I actually wanted to do Nate on my first run, but I saved him for second run since he appeared rather late into the game. I can’t save him for last since it’s impossible to resist that wolf tail. xD

Nate is a werewolf assassin from Wolf’s Chanze, a forest located not too far away from the country of Midvan. He was actually sent by the assassin guild to kill Lilith, but touched by her kindness, he dropped the job and joined her instead. As a werewolf, Nate has sharp senses and incredible speed which make him very deadly with a bow. Since he lives in a forest, he’s also very carefree and loves nature. Despite his appearance, Nate is actually 34 years old.

Episode: Blessing and Curse

After Nate joins in, the party leaves Midvan to chase after Nico in Savila. They decide to stop by Dinus first, and they camp out near the rocky area of the desert when it gets dark. Late at night, Lilith hears a sound and wakes up to find a surprise Nate being extremely close to her. Nate apologized for waking her up, but he’s reluctant to answer when Lilith asks if something happens. She asks if he’s bored because he can’t sleep, but he only asks if she’s not scared to see a werewolf being so close to her. Lilith wonders if Nate will eat her, but when he says he won’t, she answers there’s nothing to be scared of then. Lilith is still curious why Nate is sitting beside her, and Nate reluctantly says he’s awake because he’s watching the campfire.

Lilith: “Ah, are you angry because I’m sleeping while you’re on a night watch?”
Lilith: “Should we change?”
Nate: “It’s not that.”
Lilith: “Then what is it?”
Nate: “You, blanket.”
Lilith: “Me, blanket?”
Nate: “You kicked it.”
Lilith: (I kicked the blanket?)
Nate: “You kicked the blanket, so I thought the fire is too strong.”
Nate: “But when I weakened the fire, you start curling up.. I thought you might be cold.”
Lilith: “… were you trying to fix my blanket?”

Nate asks if that’s bad, and when Lilith says no, he blushes and goes “I see.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Lilith then asks if the wolf pup in the desert is Nate’s child, and he chokes saying it’s not. It’s just a normal wolf pup, while Nate’s children will be born as werewolves like him. The wolf pup is living in Wolf’s Chanze with its mother, and he’s taking care of it from time to time. Before going back to sleep, Lilith suddenly blushes saying she has a small request for Nate — she wants to touch his ears and tail. (〃゚艸゚):;* She admits she’s been watching his swaying tail and flicking ears all this time, so she wants to know how it feels to touch them. xD Nate then allows Lilith to touch them if she can sleep properly after that, but then he starts feeling ticklish when she strokes his ears. When Lilith says he’s so cute, Nate blushes, looks away and asks her not to call him cute. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Nate then tells Lilith to go to sleep already, and he tail-whips her in the face when she tries to touch his tail — saying she should sleep now that she has “touched” his tail. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! ..but then he promises to let her touch his tail again someday.

During the battle with the Sacred Nephilim in Savila, Nate shoots the Sacred Nephilim’s cut-off hand when it flies to attack Lilith. She thanks him for protecting her, and he says he’s glad to be able to help her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

In Forested Marjune, Lilith goes to search for Amafi’s entrance with Nate.

[ Lake ]

When they visit the lake together, Nate says this is the most beautiful lake he has ever seen in Anelheid. Lilith then admits she has never seen a lake before, because Dodona only has small ponds filled with well water. Nate laughs saying she’s so sheltered, but he agrees when Lilith says the current her has broader vision. When Lilith asks about the places Nate has visited so far, Nate says he doesn’t remember since he never really thought about enjoying the beautiful scenery during his past travels.. and now he regrets it because he can’t tell Lilith about those places. Lilith says it’d be nice if she can hear his stories, but she thinks enjoying the scenery with Nate like this is a good idea too. One day when they’re in another location, they can look back and reminisce about this beautiful lake.

Nate is surprised because Lilith’s words are implying that she’s going to stay by his side even after their journey is over, and he reminds her that he’s a werewolf. Besides, she won’t need his power anymore once their journey ends, so he’s wondering if she’s serious about staying with him. Lilith sadly asks if Nate thinks she’s staying with him because she needs his power, and when he asks if he’s wrong, she says he’s really stupid for thinking that way. If she only wants his power, she wouldn’t invite him to visit the lake together like this. Lilith is staying with Nate because she wants to, not because she feels forced or because she needs his power. Nate then whispers that Lilith is a really weird girl, but then he smiles and admits it feels nice to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When Lilith says the scenery changes depending on the person you watch it with, Nate replies with “then I love this scenery I’m seeing with you.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Lilith then says she wants to visit a lot of different places with him, and Nate says he’ll learn how to be a good tour guide until then — because he also shares the same wish.

[ Limestone Cave ]

Even though Nate doesn’t like moist places, he still goes to accompany Lilith into the limestone cave. Lilith notices that he’s walking just fine in the dark cave, and Nate says it’s because he’s a werewolf — he has night vision. Lilith says it’s really comfortable because she often bumps into the wall whenever she goes to the toilet at night, but Nate answers it’s probably because she’s clumsy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Lilith also admits she’s envious because she won’t feel scared if she can see in the dark, and Nate blushes as he says “If you’re scared of dark places, just call me. I’ll tell you there’s nothing to be scared of, and even if there’s something scary, I’ll take care of it for you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Nate then asks if Lilith wants to walk further into the cave since the path gets rougher as they go deeper, but he’s willing to keep her company if she wants to proceed. After all, he doesn’t want her to get hurt when she’s with him. Just then Lilith suddenly slips, and Nate falls down too upon catching her. Lilith apologized for causing him to fall down, but Nate tells her it’s okay since it’s his own fault for being careless. Besides, Camus would rage at him if Lilith gets hurt.

Lilith: “Camus is too protective of me.”
Nate: “I understand his feelings though. You look reliable, but you’re actually really clumsy.”
Lilith: “Am I really that clumsy!?”
Nate: “That’s why we can’t leave you alone.. Camus and me.”
Lilith: “Nate..”

Suddenly a blinding light flashes near them, and that’s where they find the entrance to Amafi. Nate admits he actually still wants to enjoy his time with Lilith, but he doesn’t mind and follows her to inform their friends about the entrance.

That night, Nate comes to tell Lilith that Heathcliff will be ready to see them tomorrow morning. He blushes after delivering the news, and when she asks him what’s wrong, he invites her to take a walk outside. Lilith gladly accepts the invitation, and she goes to look around the shops in Amafi together with Nate. He thinks Amafi is a great place because a lot of non-human race are living next to each other here, including elves and werewolves like him. Nate jokingly asks how does it feel to be the minority, and when Lilith says she feels uneasy because everyone keeps glancing at her, he says it’s his daily life as a werewolf in the human world. Nate starts wondering why they can enter Amafi, and Lilith answers it’s because their bond is approved by Heathcliff’s barrier. Nate then admits it’s hard for him to imagine a bond between the two of them, because Lilith is an acolyte and a saint.. while he’s a werewolf and an ex-assassin too.

Lilith then asks why did Nate become an assassin, because it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t like the job. Nate admits he actually did it for the money, and also because he was desperate. He grew up and lived with the pack of wolves in Wolf’s Chanze, but one day the people from Midvan suddenly started invading the forest. Aside from ruining their home, they also treated the wolves like dangerous monsters and chased them out of the forest — even going as far as hunting them. Most of the wolves already left Wolf’s Chanze because of this, and the wolf pup Lilith saved in the desert is the last female wolf pup in the forest. Nate tried to chase the humans away as a wolf, but it didn’t work because there’s just too many of them.. and so he decided to save the forest human-style. He joined the assassin guild to gather enough money to buy Wolf’s Chanze. That way nobody can enter the forest and disturb the wolves anymore. However, he grew to hate the job as he assassinated more people, which eventually leads to him trying to save Lilith.

Lilith sadly asks if he regrets his decision, but Nate admits that he actually feels grateful to her. The world’s enemy is their enemy, and she’s the one who gave him the chance to defeat that enemy — it’s much more wolf-like rather than getting used by humans. Nate then smiles at her, and Lilith can see that the sadness and irritation he initially had are starting to fade away. She admits she doesn’t know much about wolves, but she thinks the current him is very wolf-like. Nate blushes upon hearing Lilith’s answer, and he looks away saying “What do you mean by ‘wolf-like’? I’m a real wolf” while still blushing. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Of course Lilith notices that Nate is turning red beside her, but she pretends not to notice for now. xD

On the night after their audience with Heathcliff, Lilith hears a wolf’s howling from outside. It’s beautiful like a song, but she also feels a hint of sadness in it. When Lilith goes to take a look, she finds Nate in his wolf form outside — howling alone to the night sky. Soon he notices her presence, and he calls her to come closer. Nate asks if his howling is disturbing her, but Lilith honestly answers his voice is beautiful. Just like a real wolf. Nate says Lilith is really weird for thinking of wolves as “beautiful” instead of “scary”, but she says there are a lot of things that are both beautiful and scary. Like flames and thunders, for example. Nate always thought that wolves will always scare people and be hated, but now he knows there’s a strange person like Lilith who looks at them in a different way.

Lilith: “I’ll get scared if I meet other wolves or werewolves. I’m not scared because it’s you.”
Nate: “… you’re weird after all.”
Lilith: “Hehe, I don’t mind being weird. Ah, am I disturbing you?”
Nate: “Nah, you’re not. I was just howling to relieve stress anyway.”
Lilith: “Maybe I should try howling too. Gaoo~ I wonder if it can relieve my stress?”
Nate: (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ
Nate: “If you let out such a goofy howl, all the beasts in Marjune will laugh at you.”
Lilith: “Is it that bad?”
Nate: “Yeah. You don’t have to howl. Look for another way to relieve stress.”

Lilith then wonders if cooking will do, and Nate asks her to cook something for him next time. That way he can fill his stomach, and she can release her stress — it’s a great idea for both of them. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Lilith happily says she’ll make some delicious bread for him next time, and Nate takes her back inside before she catches a cold. When Lilith says she will be able to get a good night’s sleep thanks to Nate, he jokingly asks if he should sleep with her. She blushes and turns down the offer, though she admits his fluffy fur is dangerously temptating. xD Nate grins and asks Lilith to join him for a nap sometimes. He’s willing to be her pillow. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Episode: As a Saint

After obtaining the airship, Lilith is free to visit other areas before they fly to Dodona.

[ Wolf’s Chanze ]

As their airship hovers above Wolf’s Chanze, Lilith notices that Nate seems concerned about the forest’s condition. She asks if he’s worried and he admits he does.. but there’s no one left in the forest, so they won’t be able to check Lovelost’s effect there. However, Kirite says the forest might be affected as well. According to Kadash, the desert has grown larger because of Lovelost, so Nayuta suggests checking Wolf’s Chanze too. Lilith follows Nate as he walks into the forest, but then he asks why she wants to visit Wolf’s Chanze out of all places. Lilith says it’s because she’s hoping they can find some clues here.. and also because she thinks of Wolf’s Chanze as Nate’s hometown. Nate then reveals that while he grew up here, he was actually born somewhere else — though he doesn’t remember anything. He never thought of Wolf’s Chanze as his hometown, but simply as “the place where he grew up”. A hometown is special and memorable, but for Nate Wolf’s Chanze was nothing more than a hunting ground. Besides, he doesn’t have a place he can call as his “hometown”.

Lilith then asks if he ever wants a hometown, but Nate says he already find one after meeting her. It’s a place he can return to, and a precious place he doesnt want to lose — by her side. When Lilith says she’s happy to hear that, Nate admits he might be wandering aimlessly all this time just to find a home in Lilith.. but he wants to know why she feels happy upon hearing his answer. Obviously it’s because Nate is indirectly saying that Lilith is important to him, but Lilith doesn’t answer since she’s afraid of misunderstanding his words. Nate then asks if she can find any clues here because he can’t sense anything, and Lilith says maybe they should look in other locations instead. Before they walk back to the airship, Nate admits that he’s actually looking forward to visit Dodona — because it’s Lilith’s hometown. He wants to see the place that holds a special place in her heart, and this is the first time he ever felt this way.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When the airship passes by Forested Marjune, everyone decides to stop by and take a rest in the forest. Lilith goes to visit the beautiful lake with Nate, and he asks if they should take a nap here since the air is so fresh and nice. Lilith says she’s jealous because Nate has no worries about the battle ahead, so he tells her to take a deep breath and clear her mind. As Lilith takes a deep breath beside him, Nate blushes and admits that he wants to spend more time with her.

Lilith: “With me?”
Nate: “You don’t want to?”
Lilith: “I don’t mind, but.. why?”
Nate: “Because you’re a weirdo who doesn’t mind me being a werewolf.”
Nate: “I feel easy around you.”

Lilith tells Nate she’s happy if he feels comfortable with her, and he keeps blushing as he asks her to groom him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Nate says grooming a wolf isn’t something you can experience everyday, but when Lilith mentions that he surprisingly loves getting pampered, he looks away and denies it. This reminds Lilith that she still hasn’t got the chance to touch Nate’s tail yet, and she asks him to let her touch it as she grooms him. xD Nate says he doesn’t mind since his tail will be groomed anyway, so Lilith happily starts grooming his soft and fluffy fur. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Nate: “You look so happy.”
Lilith: “That’s because I’m happy.”
Nate: “Oh..? How happy are you, by the way?”

Nate’s voice tone lowers as he asks her the question, but Lilith honestly answers she’s happy up to the point where she wants to hug him. Nate grins upon hearing this, and before Lilith can even react, he pushes her down asking “then do you want to hug me?” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Since Lilith only blushes in silence under him, Nate then adds “how is it? you want to hug me, right? or do you want me to hug you?” (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Nate tells her not to hold back, but Lilith panicks and says she’s more than satisfied just by touching his fur. Nate then says he loves getting pampered — just like what Lilith said earlier — so he will be happy if she pampers him more. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ She protests because he denied it earlier, but he only smiles saying he doesn’t remember. xD

When the party splits up for the second time, Nate invites Lilith to visit Midvan with him. Nate is planning to check the conditions around Midvan, and he needs Lilith’s help because the area is rather large. Lilith agrees to accompany him, and Nico drops both of them near Wolf’s Chanze. Not too long after they enter the forest, suddenly Nate senses some presence and asks Lilith to leave everything to him — he won’t let anything harm her. Nate then takes out his bow and shoots some arrows into the bushes nearby, hitting the small sandworms crawling inside. He obviously wipes the floor with them, but Lilith admits she was scared and worried about him. Nate says there’s no way he’d lose to weak monsters like that, but then he blushes and says he’ll be more careful not to make her worry. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Lilith then mentions that Wolf’s Chanze has a different atmosphere now, and Nate believes the appearance of monsters might be caused by Lovelost as well. Sandworms are monsters from the desert, and they never invaded Wolf’s Chanze before. Lilith says it’s probably because the desert is growing larger, and Nate says he wants to do something to solve this situation. Nate then guides Lilith deeper into the forest, where he suddenly feels a strange sensation calling out to him. Nate takes Lilith’s hand as he searches for the source, and they eventually find an ancient monument deep in the forest. He doesn’t know much about the ancient monument, but he heard that it’s one of Midvan’s shrines. The moment Nate cleans the dirt on it’s surface, the monument suddenly moves and opens its door — revealing a bow inside.

When Nate picks up the bow and tries using it, he feels that it was made just for him. The bow feels really light on his hands, and he can the wind’s power flowing out from it. Lilith says the bow is probably a present God Midvan made for Nate, because she can sense God Midvan’s power coming out from the bow. Nate wonders why God Midvan is blessing a werewolf like him, but Lilith says it has nothing to do with his race. God Midvan knows Nate is doing his best to save the world with Lilith, and the present is the proof that he approved Nate’s effort. Nate smiles saying he’ll take it as a the present then.

Soon after they teleport to Forested Marjune, Lilith hears Nate’s beautiful yet sad howling from the top of a hill. His howling sounds really lonely in her ears, and she can only listen in silence until eventually he notices her presence. When Nate says he’s already done, Lilith admits she actually wants to keep listening because his howling is really beautiful — just like a sad song. She asks why does it sounds that sad, but he says he doesn’t know either. When Lilith asks if he feels sad by staying with them, Nate quickly answers he feels happy because of them. He says there’s no way he’d feel sad, but she says it sounds like he’s trying to tell himself “I’m not sad, I’m not lonely.” Nate is surprised upon hearing Lilith’s words, and he admits he that really doesn’t know why he’s howling. He should be happy and satisfied with his current life, but a part of him also feels sad at the same time.

Upon seeing Nate looking so sad, Lilith hugs him saying the head priest often did this too when she was small. All of her worries and sadness would disappear, so she’s hoping her hug can do the same thing to Nate.. and it really does, because he then blushes saying he feels calm in her arms. Nate then says all of his worries has disappeared thanks to her, but somehow Lilith feels that he’s only saying so she won’t be worried. His howling shows a deep sadness, and she doesn’t think it can disappear that easily.. so she wants to stay with him and wait until the wound on his heart completely heals. However, Nate then tells Lilith not to worry about him so much because he has a place to belong. Then he blushes and says his place is right here by her side. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Later on, everyone waits in Dinus as Nico upgrades their airship in the castle’s treasury. Nate goes to walk around the town with Lilith, and they both notice how Dinus has lost some of its liveliness thanks to Lovelost. Lilith explains there used to be some food stalls around this area, and Nate admits he never noticed them when he visited Dinus in the past. It’s got nothing to do with his job, though he knows a lot about the back alleys and escape routes. Lilith apologized for reminding Nate of his assassin days, but Nate only asks why Lilith cares that much about other people. Lilith asks if it’s strange to care about those who are important to her, and Nate says she’s a really strange person.

Lilith: “By the way, why did you come along with me today?”
Nate: “That’s.. because I’m worried about you.”
Nate: “It’s dangerous for you to be alone.”
Lilith: “See?”
Nate: “What?”
Lilith: “That’s called caring for someone.”
Nate: “I see. That’s weird.”

Even though Nate has been living among humans, he never cared for anyone. He always felt that something is wrong because he can’t understand how human thinks, but right now he’s starting to understand their feelings.. and he still wants to learn more. He wants to understand why Lilith is willing to save the world and cry for other people, but then she points out that if he cares this much about her, it means he already knows a lot about those feelings. Nate then says he feels really grateful to Lilith, because it was her who taught him how to care and love other people. Lilith might not realize what she has given him, but Nate already received a lot of things from her.

Nate: “You gave me freedom, a place to belong, friends.. and this feeling.”
Nate: “So.. thank you. I want to give you everything I can to return the favor.”
Lilith: “You don’t have to return anything. I feel embarrassed when you’re being so direct.”
Nate: “Embarrassed? I don’t understand.”
Lilith: “If you’re staying with us forever, I’m sure someday you’ll understand.”
Nate: “If you put it like that, I’m starting to think it’s okay not to understand.”

..because it means he will be able to stay them forever.

Along the way to Melrond, their airship got attacked by a Bahamut in the “storm zone”. It keeps chasing after them despite Nico’s attempt to keep the airship away from it, and they don’t think they can make it to Melrond safely at this rate. However, Nate says he can stop the Bahamut before it destroys their airship. After all, his bow can reach flying enemies from afar. Lilith is worried because it’s really dangerous outside, but she decides to trust Nate and only asks him to return inside when he’s in a pinch. Nate then climbs out of the deck, where he notices that the Bahamut is hiding in the clouds to avoid his arrows. Knowing he won’t be able to attack it repeatedly, Nate places an arrow on his bow and waits the Bahamut is close enough to their airship — he’s aiming for a one-hit kill. Sadly one arrow isn’t enough to kill the Bahamut, and it starts attacking Nate with its claws instead.

Inside the airship, Lilith is supporting Nate in her heart. She’s hoping her feeling can reach him, and i-Scepter grants that wish by enhancing his bow with her £ονё゚:。(*-ω-)-ω-*)。:゚£ονё. It gives Nate enough power to finish the Bahamut off, and it finally falls down after receiving the hit. Unfortunately, the battle also consumed all of Nate’s energy. He can barely stand properly, and Lilith quickly runs out to grab his hand as he slides off the deck. Nate tells her not to force herself, but Lilith doesn’t let go even though her hands are going numb. Eventually Nayuta and Kirite helps pulling Nate back to the deck, and Nate blushes saying she’s really stupid because she could fall along with him. When Nate says she should have let go, Lilith thinks he’s just as stupid. There’s no way she would ever let go, because he’s an important person to her. Lilith is feeling angry, sad and happy at the same time, but in the end she only hugs Nate without saying anything.

As Nico rams the airship onto Melrond’s barrier, Nate holds Lilith saying he’ll keep her warm so she won’t feel scared. Nate’s warmth makes Lilith feel relieved, and she smells a nice scent coming from him as their airship crash-lands into Melrond.

Episode: All of Love

Lilith hears a growl when she wakes up in Melrond, but she’s relieved to see it’s only Nate in his wolf form. He apologized for scaring her, and he explains that he went to check the area around them earlier. Nate’s wolf senses are sharper when in his wolf form, which is why he transformed. Lilith then realized that their friends aren’t here, and Nate explains that everyone got separated when their airship crash-landed. He’s not sure what happened to them either, because he could only think of Lilith’s safety when they fell from the airship. However, Nate is pretty sure everyone is alright since they’re both unharmed. Nate didn’t find anything when he checked the area earlier, but he didn’t go too far away because Lilith was unconscious. Now that Lilith is already awake, Nate takes her to look for their friends in other areas.

Upon seeing the horrifying scenery of Melrond, Lilith feels sad because the city is completely dead. Nate feels a different kind of feeling though, and he explains the scenery reminds him of Wolf’s Chanze in winter. Since it’s located near the desert, it gets extremely cold when winter comes. Everything looks frozen and dead, but the roots are still alive and preparing for a new life to bloom in spring. This reminds Lilith of the dream she saw after falling off the airship, and she tells Nate that Melrond was scarred by human’s arrogance.. and God Melrond is currently healing the land in the darkness — just like what the roots are doing in winter. Nate then sighs saying he can’t predict what the gods are thinking, and Lilith agrees saying the gods’ gospels always feel abstract or incomplete. Soon they see Nico’s smoke signal coming from afar, and Nate falls into a short silence before following Lilith to meet up with everyone else.

When they find Rogner in the government office’s control center, Rogner asks Nate why is a werewolf like him disturbing his grand salvation plan. Rogner wonders if a beast like him can’t understand the magnificence of his plan, but Nate calmly answers “maybe.” He’s only a forest werewolf, but he does understand one thing: nobody will follow an alpha who kills his friend to protect his pack. That’s what Rogner is doing right now, since he’s destroying exactly what he’s trying to protect. Rogner only says he’s willing to kill and destroy anything as long as he can protect humans by doing so, and this is when Lilith realized the current Rogner is nothing more than an insane, broken empty shell. Nate, on the other hand, says Rogner is an absolute idiot. In his eyes Rogner is Lilith’s enemy, and that’s more than enough for him to fight Rogner.

Enraged by Nate’s words, Rogner attacks them saying he’ll destroy both Nate and Lilith. Nate protects Lilith from the attack, and he turns to Rogner saying he’ll kill Rogner if he hurts Lilith.. though he still will even if Rogner doesn’t hurt her. Rogner then leaps to the air trying to attack Nate, but Nate is faster and shoots an arrow to pierce Rogner’s body. Rogner instantly rages and gathers his dark waves to destroy them, but both Nate and Lilith are thinking of the same thing here. i-Scepter starts shining as Nate asks Lilith to send her feelings to him, and her love enhances his bow — Wind Roar — with more power. One second before Rogner throws his dark waves, Nate shoots and delivers the final blow to defeat Rogner.

After Lilith uses the broadcasting device to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat, suddenly she receives a certain someone’s curse and loses her consciousness. She’s surrounded by darkness when she opens her eyes later, with God Melrond’s gentle voice telling her to sleep and let the darkness heal her heart. Just before Lilith falls asleep, suddenly she hears a wolf howling.. with a beautiful yet sad voice that seems to be calling out to her. Lilith asks why is it calling her, and a familiar voice answers her question: “Why? Of course because I need you. Come back soon. I’ll be waiting.” Everything suddenly turns bright after that, and Lilith can see Nate in front of her eyes. She asks why he looks so sad, and she remembers that he’s noble and strong.. but his heart is frozen and filled with anger towards humans. Nate answers that Lilith was the one who melted his frozen heart — slowly but surely. Nate is starting to change because of Lilith, and he doesn’t want her to leave him behind.

The moment Lilith decides to return to Nate’s side, God Melrond takes her back to the light and gives her the darkness’ blessings — returning her to reality. When Lilith finally wakes up, she finds a relieved Nate watching over her. Nate is really worried and asks if she’s hurt, but Lilith says she’s okay and apologized for making him worry. Nate tells her it’s okay as long as she’s okay, and he says the thought of Lilith not waking up anymore is unbearable for him. Nate will always get worried if anything happens to Lilith, so he asks her not to scare him too much — it feels like his heart would stop beating. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚

After leaving Melrond, Lilith can visit other places before flying to Ingrid.

[ Dodona ]

Upon arriving in Dodona, Lilith goes to pray in the temple. She feels sad that her voice failed to reach people’s hearts, but she’s not giving up and asks Yufis to keep watching over her from now on. Right after Lilith finishes her prayers, Nate comes asking what she’s worrying about. Nate says he’s willing to listen to her worries, and when Lilith says she’s okay, he tells her not to hide things from him. Lilith eventually admits she’s losing confidence about saving the world, but when Nate asks if she wants to drop the quest, she says she can’t run away despite her worries. Nate admits he actually doesn’t care much about saving the world, but he thinks Lilith is really strong for standing firm until the end. Lilith blushes and says she’s not that strong. It’s just she knows there are things only she can do, and that’s why she won’t give up — even if she might feel down and confused along the way.

Nate then moves closer and turns red as he gently pats Lilith’s head, hoping it can make her feel better. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He knows she’s doing her best, but he asks her not to force herself too much. When Nate asks if she’s still worried, Lilith honestly answers she does.. but she can move forward because everyone is supporting her.

Lilith: “Especially because of Nate.. the person I love, is supporting me.”
Lilith: “It gives me a lot of strengh to keep going.”
Nate: “… I see.” (。_。*)
Lilith: “Are you blushing?”
Nate: “N-No, I’m not. It’s just.. I’m happy if I can be your strength.”
Lilith: “Nate.. Thank you.”
Nate: “You don’t have to thank me.” ( *ノノ)
Nate: “But tell me if you have any worries.”
Nate: “I will always stay by your side, so don’t keep it all to yourself.”

NATE WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

In Ingrid’s sanctuary, the party learns that Horo is actually the culprit behind Lovelost. Horo is trying to destroy this world so he can create a new one for his mother — Goddess Renai — and he sends his army of monsters to invade the world before flying off to his hideout. After Nayuta pulls Remna back on her own feet, the party decides to split up and collect information about his location while helping to defend the six capitals from Horo’s monsters. Lilith decides to visit Midvan with Nate, and Nico drops
them off not too far away from the city.

Upon entering Midvan, both Lilith and Nate are shocked to see the city’s terrible condition. The monsters seems to have left Midvan already, but the streets are destroyed and all the citizens look exhausted. Nate admits he doesn’t really like Midvan, but it hurts his heart to see it in such a state. They decide to visit Kadash in Midvan Castle after that, where they learn that Midvan is having a hard time defending itself since most of the citizens have fallen victims to Lovelost. It didn’t take long until Horo’s monster army broke their defense, and it seems like the monsters are going back to attack the city again soon. Most of the soldiers in Midvan has no motivation to fight back because of Lovelost, so Midvan is currently on the brink of destruction.

Kadash also mentions that he can sense a disturbing presence in the castle lately, as he often wakes up at night because of that presence. Upon hearing about this, Nate says he can read what’s going on. Midvan is currently holding out with Kadash as its center, and their enemy is planning to destroy the country by killing him. After all, it would really be the end for Midvan if Kadash dies. Kadash then asks what he should do, since he doesn’t have any soldiers left to protect him — they’re already having a hard time defending the citizens. However, Nate says he’ll do something about this. Lilith doesn’t know what plan he has in mind, but Nate only asks her to leave everything to him. In order to monitor the situation, both Lilith and Nate are staying in Midvan Castle for tonight.

Late at night, Lilith suddenly hears a wolf’s howling in the castle. Nate reveals that he actually put one of his friends — obviously a wolf — under Kadash’s bed to watch and let them know if the enemy comes, and the plan is working really well. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ They find Kadash standing in front of his bedroom, and he explains that the enemy escaped when Nate’s friends howled. While Nate goes to check if there’s any traces in Kadash’s bedroom, Lilith notices that Kadash is gently petting the wolf who saved him.. and the sight makes her smile because it can be the trigger for people to get along with the forest animals. Just then Nate returns saying he found a clue, and he shows them a black feather saying the one who has been aiming for Kadash’s life must be a Sacred Nephilim.

Following the scent of the Sacred Nephilim, Nate and Lilith ends up in Zanas Valley. Or rather, in the place that used to be the assassin guild. The Sacred Nephilim appears before them not too long after that, and he’s certainly not pleased about Nate interrupting his plan. When Nate tells him not to wreak havoc in Midvan, Lilith feels happy because it means Nate now thinks of Midvan as his hometown. The Sacred Nephilim then summons dark energy which really feels similar to Horo’s curse, but Nate pulls out his bow to fight back. Lilith was the one who saved him, so now it’s his turn to protect her. Lilith uses i-Scepter to wrap the Sacred Nephilim with the power of love, and Nate finishes the poor thing off with his arrows — saying his fate has been sealed the moment he tried to assassinate Kadash. Nate is hoping the Sacred Nephilim’s death will make things easier for Midvan, but Lilith says Midvan will be alright. Kadash will do his job properly as the king. After reporting to Kadash, Nate and Lilith use Nico’s crystal balls to warp to Forested Marjune.

In Forested Marjune, Lilith and Nate are enjoying the beautiful forest together. Lilith feels guilty for being too relaxed when she needs to save the world, but when she asks if she’s a failure as a saint, Nate doesn’t think it’s a problem since she’s the only saint he knows. He thinks she should save the world with her own way instead of forcing herself to work harder, though he can understand why she wants to save the world that much. Back when he was still working as an assassin, Nate never really cared about the world and even himself. He never had any expectations for the future either, thinking humans will ruin Wolf’s Chanze anyway. However, after meeting Lilith, Nate starts hoping for humans and wolves to coexist in peace. Nate finally has a future he wants to see, so he doesn’t want the world to be destroyed.

Nate: “But well.. I feel a little bitter.”
Lilith: “B-Bitter..?
Nate: “If I never knew how it feels to hope, I’d still be a fearless assassin.”
Nate: “Now I can’t do it anymore. I have too many things I don’t want to lose.”

Upon hearing Nate’s sad confession, Lilith hugs him saying she actually feels scared too.. but everything will be alright because Nate and everyone else are strong. Nate then says Lilith is right, and he promises to do something to stop Horo.

Episode: Beyond the Future

After Luverchi and Kuriel inform Lilith about Horo’s location, the party stops by Dodona to take a break before they head to the Sea of Oblivion. Nate spends time with Lilith in her house, and he tells her not to be that nervous. He says she’s as stiff as a doll thanks to the nervousness, but when she stares at him with a shocked look, he smiles saying it’s just a joke. On the other hand, Nate isn’t nervous at all since it’s his policy to remain natural before a big mission. When Lilith says she wants to learn how to be that calm, Nate laughs saying he’s a hunter after all. If he gets nervous while hunting, his prey will notice and run off. Nate then admits that he’s calm because he still can’t fully grasp what it truly means by saving the world. Lilith is worried that Nate is forcing himself to stay with them, but Nate says he only wants to protect the place he loves.. and Lilith says it’s enough reason for him to save the world with them.

Lilith then gets up saying they should meet up with everyone, but before she leaves the room, Nate suddenly holds her hand and asks her to stay like this for just a little longer. As they feel each other’s warmth through their joined hands, Nate admits that he’s actually afraid of losing this warmth too. Lilith says that will never happen because she will always stay beside him, and they can always feel each other’s warmth.

From Dodona, the party goes straight to the Sea of Oblivion and finds the monster entrance to the underworld. Soo stays outside to protect the airship; Nico stays near the entrance to take care of the sandworms; Nayuta stays back to stop the giant Fenrirs with his barrier; Camus is standing by the inner gate to keep it open; Kirite stays in front of the last chamber to fight the last Sacred Nephilim; and that only leaves Nate to kick Horo’s ass with Lilith.

The moment they enter the room, Horo appears and provokes Nate by saying Lilith is walking her dog. Horo also asks Nate to regain his “wolf’s pride” by letting humanity be destroyed, but Nate snaps out of the temptation when Lilith squeezes his hand — letting him know that she believes in him. It’s true that Nate doesn’t like humans for ruining his home, but after meeting Lilith and their friends, he realized there are people who can accept werewolves like him too. Nate wants to look for a way for humans and wolves to coexist in peace, and that’s why he can’t let Horo destroy the world. Since Horo is inexperienced in battle and everyone is wiping the floor with his monster army, eventually Nate kicks his ass with Lilith’s love enhancing his Wind Roar. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Before finishing Horo off, Nate whispers “you’re so soft and warm.. I love you” into Lilith’s ears, and she answers she loves him too. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After Horo disappears, Nate admits that Horo is really similar to him in the past. Nate hurt a lot of people in order to protect Wolf’s Chanze, and Horo did the same thing for his mother. If only Horo has someone who can understand him — like how Nate has Lilith — they probably won’t end up with this result. When Lilith thanks Nate for staying beside her and supporting her, he blushes saying it’s embarrassing when she says it so directly. (❤ฺ→艸←) Lilith then says they should return to their friends, and Nate smiles as they go back to the place where they belong.

P.S. If you’re wondering where Nayuta went after their journey is over, he returned to Ingrid. Since he’s been reborn as a saint, he’s now working as Remna’s right hand in the temple. As for Nico, he’s monitoring the world from Melrond’s control center and travels around the world to check its condition from time to time.

Best Ending

A few months after saving the world, Nate and Lilith are traveling to unknown locations. Lilith was actually planning to continue her acolyte training in Dodona, but she couldn’t bear parting with Nate after all. At first Lilith was hoping for a more laid-back lifestyle, but she knows Nate can’t be tied down in one place.. and right now she’s enjoying her new journey with him. Nate asks if she’s really okay with this, but Lilith doesn’t mind because she wants to stay with him. At the end of their journey, Nate takes Lilith back to Wolf’s Chanze — one of the places where he can find comfort in. The other one is on Lilith’s lap. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ While Wolf’s Chanze is important to Nate, the current him doesn’t mind staying in other places because he’s got Lilith by his side. Lilith notices that Nate seems nervous today, and Nate blushes saying he took her to Wolf’s Chanze because wants to settle things today.

Nate: “It might be late, but please let me say it.”
Nate: “I love you. I want your everything.”
Lilith: “…..” Σ(・д・ )
Nate: “A-Am I no good? I’ll fix anything you don’t like, so.. um..! Please…!”
Nate: “…..” ( *ノノ)
Nate: “Please marry me!!”
Lilith: “With pleasure.”
Nate: “… huh?” Σ(゚д゚ )
Lilith: “I love you too. I have no reason to refuse.”
Nate: “I-I see..! Thanks, Lilith!”

Nate then glomps Lilith with trembling arms and promises to make her happy. ε-(*´∀`|萌| When Lilith says she wants to make him happy too, Nate replies with “stupid, I’m already the happiest person in the world.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Several years later, the party is having a meet-up at a bar. They’re wondering why Lilith and Nate are so late, even though they’re the ones who invited everyone here. Everyone is busy with their own lives, but Lilith and Nate always invite them to meet up once per a few months. Just then Lilith enters the bar and apologized for being late, explaining that she’s a bit busy at the moment. When Camus asks what does she mean by that, Lilith turns around to look at Nate and goes “Right, Papa?” Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ Everyone is shocked upon hearing this, especially because Nate then walks into the bar with a lot of mini-Nates. He’s complaining that their children won’t listen to him, but Lilith only smiles and tells him to do his best. Nate asks her to take care of him more so he’ll be more motivated to look after their children, and then he kisses Lilith in front of everyone before they can recover from the shock. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Soo: “Wait. Wait wait wait! Don’t forget our existence!”
Nate: “I don’t. I’m just showing off a little.”
Nayuta: “I’ve got a headache.”
Kirite: “Well.. glad to see you’re living a happy life.”
Nico: “I just won’t say anything.”
Camus: “As long as they’re happy, isn’t it okay?”

Lilith has to control the little werewolves before they run around the bar, but she’s happy to live with her cute husband and their cute children. It’s just like a reward for saving the world.

Good Ending

Even though they defeated Horo and saved the world, Nate feels sad because Horo is similar to himself. The only difference is that Nate has Lilith while Horo doesn’t have anyone who can understand him. That night Lilith notices that Nate looks upset, and despite her attempt to cheer him up, he suddenly disappears on one windy day. The only thing he leaves behind is a vague letter saying “what’s left will return next year”, but she knows he’s going on a journey to settle things with himself. Lilith believes in Nate and decides to wait until he returns, while resuming her duty as an acolyte in Dodona’s temple.

A year after Nate left, the party is having a meet-up in Dodona on a windy day. Camus asks if Nate still hasn’t contacted Lilith, and she sadly wonders what he’s doing right now. Since they won’t be able to fit in her room, Lilith guides everyone to the temple instead.. and that’s where she finds Nate waiting inside — feeling guilty for leaving her behind. He blushes and says it’s been a while, but he’s really shocked when she answers with a simple “stupid”. Lilith protests about Nate’s sudden disappearance, and her vision blurs with tears when she says his letter can’t be counted as a proper letter. She was really sad when he suddenly left, but right now she feels happy to see him returning to her side.

Camus: “Ah, you made her cry.”
Soo: “It’s not good to make a girl cry~”
Nate: “W-What should I do? Lilith.. Please stop crying.”
Kirite: “You take responsibility like a man.”
Nico: “Right. After all, a man who made a girl cry is the worst.”
Nate: “E-Ehhh!?”

..and then everyone chases them out of the temple so they can talk in private. xD

Nate then follows Lilith back to her room, where he apologized for leaving her behind. He also explains that after traveling around the world, he finally feels refreshed. He’s been thinking of what really makes him different from Horo, but after seeing everyone working hard to rebuild their countries, he truly feels glad to have saved the world. Nate wanted to save the world so he can stay with Lilith, and that’s why he can finally return to her side. Lilith warmly welcomes him back, and Nate answers with “I’m home, Lilith.” Nate then asks if he can borrow Lilith’s lap, because he hasn’t been sleeping properly in order to see her as soon as possible. Of course Lilith can’t refuse since Nate is looking at her with his puppy eyes, so she allows Nate to lie on her lap — noticing that he looks really calm. Lilith says she won’t ask Nate not to leave again, because she knows she can’t tie him down, but she wants him to tell her properly next time. However, Nate says there won’t be a next time because he won’t go anywhere. As he falls asleep, Nate gently whispers “I won’t leave your side anymore. From now on we’ll always be together..” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

As you can see, Nate’s route is a ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ paradise for me. I’m really weak towards puppy-like characters, so Nate caught my eyes right from the beginning. Everything about Nate is so lovable, starting from his personality to his relationship with Lilith. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ The start of their romance is a bit sudden, so I get the feeling that Nate has fallen in love with Lilith right from the start, and their feelings only deepen as their journey continues. That being said, I was actually surprised by his best ending. (´・ω・`;) I love baby / happy family endings, but it’s hard to connect “children” with “Nate”.. so it took quite a while before I can accept that ending lol. His good ending is more bittersweet with their one-year separation, but that’s what makes their reunion feels much sweeter. In the good ending Nate didn’t really find the answer he’s been looking for, but oh well.. it’s the good ending after all.

P.S. I want Nate’s awesome hat.


17 thoughts on “BEYOND THE FUTURE – Nate Su-ru-ya

  1. I agree with the romance feeling a bit too sudden in his route, in fact, I think that was one of my biggest issues with him. ;;; In the cavern he tells her, “I can’t keep my eyes off of you” (neutral interest), and barely two scenes afterwards is the grooming event where he very clearly um wants Lilith. (´・ω・`A) Nate’s blush flails were very cute, and he felt very refreshing personality-wise, but just little things that I didn’t like about his route (babies, how the Horo angst wasn’t given ANY time to develop but still sabotaged the entire good ending, etc etc) added up and cut into my enjoyment of it all aaa. orz

    • Yeah, his affection leap lol. I was hoping for a stronger romance buildup like Nayuta’s, but since Nate joins pretty late.. I guess they have to move fast and jam in all developments before the ending hits. ;; In the end I just changed my way of thinking and take the quick romance as something similar to a ronery puppy who finally found a warm master. /bricked

      You’re right. Nate’s good ending feels incomplete for me because he still can’t really figure out the answer, and it doesn’t help that Horo just.. disappears into the background after you’re done with your first run? (´・ω・`A;) Too bad the babies are ruining his best ending for you. His proposal is so cute too. ;___;

  2. Puppy!! Sorry I love characters with ears and tails..and wings and horns. Which is why I’m a lil disappointed that this game doesn’t have a winged character you can get. But one character is good enough for me, so I’m off to play this now (well after I finish kinema).

    The babies make it better for me (Nate is 34, so maybe he started to feel the need to have a family), but since they went to a bar, shouldn’t they have dressed their children in more than diapers? They must have been cold on the way there.

    • Well you can sort of get an ending with Horo. It’s a bad ending of course, but at least we get an awesome Horo x Lilith CG. xD The characters in BtF are all charming though, so I hope you’ll like everyone else too aside from Nate. :3

      Nate is old enough to have a family, so it’s not about age.. it’s just he has the image of a free man instead of family man. But I can sort of see why he wants to build a family, since Lilith is his home. I think they’re still traveling around the world with their children, so I hope they give their babies something more than diapers lmao.

  3. Natee, he is such a cute puppy lol. It’s too bad that he joined the party late, so I feel like his romance is kinda rushed :(

    And I really like his good ending than Best ending, dunno why but maybe since I can’t imagine him with the child lol

    • Yeah, it feels like he’s been interested / in love with Lilith right from start and the development is really quick. It doesn’t help that I’m doing Nate after Nayuta, whose romance has a stronger build-up because he’s been with Lilith right from the beginning. LOL a lot of people find it hard to image Nate having children, so you’re not the only one. xD I might like the good ending more if only they actually make him find the answer in his journey. :c

  4. Baby endings.. 嫌だああああああヽ(`Д´)ノ!Haha, it took me a while to get over his best ending too. I think I paced around for a day trying to justify it to myself because it felt like we just cleared the hurdle of him having the potential to turn into someone like Horo and being an ex-assassin and all that, but then suddenly it’s like “Let’s start a family~!”?

    I guess I can understand that he might be wanting to find more reasons to separate himself from what he could-have-been, but it’s just weird seeing Nate as the family-guy. If anything.. Kirite or Nayuta seems more like it.. (/ω\). I just scared myself trying to imagine a papa!Nayuta I FEEL SORRY FOR ANY GUYS WHO TRY TO COURT HIS DAUGHTER. They’ll feel the wrath of his spear 8D;;

    Anyway, puppy puppy puppy (ノ´∀`*)ノ . I still can’t decide who my favorite character is since I haven’t done Nayuta yet, but I doubt Camus or Soo will be able to beat Kirite and Nate(人´∀`*)wwww so Nate is still high up on my list. Every time he grinned it was just so contagious www I demand more roles for his seiyuu.

    PS. adfgkaj is it just me or does Kirite’s line of “Well.. glad to see you’re living a happy life” just sound so sad?! ;w; I didn’t like how Nate showed off like that, especially after you go through the ending scenes and have to listen to every guy say their lines as they’re left behind 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. I’m so weak to those types of scenes in RPGs.

    • LOL. I can understand why Nate wants to marry Lilith because she’s his “home”, it’s the babies that’s shocking. xD;; After reading everyone’s lines before they fight Horo, I can’t help but think they’re all sad whenever Lilith chooses one of them.. and I always feel sad upon reading Kirite / Nayuta / Camus’ lines because they’ve been with her right from the start. I find also find Kirite and Camus’ sincerity touching and heartbreaking at the same time. (´;ω;`)

      Complaints aside, I actually do love Nate a lot. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ So far I’m loving Kirite too, and I doubt anyone can kick them (+ Nayutan) off my top three. xD Nate’s grin is SO CUTE I can stare at him forever wwww and his wolf grin is equally adorable. /imagines him grinning and wagging tail at the same time.

      Oh, and papa Nayutan sounds awfully scary LMAO. If there’s a guy who hurts his daughter, I can totally see him grabbing his spear / staff to give that guy a good spanking.. and enjoying it. xD;;

    • Isn’t he? xD I’m not gonna lie, I’m completely biased to puppy-like characters and that’s why I love Nate a lot. Sure his romance feels a bit rushed and his best ending is.. surprising.. but I still think he’s an adorable character. x3

  5. I want Nate’s hat too!!!!!! :DDD
    Wonderful review, thanks!
    But seriously… the age gape is just too much (twice her age o.O)… He doesn’t look like an 34-years-old man at all!

    • *age gap
      sorry I wasn’t paying attention. perhaps Nate’s last picture (the one he’s borrowed her lap) distracted me..

      • Yeah, his hat is so awesome!
        There’s indeed a 17 year age gap between them, but then again Nate looks forever young as a puppy werewolf.. so in the end it doesn’t feel that way LOL. Even Lilith thought they’re about the same age. xD

        Thanks for reading my post too. :D

        • That’s true! he will look like a young puppy/werewolf forever!

          And you’re welcomed! I’ve already read lots of your reviews but I think it’s just the first or second time I posted a comment. I’m really thankfull because I’m just sooo curious about some otome games and yet I don’t know japanese (barely managed english language xD) so I don’t think I’ll be playing them anytime soon.. thanks!

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