Arcobaleno! – Nasu Haruto

Next up is Haruto’s route. He’s the man Yuuna has been looking for, so I guess that makes him the main guy of Arcobaleno. Haruto is my favorite so far, as his route is a ε-(*´∀`|萌| heaven.

Haruto is Arcobaleno’s chef, and also the person who inspired Yuuna to become one herself. While he’s not exactly sociable, Haruto is incredibly talented in cooking. He’s always calm and never approaches people more than necessary, but he never holds back in front of the ones he’s close to. Especially when it comes to food. Haruto was initially planning to ignore Yuuna, but he gradually grows to accept her upon realizing that she has the qualities he doesn’t have.

Cooking Test 1
Theme: “Antipasto / Appetizer” Haruto’s Recipe: Sea Bream Carpaccio

On their second day at work, Yuuna and Fuuta are wondering if they can start cooking rather than washing dishes all day. Haruto is treating them coldly and won’t even talk to Yuuna aside from normal greetings, so she decides to look for something they can do in the kitchen. When Yuuna nervously asks Haruto to let them prepare the squids, he actually smiles and leaves the task to them — impressed by their initiative to take action instead of waiting for orders. Haruto is busy cooking during lunchtime, and watching him work reminds Yuuna of their first meeting ten years ago. She used to live in a seaside town until she was eight, and she really loved the town.. so when her parents told her they’re going to move, she ran away from home and tried to hide from them.

Yuuna used up all of her money to ride the train, and she got really hungry after spending 10 hours away from home. She could barely walk anymore because of the hunger, but suddenly a delicious smell lured her towards a restaurant kitchen. There she found a plate of spaghetti alla pescatora on a table, and soon a young man — the 16-years-old Haruto — appeared and said she can eat it if she wants to. When Yuuna told him she doesn’t have any money, Haruto gently smiled saying she doesn’t have to pay. It’s only a leftover, and he’d rather have her eat the dish rather than throwing it out. Upon eating the spaghetti, Yuuna was surprised because it tastes nostalgic — like the sea she grew up with. She told Haruto they’re moving away to a town far away from the sea next month, and he sadly answered that even a small girl like her has her own troubles. He smiled when she said it’s the most delicious spaghetti she ever had, and she gave him her treasure as the payment — a blue glass bead. A good thing will happen to the holder, and since she already received a good thing in the form of his spaghetti.. she’s giving the glass bead to him.

Since she had no money left, Yuuna then borrowed the restaurant’s phone to call her parents. Before leaving, she asked if she can come to eat again.. but Haruto sadly said it’s impossible. They won’t be able to meet again. She didn’t understand and kept searching for the restaurant for the next ten years, but just as he said, she never found the place again. Eventually Yuuna decided to become a chef specializing in Italian cuisine, hoping to find Haruto’s nostalgic taste again someday.

Back in the present, Haruto asks if the squids are ready. When Yuuna answers she’s already done, he smiles and praises her for doing a good job. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* That night, Haruto cooks a delicious pasta for everyone’s dinner. Kaname goes Σ(・д・;) upon seeing the huge mountain of pasta on Haruto’s plate, while Haruto calmly states there’s nothing wrong for him to eat his own cooking. xD Ryuu and Nikichi explain that Haruto actually eats a LOT, and Haruto says he can’t move if he doesn’t eat enough. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Before Yuuna goes home, Haruto stops her and gives her a piece of advice: “Don’t learn cooking skills. Steal them.” Only a great chef can steal other people’s skills, and it was the words he heard everyday in Italy. Yuuna happily says she’ll start absorbing his cooking skills from now on, and she feels that she has come to understand Haruto a little today.

Cooking Test 2
Theme: “Pizza” Haruto’s Recipe: Mussel & Clam Pizza

On the day after Kiyo’s first test, Yuuna goes to clean Arcobaleno’s entrance with Ryuu so he won’t disturb poor Haruto in the kicthen. Out of curiosity, Yuuna asks if Ryuu recruited Haruto from Italy. Ryuu explains that when Arcobaleno first opened five years ago, they had a really hard time finding the right chef. There were applicants, but Nikichi rejected all of them because they didn’t feel right. From Yagi Shogo’s — a gourmet reporter — article, they learned about a Japanese chef working in Italy. They went to Napoli / Naples looking for him, but just as Nikichi expected, Haruto refused their offer. However, Haruto changed his mind when Nikichi pointed out that he’s missing something as a chef. Nikichi thought Haruto will be able to improve if he’s working in a small, warm restaurant instead, and Haruto was surprised because people never told him anything other than praises. That was the first time Haruto met someone who actually cares about his future, and he decided to work in Arcobaleno because of Nikichi’s words.

This reminds Yuuna that Haruto’s spaghetti alla pescatora in Arcobaleno tastes wonderful, but somehow she feels the one from ten years ago was more delicious. It might only be an illusion created by her hunger, but Nikichi then says that Haruto’s cooking might be lacking a smile. It’s like Haruto doesn’t fully enjoy cooking, though most people won’t be able to tell the difference. Ryuu also tells Yuuna that Haruto is always alone, since his father already passed away and his mother — a famous fashion brand designer — is busy working in Milano. In fact, she has been living there ever since Haruto was small. That’s all Ryuu can say about Haruto for now, so Yuuna has to ask Haruto directly if she wants to know more.

That night, Haruto finds Yuuna near the back door after Kaname and Fuuta go home. She tells him that she’s going to visit a convenience store first before going home, and he decides to go with her since he was also planning to do some shopping. It turns out they’re both thinking of the same thing, because Haruto buys some ice creams while Yuuna grabs some sweets. xD Before going home, Yuuna asks Haruto if she couldn’t find the restaurant from ten years ago because of her blurry memories.. or because of another reason. Haruto falls into silence for a while, and then he answers it’s not her memories’ fault. She was his first customer, but also the last customer for his father’s restaurant. His father passed away a few days before her visit, and the restaurant was closed down after his death. The restaurant was then sold and got revamped into a different shop — that’s why she couldn’t find it anymore. Haruto enrolled to Murota Gakuen after that, and he was working in Italy until Ryuu and Nikichi came to recruit him five years ago. He wanted to become a great chef like his father, but somehow he feels that he’s drifting away from that goal.

However, Haruto thinks he made the right decision by returning to Japan. The moment he ate Yuuna’s curry, he feels that he’s starting to grasp what he wants to achieve. The curry was actually his father’s special curry, and Haruto smiles saying the curry Yuuna made was really delicious. Haruto then walks Yuuna back to the dorm, and Yuuna realized that Arcobaleno is on a different direction — he went out of his way just to take her home. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Cooking Test 3
Theme: “Pasta” Haruto’s Recipe: Open Ravioli with Scallops

Cooking Test 4
Theme: “Risotto” Haruto’s Recipe: Seafood Saffron Risotto

Summer Festival

In the summer festival, Haruto is busy walking around buying food from all the stands. Yuuna is shocked to see him with a mountain of takoyaki, okonomiyaki, grilled squid and sausages in one hand, plus some choco bananas on another hand.. but he tells her not to worry. He didn’t put any sweets on the food mountain, so the tastes won’t get mixed. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ As if the food he’s carrying isn’t enough already, Haruto is also interested in the tortoise shell candy Kaname bought for Yuuna. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ For the courage test, Yuuna draws Haruto’s name in the lottery. Kaname asks her to scream loudly if anything happens, and when Yuuna answers it’s alright because she’s with Haruto, Kaname replies that’s exactly why he’s worried. xD

Even though Haruto doesn’t look interested, he points the flashlight towards Yuuna’s feet so she won’t trip in the dark. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* This is Haruto’s first time taking a courage test, and so he doesn’t know how to enjoy it. When Yuuna explains that it’s similar to a haunted house, he laughs saying he might scream in surprise. Haruto then asks if she wants to take the test with someone else — thinking being with him must be boring — but Yuuna answers that she actually wanted to pair up with him. He blushes and admits that he was wishing for the same thing, and though it’s a little late.. he says she looks good in her yukata. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Yuuna also blushes and can’t look him straight in the face, but she feels really happy to walk beside Haruto through the mountain path. ♡(。→∀←。)

After working with Haruto for almost two months, Yuuna can understand him and his habits much better than before. He’s really surprised when she cuts and prepares the lemons even before he asked her, but then he smiles saying he’s glad to have her around. Haruto wants to see Yuuna’s current skills as well, so he puts her in charge of their dinner today. After work, Yuuna makes spaghetti alla bolognese and minestrone for everyone.. and Haruto admits he’s surprised to see her improving this much. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Yuuna feels really happy when Haruto praises her cooking skills, but since everyone and especially Haruto eats a LOT.. after dinner Nikichi reveals that their dinner budget has increased ever since Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta started working in Arcobaleno. However, Nikichi doesn’t want to ask money from them or stop giving them free dinner. In fact, he has a wonderful plan to take care of their financial crisis — sending Haruto to a pizza-eating contest! (゚∇゚ノノ”☆パチパチ It’s an event to celebrate Venice Garden’s 5th anniversary, and the winner will receive 1,000,000 yen as the reward. Yuuna thinks Haruto is going to refuse since he’s spacing out in silence, but that’s only until he answers that he’ll participate. For food, obviously. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Kaname reminds them that professional food fighters might join the contest too, and Haruto calmly asks if he should he give his all instead of “holding back” like usual. H-Holding back..? Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ

On Sunday, everyone goes to watch the contest in Venice Garden. Shogo comes and greets them before the contest start, teasing Yuuna by asking if she’s having a date with Haruto. xD After Shogo leaves them, Haruto asks if Yuuna is on friendly terms with Shogo.. and he looks relieved when she says no. Shogo is only following Yuuna around hoping to get a scoop, and Haruto asks her to tell him if Shogo is troubling her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Fuuta and a staff from Estremo are participating in the contest as well, but of course they don’t stand a chance against Haruto and his blackhole stomach. Estremo is providing the pizzas and Basiglio made sure they put a LOT of toppings, but knowing nobody can win against Haruto, he cheats by providing smaller pizzas for his staff. It doesn’t matter though, since Haruto calmly eats everything as the other participants are fainting one by one. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ With the total record of 15 pizzas, Haruto magnificently wins the contest. He already promised Nikichi to promote their restaurant during the interviews, so he mentions Arcobaleno’s name in every sentence he says LOL. Nikichi is only willing to give 10,000 yen to him, but Haruto doesn’t mind since he’s already satisfied with all the free pizzas he ate today. xD

That night, Haruto stops Yuuna before she goes home. He gives her a paper bag, and she’s surprised to find a pair of cute espresso cups inside. She was looking at the cups when they visited a sundries wagon earlier, but she couldn’t buy them because they cost 10,000 yen — way too expensive for a pair of cups. Haruto noticed that Yuuna really wanted the cups, and so he used his prize money to buy the cups for her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ When Yuuna says today was really fun, Haruto wishes he can express his emotions better.. but she says his feelings are reaching them as well. They know he enjoyed the event as much as they did, and he smiles saying she might be right. Back at home, Yuuna carefully places the cups in her kitchen. It’s the first time Haruto ever gave her a present, and she wants to treasure them.

Cooking Test 5
Theme: “Meat / Fish” Haruto’s Recipe: Scorpion Fish Aquapazza

On the next day off, Yuuna visits Arcobaleno and finds the kitchen empty. She finds Haruto’s phone lying on the counter and it suddenly starts ringing, so she takes it and searches for him upstairs. Yuuna finds the door to Haruto’s room half-opened, and she’s about to call him when she sees him changing inside. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Afraid that Haruto’s phone might ring again, Yuuna puts it in front of his room and quietly walks away before he caught her peeking. She notices that he’s wearing something around his neck, though she could only wonder what it is. Haruto comes out of his room just before Yuuna leaves, and he thanks her for delivering his phone all the way upstairs. He notices that she’s red in the face, but since he doesn’t know the reason, he thinks she might have caught a cold. xD Yuuna quickly says she’s fine, and she leaves the restaurant after that — trying to erase Haruto’s naked back from her mind. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Cooking Test 6
Theme: “Dolce / Dessert” Haruto’s Recipe: Pear Compote

A few weeks later, Haruto invites Yuuna to visit Venice Garden together. He treats her lunch in a bar, and he thinks her portion is really light.. which is probably true, considering he eats a monstrous portion for lunch too. Haruto says his lunch portion is “small” though, and Yuuna is wondering how can his stomach fit all of those food. Her question reminds him of the time he spent in Napoli, because he often got scolded for eating too much. Realizing that she doesn’t know much about Haruto’s time in Italy, Yuuna asks if he’s willing to share about what kind of work he did there. Haruto then explains that his father trained in Napoli a long time ago, and he decided to work in the same restaurant. He didn’t want to mention his father’s name, so he just walked to the restaurant asking to be employed.

It was difficult for foreigners to get a job without using any connections, so obviously Haruto was rejected and got chased out. He didn’t give up though, and he told the owner he doesn’t need any payment — he only wanted to study in their kitchen. Haruto couldn’t rent a room nor buy any food since he didn’t have money, but then the owner allowed him to live in their attic and use the restaurant’s ingredients to make his own meals. He’s been eating a lot ever since, and the owner was frustrated while his cooking teacher only laughed. Eventually the owner employed Haruto as an official staff, and Haruto’s life gradually grew better from there. Yuuna wonders if she can train in Italy too, and he says it’s not that difficult to do. In fact, it might be easier for her since she already did a similar thing by asking Arcobaleno to employ her lol. He tells her to consult with him if she’s planning to train in Italy, and he’ll teach her everything she needs to know. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。*

Ever since Haruto’s victory interviews got aired on TV, Arcobaleno has been flooded with his fangirls. Ryuu is afraid that he might quit to become a food fighter, but of course Haruto won’t quit cooking. At the same time, Yuuna is starting to grow a different feeling for Haruto. During lunchtime, Kiyo visits Arcobaleno and asks Yuuna about the chef’s recommendation. From her detailed explanation, Kiyo can see that Yuuna really understands Haruto.. and she thinks it’s a good chance for Haruto to break out of his shell, because a chef will change the moment they find someone who loves and understands them. Yuuna blushes upon hearing this, and Kiyo’s words stuck in her mind all day. In the evening, Haruto asks Yuuna to help cooking his porcini risotto for the customers. Yuuna knows it’d be difficult for her to duplicate Haruto’s taste, but later on she hears the customers praising her cooking. While it’s a bit different from Haruto’s, Yuuna’s food is good enough to become one of Arcobaleno’s trademarks.

After work, Haruto praises Yuuna for doing a good job. He doesn’t have any intentions to take her as an apprentice, but she’s the only one he can trust with his recipes. When Haruto asks her to keep working with him from now on, Yuuna is really moved and cries happy tears. He looked really troubled when she first came to Arcobaleno, so she never expected to receive such words from him. Before they eat dinner, Aika comes in and asks if she can celebrate her father’s upcoming birthday here. She’s been saving her allowance just for the event, but sadly it’s not enough to pay for a night course. Even though Ryuu is willing to help, both Nikichi and Haruto are against the idea. They can’t let their business be affected by emotions after all.

Feeling sorry for Aika, Yuuna then asks if they can make a less expensive special course that doesn’t cost more than Aika’s savings. They might have to refuse if they can’t think of a good meal course, but she doesn’t want to turn down Aika’s request without doing anything. Haruto notices that Yuuna looks really sad, so he decides to help.. and thankfully Haruto’s decision is enough for Nikichi to give it a shot. They have a discussion about the menu during dinner, and they decide to use ingredients which can be bought with minimum cost. Haruto tells Yuuna it’s a challenge since they have to cook high-quality food with cheap ingredients, but she’s ready to do her best for Aika’s sake.

On Sunday night, Aika comes to Arcobaleno with Masashi for his birthday dinner. Masashi is worried that his daughter is troubling them, but Kaname assures him that Aika already paid for the reservation. After they’re done serving the main dishes, Yuuna and Haruto deliver Fuuta’s dessert pizza — with bananas and chocolate topping — and wish Masashi a happy birthday. Aika then congratulates her father too, and she says that even though her mother is no longer here, she’ll celebrate his birthday every year so he won’t feel lonely. Masashi thanks her for the wonderful present, saying it makes him the happiest person in the entire world. Back in the kitchen, Haruto quietly mumbles about how one can’t cook delicious food or run a comfortable restaurant without knowing what love feels like. When Yuuna asks what he’s referring to, he smiles saying Masashi and Aika remind him of his childhood.

Before Yuuna goes home, Haruto tells her he wants to talk and takes her to the seaside park. They’re both glad that Masashi and Aika are happy, and he says it’s all thanks to her. Without her suggestion, they might really refuse Aika’s request. By watching Masashi and Aika earlier, Haruto finally remembered what he’s really trying to achieve. Haruto then tells Yuuna that just like Aika, he grew up without his mother and always celebrated birthdays only with his father. He used to harbor ill feelings towards his mother, who abandoned her family for work, but his father always said his restaurant can be successful because of her. She was the one who taught him how to love, and his love for her allowed him to love his customers as well. Haruto has always been wondering why he’s drifting away from his father’s image, and now he can find the answer thanks to Yuuna — it’s because he doesn’t know love. When Haruto smiles at her, Yuuna thinks about how she wants to stay with him and see that smile forever. (*´∀`*)

On September 25, Yuuna’s class ends earlier than usual. She decides to spend time in Venice Garden before going to work, and there she meets Basiglio again. At first Basiglio is still trying to hit on her, but he quickly gives up when Yuuna refuses to have tea with him. He can see that she’s really enjoying her time in Arcobaleno, but there’s one thing he wants to confirm — how does she feel towards Haruto? Yuuna answers her feelings for Haruto is only admiration and respect, though Basiglio knows she’s lying because she doesn’t want to trouble Haruto. She’s afraid that her feelings will only become a burden for him, so she decides to keep it hidden.

That evening, Masashi comes to have dinner with Aika. He notices that Arcobaleno now feels more warm and lively because of Yuuna’s presence, and Haruto also says hiring Yuuna was the right decision. She was inexperienced and confused at first, but now she can support him properly even when he doesn’t say anything. Nikichi teases Haruto by saying if he’s accepting Yuuna, and Haruto asks him to stop teasing them while Yuuna is spacing out beside them — touched by the praises she receives today. Fuuta is cooking Japanese dishes for their dinner tonight, and noticing Haruto’s excitement, Yuuna asks if he wants to eat her home cooking. Of course her cooking skills can’t rival his, but she wants to make different cuisines for him. Like Japanese or Chinese. Haruto is surprised that Yuuna is willing to cook for him, and he thanks her saying he’s looking forward to eat her home cooking. However, Yuuna quickly regrets her own words. She’s afraid that deep inside, Haruto might actually feel troubled.

After dinner, Yuuna goes to help Haruto wash the dishes. He was about to put a pot back on the top rack when suddenly a steel pot falls down from above.. and hits his right hand pretty hard. Haruto insists that he’s alright, but since Yuuna and Fuuta know he’s forcing himself, he goes to the hospital the next morning. Luckily it’s not a fracture, but his wrist is sprained and needs two weeks to recover. The doctor strictly warned him not to work until then, so Haruto won’t be able to cook for the next two weeks. Haruto is really upset because Nikichi and Ryuu will have to close Arcobaleno until he recovers, but Yuuna and Fuuta volunteer to replace him in the kitchen. They’re always working beside him all this time, so they should be able to do it if he guides them directly. Sadly both Nikichi and Kaname are against the idea, because students like them won’t be able to replace the main chef for the whole two weeks. Nikichi also finds it unlikely for Haruto to make such a careless mistake, and Haruto apologizes saying he couldn’t concentrate lately.

Just then Basiglio walks into the office, wondering why Arcobaleno is closed today. When he learned about what happened, Basiglio immediately tells Haruto that he wants to take Yuuna to Estremo — surprising both of them. If Haruto is asking Yuuna to stay here until he recovers, it would be the same as putting restrictions on her. Nikichi also thinks they can’t force Yuuna to stay with them, but Haruto then stops them and says he doesn’t want to let her go. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Even if his hand can’t move and they might have to close for a while, Yuuna is his apprentice and he won’t hand her to anyone. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ Touched by his words, Yuuna turns down Basiglio’s offer because she loves Arcobaleno. She doesn’t want to work in other restaurants, so Basiglio sighs and gives up for good. Yuuna then chases Basiglio when he leaves Arcobaleno, just to tell him that he was right. She respects Haruto as a chef, but at the same time, she also loves him as a man. Basiglio smiles saying he’s glad to hear that, since expressing one’s feelings honestly is important to master Italian cuisine. She won’t be able to cook properly if she keeps hiding her feelings, and the same goes to Haruto.

After that, Haruto suggests opening Arcobaleno only at night for the next two weeks. Yuuna can replace him in the kitchen, while Fuuta will assist her. Everyone thinks it’s a nice idea, and Yuuna gladly accepts when Haruto says she’s the only one who can take his place. There’s nothing to worry about because Haruto is staying with them in the kitchen, and so both Yuuna and Fuuta do their best to replace him that night. As Haruto stands beside her giving guidance, Yuuna realized that she might already be in love with him since ten years ago.. and she puts all of her feelings into her cooking. On 9 PM, Kiyo comes to order an aquapazza directly from Yuuna. The request makes her really nervous, but she perfectly remembers how to cook it — because it’s Haruto’s specialty. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Even though it tastes different than Haruto’s, Kiyo is really impressed with the result. Yuuna’s aquapazza is simple and warm, and definitely won’t put shame to any restaurant’s name. Haruto has raised Yuuna into a fine chef, and Kiyo asks him to treasure his “apprentice” forever.

Two weeks later, Haruto finally receives the doctor’s permission to return to work. He’s been roaming around Arcobaleno’s kitchen holding back the urge to cook, but he can start cooking again today. He expresses his gratitude to everyone for covering his absence, and especially to Yuuna — who’s been working really hard to replace him. Haruto then holds out his hand to thank her, but before she could even touch it, Yuuna’s sight suddenly blurs and she faints due to fatigue. When she opens her eyes, Yuuna finds herself in Haruto’s room. She soon notices that something is lying on her chest, and she takes a closer look to find a necklace.. with the blue glass bead she gave him ten years ago as the pendant. Just then Haruto enters the room, and he apologizes for making her work too hard during the last two weeks, but she assures him that she’s fine now. When Yuuna asks him about the necklace, Haruto smiles saying she was right. The glass bead really brought a good thing for him — their encounter and reunion. Haruto wasn’t sure if a good thing will really happen, but he could never throw the glass bead away.. because deep inside, he was hoping that Yuuna will really come to find him again.

Haruto then admits that he’s been forcing himself to think that Yuuna is only his coworker and apprentice, believing that she’s not looking at him as a man. It was the reason why he couldn’t concentrate properly, but he can’t erase his feelings after all: “I love you.. You taught me how to love. Is it okay for me to feel this way..?” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Yuuna tells Haruto that she feels the same, and she admits that she’s been having similar thoughts too. Haruto asks if he can kiss her, and when Yuuna nods, he leans down to kiss her in bed. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ He says this is the first time he ever touched someone this way, and he wants to feel her more. Haruto also asks Yuuna not to leave, because he won’t be able to go on without her. They’re about to kiss again when suddenly they hear footsteps coming closer.. and Ryuu walks in on them. xD He quickly apologizes and excuses himself, but his expression changes to (*≧∀≦*) as he runs off to tell everyone what he just saw. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ Haruto blushes as he tries to shut Ryuu up, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out lol.

In April, Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta keep working in Arcobaleno after their graduation. Haruto is now putting Yuuna in charge of half of his recipes, and she’s happily working beside him in the kitchen. He invites her to go out on their next day off, and she says flower-viewing might be nice since the season is getting warm. He knows a nice park near an Italian restaurant he wants to visit, and they make a date plan together before having lunch. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haruto and Yuuna always spend their days off eating in different restaurants, so everyone thinks both of them will definitely get fat someday. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Fuuta wants to spend his day off eating delicious food too, but since they can’t disturb the happy couple.. Nikichi wonders if the four of them should go flower-viewing together — creeping poor Kaname out. xD Yuuna then says she’s making a new dessert for everyone today, and when Haruto asks about his share, she answers she already prepared five portions for just for him. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

I know Haruto’s route will feel special since he’s the main guy, but I totally didn’t expect it to be so adorable. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Haruto might seem cold at first, but he slowly warms up after seeing Yuuna’s improvements. During his confession and the kiss scene after that, I was 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ-ing so bad I could barely pay attention to the following scenes. Haruto also has those blue eyes I love, so it was really hard for me to stop staring at him. I find his blackhole of a stomach cute too. Especially in the extra 4-koma, where he quietly steals Ryuu’s popcorn until it’s completely gone. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥


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  1. The 4-koma with him stealing Ryu’s popcorn is one of my favorites, especially since he already has a ginormous popcorn tub to begin with xD

    Haruto is my favorite out of all the guys :> I really like stories in which the heroine meets someone from their past again after a long absence. Plus I really love Tachibana’s Haruto voice <3

    Who are you planning on doing next?

    • It’s my favorite too. I love how Haruto empties Ryuu’s popcorn box and pulls out another ginormous “backup” popcorn tub in the end. xD

      I’ve just finished Nikichi, but the review will have to wait until I can edit the post properly lol. Haruto is still my favorite so far, but I have to admit Nikichi came pretty close in 2nd place. ♥ I’m planning to start on Ryuu’s route tomorrow.

      • Oh I liked Ryu too, though it does take a while to be able to see him as a potential love interest. Its hard to see him as a man when he’s usually so silly xD But its better in his versus route, I guess because he’s more serious there.

        But its easier to see him as one than it is for Fuuta =_= The one route I’ve never replayed…

        • I’m in his 3rd event now, and I can see what you mean. It takes time, but he’s growing on me somehow despite all the silliness and gags. :3 ..and LOL, it seems like everyone who have played Arcobaleno dislikes Fuuta. xD

          • Haha I’m not surprised. His voice is annoying and in general he’s just…ugh =_=

            But I’m curious to see what your thoughts on him are. Will you join the club of we Fuuta haters? xD

  2. Haha, poor Ryuu, having his popcorn stolen xD
    I was extremely touched when I read Haruto bought the cups just for Yuuna. Especially since they cost 10, 000 yen Σ(゚д゚lll)That’s really expensive LOL. OTL
    I’m also extremely jealous of Ryuu for being able to eat so much, and yet still remain so skinny. TEACH ME YOUR SKILLS HARUTO-SAMA QwQ
    The confession scene was cute too \(//∇//)\ The fact that he kept the blue glass bead is just so sweet, and that kiss… Hehe, I’m jealous of Yuuna~ ♪( ´▽`)
    One complaint I have for this is… WHY NO MARRIAGE SCENE QAQ MARRY ME HARUTOOOOOOOOO (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    • Bahh, did I say Ryuu? I meant Haruto!! Σ(゚д゚lll)Sorry for the mix up, I think my fever is getting to me OTL

    • Yesss he used his prize money just to make her happy. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
      I hope they use that pair cup in the future, because it’s just too asjdasjdkjsd adorable. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Yuuna did mention the espresso cups are Italian, so yeah they’re bloody expensive LOL. Before we can learn how to eat so much and still remain so slim, I think we need to figure out a way to put a blackhole in our stomach first. 8D

      I’m really spoiled with all the wedding / baby endings in otome games, so I admit I feel a bit sad that Arcobaleno doesn’t go that far.. but in the end everything is just so cute, so I’ll let it slide. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Oh, and I didn’t connect the dots in the post.. but the necklace Yuuna saw when Haruto was changing? That was her blue glass bead. xD

      • Haha, that would be sweet! 8D
        Blackhole, I’m not sure but after I leave the place where I eat I start to feel hungry again xD
        Yeah, it’s quite sad isn’t it? But then again, like you said it’s cute, and I think it’s also nice and simple. Though a marriage scene would be nice anyway /shot
        Ohhh, that makes sense now ^^; During the confession scene I was wondering “Now where did that blue bead suddenly appear? Never seen him actually wear it” xD but it’s sweet that he wore it even after ten years 萌えええー\(//∇//)\
        I wish Arcobaleno had a fandisk. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about Arcobaleno fandisk. QwQ Then we could get the marriage scenes I am begging for ヽ(;▽;)ノ Gahh, Otomate, work on a fandisk NOW~~~ >_<

        • Sadly Otomate never makes any FDs for their cooking games.. ; v ;
          Probably because FDs are usually sweeter, lighter counterparts of the original game, and cooking games don’t need them since they’re already light and sweet to begin with. I’d rather have the marriage scenes included as the true epilogue, but lol I can only imagine and draw my own Arcobaleno wedding scenes. ヽ(;▽;)ノ I hope Otomate makes cooking games again in the future, and next time please go all the way to the wedding lol. I’d probably get killed for this, but I would take a cooking game over a demon-themed one. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

          • No fandisk? QAQ I get your point, and I myself cannot really say much about fandisks generally from lack of experience. OTL Especially since my first FD will be AMNESIA Later which I’m excited for xD
            Haha, wouldn’t Haruto look awesome in a white tux? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ With a bouquet of flowers too, he’d look like a really Prince Charming ♡ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* And add in a white horse!! XD Sorry, my mind is going crazy over possibilities. There was potential \(QAQ)/
            It would be pleasant to see something light and sweet cooking games. I’d actually prefer this over demon-themed games too /stares at Hanaoni/ Except maybe BLACK WOLVES SAGA, but that’s totally different since it’s about wolves right? XD

          • Ooh, I’m looking forward to Amnesia Later too.. though I probably won’t play it on time. 8D Did you just read my mind? Because I was thinking Haruto would look so princely in a white tux, riding a white horse at the same time. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ I’m eternally biased to any blond hair x blue eyes characters, and they will always look princely in my eyes. xD

            Black Wolves Saga is quite fresh actually, since it’s an original fantasy. Demons, on the other hand, are mostly historical and / or adaptations of something else. I know demon-themed games are selling well in Japan, but to be honest.. I’m getting sick of them. I wanna see a new theme. Anything other than demons. ;__;

          • Haha, I’m also biased towards blonde characters~ xD
            Yeah, something fresh like BWS, I’m totally looking forward to it as well~ I’m looking forward to so many games though I can’t my hands on all of them xD But I guess business is business, whichever department is getting the most profit, they’re probably likely to stick to that D: But it would be nice to see née stuff, like… Flowers-turning-men LOL. XD I just happened to pass by a bunch of flowers, so that idea popped up in my mind XD

          • An otome game revolving around flowers / flower shop actually sounds nice. 8D Some days ago I was discussing with a friend about an otome game based on Chinese food, which sounds just as tempting as Arcobaleno.. so we’re sort of hoping Otomate will develop more cooking games in the future. No matter how thin that hope is. xD;

  3. Haruto… he is so adorable,I am glad he opened up quite fast ^^ I really want to smack the guys who are cold till the middle of the story. (I can’t stand it xD)

    Blue eyes -> checked
    Silver hairs -> checked
    Can cook -> checked
    A cute blushing face -> checked
    Immediately he becomes my fav xD

    Btw the picture you posted…my stomach grumble only by looking it. Open Ravioli with Scallops –> want to eat that lol.

    • Considering the game’s length, he needs to open up pretty fast or else it’d feel really late. xD Haruto’s hair x eye color combination is one of the reasons why I love him too, though it’s mainly because of his past with Yuuna. (*´∀`*) Yeah the open ravioli looks so delicious, as well as Kaname’s penne all’arrabbiata. xD

      Oh btw, even if you didn’t log in.. as long as you’re using the same e-mail, Gravatar will still record your information. x3

  4. Ahhh I feel so late at commenting here, is it okay? xD;

    Anyway, I find Mr. Spring Eggplant’s black hole stomach really interesting, but aside from that, I like his character development. Plus Yuuna is not oblivious here since she feels the same for him and I find that a good thing.

    • There’s a bunch of chibi CGs of him eating a mountain of food for dinner. One of them being the CG I used for the VS routes post. 8D As a heroine, I don’t think Yuuna is that oblivious really. She might let hints fly over her head, but when it comes to her own feelings, she realized it pretty quick. So no drama over “I don’t know how I feel” crap here. xD

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