kurenai leaves, but that’s because he wants to help Shizuko, not because he likes the job. He also knows it’s his fate to participate and fight in Genichirou’s game, but he doesn’t want other people to keep controlling his life. Shigeru has been thinking about his life a lot recently, but he only came to the conclusion that he made no progress at all since last year. This Kyoto trip a good chance for Shigeru to look for the answer he’s looking for, and he also knows he’ll just keep rejecting Haru if they stay in the mansion. Just like what he said before, he doesn’t hate her. He only hates personal maids.

June 9

When Haru comes to prepare lunch at noon, Shigeru admits he took her here so they can look for an answer together. They have a lot of problems to face, and he’s hoping they can at least find something during their stay in Kyoto. Even if they can’t find anything, he believes they can still do something together. They take a walk outside at night, and Haru says they should solve their problems starting with their personal maid issue. Since Shigeru hates being controlled all the time, Haru then says instead of having her asking for his plans everyday, it might be better if he’s the one who comes to inform her instead. This also makes them realize that they were too focused on the standard image of a master and his personal maid, so they finally decide to do things with their own way. Haru says she wants to understand Shigeru more, and Shigeru finally smiles saying Haru’s positive personality will help him a lot from now on. She also asks him not to lie to her because she will always believe in everything he says, and he asks her to do the same thing. Now that they have resolved one of their problems, Shigeru and Haru are finally starting their relationship as a master and a maid.

June 10

Even though Shigeru feels refreshed after accepting Haru as his personal maid, he knows he needs to find a goal in life. Shigeru asks if Haru has any goals in her life, but she doesn’t have any specific goals either. She only wants to keep working in the mansion and make life easier for her family, so naturally Shigeru thinks getting married would be the best option. Haru says she doesn’t want to think about any marriage or matchmakings yet, and as much as he wants to help her, Shigeru knows he’s in no position to say so. Since Shigeru is planning to go back to Teito today, Haru then goes to buy train tickets for them. As they wait for the train to come, Shigeru says “I’m glad it’s you.” Haru thinks he’s referring to her position as his personal maid, but then he pinches her cheek and adds “not about the personal maid issue, but I’m glad you came to Kyoto with me!” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Before they ride the train, Shigeru also decides to buy a souvenir for Mamoru’s birthday present.

On the way back to Teito, Shigeru notices that Haru has fallen asleep in her seat. He wonders why she normally has that much energy, even though her job as a maid must be tiring. Shigeru then puts a blanket on Haru’s body, and he whispers “I want to understand you from now on, and I feel happy that you’re doing her best to understand me. I feel that I can solve all of these problems when I’m with you. Good night..” Then he kisses her cheek. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

June 11

After spending five days away from the mansion, Shigeru and Haru come back just in time for Mamoru’s birthday. Chitomi and Tae are surprised to see the clothes Shigeru bought for Haru, so she runs off to change into her uniform before they get angry lol. They also ask if Shigeru has resolved his problems during the trip, and he says not yet.. but he already accepted Haru as his personal maid now. At night everyone celebrates Mamoru’s birthday, and Shigeru gives him the present from Kyoto — a pack of snacks with “I won’t forgive Miyanomori!” written on the contents. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hiroshi gets curious and takes a bite, and this causes him to run off to grab water because the snacks are actually really spicy lol. Mamoru says it’s really brave of Shigeru to drug his present, and Shigeru protests saying he didn’t do anything to the snacks. He just picked a spicy pack for Mamoru. On purpose, of course. xD

Meanwhile, Genichirou receives a report from Kisuke about Mamoru’s plan for the Ginza Hall grand opening on the 25th. It seems like Mamoru is planning to attack Kayama during the event, and Genichirou is going to stop him with a certain plan.

June 18

When Shigeru and Haru come to visit Shizuko, she’s really mad because it took him one whole week before he finally came to see her. She’s glad to hear them finding something during their Kyoto trip though, especially since Shigeru says Haru and him will find their own way to cope with the situation. After they returned to the mansion, Shigeru remembers his promise to teach Haru how to drive. Haru thinks he’s plotting something evil, but Shigeru says he only wants to teach and watch her drive — it might give him some clues to figure out why his own driving is so demonic. Just when Shigeru drags Haru back into the car, suddenly Chitomi comes out and goes “what are you doing? ( ≖_ゝ≖ )” upon seeing them lol.

While Chitomi doesn’t approve such a dangerous idea, Genichirou has a different opinion. He’s actually planning to go out, but upon learning about Shigeru’s plan to teach Haru, he decides to drive for a lap around the mansion. Ignoring Chitomi’s protests, Genichirou then drags Shigeru into the car and drives away. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Noticing that Shigeru still has no intentions to become the next head, Genichirou says Shigeru is his son.. and he will use his sons however he likes. After a long, heavy silence, Shigeru finally says he doesn’t understand Genichirou at all, and he wonders if Genichirou is okay with that. Sadly for Shigeru, Genichirou doesn’t care about other people. He can understand himself and that’s enough — he doesn’t need other people to understand him.

June 22

At noon, Heisuke gives Hideo a written order and tells him to destroy the letter as soon as he’s done reading it. Hideo then goes to read this in the laundry, and not too long after that, Shigeru comes saying it’s unusual to see him looking so serious. Since Hideo already revealed his real personality in front of Shigeru before, he doesn’t even bother acting around Shigeru anymore. He asks why Shigeru still doesn’t give his room key to Haru, and Shigeru says it’s not because he wants to pick on Haru. He just can’t find the right time to hand it to her. Shigeru then asks if Hideo was thinking about something earlier, but Hideo only answers with “even servants have their own problems, it’s none of your business” and leaves.

Meanwhile, Mamoru also receives some information about Kayama and the railway companies from his editor. He still needs to figure out Genichirou’s real objective though, so he’s going to do something drastic during the grand opening and watch Genichirou’s reaction.

June 25

Today is the grand opening of the new Miyanomori Ginza Hall. As soon as Genichirou begins his opening speech, Mamoru sneaks out saying he can’t stand listening to Genichirou’s voice for so long. At the same time Haru also notices that Hideo is gone, but she has no idea about what’s going to happen. Noticing that something wrong is going on, Shigeru decides to follow Mamoru outside.. and that’s where he finally learns about Hideo’s real identity. Before Mamoru could do anything about Kayama, Hideo comes out and points his gun towards Mamoru. He’s really surprised when Shigeru suddenly appears saying “so you’re the ‘servant’ who’s been working for father?”, and Mamoru uses this chance to snatch the gun from his hands. Instead of capturing Hideo, Shigeru asks him to return to work normally. He promises not to tell anyone about this, so Hideo should report to Genichirou that he simply “stopped Mamoru”. Hideo asks why does Shigeru protect him, and Shigeru says it’s because he’s interested in him, Mamoru, and also Genichirou’s plan. Hideo then runs off in silence, and Shigeru asks Mamoru to explain what’s going on. Not only to him, but to their brothers too.

That night, Mamoru explains that he was planning to attack Kayama. He has no intentions to kill Kayama though, because he only wanted to see Genichirou’s reaction. Tadashi and Masashi already noticed about Genichirou’s plan to buy Teito Touei Electricity too, so this is where they start putting the puzzle pieces together. Mamoru also mentions that they managed to stop “the person Genichirou hired”, while Shigeru only remains silent to protect Hideo’s identity.

July 1

When Haru wakes him up in the morning, Shigeru asks her about Hideo’s condition. Of course Haru finds it odd that Shigeru is concerned about Hideo, but he quickly says it’s nothing. Haru also says she feels a lot better after their Kyoto trip, because she’s not bound by the standard image of a personal maid anymore. She believes the bond between them will deepen naturally, and Shigeru admits that he feels a bit closer to her than before. Shigeru then remembers that he’s got two theatre tickets from Kurenai, and he invites Haru to watch it with him today. Since Chitomi will get angry if Haru goes out to play, Shigeru then makes an excuse so she can go out: “I’m going shopping in Ginza today and you’re helping me out. After that, just say I dragged you to watch a play on the way home.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ However, Shigeru actually feels bad for not telling Haru about Hideo. They already promised not to lie to each other, and keeping quiet about something is considered lying too.

As they walk through the streets in Ginza later, Haru is still curious and wonders why Shigeru seems so concerned about Hideo. Shigeru is about to tell her the truth, but then he stops upon seeing Hideo walking nearby. Hideo says he’s here to send money back to his hometown, but since Shigeru doesn’t want to lie to Haru anymore, he takes both Hideo and Haru to the parlor — where he reveals everything to her. Hideo is surprised because Shigeru said he won’t tell anyone, but Shigeru only apologized saying he already promised Haru that he won’t lie. Since he can’t conceal his identity anymore, Hideo finally admits that he’s actually an actor. Heisuke recruited him to work for Genichirou under the cover of a servant, and he always goes out to “send money” each month because he’s actually reporting to Kisuke.

Hideo doesn’t mind even if Haru wants to reveal this to everyone, but Shigeru warns him not to underestimate Genichirou and Heisuke. Hideo won’t be able to get away with just a simple dismissal, because there’s a high chance that they’re going to kill him later and shut him up for good. Both Mamoru and Shigeru are keeping this a secret to protect Hideo’s safety, but it’s just a matter of time until Genichirou finds out. All they can do now is to wait and see.

July 2

Today Tae comes to talk to Hideo. She already heard everything from Haru, and even though Haru didn’t tell anyone else, they know Chitomi will find out too eventually. While Haru can take the truth calmly, Tae gets really pissed upon learning that Hideo has been deceiving them. She says both Haru and her are working hard towards their goals, and yet Hideo is just a fake. Of course Hideo has his own conditions too, so he snaps back saying he has a goal as well. It’s just he didn’t know any other way to reach his goal, because he won’t be able to obtain a lead role if the group leader keeps giving him small roles. Just then Shigeru comes to call Hideo, and Hideo leaves saying he has no regrets — this is the path he decided to take. Sadly even after hearing this, Tae keeps insisting that he won’t forgive Hideo. ┐(´~`;)┌

After taking Hideo to talk in his room, Shigeru asks what he wants to do from now on. He can’t keep working in the mansion forever, so Shigeru is wondering if Hideo is going to resume his acting career. Hideo admits that he was only recruited to act as a servant, but he has grown attached to Haru and the others now. He’s starting to lose sight of everything during his stay in the mansion, but he finds it hard to quit and leave their side. Shigeru then tells Hideo to think carefully about what he’s going to do from now on. Everyone needs to choose their own path in life, and Shigeru understands that feeling because he’s also struggling to find his own path.

July 7

Just as expected, Hideo’s revelation has reached Genichirou’s ears as well. Both Heisuke and him didn’t do anything for the last few days just to see what kind of actions Hideo will take, but today they finally decide that Hideo has lost his purpose. Genichirou then asks why doesn’t he run away from the mansion, and Hideo admits it’s because he wants to keep working here. At first everything was only an act, but lately Hideo feels that he’s about to obtain something real with Haru and the others. He doesn’t want to escape before learning more about that certain something, so he wants to continue working as a servant until he can find the answer. Hideo was expecting to be fired or even murdered on the spot, but surprisingly Genichirou answers with “do whatever you want”. He has one condition though: “Everyone already knows about your identity, so from now on you have to obey my orders.”

After leaving Genichirou’s room, Hideo notices a Tanabata bamboo tree standing in front of the servants’ quarter entrance. Everyone are avoiding him right now, but Haru still comes to talk to him normally. As they look at the bamboo tree together, Hideo admits that everything started to change after Tae told them about her past — his acting started to fade away and everything turned “real” to him. When Haru asks what he’s going to do from now on, Hideo honestly tells her about what happened with Genichirou earlier. He won’t be able to turn back and resume his acting career anymore, and he can’t run away even if he leaves the mansion. Hideo asks if Haru wants to know why he can keep working despite what happened, and Tae comes out of her hiding saying she wants to know.

To make it fair to Tae, Hideo then decides to tell them about his background. He actually came to Teito hoping to start his acting career, but didn’t have enough money to survive. Back then Hideo was desperate to join a performing group, but when he finally managed to join one, he had to start right from the bottom — like making properties and preparing meals for the actors. Even though they didn’t give him any chance to improve his acting, Hideo didn’t complain since he can eat and sleep freely.. but that’s only until they finally gave him a minor role. It was only a simple role with only one simple sentence, but Hideo couldn’t say the line properly because he couldn’t understand the “feeling” of his own role. Even though it’s only a nameless person in the play, Hideo wanted to know his characters’ background first — what kind of person is he? what does he feel during the scene? Sadly this caused him to get kicked out of the group, and that’s when he met Heisuke. Hideo was desperate for people to recognize his acting back then, so he accepted the request when Heisuke promised to buy the entire performing group and make him the chairman as the reward.

Upon hearing this, Tae instantly goes “you believed in that promise? are you stupid? ( ಠ_ಠ )” Hideo says he only wanted a chance to prove his acting skills, but now he has realized that he was indeed too naive to accept such an impossible deal. Hideo also admits that he can feel something real as he spends time with them, and he will continue working with them until he can figure out what that is. While Tae is still acting all thorny towards Hideo, Haru says she’s going to help him — they’re friends after all. Besides, Haru knows Hideo is now working for his own sake, not because someone told him to keep acting. Hideo has always thought of her as a really naive person, but right now he feels “saved” upon hearing her words. It’s not that easy for Tae to forgive him, but Hideo is ready to take the challenge.

July 9

Even though the servants keep whispering behind Hideo’s back, both Haru and Chitomi aren’t blaming him like everyone else. Chitomi was surprised when Genichirou told her the truth, but as long as Hideo wants to keep working here, she will keep treating him as usual. She knows Hideo is serious, so there’s only one thing she wants to tell him: “You’re not showing enough respect towards the Miyanomori family members. We can’t serve them if we lose that feeling, so make sure you avoid failures. Good luck.”

At noon, Shigeru and Haru are wondering about what they can do together. They made quite a lot of progress during their Kyoto trip, but they haven’t resolved anything else after returning to Teito. After thinking for a while, Haru suddenly has an idea of opening a boutique together. She always thinks of Shigeru as a fashionable person, and she believes a lot of people would love to dress up like him. At first Shigeru is surprised to hear this, but then he says it’s a really nice idea. He loves Western clothes a lot, and Haru’s idea has opened a new path in his mind. Haru says it might be tought since they have to learn a lot of things about Western clothes, but Shigeru is excited and immediately leaves to do some research.

July 11

Based on Haru’s idea, Shigeru decides to start gaining more knowledge by wearing something different today. He walks out of the mansion wearing some Western clothes from his personal collection, asking Haru if his fashion coordinate looks good.

Haru: “It’s so wonderful!”
Hideo: “What’s so wonderful about this?”
Shigeru: “Oh shut up, you! So does it suit me?”
Haru: “Yes, you look really great! These clothes suit you a lot!”
Hideo: “Really? I don’t think it makes any difference.”
Shigeru: “No! Just shut up you!” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
Haru: “Hideo-san, we shouldn’t speak like that to a Miyanomori.”
Hideo: “Ooh~ These clothes suit you a lot! So wonderful! You look different from usual!”
Shigeru: “No, please stop and act normally. Your acting sucks.”
Hideo: “It doesn’t! ( ಠ益ಠ ) are you going shopping today?”

LOL I’m starting to love Shigeru’s interactions with Hideo. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Instead of going shopping, Shigeru is actually taking Haru to do a market research today. Haru is still unsure about her own idea, but Shigeru is really interested because running a boutique suits his personality. They have to do something about Genichirou too, but Shigeru says he’ll think about that later. Just then Kurenai comes to greet them on the streets, and she mentions that they look really good together — just like a couple. Shigeru playfully answers with “aren’t we? sadly Oharu-chan won’t understand (´・ω・`)”, but when Haru asks if he’s being serious, he smiles and says “did you take it seriously? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” lol.

Before Kurenai walks away, Shigeru asks about the time of her wedding ceremony. Kurenai explains that Norio and her are planning to hold the ceremony on October, but they still have a problem right now: she can’t find the right wedding dress. She already looked at the dresses in Hyakkaten, but in the end she didn’t like the selection. When Kurenai asks if Shigeru knows a good boutique, both Haru and him immediately think of the same thing — they should design nice wedding attires for Norio and Kurenai! .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Kurenai is a bit worried since Shigeru has absolutely no experience in fashion design, but she agrees when Shigeru says he’d be honored have her as his first client.

Even though Haru also has her own doubts, she’s ready to do anything to help Shigeru. They walk home together after getting all the necessary details from Kurenai, and Shigeru says he wants to design a wedding dress for Haru too one day. Haru is surprised upon hearing this, but Shigeru adds they still have a long way to go. Before she can marry anyone, he needs to do something about Genichirou first. Shigeru is also planning to ask for Shizuko’s help since they need a professional seamstress to sew the wedding attires, and he’s going to talk to her about his career in Yasuda as well.

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou informs his sons about the upcoming music festival. Hiroshi protests knowing they’ll force him to play the violin again, but Shigeru has a better idea — the seven of them should perform together this year! イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Susumu is willing to use his 1000 yen to fund their performance, and Tadashi can’t run away because everyone else are pretty much excited to perform together lol. They only have four days to prepare, and Masashi warns his brothers that failure isn’t an option. Later on, Shigeru informs Haru they will have to pend their fashion research until the music festival is over. He’s going to start practicing cello tomorrow night, and for today he’s going to spend his free time in the music room.

Despite Tae’s never-ending rage towards Hideo, her attitude has grown much softer by now. When Hideo asks what’s going to happen in the Ginza Hall, Tae tells him the hall is haunted by a lot of ghosts. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The story causes Haru to scream in horror, and Hideo now thinks the hall is really dangerous lol.

July 15

In the afternoon Haru delivers some drink to Shigeru’s room, and she finds him busy practicing with his cello teacher. The teacher doesn’t think Shigeru will be able to remember everything in such a short time span, but Shigeru is ready to give it his all — erasing his sleeping hours if it’s necessary. This is the first time the brothers ever worked together, and Shigeru feels grateful to Susumu for creating that chance.. so he wants to show his gratitude by putting up a great performance for the music festival. Haru then asks if there’s anything she can do for him, so Shigeru asks her to come over and turn around. He’s about to hug her from behind, but sadly the teacher suddenly comes back from the toilet lol. Shigeru instantly goes “you picked such a wonderful timing to return!”, but he quickly tells Haru it’s nothing and changes the subject. xD

July 18

Today is the music festival, and the brothers have been practicing really hard in the last three days. Haru tells Shizuko that Shigeru didn’t get enough sleep or meals because he was really busy with practice — so much that she found it hard to even talk to him. It’s rather unusual to see Shigeru working really hard on something, so Shizuko is looking forward to see her son’s performance tonight. Meanwhile, Tae is laughing at Hideo for taking her ghost story seriously. Since Tae keeps calling him stupid, Hideo decides to get back at her by saying “t-theres a pale woman standing behind you..” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Apparently Hideo’s acting is so convincing that Tae screams in horror before running away, and Hideo can’t stop laughing at her until Chitomi gives him her trademark dead glare lol. By the end of the event, everyone is impressed by the brothers’ performance. Shizuko never knew Shigeru can play the cello so well, and she thinks he looks like a completely different, gorgeous person tonight.

July 23

Since the weather is really nice outside, Shigeru invites his brothers to go out together today. Hiroshi excitedly says he wants to go to the beach, and so they drag Masashi to come along despite his protests. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Tadashi and Mamoru are away from the mansion, but Shigeru brings Haru along so they can have fun together. As soon as they arrive at the beach, Isami forces Masashi to swim by throwing him into the sea.. and the poor kid drowns because he can’t swim, so Shigeru has to save him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru wonders why the beach is so empty today, and Shigeru explains it’s because the beach belongs to Miyanomori. It makes Haru realize that the Miyanomori family is really powerful, but Shigeru says it’s all Genichirou’s power. He’s only a third son who just happened to be born in such an influential family. Haru doesn’t want Shigeru to blame himself, so she tries to cheer him up.

Haru: “You also have your own charms!”
Shigeru: “Charms..? For example?”
Haru: “Your mischievous personality..”
Shigeru: “Ahahaha, what’s that? Is being mischievous a ‘charm’?”
Haru: “Uh.. n-no, but aside from your kindness, you’re also hardworking and mischievous.”
Haru: “For example, like your performance in the music festival.. and your boutique plan!”
Shigeru: “So it means being mischievous is a good thing?” (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

LOL HARU ARE YOU A ドM? (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Haru then realized that Shigeru is standing really close to her, but before she could run away, he grabs her saying she won’t be able to escape. (❤ฺ→艸←) Shigeru then admits he didn’t have any plans to get a personal maid nor get married, but he feels that it’s such a nice coincidence that Haru got assigned to be his personal maid. If Genichirou didn’t push the extra rule on him, Shigeru might still be living freely without knowing how it means to work hard. He then thanks Haru for suggesting the idea of opening up a boutique, saying he feels much more confident after performing with his brothers in the music festival. Haru answers “I know Shigeru-sama will be able do it, I will help too!”, but Shigeru fixes her statement by saying “I can do my best because of you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

While Haru is feeling nervous because the brothers are playing nearby, Shigeru doesn’t let go of her and asks “do you have someone you like?” instead. When Haru says no, Shigeru adds “I won’t do this to a girl I don’t like.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He gently asks if she doesn’t like being this close to him, but before he can move any closer, Hiroshi suddenly comes looking for them. (´・ω・`) Since everyone is now satisfied after picking on Masashi, they decide to go home for today. However, before leaving the beach, Shigeru finally gives Haru his room key. He apologized for taking so long to hand it to her, but she feels really happy and thanks him for the key. Oh, and Masashi says he’ll prepare a cursing ceremony once they return to the mansion. 8D

July 27

Today Shigeru is done with Kurenai’s wedding dress design, and Haru is impressed since the design he created is really beautiful. After thinking of the style, Shigeru decided to go with the traditional style — thinking a kimono suits Kurenai better than a dress. It reminds Shigeru that he hasn’t told Shizuko about his plans yet, so he takes Haru along as he goes to visit Yasuda. As they walk through the streets, Shigeru asks if Haru remembers what he said to her at the beach. She asks if he’s only teasing her, and he cheerfully answers “of course~ I can’t help it since you’re so cute.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Soon they meet Shizuko in Ginza, and they decide to visit the parlor so they can talk properly.

When Shigeru informs Shizuko about his plans to open a boutique, Shizuko says she already heard about this from Kurenai. She’s a bit worried too since running a business won’t be that easy, but Shigeru says he wants to give it a try. He needs Shizuko’s permission though, since opening a boutique means he has to stop helping out in Yasuda. Shigeru feels bad since their income will drop if Kurenai and him leave at the same time, but Shizuko says he can’t continue working as “Ageha” forever. Shigeru has to stop someday, and now is a good time to do so. Shizuko also knows that she will have to close down Yasuda sooner or later, so she’s going to close it down after Shigeru leaves. Yasuda is a restaurant Genichirou made for her, and if she has to close it down someday, Shizuko is planning to build a new business with her own power. Both Shizuko and Haru think Genichirou probably won’t approve Shigeru’s plans, but Shigeru says he’ll do everything he can until Genichirou does something to stop him directly.

The subject of Genichirou’s actions reminds them of the extra rule, and Haru sadly says her family might receive a matchmaking offer next month. She will have to refuse because of the extra rule, but since the next matchmaking would be her third, this also means nobody would want to take her as a bride anymore. They won’t be able to do anything if Haru honestly says it’s a direct order from Miyanomori Genichirou, but living in the village will still be awkward for her family. Shizuko then says Genichirou will probably fire Haru anyway if Shigeru becomes the next head, and Shigeru also knows he will be nothing more than Genichirou’s puppet. The future looks really bleak for the three of them, but they don’t have much time to think either.

July 31

Before the exam starts, some servants are whispering that Hideo will definitely fail because he deceived them. Tae is about to tell them to stop, but Haru says this awesome lines before she does: “Hey!! You’re being really harsh on him! Hideo-san is doing his best as a servant!” イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Tae also tells them to stop whispering in the shadows, but then she blushes and says she’s not doing this for Haru or Hideo. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Of course Haru passed her exam successfully, but Heisuke delivers a shocking announcement for her right after that: “You’re not allowed to go home on summer break. Stay in the mansion.” She’s going to refuse the matchmaking anyway, so Heisuke doesn’t think it’s necessary for her to go home. Instead of seeing her family, she should stay here and serve Shigeru. Both Chitomi and Heisuke know torturing Haru doesn’t mean Shigeru will become the next head, but it’s Genichirou’s order. He doesn’t like Shigeru’s plans to open a new boutique, and he’s taking it all out on Haru.

After learning about what happened from Haru, Hideo goes to tell Shigeru about Genichirou’s order for her to stay in the mansion all summer. Shigeru knew it’s going to happen though, and he explains it’s not because Genichirou is against him running a boutique.. but rather because Shigeru is drifting away from his game, and he doesn’t like it. Knowing that Haru is feeling sad, Hideo then takes Shigeru to visit her room in the servants’ quarter. Obviously everyone won’t allow Shigeru to enter the servants’ quarter, so Hideo decides to help by locking Haru’s room from the outside.. while Shigeru sneaks into her room through the window. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since they already promised not to lie, Shigeru admits he actually wants Haru to stay with him, but sadly he can’t do anything to stop Genichirou from hurting her. He doesn’t mind if she wants to return to her hometown, but she says she won’t leave the mansion. They managed to come this far, so Haru doesn’t want to back down. Even if she escapes and returns to her hometown, she knows she will only regret it later. Besides, she’s his personal maid — it’s her duty to serve him forever.

Shigeru then smiles saying he can’t argue after hearing those words, and he climbs out of the window before Chitomi finds him here. He says visiting and comforting Haru is the only thing he can do for her, but she tells him it’s not true.. because she feels really happy that he went through all of this trouble just to come and see her today.

August 1

Today Shigeru barges into Mamoru’s room. Yes, “barges in” because he just comes in without knocking. \(^o^)/ Shigeru notices that Mamoru’s hiding something behind his back, but since Mamoru keeps saying he’s not hiding anything, Shigeru tricks him by saying “oh look! there’s a naked picture of a girl over there!” and snatches the paper when he looks away. LOL Mamoru I can’t believe you fell for such a classic trick. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ The paper is actually a flyer for the upcoming fireworks festival, but Shigeru notices something else.. and instantly bursts into laughter upon realizing its connection to Mamoru — who can only warn him not to tell anyone about this. Since this is Shigeru we’re talking about, of course he instantly goes to inform Haru about what he just read: “Mamoru-kun is going to dance in the fireworks festival!” Σ(・д・ノ)ノ It appears that Mamoru was invited by his publisher, and he has to participate as Mimori Mamoru since they’re holding a bon odori festival lol.

After delivering the wedding kimono design to Kurenai, Shigeru goes to work in Yasuda in the evening. Genichirou and Kayama are having a negotiation about Teito Touei Electricity tonight, and Shigeru is listening to their conversation in silence. At first Kayama didn’t want to sell the company, but Genichirou convinces him by saying he only wants to take Teito Touei Electricity under Miyanomori’s wing. Kayama is also busy with political activities, so Genichirou says he only wants to help managing the company. By the end of the day, Shigeru says both Kayama and Genichirou are equally suspicious. Kurenai thinks Miyanomori’s next head will have a hard time if Genichirou continues being so active, but Shigeru doesn’t care about the position at all. It reminds Shigeru of what happened to Haru though, so he informs Kurenai and Shizuko that Haru won’t be able to go home this year. Genichirou is attacking her because of Shigeru, but even so, she wants to keep working as his personal maid.

Sadly Shigeru knows he can’t do much to help Haru, but right now he wants to do his best — for Haru, for himself, and also for their boutique. Shizuko is impressed when Shigeru shows her the design for Kurenai’s wedding kimono, and Kurenai admits she actually wanted to wear a dress for her wedding day. She’s always wearing a kimono at work, and because her job is a geisha, she was planning to choose something different.. but Shigeru’s design changed her mind. Just as Shigeru said before, Kurenai realized that a kimono suits her the best. She finally asks him to create the kimono for her and Norio, and Shigeru happily accepts the order. Since Shigeru still doesn’t know a good seamstress who can help sewing the clothes, Shizuko then suggests asking for Chiyoko’s help. Kurenai says Shigeru looks like he’s enjoying his new job a lot, and Shigeru replies with “it’s all thanks to Haru.”

August 5

Shigeru’s plans to open a boutique eventually reached his brothers’ ears as well, and Tadashi decides to give him a reality check today: “What about the place? The rent? The staff? You’re just planning to create a place you can run to, aren’t you?” Shigeru gets pissed and answers that he doesn’t want to live in the mansion forever, but that’s not why he’s planning to open a boutique. Rather than depending on Miyanomori’s wealth, Shigeru wants to live and stand on his own feet. He didn’t know what to do until Haru gave him the “trigger”, and he’s enjoying it much more than participating in Genichirou’s game. When Shigeru says he wants to turn their boutique plans into reality, Masashi appears saying he should be prepared and set a deadline. Without a deadline things will progress slowly, not to mention Genichirou will keep harrassing them as well. Despite his harsh words earlier, Tadashi is actually supportive of Shigeru’s idea as long as he’s really serious. Soon everyone else come out to join their discussion except for Mamoru, and this reminds Shigeru of what he saw a few days ago. Once again, since this is Shigeru we’re talking about, of course he excitedly tells his brothers about Mamoru’s bon odori festival. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

August 6

During the morning assembly, Chitomi informs everyone that she’s not coming to the fireworks festival. Genichirou is busy with work, so she’s staying in the mansion with him. Tae explains to Hideo that fireworks festivals are like trials for servants because they will busy serving the brothers nonstop, but Haru is reserved only for Shigeru. When everyone arrives in the festival at night, they notice Mamoru standing near the yagura (bon odori’s tower). The brothers think dancing doesn’t suit him at all, but Isami says Mamoru might be dancing to relieve the stress of suppressing his killing urge for so long. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While his brothers are busy eating their festival dinner, Shigeru takes Haru to watch the fireworks from the hill. There, he admits that he hates it when people reads his mind. That’s why despite Shigeru’s friendly personality, he never got close to anyone, refused to have a personal maid, not interested in marriage, and took a long time to accept Haru as his personal maid. Shigeru also admits that while he wants to open a boutique seriously, he feels that he’s missing something.. and he feels that way too when it comes to Haru.

Before Haru could ask him anything, Susumu comes to inform them that Mamoru’s bon odori is about to start. However, once the music starts, Shigeru and Haru instantly go ( ಠ_ಠ ) because Mamoru’s dancing is so weird they can’t even call it a dance lol. Or as Isami describes it: “Is he hopping around?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Soon Mamoru notices them and shooes them away, but his editor invites everyone to join in the fun instead. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Haru says she can’t dance with Shigeru since everyone is watching, but he tricks her, grabs her hand, and drags her to dance anyway lol. When she asks him to wait, he replies with “a man never waits even if you tell him to wait” and starts dancing with her. xD

August 9

Today Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her parents. From the letter, Haru learns that Genichirou already sent a written order for them to refuse any matchmaking offers until further notice — obviously until someone becomes the next head. The villagers won’t be able to complain since it’s a direct order from Genichirou, but still.. things become awkward for Haru’s family to live in the village. Haru feels really guilty upon reading the letter. She came to Teito hoping to help her family, but in the end she only caused them troubles. The guilt then causes Haru to lose sight of everything, and she tells Chitomi she can’t continue working. Shigeru is currently doing his best to move forward, but all she can do is to stay beside him.. and even that task feels really heavy to her right now. Haru then wishes she can run away from the mansion and just forget everything, so Chitomi decides to stop her sorrow parade: “Leave and forget everything then. I’ll explain to Danna-sama. You’ll feel better right? Go away!”

At noon, Tae is looking for Haru around the mansion. Chitomi calmly says Haru already left the mansion, but despite her harsh words earlier, Chitomi believes Haru will get over herself and return later. Tae then goes to inform Shigeru about this, and Shigeru says he’ll help searching for Haru too later.. but the moment Tae closes the door, he turns around and asks “what are you going to do then? you can’t stay here forever” to Haru — who has actually been hiding in his room the whole time.

Shigeru saw Haru trying to leave the mansion earlier, and thankfully he managed to stop her from leaving. At first Shigeru also told Haru to leave if she really wants to run away, but then he followed her and asked for her reason. Is it really that hard for her to stay? Is it because he’s an unreliable master? Shigeru is doing his best to open his own path, so her effort feels really half-hearted to him. Haru was the one who said they should do everything naturally, so if she starts behaving like this, everything they have said and done would lose their meaning. Shigeru then said he’s actually really worried about his future plans, but he can keep walking forward because Haru is always there for him. He’s always relying on her to support him, and he finally asked her not leave his side. His words opened her eyes, and she decided to think positive from now on. She has no choice but to give up on marriage, but she can always look for another job if she gets fired. Haru isn’t alone though, because Shigeru will always be there if she needs someone to rely on.

Shigeru took Haru back to the mansion after that, and she’s been hiding in his room ever since. Shigeru gently tells her to apologize to Chitomi, and when Haru finally leaves his room, Shigeru realized that Haru isn’t strong at all. He always thought of her as a strong person, but now he knows it must be because she went through a lot of hardships in her life.. and just like her, he needs to grow stronger too.

August 12

After informing everyone about the ball on the 27th, Chitomi takes Haru to talk in private. Haru apologized for causing so much trouble a few days ago, and Chitomi tells her that people can never resolve problems by running away. They have to face what will happen next, because tomorrow will always come. Even if something bad is waiting ahead, they should do their best to make tomorrow a better day, no matter how small the difference is.

During dinner, Mamoru explains to his brothers that Genichirou might be planning to kill Kayama after successfully buying Teito Touei Electricity. He’s retiring soon, so the doubt will be pinned onto Miyanomori’s next head instead. Masashi also mentions that Genichirou’s objective isn’t to buy Teito Touei Electricty itself, but rather two railway companies Kayama has bought before. Shigeru knows Genichirou and Kayama will come to negotiate in Yasuda again, and he leaves the dining hall after asking his brothers to tell him if anything happens. However, Shigeru finds Genichirou collapsing in the hallway outside. Genichirou tells Heisuke to carry him to his room before anyone sees them, but Shigeru approaches them and helps taking Genichirou back to the latter’s room — where he tells the old man to take a good care of his health. Even though Genichirou insists that it’s only fatigue, Shigeru also asks Chitomi to take care of his father.

August 13

Since Haru doesn’t go home this year, she spends her summer break cleaning up the mansion, doing laundry, and making beds for the brothers and Genichirou. When she’s busy hanging up the laundry, Shigeru comes to inform her that he already ordered Kurenai and Norio’s wedding kimono from Chiyoko. She said it’s going to take a while to sew the kimonos, so Shigeru is glad he placed the order now — two months away from the wedding. Haru then says they have to make Western clothes too for their boutique, but she thinks it’d be much better if Shigeru sews his own designs rather than asking for a seamstress’ help. Shigeru suddenly turns silent upon hearing this, and when Haru asks him what’s wrong, he excitedly says he’s got a wonderful idea. Then he quickly leaves to start working on this idea.

August 15

At noon, Hideo tells Haru that his parents already knew about his location. They sent him a lot of telegrams about matchmaking offers, but he’s ignoring all of them. A certain family refused the offer though, and it makes Hideo think that there’s a lot of strange girls like Haru out there.. though the family who refused is probably Haru’s family. xD Just then Tae comes out of their quarter and keeps grumbling about how she’s too busy to “meet up”, but both Hideo and Haru point out that she’s changing into casual clothes despite her complaints. She runs off saying she’s going out for work, but they know it’s such an obvious lie lol.

After Haru finishes washing laundry, Shigeru invites her to watch a play in Ginza. Besides, he also needs to buy a sewing machine from Hyakkaten. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Of course Shigeru can order a seamstress to sew his designs, but after hearing Haru’s opinion, he finally decides to learn sewing himself. Unlike most of his brothers, Shigeru is rather similar to Haru when it comes to watching plays — he cries, reacts to every single scene, and eventually screams in horror so loud Haru has to drag him out of the theatre. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵They walk home together after watching the play, and Shigeru remembers that he actually has something important to do. He already promised not to lie in front of Haru, but he asks her not to make a commotion when he tells her later. Haru promises to keep quiet, and Shigeru replies with “I’ll sneak into your room tomorrow night then!”

August 17

Just as he said yesterday, Shigeru sneaks into Haru’s room tonight. After asking Haru to keep her promise by staying quiet, Shigeru takes out some tools and goes: “Okay, let’s start. Strip. You can keep your underwear on.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Obviously Haru goes “S-S-S-STRIP!?” Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ and totally gets the wrong ideas, so Shigeru explains that he’s sewing something for her and needs her exact measurements lol. Knowing she can’t argue with Shigeru, finally Haru says she agrees and strips so he can take her measurements. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン As he starts measuring Haru’s body, Shigeru admits that he worked hard for the music festival because he didn’t want to embarrass his brothers in public. Shigeru needs a big reason like that in order to do something seriously, but he knows he can’t look for a reason everytime he wants to make new clothes. After taking her measurements, Shigeru suddenly moves closer and plays with Haru’s underwear strips. He wonders what’s going to happen if he pulls it, but then he laughs upon seeing her expression and jokingly says he wants to tease her even more. (❤ฺ→艸←) He won’t do anything to her though. Well.. at least not now, because Shigeru says “let’s continue this someday” before leaving Haru’s room. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

August 21

When Haru visits Shigeru’s room today, she’s impressed to see the clothes he’s been sewing for the last few days. As Haru starts cleaning up the fabric pieces in his room, Shigeru asks what would she do if he decides to leave the mansion. It’s not that he hates his brothers, but he wants to have an independent life away from the Miyanomori family. Right now he still has a lot of things to take care of, and he’s not ready to stand on his own feet yet.. but when that day comes, he wants Haru to come and stay with him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Even if Haru gets fired, she can work in the boutique together with Shigeru. Touched by his affection, Haru then helps Shigeru to fix the parts he accidentally sewed together. She thinks the clothes he designed is similar to the fashionable, modern ones, but at the same time it has a unique trait as well.

Later on, Heisuke asks Shigeru not to tell anyone about Genichirou’s health condition — it’s an order from Genichirou himself. He doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary rumors before the ball on the 27th, so he refuses to visit the hospital as well.

August 25

Despite what Heisuke said before, Shigeru doesn’t want to lie to Haru. In the evening, he tells her everything about Genichirou’s plan to murder Kayama and frame the next head, as well as Genichirou’s current health condition. Shigeru says he felt “weird” when he saw Genichirou collapsing in the hallway, and Haru says it must be because he’s worried. He instantly says “That’s impossible!”, but she replies with: “You’re worried about him, even if he doesn’t care about you. I don’t understand Danna-sama anymore than you do, but I understand you a little.”

August 27

Today is the ball Genichirou holds just for Kayama, but instead of dancing like everyone else, Shigeru decides to follow Genichirou out into the hallway. Just when Shigeru calls out to him, Genichirou suddenly collapses again.. though he insists that it’s only fatigue. Genichirou then asks Shigeru to participate his the game and make things easier for him, but Shigeru makes it clear that he’s not interested in the head position. He asks Genichirou to stop bothering Haru already since she’s got nothing to do with his decision to run a boutique, but Genichirou says “only if you’re aiming for the head position.” Then he tells Shigeru not to regret going against him and walks away to his room.

August 31

At noon, Kisuke gives Shigeru an information that might help his plans. He found a shoes shop that’s going to close down today, and since it’s located in Ginza, it’d be perfect for Shigeru’s boutique. The shop looks really bland from outside, but Shigeru can use and decorate it later. Shigeru then says he’ll go and see the shop tomorrow, and Kisuke agrees when Shigeru asks him to wait for his decision. When Shigeru tells Haru about this later, she says the shoes shop was always empty because of the uncomfortable atmosphere. That, and because it’s located near Hyakkaten — a very fierce business rival. There’s a lot of boutiques too around the area, so they have to think of something different to attract people. Haru suggests using kimonos so their boutique will stand out, and this gives Shigeru an idea of using traditional kimono patterns to make Western clothes.

Shigeru then says he already finished the clothes for Haru, and she’s really impressed upon seeing the result. It’s a little different from the other Western clothes she has ever seen, but that’s what makes the clothes really fashionable. Shigeru asks her to wear the clothes when they go out tomorrow, and Haru happily goes to show the clothes to Tae.

September 1

After the morning assembly, Chitomi gives Haru yet another letter from her hometown. It turns out Haru’s little sisters really missed her, and they tried to visit Teito just to see her. Of course they had no money and had no idea about their destination, so in the end Haru’s mother found them crying at the station. When Chitomi asks her what happened to her family, Haru cries in her arms saying she misses her family too.. and Chitomi gently tells her to do her best to deal with the pain. Haru is having a lot of hard times right now, but they should believe that a lot of happiness is waiting for her in the future.

Just as planned, Haru goes with Shigeru to Ginza after that. Tae and Chitomi know she’s still feeling sad, but she tries her best to be strong. She can’t fool Shigeru’s eyes though, and he takes her to talk in the parlor before examining the shop. After learning about what happened to Haru’s little sisters, Shigeru decides to hasten their plans to open the boutique. They have to take care of the preparations before someone becomes the next head, and when Genichirou fires Haru later, she can start a new life with him by running the boutique. However, Haru has her own doubts because she’s only a maid, and it’s not normal for Shigeru to go this far just for her. Shigeru then admits that he actually doesn’t love Haru THAT much, but still.. he wants her to stay with him. It might sound selfish, but he needs her. Shigeru takes Haru to take a look at the shop after that, and she follows him saying she understands.

September 10

After examining the shop with Haru, in the end Shigeru decides to buy the building. He informs Kisuke about this when the latter comes to the mansion, and Kisuke says he’ll take care of the necessary procedures. Now that their boutique plans are starting to take shape, Kisuke asks Shigeru to think up of a shop name. That, and Shigeru also needs to find a factory to produce his designs. Unfortunately, everything is actually a part of Genichirou’s plan. Kisuke feels bad for deceiving Shigeru, but he can’t go against Genichirou’s orders.. or else Genichirou will fire him and possibly murder him afterwards. Heisuke then asks what should they do about Haru, and Genichirou says she’s starting to get in the way. The same goes for Hideo.

September 14

Since Norio is occupied with work, Shigeru helps Kurenai to buy the necessary things for her wedding today. Norio already asked Tadashi to book the Ginza Hall for their wedding, so they have to hold the ceremony on October 7 since it’s fully booked on other days. Kurenai has to prepare a lot of things for the wedding, so she’s going to quit her job by the end of next week. She’s worried about what’s going to happen to Yasuda, but Shigeru says Shizuko is ready to face the outcomes. Shigeru also informs her that Chiyoko already finished making the kimonos, so he’s going to pick them up when he visits Kyoto. In return, Kurenai gives him two invitations and asks him to come to the wedding with Haru.

However, Kurenai is surprised when Shigeru says he’s not dating Haru yet. Not to mention he also said he doesn’t love her THAT much, but still asked her to stay with him anyway. Kurenai knows Haru’s life is full of hardships, so she wants Shigeru to think about why Haru keeps on following him. Shigeru thinks it’s because Haru can accept his selfishness, but he won’t know unless he asks her. She might be following him because he’s her master, and she’s thinking of his selfishness as an order she has to follow.

When Shigeru returns home that night, Haru cooks a bowl of udon for his dinner. He tells her that a regular customer in Yasuda is willing to help with the garment factory, but he still needs to confirm this later — just in case said customer is drunk and doesn’t remember anything. He also needs to confirm Haru’s feelings — just as Kurenai suggested — so Shigeru asks her to answer honestly: “will you follow me?” Haru only remains silent, and when Shigeru asks for her reason, she admits it’s because she doesn’t understand his reason. He said he wants her to stay just because he’s being selfish, but she still wants to hear a proper reason from him. Sadly Shigeru doesn’t understand his own feelings either, because the only thing he can say to Haru is “I want you to stay by my side”. He doesn’t know what she wants to hear from him, and they end up having an argument until Haru runs out of the dining all — leaving Shigeru to regret his own words.

September 17

During dinner, Mamoru informs his brothers about the new Miyanomori Railway Company. The company was made by merging the two railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity, and Genichirou is holding a ball to celebrate the birth of the company on October 1. Mamoru thinks Genichirou actually wants to buy Teito Touei Electricity itself, but Masashi says it’s not his real objective. After a long discussion, the brothers finally arrive at the conclusion that:

  • Genichirou is using Kayama to raise their company’s value in the government’s eye.
  • Genichirou is going to murder Kayama after that, and the blame will be pinned onto the new head once he retires.
  • Genichirou is planning to escape overseas using the money, since he’s been building a big ship ever since last year.

After dinner, Shigeru finds Haru sighing in the hallway. Before Haru could leave to bring some change of clothes for him, Shigeru says he told her everything because he didn’t want to lie to her. He admits he was worried and scared to run a new business, and that might be why he needs someone to stay beside him. Maybe it doesn’t have to be her either, as long as he has someone to support him. Shigeru thinks he’s relying on Haru too much even though she’s only doing her job as a personal maid, and he doesn’t give her any chance to explain either. Right now he’s even losing his motivation to open the boutique.

September 21

Today the brothers are going to Kyoto for Honjouin’s tea ceremony tomorrow, and Haru goes with them because she’s Shigeru’s personal maid. Hideo also comes along for a reason only Genichirou knows, and Haru notices him crumpling a letter with a serious look — obviously a written order from Genichirou. She’s not the only one, because Masashi also notices this and figures out that Genichirou must be plotting something. It doesn’t seem that he sent Hideo here to keep an eye on them, so there’s a high chance that Hideo will do something tomorrow.

September 22

In the morning, the brothers wake up with a questinable hole in their memories. The last thing they remember was Isami teaching Mamoru how to make tea properly, but they end up having a drinking competition last night. They can’t remember the reason. They can’t remember what happened. They have no idea why Susumu was naked when they woke up today. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After gathering the puzzle pieces from their memories, both Tadashi and Shigeru eventually remember that it was Mamoru who started drinking lol. He got into a fight with Isami after that, and somehow all of them ended up drinking. \(^o^)/ Well, except for Hiroshi and Masashi who went to bed early. Needless to say the ceremony today turns as chaotic as Miyanomori’s annual tea ceremony back in April, because Mamoru can’t remember anything Isami taught him yesterday lol.

After the ceremony, Shigeru and Haru notice that Hideo is gone. She’s more concerned about Shigeru though, but he says he’s not angry. It’s just he realized that wishing for Haru to stay with him for no apparet reason is a mistake. Shigeru then says he’s going to take Kurenai and Norio’s wedding kimonos from Chiyoko, and before he could even ask her, Haru quickly says she’s going with him. Haru actually doesn’t know what she expected from Shigeru either, but she decides to stop being hesitant and do her best to make tomorrow a better day — just like what Chitomi taught her. Chiyoko says the kimonos were really hard to make because they’re different from a standard kimono, but she’s giving Shigeru a discount since they learn a lot of things by sewing his designs.

Haru then carries the kimono back to the Honjouin house, and when Shigeru asks if she can carry them alone, Haru says she’ll do her best because it’s “the only reason she came here” with him. ハァ(ノ_-。) On their way back to the Honjouin house, Shigeru grabs the kimono bag from Haru’s hands and asks if she came along because she’s his personal maid. Haru says that’s not the reason, but before she can explain the reason, Hideo suddenly appears before them. When Hideo says he’s here to carry out Genichirou’s order, Shigeru finally realized that Genichirou was planning to target him all along. The order is to “make sure Shigeru can’t work anymore”, and Hideo draws out his sword saying he never expected Genichirou would give him such a terrible order.

Before Hideo can slash Shigeru, Haru jumps in to protect him. Hideo tells her to move out of the way if she doesn’t wanna die, but Haru says he can kill her too. When Shigeru asks her to step back, but Haru refuses saying Shigeru is an important person to her. She asks Hideo to put away his sword, but in his desperate attempt, Hideo swings his sword towards her.. and that’s when Shigeru shields Haru saying she’s also important to him. Hideo then runs away saying his career is over — both as a servant and as an actor — and Shigeru apologized to Haru because he didn’t realize his feelings sooner. After hearing her words earlier, Shigeru finally realized how important Haru is to him. Shigeru loses his consciousness after that, and upon seeing the wound on his back, Haru panicks and calls for help.

September 23

At night, Shigeru wakes up from a nightmare to find Haru sleeping beside him. He notices that he’s now in a hospital in Teito, and soon a nurse comes to explain that he just underwent a surgery earlier in Kyoto. It was Genichirou’s order to bring Shigeru back to Teito, so they had to carry him here right after the surgery. After the nurse leaves, both Haru and Shigeru are wondering where Hideo is right now. Haru wonders why Hideo didn’t go against such a cruel order, but Shigeru knows it must be the requirement made by Genichirou for Hideo to continue working in the mansion.

Meanwhile, Chitomi is shocked to learn that it was Hideo who stabbed Shigeru. Tadashi, Isami and Susumu are covering up this incident from the police, and Genichirou wants Chitomi to do the same towards the servants. Chitomi leaves without asking for details, but Genichirou says he’ll honestly admit everything if she asks why Hideo did something like that. This incident also causes everyone to find out that Genichirou is against Shigeru’s plans to open a boutique, but Genichirou doesn’t care about people’s opinions. He’s got more important issues to take care of. Like the new railway company and the ball next month. Genichirou also says he brought Shigeru back to Teito so Shigeru will realize that he will always be under Genichirou’s control. He will never allow Shigeru to break free from his clutches.

September 30

Even though Haru passed her exam with no problems, Heisuke isn’t satisfied since she’s not doing anything to push Shigeru toward the head position. Chitomi defends Haru saying she’s doing her job properly, especially since Shigeru is now hospitalized, but Heisuke warns Haru that she will be fired if Shigeru fails to get the head position. When Haru visits Shigeru in the hospital later, he shows her the boutique’s registration certificate for Kisuke. Haru notices an blank column in the certificate, and Shigeru says it’s the place to write the boutique’s name. He asks if she has any nice ideas for the name, and she suggests “Ginza Fashionable Boutique”. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Shigeru thinks the name has a nice ring to it, so he decides to ignore Haru’s protests and fills in the name column immediately lol.

After Haru explains what happened with Heisuke earlier, Shigeru remembers about what she said back in Kyoto. Before he could ask her anything, Haru says the incident has opened her eyes. Shigeru is a really important person to her, and she asks if she can help in his boutique. Not as a servant, but as a person. He gladly accepts and says they should do their best, but before that.. he needs to do something about Genichirou. They can’t hide the incident forever, so Shigeru wants to settle things with Genichirou on his birthday next week. Haru then asks if Shigeru is willing receive a birthday present from her, and he pinches her for asking such an obvious question. (❤ฺ→艸←) Shizuko comes to visit Shigeru soon after that, and Haru returns to the mansion.

When Shizuko asks about his condition, Shigeru says he’s leaving the hospital next week. He also tells her everything about Hideo and Genichirou’s order, admitting that he’s not angry nor holds a grudge against Hideo — because he knows Hideo didn’t want to attack him either. Of course Shizuko is surprised to hear everything, and she wonders what’s going to happen to Haru from here. Shigeru answers Haru will undoubtedly get fired, but she’s going to help him running the boutique after that. Shizuko then asks how does he feel towards Haru, and unlike before, Shigeru clearly answers “I love her”. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Later on, Kurenai and Norio also come to thank him for the wedding kimonos. They look like a regular crested hakama and shiromuku, but they feel much lighter to wear. Shigeru won’t be able to attend their wedding because of his current condition though, so they promise to send a picture for him.

October 1

While Chitomi told the servants that Hideo left because of an “urgent family issue”, Tae finds it hard to believe. Hideo said he won’t return until he becomes a successful actor, not to mention he left all of his belongings in the mansion. Tae also heard that Shigeru got stabbed by a thief in Kyoto, but she knows something really wrong is going on just by looking at Haru’s reaction. Knowing they can’t conceal the truth forever, Chitomi decides to trust Tae and tells her what actually happened in Kyoto. Tae thinks Hideo is really stupid for following Genichirou’s order, but she can understand his feelings somehow. He must be looking for the time to end his days as a servant.

During the ball, Haru remembers that he forgot to bring some clothes for Shigeru today. She’s wondering if Hideo might be hiding in Ginza and only comes out at night, but her thoughts are interrupted when suddenly a panicked Chitomi tells her to prepare the car. Haru comes to see Shigeru after that, and she tells him the ball has been suspended. Genichirou collapsed earlier, and he’s going to stay in the hospital until they finished examining him. However, Heisuke then comes to inform him that Genichirou will leave the hospital despite the examination result. They know the result will reach Shigeru’s ears too eventually, so Heisuke is asking Shigeru to keep it a secret from everyone else. They’re going to cover it up by saying it’s simply “fatigue”, and Genichirou will keep fighting against Kayama and the government up until the end.

October 4

Ever since Genichirou got hospitalized, Haru notices that Shigeru has been acting strange. He doesn’t seem happy about leaving the hospital either, but she pushes the thoughts aside for now and goes to buy a present for him in Ginza. When Haru walks by the boutique, she finds Kisuke fixing up the building with some workers. Upon seeing her, Kisuke asks if she’s really sure about running the boutique with Shigeru. Even if he leaves the mansion, Shigeru is still a Miyanomori.. she can never be with him no matter how much she loves him. Haru says she’s not following Shigeru for that kind of reason, but she can’t help but feel bothered by Kisuke’s words. When Shigeru hears about this later, he asks Haru to come closer and says “I’m going to leave the mansion and live independently, but being with you is a prerequisite.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru thinks Shigeru needs her to take care of him, and sadly Chitomi comes in before Shigeru can explain further.

After Haru leaves the hospital, Shigeru asks Chitomi about Genichirou’s condition. Apparently Genichirou is still lying in bed with a high fever, and he’s currently sleeping in his room. Earlier Chitomi overheard the doctors discussing about Genichirou’s illness, and they believe he has a deadly cancer. They’re going to announce the details by the end of the week, but one thing for certain is that Genichirou doesn’t have much time left.

October 5

Before the morning assembly, Tae suddenly comes to Haru’s room and shows her a telegram. It turns out that Tae’s father is in critical condition, but she keeps insisting that she won’t return home. Knowing that Tae is only hiding her real feelings, Haru tells her to be honest and just go home before it’s too late. Even though Tae always says she already thrown away her family, Haru knows she does care about them — that’s why she couldn’t throw her bag away. After hearing Haru’s words, Tae finally thanks her and rushes back to her hometown.. while Haru prays so Tae can make it on time to see her father again.

In the evening, Haru comes to visit Shigeru and gives him a birthday present. Before Shigeru could open the present, suddenly his brothers come bursting through the door to celebrate his birthday. Yes, in the hospital. With Genichirou sleeping next door. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The brothers also made a present for Shigeru, and Susumu puts the HUGE present on his hospital bed — a sign for his boutique. It was Masashi’s idea and Tadashi provided all the necessary materials, while the others decorated the sign and wrote the letters. They totally spelled “fashionable” wrong though, so Isami forces Susumu to fix it even though it wasn’t his fault LOL. Shigeru is really happy to receive this surprising present, and he promises to do his best to manage the boutique. Isami thinks the name is too cheap though, and he believes “The Infantry Regiment Equipment Shop” would be so much better. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

After everyone leaves, Shigeru thanks Haru for the present. She gave him a pincushion, and he notices that it’s handmade. He asks her to try putting it on his arm, and he excitedly says it really makes him feel like a boutique owner. Before Haru leaves, Shigeru pulls her closer and kisses her cheek — thanking her for the present.

October 8

Today is Kurenai and Norio’s wedding ceremony. Shizuko is impressed upon seeing Shigeru’s wedding kimonos, but Kurenai says Shigeru is actually multi-talented. He can do many kinds of things, and that’s why he didn’t know which one he really wants to do. Meanwhile, Norio has an articles he wants to show Tadashi. It’s from a newspaper edition that never got published, and the contents is related to the chairman of a railway company under Teito Touei Electricity. The chairman “died of disease”, but the article stated that he actually died an unnatural death. It was either suicide or murder, and since someone stopped the article from getting published, that means the article is probably true.

Meanwhile, Shigeru goes to see Genichirou in the hospital. Heisuke is currently listening to the examination result, but Genichirou is ready to go home despite the result. He also knows that he doesn’t have much longer to live, so he doesn’t need to hear the diagnosis. The only thing he wants to know is how much time he has left, and he’ll find out from Heisuke later. Shigeru is surprised upon seeing how calm he is, and he can’t believe that Genichirou is going to keep fighting as long as he’s still alive. Shigeru admits he hates Genichirou up to the point of having an urge to kill him, but still.. Genichirou is his father. Even though Genichirou doesn’t think they need any bonds, Shigeru knows his brothers treasure their brotherhood as much as he does. It’s something they developed naturally. Shigeru then says he doesn’t want Genichirou to die, but Genichirou only leaves saying he doesn’t have time to play with him.

October 12

After spending around three weeks in the hospital, Shigeru finally returns home today. Haru is helping him carrying his belongings, and he regrets keeping the boutique sign in the hospital — it’s really huge and heavy lol. Tae already returned to the mansion too, and noticing that Haru wants to talk to her, Shigeru tells her to go and see Tae. He’s going to talk to his brothers too, and they can meet up later in his room. It turns out that Tae came back when Haru was in the hospital earlier, and she explains that her father already passed the critical condition. He’s still hospitalized for now, and Tae was surprised since her father looks really old and thin. It’s just been four years ever since she left home, but upon seeing her family again, she realized that four years is a really long time. Even if her father’s life can’t be saved, Tae is glad she can see him again for one last time.

At the same time in the dining hall, Shigeru tells his brothers about Genichirou’s cancer. From Heisuke, he learned that Genichirou only has six months left to live at the longest. Knowing the news will eventually reach Kayama, Masashi says he’ll do something about this railway case. Once he learns that Genichirou is sick, Kayama will probably sell their railway company after Genichirou dies. Of course Genichirou also knows about this, and most likely he’s planning to do something to stop Kayama’s plan.

October 17

Today Shigeru decides to tell Haru about Genichirou’s health condition, but she already knows since Chitomi has been acting weird recently. Even though Genichirou always treats his sons as mere tools to entertain himself with, Shigeru says he wants to do something to help. Sadly he doesn’t know what to do, and he’s pretty much occupied with his boutique too. However, Shigeru soon finds out that Genichirou still has another plan for him. When he goes to visit his boutique with Haru later, they’re shocked to see a sign saying “Miyanomori Boutique” placed nicely in front of the shop. The workers there explain they got an order from Miyanomori, and they have been following the instructions from the beginning of October. Which means Kisuke wasn’t “fixing up” the shop for them. He’s reconstructing the place under Genichirou’s order. Shigeru quickly takes Haru back to the mansion after that, and they’re not aware that Hideo is actually watching them from the shadows.

When Shigeru comes asking for an explanation, Heisuke calmly explains that the shoes shop closed down because Genichirou bought it back in August. He’s been planning to redecorate the place and open a boutique there, and Shigeru didn’t know anything because Kisuke was the one who took care of the procedures. The registration certificate was only a fake to lead Shigeru into the trap, and he made a grave mistake by trusting Kisuke. Shigeru is really angry upon learning about this, and the thoughts of doing something to help Genichirou has vanished into thin air. He storms out of the room after saying he’ll kill Genichirou if he can, but of course Genichirou doesn’t care.

October 22

In the afternoon, Shizuko finds Haru standing in front of Miyanomori Boutique. Haru looks like she’s about to cry, and she ends up telling Shizuko everything. Shizuko thinks it’s Shigeru’s fault too for leaving everything in Kisuke’s hands, but then she says they can always look for a new place to build their boutique. Haru says Shigeru was really excited and drew a lot of designs everyday, but right now he’s feeling down and stops drawing anything. Shizuko says Shigeru tends to drown in sorrow for quite a long time, and she feels a bit guilty because she married Genichirou knowing her son will suffer in the future. Back then Shizuko wanted to run away from her job, and Shigeru often escaped from the mansion too in the past.. but now he’s doing his best to find his own path in life. Shizuko knows she has to help Shigeru as a mother, so she’s going to close down Yasuda and start a new business for him. She also asks Haru to do everything she can to support Shigeru, but she wants Haru to remember that kindness alone won’t be enough.

Following Shizuko’s advice, that night Haru tells Shigeru to stop running away and fight back. Sadly this only angers Shigeru even more, and he keep saying that Haru doesn’t understand his feelings. Haru then asks if her role is only to comfort and encourage Shigeru whenever he feels down, but she’s really shocked when he replies with “what can you do beside that!?” Haru leaves thinking that’s his real feelings, and Shigeru gets even more pissed than before.

October 23

Today Chitomi informs Shigeru that Haru suddenly quit her job last night. Back in August Haru left the mansion once because Chitomi told her to go away, but this time she quit on her own will. Most likely she won’t ever return to the mansion anymore. Haru actually asked Chitomi not to tell Shigeru, but Chitomi knows Haru left for Shigeru’s sake — because Shigeru will never change unless she does something drastic. At first Tae can’t accept this because she wants to keep working with Haru forever, but in the end she decides to believe in Haru.

Later on, Shigeru goes to see Kurenai and Norio in the parlor. Kurenai shows him the pictures from her wedding and praises the kimonos he made, but Shigeru already lost his motivation to open a boutique. Shigeru also tells Kurenai that Haru already left last night, but he avoids the subject when she asks if they had a fight. Kurenai then says Shigeru will never change. He’ll always run away when someone corners him, and Kurenai asks what Haru really means to him. Shigeru refuses to answer saying everything is over between them, so eventually Norio punches him saying he’s really pathetic. It’s up to Shigeru if he wants to quit and throw away his dreams, but Norio can’t forgive him for hurting Haru.

Tadashi soon comes out to stop Norio, and Shigeru says he knows he needs to pull himself together.. but his hatred for Genichirou keeps taking over. Tadashi then says he never called Genichirou “father” because he accepted Genichirou as a “family head”, but it’s different for Shigeru. He thinks of Genichirou as his father, and that’s why he can’t accept every evil plan Genichirou made for him. He really needs to settle things with Genichirou soon, and Tadashi can only give him a piece of advice for now: “Don’t keep worrying without doing anything. It’s a waste of time.”

Meanwhile, Haru is actually staying with Shizuko in Yasuda. She’s helping Shizuko to close down the restaurant, and Shizuko is amused because Shigeru will be surprised upon learning about their plan. Not because they’re opening a boutique for him, but rather because Haru is willing to go this far just for him. Haru was crying when she suddenly came to Yasuda last night, but Shizuko is impressed by her courage and guts. Haru already did everything she can for Shigeru, and the rest depends on him. All they can do now is to trust Shigeru and wait.

October 27

When Tae comes to Yasuda today, Shizuko tells Haru to take a break from packing so she can talk to Tae. From her, Haru learns that Shigeru has calmed down a lot recently.. but most likely he’s already given up on the boutique. Tae is afraid that Haru’s sacrifice would be for nothing, but Haru still wants to wait for Shigeru. Haru admits she does feel lonely though, because she can’t see Tae whenever she wants to. Tae always says Haru is a fool, but today she’s being honest and admits that she feels really grateful to Haru. If Haru didn’t tell her to go back home, Tae would keep staying in the mansion without seeing her father again. Tae also informs her that Genichirou hasn’t been feeling well lately, and thinking everyone already knows about his cancer, Haru mentions that Genichirou only has six more months to live…

October 31

Since Haru revealed Genichirou’s health condition in the middle of the street, obviously rumors start floating around everywhere. Genichirou is Miyanomori’s annual ball today, and he denies the rumor when Kayama asks about his health. He says he’s still alive and kicking, but Kayama notices that he’s actually forcing himself to look healthy. That’s all Kayama wants to know, so he quickly leaves the mansion after that. Meanwhile, Shigeru goes to talk to Genichirou in the hallway. Genichirou keeps saying he’s busy, so Shigeru gets to the point by saying he won’t run anymore — both from Genichirou and from Miyanomori. It might be much easier to keep relying on other people, but he wants to change himself starting from tonight. Genichirou said it’s not blood relations that shape people as they grow up.. it’s environment, and Shigeru will create his own environment to change himself. He knows he has to accept Genichirou’s death in order to make that environment, so he already decided to stay in the mansion until the day Genichirou die. He’s going to spend time with Genichirou as much as possible until then, and he doesn’t mind even if Genichirou doesn’t treat him like his own son.

Shigeru then takes out a pack of medicines and hands it to Genichirou. It’s from England, and it might be able to heal Genichirou when his cancer gets too painful to handle. Shigeru also tells him not to kill Kayama tonight, and Genichirou agrees saying this long conversation has ruined his murder plan anyway. Genichirou admits he wants a wonderful “last reward” for all of his effort before he dies, but Shigeru answers the brothers will come to stop him again if he’s still trying to kill Kayama in the future. Genichirou thinks their conversation is a waste of time, but he smiles saying it’s actually pretty amusing.

After leaving Genichirou, Shigeru goes to the entrance and finds Isami with a wriggling Hideo captured in his arms. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hideo only came here to talk to Shigeru though, and they found a suspicious man (undoubtedly Genichirou’s hitman) tinkering with Kayama’s car earlier. The brothers already sent Kayama to the guest room saying there’s a trouble with his car, and Masashi says they should use this chance to trap him: “Let’s put our 1000 yen into the car!” If people find such a large sum of money in the car, they will think Genichirou has just bribed Kayama tonight. \(^o^)/ Masashi.. you’re such a genius when it comes to evil plans. In order to make sure this reaches the public, Shigeru then asks Hideo to act as a newspaper reporter and “cover” this case. Before the brothers leave to stuff their money into Kayama’s car, Hideo stops Shigeru and finally tells him: “She’s waiting for you in Shizuko-sama’s place.” Shigeru immediately runs off to see Haru upon hearing this, but not before telling his brothers where he put his 1000 yen — beside the trash can in his room. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Meanwhile, Haru and Shizuko are standing in front of their new shop. They have completely reformed the place in the last few days, and they’re wondering if Shigeru would notice. Haru is a bit worried because she doesn’t know how to sew Western clothes, but Shizuko notices something and says she’ll go back inside for now. She asks Haru to tell her the details later, and before Haru could ask her what that means, Shigeru suddenly appears to hug Haru from behind. She’s really surprised to find him here, but he jokingly says “a kind-hearted culprit who stabbed me in Kyoto came to tell me that you’re here.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Shigeru says he’ll explain everything to her, but they will have to postpone their boutique for now. He already decided to stop running away and keep living in the mansion, so he’s asking her to return with him. They also need to explain this to Shizuko later, but for now Shigeru needs to do something for their tearful reunion. Or rather, say something to Haru. When Haru looks up at him and asks what is it, Shigeru finally tells her “I love you”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

The next day, Heisuke and Genichirou are discussing about what happened to Kayama last night. The brothers completely ruined his plans, but Genichirou laughs as he admits his defeat. Genichirou then asks Heisuke to take the pack of medicines from Shigeru, and he jokingly says it might be filled with poison.. but when Heisuke panicks, Genichirou laughs again saying it’s just a joke. He’s been refusing to drink any kinds of medicines so far, but right now he’s going to trust Shigeru and take the medicine.

After returning to the mansion with Shigeru, Haru resumes her job as a maid. Hideo is starting over with his acting career too, and Tae keeps telling him that he should have done that right from the start. Yasuda will be demolished tomorrow, but since it’s going to take a while before their new shop is ready, Haru will go out to help her from time to time. Chitomi is still as strict as ever, but she admits that just like Tae, she’s happy that Haru came back. In the afternoon, Shigeru goes out with Genichirou. Shigeru’s driving has gotten a lot better now, so Genichirou doesn’t feel sick even when he’s driving normally. Of course Genichirou won’t stop fighting as long as he’s still alive, but Shigeru says the brothers are going to stop him if they got dragged into his battle. Before stopping in front of Yasuda, Shigeru asks if the medicines from England works, and Genichirou answers they do — the medicines help him a lot when it gets painful. Today Shizuko invites Genichirou to Yasuda before it got demolished, and knowing the place holds a lot of memories for Shizuko, Shigeru drops Genichirou off and tells him to go home by himself later lol. Genichirou probably won’t say anything about his cancer, but Shigeru knows Shizuko will find out tonight.

When Shigeru comes back to the mansion, he tells Haru that he’s going to design a wedding dress today. She asks if he received a request from someone, and he answers “I’m making my own request. It’s your wedding dress for our wedding.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since Haru looks really surprised, Shigeru then takes her to his room and explains that “We’re getting married soon. It’s already decided. The end.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He suddenly gets scared that she’s going to refuse, so the moment she says “actually..”, he covers his ears and starts singing to block out her voice. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Haru laughs upon watching Shigeru’s reaction, and she finally answers “It’s just a joke. Please take care of me.” ε-(*´∀`|萌| They’re going to stay in the mansion after their wedding, and Shizuko will be living on the second floor of their boutique. Haru is reluctant about living in the mansion, but Shigeru tells her that she’s going to be a Miyanomori too after marrying him — it’s only natural for her to stay in his room.

Haru: “We can’t sleep in the same room.”
Shigeru: “But we can’t do it if we’re in different rooms!”
Haru: “Do what!?”
Shigeru: “Okay, now let’s draw your dre– Ouch! What!?”
Haru: “You’re always avoiding the topic.”

Oh come on, Haru. You know what he’s talking about. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Shigeru then says he will make their wedding costumes as soon as possible, because he wants Genichirou to see their wedding day too. Shigeru is now doing his best both for Haru and for his father.

When their wedding day finally comes months later, Shigeru is surprised to see how beautiful Haru looks in the wedding dress he made. Haru thinks people will start cheking out Shigeru’s designs because of their unique traits, but Shigeru says his first priority is Haru.. and he’s glad that she loves the dress. Since they couldn’t go to Kurenai and Norio’s wedding in October, they decided to hold their wedding in the Ginza Hall as well. Shigeru then asks Haru to start calling him “Shigeru-san” instead of “Shigeru-sama”, and he will call her “Haru” too instead of “Oharu-chan”. It might be awkward at first, but even that Norio finally managed to call Kurenai by her real name — Satoko. Haru says she’ll try to get used to it, and Shigeru happily lifts her up into the air. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Meanwhile, Genichirou is telling Heisuke that wishing for his son’s happiness is “foolish”.. but he’s here to attend their wedding ceremony anyway.

Extra Ending

In the extra ending, Haru is working with Shizuko in Shigeru’s boutique. Just as they expected, Shigeru’s designs became the new fashion trend and their stock keeps running low because the boutique is always packed with customers. Everyone was impressed upon seeing Haru’s wedding dress, and Kurenai also helps Shizuko promoting the boutique to people. While Haru and Shizuko are busy managing the shop, Shigeru is also busy drawing new designs behind the screen. Genichirou already passed away, so Shizuko sadly says the mansion feels really lonely without his presence. When Haru returns to the mansion at noon, Tae drags her into a corner saying she wants to discuss about something.

Haru: “Clothes? For a date? With Sanji-san? Hoo~”
Tae: “You’re saying it out loud on purpose, aren’t you?” ( ಠ_ಠ )

LOL HARU. You’re an awesome friend. Don’t ever change. xD

Hideo sent them some tickets for his first play — even though it’s still a minor role for now — and Tae is planning to watch it with Sanji tomorrow. Haru says she’ll tell Shigeru about Tae’s order, and Tae says it’s okay if they want to give her a flashy dress LOL. She’s going to see Sanji’s parents after watching the play, so she’s feeling really nervous right now. Haru goes see Shigeru in his room after that, and she finds him deep in thoughts among his designs and samples. After telling Shigeru about Tae’s order, Haru says bright colors like red suits Tae the best, and they should give her a hat as well to make it more flashy. The word “hat” suddenly gives Shigeru an inspiration, and he starts drawing again before eventually taking out a bright red dress that suits Tae’s image. He also had a hat to match the dress, but he can’t remember where he puts it. Haru soon leaves saying she needs to go back to the boutique, and Shigeru notices that she seems to be bothered about something.

In the evening, Shigeru comes to the boutique after the closing hour. He already found the hat earlier, and Tae was really happy when he gave her the dress and the hat directly. Shigeru has been thinking about Haru’s strange behaviour at noon, and he finally realized it’s their first wedding anniversary today. He apologized for almost forgetting about such an important day, because he’s been flooded with work recently. Haru says it’s okay and reveals that she has a present for him to celebrate their anniversary, so she asks him to turn around until she’s ready to show him the present. After turning his back on Haru, Shigeru then says he can achieve everything because of her. At first he only wanted to live an easy life without getting hurt, but he started moving forward after she became his personal maid. Other than the boutique, he can also say goodbye to Genichirou properly as a son. It’s been a year ever since they got married, and they will continue weaving time together from now on.

When Haru says she’s done preparing the present, Shigeru turns around and sees a tie made from the kimono he used to wear. She thinks it’s such a waste if they throw the kimono away, so she did her best to turn it into a tie for him. Haru wonders if the motive is too bright for a tie, but Shigeru says both the tie and Haru herself are the best presents he ever received. Soon they hear Shizuko’s voice calling Haru for dinner, and Shigeru asks Haru to return and sleep in the mansion tonight. Haru often spends the night with Shizuko because sometimes she missed the last train after work, but Shigeru wants her to come home for tonight. It’s their anniversary after all. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Both of them have been busy with work during the last year, but Shigeru promises to make more private time just for the two of them.

At first I have mixed feelings about this route, but in the end I have to say I love it. Back in the first HanaIchi, Shigeru spent the first half of his route being mean to Haru and turned sweet in the latter half. Here, Shigeru is rather sweet right from the start.. but he entered fragile mode after the events in October. Just like Norio, you and everyone else, I think Shigeru was really pathetic when he’s drowing in sorrow, but I can never hate him because he’s playful and cute when he’s living a happy life. Shigeru has the best relationship development with Genichirou too so far, so I feel really sad when Genichirou passed away. (´・ω・`) I love his second year ending more than the one in HanaIchi, because Shigeru can finally stand on his own feet here.


11 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Shigeru

  1. I don’t know, Shigeru really grew up in this game and a boutique does suit him, but on the other hand, he was the only one in the first game who went back to her farm with her, and I thought he was really sweet with her family. And the epilogue in this game made his life look up in the first game too, so I don’t know…I guess the good thing is that Shigeru got a really different ending this time around so the route must feel fresh.

    • Well yeah, but I think running a boutique suits Shigeru more than being a farmer. As much as I like Shigeru’s interactions with Haru’s family, I still feel that he’s running away by leaving Miyanomori forever.. so I prefer this ending because he really stands on his own feet.

    • Shigeru is actually pretty sweet and mischievous when he’s not in emo / fragile mode. xD I love how everyone keeps picking on poor Mamoru even though he was supposed to take revenge on them lol.

  2. Omg shigeru is so sweet in this route. It is a lil annoying when he gets emo but I cant help but like how sweet he is happy. I think hes much more likeable in this fav so far from the.routes you have done.

    • He’s normally sweet when he’s not running away / emoing. He’s much more likeable in Kinema because he’s not being mean to Haru randomly like in HanaIchi. xD

  3. I felt like crying rivers… As I was progressing slowly (since I’m working) over Tadashi, Kisuke, Isami and Shigeru’s route, like most people did, my save file got corrupted when I exited the game. ∑(O_O;)

    So… like… I’ve wasted 45 hours ++ of my gaming life…. ( ≖_ゝ≖ )” Sigh… trying to find save files is impossible for Otome game :(

    I guess… I’ll just read through the plots for each boys you have written out here instead of playing it back to square one, *cries* Why didn’t it happen for games like Vitamin X or smth, omg… *dead*

    • Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that. ;___;
      I want to offer my save file for you, but mine also got wiped out due to memory stick failure last year… If you have the time and motivation, I’d recommend redoing the game since it’s really good. But if the system is too troublesome to get through, hopefully these summaries can satisfy you. ;;;

      • D: Yeah, it was hard to get save files but it’s no point getting the files without our own effort of doing the quests one by one =-=;; There’s no ‘feel’, hahaha.

        And yeaaaaa, I wanna play it back so badly though, but since I’m working, the dedication is less compared to how I was during school days. Thanks for your offer of save files :) Really appreciate your kindness.

        *why only now Japan have enticing otome games to play?!”

        • LOL I understand that feeling. I’m also buried in work right now. 8D;
          Maybe copying the save data to your PC is a good idea? I’ve been doing it ever since that memory stick disaster, so even if a trouble occurs you won’t lose everything.

          • D: Yeah, I guess I have to do that starting from now :\ I’m just lazy plugging in my PSP to PC and copying the memory data files xD

            I’m currently putting aside Hanayakana first until I regain back the mood to play. xD
            Now I’m on my way finishing Isshoni gohan Portable and Starry Sky After Spring (easy game, choose and play, unlike Hanayakana .____.)

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