Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Hiroshi

After spending like three weeks doing Kinema, finally I reach Hiroshi’s route. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* I’m glad he’s staying in Japan here, because he won’t have to face any temptations anymore.

The fifth son of the Miyanomori family. Hiroshi is cheerful and loves inventing new stuff, and he also has a private lab in the outhouse. After his grandfather’s death last year, he’s starting to think seriously about his own future. Even though he’s smart and talented in music, Hiroshi absolutely hates studying, practice, and everything else that requires effort. He was planning to study in England, but he returned to Japan because cholera suddenly breaks out overseas. Hiroshi is now a freshman in Teito University, majoring in engineering. 19 years old.

Similar to Tadashi and Isami, Hiroshi doesn’t get along with Mamoru at first. Mamoru is the one who killed his grandfather after all, though Hiroshi’s attitude isn’t as hostile as Isami.

April 2

Ever since he returned to Japan, Hiroshi has been stressed thinking about his future. While it was his grandfather’s plan to send him to England, Hiroshi already made up his mind to study abroad.. and yet everything got cancelled. He rages at Masashi when the latter says “you’re useless now that your grandfather is dead”, and Haru finds him looking sad in the hallway at noon. Haru suggests talking to Yoshi directly about this issue, and Hiroshi says he’ll go talk to her tomorrow. Hiroshi thinks it would be useless, but Haru knows he’s just sulking — 19 is a difficult age after all.

April 3

Just as he said yesterday, Hiroshi goes to talk to Yoshi today. He’s still in a bad mood, and he also learns that his little sister Nobuko is busy preparing her wedding next year. It’s a political marriage arranged by their grandfather, but it seems like Nobuko can accept her engagement just fine. Knowing that Hiroshi is here to discuss about his future, Yoshi says he can choose his own path in life. Back when Prime Minister Saeki was still alive, she could only watch as his father determined Hiroshi’s life. Now it’s her turn to support Hiroshi’s choice. Yoshi knows Hiroshi won’t be able to live freely because he can’t even take care of himself, but at least she wants him to determine his own future. Since his plan to study abroad has been cancelled, he now has the option to continue his education here in Japan. When Hiroshi returns home, Haru and the servants find him much more cheerful than before.

April 5

While Haru is busy thinking of the survey, Hiroshi is still confused about which path to take for his future. Susumu finds him talking to Haru about this in the afternoon, so he decides to give Hiroshi some advice regarding the latter’s future. Later on, Haru, Tae and Hideo finds Hiroshi looking confused in the hallway. Tae says it’s only natural for Hiroshi to be confused, because his life has always been planned out by Genichirou and Saeki.. but now everyone’s suddenly telling him to choose his own path in life. That night, Haru comes to talk to Hiroshi when he’s in the terrace — watching the stars with his telescope. She gets super excited when he lends her the telescope, and he laughs saying it’s fun to see her looking so happy. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When Hiroshi says he still can’t decide his own future, Haru says it must be because going to England and staying in Japan are equally important to him. He admits she’s right, since there’s a major that he wants to take in Teito University. Just then a shooting star lights up in the sky, and Haru quickly makes a wish: “I hope Hiroshi-sama can make a decision tonight.”

April 6

During breakfast, Hiroshi comes into the dining hall wearing his new Teito University’s uniform. After thinking carefully about his future, Hiroshi finally decides to continue his education here in Japan. Hiroshi smiles saying he’ll do his best, but his cheerful mood suddenly sinks as soon as Mamoru comes to join them for breakfast. When Mamoru greets Hiroshi by saying “too bad about your grandfather”, Hiroshi storms out of the dining hall with Tadashi chasing after him. At the same time, Haru is cleaning up the entrance while thinking about the brothers’ daily fight with Mamoru. She’s surprised when Hiroshi suddenly walks out with blood around his lips, but he calmly tells her about his decision to stay in Japan. When she asks him what happened, he explains that Tadashi punched him earlier. Obviously Haru goes “T-Tadashi-sama!? Σ(・д・ノ)ノ” since it’s hard to imagine Tadashi punching anyone, but Hiroshi says he was the third person Tadashi has ever punched lol. It was necessary to open his eyes though, and Hiroshi decides that he won’t run away just because of Mamoru.

Noticing that Haru is holding her survey form, Hiroshi then asks whose name did she write for the survey. She honestly admits it’s his name and runs away before he could even stop her, while he only goes “m-me? really? Σ(〃д〃)” lol.

April 9

Today is the deadline of the survey, and Shigeru is curious about their “popularity poll” result lol. Since Hiroshi needs to report his decision to Yoshi, Isami and Shigeru say they’ll drive him to Yoshi’s house.. and they drag the rest of the brothers too. xD Of course the drive is 100% chaotic because they split up to ride two cars, and Isami drives brutally because they end up having a race. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shigeru gives Masashi some anti-travel sickness medicine, but before he could tell Masashi about the side effect, Isami suddenly takes a sharp turn and sends the medicine flying all over the car. \(^o^)/ On the other car, Susumu is worried to see Isami’s car getting brutal, but Tadashi tells him to ignore them. They’re going to get into an accident eventually. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Soon Tadashi notices that Isami’s car is no longer running in front of them, and when they stop to see what happened.. they find Shigeru and Isami standing beside their car — which now has a deadly smell thanks to the medicine lol. In the end they decide to ditch the car and stuff themselves into Susumu’s car instead. That’s right, six huge guys in one car. xD

When Hiroshi finally reaches Yoshi’s mansion, both Yoshi and her husband say they already heard about his decision from Heisuke. Yoshi thinks a lot of hardships are waiting for Hiroshi ahead, but she wants him to overcome them and move on. After all, it’s the path he decided to take in life. Hiroshi answers he doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but he promises to do his best from now on.

April 13

When Haru brings some drinks to Hiroshi’s lab, he’s busy inventing a new gadget that might be useful for her. Hiroshi then tells Haru that some soldiers from the army came to his university today, asking people in the engineering department to create weapons for them. The amount of Hiroshi’s classes might be reduced because of this, not to mention all students are required to participate as well. The professors and everyone around him says engineering exists for this reason, but Hiroshi says he didn’t join the engineering department to build weapons. He stays in Japan to reach his objective, though he still needs to find that objective first.

April 16

Today is Miyanomori’s annual flower-viewing festival. After Isami confirms Mamoru’s location from Haru, suddenly Shigeru comes to inform everyone that Genichirou’s planning to introduce Mamoru as “the future head” today. As much as Isami wants to kill Mamoru, he knows he can’t do that during the event since important generals from the army are attending as well. Masashi says they should remain calm because Genichirou wants them to fight each other, but Hiroshi says he’ll go and view the cherry blossoms somewhere else. While Masashi thinks he’s going to eat as usual, Hiroshi actually goes to talk to Haru instead. He admits he doesn’t want to stay with his brothers knowing Isami will rage at Mamoru again, and he takes her for a walk around the garden. Or rather, he takes a walk alone and she has to drag him back before Genichirou starts his speech.

Hiroshi then says he’s glad to choose Teito University, and it’s all thanks to Har’s wish to the shooting star. After a long silence, Haru says she might not be able to view cherry blossoms again next year. Her family might receive a matchmaking offer during summer break, and she can’t refuse anymore since the next matchmaking will be her third. Hiroshi sadly says it would be lonely without Haru. Last year he stopped her matchmaking along with his brothers, but he knows he can’t do that anymore. Hiroshi wonders if Haru will always stay with him if they got married, and when Haru says yes, he starts wondering what marriage actually means. Haru says it’s to build a family, but for Hiroshi it only feels like a vow to stay together forever. Back on the 5th, Susumu told him that a decision means losing something to obtain something else, and Hiroshi has been wondering what he lost by staying in Japan. Haru tells him that he must have obtained something in return, and Hiroshi says she’s right. He might have a lot of doubts and worries, but he needs to do his best.

April 19

Haru goes shopping in Ginza today, and she notices that the streets are packed with people. Soon she hears Hiroshi calling her among the crowd, and he’s surrounded by his friends from university — both male and female. The girls are surprised when Hiroshi goes to take a walk with Haru, but Hiroshi tells them that she’s not a regular maid. He doesn’t even care when they start giggling behind his back, saying he has a weird taste. Haru feels bad and tries to leave so they won’t make fun of Hiroshi, but Hiroshi explains he’s only here because his male friend invited him to watch “flower trains” together. He agreed to come along since they seem to get along pretty well, but his friend suddenly screamed “this guy is the fifth son of the Miyanomori family!” ..and that’s how he got fangirls flocking onto him. Obviously Hiroshi hates how they’re treating him, so he was relieved upon seeing Haru.

When Haru asks if he’s not interested in girls, Hiroshi blushes and says he does — just not towards every girls. Hiroshi then admits he loves people who treat him normally like Haru, and he blushes even more upon realizing what he just said. (❤ฺ→艸←) Sadly Haru thinks Hiroshi’s “love” simply means he likes her normally, and she excuses herself saying she needs to go back to the mansion. Since the station is swarmed by a sea of people, Hiroshi says he’ll take her to a different station. Then he happily drags her away. To the parlor. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

April 21

Today is Isami’s birthday, and yet the only thing in his mind is to kill Mamoru. Since words just won’t work for them, eventually Shigeru decides to stop their fight by saying he’ll treat them to a free banquet at Yasuda — complete with a lot of geisha including “Ageha” and Kurenai lol. Of course Isami is interested upon hearing the word “geisha”, while Mamoru drools because Yasuda is an elite restaurant. xD During Isami’s birthday celebration at night, Isami announces a temporary truce with Mamoru in front of Genichirou. Isami says it doesn’t mean he forgives Mamoru, and Mamoru also rages when Isami insults Kazue, but Genichirou just leaves since he just can’t be bothered with their petty fights. ┐(´~`;)┌ Hiroshi thinks it’s a good chance to test his new invention though, so he runs off and comes back with a strange gadget named “Sakigakemaru I” lol. Tadashi goes “what’s that? ( ಠ_ಠ )” upon seeing this, but Hiroshi shows him how the gadget works by using it to throw a knife towards Isami and Mamoru — just like using a sling. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Fortunately the knife misses its targets, but Isami and Mamoru stop fighting immediately. Or else they might get stabbed to death lol.

April 25

At noon, Haru asks if Hiroshi already got used to his university life. Hiroshi answers he does, but he’s concerned about the weapon research starting from next month. When Haru asks if he’s going to participate, Hiroshi says he’s not sure since he’s only a freshman. He might not be able to contribute much, and everyone is just taking advantage of his family name anyway. Hiroshi suddenly remembers about the exhibition next month, and he invites Haru to enjoy the event together. Hiroshi then goes to ask for Chitomi’s permission to take Haru out, but just as expected, Chitomi answers with a simple “no ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”. However, since Hiroshi doesn’t give up and says he’ll take Haru out by force, Chitomi then makes a deal with him: “If you can get the first rank on your upcoming midterm exam, I’ll give my permission.” It won’t be easy since Hiroshi is surrounded by a lot of smart students, but he accepts the challenge.

April 30

During breakfast, Tadashi finds it strange that Hiroshi isn’t present to eat with them. Masashi thinks it’s because he has a stomachache, but everyone is shocked when Chitomi says he’s busy studying in his room. When Haru brings breakfast to his room, Hiroshi tells her that he’s doing his best so they can go to the exhibition together. He hates studying and often gets red marks in exams, but right now he wants to study hard and get the first rank. When Haru asks if he’s doing this for her, Hiroshi admits it’s for himself too — he wants to have fun with her. Later on, Masashi also comes to see how he’s doing. While he keeps mocking Hiroshi at first, Masashi actually gives him some advice: “Study all night before the exam. You kept skipping classes during high school, so you have to learn that much.” That means Hiroshi has to stay awake and study until morning comes, but he’s really pumped up to cram all night long.

May 1

In the morning, Hiroshi looks really exhausted. Both because he studied all night, and because Masashi is an extremely strict tutor lol. Hiroshi is really confident to take the first rank though, and Kisuke also teases Haru about their “exhibition date”. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Tae thinks it’s impossible because Hiroshi really hates studying, but Kisuke says Hiroshi actually can do anything if he really wants to. Hiroshi just gets bored easily, and the only thing he keeps doing continuously is developing his inventions. However, Haru is more concerned about why Hiroshi is willing to go that far just to take her to the exhibition.

May 6

Today is the announcement of Hiroshi’s midterm exam result, and yet Hiroshi has been looking down since morning. Tae says it would be better if their exhibition date gets cancelled, since it’s weird for a maid to enjoy the event with her master’s son, but Haru is sincerely wishing for Hiroshi to get the first rank. Masashi is waiting for the result too as Hiroshi’s tutor, and at noon Hiroshi finally returns home saying he really got the top rank in the exam. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He happily shows the certificate to Chitomi, who fulfills her promise by allowing Haru to go out with him tomorrow. Haru also congratulates Hiroshi for the achievement, but while Hiroshi is excited for their exhibition date, Haru is worried because he didn’t get enough sleep during the exam period. Haru asks him to get some sleep so he can enjoy the exhibition, and Hiroshi goes to sleep immediately — telling her they’ll go out early in the morning tomorrow.

May 7

Just as Tae predicted, Hiroshi ends up waking up at night today.. and obviously he missed the entire exhibition. He runs off to the dining hall and asks why they didn’t wake him up, so Haru says it can’t be helped because he seems really exhausted. Fortunately, Mamoru informs him that the exhibition is still open at 9 PM. The main attraction was the seaplane at noon, but this year they also has a firefly hunt event at night. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Haru is amazed upon seeing the colorful exhibition at night, and Hiroshi asks if she’s glad to come here with him. Haru says “of course!” since Hiroshi has been working so hard just to take her out, and when she asks if he’s really okay with her, he says he doesn’t want to go with anyone else. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Hiroshi then takes Haru to watch the fireflies near the pond, and the scenery reminds them of Haru’s hometown. When Haru mentions that summer is coming soon, Hiroshi says he will feel lonely if she quits her job. Hiroshi admits that while he has a lot of friends, he never has a best friend because everyone feels really shallow. His friends and his fangirls are only flocking to him because of his powerful family background, and they’re not interested in the real him. He hates those people, but Haru is different. She reacts and treats him normally, and he’s having fun whenever he’s with her.. so it will be lonely if she’s gone. Hiroshi then asks if he can hold her hand, and when Haru nervously says yes, he grabs her hand and shyly says he feels so happy. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Hiroshi: “I wonder what everyone sees us as?”
Haru: “Siblings?”
Hiroshi: “No way!!, for real?”
Haru: “Hehe, it’s a lie. Hmm.. we don’t look like a master and a maid.”
Hiroshi: “Then.. do we look like a couple..?”
Haru: “M-Maybe..”
Hiroshi: “Right!? Dehehehehe!!”
Haru: “A-Ahaha.. I’m so nervous I’m sweating..”
Hiroshi: “I’m so glad we came here! You too right?”
Haru: “Yes!”


May 10

Today Hiroshi runs into Yoshi when he’s out shopping in Ginza, and Yoshi loudly says she’s really proud of his achievement on the midterm exam — though she thinks his motive is impure. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Yoshi mentions Mamoru’s presence in the flower-viewing festival, Hiroshi bitterly confirms that Mamoru was the one who killed Saeki. However, Yoshi then tells him more about Mamoru’s background and the reason behind Kazue’s death. While Hiroshi still can’t fully trust Mamoru yet, he can understand why Kazue took Mamoru out of the mansion. She didn’t want Mamoru to be used as a tool, and Hiroshi understands that feeling better than anyone else. Yoshi also says holding a grudge against Mamoru won’t bring Saeki back, but Hiroshi only stays quiet before eventually saying goodbye to her.

When he comes home in the evening, Hiroshi goes to see Mamoru in his room. He directly asks why did Mamoru kill his grandfather, and Mamoru says it was because he received a request to assassinate Saeki. The client was a certain person in the political world knew about his real identity. Hiroshi angrily asks why did he kill Saeki just because of that reason, but he can’t say anything when Mamoru replies with “my mother was abandoned and pressured to death, do you understand how I feel?” Mamoru then shows Hiroshi his first creation — “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” — and explains that the book contains everything Genichirou has done in the past. He also wrote about the brothers inside, but the factory suddenly caught fire just before it got published. There are only three copies left including the one he’s holding right now. One is in Genichirou’s hands, and the other one was in Saeki’s hands. Mamoru thinks Saeki used the book to threaten Genichirou, but Hiroshi refuses to believe that his grandfather did such a thing. Mamoru only says one can’t be a ruler without touching the dark side, and he gives the book for Hiroshi to read. Hiroshi needs to know what actually happened between Genichirou, and why Saeki had a copy of the book.

May 18

Today is the annual tea ceremony, and all the mothers are attending except for Sanae — who has to move out of the Sumida house by the end of the month. When Yoshi asks if Haru went to the exhibition with Hiroshi, Haru reluctantly says she did. Haru is afraid that Yoshi might get angry, but Yoshi says she’s not against their relationship. Yoshi also says it’s a good thing for Hiroshi too, since this is the first time he worked hard to achieve something. Yoshi then asks if Hiroshi said something about Mamoru, and Haru says he’s been acting strange ever since the day he met Yoshi in Ginza last week. However, Yoshi soon finds the answer when Mamoru comes to talk to her directly. He tells her that he already gave a copy of “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” to Hiroshi, and when Yoshi turns silent, he realized that Yoshi knew that Saeki had a copy as well. Yoshi only found it by accident though, and she didn’t have the courage to read what’s written inside. She asks if Mamoru wants to hurt them even more by giving the book to Hiroshi, but Mamoru only leaves saying that’s all he wants to talk about.

When the ceremony starts, Hiroshi tells Mamoru that he still hates him.. but he wants to try and understand Mamoru better from now on. He already did some research too, because he was curious about Mamoru’s background. Shigeru notices that Hiroshi and Mamoru have entered their own little world, but Hiroshi refuses to tell him anything lol.

May 21

Haru goes on a shopping duty with Hideo today, and they run into Hiroshi who instantly goes “why are you with her!? ( ಠ益ಠ )” upon seeing them walking together lol. Hiroshi was actually wondering if he should see Yoshi today, but he drops the plan and decides to tag along with them. When Hideo says he can’t do that because Haru is currently guding him around Ginza, Hiroshi gets pissed and go “The way you say it is so annoying! You’re not allowed to ask me questions! You’re not allowed to go out with Haru-kichi too! (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻” lol. Since Hiroshi is completely taken over by his jealousy, he then says he’ll guide Hideo around Ginza instead of leaving the task to Haru. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Sadly Hiroshi guides them towards a boutique that exclusively sells women’s clothing, so both Hideo and Haru are surprised thinking Hiroshi loves buying dresses. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The real reason is because Hiroshi wants to buy a gift for “the girl he likes” from the boutique, but it just doesn’t reach them lol. He also rides the train with them all the way back to the mansion, saying it’s dangerous to leave Haru alone with Hideo. Hideo says Hiroshi is probably more dangerous than him, and when Hiroshi says he’s really cheeky for a servant, Hideo replies with “I only behave this way in front of you” xD In the end Haru has to stop them from fighting and drag them home lol.

May 26

Late at night, Tae takes Haru outside and shows her the bag she brought from her hometown. Tae is surprised when Hideo suddenly appears and asks what they’re doing, but she decides to tell them about her past anyway. Meanwhile, Susumu finds Hiroshi watching the stars from the terrace again. Soon they notice Haru and Hideo walking back to their quarter (Tae is busy hiding her bag again lol), and Hiroshi immediately goes “Ahhh! I told them they’re not allowed to spend time together! ( ಠ益ಠ )” while Susumu laughs beside him. Recently Hiroshi seems to be down, so Susumu is relieved to see him back to normal. Before going to bed, Hiroshi says it’s really nice how Haru and Hideo can chat freely as fellow servants.

May 30

At noon, Haru greets Hiroshi when he returns home. He cautiously asks her where Hideo is, and she says Hideo is talking to Chitomi about the servants’ exam tomorrow. It’s his first time taking the exam after all. Haru then helps carrying Hiroshi’s super heavy bag all the way to his lab, where he shows her the contents — iron plates he got from his university. He also tells her that he’s specializing in machine engineering, and he will be dealing with vehicles such as trains or cars. He doesn’t know why they gave him the iron plates though, so he’s planning to find the answer before dinner.

May 31

Since the brothers’ progress in the game is incredibly slow, Genichirou creates an extra rule and decides to test it out on one of them. After the servants’ exam, Genichirou comes to see his sons in the dining hall and announces that he’s going to assign a personal servant for one of them. He asks if which one of them wants to have a personal servant, and Hiroshi instantly responds with “Yes yes yes yes! I want to have Haru-kichi!” イエ゚.+:。ヽ(*゚ロ゚)人(゚ロ゚*)ノ゚.+:。イッ! His brothers knew it’s coming, and Shigeru keeps saying it’s so nice to be young.. then sadly adds “we’re already expired.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Genichirou approves on the spot, and this makes Hiroshi so happy he starts laughing like a pervert lol. Genichirou was hoping assigning a personal maid would motivate them to entertain him more, but upon seeing Hiroshi’s pervert laugh, Shigeru can only say “this won’t do.” xD

On the other hand, Haru is expecting Tae to go “why do YOU become a personal maid!?”, but Tae only goes “I’m not surprised. Do your best~” instead lol. However, Hiroshi feels bad when Chitomi says Haru won’t be able to serve him forever. Chitomi can stay beside Genichirou for the rest of her life because she doesn’t have any family left, but Haru will have to leave to get married someday. Based on Chitomi’s advice, Hiroshi then asks Haru about what they should do from now on. He didn’t know that a personal servant has to serve his / her master forever, and he asks if she’s angry. Haru quickly says she doesn’t, and she wants to do her best for Hiroshi — even though it might be just for a few months. Of course Hiroshi feels sad to hear this, but he decides to push the feelings aside for now. She won’t get married right away, so they can still spend time together before then. Hiroshi hands his room key to Haru that night, saying he’ll make duplicates even if she loses it. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

June 1

After the morning assembly, Haru goes to wake Hiroshi up in his room. He won’t wake up no matter how loud she knocks on his door, so she uses his room key and walks inside.. only to hear the wonderful sound of his teeth grinding. \(^o^)/ Eventually Haru manages to wake Hiroshi up by pushing the poor guy off his bed, and the first thing he says is “oh no! I’m still in my pajamas!” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ At first Hiroshi watches in silence as Haru prepares his clothes, but he gets super excited when she helps him change. She’s about to help him change pants too, but he blushes saying he’ll do it himself. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Haru thought working as a personal maid would make her nervous, but surprisingly she remains calm the whole time — most likely because she’s really used to Hiroshi. Just like yesterday, Hiroshi is still grinning from ear to ear during breakfast today. Masashi thinks it’s disgusting, but Mamoru is amazed upon seeing the change Haru brings for Hiroshi lol.

June 4

In the morning, Haru wakes Hiroshi up since he needs to go to Ginza today. As she helps him getting dressed, he explains that he’s meeting up with his professor to discuss about the iron plates from before. Hiroshi then laughs saying they’re just like a married couple, though Haru finds it had to imagine Yoshi doing the same thing to Genichirou. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hiroshi’s professor is impressed by his work, and he explains that the plates are actually created from a one-of-a-kind metal. There’s a high chance that the army will use it to make new weapons, even though they haven’t properly examined the metal yet. The professor gave the plates to Hiroshi because he’s a Miyanomori, and he should be able to do a deeper research regarding the metal. He’s the only one who can do it too, because soldiers from the army are keeping an eye on every single professor from the engineering department right now — going as far as watching their house.

The professor also explains that in the near future, most of the engineering department staff might be busy with weapon development. A new ministry will be established next month, and the new Prime Minister is the one who issues orders to develop new weapons. He also has a railway company under his wing, so there are rumors about him getting on the army’s side by developing machine engineering in the country. The professor then says the metal is similar to Hiroshi himself — they might or might not have hidden potential. Hiroshi doesn’t think so since he’s not smart at all, but the professor says he wants to believe they’re valuable. now we should all know who the new Prime Minister is lol.

When Haru learns about this later, she’s surprised that Hiroshi doesn’t get angry at all. Hiroshi tells her it’s because he already got used to people taking advantage of him, so he doesn’t feel anything at all. Hiroshi then asks if she will return to the mansion after summer break, and he’s really relieved when she answers yes. For some reason, Hiroshi had a feeling that she won’t return and quit that way. Haru says she wants to serve him as long as possible, because she finds it fun to learn more about him. When Hiroshi asks for an example, Haru says she knows about his pampered side. He looks like the type who would ask her to spoon-feed him, and he replies with “how did you know!? I was thinking of doing that next!” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Hiroshi admits that he has always wanted to be friends with Haru, but right now it’s a bit different. When she asks if they look like a married couple now, he blushes and goes “dehehehe” again. xD Hiroshi wonders if Genichirou also feels as happy and ドキドキ about having a personal servant, but they just can’t imagine him acting that way towards Chitomi lol.

June 7

Kisuke comes to visit the mansion today, and he asks Haru how she’s doing with Hiroshi. She says she wants to do her best for him, but she’s a bit concerned of her potential matchmaking in summer. Hiroshi is also busy with his own research, so he didn’t prepare any presents for Genichirou’s birthday. He only told her it’s impossible to conduct in university, so he’s doing it in the mansion instead. Later on, Kisuke reports to Genichirou that Kayama has been meeting up with important generals from the army. It seems like the army is desperate for weapons to deal with Siberia, and Genichirou thinks it’s really foolish. After all, new weapons are useless if you don’t know how to use them properly. Genichirou knows about Hiroshi’s research too, and Heisuke suggests doing something about it as soon as possible. The army hasn’t noticed yet, but this issue will involve people at a larger scale — it’s not only about Hiroshi.

After Genichirou leaves the dining hall at night, Mamoru comes just to get dinner. Hiroshi asks if he found any new information about Genichirou recently, and since the brothers get curious about this, Mamoru eventually explains that Genichirou is planning to buy Teito Touei Electricity from Kayama. Hiroshi thinks it would be better if Genichirou becomes a politician, but Masashi knows Genichirou isn’t interested in such things. Hiroshi also leaves the dining hall after that, but he tells Haru that he won’t continue his research tonight. He reached a dead end, so he’s going to ask his professor again soon. Hiroshi then asks Haru to prepare a bath for him, and the moment she walks away, he goes “would she wash my back if I ask her to do so? dehe, dehehehe!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

June 11

Today Mamoru receives a bunch of information from his editor, and just before he goes to the bookstore, he notices Hiroshi roaming around aimlessly on the streets. When Mamoru asks him what’s wrong, Hiroshi admits that he’s been thinking of asking Yoshi directly about “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” but he finds it really difficult to do. After all, it’s just the same as doubting his grandfather’s relationship with Genichirou. Mamoru says there are things he better off not knowing, but Hiroshi says he wants to learn the truth. He’s been avoiding all sorts of conflicts so far, but he wants to do his best while Haru is still here with him. Mamoru goes Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ upon learning that they stopped her matchmaking last year, but Hiroshi sadly says they won’t be able to do the same this year. However, Mamoru then points out that Hiroshi doesn’t want Haru to keep working as his personal maid. He wants to make Haru his.

When Hiroshi returns home, he clearly tells Haru “I don’t want you to quit! I don’t want you to get married!” before running off to his room. He refuses to come out and celebrate Mamoru’s birthday at night, and he blocks his door from inside when Haru uses his room key. Haru tells Hideo that she doesn’t want to quit either, but Hideo says it’s different for both of them. Hiroshi doesn’t want Haru to quit so he can keep her to himself, but it’s not the same for her. At least for now, because she actually doesn’t want to part with him either. Haru, Hideo and Hiroshi are all of the same age — they’re all 19 — but Hideo thinks Hiroshi is rather childish because he always sulks everytime something goes wrong.

June 12

Since Hiroshi is still in a bad mood today, Tae decides to go and talk to him. It was Hiroshi who suggested stopping Haru’s matchmaking last year, and so Tae asks him not to repeat the same thing this year. Hiroshi doesn’t get what’s wrong with that, so Hideo appears to explain that a girl who keeps refusing matchmaking would only attract rumors. People in small villages hate everything that’s not “normal”, and they despise people who are different than them. That, and each village has their own rules too. Hiroshi says they can just move away, but of course it’s not that easy when they have been living in the village forever. Hideo also tells him there were people who committed suicide because of the pressure, and Tae asks him to understand that he just can’t go and stop Haru’s matchmaking anymore. However, both of them are surprised when Hiroshi suddenly replies with: “then it means she has to marry me.” Σ(・д・ノ)ノ

After that, Hiroshi runs off to his room and asks Haru to marry him — saying everything will be solved if they get married. He also admits he’s been thinking of marrying her, but he never said anything because he’s still a student. Of course Haru refuses knowing Hiroshi only wants to marry her so they can always be together, and she asks what are they going to do after they get married. Hiroshi answers they’re going to spend a happy life together, but when he asks if there’s a problem with that, Haru quickly excuses herself. Haru knows that marriage isn’t that easy, but Hiroshi doesn’t understand and thinks it’s because she hates him.

June 17

Hiroshi has been avoiding Haru ever since she refused his proposal, and he refuses to hear Chitomi’s words either. At first Genichirou doesn’t care about this, but since Chitomi keeps on pestering him to do something, eventually he asks if Heisuke has any ideas. Heisuke knows pulling them apart will only result in the opposite effect, he suggests letting Hiroshi experience how it feels to be a servant. That way Hiroshi will realize how hard it is to live with Haru, and he will also learn that living independently isn’t an easy thing to do. While Chitomi can’t approve this idea, Genichirou actually thinks it’s a good chance to open Hiroshi’s eyes. Heisuke says a few days would be enough to knock some sense into Hiroshi’s head, so Genichirou decides to carry out this plan starting from tomorrow.

When the brothers learn about this, some of them go “you’re joking right? (´・ω・`;)” while the rest are laughing their heads off. Obviously Hiroshi himself can’t believe his ears, but Heisuke calmly says he will be working as a servant until the day before the grand opening. Masashi thinks he deserves it though, and they start discussing about Hiroshi’s rejected proposal until he goes “she hasn’t rejected me yet!” lol. Since Hiroshi has to attend his classes too, Heisuke says he can start working after he returns home. Haru doesn’t think Hiroshi’s way of thinking can change in such a short period of time, but she hopes experiencing a servant’s life can be a good trigger for him to mature. They’re both turning 20 this year — they will be adults.

June 18

Today is Hiroshi’s first day as a servant. Haru goes to wake him up at 5 AM for their morning assembly, and since he won’t wake up.. she plugs his nose until he can’t breathe lol. He asks her to help him get dressed, but she leaves saying “we’ll be waiting in the servants’ quarter!” Since Hiroshi is really easy to read, Chitomi assigns Hideo to guide Hiroshi. If Hiroshi has any problems, he should ask Hideo — not Haru lol. Of course Hiroshi isn’t amused and asks Haru to trade positions with Hideo, but Tae drags Haru away before she could answer. He’s really pissed when Hideo starts acting like a cheeky senior, but Hideo clearly tells him this happened because he asked Haru to marry him. Hideo also says Haru will be removed from her position as Hiroshi’s personal maid if he quits, so Hiroshi has no choice but to follow the rules. Or else it means he’s giving up on her.

Since Hiroshi doesn’t know how it means to “hold back”, Hideo explains that it’s an important part of their job. Just then Masashi comes out and throws insults at Hiroshi, but despite what Hideo just said, Hiroshi loses his patience almost instantly and ends up punching Masashi on the face. Of course Chitomi rages at them when she learns about this, and Hideo apologized saying it’s his responsibility for not stopping them. Hiroshi feels really bad because it was him who punched Masashi, but eventually Hideo says he’ll take responsibility by quitting. Hiroshi tries to stop him from leaving and says he’ll talk to Genichirou about this, but Hideo only asks “will your personality change by doing that?” He points out that Hiroshi can’t hold back since he’s taking a servants’ job lightly, but this is how servants survive. Not just for themselves, but for their families as well. They’re working to keep on living, so it’s only natural for them to hold back that much.

Just then Chitomi comes out saying she’ll consider taking Hideo back if Hiroshi can do his job properly, and Hiroshi promises to do his best — he won’t repeat the same mistake. Hiroshi is really relieved when Chitomi finally asks Hideo to take care of him tomorrow, so much that he doesn’t hear Hideo whispering “you’re so easy to fool ( ಠ_ಠ )” lol. Yes, it was all just an act arranged by Chitomi and Hideo, though they didn’t expect Hiroshi to punch Masashi on his first day as a servant. What he did to Masashi was unforgivable as a servant, and Chitomi wanted to make sure he understands that.

June 21

During breakfast, Tadashi says he thought Hiroshi would give up after punching Masashi.. but he’s been working as a servant for four days now. He even delivers the food to the table this morning, and Masashi admits he actually finds this interesting lol. Isami is surprised to see how much a new experience can change someone, but Mamoru says it only works when you’re still young — it’s already impossible for Isami. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At night, Haru asks if Hiroshi already got used to this job. Hiroshi answers “a little”, but now he understands how difficult it is to work as a servant. While the household chores aren’t that hard to do, they have to hold back a lot. When Hiroshi asks if she’s working for her family, Haru admits it’s partly for herself too. Ever since they stopped her engagement last year, she keeps thinking that she wants to continue working in the mansion. By now Hiroshi already realized that getting married won’t be able to solve Haru’s matchmaking problems, but he admits that he still doesn’t want her to quit. He’s starting to enjoy working as a servant too, and his opinion about Hideo has improved a lot in the last four days. Hiroshi then wonders what would happen if he’s a servant right from the start, and he laughs when Haru answers “we’ll get scolded by Chitomi-san everyday” lol. She doesn’t think he’ll propose to her if they’re both servants, but he says he’ll still feel sad if she has to quit — it’s a feeling that will never change. After Hiroshi leaves, Haru sadly whispers that she doesn’t want to go home in summer.

June 24

Today is Hiroshi’s last day working as a servant. He tells Chitomi that he won’t say the word “marriage” so easily anymore, and Chitomi is pleased to see how much he’s grown in the last five days. Hiroshi thinks they’re going to remove Haru as his personal maid, but Chitomi says there’s no need to do so. Tomorrow is the grand opening day, and Chitomi is leaving Hiroshi’s preparations in Haru’s hands. When Hiroshi finishes his last round of work, he tells Haru that “Hideo is so bossy and cheeky” lol. Hideo notices it’s the first time Hiroshi ever calls his name, and he jokingly replies with “It’s too bad you’ll return to your normal life tomorrow. I wanted to pick on you a little bit more.” xD Hiroshi then happily goes back to his room, but Tae wonders if he’s going to be okay tomorrow. The Ginza Hall was formerly known as “Empire Hall”, and it was the place where his grandfather died.

June 25

Today is the grand opening of the Miyanomori Ginza Hall. While the old “Empire Hall” brings sad memories about Saeki’s death, Hiroshi admits he feels lonely that the hall has been completely renovated. As soon as Genichirou starts his opening speech, Mamoru sneaks out saying he’ll be back soon. Hiroshi also leaves when Genichirou mentions his grandfather’s death, and he finds Mamoru watching Kayama outside. Hiroshi panicks upon seeing Mamoru holding a gun, and since Hiroshi just won’t shut up about it, Mamoru finally explains that he doesn’t have any intentions to kill Kayama. He’s only planning to attack Kayama just to see Genichirou’s reaction. Mamoru can’t promise that he won’t kill anyone in the future, but he tells Hiroshi about Saeki’s last words: “Hiroshi is my grandson. He still has future ahead.” Mamoru tells Hiroshi to leave before anyone finds them here, and Hiroshi leaves after saying “I’m glad I talked to you.”

Instead of returning to the hall, Hiroshi informs Haru that he’s going home first. Haru tries to get him back since Genichirou’s speech isn’t over yet, but Hiroshi refuses saying he wants to take a walk right now — even though it’s raining hard outside. They end up taking a shelter nearby, and Hiroshi tells Haru that he still hates Mamoru.. but somehow he wants to trust Mamoru too. He asks if he’s too naive, but she says he’s really strong to be able to face everything without running away. When the rain starts pouring even harder, Hiroshi takes off his coat and puts it on Haru’s head as he hugs her from behind. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Hiroshi blushes when Haru says they’re probably too close to each other, but then he suddenly blurts out “d-do you have anyone you like?” (❤ฺ→艸←) Before Haru could answer, they hear a kid asking “mom, are they going to kiss?” nearby. Hiroshi immediately gets nervous and lets go, but then he whispers “I should have done that.” (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

Haru: “D-done what!?”
Hiroshi: “I wonder what is it? Dehe. I wish the rain will keep on pouring down.”
Haru: “We’ll be troubled by that. You’ll be troubled, right!?”
Hiroshi: “Not at all! Because.. Dehe, dehehe!!”
Haru: “D-Dehehe.. Let’s go back!”


June 30

Hiroshi returns home early today, and he tells Haru there’s no research today since everyone is busy. Of course he can’t keep researching alone, not to mention there are other things that he needs to do too. Haru thinks he’s referring to his plan to visit Yoshi, and Hiroshi says he’s going to visit her soon. The subject of his grandfather’s death always makes him sad, but he can talk about his grandfather properly now. Haru notices that Hiroshi seems to change after spending five days working as a servant, and when he asks which part of him has changed, she says he becomes more reliable. Hiroshi then pulls out two theatre tickets he got from his university, and he invites Haru to watch the play together. When he goes to ask for Chitomi’s permission, both Haru and Chitomi are having major deja-vu since something similar happened back before the exhibition lol. Obviously Chitomi says “no ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”, but unlike last time, Hiroshi gives up right away and goes away to sulk. xD

July 1

At noon, Hiroshi runs into Hideo in Ginza when the latter goes out to “send money” back to his hometown. Hideo is now speaking politely because Hiroshi is no longer a servant, but Hiroshi says it feels weird and asks him to speak normally when they’re alone lol. When Hiroshi asks if there’s a way to gain Chitomi’s permission to take Haru out, Hideo suggets taking everyone along to the theatre. That way Chitomi won’t protest, since it’s not just the two of them. Hiroshi thinks it’s a brilliant idea, though Hideo finds it weird that Hiroshi doesn’t mind their theatre date being interrupted by his brothers lol. When Hideo leaves, Hiroshi feels that aside from his way of speaking, it seems like Hideo can switch his personality as well.. but he decides to push the thought aside for now. He needs to find a time to visit Yoshi soon, and he’s planning to bring Haru along.

July 2

Based on Hideo’s suggestion, Hiroshi invites his brothers to watch the play together. Susumu doesn’t mind, but Shigeru already watched the play, Tadashi demands a reason, while Isami says he’s too busy for entertainment lol. Shigeru then says they should watch a different one instead — “Violet Story”, a romance-themed play. Mamoru is interested, and Susumu manages to convince Tadashi somehow. When Shigeru says the story is about “destroying the empire”, Isami decides to go too so he can prevent destruction. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Oh, and Masashi? He tags along since everyone else is going lol. The theatre turns out to be packed with people since it’s Sunday, and so the impatient Isami orders Tadashi to buy the entire place instead.

Isami: “Tadashi, buy Teito Minami-za! It’s a grave matter if we have to queue!”
Tadashi: “B-But buying the entire place is a bit..”
Shigeru: “What do you mean ‘buy’.. wait, wait!”
Mamoru: “Listen, this is the source of entertainment for commoners.”
Mamoru: “It’s not something you can monopolize!”
Isami: “Buy it quickly! I’ll pay for everything!!”
Mamoru: “LISTEN TO ME!!” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
Mamoru: “Don’t you guys know any limits!?”
Susumu: “I don’t think ‘limits’ apply to Isami nii-san…”

That’s right, Susumu. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Haru, Tae and Hideo are all going with them today, and Hideo only remains silent when Tadashi goes to bribe the owner. xD; During the play, Tadash sighs, Isami is watching out for destruction, Shigeru and Susumu are trying to cover up the obvious “destruction” lie, Mamoru is asking them not to spoil anything, Masashi complains, Hiroshi gets really excited, and Haru cries.. lol. Hideo thinks buying the theatre is the right choice, because they’re all so noisy and will definitely disturb other guests. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

July 7

At night, Haru finds Mamoru looking at the servants’ bamboo tree. When she explains that it’s for the servants, he says he’s not interested in making any Tanabata wishes. Mamoru thinks wishes should be granted with one’s own hands, but Haru says there are also wishes that can never be fulfilled. Upon noticing the wish written on her tanzaku, Mamoru says it might be difficult indeed to grant Haru’s wish. Haru then says she really had fun with them a few days ago, and Mamoru laughs when she says the brothers are always so “lively”. However, Haru is surprised when a jealous Hiroshi appears right after Mamoru goes back inside. Hiroshi asks what did they talk about, and Haru honestly tells him everything. He also asks about the wish she wrote on her tanzaku, but she only answers it’s an impossible wish. She can’t possibly grant the wish with her own hands, and that’s why she wrote it on her tanzaku: “I wish I can stay with Hiroshi-sama forever.” Hiroshi then shows Haru his wish as well: “I hope you’ll fall in love with me.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He blushes saying he doesn’t care about the gap in their social standings, and they both say it’d be nice if their wishes come true.

July 9

Today Hiroshi finally visits Yoshi, and just as planned, he’s bringing Haru along. When Hiroshi asks her about “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku”, Yoshi suddenly turns silent and asks why he knows about the book. Haru asks if it’s a novel written by Mamoru, and Hiroshi explains it’s a bit different because it mentions all the things Genichirou did in the past. The protagonist was modeled after Mamoru himself, and Kazue’s death plays an important role in the story. After a long silence, Yoshi finally admits that she already read the book last year. She found the book in Saeki’s study after his death, and she got curious because the writer’s name was erased.

Back at the end of World War I, Yoshi actually overheard Genichirou and Saeki talking about the book. Apparently Saeki knew the chairman of the printing company that was planning to publish Mamoru’s book, and the president came to ask Saeki’s acquaintance about buying a vacant lot for their factory. However, the president suddenly went missing a few weeks later because a certain someone set the entire place on fire. Saeki found a copy of the book upon visiting the site of the accident, and that’s how he’s got his hands on “Hanayaka Nari, Waga
Ichizoku”. Saeki’s acquaintance noticed that the book exposed Genichirou’s past, and Saeki used the book to blackmail Genichirou. Saeki already murdered his acquaintance to shut him up forever, and if Genichirou wants Saeki to keep it a secret.. he should take care of Saeki’s political rival — Kawamura, the man who requested Mamoru to kill Saeki. Yoshi came in to ask Saeki about this later, but Saeki only said it’s got nothing to do with her.

Hiroshi has been wanting to know more about Genichirou and Saeki’s relationship, but now he knows everything just by hearing Yoshi’s story. Just like what Mamoru said, Saeki did a lot of bad things behind the screen in order to gain more authority. Yoshi admits that she hated her father too, but her opinion changed after he prepared everything for Hiroshi to study abroad. In the end Saeki really cared about Hiroshi, maybe even more than Yoshi does, and it took her quite a while to accept everything. Hiroshi says it was the same for him, but he’s glad to hear everything from Yoshi today. As they walk home together, Haru asks if it’s really okay for her to hear such an important thing, but Hiroshi says he wants her to know because it’s important. He doesn’t want to hide anything from her.

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou reminds his sons about the upcoming music festival. Hiroshi doesn’t feel excited since they always force him to play violin solo each year, but Shigeru has a better idea for this year’s music festival: “the seven of us should perform together!” \(^o^)/ Since they need money to fund their performance, they decide to pool their money instead of using their 1000 yen. Susumu is going to prepare the musical instruments for them, while Isami will ask Toki to take care of the music teachers. They’re going to start practicing tomorrow night, and Masashi clearly tells them that failure is not an option. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Later on, Hiroshi happily informs Haru about their plan to perform together. Of course none of them can play any musical instruments, but he’s excited to see what kind of performance they’ll make. Haru replies with “a performance with only Hiroshi-sama’s violin sound?”, and Hiroshi instantly answers “that’s the worst” lol.

July 15

When Hiroshi returns home at noon, Haru tells him that everyone else are practicing with killing intents so strong even she can sense it. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hiroshi excitedly runs off to see them, but after watching Tadashi’s disastrous practice session, Haru asks him not to disturb his brothers.. so he goes to practice in his lab instead. Haru helps cleaning up Hiroshi’s super dusty violin, but she’s really shocked when he says it costs more than 3000 yen. Ignoring her protests, he then teaches her how to hold and play the violin instead — getting nervous when he touches her hands. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru panicks when she doesn’t produce any sounds at all, but Hiroshi laughs saying it was the same for him too. Maybe even worse. Hiroshi then plays the record of his performance last year, and when Haru showers him with praises, he goes “D-Dehehehe! Really? I’ll work even harder this year!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

July 18

After spending the last few days practicing nonstop, the brothers are finally performing their orchestra in the music festival tonight. Heisuke informs Genichirou that Sanae is also present along with the mothers, but Genichirou says he doesn’t need the Sumida family anymore.. and the same goes to the Saeki family. The mothers had their doubts, but their sons’ performance actually impressed everyone — even Genichirou and Sanae. Masashi points out that Mamoru is making a mistake and warns Susumu not to fall asleep, but Hiroshi really enjoys performing together with his brothers. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Haru notices that Hiroshi’s violin really stands out though, and Yoshi says it’s because Hiroshi has been learning violin ever since he was a little kid. She doesn’t know why Saeki gave him a violin out of all things, but she doesn’t think it’s because Saeki wanted Hiroshi to become a musician. Yoshi left Hiroshi in Chitomi’s care right after he was born, but Hiroshi is still his son — she wants him to be happy.

July 23

Today Chitomi sends Haru, Tae and Hideo to accompany the brothers to the beach. Hiroshi is really excited upon seeing the sea, though everyone else aside from Isami are dying from the heat lol. The beach is closed for public today, because they’re doing reclamation work starting from tomorrow. Since Isami is dragging everyone to have a swimming race towards the cliff in the faraway distance, Haru stays on the beach and watches over Hiroshi. At the same time, Tadashi notices that Masashi is making something on the sand, and he explains it’s a figure of Hiroshi. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He says he’s going to put a curse on Hiroshi by using the figure, but Tadashi stops listening and goes “its so hot..” before the poor kid even gets a chance to finish his explanation lol. After a while, Hiroshi returns with Shigeru and Susumu — because they can’t keep up with Isami and Mamoru’s inhumane speed.

As he looks at the sea together with Haru, Hiroshi wonders if England is located beyond the horizon. Haru asks if he regrets not going to study abroad, and Hiroshi says he doesn’t have any regrets.. he just remembers his grandfather. When Hiroshi asks if she’s going home next month, Haru admits that she actually doesn’t want to accept the matchmaking. She knows her family will have a better life if she gets married, but she also feels that getting married means losing everything else. She doesn’t have a choice though, because her village rules state that marriage is obligatory for every young girl. Hiroshi then says he already promised Nobuko to marry a person he loves, but he can’t do anything to make that person happy right now.

Just then a big wave hits the mountain of construction sand beside Haru, and Hiroshi quickly grabs her before she gets buried. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru gets really nervous since Hiroshi is holding her close, but rather than letting her go, he asks “do you remember the grand opening day?” She nervously says she forgot, but he calmly continues “we were this close too back then, maybe even closer now.” Haru then asks him to let go since everyone is playing nearby, but Hiroshi only answers with a simple “no”. He says he wants to stay with her forever, and he asks how she feels towards him.. but before she could answer, suddenly they notice Isami watching them nearby. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Isami teases him by saying “you’re kissing a maid while I’m racing with Mimori?”, and Hiroshi shooes him away because he’s disturbing them lol. Hiroshi takes Haru back to everyone’s place after that, saying they’ll do the continuation one day. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

July 24

Right after Hiroshi goes to university in the morning, Tae teases Haru by hugging a tree, goes “Hiroshi-sama~”, and kisses the tree — reenacting what happened at the beach. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Haru blushes and quickly says they didn’t do anything like that, but Tae says it certainly looked like they “k-i-s-s-e-d” from afar lol.

July 27

At night, Hiroshi goes to visit Mamoru in his room. Mamoru thinks Hiroshi is going protest about Saeki’s death again, but Hiroshi says he only wants some love advice. Tadashi and Isami are both not interested; Shigeru won’t give him a serious advice; Susumu will probably scold him; and Masashi is just impossible. Since Mamoru writes romance novels, Hiroshi thinks he might be able to help. Mamoru admits he’s also inexperienced in love though, because he only dated some women to get materials for his novels. Knowing that Hiroshi wants some advice about how to maintain his current relationship with Haru, Mamoru then says he needs to wait around two more years to graduate university and start working. Hiroshi still has a long way to go, so Mamoru suggests discussing this directly with Haru’s parents. They might or might not find a way, but it’s still better than leaving things hanging like now.

July 31

After passing the exam, Haru goes to wake Hiroshi up. However, the room is empty and she only finds a letter addressed to her on the table — “Dear Haru-kichi, I’m going on a journey. I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.” Haru panicks and reports this to Chitomi, but before she can go out to chase him, Chitomi tells her to calm down. As a personal maid, she should believe in Hiroshi and wait for his return. Hiroshi always leaves on a journey whenever he needs time to think, so there must be something in his mind right now.. and Haru gets the feeling that it might be related to her matchmaking.

August 1

While Haru is worrying in the mansion, Hiroshi actually goes to her hometown and manages to find his way to Oboro-tei. The owner explains that they’re not receiving reservations because they’re going to close down, and of course Hiroshi panicks since it’s the closest inn to Haru’s house. Not to mention there are no more trains that could take him back to Teito today. With no other choice in hand, Hiroshi then goes to visit Haru’s house right away. Her little sisters ask if he’s planning to marry Haru, and he admits he does want to marry her.. but he can’t, because he knows he won’t be able to make her happy. When Hiroshi asks if they received any offers for matchmaking this year, Haru’s parents explain that they only received one. The amount has decreased significantly because Haru refused last year, but there’s still a family who wants to take her hand in marriage. Hiroshi then honestly says he doesn’t want Haru to quit, and Haru’s father answers he feels happy that Hiroshi is being honest to them, but it’s a difficult problem. They all know that Haru can’t refuse anymore or else the villagers will rage, and they have to think of a good solution together. Haru’s parents clearly have a good impression about Hiroshi, and they ask him to spend the night in their house.

August 2

During his stay in Haru’s house, Hiroshi makes a stove for her family so they can cook more easily from now on. Haru’s mother is amazed and says Hiroshi is really good with his hands, and he blushes saying “dehe.. dehehe! not really~!” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Her little sisters are getting along really well with him, and he enjoys staying in their small house as well. After thinking all night, Haru’s father tells Hiroshi that he’s going to cancel the matchmaking after all. He thought marriage would guarantee Haru’s happiness, but he realized that he might be wrong. Hiroshi is worried that the villagers might crush them with pressure, but Haru’s father says they’re going to endure everything for her sake. Knowing that Haru will be sad, Hiroshi then starts thinking of giving up instead, but Haru’s father doesn’t want him to give up so easily. After all, he came all the way here just to find a solution with them. Just like what Susumu said before, making a choice means losing something to obtain something else. Haru’s father knows Haru will have to get married someday, but he wants her to choose the time and the man freely — they can take any pressure as long as she’s happy. He also knows that Haru wants to keep working, so he finally asks Hiroshi to take care of his daughter.

At night, Hiroshi returns to the mansion and finds Haru waiting for him outside. He knows she wants him to explain the reason behind his sudden journey, but he quickly says he’s tired and goes to sleep. He also apologized before walking away, and she wonders what happened to him during the journey.

August 6

After Hiroshi returned from his journey, everyone notices that he’s been acting weird. Shigeru asks if Haru knows anything, but Haru says he won’t answer her questions. Hiroshi has been looking down recently, and Haru knows he has something on his mind — he just won’t tell her. Meanwhile, Hiroshi meets Yoshi in Ginza and ends up telling her everything. Yoshi can tell that Haru’s parents care a lot about their daughter, and Hiroshi sadly says he’s only troubling them with his selfishness. Since Hiroshi doesn’t understand why he’s feeling so terrible right now, Yoshi points out it’s because he’s blaming himself for the decision her parents took. She tells him that nobody’s perfect in this world, because everyone makes mistakes from time to time. She believes Haru will understand, so Hiroshi shouldn’t run away and tell her everything.

When Hiroshi returns home at night, Shigeru drags him to go to the fireworks festival with their brothers. At first Hiroshi refuses saying he’s not in the mood for festivals, but he agrees upon learning that Haru is going with them. Both Hiroshi and Haru are riding Mamoru’s car, and since his driving skills are even worse than Shigeru’s (and because Isami keeps disturbing him along the way), obviously the poor girl feels sick upon arriving at the Sumida River lol. While Shigeru takes everyone else to the shooting game, Hiroshi goes to watch the fireworks with Haru. He tries to tell her what happened with her parents, but since she can’t hear him over the sound of fireworks, in the end he only says he can’t do anything by himself. Even though he knows he has to do something, he can never figure out what to do.. and he ends up troubling people because of it. He doesn’t even know if it’s worth all the trouble, but he doesn’t want to give up and do nothing either. Of course Haru doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, so Hiroshi says she’ll find out from her parents during summer break.

August 12

While Haru, Hideo and Tae are planning to go home together, Mamoru tells Hiroshi that he has two bad news. The first is about Genichirou, and the second is about Haru. Mamoru also says the one about Haru won’t be so bad if her parents refused the matchmaking, but for now they have to discuss about Genichirou first. After gathering their brothers, Mamoru finally explains that Genichirou is probably planning to kill Kayama after buying Teito Touei Electricity. Masashi also infoms them that Genichirou’s real objective is to obtain the two railway companies under Kayama’s wing, but before they can figure out anything else, suddenly Chitomi comes to tell them that Genichirou has just collapsed. Tadashi and Isami follows her to Genchirou’s room, but they’re surprised to see Genichirou looking just fine. He says it’s only fatigue, but Hiroshi is still worried about him.. and he feels sad to see his brothers doesn’t care about Genichirou as much as he does.

August 13

At noon, Haru finally reaches her hometown along with Tae. Hideo also took the same train as them, but he got off at the station just before Haru’s hometown. Back in the mansion, Hiroshi is wondering if Haru already heard everything from her parents by now. He keeps sighing alone in the garden, and Mamoru finally comes to tell him about the second bad news: “the man she was going to meet for the matchmaking is Onoda Hideo.” It’s not exactly a bad news anymore since Haru’s parents already refused the offer, but Haru and Hideo aren’t aware that they’re about to get engaged. Before Hiroshi could run off to follow them, Mamoru stops him and says they should talk to their brothers first.

When Haru learns about Hiroshi’s visit, she’s really surprised. Her parents also inform her that they already refused the matchmaking, and they ask her not to blame Hiroshi. His words were only the trigger, because it was them who made a decision in the end. They don’t know if they can survive under the pressure, but they’re willing to do that much for her. Even if they can’t keep living in the village, Haru shouldn’t be concerned because it’s the option they decided to take. Her parents say they have no regrets, but obviously Haru can’t accept this so easily.

August 14

After their discussion, the brothers decided to accompany Hiroshi to Haru’s hometown today. Susumu already bought Oboro-tei yesterday, so everyone can enjoy the refreshing hot spring while they’re here. Tadashi and Masashi are pissed because Hiroshi didn’t tell them earlier, but Mamoru is being a kind big brother and asks them not to blame him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* They will do something about Haru’s family later, so Susumu asks Hiroshi to relax and get some rest for tonight. Meanwhile, Haru learns from her sisters that Hiroshi made a stove for them during his stay. They also tell her that Hiroshi said he won’t marry her because he can’t make her happy, and Haru suddenly cries upon hearing this. Tae is worried about her family too, but her mother says Haru has changed after working in Teito — she’s starting to hold her own wishes firmly. Haru always did everything for her family before, so now her mother wants her to follow her own path and do whatever she wants to do. Tae then asks Haru’s mother to leave Haru in her hands, because she will watch over Haru in their place. She wants Haru to be happy too.

August 15

In the morning, the brothers are discussing about what they can do to save Haru’s family from the village’s pressure. Hiroshi is still feeling terrible about this, so Masashi says Hiroshi needs to take responsibility of what he did.. but he’s not alone. They’re all here to help, and Masashi will make sure they eliminate the problem to the core. Since they have limited options, Tadashi eventually says they should bribe the villagers and make sure they won’t bother Haru’s family. Tadashi wants to start with the elder, but Hiroshi stops him saying he’ll go and talk to the elder. It’s his responsibility after all. The others will take care of the villagers, and Isami assigns them to conquer different areas — which makes the meeting sound like a war strategy meeting lol. Haru and Tae actually see Tadashi and Isami from afar, but they think it’s just their imagination. They don’t have time to take a closer look too, because the villagers keep throwing insults at Haru whenever she walks by.

Just as Susumu expected, the elder denies putting any pressures on Haru’s family. Moreover, he also doubts that Hiroshi is really a Miyanomori since he can’t prove his identity. Hiroshi was hoping that they can resolve this issue through a discussion, so he’s disappointed to see that the elder isn’t that kind of person. When the elder threatens to call the villagers to gang up on him, Hiroshi answers with “feel free to do so” and throws out the money Tadashi prepared to bribe the elder with. Realizing that the brothers are bribing the entire village, the elder is forced to agree.. or else the entire village will turn against him. After all, the villagers hate people who do something “different”.

August 16

After accomplishing their mission, the brothers were drinking in Oboro-tei all night. Shigeru is still laughing at Mamoru’s “naked dance” this morning, while Susumu wakes up with a terrible hangover lol. They already did everything they can to help Haru’s family, so they’re going back to Teito today. At the same time, Hideo decides to visit Haru’s village because his mother has been grumbling nonstop about the cancelled matchmaking. He finds his way to Oboro-tei, and he’s shocked upon seeing Hiroshi bickering with Masashi at the entrance. Hideo doesn’t think bribing the entire village was a good idea, but he says it will make life much easier for Haru’s family. Both Haru and Tae also notice that the villagers has stopped gossiping.. but how they run away upon seeing Haru or her family. They don’t know what happened, so they can only wish that nothing unpleasant will happen to Haru’s family.

August 17

Today is the last day of summer break, and Haru returns to Teito with Tae. Haru’s parents tell them not to worry, and they also ask Tae to stay over again next time. She’s already a part of their family, and Tae cries happy tears before leaving their house. Upon reaching the mansion at night, Haru and Tae finds Hiroshi waiting for them.. but later on Haru notices that he seems nervous. Hiroshi goes Σ(・д・ ;)ギクッ when Haru says she “wants to talk”, but she’s not angry because he cancelled her matchmaking. She’s pissed because he never told her anything lol. Hiroshi then asks how did it go with the villagers, but when Haru says it doesn’t go that well, he digs his own grave by saying “no way! we already did..” \(^o^)/

Haru: “We already did…?”
Hiroshi: “Ah, the weather is so nice today~” ← プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Haru: “Did you do something?”
Hiroshi: “Eh? N-No! We didn’t do anything! We didn’t go to your hometown at all!”
Haru: “C-Could it be.. During summer break..”
Hiroshi: “N-no, we didn’t! We didn’t talk to the elder! We didn’t stay in Oboro-tei!”
Haru: “Hiroshi-sama, please explain!”
Hiroshi: “……….”
Haru: “Hiroshi-sama!”
Hiroshi: “I understand, I’ll explain everything..” (´・ω・`)

While Hiroshi is telling Haru everything, Tae also learns what happened from Chitomi. Hiroshi and his brothers already did everything they can, so from here everything depends on Haru herself. Choosing a path in life means losing something in return, and she has to keep walking forward while carrying that responsibility — just like Tae who chose work over her family.

August 27

Genichirou is holding a ball for Kayama tonight, and Heisuke orders Hideo to serve him during the event. Hideo asks if that’s the only thing he needs to do, and Heisuke answers yes — for now. They need Kayama to remember Hideo’s face, so Hideo has to do something that’s going to leave an impression on him. When Kisuke comes to talk to Haru later, she admits she feels a bit complicated about the brothers’ actions to save her family. The villagers won’t bother them anymore, but she doesn’t get why the brothers are willing to go that far just for her. Especially Hiroshi. Kisuke says it’s clearly because Hiroshi wants to be with her, and he asks her to think about how she truly feels. Why does she continue working here? Just because she wants to keep working? Or is it because she wants to stay with Hiroshi? Haru also needs to remember that using money or not, the Miyanomori family can get whatever they want.. but Hiroshi didn’t do anything forceful because he cares about her. She shouldn’t waste both Hiroshi’s and her parents’ love for her. Kisuke’s words finally clears up the doubts in Haru’s mind, and she says she’ll continue doing her best from now on.

During the ball, Hiroshi watches Kayama from afar and says his grandfather was better as a Prime Minister. Tadashi agrees saying they could talk to Saeki properly, while Kayama is much more difficult to deal with. Following Heisuke’s order, Hideo is doing his best to get Kayama’s attention tonight — ranging from dropping the tray on purpose to serving his favorite sake. At the same time, Haru goes to serve Hiroshi as well. Hiroshi asks if her family told her anything recently, but she says they haven’t sent her any letters yet. She believes they must be doing fine in the village, and it’s all thanks to him. Hiroshi then admits he doesn’t want to trouble her family because she’s an important person to him, and Haru answers she feels the same way towards him. That’s why she feels happy and confused at the same time, because she can feel that he’s not only a “master” to her. Hiroshi says he never thinks of her as a maid to begin with. He always thought of Haru as a friend, and his feelings for her have grown so much in the last few months. Hiroshi then takes Haru to dance together, telling her to talk to him if she has any problems. They’ll do their best together.

August 31

For the last few days, Tae has been teasing Haru by imitating her dance with Hiroshi lol. She keeps saying Haru will fail the exam next month, but we all know it’s just her way of showing affection. xD When Yoshi and Nobuko learn about this later, the latter responds with “Hiroshi onii-sama has grown up.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Nobuko is going to hold her wedding next year, and that means she’s one step ahead of Hiroshi in this area. Yoshi then asks about Hiroshi’s university life, but Hiroshi says it’s boring since everyone is busy with the weapon research for the army. Yoshi wonders if another war will break out soon, but Hiroshi says he doesn’t care since it’s got nothing to do with him. Nobuko also says Hiroshi doesn’t seem like he has any worries in life, and he answers with “I do have worries! But the biggest one already got resolved, so.. dehehe.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Yoshi: “It’s so nice to be young~”
Nobuko: “So true~” ← a person who’s even younger than Hiroshi
Yoshi: “Eh?” (´・ω・`;)

On his way home, Hiroshi notices his professor — Tsujii — walking through the streets. When Hiroshi calls out to him, Tsujii thanks him for researching the metal for them. Thanks to Hiroshi, they were able to implement the metal for their research. Hiroshi is surprised since they were supposed to keep the metal hidden, but Tsujii sadly says it can’t be helped after all. They also had an investor funding their research, so the metal will be used to build new battle tanks. He feels sad that the metal will turn into a weapon, but he also feels glad because the world will be able to see the metal’s abilities. Tsujii happily invites Hiroshi to discuss about this in his lab tomorrow, but Hiroshi doesn’t understand why he can be so happy. After all, it was him who asked Hiroshi to keep the metal hidden from the army’s eyes.

September 1

After the morning assembly, Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her parents. Haru was worried that something might have happened to them, but apparently the elder has stopped picking on her family. He gave them the permit to work in the field again, and he also started buying their vegetables just like before. Haru’s parents have no idea about what the brothers did, but they can keep living in the village with no problems. They also noticed that the villagers tend to run away whenever they’re around, but it’s much better than having to live under pressure. When Haru reports this to Hiroshi, he laughs saying he didn’t do anything to scare them — it must be Tadashi and Isami’s threat lol. Hiroshi then asks if she will receive more matchmaking offers in the future, and Haru says she doesn’t know.. but probably not. She’s not even sure if she can get married anymore. Upon hearing this, Hiroshi blushes and asks her to marry him someday. Haru is surprised, but Hiroshi quickly adds he’s talking about the future. He wants her to wait until he has enough confidence to make her happy.

Haru admits she feels happy to receive Hiroshi’s proposal, but she points out that they’re both forgetting the most important thing — the order of steps in a relationship! Obviously Hiroshi has absolutely no idea about this, so he runs off to Mamoru’s room and goes “teach me the steps in a relationship!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since “marriage” is their goal, Mamoru then explains the step-by-step order to Hiroshi.

Mamoru: “First you have to touch each other.”
Hiroshi: “We already did that!”
Mamoru: “A-Already did? You’re surprisingly fast..”
Mamoru: “If you already touched, then the next would be kissing.”
Hiroshi: “K-K-Kiss.. with Haru-kichi..” ・・・(〃д〃)
Mamoru: “You already confirmed her feelings, right?”
Hiroshi: “Huh?”

Good luck, Hiroshi! xD

September 5

When Shigeru and Susumu greets Hiroshi in the hallway today, Hiroshi instantly blurts out “is it okay to ask if she loves me or not?” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Mamoru said he won’t be able to proceed without confirming Haru’s feelings, and Shigeru says after asking her how she feels.. Hiroshi should hold her hands, say “I want you”, and pull her into his arms — which makes Hiroshi scream in embarrassment. (❤ฺ→艸←) Just then Haru comes to inform Hiroshi that dinner is ready, and Shigeru drags Susumu away because “Hiroshi-kun wants to say something to Haru.” Of course this makes Hiroshi really nervous, and he goes “well.. um, ah.. l-love?” right away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While he can say “I like you” so easily before, he finds it really hard to ask about her feelings. Instead, Hiroshi ends up asking if Haru loves her job lol. Haru wonders why he’s asking such a question, and Hiroshi grumbles under his breath before eventually saying “…stupid (´・ω・`)” LOL. At first Haru is surprised thinking he’s calling her stupid, but then Hiroshi runs away saying “stupid stupid stupid stupid I’M SO STUPID!” xD

September 9

While Haru is busy making a present for Hiroshi, Susumu is informing Hiroshi that he can take the driving license after he turns 20. Hiroshi thinks he can get one since that Shigeru and that Isami each have a driving license as well, so Mamoru and Tadashi join in by saying they also have one. LOL they’re bragging over their driving license. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Masashi then asks if Mamoru found any information about Genichirou lately, so Mamoru explains that Genichirou is planning to release the two railway companies from Teito Touei Electricity and merge them into a new company — the Miyanomori Railway Company. Kayama will become the chairman. From their discussion and Masashi’s analysis, the brothers arrive at the conclusion that:

  • Genichirou is using Kayama to raise their company’s value in the government’s eye.
  • Genichirou is going to murder Kayama after that, and the blame will be pinned onto the new head once he retires.
  • Genichirou is planning to escape overseas using the money, since he’s been building a big ship ever since last year.

Since they can’t crush Genichirou, the brothers’ objective is to stop Kayama from selling their railway company.. and then stop Genichirou from murdering him. Shigeru also notices that he actually gave them each 1000 yen for this reason, while Hiroshi only listens to them in silence. At the same time, Heisuke informs Genichirou that someone in the Ministry of Railways found out about their plan. They won’t be able to sell their company at this rate, so Genichirou asks Heisuke to find out who they’re dealing with. They have to crush that person before the fight with Kayama and the government begins.

September 10

Today is Hiroshi’s 20th birthday, and Susumu teaches him how to drive in the morning. Hiroshi already knows the theories, so Susumu lets him drive around the mansion area. That night, the brothers give all sorts of birthday presents for Hiroshi. Tadashi gives him a car, Isami presents a registration form for the army, Shigeru gives him a bottle of sake, Susumu gives him a driving tutorial book, Masashi gives him a cursed doll to make sure he dies soon, and Mamoru hands a katana to him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Hiroshi returns to his room later, Haru gathers up her courage and hands him the present she made for him. Hiroshi happily accepts the present and thanks her for the “wallet”, but he quickly apologized when Haru says it’s a road safety charm lol. At first Haru apologized for making such a failure of a present, but she feels relieved when Hiroshi says he will treasure the charm. Before Haru leaves, Hiroshi suddenly hugs her from behind and says her present makes him happy the most — because he loves her. Hiroshi then asks if she feels the same, and Haru finally admits that she might be in love with him too. Her words are vague, but it’s more than enough for him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

September 16

Today Yoshi suddenly receives a shocking news: her husband has been captured and taken captive by the Tokkou division. He can only apologize to her, and he asks her to take care of Nobuko before dropping the call. Obviously Yoshi’s husband is the member of the Ministry of Railways who found out about Kayama and Genichirou’s plan, and that night Genichirou tells Kayama that he already took care of this issue. Hideo continues his plan to attract Kayama’s attention tonight, and he’s doing a great job because Kayama is starting to take a liking on him. Hideo meets up with Heisuke to discuss their next plan after that, and Heisuke informs him that Kayama will participate in Honjouin’s tea ceremony next week. He then pulls out a suspicious package and orders Hideo to serve it for Kayama during the event, and that will be Hideo’s last job. He doesn’t have to return to the mansion anymore after clearing this task. They’re going to prepare the reward after that.

However, Hideo is surprised and doesn’t seem pleased to end his servant days. Hiroshi finds him standing near the entrance with a serious expression, but Hideo only tells him that Haru is preparing dinner right now. Hideo also asks if Hiroshi will be going to Kyoto for Honjouin’s tea party, but when Hiroshi says yes and returns the question, Hideo walks away saying he’s not sure about that.

September 21

The brothers are going to Kyoto today, and Chitomi sends Haru, Hideo and Tae to help serving them during the event. Heisuke asks Hideo if he’s got all of his belongings, and this is enough for Chitomi to realize that Genichirou and Heisuke must be plotting something. On their way to Kyoto, Haru asks if it’s really okay for them to ride on the same car as Hiroshi, but he blushes saying he’ll get nervous if it’s just the two of them. (❤ฺ→艸←) Tae and Hideo get really curious about what happened between them, and it doesn’t help that Hiroshi keeps muttering stuff like “after confirming feelings comes touching, and since we’ve done it, n-next will be.. k-kissing!? (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン ..huh? what’s wrong?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since they have a few hours before reaching Kyoto, both Hideo and Tae then decide to pull the truth out of Hiroshi lol. Sadly, later on they also remind Haru about the gap between her social standing and Hiroshi’s. She’s not allowed to fall in love with a Miyanomori, and she won’t be able to marry him right away since he’s got a long future ahead of him. Even if they get married, she would only block his path.

September 22

As usual, all the brothers ended up drinking all night and wake up with a hole in their memories today.. with Susumu being completely naked. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ During the ceremony, Haru and Tae notice that Hideo is busy serving some tea for Kayama — who’s asking Hideo to quit working for Genichirou and start working for him instead. Tae panicks and asks Haru to call him back, but Hideo returns soon after that since he already accomplished his mission. At night, Hiroshi takes Haru out for some sightseeing around Kyoto. Ignoring Haru’s protests, Hiroshi drags her to ride a carriage together as they enjoy the scenery around them. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru wonders if they’re going to get down near the shrine they can see from afar, but Hiroshi says he wants to stay with her a little longer. He shyly admits that he wants to kiss her, asking her to stay still or else the carriage driver might notice. Haru then asks what would he do if she refuses, and Hiroshi says he would give up.. but he knows she won’t refuse. Because Haru could say no, Hiroshi moves closer and finally kisses her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

September 23

Noticing that Haru has been acting weird since last night, Tae tries to get her to spill the truth. However, they have to stop their girls’ talk for now because Haru notices that Hideo is gone. When Haru searches for Hideo outside the Honjouin house, she finds Hiroshi who says that he saw Hideo earlier. Hideo only gave him a letter before leaving, and the letter says that he won’t return to Teito anymore. Hiroshi tried asking him for the reason, but he only answered with “none of your business.” Despite their rocky start, Hiroshi thinks of Hideo as a friend, so he feels sad if Hideo just leaves and disappears. When Chitomi learns about this later, she’s really surprised and asks if Hideo did something wrong during the tea ceremony. This reminds Haru about Kayama’s offer, but Chitomi says it’s impossible. Hideo left his belongings here in the mansion, so there’s no way he left to work for Kayama. That, and because Chitomi knows Hideo isn’t the type of person who would run away without saying anything. There must be a good reason behind everything.

September 30

Even though Haru passed her exams with no problems, Heisuke isn’t pleased since she’s now “unofficially engaged” to Hiroshi. Chitomi is obviously enraged upon learning about this, so he says they should remove Haru from her position as Hiroshi’s personal maid. It’s been months too ever since Genichirou announced his game, so the brothers should start moving soon.. or else it means trouble. When Hiroshi returns home later, Haru informs him that his car already arrived just earlier. She asks if he can drive properly from now on, and he happily shows her his new driving license. He took it yesterday, and he found the exam surprisingly easy. Hiroshi then takes Haru for a drive, saying he wants to search for Hideo. Haru thinks Hideo might still be in Kyoto, but Hiroshi gets the feeling that he already returned to Teito.

While Hiroshi can really drive properly, Haru notices that he would lose control as soon as his concentration wavers lol. Since he can’t drive to university, Hiroshi says he’ll save the car for whenever he wants to go out with Haru. Of course Haru doesn’t have any confidence since she’s only a maid, so she asks what does he like from her. Hiroshi admits that he didn’t have any confidence either, but it can’t be helped because he loves everything from her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When he returns the question, she says she can’t answer because she never really thought about it before. Hiroshi also asks if she’s still “might be” in love with him, and eventually Haru admits that she loves him — not “maybe” or “probably” anymore. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Meanwhile, Kisuke reports to Genichirou that Kayama has been feeling unwell ever since he returned from Kyoto. Everything is going according to their plan, and Kayama will surely come to attend their ball tomorrow. After all, he can’t possibly show any weakness during such an important time. It’s just the same as Genichirou and his health. Kisuke then asks about the drug they put in Kayama’s tea, and Genichirou says it’s a drug that will paralyze Kayama’s nerves. Kisuke isn’t pleased that they ordered Hideo to do their dirty job, but he can’t do anything at all. He’s just an informant after all.

October 1

Today Genichirou is holding a ball to celebrate the birth of the Miyanomori Railway Company. Just as they expected, Kayama comes to attend the event and denies that he’s feeling unwell. Kayama also asks about Hideo, but Genichirou simply says Hideo is on a temporary leave for now. Of course Kayama’s nerves are still paralyzed, and he ends up spilling his tea because he can’t hold the cup properly.. though he fakes it by saying he’s just tired. However, Kayama is surprised when Genichirou suddenly offers him a medicine to cure paralysis and headache — the antidote. Genichirou explains that the antidote can only be obtained from overseas, and that’s when Kayama finally realized that Genichirou poisoned him by using Hideo. He doesn’t have any proof though, and Genichirou himself also denies the accusation.

At the same time in the dance hall, Mamoru informs his brothers that Kayama already killed two people in the past — the chairmen of the railway companies he bought. Hiroshi is worried that Genichirou might kill Kayama tonight, but Mamoru tells him it won’t happen anytime soon. Since they just established their railway company tonight, it will take time until Genichirou carries out his plans. Just then Heisuke enters the hall, and he informs them that Genichirou just collapsed again earlier. Hiroshi immediately runs off to Genichirou’s room, and he enters just as Kayama grabs the antidote from Genichirou’s hands. Kayama leaves after throwing a sinister comment for Genichirou, but when Hiroshi says he’ll call a doctor, Genichirou stops him and asks him to call Heisuke instead. Genichirou is taken to the hospital right after that, and Hiroshi informs his brothers that Kayama took something from Genichirou’s room.

October 5

When Hiroshi goes to inform Yoshi about Genichirou’s condition, he notices that her husband is away. Hiroshi asks if he’s at work, but he’s shocked upon learning that his stepfather was captured by Tokkou. Yoshi notices that her husband has been researching about the railways recently, and she’s pretty sure he was captured for that reason. The government is planning to buy all sorts of railroads and increase the number of long-distance trains, and the one who was in charge of that plan is Yoshi’s husband. Yoshi mentions that there are two companies who won’t sell themselves to the government, and Hiroshi realized they must be the ones who were under Teito Touei Electricity — currently Miyanomori Railway Company. Genichirou will do anything to achieve his objectives, and crushing Yoshi’s husband is one of them. Knowing his stepfather is completely innocent, Hiroshi then promises to get him out of prison. He might be dealing with Genichirou and Tokkou, but he just can’t sit and do nothing while his stepfather is in trouble. Yoshi panicks and says Hiroshi is only a student who can’t do anything about this situation, but Hiroshi answers with “If I have to give up, I’ll do it after doing my best.”

That night, the brothers celebrates Shigeru’s birthday without Genichirou. Even though Hiroshi didn’t see what Kayama took from Genichirou’s room, it’s enough for them to know that things aren’t going well for Genichirou and Kayama’s deal. Since Genichirou collapsed in front of his eyes, Kayama must be feeling really confident right now. Hiroshi informs his brothers about what happened to Yoshi’s husband too, but he feels sad knowing he really can’t do anything by himself. Upon hearing this, Masashi says he’s really stupid for trying to do everying alone, because it’s only natural for people to rely on each other. Susumu says he’s going to ask Sanji about this issue, and he’ll inform them about the details later.

After dinner, Haru notices that Hiroshi is still looking down. He says it’s because he really can’t do anything on his own. He saved her family with his brothers’ help, and now he’s relying on them again to save his stepfather. Even more than feeling down, Hiroshi wants to be someone who can do anything and stand on his own feet. When Haru says it means he won’t need her anymore as a personal maid, Hiroshi says it’s not true. He always needs her, and that’s why he wants to marry her. He’s going to do anything to convince Genichirou and Yoshi to let them marry, but right now he still doesn’t have anything other than his love for her. However, Haru then admits she feels bad because their promise to get married is pushing Hiroshi towards his limits. Hiroshi says it’s necessary for him to surpass his limits, and Haru remains silent before eventually saying she understands.

October 8

Hiroshi goes to visit Genichirou in the hospital today, but the nurse informs him that Genichirou already went home earlier. The nurse tries to hide Genichirou’s examination result at first, but eventually she gives in because Hiroshi is really worried about Genichirou’s health. Hiroshi is shocked upon learning that Genichirou has a deadly cancer, not to mention the nurse explains that Genichirou only has six months left to live. Meanwhile, Haru receives a telegram informing that her father has fallen sick. She doesn’t know what happened since there’s no explanation on the telegram, but Tae is worried that her family might get pressured again. Haru then asks if she can go home just for one day, and Chitomi agrees saying she’ll inform Hiroshi later.

October 9

The brothers notice that Hiroshi has been looking gloomy ever since he visited the hospital, but he keeps spacing out during breakfast and answers every question with “うん…” He runs out of the dining hall when they start discussing about Genichirou, so they can tell that something wrong happened to him. Susumu also tells them that Tokkou really did arrest Yoshi’s husband, and it’s pretty clear that Genichirou used his connection to Sumida in this case. When Chitomi informs Hiroshi about Haru’s absence, he doesn’t pay attention and asks if she knows about Genichirou’s conditions instead. Chitomi honestly admits that she knows, but she was ordered to keep this a secret from everyone. She doesn’t know the reason, but Genichirou refused to take any treatments and decided to live normally for the remaining six years.

Hiroshi then goes to ask Genichirou directly about this, but Genichirou only says his fight isn’t over yet. He can’t let this information reach Kayama’s ears, since it’s the same as showing his own weakness towards his enemy. Hiroshi asks him to return to the hospital, but Genichirou knows his cancer can’t be cured anyway. When Hiroshi says he’ll become a doctor to cure Genichirou’s cancer, Genichirou tells him to stop behaving like a spoiled brat already. It would take years for Hiroshi to become a doctor, and he should know that Genichirou’s life won’t last that long. Genichirou makes it clear that doesn’t want and doesn’t need Hiroshi’s help. Hiroshi only exists to become a bridge between Miyanomori and Saeki, but because the Saeki family’s power is weakening right now, he doesn’t need Hiroshi anymore. Genichirou then tells Hiroshi to get out, and Hiroshi runs off screaming in anger.

Meanwhile, Haru learns from her parents that her sisters are getting bullied at school. They’re refusing to go to school anymore since everyone keeps calling them “Miyanomori’s children”, and Haru’s father doesn’t want to leave them at home.. so he remains sick because he can’t visit the clinic. Even though her mother says it’s not her fault, this causes Haru to start blaming herself again, and she cries in her mother’s arms.

October 11

Similar to Hiroshi, Haru keeps thinking that she needs to do something about her family. Today she returns to Teito, but her little sisters’ bullying still occupies her mind until Tae pulls her back to reality. Haru also notices that Hiroshi has been acting weird after she returns, so she hasn’t told him anything yet. Since he won’t tell her what’s wrong, she has no choice but to wait until he wants to talk. However, Hiroshi can’t hide the truth from Masashi’s eyes. Just by looking at Hiroshi’s behavior, Masashi can tell that Genichirou is hiding a serious illness from them — like a cancer. At first Hiroshi still tries to hide the truth, but eventually he gives in and tells Masashi that Genichirou only has six months left to live. Before leaving, Masashi only tells Hiroshi one thing: “In this world, there are things you can and CANNOT do. Why are you feeling down just because you can’t do something? Are you stupid?” Unfortunately this piece of advice doesn’t work with Hiroshi, and he rages after Masashi walks out. He wants to do something. Anything will do as long as he can solve it alone.

.. Hiroshi, that’s because you keep wasting time thinking about these stuff instead of actually doing something. ( ಠ_ಠ )

October 18

From Kisuke, Genichirou learns that Kayama has been focusing on the weapon development recently. Apparently the news about Genichirou’s cancer has reached his ears too, so he’s been telling everyone that Genichirou will die soon and the Miyanomori Railway Company now belongs to him. Later on, Isami tells Hiroshi that he already went to the Tokkou division. Yoshi’s husband will be released soon, but Isami notices that Hiroshi doesn’t look happy. Since Hiroshi still wants to resolve everything alone, Isami asks him the same question as Masashi: “There are things you just can’t do. Why do you want to solve everything alone?” Hiroshi says it’s not that he wants to do everything. He only wants to do something to help, but there’s nothing he can do. For Isami, this sounds like Hiroshi is giving up before he even tries to fight. If he wants to do something, then he should take any challenge ahead and give up only when he lost. The current Hiroshi is still standing outside of the battlefield, and he’s not doing anything to enter it either. Isami then leaves after saying dealing with Tokkou isn’t something Hiroshi can do.

Right after Isami disappears, Hideo suddenly comes out and greets Hiroshi from the shadows. A lot has happened to both of them, so Hideo starts by telling Hiroshi that he’s actually aiming to become an actor. Since Hideo already turned 20 too recently, they end up going for a drink in a bar nearby — where Hideo gets drunk as he reveals everything to Hiroshi. As for Hiroshi himself, well.. Yoshi is a wine fairy so he’s actually really strong lol. Before, Hiroshi always thought adults often drink to forget all of their worries, but today he finally understands how it feels. His first drinking experience finally opens his eyes too, and he realized that his brothers were right. Up until now, he’s only blaming himself without actually doing anything. Hideo also says people should know their own limits, or else they’ll make a mistake like him. In the end he didn’t get any rewards from Genichirou, but he doesn’t mind at all. The few months he spent working in the mansion was more than enough for him, and he’s going to start over with his acting career from now on.

However, Hideo is surprised when Hiroshi suddenly says he’s going to become a doctor. It’s going to take years or even decades, but Hiroshi is determined to become a reliable doctor in the future.. and then one day, he’s going to look back and fill someone with regret. Hideo asks who is this “someone” he’s talking about, and Hiroshi answers “probably a person I hate.”

October 22

Today Chitomi announces a maple leaf-viewing event, but Genichirou will be absent because he’s not feeling well. When Tae asks if she already talked to Hiroshi, Haru says she’s going to tell Hiroshi everything today. She’s actually planning to quit her job, because she needs to take care of her family. Aside from doing something about her little sisters’ bullying, she also has to bring her father to see a doctor. Tae says she’ll support whatever decision Haru will take, but she actually thinks quitting is a very foolish thing to do. At noon, Hiroshi goes to visit Yoshi and learns that his stepfather already returned to work. Yoshi is surprised when Hiroshi says “I’ll talk to Isami and the others if anything happens again”, but Hiroshi says he already knows his own limits. Hiroshi is also aware that he’s only a kid who wants to grow up quickly, and Yoshi laughs saying he has his own charms. Besides, being an adult also means giving up because people will stop doing things they know they can’t do — they won’t take challenges anymore.

The first challenge in Hiroshi’s life is to change his major and enter the medical faculty. He likes inventing things, but even more than that, he wants to save people with his own hands. Yoshi wonders if someone he knows is sick, and Hiroshi answers: “Yes, but that person won’t be around anymore by the time I become a doctor.” ..and that’s why he decided to go to England again after he graduates. Obtaining a license alone won’t do anything, so he wants to deepen his skills there. Since Yoshi already promised to support Hiroshi’s decisions, she smiles and tells him to do his best. England.. again..? (´・ω・`)

Back in the mansion, the brothers get pissed watching Kayama’s actions. Since Genichirou is absent today, he treats their garden like his own property and acts like the host of the event. Kayama has been spreading rumors that Genichirou is terminally ill, and Hiroshi goes to talk to Haru while his brothers are discussing about how “impossible” it is for Genichirou to die of an illness. After telling Haru about his meeting with Hideo, Hiroshi finally tells her about his plan to become a doctor. He’s going to transfer to the medical faculty next year, and four years after that, he will graduate and go to England. Hiroshi knows that it will be a long path ahead, and he doesn’t know when he’s going to return to Japan.. so despite their promise to get married, he can’t marry her after all. C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Rather than staying with her, he chose to follow his own path.

Hiroshi then wonders if they meet each other too early or too late, and Haru says she doesn’t know. The only thing she knows is their encounter wasn’t supposed to take place right now. She finally tells him that she’s going to quit and help her mother at home, and he apologized for not being able to do anything to help. Hiroshi asks what she’s going to do after that, and Haru answers she doesn’t know yet. She can’t think properly right now, so she’s going to decide after returning home. Haru is going to leave by the end of the month, and that’s when they will say goodbye to each other. It’s painful for both of them, but they feel glad to have fallen in love with each other.

October 30

When Hiroshi returns home at noon, he asks Haru to come to his lab and gives her “Teikoku Akebonomaru III” — the gadget he used to surprise her last year. Haru happily accepts it and says she will be able to “meet” Hiroshi everytime she looks at the gadget, because the gadget will always remind her of him and their memories. (´・ω・`) After a long silence, Hiroshi admits Haru was the only one for him.. and she will always be the only one forever. Haru is going to leave on a night train after the ball tomorrow, and Hiroshi says he has something else to give her before then. They’re going to say goodbye after that, and Haru promises to serve Hiroshi up until the end. Later on, Haru tells Kisuke she will never be able to forget Hiroshi too, but it’d be painful if she doesn’t give up. Kisuke only asks Haru to smile and do her best, because as long as Hiroshi and her shares the same feeling, someday they might be able to be together.

October 31

Even though Hiroshi never gives a clear answer, Mamoru knows that Hiroshi suddenly wants to be a doctor because of Genichirou’s illness. Kayama is still acting like he owns everything, but that’s only until Genichirou enters the dance hall. He’s a bit reluctant when Tae serves him with a cup of sake, but he ends up drinking it anyway — unaware that it’s been drugged by Masashi. Needless to say Kayama starts feeling dizzy soon after that, and Tae takes him to rest in a guest room. After a while, Masashi takes everyone to sneak into the room Kayama is sleeping in. They already prepared the contract which states that Kayama is handing over the railway company to Tadashi’s bank, and they use his finger to sign the contract lol. It might be a crime, but it’s still much better than having Genichirou murder him later. Since they still need to choose the next head, Masashi also tells Tadashi and Isami to draw a lottery and see which one of them gets lucky. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Here, Mamoru reminds Hiroshi that Haru will leave soon. He can leave everything else to them, so he should go and say goodbye now.

Just when Hiroshi comes out of the mansion, he finds Haru outside with her belongings. After a long silence, Haru asks Hiroshi to take care and says she won’t write any letters for him. It’s for their own sake. She thanks him saying she can get used to this job because of him, and he blushes saying he’s been in love with her right from the start. Haru tries to hold back her tears and says she should leave soon, but Hiroshi stops her saying he wants to give her something before they say goodbye. After asking Haru to close her eyes, Hiroshi kisses her and says “I want to see you again someday. I can’t make any promises since I don’t have any confidence, but let’s meet again one day. Even if I become an old man, even if you get married and become an old lady.. let’s meet again.” Haru answers she’ll be looking forward to that day, and Hiroshi says it’s the same for him.

When spring comes, Haru is already back in her hometown — protecting her sisters from the bullies. Hiroshi already entered the medical faculty too, and he’s doing his best to learn all the necessary things. Including studying foreign books. He won’t be able to save Genichirou in time, and he never contacts Haru to focus on his studies too.. but he has no regrets. After all, it’s the path he decided to take in life.

Five years later, Hiroshi already graduated and is finally getting ready to go to England. While he can also work in Japan, he still wants to travel overseas and see the world. He needs to help out in a hospital today, but he goes out to have lunch with Masashi before then. Masashi asks if he never contacted Haru again since the day she left, but Hiroshi says she probably already forgot about him. It might be difficult for them to meet each other again, but he doesn’t mind because they already made a promise — even though Masashi thinks a promise alone won’t be enough to bring them together. Masashi goes home after that, and his car almost hits a certain woman who faints on the spot. The woman recognized his voice, and after taking a closer look, Masashi realized that she’s actually Haru.

When Haru wakes up later, she finds herself in a hospital bed.. and she hears a familiar voice beside him. Yes, it’s doctor Hiroshi. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He asks her all sorts of questions, but because she’s too surprised to answer, he decides to do a simple examination.

Hiroshi: “What’s your name?”
Haru: “Asagi Haru..”
Hiroshi: “Are you married?”
Haru: “I’m single. Um.. does that have anything to do with the examination?”
Hiroshi: “No. It’s only because I want to know.”
Haru: “Eh?”

Before Haru could ask anything else, Hiroshi suddenly hugs her saying he actually feels really happy to see her again. He asks why she’s still single, but she returns the question. He says “I’m not sure”, and she also says “I’m not sure either” — even though they actually know the reason. Haru says he doesn’t change at all, and Hiroshi says neither does she.. but she has become much more beautiful during the last five years. Haru then asks him to let go because someone might come and see them, but ignoring her protests, Hiroshi whispers “say you love me, or I won’t let go.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When Haru finally says she loves him, Hiroshi replies with “I love you too.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Extra Ending

In the extra ending, Hiroshi asks why did Haru come to Teito. Haru says it’s because her little sister Tae is getting married soon, so Haru was planning to buy a present from Hyakkaten for her. After Haru left the mansion and returned home, there was a boy who kept picking on little Tae all the time — even after she graduated and started working. Little Tae is getting married to that boy, and she kept refusing ever since she received the matchmaking offer.. but that’s only until the boy finally confessed that he’s always been in love with her. The boy promised to make her happy, and little Tae finally accepted his proposal. Hiroshi says he feels grateful to little Tae though, because he can meet Haru again thanks to her. Since Haru is planning to go home tomorrow, Hiroshi says she should go shopping tomorrow. Tonight he’s going to take her to have a feast, since she fainted earlier because she hasn’t been eating properly. As for tomorrow, Hiroshi suggests taking the night train so Haru can meet Tae and Chitomi too before going home.

Hiroshi also informs Haru that he’s going to England next month, so they’re going to see Yoshi after dinner and report everything. Haru learned from the newspaper that Genichirou died one year after she left the mansion, and Hiroshi says he bragged in front of Genichirou’s grave as soon as he received his medical license.. though he knows Genichirou would say “so what?” if he’s still alive. In the end Hiroshi couldn’t save Genichirou, but he wants to save other people who are suffering from cancer and other illness. When they go to visit Yoshi later, she’s really excited and goes “you’re reunited after five years! how nice~ I’ve always wanted a romance like that.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Hiroshi then informs Yoshi about his departure to England next month, but he’s not sure when he’s going to return to Japan. Or if he will return at all.

After leaving Yoshi’s place, Hiroshi tells Haru that Miyanomori’s current head is Isami. Nobody can beat him in terms of luck, since he really became the next head after drawing the lottery. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Hiroshi also says he often goes drinking with Hideo, and Hideo gets lead roles in play from time to time — he’s working hard in the acting world too. Hiroshi then brings the subject back to England, and he finally asks Haru to come with him. He wants to marry her as soon as possible, but he thinks it’d be better if they hold the ceremony in England. Haru is surprised since she can’t speak English at all, but Hiroshi says it’s okay. They have a month to prepare everything, so she can talk to her parents too before the departure. Hiroshi then says “I’ll be troubled if you refuse.. but you won’t refuse right?”, and Haru answers with “maybe..” Hiroshi laughs saying it reminds him of his first confession, but he wants a clear answer from Haru right now. Haru also laughs because Hiroshi doesn’t change at all, and she finally says she wants to go with him. Fate brought them together again after five years, so she doesn’t want to let this chance go to waste.

One month later, Hiroshi and Haru are finally leaving Japan on a ship. She keeps looking at the sea as the ship takes them away, while he asks her to (1) do her best and learn English after they arrive in England; and (2) say “I love you” to him everyday. (❤ฺ→艸←) Haru says he made her say those words a lot ever since they got reunited, but Hiroshi still want to hear more. In fact, he wants to hear it again right now.

Haru: “I’m the one who always says it. You neve–”
Hiroshi: “I love you. Your turn.”
Haru: “You didn’t put your heart into it. It’s not enough too.”
Hiroshi: “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!”
Hiroshi: “Huff.. Now it’s your turn. Say it.”
Haru: “I love you.”
Hiroshi: “Dehehe! From now on I’ll make you say it once a day.”
Haru: “I’ll do the same to you.”

Both Hiroshi and Haru laugh saying they didn’t change at all from five years ago, but from now on they’re going to go through their years together.

During Hiroshi’s route, at first I was like ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑, then I was like (´・ω・`) around October, and I went C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! towards the end, but in the ending I went ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ again — even more than the beginning lol. Conclusion? Thank you so much Hiroshi, that was the first time my emotions ever changed that much in just a few hours. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Hiroshi is so cute, and I absolutely love his relationship with Haru. My my heart got shattered into pieces (for like the third time) when he suddenly decides to go to England again, but I’m so glad it’s a happy ending. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Hiroshi looks great in his lab coat, and I think it’s a really nice alternate ending for Haru and him.

…and that laugh is contagious, seriously.

10 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Hiroshi

  1. Wow…so cute! The reunion is just like a drama! LOL even though I (think I) squealed like you reading this I still can’t help but like Kisuke more because he’s more mature lol

    • Yes, the reunion is like a scene out of a romance drama. xD
      As much as I like Hiroshi, I have to admit that I like Kisuke more.. because just as you said, Kisuke is more mature so he doesn’t have this “powerless” problem Hiroshi is dealing with lol. I think Hiroshi is the only one who has that problem too, because Masashi is so powerful even though he’s younger. 8D

  2. 5 year separation again? Oh man, I was hoping that would change since he came back from England. At least there’s no mentions of temptations this time, but it still sucks they got separated for so long. Masashi is younger and yet this wasn’t needed for him in the first game, so its unfair.

    • Yeah, I guess in the end Hiroshi will always need those 5 years in order to grow up. Masashi is a kid too, but at least he knows what he wants and takes firm actions to reach his goals.. while Hiroshi acts on impulse and takes quite a long time to figure things out. It’s about personality and maturity, I guess?

  3. Aw Hiroshi is so cute, and that laugh is adorable ^^ His story is sweet and warm but 5 years separation is kind let me down. But it is ok since it is happy ending, but somehow the ending is kinda like K-Drama hehe.

    • LOL that laugh. He sounds like a pervert whenever he laughs that way after imagining.. stuff.. with Haru, but that’s what makes him adorable. xD I think the separation is more painful here because they’re both in Japan but deliberately cut off contact with each other, so maybe that kind of ending suits them the best? It’s like those love stories in dramas / novels. :3

  4. Omg Hiroshi is so damn cute!!lol I love how he runs away screaming when hes overwhelmed by his dere dere feelings for Haru.I don’t like the 5 year seperation again but at least he comes back really hot and stays faithful to her =)

    • I know right, he screams like a girl when he’s embarrassed. xD
      I don’t like the 5 years separation either, but I guess there’s no option for Hiroshi to grow up beside Haru.. so in the end it might be necessary for him to mature. I’m glad there are no temptations this time. 8D

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