BEYOND THE FUTURE – Nico Velvetnine

Ah, I’m sorry for slacking off. This is the last route in the game, and yet it took quite a while for me to clear it. (´・ω・`;) Nico is such a bizarre character I had a hard time taking him seriously.

Nico is the mysterious Great Sage. Aside from his desire to save the world, everything about him is shrouded in mystery. Nico’s age, origins and real objective are all unknown, though he seems to know a lot about the sealed land of Melrond. Nico also has a broad knowledge, and he’s actively seeking for new things to learn. Nico is a free man who’s not bound by common sense, looking down even on kings and gods. He wields a pair of magic guns in battle.

Episode: The Enemy’s Form

After Nico joined them in Savila, everyone goes to visit Amafi next. They have to find a way to go through Heathcliff’s barrier first, so Lilith decides to search for the entrance with Nico.

[ Limestone Cave ]

Upon entering the cave, Lilith notices how it’s really dark inside. Nico asks if she wants to go deeper, and she agrees thinking it’d be safe with him. It only gets darker as they walk deeper into the cave, and Lilith suddenly screams as something (or maybe someone) keeps touching her butt. Σ(・∀・;) Nico then uses his magic to light up the dark cave, but Lilith gets suspicious because she can’t find anyone other than him. She asks if he did it to tease her, and he gives her a very vague answer: “Me? It might be possible, but I don’t remember doing such a thing to you. However, I might be subconsciously tempted by your charming rear.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Nico points out that doubting him mean she’s thinking of the same possibility, and he continues until eventually Lilith gives up and apologizes lol.

Nico: “The wind in this cave is blowing in such a strange way, so it might be the wind.”
Nico: “Or maybe.. the enemy of housewives that loves dark, damp places.”
Nico: “Cockro–”
Lilith: “DON’T SAY IT!”
Nico: “You don’t want to know the truth, but you don’t want me to cover it up either.”
Nico: “You’re so selfish.”
Lilith: “A-Am I selfish..?”
Nico: “Fufufufufufu.”


Lilith finds it surprising that Nico is such a mischievous person, because she thought of him as the cool and playful “Great Sage” at first. She wonders what he’s trying to achieve by joining their journey, but he only answers there are things better left unknown. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When Lilith says she believes he’s not a bad person, Nico chuckles and admits that she surprised him. He was trying to observe her, but the result is exactly the opposite — she’s observing him really well. Lilith says it’s because she wants to know more about him, and she blushes when Nico asks her why. He thinks it’s cute how she gets nervous over trivial things, but when she says he’s actually more mischievous than she thought, he denies it saying he’s really kind towards the person he likes.

[ The World Tree ]

While Lilith is amazed by the beautiful world tree, Nico actually thinks of the it as “the unsightly form of God Amafi”. The tree might look beautiful, but it’s nothing more than the holy corpse of God Amafi. Lilith thinks it’s amazing how the gods sacrificed themselves to bless Anelheid, but Nico doesn’t feel the same way. Even though the world tree is indeed alive, God Amafi doesn’t have his godly power anymore. They don’t even know if he still has any consciousness at all, so Nico isn’t sure if God Amafi can really protect his land as the world tree. Lilith answers the gods might actually be victims for the sake of humanity, and sacrificing themselves might be a way for them to reach freedom — which eventually resulted in Lovelost. Nico finds this really interesting, and he instantly writes it down in his Lovelost notebook. φ( ̄ー ̄ )メモメモ He also mentions that God Amafi’s power would be revived if Amafi’s Vakista appears, so they should keep their eyes open.

Instead of waiting for Amafi to approve their bond, Nico eventually mutters “it’s about time” and chants a spell to break open the entrance by force. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Lilith is shocked since it means their bond actually isn’t approved, but Nico insists that it is their bond that unlocks the entrance. He didn’t do anything suspicious at all. It’s 100% the power of their bond. 8D

That night, Nico comes to invite Lilith for a walk and informs her that “the senile lizard king” will be ready to see them tomorrow morning. Poor Heathcliff. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He also says the old dragon is on the brink of death, and she wonders if he won’t get scolded for saying that. Nico calmly says he’s only stating the truth, and has nothing to fear since he’s the man who shares a bond with Lilith. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Lilith is unsure because she doesn’t know Nico that well, and he takes this as a cute request to know him better. Nico then moves closer and pins Lilith against the wall, saying he’s willing to help. He’s actually using the term “一肌脱ぎます” which literally means “taking off a skin”, and she panicks saying he doesn’t have to take off anything — he’s already exposing enough skin. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

Nico then says her rejection makes him sad, and Lilith replies it’s because she can’t tell if he’s serious or just joking. She really wants to know more about him though, and he lets out a very suspicious chuckle saying he wants to tell her everything. Even if she resists, he’ll show her everything by force. The thought makes him feel really excited, and he wonders if she will be able to take it. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Obviously Nico’s suspicious excitement scares Lilith, so she asks him to tell her one thing at a time. After making sure Lilith really wants to know him more, Nico agrees to make her get used to him slowly.. like a deadly poison.. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Lilith thinks she still has a long way to go before she can understand Nico LOL.

After meeting Heathcliff, everyone leaves Lilith in her room only with Nico. She’s been feeling down ever since they learned that someone has cursed Yufis, and he suggests talking about something else to help her recover from the shock. If she wants to know more about him, now is a good chance to ask him questions. Lilith decides to ask why he’s following them, and Nico answers it’s to save the world. He actually doesn’t mind destruction, but he wants to save the world just because. Just like Heathcliff, Nico also thinks it might be the time for the world to get destroyed.. and since Lilith can’t accept their opinion, Nico says he can’t explain without telling her what happened to his hometown — Melrond. It used to be a glorious city, but it was ruined by humans’ arrogance. Lilith wonders about Nico’s age since Melrond was sealed a long time ago, but he only laughs saying some things are better left unknown. \(^o^)/

Lilith: “… I’m starting to get scared of you.”
Nico: “How late, Miss Saint. We’ve had a long talk. I shall excuse myself now.”
Nico: “Please dream of me. Of course I will also dream of you, doing this and that.”
Lilith: “Ehh!? This and that!?”
Nico: “Yes, this and that, and even something like that.”
Lilith: “S-T-O-P!” Σ(〃Д〃)
Nico: “Fufu. Glad to see you with enough energy to panic. Good night.”

Yes, Nico is comforting Lilith. With his own way. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Episode: As a Saint

After obtaining the airship, Lilith is free to visit other areas before they fly to Dodona.

[ Forested Marjune ]

When the airship hovers above Forested Marjune, everyone decides to stop by and get some rest in the forest. Lilith goes to see the waterfall with Nico, and he calls the beautiful waterfall “Amafi’s Tears” — a name unknown to most people. Legend has it that the land of Amafi is the body of God Amafi itself, and so the waterfall is believed to be his falling tears. Lilith thinks it’s romantic, but Nico seems to have a different opinion. He’s wondering what could be the cause of these tears. Is it because of the pain God Amafi suffered when he sacrificed himself? Or is it the tears of joy? Lilith says his way of thinking is so philosophical, and Nico smiles saying it’s because he’s the “Great Sage”. She wonders if that’s enough for a reason, but he only replies that he’s interested in her for exactly the same reason. Or rather, in her heart’s movement.

As Nico moves in to touch her cheek, Lilith blushes and asks him not to be interested in such a thing — it’s embarrassing. When he asks her why, she answers it’s because she’s afraid that he might be able to read her heart. Lilith blushes even more when Nico calls her “cute”, but he tells her that’s how he truly feels. Maybe. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He then admits that he’s observing her heart for her own sake, because he can see that she’s forcing herself. When Lilith asks what she should do, Nico simply says he doesn’t know. He’s only doing what he wants to do, so he can’t be held responsible for anything he’s said and done. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Nico asks Lilith to do the same thing, so rather than getting crushed under her mission’s pressure, she should just think: “Nobody will blame me even if I fail to save the world, so I’ll just do things with my own way.” Lilith says she can’t do it because she doesn’t think that way, but she knows what he’s trying to say. Nico knew Lilith is going to refuse, so he only says she should loosen up a bit. She’s a smart girl who has been approved by the almighty “Great Sage” after all. Lilith replies that Nico is unexpectedly kind, and he responds with his trademark suspicious chuckles lol.

After learning about each country’s conditions from Madam, everyone decides to split up and check their hometowns. Lilith decides to stay in the airship with Nico, but later on she asks him to take her to Dodona. She visits the empty temple with him, even though there’s nothing left in the temple aside from her memories. After reminiscing about her peaceful days as an acolyte, Lilith tells Nico that she wants to return to Dodona after saving the world. It might be deserted right now, but all the villagers might come back someday. When Lilith asks for his opinion, Nico says it might be a nice idea. He finds her hope touching, and he thinks she’s really brave since they don’t know if they can really save the world. They don’t know if she will be able to return to Dodona after that, but that’s exactly why she told him about her wish. If Lilith is really ready to face that risk, then Nico is more than willing to help “take off a skin or two”! \(^o^)/ Upon hearing this, Lilith blushes saying he doesn’t have to take off anything.

Nico: “What? I don’t have to take off anything? Why?”
Lilith: “If you strip here, you’re a pervert!”
Nico: “Who said I’m going to strip here?”
Lilith: “Huh? Then where are you planning to strip?”
Nico: “Of course.. at the climax of us saving the world!”
Lilith: “C-Climax.. Please don’t say such embarrassing things..”
Nico: “What do you mean?”
Nico: “No, wait. Could this be.. a new discovery?”

Apparently Nico doesn’t understand why Lilith gets embarrassed, and he’s more than excited to learn that Lilith knows something he doesn’t. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Nico takes Lilith back to Amafi after that, and they try talking to Heathcliff again.. who still refuses to do anything to help them as usual. Lilith is free to do anything she wants, and the same goes for Heathcliff. He believes the destruction might be fate, and he’s going to accept the result fate leads them to. However, they don’t leave Amafi empty-handed this time.. because Nico then asks Heathcliff to give him Amafi’s royal treasure — just like what he did to Kadash. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Nico says it’s an alternative way for them to reach their goal without disturbing Heathcliff’s way of living, and he basically forces Heathcliff to hand it over. xD This causes Lilith to wonder about Nico’s real identity, and he simply answers with “the Great Sage”. (゚∇゚ノノ”☆パチパチパチ He explains that Amafi’s ancient relic originally belongs to him.. or rather, to his old friends back in Melrond. At first Heathcliff is reluctant to part with his beloved treasure, but eventually he gives in and hands the royal treasure to Nico. Then he sulks and chases them out LOL.

From Amafi, Nico and Lilith walk out to Forested Marjune. As they wait for everyone to arrive, Nico gathers the leaves of the world tree and tells Lilith that it’s necessary to fuel their airship with magic power. The world tree is originally God Amafi, so each leaf contains magic power in quite a rich amount. Lilith then once again asks why he’s following them, and Nico says it’s because saving the world is his lifework. After all, “saving the world” is such a perfect theme for him. The “Great Sage” needs a goal big enough to suit his awesome title. (`・ω・´)キリッ Lilith says being the “Great Sage” sounds hard, but Nico says it’s not as tough as her position. She didn’t become “the saint” on her own will, and yet she can face her quest properly instead of running away — which is what normal people would do. At the same time, Nico actually thinks Lilith is arrogant as well for taking such a huge goal. She points out that he’s doing exactly the same thing, but when he says it’s because he’s “Great Sage”, she realized that’s just how he is. (゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Nico doesn’t understand the reason, but somehow he feels happy upon receiving the praise from Lilith. He wants to hear more, though she refuses since it’s embarrassing to shower him with praises lol.

Later on, everyone waits in Dinus as Nico upgrades their airship in the castle’s treasury. Lilith decides to stay inside the treasury with Nico, and she notices that he’s working on the airship with an extremely good mood. At first Nico says there’s nothing Lilith can do to help, but since she denies it and keeps insisting to help, he asks her to close the “magic conception tray” and “wave closure valve”. Obviously Lilith has no idea what Nico is referring to, and she can only catch the first word — “受胎 / jyutai / conception”. Nico calmly explains it means “pregnancy”, and when Lilith goes “p-pregnant!?” Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ, he goes “why are you so surprised? ah, I see.. you want to try pregnancy.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Lilith: “Kyaa–! Kyaaa—! D-Don’t say such a thing!”
Nico: “Fufufu. It’s nice, isn’t it? Conception.”
Lilith: “I-I don’t know! Stupid Nico!”

LOL only Nico can cause Lilith to blush and panic like this. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

In this case “conception” is a miracle created by the gods, so Nico doesn’t think it’s erotic at all. On the other hand, he finds Lilith both erotic and wonderful for imagining perverted things. xD This makes Lilith realize that it’s impossible for her to help Nico after all, and Nico says there’s something only Lilith can do as “the saint”. That alone should be enough. Nico notices that Lilith is growing impatient because she’s worried, so he tells her to believe in him and their friends.. though of course they can’t rival his awesomeness. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It would be so arrogant of her to take all the burdens to herself, because she can always rely on them. Lilith chuckles saying it feels strange to hear such words from the “Great Sage” who never relies on other people, and Nico answers it might be because their journey together has changed him. He admits that he doesn’t hate this change too. In fact, he’s feeling pretty satisfied.

On the way to Melrond, the airship gets attacked by a giant Bahamut in the “storm zone”. Nico finds it really troublesome to deal with the dragon, but he thinks dealing with Nayuta and all of his complaints is even more troublesome. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Nico then asks Nayuta to control the airship for them, because he’s going to take care of the Bahamut out there. Of course Nayuta never pilots any airships before, but Nico doesn’t care anyway lol. After asking Lilith to leave everything to him, Nico climbs out to the deck and fights the Bahamut with his rainbow-colored magic. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Unfortunately, Nayuta gets paranoid and steers the airship away just when Nico casts a spell to finish the Bahamut off. Nico warns Nayuta not to be a chicken or else he’s going to blast him away, so Nayuta doesn’t dodge when the Bahamut hurls its ice spears towards the airship. \(^o^)/ This causes Nico to get really pissed, so he takes out his magic guns, casts a spell and exterminates the Bahamut with one powerful magical blast. Nico is still blaming Nayuta when he returns inside, but when Lilith apologizes for being unable to help, he smiles saying she actually did help him. She didn’t do anything, but her presence is enough to give him strength. That’s her role as “the saint”.

The airship is now damaged thanks to the Bahamut, so Nico decides to just break through the barrier surrounding Melrond instead of unlocking it. Before ramming the airship into the barrier, Nico hugs Lilith saying everything will be alright. The “Great Sage” is here to protect her. They crash-land into Melrond after that, with Lilith feeling really calm in Nico’s arms.

Episode: All of Love

In Melrond, Lilith wakes up to find Nico comfortably sleeping beside her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He says he’s only watching over her, though he thinks it’s a bit unfortunate their clothes weren’t wet.. because they can’t warm each other up with their barenaked bodies. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ That being said, Nico is actually pretty satisfied because he got to see Lilith’s sleeping face. In fact, he’s wishing she’d remain asleep for a little longer so he can have more time to appreciate her sleeping face. xD As the answer to Nico’s request, Lilith really goes back to sleep and wakes up later to find him looking confused. Obviously Nico didn’t expect Lilith to go back to sleep, but he says he’s enjoying this sense of defeat. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She calls him weird, and he says he doesn’t want to hear that coming from her LOL.

After explaining that everyone got separated when they crash-landed earlier, Nico takes Lilith to search for their friends in other areas. Upon seeing the terrible scenery of Melrond, Lilith is shocked because it’s far worse than Savila. Nico explains that Melrond fell into ruin a long time ago, but unlike Savila.. it wasn’t the gods who destroyed the land. As far as he knows, legend says that Melrond was actually destroyed by humans’ arrogance. Their greed grew larger as they obtained more power, and in the end they only turned Melrond into their own graveyard. This reminds Lilith of the dream she saw earlier, and she tells Nico that God Melrond is healing the land in the darkness — that’s why it’s so dark here. Nico finds this interesting, but then he admits that he doesn’t really like the idea.. because God Melrond is showing his arrogance by healing the damage caused by humans.

Lilith points out that Nico has the same arrogance, and he smiles saying she’s probably right. The only difference is that he doesn’t have any intentions to destroy or sacrifice himself. Nico also thinks it might be fate for humans to fight against the gods someday, but Lilith says she won’t use “fate” as a way to escape from reality — which actually impresses him. He thinks they might make a nice combination: the weird and arrogant “Great Sage”; and the interesting “saint” LOL. After walking for a while, Nico decides to prepare a camp because their friends are nowhere to be seen. He asks Lilith to get some rest until everyone comes, then he creates a smoke signal to inform everyone about their location. Nico also says he’ll watch her sleeping face again if she wants to sleep, but Lilith rejects the idea. xD

When they find Rogner in the government office’s control center, this conversation happens:

Rogner: “Oh? So you’re my opponent? That’s really brave of you.”
Nico: “What kind of stupid things are you saying.”
Nico: “Me alone should be enough to take care of you.”

Just as expected. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Aside from calling Rogner “foolish”, Nico throws more insult by saying he’s really arrogant and self-conceited for trying to save humans. Rogner obviously goes (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄ฺシャー upon hearing all of these insults, and realizing there’s nothing left in Rogner except for insanity, Nico hits the final nail in the coffin by calling him sad and foolish. Rogner rages and throws his dark waves towards Nico, who quickly counter-attacks with his own magic. Nico then tells Rogner that his actions and perspective are all self-justified. If humanity is to be destroyed, then they have the right to choose the reason and the time. Everyone else realized that Rogner already turned so white in the face, but they can’t do anything other than feel sorry for him. It seems Rogner has made a grave mistake by fighting someone like Nico. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Nico continues his lecture by saying Rogner reached this kind of outcome because he’s trying to save humans. Besides, the sword he’s using right now — the Holy Sword of Lohengrin — was created by humans.. so Rogner should “know his place” LOL. Rogner goes berserk and throws another dark waves towards Nico, but Nico calmly repels the attack and shoots some ancient device around them — activating them to lock Rogner in place. The device will seal all kinds of power around it when it explodes, and it works even on gods like Rogner. \(^o^)/ Nico then says he’s actually angry since their airship is broken thanks to Rogner, and with his magic guns, Nico finally finishes Rogner off. As Rogner collapses, Nico presents him with one final insult: “Even if you’re a god, you’re just a fool. The biggest fool I’ve ever seen.” LOL.

After Lilith uses the broadcasting device to inform the world about Rogner’s defeat, suddenly she receives a certain someone’s curse and loses her consciousness. She’s surrounded by darkness when she opens her eyes later, with God Melrond’s gentle voice telling her to sleep and let the darkness heal her heart. Just then a familiar voice says she doesn’t have to worry, because this is the safest place in the world. She can’t see anything that could scare her, so she has nothing to fear. Lilith realized the voices belong to God Melrond and Nico, who finds it surprising that she can recognize him in such a state. Nico then explains that this darkness is an “eternal world”. It’s the source of birth and the world of the dead, though he’s the only one who knows about this. Lilith asks if that’s the reason why Nico resembles this darkness — he knows everything and can be scary at times, but she feels safe around him.

When Nico says he doesn’t understand what she’s talking about, Lilith realized that despite his title, there are things he doesn’t know. Nico smiles saying it was her who brought him to reach this realization, and Lilith laughs saying it’s like she has became his teacher. (〃゚艸゚):;* There’s still a lot of things she wants to know about him, and he’s willing to answer her questions.. but not here in the darkness. He’s going to lend her a hand, so she should go back to reality soon. A blinding light suddenly envelops Lilith, and when she opens her eyes, she finds herself lying in Nico’s arms. Nico seems confused when Lilith mentions about his help from earlier, and she realized the Nico she saw in the darkness might be an image created by God Melrond.

After leaving Melrond, Lilith can visit other places before flying to Ingrid.

[ Dodona ]

In Dodona, Lilith goes to pray alone in the temple. She feels sad that her voice failed to reach Lovelost’s victims, but she’s not giving up yet and asks Yufis to keep watching over her. Just when Lilith finishes her prayers, Nico calls her and reveals that he’s been standing behind her for a while. He wished he could watch her right from the beginning though, because the sight of her getting crushed by her worries.. arouses him. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ Lilith points out that he’s being a pervert again, and Nico asks if she hates this perverted side of him. When she answers she does, he tells her to make a wish. He’ll grant that wish as an apology for being a pervert in the temple lol. Lilith seems interested for a moment since Nico is willing to grant any wish, but she changes her mind and says it’s okay. Nico takes this as “I see. You want me to hug you, right? I understand.” and hugs Lilith — completely ignoring her protests. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He says she’s really warm and smells good, but since she’s only panicking in his arms, he asks her to hug him back. Lilith quickly says she can’t do it, so Nico hugs her even tighter and sighs “I’m so satisfied~” right beside her ears. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Eventually she apologizes and asks him to stop, but he still refuses to let go. xD

Lilith: “Stupid Nico.”
Nico: “I might be stupid indeed.”
Lilith: “… huh?”
Nico: “Fufu. I’m serious.”

Serious about what, exactly? (〃゚艸゚):;*

However, Nico knows time keeps moving as he hugs Lilith like this.. so he asks her to promise they’ll do the continuation after saving the world. Lilith answers yes, but when Nico goes “it’s a promise, you already promised” in his usual うさんくさい way, it’s already too late to take back her promise LOL. Nico then runs out of the temple, while Lilith blushes and quietly admits she’s actually happy about this. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

The party goes to Ingrid’s sanctuary after that, where they finally learn that the culprit behind Yufis’ curse and Lovelost is actually none other than Horo. He wants to destroy this world so he can create a new one for his mother — Goddess Renai — and he sends his monster army to attack the six countries before flying off to the underworld. After defending Ingrid from the first wave of monsters, the party decides to split up and help protecting each country from the invasion. After dropping everyone in different countries, Nico goes to visit Melrond with Lilith. She wonders if he wants to visit his hometown, but he clearly says he’s not holding that much feelings towards Melrond. The land is now unsealed since God Melrond took down the barrier for Lilith, and Nico is worried that Horo’s army might land their eyes on the ancient relics — all of them holding tremendous power and still sleeping here in Melrond. Rogner already used one of them to destroy Savila, so Nico wants to seal them away before Horo could do the same to the entire world.. but he’s not sure if it’s really the right thing to do.

Lilth says she can understand why Nico is hesitating, because she feels sorry for the ancient relics. The people of Melrond worked hard to create each one of them, and they clearly didn’t make the relics to destroy the world. Nico says the power of the relics destroyed both Savila and Melrond, but Lilith says they weren’t created to destroy Melrond. In fact, the ancient relics were created to make Melrond even more prosperous. They caused destruction because they were misused, so how people use them is more important than the actual power they contain. Besides, even if they seal the relics here, she thinks something similar might be invented in the future. Nico is surprised to hear Lilith’s opinion, but then he smiles and says she’s wonderful. He was hesitant because sealing the ancient relics means he might need to seal himself along, because his skills and knowledge are as dangerous as the relics.

Nico: “But you said I should use this power. You make me feel extremely happy.”
Nico: “Miss Saint.. no, Lilith.”
Lilith: “Y-Yes!”
Lilith: (It’s so rare for Nico to call my name.)

That’s not the only thing Nico realized though, since he can finally accept something he’s been ignoring for so long — his role as Melrond’s Vakista. Just then i-Scepter releases a warm light, and it leaves a black emblem on the left side of Nico’s stomach. It’s the proof that Nico already accepted Lilith, and he says it doesn’t feel bad at all. He also admits that he was actually really hurt by Melrond’s destruction, and deep inside he’s always afraid that something similar might happen again in the future. He’s been hiding his knowledge because of this, until she opened his eyes. Lilith doesn’t quite understand what he’s talking about, but Nico says it’s okay since he knows he has obtained love for her. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. The panic causes Lilith to lose all words, but Nico chuckles saying she’s really cute when she blushes. Nico also declares that he’s an invisible “Super Sage” after obtaining love, and this is the birth of Melrond’s Vakista of darkness who will spread love around the world with Lilith.

Nico then takes Lilith to seal the ancient relics in the innermost area of Melrond, explaining that he’s planning to bury the ancient relics deep in the center of the land. The moment they reach the innermost area, Nico suddenly takes out his magic gun saying there’s something else they need to do before sealing the relics. Nico then shoots to a certain location, revealing a Sacred Nephilim who’s been following them since earlier. The Sacred Nephilim is ready to kill them, but Nico tells Lilith to stay back and assures her there’s nothing to worry about.. and it’s really true since Nico takes absolutely no damage from the Sacred Nephilim’s spell. Nico smiles and takes out his guns, blasting the poor creature away with one powerful shot. \(^o^)/ Now that the Sacred Nephilim is out of the way, Nico finally seals the ancient relics. Even if Horo finds them somehow, he wouldn’t be able to use their power. The relics are going to sleep in Melrond for a while, until the day people can finally achieve world peace.

After leaving Melrond, Nico takes Lilith to the waterfall in Forested Marjune. Noticing that she’s tired, he tells her that resting is important because she’s a human. Lilith asks if the same goes for him, but Nico says he never thought about it before. In fact, he never suffered from fatigue at all. Lilith is surprised and asks if it means he’s not a human, but Nico clearly says he’s 100% an “ultimate” human. Glad to hear that, because I was starting to doubt Nico’s humanity too lol. Nico then says he discovered a wonderful place in Amafi not too long ago, and he decides to take Lilith to that place.. which turns out to be a hot spring. Lilith is obviously reluctant to get in, but Nico says the wonderful hot spring can heal their fatigue and make their skin smooth at the same time. He’s about to say more, but she stops him since it’s getting embarrassing. xD

Nico: “Is that so? I’ll stop if that’s what you want.”
Lilith: “D-Don’t say it while stripping!”
Nico: “If we don’t strip, we won’t be able to get into the hot spring.”
Nico: “Let’s go. Come on, strip strip.”
Lilith: “E-Ehh. Ehhhh!!”

..and so Nico strips Lilith before dragging her into the hot spring. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

While Lilith turns red and tries to cover her body, Nico doesn’t feel embarrassed at all. He soon realized that she’s embarrassed because a man is seeing her naked body, but he tells her not to worry — her body makes a very pleasant view. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Lilith blushes and asks him to stop “viewing” her body, and he asks if he doesn’t feel embarrassed. Nico says no since he’s got nothing to hide, and he actually wants to show more to Lilith. xD He’s even willing to strike a pose if she wants to view his body. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While Lilith thinks Nico does have a nice body, she ends up turning down the offer LOL.

Episode: Beyond the Future

Before heading off to the Sea of Oblivion, the party stops by Dodona to get some rest for the upcoming battle with Horo. Nico is spending time with Lilith in her room, and he’s super excited to see the outcome of their mission. Lilith points out that he’s talking about saving the world as if he’s not related to it, and Nico admits it might be true since he’s not trying to save the world for other people. He’s doing it both for himself and for her sake.. because he wants to see her cuteness and make her happy. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When Nico says he’d rather watch over a peaceful world than seeing a ruined one, Lilith says she wants to see that peaceful world with him. He invites her to see the peaceful world together after saving it, and he’s willing to do anything to reach that outcome.

From Dodona, the party goes straight to the Sea of Oblivion and finds the monster entrance to the underworld. Everyone stays back to fend off the monsters and keep the inner gate open, while Nico goes to fight Horo together with Lilith. Horo welcomes them by saying it’s so ironic how the survivor of Melrond — the land destroyed by human’s arrogance and foolishness — is calling himself the “Great Sage”. Nico replies that humans learn from their mistakes, but Horo says Lilith will never have a chance to learn from her mistakes. Nico is always seeking out for new knowledge, and he makes decisions based on how amusing the options are. If Nico lost interest in saving the world, then he’ll easily drop the mission and stops caring. Or maybe hold greater interest in destroying the world instead. However, Lilith answers that she believes in Nico — who’s smiling beside her. Nico admits that Horo is right. A part of him actually wants to see the world’s destruction, but right now he’s more interested in a future with Lilith. That, and even if he wants to destroy the world someday, he’ll do it without Horo’s help.

Since Horo is actually inexperienced in direct battle and everyone’s kicking his monster army’s butts outside, he quickly gets cornered and eventually got his ass kicked as well by Nico and his awesome magic guns — enhanced by Lilith’s love. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Before Horo vanishes, Nico tells him that he doesn’t understand what love means. Love isn’t one-sided like Horo’s feelings for Renai, because love can only be formed when both parties share the same feelings. Now that Lovelost is finally gone from the world, Nico is thinking of warping out with Lilith to avoid disturbance from their friends.. but after thinking about what their friends will do to him later, eventually he decides to pick up their “luggage” on the way out. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Everyone (including Kirite, who’s usually supportive lol) is worried about Lilith choosing Nico out of all people, and they’re all willing to help whenever she’s having trouble handling him lol. Lilith doesn’t understand why they’re all worried, while Nico only tells them to be quiet. xD He even calls Nate “stupid dog” when the latter licks Lilith’s tears of relief off her face LOL.

Best Ending

After returning to Dinus, Nico goes to talk to Vahnstein. Now that Melrond is no longer sealed, most likely the ancient relics will be taken away by visitors who find them.. so Nico is planning to publicize them in order to prevent people from monopolizing the relics. People like Vahnstein, for example. Vahnstein laughs and says he likes Nico’s direct approach, surprising Nico when he approves the idea. Nico thought Vahnstein would resist in order to obtain the relics’ power, but Vahnstein is more interested in Melrond’s knowledge and what kind of benefit it can bring. Nico says he’s going to entrust the future in people’s hands, though Vahnstein knows Nico is planning to stay alive and watch over things when the next generation comes. After excusing himself, Nico leaves Dinus and returns to join Lilith in the airship.. where he says he’s going to believe in humans like she does.

Nico and Lilith fly to Melrond after that, where they visit the control center to publicize all of the ancient relics. He enables the broadcasting device to respond to people’s request, so they will be able to learn about the relics anytime. Since Lilith seems curious, Nico then invites her to log into Melrond’s center with him. He assures her there’s nothing to be afraid of, because they’re going to become one.. and it will feel good. Σ(・д・;) Nico won’t take no for an answer, so Lilith takes his hand and enters Melrond’s center together with him.. where she really starts “feeling good” in that kind of way. For the first time in the entire game, Nico blushes saying he can feel Lilith. Their bodies don’t touch, but their hearts do. She might scream that she doesn’t like it, but he can tell that she’s actually feeling happy inside.. and he wants to feel her more — down to every nook and cranny of her.. um, heart. 8D

Lilith then reminds Nico they’re not here to have cybersex, so he finally publicizes the ancient relics. In about two seconds. Then he asks her to continue what they were doing. (〃゚艸゚):;* Later on, Nico happily says it was fun while Lilith is blushing beside him LMAO. He asks if she hates him now, and she blushes saying she doesn’t. Nico chuckles and says he’s glad to hear that, because he won’t be able to live anymore if Lilith hates him. Or at least he would lose one of his reasons to live. xD When Lilith says it’s okay because she will never hate him, Nico calls her cute and gives her an unexpected confession — Nico-style.

Nico: “I love you, Lilith.”
Nico: “I love you, as much as I love myself.”


Lilith admits that she’s happy with his confession, but she also thinks he’s a really weird man. Nico doesn’t mind though, because all humans are weird in their own way. \(^o^)/ There’s only common thing they share — love. Lilith was the one who opened his eyes towards love, and now Nico wants her to receive all of his love. Lilith gladly says yes, and Nico kisses her.

Good Ending

Ever since Lovelost disappeared from the world, people have been coming to Melrond looking for the ancient relics. The relics are still sealed deep in the center of the land, but everyone is curious about the previously sealed land. Lilith wonders if the ancient relics will really be okay, and Nico explains that he sealed the ones that hold tremendous power. There are small relics too scattered around Melrond, and it can’t be helped if they got taken away by people who are curious. Melrond had an entirely different level of civilization after all, so what was considered common in Melrond might be rare for ordinary people. Nico then says it’s human karma to seek and try to obtain better things, and it might be fate for them to be destroyed by that karma.. but that’s what make them humans. They will always follow that karma until the day they die. Lilith sadly says she can’t think that way, and Nico says it’s only natural for them to have different perspectives. They’re two different persons after all.

Nico then takes Lilith to monitor the relics from the control center, where he says it would be a lot easier if she lends him her strength. Lilith admits she’s always feeling uneasy in the control center, but when Nico says their time here is always so “blissful” to him, she blushes and tells him to get started already. Lilith screams in.. um, pleasure I guess.. the moment Nico activates the monitoring device, and he tells her to “accept him” already because they have to tune their hearts into one as the requirement. Nico asks if it hurts, and Lilith almost answers that it feels really good. She stops herself, but of course he knows. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン After they’re done with the monitoring, Nico admits he’s actually wishing for a world that doesn’t need to be monitored. Lilith agrees, but she believes that one day, they will have a beautiful world that won’t rely on the ancient relics. When Lilith asks him to believe in humans and the future, Nico answers that he will believe in the things she believes in.

Nico is just too weird to be taken seriously, but he makes me cry tears of laughter LOL. Those endings. WHAT. Only Nico can pull of that kind of ending without making people rage, because that’s just how he is — an うさんくさい lulzy character. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Despite all the lulz in this route, Nico actually has a pretty nice development. At first he only views Lilith as nothing more than “the saint”, but he comes to see her as a person as they grow closer. Nico had his own issues as Melrond’s sole survivor, but there’s absolutely no angst or drama in this route since well.. that’s just how he is lol. I’m curious about his origins though, since Melrond fell into ruin a long time ago and yet he’s still alive. Not to mention Vahnstein also said Nico will probably still be alive when the next generation comes. Just what is Nico and how old is he? xD

Conclusion? Just as expected from the man who wears hot pants. 8D


25 thoughts on “BEYOND THE FUTURE – Nico Velvetnine

  1. Yay ive been waiting for you to do nico and hes is hilarious hahaha. I’m surprised by the nice development he get gets with Lilith though. I just love this guy. What game are you doing next?

    • Nico seems to have piqued everyone’s curiosity. xD
      Yeah his route is hilarious, especially since Lilith keeps calling him “scary” or “pervert” whenever he does something ridiculous LOL. I’m sort of tired of battles / war / heavy conflicts though, so I’m doing Arcobaleno next.

      Oh, and for the endings.. it is cybersex lol. Look at Lilith’s face in the good ending CG. xDD

  2. Hellou! I love your reviews, great job! Therefore, I have a small request to you – can you play and do review of “Heart no Kuni no Alice”? I’m soooo curious about that and can’t find good materials. I’d be really grateful. :)

    • I’m not taking any requests at the moment because I’m about to get flooded by new releases soon, and I’ve played the original Heart no Kuni no Alice for PC.. so I can’t promise you anything, since I don’t know if I’m gonna play the ports. (´・ω・`)

      • Aawww. T.T But try to think about that, ok? And I guess it’s not bad if you return to old things for a while. ;) Greetings!

  3. Kyaa~ I’ve always been a stalker of your blog, and I wasn’t sure to comment or not but reading Nico-sama’s route just… \(//∇//)\ I love egoistic guys, I’ve always been a sucker for them (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I’m going to buy this game just for him LOL. And Camus and Nate. XD Anyways, I can’t wait for your next review on Arcobaleno!! 8D I wish you luck in balancing life and reviewing 8D

    • Ahh, I forgot to mention, Nico is really sexy. XD I think he’s become my favorite now ♥ Right after that would be Camus, then Nate, then Nayuta then Kirite. I’m sorry, I’ve never been a fan of main guys except maybe Tokiya from UtaPri ヽ(;▽;)ノ I’m sorry, Kirite!!

    • Oh finally someone whose favorite isn’t Kirite! 8D
      Nico is full of lulz, but yeah he’s sexy and he knows it LOL. He’s different from all the standard otome game stereotypes, so he feels really refreshing as a character. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Honestly I think BtF has a very nice set of characters aside from Soo.. but you might be able to take him better than I could. xD;;

      Thanks, my review pace will just.. drop if I’m busy with RL stuff lol.

      • I agree, I think he’s really funny and egoisitic which is what makes him… Different? XD Especially that confession. Most of the time people would just say “I love you”, or maybe even “I love you more than myself” (I sense a yandere /shot) but Nico… Just… Won me over with that confession XD
        Yeah, I think Beyond the Future has really cute characters. As for Soo, I don’t know. When I read your review on him, I just kinda scrolled through it reading bits and small parts xD He never really interested me as a character except for the times when he becomes hilarious. ^^;
        LOL no worries. I understand the stress of RL OTL

        • LOL “I love you as much as I love myself” is the best confession ever. xD I also like how Nico remains egoistic up until the end, but his affection for Lilith shows through. Soo is another source of lulz in BtF, but once he starts emoing (about an issue that already got resolved a looong time ago) it’s just not fun anymore. :c

          • Exactly! I guess that’s what makes him so special. 8D Yes that was praise for you, Nico. I just let your ego grow even bigger. Hahaha! XD
            Yeah, I think Soo wasn’t that much to go “萌えええー” (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) over… Most of the time it was just about laughing at him. I think it would’ve been better if they either put him as a side character, or give him a better storyline. I’m not sure though cuz I’m a little biased against cheerful guys. I never really understood why people liked the happy-go-lucky ones XD -shuns Soo- Sorry, Soo!
            Ahhh, I have no money to buy BtF QwQ Looks like I have to save up before getting my hands on that delicious meat– I mean. Before being able to play Nico’s route 8D

          • Do you have plans to buy other games? If you don’t, then saving up for BtF sounds nice. I hope you won’t get tired of it though, because everyone I know who played BtF all say the plot just wears you down as you do more routes. Especially because they only have one main plot for all routes.. but hey, maybe interacting with Nico can heal that fatigue. 8D

          • It’s okay, I don’t think I could understand much, which is why I refer to your reviews, such as for UtaPri. XD UtaPri is my first otome game, and I’ve already ordered UtaPri Debut through my friend, so yeah I have to start saving up for BtF because my wallet’s been eaten up LOL. But even if there’s a heavy plot, I think I can stand it. I happen to like RPG games (even though I suck at them QwQ) with dramatic plots, and well, as you said, Nico makes everything better for me xD

  4. OMG I’m laughing so hard reading your summary ^^ He is a big lols, arrogant but in funny way ^^ Ah I think he is my fav beside Kirite, and Camus xD

    And that ending, only he can do it ^^ I’m curious too about his age, is he immortal or something lol

    • I know right, they never revealed his real age or the reason why he’s still alive. Nico answers every question with a suspicious laugh or “because I’m the Great Sage”, so everyone just gave up digging information about his past. xD;;

  5. Congratulations on finishing BtF xDD it looks like a long game, so I kinda put it aside from now (o´ω`o)ノ. Appearance wise, for me Nico is actually places 2nd after Nate, but after seeing how he really is… ううー何だか色々感じがあったんだ 8D

    • 人´Д`*)ありがとぉ☆ BtF is long even with skipping, so yeah you might wanna save it until you have time to go on a long adventure. :D I couldn’t take Nico seriously because of his hot pants, but I never thought he’d be this hilarious. xD 色んな感じって良い方?悪い方?w

      • LOL. A little bit of both. When he said he’s willing to strike a pose, all that I could think about was a muscular pose xDDDD which, a little too much for Nico… perhaps? もう、いい or I’ll burst into laughter once again (ノ≧∀≦)ノ …I’m sorry for being a weirdo. Slap me with a cucumber all you want.

        • LOL Nico striking a muscular pose. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! I was thinking of a sexy pose instead. Just like those gravure models. Which isn’t helping at all since it’s just as lulzy as a muscular pose. xD

          • Oh my it made me grin like an idiot ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ he is an interesting character for sure, and I just realized your comment about his hot pants lololol. He and Soo would make a nice pair of hot pants bro A___A うしうしうし~

          • Hey, but at least Soo keeps his pants long. xD
            Nico’s are so mini, and the fact that he shows his stomach only makes.. erm, everything even more revealing. 8D

  6. Nico’s route was really amusing. I knew he was going to be an interesting character the moment I saw his character design (those shorts!).
    Also played Arcobaleno when I wanted to take a break from the heavy stories too. Nice change of pace. Actually 100% completed it.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on it.

    • Yes, those hot pants! xD I’ve got the same feeling upon seeing his appearance and his first impression in the game, but I didn’t expect him to be this amusing. Especially those endings LOL. BtF was awesome, but yeah I think I’ll play cooking games for a while. I’m kinda tired of heavy stories and battles at the moment. 8D;;

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