Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Masashi

I’ve been looking forward to Masashi’s route, mainly because everytime he opens his mouth, a torrent of “バカ!”, “死ね” and “ゴミ” will flood you. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! It’s tsundere time!

The youngest son of the Miyanomori family. Masashi finds servants and women disgusting, so he’s always acting harsh and cold towards them. He’s a hardworker and is the most studious one among the brothers, always topping the exams at school with excellent grades. Masashi doesn’t get along with his mother Chiyoko, who lives with her family in Kyoto, and they rarely talk to each other. Since he hates expressing his feelings, he always gets angry if someone points out how he truly feels. He’s a sixth year student in the Imperial School. 17 years old.

April 2

In the morning, Masashi finds Haru with Hideo on the hallway. He orders them to make way by saying “Get out of the way, trash. The trash over there too.” Hideo asks if it’s about them and Haru says yes, but she finds it weird since Masashi already remembered her name last year. Based on her own experience, Haru tells Hideo to be careful when Masashi asks him to make a lunchbox for him. Most likely Masashi will flip it onto the ground, because that’s what he did to Haru last year. After leaving the mansion, Masashi goes to search for Somerset Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage” in the bookstore. The bookstore obviously doesn’t sell foreign books, so Masashi tells the owner to get it ready during before April comes to an end. Or else Masashi will buy the bookstore and turn it into “Miyanomori Bookstore”. How evil. 8D

Before leaving the bookstore, Masashi notices Kisuke reading “Love’s Steps ~Special Spring Edition”. Somehow Masashi gets curious about the contents too, and Haru finds him carrying the magazine when he returns home. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He quickly says it’s got nothing to do with her, but she now thinks he’s gathering information about romance lol.

April 3

When the brothers learn about Genichirou’s survey, they start discussing about what might be the reason behind the survey. Susumu thinks the most popular one between them might get a personal servant, but Shigeru says the winner might become the next head.. and Isami rages instantly even though it’s just a guess lol. Just then Mamoru comes out of his room, and Isami starts attacking him again like usual. They keep fighting despite Susumu’s attempt to stop them, so eventually Masashi takes out Mamoru’s novels and throws them right onto their heads with no mercy. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It might brutal, but it sure is effective because Isami and Mamoru stop fighting immediately lol. After everyone returns to their rooms, Masashi is still standing in the hallway — grumbling about Isami and Mamoru’s stupidity in front of Haru. She informs him that she already destroyed Mamoru’s novel just as he ordered, but he coldly replies with “you don’t have to report everything to me.” Haru says she understands and leaves, while Masashi thinks she has gotten even weirder compared to last year. xD

April 6

Mamoru joins his brothers for breakfast today, and of course Isami starts attacking him again. Since no one else can stop them, Masashi then asks Haru to bring him two glasses of water. After putting them in front of Isami and Mamoru, he says one of the glass is filled with poison. If they really want to settle things, then this method should be faster than slicing each other’s throat. Mamoru is shocked and asks if he’s telling them to drink poison, but Masashi just leaves after asking Haru to carry his bag lol. Isami, on the other hand, loves challenge and picks one of the glasses to drink from. Mamoru says he has to accept the challenge as a man, but then he grabs Isami’s glass instead.. and this causes them to get into a childish fight over the glass until it falls down and breaks. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! When Haru asks what did he put into the glass, Masashi says he didn’t put any poisons. They’re both water, though one of them is mixed with stomach medicine lol. Haru is relieved that Masashi doesn’t walk around carrying poison in his pocket, and Masashi answers with “go prepare the car already! ( ಠ益ಠ )” LOL. He wonders if she really has any intentions to understand him, but he can’t blame her even if she can’t do it. She’s just a maid after all.

April 9

Today is the survey’s deadline, and Haru wrote Masashi’s name on her survey form. Hiroshi is curious about the result, while Masashi sighs saying the most popular one is probably Hiroshi. Chitomi also informs him that Chiyoko will be coming for the flower-viewing festival, but since he only answers with “I see ( ´_ゝ`)”, Chitomi tells him not to act that harsh towards his own mother. Masashi doesn’t care though, since Chiyoko will always be a disturbance in his eyes. Later on, Masashi finds Haru talking to herself while doing laundry outside lol. He asks whose name did she write on the survey, and when she goes Σ(・д・ ;)ギクッ, he frowns asking what does that supposed to mean. xD Masashi doesn’t understand why Genichirou wants to collect opinions from servants, but he listens properly when Haru says she feels happy just by being allowed to write down her opinion.

April 15

During the morning assembly, Chitomi informs everyone that Toki will be staying in the mansion today. She orders Hideo to serve Toki, while Haru will be the one in charge of serving Chiyoko tomorrow. At first Hideo thinks Masashi was born in Kyoto, but Tae explains that the brothers were all born and raised in Teito. Some of them were raised by their mothers for the first few years in their lives, but there are also some who were taken care by Chitomi ever since they were born. Masashi falls into the second category, and it’s probably one of the reasons why he doesn’t get along with Chiyoko. In fact, their relationship is the worst compared to the other six. Haru knows there must be a deeper reason behind this, but she doesn’t think they should get involved with Masashi and Chiyoko’s problem.

Before Masashi goes to school, he asks Haru if Chiyoko already came to Teito. It also reminds Masashi that it’s been a year since Haru started working in the mansion, and Haru reluctantly asks if he remembers her name. He says he doesn’t and will keep calling her “trash”, but then he realized that he calls Hideo “trash” too. In order to make things easier, Masashi gives Haru the nickname “Trash 1”, while Hideo is “Trash 2”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Up until now, a bunch of servants already quit thanks to Masashi’s attitude, so he finds it weird that Haru can survive.

April 16

Today is the annual flower-viewing festival, and Haru goes to serve Chiyoko as soon as the latter arrives at the mansion. Masashi is looking for Mamoru all over the mansion, but instead of finding Mamoru, he runs into Chiyoko and Haru in the hallway. Chiyoko is happy to see him, but Masashi is being as cold as usual and walks away. Chiyoko sadly admits she doesn’t like Masashi too, even though she knows it’s wrong for a mother to do so, so Haru tries to cheer her up by asking her to enjoy the festival today. When Haru asks how long will she be staying in Teito, Chiyoko answers she will be around until Sunday. Her kimono shop hasn’t been doing well recently, since her customers are decreasing as people start wearing Western clothes. Chiyoko smiles saying she actually wants to try wearing Western clothes too, and Haru says she will look good in them.. but she will probably get kicked out of the Imura family if she does.

During the festival, the brothers notice that Mamoru isn’t present. Masashi was actually looking for him earlier because he wants to know Mamoru’s reason for coming here, but he can’t find Mamoru anywhere. They know Genichirou is planning to introduce Mamoru today though, and just as they expected, soon Mamoru enters the garden looking for Genichirou. Before Mamoru walks away, Masashi stops him to confirm the truth: “You came here because of a deal with father, aren’t you? He will erase your crimes, but in return you have to live here without killing us.” Mamoru is impressed that Masashi knows that much, and eventually Mamoru admits that he has another objective for staying here — to find out Genichirou’s real reason for taking him to live here. Masashi wants to know why he’s willing to go that far, and Mamoru walks away saying it’s none of their business.. though it only causes Masashi to grow more interested.

On the other side of the table, Chiyoko asks Haru if Masashi is doing well this year. Haru says he fainted from anemia several times, but other than that Masashi’s pretty much healthy. Since Masashi is REALLY picky when it comes to food, Chiyoko then asks Haru to help feeding him properly. If he protests, then she should just ignore him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Chiyoko would like to help too, but she can’t even get close because Masashi absolutely hates her.

April 19

It’s the anniversary of trains today, and Ginza is packed with people who come to watch the “flower train”. Masashi keeps grumbling because his car can’t get through the crowd, and he decides to get off and walk to the library instead. He’s still thinking about why Mamoru wants to know Genichirou’s objective that much, but he gets pissed when people keep getting in his way. Masashi violently pushes the people around him, and Haru just happened to be the poor victim who was standing near him. xD She thinks it’d be impossible for him to reach the library because he needs to go through the crowded Ginza Street, but she decides to leave him for now and continue her shopping duty.

Before going back to the mansion, Haru finds Masashi again — grumbling about how this “wall of people” disgusts him lol. A lady behind them asks them to move forward since they happen to be standing in the “flower train” queue, and before Haru could take Masashi out of the line, suddenly the train driver asks them to ride on since there’s still some space inside. Masashi is unimpressed and tells Haru to ride the “trashy” train, but Haru refuses because she needs to call a car from the mansion to come and pick Masashi. Obviously they don’t have time to argue since people are waiting for them, so when the train driver repeats his question, Haru quickly says “we’re coming!” and drags Masashi into the train. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He floods her with complaints when she apologized, but then he says it’s okay since he probably will never has any chance to ride a train again. Plus, he finds riding a train “pretty interesting”. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Masashi: “Rather than worrying about me, how about worrying about yourself?”
Masashi: “Will you die if you fall off the train? I hope you fall off.”
Haru: “I won’t fall!”
Masashi: “You’re so persistent and stubborn.”
Masashi: “I thought you were going to quit, but you’re not quitting at all.”
Masashi: “You’re not falling off. You’re not dying either.”
Haru: “Feel free to say anything you wa– Ah, Masashi-sama! Your hat!?”
Masashi: “….ah.”

Masashi is so busy picking on Haru that he doesn’t realize his hat flying away. xD

April 21

Today is Isami’s birthday, and he’s 100% determined to kill Mamoru. Masashi is watching them from afar, but instead of stopping them again, he says they can do whatever they want since he’s got something more important to do. When Mamoru asks what it is, Masashi replies with “I want to know father’s plans and your objective, so I’m going to do some research.” Mamoru is still insisting that his objective has got nothing to do with them, but then he admits he’s actually interested in them. Genichirou was the man chosen by his mother after all, though he’s aware of his evil deeds in the past. He knows Isami and Hiroshi are holding a grudge against him, but it means they share the same feeling — he’s holding a grudge against them as well for living a happy life while his mother suffered behind the screen.

During his birthday celebration at night, Isami announces that he’s having a truce with Mamoru for now. Everyone is surprised to hear this, so Masashi asks if they’re not curious about why Genichirou suddenly brought Mamoru to live with them. Genichirou is definitely planning to use them for something, and that’s what they need to find out. Since their goal is the same, finally the brothers agree to stop fighting and start working together.

April 22

In the morning, Haru, Hideo and Tae are talking about the brothers’ truce last night. They were gossiping about Mamoru when suddenly Mamoru appears saying “Miyanomori’s servants sure love gossiping”, and they quickly run away from him lol. Mamoru thinks it’s normal for them to talk about him though — it’s his brothers that aren’t normal. Despite their conversation from last night, Mamoru thinks it’s enough for him alone to find out Genichirou’s real objective, because it won’t mean anything even if his brothers know.

Haru goes shopping in Ginza after that, and she runs into Chiyoko on the streets. Chiyoko is in Teito to take an order from a V.I.P customer, but she also heard that Sanae will have to sell the Sumida mansion next month. While Chiyoko asks Haru to accompany her for a while, Masashi comes to see Mamoru and asks him to work together. Both of them want to know Genichirou’s real objective, so Masashi thinks it would be better if they join hands. At first Mamoru refuses, but Masashi then says Mamoru can come and kill him anytime. He doesn’t have any intentions to die though, so he’s going to find Mamoru’s weakness for the sake of blackmailing. Masashi asks Mamoru to think about his offer, and then he leaves Mamoru’s room.

Meanwhile, Chiyoko and Haru are enjoying their time in the parlor. Chiyoko says there’s a new parlor too in Kyoto, but she can’t go in or else her father will be enraged. Even though Chiyoko isn’t a little girl anymore, it’s rather difficult for her to be free because of her family. Ever since she was small, she was always taught not to put a stain on the Imura family’s name, and she can’t try anything Western because of this. She has to hold back a lot, but one of her wishes came true today because Haru is here to eat Western sweets with her. Chiyoko’s other wish is to wear Western clothes, so Haru suggests wearing them the next time she comes to Teito. Chiyoko says also wants to dance in a ball and watch cinemas, and it makes her more excited to visit Teito again. She admits she always feels annoyed whenever she has to come to Teito, mainly because of Masashi, but she quickly apologized and thanks Haru for today.
Haru is the only person she can truly have fun with.

April 25

When Masashi returns from school, he informs Haru that he’s going to visit Yasuda tonight. Of course Haru is surprised to hear this, so she goes to report to Chitomi — who says she’ll ask Shigeru about this later. Before Haru leaves, Chitomi tells her that Hideo and Tae were talking about how she’s allowed to ask questions to the brothers. Only Haru received that permission from them, and Chitomi wants her to know this comes at a great price. Haru says she knows that everyone thinks negatively of her, and Chitomi tells Haru that having a permission to ask questions doesn’t make her special. Haru says she understands and leaves, while Chitomi is wondering why even Masashi allowed her to ask questions.

That night, Masashi goes to Yasuda to do some research. Masashi asks Shigeru to show him Yasuda’s guestbook, but since Shigeru says he can’t do that, Masashi changes his request to “show me father’s reservation list” instead. Realizing that Masashi is planning to examine the people Genichirou went drinking with, Shigeru agrees as long as Masashi keeps it a secret.

April 30

Today Haru delivers s a package to Masashi’s room, saying it’s from the bookstore. Inside, he finds the book he ordered a few weeks ago — Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage” — and he’s quite satisfied with the bookstore’s service. Haru then excuses herself, but Masashi stops her saying she’s weird today. Usually she would ask him what kind of books he bought, but today she just leaves without asking anything. When Haru says she’s trying to reduce the amount of non-work-related questions, Masashi asks if someone has been picking on her because she’s allowed to ask them questions. If she’s going to give up just because of something like this, he says it would be better if she never asked for their permission in the first place. Haru can only apologize to him, and Masashi goes “just quit and go home! stupid!” before slamming his room’s door in front of her face.

However, Masashi is actually pretty concerned with Haru’s condition. He also realized that he hasn’t called her name ever since Mamoru came to the mansion, but he pushes these thoughts aside for now because he’s got a new book to enjoy. Masashi happily takes out the book from the box, and that’s when he finally notices the title — “Somerset Love”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He immediately runs down to the entrance going “最低最低最低!” and tells Haru to prepare the car, and he obviously goes to rage at the bookstore lol. Unfortunately for Masashi, none of his complain will work because the owner can’t read English.. so he has to write the title and tells the owner to search it in England. xD

When Masashi returns to the mansion, he tells Haru that her flaw is to let her emotions affect her actions. He also says she won’t be herself anymore if she lets people’s words affect her attitude, and he asks if this is really the real her. When Haru says “no”, Masashi tells her to fix that side of her — it annoys him. Masashi’s harsh words are like a critical hit to Haru’s heart, but she knows he’s right. She needs to know her own flaws and do something to fix them, so she will try to think positively from now on.

May 1

Hideo and Tae are still talking about Haru and the permission to ask questions today, but Haru says right now she’s glad to have obtained the permission. Noticing that Tae is being harsh on Haru because she’s jealous, Chitomi asks her not to act that way on Haru. Both Haru and Tae have their own good and bad points, and Chitomi knows one of Haru’s good points is that she never returns Tae’s sarcasm. Tae’s good point is how well she takes care of Haru and Hideo, so Chitomi wants her to keep watching over them.

May 6

When Kisuke informs Haru about the exhibition tomorrow, Haru calmly says she won’t be able to go because of work. Kisuke notices that Haru has became much more reliable compared to last year, and Haru says she wants to keep working for a while because she’s gotten used to this job. She’s a bit concerned upon thinking that her family might receive a matchmaking offer, but Kisuke tells her they won’t know what will happen next. For now she should focus on her job and make life easier for her family. Haru goes to clean the garden after that, and Masashi finds her talking about the exhibition to herself lol.

Masashi: “I’m going to the exhibition tomorrow. I’ll take you along if you want?”
Haru: “R-Really!?”
Masashi: “No. It’s a lie.”
Haru: “Haa.. Just as I expected. I knew it, but I still took it seriously.”
Masashi: “Haha, this is more like you. It’s okay, I’ll take you along.”
Haru: “Eh, really!?”
Masashi: “Stupid. I told you it’s a lie.”
Haru: “…….” (´・ω・`)

LOL poor Haru fell for it twice. xD

May 7

Genichirou is going to the exhibition today, and Heisuke already prepared some bodyguards to protect him. It turns out Masashi really takes Haru to the exhibition, and Genichirou just ignores them because they’re harmless anyway. That, and because Genichirou is actually amused to see Masashi — who’s usually not interested in anything — going out with a maid lol. Later on, Shigeru finds Haru near the front door. He asks if she’s going out, but when Haru says she’s going to accompany Masashi to the exhibition, Shigeru instantly goes “W-What..? A date with Masashi!?” ..and before Haru could even explain, Hiroshi suddenly appears and goes “Ehhh, a d-d-date with Masashi! How mean!!” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Susumu is also surprised upon hearing this, but Masashi soon appears asking what the heck are they doing lol. Hiroshi tells Masashi to go to the exhibition alone, and Haru is surprised when Masashi answers with “I’m going alone.”

Masashi walks out when Susumu informs Isami that they’re “going on a date”, but he doesn’t get angry when Haru follows him all the way to the exhibition site.. so Haru decides to take it as a permission to accompany him. Masashi actually told Chitomi that he’s willing to take Haru along, but of course he just can’t say it directly in front of Haru and his brothers. xD Masashi doesn’t visit the exhibition to have fun though, because he only comes to watch Genichirou’s actions. Just by watching Genichirou’s interactions with Kayama and the Prince of England, Masashi can conclude that a new Prime Minister will be elected soon. Obviously Haru doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Masashi only says it’s got nothing to do with her. After he’s done spying on them, Masashi tells Haru it’s time to go home. Haru is surprised since they just arrived a few minutes ago, and she drops a map of the exhibition site — full of red circles to mark the “fun places” lol. Masashi goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) and reminds Haru that she’s here to take care of him, but he agrees to visit the nearest marked location: the Cocoa Hall lol.

Even though Masashi says he will be the one drinking cocoa while Haru waits outside, in the end he takes her inside and even allows her to sit on the same table. He grumbles saying it’s because he’s not allowed to enter alone, but he teaches her how to put sugar and mix it into the drink anyway. (❤ฺ→艸←) Since cocoa and chocolates are expensive, Haru nearly spits out her drink when Masashi says they’re going to split the bill. xD

May 11

Since the brothers are making no progress with the game, Genichirou decides to add an extra rule. By the end of the month, Genichirou is going to move into the villa and put one of his sons in charge of the mansion. At first he’s thinking of using Mamoru, but since Heisuke says it’s not a good idea, in the end he picks Masashi instead. Masashi will be really useful, not to mention Tadashi and Isami will get angry too. Plus, Genichirou has another plan he wants to test out on Masashi. Of course Chitomi will be going with Genichirou to the villa, so she asks Tae to fill in her role as the head of the servants. They will be back before the Ginza Hall’s grand opening next month.

May 17

During breakfast, Heisuke announces Genichirou’s plan to the brothers — saying Genichirou wants to take a temporary break from work. Heisuke says he will cover Genichirou’s job until Genichirou returns, but the brothers know they’re plotting something. After all, Genichirou is a man who never took any breaks during the last 30 years. After breakfast, Haru finds Masashi in the hallway and offers to carry his bag.. but he only asks her to call Chitomi before fainting. All this time Chitomi thinks Masashi often faints because of his unbalanced diet, but she orders Haru to prepare the car and take Masashi to the hospital just in case.

Luckily the doctor says there’s nothing serious about Masashi’s health, but it might be because of his unbalanced diet after all. The doctor suggests changing his eating habits from now on, and they will see if his condition will improve from there. Masashi wakes up not too long after that, and Haru confirms the list of food he hates: “Fish, everything bitter, everything sour, and vegetables. Especially carrots. And spinach. And potatoes.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since being so picky with food isn’t good for Masashi’s health, Haru then promises to try different kinds of menu until they can find a way for him to eat those food. He asks if she’s willing to go that far because she’s a maid, and she says that’s true. She can’t cook like a chef, but she can think of ideas to make sure he stays healthy. Haru says there are servants who are worried about his health, and when Masashi goes “where? I can’t see any!”, she answers with “she’s right in front of your eyes! it’s me!” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ When Haru promises to do her best, Masashi gives in and says he’ll leave everything to her. He refuses to eat anything he hates, but that’s only if he can spot them in the dishes she serves him.

May 18

Today is the annual tea ceremony, and all the mothers are attending except for Sanae. After the morning assembly, Haru tells Chitomi that she’s planning to change Masashi’s menu. She’s planning to start with the fish dishes he hates so much, so she’s going to talk to the chef later. Masashi is still resting in his room today, so Haru brings breakfast to his room after she’s done with the event preparations. In order to make a healthy menu Masashi can eat, first they need to know why he hates fish and vegetables. For today, Haru serves him with croquettes filled with minced fish and tofu. However, she makes a grave mistake by telling Masashi about the contents of the croquettes. There’s no way he’d eat something knowing there’s fish in it, and he asks Haru to make a new breakfast instead. The chef tells Haru to give up for today since Masashi already doubts them, so in the end she serves him with a normal breakfast menu.

May 21

After failing three days in a row, Haru is on the verge of giving up. Masashi is starting to doubt every single menu she serves him, and she’s afraid that he might stop eating altogether if she continues developing new menus for him. Chiyoko notices Haru sighing as she goes shopping in Ginza, and Haru explains that Masashi has grown thinner recently because of her attempts to change his eating habits. Chiyoko says it’s not Haru’s fault at all since it’s an advice from the doctor, and she sadly admits that she can’t help. Even though Chiyoko took cooking lessons a long time ago, she forgot everything since she never has any chance to cook. Chiyoko thinks she’s a failure as a mother, but Haru says it can’t be helped since she lives far away from her son. Just then Kisuke comes to greet them, and when Haru asks if he has any ideas, he says they should cook right in front of Masashi’s eyes — like making a hot pot. They can do a little trick by fooling his eyes and slip in fish and vegetables into the pot somehow. Haru isn’t sure if they can really fool Masashi, but she thanks him saying she’ll discuss with the chef later.

Upon returning to the mansion, Haru decides to test Kisuke’s idea immediately. She takes a pot and cooks right in front of Masashi’s eyes, saying it’s to make up for causing him to doubt his meals. When Haru apologized to him, Masahi says that aside from the chef, she’s the only one who cares this much about his meals. After she’s done cooking the contents of the pot, Haru serves some boiled kudzu starch noodles for Masashi. He gets a little pissed when she says it’s Chiyoko’s recommendation, but he actually listens as she explains that Chiyoko is trying to make her wishes come true whenever she visits Teito. They visited the hat shop earlier and Chiyoko tried on some hats, though Masashi thinks it’s stupid to have fun like that after being used by both Genichirou and Imura. Haru admits she doesn’t know Chiyoko that well, but she knows Chiyoko was really having fun earlier. When Masashi asks if she smiled, Haru asks if he saw them in Ginza because he’s right lol. In any case, Haru makes one step forward today since Masashi eats her kudzu starch noodles without complaining.

May 26

Haru greets Masashi when he returns from school today, and the first thing he says to her is “usually servants disgust me, but I don’t feel disgusted by you.” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Haru has been cooking hot pots for Masashi in the last five days, so the chef cooks normal menu for tonight since Masashi probably already got bored of hot pots. Next month they’re going to have a new ingredient to experiment with — fish powder! It’s made from bonito, but it’s already processed to get rid of the strong smell. The chef is ready to help too, and they’re planning to use the fish powder to cook various dishes starting from next month.

That night, Tae tells Haru and Hideo everything about her past in the laundry. When Tae goes to hide her bag in the bushes again, Haru tells Hideo that the next matchmaking she receives will be her third.. and she just can’t refuse anymore, or else her parents will be in trouble. She admits she actually wants to keep working, and she laughs when Hideo says Masashi is still calling them “trash”. Haru then says she used to think Masashi is a difficult person, but she’s gradually starting to understand him and it makes her happy. After Haru and Hideo sneak back into the servants’ quarter, Masashi comes out of the shadows saying there’s no way anyone would want to take Haru as a wife, sp she shouldn’t be worried about any matchmakings.

May 28

Just as planned, today Genichirou informs Masashi that he’s in charge of the mansion until the day Genichirou returns from the villa. Heisuke will take care of the trivial tasks, so Masashi is going to be Genichirou’s substitute during the latter’s absence. Masashi knows Genichirou is planning to throw Tadashi and Isami into panic by doing this, but Genichirou only laughs saying he’s pretty sharp. Heisuke asks Masashi to start working right after Genichirou leaves on the 31st, and Masashi only says “do whatever you want” before leaving.

Masashi goes to the dining hall after that, where he informs his brothers that he’s going to be Genichirou’s substitute by the end of the month. Both Tadashi and Isami go “what!? why you? (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻” just as expected, so Masashi calmly says Genichirou will be happy if he sees their expressions right now. Before Tadashi goes to unleash his rage on Genichirou, Masashi stops him saying Genichirou must be plotting something behind their backs. Masashi also informs them that Kayama is going to be elected as the next Prime Minister, and he knows because Genichirou has been interacting with Kayama instead of other counselors. It must be because Genchirou also knows about this, so approaching other people will only be a waste of time. For now they all should remember that Genichirou will always use people who have a value in his eyes, and Masashi is currently one of those people.

Not too long after that, Haru comes to bring Masashi’s dinner.. and Shigeru instantly bursts out into laughter upon seeing the dish: an omelette rice with a mini-flag on top. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru asks if it tastes bad since Masashi looks pissed, but he rages at her saying he’s not a kid anymore. He can eat a normal omelette rice just fine, she doesn’t have to put a flag on it LOL. Masashi tells Haru to stop doing anything unnecessary and just serve him with normal meals already, and she sadly says she understands.

May 31

After Haru passed the servants’ exam, Heisuke asks her to continue taking care of Masashi’s meals during Chitomi’s absence. Masashi already refused eating weird dishes though, so she needs to think of another way to keep him healthy. Right after Haru leaves, Heisuke suddenly tells Chitomi that Genichirou wants to bring one more servant to the villa. Genichirou said it’s to help Chitomi, but of course that’s a lie since the servant is none other than Haru. At the same time, Masashi is wondering why Haru isn’t serving him during breakfast. Hideo explains that Haru will be going to the villa as well, but since Masashi only remains silent, Hideo provokes him by asking why does it have to be Haru. If it’s only to help Chitomi, anyone else can do the job just fine. Upon hearing this, Masashi quietly walks out of the dining hall.. and Hideo laughs saying he’s really easy to read.

Just before Haru puts her bag into the car, Masashi comes out of the mansion and immediately goes: “What does this mean? She’s the one in charge of my meals!” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Chitomi already heard about Masashi’s order to return his menu to normal, but Masashi denies ever giving out that order and tells Haru to go back inside. xD Genichirou doesn’t care and Chitomi tries to get Haru into the car, but Masashi orders her to return. N O W. Before answering, Haru asks him to promise her one thing — eat at least one of the things he hates.

Masashi: “W-Why do I have to make a promise with you!?”
Haru: “Because I’m in charge of your meals for that reason. I need your cooperation too.”
Haru: “But if you don’t want to, then it can’t be helped.. I’ll give the role to someone else..”
Masashi: “I-I understand! If it’s only one, then.. I’ll.. try to eat it.”

Mission accomplished. イエーイ☆-(ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ☆

Chitomi tells Masashi not to be so selfish since it was Genichirou’s decision to take Haru along, but Genichirou doesn’t care since he only wants to troll Masashi it’s only a maid anyway. They should just leave her in the mansion with Masashi. However, Masashi refuses to eat fish and vegetables again right after Genichirou’s car leaves the mansion lol. Before following Masashi into the mansion, Haru notices the bookstore owner near the entrance. The ship that carries Masashi’s order from England won’t arrive in Japan until Sunday, so he’s here to let Masashi know. He’s really terrified though, thinking Masashi will either kill him or crush his bookstore lol.

June 1

After the morning assembly, Haru comes to inform Masashi that breakfast is ready. Masashi is discussing with Heisuke in Genichirou’s room, and judging from Masashi’s words, Heisuke can tell that Genichirou’s suspicion was right — both Mamoru and Masashi are trying to figure out his grand plan. Genichirou placed Masashi as his substitute on purpose, because he wants to see what kind of actions Masashi will take upon finding more clues. It’s the same reason as of why he suddenly wanted to take Haru to the villa. Everything’s for the sake of trolling. xD

Even though Masashi keeps saying “I didn’t promise you anything ( ´_ゝ`)” at first, he ends up eating the breakfast because Haru also keeps repeating the line “I’m in charge of your meals!” lol. When Haru goes to get Mamoru’s breakfast from the kitchen, Mamoru informs Masashi that Kayama will be coming to the grand opening. Mamoru also mentions that the new ministry will be formed soon, but for some reason Genichirou only invted one minister to attend the grand opening of the Ginza Hall. Mamoru is willing to share more information and work together, but he’s asking Masashi to give him an equally valuable information in return.

June 4

It’s Sunday, and Masashi goes to retrieve his order from the bookstore. It’s really the right book this time, so the owner can rest assure.. even though he’s still terrified lol. On his way back to the mansion, Masashi sees some reporters swarming Kayama in Ginza — asking if he’s going to become the next Prime Minister. Kayama rudely says it depends on the election and leaves, but Masashi realized that Genichirou didn’t approach Kayama based on chances alone. It might be Genichirou himself who pushed Kayama to become the next Prime Minister.

After a while, Haru appears and greets Masashi on the streets. She’s in Ginza to get the new ingredients for his dinner, though he’s obviously not interested and asks her to carry his book instead. Haru then excuses herself to continue shopping, and Masashi wonders why he’s not disgusted by her. When Masashi returns home, Hiroshi asks why he’s putting Haru in charge of his meals. Masashi says it’s simply because he doesn’t feel nauseous around her, though it doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a “trash”. However, Masashi is surprised when Hiroshi says he’s planning to make Haru his personal maid.. and Masashi won’t be able to eat her food anymore if that happens. During dinner, Haru also mentions that Hiroshi told her “we can play together soon!” earlier, and Masashi explains it’s because Hiroshi is planning to choose her as his personal maid. Masashi coldly says Haru doesn’t need to take care of his meals anymore if she becomes Hiroshi’s personal maid, and he returns to his room looking pissed.

June 7

Today is Genichirou’s birthday, but there’s no celebration since he’s away. Before everyone goes to work in the morning, Hiroshi tells his brothers that he wants to make Haru his personal maid. Tadashi thinks it’s still to early, but Hiroshi says he only needs Masashi’s permission as Genichirou’s substitute. Masashi only says “you don’t need my permission, do whatever you want ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”, but Hiroshi happily tells Haru about this, Masashi gets really pissed and asks Haru to deliver a lunchbox to school later. Just like last year, Shigeru is the one who takes her to Masashi’s school with his insane driving.

When Haru finds Masashi near the gate, he asks what she’s going to do about Hiroshi. Haru admits she actually wants to refuse since she won’t be able to take care of Masashi’s meals anymore, but she just doesn’t have that option as a maid. Masashi then says it’s enough and tells her to go home, but when Haru hands him the lunchbox, he slaps it away and yells “Go away! I don’t want to see your face!” Σ(・д・ノ)ノ Haru sadly cleans up the mess after Masashi walks away, and Shigeru says Masashi must be pissed because he actually wants Haru to stay with her. While Haru doesn’t think it’s true, Shigeru says he’s going to help them.

June 8

Masashi has been acting really cold to Haru since yesterday, and Haru has been looking really sad. Tae tells her to endure everything because they’re servants, but Haru says she can’t do that since Masashi will be angry again. The last time she tried to hide her emotions, he told her it feels unpleasant to see her not behaving like herself. Meanwhile, Shigeru tells Masashi that Haru is going to quit because of what happened yesterday. Shigeru also adds more spice by saying Haru is planning to leave today, though “it’s got nothing to do with Masashi” lol. Just as Shigeru expected, Masashi gets pissed because Haru “didn’t tell him anything”. xD He regains his composure when Heisuke comes to see him though, and he knows that Heisuke is putting the necessary documents in front of his eyes on purpose — it’s the documents that will give him some clues. By now Masashi already knows why Genichirou is approaching Kayama, but he still can’t figure out: (1) why Genichirou suddenly went to the villa; and (2) why Genichirou is using them. There must be a bigger reason behind everything.

At the same time, in the servants’ lodge, Hideo and Tae suddenly inform Haru that Genichirou has just collapsed and Chitomi ordered her to come to the villa N O W. \(^o^)/ Haru quickly goes to pack her belongings and prepares to go out just as planned, so from here everything depends on Masashi lol. In order to make sure Masashi moves, Hiroshi also provokes him by saying Haru is leaving because of him. Hiroshi says Haru already said goodbye to him earlier, and he asks “didn’t she say goodbye to you?” to piss Masashi off even more. When Masashi finally walks out of the entrance, he finds Susumu and Hideo waiting outside — ready to take him to Ginza. Masashi says he’s just “going to the bookstore”, but Susumu tells him to just be honest already. Masashi should already know that it’s all a part of their plan, and so he yells “Hmph, I was just playing along with your bad acting! Lousy! Susumu, you’re a dumb drinker!” before running away to chase Haru. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He manages to catch up with her in time, and he tells her that everything is just a lie lol.

Masashi: “About yesterday. I-It’s not like I didn’t want to eat it.”
Haru: “You mean the lunchbox?”
Masashi: “I don’t know.”
Haru: “…it’s okay.”
Haru: “It would be a lie if I say I don’t mind, but..”
Haru: “I’m not a good maid who can return everything with a smile.”
Masashi: “I won’t forgive you if you quit without saying anything.”
Haru: “I understand.”
Masashi: “Oh, and you can refuse Hiroshi’s personal maid offer.”
Masashi: “I’ll make you MY personal maid.”

YES. FINALLY. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ..not.

June 11

At noon, Masashi informs Haru that he doesn’t need dinner tonight. The brothers are going to celebrate Mamoru’s birthday in Yasuda, so they won’t eat at home. Despite what Masashi said a few days ago, he also tells Haru “there’s no way I’d take a disgusting servant like you as my personal maid, stupid!” Then he just walks away leaving her in silence. (´・ω・`) While Tadashi and Isami aren’t excited to celebrate Mamoru’s birthday together, that night Shigeru drags them to Yasuda anway — where Masashi informs them that Genichirou is working with Kayama to buy all the railway companies in Teito. Mamoru also tells them that Genichirou’s planning to buy Teito Touei Electricity from Kayama, since it has two railway companies under its wing. Sadly this is all they can figure out for now, since they still can’t figure out the connection between Genichirou’s business and his reason for calling Mamoru.

Since the brothers are here to celebrate Mamoru’s birthday, Shigeru soon brings out a plate of sushi saying one of them is filled with wasabi. It’s the deadly Russian Roulette time! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Everyone keeps telling Mamoru to go first, but when Masashi says the one filled with squid is noticeable from the color, Isami instantly tells Mamoru to go last and snatches the squid sushi away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ ..and Mamoru is lucky enough to pick the one filled with wasabi lol. He faints soon after biting the sushi, while Masashi goes “he’s weak to alcohol and wasabi, is he really a killer? ( ಠ_ಠ )” beside him. Poor guy. xD

June 15

When Haru is washing laundry in the afternoon, Masashi comes asking if her job is fun. Haru says she’s enjoying her job, though she also has a lot of painful memories thanks to a certain someone who flipped her lunchbox. Masashi says it’s because he feels pissed whenever he has to deal with her, and his words about taking her as his personal maid were only a lie. She sighs saying it’s okay because she won’t believe him anymore, and he runs away after yelling “Stupid servant! Disgusting servant! I hope you’ll turn into a laundry and die!”


June 18

Tae asks about Masashi’s conditions today, and Haru explains that he’s been eating normally. The chef is mixing the thing he hates into his meals too, so he would be fine without her now. Haru then wonders why Masashi had to lie to her, and Tae answers it’s probably because he hates her. There’s no way he’d like a new maid like her, and the reason why he often talks to her must be because she’s pissing him off. She shouldn’t become his personal maid too since she’ll quit to get married eventually. Great job, Tae. You’re such a wonderful friend. ( ಠ_ಠ )

June 21

During breakfast, Masashi notices that Haru isn’t present to serve him. The chef explains that Haru decided to stop helping because it’s not necessary anymore, and Masashi only responds with a long “ふーん”. He only stays quiet as everyone starts discussing about Genichirou, but before going to school, he walks up to Haru and asks “why did you stop managing my meals? you shouldn’t quit without telling me anything!” Masashi can’t accept her actions and says it’s weird for her to stop so suddenly, but Isami says that only applies if Haru is his personal maid. Haru says it’s her fault for not informing Masashi, but Tae keeps blaming her by saying it’s just because she’s not taking work seriously. Okay, WTF is wrong with you Tae? I thought we’re done dealing with your bitchy side back in Susumu’s route. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Haru sadly says she’ll go apologize to Masashi later.

June 24

Genichirou returns to the mansion today, and Haru immediately consults to Chitomi about what happened with Masashi. She tried to apologize to him, but he didn’t even give her any chance to talk. Chitomi thinks it would be better if Haru informed Masashi before, but she finds it weird that Masashi wants Haru to serve him all the time. Haru isn’t his personal servant after all, and the chef alone should be enough to manage of his meals. When Chitomi goes to see Masashi later, Masashi says he wants to talk to Chitomi as well. He says servants usually disgust him, but Haru is different because she’s extremely pissing him off.. so he’s planning to take her out and make her pay for it tomorrow. Chitomi points out that Masashi looks rather happy and asks if picking on Haru is fun, and he says yes lol. Masashi also asks Chitomi to deliver a package for Haru tomorrow, because it’s necessary for his plan.

Meanwhile, Genichirou is amused to see the documents Masashi left for him. The documents proved that Masashi can read everything Genichirou is planning to do, and he also knew that the government is trying to acquire all the railroads in the country. He even noticed that all the railway companies located north of Teito already belong to Miyanomori. Heisuke then suggests making some changes to their plan, and Genichirou agrees saying he needs to use his sons in a different way too.

June 25

Today is the new Miyanomori Ginza Hall’s grand opening. In the morning, Chitomi gives Haru a package from Hyakkaten — saying it’s from Masashi. Normally she won’t allow the brothers to send presents for a maid, but today is an exception because it’s going to be an important day for both Haru and Masashi. Since Masashi is still in the Ginza Hall right now, Chitomi tells Haru to open the package, get dressed, and wait for him in the dance hall. She’ll listen to her report tomorrow. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ As soon as Genichirou starts his speech in the grand opening, Masashi says it’s time for him to go home. He already confirmed that Kayama is really the only minister who got invited today, and he already listened to Genichirou’s speech too. At least half of it lol. Susumu asks him to stay and listen until the end, but Masashi leaves saying there’s something he needs to do back at home. They follow him out of the hall because they’re curious, but he only tells them to return inside before running off. xD Susumu says Masashi will make a major decision, and when Mamoru says “so sixth son will get married”, they rush home to stop him from marrying Haru. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

When Haru finally comes to the dance hall later, she finds Masashi already waiting inside. She asks if he bought the dress for her, but he replies with “I-I didn’t buy it! It was lying around, so I just picked it up!” LOL. Just then the music suddenly starts playing, and Masashi explains that it’s his brothers — they tagged along because they want to see Haru’s “disgraceful behavior” tonight. xD He learned from a novel that girls love dance parties, so he did his best to prepare a surprise dance party just for her. Masashi asks if Haru understands why today is important, and when Haru answers it’s because she gets to dance with him, Masashi quickly says “No! It’s because I’m taking you as my personal maid! Now give me your hand.” Then he just grabs her hand and dances with her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

While Hiroshi is screaming with jealousy in the background, the others are impressed to see Masashi taking actions when necessary. Tadashi asks if Mamoru has ever written something like this in his novels, but Susumu says he never did. The love stories in Mamoru’s novels are usually like “go out → break up → got thrown away → sad ending” lol. They also say Masashi still hasn’t realized why he doesn’t feel disgusted around Haru, and they hear Masashi saying “What the heck are you talking about!? I can hear you!!” from afar. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

June 30

When Masashi returns from school in the afternoon, he asks if Haru feels any changes after becoming his personal maid. Haru says her work and feelings are now focused on Masashi, but she’s still bothered by the thought of receiving a matchmaking in the future. Masashi says it’s okay because he won’t let her quit, so he’s going to “crush” her matchmaking. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Haru explains she can’t refuse or else her family will be in trouble, but Masashi camly tells her they’re going to look for a solution. They still have more than a month before summer break, so he’ll think up of something by then. Masashi then returns the subject to “personal maid”, and he says it’s not about how she feels. It’s about a certain something.

Masashi: “You don’t want it?”
Haru: “What.. ah. Is it your room key?”
Masashi: “N-No!!”
Haru: “…………”
Masashi: “What!? If you have something to say, then say it!”
Haru: “You were thinking of giving me your key, but you’re pissed because I guessed it?”
Masashi: “What, you’re pretty amazing.”
Masashi: “No! I mean..! Here!!”

..and so Haru finally receives Masashi’s room key. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He tells her to clean up his room immediately, since she’s been “skipping work” because she didn’t have the key lol.

July 1

It’s been a month ever since Masashi started eating Haru’s menu, so today he wants to know what did she put in his food. Haru reluctantly admits that she put fish powder on his rice, and the chef has been adding the amount gradually each day. At first the chef wanted to put it on Masashi’s dishes, but Haru suggested putting it on the rice instead so Masashi won’t notice lol. While Masashi can’t believe he got deceived so easily, he also realized that he’s starting to eat anything without being picky.

July 6

In the evening, Mamoru comes to give a magazine for Masashi. The brothers are going drinking tonight, but Mamoru thinks Masashi better stay at home and read it instead. Haru might have to quit if she receives a matchmaking, so Mamoru tells Masashi to make good memories with her before then. After he leaves, Masashi takes a closer look at the magazine’s title — “Tanabata Special Edition: Blooming Love in Teito.” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Later on, Haru informs Masashi that they’re going to put up a bamboo tree tomorrow. She asks if he has any wishes for Tanabata, but he says he doesn’t have anything. Even if he does, he’ll make it come true with his own hands.

Haru then puts a tanzaku on Masashi’s table, and that’s when she notices Mamoru’s magazine lying around. Masashi instantly goes “why are you reading it? throw it away!”, but when Haru apologized and says the contents seem interesting, he asks “which part?” xD Apparently the parlor has a special Tanabata menu limited to couples only, so Masashi says Haru should just go with Hideo. She says it might be a good idea, but this obviously causes him to ask “are you aware that you’re MY personal maid?” lol. Haru says she does and asks if there’s something wrong with that, but Masashi answers “nothing! go away!” lol. However, she knows that he’s just hiding his real feelings, so she says “maybe I’ll receive an order to go shopping tomorrow, and maybe I can meet you in Ginza after school!” — it’s an indirect invitation. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

July 7

Before he goes to school, Masashi tries to invite Haru to go out and fails miserably. Luckily for him, she knows what he’s trying to say. She says they might be able to meet up in Ginza out of pure coincidence, and he blushes as he orders her to go buy Beeston’s new book later — giving her an excuse to go out. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haru invites him to visit the parlor if they happen to see each other in Ginza later, and this causes him to go “Uwaaa! Stupid stupid stupid stupid! I hope you’ll turn into a star and die!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In the afternoon, Haru goes out to buy Masashi’s book in Ginza with Hideo — who needs “send money” back to his hometown. They run into Masashi on the way, and realizing that Masashi is giving him the ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) look, Hideo quickly excuses himself and disappears. Masashi says Haru bought him the wrong book, but he doesn’t mind and says they should go to the parlor now. Earlier Haru just realized that she can’t sit on the same table as him because she’s only a servant, but when she tries to refuse, Masashi points out the fact that they already shared a table in the Cocoa Hall lol. The Tanabata menu is limited to couples, so Masashi orders Haru to go inside and sit with him already. xD

Upon seeing the Tanabata menu, Haru apologized to Masashi because it’s actually two cakes combined into one. It’s a menu for couples after all. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Masashi doesn’t mind and asks Haru to cut the cake for him, but then he tells her not to pull the “Hikoboshi” and “Orihime” cakes apart. They can only meet once a year, so she should let them stay together. Even if it’s only their cakes. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ When Masashi asks about Haru’s Tanabata wish, she answers it’s “to stay as Masashi-sama’s personal maid forever.” Masashi listens quietly as he munches on the cakes, and he leaves the parlor as soon as he’s done eating — causing Haru to panick and chases after him outside lol. That night, Hideo and Tae point out that someone has pulled a prank on Haru’s tanzaku. A certain someone has pasted black ink all over her tanzaku, and he also leaves a message on the back side: “stupid”.

P.S. If you talk to chibi Masashi on Saturday, he says “I only wanted to eat the special menu.”

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou reminds his sons about the upcoming music festival. Hiroshi has no motivation to play violin solo this year, so Shigeru suggests a better idea — the seven of them should perform together! \(^o^)/ Tadashi and Mamoru refuses to participate, but they have no choice since everyone else drags them into it lol. Based on Hiroshi’s orchestra instruments list, Masashi quickly takes the conductor position and determines everyone’s roles. He’s going to choose the song, while Susumu and Isami are going to take care of the musical instruments and music teachers. They’re going to start practicing tomorrow night, and since they’re going to perform in front of Genichirou, Masashi won’t tolerate any failure. After dinner, Masashi is busy selecting a song for their orchestra. It turns out Masashi can’t read music scores too, but he’ll learn how to read them before the music festival. He also prepares the music score after selecting the song, and he asks Haru to make copies for his brothers.

July 15

Masashi remembers the “Empire Orchestra” is performing in the Ginza Hall today, so he goes to see the conductor during their practice session. At first the conductor is being really rude since Masashi is just a kid, but he’s willing to listen after the hall manager explains Masashi’s identity. The conductor then asks what he wants, and Masashi asks him to teach him how to conduct properly until the music festival comes. Masashi takes the conductor to the mansion after that, and when the conductor says it’s impossible to conduct when he can’t even read musical scores, Masashi answers with “I’m doing it because it’s impossible.” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ By the time Haru comes to serve lunch, the conductor is gaping like a goldfish since Masashi learned how to read music scores in just a few hours. He already did a research on the song and the composer too, so all that’s left is to learn how to conduct properly.

July 18

After spending the last few days practicing nonstop, the brothers are finally performing their orchestra in the music festival tonight. They didn’t have any chance to practice together, and so Masashi has to make some adjustment to fix the flaws. Haru goes to pick Chiyoko up in the evening, and Chiyoko says she needs to return to Kyoto tomorrow morning. Their kimono shop is getting pressed by the modern boutiques, and they only have a few regular customers right now.. but sadly her father refuses to do anything innovative. Chiyoko thinks they just can’t go against the latest trend, but he won’t listen at all. When Haru informs Chiyoko that she’s now Masashi’s personal maid, Chiyoko is really surprised. Especially since Haru says Masashi can eat fish and vegetables right now. It seems like Masashi is changing to be a different person, but Chiyoko admits she feels happy too about this change.

While Chiyoko is rather worried about Masashi at first, she’s really amazed once the brothers start their orchestra. Masashi points out that Mamoru makes a mistake, tells Susumu not to fall asleep during the performance, and also asks Isami not to be so violent with his cello; but their orchestra is good enough to impress even Genichirou and Sanae.

July 22

Kisuke comes to the mansion today, and he teases Masashi about the dance party with Haru lol. Masashi blushes and asks him to drop the subject already, because he also knows Kisuke has more information about Teito Touei Electricity. Kisuke explains that Genichirou is planning to do something next month, and Masashi says it’s actually quicker than he expected. Kisuke also says the beach will be open on Monday, and he suggests taking Haru there — she will be happy. Her hometown is located in the mountains, and she didn’t get any chance to play at the beach last year. She might have to quit if she receives a matchmaking too, so this should be a good chance to make her happy. Masashi acts like he doesn’t care, but later on he asks Haru “which one do you like more? mountain or beach?” lol. Obviously Haru says “mountain” since she doesn’t know much about the sea, but she says she doesn’t hate the beach either. Haru then asks if Masashi wants to go to the beach and wants her to come along since it’d be boring if he goes alone, but Masashi only says it’s half right and refuses to explain further. xD They’re going to the beach tomorrow, so she should prepare. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

July 23

Even though Chitomi doesn’t allow Masashi to go out with Haru at first, eventually she gives in since Masashi counters her disapproval with logical arguments. Chitomi asks for his reason to take Haru to the beach, and Masashi answers “because she likes the mountain better than the beach” lol. However, Shigeru sees Masashi talking to Chitomi, and Chitomi tells him everything when he asks her what happened.. so what does this lead to? Yes, chaos! \(^o^)/ Haru is waiting for Masashi by the entrance when Shigeru suddenly appears to disturb their date — bringing all of his brothers to the beach too. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Mamoru keeps telling them not to disturb people’s love life, so Shigeru takes his brothers to watch over Masashi and Haru from afar lol.

Obviously Masashi is pissed, and he stays on the beach to make sand castles while everyone else is away swimming in the sea. Since Haru doesn’t know why he suddenly decided to take her to the beach, Masashi admits it’s because she might not be able to come next year. He can crush her matchmaking easily, but he won’t do it if she really wants to get married. He knows it’s not like him at all to do something like this, but she’s happy and thanks him for the concern. Masashi is done building his sand castle soon after that, and he points out the location of his room and Haru’s room in the castle. Of course Masashi’s room is the one located in the center of the castle, while Haru’s is by the entrance. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru then sticks some tree branches to mark their rooms, and Masashi complains that his stick is shorter than hers. Not to mention it’s crooked too lol. Masashi buries her branch to take revenge, but Haru only stares at him because it’s the first time she ever saw him laughing. He quickly says he didn’t laugh, and he destroys his own sand castle to hide his blush. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Just then everyone returns to the beach except for Isami — who’s still away “wriggling” in the sea according to Mamoru lol. Hiroshi asks what were they doing on the beach, and Haru says they were just playing in the sand. Masashi instantly goes “you don’t have to answer every single question! and you destroyed my sand castle!”, and when Haru says he destroyed his own castle, he says she was the cause. xD Despite their stubborn arguments, Shigeru thinks Masashi and Haru actually get along really well.

July 27

After school, Masashi goes to visit the bookstore in Ginza. When the owner asks what kind of book he’s looking for today, he firmly answers “how to crush matchmakings”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Mamoru, who’s also in the bookstore, quietly tells Masashi that Genichirou will buy Teito Touei Electricity next month. Obviously Kayama won’t let go of his company so easily, so Genichirou must have a plan to feed him with something else. Masashi thinks Genichirou and Kayama are going to split the income in half, but he also knows that’s only a cover since both of them must be planning to sell the railway company to the government later. Since there are no books on “how to crush matchmakings”, Masashi ends up buying a bunch of books about matchmakings and marriage. Mamoru is looking at him with a teasing look, so Masashi says he’s going to kill Mamoru if he tells anyone about this. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

From the books he bought, Masashi learns that every village has their own customs and rules. There’s only one similarity between them — the villagers all love gossiping. When Haru comes to bring tea to his room, Masashi asks if she has received any matchmakings. She tells him not yet, but if she’s going to receive one, it’s probably during summer break. Masashi then says he still needs some time to think right now, but he’s going to say something to Haru after the exam by the end of the month. He still doesn’t understand why he’s willing to go this far just for her though. She’s just a servant after all.

July 30

Haru goes to Ginza on a shopping duty at noon, and she’s really surprised to find Masashi on the streets. He was still in the mansion when she left, but he says “You’re here on a shopping duty, and I’m here for a personal issue. This is a coincidence, so Chitomi won’t be angry right? Come with me.” ..coincidence, huh? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Masashi takes Haru to the theatre after that, where they watch a touching love story together. She wonders why he suddenly wants to watch a love story, and he says it’s because he wants to know something that’s not written on his books. Masashi leaves even before the play ends though, since he already learns what he wants to know just by watching one scene. He also says he already has a plan, and he’s going to explain everything tomorrow.

July 31

After Haru passed her exam safely, Masashi finally reveals his plan to her: “I’m going to marry you.” (  Д ) ゚ ゚ It’s only a cover though, since the real objective is so Haru can keep working and living in the mansion without troubling her family. On the other hand, Masashi will be able to have Haru as his personal maid forever. Haru says it would be the same as deceiving their parents, but Masashi calmly says indeed it is. They’re going to fool Genichirou, Haru’s parents, and everyone else in her village.

August 1

After school, Masashi reports to Genichirou that he’s going to marry Haru. Genichirou asks if Masashi thinks he’s going to approve, so Masashi takes out a certain document saying it will be able to help Genichirou’s plans. Masashi knows Genichirou wants to use Kayama to raise the railroads’ value in the government’s eyes, and the document will surely be useful to him — it’s the government’s cash flow report. There’s a high chance the government will be stingy since they have to pay a lot for the railroads, but the cash flow report states that they actually have enough money after Siberia stopped attacking Japan in June. Genichirou laughs saying he’ll allow Masashi to marry Haru, but he also wants Masashi to remember one thing: “I have the tendencies of wanting the thing my enemy treasures the most. I hope you won’t become my enemy.” Masashi says that won’t happen since they’re father and son, though he thinks it could happen if they’re living in the Edo period.

The news of Masashi’s upcoming marriage spreads at the speed of light, and the brothers are discussing about this during dinner. However, there’s still one thing Masashi needs to think of. They’re going to continue pretending until they’re engaged, and he needs a reason to break off the engagement later. Masashi keeps saying any other servant can easily replace Haru, but of course those words have zero persuasive power since he’s willing to go this far just to make sure she won’t quit. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Since Masashi is going to Haru’s hometown on the 12th, his brothers decide to tag along for a hot spring trip. Masashi already does everything he can, so from here everything depends on Haru herself.

When Masashi tells Haru to book an inn, she asks if they’re really going to do this. Noticing that Haru is hesitant, Masashi asks what she wants to do — is it to keep working here? She says she wants to continue working as a maid, but she feels bad for deceiving Genichirou and her parents. Masashi then says in order to do something, people have to sacrifice something else. He’s willing to do this because he wants her to keep working, and she should do the same if she doesn’t want to quit. Since Haru is still reluctant, Masashi finally admits “it’s for your sake too” ..but he doesn’t explain and just goes to bed. (❤ฺ→艸←)

August 5

Mamoru goes to get information from his editor today, and Masashi finds Hideo spying on them from the shadows. Hideo is really surprised, but Masashi already knows that Genichirou hired him to do the dirty jobs. He also knows that Hideo serves no more purpose for Gencihirou, so he only gives Hideo a simple warning: “You’re gonna be killed. Good luck.” After leaving Hideo, Masashi finds Tae and Haru in Ginza. Tae is forcing Haru to tell her what happened, but since Haru doesn’t say anything, Masashi answers they’re going to get married. Haru is still thinking of cancelling the plan, but it’s too late since Masashi already told Genichirou. The only problem now is the reason to break off their engagement later, because Masashi doesn’t want to use “I changed my mind” as the reason — it will put Haru’s parents in trouble. Masashi is going to explain everything to her parents too, so all she needs to do is just stay quiet beside him.

After Masashi leaves, Tae asks if Haru is ready to choose work over marriage. Haru replies to all of her questions with a weak “うん・・・”, so Tae tells her to make up her mind already. If Haru remains reluctant and does everything half-heartedly like this, she’s just being disrespectful to Masashi. Haru says she understands, but it hurts her to deceive her parents.

August 6

Unfortunately for Masashi, Genichirou decides it’s time to dump everything away. It’s getting a little too dangerous since Masashi seems to notice their grand plan, and the document he gave before didn’t provide Genichirou with that much information anyway. Before deciding the date of Masashi’s wedding to Haru, first Genichirou wants to give him a “present”. Masashi is only his pawn after all, and each pawn has his own role.

Meanwhile, Tae is asking Masashi not to deceive Haru’s parents. Haru isn’t ready to accept the plan because she doesn’t want to fool them, and Tae herself loves them too. Masashi then wonders why Tae cares that much about Haru, and Tae answers it’s simply because they’re important to her. Later on, Masashi goes to ask for Chitomi’s help. Masashi knows Genichirou will find out the truth eventually, so he decides explain everything to Haru’s parents too. If she doesn’t want to deceive them, then he will just limit the amount of people they’re going to fool. For now, Masashi only wants a permission to take Haru to the fireworks festival tonight.. and he also asks Chitomi to show him Hideo’s personal background later.

That night, Haru goes to watch the fireworks with Masashi in Sumida River — where he tells her that they’re only going to deceive all the villagers in her village. Haru panicks because her parents won’t be able to lie forever, but Masashi says he has another plan. Since Haru is still hesitating and asks him to cancel the plan, Masashi gets pissed and says he’s doing this FOR HER.. though he denies those words about one second later lol. Thankfully, because I’m tired of seeing Haru being so freaking indecisive this finally makes Haru smile, saying she needs to believe in Masashi a little bit more.

Masashi: “So, what do you think?”
Haru: “You mean about you?”
Masashi: “I-I don’t know!”
Haru: “When you react like that, it means I’m right.”
Haru: “Hmm.. You’re hard to understand, selfish, hates servants, and very picky with food!”
Masashi: “Seems like you’re asking me to kill you.” ( ಠ_ಠ )
Haru: “I-I’m not done yet! I understand something after becoming your personal maid.”
Haru: “Masashi-sama is a really kind person.”
Haru: “You’re willing to go that far just for me, and you’re thinking of my family too..”

..and Haru continues explaining Masashi’s good points, until she finally realized that he’s gone lol. Soon he appears saying “why are you rambling alone? nobody’s listening”, but when she goes Σ(;∀; lll), he admits it’s a lie — he was listening the whole time. Then he sits beside her and gives her an apple candy. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru says Masashi is really kind after all, but since he denies it saying “who are you talking about”, she answers “me”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Haru admits she feels really glad to become Masashi’s personal maid, and she’s going to trust him for summer break. He tells her to do whatever she wants, and she answers “yes! I will do whatever I want!” xD

August 12

Since Oboro-tei is closing down, Masashi forced Mamoru to buy the entire inn last night using his personal money LOL. Genichirou suddenly collapsed in the middle of their discussion, but he insisted that it was only fatigue. Tadashi and Isami found it weird that Genichirou, who has never fallen sick before, suddenly collapsed just because he was tired, but Masashi remained silence as he heard their report — most likely suspecting a greater reason.

August 13

After taking the night train from Teito, Haru and Tae finally reach the former’s hometown. They were riding on the same train as Hideo, but he got off at the station just before Haru’s village. At the same time, the brothers have reached Oboro-tei as well. Since the inn now belongs to Miyanomori, they’re planning to visit every year — just like how they go to the villa in winter lol. Masashi goes to the village after that, and he starts spreading rumors about Haru’s upcoming marriage to him. He knows the villagers will spread bad rumors out of jealousy and prejudice, so today he’s bringing his money to bribe them. However, one of the villagers informs him that Haru’s family got a matchmaking offer from the Miyanomori family, and Masashi knows it’s not about his plan to marry Haru. Genichirou is messing up with him again.

August 14

While the brothers are having a hangover in Oboro-tei, Masashi leaves to continue his mission as soon as he wakes up. Back in Haru’s house, her parents reveal that they actually received a matchmaking offer from the Miyanomori family. Heisuke informed the elder about this through a phone call back on the 12th, and Haru’s parents only told her on the day of the matchmaking — which is today. (´・ω・`;) Soon they hear someone comes knocking on their door, and Haru panicks thinking it’s the man from the matchmaking.. but it turns out to be Masashi instead. He gets to the point by saying Genichirou is trying to interrupt their plan by sending a matchmaking offer for Haru, so when they hear someone knocking on their door again, Masashi decides to go out and see the man Genichirou sent to marry Haru — who turns out to be Hideo.

Since they have a lot of explanations to do, Masashi starts by revealing Hideo’s real identity to Tae, Haru, and Haru’s parents. Tae instantly rages on the spot, but Masashi knows Genichirou must have trapped Hideo with a delicious reward. Hideo ends up getting into an argument with Haru, but Masashi grabs his hand before he could slap Haru. If Hideo wants to hurt Haru, then he has to go through Masashi first. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ It turns out Genichirou ordered Hideo to accept the matchmaking as his last job, so what Masashi said was right. Hideo has no more value in Genichirou’s eyes, and that’s why Genichirou is throwing him away. Masashi then asks Hideo to leave everything to him. He already took care of the villagers yesterday, so all that’s left is to get Haru’s parents’ cooperation. Her father is worried that the plan might cause trouble for Masashi himself, but Masashi says he doesn’t mind. Haru will keep working, and he will keep using her. For now he’s more than satisfied with this result.

That night, Haru walks Masashi back to Oboro-tei. Even though he said he’s satisfied with this result for now, Masashi tells Haru that he made one important decision today — he’s going to become the next head of Miyanomori. If Genichirou is trying to snatch the most important thing away from Masashi, then he’s going to fight back and take everything away from Genichirou’s hands — starting from the head position. Masashi doesn’t know what plans Genichirou has in mind, but he won’t let Genichirou use him like a pawn. He has no intentions to keep maintaining the head position too, since his goal is only to kick Genichirou off the seat. Masashi then says there are decisions he might change in the future, but there are also decisions he won’t ever change. When Haru asks about the one he will never change, Masashi says “to prevent you from quitting.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He’s going to become the next head before people realize their engagement lie, so everything should be okay.

August 15

In the morning, the brothers are shocked to see Masashi eating vegetables for breakfast LOL. When Masashi informs them about his plan to kick Genichirou off his seat, Tadashi and Isami both say “you’re doing it for that maid, right? your motive is impure!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Isami also mentions that Masashi needs to use his 1000 yen first, but Masashi says he’s not going to entertain Genichirou. He’s going to surpass Genichirou with his own hands. If Tadashi and Isami want to stop him, they better do it quick since Masashi is planning to take the position in just a few months. Thanks to Masashi, all the villagers suddenly become really friendly to Haru and her family — saying they’re all on her side. xD

August 16

Masashi goes to visit Haru’s house again today, and he’s satisfied to learn the villagers won’t bother them from now on. Haru’s father is still worried about their engagement lie, but Masashi asks him to cooperate and do something about it. Masashi will keep using Haru as his personal maid even after he becomes the next head, so nobody would complain even if she doesn’t get married. When Haru asks about Hideo, Masashi says Hideo probably won’t return to Teito, and he should stay out of Teito. Genichirou always kills people after using them, so Hideo will only get killed if he doesn’t hide. Masashi already informed Hideo’s family that Haru is going to marry him, so there’s nothing to worry about for now.

Soon Tae comes to serve lunch for them, and this reminds Masashi that he ate vegetables just fine yesterday. Both Haru and Tae drop their plates in shock, but Masashi calmly says he’ll eat the food Haru’s family cooked for him. Masashi’s harsh attitude makes Haru’s little sisters cry, but it can’t be helped since it’s almost impossible for him to be gentle lol. That night, he admits he hates women because of Chiyoko. She can’t do the things she wants to do because she keeps following her father’s words. When Haru tells him Chiyoko is his mother, Masashi says that’s exactly why he can’t forgive her. Haru also mentions that Chiyoko’s kimono shop hasn’t been doing too well lately, but Masashi says he doesn’t care. Haru is planning to take the train to Teito tomorrow, but noticing that Masashi wants to say something, she asks “do you want to go home together?” (❤ฺ→艸←) He blushes and denies it, but he tells her to come to Oboro-tei tomorrow and help carrying his belongings lol.

August 17

After saying goodbye to Haru’s family, Haru and Tae finds Hideo outside. He came here to tell them about his family’s reaction after the matchmaking got broken off, but he doesn’t listen to his mothers’ grumbles. Hideo also says he doesn’t know about what to do from here. He can’t return to work in the mansion, but it’s been a while since the last time he practiced performing too. Even though he deceived them, Haru says she doesn’t think negatively about Hideo. She knows he has his reasons too, and she only apologized for being an unreliable senior during his servant days. Tae, on the other hand, is still pissed, but then she says she doesn’t regret telling Hideo about her past. Before leaving, Haru tells Hideo to do his best. The next time they meet again, they hope Hideo already becomes a star actor.

Since Isami and the others bought a bunch of sake nearby, Haru and Tae have to carry their massive luggage into the car. Haru tries her best to lift one one the bags, but she’s surprised when Masashi suddenly says he’ll carry the heaviest one for her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Tae notices that Haru has gotten much better in handling Masashi, and it’s true because Haru knows how to get Masashi to be a little more honest. xD

August 27

Genichirou is holding a ball for Kayama today. After the morning assembly, Chitomi tells Haru that Chiyoko’s kimono shop is in a dangerous position right now. They keep losing customers, and at this rate they might have to close in only a few months. Because of this, Chiyoko won’t come to attend their events anymore.. though Chitomi knows Masashi probably doesn’t care. Next month the brothers are going to Kyoto, so if Masashi is bringing Haru along, Chitomi asks her to check Chiyoko’s conditions.

During the ball that night, Heisuke announces that Teito Touei Electricity has become a part of Miyanomori’s business. Masashi yawns and goes to get a drink even before Genichirou gives his speech, while Mamoru informs their brothers about Kayama’s “dark” activities behind the screen. Haru asks if Masashi is really sure about becoming the next head, since Genichirou is his father after all. Masashi says that’s true, but Genichirou doesn’t think of him as a son. Just like Genichirou, Masashi doesn’t think blood relations mean anything. Sometimes people who aren’t related by blood treasure each other more than those who are blood-related. Like Tae, for example. Masashi tells Haru that Tae asked him not to deceive Haru’s parents, since Haru and her family are important to her. Deep inside, Masashi is starting to realize that he might be feeling the same way towards Haru.. but when Haru asks him what happened, he only says it’s nothing and walks away.

August 31

At noon, Masashi goes to order a book again. The bookstore owner is still terrified of him, but he also feels thankful since his shop gains more customers thanks to Masashi. He never sold any foreign books before, but he’s starting to increase the amount after receiving Masashi’s order. After leaving the bookstore, Masashi finds Haru shopping in Ginza. He decides to stalk her just because, but on the way to buy a present for Tae, Haru suddenly bumps into a local delinquent who claims he got hurt and tells her to pay up. She tries to resist knowing it’s a lie, but sadly this only causes her to get kicked by the delinquent. Literally. Haru almost cries, but she tries to endure the pain and tries to get up.

Meanwhile, Masashi changes target and goes to talk to the delinquent — calling him the worst for being so violent towards a girl. At first the delinquent says a kid like him won’t be able to do anything, but he instantly loses his backbone when Masashi mentions Miyanomori’s name. By using Miyanomori’s power, Masashi can find and eliminate him easily. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ His amazing analytical skill only terrifies the delinquent even more, and he calmly grabs the delinquent’s arm when the latter tries to punch him. Masashi starts wondering about ways to kill the delinquent, and so the guy runs away in fear the moment Masashi releases his arm lol. Masashi returns to Haru’s place after that, and he invites her to visit the parlor together. He blushes saying she’s free to order anything she wants, because he’s treating her today. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

September 1

After the morning assembly, Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her parents. The villagers are still being overly friendly to Haru’s family, but they feel complicated whenever someone asks them about the engagement and wedding. Tae doesn’t think Masashi can take the head position in a few months, but Haru says she wants to believe in him. Meanwhile, in Kyoto, Chiyoko is telling her father to do something already. He keeps insisting that he wants to keep the Imura family’s old customs, but they might have to close down as the result. Chiyoko says the shop doesn’t belong to him alone, but sadly her father only tells her to shut up and follow his decision. Since they still have a connection to Genichirou through Masashi, Chiyoko’s father says they should ask for Miyanomori’s help instead. Chiyoko says it would put their family name to shame, but of course her father doesn’t care and goes to call Genichirou anyway.

Back in the mansion, Haru asks Masashi about what he did to make the villagers become that friendly towards her family. He refuses to tell her anything though, and soon Genichirou calls him, so he goes to Genichirou’s room munching the carrot (!) candy Haru developed for him lol. When Genichirou asks when is he planning to marry Haru, Masashi reveals that everything is only a lie. Masashi knew Genichirou will find out eventually, and that’s why the document he gave Genichirou doesn’t help that much — it was all calculated. Masahi asks if Genichirou is aware that Kayama is using him, but Genichirou calmly says people are using each other for work. Besides, he has a trump card to make sure everything goes according to plan. Masashi knows this “trump card” is one of the brothers, and it’s all related to Genichirou’s game. One of them must take the head position this year, and Genichirou brought Mamoru here to make sure one of them will become the next head. Even if the brothers fail, Mamoru will be there to take the position. Masashi also thinks Genichirou is giving them each 1000 yen just to buy time until his plans take place, but Genichirou calmly brings the subject back to Haru.

Knowing that Masashi wants to use Haru forever, Genichirou then asks what would Masashi do if he decides to fire Haru. Masashi says he doesn’t know, and when Genichirou ask if they should try doing that, Masashi tells him to go ahead. Their fight has just begun.

September 5

Kisuke comes to the mansion today, and Masashi says he wants to buy some information — ignoring Kisuke’s protests that he’s Genichirou’s private informant lol. Masashi wants to meet Kayama directly, so he needs information about Kayama’s event schedule. Masashi refuses to say what he’s planning to do, but Kisuke agrees to inform him for free: “Kayama is going to the Honjouin family’s grand tea ceremony in Kyoto.” Masashi wasn’t planning to go since he hates Kyoto, but this piece of information changes his mind. He goes to inform Haru about this later, and he agrees to take her along. Masashi gets curious since she seems really excited to visit Kyoto, but he’s surprised when Haru finally informs him that Chiyoko’s shop might be forced to close down before autumn ends. He says he doesn’t care though, and she’s going to Kyoto to take care of him — not to see Chiyoko. Of course Haru knew that Masashi would say that, so she obediently says she understands.

Meanwhile, Heisuke informs Genichirou about the call from Chiyoko’s father. Unfortunately for them, Genichirou doesn’t give a crap about Imura anymore. He’s done dealing with them, so he tells Heisuke to just throw them away. Instead, he’s more interested in Masashi’s reaction. Will he do something to help Chiyoko? Or will he ignore his mother?

September 10

Masashi goes shopping with Haru today, and he’s thinking of doing something soon. It’s almost been a month since summer break, so it’s time to take the next step of their plan. He’s planning to send betrothal gift soon, and that should give him some more time to continue his battle with Genichirou. Masashi takes Haru to Hyakkaten after that, where he suddenly asks “which one do you want?” Of course Haru doesn’t get what he means, and this causes Masashi to go “I’m asking which one do you want! Hats, clothes, bags or shoes! Which one!?” (❤ฺ→艸←) Masashi almost buys everything for her, but Haru feels bad and chooses a plain-looking dress instead. When Masashi asks “you’re going to wear that to Kyoto?”, Haru finally realized that he wants to buy her a new clothes for their Kyoto trip. She tries to ask if it’s true, but he tells her to stop. Her guesses are always right, and it’s pissing him off. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Haru doesn’t have enough money to pay for the dress, Masashi laughs and pays the dress for her — even though she feels bad because maids aren’t supposed to receive presents from their master.

During Hiroshi’s birthday celebration, Genichirou informs his sons that he’s planning to merge the two railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity. Mamoru still can’t figure out why he was brought into the mansion, so Masashi gives him the answer: “to make sure you’ll take the head position just in case we fail.” It’s clearly a trap, so Masashi is planning to drag Genichirou down from his throne before anything happens. The brothers are wondering why Masashi is being so aggressive towards Genichirou, and Shigeru says it’s because of his “warped love” for Haru.. which causes Masashi to go “it’s not warped and it’s not love!” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ For now they should focus on revealing the reason behind Genichirou’s actions though, because they will only get used like pawns if they can’t figure out his real objective.

September 13

Knowing his brothers will probably get drunk in Kyoto, Masashi takes Haru to buy some books today. He buys a lot, but he says it’s too keep him entertained while the others are drinking lol. Masashi also says Haru doesn’t need to visit Chiyoko, since they can check her kimono shop’s condition just by asking people in the Honjouin house. Just then Haru notices Chiyoko walking nearby, and Chiyoko tells them that she’s on her way towards their mansion. Masashi asks if she’s here to borrow money from Genichirou, and Chiyoko sadly admits she is — it’s an order from her father. Masashi says there’s no way Genichirou would help them, and he’s pissed to hear Chiyoko came here because “her father told her to come.” It’s like she won’t do anything on her own will, even though her family shop is on the verge of bankruptcy. Haru tries to stop Masashi from being so harsh towards Chiyoko, but Masashi tells her to stay back.

Since Chiyoko needs to know why Genichirou won’t help Imura, Masashi explains the reasons to her. First, Genichirou knows Imura’s regular customers. He can establish connections with them whenever he wants to, so he doesn’t need Imura anymore. Second, Genichirou is busy with his plans and Kayama right now. He just doesn’t have time to deal with Chiyoko and her crumbling family business. Chiyoko says she knows Genichirou wouldn’t help, but she has no choice since it’s a direct order from her father. Her answer annoys Masashi even more, and he says there’s something else she needs to do instead of begging for Genichirou’s help. She also needs to think why their business crumbles in the first place, and seeing her obediently following her father’s order extremely irritates Masashi.

Masahi then says he hopes Imura will be crushed so Chiyoko will have no place to return to, and Chiyoko sadly asks why is he being so cruel towards his own mother. However, Masashi says she’s not his mother. Chiyoko only gave birth to him for Imura’s sake, and she didn’t even took care of him — how could he see her as a mother? When Masashi tells Chiyoko to go and die already, Haru stops him saying he shouldn’t say those words towards his mother. Sadly this only causes Masashi to think Haru is on Chiyoko’s side, and he runs off after saying he’s going to Kyoto without her. She tries to chase after him, but he tells her to leave him alone. If she follows him, he’s going to fire her. Chiyoko apologized for dragging Haru into this, and she sadly says it’s too late to do anything. Her father won’t listen to her, while Masashi hates her with a passion. She’s going to apologize to Masashi if Imura is still standing by the time of the tea ceremony, and in the end she returns to Kyoto without seeing Genichirou. Before leaving, Chiyoko says she really enjoyed her time with Haru in Teito.

September 17

After learning about what happened, Chitomi explains to Haru that Chiyoko returned to Kyoto soon after giving birth to Masashi. She never comes to Teito unless she has something to do, and she was told that it’s the end of her role. Chitomi knows Chiyoko actually wanted to see Masashi, but she couldn’t go against both her father and Genichirou. In Kyoto, Chiyoko’s father is now thinking of using Masashi to persuade Genichirou. He forces Chiyoko to call Masashi, but Chiyoko only stays quiet.. until she eventually says her patience has reached its limit. For the last 14 years Chiyoko has been enduring all sorts of pain for Imura’s sake, but today she’s leaving the Imura family. Her father is shocked and tells her to stop joking around, but Chiyoko only says she doesn’t care about their shop anymore. She’s no longer an Imura starting from today, and she leaves the Imura house after saying goodbye to her father.

That night, Masashi finally talks to Haru after ignoring her for the last few days. He says she’s weak, incapable, weird and pisses him off, but he’s starting to respect her opinion. Haru asks if it means he’s starting to approve her thoughts, and Masashi says “maybe”. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ After apologizing to Masashi for what she said before, Haru tells him that Chiyoko must have a lot of restrictions in her life — maybe even more than she does. Masashi shares the same opinion, but he doesn’t think Chiyoko can do anything on her own. It’s really difficult for a woman to live by herself, especially for someone like Chiyoko. However, Masashi also thinks it’d be better if the current Imura family disappears. It’s the biggest restriction that shackles Chiyoko down.

September 21

Before the brothers’ departure, Masashi goes to see Haru saying he forgot a very big luggage — her. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ He won’t force her to come, but he’s willing to take her along if she wants to. Haru happily goes to pack her belongings, and Masashi patiently waits until she’s done. In the evening, the brothers and Haru safely reach the Honjouin house in Kyoto. While the others are busy drinking teaching Mamoru how to make tea properly, Haru serves some tea for Masashi. He explains that he’s planning to do something to Kayama tomorrow, and he’s going to visit a certain place after the ceremony is over.

Haru: “Are you going to Chiyoko-sama’s place?”
Masashi: “No way. I never went there, and I have no intentions to visit either.”
Haru: “Then where are you going?”
Masashi: “…shopping.”
Haru: “Can I come along!?”
Masashi: “I’m going alone.”
Haru: “I see…” (´・ω・`)
Masashi: “Y-You can come along if you want to!”
Haru: “Really!? Thank you! I want to see the shops in Kyoto!”

Just by looking at Haru’s reactions, Masashi knows she’s definitely planning to visit Chiyoko. He still acts like he doesn’t care, but he’s actually curious about Imura’s kimono shop too.

September 22

Not too long after the tea ceremony starts, Masashi leaves his brothers to approach Kayama. After introducing himself, Masashi gets to the point by asking Kayama to work together with him. At first Kayama refuses to play with a kid like Masashi, but he’s surprised when Masashi explains that Genichirou is using him to sell their railway company. Masashi also says that he wants to take the head position, but Genichirou won’t move away. In fact, Genichirou is still being aggressive in business — he went to the villa to buy all the railway companies located north of Teito. Kayama still doesn’t trust Masashi, but later on he asks his men to examine the railway companies north of Teito and check if what Masashi said is true.

In the evening, Masashi and Haru goes out to do some shopping. Earlier Haru already asked the servants in the Honjouin house, and they said Imura’s shop might close down by the end of the month. However, she also heard that Chiyoko suddenly left her family a few days ago. Masashi asks why does she worry about Chiyoko that much, but before Haru could answer, suddenly they run into Chiyoko on the streets. She explains that she left home because she can’t stand her father anymore, and now she’s living a free life in a hotel. Masashi says he’s really disappointed that her mother is running away from problems like a kid, but Chiyoko only answers with “I’m no longer your mother.” She already left Imura, and she no longer has any connections to Miyanomori. However, Masashi can’t accept the fact that Chiyoko threw away her family so easily, because he knows Chiyoko has been living her life for her family up until now. Unfortunately, Chiyoko snaps and says her life has got nothing to do with Masashi. She never wanted to have a child, and she doesn’t want to know Masashi anymore.

Before Masashi could say anything, suddenly Haru slaps Chiyoko saying Masashi is her son. She was the one who gave birth to him, so Haru doesn’t want her throwing those words at him. Haru apologized for slapping her, but Chiyoko only stays quiet as Masashi cuts off all ties with her — he never had a mother, and she never had a son. After giving her handkerchief to Chiyoko, Haru goes to chase after Masashi. He already disappeared from her sight, and she wonders if he already went back to the Honjouin house.. but then suddenly he hugs her from behind and asks her not to turn around. Haru says she doesn’t know what to say about what just happened with Chiyoko, but Masashi says she doesn’t need to say anything. Words won’t be able to make him feel any better, but at least she can stay by his side.

Haru: “Are you feeling sad?”
Masashi: “No way.”
Haru: “Are you angry?”
Masashi: “Maybe. Because of her, myself.. and you.”
Haru: “Eh, me too!?”
Masashi: “I’m pissed because you make me do this kind of thing.”
Haru: “…I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Masashi then tells Haru she smells weird, but when she goes Σ(;д; lll), he says it’s a lie and says they should go back now. Haru asks if he’s okay, and he answers “as long as I have a stupid servant like you.. I’m fine.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

September 23

On their way back to Teito, Haru is wondering what happened to Chiyoko after that. Masashi says Chiyoko probably won’t go back to Imura, because she’s finally free from her father after so long. Haru sadly says it’s so hard to understand people, since most people keep their real feelings hidden — unlike her. Masashi doesn’t mind though, because a fool like Haru suits him more. Since Haru says she’s starting to understand him more, Masashi then asks her to guess what he wants to say right now. She answers “let’s be together forever!”, and he replies with “you can never read people’s feelings ( ಠ_ಠ )” lol. Haru sadly says she knew Masashi won’t ever say something like that, but then he tells her the correct answer: “I want to use you as a slave forever.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also admits he never feels bored with her around, and as long as he has her, he feels like he can overcome anything. Masashi then calls Haru by her name, but when she goes “did you just call my name”, he blushes and denies it lol. Haru says she’s happy that he remembers her name, and Masashi answers with “I didn’t call your name! Stupid maid!” xD

September 30

Even though Haru passed her exam safely, both Chitomi and Heisuke are blaming her for what happened with Chiyoko. Aside from slapping her in Kyoto, Haru didn’t tell them about Chiyoko’s visit to Teito two weeks ago.. and that’s why Heisuke is firing her despite her exam result. It’s actually Genichirou’s order to mess up with Masashi even further, but of course only Heisuke knows the truth. When Heisuke orders Haru to pack her belongings and leave, Haru says she only has one thing to say: “It was my fault for slapping Chiyoko-sama, but I have no regrets.” When Haru goes to report this to Masashi, he takes her into his room and explains that she will be fired even if she didn’t slap Chiyoko. That’s right, Masashi knows about Genichirou’s plan. After a long silence, Masashi asks Haru to marry him for real. He’s been thinking of a solution to prevent her from getting fired, and he believes marrying her is the best way.

Of course Haru is surprised, but Masashi says he doesn’t understand either. He only knows that he doesn’t want her to quit, since it would be boring without her. Plus, she’s the only girl he can stand without feeling disgusted. Masashi knows he’s still a student right now, but it’d take years before he can start living independently. He doesn’t want her to marry another man before then. Masashi then asks for Haru’s opinion, and when she asks “you mean if I want to marry you or not?”, he goes “that’s only the conclusion! I mean.. well, yes.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Noticing that Masashi is trying to say something to her, Haru then makes a guess:

Haru: “You want to ask whether I love you or not?”
Masashi: “D-Don’t say such a stupid thing! What are you saying!?”
Haru: “So it’s true.”
Masashi: “N-no!”
Haru: “Wrong?”
Masashi: “Y-You’re right! So, how do you feel?”
Haru: “Um, how does Masashi-sama feel about me?”
Masashi: “Stupid, useless, slightly better than a trash, doesn’t make me feel bored and has to stay with me all the time.”
Haru: “……….”
Masashi: “How about you?”
Haru: “Selfish, twisted and hard to understand! …maybe?”
Masashi: “Do you want me to kill you!?” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻
Haru: “Ahaha, I’m sorry. You’re actually the only person I want to serve.”
Masashi: “Stupid.” (〃へ〃)

Masashi then goes to tell Genichirou about his plan to marry Haru, and Genichirou admits he’s firing Haru because Masashi loves her. Genichirou won’t change his decision, and he won’t allow Masashi to marry Haru either. However, Masashi then says Kayama might be planning to see him instead of Genichirou tomorrow. Genichirou asks what does he mean by that, but Masashi only says he’ll find out eventually. A war is about enemies and allies, and Kayama is his ally to topple Genichirou together. Genichirou doesn’t think Kayama would be interested in Masashi, but Masashi says they’ll see the result tomorow. Kayama will come to see Masashi if he’s interested in Masashi’s offer. However, Masashi says he can’t participate in Genichirou’s ball tomorrow. He needs to cover up Haru’s dismissal from the villagers’ eyes, so he’s going to her hometown instead. Since Haru is no longer working for Miyanomori, Masashi also lost his motivation to take the head position. He’s going to leave Miyanomori and live on his own, and he tells Genichirou to just hand the position to Mamoru later.

October 1

Despite what he said yesterday, Genichirou decides to cancel Haru’s dismissal today. When Haru goes to ask Masashi about this, he says it’s because he’s planning to visit her hometown if she gets fired. Haru says her parents already received the betrothal gift Masashi sent them too, and they think it’s a “strange” present lol. Haru is still unsure about marrying Masashi, and she wonders what does marriage actually means.. but she goes Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ when he says it’s “to change a personal maid into an eternal maid” lol. Masashi then mentions that Imura’s kimono shop has closed down yesterday, but Chiyoko still hasn’t returned home. Haru feels really bad for slapping her back then, but Masashi says he doesn’t care. Chiyoko and him are now 100% strangers anyway.

That night, Genichirou holds a ball to celebrate the birth of the Miyanomori Railway Company. The chairman of the company is Kayama, but the brothers know Genichirou will keep moving behind the screen. Kayama himself is surrounded by dark rumors too, since the chairmen of the two railway companies suddenly died right before Kayama bought their companies. Back then a lot of people suspected that Kayama might have killed them, but the rumors died down after a while.. and so the truth remains hidden. Just when the brothers are wondering where Genichirou is, Heisuke enters the hall and informs them that Genichirou has just collapsed in his room. Masashi tells his brothers to stay in the hall and act normal, while he’s going to see Genichirou’s condition. Heisuke says he already called a doctor, but Masashi asks him to take Genichirou to the hospital — ignoring Genichirou’s attempt to resist.

Since Heisuke left the door open, the sight is seen by Kayama as well. He already examined the railways north of Teito, and just as Masashi said before, Genichirou already bought all of them. At this rate Genichirou will earn a fortune if he sells the railways to the government, but now everything depends on his recovery. However, Kayama is feeling really confident since Genichirou is sick. He knows Genichirou is going to die soon anyway, so he doesn’t have any intentions to work with Masashi. Kayama snickers before leaving, while Masashi only stares at his back in silence.

October 5

After school, Masashi takes Haru to visit Genichirou in the hospital. Haru asks if he’s worried and Masashi admits that he does, but he doesn’t want to visit Genichirou alone. Genichirou is sleeping when they enter his hospital room, and the sight of him lying on a hospital bed makes Masashi think that he looks like an entirely different person. Masashi knows any kind of illness won’t be able to stop Genichirou though, since Genichirou will never stop fighting. In his mind, proceeding defensively is just the same as losing. Haru asks if Masashi is still planning to take the head position, but Masashi only stays quiet for a moment.. then he takes her home, saying he might have found a way to use his 1000 yen.

That night, the brothers are celebrating Shigeru’s birthday. They still can’t believe Genichirou is hospitalized, but Masashi tells them it’s definitely an illness. Tadashi thinks there’s a chance of Genichirou retiring because of his health, but Isami says it would be difficult since their game isn’t over yet. After dinner, Haru delivers a drink to Masashi’s room and finds him sitting on his desk. Haru asks if he’s studying, but Masashi says he’s just listing out the things he needs to take care of. First, he needs to do something about her family. Eventually the villagers will find out that the engagement is a lie, and he knows her parents won’t be able to resolve the issue by themselves. Next, he has to keep an eye on Genichirou’s conditions and Kayama’s actions. Last, the brothers have to determine the next head soon. Haru says he also has to solve his problem with Chiyoko, and eventually Masashi says it would be nice if they can do something about it.. though he doesn’t know if Chiyoko feels the same way.

Noticing that Haru is still reluctant about their marriage, Masashi asks if she has any intentions to marry him. She then lists out all sorts of problems that could occur if they get married, but it doesn’t change his mind. Masashi needs to modify his plans depending on the situation, but his decision will never change. He never allows his surroundings to affect his decisions, so once he has an objective, he’s going to reach it with his own hands — just like what he told her on Tanabata. Masashi then says he’s not a genius who has amazing power or skills. He obtained everything throug hard work and a lot effort, and that’s why he can’t forgive people who give up without doing anything. Or those who just follow orders. Since Haru won’t give him a clear answer, Masashi thinks she doesn’t feel the same way. He admits he’s doing this because he wants to stay with her, but now he thinks his feeling is one-sided. When Haru answers she wants to stay with him as his personal maid, Masashi says they should end everything. He’s removing Haru from her position as his personal maid today.

Good lord, Haru. Don’t you realize your vague attitude is making things complicated? ( ಠ_ಠ )

October 8

Haru and Tae are out on a shopping duty today, and they run into Hideo on the streets. Hideo greets Haru saying it’s been a long time, but he panicks when she suddenly cries. When Tae comes to see what happened, Haru apologized saying she just feels sad upon remembering what happened with Masashi. Hideo explains he’s starting over with his acting career, so he joined a performing group and lives together with the other apprentice. After explaining about what happened with Masashi, Haru says she couldn’t feel happy about the marriage because she doesn’t know why he’s willing to go that far just for her. ハァ(ノ_-。) Hideo then tells them that in plays and dramas, marriage is like a promise to stay together forever. Masashi might be worried that Haru might leave him someday, so he wants to marry her to make that promise. Tae then suggests talking to Masashi again. Aside from confirming his feelings, Haru needs to tell him how she truly feels too.

Meanwhile, Genichirou is diagnosed with a deadly cancer. He learns directly from the doctor that he only has six more months to live, and he clearly tells the doctor that he won’t take any treatments. It can’t be cured anyway, so he might as well leave the hospital and resume his normal life. He warns the doctor not to tell anyone though — not even Tokkou and the Prime Minister. Leak the information to anyone, and Genichirou will shut him up forever.

October 9

Ever since Masashi removed Haru as his personal maid, everyone has been asking him for the reason. He says it’s because “she’s not necessary anymore” or simply because “I got bored”, but he can’t fool Mamoru’s eyes. Mamoru knows that Masashi is pissed because Haru refused his proposal, and he points out that Masashi always becomes emotional when it comes to her. Masashi denies it saying it’s only because Haru pisses him off, so Mamoru decides to drop the subject and informs him that Kayama will be coming to their annual ball on the 31st. Most likely Kayama is planning to do something to Genichirou during the event, and it seems like he has a “trump card” as well. Mamoru also says he only wants to know the truth, and since Masashi will find out everything once he becomes the new head, Mamoru is expecting a lot from him.

At the same time, Haru is sighing near the entrance when a car comes into the mansion.. and Chiyoko walks out from the car. Haru still feels guilty for slapping her, but Chiyoko smiles and says she came here to see her. She actually wants to see Masashi as well, but she thinks it might be impossible right now. Chiyoko then takes Haru to the parlor, where she explains that she’s been thinking about Masashi’s words and realized that he’s right. After Imura’s kimono shop went bankrupt, Chiyoko eventually went back home, and she’s now doing her best to make a fresh start. Her father was shocked and can’t even talk properly right now, so she’s planning to open a new shop.. even though she won’t be able to use Imura’s name anymore. Chiyoko doesn’t know how far she can go, but she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake — both about the shop and about Masashi. Chiyoko then returns Haru’s handkerchief, saying Haru’s slap was a good trigger that opened her eyes. Chiyoko says she won’t apologize to Masashi though. She said terrible things to him, so she’ll take responsibility by not taking those words back. Chiyoko doesn’t think she can see Masashi anymore after this, so she asks Haru to deliver a message for him: “I’m going to start over in Kyoto.”

Noticing that Haru seems sad, Chiyoko asks if something happened with Masashi. Haru says she’s no longer Masashi’s personal maid, and even though Chiyoko won’t ask for any details, she can guess what’s the cause of their fight. She asks Haru not to be sad, but she also tells Haru to do her best. After all, Haru won’t find any answer if she keeps waiting without doing anything. Meanwhile, Masashi comes to confirm something to Genichirou: “If you can’t sell the railways to the government, it means my victory right?” Genichirou says it’s true, and Masashi leaves saying he’s the only one who can provide Genichirou with the sort of “entertainment” he’s looking for. At first he’s aiming for the head position for Haru’s sake, but now everything has changed.

October 18

Masashi goes to buy some books today, and he runs into Hideo in the bookstore. As they walk out of the bookstore, Hideo asks why did Masashi remove Haru as his personal maid. Masashi says it’s none of his business, but Hideo says he’s curious since she suddenly cried when he talked to her. Masashi is surprised to hear this, and Hideo also says Haru doesn’t know what Masashi wants from her. Masashi then asks “why do I have to hear your opinion?”, so Hideo answers “because Haru-san and Tae-san are important to me.” Masashi keeps insisting that he doesn’t care about Haru anymore, but before leaving, Hideo only asks him to listen to what she has to say. When Masashi meets Haru in the mansion later, he stops her from leaving and asks “don’t you have something to tell me?” Sadly Haru only stays quiet instead of answering, and this pissed Masashi off because she can tell Hideo and not him. He ends up yelling at her and she quickly runs off — leaving him to wonder why he got so irritated.

October 22

Today Chitomi announces a maple-leaf viewing in the garden, informing everyone that Kayama will be coming to attend the event. Since Haru is still wasting her time running away instead of talking properly to Masashi, eventually Tae says this isn’t like her at all. Haru got the permission to ask questions because she wants to understand Masashi more, but the current her doesn’t show any signs of doing so. Haru says she understands, but she’s still reluctant and Masashi certainly has no intentions to make up with her. Especially not in front of his brothers. Masashi tells his brothers that Kayama might be planning to do something today, and soon they see him talking to Genichirou from afar. Kayama is being sarcastic by asking Genichirou to manage his sons properly, but Genichirou calmly strikes back by mentioning “an old newspaper that never got published before”.

Kayama then tries to leave since he needs to check some stuff, but Masashi stops him asking where did he learn about Genichirou’s health condition — he knows Kayama already heard about the illness. At first Kayama refuses to tell him, but eventually he admits it was from the hospital. It took quite a while before he got the doctor to spill the truth, and Masashi will never know how he did it because the doctor is already dead by now. Kayama also says he’s going to withdraw from their railway company, but Masashi knows it’s because he’s now aiming for the other railroads Genichirou has bought before. Kayama admits his objective is to gain more money, but he doesn’t know about Genichirou. He doesn’t care even if Masashi reports this to Genichirou, because he doesn’t think a kid like Masashi can do anything.

Masashi is thinking about Genichirou’s illness when Haru comes looking for him. She only asks him to return to everyone’s place since the event is about to start, but he replies with “I’ll listen to whatever you want to say. What is it?” Sadly Masashi is being really cold towards Haru, so she tells him that the villagers are asking her parents about their wedding day. Someone also told Haru’s mother that Masashi actually bribed the villagers to make sure they won’t say bad things about her family, so Haru thanks him even though he denies it. Haru also tells him about her meeting with Chiyoko, and she delivers Chiyoko’s message to him — as well as telling him that Chiyoko won’t apologize for what she said. Masashi only listens in silence, but he’s really surprised when Haru suddenly says she’s going to quit by the end of the month. She wants to make a fresh start too, so she’s planning to return to ther hometown, explain everything to the villagers, and think about what to do next. Masashi asks what would she do if he stops her, and Haru answers she’s going to ask for his reason.

Before Haru takes him back to everyone’s place, Masashi suddenly says “where did we go wrong?” He thinks she made the right decision by refusing his proposal since it’s still too early for them to marry, but that decision results in her leaving the mansion. While Masashi’s battle with Genichirou is going well, he can’t say the same about his relationship with Haru. He then wonders what she really is to him, and he suddenly holds her hand — asking her to stay with him. Masashi says he hates leaving things unfinished, and that’s why he doesn’t want to let things end this way between them.

Masashi: “Don’t quit and stay here. If you quit, I won’t be able to eat vegetables anymore.”
Haru: “You won’t be able to eat them anymore?”
Masashi: “Hmm.”
Haru: “Why do you stop me?”
Masashi: “Just because.”
Haru: “Eh, is that the reason…?”
Masashi: “N-No! Leave it already, let’s say it’s just because!”
Masashi: “You’re a trash, stupid and disgusting, but.. I’ll be troubled if you’re gone.”
Haru: “I understand. I’ll do my best.”
Masashi: “Stupid Haru.”
Haru: “I’m already used to i– W-What did you just say?”
Masashi: “I said you’re stupid.”
Haru: “So you remembered my name after all. I’m so happy.”
Masashi: “…Haru.”
Haru: “Y-Yes!”
Masashi: “Will you stay with me a little longer?”
Haru: “If you don’t mind.”
Masashi: “It can’t be helped then, I’ll stay with you.”


October 26

However, Genichirou isn’t done messing with Masashi yet. Since Kayama already killed all the doctor and nurses who were in charge of Genichirou, there’s a high chance that he’s going to publish Genichirou’s medical reports later. Heisuke is going to find anything that could become an evidence, but Genichirou orders him to fire Haru again today. Kayama isn’t his only enemy, and he also asks Heisuke to keep Haru’s dismissal a secret from Masashi. Chitomi says she’ll inform Haru about this later, but she can’t bear to watch Genichirou treating Haru however he likes any further.. and so she goes to talk to Tae first.

Meanwhile, Masashi is taking his regular check-up in the hospital. He notices that the amount of staff have decreased, and the doctor says some of the doctors and nurses suddenly went missing recently. When Masashi asks if they still have Genichirou’s medical reports, the doctor admits that someone actually stole it from the hospital — obviously Kayama. Genichirou has no intentions to take the examination again, so no one knows about his illness aside from Heisuke and Kayama.. but since this is Masashi, he manages to figure out that Genichirou has a deadly cancer just by asking a few questions to the doctor. When the doctor mentions that there’s a cure for cancer in Germany, Masashi asks him to import the medicine. He’ll pay for everything, but he wants it to reach Japan by the end of next month.

At night, Chitomi informs Haru that she’s fired again. Haru is shocked and asks for a chance to tell Masashi, but Chitomi only tells her to pack her belongings and leave the mansion since they don’t have much time. Tae doesn’t understand why Genichirou keeps firing Haru, but Chitomi knows it must be related to Masashi. Tae also said she already contacted a certain someone just as Chitomi asked her to, so Chitomi says the rest depends on Haru. Right after Haru says goodbye to them, Chitomi suddenly gives her a train ticket and tells her to go to Kyoto instead. They don’t have time to explain because Genichirou might find out, so they only tell Haru to ask Chiyoko instead. She will be waiting for Haru in Kyoto, and she will explain everything to her. Before Haru leaves the mansion, Chitomi says they will surely meet again.

Behind Genichirou and Heisuke’s backs, Masashi actually already told Chitomi that something like this will happen soon. He knew Genichirou has been watching his relationship with Haru, and since Genichirou is in a pinch right now, he knew Genichirou will do something to trouble him again.. and his only weak spot is Haru. The villagers will probably trouble Haru’s family if she goes home, so Masashi then asked Chitomi to send her to Kyoto instead. Since Masashi can’t talk to Chiyoko directly, he told Chitomi to inform Chiyoko about this. The current Chiyoko will be able to protect Haru. Even though Masashi already predicted this kind of outcome, he still gets pissed when Chitomi informs him that Genichirou already fired Haru. He says Chitomi doesn’t need to report anything to him for a while, because he’s planning to settle things with Genichirou before the latter finds out about Haru’s location.

October 30

After arriving in Kyoto, Haru has been helping Chiyoko in her new shop. Her suggestions for kimono motives aren’t exactly traditional, but that’s what Chiyoko is looking for — opinions from young people. The Imura family have their own traditions, but they have to adjust some things in order to keep up with the trend. Chiyoko says she was really surprised when Tae suddenly contacted her, not to mention it’s a request from Masashi. Haru thinks Masashi is always ten steps ahead of her, but Chiyoko smiles saying it’s means he treasures her that much. He even used Chiyoko — who’s supposed to be a stranger right now — just to protect her. Since Haru is still unsure about Masashi’s feelings, Chiyoko tells her to have some confidence already and laughs. This reminds Haru that Masashi finds it “strange” for Chiyoko to laugh, even though he never really laughs himself. Chiyoko replies with “that kid can laugh?”, and Haru says they’re really similar in this area lol.

During dinner, the brothers are discussing about Genichirou and Kayama. Both of them didn’t make any moves recently, and they can feel that something big is going to happen tomorrow. When Mamoru mentions the doctors and nurses who were in charge of Genichirou, Susumu says the police are currently investigating the case.. and Masashi says the main suspect will be Genichirou himself. He’s desperately trying to hide his illness after all. Mamoru doesn’t think Genichirou killed them though, and Masashi says the real murderer is probably trying to frame Genichirou. In any case, they’re going to find out tomorrow since Masashi already has a plan. After leaving the dining hall, Masashi goes to think about Haru in the terrace. Knowing Masashi is worried, Chitomi tells him that Haru is doing her best in Chiyoko’s shop right now. Chiyoko’s father has become a lot calmer too after the revival, and the shop’s location is still the same as Imura’s old shop. Chitomi can’t remember the new shop’s name, but Masashi says he’ll see it himself when he goes to Kyoto later.

October 31

During the ball, Genichirou and Kayama goes to discuss their deal in the former’s room. Both of them are clearly plotting something, and when Tadashi mentions about Kayama’s crimes in the past, Mamoru realized that Genichirou must be holding an evidence to corner Kayama. At the same time, Genichirou asks where did Kayama learn about his illness. Kayama answers he just “asked” the doctors directly, though Genichirou won’t be able to do anything because they’re already dead. Kayama keeps mocking Genichirou knowing the latter only has five more months to live, and he already made negotiations with the railway companies north of Teito as well. He’s THE Prime Minister after all, so he has more power than Genichirou. Kayama doesn’t think Genichirou can do much with the old newspaper piece, but his confidence suddenly fly out the window when Genichirou says he has an evidence for “the recent case” — a medical report of the last patient of the doctor. The report was only filled halfway, which means said patient must have kidnapped the doctor when he was filling the report.

Kayama says it has nothing to do with him, but Genichirou doesn’t stop there. On the day of the case, Kayama actually fired one of his drivers, and that driver is now missing (read: dead) too. Even Heisuke could gather this much information, so Genichirou is sure Tokkou can find more clues. Genichirou then says he doesn’t know how many people have died in Kayama’s hands, but Kayama can count the amount of his victims in prison later. If Kayama doesn’t want Genichirou to inform Tokkou about this, then he should forget about Genichirou’s cancer too. If Kayama wants to inform the world about Genichirou’s cancer, then Genichirou is going to use the last days of his life laughing over Kayama’s life in prison.

Before Kayama could say anything, suddenly Masashi comes into Genichirou’s room to carry out his plan. They try to chase him out, but Masashi camly says he’s been waiting for them to crush each other. He already knows about Kayama’s crimes, and everyone is really excited when he informed them about this.. and by everyone he means reporters, police, and Tokkou — who should be coming to the mansion soon. Of course Masashi doesn’t have a proof, but he doesn’t care. There’s another election next month, and Kayama won’t be able to participate because he should be in the detention center by then. Kayama runs away right after that, but Masashi knows he’ll get arrested anyway. Since Kayama is now out of the way, Masashi tells Genichirou to do his best with the railway company for the next five months. Next month he’s going to humiliate Genichirou too using his 1000 yen, and he’s going to take the head position after that. Knowing that Genichirou is actually enduring his pain, Masashi leaves after saying he’ll call Heisuke to take care of him. When Genichirou asks where he’s going, Masashi calmly answers “just taking a walk.”

The next morning, Masashi suddenly appears in Chiyoko’s shop. Haru is surprised to see him, and he says “I heard a fool got lost in Kyoto, so I’m here to capture her because it’s rare” LOL. Masashi tries to be more honest, but he ends up saying “A-Actually! Actually.. I-I just happen to pass by.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Haru goes “It’s difficult to get you to say it..”, Masashi blushes and finally replies with “I-I’m here to pick you up.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru explains that she’s been helping Chiyoko, and Masashi asks where she is.. but he refuses when Haru offers to call Chiyoko from inside. Masashi then says he already took care of everything, so it’s okay for Haru to return to Teito now. She can go home too if she wants to.

Haru: “But won’t it be bad if I return? The villagers still believed that our engagement is real.”
Haru: “They’ll find out that everything is a lie.”
Masashi: “It’s not a lie.”
Haru: “Eh?”

Before Masashi could say anything, suddenly Chiyoko comes out and is shocked upon seeing Masashi in her shop. Even though Masashi is still acting really cold towards her, Chiyoko says she’s really glad to see him again. Masashi only responds with “ふんっ” and tells Haru to pack her belongings, but before leaving, he turns around and tells Chiyoko: “We’re strangers, but I think the current you is not bad compared to before. I’ll come again.” His words motivate her to work harder, and she’s going to do her best until he acknowledges her. Soon someone walks into the shop, and Chiyoko greets her customer with “Welcome to Mayoi no Sato (“迷いの里 / Lost Village”) !” — the same name as her shop in the first HanaIchi. Outside, Masashi throws more complaints towards Haru.

Masashi: “You’re slow, keeps failing, stupid, and make me come all the way to Kyoto!”
Masashi: “Just what are you!?”
Haru: “W-What.. I’m a maid.. Oh, but I’m fired already..”
Masashi: “I’m willing to employ you again.”
Haru: “Really!?”
Masashi: “Hmm. You can go home too.”
Haru: “Earlier you said ‘it’s not a lie’ right? What does that mean?”
Masashi: “It means it’s not a lie.” ← プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Haru: “So that means..”
Masashi: “Haru, you’re so stupid.”
Masashi: “I’m the current Miyanomori head, so I can use you however I want.”

Masashi explains that he’s planning to enter Teito University and choose a job he wants to do in the future, but he’s sure he can manage Miyanomori’s business at the same time. Haru says it’s because he’s not normal, and he rages saying he’s normal — she’s the weird one lol. Then he holds her hand saying he’d be much more relieved after taking care of their wedding, and when she panicks asking if he’s not embarrassed, he only replies with “why?” ε-(*´∀`|萌| He asks if she’s happy, and she says yes because she’s been waiting for him.. but she’s a little embarrassed since they’re holding hands in public. Masashi says he’s not embarrassed and not happy either, but when Haru goes Σ(;∀; lll), he adds “it’s a lie.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He keeps complaining and walks even faster to hide his blush, but he also keeps calling her name.

Just as Masashi said before, Genichirou is experiencing “humiliation” because the medicine he ordered from Germany already arrived, and it helps relieving Genichirou’s pain a lot. Chitomi is worried since the medicine is still in the trial stage, but Genichirou doesn’t care. He only has a few more months to live anyway, so he’s enjoying his remaining time by playing around with the medicine — though he never expected Masashi to prepare medicines for him.

In December, Masashi calls Haru saying he wants to talk. They’re officially engaged by now, but Masashi said he wants to marry Haru after graduating from university. The wedding will have to wait a few more years, and Tae says there’s a possibility that Masashi will cancel the idea since he’d probably treat Haru like a maid anyway. Haru then decides to ask him if there’s a difference between a wife and a personal maid, and just as expected, Masashi answers “no” lol. He knows she’s worried though, so he admits he wants to marry her so she won’t marry another man in the future. Even if she stays single forever and keeps working as his personal maid, he says it’s just the same as marrying him.

It’s been a month ever since Miyanomori’s annual dance party, and Masashi has nothing to do now because Kayama has been captured and Genichirou is in hospital. The railway company now belongs to Tadashi’s bank too, though they’re planning to sell it to the government later. Haru then goes to buy some flowers for Genichirou, and Masashi is wondering why did she suddenly ask him about marriage.. and a nice idea pops out in his mind. Masashi is gone when Haru returns, but soon he comes back saying he did some shopping because she asked him stupid questions earlier. Masashi then asks Haru to close her eyes saying she’ll get cursed if she doesn’t, and when she closes her eyes, he flicks her forehead, calls her “stupid”, and finally kisses her on the lips. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Masashi asks if she feels relieved now, and when Haru says she’s both relieved and surprised, he laughs saying she’s weird.. but he won’t get bored even after they got married.

Extra Story

In the extra story, Masashi informs Haru’s parents that he’s planning to marry their daughter. He knows that Haru still doesn’t understand the difference between marrying him and staying as his personal maid, so at this rate the only thing that’s going to change is Haru’s surname lol. Masashi is going to take Haru back to her hometown in summer, and he wants her parents to explain the difference to her. xD He’s going to graduate high school this year and spend three more years in university, but he doesn’t know if they’re going to get married right away. Both of them will choose the date depending on the situation, so they’ll inform her parents about the date later. Genichirou will reach his limits when spring comes, and her parents ask Masashi to depend on Haru when it gets too painful for him to handle.

The next day, Haru and Masashi go to visit Chiyoko in Kyoto. Masashi is still being as harsh as usual, but he actually gives some advice to improve Chiyoko’s shop sales. He finds the whole shop “too dark and too plain”, so Chiyoko needs to decorate it with flashier, more fashionable kimonos instead. He even suggests selling sandals and accessories too, and while Chiyoko is still absorbing his advice, he says they’ll inform her about their wedding day later. She asks them to inform her as soon as possible after choosing the date, because she wants to give them some kimonos for their wedding present.

Masashi: “There’s no way I’d wear it!”
Haru: “How wonderful! I’d love to see Masashi-sama wearing a kimono for once.”
Haru: “Right, Chiyoko-sama?”
Chiyoko: “…………..” (・_・ )
Masashi: “Hey! What’s with that silence!?”
Chiyoko: “I never imagined Masashi in a kimono before, but I’m sure it would look good.”
Chiyoko: “I’m going to prepare kimonos that really suit both of you.”
Chiyoko: “Masashi, I’ll say this because we’re strangers.”
Masashi: “What.”
Chiyoko: “You’ll definitely look great in a kimono!”
Haru: “I think so too!”
Masashi: “It feels like there are two fools here.” ( ಠ_ಠ )

While Masashi is still calling her “auntie”, Chiyoko says she doesn’t feel sad at all. In fact, she actually feels even closer to him. After Masashi and Haru leave her shop, Chiyoko immediately thinks of applying all of Masashi’s advice from earlier.. but for now, she needs to prepare their kimonos first. As they walk to their inn, Masashi suddenly blushes saying this is the first time they ever went on a trip alone. Haru says it’s okay because she’ll take care him as usual, and this causes Masashi to grumble “She doesn’t understand at all! She doesn’t even realize it!” xD That night, Masashi suddenly gets a business inspiration when Haru mentions “travel trains”. Since travel trains won’t stop until it reaches its destination, he thinks it’s a good idea if they sell lunchboxes inside the train. He quickly goes to call Tadashi and asks him to create all the necessary documents, and he can use Isami too later. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

When Masashi comes back later, he finds Haru already fast asleep. He asks her to wake up since he’s hungry, but she won’t wake up at all. Not even when he pokes her eyes and gets surprised upon seeing the white parts of her eyes. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She finally wakes up when he plugs her nose, but ignoring her protests, he says they should eat dinner and take a bath after that. xD Before Haru leaves to prepare dinner, Masashi tells her it’s the first time he ever saw her sleeping face. She asks if she talked in his sleep, and he tells her that she was drooling, so she runs out wiping her mouth even though it’s obviously a lie lol. Masashi actually likes watching over Haru’s sleeping face though, so he’s planning to do it again tonight once she falls asleep — saying “surprisingly she has a cute side.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Five years later, Masashi and Haru finally hold their wedding ceremony in spring. Masashi has just turned 23 while Haru is 25, and Tae says the gap between their social standings is really wonderful. It’s just like those love stories in plays, and speaking of acting, Hideo got the main role again in his new play. He’s been starring a lot of plays recently, but Tae says Hideo will never change even after he became popular.. and the same goes to Haru, Masashi, and also Tae herself. Soon Tae says Masashi already came into the garden, so she asks Haru to turn around and see her groom. His first reaction upon seeing her appearance is “you look normal” lol. She says he looks good in his kimono though, since it’s a super masterpiece Chiyoko made for them in the last five years — even though he keeps saying it looks “normal”.

Masashi then looks back and says a lot of things happened between them. Haru evolved as a “trash”, and Masashi himself really became Miyanomori’s head. However, Masashi is shocked when Haru suddenly starts crying and asks if she’s just an “unnecessary trash” lol. She says it’s because he keeps saying such things even though it’s their wedding day, and he doesn’t even say he loves her. Masashi panicks and tells her not to say this kind of thing so suddenly, but since Haru keeps on crying, eventually he whispers “I love you.” Haru says she can’t hear him clearly, so Masashi tells her “I’m marrying you because I love you, so please stop crying.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Haru instantly stops crying and says she’s been waiting to hear those words, and this causes him to blush and go “Y-You deceived me? Aren’t you 350 years too early!? 最低最低最低っ!” xD

Masashi’s interactions with Haru are always so amusing to see, so I end up inserting a lot of their conversation into this post. Sorry for the length, but I regret nothing! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* While Masashi was adorable in HanaIchi, I think his cuteness has just quadrupled in Kinema. He’s still a tsundere up until the end, but he can never win against Haru’s fake tears lol. Just like what Tae said, I think Haru gets better at handling Masashi as time goes by. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ It’s really too bad about what happened between him and Chiyoko, but in the end everything still goes well for them, so I guess it’s okay? Masashi’s intelligence has levelled up too in Kinema, and I think the head position suits him the most — he’s got Genichirou’s brain, if not even better.


20 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Masashi

  1. Well at least they spend those 5 years together, so I’m satisfied. Yeah, I’m still pissed about Hiroshi and Haru being separated for years again. Chiyoko was a lot more involved this time around, but I guess it’s better than Sanae’s involvement in the first game. And yes, Masashi is the most suited for the head position, sorry Tadashi! I find Masashi annoying a lot of times, but he’s so adorable at other points that I forgive him. Like him finally saying Haru’s name in October, that sounded so cute.

    • I understand how you feel about Hiroshi and Haru’s separation, but I think Hiroshi needs those 5 years to become a mature adult who can think for himself. If Haru stays with him, I think he would keep relying on her kindness. In Masashi’s case, even though he’s a kid too, he knows what he wants to do and can make decisions when necessary. I hated Masashi back at the start of HanaIchi, but since I already know he’s just a lonely kid inside.. I actually like him a lot in Kinema. :3

      • Yeah, I understand that, but in that time period, without any sort of communication…I just put myself into Haru’s shoes and that must have sucked. At least Hiroshi had his education, Haru just helped her mom and saw her sister have better luck. And being a pessimist, I myself would not have waited, so these kind of epilogues are always bad to me. But at least in most games I can go ‘they have webcams and stuff like that’, but not with games set in the past. It’s just a personal thing, even though I understand Hiroshi needs it, I’ll always dislike it, especially since it almost the exact same thing as in the first game. I guess I wish hoping the characters had radically different endings like Shigeru, but most didn’t, which I think can be a bit boring.

        At least this time we finally saw Masashi get married.

        • You forgot they still have letters, but both Hiroshi and Haru decided not to mail each other anyway. Even if they have modern technologies, I don’t think they would contact each other? Actually, Hiroshi takes an entirely different path in his ending.. but yeah I can understand your opinion since they still end up staying apart for 5 years anyway. I think all the routes in Kinema are refreshing though. None of them feels boring. :3

  2. Masashi, he is a so adorable…. I don’t really like tsundure but he is so cute, I can’t help liking him :) His conversation with Haru is amusing lol, and he is so cute when he is blushing xD

    • At first he’s like tsun to the max, especially in HanaIchi, but then his dere side is so adorable you can’t help but to forgive him. xD Once Haru learns how to handle him, it’s like a Masashi blushing paradise up until the end lol.

  3. I guess I couldn’t call Masashi a little brat again now that he’s 17 (´・ω・`) … or was he always 17? OMG at the CG where they ate toffee apple together (*ノωノ) I-it’s not that I like you or anything, d-don’t misunderstand! You are still a brat to me, since you are just so cut—Ah, I mean c-c-cucumber /slap

    • He was 16 in HanaIchi, so yeah he was a little brat last year. Not so much this year. xD That fireworks festival CG is one of my favorites too, along with the beach one because Masashi is smiling in that one. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ *covers up my final thoughts* I-It’s not like I think you’re cute or anything! You’re just a little brat! I-I only played your route because I was bored!


      /gets slapped with a giant cucumber

      • I wrote a reply earlier but I’m not sure if it got sumbitted already or not because of the crappy internet connection, in case if it did, please just delete this one (´・ω・`)


        He has this charm and self-determonation Hiroshi lacked when they were around the same age :3 I’m not gonna say I like him, ガキに何て言わないー (´・ω・`) Aah, why are you so cool. I-I’m not talking about Masashi, okay? /slap myself with a cucumber too

        • They’re both brats and Hiroshi might be older, but I have to say Masashi is more mature mental-wise. He knows what he wants to do, and even if he doesn’t, he’ll think up of something. Masashi isn’t as mean as he was in HanaIchi, so I don’t think anyone can hate him here. x3

  4. >o< MASASHIIII ! omg omg omg, I was just … HNNNNGing when he said Haru's name!
    And “I’m marrying you because I love you, so please stop crying.” I just melted inside. Ugh. I love him so much lol.

    • I know right. xD
      Masashi can be really mean at first, but once he turns honest and admits how he feels it’s like an adorable デレデレ heaven. It’s impossible not to melt away. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

    • OMG yes! He looks so good in kimono / yukata, I wish he’d wear them more often. ♡(。→∀←。) I love grown-up Masashi too! I took a screenshot of his grown-up sprite here. xD

  5. Thank your for the review.
    I think I’m going to get this game just for this Masato. (other guys interests me for sure but Masashi seems to be the tsundere of the game and I can’t resist to them *A*)

    *fangirling too much*

    /gets slapped too with a giant cucumber

    (I must really be M to love him saying “ゴミ” … But I don’t really mind… Hyaaaa~ *creepy laugh*)
    But with Diabolik Lovers coming this year my ドM level might increase drastically. Uhuhuuuu

    /goes meditate in a corner

    • If you’re into tsundere, Tadashi is actually a tsundere too. xD
      He’s a bit more mature than Masashi, but the inside is pretty similar as in they try to deny how they really feel lol. Masashi also calls Haru “gomi” in such a loving way here in Kinema, so it’s hard to get pissed at the nickname.

      While Masashi’s route has tempered me towards the ドM route, I’m not sure if I’ll like Diabolik Lovers. The art is good, the voices (and drama CDs) are hot, but the concept of getting your blood getting sucked by vampires who just bullied you might be a bit too much for me. xD;; ..but who knows, I might change my mind after playing it lol.

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