BEYOND THE FUTURE – Camus Tetra Porte

Now that I’ve only got Camus and Nico left, I just realized that I left the sexy hot pants guys for last. My motivation was running low, but luckily Camus restored it since he’s really adorable. ♥

Camus is a fairy who has been staying with Lilith ever since she was born. Surrounded by all the adults in Dodona’s temple, Camus is a good friend for Lilith because of their close age gap. Camus used to be a resident of Amafi, but he got warped to Dodona through an accident and chose to stay with Lilith instead of going home. Cheerful with a mischievous streak, Camus is always doing his best for Lilith’s sake. He uses elemental magic in battle. His age is unknown.

Episode: Saint or Witch

On the way to Dinus, the party decides to camp out in a rock cave. Late at night, Camus sees Lilith waking up and asks if she can’t sleep. Lilith says her body feels tired, but she can’t sleep because she has a lot on her mind. She wonders if everyone in Dodona is alright, and Camus says they should be fine. According to Nayuta, Lilith was the only one who got trapped in the temple during Rogner’s attack. Camus jokingly says that’s because she’s dumb, but when she goes “you’re so mean.. (´・ω・`)”, he smiles saying he understand what she was thinking back then. Camus was worried sick though, so he doesn’t want Lilith to do dangerous things again.

Lilith sadly wonders if they can really see everyone in Dodona again, and Camus cheers her up by saying they will definitely return to Dodona with a lot of stories from Ingrid. Rather than worrying about what’s going to happen next, they should think about what kind of interesting things they will experience from now on. Lilith has never stepped out of Dodona before, and this is a great chance for her to see new things. Noticing that Lilith looks worried, Camus tells her there’s nothing to be afraid of. She has him by her side, and fairies like him are believed to bring good luck. Everything is going to be just fine. Even if she oversleeps, he’s going to wake her up and make sure she doesn’t embarrass herself in front of Kirite and Nayuta. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Once the party reaches Dinus, Lilith’s bag got stolen and she decides to chase after the thief with Camus. They follow the thief all the way to a back alley, but that’s where they lose sight of him. Lilith doesn’t know what to do since i-Scepter is inside the stolen bag, but Camus tells her not to worry. Nayuta and Kirite are chasing after the thief too, so they should be able to get it back. Knowing that back alleys are dangerous for both of them, Camus takes Lilith back to the main street — where he asks some children if they saw the thief. Instead of answering the question, the children are amazed to see a “beautiful bug” like Camus. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ Camus is too shocked to answer their questions, so Lilith explains that he’s actually a fairy.

Camus: “I’m happy that you correct them.. but you’re smiling, you know?”
Lilith: “I-I’m not. I just find it amusing that you’re shocked to be called a bug.”
Camus: “You’re so mean! So you’re okay with them calling me a bug!?”
Lilith: “But I told them you’re not a bug. Besides, they also said you’re beautiful.”
Lilith: “I feel happy when you receive praises.”
Camus: “… I think you’re just covering that up, but alright I’ll let it slide.”

Unfortunately, this only piques the children’s curiosity even more. Just before Camus and Lilith walk away to ask another person, they suddenly whip out their bug net and try to capture the poor fairy. They refuse to listen to Lilith at all, so Camus asks her to wait here as he lure them away. A few seconds after Camus flies away, Lilith suddenly notices the thief who stole her bag among the crowd. They wouldn’t want to lose sight of the thief again, so Lilith decides to chase him alone. By the time Camus returns, she’s already gone.

After hiring Soo for the battle tournament, Lilith can explore Dinus with Camus.

[ Bar ]

After dinner, Camus goes outside to get some fresh air. He’s a bit drunk due to the lively aura of the bar, and Lilith decides to follow him outside. Camus says their dinner inside was a little bit too lively for him, but Lilith points out that he was having fun too earlier — all thanks to Soo for making things brighter. This is the first time Lilith has ever experienced such a lively dinner, and Camus laughs saying the temple would be full of troubles if someone like Soo lives there. Camus also notices that unlike Dodona, Dinus is always bright and warm even at night. They always sleep and wake up early back in Dodona, and they reminisce about how they used to watch the sunrise together a long time ago. Camus asks Lilith to watch it again after returning to Dodona, and he teases her not to oversleep and miss the moment.

Lilith then wonders if everyone in Dodona are doing fine, and Camus asks if she wants to go home. When Lilith admits she misses Dodona so much she feels lonely, Camus sadly wonders if he’s not enough to ease that loneliness. However, Lilith says she can stay strong because Camus is here with her. If she doesn’t have him, right now she would be whining for Nayuta to return her to Dodona. Camus laughs upon imagining Nayuta going ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) at her tantrums, but he wants her to tell him whenever she feels lonely. Lilith is still worried about what’s going to happen from here, but Camus says everything will be alright. After all, she’s got good luck on her side.

[ Casino ]

If Lilith goes to the casino, Soo teaches Lilith how to play the games because he wants to see if her “gambling skills” are real. Lilith doesn’t have any confidence, but Camus tells her there’s nothing to worry about. They won’t get angry even if she loses the game, and Soo is already used to losing anyway. \(^o^)/ Soo insists that he can get a splendid victory too when the time is right, but Camus only laughs saying he’s indeed splendid when it comes to destructing himself. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Lilith decides to start from the easy slot machines, and Camus guides her to a “good seat” for maximum fortune. He also refuses to let her sit on the seat Soo picks, knowing it will only bring bad luck. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Just when Soo starts explaining about Triple Lucky Seven, Lilith hits the jackpot and receives a coin rain from the machine. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The good luck doesn’t stop there though.. because Lilith then keeps drawing 21 in blackjack, and slays everyone with three royal straight flushes in a row when she plays poker. Camus is only smiling beside Lilith since he’s obviously the cause behind her good luck, though sadly they get kicked out of the casino in the end. Before the casino goes bankrupt LOL.

Soo: “Ah.. How nice~ I wanna get kicked out too for once.”
Nayuta: “You already got kicked out for exactly the opposite reason.”
Camus: “Right~ You got scolded by Madam too.”
Kirite: “The end result is the same. Glad to hear your dream came true.”

LOL KIRITE. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Episode: Keep That Love and Save the World

After meeting the Holy Ones, the party backtracks to Dinus and learns about Nico’s visit from Madam. It’s going to take time until she can track him down, so everyone is free to explore the town in the meantime.

[ Town Streets ]

Lilith goes to the town streets with Camus, hoping they can obtain some information regarding Nico. Sadly none of the citizens ever saw such a suspicious man before, so Camus tells Lilith to just have fun for now. They might not be able to visit Dinus again after returning to Dodona, so they should enjoy their stay. He shows her a back massager in a souvenir shop and says it’d be a nice gift for Dodona’s head priest, but they end up looking for another present since neither of them knows how to use it. After a while, Lilith notices that Camus seems tired. She asks if he’s alright, but he says it’s just because he’s not used to the lively Dinus. He wonders if they can really track Nico down in such a busy city, and when Lilith says they should trust Madam, he sighs saying she’s really positive. Camus admits he’s actually really worried about Lilith’s safety, since he won’t be able to save her with his small size.

However, Lilith says she’s really glad to have Camus by her side. Even if he can’t protect her, he’s always there to give her mental support. It’s all thanks to him that she can keep doing her best. Camus finally smiles upon hearing this, saying he’s happy to be able to help. He says the times they spent in Dodona feels so nostalgic right now, and Lilith says their journey will also feel nostalgic when they return to Dodona someday. After their mission is over, they might be able to look back and reminisce about her failures.. and they can imagine her sulking when he teases her about those memories. Camus says they should work harder in order to reach that future, and Lilith decides to take another look around the main street.

On the way to Midvan, the party decides to camp out by the rocky area in the desert. It’s really cold at night, so Camus slips into Lilith’s coat while everyone else are freezing to death. They keep saying his “so cold!” complaints are moot because he’s keeping himself warm, but when they ask him to come out and freeze along with them, he simply refuses and teasingly asks if they’re jealous. xD Camus also teases them to get into Lilith’s coat too if they want to.

Nayuta: “Wha…!”
Soo: “Oh? I can share the coat with her?”
Nayuta: “No way! Are you stupid!?”
Kirite: “Calm down, Nayuta. You’ll only get tired dealing with him.”

OMG Kirite I’m loving your reactions towards Soo here. (〃゚艸゚):;*

Later on, Camus asks Lilith to get some fresh air nearby. He says they won’t be able to see a desert like this if they didn’t leave on a journey, but she replies that the journey gave them a lot of unpleasant surprises too — like the bounty hunters and sandworms. They never expected Lilith to be chosen by Yufis, and when Camus asks if she’s scared, Lilith admits she’s actually really scared of her fate. She’s not sure if she can really save the world, and she’s obviously terrified of getting attacked along the way. Her life with Camus has always been peaceful, but everything suddenly turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Camus then says Lilith doesn’t have to hold back in front of him. She can complain and cry whenever she wants to, because he knows she’s always doing her best.

When Camus says she’s the most hardworking girl in the world, Lilith answers she’s probably only ranked #3 in that area. He wonders what kind of person took the top spot, and she says it must be someone who doesn’t have Camus on her side. Lilith can feel much easier thanks to him, and that’s why she’s only number three. He sighs saying she’s really good at making him happy, then he flies to put his small yet warm forehead against hers. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* There’s only one thing Camus wants Lilith to remember: “No matter what happens, I will always be on your side. Don’t forget that.” They say goodnight and return to the camp after that.

After meeting Nate in Midvan, the party goes to save him from the assassin guild. They leave for Zanas Valley after gathering the necessary information (by sacrificing Camus’ body since the young man in town really wants to touch him), and they have to climb the harsh mountain path in order to reach the valley. The wind in the valley is really strong, so they ask both Lilith and Camus to be careful. One mistake can lead them to get blown away by the wind, or even fall of the cliff. Camus doesn’t get why they want him to be careful as well, so they explain it’s because he’s small and might get blown away by the wind easily. He wonders if the wind is really troubling them that much, and Lilith says it depends on the direction. A tailwind would be helpful for them to walk through the path, but a headwind — like the one blowing right now — makes the mountain path even harder to climb. Besides, the wind is also blows small rocks to hit her feet and it hurts.

Here, Lilith notices that the strong wind actually doesn’t affect Camus at all. They’re worried that he might get blown away, but they completely forgot that he’s a fairy — he has nature’s protection and is closer to the spirits. Fairies aren’t allowed to interfere with nature’s way, but Camus is willing to show them an example today. He casts a spell and calms down the raging wind in the valley, explaining that he just exchanged words with the wind spirit. The power of nature is quite strong here in the valley though, so Camus can’t guarantee it will always work in other areas. Soo sighs saying Camus’ power won’t be very useful then, and Camus pouts saying he’s only doing this for Lilith. Camus wonders if his power helped, and he smiles when Lilith answers by thanking him. Even more than receiving his help, she’s really happy that he’s thinking of helping her.

Since Camus is small and can’t do much in battle, he can’t lead the guild invasion.

Episode: Blessing and Curse

On their way back to Dinus, the party decides to camp out at the rocky area again. That night Camus notices Lilith leaving the campfire to get some fresh air, and he tells her that the stars are really beautiful tonight. He laughs at her “dumb face” when she looks up, but he says it’s okay since her “dumb face” is cute too. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Just then Lilith sees a shooting star in the sky, but it vanishes so fast they couldn’t make any wishes at all. Camus quickly looks up and starts searching for another shooting star, saying he has some wishes to make. His serious expression makes her curious, and he says he’s just wishing for the obvious: “For you to be safe. For you not to have any scary experience. For you to be happy.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Lilith blushes and says she’ll search for a shooting star too then, because she wants to wish for the same thing for him. Camus laughs as he thanks her, and he says he has another wish: “For us to always be together. No matter how sad and painful it gets, I will always be by your side.” ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Camus then says they should return to the camp since they can’t find any shooting stars and he’s afraid she’ll get cold away from the campfire. She says she’s not cold at all, but she goes back to the camp knowing he’s worried about her. As they walk back, Lilith thinks about how Camus’ kindness always keeps her warm all the time.

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

In Forested Marjune, Lilith searches for Amafi’s entrance with Camus — who has grown big.

[ Lake ]

Lilith is looking at the lake alone when Camus comes to see her, and he asks why she looks so surprised. She heard his footsteps coming closer, but she’s not used to hear his footsteps instead of the sound of his wings. Camus then holds Lilith’s hand and takes her closer to the lake, which causes her to blush and go all ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ around him. She quickly says it’s nothing when he asks her what’s wrong, so he grins and jokingly asks if she dares to look at the lake. Legend has it that the beautiful lake can reflect people’s hearts, so he would be able to see her heart through the reflection. In other words, Camus knows Lilith is hiding something from him. Camus reluctantly asks if she hates his current size, and Lilith answers she doesn’t. She’s just shocked because he suddenly looks like a man.. and that’s why she’s feeling really nervous around him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Camus laughs upon hearing this, but he’s really relieved that Lilith doesn’t hate him. She’s been acting strange ever since he grew big, so he was worried that she hates him because of his size. Lilith says there’s no way she’d hate Camus, and he decides to tease her as usual.

Camus: “Really~? You might say ‘I love the small Camus, but I hate the big him~’ or so.”
Lilith: “No way. It’s not that I love the small Camus. I love Camus.”
Camus: “Hehe. Thanks, Lilith. I love Lilith too.”
Camus: “Let me say it again. I love you, Lilith.”
Camus: “My size might change, but my heart will never change.”
Lilith: “Camus..” (*´・ω・`*)


[ The World Tree ]

As they look up at the giant world tree, Lilith asks if Camus grew up around this area. He says he used to race up the world tree with his friends, but Lilith has a hard time imagining him as a kid. After all, his appearance didn’t change at all since the first time they met. Camus replies to this by saying he remembers everything about Lilith’s childhood, including the times when she cried because she couldn’t memorize the scriptures. xD Lilith blushes as she asks Camus not to be so mean, but he only laughs and says it’s her fault that he became this mischievous. She always looks so cute whenever she’s sulking, and that’s why he loves teasing her. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, Camus then admits he keeps teasing Lilith because he feels lonely. Ever since they left Dodona and met new friends, Lilith has became much more lively than she used to be. Her world has broadened a lot, and Camus is happy to see her growing up to be an adult.. but he feels lonely at the same time.

On the other hand, Lilith also has complicated feelings about Camus’ current size. Aside from the shock, Lilith also feels that he’s not the Camus she used to know.. and that makes her feel lonely too, so she can understand his feelings. They have always been together, so it makes them sad to see each other changing. Camus admits he often mentions the past to make sure she’s still the same old Lilith, and he laughs when she asks him not to bring up her failures. xD In his eyes, she will always be a cute, clumsy girl who requires a lot of attention. When Lilith asks if it means only her failures left the strongest impression on him, Camus grins saying that might be true. He laughs when she pouts, but then she laughs along with him. People change and they’re no exception, but the times they spend laughing together will never change — it’s their unbreakable bond.

Just then a warm light envelops them, and Camus notices that Amafi’s gate has been opened right before their eyes. Their bond has been approved by Amafi, and Lilith blushes beside him as they go to call their friends. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

That night, Camus visits Lilith’s room and informs her that Heathcliff will be ready to see them tomorrow morning. Lilith notices that Camus is pouting, and he admits it’s because their friends wouldn’t allow them to sleep in the same room anymore. Lilith says it can’t be helped because of his current size, but Camus protests saying his size won’t change anything between them. Camus sadly asks if she doesn’t want them to stay in the same room, so Lilith explains it’s not the reason. Camus is now a normal man, and Lilith would feel embarrassed to sleep with him. Seeing Lilith blushing in front of him, Camus laughs and says he understands. He wonders if growing bigger has its good sides, and she holds his hands saying they can now hold hands thanks to his current size.

Camus smiles saying Lilith used to cry a lot because she wanted a friend, and he was really sad because she kept crying despite having him by her side. If only he was big back then, he would be able to become her friend — wiping her tears and holding her hands whenever she cried. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Touched by his affection, Lilith says they might not be able to sleep together anymore.. but they can always play together. She asks him to take her on a tour around Amafi, and she doesn’t mind if he can’t remember the locations. After all, he hasn’t returned home for a long time. As they walk out of the inn, Lilith thinks about how Camus has changed from a small fairy who used sit on her shoulder to a reliable man who can guide her around the town.

Episode: As a Saint

After obtaining the airship, Lilith is free to visit other areas before they fly to Dodona.

[ Amafi ]

Based on Camus’ suggestion, Lilith goes to see Heathcliff again with him. Heathcliff is awake because he sensed the Sacred Nephilim breaking through Amafi’s barrier, but he do anything to help. Heathcliff thinks destruction can’t be prevented and Lovelost will keeps spreading, but when Lilith says she can’t just sit back and see the world crumbling apart, he says it might be the right decision.. as a human. She’s free to do whatever she wants, while he’s going to see what will become of the world until the end. Heathcliff believes everything is a part of nature’s circle of life, so he won’t do anything to help them save the world. Time will decide everything, and he’s only following nature’s way. Lilith respects his opinion and excuses herself, and he apologized for not providing any support for them.

Before returning to the airship, the party decides to rest in Forested Marjune. Lilith notices that Camus is gone, and she finds him looking sad by the world tree. This is the first time she ever saw him with such an expression, but then she realized that he must be trying to be cheerful whenever he’s around her. Camus looks like he’s absorbed in his thoughts, and Lilith wonders if he’s feeling sad because of Heathcliff’s decision. Soon Camus notices Lilith’s presence, and he instantly turns into his usual, cheerful self. Lilith says she’s really worried because Camus wandered off alone without telling them, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask about what she saw earlier. Camus then takes Lilith back to the airship, and she can only hope that he’s going to tell her everything someday.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When the airship passes by Forested Marjune (…didn’t they just leave this place?), everyone decides to stop by and take a break. Lilith explores the forest with Camus, and he teases her saying she might get lost here without him. Lilith admits she actually feels really calm because Camus is here with her, and when she asks him to never leave her, he laughs saying there’s no way he would leave her alone. Lilith is amazed that Camus doesn’t find the forest’s layout confusing, and he says the forest is just like a garden to him. He knows the trees, fruits, and shortcuts because he grew up here. He can hear the tree spirits’ voices too, and that’s why he never gets lost in the forest.

However, Lilith notices that Camus doesn’t seem to be feeling nostalgic even though Forested Marjune is his hometown. He admits she’s right because fairies are always living in peace, so they’re not supposed to feel happy or get excited over trivial things. The days Camus spent in Forested Marjune were so peaceful he can barely remember anything, and the days he spent with Lilith are much more memorable for him. They have always been together, so Camus can still remember everything they went through. For example, the time when Lilith got scolded for coming late to the morning prayers. Or the time when she fell asleep during a mass and had to stand outside as the punishment. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Lilith protests saying he’s only remembering her embarrassing moments, and Camus laughs saying those were happy memories. He asks how she feels about those days, and she admits she actually feels the same. Even though it was embarrassing back then, right now they can look back and reminisce about those days.

Camus then smiles and says it’s so wonderful how they share the same memories, and Lilith agrees saying most of her memorable days were spent with him. Camus sulks upon hearing this, and he holds Lilith’s hand saying she shouldn’t use past tense. They have always been together, and they will always be together from now on. Even if she tells him to go away, he wouldn’t leave her side so easily.

Camus: “Let’s make more and more memories from now on.”
Camus: “I will always, alwa~ys be with you during the happy times! And..”
Lilith: “… and?”
Camus: “I want to stay with you during the hard and sad times too.”
Camus: “Is it okay..?”
Lilith: “How can I refuse when you say it like that? Let’s do our best together.”


When the party splits up for the second time, Camus invites Lilith to visit Amafi with him. He’s going to try talking to Heathcliff again, and she gladly accepts the invitation. Sadly, they can’t get an audience because Heathcliff has fallen back to sleep.. and they know Heathcliff won’t change his decision anyway. They end up taking a walk in Forested Marjune instead, and for some reason the event here is completely identical to the event above. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I noticed that the dialogues are slightly different, so I’m sure it’s not a programming error.. why did they do this to poor Camus? (´;ω;`)

Later on, everyone waits in Dinus as Nico upgrades their airship in the castle’s treasury. Lilith is waiting outside with Camus, but he soon notices that she seems distracted and not listening at all. Camus wonders if she gets bored talking to him, and Lilith answers it’s just because she has a lot of things on her mind right now. Nico is the only one who can modify the airship, but Lilith feels stressed upon thinking the world keeps on crumbling as they sit around waiting like this. Lilith wants to do something to help.. and she’s about to check Nico’s work when Camus stops her from returning inside. Nico already told them not to come in until he’s done, but even those words escaped her distracted mind. Lilith keeps on worrying about Nico until eventually Camus tells her not to torment herself that much. He knows how she feels despite her attempt to hide it, and he asks her not to force herself in front of him.

Lilith wonders why Camus can tell how she feels, and he says it’s because he loves her that much. He’s always thinking about her all the time, so her feelings will always reach his heart even if she doesn’t tell him. Camus then says he doesn’t want Lilith to force herself to smile in front of him, because he knows how she feels inside and it would only make him sad if she’s pretending to be cheerful. Lilith admits she’s actually unsure if she’s really “the saint” who can save the world, and Camus smiles saying she’s really “the saint” — he can guarantee it. Lilith will always be Lilith despite her task and position, so she should do all the things she wants to do. If she wants to save the world, then it should be enough. He’s going to help her however he can. There are things she can and can’t do, so she shouldn’t force herself so hard. When Lilith finally smiles and thanks him for the encouraging words, Camus replies that he feels the happiest whenever she smiles. Then he takes her to walk around the town and eat delicious food until Nico is done upgrading the airship.

Along the way to Melrond, the airship gets attacked by a giant Bahamut in the “storm zone”. It keeps hurling ice spears towards them, but sadly the airship isn’t equipped with a weapon to fight back. The airship might crash before reaching Melrond if they don’t stop the Bahamut, so Camus asks if they can coat the airship with wind magic and use the airship itself to bring the giant dragon down. The wind is always Camus’ ally, so if he can tame this raging storm, it will surely be on their side. They’re not sure if it’s really going to work, but Lilith decides to believe in Camus. Just then something starts sparkling in the stormy sky, and Camus asks Lilith to lend him her power. Camus then tells Nico to ram the airship towards the Bahamut, and he shields the airship with wind magic — with Lilith’s feelings enhancing his magic power. The thunders outside — the sparkling things from earlier — add more power to the airship, and the Bahamut got slashed into two upon receiving the hit. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

The best thing about Camus’ plan is that everyone stays safe inside the airship, and they killed the Bahamut with one hit.. why didn’t ANYONE think about this before? (´・ω・`;) Needless to say everyone goes Σ(・д・ノ)ノ upon witnessing Camus’ power, and Camus only laughs before apologizing for putting pressure onto the airship. Sadly the airship doesn’t have much energy left thanks to the Bahamut’s attacks, so they have to break through Melrond’s barrier by force before the airship crashes down. Camus hugs Lilith as Nico rams the airship into the barrier, telling her that everything will be alright — he’s here to protect her.

Episode: All of Love

In Melrond, Lilith opens her eyes upon hearing Camus’ voice calling her to wake up. He’s really relieved to see her alive, and he explains that they’re currently in the outskirts of Melrond. The airship crash-landed after they took down the Bahamut, and he’s not sure what happened to their friends. Camus never carried someone while flying before, so he had to use the spirits’ power to make sure Lilith landed safely on the grass. Lilith remembers that Camus hugged her before they got thrown out, and he blushes saying it’s true. (❤ฺ→艸←) Camus wants to protect Lilith all the time, so it’s only natural for him to make sure she’s safe. Lilith is glad that Camus is unharmed too, and they decide to look for their friends in other areas.

Upon reaching the center of Melrond, both Lilith and Camus are surprised to see the terrifying scenery. Aside from the ruined city, he can’t sense any living presence at all — everything in Melrond is dead. However, he can feel the aura of gentle darkness wrapping the land. Camus then asks what Lilith thinks of darkness, and she answers it would scare her since she can’t see anything. Camus explains that darkness actually has the power to heal everything which has been scarred, and he can feel this gentle darkness healing the land. This reminds Lilith of the dream she saw earlier, and she tells Camus that it was humans’ arrogance that destroyed Melrond.. and God Melrond is currently healing the land in the darkness. Lilith apologizes since it’s all she can remember from the dream, but after teasing her by saying she’s a sleepyhead, Camus tells her it’s okay. God Melrond will remind her if she forgets something important. Lilith is “the saint” after all.

Camus then wonders why humans tend to destroy and taint things, because destruction will never bring happiness. He quickly apologizes saying he’s not blaming Lilith, but he feels sad to see humans bringing destruction everywhere. Heathcliff told them that humans were the ones who destroyed the gods’ realm, and the scenery of Melrond is the proof that he might be right. It might also be the reason why Heathcliff cut off all ties with the human world. Lilith answers that she won’t do such a thing. Despite Heathcliff’s opinion regarding humans, she can never abandon the world and let it crumble apart. Camus smiles saying he already decided to follow Lilith, and he will always help her no matter what happens. As long as Lilith doesn’t give up on saving the world, Camus won’t give up as well — he will always be with her. Just then they notice Nico’s smoke signal from afar, and Camus takes Lilith to meet up with their friends.

When they find Rogner in the government office’s control center, Camus directly asks why he destroyed Savila along with everything in it. Rogner answers it’s necessary to save humanity, because Lovelost can never be stopped unless humans fear the gods again. Rogner says it’s necessary to prevent humanity from getting destroyed, but Camus then asks why is he trying to prevent people from dying. It’s only natural for all living things to die because life will always change its form, and the same goes for humans — they will die when the time comes. Rogner is interfering with nature, not to mention he’s also doing it for the wrong reason. Sadly Rogner has completely lost his mind, so all that’s left from him is only an insane, sad empty shell who’s ready to destroy everything on his way.

Camus feels sorry for Rogner, but since Rogner won’t let a fairy like him ruining his salvation plan, Camus has to fight back with Melrond’s darkness as his ally. Lilith is worried, but Camus tells her everything will be alright and asks her to lend him her strength. Rogner takes this as an insult, and he summons dark waves to blast them away.. only to get it reflected by Camus’ determination to protect Lilith, which is supported by Lilith’s feelings as well. As Rogner stares in shock, Camus gathers power from the darkness, the land and the wind to finish Rogner off with a single, powerful magic blast. Rogner can’t believe a fairy like Camus has such a strong power, but Camus calmly says he can do anything to protect Lilith. As long as he’s got her, he has nothing to fear. Not even a god. It’s also Rogner’s fault for underestimating him anyway.

After Lilith uses the broadcasting device to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat, suddenly she receives a certain someone’s curse and loses her consciousness. She’s surrounded by darkness when she opens her eyes later, with God Melrond’s gentle voice telling her to sleep and let the darkness heal her heart. Just then Lilith hears a familiar voice saying it’s okay for her to have a peaceful slumber, because he will always stay by her side. The owner of the voice, Camus, then appears in front of her eyes, saying she’s always working too hard.. but he loves that hardworking side of her as well. Camus holds Lilith’s hands asking if she needs anything — like food or water — because he can bring it over for her. If she feels lonely, then he can sing a lullaby for her.

Lilith then realized that she’s been hearing Camus’ voice ever since she was small.. and after spending all her life with him, he has become her other half. Camus then laughs saying Lilith is about to smile, and Lilith says he’s right — they’re always together. He always comforted her during the hard times, and he laughed with her during the happy times. Camus tells Lilith not to use past tense again, because they will always be together from now on. Lilith smiles saying Camus is always encouraging her like this, and Camus tells her not to worry because he will always protect her. Lilith finally says she shouldn’t give up here, and Camus asks her to wake up soon. When she asks him to wait for her, God Melrond gives her darkness’ blessings and takes her back to reality. Camus is really relieved when Lilith opens her eyes, and he goes to inform their friends that she finally woke up.

After leaving Melrond, Lilith can visit other places before flying to Ingrid.

[ Dodona ]

When the party lands in Dodona, Lilith goes to pray in the temple alone. She feels sad that her voice failed to reach Lovelost’s victims, but she’s not giving up yet and asks Yufis to continue watching over her. Right after Lilith finishes her prayers, Camus comes to the temple looking for her. He knows what’s on her mind, and he understands that she’s feeling down because the world’s situation isn’t improving even though they already defeated Rogner. Camus sadly says he’s not reliable as the gods, and when Lilith says he shouldn’t worry about this, Camus admits those words actually make him sad. She’s carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders, and yet all he could do is just to grow bigger without actually helping her mission. Lilith tries to tell him it’s not true, but Camus only says they’re actually quite similar right now. Both of them are feeling sad because they’re powerless, and yet they can’t do anything about it.

Camus sadly wonders what they should do, but Lilith reminds him that she can always do her best as long as they’re together. She can go this far because he’s always here to encourage her. Camus laughs and admits that Lilith’s words make him happy, even though it’s only natural for him to do so. If he can encourage her and cheer her up, then he’s going to do his best too.

Camus: “Your weaknesses, your strength, your cute side, your clumsy side..”
Camus: “How you get lonely easily and how you act strong..”
Camus: “I love everything from you!”


The party goes to Ingrid’s sanctuary after that, where they finally find out that Horo is actually the culprit who cursed Yufis and spread Lovelost. He wants to destroy this world so he can create a new one for his mother — Goddess Renai — and he commands his monster army to attack the six countries before flying off to the underworld. After wiping out the first wave of monsters from Ingrid, the party decides to split up and help defending all six countries from the invasion. Lilith goes to Amafi with Camus, and they try persuading Heathcliff to do something.. but Heathcliff still refuses to help them. Instead, he tells them to go because convincing him to change his mind would only be a waste of time.

Before leaving, Camus tells Heathcliff that he can’t understand Heathcliff’s opinion. Heathcliff always says they can’t go against the force of nature, but after looking at Melrond’s condition, Camus realized that Amafi’s barrier is locking up the residents inside. If the world is crumbling apart, then he just can’t sit around waiting for the world to be completely destroyed. Heathcliff thinks Camus’ change of heart is also a part of nature’s circle of life, so he only tells Camus to do what he wants to do. No matter what kind of result this will bring, everyone in Amafi won’t blame Camus for it. Camus then takes Lilith to the world tree, where he wishes for God Amafi to lift the barrier around Amafi. He’s really thankful that God Amafi keeps protecting Amafi, but he doesn’t want everyone inside to remain oblivious of what’s happening outside. They’re all a part of this world, so they should fight together instead of hiding behind the barrier. He wants them to protect their hometown with their own hands.

As the answer to their prayer, the world tree shines and wraps Camus with its warm light — blessing him with the power to break the barrier. Camus then flies to the sky and destroys the barrier, shattering it into soft, fluffy fragments that fall to the ground below. Soon after Camus returns to the ground, they hear the sound of flapping wings as a Sacred Nephilim appears to attack them. Lilith is worried because Amafi is no longer protected, but Camus is ready to kick the Sacred Nephilim out of their land. After all, he destroyed Amafi’s barrier in order to protect it. The moment Camus starts fighting the Sacred Nephilim, Lilith holds i-Scepter and sends her feelings for Camus — increasing his magic power. Camus asks the nature’s spirits to give him their power, and he blasts the Sacred Nephilim with an insanely powerful four-elemental spell. Camus might only be a fairy, but he has the things he wants to protect too.

After the Sacred Nephilim vanishes, Camus and Lilith report what happened to Heathcliff back in Amafi. Despite Camus’ apology for destroying the barrier, Heathcliff laughs and tells him it’s alright. Heathcliff knew something like this would happen, but he didn’t stop them since Camus is a Vakista. The change Camus brings must be necessary for the world. Besides, Heathcliff also admits that he actually believed Camus would do something. Heathcliff can’t do anything but to accept changes and watch over things, and he doesn’t have any intentions to change either.. but he knows there are people who can change like Camus, and they’re the ones who will create the world from now on. The future is in the hands of the new generations.

As they wait for everyone to arrive, Camus and Lilith are taking a break in Forested Marjune. Camus says the forest always makes him feel calm, but he’s not sure if it’s because he grew up here. For Camus, his hometown will always be in Dodona — where he spent most of his life beside Lilith. When Lilith says a lot of things has happened since they left Dodona, Camus asks her to promise that she will tell him whenever she feels down. In return, he promises to never leave her side. Camus then says he really wants to protect the world and this beautiful forest, and he smiles when Lilith replies that she’ll be counting on him. He asks if she wants to climb the world tree, saying they can view the entire world from the top. Lilith says she can’t climb that high, and Camus laughs saying she can leave it to him. Then he holds her hand and carries her as he soars into the sky, showing her the view of world they’re trying to protect. As long as she wants to save the world, he’ll do his best to help her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Episode: Beyond the Future

Before heading off to the Sea of Oblivion, the party stops by Dodona first to get some rest and prepare themselves for the final battle. Camus and Lilith are resting in their room, and as they look back at their journey, Camus says he never thought Lilith would grow up to be someone who will save the world. A lot has happened since they followed Kirite and Nayuta to Ingrid, and before they knew it, she has turned into “the saint” who carries a heavy mission on her shoulders. Lilith then says whenever she’s back in this room, their journey feels like a dream and she could wake up anytime when Camus wakes her up in the morning. Camus then asks if she wants everything to be a dream, and Lilith admits a part of her actually thinks that way. She’s happy to have met everyone, but the mission might be too heavy for her.

Camus gently pats Lilith’s head and asks if she’s scared, and while she tries to cover it up at first, eventually Lilith admits that she does feel scared. Even more than losing, she’s afraid of hurting everyone. She keeps thinking of negative outcomes, and Camus sadly wonders if he can do anything to relieve her fear. Touched by his love, Lilith blushes and asks Camus to hug her. They don’t know what’s going to happen next, so she doesn’t want to hold back. Camus jokingly calls her a spoiled girl, but then he puts his arms around Lilith and hugs her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Lilith thinks about how it feels different to be hugged by Camus, but at the same time she can also feel a familiar sensation from the fairy she grew up with. She puts her arms around his back, hugging him too as they spend the night before the final battle together.

From Dodona, the party goes straight to the Sea of Oblivion and finds the monster entrance to the underworld. Nico takes Camus’ place to keep the inner gate open, and Camus goes to fight Horo together with Lilith. When they walk into the last chamber, Horo greets them by saying he finds it surprising that Lilith chose a “powerless fairy” like Camus out of all people. Camus tells Horo not to underestimate him, but Horo isn’t interested since fairies are useless creatures in his eyes. They always say they won’t interfere with nature, while in reality they’re only hiding in their peaceful land behind Heathcliff’s barrier. In the end, it’s all just an excuse to run away. Horo tries to tempt Camus by asking if he’s really not thinking of escaping, and Camus falls into silence because that’s indeed his weakness as a fairy. Or rather, it used to be his weakness. When Lilith holds his hand, Camus thanks her saying he’s alright. Camus then tells Horo that he might be different from humans, but that won’t change his decision to stop Horo. He admits he might be selfish for a fairy, because he wants a future with Lilith and will never give up on it. If Heathcliff says changes are the signs of growth, then he’s going to accept those changes.

Since Horo is inexperienced in direct battle and everyone’s moping the floor with his monster army, soon enough Camus kicks the poor guy’s ass with Lilith’s love enhancing his elemental magic. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! They have a bright future ahead of them, and there’s no way they’ll let Horo ruin that future. Before Horo disappears, Camus says he used to have a quiet life away from the human world, but that’s only until he met Lilith. She taught him a lot of things he never knew before, and he believes in her love — unlike Horo who doesn’t believe in love other than his own. Fragments of light falls from the sky as Lovelost vanishes from the world, and each fragment turns into a flower upon touching the ground. Lilith feels as if the flowers are giving their blessings, and Camus explains that nature’s spirits are celebrating too.

Camus: “Um.. There’s something I want to tell you, now that it’s all over.”
Lilith: “Hm? What is it?”
Camus: “I love you, Lilith. I want to stay with you forever.”


Even though Camus says “I love you” on a daily basis, Lilith blushes because she knows he’s referring to a different kind of love right now. Camus takes her to pick up their friends outside, and deep inside her heart, Lilith realized that she’s in love with him as well. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

Best Ending

After the battle, Lilith goes with Camus to visit Heathcliff in Amafi. The world has been saved thanks to them, and Heathcliff gives them his deepest gratitude. Camus is worried since Amafi is no longer protected by a barrier, but Heathcliff laughs saying they’re completely fine. At first he thought the fairies in Amafi would panick, but it appears that they’re adapting to the change with no problems. Heathcliff then says Camus has changed, and he believes it’s for the best. Amafi will keep changing too from now on, but everyone in Amafi will have more freedom and will. Heathcliff then tells them to get some rest, so they take a nap by the world tree. Both Lilith and Camus have a dream of traveling with their friends again, and they wake up feeling really nostalgic. When Lilith wonders how everyone is doing, Camus says they should visit them all around the world. Kirite is rebuilding Savila, Nayuta is back in Ingrid’s temple, Soo is working in Dinus, while Nate and Nico are now traveling together.

Since talking to Nate and Nico would only make things complicated, Camus and Lilith decide to return to Dodona after watching them from afar. All the villagers have returned to Dodona too, so Lilith will be able to resume her acolyte training from now on. Camus notices that the layout of the village may change, but the wind and the trees remain the same. While Lilith has grown up, her personality will never change either. Lilith pouts and asks if it means she’s not growing up at all, and Camus laughs saying she’s turning into an adult.. but in his eyes, she will always be the girl he wants to protect. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ People might change along with the world, but his love for her will never change. Lilith then asks if it mean Camus will always stay with her, and he smiles saying he certainly will.

However, Camus then realized his feelings for Lilith actually did change. He has always loved her, but his love has changed forms. After their journey, Camus realized that he doesn’t want to hand Lilith to anyone — that’s how much he loves her. He wonders if she understands the difference, and she answers she does. Camus smiles saying he will always stay with Lilith, and finally he leans in to kiss her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Good Ending

After defeating Horo, Camus and Lilith return to Dodona together. Dodona is the place where their journey started, but when Camus says their journey is finally over, Lilith says it’s actually not over yet. The world suffered quite a lot of damage, and the victims of Lovelost still have to be healed. Camus is surprised, but then he smiles and says he understands. If Lilith wants to restore everyone smile, then he’s going to travel around the world with her. After they’re done with the preparations, Camus and Lilith embark on a journey to visit their friends. Savila, Ingrid, Dinus and Midvan are still recovering really slowly, but everyone is doing their best to restore their countries — no matter how long it’s going to take.

At the end of their journey, Camus and Lilith decide to visit Forested Marjune. The forest is as beautiful as always, and they feel in heaven because of how peaceful it is. Lilith thinks it’s so wonderful how the forest never changes, and Camus says there are a lot of good things that will never change — their relationship and his feelings towards her. No matter what happens, Camus will never stop loving Lilith. He feels happy just by staying with her, which is what he’s planning to do from now on. Lilith admits that she feels the same, and Camus says happiness is actually small yet difficult to obtain.. which is why he won’t ever leave her side. Everything might seem tough at the moment, but he’s sure they can overcome it together. Lilith smiles and says she’ll do her best too tomorrow, and Camus says they should get some rest for now — sharing the same dream as they fall into their peaceful nap together.

My goodness, what a sweet route. え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ Camus is really devoted and cares a lot about Lilith, which is a huge plus point in my eyes. He’s always been trying to protect her right from the start, and the journey slowly develops their affection for each other into love. Camus doesn’t have any drastic change / development aside from his appearance, but personally I find his relationship with Lilith very heartwarming. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* His endings feel satisfying too (despite the slightly depresing aura in the good ending), and I also think the game’s title fits his story too somehow. Mainly because of Camus’ interactions with Heathcliff. Camus is actually my second favorite after Kirite, as you can see from how much ε-(*´∀`|萌| I put into this post. I can never resist a protective fairy guy. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

..and I just realized doing Soo between Kirite and Camus was a really bad idea.


10 thoughts on “BEYOND THE FUTURE – Camus Tetra Porte

  1. I’m so glad you like him. I started playing this game just for him and I was not disappointed at all, I prefer him over Kirite. See this is how childhood friends are done, most otome games just make them overbearingly jealous or shaft them in their routes because they think slapping a childhood friend label on a guy excuses having no romantic development. Camus was sweet, his relationship with Lilith was cute and natural and he didn’t become annoying in other routes.

    I guess the fact that he wasn’t in love with her when the game starts, like most childhood friends in any otome media, helps a lot with that last part. Between him and Tink from Peter Pan, I think I might develop a fetish for fairies.

    • The reason why I still love Kirite more than Camus is because of the development, but I’m not complaining at all since it was so adorable. I think Otomate tends to ruin childhood friends by either making them a yandere or just shaft them. Like Klaus in Beastmaster and Prince. :| Camus gets a bit jealous in other routes, but as you said, he’s not annoying and remains supportive. I believe Camus is already in love with Lilith at the beginning though. He just didn’t realize.

      • Which for me, ‘him not realizing it’ is as good as ‘not being truly in love’, cause either way, he won’t emotionally blackmail you with it later. Another way of ruining childhood friends, crying that their love is so much better than the others because they’ve held onto to it for so long, even if they act like complete jerks to the heroine. So either way is fine for me. And getting a little jealous is fine, I found it cute with Camus, but most games overdo it and turn them into possessive jerkholes.

        I admit I’m biased towards childhood friends and forgive not having development as deep as another guy, because they’ve already spent their entire lives together. So they don’t have much more to overcome other than personality flaws and realizing they’re in love. Only when it’s done well though, otherwise it just feels like the guy got shafted. Klaus is one of the ultimate examples, Silvius was also an extra guy but his routes were so much better.

        • Ugh. Guys who cry that their love is so much better always remind me of Wabisuke of Gekka Ryouran, and that’s not a good thing. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I have no idea what Otomate is thinking. Lucia is actually Tiana’s childhood friend too, but his route was really good.. because he didn’t actually stay beside her all the time as they grew up. What do you think of Clock Zero’s Riichirou then? I think he’s the only childhood friend Otomate didn’t screw.

          • Lucia was good, but I prefer childhood friends that spent their whole childhood together. As for Riichirou, I really liked him, even if I did agree with Nadeshiko when he focused too much on her past self. That is, until I realized what he had to go through for her.

            Riichirou is a rare case, their childhood connection is very important to the route, as evidenced by their promise and Riichirou’s dedication. And yet they didn’t have much problems with crossing over the friendship barrier. The fact that Clock Zero’s storyline was a dark helped with that, we can excuse them not having more cute moments because of the things that were happening and his endings were very good. It also helps that we actually see them as kids, so we can feel how they were always good for each other instead of being told about it.

            So yeah, I believe Riichirou is one of the best examples, mostly because of the way the story was done. Seeing them as kids and his suffering and dedication when she was gone, and how they still remained together in the return ending made it all perfect. I felt that they were the true couple of the game because of that ending, like it was the natural progression for them. Fans knew it too, he ranked 1 and that’s very rare for non creepy characters like him. Compare to amnesia where Toma was nº1…

          • Rittan’s flashback with Nadeshiko wins over everything, I guess. I can see why he ranked #1 in the poll, because personally I think Rittan and Nadeshiko shares a bond she didn’t have with Takato.

            You know how much Japan loves their yanderes lol. Shin is also a childhood friend who’s not messed up in the head, but I guess you can say he got shafted since 80% of his route is an otome version of Gyakuten Saiban. (´・ω・`;) Toma actually would be a nice, protective big brother.. if they didn’t ruin him, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

  2. Kyaa Camus is so cute.I really like the cute sweet type that always cheers you up. He was one of the character I was really interested in so I’m glad his route is good. Now there’s nick to look forward to hehe

    • Glad to hear you like Camus too, because it seems like people don’t appreciate him as much as I do. xD; I only have Nico left, but LOL my motivation has flown out of the window. щ(ಥДಥщ)

  3. Oh sweet… the first time I saw his character design, I don’t like him much, I really thought he will be annoying kind. But I’ll eat my own word, totally love him now. He is so sweet, caring and very loyal to Lilith, and I like both his good and best ending ^^

    • It seems like a lot of people think Camus will be annoying just by looking at his appearance, but he’s actually quite mature and not annoying at all. xD He never bothers Lilith or get in her way when it comes to romance, and you can see how precious she is to him. Even in other routes. :3

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