Arcobaleno! – Murota Kaname

I don’t know if route order matters in Arcobaleno, so I decided to follow the official site’s order and started with Kaname. He’s really devoted and this route is full of cuteness. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kaname is a first year student in Murota Gakuen’s management course. He’s the grandson of the school principal, and his father runs a famous Italian restaurant. Responsible and attentive, Kaname has the qualities of a leader, but he keeps it subtle and never shows off. He’s good at taking care of other people as well, and he often helps Yuuna and Fuuta whenever they need him. Kaname grows his own Italian tomatoes, which he keeps at the back of the boys’ dorm.

Cooking Test 1
Theme: “Antipasto / Appetizer”  Kaname’s Recipe: Capri-style Tomato & Mozarella

After school, Yuuna goes to Arcobaleno with Kaname and Fuuta for their first day at work. At first Nikichi wants to give them simple aprons to minimize costs, but they ended up buying new uniforms since Ryuu wants everyone to look cool. Management course students actually don’t need to take any internships, but aside from keeping Yuuna company, Kaname is also eager to learn about managing a restaurant. They can’t work in the sala (hall) yet today, so Nikichi asks Kaname to help out in the office while Yuuna and Fuuta are going to wash dishes.

Before the opening hour, Kaname goes to ask Haruto about his experience and specialties as a chef. At first Haruto tries to brush him off, but he gives in when Kaname says it’s necessary for him to know. He knows they won’t let him learn their management so easily, so he’s going to work as a waiter until then.. and he needs information in order to answer their customers’ questions properly. When Nikichi tells Ryuu to learn from Kaname, he panics thinking Kaname is trying to take over his shop. Kaname jokingly answers that it might be a nice idea, and Ryuu cries saying Kaname is picking on him. xD Beside them, Haruto quietly mutters that they won’t know which one is the real owner at this rate LOL.

Since they need to do inventory control today, Nikichi lets Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta go home at 7 PM instead of the usual closing hour. Fuuta goes back ahead of them to feed his dog, and Kaname invites Yuuna to have dinner with him in Estremo — the famous restaurant run by his father. It’s located in a gorgeous theme park called “Venice Garden”, and their main chef is an insanely famous Italian chef — Basiglio Graziani. Two months ago, Yuuna went to see Estremo and met Kaname for the first time in front of the restaurant. When Yuuna mentioned that she’s planning to master Italian cooking, Kaname immediately said he’s been looking for someone like her. Kaname then took Yuuna to the garden behind the boys’ dorm, where he showed her his San Marzano tomato field. Despite his father’s business, Kaname wants to open his own shop instead of running a branch of Estremo. He’s planning to manage a high-quality restaurant with rare ingredients, and that’s why he’s growing his own Italian tomatoes. All that he needed is a chef who specializes in Italian food, so he asked Yuuna to work with him in the future. Yuuna is interested in Kaname’s tomatoes, and she agreed to work together with him.

Back to the present, Kaname takes Yuuna to their table in Estremo. He admits that it’s only his third time visiting Estremo, since it’s not a place people can visit everyday. Rather than running an expensive luxury restaurant like Estremo, he’s more interested in managing a small one like Arcobaleno. Smaller restaurants are much more comfortable too, since the staff are closer to the customers. Yuuna describes Estremo’s food as “unique and strong” — just like their chef’s personality — but Kaname thinks the dishes she cooks with his tomatoes taste better. Yuuna was touched the first time she turned Kaname’s tomatoes into delicious food, and he wants to spread that feeling to people in the future.

Before they leave, Basiglio comes out to greet them. He’s about to call the owner, but Kaname doesn’t want to meet his father. It turns out Kaname’s father actually wants him to quit school and study abroad, but Kaname doesn’t have any intentions to do so. Basiglio also tries to charm Yuuna into working with him in Estremo, so Kaname tells him that Yuuna is his future staff — she’s off-limits. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When Basiglio starts hitting on her with sweet words, Kaname goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) and quickly takes Yuuna outside lol. They walk back to the dorms after that, and Kaname says he will definitely “take” her once she becomes a full-fledged chef.

Cooking Test 2
Theme: “Pizza” Kaname’s Recipe: Tomato & Vegetable Pizza

Yuuna’s class got cancelled on the day after the first test, so she uses the time to review her lessons in an empty classroom. She had a hard time memorizing the nine names of amino acid, but luckily she has a keyword to make it easier to memorize — “furoba isu hitorijime”, which is a sentence made from the first letters of the acid names. After work, Kaname reminds Yuuna and Fuuta about the upcoming first term exam. Both Yuuna and Fuuta are surprised since they didn’t know Murota Gakuen has written exams, but Kaname is impressed that Yuuna already reviewed her lessons. While Kaname is also ready for the test, Fuuta is a different story since he obviously hates studying. At first Kaname refuses to help Fuuta, but since the latter bribes Yuuna with food and it works, he ends up joining them for a study group. They have different subjects, but Kaname clearly doesn’t want Yuuna to be alone with Fuuta. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

The next morning, Yuuna and Fuuta come to Arcobaleno looking exhausted. Fuuta needs to do a LOT of reviews if he wants to avoid supplementary lessons, so Kaname didn’t let him sleep at all last night. On the other hand, Kaname really respects Yuuna for keeping a good balance of her studies, work and Kiyo’s tests. Nikichi allows them to go home early today, so that night they resume their study session in Kaname’s room. Fuuta keeps whining and playing with his dog until Kaname kicks it out, but somehow they manage to make him remember everything — thanks to Kaname’s harsh guidance and Yuuna’s amino acid keyword. Kaname feels happy to see Yuuna taking her studies seriously, and he tells her that he’s really proud to have her as his “future partner”. Yuuna knows Kaname must be talking about “business partners”, but she still blushes and looks away. (❤ฺ→艸←)

When Yuuna wakes up the next day, she finds Kaname’s jacket on her shoulders. She feels touched by his kindness for a moment.. until she realized they only have 30 minutes before the exam begins. When Yuuna shakes Kaname’s shoulders to wake him up, he mumbles “Yuuna.. Don’t touch me there..” in his sleep. What are you dreaming about, Kaname? (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン They panic and rush to school before it’s too late, but in the end their hard work pays off since they all did well in their exam. Yuuna thanks Kaname for helping them study, and he blushes saying “I didn’t help. It’s just summer vacation will be boring if you guys have lessons.” xD

Cooking Test 3
Theme: “Pasta” Kaname’s Recipe: Penne all’Arrabbiata

Cooking Test 4
Theme: “Risotto” Kaname’s Recipe: Pancetta & Vegetable Risotto

After work, Yuuna finds Kaname and Nikichi arguing in the office. It’s almost been two months since they started working in Arcobaleno, but Nikichi still won’t tell Kaname anything regarding their internal management. While Kaname only wants to study their cash flow, Nikichi doesn’t trust him enough to reveal the numbers. The fact that Kaname is the son of Estremo’s manager doesn’t help either. If Arcobaleno’s internal information got leaked to a business rival, Kaname will become the first suspect.. and Nikichi doesn’t want that to happen. After Nikichi leaves the office, Yuuna comes to ask why Kaname wants Arcobaleno’s internal information that much. He answers it’s to learn more about management, because without it his time in Arcobaleno is nothing more than a part-time job for him. While Yuuna and Fuuta are brushing up their cooking skills, Kaname makes no improvement at all and feels left behind.

Yuuna then says Nikichi refuses because he doesn’t know that Kaname is thinking seriously about his future, and Kaname wonders how he can prove his determination. It’s going to take time, and he doesn’t think words alone would be enough. After thinking for a moment, Yuuna suggests showing his Italian tomatoes to Nikichi. Kaname works really hard to produce them, and he became friends with Yuuna because of those tomatoes too. Kaname thinks it’s worth a shot, so Yuuna and Fuuta help him collecting tomatoes after work. The next day, they bring the tomatoes to Arcobaleno and show them to the staff. Haruto is impressed to see Kaname’s high-quality tomatoes, and Kaname explains that it took him four years to improve the quality. When Nikichi asks why he’s growing Italian tomatoes, Kaname says it’s because he wants to open a restaurant that can surpass his father’s.. and he’s working in Arcobaleno for the same reason. Everyone then gets excited thinking about new dishes they can make with Kaname’s tomatoes, but he stops them because he’s not handing out his tomatoes for free. In return of using his tomatoes, Kaname wants them to teach him more about Arcobaleno’s management.

Ryuu agrees instantly while Nikichi takes some time to think, but eventually he agrees as well. The tomatoes really proved Kaname’s determination, so Nikichi finally decides to trust him. That night, everyone is having a feast with Kaname’s tomatoes. Haruto cooked ricotta cheese and tomato pasta, while Fuuta baked pizza marinara with tomato sauce and basil. Ryuu wonders if they can make a new tomato cuisine for Arcobaleno’s menu, and Kaname is more than willing to supply them with his beloved tomatoes. Nikichi puts Yuuna in charge of the new menu, and she gladly accepts the task. After leaving Arcobaleno, Kaname walks Yuuna back to the girls’ dorm. He says he feels grateful to her, because it’s thanks to her that Nikichi finally approved him as a trustworthy staff. He blushes saying that’s all he wants tell her, and he leaves after saying he’s looking forward to the new menu.

Summer Festival

On August 19, Arcobaleno’s staff go to the summer festival together. Kaname goes to buy a cute bunny-shaped tortoise shell candy for Yuuna, though he says she’s much cuter than the candy and praises her yukata. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When Yuuna says he also looks good in his yukata, Kaname replies that it’s obvious.. but she notices that he’s blushing. (❤ฺ→艸←) There’s also a courage test behind the shrine, and Nikichi already registered all of them to participate. Yuuna draws Kaname’s name from the lottery, which makes him happy since pairing up with a guy in the dark creeps him out. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Fuuta tells them to be careful because the path is really dark, though Haruto thinks Yuuna should be careful of Kaname instead LOL.

Their flashlight suddenly dies along the way, and Kaname hugs Yuuna saying it’s dangerous if they got separated in the dark. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Kaname then asks if she has someone she likes, but before Yuuna could answer, he quickly apologizes and tells her to forget it. Just then the flashlight starts working again, and Kaname takes Yuuna to take an amulet from the shrine — completing their task.

Cooking Test 5
Theme: “Meat / Fish” Kaname’s Recipe: Sea Bream Sautee with Tomato Sauce

On the next day off, Kaname asks Yuuna to meet him in Venice Garden. He just heard from a classmate that they can rent Venetian costumes here, so today he wants her to try wearing one. Why her? Because he doesn’t want to wear one himself. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since none of them wants to wear the costumes, they decide to make a bet instead.. which Yuuna ends up winning. xD Kaname can’t take back his words, so he goes to rent a costume while she waits for him outside. Ten minutes later, Kaname finally walks out with a gorgeous, princely costume and kneels down to kiss Yuuna’s hand. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ He’s willing to act more like a noble for her (e.g. carrying her princess-style), but sadly she thinks he’s just joking. Kaname won’t go this far just for a “joke”, though Yuuna doesn’t understand why he looks sad.

The following week, Kaname invites Yuuna to go out on their day off. She asks him to come to the seaside park, and she also makes a bentou for him. The park is really quiet without anyone around them, so they can have a peaceful picnic today. Yuuna apologizes because she only made a regular “mom’s bentou” for him, but Kaname is excited because he never had a regular bentou before. He loves the Italian food she makes, but he also feels touched upon eating her bentou. Kaname has been wishing for a chance to eat a regular bentou, and he thanks Yuuna for fulfilling that wish. When Yuuna asks if they can stay in the park for a little longer, Kaname blushes saying he wants to stay with her too. (*´∀`*)

A few days later, Yuuna serves her new tomato dish for everyone to taste. The new menu is a crab and tomato pasta, which is an arranged version of the pasta she made on the day she first met Kaname. When Yuuna says it’s a “collaborative work” between her and Kaname, he blushes saying it’s not like they’re cutting their wedding cake together. WHAT LOL. xD Yuuna also blushes and apologizes, while Nikichi is teasing them for turning red. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Haruto wants to add the pasta to the menu tomorrow, and Kaname is ready to serve their customers when Yuuna is busy working in the kitchen.

However, that night Ryuu mails Yuuna saying a storm is coming their way tonight. He just saw the weather forecast earlier, so Arcobaleno might not open on time tomorrow — depending on the weather. At first Yuuna is disappointed since tomorrow is her pasta’s debut.. but then she realized a bigger problem — Kaname’s tomatoes. Currently all the fruits are still green, so they might not survive the storm. Since Kaname doesn’t pick up his phone, Yuuna decides to run to the boys’ dorm and check his tomato field. The wind is really strong outside, and both Kaname and Fuuta don’t answer the doorbell. Yuuna isn’t the only one who’s worried though, because soon Haruto also comes to the tomato field with Nikichi and Ryuu. She tells them she can’t just watch Kaname’s hard work getting blown away, and they were thinking about how to protect the tomatoes when Kaname eventually comes with Fuuta.

Kaname thanks them for worrying about his tomatoes, and he asks them to help setting up a large fishnet around his field. Everyone in Fuuta’s hometown does this to protect their fields, so earlier Kaname went to borrow a fishnet with his help. They manage to set up the fishnet before the storm hits, but it makes them realize how hard it is to grow vegetables. Nikichi then apologizes for saying terrible things to Kaname before, though Kaname doesn’t answer and only looks away in silence.. until Fuuta notices that he’s crying happy tears. xD Thanks to the fishnet, Kaname’s tomatoes remain safe in the morning. He heard from Haruto that Yuuna was the first to arrive in the tomato field last night, so when she comes to check his field, he thanks her saying he’s really happy with her feelings. At noon, Kaname recommends Yuuna’s pasta to the customers. The orders for the new pasta keep coming even until dinner, and Yuuna is working non-stop in the kitchen. One of the customers even calls her to the sala, just because he wants to tell her that the pasta tastes wonderful. His wife is currently pregnant and can’t come to eat here, but he promises to come back with his wife and their child in the future.

After work, Kaname walks Yuuna back to the girls’ dorm. Along the way, Kaname admits that he was actually planning to absorb management knowledge from Arcobaleno and move to a bigger restaurant.. but it’s different now. He realized that’s not what he really needs to learn, and it was Yuuna who opened his eyes. When Yuuna says she didn’t do anything, Kaname sighs and hugs her from behind. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ He tells her that she was the one who created a trigger for Arcobaleno’s staff to understand his dream, and she always gives him motivation by doing her best in everything. Their meeting was a coincidence, but he’s really glad to have met her. He’s about to say something else, but then he stops himself and bids her goodnight.

Cooking Test 6
Theme: “Dolce / Dessert” Kaname’s Recipe: Pudding

Ever since Kaname hugged her that night, Yuuna has been spacing out all day. She’s starting to realize that she might be in love, but then another trouble emerges. After school, she hears Kiyo having an argument with Kaname near the entrance. Kiyo thinks Kaname is only wasting his time in Arcobaleno, and she wants him to gain more experience in a larger restaurant.. but Kaname obviously refuses to leave Arcobaleno. Kaname doesn’t want Kiyo to keep controlling his life, though he can’t argue back when Kiyo points out that the knowledge he can gain from Arcobaleno is limited. For example, he doesn’t learn much about wines since Arcobaleno only has a few in their menu.

Despite Kiyo’s terrifying rage, Yuuna tries to help by saying Kaname is currently doing his best to find what he wants to do in Arcobaleno. It might be a small restaurant compared to Estremo, but she’s asking Kiyo to watch over Kaname’s progress for a little longer. Yuuna can’t answer when Kiyo challenges her to show what Kaname exactly wants to do, but Kaname decides to take the challenge. In the next three days, he’s going to show Kiyo what he’s trying to achieve in Arcobaleno. Kaname also promises to quit if he fails, so Kiyo agrees to wait for three days. Yuuna thinks Kaname has a plan since he sounds really confident, but it turns out he doesn’t have any ideas. At all. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ He tells her not to worry though, because he will think up of something before the deadline comes.

That night, everyone is brainstorming of ideas to help Kaname. Yuuna wonders if Arcobaleno should start doing something new.. and that’s when the idea pops into her mind. The next day, Yuuna suggests running a catering service for those who can’t come to eat in the restaurant. The idea comes from the customer who praised her pasta before. His wife loves Italian food, but she couldn’t come because of her pregnancy. They think it’s a great idea both for Kaname and Arcobaleno, and they should be able to run the service smoothly if the kitchen staff work harder. Kaname feels bad since it’s not easy to implement, but Ryuu gives him a HARD slap on the back and reminds him that they’re all friends who work together — which makes Kaname teary-eyed again. xD

After creating a plan to present the idea to Kiyo, Kaname walks Yuuna home and apologizes for troubling her. Their plan depends on her hard work, but she actually feels happy that she can help him. Kaname then asks Yuuna not to say such things in this situation, since he might not be able to hold back anymore. (❤ฺ→艸←) He sighs saying she doesn’t understand anything, but then he smiles and asks her to wait for the result tomorrow.

The next day, Kaname brings everyone to serve Kiyo in her own house. It’s actually her 77th birthday today, and Kaname serves her with full-course dinner — complete with music and a flower bouquet for her birthday present. Kaname thanks Kiyo for always taking care of him in place of his busy parents, as it was through her that he can meet Yuna and Arcobaleno. Kiyo feels happy to receive Kaname’s honest words, and after their service tonight, she can finally see what Kaname wants to achieve in Arcobaleno. Sales will become stagnant after several years of business, and a restaurant needs to do something innovative to improve — this is his answer. It might be different from his father’s methods, but Kiyo approves and allows Kaname to continue working in Arcobaleno. Kiyo also knows that Yuuna helped leading Kaname all the way to reach his answer, and she says the pasta Yuuna cooked for her tonight has the best quality. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Kiyo noticed that Yuuna worked really hard on her tests too, and she feels proud to have Yuuna as her student.

After leaving Kiyo’s house, Kaname walks Yuuna home as usual. Fuuta is about to join them, but Nikichi drags him away so they can be alone. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ After walking in silence for a while, Kaname finally gathers up his courage to take Yuuna’s hand and confesses: “I’ve been thinking of saying this in the last few months, but everything flew away whenever I see your smile. Even so, I know my eyes were right. I can’t think of anyone better than you.. I love you, please go out with me.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Yuuna answers she can’t think of anyone else either, because she also loves Kaname. Upon hearing her answer, Kaname instantly regrets confessing in the middle of the street.. because he can’t do anything to Yuuna here. (❤ฺ→艸←) When she laughs at him, he asks her to stop or else he’ll attack her anyway. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

In December, Yuuna is busy working in Arcobaleno on Christmas Eve. Nikichi’s brother-in-law, Masashi, comes to visit at night with his daughter, Aika, and he asks if Kaname can organize their home party. After going through numerous trial periods, Kaname is now fully in charge of their catering service. They’re leaving the management in his hands, and he’s doing a great job running the business. After their closing hour, Yuuna goes to take out the trash and runs into Kaname before returning inside. Ryuu is already excited for the present exchange inside, and Kaname was looking for Yuuna so they can start. Just then snow starts falling from the sky, and Kaname kisses Yuuna after wishing her a Merry Christmas. He asks her to stay with him forever, and she answers that she will always do. No matter what happens, both of them will overcome everything together.

I actually did Kaname’s route once in the PSP version, but I switched to PS2 because the CGs all got cut off in the PSP version. (屮゚Д゚)屮 Kaname’s route is really enjoyable, and I still love it even after playing it twice. As for Kaname himself, I absolutely love him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Kaname is usually calm and confident, but it’s really cute how he blushes around Yuuna as he tries to get his feelings across. Especially in his confession scene. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ I just can’t stop going all ニヤニヤ whenever Kaname says he’s going to “take” Yuuna in the future, because it’s so clear that he’s been in love with her since the beginning. (ノ✪◡✪)ノ*:・゚✧ ♥


15 thoughts on “Arcobaleno! – Murota Kaname

  1. S-so… ADORABLE ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ ANDANDAND THAT CG WHERE HE HUGS HER FROM BEHIND \(//∇//)\ Kays dying rn. With this guy, I’m starting to have high expectations of the other guys too (except maybe Fuuta, he reminds me a bit of Soo’s personality? Though I shouldn’t shun him for that)
    And the fooddddd m(_ _)m H-hungry… QAQ Not to mention when I was reading this, I was eating dinner but I still wanted to eat the picture anyway xD Especially the pizza! Yum! Drooling in a corner right now xD

    • So far I can say that I love Haruto and Nikichi even more than Kaname, but I’m not so sure about Ryuu and Fuuta. (・∀・;)ゞ Especially Fuuta, since everyone who played Arcobaleno seems to dislike him lol. He’s cheerful and dumb like Soo, but I certainly hope he won’t start emoing over useless stuff. I’m still recovering from the Soo trauma. xD;

      I keep drooling as I tackle more cooking exams, and those pictures are here so you all can drool with me. 8D You can look at them while eating dinner and imagine eating all those delicious dishes instead. /delusional

      • Eh? I personally like Ryuu OTL I mean, Haruto and Nikichi are awesome too, and Kaname is adorable, so they would be my top three, but Ryuu looks really cute in my eyes xD The cute, unintentionally clumsy sweet guy type? I’m not sure since I’ve never played Arcobaleno before, but he looks like the type xD
        Oh yes, Soo trauma QwQ I think Fuuta isn’t well-loved cause he seems… Annoying (Sorry Fuuta fans out there! ;w; ) I don’t know, but I’ll just have to wait for his review to come out won’t I? ;D
        You’re so kind, letting me drool over the delicious food *Q*

        • Oh, I do like Ryuu as a character. I just find it hard to see him as a love interest because of how ridiculous he is, but I’m hoping his route will change my opinion. xD As for Fuuta, I guess people hate his voice even more than his personality lol. He’s not that annoying so far, but let’s see when I do his route later.

  2. Wow! I’m impressed that Kaname is good in keeping his future partner. His determination is superb, then Mr. Spring Eggplant’s tsukkomi here are the best. xD LOL Ryuu for slapping poor Kaname’s back so hard, it caused to make the boy cry in pain (but the words made him happy yep).

    I understand that Yuuna is serious on her goal and she’s good at helping Kaname, but pfft she’s oblivious about his feelings. xD; The confession is late, but I think it’s okay since after all they can face hardships ahead of them together from now on. >u<

    • Actually, Kaname cried because he’s touched by the pink cricket Ryuu’s words. He might look like a cool and confident guy, but he turns teary-eyed whenever he feels touched. xD I noticed that in Arcobaleno, all the confessions take place in the end. It’s natural for Haruto / Nikichi / Ryuu considering the game’s time span is around 3 months, but yeah.. Kaname had more time to develop his relationship with Yuuna. (*´∀`*) Also, Yuuna is only oblivious in Kaname’s route so far LOL.

      • Three months? Woah… Indeed it’s reasonable for the older guys to confess to her last. Pffft I see. I’m looking forward to Yuuna on the other guys’ routes then. x3

  3. I’m falling in love to Penne all’Arrabbiata’s picture! Ah, yes. PSP CGs were all cutted (so that’s why you posted large CG, I’ve realized that now). I think I like how he resolve his problem with his grandma. Showing his skills was hard, but he could do it in the end. I forgot to write that I love Yuuna! She is great at working and cooking.

    • I know right, that Penne all’Arrabbiata picture looks so yummy. If only we can find the ingredients here.. ; v ; It’s really too bad that the PSP version just sliced off the CGs, but I guess all of Otomate’s old ports suffered from the same problem. S.Y.K’s CGs got cut off the same way. Oh, I love Yuuna too as a heroine. She can be clueless (especially in this route), but she’s not by any means annoying. x3

  4. Kaname was adorable. I like him much more than uh Liberta…for obvious reasons lmfao. It’s a pity the PSP cut off the CGs. At least in like Reimeiroku it lets you see the CGs in their original form if you wish to.

    Also no there’s really no order as far as I remember. You can just go down la primavera’s list and play whoever lol

    • Yeah, I’m just following the official site’s order and leave Fuuta for last since I have zero interest in him. Kaname was cute, but I actually love Haruto and Nikichi better. I haven’t finished the remaining four, but I doubt any of them can rival those two. xD

      It seems like Otomate just sliced off the CGs for their old PSP ports, since I noticed S.Y.K had the same problem. The “フルコンプおめでとう” text was only half visible thanks to the CG got cut off lol.

      • omg are you serious….I think I have SYK both PSP & PS2 but I thought the PSP version like added extra content so I was going to play that one but now I’m worried ;_;

        • I think Renshouden has the option to see the 3:4 version, but not the original S.Y.K. The PSP version does have extras and the cut-off CGs (aside from the full-comp one) didn’t bother me as much as Arcobaleno’s, so if you don’t mind smaller CGs then go ahead with the PSP version. xD

  5. Why most the guy in here is cute? When I saw him hugging her from behind… so adorable ^^ No matter what time I read your arcobaleno’s review, my stomach always grumble lol.

    • Probably because Arcobaleno is a cute game. xD
      Everyone is really cute so far, though now I’m about to do the guy everyone seems to dislike lol. Playing Arcobaleno makes me crave Italian food too.. ;__; /eats air

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