I know this is really unfair for Soo, but my motivation to do his route has gone down the drain after clearing Kirite’s route. Soo is actually a nice guy. It’s just everything feels so.. pointless.

Soo is a grappler from Dinus, the bustling city of culture and business. He’s really strong and talented in martial arts, but not a master in using his head. Before meeting Lilith, Soo spent his empty days gambling away in the casino. He’s well-known for always losing though, and his debts were piling up like a mountain until Lilith paid off everything for him. Cheerful and rough, Soo doesn’t have much knowledge regarding mythology. He’s 21 and fights with his fists.

Episode: Saint or Witch

After hiring Soo for the battle tournament, Lilith decides to explore Dinus with him.

[ Bar ]

After eating dinner, Lilith goes outside to get some fresh air. Soon she notices Soo walking out of the bar too, and he jokingly hits on her: “Hey lady, wanna play with me?” Lilith doesn’t get it and asks him what happened, but Soo only replies with “Have we met somewhere before? I wouldn’t forget someone as cute as you.” Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Lilith blushes and asks if he’s drunk, and Soo turns red too saying he’s completely sober. It’s dangerous for her to go outside alone, so he’s only hitting on her before someone else does.

Soo: “Let’s play chase by the waves of the sea at dawn.”
Soo: “Then we can watch sunrise together while enjoying our morning coffee.”
Lilith: “Sure.”
Soo: “Huh? Seriously?” Σ(・д・ )
Lilith: “Eh? Is it wrong?”
Soo: “I-It’s not, but are you okay with me?”
Lilith: “Eh?”
Soo: “… sorry, suddenly I feel like a kidnapper.” (´・ω・`;)

Then he pats her head saying she shouldn’t follow unknown men to the sea. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

When Lilith says she has never seen the sea before, Soo promises to take her there one day. Soo wonders why she’s traveling with Nayuta, Kirite and Camus, so Lilith explains that Nayuta and Kirite are taking her to see the High Priestess in Ingrid. She’s under the suspicion of being a destructive witch, and she wants to clear that misunderstanding. Lilith asks Soo to keep this a secret since Nayuta will be angry if she reveals this to anyone, and he agrees to keep quiet. Soo then laughs saying a girl with such destructive power wouldn’t be troubled by the men in Dinus’ back alleys, but he’s worried that something might happen to Lilith in Ingrid. Since Lilith is planning to go home after clearing the misunderstanding, Soo promises to help by winning the tournament for her sake.

[ Casino ]

One day, Soo invites Lilith to visit the casino with him. She agrees because she has no plans, but it turns out he’s bringing her along to get lectured by Madam together. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Lilith is ready to receive it since she already came all the way here, but then Soo reveals his true intentions by saying “I’m here with her today, so keep it short and let us play in the casino.” il||li_| ̄|○il||li Of course Madam gets pissed and asks if Soo has any ideas about how large his debt is, but since this is Soo we’re dealing with.. he only laughs saying he doesn’t remember. Besides, he will get enough money to pay off everything after winning the tournament — there’s nothing to worry about! \(^o^)/ Lilith is surprised when Madam reminds Soo about his debts to other people, but Soo says he’ll do something about it later. Someday. Maybe. Madam is about to say something about Soo’s teacher in frustration, but Soo cuts her off, makes up an excuse, and drags Lilith out of the casino.

Outside, Lilith tells Soo that Madam seems to be worried about him. Soo finds it hard to believe since Madam is only a “mean old hag” in his eyes, but Lilith points out that Madam wouldn’t be so concerned about Soo’s debts if she doesn’t care. Soo also says he doesn’t want to live a normal, boring life, and when Lilith says having a normal life isn’t that bad, he answers “That’s because you’re an acolyte. It’s not like I wanna be a priest.” ┐(´~`;)┌ When Lilith asks what he wants to be, Soo proudly says he wants to be the strongest fighter in the world. Soo’s role model is his great teacher, but he seems surprised when Lilith asks what he learned from his teacher. Soo reluctantly answers “to live freely and aim for the top”, but he also mentions that his teacher left him with the words “a clenched fist can’t grab anything” — something he can’t figure out up until now. Soo shakes his doubts away saying his master was a really amazing man, and he eventually agrees when Lilith tells him to listen to Madam sometimes.

Sometimes. Just not now.

Episode: Keep That Love and Save the World

After meeting the Holy Ones, the party returns to Dinus and learns about Nico the Great Sage from Madam. She can track him down in a few days, so everyone’s free to explore Dinus until she can get the necessary information.

[ Town Streets ]

If Lilith goes to the town streets, Soo takes her to visit the food stalls along the way. Just then a man comes to greet Soo, saying he’s glad to see Soo again because Dinus lacks spirit when Soo is away. Lilith wonders if the man is Soo’s friend, but Soo then admits he actually doesn’t know the man’s name. A lot of people know Soo’s name because he won the tournament, and also because he’s famous for his bad luck in gambling. He jokingly says Lilith is currently more famous than him because of the wanted posters, but he then apologizes for making a joke out of her situation.

Soo: “Are you angry?”
Lilith: “I’m angry.”
Soo: “Eh. For real?”
Lilith: “For real.”
Soo: “Pffft.. Ahahaha!”
Lilith: “Hey! I said I’m angry, why are you laughing?”
Soo: “Nah. I thought you’re so cute mimicking my way of speaking like that.”

Lilith blushes saying she never uses rough words because she grew up in a temple, and she wanted to try speaking like Soo earlier. Lilith wonders if she sounded weird, but Soo answers she’s cute — just like a small girl who’s trying to speak like her big brother. This causes Lilith to turn as red as a tomato, and Soo buys her a sandwich as a sign of gratitude for her cuteness earlier. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When Lilith says it’s delicious, Soo suddenly leans in and takes a HUGE bite before she could even react lol. Obviously she protests and pouts, so he offers his sandwich in return. Soo’s sandwich is already half-bitten, and Lilith is hesitant because taking a bite also means sharing an indirect kiss with him.. but she quickly pushes the thoughts aside and takes a huge bite of sandwich too. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Soo protests since most of his half-eaten sandwich are gone, but he’s glad to see Lilith smiling so happily.

Lilith feels like she’ll get scolded for eating while walking, and Soo laughs asking what would she do if Nayuta suddenly chases them from afar. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ They also bought food and ate them while walking during Soo’s first Dinus tour, and they can still remember how Nayuta gave them the look of disapproval back then. xD Unlike the strict Dodona and Dinus, Soo says the people in Dinus’ temple never scolded him from eating on the streets. God Dinus himself is known to be heroic with a big heart, so Lilith shouldn’t be worried about such things.

Along the way to Midvan, the party decides to camp out near the rocky area of the desert. At night, Lilith goes out looking for Soo and finds him sitting not too far away from their campfire. She asks if he’s not cold and he says he’s fine, but when she walks away saying “you don’t need these coffee then”, he instantly panicks and says he’ll drink it. (〃゚艸゚):;* Lilith says she’s worried that Soo might catch a cold here, but he lightly replies with “I’m fine. Idiots won’t catch a cold right? It’s okay.” … Soo. Did you just admit you’re an idiot? プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Lilith then sits down beside Soo and says there’s no sea nor sunrise here, but right now they can gaze at the moon together while drinking coffee. Happy that Lilith still remembers their promise, Soo says he’ll fulfill that promise next time.

Soo then wonders who would gain benefit by living in a sea of sand like this, and when Lilith reluctantly says “camels”, he jokingly says he’ll confirm this to Nayuta later. Lilith asks him not to do it since Nayuta will definitely give her the ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) look, and Soo laughs both of them are scared of him. Lilith says it’s only natural for her because a Holy Knight is a great senior for an acolyte like her, and Soo just HAVE to remind her that Nayuta is no longer Ingrid’s Holy Knight. Which obviously makes her feel guilty for dragging Nayuta into this mess. (屮゚Д゚)屮 Thankfully Lilith is really positive, as she turns the guilt to motivate herself — saying she has to save the world and prove Nayuta’s innocence. Upon hearing this, Soo suddenly flicks Lilith’s forehead for saying “something uncute.” Nayuta wouldn’t be happy if he hears this, because it was his own decision to follow her. If she feels responsible for this, it’s just the same as disrespecting Nayuta’s decision. When Lilith thanks him for the encouragement, Soo asks if she wants him to flick her forehead again — laughing and patting her head when she refuses.

After meeting Nate in Midvan, the party decides to save him from the assassin guild. They go to Zanas Valley after gathering the necessary information, but the rocky mountain road drains Lilith’s energy really quickly. Soo offers his hand for her to hold onto, but she refuses saying it was her idea for her to come here. It would be really pathetic if she gives up on the way. Soo only remains silent for a while, and eventually he says he doesn’t think it’s pathetic. It’s not like they’re expecting her to be capable in everything, because everyone has their own strengths and flaws. He admits he’s only good at fighting and not thinking, and he asks if she’s willing to help him think whenever necessary. When Lilith says yes, Soo points out that it’s the same as their current situation. Lilith finally gives in and holds Soo’s big, warm hand.

As Soo helps her to walk through the rocky path, Lilith thinks about how he’s just like a reliable big brother. He’s not strict and upright, but he’s always watching over her and comes to help when she’s in trouble. Soo is also willing to carry her princess-style if she’s tired, though Lilith refuses since it’d be embarrassing. xD She asks him to tell her whenever he needs any help, because she wants to be his strength — not just to help him think. As the answer, Soo turns red and goes “Okay. Please help me when the time comes.” Upon reaching the assassin guild, Soo leads the party as they step inside the building. Arrows start flying towards Soo from the shadows, but he easily dodges them and knocks out the assassin who’s shooting the arrows only with one hit. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!

Episode: Blessing and Curse

On the way back to Dinus, the party decides to camp out in the desert again. Lilith goes out of the camp to get some fresh air late at night, and Soo comes asking if she’s not going to bed — jokingly saying she’ll get wrinkles tomorrow if she doesn’t sleep properly. When Lilith turns red and tells him not to say such a terrifying thing, Soo smiles saying this is more like her. He says she’s been looking sad and blank until now, and when she touches her cheeks in disbelief, he also touches her cheeks.. and lightly pinches them. Σ(・∀・ノ)ノ Soo finds it fun because Lilith’s cheeks are soft, but at the same time he also realized that her face is really cold. Even though Lilith says she’s fine, Soo wraps her cheeks with his big hands to keep her warm. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Soo is more than willing to share his warmth, though he doesn’t realize that Lilith’s face turns hot because she’s blushing. xD

When Lilith admits that she couldn’t sleep, Soo wonders if she took a nap for too long or didn’t eat enough for dinner. Lilith says it’s because she has a lot on her mind, and Soo asks if she’s thinking about breakfast. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Apparently “worries” means “food” in Soo’s mind, so Lilith explains that she’s been thinking about their quest to save the world. Soo finds it amazing that Lilith couldn’t sleep because her worries, since it has never happened to him before.. and that’s perfectly normal, considering Soo’s mind is only filled with either food, weather, or naps. Lilith frowns and asks him to live more seriously, but Soo only says he’s thinking about his life too — even though it’s only for a little bit. Soo then admits he’s actually envious of people who live their lives seriously. He can do basically anything with minimal effort, and that’s why he’s never gotten serious about anything in his life.

However, Lilith says that’s just like him. People have different ways of living their lives, so “not having any worries” doesn’t necessarily mean “not taking life seriously”. Besides, she finds it fun to watch over his carefree lifestyle. Soo is surprised and seems unsure, but Lilith tells him that she’s feeling a lot better now thanks to him. Soo blushes saying it’s the first time someone has ever said such a thing to him, because usually people keep telling him to think about his life seriously. Soo pats Lilith’s head as he shyly thanks her, and she also thanks him for cheering her up. She feels a lot better after talking to him, and she’s going to learn from him about how to not overthink stuff. Or else — just as he put it — she might go bald.

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

In Forested Marjune, Lilith searches for Amafi’s entrance with Soo.

[ Waterfall ]

When Lilith is looking at the waterfall carefully, Soo suddenly appears from behind and jokingly pretends to push her into the water. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Lilith screams in shock thinking she’s going to fall, but Soo says it’s okay because he’s holding her properly. There’s no way he’d shove her into the waterfall, and even if she really falls into the water, he’s going to take responsibility by saving her.. even though he can’t swim either. (´・ω・`;) Soo mentions that his teacher used to train in a waterfall like this, but Soo never tried doing the same thing. There are no waterfalls near Dinus, but Soo wouldn’t train anyway even if there’s a waterfall nearby — he’s a genius after all. Soo only does things he finds enjoyable, so he won’t be able to live in a strict temple like Lilith and Nayuta. He never puts effort into anything, and he doesn’t have any intentions to do so because he can get anything he wants to achieve. Like winning the battle tournament every year, for instance.

Lilith falls into silence upon hearing this, and Soo quickly adds it doesn’t mean he’s making fun of them. In fact, recently he starts thinking if his carefree lifestyle is the right thing to do. When he sees Kirite and Nayuta doing their best to to move forward, Soo starts thinking if it’s really okay for him to be so carefree. That being said, he doesn’t want to do hard things on purpose either. However, Lilith says doing your best doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Soo became his teacher’s apprentice and had fun learning a lot of things from him, which proves that training can be enjoyable as well. Soo only doesn’t realize his own hard work because he’s enjoying everything. Surprised by her answer, Soo says Lilith is so amazing for having such a strong heart. Lilith says she’s only doing everything she can for him, and Soo replies he wants to do everything he can to protect her too.

[ Limestone Cave ]

Upon entering the limestone cave, both Soo and Lilith are amazed by how beautiful the interior is. Lilith says they can’t tell how beautiful it is from outside, but Soo tells her the same goes for everything in life. After all, life wouldn’t be exciting if everything looks the same inside out. For example, they won’t appreciate the cave’s beauty as much if the exterior looks equally pretty. Soo is surprised when Lilith says he has that kind of gap as well, and she explains that while he looks scary and foolish, he’s actually kind and reliable. They never expected someone like him to be Vahnstein’s son either, so that’s the biggest shock for them. Soo only laughs saying it’s nice to learn more about each other, because it feels like they’re gradually getting closer to each other. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Lilith wonders if it’s okay for her to enjoy beautiful places like this, and Soo tells her it’s fine — she has his permission. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ They don’t know how long their journey will last, but Soo is wishing he can travel with them forever. Or rather, traveling alone with Lilith. When Lilith asks what he’s whispering about, Soo blushes and says it’s a secret.

Just then a blinding flash of light appears before them, opening the entrance to Amafi nearby. Soo is impressed thinking Lilith’s power has unlocked Heathcliff’s barrier, but she says it’s not her power. Their bond has been approved by Amafi, and that’s what opened the barrier. Soo blushes upon hearing this, and he goes “what is this embarrassing feeling!?” before running off to call their friends. xD

That night, Soo comes to inform Lilith that Heathcliff (“ドラゴンのじいちゃん”) will be ready to see them tomorrow morning. Soo then invites Lilith to take a look around the town, and she gladly accepts the invitation. They reach Amafi’s gate after having fun looking at the shops, but Lilith notices that Soo seems to be really quiet today. It turns out Soo is still wondering why they’re allowed to enter Amafi, and when Lilith says it’s because their bond has been approved, Soo asks what kind of bond do they share. Lilith honestly answers she doesn’t understand either, but she knows their bond is real. Soo admits that he wants to protect Lilith, but he’s not sure if he wants to protect her as a Vakista or as.. something else. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Soo then says he’s feeling really grateful towards Lilith, since he’s been rotting away in Dinus after his teacher’s death. If they didn’t meet, he’d still be wasting his life away. However, Lilith thinks Soo would be okay even without her. Despite his lifestyle, she believes he’ll get up and do the right thing when the time comes. After a short silence, Soo sighs saying that’s exactly why he can never betray Lilith. Despite his lifestyle and personality, she believes in him all the time. Soo then pats Lilith’s head and says he still doesn’t understand his feelings for now, but he will always protect her.

Episode: As a Saint

After obtaining the airship, Lilith is free to visit other areas before they fly to Dodona.

[ Dinus ]

From Madam, the party learns that Lovelost is starting to affect Dinus. At first the victims only became gloomy, but lately they’re spacing out all day like empty shells without any souls. This decreases the amount of crimes in Dinus, but of course they can’t feel happy when Lovelost is turning the citizens into living zombies. Madam isn’t affected at all though, and she’s always on their side whenever they need any help. After leaving the casino, Soo takes his friends to see Vahnstein in the castle. Lilith politely thanks him for providing a military train for their Savila trip, but Soo simply says he’s only here to see his old man’s face. Vahnstein then asks if they made any progress, but since Soo answers with a simple “nothing, just so-so I guess?”, Lilith quickly says that Soo helped them a lot during the journey. He protected her from danger, and he also encouraged her during the hard times. Vahnstein is happy to see Lilith protecting Soo, but he thinks it’s only natural for a man to do those things. So manry. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Upon learning that Lovelost is invading the world, Vahnstein asks if there’s something he can do to prevent it from spreading. He also asks if they can find the culprit who cursed Yufis, but Soo tells his old man not to be so agitated. Lilith is “the saint” and he’s her Vakista — they’ll do something to solve this problem. Soo says Nayuta and Nico will do all the thinking since it’s not his specialty, but he knows what he needs to do: protect Lilith and save the world. Vahnstein wonders if Soo can really do it, and Soo admits he’s not sure.. but they won’t know the result unless they try. In any case, Vahnstein is on their side. He’s looking forward to see what kind of result they will bring, and he’s more than willing to support them as long as they don’t give up. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to see them again if they give up along the way. Not even Soo, because he doesn’t need a “real idiot” as his son. The next time they come to visit him again, he’s expecting to hear some progress.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When their airship flies above Forested Marjune, the party decides to stop by and take a break in the forest. Lilith visits the lake with Soo, and he comments about how beautiful the scenery is. As a person who lived and grew up in Dinus’ back alleys, Soo doesn’t have much chance to visit beautiful places like this. Soo also mentions that he used to pull pranks when he was a kid, and a mean old lady named Madam would scold or spank him. Lilith says it’s just Madam’s way of showing her affection, and Soo says it was indeed Madam who took care of him after his mother died. It was Madam too who introduced him to the casino, though she regrets ever doing such a thing LOL. Soo doesn’t get it, but Lilith 100% understands Madam’s feelings. xD

Soo then says the lake is so clear like a mirror, and Lilith tells him that legend says the lake can reflect people’s hearts. Soo asks Lilith to try it out, but she’s too scared to do so.

Soo: “It’s okay, I understand. You’re afraid to see how much you looove me, right?”
Lilith: “Ahahahahaha!”
Soo: “…..” (´・ω・`)
Lilith: “Ahahaha. What’s wrong, Soo?”
Soo: “Haha. No, I said it to make you laugh.. but it hurts me if you burst into laughter.”
Lilith: “Ahaha. I’m sorry.”
Soo: “No. I won’t forgive you. As the punishment you’ll have to look into the lake.”

LOL. POOR GUY. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Lilith admits she’s actually scared that her worries and fears would be reflected, and Soo tells her to take a deep breath and stop worrying about such things. Lilith thanks him for making her feel better, and Soo says she’s really strong — even stronger than he is. While Soo is strong physically, Lilith has the strength to keep moving forward despite all of her worries. Soo really admires that side of her, and that’s the reason why he decided to follow Lilith. He promises to protect her, so he wants her to protect that strength.. because the only one who can protect her heart is only Lilith herself.

When the party splits up for the second time, Soo asks Lilith to see Vahnstein together. Dinus is his territory, but he’d feel lonely if he has to stay in Dinus alone. Lilith thinks it’s only because he doesn’t want to get scolded alone, but she agrees anyway — much to Camus’ dismay. xD Upon meeting Vahnstein, Lilith asks if he has any plans to handle Lovelost’s effect. Vahnstein explains that the main issue they’re dealing with is hunger, because even though the citizens are losing their will to live, they still need to eat as long as they’re alive. He’s been handing out food supplies for everyone, and he also implemented a system for people to report to them if they see Lovelost’s victims.

Vahnstein then asks what Soo is planning to do from here, but Soo doesn’t answer because he doesn’t know what to do. Vahnstein teases him by calling him pathetic, but Soo only says it’s not something he can answer so easily. This actually impresses Vahnstein, since it means Soo is actually thinking of doing something to solve this problem. When Soo says it’s obvious, Vahnstein reminds him about how easily he brushed off this issue before. He wonders why Soo doesn’t say “we’ll do something about this somehow” like he used to be, but Soo doesn’t understand either. He only knows “somehow” won’t work in this case, and Vahnstein laughs saying he has grown up a little bit. Vahnstein then tells Soo that whenever people are thinking about something seriously, they would choose their words carefully. It’s something Soo didn’t have before, but he certainly has developed some seriousness in him. Soo says he can’t say things without thinking anymore since he’s afraid it’d put Lilith in trouble, and Vahnstein laughs saying that’s such a weak answer.. but being weak is necessary because people would act more carefully when they’re weak, and that’s the key to avoid failure. He’s glad to see his son worrying about something, because Soo will be able to find a new path once he gets over his worries. The same goes for Lilith, so Vahnstein wants her to keep this in mind as well.

After leaving the castle, Soo tells Lilith to return first because he wants to visit a certain place before going back. Lilith notices that Soo has been acting strangely and asks if she can come along, and so he takes her to visit his teacher’s grave. He knows his teacher won’t be able to give him any answers, but he still wants to ask for his teacher’s opinion. Lilith asks what kind of person his teacher was, and Soo describes him as a huge, strong man who was amazing in battle. Since Soo and Vahnstein are living apart, he was the one who raised Soo like father and son. Even until now, Soo still can’t believe that such a strong person could die so easily in the hands of a drunk man. He still can’t figure out the meaning behind his teacher’s last words either — “a clenched fist can’t grab anything.” It confuses him because his teacher also taught him that a fighter must harden his fists, not to mention his teacher died a foolish death as well.

Soo then asks Lilith if he’s allowed to grab the things he wants to obtain with his fists, so she says she doesn’t know what his teacher wanted to say.. but she knows one thing for certain: he wanted Soo to fight and grab anything he wants to get. Soo admits that he might be waiting for someone to say those words to him, and today Soo comes here to tell his teacher that he’s going to take a different path than him. Soo then turns around to face his teacher’s grave and apologizes for not following his path, because there’s a certain something he just can’t give up on. Soo also says this is the second major decision he ever made in his life. The first one was when he decided to become his teacher’s apprentice, and now the second one is his decision to follow Lilith. Soo will listen to his answer when they meet again someday, but for now he’s going to walk on his own path in life.

From the graveyard, Soo takes Lilith to see Vahnstein again. Soo admits that he still can’t think of any plans because he’s a fool, but now he can say with certainty that he will definitely do something to stop Lovelost. Vahnstein notices there’s something diferent about Soo, who then admits he always thought his fists are only useful for punching the enemies who are standing in front of his eyes.. but now he realized that his fists can also reach things which are further away. He’s going to use his fists to open his path and find the answer he’s been looking for in the future someday. Soo also believes there must be a meaning behind his clenched fists, and Vahnstein laughs saying his stupid son has made an impressive progress. Vahnstein tells Soo to treasure those fists, and he also gives Soo a present — an armor blessed with God Dinus’ protection, made from a fire dragon’s fur.

Soo: “Does it suit me?”
Lilith: “Yes, you look cool in it.”
Soo: “… seriously?”
Lilith: “Hehe. Seriously. It really suits you!”
Soo: “Did you fall in love with me all over again?”
Lilith: “…..” (・_・;)
Soo: “Don’t look at me with such cold eyes.” (´・ω・`;)

So in the end, Soo will always be Soo. \(^o^)/

After saying goodbye to Vahnstein, Soo and Lilith warps to Forested Marjune by using Nico’s crystal balls. Lilith wanders off alone upon arriving in the forest, and Soo follows her because he’s worried about her. Lilith admits that she gets worried sometimes, but she won’t complain because this is the path she decided to take. She’ll continue doing her best, though she might need his help whenever she feels down. Soo then says Lilith is really different from him, as in their way of thinking is the exact opposite of each other. Lilith always moves forward without giving up, while Soo always gives up on everything right from the start. Sometimes Soo feels out of place and wonders if it’s really okay for him to stay with Lilith, but she clearly says she needs him. He always gives her encouraging words whenever she feels down, and that’s a fact that will never change. Besides, they can complete each other because they’re different. Soo finally smiles saying he feels refreshed thanks to her answer, and now he realized that if he’s missing something, he only needs to find something to fill it. That’s why he will follow her forever, doing everything he can to help her.

Later on, everyone waits in Dinus as Nico upgrades their airship in the castle’s treasury. Soo finds Lilith looking sad outside, and he asks her what happened. Lilith says she feels bad for not doing anything, but Soo tells her not to worry since “Great Teacher NicoNico” is currently working on their airship — they only need to wait. Soo jokingly says Lovelost will disappear if people become ラブラブ like Lilith and him, but since she only remains quiet, he reminds her that humans have the power to repel Lovelost. They still have to stop Rogner, but she should stop worrying about every single thing or else she’ll start growing white hair. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She finally smiles when he says it’s a joke, and she realized that he’s right. She’ll run out of energy if she keeps overthinking stuff, and she feels much easier thanks to him. Soo always looks like he’s fooling around without thinking, but Lilith realized that’s his strength. This isn’t the first time she feels saved by him, and she knows he will keep saving her from now on.

Along the way to Melrond, the airship gets attacked by a Bahamut in the “storm zone”. At this rate the airship will fall down before they can even reach Melrond, and they might need to turn the airship around. After all, the damage could be fatal if they let the Bahamut attack them from behind. Fighting enemies directly from the front is Soo’s specialty, so he asks Nico to open the airship door — he’s going to punch the Bahamut.. with his bare fists. Σ(・д・ ) Lilith decides to trust Soo, so he climbs out to the deck and fights the Bahamut with his flaming fists. Sadly one hit isn’t enough to bring it down, and Soo takes damage when the Bahamut releases its sharp scales to slash him. Lilith screams Soo’s name from inside, and even though her voice got lost in the wind, he glances and her and smiles as he gets up — telling her not to worry. When the Bahamut lunges to attack Soo, Lilith sends her feelings through i-Scepter and enhances Soo’s fists with burning flames. Then only with one hit, Soo punches the Bahamut and cuts the poor creature into half. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ As the.. Bahamut’s remains.. fall to the ground below, Soo calmly returns inside and asks Lilith to heal his wounds. When Nico pushes the airship into Melrond’s barrier, Soo hugs Lilith and envelops her with his comfortable warmth.

Episode: All of Love

In Melrond, Lilith wakes up to Soo’s voice calling her to open her eyes. Soo panicks as he tries to check Lilith’s pulse, but since he doesn’t know how to do check it, in the end the decides to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation instead. \(^o^)/ She opens her eyes to find his face being so dangerously close to hers, and while she blushes saying he’s TOO close, he’s really glad to see her alive and panicking. The relief also causes Soo to feel the pain from his injured shoulder, and he admits he got the wound when they got thrown out of the airship. Soo says it was his own fault for being careless, but Lilith remembers that he was protecting her when their airship crashed into the barrier earlier.. so she ignores his protests and heals him. Lilith is still feeling bad for the injury, but Soo says it’s not her fault. The one at fault is “Great Teacher NicoNico” for using a fragile airship, so now they need to find him and throw complaints to the poor guy. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

As they walk through Melrond’s ruins, Lilith and Soo notice how the land is so badly damaged. There are rumors about Melrond being a “cursed land”, but Soo says this is far worse than a curse. The damage is even worse than Savila, and he wonders what caused the entire city to fall into ruins like this. Lilith asks if Soo can see this horrible scenery without feeling anything, and he says he feels depressed.. but mourning over the ruined land won’t be able to change anything. They need to see the truth and accept it, or else they can never move on. Realizing that Soo is right, Lilith says they shouldn’t run away from reality no matter how sad it is. Soo says he really admires that positive side of Lilith, because she can accept everything quickly and rebuild her feelings again. Lilith replies that it was him who opened her eyes, and she can also feel kindness in his words. She knows Soo is thinking about doing something for Melrond, and he says she’s right even though it’s going to take time. Lilith then tells Soo about the dream she saw earlier, which shows that Melrond was destroyed by humans’ arrogance. Currently God Melrond is healing the land in the darkness, and Lilith feels that God Melrond’s kindness is sort of similar to Soo’s.

..though Soo doesn’t get what Lilith is talking about. AT ALL. (屮゚Д゚)屮
In the end Lilith only says Soo is an amazing person, and he promised to support her with his own hands. After all, they shouldn’t rely on the gods all the time. Just then Soo notices Nico’s smoke signal floating to the sky, and he takes Lilith there to meet up with their friends.

When they find Rogner in the government office’s control center, Soo is already excited to kick his ass. Rogner, on the other hand, only goes “who the heck are you ( ≖_ゝ≖ )” LOL. It doesn’t kill Soo’s excitement though, and Rogner asks why does Soo want to fight him. Soo replies it’s because Rogner is doing something stupid, so he’s going to stop both Rogner and Lovelost no matter what. Rogner says he’s willing to destroy everything in order to get humans to love the gods again, and realizing that Rogner is completely broken, Soo challenges Rogner for a duel. Rogner starts the battle by hurling dark waves towards Soo, who counter the attacks with his burning fists. Soo looks really cool when he says Rogner has no chance to win against him, but sadly all of his coolness crumbles apart the moment he adds “you keep saying stuff I don’t understand!” Why yes, Soo doesn’t get what Rogner means by bringing “salvation” or “purging the world”. He fights without understanding the reason. \(^o^)/

Obviously Rogner gets really pissed upon hearing Soo’s words, so he steps back and gathers his dark waves to blast Soo into pieces.. which don’t stand a chance against Soo’s awesome flames. Rogner is shocked when Soo delivers the last blow onto his face, and he asks where did Soo get such a monstrous strength from. Soo replies it’s because Lilith believes in him, and so he’s got no choice but to defeat him. Poor Rogner then starts fading away, and eventually Yufis purifies his soul with her warm light. Just in case you’re wondering.. no you didn’t miss anything. Lilith doesn’t enhance Soo’s fists at all during this battle, so he really defeats Rogner with his own strength. I feel terribly sorry for Rogner, honestly. (´・ω・`;)

After Lilith uses the broadcasting device to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat, suddenly she receives a certain someone’s curse and loses her consciousness. She’s surrounded by darkness when she opens her eyes later, with God Melrond’s gentle voice telling her to sleep and let the darkness heal her heart. Just then a familiar voice says it’s fine if she wants to get some sleep for now, since nothing good will come out if she forces herself. Lilith recognized the voice as Soo’s, and Soo admits that he’s always envious of Lilith’s positive personality. He asks her to go back because unlike him, she still has an important mission to carry out. He then summons his flames saying he’s always here to support her, and overflowing strength will be useless if she doesn’t return to fight with him. Soo vanishes after telling Lilith to return as soon as possible, and when she tries to chase after him, God Melrond takes her back to reality and gave her the darkness’ blessings. When Lilith wakes up, she finds a relieved Soo right in front of her eyes — happily informing their friends that she has regained consciousness.

After leaving Melrond, Lilith can visit other places before flying to Ingrid.

[ Dinus ]

If Lilith visits Dinus, Soo goes to report his brilliant victory to Vahnstein.. who’s not surprised at all since he already heard Lilith’s voice. It pisses him off to thank Soo, so Vahnstein expresses his gratitude towards Lilith instead. xD Lilith admits she feels sad that her voice failed to reach Lovelost’s victims, not to mention they still have to find the real culprit behind Lovelost as well. Vahnstein says he understands why Lilith is feeling down, but she needs to keep her faith as “the saint”. If she’s complaining about her quest in front of people, she would only cause them to worry. Since Lilith still can’t conceal her worries, Vahnstein then says if he’s in her position, he’d make a move first instead of worrying. Even if his power is insufficient, then he’s going to put more devotion into his effort. If she really wants to save the world, she should throw all of her worries away. Vahnstein is expecting to see more growth the next time they meet again.

Soo isn’t pleased about his old man making Lilith feeling even more depressed, but Lilith knows Vahnstein is right. His words might be harsh, but he’s encouraging her to move forward. That, and he also calls Lilith by her name. He’s looking at her as a person, not at her position as “the saint”. Soo is pissed that Vahnstein also took away his chance to comfort Lilith, so he’s going to push Lilith’s back too next time. Even if there’s a cliff or a mountain of needles in front of her eyes. Thanks a lot, Soo. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Lilith protests saying he shouldn’t push her back in such situations, but he only pats her head and says it’s his turn to encourage her next time.

[ Dodona ]

Soo finds Lilith praying in Dodona’s temple, asking Yufis to keep watching over her. She’s still sad that her voice failed to reach people’s hearts, and he asks if she’s okay. Soo knows how Lilith feels inside, so she doesn’t have to pretend to be cheerful in front of him. Lilith then says she’s feeling so powerless even though the whole world is suffering, and she’s wishing she has more power to do something about Lovelost. However, Soo says Lilith is really powerful. Even when she’s feeling down, she’s still thinking about doing something.. and that’s the proof that she’s special. Normal people will lose hope when they see the world crumbling apart, and Soo himself wouldn’t be able to come this far if he never met Lilith. When Lilith says it’s thanks to him for always cheering her up, Soo blushes saying he really loves her honesty — as well as her weakness, strength, and everything in her.

The party goes to Ingrid’s sanctuary after that, where they finally learn that Horo is the culprit who cursed Yufis and spread Lovelost. He’s planning to destroy this world and create a new one for his mother — Goddess Renai — and he sends his beloved monsters to invade the six countries before flying off to the underworld. After taking care of all the monsters in Ingrid, the party decides to split up and help defending each country from the invasion. Nico drops Lilith and Soo at Dinus, and they immediately go to check Madam’s condition. Of course she’s doing just fine since this is Dinus’ boss we’re talking about, and she also says Dinus won’t lose that easily as long as they have Vahnstein.. but they don’t know how long they can hold out.

Soo and Lilith go to see Vahnstein directly after that, and he asks Soo to help defending Dinus with his strength. The next waves of monsters will come to attack Dinus again sooner or later, so Vahnstein wants Soo to fight alongside him. Now normally people would agree right away to defend their beloved hometown, but Soo’s answers is “Don’t decide such things without my permission. I’m Lilith’s Vakista.” ┐(´~`;)┌ Vahnstein has to formally ask for Lilith’s permission before Soo eventually agrees, but for some reason Soo gets creeped out because Vahnstein looks so happy. Out in the castle hallway, Soo admits he has never fought for anyone before he met Lilith. This is the first time Vahnstein ever needs him too, because Vahnstein has never asked him to “fight for Dinus” before. They have been living apart for so long, Soo says it feels weird to fight alongside his father. Soo then asks if Lilith can give him some time to think alone, and Lilith agrees because she gets the feeling that Soo is going to see Vahnstein again.

Lilith is still waiting for Soo in the hallway when suddenly the entire castle shakes, and Horo’s monster army make their way into the castle garden. Lilith quickly runs off to meet up with Soo in the throne room, and just before she enters the room, she hears Soo’s voice brimming with excitement as he fights the monsters alongside Vahnstein. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ ..wait, that means in his head fighting monsters has higher priority than picking up Lilith in the hallway. ( ಠ_ಠ ) But well, this is Soo we’re talking about. Vahnstein and Soo keep bickering as they compete to crush as many monsters as possible, but Lilith notices that Soo is also protecting Vahnstein by taking all the stronger monsters towards himself — intentional or not — and Vahnstein is doing exactly the same thing by guarding Soo’s back. Vahnstein soon notices Lilith’s presence and tells Soo to go with her after they’re done wiping the floor with those poor creatures, then he leaves to take command of Dinus’ army. They have different battles to fight, and Soo should return to his own battlefield with Lilith.

After Vahnstein leaves, Soo takes Lilith to search for the Sacred Nephilim who’s leading all the monsters. They find the Sacred Nephilim flying near the castle rooftop, and he underestimates Soo because it’s impossible for a human to defeat him. It’s a really HUGE mistake to look down on Soo though, because after Lilith enhances his fists with her love, Soo completely kicks the Sacred Nephilim’s ass with his flaming fists. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Just before the Sacred Nephilim disappears, Soo tells him they won’t know how things will turn out until they try. Soo then makes a peace sign towards Lilith, and she notices that he looks refreshed. Vahnstein is in an incredibly good mood as well, and when Vahnstein thanks Soo as the king of Dinus, Soo blushes and accepts the gratitude.

They say goodbye to Vahnstein not too long after that, but before leaving Dinus, Soo stops by his teacher’s grave — reporting that he’s going to search for his own path with his own fists. His teacher used to be everything for him, but his world has changed after meeting Lilith. He has found someone he can trust, and she’s the one who pulled him out of the cage that was his teacher’s shadow. Soo promises to surpass his teacher one day, though he has another person he needs to surpass — his father, Vahnstein. Someday Soo is going to surpass him, but in order to do that, right now he needs to save the world with Lilith.

They warp to Forested Marjune after leaving the graveyard, and Soo is screaming around like Tarzan on the loose in the forest. Lilith smiles saying he has such a high tension right now, but he says he’s actualy relaxing with all of his power. (´・ω・`;) Soo also asks Lilith to loosen up, and he remembers that his old self would ask her to relax or play around.. though Lilith knows the current Soo won’t fool around anymore. Soo jokingly asks if it means Lilith trusts him, and when she says she does, he puts up his fist and says: “I promise I will fight with you up until the end, because this is the only thing I can do. I swear on this fist that I will protect you.”

Episode: Beyond the Future

Before heading off to the Sea of Oblivion, the party stops by Dodona first to get some rest and prepare themselves for the final battle. Soo is spending time with Lilith in her house, but while Lilith is nervous about their upcoming battle, Soo certainly doesn’t. She asks if he’s not feeling nervous at all, but he calmly says worrying or feeling nervous won’t change anything — they need to defeat Horo no matter how strong he is. Lilith doesn’t need to worry because Soo will always be here to protect her, and he won’t let anyone hurt her. Soo says Lilith has given him a meaning both to his life and to himself, so he’s going to protect her because she’s his reason to live. They promise to come back from the final battle alive.

From Dodona, the party goes straight to the Sea of Oblivion and finds the monster entrance to the underworld. Apparently our Great Sage Nico is too awesome to stay back and guard the airship, so here Nayuta fills in Soo’s position while Nico replaces Nayuta to fend off the giant Fenrirs — giving Soo the “knight position” he’s been wanting in all the other routes. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

When Soo enters the last chamber with Lilith, Horo greets them by saying Soo is a strong man who’s blessed with talent.. but never puts effort into anything and is only seeking pleasure in life. Then once he gets bored, he’ll just throw everything away. Soo admits it’s true, and Horo says it means Soo will choose death once he learns that he can’t win this battle. Horo tells him to stop pretending to work hard and give up already, but Soo smiles when Lilith holds his hand beside him. Soo then admits it’s his bad habit to give up when things turn troublesome, but he’s not that smart to predict his own defeat. He already settled things with himself as well, so the current him doesn’t have any doubts anymore. Soo clearly says he’s not fighting for the world or for humanity. He’s fighting for the future he’s wishing for — the future where he can be all イチャイチャ with Lilith as much as he likes! \(^o^)/ His clenched fist will knock Horo out and open the path towards that future.

Since Horo is inexperienced in battle and everyone’s keeping his monster army busy outside, it only takes a while before Soo eventually kicks his ass with Lilith’s love enhancing his burning fists. イエーイ☆-(ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ☆ After Horo vanishes, Soo and Lilith are enjoying their victory.. when Soo’s stomach suddenly growls. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At first she thinks about how he doesn’t even bother to look cool, but then she realized that’s just how he really is LOL. He might be uncool, but he has saved her a lot of times and keeps on supporting her. As Lilith looks at the embarrassed Soo beside her, she thinks about how much she loves him and all of his natural traits. Soo admits he’s actually really hungry after such an intense battle, and he’s wondering if he can grab the things he wants to achieve now that they’ve saved the world. Or rather, grasping someone he wants to have. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Soo then holds Lilith’s hand and takes her out of the room, picking up their friends as they leave the underworld together.

Camus: “Hmm? What happened! You’re holding hands!”
Nico: “Oh? Hmm. Is this one of the reasons Lovelost disappears?”
Nate: “… what’s with those hands?”
Nate: “While I’m busy fending off the monsters, you.. ( ≖_ゝ≖ )”
Nayuta: “Huh? Why are you holding hands? ( ಠ_ಠ )”


Best Ending

After everyone went on their separate ways, Lilith decides to stay in Dinus with Soo instead of returning to Dodona. Yufis is the mother of the six gods, so Lilith can continue her acolyte training in Dinus’ temple. She also visits Madam regularly, and Madam is helping her to adapt to Dinus and its culture. On the other hand, Soo has been busy because Vahnstein is planning to make him the successor to the throne. Soo doesn’t seem too happy about it though, because he’s more interested in testing his own strength rather than becoming the king. Lilith wonders if it’s really okay for things to stay this way, because at this rate, Soo might really become the next king without even realizing it.

After saying goodbye to Madam, Lilith rushes to attend her manner lessons in the castle. Lilith is now famous as “the saint” who saved the world, and Vahnstein arranged manner lessons so she won’t make an embarrassing failure in front of the public.. though the real reason must be because he wants to fix Soo’s nearly nonexistent manner. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Lilith bumps into Soo along the way, who catches her and kidnaps her that way because he obviously wants to skip the lessons. \(^o^)/ Soo takes Lilith to the castle rooftop, where he shows her the beautiful view of Dinus — telling her this is the world they protected. Lilith then says she feels honored to be able to save the world, and when she asks how Soo feels, he suddenly leans in to kiss Lilith. Soo answers even someone like him was able to protect the world, and while he only knew how to fight before, right now he has obtained the most precious treasure.

Soo says he won’t ever let go of Lilith, but just before he can confess to her, suddenly they hear their tutor’s voice looking for Soo below. Both Lilith and Soo burst into laughter, and she asks him to go back to their lessons. Before leaving the rooftop, Soo asks Lilith to go on a new journey someday — a journey for just the two of them. Lilith replies it’d be nice they can have a peaceful journey, but when she says traveling with Soo must be safe, Soo says it might be dangerous in a different way. (≖‿≖ ) Lilith answers she doesn’t mind if it’s him, and she thinks Soo’s startled face today should be recorded in her memory for eternity. xD

Later on, Vahnstein really gives Soo the permission to leave on a journey. Soo says he wants to broaden his horizons, while Dinus’ temple gives Lilith the mission to embark on a pilgrimage. Soo has absolutely no sense of direction and they obviously keep getting lost along the way, but Lilith doesn’t mind having a carefree journey like this. In fact, she’s starting to enjoy getting lost with him. Σ(・∀・ノ)ノ As they walk through the peaceful road together, Soo tells Lilith that he loves her and asks her to stay with him forever.

Good Ending

After Lovelost is gone from the world, Soo is back to his old hobby of gambling in the casino.. and keeps on losing as usual. He doesn’t gamble as often as he used to be, though Soo is still feeling a bit empty inside. Lilith has been thinking of returning to Dodona, but she’s still staying in Dinus because Soo keeps begging her not to leave. One day, Lilith is wondering where Soo is when she hears his voice echoing in the castle hallway. She finds him sitting on the castle rooftop, and she tells him not to skip work or Vahnstein will rage again. Soo eventually sighs and says he understands, asking Lilith to lend her hand for him to come down. However, the moment Lilith holds out her hand, Soo pulls her up saying it’d be such a waste to spend such a nice day inside — showing her the beautiful scenery of the world they saved.

Soo then wonders if he can start changing from now on, and Lilith says he already changed. He just doesn’t realize it. Lilith believes he will keep changing from here, but Soo only remains silent before saying there’s one thing he doesn’t want to change — “being together with you.” Soo thinks he’ll be satisfied just by having her by his side, and Lilith blushes as she promises to stay with him forever. Soo then says he hasn’t received any rewards for saving the world yet, and he asks if Lilith will give the reward to him. When Lilith says she’ll give anything she can give, Soo happily goes “いただきまーす” and kisses her. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

… (´・ω・`;) Soo’s route feels like a bunch of small, pointless plot devices thrown into one huge jumbled mess. He has personal issues to get over, but none of them feels important enough to make a significant development. Soo’s confusion over his teacher’s words got solved almost instantly, and most of the scenes with Lilith feel terribly repetitive. I’m actually impressed with Soo’s growth as a character, especially during that Dinus invasion scene, but his relationship with Vahnstein never feels rocky to begin with.. and Soo’s melancholy feels rather draggy. In any case, I don’t hate Soo but I’m just glad this route is done and over with. I’m sorry. il||li_| ̄|○il||li


4 thoughts on “BEYOND THE FUTURE – Soo Majiku

    • Ahh I was referring to Soo’s plot actually.. so even if I do someone like Nayuta after Kirite, I’m sure I will still like him. It’s just Soo has this small issues all over his route (his teacher’s last words, his relationship with Vahnstein, his personality in general, etc.), but aside from his own development none of them are fleshed out. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

      I’m saving Nico for last because I heard he’s there for the lulz. xD

  1. Hmm Soo as a character is ok, and he sounds so cute but the story.. I dunno why but he is missing of something.

    I’m glad you are saving Nico for the last, I heard that his route is hilarious xD

    • It’s probably because none of his issues feel important enough to get a dramatic spotlight lol. I feel like his route is missing something too, and doing him right after Kirite doesn’t help at all. xD Yeah, Suri told me to save Nico for last so here I am marathoning the hot pants duo this week. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

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