BEYOND THE FUTURE – Kirite Asturias

Some people actually told me to save Kirite for last, but I-I’m terribly sorry.. I can’t resist those godly pecs anymore. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ This route is the best so far, and I mean it — THE BEST. ♥

Kirite is a samurai mercenary from Savila, a country on the east end of Anelheid. He never let his feelings show and doesn’t like dealing with people, but his swordskills are top-notch. Kirite comes to Dodona based on the High Priestess’ order to capture Lilith dead or alive, but then he quits the job because he knows she’s innocent. Even though Kirite is only 17, he knows a lot about the world and its darker side. He wields a katana named “Totsuka no Tsurugi” in battle.

Episode: Saint or Witch

On the way to Dinus, the party decides to camp out in a rock cave. That night Kirite asks Lilith to stop being so formal to him, so she does her best to speak casually to him.. which amuses Camus to no end because she keeps fixing her sentences lol. Later on, Lilith wakes up to find Kirite watching the campfire. He asks if he woke her up, and when she says no, he chuckles saying she’s starting to get used to speak casually to him. Lilith sadly says it’s because Camus kept laughing at her during dinner, so she did her best to get used to it. xD When Lilith asks if he’s not going to sleep, Kirite answers he needs to keep the camfire burning for now. Nayuta also went out to get more firewood. This causes Lilith to feel bad because she’s only sleeping with Camus instead of helping them, but Kirite says it’s fine because unlike them, Nayuta and him are used to camping.

Lilith admits she feels worried about what will happen from here, but a part of her is excited to see the world outside of Dodona. Kirite turns quiet upon hearing this, and after a long silence, he eventually gives his gratitude and apology for her. He thanks her for healing him back in the temple, and apologizes for taking out his frustration on her. Lilith says it’s only natural for her to help him as an acolyte, but Kirite feels grateful because he’s now unharmed and can chase after Rogner again. Lilith notices that Kirite looks really sad, but then he tells her to go back to sleep. They have a long journey ahead and they’d be troubled if she falls sick along the way.. so her job is to stay healthy. Lilith takes his advice and says goodnight, but she’s wondering why Kirite keeps chasing after Rogner.

Once the party reaches Dinus, Lilith’s bag got stolen and she decides to chase after the thief with Kirite. They lose sight of the thief among the crowd, so Lilith panicks saying i-Scepter is inside the bag. However, Kirite then says they can retrieve the bag if they know the thieves’ escape route in Dinus, and so he takes Lilith to collect information in a bar. Lilith feels scared since the bar is located in a back alley, but Kirite tells her not to worry — he’s here to protect her after all. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Unfortunately, the owner of the bar won’t share anything unless they order something from him. Before Kirite can place any orders, the owner takes out a bottle of a really strong liquor from Midvan. He explains that nobody could take a second sip other than him, and when he challenges Kirite to have a drinking competition with him.. chaos ensues.

Lilith: “Kirite.. A-Are you okay?”
Kirite: “Yes! There’s no problem at a~ll!! I’m co~mpletely fine!! Next, bring it on!!”
Lilith: (There’s a BIG problem here!)
Owner: “Ugh.. Y-You’re pretty strong..”
Kirite: “Fufufufu.. What’s wrong, giving up already? Your face is all red.” ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

OH GOD A DRUNK KIRITE Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

As Lilith watches in disbelief, Kirite continues provoking the owner, ordering for more liquor, and even asks if Lilith wants to drink too. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ When Lilith reminds him about the thief, Kirite asks the owner if he’s willing to give them information now. The owner eventually admits he doesn’t know anything about thieves since his bar is actually clean, but Kirite thinks it simply means the owner isn’t giving up yet.. and so ignoring the poor guy’s protests, Kirite orders more drinks and forces them down the owner’s throat until finally the owner collapses with green foam coming out of his mouth. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Lilith asks if Kirite is okay, but he calmly answers with “nothing happened to me to begin with.” Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ ..and Lilith notices that Kirite has completely returned to normal. How terrifying LMAO.

Kirite then apologizes for failing to get any information, but Lilith doesn’t mind at all because his presence alone is more than enough for her. Kirite seems confused when she chuckles, and Lilith admits she always thought Kirite as someone who can do everything.. so it’s amusing to see him making a failure like this. Lilith quickly apologizes when Kirite turns silent, but he says he’s not angry. He’s just thinking of something, but he doesn’t explain and takes her out of the bar instead. Soon after they step outside, Kirite suddenly remembers that he forgot to pay for his drinks earlier. He asks Lilith to wait while he goes to pay for the bill, and not too long after he runs off, Lilith sees the thief who stole her bag nearby. The thief runs off into a back alley, and Lilith decides to chase after him alone. By the time Kirite returns, she’s already gone.

After hiring Soo for the battle tournament, Lilith can explore Dinus with Kirite.

[ Bar ]

After eating dinner with everyone, Lilith goes outside to get some fresh air. Soon she notices Kirite walking out of the bar too, and he says he’s actually not really good at dealing with lively situations. Lilith finds it surprising because she always thought mercenaries love to party, but Kirite says it’s different for him. He finds it much easier to be alone. Lilith reluctantly asks if her presence is disturbing him, but Kirite says she’s not a disturbance and apologizes for causing her to worry. Lilith also apologizes for not understanding him properly, and after apologizing to each other, they realize what they’re doing and laugh together. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kirite then says Lilith is strange — in a good way — because he never thought of enjoying meals, and yet he was laughing with her and their friends earlier.

Lilith asks if he thinks it’s a good thing, and Kirite honestly answers he doesn’t know. A part of him thinks of such emotions as unnecessary, but he also finds it comfortable at the same time. Kirite then smiles saying it’s strange how he becomes more talkative whenever he’s with Lilith, and he believes she will be a good priestess. The compliment makes Lilith happy, and she tells him to come talk to her anytime once she becomes a full-fledged priestess. Just then the wind starts getting stronger, and Lilith asks if Kirite is going inside with her. Kirite says he wants to feel the wind for a little longer, so Lilith goes back inside after asking him not to catch a cold.

[ Casino ]

If Lilith goes to the casino, Madam asks her to help mediating an argument in the market. Since it’s dangeorus for Lilith to go alone, Kirite goes to accompany her for today. He clearly notices something she doesn’t, because before they leave, Madam asks him to solve the argument as peaceful as possible. It doesn’t take long for Kirite and Lilith to find the location, because they hear a loud crashing sound as soon as they arrive in the market — because the “argument” is actually much more serious than Lilith imagined. The argument is actually caused by two shop owners fighting over their territory size, and Lilith’s small voice just drowns in the background since they’re just too angry to listen. However, Kirite then moves forward and stops the fight instantly. He warns the shop owners that Madam told him to solve this issue “as peaceful as possible”, which means he’s allowed to stop them by force if it’s impossible.

From their argument, Kirite and Lilith learn that Madam actually wants them to open their shops next to each other. The problem is, one of the shop owners isn’t willing to share the area with the other one. Lilith is worried since none of them wants to move from the area, but Kirite tells her not to worry — it’s actually easy to solve this problem. The first shop owner just needs to approve and share the area. He only has two choices in this situation: stop monopolizing the market or move somewhere else and receive much lower sales. If he can’t decide, then Kirite will have to force him to take the second option. Both shop owners need to raise their overall sales too, because Madam must have added the second shop for this reason. If sales remains stagnant even with two shops, most likely Madam will crush both of them and look for a more profitable replacement. The shop owners finally agree to work together, and Kirite takes Lilith to go back to Madam’s place — satisfied with the result.

As they walk back to the casino, Lilith is really impressed and asks if Kirite is used to deal with such situations. Kirite says he is, because he often got dragged into other people’s arguments as a wandering mercenary.

Lilith: “You’ll probably make a better priest than I am.”
Kirite: “…! M-Me? Priest!?
Lilith: “Why are you so surprised? Mediating arguments is a part of a priest’s job.”
Kirite: “… I think stopping fights like earlier is different from a priest’s job.”
Lilith: “Really?”
Kirite: “Yes. If an unfriendly person like me becomes a priest, all the believers will escape and avoid the temple.”


Lilith laughs upon hearing this, but she still thinks Kirite will make a good priest.

Episode: Keep That Love and Save the World

After meeting the Holy Ones, the party returns to Dinus and learns about Nico from Madam. It’s going to take a while until she can track him down, so everyone’s free to explore Dinus in the meantime.

[ Town Streets ]

Lilith decides to visit the town streets with Kirite, and she’s wondering if they can gather some information about Lovelost. Kirite thinks it’d be difficult to get direct information, so he suggests checking the places they’ve visited before and see if there’s any changes. Plus, they can visit the general store Lilith loves. They visited it once during Soo’s Dinus tour, and he remembered her saying she wants to visit again. Lilith is surprised that Kirite remembers, and Kirite blushes saying it’s because Lilith looked so happy back then. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Lilith also turns red and thanks Kirite for remembering, but the moment she turns around to continue walking, she bumps into a person who was running in front of her. Kirite catches her before she falls down, which only sends Lilith’s heartbeat through the roof as she realized that Kirite is hugging her from behind.

Lilith: “K-Kirite..?”
Kirite: “Are you alright? You’re not hurt?”
Lilith: “Y-Yes.. I didn’t fall thanks to you.. I-I’m fine..”
Kirite: “I’m glad you’re fine. Hmm? What’s wrong? Your face is red.”
Lilith: “Eh..? R-Really!? I-It’s not.. red!?”
Kirite: “Yes, it is.”
Lilith: (D-Don’t bring your face closer~!)
Kirite: “Do you have a fever?”
Lilith: “Ah, today is hot isn’t it!? That’s the reason! Ah~ so hot!”
Kirite: “Really? I think today’s temperature is comfortable.”
Lilith: “I-I’m sensitive to heat! Thanks for saving me! I’m already fine!”

LOL LILITH. (〃゚艸゚):;*

Since both Lilith and Kirite aren’t used to spending free time in a big city like Dinus, they decide to just walk around without any specific plans. Lilith promises to walk more carefully this time, and while Kirite seems perfectly indifferent earlier, he blushes when she mentions about how he saved her earlier. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Lilith then says she’s not used to Dinus because everyone is more laid-back in Dodona, and Kirite replies that he remembers Dodona as a nice, peaceful village. When Lilith asks if he doesn’t find it boring, Kirite explains that his hometown was also a peaceful country mainly focusing on agriculture. Rather than big cities like Dinus, he actually feels more at home in rural villages like Dodona.

When Lilith says they’re a bit similar, Kirite answers their friends will definitely disagree if they hear that. Lilith sadly admits she’s not as capable and mature as Kirite, but Kirite laughs saying he was talking about their personalities. She has a very soft image while he’s pretty obstinate. Lilith understands what he means because Kirite always holds his opinions firmly, while she’s more fluffy and easy to get discouraged. Lilith says she wants to have a firm strength like him, but Kirite thinks being soft is also a form of strength. Opinions would only crash if everyone is being obstinate, but those who are soft can accept everything without turning back. In Kirite’s eyes, the strength to accept everything is just as strong as facing everything head-on.

Kirite blushes when Lilith thanks him, and Lilith finds it nice to talk about these stuff since Kirite never really talks about himself. Kirite smiles and says it’s really strange how he turns talkative whenever he’s with her, and Lilith also says she wants to know more about him. Kirite doesn’t think he’s interesting, but Lilith doesn’t mind. She’s not looking for fun anyway. She only wants to know him better.

On the way to Midvan, the party decides to camp out near the rocky area in the desert. Before she goes to bed, Lilith notices that Kirite is gone and goes to look for him — eventually finding him sitting on a rock not too far away from their campsite. He tells her it’s dangerous for her to leave the camp at night, but when she says she’s searching for him, he apologizes for making her worry. Lilith then asks if she can sit beside him, and Kirite wonders if she doesn’t feel cold here. At first she says it’s fine because Dodona is cold as well, but since she keeps sneezing and Kirite is like “… ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”, eventually Lilith admits it’s indeed a bit cold lol. Kirite then shares his coat to keep her warm, and because the coat is too small for both of them, he puts his arm around Lilith and pulls her closer. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

Lilith is worried that Kirite might catch a cold for sharing the coat with her, but Kirite says he’s okay because he’s used to journeys. Rather than worrying about him, Lilith should think about herself since the desert is dangerous even at night. Kirite then points to a red scorpion lurking in a hole nearby, explaining that its sting causes people to feel like their entire body is burning. Kirite says everyone’s doing their best to protect Lilith, but there might be situations when they just can’t save her.. so she should do her best to avoid danger as well. Lilith is impressed that Kirite knows a lot about the world, and she admits she’s actually excited to learn about things she never knew before. Like the red scorpion, for example.

Kirite: “… do you want to get stung? Or are you interested with poisonous animals?”
Lilith: “It’s not that. You make me sound like a weird person.”
Kirite: “I think a person who gets excited over a red scorpion is weird enough.”


Lilith says it’s because she spent most of her life in Dodona’s temple, so she’s excited to learn about new things. Kirite then admits he never thought about life that way. In his case, he had to learn about the world because it’s necessary. Sometimes he also learned from experience, though he never got stung by a red scorpion before. Lilith thinks she wouldn’t be able to enjoy these new things if she’s stuck in the desert alone, but Kirite believes she will remain positive and keep moving forward. When Lilith admits she actually wants to return to Dodona at times, Kirite says he understands that feeling really well. He suddenly turns silent after that, and she wonders if it’s okay for her to ask about his hometown. She notices that his expression looks really gentle whenever he talks about his hometown, but at the same time he also looks really sad. Kirite promises to tell her everything someday, but for now he wants some time because he’s not ready to reveal his past yet. Of course Lilith doesn’t mind waiting, so she asks him to tell her everything once he’s ready to talk about it.

After meeting Nate in Midvan, the party leaves for Zanas Valley in order to save him from the assassin guild. The rocky path of the valley drains Lilith’s stamina really fast, and she finds it hard to walk not too long after they enter the area. Kirite asks if she’s alright, and when Lilith says she is (out of fear of troubling her friends), he only stares at her for a while and hands a bottle of water for her. Knowing she’s actually running out of energy, he tells her to keep on walking because she’d only feel tired if she stops. Kirite keeps walking beside Lilith after that, and she notices that he’s slowing his pace to make it easier for her to follow. Kirite is always showing his kindness in a nonchalant way, but he turns quiet when Lilith thanks him.. so she thinks he might be trying to hide his concern from her.

Just then Nayuta comes back to see how they’re doing, and upon seeing Kirite walking slower with Lilith, he says he’ll tell Soo to drop the pace. Lilith feels bad for dragging them down, but he tells her it’s okay. It’s her first time climbing a mountain, so they should be more considerate to her like Kirite. Despite his attempt to deny it, Lilith smiles saying Kirite’s nonchalant kindness makes her happy. Nayuta then mentions it’s a samurai’s chivalry to show concern in a casual way, and Kirite admits that he was indeed taught and brought up to be that way. This reminds Lilith of everyone’s job: Kirite is a samurai, Nayuta is a knight, Soo is a grappler and Camus is a fairy. Nayuta frowns saying “fairy” can’t be included as a job, and Soo fixes Lilith’s statement by saying Camus is a “good-for-nothing”.. which then causes Camus to curse Soo to fall off the cliff and starts smacking Soo in the face. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

As they continue walking towards the valley, Kirite tells Lilith that a samurai needs an official ritual to gain the title — just like knights. He hasn’t received the ritual yet, so he’s not sure if he can call himself a real samurai. However, Kirite is surprised when Lilith says he’s actually the same as Nayuta. Nayuta is a knight serving the High Priestess of Ingrid, and even after Nayuta betrayed Ingrid, Kirite still thinks of him as a true knight. The same goes for Kirite himself. They think of him as a real samurai even though he never received the official ritual.

When the party reaches the assassin guild, Lilith asks Kirite to guide them inside. He carefully sneaks into the guild and checks the situation, calling them to go inside because the building is completely empty.. or not. The moment Kirite walks into a storage, a long blade suddenly flies towards him. Kirite calmly knocks it down in one smooth move, and while everyone is looking at the strange weapon with questioning eyes, he goes to slash the poor assassin who threw it from the shadows. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He can’t sense any other presence in the room, so the other assasins must be busy inside. Or dead in Nate’s hands.

Episode: Blessing and Curse

On their way back to Dinus, the party decides to camp out at the rocky area again. That night Lilith notices that Kirite is gone from the campsite, and she goes to look for him because she’s worried. They have to chase Nico all the way to Savila, but Kirite is clearly reluctant to return to his hometown. She finds him standing not too far away from the fire, looking at the horizon with distant eyes. After a long silence, Lilith reluctantly asks if it’s really okay for them to go to Savila. Kirite then admits that he’s actually scared to visit Savila, but he quickly denies it when Lilith asks if he’s scared of Rogner. He never returned to see Savila in the last ten years, and a part of him is still refusing to believe that Savila is gone. The destroyed, empty land of Savila will prove that his country is really gone, and that’s why he’s scared to return. That’s also the reason why he didn’t want her to know about his past. Kirite always remembers about Savila whenever he tells her about his hometown, and he just can’t bring himself to tell her about its downfall in Rogner’s hands.

Kirite is surprised when Lilith suddenly holds his hands, but Lilith only asks if he’s okay. Kirite smiles saying he will be alright, because he will accept everything and move on — it’s his duty as the prince of Savila. Lilith isn’t sure if her presence can help much, but she promises to be by Kirite’s side when the time comes for him to see and accept the current Savila. Kirite thanks her, and they return to the camp together.

After the Sacred Nephilim battle in Savila, Kirite receives his father’s long sword, Mitsuha — a sword which has been handed down from Savila’s kings to their successors for generations. At first Kirite doesn’t think he’s ready to receive it yet, but eventually he accepts it as the sole successor to the throne. Kirite also vows to take the Holy Sword of Lohengrin from Rogner’s hands and bring it back to Savila, so Kaien can now rest in peace.

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

In Forested Marjune, Lilith searches for Amafi’s entrance with Kirite.

[ Lake ]

As they gaze at the beautiful lake together, Lilith notices that Kirite seems to be absorbed in thoughts. She asks if she’s troubling him by taking him here, but he says he’s just amazed by the beauty of the lake. The legend says the lake is so beautiful it can reflect people’s hearts, so Kirite says he wants to see what’s inside his heart. Lilith answers his heart must be as peaceful as the lake because he’s always calm, but Kirite says she’s praising him too much since he can get shaken and upset too.

Lilith: “Really? You’re always so calm and reliable.”
Kirite: “Well.. I have the confidence to be calm compared to you.”
Lilith: “Ah, how mean.. So that’s what you really think about me.”
Lilith: “It’d be nice if I can take a peek inside your heart.”

Kirite suddenly turns quiet upon hearing this, and when Lilith asks what he’s thinking about, he says he’s not good with words.. so he’s worried that he might be causing her to have doubts and worries. Lilith says it’s not true because she trusts Kirite, but she gets worried whenever he’s keeping everything to himself. Kirite thinks it would be much better if he’s more skillful with words, but Lilith points out that side is a part of him too. She wants him to be himself, because imagining him turning into someone like.. Soo.. would be terrifying. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガ—ン!! Kirite then says if the lake can really reflect his heart, they will be able to see something he wants to tell Lilith in the reflection. However, Lilith says that’s just like cheating. If he wants to tell her, then he should tell her directly — even if it takes time.

Kirite smiles saying Lilith is right, because he also wants to say what he feels without relying on the lake’s reflections. Lilith then mentions that Kirite has changed. Before, he has the image of someone who’s carrying a cup full of water. He was being really careful not to let himself be shaken because he’s afraid of spilling the contents, but the current Kirite is really peaceful and calm. The change isn’t drastic, but Lilith feels that the cup he was carrying is now gone. This reminds Kirite of Kaien’s words in Savila: “A blade clouded with hatred can never cut the enemies, and one’s greatest enemy is oneself.” Kirite now realized that his enemy is his own doubts instead of Rogner, and it’s all thanks to Lilith that he can start thinking this way.

[ Waterfall ]

Lilith notices Kirite trying to get directly under the waterfall, and she asks what he’s planning to do. Kirite answers the waterfall looks good for mental training, and he’s thinking of trying it out because he never got the chance to do so. The samurai in Savila used to train their minds and bodies by meditating underneath a cold waterfall, but Kirite wasn’t allowed to join since he was still a kid back then. When Lilith says it sounds like a nice idea for summer, Kirite tells her that Kaien used to meditate in midwinter. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Of course it’s awfully cold, but that’s how all the samurai in Savila gained their strength. Kirite asks if Lilith wants to try training together with him, but when she says yes, he panicks and quickly says it’s a joke. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Camus would rage at him if she catches a cold, and he’s also worried about her. Kirite does want to try meditating for real though, and he falls into silence before saying it’s really strange how he can remain calm while talking about Savila now. When Lilith answers it’s because he already accepts everything and moves on, Kirite smiles and says it’s all thanks to her. He was trapped by his revenge against Rogner, and she was the one who opened up a new path to walk on. Kirite then asks Lilith to allow him to protect her from now on, promising that he will become a man who can carry Savila’s name with pride. As the answer, Lilith asks Kirite to take care of her from now on. She’s aware that she might be a burden, but she promises to do her best.

Just then a blinding light envelops them, and Kirite puts up his guard thinking it’s a monster.. but Lilith says the light feels really warm and gentle. When the light fades away, the entrance to Amafi is standing right before their eyes. Kirite is surprised since it’s really sudden, and Lilith says it must be because their bond is approved by Amafi. Kirite’s first reaction is to blush and go “that’s embarrassing..”, but he quickly covers it up and says they should call everyone. xD

Before bedtime, Kirite comes to inform Lilith that Heathcliff will be ready to see them tomorrow morning. Kirite then wonders why they can enter Amafi, and Lilith answers it’s because their bond has been approved by God Amafi. Kirite and Lilith have been traveling together right from the start, so the bond between them has grown to be that strong. He smiles upon hearing this, and he admits that he’s been avoiding people’s warmth because of his revenge. A part of him knows challenging a god like Rogner means death, but he can’t stop because nobody can take a revenge for Savila except for him. If Kirite gets too close to people and starts thinking “I don’t want to die”, then his revenge will end there. All this time he always thought he doesn’t have any emotions left in him, but Lilith know he’s just sealing his emotions away.

When Lilith says Kirite is really strong for suppressing his feelings for so long, Kirite says he’s not strong at all. He was only ignoring them because he wanted to be stronger, and she was the one who opened his eyes. Even when Kirite slapped her hand during their first encounter, Lilith is always being so direct and kind towards him. Kirite then blushes saying he feels really grateful to Lilith, and it’s an honor for him to have their bond approved by God Amafi. His direct confession makes her blush too, but she answers that she feels the same. After saying that’s all he wants to say, Kirite quickly runs off and escapes from Lilith’s room. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Episode: As a Saint

After obtaining the airship, Lilith is free to visit other areas before they fly to Dodona.

[ Savila ]

When the airship hovers above Savila, everyone suggests Kirite to check how the restoration group is doing. Kirite reluctantly agrees and apologizes for troubling them, but Lilith says Savila is a part of their world too — there’s no need for Kirite to apologize. As they walk to the beach together, Lilith admits she’s worried if Lovelost is affecting Savila as well. The young man they met before is brimming with hope, so she doesn’t want to see the restoration group falling into despair like Midvan’s citizens. However, Lilith’s worries vanish into thin air upon hearing lively voices coming from the beach. The young man is waving his hand at them, and there’s a lot of new residents around him. When Kirite asks if they’re all doing fine, the young man sadly tells him that Lovelost is starting to affect a few people here. It’s not as bad as the other countries, but liveliness is clearly fading away from their expressions. Both Kirite and Lilith notice that the young man looks a bit tired, but he keeps smiling and tells them everything will be alright. They won’t lose to Lovelost, and Savila is still alive because they’re here to rebuild it.

Before returning to the airship, Kirite asks Lilith to visit the castle with him. When they reach the audience chamber, Lilith notices that Kirite is trying to search for a conversation subject.. and so she decides to take initiative by saying the castle must be beautiful before it got ruined. Noticing that Kirite looks really sad, Lilith asks if he’s thinking about his father. Kirite admits that he is, but he refuses to summon Kaien’s spirit again. He already received Mitsuha from Kaien, which means he’s now the head of Savila’s royal family. Kirite doesn’t want to disturb Kaien’s eternal sleep again. Lilith smiles saying Kirite is really kind, but he denies it and says he’s only doing his duty as Kaien’s successor.

Lilith: “Hehe. You don’t have to be that embarrassed.”
Kirite: “I-I’m not!” Σ(〃д〃)
Kirite: “But I can reach where I am now because of you.”

Lilith spends time with Kirite in the audience chamber after that. Sometimes he tells her about his childhood, the other times they just sit beside each other in comfortable silence. Soon Kirite gets up saying they should return to the airship, and before they leave the room, he takes out Mitsuha and once again vows to defeat Rogner and retrieve the Holy Sword of Lohengrin.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When the airship passes by Forested Marjune, everyone decides to stop by and take a rest in the forest. Lilith goes to visit the world tree with Kirite, where he asks if she’s feeling nervous. He points out that her right eyebrow raises whenever she’s under strain, but when she goes “really?”, he smiles saying it’s only a joke. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ That aside, he can really tell whenever she’s feeling nervous. After all, she doesn’t usually frown like he does. Lilith laughs and says it would be nicer if he smiles, but Kirite simply replies with “in my case, frowning is my default expression.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He doesn’t want her to have a default frown like him, so he asks her to relax for now. Especially because they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Lilith then admits that she’s worried about what will happen from now on, but it’s not because she doesn’t trust them. She knows everyone is doing their best, so she keeps thinking if she’s also working as hard as they are. After a short silence, Kirite asks Lilith to believe in them.. or rather, believe in him. They all know she’s doing her best too, and that’s why they’re following her all the way here. Lilith feels relieved upon hearing this, and she thanks Kirite for taking her worries away. She also says they will be facing a lot of hardships from here, and she wants him to help her get back on her feet whenever she falls down. Kirite is taken aback and asks if she doesn’t have any thoughts to sit down and rest if that happens, but Lilith firmly says no. She wants to stand up and keep walking forward, but she knows she won’t be able to stand up alone.. and that’s why she needs him to support her during such times.

Since Kirite remains silent, Lilith apologized for saying such a thing.. but then he blushes and answers “I’ll help you stand up. If that’s what you’re wishing for, I will pull your hand and help you get back on your feet as much as you want. That’s why sometimes you can sit back and relax. Even if you can’t stand up alone, I’ll be there for you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Soon they hear their friends calling them from afar, and Kirite holds out his hand for Lilith to hold onto as he helps her to stand up. They keep holding hands as they walk back to the airship. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

When the party splits up for the second time, Kirite invites Lilith to go to Savila with him. Camus pouts when Lilith agrees, but Soo tells him not to sulk because she should be alright in Kirite’s hands. Kirite and Lilith visit the beach upon arriving in Savila, and they soon notice how Savila is starting to look better as the residents keep rebuilding the country. While the other countries are drowning in despair, Savila has been revived from death. Kirite explains that the beach is impossible for farming because of the strong sea breeze, but it’s perfect for fishery. The other areas are completely destroyed, but he’s glad the beach is unharmed. When they see a small kid helping out the villagers at the beach, Kirite says Rogner’s attack only makes them stronger when they’re revived. They still need to work on the center area of Savila, but the young man promises to bring Savila back to how it used to be.

After saying goodbye to the young man, Kirite takes Lilith to Miyama — the highest mountain in the world located in Savila. Lilith asks if they’re going to climb it from now on, but Kirite tells her not to worry since they won’t climb all the way to the peak. There’s a certain spot where they can see Savila’s scenery along the way, and a stone monument is standing there. It was built for the residents who already passed away, believing that they’re watching over Savila from that place. Of course Lilith quickly gets tired along the way since it’s the tallest mountain in the world, so Kirite holds her hand and helps her walk until they reach the monument. ε-(*´∀`|萌| After looking at Savila’s scenery from above, Kirite asks Lilith to pray together — wishing for his journey to become a good one, and also for Savila to flourish again in the future. Just then Kirite’s sword suddenly rings, as if the spirits in the stone monuments are responding to their prayers. Kirite smiles as he holds Lilith’s hand even tighter, and he adds a new vow to protect her. Then he takes her back to Savila, and she’s glad it’s getting dark so he wouldn’t be able to see her blushing. xD

They warp to Forested Marjune after that, and Kirite asks Lilith not to wander off alone since it’s dangerous. When Lilith says she wants to keep moving forward despite her worries, Kirite says she’s really strong for facing her destiny. Lilith points out that he’s also strong for trying to get revenge on Rogner, but Kirite isn’t sure if he really wants to get revenge or just avoiding to see Savila in ruins.. that’s why he thinks she’s strong, because she’s ready to keep moving forward. However, Lilith admits that she’s actually just the same as Kirite. She might be ready right now, but there will be times when she’ll drown in confusion. Kirite then says he’s glad to have met Lilith, and he believes there must be a meaning behind their fateful meeting. Lilith has given him a lot of things — a new path to walk on and a light to guide him through the way — and Kirite wants to return the favor by opening the path she needs to walk on.

Later on, everyone waits in Dinus as Nico upgrades their airship in the castle’s treasury. Lilith finds Kirite sitting alone in an empty storage, and he explains that he’s just cleaning his sword. Kirite says his face looks scary because maintaining a sword requires concentration, but Lilith knows he’s thinking of his revenge. Knowing he can’t hide it from Lilith, Kirite admits he’s been feeling uneasy ever since they heard Rogner’s mass broadcast. When Lilith asks him to talk to her whenever he feels worried, Kirite admits that their mission to save the world has became as important as his personal grudge. In the end, saving the world is also a form of revenge for him. Kirite feels better after talking to Lilith, and he admits that it’s his bad habit to force himself. Lilith tells him to relax so he can fight against Rogner properly later, and Kirite swears to settle everything with Rogner the next time they meet again.

Along the way to Melrond, the airship gets attacked by a giant Bahamut in the “storm zone”. It doesn’t seem like they can make it to Melrond with the Bahamut attacking their airship, so Kirite asks Nico to turn the airship around — he’s going to slay the monster. Lilith is shocked since it sounds insanely dangerous, but since Kirite is 100% serious, finally she gives up and leaves everything in his hands. As Nico turns the airship around, Kirite climbs out to the deck to fight the Bahamut. He stands on the deck in Iai stance — getting ready to slash the Bahamut — but he takes a huge damage when the Bahamut attacks him first. Lilith’s scream disappears in the wind, but somehow it reaches Kirite.. because he smiles and mouths the words “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” He manages to slash the Bahamut once, but sadly the Bahamut’s scales are repelling the attack. Fearing for Kirite’s safety, Lilith sends her love through i-Scepter and enhances his sword with power. His second attack completely kills the Bahamut. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

However, Kirite also collapses as the Bahamut plunges to the ground below. Lilith immediately runs to the deck and asks him not to die here, but Kirite soon gets up saying he doesn’t have any intentions to die in her arms. When Lilith says she’s really worried about him, Kirite smiles saying he only used up too much power earlier.

Lilith: “Hey, don’t you have something to say when you return?”
Kirite: “… hm?”
Lilith: “… hurry up.”
Kirite: “I’m back..”
Lilith: “Welcome back, Kirite.”

♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ 萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ
・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。 (*´艸`)゚+。*゚+。萌え~。+゚*。+゚ ||電柱||q**´∀`*】。o○(.+゚*萌ぇ。:゚+)
‘゚*::〔萌え~〕ョ´∀`*)::*’゜萌え━━━(〃д〃≡(〃д〃≡〃д〃)≡〃д〃)━━━っ ε-(*´∀`|萌|

… *ahem*
Sorry about that. 8D

As Nico rams their airship into Melrond’s barrier, Kirite gently hugs Lilith and says everything will be alright — he’s right here by her side. His warmth makes her feel really calm, and then everything turns black as the airship crash-lands into Melrond.

Episode: All of Love

In Melrond, Lilith wakes up to Kirite’s voice calling her name. Kirite is really worried and asks if Lilith doesn’t have any injuries, and when she tells him not to worry that much, he blushes and says it’s only natural because she wouldn’t wake up. Lilith also blushes upon realizing Kirite is hugging her, and he quickly explains “I-I don’t have any ulterior motives.. I only hugged you just to wake you up..” (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Lilith also admits that she actually feels happy, but since Kirite is completely clueless in this area, she quickly smiles and says it’s nothing. Kirite then explains that everyone got separated when their airship crash-landed, and Lilith notices that his arm is injured. She remembers that he was hugging her during the fall, so despite him saying it’s fine, she thanks him and insists to heal the injury. Lilith thinks a thousand gratitude won’t be enough to thank him, and Kirite smiles saying it’s just like her to flood him with gratitude.

After making sure Lilith is really unharmed, Kirite takes her to search for their friends in other areas. The ruined scenery of Melrond reminds him of Savila, and he wonders if Melrond also got destroyed by the gods. To answer Kirite’s questions, Lilith then explains about the dream she saw earlier. Melrond was destroyed by humans’ arrogance — not Rogner or the gods — and God Melrond is currently healing the land in the darkness. Lilith wonders if the Holy Sword of Lohengrin is also one of Melrond’s ancient relics and Kirite can see why Savila and Melrond look really similar.. but then he says Savila didn’t do anything to harm the land. They were only protecting the sword, and they didn’t deserve to be punished by the gods. Lilith asks Kirite to calm down, but she can understand his anger because punishing an innocent land is a really cruel thing to do. They don’t know why Rogner did such a thing, and Kirite wants to hear the reason from Rogner before they defeat him. Just then Kirite notices Nico’s smoke signal from afar, and he takes Lilith to meet up with their friends there.

When they find Rogner in the government office’s control center, Kirite tells Rogner it’s time for them to settle everything. Obviously Rogner doesn’t understand why Kirite is seeking revenge, and he says Kirite should be proud of the salvation he brought upon Savila. If that isn’t enough to save humanity, then Rogner is more than willing to destroy more countries to make humans love the gods again. Realizing that Rogner is completely broken and insane, Kirite takes out his sword asking if he destroyed Savila just for that reason. However, Lilith warns him not to get provoked. She reminds him that “a blade clouded with hatred can never cut the enemies”, and he completes the sentence by saying “one’s greatest enemy is oneself.” Kirite thanks Lilith for reminding him, and he says he’s now fighting for the future — not for his revenge anymore.

Rogner taunts Kirite by asking if Savila’s strength is only at this level, and he counter-attacks by hurling his dark waves at Kirite. He mockingly asks if Kirite’s foolishness reflects the way of Savila’s samurai, but Kirite answers by borrowing his ancestors’ power sealed in Mitsuha and slashes Rogner with his shining sword. Kirite then asks Lilith to lend him her power, and with her love enhancing Mitsuha, he delivers the final blow to knock Rogner down. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As his body starts fading away, Rogner asks if Kirite won’t kill him.. but Kirite only says “I’ve took my revenge on you” and lets him be purified in Yufis’ warm light.

After Lilith uses the broadcasting device to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat, suddenly she receives a certain someone’s curse and loses her consciousness. She’s surrounded by darkness when she opens her eyes later, with God Melrond’s gentle voice telling her to sleep and let the darkness heal her heart. Just then Lilith suddenly hears another voice asking her to go back. The voice says she was the one who guided him, so now it’s his turn to do the same to her. Lilith asks him not to leave her, but his shadow steps away saying he won’t leave her. He only wants her to stand up and return to his side on her own will.. and when she returns, they can continue walking together again. Lilith then calls out Kirite’s name and says she can’t erase the grief in his eyes, but she wants to return and keep walking beside him.

Kirite smiles and disappears upon hearing this, and when Lilith tries to chase him, God Melrond gives her the darkness’ blessings and returns her to reality. When Lilith opens her eyes, she finds herself lying in Kirite’s arms. Kirite is really worried thinking she will remain unconscious forever, but Lilith says there’s no way she wouldn’t wake up. After all, she already promised to return and walk beside him forever. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

After leaving Melrond, Lilith can visit other places before flying to Ingrid.

[ Dodona ]

In Dodona, Lilith goes to pray in the temple alone. She feels sad that her voice failed to reach people’s hearts, but she’s not giving up yet and asks Yufis to keep watching over her. When Lilith turns around, she finds Kirite watching her with a worried expression. He admits that he doesn’t have any solutions, but he asks her to share her worries hoping it can make her feel better. After telling him everything, Lilith asks Kirite to stay with her for a little longer. She’s still feeling down, but she feels calm just by having him by her side. Kirite says he’s not good with words and can’t give her any verbal encouragement, so he holds Lilith’s hand instead.. which causes her to blush saying she’s now feeling anxious instead. Kirite admits he feels the same because he never took the initiative to hold anyone’s hands before, but both of them honestly say they don’t want to lose the warmth of their joined hands. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Kirite: “Seems like you’ve calmed down.”
Lilith: “It’s all thanks to you. Thank you for keeping me company.”
Kirite: “I didn’t do anything. I only listened to your worries.”
Lilith: “But I feel a lot easier now. I’m glad to share it with you.”
Kirite: “I’m willing to listen whenever you want to talk.”
Lilith: “Just listening..?”
Kirite: “Hm?”
Lilith: “N-No.. Nothing! It’s just a monologue.. Yes, just speaking to myself..”

What are you expecting, Lilith? xD

The party visits Ingrid’s sanctuary after that, and they finally learn that Horo is the culprit who cursed Yufis and spread Lovelost. He’s trying to destroy this world so he can create a brand new one for his mother — Goddess Renai — and he sends his monster army to attack all the countries before disappearing to the underworld. After wiping out the first wave in Ingrid, the party decides to split up and help defending all six countries from Horo’s monsters. Lilith goes to Savila with Kirite, and they find a Sacred Nephilim leading the monsters to attack everyone at the beach. The young man from before is fighting them fearlessly, but Kirite tells him not to sacrifice himself and promises to protect everyone.

After slashing the Sacred Nephilim, Kirite takes everyone to escape to the castle. The people of Savila are wondering who he is because they have never seen him around, and the young man explains that he’s traveling with “the saint” to save the world. Kirite never told them about who he really is, but his knowledge about Savila’s castle and especially Mitsuha gave it away. Even when the Sacred Nephilim is chasing after them, Lilith notices that everyone here doesn’t fall into despair. They’re really strong because they have been defending themselves against Lovelost too — even without a king to lead them. Lilith wonders if God Savila is protecting the ones who survived Rogner’s attack, and this reminds Kirite that God Savila has a small shrine in the castle’s tower.

Kirite then takes Lilith to God Savila’s shrine, where they notice the shrine shining from afar — its light giving Kirite more strength as he steps closer. When Lilith mentions that Kirite’s Vakista emblem is shining as well, Kirite realizes this must be the light of hope that shines upon Savila. The light is as bright as a sun, and it’s believed to bring both hope and despair. The strength it brings means hope to the ones with strong hearts, but at the same time it also means despair to the weak ones. Kirite is reluctant to take the light, but Lilith asks him to believe in his people. After all, these are the people who have been doing their best to rebuild Savila. Realizing that Lilith is right, Kirite finally takes the light out of the shrine. When he shows it to his people, the light of hope floats to the sky and shines down upon them — boosting their morale even more as Kirite leads them to fight back. As long as the light is shining in the sky, the people of Savila will never lose hope.

Right after that, Lilith notices that Kirite is crying and asks if he’s touched by his people’s spirit. Kirite blushes saying he’s not crying, but he never expected a lot of people would be waiting for his return. The young man has gathered a lot of survivors from ten years ago, and for the ones who know about his identity, Kirite must be the symbol of their country. However, Kirite says it’s not true. The ones symbolizing Savila are its people. Lilith believes Savila will recover even faster from now on, and Kirite knows Savila will turn beautiful again in their hands. They will be able to see the result soon, and that’s why they have to restore world peace by kicking Horo’s ass. Just then the young man asks Kirite to greet everyone as their new king, and after a short silence, Kirite agrees to speak to them.

You should read Kirite’s awesome speech by yourself:

“People, you are Savila. You are Savila’s treasure, and you are Savila itself. The path towards reconstruction is severe, but I will walk with you as a resident of Savila. Thank you for coming here today!”

Lilith smiles upon seeing Kirite — who’s usually not good with words — giving such a speech in front of his people, and he looks like an entirely different, radiant person. As long as Kirite is smiling at them, Lilith knows the people of Savila will have the strength to revive their country. Just then more Sacred Nephilims come to attack them, and Kirite goes to fight them with Lilith after telling his people to escape. The enemies are endless and Kirite has to fight them alone, so Lilith prays for a power to help him.. and i-Scepter gathers the prayers from the people of Savila. Lilith feels a bit worried knowing they have to clean up all the monsters only with one hit, but Kirite puts his hands on her shoulder and asks her to believe in him. Lilith then sends all of their love to enhance Kirite’s sword, and they finally wipe out the entire monster army from Savila. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Lilith thanks Kirite for supporting her, and he praises her for doing her best until the end.

After the battle, Kirite and Lilith are resting in the throne room. Kirite reports to Kaien that Savila will be okay without him, and he asks Kaien to watch over the people of Savila as they rebuild their country. Lilith then praises Kirite by saying his speech was really cool, and Kirite blushes like a tomato upon hearing this. (❤ฺ→艸←) Just then some men come into the room saying they want to officially greet him as their king, but Kirite is surprised since he’s not planning to take the throne. He doesn’t think he has any rights to become the king because he left Savila once, but Lilith tells him a king should be chosen by his people — like how the people of Savila love him. They’re all ready to serve Kirite with their lives, but Kirite orders them not to throw away their lives so easily. Instead of dying for him, he wants them to rebuild Savila into a beautiful country. Kirite eventually agrees to be their king, but for now he still has a mission to save the world with Lilith. He asks them to wait until then, promising that he will return and build Savila with them.

Kirite and Lilith warp to Forested Marjune after that, and Kirite notices that Lilith looks tired. He feels tired after defending Savila, so he knows she must be reaching her limits too. Kirite also says her duty as “the saint” must be really heavy, but Lilith answers she can keep going just b having him by her side. When Lilith points out the beautiful flowers blooming near them, Kirite smiles and thanks Lilith for always teaching him new things. Without her, he would never be able to realize the beauty of nature. Lilith says she feels grateful towards Kirite as well. She can enjoy the beautiful scenery around them because he’s here to see it with her, and she’d feel too lonely to appreciate nature if she’s all alone. Kirite asks if she’s not bored when she’s talking to him, and he smiles when Lilith answers “it’s fun.” Kirite says he wants to see more of this beautiful world with Lilith, and they’re going to protect it together. ε-(*´∀`|萌

Episode: Beyond the Future

Before heading off to the Sea of Oblivion, the party stops by Dodona first to get some rest and prepare themselves for the final battle. Lilith finds Kirite standing on the place where they first met, and he says he’s here to reminisce about everything they already went through. He asks if he left a bad first impression on her, but she only laughs saying he frowned a lot when they first met. Kirite blushes when Lilith admits she thought he was scary at first, but she realized that he’s only carrying too much burden. Back then Kirite only thought about revenge, but Lilith then came and opened his eyes. Compared to the first time they met, Kirite has grown calmer and he can see his surroundings properly thanks to Lilith. She says he’s always overthinking about everything, but he smiles saying it’s just how he is. He doesn’t know how to express all of his feelinsg to her, so for now he’s only going to say this: “thank you.”

Lilith: “Just words?”
Kirite: “Hm? I never sent any presents to girls, so I don’t know what to give you..”
Lilith: “But I didn’t say I want any presents..”
Kirite: “Not presents? Then what is it..? I’ll try to give anything I can.”
Lilith: “… dense.”
Kirite: “Dense..?” (・_・ )
Lilith: “But it’s just so you.”
Kirite: “Please tell me..”
Lilith: “You have to search for the answer by yourself.”
Lilith: “Hehe. Think about it carefully.”
Kirite: “Search by myself.. sounds difficult.”

LOL Lilith stop teasing him. He’s completely clueless. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ

Lilith then changes the topic towards the upcoming final battle, and Kirite asks if she’s scared. She admits she actually wants to escape and put the mission onto someone else’s hands, but of course she can’t do that because a lot of people are putting their hopes on her. She doesn’t want to put their feelings into waste, so she decided not to cry until everything is over. Kirite smiles saying Lilith has become so strong, and they walk together to end Horo’s madness.

From Dodona, the party goes straight to the Sea of Oblivion and finds the monster entrance to the underworld. By this point I already realized that Nico fills in the position of the person who goes to fight Horo with Lilith, so he takes Kirite’s place to fight the last Sacred Nephilim in front of the last chamber. When they enter the room, Horo appears and tempts them as usual. Horo says Kirite is only using revenge as an excuse to run away from reality, but when Lilith holds his hand, Kirite smiles, thanks her for giving him strength, and squeezes her hand back. Kirite then turns to Horo and says Horo can say whatever he wants, because Kirite already found the answer he’s been looking for. Horo laughs and tells him to die while hugging that answer, but Kirite says just finding the answer is not enough — he can’t give up on the future as well.

Since Horo is inexperienced in direct battle and everyone’s wiping the floor with his monster army outside, it doesn’t take long until Kirite kicks his ass with Lilith’s love enhancing Mitsuha. Kirite can feel Lilith’s love flowing into his heart, and he slashes poor Horo in one swift move. Before Horo vanishes, Kirite says he wouldn’t be able to win if he’s still chained down by his grudge. It was Lilith’s love that releases him from that grudge, and she has opened a path for him to walk into the future. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Before they walk out to pick up their friends, Lilith points out that Kirite is smiling. She asks him to smile that way forever, and he blushes saying “… a-ahem! let’s go back, everyone must be worried.” xD Then he walks out (read: escapes) before she can even stop him. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Best Ending

A few months after saving the world, Lilith is staying in Savila with Kirite. The people of Savila are working really hard to restore their country, and the previously dead land is slowly coming back to life. If they’re going to build a new temple for God Savila someday, then she’s planning to continue her acolyte training there. One day, Lilith makes lunch for Kirite when they visit the beach together. He hasn’t eaten breakfast and has got a lot of meetings to attend later, but he refuses to eat lunch saying he needs to see some people from the embassy. She asks him to take care of himself too, but right now Savila is his highest priority. The young man who leads the restoration notices that Lilith looks sad, and he offers to help creating more private time for her and Kirite. Lilith quickly puts up a smile and says it’s okay, but he replies with “I feel sorry for Lady Lilith.” (“奥方様 / Okugata-sama / Kirite’s wife”) (๑´ლ`๑)♡ However, this only makes Lilith sad. While everyone thinks they’re married, Kirite himself never said anything about their relationship. Lilith knows her love is mutual, but the current Kirite feels so far away compared to the days they spent traveling together. Even though they’re always together, she wonders if only time will pass with nothing happening between them.

Knowing how Lilith feels inside, Kirite’s secretaries rearrange his schedule and makes a free day for them to spend together. Kirite takes Lilith to climb Miyama again, where he shows her the scenery of Savila from the stone monument. The plants are growing again and the number of houses are increasing, but Kirite says they need create some business to support Savila’s economy. Once everything calms down, he’s also planning to make a dojo to raise the future generations of samurai in Savila. Kirite has a great plan to carry out, and yet Lilith couldn’t help but feel sad because he didn’t mention anything about them. When he asks her what’s wrong, she says she knows his dream really well.. but is she included in that dream? Kirite wonders why she’s asking such an obvious thing, but then he realized something.

Kirite: “I’m sorry.”
Kirite: “I always thought you’ll always be here by my side.. so I took you for granted.”
Kirite: “I made you worry, right? I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”
Lilith: “I’m happy that you’re thinking that way, but I feel lonely..”
Lilith: “Do you need me, Kirite? Or have you changed your mind..”
Kirite: “No! You’re the most important thing to me!”
Kirite: “I want to rebuild Savila as the king, but aside from that..”
Kirite: “I want to improve this country so you’ll love it as well.”
Kirite: “I don’t want you to return to Dodona.”


..and before Lilith can recover from the surprise..

Kirite: “That’s why..”
Kirite: “I, Kirite, humbly ask for Lilith.”
Kirite: “I love you more than anyone. I need you by my side. So..”
Kirite: “Please smile beside me forever.”
Lilith: “… yes.”

OMG KIRITE PROPOSES. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ

Later on, Kirite and Lilith inform their friends about the wedding. They burst into laughter since they thought Kirite already married Lilith in the past few months, and Nayuta even tells Kirite to learn a woman’s heart more.. though Kirite replies with “I don’t want to hear that coming from you.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They also keep telling Kirite to express his love or else Lilith wouldn’t know, but before Lilith could say anything to help, suddenly Kirite stands up and yells “YES! I LOVE LILITH!!” while blushing. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ ..which obviously shocks everyone so much they all turn speechless. xD

After saying goodbye to everyone, Kirite apologizes for getting carried away and yelling in the bar earlier. Lilith asks if those words didn’t come from his heart because he only “got carried away”, and just as she expected, he panicks saying he really meant those words. (❤ฺ→艸←) Along the way back to the castle, they both stop to look at the beautiful moon in the sky.. and the distance between them grows closer as they move in for a kiss. Kirite whispers he loves her, and Lilith nods happily as he feels his breath touching her face. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Good Ending

After defeating Horo, Lilith decides to stay in Savila and help rebuilding the country instead of going back to Dodona. One day, she hears a voice from the throne room and finds Kirite there — asking Kaien to keep watching over Savila’s restoration. Kirite notices Lilith’s presence and she apologized for disturbing him, but of course he’d never think of her as a disturbance. Lilith notices the throne is still broken and asks if he’s not going to fix it, and Kirite says not yet. For now his highest priority is Savila’s revival and development, because a king shouldn’t indulge in extravagance before his people can live a good life. That’s why fixing the throne is the last thing on his to-do list. Besides, Kirite isn’t sure if he really wants to become the king. Instead of ruling the country from the castle, he actually prefers working directly with his people.. so he thinks someone else might make a better king for Savila.

Lilith laughs upon hearing this, saying that’s exactly why Kirite is the most suitable person for the throne. She admits she feels a bit lonely though, because they won’t be able to meet each other as easily if he really becomes the king. Lilith then tries calling him “King Kirite”, but Kirite asks her to stop. Even if he takes the throne someday, he will always be just Kirite in front of her. She doesn’t need to think about the formalities, because he doesn’t want their relationship to change. Kirite is surprised when Lilith chuckles, and she explains it’s because deep inside, Kirite already decided to take the throne once Savila is resurrected. Kirite falls into silence for a moment, then he grabs Lilith’s hands and takes her to Miyama.

From the mountain, Kirite shows Lilith the scenery of Savila. The ground was black and dead before, but plants are starting to grow again. Kirite smiles as he explains the future plans he has for Savila, promising to revive the whole country to be even more beautiful than before. When Lilith says she will always support him, Kirite suddenly asks “really?” Kirite reluctantly says he knows this is a selfish wish, but he wants her to watch Savila’s revival as well. Lilith is surprised since she’s actually planning to inform Kirite that she’s returning to Dodona soon, thinking her help isn’t necessary for Savila’s reconstruction.

Kirite: “… won’t you stay?”
Lilith: “I understand. I’ll stay in Savila for a little longer.”
Kirite: “I see.. Then during that little period of time..”
Kirite: “I’ll have to make it so you don’t want to return to Dodona..”
Lilith: “Eh?”
Kirite: “No, I shouldn’t put it like that.”
Kirite: “I love you. I want you to stay by my side.”
Lilith: “…!”
Lilith: “K-Kirite..?”
Kirite: “Please stay by my side, Lilith.”

Kirite then wraps his arms around Lilith’s waist and pulls her closer, with his other hand gently touching her cheek. Once again he asks “will you stay?”, and he kisses her when she finally says yes. Lilith is still not sure if Kirite will really become Savila’s king, and they still have a lot of things to take care of.. but she knows she’s happy in this very moment.

First of all, if you’re wondering why this route takes me four entire days to clear.. it’s because I didn’t want it to end. (*ノ∀`)テヘ If I have to summarize Kirite’s route in one word, then it’d be:


..okay that’s not a word, but you get the idea. While Kirite doesn’t say much and is completely clueless when it comes to romance, his affection is clearly showing through his actions. Lilith and Kirite understand each other really well, and their relationship is really strong despite the slow progress. In other words, perfect. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. I also feel that so far, the game’s title “Beyond the Future” fits Kirite’s story the most because he’s been stuck in his past grudge for so long, and it’s his fateful encounter with Lilith that opens up the path to his future. Kirite’s duel with Rogner also have a much deeper meaning compared to the other guys because of this reason, and.. I probably should stop myself here. (´・ω・`;) Or else I’ll keep rambling about how beautiful Kirite’s route is. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

*cries and moves on to Soo’s route*


18 thoughts on “BEYOND THE FUTURE – Kirite Asturias

  1. To borrow a line from Suri. 萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え萌え!!(人´∀`*)

    Can they just make the rest of the game one huge long Kirite route? I’d trade in Soo and Camus for more Kirite goodness 8D;; I also love how canon his route feels like since he’s the one who deals with Rognar, like he should. It’s like looking at the perfect couple when Lilith and Kirite interact ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. They’re both so pure yet earnest in their relationship. Kirite is a bit clueless, but when he knows what he wants then there’s no hesitance. Meanwhile, Lilith is kind of innocent but she also doesn’t hide from her feelings.

    Lilith was quite the pervert in this route wasn’t she? wwwww She’s always teasing Kirite with “just words?” and “just listening?” LMAO. I was starting to wonder what she was expecting too and then of course my mind instantly goes to the gutter ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ. Now you make me want to replay his route too!

    • *borrows Suri-chan’s moe wall*


      You know, after doing Kirite’s route I seriously doubt Camus can rival him despite his status as Lilith’s childhood friend. xD; Argh I’d give anything just to see more Kirite goodness. It’s never enough. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Now I finally understand why you said Kirite feels so canon, because he is LOL. And yes Kirite is clueless about romance, but he knows what he wants and can say it properly when the time comes. That proposal scene is just so jaksjadl;kl *loses all words and smashes keyboard instead*

      LOL I absolutely love Lilith in this route. xDDD
      She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s expecting more actions from Kirite, though he’s too clueless to notice lol. Whenever she says the words “just ○○?” my mind instantly flies off to make the continuation “you’re not going to ○○ me?” 8D; Maybe after you’re done with BtF, you can go back to his route / scenes and re-watch everything for a 2nd round of ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

  2. Enjoying the emoticon spams (>∀<*)♪ I usually scan your post for emoticons rather than reading them←すみません combined with Suri-chan's moe wall how could this not catch my attention いつプレイできるかマジで分かんないだけど、とりあえず超気になった!(/´△`\) 気になった ああ こんなレベルの萌え度初めて見たわ!


    • いやいや~ これでも4日かかったんだよ?(´・∀・`;)ゞ

      Ah, no worries. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ My posts are tl;dr, so you might as well scan them for my moe points and check the scenes. xD Kirite feels like the canon of the game, so if you don’t have time to play all the routes in BtF, I’d recommend doing his route. :3 The first run might take days to finish though. *stares at Nayuta textwall*

      … now that you mentioned it, I didn’t go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ this much even in Hanayaka / Arcana … lol

  3. :) You know when first I saw the game, I totally don’t like him but turned out I was so wrong. In the end he is one of my fav xD Ah I like all the guys here, their personality is different and likeable lol. And I even want the route for Rognar *shoot* :))

    Kirite is really a tsundure at first and a bit shy too, and clueless about love lol, that’s what makes him so adorable xixi.

    • You’re right, at first he didn’t get enough attention because the others stood out more than he does. Especially Nico and his hot pants. (´・ω・`;) ..and you’re not the only one who’s wishing for a Rogner route. If only we can restore his sanity.. xD;

      Actually, Kirite isn’t a tsundere. He’s more like a stoic kuudere instead, because he never acts cold / thorny towards Lilith on purpose. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s adorable though. :3

      • Ah…. first I thought kuudure and tsundure are the same lol then I searched the internet and it is very different. I guess you are right, he is kuudure lol :) But whatever it is, he is 100% adorable haha

        • I used to think that way too, as I only learned the difference after fangirling over 2D men for so long. xD I wish everyone in BtF have routes as awesome as Kirite’s.. ;___; *plowing through Soo’s route ve~ry slowly*

    • He’s more of a kuudere instead of a tsundere. x3
      You’re right about him being a novice in love though, since he’s completely clueless about romance lol.

  4. Kiriteeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *stupid fangirl squeal* *v*
    Why now all of the tanned boys have this super charming unresistable look! It’s bad for my heart and my sanity!
    *cough* Ahem, well, actually I already stalked your blog for quite a long while…. a long long while. But, that’s not important for now.
    Meh, I agree with you to just cut, honestly, all of Soo’s path just to give more space for Kirite. It’s not like I hate Soo or something, I’m just not into a happy-go-badlucky (I mean Soo’s worst luck) guy. But meh, I certainly would trade anyone path just to give more length for Kirite. Wait, it’s getting too biased.
    Lilith and Kirite have this feeling that they just made for each other and like an old couple. How they slowly realized their feeling, having a nice relaxing talk, supporting each other, acknowledging their faults, etc etc etc. It gives the vibe that they ARE so serious at loving each other, and that is my favorite type of couple
    Ah, anyway, do you still have all of the CG from BtF? If you are okay with it, can you send it too my e-mail?

    • Ahh you just brought back all of those Kirite feels. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑
      LOL I know what you mean. I don’t hate Soo either, but his route / issue feels so trivial. Especially compared to Kirite. Soo drags on his melancholy for too long, only to resolve it in a second. I agree that Lilith and Kirite have a really strong bond. Even though it took them forever to see progress, you can tell that they’re going to support each other until the end of time. :3

      Oh, and yes I still have the CGs. Will this e-mail address be fine? :D

      • Yup, yup, if only I can made my school went on more than a week holiday (this sadistic school rarely gave the student a holiday!), it will be nice to have a time to sit down and went on an otaku mode just to soak in at Kirite goodness~
        If I can think of ANYTHING appropriate for Soo route, it will be best if he just remain as a best friend….. Soo non-existent conflict thorough his path beg me to differ for any romance to bloom. It will be quite amusing seeing Lilith visit Soo just to smack his head for trying his bad luck too much when Lilith already finish her training or something like Lilith drag Soo to attend some morning prayer despite his protest (sorry, I can’t see Soo as a religious one). But, seeing how Lilith is, I suppose it will be hard for her to smack someone.
        Well, there is a saying ‘Love blooms later’ and my teacher says ‘Love blooms after a lot of sight’ and I think ‘Love just come like the flow of water’ so Kirite and Lilith’s love is an ideal one….. especially in Kirite’s side, his action is so pure I can’t help but blush. Lilith, you lucky one!
        After reading your summary of Kirite (and a little bit other) for who-knows-how-many now I want to see how Lilith and Kirite kids will look like for some random reason…. We can see Nate and Lilith kids/pups? in the Best End for the love of! Wait, now that I think about it, Nico and Lilith kids will surely more amusing….. the same goes for Nayuta….. look, now I wonder what kind of child Camus and Lilith will have….. is it big or more fairy-sized….. hmmmm…..
        Okay, that was random. Yup, this email will do. I forgot the password of my other e-mail adress after all…. so, this one is the most active. (Sorry for the late reply, my school network went down for almost 2 weeks)

        • Sent! Please check your e-mail. (。・∀・。)ノ

          To be fair for Soo, I think he’s a kind big brother figure. It could work, but only if his internal issues were fleshed out more. Back in his route, I kept thinking that Soo’s issues would get solved with a bang like Kirite’s… but nope. That’s why when it’s all over, most of us would go “huh? that’s all?” instead of feeling happy / touched. I don’t think Soo is a religious type either, since he didn’t know much about the gods and legend aside from Dinus. No wonder Nayuta is always frustrated around him lol. Lilith doesn’t seem to mind much though.

          As for Kirite, his bond with Lilith did develop over time. It feels kinda strange actually. Nayuta also met her right from the start, and yet it feels much stronger with Kirite. Not to mention the game’s title fits his story too. I want to see Kirite and Lilith’s kids too! But I guess it’s too early since they’re both still 17? 8D Nayuta will be a good and protective father though, while Nico… I just… can’t imagine. In the end Camus grew big and stays that way, but that’s because he’s a Vakista… But then again their kids will be half-fairy, so hopefully they get their mom’s size. |D

          • Thanks~
            Maybe, it will work if Soo is a little bit have a feel that he is more important rather than just that simple conflict. Maybe, when they write Soo, they got into some kind of writer block and just shove something to fill his path. Seeing his bad luck is funny though. Hehe, he was stupid in that kind of way then~ Now I want to see Nayuta lecture Soo about some religious thing and in the middle of it, Soo will fell asleep and Nayuta will snap. I want to see more of Nayuta sadistic side!
            Hmm, maybe because Nayuta has no problem from the right start? We get to see Nayuta problem from the middle, while Kirite has the problem right at the start and even before.
            I bet it will be cute and handsome! Lilith is quite beautiful and Kirite is completely handsome. Hmm, right, but then they got married at 17 or 18? I guess it will be funny when Nayuta got all overprotective at his and Lilith kid… Nico’s kid will be Half-immortal? Crazily lulzy kid? as expected of Nico, our imagination won’t get through his mysterious-ness. Well yes, if they are have fairy-size, Lilith and Camus need to move to Amafi right? Not to mention ‘how’ Lilith will gave birth to the kids when they were fairy-sized

          • Maybe? LOL. It’d be better if they flesh out Soo’s issue with his teacher OR his family issue with Vahnstein. Connecting these two issues might work too, since focusing on them separately makes them seem really trivial. That aside, Soo is indeed a funny character. Everyone in the game makes fun of him, and that’s fun to see. He’s better off being cheerful like that instead of angsting over his past IMO.

            As for the bond, hmm… it might be because Nayuta is more formal towards Lilith at the beginning. Kirite immediately dropped off the job, but Nayuta was still torn between his responsibility and feelings. I think I said something similar months ago, but Papa Nayuta sounds scary LOL. It’s like he’s gonna judge the heck out of his daughter’s boyfriend, then kick his ass if he’s not worth it. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Kirite seems to be much more tolerant, while Nico… is Nico. Up until this very day I’m still wondering about his real identity. In the ending, Camus and Lilith actually returned to Dodona. They visited Heathcliff in Amafi, but they don’t move there since Lilith needs to resume her acolyte training.

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