Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Mamoru

The last route in Kinema. I spent my whole January finishing this game, but it’s totally worth all the time and effort. Mamoru’s route reveals more details from his perspective. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

The “real” fourth son of the Miyanomori family. Ever since his mother Kazue passed away five years ago, Mamoru has been holding a grudge against Genichirou and his sons. In order to kill them, he learned how to assassinate and trained himself during the last five years. Despite his dark past and deadly grudge, Mamoru is actually a great cook who’s also good at taking care of everyone around him. He disguises himself as a clumsy novelist, Mimori Mamoru, in front of other people, but lately he’s starting to get tired of acting. 26 years old. A novelist.

At the beginning of the story, Genichirou made a deal with Mamoru. He’s going to erase all the crimes Mamoru ever committed in the past, but in return Mamoru has to live in the mansion with his brothers. This means he will be living as a Miyanomori, so he’s not allowed to kill anyone in the mansion. Mamoru accepted the deal.

April 2

Even though Haru doesn’t know much about Mamoru, she’s thinking of writing his name on her survey form. She greets him when they see each other in the hallway, but he replies with “do you want to be killed?” Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Haru instantly panicks, but Mamoru laughs saying it’s only a joke. Mamoru then asks for her opinion about the brothers, and Haru says they’re “interesting” because they have different ways of thinking. At first she only thought of them as a bunch of people who are incredibly harsh towards servants, but now she’s learning new things about them each day. When Haru asks about his grudge towards Miyanomori, Mamoru says he’s not holding a grudge anymore — he only needs to kill them later. For now he has something more important to do, because he won’t come to live in the mansion without an objective.

April 3

Ever since Genichirou introduced him to the brothers, Mamoru has been locking himself in his room — the room that used to be Genichirou’s wife’s room. He won’t allow anyone to come in aside from Chitomi, and he’s been eating his meals in his room as well. That night, Haru is still thinking of the survey when suddenly Hiroshi appears and snatches the form from her hands. When Shigeru says it’s a “popularity poll”, Hiroshi panicks and asks Haru who did she choose lol. Their brothers soon come out to join the conversation, but the atmosphere suddenly turns heavy when Mamoru walks out of his room. Isami starts attacking him and they end up fighting in the hallway.. until Masashi stops them by hurling Mamoru’s novels at them without showing any signs of mercy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Mamoru says he’s ready to take their challenge anytime, but then he walks away holding the painful bump on his head lol.

Worried about Mamoru, Haru follows him asking if he wants something cold to compress his head. He says he doesn’t need anything and grumbles about the brothers, but he doesn’t have any intentions to break his promise to Genichirou either. Haru wonders why he’s suppressing his killing urge that much, and eventually Mamoru says it’s because he promised his mother to never break any promises in his life. Since Haru still hasn’t gotten Mamoru’s permission to ask questions yet, Mamoru then says he’ll grant her the permission on one condition: “try to write a novel for me.”

April 6

Mamoru joins his brothers for breakfast today, and his presence instantly angers both Hiroshi and Isami. Hiroshi runs out of the dining hall, while Isami starts attacking Mamoru again — even though Mamoru is only here to eat breakfast. Soon Genichirou and Chitomi comes to enter the dining hall as well, and while Genichirou doesn’t care even if Isami and Mamoru kill each other, he does care about them disturbing his peaceful breakfast time. Isami says they can’t continue their battle in front of Genichirou, so he puts away his sword and leaves saying he’s going to kill Mamoru later. Before going back to his room, Genichirou also admits he has another reason for calling Mamoru to the mansion — it’s not just to provoke his sons — and he tells Mamoru to do his best to find that reason.

April 9

Today is the survey’s deadline, and Haru ends up submitting Mamoru’s name. Both Hideo and Tae play safe by choosing Shigeru and Susumu, so Tae thinks Haru is probably going to die in Mamoru’s hands lol. At noon, Mamoru comes to talk to Haru while she’s washing laundry. He’s wondering if she can write the novel he’s asking for, but she says she knows he’s asking her to do so knowing it’s impossible for her to write. He laughs saying she’s right, and he tells her that he’s going to his old apartment today. He can’t write properly in the mansion, so he’ll go to his old apartment whenever he wants to write.

Later on, the old landlady brings some tea to Mamoru’s room. She notices that he’s not putting up his novelist face in front of her, and Mamoru says it’s not necessary anymore — though he will continue acting in front of his editor. The landlady asks if he heard anything about Kazue in the mansion, and Mamoru admits he’s interested in the mansion and the people who’s living in it. It’s the place where Kazue used to live after all, even though it was only for a short time. The landlady explains that Kazue worked in a factory after giving birth to Mamoru, but she got kicked out because baby Mamoru kept crying back then. The landlady met Kazue shortly after that, and she introduced Kazue to work in a cafeteria. Kazue didn’t have any money, but she did her best to pay for Mamoru’s school fees. Mamoru disappeared right after Kazue’s death, and the landlady was really surprised when he suddenly returned wearing his novelist mask. Before leaving, the landlady says Mamoru can use the room as he likes. She already received enough money to pay for his rent.

April 15

After the morning assembly, Haru comes to visit Mamoru in his room. Genichirou is planning to introduce Mamoru during the flower-viewing festival tomorrow, so he wants Mamoru to dress up properly for the event. However, Mamoru refuses since it’s “just flower-viewing” and asks Haru to tell Genichirou that he’s going wear his casual clothes. Noticing that Haru is staring at his room in silence, Mamoru asks if his room or maybe himself is that strange. She says it’s the first time she ever saw the interior of this room, and he explains that it used to be Genichirou’s wife’s room. The last person who used the room should be Chiyoko. Haru is about to ask if his mother used to live in the room too, but even though she refrains from asking, Mamoru tells her that Kazue only stayed in the mansion for a really short period of time. He doesn’t know if she used the room or not, but she left the mansion shortly after her arrival. Haru thinks Genichirou actually treasures the memories with his wives because the room was locked last year, but of course Mamoru doesn’t think so.

April 16

Today is Miyanomori’s annual flower-viewing festival, and the brothers already devised a plan to take their revenge on Mamoru. The plan is exactly the same as in Shigeru’s route: they stole Mamoru’s diary and use it to blackmail him lol. Refuse to drink, and they’ll read his diary entries out loud. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Since Mamoru is extremely weak towards alcohol, he feels dizzy and wanders off alone in the garden. Eventually Haru finds him and asks him to go back since Genichirou will introduce him soon, and since Mamoru says his body feels heavy, Haru forces him to drink a glass of cold water. He says it doesn’t help much and grumbles about his stolen diary instead, so she decides to help opening his eyes by saying “ah! your diary is over there!” Mamoru instantly goes “w-what!?”, but when Haru reveals it’s a lie and asks if his eyes are more open right now, he answers with “…I’m going to sleep” and really falls asleep on the spot. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Haru has to drag Mamoru back to everyone’s place after that, and at the same time, Chitomi finds Mamoru’s diary lying around and decides to keep it for now lol.

April 19

Mamoru is meeting up with his editor today. His editor says he’s really surprised to learn that Mamoru is actually a member of the Miyanomori family, but Mamoru is keeping his novelist face and says he was surprised too. When his editor mentions that everyone’s been talking about him recently, Mamoru laughs and tries to remember what happened during the flower-viewing festival. All he can remember is that he got drunk and fell asleep lol. His editor won’t give him any deadline extensions though, so he needs to finish writing by the end of April lol. Mamoru notices that Ginza is packed with people today because of the “flower trains”, so he decides to write in the parlor for a change.

Later on, Haru comes to buy some cream puffs in the parlor, and she notices Mamoru sitting in a corner — absorbed in his own thoughts. He’s thinking up of a dialogue for a character in his novel, so when she asks “are you alone?”, he goes “are you alone..” before jumping in shock upon realizing her presence lol. Mamoru asks if she’s here to spy on him, but Haru says she’s definitely not. Haru leaves the parlor after paying for her cream puffs, while Mamoru suddenly mumbles “maid..” and follows her outside. Haru asks if he’s already done writing, but Mamoru says there’s no way he could write after she startled him earlier. He then takes her to sit on a bench outside, and he starts observing people to get more writing inspirations. Haru wonders why he’s taking her along, so Mamoru explains it might be useful if she wants to write a novel too. She gets excited when he suddenly shows her his script, but then she finds a pure white paper with nothing written on it.. and he laughs saying she fell for it. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ There’s no way he’d show his script to her, but he says she can ask him anything. He’s a Miyanomori, but he’s different from his brothers.

However, Haru returns the paper and says she’ll take the permission after she’s done writing a novel for him. Since Mamoru is “playing around” (read: trolling) with her, she’s going to take his challenge and try her best to write. Mamoru suddenly gets an inspiration upon hearing the words “play”, and he immediately starts scribbling on his notebook. Haru’s already gone when Mamoru is done writing, and he didn’t even realize when she left lol.

April 21

It’s Isami’s birthday today, and he starts attacking Mamoru again. Chitomi goes to tell Heisuke, but Isami stops attacking upon learning that Mamoru came here to investigate Genichirou’s real objective. Mamoru knows Gencihirou is plotting something behind their backs, and he won’t be able to find the truth if he kills them right now. He already promised Genichirou not to attack his brothers too, so he won’t lay a finger on them until the game is over.. though he doesn’t know what he would do if he becomes the next head. During his birthday celeberation at night, Isami informs his brothers that won’t attack Mamoru anymore. When Mamoru explains his reason for staying here, the brothers start discussing about Genichirou’s plans. For now they only know that Genichirou wants to choose his successor this year, but they still can’t figure out why he called Mamoru to the mansion.

April 22

In the morning, Mamoru finds Haru, Hideo and Tae gossiping about him in the hallway. Mamoru thinks it’s normal for them to do so though — it’s the brothers that aren’t normal. He also thinks it won’t mean anything even if the brothers know about Genichirou’s plans, so he’s planning to investigate and find the answer alone. Despite what she said to Mamoru before, Haru finds it hard to write a novel. She doesn’t know what to write, not to mention she always feel sleepy whenever she tries to write. Mamoru finds her mumbling about his novels, and Haru honestly admits she wants to read his novels for reference. Mamoru says he can give her some of his novels later, and Haru happily goes to prepare lunch for him.. only to find that the chef’s away shopping lol. Since everyone else isn’t allowed to cook, Mamoru then decides to cook his own lunch. Soon Chitomi comes to stop him from entering the kitchen, but since Mamoru says he’s hungry, eventually Chitomi goes to cook lunch for him. She says he’s rather unusual since his brothers would never cook for themselves, but he says it’s just because he used to live alone. Other than cooking, Mamoru can also sew, clean up, wash laundry, and even treat wounds. Chitomi says the servants won’t have anything to do if he does everything on his own, so he promises to hold back from now on. Even though it sounds troublesome. xD

April 27

After Haru finishes hanging up the laundry, Chitomi comes to tell her that Hideo and Tae were talking about her earlier. The subject is, of course, the permission to ask questions. Only Haru is allowed to ask the brothers any questions even though she’s not a personal maid, and this causes the other servants to hold negative opinions about her. When Haru tells Chitomi about Mamoru’s challenge, Chitomi scolds her saying she doesn’t have to write anything. She’s only a maid, and she should be more aware of her own position. Later on, Mamoru asks Chitomi to deliver his novel to Haru — just as he promised — but Chitomi also scolds him saying servants are not allowed to ask questions. At this rate the other servants will get jealous and might do questionable things to Haru, so Chitomi wants Mamoru to understand.

April 30

Today is Mamoru’s deadline, but he’s running out of ideas even though he’s almost finished lol. Mamoru is on the verge of giving up when Haru comes to deliver his breakfast, but a new idea suddenly pops out in his mind after watching her for a while. After writing his script in a rush, Mamoru runs off to the entrance and asks Haru to prepare a car for him. He almost forgot his glasses along the way, but somehow he manages to deliver the script in time. His editor finds the story “surprising” since Mamoru usually writes stories with male protagonists, but the main character for this one is.. a maid. Mamoru says this one might not be a love story like his usual creations, but his editor is looking forward to read the continuation. Since it’s a series, Mamoru will have to submit the continuation by the end of May. The series consists of five chapters in total, and that means Mamoru will be chased by deadlines every month until August lol. When the car returns to the mansion, Haru finds Mamoru sleeping inside the car. He didn’t sleep at all for the last few days to finish his script, and since he won’t wake up at all, Haru then decides to carry him all the way to his room upstairs and put him into bed properly. (❤ฺ→艸←)

May 1

In the morning, Haru finds Mamoru wandering around in the hallway. When he learns that she was the one who carried him from the car, he scolds her saying it’s “not appropriate” for a girl to carry a man like that. Haru says it’s her job as a maid, and it’s got nothing to do with her age or gender — which gives Mamoru more information for his novel. After Haru leaves to prepare his breakfast, Mamoru wonders what her name is, but then he gives up thinking he won’t ever call her name anyway. Unlike his brothers, Mamoru also reads newspapers during breakfast. Haru thinks it’s impolite to read and eat at the same time, but since Mamoru doesn’t care, she’s planning to provide morning newspapers for him from now on. Mamoru then gets up saying he needs to go out now, but before leaving, he apologized to Haru for the challenge. If she’s not allowed to ask questions, then they should follow the rules instead. He admits he’s interested in servants though, and he tells her that his new story is based on them. It will be published in a magazine called “New World Club” this month, so she should check it out if she’s interested.

After doing some shopping in town, Mamoru finds Hideo acting suspicious nearby. Hideo says he’s only here to “send money” and offers to carry Mamoru’s shopping bag, but Mamoru only tells him to go home. In the evening, Mamoru meets up with Sanji and orders him to investigate Genichirou’s real objective from the Tokkou division. Sanji asks why did he choose to live with his brothers instead of killing them, and Mamoru answers it’s because he wants to confrm the truth with his own eyes. He wants to see if the past events written in “Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku” are true, and he also wants to know if Genichirou is really as cunning as he thought. Besides Genichirou’s objective, Mamoru also asks Sanji to investigate another thing — Hideo’s identity. Upon returning to the mansion, Mamoru hands a gift to Chitomi and asks her to give it to Haru. It’s a form of apology for confusing her with his challenge. Mamoru also tells Chitomi that Hideo is “too good” for a new servant, and he leaves Chitomi with questions in her mind.

May 6

During dinner, Hiroshi invites his brothers to visit the exhibition together tomorrow. Mamoru is planning to go even without Hiroshi’s invitation, and he informs his brothers that Genichirou is probably planning to visit the exhibition as well. It’s only a guess, but Mamoru thinks he’s going to meet a certain politician during the event. At the same time in the servants’ quarter, Chitomi hands Mamoru’s present to Haru — an exhibition memorial stamp. Chitomi says it’d be easier if Haru keeps a safe distance away while serving Mamoru, and Haru says she understands.

May 7

Just as Mamoru predicted, Genichirou goes to the exhibition with some bodyguards to protect him today. Chitomi informs him that Tadashi, Shigeru and Hiroshi will visit the exhibition later in the evening, while Mamoru already went out earlier. Since Genichirou is going to attend lunch with a certain politician, he decides to bring Haru along — just in case there are no servants to serve him there. Or so he says. The real reason is to make sure said politician won’t leak any unnecesary information to the media. The politican is obviously Kayama, and similar to Kisuke’s route, Genichirou leaves Haru outside as he goes to have a meeting with Kayama. Of course Genichirou completely forgot about her existence after that, so poor Haru keeps waiting until Mamoru comes asking how long is she planning to wait.

Haru is shocked when Mamoru says Genichirou already went home, but Mamoru then asks her to come with him instead. It would be a waste if Haru goes back to the mansion without doing anything, so he wants to give her a chance to have fun. Haru says she has a question for him, and when Mamoru tells her to say it, she asks: “why are you being so kind to me? It’s my job to be used, so I don’t understand your actions.” Mamoru says he doesn’t understand either, but he finds this issue troublesome. All the servants are acting like Haru, so he decides to think of them as mere tools from now on.. and he tells her to go home because he doesn’t have any intentions to enjoy the exhibition with a tool. Of course Haru feels sad upon hearing those words, but she quietly excuses herself and walks away.

At first Mamoru only watches Haru leaving in silence, but when he overhears a couple talking about the temporary access to Peace Tower, he suddenly chases after Haru, grabs her hand, and pretends to be a couple as they register for the tower tour lol. They gaze at the scenery from the top, and Haru wonders why Mamoru suddenly took her into the tower. Mamoru says it’s to make her happy, but when she asks “really?”, he says it’s only a joke lol. He knows he can’t rewind time by killing Genichirou and his brothers, but he feels like he’s trying to find out the value of his existence by trying to kill them. That being said, right now Mamoru is trying to investigate Genichirou’s objective instead of killing them. Life is never easy for him.

May 10

After investigating Hideo’s background, Sanji goes to report to Mamoru today. Hideo’s working experience is completely blank in the past, so Sanji could only find information about his family and hometown. He also found out that Hideo left home a few years ago, but there’s absolutely no record about what he did during that time span. Mamoru says it must be because he never submitted any reports to the authorities, but Sanji points out it’s really weird for Miyanomori to employ a person with such a blurry background. Sanji says he’s going investigate more about Hideo, and Mamoru says he’ll try to find out what caused him to start working for Miyanomori. Usually Miyanomori’s servants are either recruited or applied by themselves, but Mamoru feels that it’s different for Hideo.

In the evening, Masashi comes to visit Mamoru’s room — demanding a report of the exhibition. When Mamoru says Genichirou was meeting up Kayama, Masashi can pretty much read the whole story. They were holding a meeting during the exhibition on purpose, so they can say they only met by coincidence should anyone caught them. The lunch was obviously a lie too, since it would be a perfect cover-up if someone finds them discussing together. Mamoru also says the meeting might be related to the birth of a new ministry next month, but Masashi says it would be dangerous to move based on a baseless assumption. Masashi only wants a proof that Genichirou is secretly connected to Kayama, and Mamoru’s report is more than enough.

Later on, Mamoru finds Haru and Tae fighting in the garden. Tae says Haru made a big failure because she got left behind by Genichirou, but of course we all know Tae is just jealous since Genichirou took Haru and not her. ┐(´~`;)┌ Tae is also blaming Haru for enjoying the event with Mamoru instead of returning to the mansion, and she’s being extremely bitchy sarcastic by saying “seems like you’re trying to get the permission to ask questions from Mamoru-sama too.” Haru looks really sad when Mamoru comes to talk to her in the laundry later, and Mamoru doesn’t think it’s her fault for getting left behind by Genichirou — she’s just unlucky. Despite her constant failures, Haru tells Mamoru that she wants to continue working here. Haru then explains she won’t be able to refuse anymore if her family receives any matchmaking offers, so she panicks and wants to do her best while she’s still here.. but in the end she only makes more failures. Haru says she might not fit to work as a maid, but Mamoru says she won’t be able to work at all with that mindset. He knows deep in her heart, she’s also thinking of giving up since she will have to quit eventually. Mamoru then walks away saying he won’t comfort her or anything. It’s her life, so she needs to overcome her problems by herself.

May 14

At noon, Hiroshi comes to tell Mamoru to practice for the tea ceremony on the 18th. Of course Mamoru refuses to join since he’s an outsider, but Hiroshi forces him to participate. They’re all doing their best to adapt to his presence in the mansion, so it’s unfair if he doesn’t do the same thing to them. Hiroshi says Mamoru can use the tea chamber for practice, but Mamoru knows he won’t be able to learn everything alone. After getting some books about tea ceremonies, he asks Haru to bring the necessary properties and starts practicing. Haru suggests asking Isami to help him practice, but Mamoru refuses and tells her to leave him alone. However, right after Haru leaves, Mamoru suddenly realized what makes her different from the other servants and gets another writing inspiration. He pushes it aside for now to practice, but he reaches a dead end in no time since the teacup is different from the one in the book lol.

Just then Genichirou suddenly enters the tea room and offers to teach him, but Mamoru simply asks what does he want — he knows Genichirou isn’t here to watch him practice. Genichirou then admits that he called Mamoru to the mansion to motivate his sons to fight each other, but they’re making absolutely no progress ever since. Genichirou already made an extra rule and is planning to test it on one of them, but he’s still hiding it from Mamoru for now. After handing the tea he made to Mamoru, Genichirou only laughs and leaves — asking Mamoru not to put up an embarrassing performance during the tea ceremony.

May 18

Today is the annual tea ceremony, and all the mothers are attending except for Sanae. Hideo notices that Haru has been feeling down recently, but Tae is still acting bitchy towards her by throwing cynical comments whenever she gets the chance. Before the tea ceremony starts, Yoshi calls Tadashi and Mamoru to talk with the mothers. They reveal that they actually knew about what Sanae did to Kazue, though Fumiko, Yoshi and Chiyoko didn’t know about Kazue’s existence at all until Shizuko told them everything. They know what Sanae did to Kazue was unforgivable, but as fellow mothers, they all want Sanae to watch Tadashi’s fight up until the end. They don’t have any intentions to get along with her, but they’re going to do something to save her. Mamoru wonders if they’re planning to build a new house for Sanae to live in, but Tadashi only says he doesn’t know.

May 21

Ever since Mamoru heard about Kazue from the mothers, he’s been sighing because the truth seems to be different than what he expected.. and Kazue is no longer around to answer his questions. When Shigeru comes to see him in the terrace, Mamoru says he’ll go out for a drink and just leaves without inviting Shigeru along lol. After asking Haru to prepare the car for him, Mamoru tells her that he realized one thing about her — “you want to ask questions because you want to express your opinion, hoping that opinion will be useful.” Mamoru then says she should pay attention to that point in order to avoid asking questions, but Haru suddenly starts crying and apologized because she never realized that before. He sighs saying he doesn’t like it when women cry in front of him, and she quickly runs off to prepare the car.

Right after Haru disappears from sight, Shigeru and his brothers come out from the mansion. Mamoru asks if they’re going out for a drink too, and even though he has no intentions to drink with them, of course Shigeru drags him to come with them. \(^o^)/ Shigeru has booked a bar that suits Mamoru’s taste, so they visit a bar instead of going to Yasuda. They’re actually planning to make him drunk and squeeze the truth out of him tonight, and they’re doing a good job at it because Mamoru gets drunk really fast lol.

Shigeru: “I see~ So you dated them just to write your novels. How hardworking!”
Mamoru: “There’s no way I can write without.. experience!” ← completely drunk
Tadashi: “Mimori is really weak. You can still count his cups with one hand.”
Susumu: “We shouldn’t let alcohol take over while drinking.”
Susumu: “Hmm? What’s with that look?”
Isami: “This is the ‘why aren’t you drunk’ look.” ← プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Susumu: “P-Please cut me some slack. I’m supposed to be on the wagon.”
Shigeru: “So you’re using the memories with her as materials for your novels.”
Shigeru: “Then it means you’re running out of ideas right now?”
Mamoru: “Yeees! Running out ideas.. but this time the protagonist is a maid.”

..and since Isami orders Shigeru to dig further..

Shigeru: “Is the model Oharu-chan? Or is it Otae-chan?”
Susumu: “I see.. so this is how you usually interrogated me..”
Mamoru: “Why.. do I.. use that maid.. as the mode… zzz~”

Mamoru is actually referring to the model by using the word “neta / ネタ / idea”, but because his sentence is unfinished, the brothers are interpreting this as “neta / 寝た / slept”.. so they’re now under the idea that Mamoru slept with a maid instead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shigeru tries to get him to say the maid’s name, but it’s no use since Mamoru is already snoring on the floor.

May 22

During breakfast, Shigeru lists out the result from last night’s interrogation: “He loves writing, sometimes he kills people, he’s weak against alcohol, and he slept with one of our maids not too long after coming here! Wow.. how awful!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Tadashi knows they’re totally taking this the wrong way, but he thinks it’s Mamoru’s fault for saying something so misleading lol. Things get even more out of hand when Shigeru asks if Tae has gone on a date with Mamoru recently, and Tae answers with: “Ever since Haru went to the exhibition with Mamoru-sama, she’s been acting strange.” イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Of course they think that’s when Mamoru slept with Haru, so when Mamoru comes to the dining hall, everyone’s looking at him with judging eyes lol. Apparently their misunderstanding causes Tae to get the wrong ideas as well, so when Haru comes and asks what they’re talking about, Tae screams “Ask yourself! I’m reporting this to Chitomi-san! You’re the worst!” and runs out of the dining hall. (´・ω・`;) When the brothers finally say “Last night you said you slept with Haru!”, Mamoru desperately tries to explain that it’s all just a misunderstanding.. and in the end he goes “I don’t have any time to play with maids! I only gave her a memorial stamp!” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

May 27

Thanks to Chitomi, the misunderstanding is finally cleared. Yes, even though it took five whole days lol. After receiving Chitomi’s long lecture, Mamoru uses the chance to ask about Hideo’s reason for working in the mansion. Chitomi explains that she found Hideo unconscious right in front of the mansion, and he started working in the mansion because he’s been looking for a job in Teito. Chitomi wonders why Mamoru seems so concerned about Hideo, but Mamoru has a perfect excuse: “because I’m currently writing a novel about servants.” On the other hand, Tae keeps acting bitchy and blames Haru for the misunderstanding. However, what Mamoru said on the 21st already opened Haru’s eyes, so Haru clearly says she definitely won’t make any mistakes anymore and leaves. She knows Tae hates the current her, so she’s going to do her best and gain Tae’s approval.

Haru meets Mamoru in the hallway soon after that, and she nervously greets him. When Haru mentions that everyone now knows he bought a memorial stamp for her, Mamoru apologized because he was panicking back then. Haru thanks Mamoru for the advice before leaving, and he says she’s actually more optimistic than he thought. Realizing that he needs more ideas for his novel, Mamoru suddenly stops Haru and asks “If you were ordered to kill me, how would you kill me?” Σ(・д・ ;) Of course she’s surprised, but he asks her to answer quickly because the deadline is coming closer and he still needs to write the second half of the story lol. Haru answers she’ll poison his food or drink, and it’s enough to give Mamoru ideas to complete the story. Mamoru then asks Haru to tell everyone not to enter his room until the end of the month, since he’s going to be busy writing until then.

May 31

After passing the exam, Haru tells Tae about everything that Mamoru said to her before. They finally make up and go back to work, while Mamoru goes out to deliver the script to his editor. The suspense is building up in this chapter, and his editor gets really curious about what will happen next. Mamoru says he’s planning to turn it into a love story and ends everything with a suicide — since sad love stories are his specialty — and the man who will become the maid’s lover will appear in the next chapter. His editor is curious about why the second chapter’s title is “Cosmos Romance” while the main focus is suspense, but Mamoru only says he’ll find out in the last chapter. Just like last month, Mamoru falls asleep in the car again on the way back to the mansion. Haru thinks he would scold her again if she carries him upstairs, so she goes to ask for Tae’s help.. and they carry him all the way to his room lol. After putting Mamoru on his bed, Tae says Haru is still lacking something: a friend she can tell everything to. From now on, she wants Haru to tell her if anything happens. Mamoru is actually awake and listening to their conversation, but he’s too tired to open his eyes. xD

June 1

When Hideo comes to wake him up today, Mamoru asks if he only came to Teito recently and confirms if what Chitomi said are true. Hideo says he’s right, and he silently stares at Mamoru as the latter walks away. Mamoru notices that Haru has been providing newspapers for him every morning, and after jokingly saying he can’t remember her name, he laughs and calls her “Haru” for the first time. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ By now he already realized that Hideo must be working for Genichirou, but he still doesn’t know Hideo’s real identity.

June 4

Curious about Mamoru’s new novel, Haru is thinking of buying “New World Club” today. In the end the challenge was cancelled, but Haru wants to try writing again when she has the time.

June 7

During dinner, Genichirou warns his sons not to do anything weird in the grand opening on the 25th. The new Prime Minister will be coming to the event, so Genichirou wants them to behave properly. Right now people already know that Kayama will become the new Prime Minister, but Masashi points out that Genichirou already knew this right from the start. In fact, he even sent the invitation to Kayama last month. Later on, Haru finds Mamoru thinking alone in the laundry. When she comes to approach him, he tells her that he’s been thinking a lot recently. He spent the last five years planning to kill Genichirou and his brothers, but lately he starts questioning himself — “What will I gain by killing them? Why do I want to kill them? Why do I need to know Genichirou’s real objective? Why am I staying here?” Besides these questions, Mamoru is also worried about his deadlines. Haru says it sounds tough for him by the end of each month, and Mamoru smiles saying he’ll continue writing his script tonight. After he leaves, she thinks about how he doesn’t look like an assassin at all.

June 11

Today is Mamoru’s birthday, and Haru informs him about the celebration tonight. He refuses to participate though, and he tells her to cancel the celebration since he needs to go out anyway. That night, Mamoru finds Genichirou waiting outside of his room. Genichirou says he won’t be able to attend Mamoru’s birthday celebration, but he has a present for Mamoru — Kazue’s old ring. Genichirou gave it to her a long time ago, and he found it in a pawn shop after her death. Mamoru realized that Kazue must have sold the ring because she didn’t have enough money, and Genichirou says he’s presenting the ring to Mamoru just because it feels nostalgic. When Chitomi comes to call Mamoru for the celebration later, Mamoru apologized saying he won’t be participating after all. He shows her Kazue’s ring and says he wants to think for a while, and Chitomi finally says she understands. Mamoru is wondering if Genichirou is giving him the ring because he knows Mamoru is planning something, though Mamoru isn’t too sure about that.

June 12

In the morning, Mamoru learns from the newspaper that Kayama really became the new Prime Minister today. He knows Genichirou probably did something to secure Kayama’s position, but he doesn’t get why it has to be Kayama out of all people. Mamoru then asks if Haru will attend the grand opening, but Haru says she hasn’t received an order to go yet. He’s still wondering why Genichirou suddenly gave him the ring, but he doesn’t explain anything when Haru gives him a puzzled look. Mamoru then goes to his old apartment, where he asks the landlady about the ring. Kazue actually asked the landlady to keep it a secret from Mamoru, but she thinks it’s about time for Mamoru to know the truth. The ring was custom-made, and so Kazue received a lot of money after selling it to the pawn shop.. and she used the money to pay for Mamoru’s school fees. Kazue also said Genichirou fell in love with a “strange woman” like her, and she always looked so happy whenever she talked about Genichirou. Kazue didn’t want Mamoru to hold a grudge against Miyanomori, but she couldn’t do anything since Sanae kept pressing her and Genichirou did absolutely nothing to help.

Mamoru thinks Sanae’s pressure caused Kazue to fall sick and die, but the landlady says they can’t say for sure — it might be a normal sickness. Back then Kazue didn’t have money to call a doctor, so the cause of her death remains a mystery. Even though the landlady was willing to pay for the doctor, Kazue kept refusing until the end. When Mamoru returns to the mansion, he suddenly tells Haru that he feels closer to Kazue recently. Especially after Genichirou gave him the ring. Mamoru is still wondering why he’s staying here without killing everyone, so Haru asks if she can express her opinion. When Mamoru says he doesn’t mind, Haru honestly says his worries probably won’t disappear even if he kills Genichirou and his brothers.. because in her eyes, he looks like he doesn’t want to kill anyone. Haru suggests getting enough sleep so he will feel better tomorrow, and she goes to make a relaxation tea for Mamoru.

June 15

Mamoru is meeting up with his editor today, and he receives a lot of fan letters because of the intriguing chapter he wrote last month. His editor is really excited to read the next chapter too, but Mamoru only laughs before whispering “crap, I haven’t written anything..” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ His editor also gives him a lot of information and materials about the recent political world, and he asks if Mamoru will come to the grand opening. Mamoru says he’s not sure because it’s so close to the deadline, but his editor warns him to be careful if he decides to come to the event. There’s an advanced warning that someone is aiming for the Prime Minister’s life, and Mamoru knows right away it must be Genichirou. He knew Mamoru is planning to attack Kayama during the event, and Mamoru wonders how did he find out.

June 19

Today Mamoru asks Chitomi if anyone came into his room recently, and he’s really shocked to hear the servants come to clean his room almost everyday — the exception is only for those days where Mamoru is writing in his room all day long. Mamoru then asks which one of them comes to clean his room lately, and Chitomi says it was Hideo. \(^o^)/ No wonder his plan reached Genichirou’s ears. Chitomi asks if Hideo did anything wrong since Mamoru seems so concerned with him, and Mamoru says no. Not yet. Hideo is cleaning up Mamoru’s room with Haru today, and just after they’re done, Mamoru suddenly calls Haru to come inside. He asks if Hideo usually cleans his room alone, and Haru says it’s true. The servants usually divide their tasks after the morning assembly, and recently Hideo has been saying he’ll clean up Mamoru’s room. Mamoru doesn’t think Genichirou hired Hideo just to spy on him, and this means Hideo is actually similar to Sanji. They’re both pawns.

That night, Mamoru is meeting up with Sanji. He says after Sanji is done investigating Hideo’s identity, he’s going to give Sanji a reward and stop using him. He already used Sanji enough, and from now on he’s planning to move out alone.

June 24

In the morning, Mamoru finds Haru and other servants busy preparing for the grand opening. She informs him that the servants are going to attend the event as well, and it’s a direct order from Genichirou himself. Of course Mamoru knows Genichirou is planning to use Hideo during the event, and he asks Haru to keep people away from his room — he’s got something to do. However, Tadashi comes to exchange information with Mamoru at night. Mamoru reveals that he was actually planning to attack Kayama tomorrow, just to check Kayama’s importance for Genichirou. Mamoru never told anyone about this though, and Genichirou is only guessing that he’s planning to shoot Kayama.. so Mamoru needs to alter his plans. Tadashi then asks what he’s going to do, and Mamoru answers he simply won’t come to the grand opening.

Late at night, Haru finds Mamoru thinking alone in the terrace. Upon seeing her, he admits that his opinion about Genichirou has changed recently, but Genichirou is Miyanomori’s head after all — the worst kind of man in his eyes. When Mamoru laughs saying he’s looking forward to the grand opening, Haru suddenly says Mamoru has a lot of sides. His cheerful novelist mask is really different from the real him, and he always falls asleep after passing the deadline, so she needs to carry him to his room lol. Mamoru blushes saying it can’t be helped, but Haru still has more things to say. She already saw different sides of him and doesn’t know which one is the real him, but the current him is scaring her because it seems like he’s plotting something evil. Mamoru answers he doesn’t know which one is the real him either, and he tells Haru that he won’t come to the grand opening tomorrow. He notices that she actually wants to ask, but she holds back saying she’s trying to behave like a normal maid. Mamoru smiles saying he’ll try to behave like himself too then, and he leaves after telling Haru to get some rest tonight.

June 25

Today is the grand opening of the new Miyanomori Ginza Hall, and everyone except Mamoru goes to attend the event. Soon after Genichirou starts his speech, Haru notices that Hideo is gone from the hall. Chitomi sends her to search for him, and she finds him outside of the hall.. along with Mamoru. Mamoru then explains that he said he won’t be coming on purpose, since he wants to see whether Hideo will come to find him or not. Now that Hideo is here, Mamoru knows that Kayama is really important for Genichirou. Well, at least for now. Hideo says he’s only following Genichirou’s order, so he takes out his gun saying Mamoru will die here. Haru panicks and asks Hideo for an explanation, but since Hideo won’t say anything, Mamoru says Hideo was hired by Genichirou. However, Mamoru is surprised when Hideo suddenly points his gun towards Haru instead. She’s a witness after all, so he’ll just kill her along with Mamoru.

Fortunately, one of the hall staff comes out and immediately calls for help. Hideo runs away, but Mamoru is safe because he keeps his gun hidden. He puts up his novelist mask and says Hideo was only a thief who disguised himself as a servant, and he asks the staff to keep it a secret since Genichirou and Kayama are inside — they don’t want to cause a commotion. The moment the staff goes back inside, Mamoru suddenly tells Haru to close her eyes and cover her ears. She doesn’t understand what he’s planning to do, but since they don’t have time for explanations.. Mamoru forces Haru to cover her ears, covers her eyes with his hands, and shoots Hideo from afar. Now Hideo won’t return to the mansion, and it’s only a matter of time before Mamoru finds out about Genichirou’s real objective. Mamoru releases Haru saying it’s already over, but when she opens her eyes, he’s already gone.

June 26

During the morning assembly, Chitomi informs everyone that Hideo already quit because of an urgent reason. She calls Haru to the servants’ dining hall after that, where she tells Haru that she already learned everything from Genichirou and Mamoru. Yesterday Mamoru shot Hideo’s leg to prevent him from escaping, and Chitomi asks Haru not to tell anyone about what actually happened yesterday — it’s Genichirou’s order. Chitomi also says that Mamoru seems worried about Haru, so it might be better if she goes to see him later. Mamoru is trying to conceal what happened from his brothers’ eyes as well, but since Tadashi asks “why didn’t you come? you said you’ll move behind the screen!”, Mamoru has no choice but to explain everything to them.

At noon, Mamoru comes to the laundry and tells Haru that he’s been suspecting Hideo for quite a while. He also apologized for what he did yesterday, explaining that hearing a gunshot from close range might cause people to go deaf. Besides, he knows she doesn’t want to see Hideo getting shot. Mamoru admits he was worried about Haru, but now he’s glad she’s okay. It’s still hard for her to believe what happened, but she has no choice but to accept the truth. Mamoru then says after Hideo’s case, he wants to put his room in the hands of someone he can trust.. and so he gives Haru his room key — asking her to clean up his room starting from tomorrow. When Haru says she needs to ask Chitomi first, Mamoru replies with: “Then I’m taking you as my personal maid. That way you won’t have any problems right?” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

June 30

Just as usual, Mamoru is running out of idea for the last part of his script. His consciousness start flying away when he’s thinking too, and he’s already snoring when Haru comes to wake him up lol. Mamoru manages to finish the script by putting all of his willpower into writing, and his editor is impressed by the revelation in this chapter.. though he’s puzzled by the last line in the script: “Even if an enemy is standing right before my eyes, I’m going to get some sleep. To be continued.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Mamoru lets out a nervous laugh before saying the mystery of slumber will be revealed in the last chapter, and so he manages to cover up the fact that he wrote that line because he was sleepy lol. The moment Mamoru returns to the car, he instantly falls asleep beside Haru while the driver explains it’s always been like this at the end of each month. As she watches over the sleeping Mamoru, Haru tells him that she’s actually writing a diary everyday. She was planning to write a novel, but in the end it turns into a diary because she can’t write that well.. and she really respects him for being able to write without sleeping for days. Haru then wonders if Mamoru took her as his personal maid just for cleaning up his room, while he remains asleep beside her.

July 1

When Haru comes to wake him up, Mamoru asks if she wants to know why he chose her as his personal maid. He says it’s not because he trusts her, but rather because he believes she will never betray him. Maybe it doesn’t have to be her, but in the end Mamoru still chose Haru among everyone else. This reminds Haru that she wrote Mamoru’s name on her survey form, and even though Mamoru thinks she will probably choose another person if the survey takes place now, Haru knows she will write Mamoru’s name again.. and Mamoru replies with “you have a weird taste” lol. He’s a man who has committed crimes in the past and got away with it, but she still wants to serve him anyway. Before taking a bath, Mamoru suddenly asks “will you wash my back?” YES! YES PLEASE! (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Haru blushes and panicks, and Mamoru laughs saying it’s just a joke.

July 6

Since Haru has become Mamoru’s personal maid, the brothers explain to Mamoru that Haru will have to serve him forever. Hiroshi is dying with jealousy, but Susumu think it’s actually a great idea since Haru already refused two matchmakings before. If nobody wants to take Haru as a wife, then she will have no choice but to keep working forever. While the brothers are having a discussion about Genichirou and Kayama, Haru finally goes to buy the latest issue of “New World Club” in Ginza. Sadly there’s only one copy left, and Haru is being a good girl by handing it to another customer. ( ಠ_ಠ ) On the way back to the mansion, Haru notices that every single young girl in town is talking about Mamoru’s story. They’re busy fangirling over him too, since everyone knows him as a “young and wonderful novelist”. It’s already dark when Haru finally returns to the mansion, and she says it’s because she was looking for a copy of “New World Club”. Mamoru isn’t interested in popularity though, and he shows Haru all of the fan letters he received — still sealed and stored neatly in a drawer. He can’t throw them away, but he won’t change his stories just because of his fans’ opinions.

Mamoru then informs Haru about the parlor’s special Tanabata menu, and he asks her to come to Ginza with him tomorrow. Since Haru still needs Chitomi’s permission to go out, Mamoru tells her to discuss with Chitomi first. If Chitomi allows her to go out, then he’ll take her along.

July 7

After getting Chitomi’s permission, Haru goes with Mamoru to Ginza. She tells him the brothers are going to celebrate Tanabata together at night, but he says he won’t participate. Genichirou is planning to settle everything this year, so Mamoru is planning to leave the mansion as soon as the game over — he wants to leave before growing attached to his brothers. Haru says it feels so sad that he’s planning to say goodbye right from the start, but Mamoru points out that the same goes for her. If her family receives a matchmaking offer, she’ll have to say goodbye to him and everyone in the mansion. Haru admits she’s actually a bit torn because a part of her wants to keep working, but another part of her wants to get married too. Mamoru only tells her to live her life to the fullest for now, and he asks Haru to choose their first destination. Most of the shops in Ginza are celebrating Tanabata, and it’s a unique opportunity for a maid like her.

When Haru says she wants to go shopping in Hyakkaten, Mamoru says it’s a normal reaction — girls usually feel happy when their men allow them to go shopping. Haru says she doesn’t know much about dating, and Mamoru admits that he dated some girls just to learn more about romance.. so of course he didn’t enjoy those experience. This reminds Haru that she already read Mamoru’s new story yesterday, but she found it hard to follow because she didn’t read the first two chapters. Haru gets really excited when Mamoru says he’ll give her the previous chapters later, and when she happily runs off towards Hyakkaten, he whispers that she gets happy over small things. Mamoru also says normally girls will be happy if their men buy things for them, but since a Miyanomori isn’t allowed to buy presents for servants, he keeps studying Haru’s reactions as she goes to buy a cheap dress. Upon returning to the mansion, Haru says she still can’t understand Mamoru, but today she learns that he’s actually a really kind person. Mamoru received similar compliments before, but that was because he’s wearing his novelist mask, and so he doesn’t understand Haru’s opinion.

July 10

At noon, Haru brings some tea to Mamoru’s room. He asks her to come closer and tells her to touch his gun, and when she panicks, he says that’s the normal reaction. The only ones who can use guns are only soldiers, police or murderers.. but Mamoru doesn’t think Hideo has ever killed someone before. If Hideo is experienced in killing, then he would have shot Haru without hestitation. Haru is worried when Mamoru tells her that Genichirou always erased his pawns when they’re no longer useful, but Mamoru says it doesn’t mean Hideo is already dead. His leg was be wounded, but he might still be alive out there. Before Haru leaves, Mamoru also says he found one good thing after taking her as his personal maid: “I have someone I can talk to.”

July 14

During dinner, Genichirou reminds his sons about the upcoming music festival. Hiroshi isn’t too excited knowing they will force him to play the violin solo again, but Shigeru has a better idea: “the seven of us should perform together!” \(^o^)/ At first Tadashi and Mamoru refuse, but they have no choice since everyone’s dragging them into it lol. Susumu is willing to fund their performance, and he’s going to prepare the musical instruments as well. Isami will hire music teachers with Toki’s help, and they will start practicing tomorrow. Masashi is going to choose the song, and he won’t tolerate any failures. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After dinner, Mamoru is grumbling that Miyanomori keeps throwing useless events one after another lol. First they forced him to learn how to make tea, and now they want him to perform. xD

When he returns to his room, Mamoru notices that Haru is sorting out his fan letters neatly. He keeps saying he won’t read them because they’re just opinions about his novels, but she says some of his fans are completely in love with him. Mamoru wonders if they don’t know who he really is, but Haru says they probably don’t since they’re calling him “Mimori Mamoru” instead of his real name.. and Mamoru suddenly gets interested upon hearing this.

Mamoru: “In love.. Hmm, I’ll try reading one of the letters.”
Haru: “I can see your ulterior motive clearly..”
Mamoru: “Hmph, you can’t read literature without ulterior motives.”


Mamoru then picks one nameless fan letter from the pile, and he turns silent upon reading the contents. Haru asks if it’s a love letter, but Mamoru only answers with “I have something to do on the 18th. I won’t come to the music festival.” Haru thinks he’s planning to meet the girl who sent the letter, but Mamoru shows her the name of the sender — Onoda Hideo.

July 18

In the morning, Heisuke informs Genichirou that Mamoru is planning to meet Hideo today. While Genichirou thinks Hideo is harmless, he orders Heisuke to kill Hideo since the latter already lost his value anyway. Meanwhile, Haru also reports to Chitomi because she’s afraid that Mamoru is planning kill Hideo as well. That night, Mamoru finally meets Hideo outside. It’s hard for Hideo to walk with his wounded leg, but he says he doesn’t hold a grudge against Mamoru. After all, he was planning to quit and disappear after the grand opening. Hideo only wants a chance to talk to Mamoru again, and so he tells Mamoru everything about his background — his arrival in Teito, his time in the performing group, and his meeting with Heisuke. Hideo is surprised when Mamoru suddenly takes out his sword, but of course Mamoru isn’t planning to kill him. Instead, he slashes Genichirou’s assassin lurking in the shadows nearby. The man is fatally wounded, but Mamoru says he has no intentions to kill him. When Hideo asks him why, Mamoru says it’s because Haru begged him not to kill anyone, and he doesn’t want to kill meaningless victims as well. Soon they hear the police whistling from afar, so Mamoru escapes after telling Hideo to run away and keep himself safe.

July 22

At noon, Haru brings lunch to Mamoru’s room and admits that she told Tae everything. Mamoru says Tadashi and her both have loose lips, and he also adds that he’d be troubled if Haru can’t keep his secrets safe. Mamoru says it lightly while enjoying his meal, but Haru feels terrible for not keeping her mouth shut. Haru thinks Mamoru’s trust in her has dropped because of this, so she blames Tae for squeezing the truth out of her — even though she already refused. What. Of course they end up having a fight after that, and Haru feels bad for taking out her irritation on Tae. Later on, Mamoru finds Haru crying alone in the laundry. He sits beside her saying he’ll stay here until she wants to talk, and she asks why is he being so kind towards her. Mamoru says he can’t ignore a girl in tears, though he wouldn’t care about girls he doesn’t know. Since Haru remains quiet, Mamoru invites her to visit the beach tomorrow to make her feel better. He doesn’t know the reason behind her tears, but he knows the problem won’t be solved even if she tells him.. because the one who can solve it is Haru herself.

Sadly Haru is being a 訳分からん bitch, and she tells Mamoru she doesn’t want to go. Besides, she’s got work to do. Mamoru sighs saying he only invites her thinking it’s a good idea, and he tells her to do whatever she wants. He walks away saying a maid like her is troublesome, and she remains silent.

July 23

Today Mamoru asks Chitomi about Haru’s condition, and Chitomi says she’s been acting weird since yesterday. Chitomi also mentions that Tae has been acting strangely too, and so Mamoru explains that Haru revealed the truth behind Hideo’s case to Tae. Mamoru knows Haru must be blaming herself, but he can’t do anything to make her feel better — because she’s only a maid, and he’s not allowed to do anything for her. Besides, she already rejected his invitation.

However, Mamoru doesn’t have six brothers for nothing. They drag both Haru and Mamoru to the beach anyway, though Mamoru doesn’t resist much and takes Haru along. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ She waits on the beach while he’s away swimming with Isami, and she feels really bad for sulking like a kid yesterday. Soon Mamoru returns to the beach and sits beside Haru, asking if she’s feeling better now. Haru wonders why Mamoru took her along even though she rejected his invitation yesterday, and Mamoru answers with “because I want to take you along, though I actually wanted us to be alone.” He says he’d still take her along even if Chitomi doesn’t give her permission, because he wants to see her happy smile. Haru is surprised with Mamoru’s answer, but then he laughs saying it’s just a joke. When Haru apologized, Mamoru tells her it’s okay. He only wants her to work harder so she won’t repeat the same mistake in the future.

After thanking Mamoru, Haru reminds him that the deadline is coming closer. He says it’s okay since it’s still.. no, already the 23rd. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He only has about one week left, and he needs to start writing as soon as they got home lol.

July 26

Late at night, Haru is writing in her diary when she suddenly hears noises just outside of her window. At first she thinks it’s just the wind, but she’s really shocked when Mamoru suddenly climbs in — with his assassin attire too. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Mamoru explains that he actually tried to kill his brothers earlier, but somehow he found it hard to sneak into their rooms. He thinks it’s not because he can’t kill people anymore, but he doesn’t understand why he couldn’t do it. Haru asks if it’s because Mamoru himself has changed, and he says she’s probably right. Just like what she told him before, deep inside he probably doesn’t want to kill his brothers. Haru says she would be happy if it’s true, because she can tell that Mamoru and his brothers are starting to accept each other. Mamoru also knows that the past won’t change even if he kills them, but their deaths was his main objective. He doesn’t want to put all those years to waste, and he doesn’t want to deny all the things he did to destroy Miyanomori.

Soon Tae comes knocking on Haru’s door, and Mamoru already disappears when Tae enters the room. Tae has been ignoring Haru for the last few days, but tonight she hands her favorite pouch to Haru — asking her to start behaving normally starting from tomorrow. Haru feels a lot better after making up with Tae, and she decides to work harder so Mamoru will be happy to have her as his personal maid.

July 30

When Haru comes to deliver breakfast, Mamoru suddenly asks her to stand still while holding his sword LOL. Since it’s Haru’s first time touching a sword, Mamoru has to guide her before she can hold it properly.. and then he starts writing right away. xD Haru asks how long does she need to hold the battle stance, but Mamoru replies by asking if she’s planning to accept if her family receives a matchmaking offer. He also says marriage isn’t the end of everything. If there are people who are happy after getting married, there must be people who are suffering because of their marriage too. Haru listens and keeps holding the pose until her hand starts feeling numb, but Mamoru suddenly looks up and asks “What, you’re still here? You can leave now. Please prepare my meal.” After Haru leaves, Mamoru feels that he just said something about marriage.. but he can’t remember at all. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

July 31

After the servants’ exam, Mamoru goes to deliver the script to his editor. Apparently the maid in his story ends up marrying her enemy, and the editor is excited to see how romance would bloom between them in the last chapter. His editor also brings the past editions of “New World Romance”, and Mamoru only laughs when he asks if it’s a present for his girlfriend. His editor also informs him that their publishing company is planning to do bon odori together during the fireworks festival next week, and they want him to participate in the event. Mamoru accepts the invitation happily, and he falls asleep again on the way home. However, he actually wakes up when she takes the “New World Romance” bundle beside him. He says it’s for her, and he also asks about her exam result. When Haru tells him that she passed, Mamoru says he’s glad to hear that and asks her to talk to him again tomorrow. For now he needs to get some sleep.

What Mamoru doesn’t know, is that Haru actually didn’t sleep either last night. While he’s busy writing, she was actually on standby in front of his room — because she’s his personal maid.

August 1

Just as expected, Mamoru wakes up with absolutely no recollection about the bon odori flyer from yesterday. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Unfortunately for him, Shigeru comes into his room at the right time and notices the flyer on his hands.. and that’s how everyone learns that Mamoru will dance in the fireworks festival. Poor guy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Haru finds him grumbling in the hallway later, but he says he doesn’t want to talk about the fireworks festival lol. Mamoru’s bad luck doesn’t end there though, because he drops the flyer when he walks away.. and Haru almost bursts into laughter upon reading the contents.

August 5

Today Haru comes to visit Mamoru with a yukata in her hands. He asks why is she preparing a yukata for him, so she reads the line from the flyer — “That infamous Mimori Mamoru will be participating in bon odori! Come to the fireworks festival!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Mamoru panicks and tells her not to tell anyone about this, but Haru says the brothers are taking the servants to the festival tomorrow. There’s no way he can hide from everyone’s eyes. \(^o^)/ When Haru says she’s going home on the night of the 12th, Mamoru asks what she wants him to do. If she really receives a matchmaking offer, does she want him to do something? Or does she want him to celebrate it? Haru answers she wants to pray that she won’t receive any offers, because right now she’s his personal maid. Mamoru says she doesn’t need to worry since he will leave the mansion next year, but Haru only stays silent. He’s about to say something else to her, but he stops himself and she quietly excuses herself.

August 6

In the evening, everyone goes to the fireworks festival together. As soon as they arrive at the Sumida River, Shigeru points out that poor Mamoru is standing near the tower — ready to start dancing. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. The brothers keep saying Mamoru and bon odori doesn’t sound right together, but Isami says it’s probably to release all of his stress. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ It turns out Mamoru can’t dance at all, so everyone keeps throwing comments like “too weird”, “is he jumping?”, and “even I can dance better” as they watch him dancing lol. Oh, and that last one is Haru’s comment. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Soon Mamoru notices their presence and shooes them away, but sadly (for him, anyway) his editor invites everyone to dance along lol.

Mamoru gives up after several rounds of bon odori, but before Haru could get a drink for him, suddenly Mamoru asks the man who’s hiding nearby to come out if he doesn’t wanna die. Of course the man panicks, so he comes out of hiding and reveals himself to be Hideo. He’s here with the members of his new performing group, and he says he’s glad to see Haru again. Just then Tae appears and rages at Hideo, so Mamoru allows Haru to talk to them for a while — he will be resting neaby. After learning the truth from Hideo, Haru goes to see Mamoru on the hill. Genichirou doesn’t seem to send anyone to kill Hideo recently, so Mamoru thinks he simply lost interest in Hideo and just decided to ignore him.

Mamoru then tells Haru that he’s still thinking about a lot of things. He thinks spending his life as a writer like now is a pretty good idea, but he still has an objective to accomplish.. and he will have to leave Miyanomori in order to do that. Mamoru also admits he found another good thing about having Haru as his personal maid: “I can feel emotions I have never felt before.”

August 12

Based on Chitomi’s suggestion, Haru goes to ask about Mamoru’s plans for summer break. He says he’s going to stay in the mansion, and he asks her to buy some paper for him before she leaves on a night train. Haru tries to say that she’s going to report her matchmaking result after summer break, but Mamoru suddenly gets pissed and says he doesn’t have time to think about her matchmaking. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling irritated either, but he decides to ignore it for now because he’s got more important things to take care of. At night, Mamoru informs his brothers that Genichirou is trying to buy Teito Touei Electricity from Kayama, and he’s probably planning to kill Kayama later. By then Miyanomori should already have a new head, so he can escape easily while pinning the blame onto the new head. Masashi points out that Genichirou is actually after the two railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity, but before they could discuss further, suddenly Chitomi comes to informs them that Genichirou has just collapsed.

While Tadashi and Isami are checking Genichirou’s condition, Tae tells Mamoru that Haru hasn’t returned from her shopping duty. It’s raining outside, and Tae is worried because they have to ride the train soon. It turns out that all the shops in Ginza are closed today, so Haru decided to check other locations until she finally found some paper for Mamoru. She’s dripping wet when he finally finds her outside, and she asks if Chitomi is busy because nobody picked up her call earlier. Mamoru says they’re “a bit busy” right now, and he takes Haru to go back since Tae is worried about her. He holds her when she almost trips, and that’s when he realized that she’s actually burning up with a high fever. Mamoru says she’s really stupid to go this far just to buy his paper, and Haru quietly apologized.

August 13

Since Haru is sick, she’s resting in the mansion today. Tae already informed Haru’s family, and she also informs Mamoru they didn’t receive any matchmaking offers this year. They can’t find any family who wants to take Haru as a wife, so most likely Haru won’t receive matchmaking offers anymore from now on. Tae also gives Mamoru a pack of paper Haru bought yesterday, telling him that Haru kept it under her clothes so it won’t get wet. Usually even a servant won’t go that far, and last night Chitomi asked if something happened between them.. while Mamoru fell into silence upon remembering what he said to her before.

August 14

Haru is still resting in bed today, and she doesn’t know why she was that desperate to find a pack of paper for Mamoru. She actually knew that she’s going to miss the train, but that didn’t stop her at all. In the end she’s only troubling everyone, and she thinks Mamoru must be angry because of her stupidity. At night, Tadashi finds Mamoru thinking alone in the terrace. Tadashi asks if he’s thinking about Haru, and Mamoru says yes.. though he’s also thinking about them and Genichirou. When Mamoru admits that he can’t kill them anymore, Tadashi says he actually did a cruel thing to Sanae too. He can help cover up her debts if he wants to, but he left her to drown in her own debts instead. Despite all that happened, Tadashi is now glad he didn’t help Sanae back then. Currently Sanae is growing to be a better person, and Tadashi can face her properly. Of course Tadashi can’t approve what Mamoru did in the past, but he wants Mamoru to know that his plan to destroy Miyanomori actually brought good changes too.

August 15

Even though Haru’s fever already went down, Tae tells her to take one more day to rest just in case. Tae asks what happened between Haru and Mamoru, and she says nothing happened. She only tried to say she’ll report to him if she receives a matchmaking offer, and he got angry at her. Haru then admits she was probably desperate to gain Mamoru’s attention (because he said he doesn’t care), but right now she regrets doing such a stupid thing.

While Haru is sleeping in her room, Mamoru is actually trying to remember his hatred towards Genichirou and Sanae. Just after Heisuke leaves Genichirou’s room, Mamoru appears asking why did Genichirou gave him Kazue’s ring. Genichirou says it’s to provoke him, though in the end it took quite a while before the ring takes effect. When Mamoru asks why did he bought the ring after abandoning Kazue, Genichirou answers it’s because it was nostalgic — the ring reminds him of Kazue. Mamoru then asks why didn’t Genichirou stop Kazue from leaving, but Genichirou says Kazue wouldn’t listen to him anyway. She was a strong-willed woman, and Mamoru should know that better than anyone else. Genichirou then tells Mamoru to just kill him already, so Mamoru draws his sword and tries to slash him.. but in the end he fails because he can’t kill Genichirou after all.

Mamoru sneaks into Haru’s room after that, and sits on her bed as he flips through her diary. He smiles upon seeing how she writes her entries, and he whispers that she’s right. After a few months living with his brothers, Mamoru has completely lost the desire to kill them. At first he thought only Genichirou would be different, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill the old man. Mamoru still doesn’t understand why he suddenly got pissed when Haru mentioned about her matchmaking, but he knows that she keeps giving him the emotions he had never experienced before. He says he’ll take her out once she recovers, and he whispers “get well soon” before leaving her room. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

August 16

Haru is finally back to work today, and she goes to apologize to Mamoru for making him worry. She’s surprised to find him sleeping in his assassin attire, but he’s more concerned about her health instead. After eating breakfast, Mamoru finally tells Haru that her parents didn’t get any matchmaking offers this year. Since Haru is visibly shocked, Mamoru says it would be better if she lives her life with no regrets — they won’t know what will happen next. Haru asks if he’s encouraging her, and Mamoru admits that he is. He wants to comfort her too, because she’s a special person for him. When Haru asks if it’s a joke, Mamoru laughs saying she’s right.. but of course we all know he really meant it. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He says he’s going out tomorrow, and he wants her to come along.

August 17

Just as he promised, Mamoru takes Haru to Ginza today. He apologized for yelling at her back then, admitting that he doesn’t know why he suddenly got pissed. Mamoru always thought he can understand himself just fine, but everything changed after he started living in the mansion. Since Haru can’t eat together with him, Mamoru buys a bunch of sweets from the parlor and tells her to share it with the other servants later — that way Chitomi won’t complain about him giving presents for her. This month Mamoru is going to write the last chapter of his new story, and he’s going to use the paper Haru bought for him. he says having a personal maid feels a bit strange. She’s only doing her job, but sometimes her actions are giving him the right wrong ideas. Mamoru never had any servants to serve him before, but right now he needs Haru. ♥

August 27

Genichirou is holding a ball for Kayama today, which marks his success in buying Teito Touei Electricity from the Prime Minister. During the ball, Mamoru tells his brothers that he heard dark rumors about Kayama recently. He won’t tell them the details until the rumors are proven true, so he’s planning to investigate the rumors soon. The brothers know it must be murder though, and Isami also says the chairmen of the railway companies under Teito Touei Electricity both “died of sickness” in the past. After leaving his brothers, Mamoru goes to approach Kayama. He reveals his past grudge and crimes on purpose, saying that he’s only living in the mansion because Genichirou offered to erase those crimes. Mamoru is actually doing this to see how Kayama would react, and Kayama walks right into the trap. He thinks he can use Mamoru, and this would make it a lot easier for Mamoru to learn his evil plans. Mamoru leaves the dance hall after that, telling Haru that he’s going to write his script from now on.

August 31

While Mamoru is meeting up with his editor, Haru goes to send two letters. One of them is for her family, and the other one is a fan letter for Mamoru — even though she doesn’t think he’d read it. Meanwhile, Mamoru’s editor is bawling his eyes out in the parlor. The story ends with the maid waiting forever for her husband in a cosmos flower field, and his editor praises the ending because it’s different from his previous creations. His editor asks if he already has an idea for his next story, but Mamoru says he’s going to take a short break and start building the concept for his next story. From his editor, Mamoru also receives an old article about a certain dark rumor. The article says the railway companies’ chairmen might be murdered instead of dying of sickness, but Kayama ordered the article to be replaced before the newspaper got published. Mamoru keeps thinking about this on the way home, and Haru finds it rare that he’s staying awake.

However, this time Haru is the one who falls asleep beside Mamoru lol. The driver says she’s always on standby whenever Mamoru is writing, and she’s been doing this every month. The driver doesn’t know why Haru does that, but it might be so she can help Mamoru right away if he needs anything. Mamoru carries Haru out of the car, but since he’s not allowed to enter the servants’ quarter, he leaves her in Chitomi’s hands. Chitomi also confirms that Haru has been doing this ever since she became Mamoru’s personal maid, and today she might be feeling a bit relieved because Mamoru safely finished the last chapter.

September 1

After the morning assembly, Chitomi gives Haru a letter from her parents. Since Haru didn’t go home during summer break and her family didn’t receive any matchmaking offers, everyone in the village are being sarcastic whenever they pass by — especially the elder. They don’t mind receiving such a harsh treatment, but they’re worried Haru might not be able to endure it if she returns home. Haru’s little sisters are getting bullied too at school, and the bullies even got the nerve to throw rocks at them. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Everyone in the village are badmouthing Haru, but Haru’s little sisters are trying to fight back because Haru didn’t do anything wrong. In any case, it would be difficult for Haru to live in the village again.

When Haru goes to wake Mamoru up, he notices that she was crying earlier. She tells him that her family is having a hard time in the village, but he points out that she also cried because she can’t return home whenever she wants to escape. Mamoru doesn’t think she would have any problems since she can keep working as a regular maid even after he leaves the mansion, but Haru asks if he’s really okay with that. Mamoru asks if she’s wishing for him to fail in reaching his goal, but Haru says it’s because she won’t be able to serve him anymore. She’s only been working as his personal maid for a few months, and she wants to understand him more. Haru then admits she would feel really sad if they have to part someday, but she’s surprised when Mamoru says he feels the same. She asks if it’s a joke as usual, and Mamoru replies with “I’d like to say yes, but I’m not sure.” It’s been a long time ever since he feels such an emotion, and he can’t even remember the last time he feels sad.

September 4

Unlike last month, Haru manages to get a copy of the latest “New World Club” today. She finds some girls talking excitedly about the last chapter, but their interest shifts quickly upon learning that a famous author will start a new serial next month — an author who’s even more famous than Mamoru. Haru gets really pissed upon hearing their fangirling, and she grumbles alone as she cleans the garden. Haru goes to ask Mamoru about Genichirou’s conditions after that, but she finds his room empty. There’s only a short letter on the table, saying he won’t return for a few days. Haru panicks and wonders if she should search for him out there, but Chitomi tells her to believe in Mamoru and wait until he returns. It’s her duty as a personal maid.

September 10

During Hiroshi’s birthday celebration, the brothers are wondering why Mamoru suddenly went missing. Isami thinks he’s running away, but Susumu says he’s probably just taking a trip after finishing his serial story last month. Masashi mentions that he still hasn’t explained anything to them, and Tadashi also says there’s a lot of loose ends right now because Mamoru holds a lot of information they don’t know yet. Meanwhile, Haru is thinking about Mamoru by the entrance when Mamoru finally returns to the mansion. He’s surprised when she suddenly starts crying, but she floods him with a bunch of questions lol. Mamoru didn’t expect Haru to be this worried since he already left a letter, and Haru replies with “you didn’t write your destination or when you will return.. of course I’m worried!” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Mamoru apologized saying it was a sudden decision, and he asks her to prepare his bath first — he’ll explain everything after that.

Later on, Mamoru tells Haru that he actually went to the place he used to live in. It’s not his old apartment though, but the place he lived in during his five-years training. Mamoru also explains that he always thought his father already died, but that’s until Kazue told him about Genichirou. Upon learning that his father is the head of Miyanomori, Mamoru felt bitter because only Kazue and him are living a hard life, while his brothers and Genichirou are drowning in wealth in the mansion. Kazue kept telling Mamoru that she was the one who chose this path, but Mamoru’s grudge only grew stronger — especially after Sanae started pressing his mother. Kazue died when he was 15, and he left on a journey soon after that. He went to a small village far away from Teito, and that’s when he learned how to survive by himself.. as well as the necessary assassination skills. Mamoru also tells Haru that he wrote a book listing all of Genichirou’s past crimes, but Genichirou burned down the factory before it got published.

When Haru asks if Mamoru visited the village to remember his hatred, Mamoru only says he’s going to stop Genichirou’s plans. He explains that Genichirou might be planning to kill Kayama and pin the blame on Miyanomori’s next head, so he’s going to prevent that from happening. It’s both for himself and for his brothers too. Mamoru then says the trip was necessary for him to accept everything — his determination to stop Genichirou, the Miyanomori family, and the fact that he can’t kill them anymore. He apologized for worrying Haru, and he tells her to get some rest since it’s already late. He’ll talk to her again tomorrow.

September 13

Now that he’s ready to accept everything, Mamoru finally informs his brothers that Genichirou already released them railway companies from Teito Touei Electricity. He’s merging them into a new company — the Miyanomori Railway Company — and gives the chairman seat to Kayama instead. Genichirou is planning to sell the company to the government, and he’s probably going to get rid of Kayama after that. Based on Masashi’s analysis, the brothers eventually come to the conclusion that:

  • Genichirou is using Kayama to raise their company’s value in the government’s eye.
  • Genichirou is going to murder Kayama after that, and the blame will be pinned onto the new head once he retires.
  • Genichirou is planning to escape overseas using the money, since he’s been building a big ship ever since last year.

Tadashi then asks what Mamoru is planning to do from here. Mamoru says he’s going to stop Genichirou from killing Kayama, but for now they should wait until next month and watch what kind of actions Genichirou will do next. When Tadashi does Mamoru want to stop Genichirou when his initial objective is to kill them and destroy Miyanomori, but Mamoru admits it’s because he can’t kill them anymore — even though he still can’t forgive Genichirou. Masashi warns him it’s a dangerous path ahead because he will be dealing with both Kayama and Genichirou, but Mamoru only smiles saying it would be more fun that way.

At the same time, Haru has just finished reading the last chapter of Mamoru’s story. The maid’s eternal waiting reminds Haru of Mamoru’s trip, and she wonders if she was worried because she doesn’t fully believe in him. Haru then starts thinking if waiting is really the right thing to do, even if she knows Mamoru is going to risk his life to stop Genichirou.

September 17

Since everyone is more excited about the famous author’s new serial, Mamoru receives less fan letters this month. His editor also mentions that Kayama will come to Honjouin’s grand tea ceremony by the end of the week, and he asks if Mamoru is going to attend the event as well. Mamoru says he can’t possibly attend such a huge event, and he’s also busy thinking of new ideas for his next story. Upon returning to the mansion, Mamoru asks Haru to store the letters away as usual. Haru turns silent for a while, but then she quickly says she’ll sort them out by size.. though Mamoru says he won’t read them anyway. After informing Haru that he already talked to his brothers, Mamoru admits that his head feels much clearer now. All this time he’s been wondering why he continues living with the people he’s supposed to hate, but right now he doesn’t care about the reason anymore. Haru also says she’s going to do her best to serve him while he’s still here, and when she adds “I don’t want to regret anything”, Mamoru smiles saying she made a little progress too.

Knowing that Mamoru will never break a promise, Haru then asks him to make a promise with her — “please don’t kill anymore.” Mamoru thinks about her words for a while, but Haru quickly apologized and leaves before he could even answer. (´・ω・`;) Mamoru knows it’s difficult to stop Genichirou without killing anyone, but he still keeps Haru’s words in mind.

September 21

The brothers are going to Kyoto today, and Haru is the only maid who comes along with them. Along the way, Mamoru tells Haru that he’s going to think about their promise. He doesn’t say he’s going to keep it, but it’s more than enough to make her happy. Later on, the brothers are wondering if Mamoru has any plans to stop Genichirou. He says he already did the necessary preparations, so they’ll see the result when Kayama comes to the ceremony tomorrow. Right now they have something more important to take care of — making sure Mamoru can make tea properly. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ That night, Isami teaches Mamoru how to make tea and keeps raging because Mamoru made absolutely no progress in the last four months lol. Mamoru is frustrated after a while, and he grabs a bottle of sake beside them.. and that’s how everyone except for Hiroshi and Masashi gets drunk all night long. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! It’s a bit different from usual though, because Mamoru actually remains awake up until the end. Isami grumbles about how Mamoru is really strong tonight, and Mamoru snickers over his victory when Isami finally falls asleep.

September 22

As the result of last night’s drinking madness, this morning everyone wakes up with a hole in their memories. Despite his marvelous victory last night, today Mamoru is literally crawling from the bathroom because he’s got a terrible hangover. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The worst part is that everything Isami taught him completely flew over his head, and he doesn’t remember anything for today’s tea ceremony lol. It doesn’t help that Isami orders Mamoru to go first since Tadashi is busy sleeping on his seat, but luckily he manages to complete his turn safely.. or not. After asking Haru to get some medicine to cure his hangover, Mamoru goes to greet Kayama — just as planned. Kayama says he already investigated Mamoru’s background, and he’s wondering why Mamoru is living with Genichirou after what happened in the past. Mamoru says it’s only because living under the same roof would make it much easier for him to strangle Genichirou, but Kayama asks him to hold that brutal plan until next month.

That night, Mamoru takes Haru for a walk around Kyoto. He remains silent along the way, and she asks if he’s thinking about what happened with Kayama earlier. Mamoru says everything feels weird to him — especially the drinking competition yesterday — and Haru says it must be because he doesn’t have any worries anymore. Mamoru laughs saying he never knew he can grow stronger against alcohol, and it reminds Haru about the drunken incident back in May.

Haru: “Ah, I remember the “sleeping with a maid” accident!”
Mamoru: “Y-You! Don’t say that out loud!” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻

..the incident is a permanent stain on Mamoru’s not-so-clean history. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Haru is glad to see Mamoru getting along with his brothers though, because she’s been really worried ever since he said he’ll risk his life to stop Genichirou. Mamoru then admits he was a bit concerned about Haru’s matchmaking too, and Haru says she already decided to continue working for the rest of her life.. but she’s worried about her family. Mamoru says they should visit her hometown after everything is over, and Haru panicks because her hometown is just a small village with absolutely nothing in it. Haru asks what is he planning to do by visiting her hometown, but Mamoru answers by touching her face and saying “I’ll kill all of those villagers so they won’t bother your family anymore.” Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ He laughs saying it’s just a joke, and he promises that he will return safely. Noticing that Haru is confused, Mamoru explains that he’s going to stop Genichirou no matter what, and after that.. he wants to have a place to return to. Mamoru finally promises that he won’t kill anyone, and he asks “will you believe in me and wait until I return?” Haru answers with “I will, so please return safely.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

September 23

The brothers return to Kyoto today, and they’re busy discussing about Mamoru’s lucky victory over Isami two days ago. They actually dragged Mamoru to drink again last night, but since he got drunk really fast and fell asleep as usual.. they concluded that his victory over Isami was purely by luck. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Late at night, Heisuke reports to Genichirou about Kayama and Mamoru’s meeting in Kyoto. Heisuke asks if they should do something about Mamoru, but Genichirou says they should wait until next month and see Kayama’s actions. He’s pretty sure Kayama and him are thinking about the same thing, so all they need to do is wait for everything to burn up next month.

September 30

After passing her exam, Haru goes to see Mamoru in his room. Haru is impressed about how Genichirou and Kayama can make a railway company, but Mamoru says they can do it easily by killing the previous chairman and taking over the company. He doesn’t have a proof yet, but they will find out by watching Genichirou and Kayama’s actions tomorrow — everything will become clearer during the ball.

October 1

Today Genichirou is holding a ball to celebrate the birth of the Miyanomori Railway Company, and Mamoru finally reveals Kayama’s past crimes to his brothers during the event. Kayama is using Genichirou for his own benefit too, but they still have time because Genichirou won’t kill Kayama tonight — today is the birth of their company after all. However, Genichirou suddenly collapsed again before giving his speech. The entire hall is thrown into panic, and Masashi is wondering if Mamoru is thinking of helping Genichirou like their brothers. Mamoru says no, but it’s now hard to predict the future because of this sudden happening.

While his brothers and Chitomi are carrying Genichirou to the hospital, Mamoru goes to talk to Kayama instead. At first Kayama is feeling confident and says he knows about Genichirou’s evil plans, but he suddenly turns silent when Mamoru says he knows about Kayama’s equally evil plans too. Kayama knew that Genichirou is planning to use him, but he doesn’t mind since Genichirou was helping him to become the Prime Minister — that’s how much Kayama wanted the seat. Besides, he can get rid of Genichirou anytime after becoming the Prime Minister.. or so he thought. Mamoru then excuses himself, but Kayama decides to ignore him. For now, his highest priority is to investigate Genichirou’s conditions.

October 5

During Shigeru’s birthday celebration, the brothers are discussing about Genichirou’s dropping health. It might be hard to believe that Genichirou can get sick, but Shigeru says his conditions look pretty bad. Even though the medical examination results aren’t out yet, Mamoru tells them it’s definitely not caused by fatigue. They have to think of the worst case scenario, because if Genichirou is really sick.. they will have to stop Kayama from taking advantage of the situation. Late at night, Mamoru goes to see Genichirou in the hospital. Mamoru says it would be easy to kill Genichirou in this situation, but Chitomi only smiles saying she knows Mamoru isn’t holding a grudge against them anymore. Chitomi also knows that Mamoru came to the mansion hoping to learn more about his family — Genichirou, Kazue, and also his brothers. It was chaotic at first, but right now Mamoru is already a part of the brothers too. When Mamoru says he started to change after taking Haru as his personal maid, Chitomi asks if he came here tonight because he’s worried about Genichirou. Mamoru denies it saying he only comes to check Genichirou’s conditions, but he says “I’ll come again” before leaving.

October 8

While the brothers are waiting for Genichirou’s medical reports to come out, Mamoru goes out to Ginza with Haru. She’s waiting outside when he’s meeting up with his editor, and she runs into Hideo and Tae on the streets. Hideo is having a day off today, while Tae is on her way to the hospital to help carrying Genichirou’s belongings. Haru gets excited when Hideo says he’s starting to receive more roles, but Tae tells them to think about their positions. Genichirou might still be trying to kill Hideo, while Haru is an “unsold good” after failing to get any matchmakings. It doesn’t get them down though, and they’re enjoying conversation as they try to cheer each other up — unaware that Mamoru is watching them from afar.

When Mamoru walks out of the parlor later, he tells Haru that he saw them chatting earlier. He never had any friends thinking he doesn’t need them, but upon seeing her laughing with Hideo and Tae, he’s starting to think that having a friend is actually a good thing. When Haru asks if he’s done discussing about his next story, Mamoru admits he didn’t meet his editor to discuss about his next creation. He actually went to investigate Genichirou’s health conditions, and he found out that Genichirou has a deadly cancer. Genichirou only has six months left to live, but Mamoru knows it won’t change anything — Genichirou is a man who will keep fighting until the end. Haru panicks and asks what will Mamoru from here, but he only tells her not to worry. No matter what happens, he will definitely return to her side. Mamoru starts changing because of Haru, but he feels glad to have taken her as his personal maid.. because he has finally found a place to return to.

October 15

At noon, Mamoru goes to talk to Genichirou. At first Genichirou is trying to conceal his illness, but he drops the act when Mamoru reveals that he already knew about Genichirou’s cancer. Genichirou says only Heisuke and him know about this, but Mamoru says it’s only a matter of time before Kayama finds out. Mamoru asks what he’s going to do if Kayama learns about this, and Genichirou calmly says he’ll just erase Kayama before Kayama could do anything to him. Mamoru then says he won’t allow that to happen, and when Genichirou asks for his reason, he admits it’s for his brothers — they don’t listen to people and lack common sense, but they’re his brothers. Genichirou is amused and wonders if Mamoru has grown attached to them, and Mamoru admits it might be true. Mamoru won’t tell them about Genichirou’s cancer though, and before leaving, he adds “tell me if you don’t want to die from your illness.”

That night, Mamoru goes to Yasuda with his brothers. Yasuda’s sales has been declining ever since Kurenai quit to marry Norio, so tonight Shigeru wants them to party hard and give extra boost to Yasuda’s income lol. Mamoru is keeping his lips sealed about Genichirou’s cancer, but his brothers can tell that Genichirou’s “fatigue” is probably a lie. Tadashi says Genichirou has lived long enough and would have no regrets even if he dies soon, but he still has something he wants to do right now — selling the railway company. Shigeru then stops the serious talk by taking out a bottle of sake to start their banquet, saying it’s the strongest sake in Japan. He actually wanted to bring the strongest sake in the world, but he decided to seal the dangerous thing away for everyone’s sake. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

When Mamoru wakes up later, he finds everyone lying around on the floor aside from Isami lol. Mamoru says he couldn’t remember what they were talking about earlier, so Isami decides to remind him by saying “you only bragged about your maid tonight.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ When Isami asks why he’s not killing them, Mamoru says he doesn’t know either. It’s been ten years since he started holding a grudge against them, so maybe it’s about time for his grudge to disappear. Besides, he also gets tired after holding a grudge for such a long time. After hearing this, Isami says it’s about time for Mamoru to pay for the wound on his back. Mamoru thinks Isami wants to slash him on the spot, but Isami only pours a cup of sake for him. Isami lost to Mamoru’s luck in Kyoto, so he wants to win tonight — it’s his way of settling things between them.

October 21

Mamoru is thinking of cleaning up his room today, and he notices the mountain of fan letters in his drawer. He tries reading them hoping they’re not sent by Hideo, and while the first letter he picks is a normal fan letter, he immediately recognized the familiar handwriting on the second one — it’s the letter Haru sent for him. In her letter, Haru wrote that she can relate to the maid in Mamoru’s novel. Ever since she learned that she won’t receive any matchmakings anymore, she’s been walking forward with no directions. She’s not ready to keep working for the rest of her life, and the man she wants to serve is planning to leave someday. Haru also mentions that the man is a really important person to her, because he helped her a lot in fixing her own flaws. Even though she feels similar to the maid in the novel, Haru thinks she’s much weaker compared to her.. because she can’t even admit that she’s in love with that man.

Just then Haru suddenly enters the room, asking if Mamoru is going to participate in the event tomorrow. Mamoru quickly hides her letter and nervously says he will, but Haru notices what he’s hiding and says he’s reading his fan letters with ulterior motives again. Mamoru blushes and answers “you can’t read fan letters with no ulterior motives!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ but then he smiles saying the one who wrote this letter must be a nice woman.. though she still has a long way to go. Haru asks if he likes the person who wrote the letter, and Mamoru admits that he likes her a lot. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

October 22

Today is the maple-leaf viewing event, and of course Kayama is coming to see Genichirou’s conditions with his own eyes. Genichirou says he’s fine even though he’s getting old, but he’s a bit surprised when Kayama mentions something about a company expansion. Since Kayama says he has a lot of acquaintances in the hospital (read: “I already read your medical reports), Genichirou counter-attacks by saying he received an old newspaper that never got published (read: “I have a proof of your past crimes”). Soon after Genichirou leaves, Mamoru comes out saying Kayama’s weak point is that he left too much evidence. When Kayama asks about his plan to kill Genichirou, Mamoru calmly answers he dropped the plan since Genichirou only has six more months to live anyway. Kayama still remains calm at first, but he instantly loses all of his composure when Mamoru says there’s a possibility that Genichirou might sell their railway company soon. Genichirou is running out of time, so he might think it’s not necessary to raise the company’s value anymore.. and if that really happens, most likely Genichirou will get rid of Kayama first since he’s on the way. There’s only one way for Kayama to stop this prediction from happening — sell the company before Genichirou does.

After leaving Kayama, Mamoru goes to see Haru on the other side of the garden. Haru tries to ask if he will really return to her side, but Mamoru only replies with “I don’t have any intentions to go out nor to fight, but it seems like the other party has a different idea.” October is coming to an end, and Mamoru knows both Genichirou and Kayama will take action soon. As they look at the falling leaves together, Mamoru says time passed really fast this year. Cherry blossoms were falling the first time they met, and yet they’re gazing at maple leaves in autumn now.

October 26

Before Mamoru goes to bed, Haru reluctantly asks if he’s going to leave the mansion soon. He answers he doesn’t know when he’s going to leave, but he says it won’t be too long until that time comes. Mamoru then asks Haru not to look so sad, reminding her that he already promised to return to her side no matter what happens. He won’t kill anyone either, so she shouldn’t be worried. Haru sadly says she won’t be Mamoru’s personal maid anymore after he leaves, and Mamoru asks if she only wants to become his personal maid. Mamoru then calls Haru to come closer, and he puts Kazue’s ring on her palms — saying he’s giving the ring to her. He doesn’t need it anymore, but since he can’t throw it away.. he wants her to keep it, and he won’t give it to anyone other than her. Since it was a ring from Genichirou, Mamoru wants Haru to keep it instead of wearing it — he will be the one who gives her a ring to wear someday. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Haru accepts the ring and asks him to take it back later, and Mamoru answers with “Yes. I will return to your side with a new ring.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

October 30

Late at night, Mamoru informs Tadashi that Kayama will come to attack Genichirou tomorrow. Tadashi is shocked when Mamoru reveals that his plan is to get Kayama to shoot him, which would lead to Kayama getting captured and his entire political career would crumble. That way Genichirou won’t have any reasons to kill Kayama anymore, and the next Miyanomori head will be safe from any blames too. Mamoru says everything will proceed smoothly since he’s going to avoid getting shot in a vital area, and obviously none of the brothers can do this task.. so he asks Tadashi to leave everything to him. Mamoru then admits that living with them actually isn’t bad, and Tadashi smiles saying “I see.” Soon Shigeru comes to drag them to another drinking party, and Mamoru joins in even though he keeps complaining that they lack common sense lol.

October 31

During the ball, Genichirou and Kayama leave the hall to have a meeting in another room.. and Genichirou wastes no time directing the conversation towards Kayama’s past crimes. He also shows Kayama the article from the old newspaper, along with some reports which can prove that Kayama hired his servant / driver to kill the railway companies’ chairmen. Kayama denies the accusation by saying there’s no proof that it was him who murdered them, but Genichirou calmly says he won’t hand all of these evidence to Tokkou on one condition: “sell the railway company tomorrow.” Kayama realized Genichirou must be in a rush because of his illness, but Kayama’s mocking laugh doesn’t affect Genichirou at all. As long as Genichirou is holding all of these evidence, Kayama won’t be able to throw a political party.. unless he sells their railway company and give 80% of the profit to Genichirou. \(^o^)/

Now that he’s cornered, Kayama takes out a gun and points it towards Genichirou. Of course his political career will over if he really shoots, so Genichirou challenges him to just shoot him and destroy his own career. Mamoru has been watching them and is waiting for the right time to enter, but something unexpected happens when Genichirou suddenly takes out a gun too.. and he shoots Kayama dead on the spot. Since his initial plan has been ruined, Mamoru asks Genichirou to hand over the gun — he’s going to take the blame for killing Kayama. Genichirou asks if Mamoru wants to make him feel indebted, but Mamoru says Genichirou will become a suspect because he’s connected to Kayama through the railway company. Even if he bribes the police and Tokkou as usual, he won’t be able to fool people’s eyes. Besides, his brothers won’t be able to nurse Genichirou during his last days if he got captured. It was Genichirou’s initial plan to pin the blame onto one of his sons anyway, and Mamoru is willing to take that role as his son. At first Genichirou refuses and tells Mamoru to get out, but Mamoru doesn’t give up and keeps asking him to hand over the gun already.

By the time his brothers finally come to enter the room, Mamoru is already holding the gun. He quickly tells them that he killed Kayama, and he completely plays the antagonist when Tadashi asks if what he said yesterday was only a lie. Genichirou tries to stop Mamoru, but Mamoru’s decision is firm — he’s leaving the mansion tonight, and he’s going to kill them if they get in the way. Isami tells Susumu to call the police before going to inform his troops, and he says they have to catch Mamoru at all costs. Meanwhile, Haru is beyond shocked when Mamoru walks out of the entrance with bloodied clothes. He says it’s Kayama’s blood, and he apologized for failing to keep his promise — telling her that he killed Kayama. Mamoru then pulls Haru into his arms, and he whispers “I loved you. Farewell.”

Mamoru goes missing ever since. A month after his disappearance, Chitomi says she actually believed in Mamoru back then.. but it’s different for Haru. She always believed in him, and she still believes that he will return someday. She’s his personal maid after all, and she’s going to wait for him forever. Even if everyone are saying bad things about Mamoru, Haru will always believe in him. However, Genichirou is doing everything he can to keep Mamoru’s name clear. Instead of pinning the blame onto Mamoru, he tells everyone that Kayama “committed suicide driven by the guilt of his past crimes”. Heisuke then asks why did he hand the gun to Mamoru, and Genichirou answers it must be because he’s getting old — he was moved by his son’s words. Heisuke wonders what did Mamoru say to him back then, and Genichirou replies with “a stupid thing.”

Despite Isami’s rage that night, Masashi knows that Mamoru would only shoot Kayama for two reasons. The first would be for self-defense, and the second would be to protect Genichirou. It’s either to literally protect Genichirou from Kayama, or “protecting” as in taking the blame for a crime Genichirou committed. Since Genichirou and Heisuke already cleared Mamoru’s name, Genichirou is wishing for Mamoru to come back and show the world that he’s really innocent. During dinner, Masashi tells his brothers that the one who shot Kayama is probably Genichirou himself. They have no idea why Genichirou is protecting Mamoru in return, but something must have happened between those two.

Late at night, Haru is wondering when Mamoru will return.. or if he will return at all. Soon after Haru falls asleep, Mamoru suddenly unlocks her window and climbs in. Today is Christmas, so he’s bringing the present he promised to her before — a ring. He actually wants to put the ring directly onto her finger, but he’s no longer in a position to do so. Mamoru thinks Haru must hate him after he broke their promise, but when he apologized for giving her painful memories.. she suddenly gets up and hugs him.

Haru: “I can finally see you again!”
Mamoru: “W-Were you waiting for me?”
Haru: “Of course! I’ve been waiting for you.. because you said you’d return!”
Haru: “I never thought you’d come back today, but I’m glad I can see you again..”
Mamoru: “…so you waited for me.”
Haru: “I was about to give up, you know?’
Mamoru: “W-What!? Didn’t you say you’ll wait for me forever!?”
Haru: “Hehe, I was just joking.”
Mamoru: “Haa~ I never thought I’d fall for your trick.”
Mamoru: “Haru, will you live with me?’
Haru: “…yes!”


Extra Story

In the extra story, Mamoru tells Genichirou that he did something stupid by clearing his name. It would be much easier to pin the blame onto Mamoru, and Genichirou says he made Kayama’s case into a suicide “just because”. Genichirou then says that everyone will find out about his cancer soon — because his appearance won’t be able to lie — and Mamoru smiles saying he should enjoy his last months as Miyanomori’s head with his sons taking care of him. Mamoru is planning to leave the mansion, and Genichirou asks if he will keep using Miyanomori as his last name. Mamoru says he’s going back to Mimori because it sounds better than Koshiba (Kazue’s family name), and Genichirou answers with “do whatever you want.”

After leaving Genichirou’s room, Mamoru goes thanks Chitomi for telling him everything about Kazue. It wasn’t much, but he’s glad to learn more about his mother. Chitomi says she’s glad to hear that, and she asks Mamoru to take care of Haru from now on. Mamoru is about to tell her about Genichirou’s health, but apparently Chitomi already knows that Genichirou doesn’t have much longer to live. Soon after that, Shigeru comes to remind Mamoru about his farewell party tonight. Mamoru owes them a lot of explanations, so Shigeru is planning to squeeze the truth out of him tonight — including everything about his relationship with Haru. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Mamoru says he already learned his lessons and won’t reveal anything to them, but Shigeru takes this as a challenge and leaves after letting out his trademark evil giggles. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Mamoru returns to his room after that, where he tells Haru about the farewell party tonight. He knows they need to hear the truth from him no matter how unpleasant it is, but Haru says they might already know from Masashi’s analysis. After packing Mamoru’s belongings, Haru notices that her letter has been opened. Mamoru admits that he already read it, and now he wants to confirm if what she wrote is true.. because even though they’re going to live together, he still hasn’t heard her feelings yet. Haru nervously asks “didn’t I say it before?”, but Mamoru replies with “no you haven’t! just be honest to your own feelings already!” Then he kisses her before she could even answer. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Mamoru then asks if Haru will keep waiting if he doesn’t return, and when Haru says she will, he says having that much faith in him means she’s strong enough. Haru admits she didn’t have any confidence when she wrote the letter, but Mamoru says she doesn’t have to wait for him anymore — because they will always be together from now on.

Mamoru: “I love you. How about you?”
Haru: “I love you. How about Mamoru-sama?”
Mamoru: “I just told you how I feel! Oh, but that ‘-sama’ suffix will end today.”
Haru: “………….”
Mamoru: “O-Okay, okay! …I love you, and I will always love you forever.”

Mamoru’s route feels lighter compared to his brothers, but I found it really nice how Genichirou does something fatherly here. He always treats his sons like mere tools, but in Mamoru’s route they actually protect each other like father and son. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Mamoru’s relationship with Haru grows slower at the beginning, but I absolutely love how natural the progress is. There’s no dramatic events to make them realize how they feel, because both Mamoru and Haru know they’re in love. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ I almost cried at the end of October 31, but then I realized that Haru’s doing the same thing as the maid in Mamoru’s story.. and I don’t think words can express how impressed I was. Too bad we can’t see their wedding day, but overall I really loved this route.

Overall impression on the game?
I have no words to describe how awesome Kinema Mosaic is. It’s voluminous, as the script is like 30 cms thick according to the cast interview. It has a lot of quests and items to collect, but they’re completely optional if you’re not into interactive gameplay. The art is more polished, and the details are as amazing as ever. Each route is really long because the game highlights a lot of things — romance, brotherhood, and the awesomeness that is Genichirou. As the heroine, Haru can be a little bit annoying at times, but in the end I still find her personality refreshing. I’d recommend Kinema Mosaic to anyone who wants a dramatic, thick plot.. and doesn’t mind long stories. Don’t let the amount of quests and stat building intimidate you — play it! (`・ω・´)


20 thoughts on “Kinema Mosaic – Miyanomori Mamoru

    • I’m not, it took me a month to fully complete Kinema! xD
      Actually I’m trying to play Kannou next (see sidebar), but for some reason I can’t get into it.. so I’m wondering if I should take another game instead.

      • i heard kannou is really odd but i can see you’re playing beyond the future now(i keep thinking ” back to the future” the movie lol). that one looks awesome.

  1. Kya Mamoru…. the first CG you posted makes me squeal hard lol. Ah I really like him a lot and so glad he took off the glasses hehe. He looks better without it:)

    Thank you for the summaries, I enjoyed this game a lot :)

    Ah I see, you are playing Kannou now :) Can’t wait ^^

    • I was thinking of putting his bench CG, but as soon as the grand hall one appeared.. I know I have to put it on top. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Actually, Mamoru rarely wears his glasses here. Back in HanaIchi he had to wear glasses to keep his novelist mask on, but here he has nothing to hide, so he doesn’t wear them unless he’s meeting up with his editor. xD

      You’re welcome! I enjoyed writing these long posts too. 8D
      I’m trying to play Kannou, but for some strange reason I can’t get into it.. orz

  2. iyaaaaa >.< Is it so sad how I was disappointed this was the last route? D': I kind of wanted a route with Hideo…since I really liked him in Shigeru's route…

    • Haha, I actually wanted a route with Hideo too. xD
      Kinema is already long with 8 routes though, so I think it’s more than enough even if we don’t end up with Hideo. :)

  3. I love his hair *has a thing for long haired men*. Overall I liked him a lot, but I raged when Haru’s little sisters where being thrown rocks at. Stupid close minded village, she didn’t even had an offer to refuse that summer! Little Tae is probably not gonna marry the same boy she did in Hiroshi’s route if he also threw rocks at her, nor should she.

    Kinda wanted an Hideo route, but the game is so freaking long already, so I think what we have is enough, plus he wants to concentrate on acting. Kisuke is more than enough as an extra route.

    • Well.. it’s Taisho era after all. xD
      Girls usually marry when they’re still in their teens, so Haru getting labeled as an “unsold good” is like a shame to her family. I thought it’d be fine too because she didn’t have any offers to refuse, but apparently refusing an offer and not getting any are equally bad in their eyes. ;___; The one who got thrown by a rock is actually Fumi, so I hope little Tae’s future husband didn’t do anything violent.

      I guess that’s why they didn’t give us Hideo’s route — he wants to focus on acting and be a star.

  4. Hello, Rin! Congrats on your HanaIchi completion.

    I won’t be starting HanaIchi anytime soon since I’m still on PP’s prologue. Thank you for your voluminous details as well! ;3

    Wow, I just noticed you did indeed take 1 whole month to complete the game, which is… awesome! I bet it will seriously take me half month to read and translate the story, plus a second replay LOL. xD

    How is BtF? I hope it did serve as a nice pace of change for you since you deserve it. ^_^

    • Thank you! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
      I usually finish a game in around 2 weeks depending on the length, so Kinema is a new record lol. It took longer because I was playing it during my New Year’s trip, and there’s also the MemStick accident that gave me a horrifying trauma.. orz .. I hope this new MemStick won’t die on me like its predecessor. ;__;

      BtF is actually quite long too, but it’s a really nice change since Kinema is loaded with drama while BtF focuses on RPG-style adventure. I’m loving the game so far! :3

      • Sorry it took me quite a while to reply. I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday since I am, too. ^_^

        Unlike you, instead of otome gaming, I was trying to improve my Japanese since Wendy do have her own set of dialogues. I think I’ll miss quite a lot if I just skip them. D:
        *sigh* When will JP gives a seiyuu to the lead?

        I’m sorry to hear about your MemStick. LOL if that happened to me, I’ll go on rage especially if I have so many precious saves on favorite/ ongoing games. *CGs are priority especially if the art is pretty + long span VN*

        Glad you love it! Does BtF have lots of LOL moments like AF? xD
        *Tries not to spoil myself*

        • I think it’s difficult to expect a voiced heroine, because most girls in Japan hate heroines that have a strong personality. They say it’s hard to relate to those girls, and a voice would only make it harder. ;___; ..and yes QR heroines are usually talkative, so they have a lot of lines and monologues.

          BtF has a lot of funny moments, yes. xD
          Most of the characters are either stupid or snarky, so combine both types to create absolute LOL moments. 8D

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