If you’ve read my recent comments, then you probably know that I was planning to do Kannou Mukashibanashi, but sadly I couldn’t get into it. Instead, I started playing Beyond the Future and got absorbed immediately. There’s no intro post, so the common route contents are all here. ♥

Nayuta is the captain of the White Lily Knights, the Holy Knights of Ingrid. He’s rather strict and often scolds everyone around him, but he’s extremely loyal and devoted once he puts his faith in someone. Nayuta comes to Dodona based on the High Priestess’ order to arrest Lilith, but he grows attached to her during their journey together and believes that she’s innocent. He uses a spear in battle and excels in healing magic as well. 23 years old.

Episode: Gospel

The story starts with the heroine, Lilith, seeing a strange dream about the world. The gods are wishing for the world to be filled with love, happiness and smile, but the world she’s seeing is engulfed in a storm of sadness, pain and despair. Suddenly everything disappears, and Lilith wakes up from the strange dream.

The scene shifts to the temple in Ingrid, where the captain of the White Lily Knights, Nayuta, is praying. His prayers are interrupted when the High Priestess, Remna, suddenly summons him for an emergency issue. Remna has received a divine oracle from God Ingrid, which revealed that “a girl who will destroy the world” has been awakened. Remna then orders Nayuta to go to Dodona — the sanctuary of Goddess Yufis, located north of Ingrid — and capture that girl. Nayuta asks if Remna gave any orders to the Savila samurai he saw in the hallway earlier, but Remna only says he doesn’t need to know.

Outside, Nayuta finds the Savila samurai from earlier — Kirite. At first Kirite refuses to answer Nayuta’s questions, but eventually reveals that he received the same order from Remna. He’s also ordered to capture the girl in Dodona, but unlike Nayuta, he was told that he can bring the girl dead or alive. If the girl resists, Remna wants him to kill her on the spot. At the same time, a suspicious man is lurking outside the temple in Dodona. He tries entering the temple to look for a certain girl, but his attempt fails as the village barrier repels him away. Unsure about what to do from here, the man decides to continue his stalking activities for now.

Meanwhile, Lilith finally opens her eyes after Camus — her fairy childhood friend — calls her to wake up already. Lilith says she saw a warm dream that turned sad at the end, but Camus thinks she’s probably just sad about waking up from her warm bed lol. She protests that he’s also sitting comfortably on her head, but he only laughs and reminds her the morning prayer is going to start soon. She better be quick, or else she’ll break a record by coming late five days in a row.. and who knows what kind of punishment the head priest will give her next.

Lilith runs into Kirite on her way to the temple, and noticing that he’s a “traveler”, she warmly welcomes him to Dodona and asks him to enjoy his stay. Both Lilith and Camus then introduce themselves to him, and she says he can find her in the temple if he needs anything — she’s an acolyte there. Kirite gives them his name too before they leave, but while Camus says Kirite is rather gloomy, Lilith actually thinks he was pretty cool. They manage to reach the temple right after the morning prayers start, and Lilith sneaks into the back row as the head priest explains the background story of their world:

“The God Adonis and Goddess Yufis had six children together, and they became the six main gods who blessed and protect this world. After their deaths, Adonis married Goddess Renai and had three children with her — the Holy Ones, who give guidance for humans.”

Lilith notices that the amount of people who attend the morning prayers has decreased, and it makes her feel a little sad. Camus tries to cheer her up, but since Lilith replies with a big voice, the head priest notices their presence in the back row. He sighs in frustration knowing Lilith is late again, but he only asks her to keep her voice down. However, before Lilith can reach her seat, suddenly the whole temple starts shaking.. and a loud crash is heard as a huge lion — a Fenrir — come bursting through the roof. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ The monster quickly corners Lilith before she can escape, but just as it opens its huge mouth to eat her, Lilith prays for Goddess Yufis’ protection. Suddenly a flash of light fills the room, and a heart-shaped staff appears to shield Lilith from the Fenrir.

Camus tells Lilith to run because he can sense something stronger coming their way, which is proven true when a black-winged man suddenly descends from the sky — spreading intense evil aura into the air. The man mentions that Lilith is “the one chosen by Yufis”, but he doesn’t have any intentions to explain and says she should just die without knowing anything. Before the black-winged man can kill Lilith, Kirite suddenly appears and draws out his sword to attack the man — saying he’s been looking for him all this time. Camus tells Lilith to use this chance to run, but none of them can escape from the temple.. because Lilith refuses to leave Kirite alone in danger, and Camus refused to escape without Lilith. Just then, Lilith suddenly hears a voice telling her to “embrace her destiny”, take the floating staff in front of her, and put an end to this dangerous situation. Of course Lilith is confused, but she doesn’t much time because Kirite is losing the fight. It’s not just about herself or Kirite, because the voice says Lilith has the power to save a lot of people.

The moment Lilith takes the staff — i-Scepter — Goddess Yufis appears before her eyes and vanishes with a blinding light. Lilith manages to stop the black-winged man, Rogner, by using Yufis’ power, but sadly her spiritual power runs out really fast when he starts attacking her back. Rogner only stops when Nayuta comes bursting through the temple door to see what’s going on, and Rogner just.. flies off after saying he lost interest. (´・ω・`;) Kirite tries to chase after him, but of course he can’t move around with all the wounds on his body.

Lilith tries to use her healing spell when Kirite falls down onto the floor, but he slaps her hand twice saying he doesn’t need any help. Camus is pissed with Kirite’s attitude, but Lilith can see that Kirite is angry, sad and regrets his failure in defeating Rogner. She gently holds his hands saying everything will be okay, and she heals him when he finally calms down. Just then Lilith senses a power coming from Kirite as well, and suddenly a shining black emblem appears on his godly pecs right chest. Then before they can even react, a space distortion appears in the air around them. Not too far away from them, Nayuta is demanding an explanation about what in the world is happening here, but there’s only one thing Camus knows for sure right now — someone is trying to warp Lilith and Kirite away. Nayuta and Camus decide to cling to Lilith and Kirite at the last second, and the four of them got warped away from Dodona.

Outside, the stalker man sighs with relief. His spell should be enough to “buy time”. It would be difficult to search for Lilith since Nayuta and Camus interrupted earlier, but if Lilith is really “the saint”, she should have Yufis’ protection to keep her safe.

Episode: Saint or Witch

When Lilith opens her eyes, she finds herself lying on a grassy field. Camus and Nayuta are watching over her, while Kirite is sitting not too far away from them. After introducing himself, Nayuta eventually reveals that Kirite and him are on a mission to “escort” Lilith to Ingrid. Nayuta tries to hide the reason, but knowing they can’t hide the truth forever, Kirite explains that Lilith is under suspicion of being a witch who will destroy the world. She’s also the only young girl in Dodona, so the girl Remna was referring to must be her. Remna even hired a mercenary like Kirite aside from ordering Nayuta, which means she’s willing to do anything to make sure Lilith gets captured. However, Nayuta promises to keep Lilith safe if she follows them to Ingrid.. so despite Camus’ worries, Lilith decides to go to Ingrid and clear this misunderstanding. Besides, people will only suspect her even more if she runs away.

By watching the landscape around them, Nayuta concludes that they’re either near Dinus or Ingrid, and so the four of them start their journey. They decide to camp out when it gets dark, and before looking for a nice camp location, they ask Lilith to follow one of them to make sure she stays safe. Eventually Kirite finds a rock cave nearby, and they decide to spend the night inside the cave. It’s not as soft as sleeping on grass, but the cave protects them from the night wind and their campfire will last longer. After a long, awkward silence, Kirite asks Lilith not to speak formally to him. Lilith might respect Nayuta because of his position, but Kirite says he’s not someone great like Nayuta. This results in Lilith calling him “Kirite” while blushing, and both Kirite and Camus laugh upon seeing her reaction. Lilith is so cute. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Later on, Lilith wakes up and finds herself sleeping alone in the cave. She’s looking for Camus when Nayuta comes in, telling her that Camus went out to gather firewood with Kirite. Nayuta tells Lilith to back to sleep since he will be the one to watch the fire tonight, but she can’t sleep alone while everyone else are staying awake. The moment Lilith tries to stand up, a sharp pain pierces her leg and causes her to tumble towards the campfire. Nayuta grabs her before she burns herself, but then he scolds her for being so careless. Nayuta knows Lilith is being polite because of their positions — she’s an acolyte and he’s a Holy Knight — but right now her job is to stay safe until they reach Ingrid.

Nayuta then asks if her leg is still hurting, and when Lilith says she’s fine, he glares ( ಠ_ಠ ) at her in silence until she admits it actually hurts lol. After asking Lilith to sit down, Nayuta takes a closer look at her injured leg and heals the wound — saying they can talk later. Nayuta asks if she has anything to say after he’s done healing her leg, and he blushes when Lilith says “um.. I can use healing spells too.” (❤ฺ→艸←) He instantly goes “why didn’t you say that earlier!”, but then he realized it was him who refused to listen. xD Lilith chuckles when Nayuta tells her to go back to sleep, and she says good night after thanking him for healing her leg.

In her dream, Lilith hears the stalker man’s voice complaining about how it became much more difficult to track down her location. He comes in contact with her mental consciousness in his attempt to see her location, but he asks her not to mind and just get enough rest for tonight. As for him.. he’ll keep on stalking her like a shadow.

A few days later, the party reach the city of Dinus. Nayuta and Camus start bickering as soon as they arrive, but Lilith feels glad knowing they’re growing used to each other. Camus keeps complaining that his small, fragile fairy body needs some rest, so they decide to spend a night in Dinus because Lilith and Camus aren’t used to journeys and camping out. Since Dinus is the bustling capital of culture and business, Kirite asks Lilith not to get lost in the crowd. Nayuta is about to warn Lilith regarding something else when a man bumps into her, but he only tells her to walk carefully before continuing his explanation.

Nayuta: “There are thieves who will steal your belongings among the crowd…”
Nayuta: “…..”
Kirite: “…..”
Camus: “…..”

The man who bumped into Lilith earlier is, undoubtedly, a thief, and Lilith’s bag is now gone. xD They quickly split up to chase after the thief, and Lilith can pick a partner here.

Upon learning that i-Scepter is inside the stolen bag, Nayuta scolds Lilith for being so careless. She feels bad and walks off to search for the thief alone, but he stops her and drags her to a safe area instead. Nayuta explains that even though Dinus in rich in culture, there’s a really big gap between the lives of the wealthy ones and those who are living in poverty. The path Lilith was about to take earlier leads to the slum — the lowest area in the city. She’d only become a victim of other crimes if she enters the area, since the security level is rather bad down there. Lilith thanks him for explaining everything to her, but she’s surprised when Nayuta smiles and says she has more guts that he thought. He admits he can be a bit too strict sometimes, so it’s not unusual to see people crying after receiving his harsh scoldings.. but Lilith knows Nayuta is strict because he cares that much.

Nayuta takes Lilith to the bar after that, where he forces the bar’s master to inform them about the thieves’ escape routes. Nayuta tells Lilith to hide in the safe corner when all the man in the bar get up to fight him, but while Nayuta is having fun spanking everyone’s butts, Lilith notices the man who stole her bag quietly escaping from the bar. Since Nayuta is busy at the moment, Lilith decides to follow the thief alone. By the time Nayuta is done beating everyone, he finally realized that Lilith is already gone from the corner.

Meanwhile, Lilith loses sight of the thief and gets lost in a back alley — when she quickly gets surrounded by three suspicious men who wants to kidnap her. They want to sell her because she would make a cute prostitute, and they only get more excited when Lilith begs them to let her go because an acolyte like her isn’t allowed to do such a dirty job. However, a red-haired man comes to the rescue before they can drag her away. He bumps into the men on purpose, saying he wants to hit on Lilith too. At first the men act hostile towards him, but they suddenly get scared upon seeing the tattoo on his stomach. The red-haired man says he’s going to take care of Lilith from here, so they have no choice but to let him steal their prey. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After they run away, the red-haired man introduces himself as Soo, and he asks what she’s doing in a dangerous back alley like this. When Lilith explains everything to him, and Soo says he will take her back to the main street so she can meet up with her friends again.

Just then Lilith and Soo hear footsteps coming to approach them, which turns out to be Camus guiding Kirite and Nayuta to Lilith’s place. She apologized when Nayuta scolds her for being so reckless, but they’re all glad she’s unharmed. Lilith also introduces Soo to them, and they thank him for saving her. Suddenly they hear two debt collectors walking nearby, talking about how they’re going to make Soo pay for his debts today. Soo nervously laughs beside them, and he admits that he’s actually on the run too.. so he quickly escapes before the debt collectors find him here. Lilith protects Soo by lying when the debt collectors ask if they saw Soo, but Lilith’s very bad lie is apparently enough to fool them lol. Kirite notices that Soo isn’t a regular person, but for now they should return to the inn and discuss about what to do next.

After leaving the back alley, Lilith and friends go to eat dinner at the inn. Upon entering the bar, Lilith immediately notices the thief sitting in the corner. Kirite then goes to take a closer look and see if he’s really the thief, and the man makes a mistake by showing a shocked expression — which really confirms that he’s indeed the thief. He tries to run away from Kirite, but Nayuta is ready for this and quickly captures him. Since the inn owner asks them not to be violent inside, they drag the thief to the storage behind the inn and forces him to return Lilith’s bag. Sadly, the thief doesn’t have Lilith’s bag anymore because he already sold it to Madam — the boss of the area. Madam loves buying stuff she likes from people, and she has taken a great liking to their i-Scepter. Knowing the thief received a lot of money from Madam, they force him to hand over the money. After all, they need that money to buy the staff back. The thief cries as he hands Madam’s money to them, but they’re not done yet. Kirite snatches the poor guy’s wallet saying he’s got quite a lot of money, and Nayuta accuses him of hiding some of Madam’s payment in his own wallet. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ However, Lilith feels sorry for the poor thief and asks Kirite to return the wallet lol. The thief thanks Lilith for showing mercy, and he directs them to a casino in the back alley. Madam is the boss of that casino, so that should be their next destination.

When Lilith and friends reach the casino, one of the guards guides them to see Madam inside.
Unfortunately, Madam isn’t willing to part with i-Scepter so easily. She demands them to buy it from her three times of the original price, and she also reveals that she knows who they are — “captain of the White Lily Knights Nayuta” and “Kirite the Flash”. The only alternative to get the staff back is for either Lilith or both Kirite and Nayuta to work for Madam and pay the staff “with their bodies”. Of course Kirite and Nayuta won’t allow Lilith to do an underground job like this, so they willingly take the offer and send Lilith outside — asking Camus to take care of her until they’re done. Since the guard guides them towards the casino, Lilith and Camus decide to play some games while waiting for Kirite and Nayuta. They can hear the crowd cheering with excitement by the roulette, so they approach it to see what’s going on.. and that’s where they find Soo standing in the middle of the game.

Soo keeps losing and his debt is piling up like a mountain, but apparently he’s still aiming for a chance of victory. Feeling sorry for Soo, Lilith and Camus decide to help by betting the money they got from the thief. Lilith decides to try her luck by choosing the spot directly in opposite of Soo’s, and thanks to Soo’s pre-determined bad luck, she ends up winning 36 times of the total sum of the money. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Instead of crying over his bleeding wallet, Soo is impressed and says Lilith must be a genius in gambling instead lol. The dealer then goes to call Madam so they can prepare the prize money, and he also tells Soo to stay here because he’s going to report about Soo’s increasing debt as well.

When Madam comes with Kirite and Nayuta, Lilith says she wants to buy i-Scepter back with the prize money. Madam accepts the deal easily and even asks if Lilith wants a case to carry the remaining money, but she instantly changes her mind when Lilith says she’s giving the rest of the money to Soo as a sign of gratitude. This causes Madam to cancel the deal immediately, and she decides to make i-Scepter as the victory prize of Dinus’ battle tournament instead — a martial arts tournament, to be exact. Even though Kirite and Nayuta are both experts in battle, the tournament will be tough for them because they’re not allowed to use weapons. However, Madam is willing to introduce a top-tier fighter to them. In fact, the fighter is standing in front of their eyes — it’s Soo. If they want to win i-Scepter from the tournament, then they should hire him with their prize money. Lilith decides to hire Soo on the spot, and even though her friends have their doubts regarding Soo, they accept her decision.

The next day, Soo guides Lilith and friends to see the battle colosseum. It’s closed today since they’re busy preparing for the tournament, but Soo promises to guide them again on the day of the tournament. Soo is really confident in winning too, and he proudly explains that he’s aiming to become the strongest martial arts fighter in the world. After all, Soo is the apprentice of the strongest fighter in the world, so it’s only natural if he takes over the position someday.. right? Nayuta suddenly starts wondering if hiring Soo was really the right decision, but they have no choice since the registration is already closed. \(^o^)/ Just then an unknown man appears and throws insults at Soo, provoking Soo by saying he’ll beat him into a pulp this very second. Lilith tries to call for help and the man violently pushes her away, but fortunately Kirite quickly holds her before she falls. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ They’re not pleased at how the man treats Lilith, but Soo remains calm and calls a colosseum guard nearby. Participants aren’t allowed to fight or else they’re disqualified, so the man runs away saying he’ll get back to them later.

Now that they’ve already seen the colosseum, Soo decides to guide them around Dinus.

Soo: “Don’t hold back, we still have a lot of time for sightseeing.”
Nayuta: “That’s right. Let me knock your guts into shape before the tournament starts.”
Soo: “Just drop the subject already! Girls hate stubborn guys, you know.”
Nayuta: “Wha–! I didn’t say that to be popular with the ladies!”

( *´艸`)クスッ♪

After enjoying Soo’s city tour, everyone is discussing about eating dinner when the man from earlier suddenly comes to disturb them again. This time he’s bringing a knife to attack them, but it doesn’t affect Soo at all.. since he easily knocks the man out with a single hit to the stomach. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Soo takes everyone to escape when someone comes to see what’s happening, and while Camus thinks it’s a really uncool victory, Lilith feels glad to have hired Soo. The following day, Lilith can choose whom she wants to sightsee with. For this route, it’s Nayuta. (*´∀`*)

[ Colosseum ]

Nothing happened because it’s closed.

[ Bar ]

Even though Soo eats dinner in high spirits, the others are definitely not as thrilled. Nayuta isn’t sure if they can really get i-Scepter back, but Lilith says they have to believe in Soo.. who just admits that his biggest priority for now is to EAT out of all things. Ignoring Nayuta’s complaints, Soo keeps eating and ordering more food onto their table. Not only that, but they also have to pay for everything — they hired him after all. xD Camus is worried and Kirite can’t sense any motivation from Soo either, but they have seen Soo’s real strength earlier, and that’s the only thing poor Nayuta can believe in lol.

Lilith: “Soo, are you alright after eating so many food?”
Soo: “Don’t worry, this is only a warm-up before breakfast. Oh, it’s dinner now. Hahaha.”
Camus: “Is that supposed to be a gag?”
Kirite: “That’s a failure.”
Soo: “Stop judging me with such a serious face. At least put up a smile.”
Kirite: “Then make a joke that can make me laugh.”


After a while, Lilith goes out of the bar to get some fresh air. Nayuta follows her outside since it’s dangerous to go out alone, and he keeps her company when she says she wants to stay here for a while. Nayuta suddenly asks if she’s okay, but when Lilith asks what does he mean by that, he quickly says it’s nothing — he’s only concerned about her condition. Lilith then asks if he can swear to God that he’s not hiding anything, and Nayuta grumbles before admitting he is actually worried that Lilith might be feeling homesick. After all, Lilith has never walked out of Dodona before. Lilith answers thinking about Dodona does feel nostalgic to her, but right now she’s enjoying her journey with them. After all, she would have never seen Dinus if she didn’t meet them. Nayuta blushes when Lilith says he’s a really kind person, and he tries to cover it up by saying he’s just worried about her as fellow priests.. but she still feels happy with his concern. The night wind are getting stronger after that, and Nayuta takes Lilith back inside.

[ Casino ]

If Lilith goes to the casino, Madam asks her to help collecting a debt and Nayuta gets dragged into the task because he can’t leave Lilith to do it alone. Along the way, he grumbles that she trusts people way too much. It’s good to have faith in everything, but she also needs to make sure she’s doing the right thing. Soon Lilith and Nayuta reach their destination, and he frowns upon seeing that it’s a jewelry shop run by a lady. The owner is friendly and welcomes them warmly at first, but her attitude instantly flips when Nayuta brings up Madam’s name. Now that she knows they’re not customers, the owner chases them away saying she has no intentions to pay the debt. (´・ω・`;)

Nayuta then asks if she opened the jewelry shop through a contract with Madam, and when the owner answers yes, he says it’s her own fault for signing the contract in the first place. If she doesn’t want to pay for her debts, then she has no rights to run a shop. The owner gets really pissed and insults Nayuta by saying it’s so pathetic for a Holy Knight like him to work for Madam, so Nayuta decides to answer by taking out his spear and pierces the ground beside her. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ If she can swear by this holy spear that the contract is a fake, then he’s going to help her out. Otherwise, she should fulfill her responsibilities by paying her debt. The owner then tries to bribe Nayuta, but when her attempt fails, she throws money at them before telling them to go away.

On the way back to Madam’s casino, Lilith admits she was a bit surprised because Nayuta’s spear suddenly came out of the blue. Nayuta explains that his spear is foldable, so he keeps it compact when he’s not using it. He says it’s pretty brave of Lilith just to be “surprised”, since normally people would be scared upon seeing his actions earlier. Lilith answers it’s because she knows Nayuta isn’t a scary person, and he blushes as they walk side by side. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Lilith mentions that she still wants to take a look around Dinus, Nayuta says they should take a detour and sightsee some more before going back. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

On the first day of the tournament, everyone is feeling nervous except for Soo himself. Aside from oversleeping and thinking about food in the morning, he also runs off to the participants’ waiting room with absolutely no worries. On the contrary, Camus and Kirite are starting to get worried about him.. while Nayuta is sufferng from chronic stomachache thanks to the stress. Especially because Camus reminds them that aside from his awesome strength, Soo also has an equally awesome bad luck. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Despite their worries, Soo actually makes it up to the finals by knocking out all of his opponents in one hit. The audience is impressed and Soo is smiling, but for some reason, in Lilith’s eyes somehow he looks.. bored. Everyone in the colosseum are talking about Soo when today’s tournament is over, though they all think he’s a “shame” off the ring LOL. Not too long after that, Soo comes out to join the party again, and he asks if Lilith falls in love after seeing how awesome he was.

Kirite: “As shallow as usual.”
Nayuta: “How stupid. I feel like a fool for being impressed.”
Soo: “Huh? What are you talking about?”
Camus: “We’re talking about how different you are outside of the ring.”
Soo: “What’s that? I’m always Soo-sama!”
Kirite: “I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing.”
Nayuta: “I want to say it’s BAD.” ( ಠ_ಠ )

That night, Lilith and friends celebrate Soo’s marvelous performance in the bar. Soo believes he will do just fine in the final match tomorrow, and while Nayuta grumbles about how Soo is lacking nervousness and fatigue, they can’t deny the fact that he’s powerful. Obviously Soo is overflowing with confidence as well, and he says they should celebrate in the casino tonight.. though Camus rejects the idea right away. Fairies are believed to bring good luck, but not even a fairy’s blessing can help increasing Soo’s luck. xD

Later on, Soo follows Lilith outside when she goes to get some fresh air. Soo reluctantly asks why she hired him when Madam clearly changed her mind because of him, and Lilith answers it’s because she felt that she had to hire him. The moment she heard Soo’s conversation with Madam, Lilith felt that Madam actually wanted her to do something — that’s why Madam made i-Scepter as the prize of the tournament. Soo is surprised upon hearing Lilith’s answer. At first he thought Lilith is only a “cute girl”, but she has a certain something that draws him onto her. Soo then says he wants to tell her something, but he’s not sure how to say it because he’s a fool. However, Lilith gently asks him to try telling her — she’ll do her best to understand.

Touched by Lilith’s kindness, Soo reveals that he had a really strong, free and cool teacher — the one he mentioned before. He respected his teacher a lot, but one day his teacher died a foolish death. He got stabbed by a drunk man. He only left Soo with the words “a clenched fist can’t grab anything”, and Soo still can’t figure out the meaning even up until now. Noticing the sadness in Soo’s eyes, Lilith realized that Soo is still mourning over his teacher’s death all this time, and this might be the reason why Madam forced them to join the tournament. Lilith says she doesn’t know the meaning behind those words either, but she’s 100% sure Soo’s teacher was trying to tell him something. Those last words were dedicated only for Soo, so Lilith tells him it’s okay. Even if he doesn’t know the meaning behind those words right now, he’ll be able to find the answer someday. Lilith’s answer surprised Soo, but then he gently thanks her and says he’ll do his best in the final match tomorrow.

However, Soo is taken aback when Lilith says “we’ll throw a merry last celebration for you!” Tomorrow’s victory banquet will be the last party they can have together, because Lilith will have to continue her journey to Ingrid after getting i-Scepter back. It reminds Soo that they’re travelers to begin with, so it’s only natural if they leave Dinus. A lot of things has happened between them, but after the tournament is over, their time together will come to an end. Soo then laughs saying he must be drunk, and he tells Lilith he’s going home now. Before leaving the bar, Soo also says he will recover and return to his cheerful self again tomorrow.

The next morning, Lilith is a bit worried because Soo seems strange last night. Soo shows up looking all cheerful and energetic though, so they head to the colosseum for Soo’s final match. Everything seems fine when the match starts, but it doesn’t take long until they realize there’s something wrong with Soo — he has doubts and hesitation in his fists. Lilith suddenly realized it might be because of what she said last night, and she’s afraid that Soo might be thinking of losing on purpose because he doesn’t want to part with them. When Lilith’s eyes meet Soo’s in the ring, Soo completely stops moving to look at her.. and this leads to him getting punched in the face by his opponent. Since this is the first time Soo ever got hit during the tournament, Kirite and Nayuta are worried that the blow might give a lot of damage to Soo.

When Camus tries to cheer on Soo, Lilith decides to do the same and calls out to Soo from her seat. Lilith doesn’t think her voice would reach him, so she’s really surprised when Soo turns around to look at her and starts laughing. Nayuta wonders if the punch have messed up Soo’s head pretty bad, but Soo only smiles at Lilith — as if telling her not to worry — and gets back on his feet. By the time Soo finally stands up again, no traces of boredom is seen in his eyes. Everyone sighs with relief when Soo gets his rhythm back, and he finally wins the match by one hit KO-ing his poor opponent.

Just as she promised, Madam hands i-Scepter to Soo as the victory prize. It’s been quite a while since the last time she saw him looking like this, and she says he looks better with this expression. Madam then tells Soo to take the staff already, so he grabs it and goes to return it to Lilith. Soo smiles saying he kept his promise to win the tournament, and he also feels that he caught a glimpse of the answer he’s been looking for. He says it might take a long time before he can figure out the meaning behind his teacher’s message, but for some reason, Soo feels that he might be able to find the answer if he stays with Lilith. After all, Lilith was the one who brought colors to his meaningless life. Soo then puts i-Scepter on Lilith’s hands, and he finally asks “Will you take me along? If I’m with you, I’m sure I can find the answer.”

Just then a warm, gentle light envelops both of them, and Lilith can sense Yufis’ presence in the light. When the light disappears, Soo’s left shoulder has been marked with a shining black emblem — the same as the one on Kirite’s chest. Kirite thought it was Rogner who gave him the emblem, but now he realized it must be Lilith and i-Scepter instead. Soo then changes the subject by saying this topic is too hard for him to understand, but he doesn’t mind having the emblem at all. It’s not like they’re going to die from it anyway. Besides, Soo is more concerned about Lilith’s answer right now. Of course Lilith warmly welcomes him into the party, because she feels happy to have Soo joining their journey. Kirite and Nayuta only answer with a cold silence and a short “who knows” when Lilith asks for their opinion, but when Camus laughs at Soo’s panicked reaction, they start laughing as well — they already accepted Soo as a friend.

A few days later, Lilith and friends are thinking of continuing their journey. Dinus has a military train that can take them to Ingrid, but sadly it’s not open for public.. so Nayuta won’t be able to bring everyone else along. However, Madam suddenly gives them a nice present one day — a vehicle! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Literally. It’s a car named “vehicle” lol. Lilith wonders why Madam is willing to do this much for Soo, and Madam says it’s simply because she has known Soo ever since he was small. Soo has always been a “good” fool, and Madam has been watching over him like a big sister. Madam knows that Soo is supposed to be free, so she didn’t want to see him getting trapped in a cage that he made for himself. The car is also packed with food supplies, water and warm blanket, and the fuel should be enough to take them to Ingrid. She mentions that they have to drive “by instinct”, but they don’t have to worry about that because Soo has amazing animal instincts — he can drive the car just fine. xD Madam asks them to come to her if they have any problems, and after thanking Madam for everything, the party finally sets off to Ingrid.

Along the way to Ingrid, Lilith and friends tell Soo about everything that happened to them — Remna’s order, the encounter with Rogner, and an unknown magic that warped them away. Thanks to the speed of their car, the party soon reaches Ingrid and Nayuta leaves them for a while to request an audience with Remna.

Nayuta: “Feel free to take a look around, but don’t cause any troubles.”
Soo: “Then while NayuNayu-chan is reporting, we’ll just take it easy around here.”
Nayuta: “…..” *takes out spear*
Soo: “Wait, calm down Nayuta! Don’t answer a joke with a slaughter!”

..and from this point on, Nayuta has a new nickname lol.

Nayuta then shows everyone the location of a good inn, and he asks them to wait there until he returns. Before Nayuta leaves, Kirite asks him to tell Remna that he’s quitting this mission. Since Soo’s butt will start growing some roots if they just sit at the inn, the four of them then decide to take a look around the city instead. Ingrid is pretty large because it’s one of the six capitals of Anelheid, but because Soo doesn’t know much about the gods other than Dinus, Lilith gives him a brief history lesson here.

After Adonis created the world, Yufis used her own flesh to create the continent of Anelheid. The land was barren and impossible for people to live in, so their six children also sacrificed themselves to bless the land. The six gods’ names are Ingrid, Dinus, Midvan, Amafi, Melrond and Savila — the six capitals of Anelheid were named after them. Each country has a shrine dedicated to their respective gods, while Yufis’ shrine is located in Dodona.

They return to the inn after taking a tour around Ingrid, and they find Nayuta already waiting for them inside. He informs them that Remna wants to see Lilith tomorrow morning, but looking at his expression, Kirite doubts if it’s really safe for her to attend the audience. Remna ordered him to kill Lilith if she resists after all. Kirite then reveals that he dropped the mission because he doesn’t want to kill Lilith, and he wants her to be careful from here — Remna might kill her if she fails to clear the misunderstanding. Remna strongly believes in the divine oracle, and so in her head, it would be so much better to sacrifice a single girl in order to save the world. Kirite and Soo are willing to help if Lilith wants to escape, but Lilith says it’s okay. She’s an acolyte too, so she believes Remna will understand as felloe priestesses.. or will she? Besides, Lilith also has Nayuta by her side — he’s going to protect her from danger. After traveling together for so long, Nayuta knows that Lilith is a good girl (though she’s a bit clumsy lol) and will never destroy the world.

The next morning, Nayuta takes Lilith to meet Remna in the temple. Lilith feels both scared and nervous because Camus isn’t here with her, but she feels a lot better when Nayuta asks if he can do anything to ease her fear. (❤ฺ→艸←) Nayuta then goes to talk to Remna first while Lilith waits alone in the waiting room.. and that’s where Lilith suddenly hears the mysterious voice she heard back in Dodona’s temple. The voice asks her to follow him, assuring her that there’s nothing to worry about, and it guides her to the prayer room in the temple. The voice explains that Lilith is the girl who was chosen by Yufis — the “daughter of love” — and she will be the one to save this world from destruction. Lilith asks who the voice really is, but before she can get an answer, suddenly Nayuta comes into the prayer room looking for Lilith. He’s surprised when she tells him about the voice, and especially because she didn’t run into any knights at all along the way here. Which is strange, considering the knights are always monitoring all the hallways in the temple.

Nayuta then takes Lilith to see Remna, and just as Kirite feared, Remna refuses to listen to any word Lilith has to say. After forcefully dismissing Nayuta, Remna accuses Lilith of “corrupting” Nayuta because he actually tried to protect her earlier. Nayuta kept insisting that Lilith is not a bad person, but sadly it didn’t change Remna’s opinion. Lilith is nothing more than an evil witch in her eyes, and she’s going to execute Lilith by burning her alive. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ While Lilith is still confused about everything, Remna orders the knights to seize all of her belongings, throw her into prison, and prepare for her execution immediately.

With her friends and i-Scepter both out of her reach, Lilith can only sit quietly in her prison cell thinking if she’s really going to die this way. However, Nayuta soon comes to release her from the prison. Aside from handing i-Scepter back to Lilith, Nayuta also gives her pilgrim’s clothes to cover herself with. The pilgrims are going to leave the temple soon, so she should disguise herself and blend into the group to escape outside. Lilith asks if it’s okay for him to release her, but Nayuta only answers that despite his position and duty, he can’t think of her as someone who will destroy the world. Besides, Remna doesn’t have any proof that Lilith is really the girl from the oracle. Nayuta can’t allow Remna to execute Lilith based on such an absurd reason, but he’s going to stay behind and take full responsibility for releasing her. It’s a knight’s duty to guide his master back to the right path after all. Even though Lilith highly doubts that Remna will listen to Nayuta, she has no choice but to escape without him. Nayuta has a strong faith, and Lilith knows nothing she says will shake that faith. Before Lilith leaves the prison, Nayuta tells her to “take care” — he’s saying goodbye. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Following Nayuta’s advice, Lilith manages to escape from the temple and runs back to the inn — where she tells her friends about what just happened. After examining the city’s condition, Kirite reports that the Holy Knights are busy looking for her everywhere. Lilith asks if he heard anything about Nayuta, but Kirite falls into silence before eventually revealing that the one who was in command wasn’t Nayuta. There are no official announcement, but Kirite is pretty sure that Nayuta has been arrested for releasing Lilith for prison. Remna would take his actions as “betraying the country to “protect the witch”, so Nayuta will probably get executed soon.

Kirite points out that the knights are weakening because of Nayuta’s absence, and this will be their only chance to escape from Ingrid.. but Lilith doesn’t want to leave Nayuta behind. Lilith feels bad thinking she’s being selfish, but Kirite only smiles and asks everyone to prepare — they’re going to bust Nayuta out of the prison. They all know Lilith will never abandon Nayuta, and Kirite already expected this kind of result ever since Remna gave him the order anyway. As they’ discuss about which rescue route to take, Kirite informs them about an underground passage that leads to the prison. Kirite knows about the passage because he actually lived in the temple before, though Lilith notices that he seems to avoid the subject. On the other hand, Soo suggests taking the front entrance instead. The knights don’t know Lilith’s face because her execution plan is a top secret, so they can disguise themselves as normal worshippers to enter the temple. The decision Lilith makes here leads to different scenes.

[ Front Entrance ]

Kirite tries to warn Lilith about a knight nearby, but unfortunately her nervousness only draws the knight’s attention. Lilith tries to cover it up by saying she’s just nervous because God Ingrid is strict with rules, and Soo saves her by telling the knight that Lilith is worrying about him — because he loves drinking and gambling. The knight sighs saying he can understand how Lilith feels, sinde he’d like to punish Soo pretty hard if he’s God Ingrid himself. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ After telling her to knock Soo’s corrupted mind into shape, the knight allows them to enter the temple.

[ Underground Passage ]

Kirite takes Lilith, Soo and Camus to the passage’s entrance deep in the forest, and he guides them carefully as they walk deeper into the passage. There are traps lying around to prevent intruders from sneaking into the temple, so Kirite tells them to follow his steps and not touch or step on anything weird. However, they soon hear a suspicious “click”.. and just as expected, Soo apologized saying he stepped on something lol. Soo panicks when Camus points out the trap around his feet, while Kirite explains that the trap will activate once Soo lifts his leg.

Soo: “What should I do?”
Kirite: “… it was nice knowing you.”
Camus: “Hehehe.”
Soo: “Hey, don’t laugh! Lilith, please say something! I don’t wanna die like this!”
Lilith: “Kirite, don’t tease Soo anymore. Please release him from the trap?”
Kirite: “I was half-serious, but since it’s Lilith’s request…”

..and the moment Soo lifts his leg, Kirite slashes an arrow that flew towards them into half. ♥ After telling Soo to be careful, Kirite continues guiding them until they finally reach the temple.

The party then makes their way into the prison and finds Nayuta locked up in a cell, but Nayuta refuses to escape. Rather than running away, he says he’s ready to die for what he believes in. His faith and loyalty are dedicated towards God Ingrid, but he can’t accept the oracle after all. God Ingrid is trying to kill Lilith even though she’s innocent, and Nayuta is torn because he has to choose between protecting Lilith and following the god he’s been worshipping forever. Since he already pledged his loyalty to God Ingrid, Nayuta decided to remain as a Holy Knight until the day he gets executed.. and he apologized for not choosing to escape with Lilith.

Just then a voice suddenly says “well-said, my servant.” Nayuta is surprised and asks if he’s God Ingrid, and the voice proves its “divinity” by erasing the iron bars on Nayuta’s prison cell. As a shining sword appears in the air, the voice gives Nayuta a “divine oracle” as well — “my loyal servant, stab and purify that witch with this sword.” Knowing that Nayuta is suffering under the voice’s pressure, Lilith says God Ingrid is really cruel for torturing Nayuta like this. If he’s really a god, then he should give Nayuta a proof to believe in — a proof that Lilith is really the witch. Suddenly i-Scepter starts glowing, and its light reveals a small dimensional warp in the corner of the prison. The voice panicks when Kirite takes out his sword to slash the warp, which breaks an invisible barrier and shows the true identity of the voice — a black-winged, cloaked man.

The cloaked man isn’t pleased that Yufis is interrupting him through “the saint”, and he starts hurling invisible blades towards everyone. One of the blades almost slices Lilith, but Nayuta comes to shield her from the attack. Just as Lilith notices that the doubts are now gone from his eyes, Nayuta finally says “you’re not a witch after all.” Then suddenly, i-Scepter glows in Lilith’s hands and marks Nayuta’s neck with a shining black emblem. The cloaked man is really shocked upon seeing this, as he never expected that Ingrid’s “Vakista” — the ones who has the gods’ blessings — would be awakened right in front of his eyes. He tries to kill both Lilith and Nayuta by summoning more invisible blades, but Nayuta destroys them easily with Ingrid’s blessings. Kirite, Soo and Camus are ready to join in the fight, so the cloaked man decides to escape saying he should have killed Lilith a long time ago.

After the cloaked man disappears, Nayuta calls Lilith’s name and kneels down before her — asking her to accept his vow. Lilith has given him power from God Ingrid, and he believes that God Ingrid must have chosen her as well. Nayuta then vows to become Lilith’s sword. He will protect her from now on, and he will carry God Ingrid’s will that he received through her. Lilith is a bit reluctant at first, but since everyone is telling her to let Nayuta protect her, eventually Lilith nods and Nayuta kisses her hand. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Nayuta then stands up saying they should get out of here, because even if the oracle turns out to be a fake, they can’t prove their innocence since the cloaked man has escaped.

Lilith: “Yes, Nayuta-sama!”
Nayuta: “…..”
Nayuta: “Nayuta.”
Lilith: “Yes?”
Nayuta: “Please call me ‘Nayuta’. I’m your sword after all.”


Episode: Keep That Love and Save the World

After rescuing Nayuta from prison, Lilith and friends are hiding from the knights’ eyes in a back alley. Ingrid has four gates, but they’re all heavily guarded at the moment. Soo suggests using the underground passage to get out of the city, but Nayuta refuses saying the knights must be guarding the passage as well — he knows he would do that if he’s still in command.

Soo: “… I’m glad NayuNayu is on our side.”
Nayuta: “Who are you calling NayuNayu? I’ll throw you to the knights.”

Nayuta, you’re evil and I love you for that. xD

They’re thinking of forcing their way out from the weakest gate when suddenly Lilith hears a woman’s voice, calling Lilith to follow her. As the voice guides them out of Ingrid, they notice that all the knights along their way have been magically put to sleep.. and they manage to get out of Ingrid without encountering any problems at all. Once they’re on the field outside, they remember that their car is still parked outside another gate, but sadly they have no time to go back and retrieve it. However, they have nothing to worry about because their car suddenly comes to approach them from afar.. along with two men and one woman riding it — all with a pair of white wings on their backs.

Everyone puts their guards up and wonders if they’re enemies, but instead of explaining who they are, the white-winged people are busy arguing over nicknames for Lilith instead lol. The woman, Luverchi, wants to call Lilith by “Bambi-chan”; the blonde man, Kuriel, says “little bird” is more appropriate for her; while the black-haired man beside them, Horo, corrects everything by saying “she’s the ‘daughter of love, not a little deer nor a little bird.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Except for Soo, everyone is shocked upon realizing who these white-winged people are. Luverchi, Kuriel and Horo are the names of the Holy Ones — the three gods who rule this world. Kuriel is in charge of the lands, and he builds the laws for people to follow. Luverchi loves freedom, and she’s ruling the sky above Anelheid. Horo symbolizes patience, and the oceans are under his control.

Since Soo has never heard about them before, the Holy Ones explain it’s because the three of them are weaker compared to other gods. Gods and humans exist on different dimensions, so normally gods can’t understand human feelings even though they have strong power to bless them. In order to understand humans and their wishes, the Holy Ones created physical bodies and went down to live directly in the human world. It makes them a tad bit weaker compared to other gods, but they can guide and watch over humans directly. It’s their job to guide Lilith and friends now, so they’re here to clear everyone’s confusion.

From the Holy Ones, Lilith learns that the world is heading towards destruction because of a certain disease called “Lovelost”. Just as the name says, Lovelost causes people to lose their love — be it for other people, for their spouse, or even for the gods. Each day the amount of people who pray in the temple is decreasing, the number of foolish fights are increasing, and in the end the world will be destroyed because love is gone from everyone’s hearts. Lilith then asks how can she save the world as the one chosen by Yufis, and they explain that there’s a certain god who holds intense anger towards humans — Rogner, the forgotten god. He used to be a god like them, but he lost his status as a god when he cursed and harmed humans. It’s only natural if Nayuta and Lilith never heard about him before because nobody remembers him anymore, and so there’s no one left to worship or love him as a god. That being said, Rogner actually loves humans. He can’t stand the sight of the world heading towards destruction, so now he’s trying to “purge” humanity — hoping they can remember the gods again if he shows them the gods’ power.

Even though humans aren’t forgetting the gods on purpose, Rogner is cursing them for picking destruction over believe in the gods.. but despite his anger, he’s actually trying to protect them from Lovelost in his own way. The black-winged cloaked man they fought in the prison earlier is called a “Sacred Nephilim” — an apostle of a cursed god created by Rogner. The Holy Ones then ask the party to stop Rogner, because they all have the power to fight back. Just as they told Lilith before, Lilith is the ‘daughter of love’ — the one chosen by Yufis — and i-Scepter is a staff to spread Yufis’ blessings throughout the land. The ones who have black emblems on their bodies are called Vakista — the ones chosen to protect the ‘daughter of love’ during her journey to spread love. Each of them are blessed with the power of their respective gods, so they can use their god’s power like Nayuta did earlier. Nayuta is blessed with Ingrid’s power, while Soo has Dinus and Kirite has Savila’s. Lilith gladly accepts the duty saying she wants to save the world, though it’s not because she’s the one chosen by Yufis.. but rather because she wants to loves this world. She doesn’t want the world to be destroyed. Lilith asks what she needs to do to save the world, and the Holy Ones suggest seeking all of her Vakista first. She’s still missing Midvan’s, Melrond’s and Amafi’s Vakista. Melrond and Amafi are both rather difficult to visit, so Nayuta says they should start from Midvan. But first, they need to make a stop by Dinus to learn the situation from Madam.

Three days later, Lilith and friends return to Dinus. Lilith notices that Nayuta is addressing her more informally now, as he already switched from “貴女” to “お前”. When she asks him about this, he blushes saying it’s simply because he has a change of heart.

Soo: “What kind of ‘change of heart’? Tell me, NayuNayu.”
Camus: “I wanna know too~”
Nayuta: “Do you guys want to get slapped?” ( ಠ_ಠ )

Lilith feels happy because she feels a lot closer to Nayuta now, but then she realized that for some reason, Nayuta is still addressing Kirite with the formal “Kirite-dono” instead of calling his name like everyone else. Just then Kirite feels that someone’s watching them, but he decides to push the suspicion aside for now. When Lilith and friends head to Madam’s place, a figure in the shadows is impressed that Kirite can sense his presence.

When they reach the casino, Madam shows them a wanted poster that says Lilith and friends are fugitives now — though their “crime” is hidden because they’re actually innocent. Remna doesn’t mind even if Lilith is dead, so Madam warns them to be careful of bounty hunters who might be aiming after their necks. Like the one who watched them earlier, for example. After leaning about the situation from Lilith, Madam informs them about a suspicious self-proclaimed “Great Sage” who came to visit her quite a while ago. The Great Sage seems to be concerned about Lovelost too, because he asked a lot of questions regarding Dinus’ security level. When Madam asked why he wants to know such a thing, he said it’s “to save the world.” Obviously Madam thought he was retarded, so she gave the Great Sage a good smack to the head. xD

Madam is willing to search where this retarded Great Sage went after leaving Dinus, and she also lets Lilith and friends stay in her casino’s VIP room — it would be much safer compared to the inn. It will take time before she can track down the Great Sage’s location, so everyone’s free to explore the town in the meantime.

[ Casino ]

Noticing that Lilith wants to do something to help, Madam asks her to try working in the casino for a change. One of her staff is absent today, so Lilith fills his position.. as a blackjack dealer lol. Since Lilith is both an amateur and a good girl, the customers end up playing with her when they want to relax between their other games. Soon her friends come to check what took her so long to return to their room, and upon seeing her sitting on the blackjack table, they decide to play one game together. The moment he receives his cards, Nayuta frowns and decides to fold — enduring the humiliation from Soo and Camus lol. When they open their cards, the result is as follows: Lilith 20, Kirite 19, Camus 21 (winner!), and then they turn around to Soo.. who’s covering his cards that show the total sum of 11.

… 11. Freaking 11. For blackjack.

Nayuta: “You.. How can you think of winning with these cards.”
Soo: “S-Shut up! I thought this would do!”
Camus: “With 11?”
Kirite: “Sometimes people also bluff to win, but..” *sighs*
Soo: “Argh, Kirite! Don’t let out such a heavy sigh, it makes me sad!”
Nayuta: “You better have some sadness in you.”
Camus: “I agree. I only respect your heart’s strength to compete with that sum.”

Yes, Soo. You’re retarded. That’s why gambling sucks your wallet dry lol.

[ Town Streets ]

Lilith decides to visit the main street with Nayuta, where they can relax because nobody will recognize them among the crowd. Lilith is hoping they can find information about Lovelost or the Great Sage, and Nayuta mentions the latter’s noticeable feature is that he looks “shady”. They decide to ask people if they saw a suspicious-looking man, but Lilith then gets distracted by a cute clock in a shop nearby.

Lilith: “Look, that clock is so cute!”
Lilith: “Oh, but the one with those exquisite decorations suits Nayuta more.”
Nayuta: “You’re right. That one suits my taste, but if you ask me to choose..”
Nayuta: “…wait, NO! We’re searching for the Great Sage, not clocks.”
Lilith: “T-That’s right. I’m sorry, it’s just the clock was so cute. Great Sage, right.”
Nayuta: “It’s okay as long as you understa–”
Lilith: “Ah! The bread in that shop looks so delicious!”
Lilith: “I’m curious about the cream-filled one. Which one do you want to eat?”
Nayuta: “The second one from the le– Hah!”
Nayuta: “… Lilith.”

LOL Nayuta got carried away by Lilith’s pace. 8D

Lilith tries to protest by saying Nayuta got distracted too, but she decides not to argue when he goes “did you say something? ( ಠ_ಠ )” lol. He knows Dinus’ main street is a rare sight for her though, so he says they can look around as long as they get their priorities straight. xD

Even after asking around, they can’t find any information about the Great Sage at all. As they take a walk around the city, Nayuta comments about how Lilith doesn’t seem like an acolyte at all. Normally priests and priestesses would think of difficulties as “trials” for them to face, but she accepts everything naturally. While she thinks it’s because she’s not serious enough, he believes her natural acceptance is actually a form of strength. Lilith doesn’t think she’s really that strong, and she respects Nayuta a lot because he always walks forward on the path he chose by himself. Nayuta blushes like a tomato upon hearing this, but he hides it by taking Lilith to continue their walk. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

A few days later, Madam finally receives some information about the Great Sage. It turns out the shady man already left Dinus, but someone reported seeing him in Midvan a few days ago. They might be able to catch up if they depart now. However, they can’t use their car because Midvan is surrounded by a vast desert. They won’t be able to escape if the sand breaks their car on the way. Madam can prepare some horses for them, but in the end they have to walk since Lilith and Soo don’t know how to ride one. They have to be careful of bounty hunters as well, because there’s a high chance they will get attacked outside of town.

After buying all the necessary items (and after Nayuta slaps both Soo and Camus for trying to bring raw meat to the desert), Lilith and friends leave on a journey towards Midvan. While Soo and Camus are joking around along the way, both Kirite and Nayuta realized that someone has been following them ever since they left Dinus. The presence suddenly disappears just now, so there’s a high chance that whoever followed them is lurking to ambush them — most likely on the bridge crossing the river ahead. In order to avoid the ambush, the party decides to take a shortcut through Wolf’s Chanze, a forest located not too far from Dinus and the desert. Just as the name says, the forest is well-known as a lair of wolves, but fighting wolves would be easier than fighting bounty hunters.

Wolf’s Chanze is incredibly dark even though it’s still bright outside, and while Camus loves all kinds of forests in general, he can sense there’s something different about this one. Just then Kirite senses that the person who’s been following them has chased them all the way into the forest, and right after Camus warns them that the forest is “crying”, arrows after arrows are shot towards them from multiple directions. It’s really weird because Kirite can only sense one presence, and if their pursuer is really alone, then it means he’s running around with incredible speed to surround them with arrows. Kirite and Soo then run deeper into the forest to counter the arrow rain, but they return empty-handed since their opponent escaped with the speed of light. It doesn’t seem like the man will return to attack them again anytime soon, so they decide to hurry along and leave the forest.

Upon stepping out of Wolf’s Chanze, the party finds themselves in the desert. The heat is a bit too hard for Lilith to endure since she grew up in the cold Dodona, but she tries her best not to trouble her friends. After reassuring them that she’s alright, Lilith suddenly senses something coming towards them.. and a humongous, fucking disgusting sandworm shakes the ground as it pokes its head out of the sand. Lilith notices that the sandworm gives off the same aura as the Sacred Nephilim in Ingrid, which means that aside from bounty hunters, Rogner is probably after their lives as well. It’d be dangerous if the sandworm attacks Lilith, so everyone tells her to escape with Camus while they attract the sandworm’s attention. After asking her friends to promise they’ll catch up later, Lilith runs away as far as she could.. only to realize that another giant sandworm is chasing after her. She notices a barking puppy along the way, and fearing for its safety, she decides to take a sharp turn to save the puppy.

P.S. If Lilith ignores the puppy, she gets chewed by the sandworm like a crunchy snack.

Lilith trips and almost got swallowed by the sandworm — with her friends being too far away to help — but suddenly several arrows fly and pierce the sandworm through the head. When LIlith looks around to see the shooter, she can only see a man’s silhouette from afar. The man releases an arrow rain onto the sandworm until it’s dead, but by the time Lilith’s friends catch up with her, he’s already gone along with the puppy. They’re pretty sure it’s the same person as the one who attacked them in Wolf’s Chanze earlier, but they have no idea why he saved Lilith from the sandworm. The party then continues their journey, and they decide to camp out by the rocky area when it gets dark.

Before bed, Lilith notices that Nayuta is gone from their campsite. She goes around looking for him, and she finds him standing not too far away from their camp — holding his right shoulder in pain. Nayuta says it only got scratched by the sandworm and insists that he’s fine, but Lilith forces him to let her heal the wound.. because she wants to help them too. As she uses her healing spell on Nayuta’s shoulder, Lilith chuckles saying this is the exact opposite of the time when he healed her leg on the way to Dinus. Nayuta protests saying it’s different because he didn’t know she can use healing spells back then, while Lilith is currently healing him by force.. but then he thanks her anyway. He always heals himself whenever he gets hurt, so he feels “different” when someone else is healing him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Lilith then asks if he was in the middle of training, and when Nayuta answers yes, she admits she’s surprised because today is an exhausting day for all of them. Nayuta frowns and goes “do you want to say I’m brawny without brains? ( ಠ_ಠ )”, and Lilith honestly answers “a part of me admires you for being so serious and diligent, but the other part of me is shocked since you love training that much.” He frowns again upon hearing this, but then he admits it’s not that he loves training — training is only a way to reach his objective. He was really scared when the second sandworm suddenly appeared to chase after her, and he felt angry for putting her into danger, so he trains harder to make sure he can protect her next time. Lilith apologized for saying such an insensitive thing, and Nayuta blushes when she thanks him for protecting her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After crossing the desert, Lilith and friends find themselves in a green grass land just outside of Midvan. They notice a peaceful nomadic farm along the way, and while Lilith is interested in living in a tent, they decide to proceed along to Midvan because they desperately need a bath to wash off all the sand from their faces.

Lilith: “I want to take a proper bath, not just wiping my body with a towel.”
Soo: “Okay, then let’s bathe with m–”
Kirite: “…..” *punches Soo*
Soo: “Ouch!! I thought NayuNayu would be the one to hit me..!”
Soo: “I didn’t see that coming from you, Kirite! That hurts a lot!”
Lilith: “…I can’t feel sorry for you, Soo.”

LOL Lilith is merciless too.

Not too long after the party arrives at the inn, someone suddenly comes to visit their room. At first Lilith thinks it’s the owner, so she’s surprised to see an unknown man standing in front of their door. Kirite, Nayuta and Soo immediately put their guards up, but the man calmly says he didn’t come here to fight them. He asks if he can come inside because he stands out a lot here in the hallway, and he also says Soo and Kirite should know who he is — he’s the man who attacked them in Wolf’s Chanze. He’s willing to leave if they don’t want to hear his information, but eventually they let him in as long as he stays away from Lilith.. though distance wouldn’t be a problem if he really wants to kill her. Since he already knows their names, the man then introduces himself to make it fair. His name is Nate, and he’s an assassin hired to kill Lilith.

Nate received the mission from the assassin guild, so he believes they should know the client better than he does — it’s definitely Remna. He doesn’t have any intentions to kill her anymore though. He’s dropping off the job because Lilith saved a “kid” who wandered out of the forest. After thinking about which “kid” is he talking about, Lilith asks if he’s referring to the puppy she saw in the desert. Nate is shocked and tells her it’s not a puppy, but a wolf pup. There’s a big difference between them! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He asks if she has never heard of werewolves before, and when he grins, Lilith finally realized that Nate is actually a werewolf. He has fangs, a pair of wolf ears hidden under his hat, and also a wolf tail. Werewolves have extreme speed and really strong senses, which is why Nate could track them down in the forest before.

Nate only wants them to know that he won’t attack them anymore, but Nayuta says they can’t feel relieved yet because his job will only be passed to another member of the guild. However, Nate only answers with “that’s only if another assassin is available for the task.” Kirite notices what he’s trying to say, but Nate quickly adds he already got tired of getting used by humans. Before leaving their room, Nate suddenly stops to ask if Lilith saved the wolf pup because she thought it’s a puppy. Lilith says that’s not the reason, because she will still save it even if she knows it’s actually a wolf. When Nate mentions that wolves are considered as “monsters” in people’s eyes, Lilith says it’s just the same as saving a child from danger. She only thought of the wolf pup’s safety, and she won’t look at the wolf pup as a future criminal or monster. Nate laughs saying she’s a strange girl, but he feels glad he didn’t kill her.

However, right after Nate leaves, Soo says Nate is probably planning to die. Kirite also notices the same thing, because judging from Nate’s words from earlier, it seems like he’s planning to do something to the assassin guild and he’s ready to face death in the process. Kirite explains that the assassin guild has strict rules, and those who failed their missions won’t be forgiven. Especially not when the failure is caused by the assassin dropping the job like Nate did. In any case, Nate is in a big trouble and Lilith reluctantly asks if they can help him. He dropped the job because she saved the wolf pup, but he also saved her by killing the sandworm. She wants to save him in return, but she won’t be able to fight without them. After a long, LONG silence that seems like forever, Nayuta finally sighs and says he doesn’t mind — he’s her sword after all. Of course Kirite, Soo and Camus don’t mind helping Nate either, and Kirite mentions that the assassin guild is located in a place called Zanas Valley. If you’re wondering why Kirite knows a lot about the guild, it’s because they invited him to join a long time ago. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ For now they should gather information first, both about the Great Sage and about the assassin guild.

Since the citizens might get scared if they blatantly ask about Zanas Valley, Nayuta and Lilith decide to search for the Great Sage first. From a young man in town, they learn that a shady man was requesting an audience with Midvan’s king saying it’s “to save the world”. The man went all the way to the castle, only to get shooed away by the guards. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Lilith then asks if the young man knows about Zanas Valley, and fear instantly shows on his face. He warns them about an insanely powerful assassin known as “Fenrir the Death” in the valley, but since Lilith and Nayuta keep begging him to tell them the valley’s location, eventually he gives in and says it’s located to the west of Midvan. As if it’s not obvious already, “Fenrir the Death” is Nate’s assassin alias.

After obtaining the necessary information, the party heads to save Nate in Zanas Valley. The road to the valley is really rocky and difficult to go through, not to mention Soo also points out at the assassin guild’s way of welcoming them — a rotten, half-broken bridge hanging over a terrifying cliff. The bridge might look scary, but Kirite notices that it’s actually only a disguise to keep people away from the valley. Even though the bridge has a lot of holes, the wood planks are strong enough for them to step on. Soo decides to test it out by jumping up and down on the bridge, and while the bridge itself is indeed strong, his fearless actions nearly gave Lilith a heart attack. Soo isn’t completely fearless though, because he does have something he fears — Nayuta’s lectures. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Noticing that Lilith looks incredibly pale, Nayuta kneels down and asks Lilith to ride on his back and close her eyes. He’s worried if she crosses the bridge on her own feet, so it would be a lot safer if he carries her instead. Upon riding on Nayuta’s back, Lilith realized that Nayuta is really tall, and the world seems different when she sees it from his height. Even with her eyes closed, Lilith still feels scared when Nayuta carries her across the swaying, creaking bridge.. but at the same time, she also feels warm and safe on his back. A part of her wants to stay like this forever, but soon they reach the other side and she blushes as she gets down from his back. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Upon arriving in the valley, Kirite explains that Zanas Valley used to be a mining town in the past. Right now it’s completely abandoned, and the assassins took the place to build their lair. The buildings in the valley are all ruined and impossible for people to live in, so they decide to walk deeper into the valley until they finally find the assassin guild. Lilith is worried that Nate might not be here, but her friends know he’s definitely inside. They don’t see any guards along the way, and Camus can sense the smell of blood and fire from the guild. Most likely the entire building have turned into a battlefield because of Nate, so one of them needs to cut open the path and leads the rest inside.

If Lilith asks for Nayuta’s help, he carefully leads them through the guild and completely mops the floor with the poor assassins who are lurking to ambush them inside. Soo and Kirite are guarding the back, while Lilith is amazed upon watching Nayuta’s knightly fighting style. When Soo says he’ll rely on Lilith’s heal if he gets hurt, Nayuta reminds Soo that he can heal as well. Learning healing spells is necessary even for the Holy Knights, so if Soo gets hurt, Nayuta will heal him completely and thoroughly. ( ≖‿≖) The number of assassins are rather small though, so there must be something serious going on inside.

Eventually the party reaches the inner court, and that’s where they finally find Nate — fighting against the last assassin in the guild. Nate is heavily injured after slaughtering the entire guild, but knowing they shouldn’t interrupt his battle, the party decides to watch over Nate for now. They’re actually planning to help if things get dangerous, but when the last assassin is driving him into a corner, Nate suddenly transforms into his werewolf form and finishes him off. Right after the battle ends, Nate notices them watching him from afar and asks what are they doing here. Lilith answers they came here because they want to save him, but Nate coldly says he doesn’t need any help. However, Kirite then asks Lilith to heal Nate’s wounds. At first Nayuta, Soo and Camus are against the idea since Nate seems dangerous in this form, but eventually they agree and leave Lilith alone with Nate — who thinks it’s a foolish move because he can kill her here anytime.

When Lilith tries to use her healing spell on him, Nate slaps her hand and asks if she wants to use him too. Humans are always using him to do their dirty jobs, and he knows they’re letting him live just because he’s useful. He already got sick of being used. Realizing that Nate is also blaming himself for letting those humans used him, Lilith hugs him saying she doesn’t want to use him. She’s here because he saved her in the desert, and even though he says he only “let her live”, she knows he didn’t kill her because he wanted to change. Nate says it seems really foolish since he already gave up on changing himself, but Lilith says it’s not foolish at all. Just then a light suddenly envelops both of them, and it heals Nate’s wounds as well as leaving a Vakista emblem on his right arm — marking Nate as Midvan’s Vakista. Nate then asks “What’s this light? It’s warm.. like you”, and Lilith explains that it’s Yufis’ light. Yufis is giving love to him, and this is her way of saying she loves him.

Nate: “… aren’t you embarrassed by saying that?”
Lilith: “D-Don’t say that!” Σ(〃д〃)

Nate is already back in his human form when everyone returns, and they’re surprised to see that Nate is their friend. Of course Nate is confused, but unfortunately they don’t have time for explanations right now. Camus can sense that something is coming, and one second later.. a Sacred Nephilim summons his fabulous sandworm to attack them from the ground. Aside from regenerating nonstop, the sandworm also summons an equally fabulous stone rain that makes it hard for them to approach. However, distance isn’t a problem for Nate. He smiles when both Kirite and Nayuta step forward to protect him, and by using Midvan’s blessings, he shoots the sandworm dead with one shot.

After the battle, everyone explains everything to Nate — the Holy Ones’ request, Vakista, and also their mission to stop Lovelost. Nate asks if they want him to help, but Lilith is reluctant to say yes because she’s afraid of chaining him down. After all, Nate just said he doesn’t want to be used by humans anymore. That’s only until Soo snickers and points at Nate’s tail though, because Lilith then notices that Nate is wagging his tail left and right. (❤ฺ→艸←) Realizing what this means, Lilith asks if Nate actually wants to join them.. and Nate instantly turns as red as a tomato because she hits the spot. xD Following Soo’s suggestion, Lilith quietly whispers “sit”, but of course Nate’s wolf ears caught her words because he immediately sits down on the ground. WHAT IS THIS. SO CUTE. (〃゚艸゚):;* Lilith has to suppress the urge of hugging Nate again, while Camus says Nate is surprisingly puppy-like lol. Nate protests that he’s a wolf and not a dog — remember, there’s a huge difference between them! — rejecting Soo’s command when the latter asks for his hand LOL. Lilith happily welcomes Nate into the party.

Episode: Blessing and Curse

Before leaving Zanas Valley, the party is having a discussion about what to do next. They still need to find the Great Sage, so they decide to meet king Kadash of Midvan to confirm whether the Great Sage really had an audience with him. Kirite says they might be able to meet Kadash by mentioning his name, and even though Nayuta looks worried, Kirite doesn’t mind “using his past” as long as it can lead them to Rogner. After a moment of silence, Soo says he might be able to do something as well — even if it might be hard to believe. Nate offers to take them into the castle assassin-way, but Lilith refuses because they already have Remna after their life. Taking Nate’s offer means they’re going to be real criminals in Anelheid, though Nate doesn’t mind assassinating Remna for them lol. Along the way back to Midvan, Nate asks Lilith to stop being so formal with him because it creeps him out. xD Lilith then says she’ll get used to call him “Nate” because they seem to be close in age, but Nate reveals that he might be older than she thought. He’s 34. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Lilith wants to revert back to “Nate-san” because of this, but since he keeps going “you promised to call me ‘Nate’ right? right?”, eventually she gives in lol.

After returning to Midvan and spending the night at the inn, the party visits Midvan Castle the next morning. At the castle gate, Kirite informs the guard that he’s actually the crown prince of Savila — the lost kingdom — and he requests for an audience with Kadash. As the proof of his identity, Kirite takes out a charm which has been handed down in Savila’s royal family for generations. In order to guarantee that Kirite is telling the truth, Soo reveals that he’s actually the son of Vahnstein — the king of Dinus. He’s not listed as a royal heir, but he’s still a part of the royal family. If the guard needs a proof, then he’s can ask anyone from Dinus about Soo’s identity. Everyone in Dinus knows him. Nayuta knows about Kirite’s identity and Lilith also saw it coming somehow, but Soo’s revelation shocks everyone. It’s not because of who his father is, but because Soo himself doesn’t look and act like a prince at all. xD

All of these revelation are more than enough to convince the guard, so he finally guides them to see Kadash inside. Since Kadash already knew Remna is after their necks, Kirite explains everything about Lovelost and Rogner to him. Kadash then asks Lilith whether she thinks of herself as a saint or a witch, and Lilith honestly answers she wants to be a saint in order to save the world. She loves this world, and she wants to do her best to prevent its destruction. While Kadash finds everything hard to believe, he does notices that the signs of Lovelost are invading Midvan as well. Aside from the citizens, the desert around Midvan is growing larger and eating all the nature around them. Midvan used to be a beautiful oasis town, but recently people have to seek food and materials from Wolf’s Chanze instead.. so Kadash apologized to Nate in behalf of his country.

Kadash then says he has two choices in this situation. The first is to follow Remna’s order by killing Lilith, and the second is to trust everything in their hands. While executing Lilith is a really easy task for him as a king, Kadash knows he won’t be able to take it back if Remna turns out to be wrong.. so he decides to remain neutral for now. Kadash asks if they have anything to discuss with him today, and Kirite asks him about the Great Sage. Kadash remembers that a shady man really did come to the castle sometime ago, and he demanded Kadash to hand over Midvan’s royal heritage — saying he’s gathering royal heritage from each country to save the world. It sounds like a very bad swindling technique, but they can’t say for sure if it’s a lie or not because he might really be trying to save the world. Of couse Kadash didn’t give him the royal heritage, but the man did give Kadash his name — Nico the Great Sage. Nico didn’t give up and said he’ll return to get the royal heritage later, so now Kadash is having a headache thinking he’d have to deal with that man again lol.

Nayuta asks if he knows where Nico is right now, and Kadash answers that Nico already left for Savila. Kirite seems reluctant about visiting Savila, but they have no choice because Nico seems to have a lot of information they don’t know. Kadash promises to give them a decision after watching how the situation will develop from here, and the party leaves to continue their journey towards Savila. Since Savila is located on a faraway island by the edge of Anelheid, Soo suggests they stop by Dinus first so he can ask Vahnstein to provide transportation for them. Lilith is worried because Kirite looks really sad, but Kirite says he’s fine — it’s something he needs to face anyway. Right now Kirite is more concerned about Soo and Nate since they look like they’re going to gamble away in the casino later, so he asks Nayuta to keep an eye on them. xD When night falls, they decide to camp near the rocky area in the desert again.

Late at night, Lilith leaves the campfire to get some fresh air. Nayuta notices her walking away from the fire, so he gives her a blanket to keep her warm. (。・ω・。) She tries to give it back to him since they only have one blanket, but since he insists that he will be just fine, she jokingly says they should share the blanket instead. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Nayuta instantly goes “Wha..! There’s no way I can do that!”, and he turns red when Lilith apologized. After a short silence, Nayuta suddenly says he’ll accept Lilith’s offer, and he teasingly asks “why are you surprised? this is your idea after all.” (❤ฺ→艸←) When Lilith blushes saying she didn’t think Nayuta would agree, he smirks and adds “I don’t think you should lie as an acolyte.”

Lilith: “Nayuta.. are you teasing me?”
Nayuta: “You were the one who started it.”
Lilith: “You’re so mean.”
Nayuta: “You too.”

..and after glaring at each other, both of them start laughing at what they’re doing.

After receiving the blanket, Lilith says the people of Midvan are really strong to be able to live in the middle of a desert. Nayuta answers the people of Midvan must be admiring those who are living in the cold Dodona as well, and when Lilith wonders if she has that kind of strength too, Nayuta firmly replies with “you’re strong”. Even though she spent almost all of her life in Dodona, she’s flexible and can adapt to various situations.. and he thinks that’s her strength. Nayuta asks what happened when she blushes, while Lilith wonders if he’s aware that he’s lavishing her with praises. xD Nayuta also says people are strong just by living their lives, and Lilith adds that personal strength will only make them even stronger — just like their friends in the party. They all have different ways of living, and that’s what makes them strong. Lilith then says she doesn’t want this world to be destroyed, and Nayuta agrees. They can’t let ruin to fall upon their beautiful world.

Even though their arrest command has spread all the way to Midvan, the party safely reaches Dinus without any problems. Soo leaves to talk to Vahnstein immediately, and he asks them to wait in Madam’s place until he comes back. Upon learning that Nico has gone to Savila, Madam says it’s really strange because Nico didn’t stop by Dinus along the way. She placed her men all over the city to grab Nico if he enters Dinus, but he didn’t. Of course there’s the possibility that he went directly to Savila without stopping by, though it’s unnatural since there’s a great distance between Midvan and Savila — he can’t stock up food and water if he doesn’t stop by Dinus. Madam also informs them that Dinus has received an official order to arrest Lilith, so it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to other countries. However, they don’t have to worry for now because other than Ingrid, none of the countries are taking it seriously. It’s only based on an oracle anyway. Most of them choose to stay neutral and keep an eye on what’s going to happen next — just like Kadash.

When Madam learns that Soo is away to see Vahnstein, she explains that Soo is actually an illegitimate child. Both Soo and Vahnstein aren’t hiding this from everyone though, and so the people of Dinus know that Soo is truly Vahnstein’s son. Soo and his deceased mother didn’t like being constrained in the castle, and Vahnstein himself also loved that free side of Soo’s mother. When Soo’s mother passed away, Vahnstein actually wanted to take him back to the castle, but Soo refused and chose to live in the downtown of Dinus instead. Soo has never asked for Vahnstein’s help before, so Madam finds it interesting that Soo is now relying on his father for his friends’ sake. Madam then tells everyone to get some rest until Soo returns, and Nate reluctantly asks if it’s okay for him to stay here. He’s a werewolf after all.

Madam: “… you won’t howl in the middle of the night, right?”
Nate: “No way! I’m not an untrained dog!”
Madam: “Oh, sorry about that. No problem then.”

I love how everyone treats Nate like a dog. xD

Later on, Soo returns with bruises all over his face and body. Nayuta asks if he got beaten up by the guards, but Soo says he just talked to his father.. and also exchanged about five or six punches. It’s something that always happens between them though, so it’s not like he doesn’t get along with his father. After Lilith heals his wounds, Soo informs everyone that Vahnstein wants to see them tomorrow.

The next day, Soo guides everyone into Dinus Castle. They still find it hard to believe that Soo is really the king’s son, so he tells them to see it with their own eyes. Then he takes them into the throne room by punching the door open. The first thing they hear from the throne room is a loud voice yelling “you piss me off, stupid son! can’t you at least knock!?”, to which Soo replies with an equally loud “you’re pissing me off too! I brought my friends here because you asked to!” This leads to them getting ready to punch each other again, but upon seeing the king with their own eyes, everyone instantly believes that Soo is really his son. Vahnstein looks exactly like Soo, just older with a more strict expession. In fact, Lilith thinks Vahnstein is how Soo will look like when he grows older. Nayuta has to suppress the urge to scold Soo when the latter introduces the king by saying “everyone, this is my damn old man, Vahnstein”, but Vahnstein lightly replies with “I’m this idiot’s father, Vahnstein. This fool has caused you a lot of troubles.” LOL. What an introduction. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Noticing that Nayuta is scowling beside them, Kirite decides to relieve the poor guy’s stress by asking about the transportation. Vahnstein says he already prepared a military train for them to use, and Soo explains that Vahnstein actually called them here simply because he wants to see them lol. When Lilith thanks him for providing the train, Vahnstein suddenly walks over to take a really close look at Lilith. He asks if she’s “the saint” Soo was talking about, and when she says yes, he goes “my stupid son has a good taste in girls.” (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Vahnstein then asks about Lilith’s plans from here, and Lilith calmly explains that they’re going to chase after the Great Sage to Savila. If they fail to catch him there, they’re going to search for him in Amafi next. Vahnstein also asks about how Lilith feels towards Remna, and he’s impressed when Lilith says she’s not holding a grudge against the High Priestess. After all, it’s thanks to her that Lilith can see the world and meet her friends. Even if they got captured, Lilith’s only regret would be that she involved her friends into this mess.

After staring at Lilith for a while, Vahnstein laughs saying he likes her. From now on they don’t have to worry about getting captured in Dinus, since he’s going to protect them while they’re in his territory. Vahnstein doesn’t care about what Remna will think about this, and he believes his people won’t wish for Lilith’s death anyway. Lilith is deeply touched by his support, and he wipes her happy tears saying he’s expecting to hear good news from them. At the same time, Soo is going “crap, he took all the good parts” in the background. xD Soo thanks his “damn old man” before they leave the throne room, and after buying all the necessary items, they set off to Savila on Dinus’ military train.

After riding the train in silence for a while, Kirite finally asks if everyone’s awake and willing to listen to him. They actually have been waiting until Kirite wants to talk, and Nayuta says he will help explaining if it gets too hard for him to endure. Kirite then asks if they know that Savila got destroyed so suddenly, and there’s no one left in Savila to tell people about its fall. Ten years ago, Rogner came down to Savila and destroyed the entire kingdom. Kirite is the only survivor, and that was because his mother protected him from Rogner’s attack. After losing his parents and home, Kirite was taken in to live in Ingrid. Nayuta saw him in the temple several times, but Kirite was already gone by the time Nayuta became a Holy Knight. Rather than living under the High Priestess’ protection, Kirite decided to leave on a journey to get revenge on Rogner. That was his only objective in life, and he became a mercenary to brush up his fighting skills. Until one day, he received an order to capture Lilith. Everyone remains silent after that, and Lilith is wondering if Rogner destroyed Savila to save the world from Lovelost. One day after their departure from Dinus, the train reaches the end of the track.

From there, the party takes a ship (also provided by Vahnstein) from the port because Savila is an island country. At first everyone is excite upon seeing the ocean, but Lilith then notices how Kirite grows more and more uneasy as the ship approaches Savila.. and soon she finds out the reason. Savila’s completely empty and barren, with the black, destroyed ground as the only thing remaining from the country that used to stand on the island. The entire place reeks of despair, and Nate can’t sense any living presence around. Even the plants are dead. Lilith cries upon seeing the terrible scenery, but Kirite then says Savila isn’t dead yet because he’s still alive and standing here. Since Nico seems to be looking for the royal inheritance in each country, Kirite guides everyone towards Savila Castle to look for him.

They have to walk along the shore to reach the castle, and they notice how the area around the shore weren’t damaged at all. Kirite thinks there’s no one left in Savila, but Lilith and Nate point out that while some of the plants are dead, there are traces of them being planted here recently. Just then a young man suddenly comes asking if they’re newcomers, and everyone notices that his clothes is really similar to Kirite’s. It turns out the young man is also a survivor of Rogner’s attack, and he was living outside the island until he decided to return to Savila one day. The young man admits he didn’t remember Savila at all because he was still an infant ten years ago, but he often heard nostalgic stories from his parents and grew up admiring their hometown. Even though his parents want him to forget about Savila and live a peaceful life in another town, the young man says his “roots” will always be Savila. After all, who’s going to rebuild Savila if everyone forgets about it? That’s why after gathering some friends, the young man returned to Savila in the hope of rebuilding the country.

The young man asks if Kirite is here to join them, and Kirite apologized saying he’s here to do something else.. but he’s happy to learn they haven’t forgotten about Savila. The young man promises to make Savila a better place by the time Kirite comes to visit again, and Kirite leaves with a smile after saying he’ll be looking forward to that. As they continue their travel towards the castle, Kirite admits that he envies their strength. He chose the path to seek revenge, but they’re taking a more difficult path by trying to rebuild the country. Lilith says both paths look equally difficult in her eyes, and she asks if he’s still planning to get revenge against Rogner. When Kirite says yes, Lilith answers that she won’t stop him.. but she doesn’t want Kirite’s journey to end there. She wants him to look towards the future and move forward too.

Upon arriving at Savila Castle, everyone notices how the castle is still standing despite getting damaged in various places. Nate can sense someone’s presence inside the castle, and they make their way towards the audience chamber.. where they finally find the person they have been searching for — Nico the Great Sage! イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! He already knows who they are, so he approaches them and introduces himself. After asking Lilith to call him “Nico” without any suffix, Nico explains that he actually wanted to greet her in Dodona, but he was rejected by the barrier. Just in case you don’t get it, Nico was the shadow who stalked Lilith at the beginning of her journey. Nico also reveals that he was the one who warped Lilith away from Dodona, because Lilith would only get executed on the spot if she goes straight to Ingrid.

Nico: “You still have a question for me, right?”
Lilith: “Yes, we heard you’re investigating about Lovelost. Can you tell us how to stop it?”
Nico: “I can’t do that.”
Nayuta: “Why!? Didn’t you visit all countries to save the world!?”
Nico: *sighs* “Did people ever tell you that you’re stubborn and won’t listen to them?”
Nayuta: “Wha…!”
Soo: “True, true.”
Nayuta: “Don’t nod there!”
Soo: *goes away*
Nico: “I can’t tell you how to stop Lovelost, because..”
Lilith: “Because..?”
Nico: “Because I don’t know. If I know, I won’t investigate.”


Kirite then asks for his reason to come all the way to Savila, so Nico explains it’s because he has a hypothesis that Savila might be the source of Lovelost. It’s only a theory for now, but he thinks Rogner might have sacrificed Savila to put a curse onto the world — using everyone’s deaths as a tool to destroy the world. Since there’s no one left in Savila who can confirm this theory, Nico is now planning to ask Savila’s late king for some details. By using a forbidden magic from Melrond to summon his spirit, that is. Melrond is supposed to be located south of Dinus, but a long time ago the people of Melrond angered the gods.. and God Melrond hid the entire country from people’s eyes as the punishment. It’s still standing there, but nobody can see nor enter the city because of the barrier God Melrond put around it. What lies beyond the barrier is believed to be the “world of the dead” under God Melrond’s reign, which is why it’s considered forbidden to ask for God Melrond’s power and blessings.

Well.. at least it’s forbidden for Nayuta and Lilith, because Nico doesn’t give a crap as long as he can learn what actually happened in Savila ten years ago. He asks if Lilith will stop him like Nayuta, and Lilith admits she wants to learn the truth too.. but she turns to look at Kirite since the decision isn’t hers to make. Kirite says he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t think its okay to disturb the dead, but if there’s a possibility of Savila being the source of destruction, his father’s soul won’t be able to rest in peace. Since Kirite has given him the permission, Nico then opens the gate to the underworld and summons the soul of Savila’s former king — Kaien, Kirite’s father.

Nico gently asks if he can hear his voice, but before Kaien could answer, something suddenly cuts through the wind and interrupts the ritual — erasing Kaien’s soul from everyone’s sight. They can hear the sound of wings flapping above them, and soon a Sacred Nephilim appears to attack Lilith again. Everyone immediately pulls out their weapons to protect Lilith, but she’s more worried about Kirite. This is the place where his parents died, and the Sacred Nephilim just erased Kaien’s soul right in front of his eyes. It must be a nightmare for Kirite. Just as Lilith feared, Kirite quietly takes out his sword and starts swinging it violently towards the Sacred Nephilim. Unfortunately, the anger causes Kirite to lose all of his composure, and he can’t use his Vakista power because he got completely taken over by his hatred. The Sacred Nephilim can’t be defeated by anything other than Vakista power, and Kirite is quickly losing the fight. Since their voices can’t reach Kirite at all, Lilith can only pray for someone to save Kirite when the Sacred Nephilim is strangling him.

Just then i-Scepter reacts to Lilith’s feelings, and suddenly Kaien’s soul appears to cut off the Sacred Nephilim’s hand with his awesome long sword. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. It turns out Yufis’ power, combined with Nico’s magic from earlier, has given Kaien a physical body temporarily. Kaien tells Kirite not to show such an unsightly appearance in front of his father, because a blade clouded with hatred can never cut the enemies. Kaien then asks if Kirite can finish off the Sacred Nephilim, and when Kirite says yes, Kaien replies with “let me see how much you have grown.” Upon seeing Kaien’s peaceful smile, Lilith realize that Kirite resembles his father a lot. The only difference between them is that Kaien has deeper eyes, the proof that he has seen much more things compared to his son. After apologizing to everyone for going out of control, Kirite finally uses his Vakista power and slashes the Sacred Nephilim dead. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The Sacred Nephilim disappears, but with all of his last breath, he sends his cut-off hand on the floor to fly towards Lilith.. only to get knocked down by Nayuta. Poor thing. Now that the Sacred Nephilim is out of the way, it’s time for them to talk to Kaien.

Nico then says they’re free to ask Kaien anything, because he already found the answer just by looking at Kaien’s soul. Despite Nico’s initial theory, Kaien’s pure soul confirms that Savila was NOT cursed and definitely not the source of Lovelost. Kirite sighs with relief and thanks Lilith for saving him again, but Lilith says it wasn’t her who saved him. It was his father. After saying Kirite has grown into a fine man, Kaien asks if Kirite has any questions for him. Kaien has a lot of things he wants to say to Kirite, but his time here is limited after all. (´;ω;`) When Kirite asks about what actually happened ten years ago, Kaien explains a god named Rogner came down to Savila that day. He stole an ancient relic sealed by the royal family — the Holy Sword of Lohengrin — from Kaien, and all the samurai in Savila died trying to stop him. Back then Rogner invoked the Holy Sword and used it to destroy Savila. The royal family has been sealing the sword because of its tremendous power, so Kaien’s only regret is that he failed to get it back from Rogner. Kirite then promises to erase that regret by retrieving the sword back, and when Kaien apologized for handing the task to him, Kirite says Kaien has given him a new path in life.

After a short silence, Kaien hands his long sword to Kirite. It’s Mitsuha, the sword that’s been handed down from Savila’s kings to their successors for generations. Kirite doesn’t think he’s ready to receive the sword, but Kaien says he’s the only successor to the throne. He should accept the sword if he truly cares about Savila. As he finally accepts the sword from Kaien, Kirite vows to defeat Rogner and retrieve the Holy Sword of Lohengrin back. Just then Kaien suddenly starts fading away, and he turns around to thank Lilith for giving him the chance to protect Kirite today — something he couldn’t do ten years ago. Kaien died when Kirite was still a small kid, so he feels grateful to be able to see his son growing up to be such a great man. Lilith gets curious about how Kirite was as a kid, and Nate asks Kaien the same question.

Nate: “How was Kirite when he was small?”
Kaien: “If I have to describe it in one word, then it’d be ‘crybaby’.”
Soo: “C-Crybaby!?”
Camus: “Really!?”
Nayuta: “I’m surprised.. I never thought Kirite-dono was a crybaby..”
Kaien: “That, and he used to follow me around everywhere.”
Soo: “Ooh~ So Kirite used to follow his father around, hu~h?”
Kirite: “W-What..?”
Soo: “Nothi~ng? I just thought you used to be cute, unlike now.”
Nayuta: “Stop it, Soo. Everyone used to be a kid.”
Nate: “You’re smirking, you know?”
Nayuta: “Don’t say such things. I’m simply watching over him with a smile.”

..and Kirite blushes as he tells them to cut it already. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Kaien laughs saying Kirite has good friends, and Soo gags Kirite before he can deny anything. Nate and Camus say Kaien can leave Kirite in their hands, and Kaien asks them to take care of his son before finally disappearing with the wind. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

After Kaien’s soul vanishes, everyone remains quiet for a while until eventually Nico breaks the silence by saying they need to determine what to do next.

Nayuta: “That’s right, but why are you suddenly in charge.”
Nico: “Isn’t it obvious? Because I’m the Great Sage.”
Soo: “Why does that put you in command? Are you coming with us?”
Nico: “Of course.”
Lilith: “Eh.”
Nico: “Eh?”
Lilith: “…..”
Nico: “…..”
Lilith: (So this person has been planning to join us all along..)

As you can see, Nico has forced his way into the party. \(^o^)/
He’s a valuable ally though, because without him, they’re missing all the knowledge they need to save the world. For their next destination, Nico suggests visiting Amafi’s king to collect more information. Just as Nayuta said before, Amafi is difficult to visit because it’s surrounded by a lush, deep forest. Nate also mentions that it’s ruled by a “fairy” king, and everyone suddenly turns their heads towards Camus upon hearing this. They have found a reliable guide. ( ≖‿≖)

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

As the ship takes the party away from Savila, Lilith’s head is full of questions about Rogner’s true intentions. She’s not the only one with questions too, because Soo’s also wondering why the Holy Ones didn’t stop Rogner by themselves. They’re fellow gods after all, so they should be powerful enough to stop Rogner. Besides, Kirite also finds it odd why neither Rogner and the Holy Ones made any moves for the last ten years. Hearing Lilith’s wish to find the missing pieces, Luverchi descends from the sky to answer their questions. Apparently the Holy Ones need Lilith’s help because they can’t stop Rogner by themselves. Based on Adonis’ wish for his children to coexist in peace, the gods actually can’t hurt or defeat each other. Adonis also gave Rogner the same mission as the Holy Ones — to guide humanity — so even if Rogner’s methods are wrong, the Holy Ones can’t stop him knowing he’s trying to protect humans from Lovelost too.

When Luverchi apologized for all the troubles their “brother” has caused them, Lilith realized that Rogner is like a brother to the Holy Ones. Before Luverchi leaves, Lilith asks about Kuriel and Horo because they’re not here with her today. Luverchi explains that she can’t contact Kuriel recently, so he might be absorbed in his research somewhere. As for Horo, he already went to Amafi to wake Heathcliff — Amafi’s king — for them, because Heathcliff is a dragon who spends most of his time asleep. Luverchi then says goodbye and disappears, and Lilith really feels grateful to the Holy Ones. While they can’t help them in defeating Rogner directly, the Holy Ones provide a lot of support for them.

Soon the ship reaches the port, and the party continues their travel to Forested Marjune — the beautiful forest surrounding Amafi. Heathcliff welcomes fairies and all non-human races into Amafi, but since they dislike disputes and ill intents humans bring, Heathcliff cut off all ties with the human world and hid the entrance to Amafi deep inside the maze-like forest. Camus then explains that Forested Marjune is overflowing with spirit power, so fairies like him can borrow it to enhance their magic power.. and also do extraordinary things. To show them an example, Camus uses the spirit power to transform into human size. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Now he will be able to protect Lilith — who’s too shocked to speak — as well during their stay in the forest. Camus thinks Lilith can enter Heathcliff’s barrier because she was chosen by Yufis, but the problem is everyone else won’t be able to come with them. The only way for everyone to go through the barrier is to conceal Nico’s malicious aura and prove that Lilith has a strong bond with at least one of them. Since God Amafi loves nature, the party splits up to search for the entrance to Amafi in the locations that reflects the beauty of nature.

[ Waterfall ]

After stopping Soo from diving from the top of the waterfall (he’d die anyway since he can’t swim), Nayuta and Lilith stay back to admire how beautiful the waterfall is. Everything around Forested Marjune and Amafi are absolutely breathtaking, and Nayuta says it would be nice if he can live around here. Lilith finds it surprising, but she agrees saying he’d be able to have a peaceful and happy life here without having to deal with any disputes. After a short silence, Nayuta apologized for saying something that doesn’t sound like him at all. He’s the one chosen by God Ingrid, so he can’t possibly run away from the battlefield. However, Lilith says it’s okay to have his own doubts and worries. He might be Ingrid’s Vakista, but he’s a human after all. She’s also “the saint” chosen by Yufis, but she has her own worries too. Nayuta thanks her for the encouragement, though he jokingly says she should behave more like a saint lol.

[ The World Tree ]

Lilith is amazed upon seeing the huge world tree, and Nayuta explains that the tree is believed to be the embodiment of God Amafi. The residents of Amafi believes that their god is watching over them as the tree, and they live in peace because that’s what God Amafi loves the most. When Lilith says she never thought she would see the world tree with her own eyes, Nayuta says he never thought he’d go on a journey like this either. It’s very unlikely for an acolyte from Dodona and Ingrid’s Holy Knight to travel together, but Nayuta believes it’s his fate to meet Lilith and join her quest to save the world. Nayuta says the god who controls fate is really amazing, and Lilith invites him to pray to God Amafi together.

After finishing their prayers, Nayuta asks about what Lilith would do after their journey ends. Lilith says she’s planning to return to Dodona, but Nayuta isn’t sure if he can go back to Ingrid and regain his position as the captain of the White Lily Knights. Of course he wants to return to Ingrid someday, but for now he thinks traveling around the world isn’t a bad idea — visiting shrines in various locations and offering prayers to the gods. When Lilith says it sounds like a nice idea, Nayuta blushes and asks if she will come along with him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Lilith answers it would be wonderful, and she agrees to join his journey after their mission is over.

Just then a blinding light envelops them, and when it fades away, they see Amafi’s entrance in front of their eyes. Lilith happily says their bond has been approved by Heathcliff’s barrier, while Nayuta stutters and blushes as they go to call their friends. xD

Upon entering Amafi, Lilith is surprised to see the residents inside behaving normally around them. She was expecting to get stared at because they’re outsiders, but Camus explains that everyone in Amafi believes in the barrier’s power — it won’t allow anything malicious to enter their country. Besides, there are also some non-human races that look similar to humans, so the fairies won’t be surprised just by their arrival. Camus then guides everyone towards the inn, but he says they might have to wait until Heathcliff wakes up in order to get an audience. Since Lilith doesn’t know much about Heathcliff, Camus explains that Heathcliff is an ancient dragon who has been ruling over Amafi for a really long time.. and because he’s ancient, he spends most of his time sleeping and only wakes up if something happens. If they want to see him, then they have to start by waking him up first. Camus reassures Soo that Heathcliff won’t get angry and eat them, but it might take quite a while before he wakes up.

They don’t need to worry about this though, because just as Luverchi said before, Horo soon appears saying he already went to wake Heathcliff up for them. They should be able to get an audience with him in a few days. When Lilith mentions about what Luverchi told them back on the ship, Horo reveals that Rogner is indeed their brother — Horo and Rogner are twins. Kirite asks if it’s really okay for them to defeat Rogner, but Horo says that’s exactly why he wants them to stop Rogner. After all, Rogner is no longer the brother he used to know. Lilith promises to stop both Rogner and Lovelost, and Horo disappears after thanking her. Camus takes them to the inn after that, where everyone has a good night’s rest after dinner.

Just before Lilith goes to bed, Nayuta comes to visit her room. He apologized for disturbing her resting time, but he’s here to inform her that Heathcliff will be ready for an audience tomorrow morning. Lilith says she understands, and after a long, awkward silence, Nayuta blushes and invites her for a walk outside. (❤ฺ→艸←) He doesn’t mind if she wants to get some rest instead, but she gladly accepts the invitation and walks with him to the world tree in Forested Marjune. When Lilith says she’s glad they can enter Amafi, Nayuta says he believed they wouldn’t have any problems with the barrier — because there’s a strong bond between the two of them.

Lilith: “It feels strange. At first I thought you were scary.”
Nayuta: “Wha.. Which part of me is scary!?”
Lilith: “You’re strict, right? I always thought you’d scold me anytime.”
Nayuta: “….. I admit I’m a bit captious.”
Lilith: “….. a bit?”
Nayuta: “….. a bit.” (´・ω・`;)

That being said, Lilith knows that behind his strict personality, Nayuta is actually a really kind man. He would scold her whenever she fails, but he would never leave an abandon her — even though it’d be much easier than guiding her. Lilith says she really respects Nayuta for that reason, and Nayuta admits that he respects her too. She has a kindness he can never show, which was shown during their battle against the Sacred Nephilim in Ingrid. Back then Lilith didn’t get angry because the Sacred Nephilim put her in trouble, but rather because he was mentally torturing Nayuta by pretending to be God Ingrid. Even though her life was on the line, all she asked for was for the Sacred Nephilim to show a proof to Nayuta. Lilith said those words without thinking because she was really angry, but those words made Nayuta realize that she’s not a witch after all. It was those words too that led to his decision of following her. Nayuta says he feels honored to have their bond approved by Amafi, and Lilith blushes upon hearing this.. and when she looks up, she notice that Nayuta is blushing too. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ As he takes her back to the inn, Lilith gathers up her courage and replies with “Thank you, Nayuta! I’m really happy that our bond got approved too!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

The next day, everyone goes to meet Heathcliff in the palace. After going down an extremely long staircase undeground, they finally meet Heathcliff in his beautiful throne room which also serves as his bedroom. When Heathcliff mentions Lilith should be able to understand the truth “as an acolyte”, she suddenly realized that they have been wrong all along. Up until now, Lilith has always thought Yufis and her children gave them power in order to save people, but the truth is actually the exact opposite of that. Yufis isn’t lending them power because Lovelost is destroying the world. The world is heading towards destruction because Yufis is weakening. She’s the one in danger. The six gods aren’t giving them power to save the world, but rather to save their mother.

Nayuta wonders if anyone can hurt Yufis when she doesn’t have a physical body anymore, but Nico says there’s still one way to damage her. Just like how humans need food, the gods need prayers to keep living.. and in this case, it seems like someone has “poisoned” Yufis with a curse. Yufis’ weakening power is causing a distortion in the human world, and the distortion is Lovelost. They might be able to stop Rogner if they can figure out how to stop Lovelost, but as long as Yufis is still cursed, the world will always be in danger. Unfortunately, Heathcliff doesn’t know who cursed Yufis either. He thinks it might be time for humanity to end, because every living thing will die someday. For a dragon who has lived for far too long, he believes it’s about time for himself and for humans to change their way of living. Heathcliff then falls back to sleep, so they have no choice but to return to the inn and wonder about what do to next.

That night, Lilith wakes up upon hearing Luverchi’s voice calling out to her. Lilith sees a faint image of Luverchi when she opens her eyes, and she looks like she’s in pain. After asking if Lilith is okay, Luverchi sadly explains that Kuriel has disappeared.. and now she’s vanishing as well. She apologized for not being able to guide Lilith up until the end, and she starts fading away saying she can’t get out anymore. When Lilith asks where she is, Luverchi only says “the place that doesn’t exist in this world.. and the place that should never be opened.” She tries to tell Lilith who their real enemy is, but her voice is starting to disappear, and eventually she vanishes with a painful scream. Someone has killed both Luverchi and Kuriel, and Lilith is now worried about Horo’s safety.

Just then a silhouette appears in the room, and Lilith approaches it thinking it’s Luverchi.. but the shadow turns out to be a Sacred Nephilim instead. Luckily everyone comes to save Lilith before she got pierced by his iceblades, but they’re surprised to see a Sacred Nephilim here in Amafi. It’s supposed to be shielded by Heathcliff’s barrier after all. Nico is jealous about how the Sacred Nephilim can get into Lilith’s room at night, but let’s just leave that aside for now lol. The Sacred Nephilim is stronger compared to his predecessor in Savila, but fortunately they have Camus and his wind shield to protect them from the iceblades. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The poor thing vanishes after receiving everyone’s hits, and Lilith informs everyone about what happened to Luverchi after the battle ends. In order to confirm Yufis’ curse, Lilith says she wants to visit Dodona and see if they can find any clues in the temple. They might get attacked by another Sacred Nephilim, but everyone is more than ready to protect Lilith.

Episode: As a Saint

Before leaving the inn, Camus tells everyone that Amafi’s gate can actually warp them directly to Dodona. In fact, Camus landed in Dodona a long time ago because he accidentally warped to the wrong place on the way to Forested Marjune. He was troubled because it’s impossible to fly back to Amafi, but everything changed he met baby Lilith in the temple. Lilith cried when he tried to go home, and Camus was touched because it was the first time someone has ever needed him that much.. so he’s been staying with her ever since. When Soo asks if he’ll turn small again after leaving Forested Marjune, Camus looks really sad and says he doesn’t want to revert back to his original size. He won’t be able to protect Lilith anymore with his small size. Camus then holds Lilith’s hand saying a fairy like thim shouldn’t use magic power for a selfish reason, but still.. he wants to protect her. Then suddenly, i-Scepter glows and envelops them in a warm light. When it fades away, a black emblem is shining on Camus’ back — marking him as Amafi’s Vakista.

Everyone wonders why he didn’t receive the emblem earlier, but Camus knows it’s because he wasn’t prepared to fight as a Vakista. Fairies can use spirit magic, but they’re not allowed to use it to fight since the power comes from nature. However, God Amafi has chosen Camus as his Vakista, which means Camus is now allowed to use nature’s power in battle. That, and the emblem also keeps Camus in his human size. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Lilith thanks him for always protecting her, and she happily asks him to continue taking care of her from now on.

Just before they go to Amafi’s gate, Nico suddenly asks if they can drop by Midvan first. Soo and Nayuta remind him that Midvan and Dodona are separated by a great distance, but Nico calmly says he’s going to obtain something helpful from Kadash. Since everyone is worried about having to cross the vast desert again, Nico decides to reveal that he can take them to Dodona in an instant if they visit Midvan first. This reminds Nayuta about Nico’s teleportation magic, and eventually everyone agrees to follow Nico to Midvan for now.

Amafi’s gate warps them to the nomadic farm just outside of Midvan, and upon entering the city, they notce how the city is filled with a weird, sickening air. The citizens all look gloomy, and a lot of shops in the market are closed. Judging by the recent events, Nico thinks Kuriel and Luverchi’s deaths might have enhanced Lovelost’s effect on the world. People are now losing love for themselves too, which causes them to lose their motivation to live. They go to see Kadash in Midvan Castle after that, where Nico starts pestering Kadash to hand over the royal inheritance again. At first Kadash refuses because Nico’s request sounds suspicious, but since the signs of destruction have reached his country, eventually Lilith’s honesty wins him over. Lovelost erases love and trust from people, so she doesn’t want to lie and destroy Kadash’s trust in her — it would be just the same as Lovelost.

Impressed by Lilith’s answer (and also because dealing with Nico is giving him a headache), Kadash asks if Lilith is willing to save Midvan. When Lilith firmly answers “yes”, Kadash finally gives them the judgement he promised before. He decides to trust Lilith — not as a saint, but as a human. Kadash finally agrees to hand Midvan’s royal inheritance to them, saying they can fetch it from the inner garden later. Along the way to grab Kadash’s present, this conversation takes place:

Soo: “Hey, Nico. What’s this thing you requested from King Kadash?”
Nico: “Fufu. It’s a surprise.”
Camus: “Since it has to be brought to the garden, is it something big?”
Camus: “Won’t it be dangerous?”
Nico: “It’s dangerous when it gets dangerous. We’re in trouble if it falls down.”
Nate: “Fall down? From where?”
Nico: “From the sky.”

Yes, Midvan’s royal inheritance is an airship! キャッ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚.:。+゚キャッ!

Lilith and everyone else have no idea what an airship is, so Nico explains that it was created by using Melrond’s lost technology a long time ago. Nico then takes everyone inside the airship for a test drive, telling Lilith they can reach Dodona and other countries easily with this airship.

..and soon after Nico starts piloting the airship..

Lilith: “We won’t fall.. right?”
Nico: “Of course. I’m in charge after all.”
Lilith: “R-Right.”
Lilith: “…..”
Lilith: “We’re really going to be okay, right?”
Nico: “That’s right.”
Camus: “It’s alright. Even if we fall, I’ll hug you and fly with you.”
Lilith: “Thanks, Camus. I feel a bit relieved now.”
Camus: “Glad to hear that.”
Nate: “So who will rescue us if that happens?”
Camus: “I can’t carry a lot of people at once. Hmm.. Good luck!”
Nayuta: “What kind of ‘good luck’ do we have when we’re falling from the sky.” ( ಠ_ಠ )

Everyone panicks upon hearing that it’s actually Nico’s first experience piloting an airship, but they have nothing to worry about because the Great Sage knows how to do his job properly. He laughs at the sight of everyone clinging so tightly to the sides, and he goes “you don’t have to hold on so tight, when we fall it’s useless if you’re holding on.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The main destination is still Dodona, but since Nico is willing to take wherever they want to go, Lilith can choose where to go next.

[ Ingrid ]

As the airship is hovering above Ingrid, Lilith notices that Nayuta seems to be worried about his hometown. It’s really rsky for them to enter Ingrid since they might get arrested, but they decide to sneak in and take a closer look anyway. After all, it’d be easier to escape now that they have an airship. Even though their wanted posters are pasted all over the town, they can enter the town easily because Ingrid has been infected with Lovelost as well. The guards are only standing by the gates like statues, while both the knights and the citizens have lost their will to live and work properly. Nayuta feels sad upon seeing the change Lovelost has brought to Ingrid, and it only gets worse when he finds an ex-subordinate of his — patrolling around the city in a completely lethargic state. When Nayuta asks if he’s not going to arrest them, the knight flatly answers with “It’s impossible for me to capture you, but since the captain will get angry if I let you go, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see you and the witch.”

In a fit of rage, Nayuta takes out his spear and points it towards the knight’s chest, but Lilith hugs him and asks him to calm down. If they make a commotion by attacking the knight, they will only get arrested for real. The knight only walks into the crowd when Nayuta releases him — as if nothing happened — and Nayuta is beyond devastated that his hometown has fallen into such a terrible state. Nayuta admits that the moment he decided to follow Lilith, he knew he’d lose his hometown.. but he never knew it would be this painful to see Ingrid getting taken over by Lovelost. Knowing that Nayuta is crying inside, Lilith hugs him saying everything will be alright. They will do something to stop Lovelost together, so Nayuta shouldn’t keep all of his worries to himself. At first Nayuta is surprised, but finally he smiles saying he’s already okay. He apologized for showing such a shameful side of him, but Lilith only asks him to rely on her sometimes because he’s always working so hard. Nayuta blushes and thanks Lilith, and Lilith blushes too when Nayuta says she’s much stronger than he thought.

Sadly Soo comes to interrupt their ラブラブ moment soon after that, and everyone also comes saying they already finished examining the city. Since Lovelost is clearly the cause of Ingrid’s current state, Nico says the citizens will return to normal if they can stop Lovelost — relieving Nayuta because there’s still hope to save his hometown.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When the airship is passing by Forested Marjune, everyone decides to stop and take a rest in the forest. Lilith invites Nayuta to visit the lake together, but soon she notices how distracted he is. Lilith asks him to enjoy the scenery too since they’re here for a break, but Nayuta only apologized and tells her to invite someone else if she wants to have fun. He says he doesn’t have the time and mood to enjoy their break, so he tells him that taking a break is important too.

Nayuta: “I understand. You should enjoy your break as much as you want.”
Lilith: “You don’t understand.”
Nayuta: “What..? What don’t I understand?”
Lilith: “Y-You don’t understand my feelings.”
Nayuta: “W-What are you saying? Your feelings..? What do you mean?”
Lilith: “I told you, YOU need some rest. I’m worried about YOU.”

Nayuta is surprised to hear this, so Lilith asks if he doesn’t realize that he’s been acting weird recently. When Nayuta says he’s completely normal, Lilith answers that’s exactly why she’s worried about him — he’s always pushing himself so hard without even realizing it. She sadly asks if he doesn’t want to rest with her, and eventually he gives in saying he can never win against her. Lilith apologized for being selfish, but Nayuta smiles and sits beside her — which makes her so nervous because they’re sitting really close to each other.

Nayuta: “So beautiful.”
Lilith: “Eh?”
Nayuta: “…..”
Lilith: “Uh..” (〃д〃)
Nayuta: “Stupid, you’re the one who said it. The lake.”
Lilith: “Y-You’re right. Our eyes met, so I misunderstood your words for a moment.”

Nayuta only stays quiet while Lilith blushes beside him, but then he turns red too and thanks her for today. His heart now feels so much lighter thanks to her. Nayuta then wonders how did she know that he’s forcing himself to act normal, and Lilth answers “because I’m always watching you” ..then she quickly adds “but not in a Nico-way!” LOL.

Nayuta: “If you’re watching me, then I’m going to watch you as well.”
Nayuta: “So I will be able to protect you, just like how you’re taking care of me today.”


Nayuta wonders if Lilith is alright because she’s turning several shades of red now, but she quickly says she’s fine and asks if they should return to the airship now. Nayuta replies with “I want to stay like this for a little longer”, and Lilith gladly stays beside him. (❤ฺ→艸←)

After done flying around with their airship, everyone finally arrives in the field just outside of Dodona. As they approach the village, Nico notes that the protective barrier around the village has disappeared now. Kirite can’t sense anyone’s presence, but Nate can’t sense any danger either — Dodona is completely empty. There are no signs of the village receiving an attack, so there are only two possibilities here. It’s either all the villagers fled from Dodona, or someone took them away by force. Someone like Remna, for example. Even if the villagers are innocent, Remna might be under the idea that they’re hiding Lilith. Lilith feels really bad for dragging them into this mess, but Nayuta tells her everything will be alright. The villagers of Dodona are Yufis’ priests / priestesses, so Remna will never hurt them.

When they enter the temple, they can’t find any traces of Rogner’s attack. Nayuta says it feels really sad if the villagers are trying to forget that day, but then he apologized to Lilith for saying such things about her hometown. Lilith tells him it’s fine because she also thought of the same thing, and most importantly, the beginning of their journey has been permanently engraved on her memories. The empty temple is enough for Lilith to realize that Yufis is indeed cursed and love is really fading away from the world, but she’s not giving up hope because Yufis is alive within her — she’s Yufis’ acolyte after all. Just then i-Scepter’s warm light suddenly envelops everyone, and for a very brief split-second, Yufis appears to bless them with her love. Tears suddenly starts flowing down from Lilith’s eyes, and she tells her everyone that despite her weakening state, Yufis is still watching over them like a mother. This encourages Lilith even more to save both Yufis and the world, and she asks everyone to lend her their strength. The answer is obvious, and so they continue their journey to spread love to the world. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

For their next destination, Lilith suggests visiting Madam in Dinus to gather more information. From Madam, they learn that the security level in Dinus has dropped even more. There are a lot of people who are taking advantage of Lovelost’s victims, and Madam doesn’t know what Vahnstein will do to control this situation. In Ingrid, people are losing faith and starting to drift away from the gods. There’s also a baseless rumor about “the witch” being responsible for this crisis, and thanks to Remna, half of the ditizens now believe they can save the world by killing Lilith. The other half have fallen victim to Lovelost. Among all countries, Midvan receives the most damage from Lovelost. The people of Midvan are always working together to survive in the desert, so only doom awaits if most of them are losing their will to keep living. The ones who aren’t infected yet are leaving Midvan one by one, while the lethargic ones are trapped in the middle of the desert. Madam isn’t too sure about Lovelost’s effect in Savila, but from what she heard, the people of Savila are doing their best to rebuild the country witn no fear. Their strong hope are reaching people’s hearts too, because there are people from other countries who are helping them to rebuild Savila — they’re turning Savila into the land of hope. Amafi is out of Madam’s range because it’s hidden, but most likely it’s unaffected by Lovelost thanks to Heathcliff’s barrier.

Since they know nothing about Rogner and Lovelost’s cause, Nico suggests taking individual actions for a while. Knowing that everyone’s worried about their hometowns, Nico says he can drop them in each country with the airship. Of course it would be dangerous for Lilith if everyone stays apart for too long, but fear not! Nico the Great Sage already prepared crystal balls filled with teleportation magic for them. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! It was the item he used to warp directly to Savila from Midvan, so now they know why he didn’t stop by Dinus along the way. Once they’re done checking their hometowns, they can use the crystal balls to meet up again later. Nico explains that in order to use the crystal ball, they only need to chant “the spell” and think about their destination.

Nayuta: “How convenient. What’s the spell?”
Nico: “The Great Sage Nico-sama SU・TE・KI.”

The shock causes Kirite and Nayuta to freeze, while Soo, Nate and Camus are laughing about how ridiculous and embarrassing the spell is. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They can also use the items by throwing them onto the ground, but Nico says it’s for emergency use only.. because if one of them breaks the crystal ball, everyone else will be warped to the same location. As for their rendezvous point, everyone agrees to meet up by the world tree in Forested Marjune since it’s the safest location for now. Since Dodona is completely empty, Lilith can choose to follow one of them or stay in the airship with Nico. In this route, Nayuta invites Lilith to visit Ingrid with him and see if they can talk to Remna again, and she gladly accepts the invitation. Ingrid might be the most dangerous place for them, but they will be able to escape easily with Nico’s crystal balls.

Upon entering Ingrid, Nayuta and Lilith notice that Lovelost’s effect has spread even more than before. Nayuta is vexed that he’s no longer in a position that can command the knights to help people, but he feels a lot better when Lilith says he’s not powerless. He’s been protecting the city as the captain of the White Lily Knights, so there must be something only the current him can do. Nayuta takes Lilith to the temple after that, where he meets his successor — the new captain of the knights, Hardy — and requests for an audience with Remna. Hardy clearly isn’t happy to see “the witch” standing beside the ex-captain he admires, but he guides them inside to see Remna.. who still refuses to believe them. Even after Nayuta explains everything about Rogner, Lovelost and the Sacred Nephilim who fooled them, Remna insists it was “God Ingrid” who talked to her. When Nayuta asks if Remna won’t do anything to save the people of Ingrid, Remna answers she’s doing her best too. To capture and execute Lilith, that is.

Remna then summons Hardy and the knights to capture Nayuta and Lilith, but before Lilith can use the crystal ball, Nayuta notices a hole in the knights’ formation and takes Lilith to escape outside through the gap. More knights have been waiting for them in front of the temple, and upon hearing Hardy’s footsteps chasing them from behind, Nayuta realized the hole must be a trap to surround them here. Knowing that Hardy has something to say, Nayuta asks Lilith not to use the crystall ball yet and turns around to ask what Hardy wants from him. Hardy reveals that the knights actually don’t want to fight him, and he begs Nayuta to return because he’s still the captain they respect and admire. They need him as their leader. However, Nayuta refuses because returning means he needs to kill Lilith, and he has chosen the path to save the world as Lilith’s Vakista instead of as Ingrid’s Holy Knight.

The knights are all heartbroken upon hearing Nayuta’s answer, and Hardy takes out his sword saying he’ll just kill Lilith in Nayuta’s place. Hardy then orders the knights to attach Lilith saying she’s deceiving their captain, but before they could even lay a finger on her, Nayuta protects Lilith and disarms everyone with his spear. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ At first Lilith blushes because Nayuta is holding her close, but she’s shocked when he lashes out his rage on the knights. He makes it really clear that he’s following “the saint” on his own will, and his decision will never change even if they hurt her. He yells at them to stop being so pathetic by continuously relying on him. If they’re not ready to do their duty as Ingrid’s Holy Knights, then their swords will be nothing but meaningless decorations.

Nayuta’s answer really shocks Hardy, who then asks Nayuta and Lilith to go, but he regains his spirit when Nayuta says he’s following Lilith to save Ingrid too. Even if he’s no longer their captain, he will always be Ingrid’s Holy Knight. Nayuta asks Hardy and the knights to protect Ingrid while he’s away to save the world, and the knights allow him to take Lilith and walk out of the city. On the field just outside of Ingrid, Nayuta notices that Lilith is blushing. He asks if it’s because she was scared earlier, but she decides to hide the real reason and warps them to Forested Marjune instead. xD

Lilith then wanders off alone to clear her mind, and soon Nayuta finds her resting by the world tree. She thought he’d scold her again for roaming around alone, but he says he has became more composed thanks to her.

Lilith: “What do you mean?”
Nayuta: “It means you taught me a lot of things.”
Lilith: “?? I don’t understand.”
Nayuta: “… you’re so dense.”
Lilith: “Uwah. I don’t want to hear that coming from you.”
Nayuta: “What do you mean?”
Lilith: “If you really don’t understand, it means you’re really dense.” ← (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ
Nayuta: “Well.. I admit I am dense.” (´・ω・`;)

Lilith laughs saying it’s one of his charms, and Nayuta smiles saying her charm is her positive personality. He always feels saved by her optimistic side. Lilith blushes as she asks “eh.. ah.. r-really?”, and Nayuta blushes too before answering with “don’t stutter there, it feels like I just made an embarrassing confession!” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The word “confession” makes her blush even more, but when he asks why she’s panicking, she comes into the realization that he is dense after all LOL. As they gaze at the world tree together, Nayuta wonders if they can enjoy this scenery again in the future. Lilith firmly says they can, and they make a promise to look at the world tree together again someday — it’s a promise with a knight.

After a while, everyone comes to the world tree with information about their hometowns. Just as Madam said before, Ingrid and Midvan have fallen victims to Lovelost. Dinus and Savila are still alive, but they don’t know how much longer those countries can hold out. Amafi is sealed, and thus received no effect at all.. for now. Aside from information, some of them also brings new stuff from their hometown. Soo received a new clothes armor from Vahnstein, and Nate got a new, more powerful bow from Midvan. They’re wondering about what to do next when suddenly the ground shakes, dark clouds appear and thunders start roaring. All of these are followed by Rogner’s voice echoing from the sky — telling humans to remember their love and fear for the gods if they want to save the world. When Rogner mentions Savila as “the proof of the gods’ rage”, Lilith gets angry and says Lovelost’s cause has nothing to do with Savila. She won’t allow Rogner to hurt humans in his attempt to protect them. In order to collect more information, Nico then takes them to see Madam in Dinus again.

The only information Madam can offer for now is that the entire world is panicking because of Rogner’s voice. Not too long after their arrival, a royal messenger comes to inform everyone that Vahnstein is requesting the party’s presence in the castle. Vahnstein reveals that Rogner actually gave a divine oracle that basically says he’s going to destroy Ingrid, Midvan and Dinus — the three countries which received most damage from Lovelost. When everyone wonders about Rogner’s current location, Nico answers Rogner must be in Melrond right now. Melrond was actually sealed because it developed technologies that surpassed the gods’ abilities, and aside from their airship, Melrond also created an ancient device that allows one’s voice to be heard all over the world. Even the gods would need the ancient device to make their voices heard, and Rogner is no exception.

They won’t be able to reach Melrond with regular airship, but fear not! The Great Sage actually has been upgrading their airship with “extra parts” which will allow them to reach the sealed country. \(^o^)/ Nico has been gathering the parts during their journey (e.g stealing poor Heathcliff’s treasure), but he’s still missing two important parts. One of them is actually here in Dinus, and since Vahnstein is more than willing to give it to them, they only need to get the last part from Midvan. Last night Nico already tried replacing the part with his magic item, but then the entire airship exploded, caught fire, and he almost got thrown to the underworld.

Kirite: “…..”
Nayuta: “…..”
Camus: “…..”
Soo: “…..”
Nate: “… is it just me or did he just say something outrageous?”
Lilith: “… we shouldn’t think about that.”
Nico: “Ufufufufufu.”

As soon as the party arrives at Midvan Castle, Nico takes the necessary last part even before asking for Kadash’ permission lol. Kadash admits he was actually worried about leaving the world’s fate in Lilith’s hands, because even if she’s “the saint”, she just a normal girl.. but he’s impressed when Lilith says she will keep on fighting along with her friends. Before the party leaves Midvan, Kadash tells them that he’s going to keep believing in them — until the day they finally save the world. Nico then flies the airship back to Dinus, where he chases everyone out as he upgrades the airship in the castle’s treasury. As for Dinus’ royal treasures.. well, he warped everything to the backyard since nobody has any will steal anyway. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

When they’re waiting for Nico, Lilith finds an angry Nayuta at the back alley. Nayuta is irritated that Rogner has grown insane, especially because he knows Rogner actually loves humans too. He’s destroying everything in the hope of saying humanity, and it’s just ironic how Rogner is the only god who’s willing to go this far just to protect them. Nayuta is having doubts about fighting Rogner because of this, but Lilith says it’s not just him. Everyone has their own doubts too when it comes to Rogner — even the Holy Ones. The only person who had absolutely no doubts was Remna. Nayuta really admires her strong faith, but he’s not sure what she thinks now that Rogner has announced his plan to destroy Ingrid. Knowing that Nayuta is worried, Lilith gently says they can go and check Remna’s conditions later. They have to go to Melrond now, but she knows everyone wouldn’t mind flying back to Ingrid after that. Lilith asks Nayuta to cheer up, and he finally smiles saying he’s really grateful to her.

Soon Nico informs everyone that their airship has been upgraded, and he takes them to fly to Melrond right away. Similar to how Amafi is hidden in a deep forest, the area around Melrond is surrounded by a rough “storm zone” — an area filled with huge storms, roaring thunders, damaging waves, and many more. Nayuta panicks and says it’s too dangerous, but Nico tells him not to be such a chicken lol. After all, their airship was upgraded so they can fly through the “storm zone”. Soo wants to rely on Camus for good luck, but Camus doesn’t know what he can do to bring good luck in this situation.

Lilith: “Camus’ presence alone already brings good luck, so it’s okay!”
Camus: “If you say that, I feel like doing my best!”
Nate: “Haha. She said your presence alone is enough, what will you do your best at?”
Camus: “Um.. doing my best not to get blown away?”
Nayuta: “Hmph. Then should I tie you onto that pillar over there?”
Camus: “Go ahead then. I’ll curse you with super bad luck.”

Proof that Nayuta is evil #2. (〃゚艸゚):;*

As Nico steers the airship into the storm zone, everyone starts wondering if they can really reach Melrond safely. Nate says they might be able to make it if they only have to deal with the storm and thunders, but he can sense something else.. which is proven true when a freaking Bahamut comes out of the clouds. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ The airship isn’t equipped with a weapon to fight it, and they probably won’t be able to escape from it either.

When the Bahamut starts hurling icicles towards the airship, Nayuta holds Lilith and tells her not to worry because he’s going to do something. After all, it’s a knight’s duty to slay the evil dragons. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Nayuta bravely climbs to the deck and fights the Bahamut with his barrier and magic-enhanced spear, but unfortunately the Bahamut turns berserk, releases a black aura that absorbs his Vakista power, and carries him above the clouds. Worried about Nayuta’s safety, Lilith prays to Yufis and uses i-Scepter to send her love to Nayuta in the sky. It gives him enough power to finish the Bahamut off, and he jumps back to the airship as the poor creature plunges to the ground below. When Lilith welcomes him back, Nayuta blushes and shyly answers “I’m back.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Unfortunately, their airship got damaged thanks to the Bahamut’s icicles from earlier, so Nico decides to ram it through Melrond’s barrier and enter the city by force. They don’t have time to unlock the barrier anyway, so they have to make it quick before the airship breaks down or gets struck by a thunder lol. As Nico pushes the airship through the barrier, Nayuta hugs Lilith saying he will always protect her.

Episode: All of Love

In the darkness, Lilith can feel the grief an anger Adonis feels towards the people of Melrond. Humans were the ones who scarred the land, and the gods sealed the country away as the punishment. Suddenly Lilith hears the gentle voice of God Melrond, telling his land to sleep as he heals it in the darkness. Lilith realized this must be a dream shown by God Melrond himself, and the dream makes her feel that the gods really do love humans. Everything turns dark after that, until eventually Lilith hears Nayuta’s voice trying to wake her up.

Lilith seems confused when she opens her eyes, so Nayuta explains they all crash-landed in Melrond after the Bahamut’s attack. Nayuta says he couldn’t explore the place because she was unconscious, but when Lilith sadly apologized for being a hindrance, he feels really bad and quickly says it was only a figure of speech. xD He was only worried about her, and he’s been wishing for her to wake up as soon as possible. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Nayuta is surprised when Lilith says “thank you for worrying about me”, but then he blushes and replies with “it’s only natural, I’m your knight after all.” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Nayuta explains that everyone got separated when their airship crashed into Melrond, and he doesn’t know where their friends are because the only thing on his mind was to save her. This reminds Lilith that she clung to Nayuta when the airship was falling down, so she blushes and apologized saying she was really scared. Nayuta blushes too upon remembering how he hugged Lilith, especially when she says she feels really calm in his warm arms. He apologized if she found it unpleasant, but she admits she actually felt happy. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Nayuta: “I-I see..”
Lilith: “Yes..”
Nayuta: “A-Ah.. By the way, are you alright?”
Lilith: “Um.. what?”
Nayuta: “Y-You’re so dense. I-I mean, can you walk?”
Lilith: “Ah, yes! I’m fine.”
Nayuta: “O-Okay, shall we go then?”

..and so Nayuta takes Lilith to search for their friends, while still blushing. xD

As they explore the empty city together, Lilith and Nayuta notice that Melrond’s condition is far worse than Savila. The horrifying scenery reminds Lilith of the dream she saw earlier, so she tells Nayuta that Melrond was scarred by human’s arrogance — most likely due to the fact that they could make advanced lost technologies. The Holy Sword of Lohengrin is one of Melrond’s ancient relics as well, which means Rogner is now planning to purge humans using their own inventions. Nayuta wonders if Melrond realy deserved this kind of punishment, but Lilith says no because in her dream, God Melrond is gently healing the land. There must be hope even for this cursed country.

Nayuta sadly admits he doesn’t have enough faith to keep hoping, and he really envies Lilith for keeping her faith firm even during the hard times. He wonders if he can be as strong as her if he can hear the gods’ voices too, but he’s aware that his faith is shaking because he’s weak — that’s why he can’t hear their voices. However, Lilith says Nayuta isn’t weak at all. He might has a lot of doubts and his faith might be shaking, but she believes that in the end, he will always return to the right path. Nayuta never expected to be comforted by Lilith, but then he smiles and thanks her for comforting him. Just then they notice a smoke signal from afar, and they decide to approach it because that should be where their friends are.

The smoke actually comes from Nico’s magic, and he manages to gather everyone by using the smoke signal. The airship is, of course, heavily damaged, so Nico suggests going to the research facility in the center of town. It was the source of the sealed lost technologies, and they should be able to find the necessary parts to fix their airship there. That, and they can probably find the broadcasting device Rogner used too. Along the way, they suddenly hear Rogner’s voice followed by the appearance of Rogner’s transparent image. He says they’re really foolish for opposing him while salvation is right in front of their eyes, and he refuses to listen when they say Lovelost can’t be stopped by destroying the world. Upon noticing Kirite’s presence, Rogner challenges them to come and face him in the center of the city — he’ll purge them all with pleasure.

Since Lilith isn’t familiar about Melrond’s layout and structure, Nico then explains that Rogner should be waiting in the government office. The building is similar to the castles in other cities, but Melrond actually didn’t have a king to rule the country. The citizens of Melrond made their own rules, and that’s why they grew arrogant. Soon the party reaches the government office in the center of town, and everyone wonders how to get in because the building doesn’t have any doors.. but Nico calmly touches the wall, and it splits open to form an entrance for them. As they walk into the cold building, everyone is surprised to see how advanced-looking the interior is. At this point they already realized that Nico knows a lot about Melrond — despite the land being sealed a long time ago — so Nate raises a good question here.

Nate: “Aren’t any of you wondering why Nico knows this much about Melrond?”
Nayuta: “Well.. I’m curious, but asking him is useless anyway.”
Nico: “Oh? You can ask me any questions. The answer is, of course..”
Everyone: “Because you’re the Great Sage.”
Nico: “I see everyone already understands my personality.”
Camus: “Well yes. We’ve come to understand you.”
Nico: “Aren’t you worried?”
Lilith: “Eh?”
Nico: “My identity is unclear and I have a lot of secrets, right?”
Nico: “Aren’t you worried to have such a man as your friend?”
Kirite: “… I believe in my friends.”
Nayuta: “You’re too talkative for your own good, but you won’t lie.”
Nayuta: “… though I think you often say things that are really close to lies.”
Soo: “Your passion to save the world is true, right? If it’s a lie, you won’t come with us.”
Nate: “You’re suspicious, but you’re not a bad person. You’re just weird.”
Camus: “That’s right. Nico is weird, but not bad.”
Nico: “… am I supposed to be happy with this?” (´・ω・`;)

..but in the end, Lilith’s faith in him is enough for Nico to accept everything. xD

When they reach the control center, Rogner is already eager to purge everyone. They try to explain that he’s taking the wrong way to stop Lovelost, but Rogner still believes purging the world is the only way to prevent destruction. He won’t blame them for not understanding him either, and he’s going to kill them with the Holy Sword of Lohengrin so they can reincarnate into the new world later. Rogner says his wings turned black because he harmed humans by destroying Savila, but he doesn’t mind as long as it means humanity will be saved.

When Nayuta says he’s going to stop this madness, Rogner asks why a Holy Knight like him is trying to stop his grand salvation plan. Nayuta answers it’s because Rogner destroyed Savila, and now he’s trying to cause more harm by destroying other countries.. but of course Rogner doesn’t care as long as he can get humans to love the gods again. Rogner’s answer makes them realize that destroying Savila has completely broken Rogner as a god, and all that’s left from him is only an insane, sad empty shell. Nayuta then takes out his spear to fight Rogner, who also starts hurling magic explosions towards him. During the battle, Rogner keeps telling Nayuta to obey and receive the salvation already, but Nayuta refuses to accept such a brutal method. Nayuta is aware that he’s fighting against a god, but he has no doubts and hesitation because Lilith is giving light to his weak faith. He will keep fighting for her sake, and even if he has to face a god on the wrong path, then he’ll take that god back to the right track — it’s his faith. When Rogner sends another dark waves towards him, Nayuta suddenly shines, avoids the magic attack, and delivers the final blow to finish Rogner off.

As Rogner starts fading away, Nico finally tells him that Lovelost occured because someone put a curse on Yufis — shocking Rogner. Nico asks if he knows about who cursed Yufis and killed the Holy Ones, but Rogner doesn’t know anything about this. Rogner wonders if they’re not going to kill him, and suddenly Yufis’ light wraps his body through i-Scepter — she’s trying to save his soul with her warm light. Then finally, Rogner smiles and whispers “the Goddess of Love..” before disappearing, only leaving one of his white feather behind.

Now that Rogner has vanished, the party is left with absolutely no clues about the real culprit behind Lovelost. Nico says Rogner actually accomplished his mission though, because they can defeat him with the power of the gods.. and that should be enough reason for people to love the gods again. Since the broadcasting device is standing in the control center too, Lilith decides to use it to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat. Now people don’t have to worry about getting purged anymore, and she also promises they will do something to stop Lovelost too. Not too long after Lilith is done announcing her message, suddenly a voice starts echoing in her head — repeatedly telling Yufis, “the traitors” and all humans to rot and die. The intense hatred pierces Lilith’s hearts, and she falls into darkness as she loses her consciousness.

When she opens her eyes, Lilith finds herself in the darkness. She’s confused about where and who she is, but a gentle voice tells her to sleep. This is the cradle of life, the comforting dakness, and she has nothing to be scared of. The darkness will heal everything — both the sleeping land and her destroyed heart. Just then i-Scepter suddenly appears before her, and she remembers that it’s the proof of Yufis’ love. When i-Scepter starts shining, Lilith suddenly hears a man’s voice saying this is her faith. He asks if she’s going to throw everything away, and she recognized that it’s Nayuta’s voice. He scolds her saying it’s so irresponsible of her to hide in the darkness and forget everything, and he asks if this is really everything she’s got in herself. Lilith finally calls his name, and Nayuta smiles saying that’s the Lilith he wants to see. Nayuta is always so cold and strict to her, but Lilith knows that he’s treating himself the same way. He knows he’s actually weak inside, so he’s always trying to be stronger. Lilith is about to tell Nayuta her feelings, but his image fades away and vanishes. When she tries to chase after him, the gentle voice from earlier gives her the darkness’ blessings and takes her back to the light — returning her to Nayuta’s arms. He’s beyond relieved to see her opening her eyes again, and she apologized for making him worry.

From her friends, Lilith learns that she’s been lying unconscious for two days. After she tells her friends about the echoing voice, Nico says it’s really similar to Lovelost’s symptons.. and that would mean someone actually tried to put a curse on Lilith. They wonder how Lilith can recover from such a terrible condition, and she tells them about the gentle voice who talked to her in the darkness — God Melrond. He was the one who guided her back to reality, but Lilith knows the one that pulled her out of the darkness was her bond with Nayuta. (*´∀`*) Here, Lilith suddenly has a suspicion and asks if they can visit Ingrid next. She wants to see Remna and confirm this suspicion, and they also need to see the world’s condition after they released it from Rogner’s threat.

Nico explains that he already finished fixing the airship during the last two days, but since he only rearranged the parts, the airship doesn’t have enough magic energy to pierce through the barrier. It will take too much time if they fully repair the airship, so their only choice is to rely on Nico’s magic power with Nayuta and Camus as his support.. or is it? Just before they walk to the airship, i-Scepter suddenly starts glowing and Nico suggests asking God Melrond to open the barrier from them. After all, Lilith’s dreams are hinting that God Melrond actually put up the barrier to heal his land. When Lilith prays for God Melrond to lift the barrier, a gentle darkness surrounds them and the wind carries his voice to their ears — “go.” Then the next thing they know, the barrier surrounding Melrond vanishes.

After leaving Melrond, everyone decides to stop by Dinus and get the latest information from Madam. Sadly, Madam says Lilith’s message didn’t really help much to improve the situation. They might have defeated Rogner, but Lovelost is still eating its victims alive. Dinus is doing better compared to Ingrid and Midvan, but that’s only because there are a lot of high-spirited people in Dinus. Plus, Vahnstein is doing his best to control the situation too. Lilith feels sad to hear that her voice failed to reach everyone, but she regains her spirit when Madam says she believes in Lilith.. and there must be people out there who are putting their hopes on her too.

At this point, Lilith can visit other towns to check their conditions.

[ Dodona ]

Lilith goes to the empty temple and prays to Yufis. She feels powerless since her voice failed to win against Lovelost, but she’s not giving up yet and asks Yufis to keep watching over her. When Lilith turns aorund, she finds Nayuta standing behind her with a worried expression. He asks if she’s okay, but when she answers she’s fine, he tells her not to lie to him. Nayuta has been watching Lilith ever since the first time they met, so he knows she must be feeling down right now. When Lilith says he’s always looking at the gods and not her, Nayuta corrects her by saying he’s been watching over her too because she’s the messenger of god. Lilith sadly tells Nayuta it doesn’t make her happy, because even though she’s “the saint”, she’s only a girl inside. Nayuta tries to explain that it’s not what he wants to say, but he’s confused because he doesn’t know what to say in this situation.. so Lilith says she doesn’t need any words and asks him to only hug her.

Nayuta: “I-Is it okay?”
Lilith: “… yes.”
Nayuta: “Alright.. Um.. Here I go.”
Lilith: “… y-yes.”

Lilith goes “ah..” in surprise when Nayuta hugs her, and he flips out asking if she’s alright. xD She blushes and asks him not to ask every single thing since it’s embarrassing, and he turns red too saying it’s because he’s not used to this kind of thing. (。→∀←。) Nayuta protests when Lilith finally laughs, and she hugs him back saying he’s really warm. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Lilith: “I can hear your heart’s voice.”
Nayuta: “Isn’t it my heartbeat?”
Lilith: “No. Your heart’s voice.”
Nayuta: “Really..? What does.. it say?”
Lilith: “I won’t tell you~!”
Nayuta: “Wha..”
Lilith: “Please stay like this for a little longer.”
Nayuta: “O-Okay. I understand. We can stay like this until you’re satisfied.”


[ Amafi ]

Amafi is safe because of Heathcliff’s barrier, but Heathcliff doesn’t have any intentions to do anything for the crumbling world out there. Nothing is eternal, and he believes all living things will die eventually. Heathcliff doesn’t know what will become of the world by the next time he wakes up.. or if he will ever wake up again. However, Heathcliff is actually supporting their quest to save the world. While everyone in Amafi is willing to accept their fate — even if that fate means doom — Heathcliff says only humans have the power to fight against fate. That’s why if they really want to defy fate, they should do their best and fight for what they believe is right.

After they’re done checking up other cities, the party flies to see Remna in Ingrid.

Upon arriving in Ingrid, Lilith notices that not only the city is dead, it’s now gloomy and dark as well. People’s eyes are filled with despair and insanity, and one of them even tries attacking Lilith when she asks if he’s okay. Lovelost’s effect in Ingrid has worsened at the blink of an eye because Ingrid is the religious city of faith.. and yet Rogner included it on his salvation list. Obviously the people in Ingrid instantly lost the faith they have been holding onto for so long, which leads to this result. There are absolutely no knights guarding the temple, and inside the temple, they find Hardy in both a lethargic AND depressed state. It seems the knights have lost hope because the gods already “abandoned” them, so there are no knights left to protect the temple.

When they reach the audience hall, they find Remna who is now watching over the crumbling world in despair — because God Ingrid never answered her prayers to protect Ingrid from Rogner. Remna is still treating Lilith like an evil witch, but she doesn’t care about capturing her anymore. Since Remna already stopped acting hostile towards her, Lilith decides to confirm her suspicion here.

Lilith: “Your Majesty, did you see the ‘god’ that gave you the oracle?”
Remna: “Yes. God Ingrid appeared before me, and ordered me to execute the witch.”
Lilith: “…..”
Nayuta: “Lilith?”
Lilith: “Your Majesty.. did God Ingrid have white wings?”
Remna: “What are you asking. Of course he does. He was godly with white wings.”
Lilith: “…..!”

Nayuta is worried since Lilith suddenly turns really pale, but Lilith only asks him to guide her to the place where Remna received the oracle — a certain someone should be there. Of course Remna tries to stop them, but Nayuta ignores her saying as a person who’s already given up on life, she doesn’t have any rights to stop them. Nayuta then takes everyone to Ingrid’s inner sanctuary, where Lilith clearly tells them that God Ingrid isn’t here. When Nayuta asks who did she refer to earlier, Lilith reminds them that Remna saw a god with white wings. All the gods have white wings, but in this world, there are only three gods who have both a physical body and a pair of white wings. Two of them already vanished, so that leaves them with only one suspect.. The moment Lilith calls out to Horo, i-Scepter starts shining and Horo appears with the sound of cracking ice.

Among his falling white feathers, Horo laughs and admits that he’s indeed the culprit behind Lovelost. Other than disguising himself as God Ingrid and deceiving Remna, Horo also reveals that he manipulated Rogner to steal the Holy Sword of Lohengrin from Savila. He told Rogner it’s so he can “show the gods’ power to humans”, and in the end this only caused Rogner to go insane. After thanking Lilith for purifying Rogner’s soul, Horo admits that while they were busy chasing after Rogner, he ate both Kuriel and Luverchi to gain their power. Since gods can’t harm each other, Horo throws a sword onto the ground saying he borrowed a human weapon to do the deed. サササッ((((((:゚;Д;゚:;)ノノ

When Lilith asks why did he do such a terrible thing, Horo calmly asks if they know about the mythology of Anelheid.. and when Lilith says she does, he asks what does she know about Goddess Renai. Of course everyona answers Renai is the goddess Adonis wed after Yufis sacrificed herself, so Horo decides to change his approach by asking them about the gods’ properties:

Dinus: fire and war
Ingrid: ice, snow and law
Savila: sea, sun and light
Amafi: land, trees and nature’s kindness
Melrond: darkness, moon and healing
Midvan: wind and freedom
Yufis: love

Soo says even children know about this, and Horo coldly asks why does none of them know about what properties Renai rules — not even Nico. They only know Renai’s name and story, but they don’t know anything about Renai herself. Horo also asks if Renai has any temples in this land, and Lilith comes to the shocking realization that she has none. Adonis doesn’t have a specific temple either, but it’s different because he’s worshipped in every temples. Horo then explains that his mother is a forgotten goddess, and he asks if they know why Yufis’ children sacrificed themselves to create the six capitals. It’s not to protect humans. It’s to shut Renai out from their family. Adonis created the world, Yufis made the land, and their children filled the land with countries and blessings. The world was complete, and there was nothing left for Renai to give. Luverchi and Kuriel even called Yufis “Mother Goddess”, even though their real mother is Renai. That’s why Horo cursed Yufis, and he’s planning to destroy this world so he can make a new one just for his mother — that way nobody will forget Renai anymore. As the last part of his perfect plan, Horo is now planning to kill Lilith and her friends — Yufis’ saint and her children’s Vakista.

Everyone says he’s really messed up in the head, but Horo smiles and reminds them that Yufis wants everyone to love.. and he’s doing this out of love for his mother. Just then the ground starts shaking, and Horo says they better move fast if they want to stop him. Otherwise, the world might be destroyed before they can even find him. Then he disappears with an insane laughter. (´・ω・`;)

The moment the party walks out of the temple, they learn that Horo wasn’t joking earlier. The sky is filled with Bahamuts, sandworms are crawling on the ground, and Fenrirs are roaming around everywhere. They manage to beat all the monsters, but Nico says Ingrid is in a grave danger. The next batch of monsters will definitely come to invade Ingrid later, but they won’t be here by then.. and none of the citizens have the will to defend themselves. In other words, doom. Knowing that Ingrid needs Remna’s power to stand up, everyone follows Nayuta as he goes back into the temple to slap some senses into Remna.

When Nayuta asks Remna to defend Ingrid with the knights, Remna says only doom lies ahead of Ingrid because they already lost their faith. Nico offers to use his controlling magic because it seems useless, but Lilith stops him since there’s no point if Remna doesn’t try to stand up on her own. Since Remna won’t listen, eventually Nayuta decides to provoke her by saying she should hand her crown to him. He’s going to rule Ingrid in her place, and she should just rest in peace.. beside God Ingrid. Lilith panicks when Nayuta suddenly charges towards Remna, but Nayuta’s plan succeeds when Remna suddenly summons her barrier to protect herself — it’s the will to fight back. Nayuta asks Remna to fight for Ingrid once again, and this time she finally smiles saying Nayuta is such a fervent person. She always thought he doesn’t fit this country of ice, but she never expected him to be this passionate. Nico says it might be good because Nayuta is the passion of Ingrid, and Remna smiles saying it might be true. Now that despair is finally gone from her eyes, Remna orders Hardy to gather the knights and defend their country from Horo’s monsters.

Upon returning to the airship, Lilith suggests they split up again to gather information regarding Horo’s location, and also to help defending the countries from the monsters. Nico finds it really hard to part with his precious crystal balls, but he gives in when Lilith sadly asks if they can’t borrow his power. xD They agree to meet up by the world tree again later, and Lilith decides to stay in Ingrid with Nayuta.

After getting the permission from Remna, Nayuta takes Lilith to the sanctuary again because he feels a strange sensation earlier.. and it’s not because of Horo. Along the way, Lilith starts shivering because the sanctuary is an ice temple. She jokingly asks Nayuta to keep her warm by hugging her, but she’s surprised when he answers “alright, come here.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Then he reveals it’s a joke as well, and he laughs at her face lol.

When they reach the altar deep inside the sanctuary, Nayuta and Lilith meet an old lady who claims to be the caretaker of the sanctuary. It’s hard to believe because nobody can enter the place without Remna’s permission, but they don’t feel any ill intents coming from the old lady. The old lady then explains that the sanctuary is the place where God Ingrid sacrificed himself, and he chose the coldest place in the area instead of a warm one. When the old lady asks Nayuta about how he feels towards Ingrid’s strict law and cold nature, Nayuta answers it’s only natural for him because he’s a knight of Ingrid — it was his decision to serve Ingrid after all, so he accepted everything naturally. The old lady then asks what does faith mean to him, and Nayuta finally realized a mistake in his way of thinking. All this time he’s always chasing after the “ideal” faith, but everyone has faith deep inside their hearts. True faith isn’t something people can earn by building it up, but the one that grows naturally inside people. Upon hearing Nayuta’s answer, the old lady replies with “Holy Knight, you shall now be reborn.”

The old lady reveals herself to be God Ingrid, and he gives Nayuta the mission to protect the world and people’s faith. Not as a Holy Knight anymore, but as a saint of Ingrid. A bright light envelops Nayuta as his knight armor changes into a saint robe, and when the light disappears, Lilith and Nayuta find themselves outside of Ingrid’s temple. When Lilith congratulates Nayuta for obtaining true faith, he smiles saying everything became so clear to him now. He doesn’t have doubts or hesitation anymore, because he already knows what true strength means.

NOOO NAYUTA YOUR CRAVAT IS GONE! C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

They return inside to talk to Remna after that, who’s aware that they must have met God Ingrid in the sanctuary. Upon seeing Nayuta’s holy aura as a saint, Remna asks him if the people of Ingrid have really lost their faith. Nayuta answers faith can never be lost. Faith is always there deep inside people’s hearts, and they will be able to get it back if they reach out to their own faith. Nayuta’s answer finally opens Remna’s eyes completely, and she apologized for treating Lilith like an evil witch. She can feel her faith is alive inside of herself, and she believes Ingrid will be revived with Lilith and Nayta guiding them.

Just then the ground shakes, and a knight comes to report that a Sacred Nephilim appeared to attack Ingrid — the timing is clearly on purpose to crush Ingrid’s faith again. The whole city is on fire when they rush out of the temple, and Remna orders the White Lily Knight to stand up and protect the citizens. Lilith panicks because Nayuta lost his spear when he was reborn as a saint, but he tells her not to worry — he can fight with the staff he received from God Ingrid. When the Sacred Nephilim launches his magic blades towards Ingrid, Nayuta shields the entire city with his barrier. Nayuta then uses the same barrier to seal the Sacred Nephilim, who tries to break it from inside, but Lilith’s prayers give him more strength to purify the Sacred Nephilim. Their victory raises Ingrid’s morale, and Remna tells Nayuta not to worry about Ingrid anymore. They will get up on their own feet, so he can relax and return to his main mission now. Remna also asks Lilith to take care of Nayuta because he tends to be reckless, and Lilith happily says yes before they teleport to Forested Marjune.

As they look up at the world tree together, Nayuta says protecting the world means they can protect this beautiful scenery as well. Lilith laughs saying it’s just like him to say those words, and she says the world is indeed beautiful — that’s why they’re fighting to protect it together. Nayuta asks where she’s planning to go next as a saint, and when Lilith answers “the place that needs help the most”, he smiles saying she’s right. They can’t save everyone at the same time, so it’s important to set up priorities.

Lilith: “It would be nice if there are 100 Nayutas.”
Nayuta: “Don’t say something so creepy.”
Nayuta: “The Holy Knights with 100 me…”
Lilith: “Nayuta? You’re not thinking ‘it’d be nice if that happens’, right?”
Nayuta: “N-No. I will never think of such things.”

That sure sounds convincing. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Nayuta then gently calls Lilith’s name, telling her that he feels really grateful to her for giving him an honorable path to walk on. If she didn’t help him to obtain true faith, he probably would have drowned in despair like the people in Ingrid. However, Lilith believes Nayuta will stand back up even if that happens. When Lilith says she knows and believes in him, Nayuta smiles saying he’ll try to believe in himself too then. Both in his heart that told him Lilith is really “the saint”, and in himself who has followed her ever since. Nayuta then bows down and kisses Lilith’s hand as he renews his vow.

Nayuta: “Let me swear to you once again.”
Nayuta: “This time it’s not as a Holy Knight, but as a person, as a man.”
Nayuta: “I will always support you, and will always love you for eternity.”
Nayuta: “This is a holy vow, and I will never break it. Do you believe me?”
Lilith: “Yes..! I believe, I believe in you, Nayuta!”


When everyone comes to join them by the world tree, Soo is surprised to see the change in Nayuta. It turns out Nayuta isn’t the only one who changed either, because Nico then reveals that he became Melrond’s Vakista. He sealed Melrond’s ancient relics so nobody will use them for evil anymore, but the moment he thought “I’m doing all of these troublesome stuff because I love the saint”, he suddenly received the emblem. xD Nobody knows about Horo’s location, but they don’t have to worry because Lilith suddeny hears Luverchi and Kuriel’s voices calling out to her. Horo actually turned them into Sacred Nephilims after eating their power, but since Lilith already defeated them, they can now deliver their voices to reach her. They reveal that Horo is now staying in the underworld — the realm he has created by himself. The entrance to the underworld is located in Horo’s territory, the northern Sea of Oblivion. Luverchi and Kuriel are wishing for the world to be saved, and they disappear soon after that. Before heading off to the Sea of Oblivion, Lilith suggests stopping by Dodona first to prepare for the final battle.

Episode: Beyond the Future

After the party reaches Dodona, Nayuta and Lilith are spending time together in Lilith’s house. When she wonders if everyone will go on their separate ways once their journey is over, he says they probably will. Nayuta admits thinking of saying goodbye to everyone makes him feel sad, and his voice trails off as he wonders what will happen to Lilith and him when that time comes. Lilith says she’d feel lonely to part with him, but Nayuta snaps out of it and reminds her that they need to think about the battle ahead for now. It’s her mission to save the world, and his mission is to help her.. that’s why he’s going to protect her until the end. Lilith answers she wants to protect him as well, and Nayuta smiles as he replies with “Thank you. You might not realize it, but you’re always protecting me too.”

The party flies to the Sea of Oblivion after that, and they sense an evil presence when they’re searching for the underworld’s entrance.. because this disgusting giant monster then appears from the sea.

Unfortunately, the monster is the entrance to the underworld, and the only way to reach Horo is to fly into its mouth. However, they also need someone to stay and protect the airship while the rest of them go to the underworld. The creature is undoubtedly Horo’s creation, and most likely it will disappear if they defeat Horo. Without their airship, the only path left for them is to drown to the bottom of the sea.. and they certainly don’t want that to happen. Soo then offers to stay back and protect the airship when they’re gone, and he doesn’t mind playing with the monster until they return. Everyone then jumps to the monster’s mouth while Soo distracts its attention, but sadly this is where they leave the party one by one to fend off all the monsters along the way. Nate stays near the entrance to clean up the sandworms crawling out from a blackhole; Nico stays back to take care of the endless waves of giant Fenrirs; Camus stands by an inner gate to keep it open so they can return later; Kirite stays in front of the last room to fight the last Sacred Nephilim; and that only leaves Nayuta to fight Horo with Lilith.

After promising to return and help everyone later, they walk past the gate for the final battle.

Upon seeing Nayuta and Lilith, Horo welcomes them with an attempt to shake Nayuta’s faith. He says Nayuta is an intolerant zealot for dumping all of his friends along the way, and also for dedicating himself to Yufis even though his loyalty initially belongs to Ingrid. Nayuta frowns upon hearing this, but Lilith believes Nayuta has the strength to overcome this temptation.. and her felings reach his heart. Even though he has changed a lot during the journey, Nayuta says he still believes in the gods and their love — it’s the true faith he obtained before his rebirth. Right now he’s here to fight on his own will, not because the gods asked him to do so. Horo coldly replies by saying they should see what kind of future fate will choose then. It’s a battle between the future they want to reach and the new world he wants to create.

Sadly for Horo, he’s quickly losing to Nayuta because he’s inexperienced in battle. He might be the mastermind behind everything, but aside from cursing Yufis and driving Rogner insane, Horo actually didn’t do anything to directly harm the world. Horo tries to summon monsters to fight for him, but he’s shocked when none of his monsters appear. Nayuta, on the other hand, is smiling since it means their friends are fighting those monsters outside. In his desperation, Horo then summons a thick darkness to destroy the underworld along with himself. However, the darkness he releases doesn’t put Lilith and Nayuta into despair at all. They believe in each other, and their love becomes the strength for them to fight back. As Horo screams in horror, Nayuta points out that they might be similar in a way. They both make mistakes. The difference is Nayuta believes in Lilith’s love, while Horo refuses to believe in love other than his own.

i-Scepter releases Yufis’ warm light as Lilith and Nayuta give their feelings to each other, and the light completely envelops Horo — finally purifying him. When the light fades away, Horo is already gone and snow is falling from the sky. Each drop of snow erases Lovelost from the world as they disappear.

After the battle, Nayuta smiles saying they have accomplished the mission to save the world. Lilith is thinking about how cute Nayuta’s smile is when his voice takes her back to reality, and he blushes as he asks if she was listening to what he said earlier.

Lilith: “Eh? Um.. W-What was it?”
Nayuta: “You weren’t listening after all.” ( ಠ_ಠ )
Lilith: “I-I’m sorry. I’m listening now, what is it?”
Nayuta: “T-That.. I mean..”
Nayuta: “Argh, nevermind! I can’t repeat those words!”
Lilith: “Ehhh! I want to know!”
Nayuta: “It’s your fault for not listening.”
Lilith: “You’re kidding.. Uhh..” (´;д;`)
Nayuta: “Don’t weep. I’ll say it again eventually.”
Lilith: “Really?”
Nayuta: “…maybe.”

They leave the room to pick their friends outside, and they find Kirite right in front of the gate. Kirite says he can move onto a new path now that everything’s over, and he wishes Nayuta good luck too.. but when Nayuta asks “good luck for what?”, Kirite only closes his eyes and chuckles. xD Camus is a bit reluctant to let go of Lilith, but he’s willing to hold back as long as Lilith is happy. On the other hand, Nico gives them his blessings in the most うさんくさい way possible.

Nico: “Lovelost has disappeared from the world thanks to you and Nayuta, the saints.”
Nico: “Fufu. You gave me a nice thing to see.”
Nico: “I give you my sincere blessings. Fufufufufufu.”

Oh yes, Nico. I can totally see your sincerity LOL.

Nate is also safe despite having minor injuries, and he asks if Lilith is really okay with someone with Nayuta — confusin her even more as Nayuta scowls beside her. Outside, they also find Soo alive and kicking in the airship. He smiles when Lilith thanks him for protecting the airship, but when Nayuta praises him for doing a good job, he says receiving a praise from Nayuta is creeping him out. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They fly to report to Dinus after that, and as they walk towards the city, everyone enjoys the scenery of the world they saved.

After everything calms down, Lilith goes to visit Madam’s casino in Dinus. Madam tells her that Vahnstein wants her to come to the castle, where he’s been waiting for her with Kadash and Remna — all feeling grateful to Lilith for saving the world. It will take time until they can heal all the damage, but each country is recovering rapidly. Including Melrond, because someone has submitted a request to revive the sealed land. As for Lilith’s friends.. Kirite is back in Savila to help everyone rebuilding the country. He’s now the king of Savila, and the brave young man who started this project is now his right-hand man. Soo is still gambling in Madam’s casino as usual, but Vahnstein has approved his ability and Soo himself knows he can do the right thing whenever necessary. Nate is traveling with Nico to see the world, and while Nico gave Nate the face of disapproval at first, Lilith thinks they actually make a nice combination. Camus has returned to Amafi, and he’s doing his best to help Heathcliff monitoring the land. Lilith feels sad to part with him since they’ve always been together, but she respects his decision and keeps rooting for Camus from afar.

Best Ending

After returning to Ingrid, Nayuta resumes his job to protect the city as Ingrid’s saint. He’s been working really hard lately — up to the point where Remna tells him to get some rest already — but Lilith says it’s just like him to work this much. Lilith is now living in Ingrid’s temple as well, where she resumes her training as an acolyte. She’s thinking of taking it it easy until Nayuta finishes his job, but soon he walks out of the audience hall saying he’s already done for now. They still have a lot of things to do from now on though, since there’s a lot of people out there who needs help from the saints who saved the world. When Nayuta says she needs to learn a lot until she can help him do the paperwork, Lilith protests saying she might be a saint, but she’s still an acolyte after all. Nayuta also mentions that he received some complaints from the knights.. who really do respect Lilith, but they’re asking him to place another commander for them lol. Nayuta laughs and teasingly says that the harder Lilith works, the more confused the knights get. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Lilith blushes and says he’s really mean for laughing at her failures, and Nayuta panicks when she turns away from him. He asks if she’s angry, but since she keeps insisting that she’s not when she’s clearly sulking.. he hugs her and whispers “I love you” into her ears. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The sudden confession surprises Lilith, but Nayuta continues by saying he loves everything from her — including the times when she’s angry, smiling and crying.

Lilith: “U-Um.. Nayuta, I’m really happy, but we’re in the middle of the hallway..”
Nayuta: “Is there a problem with that?”
Lilith: “P-Problem.. Um, it’s embarrasing.”
Nayuta: “That’s not a problem, right? It’s just you look so dear when you’re sulking.”
Lilith: “D-Don’t say that with a straight face!”
Nayuta: “Besides, we’re both saints who have the task to spread love.”
Nayuta: “We shouldn’t mind people’s eyes when we confirm our love.”

Nayuta then asks Lilith to say how she feels, and after a long silence, Lilith finally manages to tell Nayuta that she loves him too. Now that they already know each other’s feelings, there’s only one thing left to do.. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

One morning, Lilith opens her eyes in Dodona when Camus wakes her up. At first Lilith is still sleepy and wonders why Camus is here, but soon she remembers that today is her big day. After dressing up and getting ready, Lilith rushes to Yufis’ temple — where Nayuta is already waiting for their wedding ceremony. They first met each other in this temple, and the place will mark their new life together from now on. Both Nayuta and Lilith vows to love each other for eternity, and when the temple’s bell starts ringing, he finally leans in and seals their wedding vow with a kiss.

Good Ending

For the good endings, everyone notes that the world has lost a god in their hands.. and it still needs a lot of help to fully recover from Lovelost. On the way out from the underworld, Lilith notices that Nate is wounded and offers to heal him.

Nate: “Hm? This will heal if I lick it, but okay. Please heal me.”
Lilith: “Okay. Stay still.”
Nayuta: “…hmph. Let me do it.”
Lilith: “Eh? Oh, okay. Please heal him, Nayuta.”
Nate: “H-Hey hey hey! Please, no! I’ll just lick it!”
Nayuta: “Shut up. Be quiet.”
Nate: “Craaaaaap!!”

..and after meeting Soo outside..

Nayuta: “From now on we still need to build the houses and lands that got destroyed.”
Camus: “Don’t make such a face, the atmosphere will turn gloomy.”
Nate: “But that’s just how Nayuta is.”
Soo: “Right. A bright and cheerful NayuNayu would be creepy, I don’t wanna see.”


After their journey ends, Nayuta returns to Ingrid with Lilith. She wants to go back to Dodona someday, but for now she’s going to stay in Ingrid and help the city to recover. Yufis wouldn’t be happy if she abandons those who need help, and besides.. she doesn’t want to part with Nayuta yet. Lilith asks Nayuta to tell her if they need help, but he smiles saying she can take it easy for today because he’s going to talk to Remna first. Lilith thinks it would be nice if Nayuta can regain his position as the captain of the White Lily Knights, though he admits he’s actually not really concerned about that issue. Your profession doesn’t guarantee your faith after all. After doing some shopping in town, Lilith goes to wait for Nayuta in front of the temple. Just then Nayuta walks out from the entrance, and when Lilith asks how did it go, he explains that Remna refused to reassign him to the White Lily Knights.

Lilith tries to cheer him up by saying she loves him just the same regardless of his profession, but Nayuta then informs her that Remna has given him a new position instead — the mayor of Dodona. Apparently Dodona is a part of Ingrid’s territory, and Remna has been ruling over the village directly all this time.. but now she’s handing the position to Nayuta because she’s busy handling Ingrid. Lilith is happy because it means she can always stay with Nayuta even after returning to Dodona, and she turns her back on him to hide her happiness. She tries to cover it up by congratulating him and says they should make a feast tonight, but suddenly he hugs her from behind and locks her in his arms. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Nayuta admits he feels really happy to be able to pray and stay by Lilith’s side, and he asks if she feels the same. Lilith blushes as she answers she’s happy too, admitting that she turned away because she’s embarrassed and couldn’t look him in the face. Nayuta explains that they will have to wait until everything calms down in Ingrid, and he asks if she’s willing to wait for him until then. Lilith happily says she will, and she’s going to do her best to help reviving Ingrid as well. Lilith asks if Nayuta will return to Dodona with her after that, and he answers “yes.. from now on, I will live with you.”

Good God, that was LONG. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ I have no comments regarding the main plot because it’s the classic “save the world” RPG theme, but I love how they wrap things up in the end. As for Nayuta, I absolute LOVE him, his snarky personality and his growth during the journey. Nayuta is aware that he’s actually weak and does his best to grow stronger, and that’s what I like the most from him aside from his knightly side. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He’s also aware of how dense he could be, but when the time comes he grabs Lilith like an adorable man that he is. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Nayuta has a lot of hilarious conversations with everyone in the party, which is why I put quite a lot of dialogues into this post. Both endings fit Nayuta’s personality perfectly, but I have to say his best ending is my favorite. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* But then again I’m eternally biased towards happy wedding endings, so please excuse my judgement lol.

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  1. Ah this was so much fun to read! Relieving all the hijinks the BtF crew drags themselves into gave me warm fuzzy feelings. \o/ I’m so glad for the bits of dialogues that you translated directly as character interaction is where BtF truly shines IMO. It also makes you realize how integral Nayuta (and later Nico) are to the humor of BtF. ❤

    I found it amusing that our reactions to a lot of these situations were pretty much identical. Soo’s 11 for example… no, just, no. wwww

    • You’re right, they’re both necessary for the humor of BtF. Nayutan is deliciously snarky while Nico is an usankusai ball of laughs. xD BtF’s greatest charm is indeed its character interactions, and that’s why I feel obligated to put in the dialogues. Reading about BtF feels incomplete unless you read their lines directly, and that’s the cause of the absurd length of this post.. (´;ω;`)

      Soo is retarded alright. I find it really ironic because in Camus’ path, he’s the one who explains everything about blackjack to Lilith.. and yet 11.. www

  2. Ah.. glad you finished Nayuta’s route. What I like the most from this game is characters interaction, they are supporting the relationship between Lily and any guy you choose. Nayuta… you are so dense, knightly type, but super cute xD And so glad the main heroine is so likeable hehe ^^

    • Yes, BtF has one of the best character interactions I’ve ever seen in the otome game world. You can feel the bond between the party members, and I admit I felt sad when their journey is over because I still want them to stick together. (´・ω・`) Lilith is an adorable heroine. She’s strong nor kick-ass, but she tries her best and is really honest with her feelings. :3

  3. Aaah, I want to play this, but at the same time I’m really bad with longer VNs ;_; How well is it written? Does it manage to keep the story going even though it’s so long?

    • It might be tiring because of the length, but I have to say the story is very well-written. They tie up all loose ends, so when the game ends everything feels complete. As for progression it’s just like an RPG, so it gives off the feeling of a long adventure to save the world.

  4. *groan* I’m sorry that I’m always bothering you with this, but it seems I’ve become abysmally bad at finding guides. I cannot wait anymore, so I’m gonna drop kinema for now and do at least Camus and the bad ending, but as always, I can’t find a guide.

      • So it was there? And with the tittle I searched for! Sorry, but it seems ctrl+f failed me and refused to find it when it was right there.

        Well off to do Camus. I haven’t found much about him since most people haven’t said much about it…and almost all fanart is of Nate. But I’m interested since he’s the childhood friend, and I believe he’s also the first capturable fairy in an otome game. I’m not counting Quinrose’s Peter Pan since they don’t look like traditional fairies, not to mention it’s based on a fairy tale so they didn’t do it to try something new. Plus, I believe the psp version of this game was released first?

        • Yeah, Camus is the first capturable real fairy in the otome game world. He turns big along the way, but still a fairy. :3 Actually, Beyond the Future PSP and PS3 are released at the same time. I believe Peter Pan came out first, but just as you said, BtF is original while Peter Pan is an adaptation.

  5. Thanks so much for this! This is one of the games I’ve been really looking forward to reading, and I’m so happy to see that all the routes are done! XD Nayuta sounds really adorable- I can’t pick whether I like his snarkiness more or how dense he is, haha.

    I have a few quick questions, if you don’t mind! I’m sure you get asked this rather often, but I haven’t had a chance to read your other reviews to see other comments, so I’ll ask here! =) Do you have any suggestions for those wanting to teach themselves Japanese? Like, resources or whatnot? Also, how much should one know before delving into otome games? Lastly, all the games on psp should be playable on any psp yes? There’s not any region locking, right?

    • It depends on the games you want to play, but most otome games require at least basic understanding of Japanese language structure. There might be words you don’t understand, but if you can get to daily conversational level, you should be able to grasp the main plot. I actually don’t have any resources since I self-taught myself with games and dictionaries, but I heard this website helps a lot of people. :D

      Oh, and yes PSP isn’t region locked, so you should be able to play all games despite their language. The only thing you might want to check is the firmware, since some games refuse to run unless you have the latest one.

      • Much thanks for the link and your answers! Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself to a level where I can understand the majority, if not all of the game. *fingers crossed*

        I’m so glad that a lot of the older games are coming out on PSP, guess I should start buying! =)

        • If you keep reading and playing Japanese games, you’ll improve in no time. Otome games help improving my Japanese a lot, so you should be able to do it too. Good luck! :3

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