Arcobaleno! – Komatsu Ryuunosuke

I love Ryuu as a character, and it’s really nice to hear Hino doing a non-yandere character for once. My expectations were pretty low, but Ryuu’s route is actually better than I expected. ♥

Ryuunosuke, or Ryuu for short, is the owner of Arcobaleno. Five years ago, he uses his late grandfather’s inheritance to open Arcobaleno with Nikichi. Despite being a lethal chef, Ryuu is under the idea that he’s a genius in cooking. Instead of staying in the office and do his job, he keeps developing chaotic new dishes or even changing their management policies as he likes. He’s a lovable troublemaker though, and his personality is one of Arcobaleno’s trademarks.

Cooking Test 1
Theme: “Antipasto / Appetizer” Ryuu’s Recipe: Sashimi Rice Salad

A week after Yuuna started working in Arcobaleno, Ryuu greets her in the morning with his new creation — a panna cotta. Yuuna is reluctant because she already tasted Ryuu’s nasty squid pasta before, but Fuuta gladly eats the delicious-looking dessert.. and faints after saying it tastes sweet, spicy and grainy at the same time. Σ(・д・ ;) Ryuu cries saying he didn’t put in anything weird, but then he admits mixing sugar, wasabi and red bean paste — it’s a delicate mix between Japanese and Italian! \(^o^)/ Needless to say Ryuu got slapped by Nikichi for doing something that might ruin Fuuta’s sense of taste LOL. Haruto also asks Ryuu not to use their customers as his guinea pigs, since he doesn’t want people to mistake his cooking with Ryuu’s experiments. xD As Ryuu runs away in tears, Haruto warns Fuuta NOT to eat Ryuu’s cooking ever again. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

In the evening, Ryuu comes to the kitchen and helps Yuuna washing the dishes. Even though Ryuu is the owner, washing the dishes used to be his duty before Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta came to Arcobaleno. Haruto and Nikichi would get angry if he touches the ingredients or even their PC, so that’s the only thing he’s allowed to do. Noticing that Ryuu looks sad, Yuuna says washing dishes is an important job too. The restaurant won’t be able to run if all the plates are dirty. Her words instantly cheers him up, and after they’re done washing everything, she asks for the reason why he decided to open Arcobaleno. Ryuu explains that he went to Italy during his school days, and he was amazed at the warm, friendly atmosphere of the restaurants. He couldn’t even speak their language, but he felt so relaxed and welcomed there. Ryuu wanted to create the same thing, so he bought the place, built Arcobaleno and recruited Nikichi to help him run the business. Eventually Haruto came to join them, and Ryuu thinks both of them as his precious partners. Arcobaleno is now more lively thanks to Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta, and he really enjoys working together with them.

After work, Ryuu throws a welcoming party for Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta. As they eat sushi together on the second floor, Ryuu says it would be nice if they all can live here in Arcobaleno with him. Of course Yuuna is included, and Kaname raises a protest since it’s just dangerous for her to live under the same roof with five men. xD Nikichi also says they’ll run out of energy if they’re being this noisy everyday, but they can see that he’s enjoying the lively atmosphere as well. After dinner, Ryuu walks Yuuna, Kaname and Fuuta to the street outside. Ryuu stops Yuuna before she leaves, but then he says it’s nothing and asks her to come again tomorrow. He watches them walk away until they disappear from his sight, and she notices that he looks lonely. (´・ω・`)

Cooking Test 2
Theme: “Pizza” Ryuu’s Recipe: Beef Carpaccio Pizza

On July 26, Yuuna and Fuuta baked some croissants during cooking class. They’re planning to go to Arcobaleno and share them with everyone, but Shogo suddenly comes to greet Yuuna just before they leave Murota Gakuen. Recently he found a big secret behind Arcobaleno, and today he came here to share the secret with her — Arcobaleno is actually on mortgage. They have a debt, and the restaurant is the collateral. Shogo asks if she wants to know the reason behind the debt, but since Yuuna only stays quiet, he asks her to contact him if she finds more information. Shogo says he’s expecting a good report from her, then he leaves before Yuuna can even protest. They’re all wondering if they should ask Nikichi, Ryuu or Haruto about this, but in the end they decide to keep quiet since it’s not something they can ask so easily.

That night, Yuuna goes to take a break in the office past dinner time. She finds Haruto playing with Aika inside, and Aika says she came by herself today because Masashi is still at work. It turns out Aika is teaching Haruto how to draw since he terribly sucks, which really makes him down saying he doesn’t have any skills other than cooking. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Since Haruto is both exhausted and depressed, Yuuna then plays with Aika and sets the poor guy free LOL. After Yuuna helps her with homework, Aika asks her to visit Venice Garden together. She’s been wanting to visit the theme park, but Masashi never takes her there. Yuuna answers that she can’t go out since she’s still at work right now, and she promises to take Aika there on her day off.. but Aika cries thinking Yuuna is just the same as Masashi. He’s always busy working until late hours everyday, and he won’t play with her even on his days off. Before Yuuna can explain anything, Aika sulks and runs off to the second floor.

Just then Ryuu comes into the office to play with Aika, and he chuckles when Yuuna tells him what happened. She apologizes for being too harsh on Aika, but he says it’s alright because they can’t listen to Aika’s wishes all the time. Ryuu then admits it’s hard for him to be strict on Aika, because he understands her loneliness. When Ryuu says Aika probably won’t visit them as often once she grows up and finds a boyfriend, Yuuna laughs saying she’d feel lonely too when that time comes. Realizing that the croissants are still in her bag, Yuuna then takes them out and gives them to Ryuu. He’s really excited to receive her handmade croissants, but he’s clearly disappointed when she asks him to share them with Nikichi and Haruto. (´・ω・`) Ryuu quickly says it’s nothing though, and Yuuna asks him to take care of Aika since her break time is over.

An hour later, Masashi comes to Arco right when Yuuna puts up the “closed” sign outside. He just returned from work, and he’s here to pick up his daughter. When Yuuna tells him Ryuu is happy whenever Aika comes to visit, Masashi smiles saying Aika can be that healthy because of Ryuu. After asking Yuuna to keep it a secret from Aika, Masashi explains that his daughter was actually born with a deadly disease. An expensive surgery was necessary to save her life, and Ryuu helped them to pay for the surgery.. by taking a mortgage loan with Arcobaleno as the collateral. Masashi was really surprised because Ryuu and him had never met before, and yet Ryuu was willing to go that far just to save Aika. Their conversation is also heard by Kaname and Fuuta, and Kaname admits he’s worried that Ryuu’s kindness will only trouble him someday. Masashi laughs upon hearing this, and he says it would be nice if Ryuu can find a reliable wife who can support him in the future. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Soon Aika comes out from the restaurant, and she apologizes to Yuuna for sulking and being selfish earlier. Yuuna also apologizes that she couldn’t play with Aika, who then happily goes home after they promised to play together next time. Later on, Ryuu tells Yuuna that Aika was really happy when Yuuna helped her to do her homework. Ryuu quietly says he loves women who are good at taking care of other people like Yuuna, and when Yuuna goes Σ(〃д〃), he blushes saying he doesn’t mean anything weird. He only thinks it would be nice if he can have a wife like her. (❤ฺ→艸←) He panics because it sounds 100% weird, but she tells him it’s okay. She also thinks he’s a wonderful person for loving and taking care of children. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ When Yuuna reveals that she already knew about Arcobaleno’s debt, Ryuu assures her that they’re paying off the debt each month.. so she doesn’t need to worry about Arcobaleno being forced to close down. Yuuna then wonders why he’s willing to go that far to save Aika, and after a long silence, Ryuu reluctantly answers that he can’t remember the reason anymore. He says he didn’t think too deeply back then, and he apologizes for being so absent-minded. Ryuu is laughing, but somehow Yuuna can feel that he’s hiding something..

Just before Yuuna goes home, Ryuu runs and hides in the dressing room before Nikichi pulls him out. Apparently Ryuu bought an expensive painting because he felt sorry for the painter, and Nikichi gives him a good paper fan slap for that LOL. He reminds Ryuu that they’re going to lose both their restaurant and their home if they can’t pay off the debt, and he orders Ryuu to return the painting now. (`・ω・´)キリッ Nikichi also asks Yuuna to help keeping an eye on Ryuu so he won’t waste money, and Kaname wonders if Arcobaleno is really going to be okay. As long as Ryuu is here, it seems like they’re going to be trapped in eternal debt. xD

Cooking Test 3
Theme: “Pasta” Ryuu’s Recipe: Ham Carbonara

Cooking Test 4
Theme: “Risotto” Ryuu’s Recipe: Risotto alla Milanese with Foie Gras

Two days before the summer festival, Yuuna is serving the customers in the evening. An old man asks her if “Tetsuo” is inside, and Yuuna is obviously confused until Ryuu comes to guide the old man inside — revealing that he’s actually the “Tetsuo” the old man is looking for. Feeling even more confused, Yuuna then asks Haruto if Ryuu’s grandfather often comes to eat here. Haruto explains that Ryuu’s late grandfather — the one who gave him the inheritance to build Arcobaleno — was the last relative he had, so the old man must be unrelated because Ryuu doesn’t have any blood relatives anymore. Haruto also mentions that the old man is a regular who always comes here to talk to Ryuu, and it seems like he’s under the idea that Ryuu is his grandson. They actually have quite a lot of regular customers who come just to see Ryuu, and he always keeps them company until they’re satisfied.

Before leaving, the old man asks if Yuuna wants to marry his “grandson”. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He says Arcobaleno feels like home to him, and he asks her to pass his gratitude to “Owner Komatsu” — which means he knows who Ryuu really is. Ryuu comes out right after the old man leaves, and when Yuuna admits she was surprised at first, he says blood relation isn’t necessary for him. The old man loves him and he feels the same, so they’re already a family. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Soon Aika comes with Masashi for dinner, and Aika says she wants to live in Arcobaleno. A lot of people always come to visit the restaurant, so she won’t feel lonely anymore. Of course Masashi goes Σ(・д・ ;) upon hearing this, but Ryuu then tells Aika not to leave his father alone or else he’d feel lonely. She can think of Arcobaleno as her home though, so she can come to visit them anytime.

After the closing hour, Shogo suddenly comes to Arcobaleno asking if he can write an article about them. Or rather, about Yuuna. Shogo then takes Ryuu to have a discussion outside, and Haruto finds this odd since he’s supposed to interview Yuuna — not Ryuu. He’s a bit worried since Shogo can be forceful when it comes to gathering materials, but Kaname thinks Shogo only wants to get Ryuu’s permission as the owner. Nikichi doesn’t mind either, since the article will become a free promotion method for them.. or will it? On the way back to the dorm, Yuuna tells Kaname and Fuuta that she actually feels bad. Arcobaleno’s owner is Ryuu, Nikichi is the one running the place, and their main feature is Haruto’s food.. and yet the article will feature her instead. Kaname tells her to be careful since they’re dealing with Shogo, but Yuuna wants to do her best if the article can bring more people to Arcobaleno.

The next day, Yuuna enters the sala to find Nikichi glaring at a terrified Ryuu. It turns out Ryuu actually refused to let Shogo interview Yuuna, and he apologizes to her in tears. When Nikichi forces him to explain the reason, Ryuu only says he did it for Yuuna’s sake. Then he runs off in tears and locks himself in the office, leaving her wondering about the meaning behind those words. Yuuna then goes looking for Ryuu upstairs, and when she finds him looking sad in the living room, she tells him that she doesn’t mind at all. She knows he must have a good reason for refusing the interview, and he’s really happy since it means she believes in him. Ryuu then explains that he refused because Shogo actually won’t really interview Yuuna, as the article’s contents has been decided right from the start. The article says she gains popularity just with her cute and cheerful personality, calling her “unskilled” and “inexperienced” as a chef. Shogo actually asked Ryuu to help persuading Yuuna to approve the article, and Ryuu refused since the article doesn’t even mention her hard work. While it’s true that Yuuna still needs to learn a lot, Ryuu won’t allow Shogo to write such an insulting article about her. He apologizes for not asking her first, but she’s happy that he cares about her that much. (*´∀`*)

Yuuna then takes Ryuu downstairs so they can explain what happened to everyone, but she suddenly slips on the stairs and he hugs her just before she falls down. Ryuu tells Yuuna to be careful when walking down the stairs, but he doesn’t let go even after she apologizes. He says it’s been a long time since he got angry at someone, and last night he was really pissed at Shogo. He didn’t know the reason, but now he’s starting to understand why. (❤ฺ→艸←) They return to the sala and explain what happened to everyone after that, and Fuuta wonders why both Ryuu and Yuuna are blushing. (〃゚艸゚):;* Despite their attempt to hide it, they can sense Kaname and Nikichi going ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) beside them LOL. After work, Ryuu walks Yuuna back to the dorm. He nervously says it’s really strange of him today to hug her like earlier, and they’re both blushing like tomatoes until he changes the subject. xD

Summer Festival

During the summer festival, Ryuu is blowing his money on the lottery. The fourth prize in a rare plamo of Jadou Senshi Gunbar, which is a “treasure” he’s been wanting to get ever since his childhood days, but he keeps drawing the last prize instead — packages of sour dried kelp lol. After wasting 2000 yen on the lottery, Ryuu begs Nikichi to get the plamo for him.. only to get rejected since lotteries are too risky. Games like ball darts only require accuracy, but drawing lottery is a matter of luck after all. (´・ω・`)ショボーン For the courage test, Yuuna draws Ryuu’s name from the lottery. He instantly turns (*≧∀≦*) and gets excited, but everyone is worried about her. Fuuta asks if Yuuna wants to take his dog along, Nikichi tells her to ignore Ryuu if he goes missing, and Haruto trusts the flashlight in her hands instead. xD Ryuu sadly mutters that nobody believes in him, but Yuuna tells him it’s okay because she trusts him. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

Surprisingly, Ryuu is really calm as he walks through the dark mountain path with Yuuna. She asks if he’s not scared, and he admits he doesn’t like attractions which are made to surprise you like the haunted house.. but he’s not afraid of real ghosts at all. A kind “ghost” guided him back when he got lost in a courage test a long time ago, and his fear towards them completely vanished ever since. Even though said “ghost” is probably a person wearing a ghost costume LOL. Ryuu then says Yuuna can depend on him today, and he blushes when she says she’s always relying on him — not just limited to today. Yuuna trips when something suddenly jumps out of the bushes and hits her leg, and Ryuu catches her as she falls down. She apologizes and asks if she’s heavy, and he says she’s not.. it’s just their current position is “dangerous” since she’s lying on top of him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Yuuna panics and hurts her hand when she tries to move away, so Ryuu decides to carry her princess-style towards the goal. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Cooking Test 5
Theme: “Meat / Fish” Ryuu’s Recipe: Diced Beef Sauté with Gorgonzola Sauce

On their next day off, Ryuu takes Yuuna to Venice Garden. The weather is really nice, so he wants to be alone with her today — which means it’s a date. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Ryuu says he will accompany Yuuna anywhere she wants to go, but he’s clearly terrified when she takes him to ride the gondola together. The moment they step onto the gondola, Ryuu immediately clings to Yuuna and turns pale. Everytime the gondola sways, he hugs her arm even tighter with his trembling hands and wonders how deep the river is. Despite his fear, Ryuu still shields Yuuna from the splashing water when their gondola roughly shakes, and Yuuna quietly blushes until Ryuu cries and panics thinking they’re going to fall. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When they finally get off the gondola, he apologizes for being uncool and admits that he actually can’t swim. Ryuu says he wanted to ride a gondola with her no matter what, and when Yuuna asks him not to force himself so hard, he says he received something good from the scary experience — he could cling to her all the time. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Ryuu describes her as “soft and smells nice”, and Yuuna blushes as she walks beside him.

The following week, Yuuna comes to Arcobaleno and hears chirping sounds from the second floor. It sounds really close — as if the birds are chirping just outside the windows — and she notices that the sounds are coming from Ryuu’s room. When Yuuna knocks on his door asking if there are any birds nearby, Ryuu quickly comes out saying there’s absolutely nothing in his room. She keeps staring at him until he blushes, and eventually he lets her come into his room after asking her to keep it a secret from everyone. Ryuu carefully guides Yuuna towards the window, where he shows her a pair of tiny sparrows sitting on his cabinet. It appears that he gives them food everyday, so they often come to play in his room. Nikichi will surely get angry if he finds out, but Ryuu can’t chase them out since the sparrows only need a little more time until they grow up and leave their nest. Yuuna tells Ryuu not to worry because she won’t tell anyone, and she also mentions that sparrows are usually very cautious of humans.. so Ryuu must be special to them. (*´∀`*) Ryuu smiles saying it would be nice if his feelings can reach the sparrows, and in a really small voice, he adds that he would be happy if his feelings can reach Yuuna as well. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Cooking Test 6
Theme: “Dolce / Dessert” Ryuu’s Recipe: Tiramisu with Berry Confit

On September 20, Yuuna meets Shogo on the way to Arcobaleno. After what happened last time, he tells her that a false article isn’t a big problem since it will still work as a promotion.. so he didn’t expect Ryuu to be so angry and pour ice water down his head. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ Of course Shogo noticed that Ryuu treasures Yuuna a lot — clearly seeing her as more than a part-time worker — and he leaves with a suspicious smile. When Yuuna asks Ryuu if what Shogo said is true, at first Ryuu tries to hide it.. but then he admits that it’s true. Recently, he seems to get angry easily when it comes to her. He actually feels bad and wants to apologize, though he’s not sure if Shogo will ever come to Arcobaleno again. Yuuna finds it a bit surprising that Ryuu can be so angry, but she can see that Ryuu will always be Ryuu. He got angry for her, not to mention he’s also worried if Shogo caught a cold because of what he did.

That evening, Haruto asks Yuuna to cook dinner for them. Ryuu suddenly pops out of the blue saying he wants to eat neapolitan, so Yuuna decides to make delicious neapolitan just for him. Ryuu blushes upon hearing this, and he happily runs off to inform everyone about their dinner tonight. (❤ฺ→艸←) However, Basiglio suddenly comes to Arcobaleno right by the closing hour. It turns out Shogo told Basiglio that Ryuu refused to let him interview Yuuna, and Basiglio rages at Ryuu for blocking Yuuna’s path towards the future. When Yuuna tries to explain the reason, Basiglio refuses to listen and says working in a restaurant like Arcobaleno won’t give her any benefits. He asks her to work for him instead, but she only asks him not to insult Arcobaleno. Ryuu is an important person who taught her that making the customers happy is as important as cooking delicious food, and Arcobaleno will always be the number one restaurant for her. She loves Arcobaleno, and she’s proud to work here. Basiglio only sighs, and he leaves after saying Estremo will always welcome Yuuna if she ever changes her mind.

While everyone is impressed by how Yuuna defends Arcobaleno, Ryuu only looks down and remains silent.. until they all realized that he’s actually crying. Everyone always tells him not to cause any problems and just stay still in the corner, so Ryuu never expected Yuuna to think of him as an important person. After running Arcobaleno for five years, her words are the ones that make him happy the most. Yuuna then admits that she was worried at first, but right now she’s really glad to have come here. When Yuuna says she feels grateful to him for giving her the chance to work in Arcobaleno, Ryuu loses all words and cries quietly.. and she hands her handkerchief to him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Haruto then says he’s hungry, and Nikichi asks Ryuu to stop crying already because Yuuna is going to cook his favorite neapolitan tonight. After that, Ryuu eats Yuuna’s neapolitan while still sobbing. When he smiles saying it’s delicious, she thinks he looks so radiant and eats her dinner feeling all ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ inside.

One week later, Yuuna goes to get a trash bag from the back door. She hears small foosteps like a kid’s, but since she doesn’t see anyone around her, she thinks it might only be a kid from the neighborhood. Just before Yuuna returns inside, she hears Nikichi and Ryuu talking about their monthly repayment nearby. Arcobaleno’s sales has been increasing thanks to Yuuna and her friends, so Nikichi wants to increase the amount of their repayment.. but Ryuu looks a bit reluctant. Ryuu soon notices Yuuna’s presence, and Nikichi leaves saying they’ll continue this discussion later. Yuuna apologizes for disturbing them, but Ryuu admits he’s actually relieved that she came. Even though it’d be better if they can pay off the debt as soon as possible, he says he doesn’t mind going at their usual pace. This reminds Yuuna that Ryuu gave her a very vague answer when she asked his reason for saving Aika, and knowing he can’t hide things from Yuuna forever, Ryuu finally decides to tell her everything.

After his parents passed away when he was small, Ryuu was taken in and grew up with his grandfather. The moment his grandfather died seven years ago, Ryuu realized that he already lost his only place to belong.. and he was really scared to live his life all alone, even though he knew he’s no longer a kid. Not too long after that, Nikichi suddenly quit college without saying anything to him. Ryuu was shocked and felt abandoned because they used to be really close, but then he realized that Nikichi must have a good reason for leaving college. Eventually Nikichi fell sick due to overworking, and upon learning that Nikichi was working to pay for his niece’s surgery, Ryuu thought that he needs to help them no matter what. Ryuu offered Arcobaleno to obtain the remaining amount of money, but he actually built Arcobaleno because he did want to run an Italian restaurant — not just to help Nikichi. He knew it’s impossible for him to manage the business alone, so he asked Nikichi for help.

Eventually Nikichi accepted his offer and Aika became healthy after the surgery, but recently Ryuu realized that he actually built Arcobaleno for himself. He always wanted a place where he can stay around people, and he’s really satisfied with his curent life.. because he doesn’t feel lonely anymore. (´;ω;`) Ryuu didn’t want to tell Yuuna thinking she would be disappointed in him, but Yuuna tells Ryuu that he’s a really kind person. Despite his initial reason for building Arcobaleno, the restaurant is giving happiness to a lot of people — both to the customers and the staff. Ryuu blushes saying he’s afraid that he has ruined Nikichi’s life, but he feels saved upon hearing Yuuna’s words. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Nikichi is actually listening in behind the door, and when they return inside, he tells Yuuna that he can safely leave Ryuu in her hands.

Just before lunchtime, Fuuta mentions that he saw Aika in front of the restaurant earlier. He’s wondering if Aika came to the office, but since Yuuna says she didn’t, he thinks he must have mistaken someone else for Aika. Well.. he didn’t. The footsteps Yuuna heard around the back door was actually Aika’s, and Yuuna gets a bad feeling because Aika just went home without even seeing them. Masashi takes Aika to Arcobaleno that night, but Aika looks like she’s about to cry. She also tries to say something to Yuuna, but in the end she stops herself and forces herself to smile — acting cheerful as if nothing is wrong.

After dinner, Ryuu informs everyone that he’s planning to start a “restaurant wedding” service in Arcobaleno. One of their customers suggested the idea to him, and he thinks Arcobaleno is perfect for small and homely wedding parties with around 20 guests. They might have to book the entire restaurant depending on the number of guests, but Nikichi agrees to give it a shot. If the wedding service can improve their sales, they can run the service permanently. Everyone thinks it’s actually a wonderful idea to challenge their skills, and Ryuu is delighted to hear their positive feedback. (*´∀`*) He already bought champagne glasses for champagne tower and some candles for the candlelight service, so he asks if they want to try.. but he obviously got scolded by Nikichi for buying stuff without asking. xD For now they need to put up a notice to inform the customers, and they’re going to take sample pictures on their next day off.

The next morning, Yuuna comes to work with Kaname and Fuuta. They’re all excited about the wedding service, but that’s only until they find a worried Ryuu running out of the back door. It turns out Aika has gone missing. Her teacher called Masashi since she doesn’t come to school today, and Masashi only found a letter saying “I’m sorry” when he returned home. Nikichi asks Ryuu to search for Aika since they can’t close Arcobaleno just because of this, and noticing that Yuuna wants to help, Kaname and Fuuta tell her to go with Ryuu — they’ll do their best to cover her absence. Ryuu and Yuuna spend the entire day searching for Aika only to find no clues, but when Ryuu asks if she knows any places Aika might want to visit, Yuuna suddenly remembers that Aika has been wanting to go to Venice Garden. They rush to the gondola river in Venice Garden, and that’s where they finally find her.

When Ryuu asks why she’s running away from them, Aika cries saying it’s because she feels guilty. Yesterday she came to play to Arcobaleno after school, but she overheard Nikichi and Ryuu talking about Arcobaleno’s debt. She was shocked upon learning that her surgery was the reason why they’re in debt, why Nikichi is so strict when it comes to money, and also why Masashi is always busy with work. Now that she already learned the truth, Aika feels bad for always troubling them with her selfish requests. However, Ryuu gently pats Aika’s head and asks her not to blame herself. Everything that she heard is true, but he actually feels grateful because saving her has brought him to Yuuna and everyone — their bond exists because of her. All they’re wishing for is for Aika to live her life to the fullest, enjoy all the things she does and stay in good health all the time. Aika starts crying again and apologizes for running away, but she finally smiles when Yuuna wipes her tears. They take her back to Arcobaleno after that, where they have dinner together with Masashi and Aika.

The following day, Nikichi shows his handmade flower decorations for the wedding service to Yuuna and asks for her opinion. Haruto already made a special wedding menu as well, and he wants her to try tasting them later. Yuuna then goes to see Ryuu upstairs, where he suddenly hands her a wedding dress and asks her to check if the size fits. She’s obviously surprised to receive the dress, so he blushes and explains that he wants the two of them to be the models for the sample pictures. Ryuu asks if she’s willing to accept the role, and when Yuuna says yes, he blushes again and shyly asks for her cooperation during the photo session tomorrow.萌え━゚+。*(pq>ω<*)゚+。*━ええっ

On September 30, Yuuna wears the white wedding dress and stands beside Ryuu — who’s also wearing a tuxedo — in front of Arcobaleno. Everyone goes (〃д〃) upon seeing Yuuna in a wedding dress, so much that they want to replace Ryuu as the groom model LOL. When Nikichi sets up the camera in front of them, Ryuu suddenly whispers into Yuuna’s ears: “Next time, please wear a real wedding dress for me..” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Yuuna is surprised by the sudden proposal, but then she answers when she wears a wedding dress again in the future, she wants to wear it for Ryuu. (❤ฺ→艸←) He happily wonders if he should go and see her parents after she graduates, and when Kaname asks what he’s talking about, he says it’s a secret between the two of them.

At noon, Masashi comes to Arcobaleno with Aika. Aika is really happy that Yuuna remembers her wish to ride a gondola in Venice Garden, and she thanks Yuuna saying she really loves her. (*´・ω・`*) Aika also admits that the first time they met, she thought her mother must be a warm person like Yuuna.. and she’s wishing to become a wonderful person like Yuuna when she grows up. After Aika left, Ryuu finds Yuuna crying alone in the sala — touched by Aika’s feelings — and she tells him that he’s surrounded by a lot of happiness. As Ryuu gently wipes her tears away, Yuuna feels glad to have fallen in love with him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

In April, Yuuna officially starts working in Arcobaleno with Kaname and Fuuta after graduating from Murota Gakuen. Arcobaleno holds their first restaurant wedding service by the end of the month, which ends with a big success — the happy couple and all the guests are happy with their service. After the party, Yuuna goes to the second floor looking for Ryuu and finds him sleeping in his room. She whispers “Good work, Ryuunosuke-san” and leans in to kiss his cheek.. but suddenly he pulls her on top of him and kisses her on the lips. ε-(*´∀`|萌| He was actually waiting for her to kiss him, but since she was about to kiss his cheek instead of lips, he says he wants a “sweeter reward” after working so hard for the wedding service. Yuuna then kisses him on the lips, but Ryuu says he wants a “bolder kiss” and locks her in his arms. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ He tells her that he wants to have a nice wedding party for them, and make a warm family together with her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Yuuna smiles upon hearing Ryuu’s wish, because she knows her life will always be happy with him.

I have to admit, my expectation for Ryuu’s route were rather low because it was hard to see him as a love interest at first.. and maybe because of his hairstyle as well. Now please let me scratch those words, since I actually loved this route a lot. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I end up loving Ryuu much more than I expected. Ryuu is a lonely man who only wants to stay around people, but I really love how he grew up to become a very kind person instead of weeping over that loneliness. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*


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  1. Ok yes finally got the stupid game ( can’t tell u how long it took and all of my delays) ok so I actually started with him first and he his route made my heart melt cuz it was just too sweet

      • I played a lot of games u recommended and loved them all… But I might have gotten lazy and skipped a few routes from time too time( guilty ) but I’m fixing my ways and am not touching my new one till the rest are finished

        • Oh. xD I recommend doing one game at a time, or maybe two if you want to do multiple games at the same time. Juggling too many games can be confusing since you’ll need to swallow different stories at the same time, not to mention you’ll finish them slower as well. :3

  2. I really liked Ryuu’s route because it was so sweet ♡ Even though like you said its hard to take him seriously as a man at first, he quickly grew on me. And his ending really surprised me, especially his voice! I think I like Hino Satoshi’s silly voice better than his yandere one ID

    • Yeah, that’s what happened to me too. xD It was hard to see Ryuu as a man at first because of all the lulzy scenes, but once his kindness shows through, he quickly grew on me. ♥ I was surprised by his ending too! Who knows Ryuu can be so sexy, especially since he uses a lower voice. (*/ω\*) Hino’s yandere voice actually creeps me out (esp. Wabisuke in Gekka Ryouran), so I’d take his silly voice anytime. 8D

  3. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ This is beautiful~~ Ryuu just overtook Nikichi and Kaname \(//∇//)\ I love Ryuu to bits after this, and his route is the closest to a “marriage scene” – even if it was a fake one. I’ll wear ANYTHING FOR YOU RYUU~~~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) And I love how they wrapped things up nicely about Aika.
    Overall Ryuu’s kind, sweet and cute personality wins me over (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Especially since he bought that painter’s expensive painting just because he felt sorry xD I hope Fuuta’s route will be good too~

    • I know right. I wish Haruto had this pretend marriage scene too.. ; v ;
      Ryuu is a really kind person, maybe even too kind for his own good, but that’s definitely his main charm. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ I was wondering why Aika only made minimum appearance in Nikichi’s route (even though she’s a key character plot-wise), but now I know why. She plays an important route here in Ryuu’s route instead. xD

      I’m sort of slacking off in Fuuta’s route now.. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I don’t mind his voice and his personality, but MY GOD his whining. /forces self to finish his route

  4. I always thought of ryuu as a lil wimpy and silly but after reading the route he really is a sweet guy and it makes me like him more. I still like nikichi more though. Cuz nikichi is the most awesome shota ossan ever lol.

    • I love Haruto and Nikichi more, but I will always have a soft spot for Ryuu. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Ryuu is adorable while Nikichi is awesome, their VS route will make me happy (because the kiss scenes are there) and break my heart at the same time. ;_____;

  5. お疲れーRyuu is so sweet and the scene where he assure the crying Aika that everything’s going to be okay made me go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ because I love kind and gentle guys orz.

    …The antenna on his hairstyle kinda reminds me of cockroach’s antenna though xD /slap

    • You’re not the only one, since there are at least two other people who said Ryuu’s antenna looks like a roach’s. Which makes him look like a cute, pink roach. xD Ryuu is really sweet, isn’t he? I was expecting him to be a goofy character, but he quickly grew on me because of that kindness. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

  6. Ah.. so when you said you are doing a route that everyone seems to dislike, is it Ryuu? Because I can figure it out why since he is so adorable (*´▽`*). Actually the first time I saw his design, I;m not so sure my self, his hairs are kinda weird but he is so cute ^^

    “Next time, please wear a real wedding dress for me..”
    Ah I’m melting in his words. ( ̄ー ̄)

    • Oh, most likely I was talking about Fuuta.. and speaking of Fuuta, I’m really dragging his route by progressing only one chapter a day. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Ryuu’s hairstyle was bothering me too, but in the end I don’t mind anymore since he’s really sweet lol.

    • What the heck?! My comment got cut off?!!! XD;;;


      What can I say? Just like him, I also have the tendency to buy stuff because of kindness. I find it embarrassing if I don’t purchase something. xD;; Then whenever he cries, I want to hug him and inside I protest by saying “Who made my pink cricket cry?! (@盆@) … TTATT” I want to see sensitive guys from time to time yep.

      Even though Ryuu doesn’t have the intelligence, he’s excellent at making the lively atmosphere at Arcobaleno. His kindness and dork side is enough for me. =//u//= Argh! I feel that I actually like both Ryuu and Nikichi. I can’t choose! @A@

      Another thing, Yuuna looks pretty in that wedding dress. (>u<)b

      • When commenting in WordPress, avoid using emoticons that involve > and < at the same time. Or else your comment might get eaten. 8D; I agree, Ryuu is a fool but he truly cares about people. That super kindness of his is a charm, but LOL I understand why everyone's worried about him being too kind and gets hurt because of it. xD

        I wish Hino would get more roles like this instead of yanderes. I love that gap between the usually silly Ryuu → sexy Ryuu in the end. :3

        • Ahhh… I’ll just go with the @u@ family from now on just to be safe. |D

          Yes, they should make him do this kind of role rather than yanderes. xD;;; So far this is my first favorite Hino character. x3

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