After the heavy conflicts in Kinema Mosaic and the epic battles in Beyond the Future, I sort of grew tired of long, dramatic games and move on to simple cooking games instead. (。・ω・。)♪

Kayano Yuuna is a 18 years old student in Murota Gakuen, a professional cooking school. Ten years ago she ran away from home, and just before she collapsed from hunger, a young man cooked a delicious spaghetti alla pescatora for her. Yuuna couldn’t forget the taste, and she’s currently aiming to become an Italian cuisine chef as well. She needs to take internship training in order to complete her course, but she’s having trouble choosing a place to work at. Even up until now, she’s still looking for the restaurant from ten years ago. Will she ever find it again?

One day, an alumnus named Nasu Haruto comes to teach Yuuna’s class because their regular lecturer is sick. It appears that Haruto was a legendary student who won a lot of competitions back in his school days, and he went to work in Italy right after his graduation. Hoping to learn more about Italian cuisine, Yuuna goes to see Haruto after class and asks for the name of the restaurant he’s currently working at. He simply answers “Arcobaleno”, an small restaurant not too far away from school. Yuuna visits the restaurant after that, and she orders spaghetti alla pescatora as usual.. only to find out that it tastes exactly the same as the one from ten years ago. Realizing that Haruto is the young man she’s been looking for, Yuuna decides to take her internship training in Arcobaleno together with her friends: Kaname Murota, a student from the management course; and Katsura Fuuta, a classmate who specializes in Japanese cuisine.

Even though Arcobaleno’s owner, Komatsu Ryuunosuke, likes Yuuna and wants to employ her, the manager, Saotome Nikichi, is against the idea since they can’t afford to hire trainees or part-time workers. Haruto himself also says he doesn’t remember and suggests that Yuuna is mistaking him for someone else, but eventually Yuuna’s determination wins them over. The three of them can work in Arcobaleno under one condition: she needs to cook a dish that can satisfy Haruto only in one hour. Instead of cooking an Italian cuisine, Yuuna decides to make a delicious curry instead. The young man from ten years ago had the same curry for lunch, and the taste is just as unforgettable. Nikichi thinks it’snot enough to be sold in the restaurant, but Haruto is impressed that Yuuna can revive the curry’s taste even though she only had a bite.. and that was from ten years ago. This proves both Yuuna’s sense of taste and cooking skills, so Haruto finally agrees to accept their internship.

Now that she’s working in Arcobaleno, Yuuna has to gain more knowledge and experience in order to become a full-fledged chef. Aside from work, she also needs to think about the Italian cuisine tests at school — judged directly by the school principal, Murota Kiyo. Murota Gakuen doesn’t have a special course for Italian cuisine, so the tests are necessary to make sure the students are capable of producing high-quality Italian cuisine. For the next three months, they will have to take a test once every two weeks. After Kiyo announces the theme, the students have two weeks to prepare for the test. There will be six tests in total, and those who refuse will receive academic penalty. In other words, everyone have to participate. xD If Yuuna can pass all six tests, Nikichi is willing to employ her as a permanent staff in Arcobaleno after she graduates. On the other hand, she will have to quit if she fails twice in a row. However, she’s free to use their kitchen for practice every Wednesday — their regular day off.

As Yuuna improves her skills as a chef, she might gain recognition from other people as well.


29 thoughts on “Arcobaleno!

  1. This brings back memories when I played it before. I also like the theme and staring at the name of the food (+its picture).. Looks yummy! My favorite guys here are Yagi, Haruto, and Kaname. For Fuuta, I think I skipped most of his noisy scene…

    • Oh, does Yagi have a good route? My friends aren’t too fond of him, so you’re the first person I know who actually likes him. xD On the other hand, everyone seems to dislike poor Fuuta LOL. Yeah, the pictures of the food just makes you hungry. I’m planning to link each test to the recipes, so you all can drool with me. 8D

  2. Wow! It seems that Mr. Spring Eggplant (can I call him that? XD) is intimidating, then it’s nice to know that Yuuna has two friends who are with her. It’s nice to know that the managers are capturable too, and for that I’m looking forward to Komatsu. 8D

    This game will make me drool a river because LOL Italian food. *Q*

    • Nah, Mr. Spring Eggplant is actually more cold than intimidating. It’s mainly Nikichi who’s in charge of decision-making. Are you looking forward to Ryuu because it’s Hino? 8D It’s rather amusing to see him voicing a fool after hearing his yandere voice everywhere lol. Don’t worry, Axel. I’ll make sure you produce a river of drool. A____A

      • Ryuu’s chibi looks like a feisty and adorable roach so yeah. >u< LOL I love Hino to voice more fools again because seriously I don't like his yandere characters. xD;; Oh you…. A_______A

        • R-Roach…!? Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ It’s his antenna, isn’t it? LOL. If you want Hino’s non-yandere roles, try Bloody Call (wait for the PSP version lol) or Lucian Bee’s? At least do the latter for Kaji too. 8D

  3. This was the second otome game that I ever played and I really loved it. The plot isn’t too deep and there’s a lot of classic shoujo moments, but it has a charm. Plus there’s a lot of humor, so I really enjoyed it. I come back to play this every once in a while when, like you, I get tired of long epic storylines lol. I’m planning on summarizing it as well sometime in the future.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on it!

    • Yeah, I’m loving the game too so far. It has a lot of cute moments, and everything is so light and easy to digest. Perfect for healing your brain when it swallows too many heavy stories. Going back to old games feels nice sometimes. xD I’ll be looking forward to your Arcobaleno reviews in the future then~ (。・ω・。)

      • Thank you that’s kind of you to say :> I’ll do my best then, though it’ll be a while since I have to plow through all the La Corda games first lol;;

        You’re playing the PS2 version right? Does that version come with the unlockable extras like the PSP version does? (Like the staff meetings and chibi comics)

        • Oh, you’re planning to play all of them? Including the first? I only did Corda 2 + Encore and they took time, so good luck finishing the series. :3 Yes, this is the PS2 version. It has the chibi 4-koma manga, but I think the staff meetings is exclusive to PSP only? Because I haven’t seen that in the omake. xD

          • I have all three yes (except Encore ;_;) and for sure I’ll be summarizing 2 and 3. The first…well…I haven’t decided yet orz. I was never able to full comp that game due to the evil system, and because of the complicated gameplay I don’t enjoy replaying that much >-> If someone tells me that they want to see that game then I probably will, but if not I might skip it…

            Ah that’s too bad, since the staff meetings were really hilarious xD

          • Oh, are they worth it?
            I can just force skip the PSP version just to see the meetings. 8D

            As for Corda, yeah that system can get tedious after a while. I guess it’s not too difficult once you get used to it, but it still takes a lot of time to practice / run around / etc. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I wonder if you can branch off from the middle? Because Corda 3 sounds like hell with its huuuge character list.

          • I personally think they’re worth it. They’re only about five minutes each, but their so funny and cute :D

            Well especially in the first Corda game there is no “do this or that and this event will occur” system. It’s all at random, which becomes very frustrating. Also the gameplay is a lot more difficult…Anyways, yes *thankfully* in Corda 3 you’re not locked into a route until late in the game, so its possible to branch off in the middle for most routes. Cuz having to play that game 12 times from the very beginning would just be asdjdfhkdks II|||II

  4. Ehh~ It looks very peaceful xD Compared to Beyond the Future, at least. It sounds like fun, and… I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Reading this makes me feel hungry QwQ Uwahh~

    • I know right. After Kinema’s dramatic plot twists and BtF’s epic journey to save the world, Arcobaleno looks very light and peaceful. xD I’m gonna do cooking games for a while and post pictures too, so prepare to drool. 8D /shot

      • Wahaha! Maybe for the next few days I’ll be craving Italian cuisine when I read your reviews xD Nowadays otome games have heavy storylines, in my opinion at least. On a side note, I personally like Yuuna’s design, is that strange? I think she looks a bit like a pirate, kinda cool xD

        • It must be her chef bandanna. xD I like Yuuna’s design too, but I usually love miko’s heroine designs.. like Tiana from Beastmaster and Yukina from Toki no Kizuna. :3 I can’t remember the last time I played a peaceful otome game either, so I guess it’s been a while. Recent otome games are always filled with heavy conflicts and / or actions lol.

          • Oh, she did Tiana too? :D I found Tiana beautiful. I never knew the designer’s name though. Maybe I’ll try out Toki no Kizuna, though I’m currently broke D:
            LOL I know right xD I think they make it more dramatic so we’d be more interested. It’s good to have drama, but it’s also nice to have an easy-to-digest plot, you know? I’ve read your review on Kaname-kun and wow after I finished the plot it was like, “… It’s over?! Σ(゚д゚lll)Already?!” XD The drama lasted for a short while, but while at first it came off as shocking, I think I’ll slowly get used to the peaceful atmosphere. However, I still love Arcobaleno’s cute moments xD

  5. Uwaaah I haven’t visited your blog for a while, sorry u.u

    I still can’t decide if I’ll add this on to-play list so I’m glad that you’re writing a review for Arcobaleno. Even if I eventually decide to play this, it won’t happen anytime soon ^^;;. I’ll just let myself be spoiled by your reviews. \o/

    PS Is that Masaomi (the one from Passion Pink) on one of your banners? I can’t wait for Brothers Conflict~~ (〃∇〃)

    • No problem, we still talk on Twitter anyway. xD
      Cooking games are underrated since they’re usually light and short, but you might need them someday.. when you’re tired of long games. Like what I’m feeling right now lol. Oh, and yeah it’s Masaomi from Brothers Conflict. I’m really tempted to change to Fuuto though, so if one day you see me changing banners, you know why lol.

  6. One of the game that make me droll with playing it ha2. That spaghetti looks delicious lol. Can’t wait to see your review, from what I heard this game is very light ( not like BtF ^^)

    • Yeah, Arcobaleno is really light and fun so far. I guess after spending the first two months of 2012 doing long games, I just need a break from heavy stories for a while lol. I’m planning to do Petit Four too after Arcobaleno, just to torture my stomach even further. xD

  7. Arcobaleno is light and the characters are likable. There is a bit of drama when you get into the rival/versus routes though, especially after you start liking the characters.

    The recipes were fun to look at. They make it look so simple too. Still don’t think I can make them though.

    • Oh, yeah I expect drama from the VS routes, but I heard they’re really short compared to the main routes? Looking at the gallery, it seems like Basilio and Shogo have shorter routes too.. The recipes are actually quite easy to follow, if you can find the right ingredients. It’s hard to find some of them in where I live, so I have to make some modifications.. ; v ;

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