Arcobaleno! – Katsura Fuuta

By now I’ve noticed that everyone who played Arcobaleno seems to dislike Fuuta, and I have to say that I don’t find him irritating at all. He can get whiny though, so that’s probably why? xD

Fuuta is a first year student in Murota Gakuen, and Yuuna’s classmate in the cooking course. Born and raised in a remote island, he’s always following his own pace in everything he does. Fuuta didn’t know how to ride a train and is rather clueless when it comes to modern gadgets, so he often needs Kaname’s help in order to adapt to the city life. He also brought his beloved dog, Chako, from the island, and he gets homesick from time to time.

Cooking Test 1
Theme: “Antipasto / Appetizer” Fuuta’s Recipe: Marinated Eggplant & Zucchini

Even though Fuuta specializes in Japanese cuisine, he decided to join Yuuna and Kaname in Arcobaleno because he wants to try making pizzas. However, ten days has passed and the staff still haven’t allowed him to do it. Yuuna finds Fuuta wandering around the kitchen looking sad, and despite his attempt to hide it, she knows he really wants to make a pizza. The pizza furnace in Arcobaleno is still new and unused, but for now they can only wonder when they will add pizzas to their menu. That night, Kiyo comes to check how her students are doing in Arcobaleno. Noticing that Fuuta isn’t as cheerful as usual, Kiyo asks him what happened.. and when he honestly says he’s not allowed to make “piza” yet, she rages at him for pronouncing pizza in such a sloppy way — it’s supposed to be “pittsa” in Italian! (。・ˇдˇ・。) Feeling sorry for Fuuta, Yuuna helps by telling Kiyo that Fuuta has been working really hard despite his error in pronounciation.. which thankfully calms down Kiyo’s rage.

Kiyo then explains that pizza is a really easy dish everyone can make, and that’s what makes it hard to sell in a restaurant. Fuuta doesn’t get what it means and Kiyo refuses to give him any further explanation, so Haruto explains that making a pizza is actually really simple. They only need to prepare the crust and bake it in the furnace, but it’s not something they can juggle with other tasks. People who specialize in making pizzas have to focus on their pizzas all day, and so their activities will be limited to only preparing the crust and baking it. These two tasks also require different skills, so Fuuta needs to put in extra effort if he really wants to take the role. Fuuta is more than ready to take the challenge though, as he already knew that making pizzas isn’t an easy task. In fact, Haruto’s explanation only boosts his motivation. Kaname and Nikichi are supporting the idea as well, and the latter is even willing to provide ingredients for Fuuta to practice with. He will have to learn everything by himself since pizza isn’t included in Haruto’s area of expertise, but he happily promises everyone that he’ll become a great pizzaiolo.

On the way home, Yuuna wonders why Fuuta and Kaname can become best friends. They’re taking different courses at school, not to mention they have completely different personalities too. Fuuta explains that he was actually planning to become a fisherman like his father and big brother, but he decided to enroll to Murota Gakuen because he loves cooking even more than catching fish. His dream was to open a restaurant for Japanese cuisine, using the fish caught by his family as the main ingredients. However, Fuuta got lost in the city right on the day of the entrance exam. He didn’t know how to buy train tickets and everyone coldly brushed him off.. but then he ran into Kaname, who helped guiding him all the way to Murota Gakuen. Fuuta then chose to live in the same dorm as Kaname, and Kaname will always be there whenever Fuuta needs any help. Fuuta is really happy when Yuuna says they get along really well, and even though Kaname tries to hide it, they know he’s enjoying their friendship as well.

Cooking Test 2
Theme: “Pizza” Fuuta’s Recipe: Pizza Margherita with Perilla

On the day after the first cooking test, Yuuna comes to Arcobaleno and finds Fuuta reading a book about pizza on the counter. He only gets more excited as he learns more, and he already starts practicing making pizza crusts too.. so all that’s left is for him to learn how to bake them. When Nikichi comes out to the sala, Fuuta nervously asks if he can try using the pizza furnace today. Yuuna also helps by saying Fuuta is doing his best to learn, and Nikichi says he doesn’t mind at all. They already bought some firewood for the furnace and they won’t get angry even if he fails, so Fuuta doesn’t have anything to worry about. Yuuna also tells Fuuta to call her if he needs help, and he asks her to try tasting his pizza later.

After the closing hour, Fuuta tries to bake a pizza for everyone’s dinner. Yuuna comes to the kitchen just in case he needs any help, but he’s actually doing a pretty good job. Even though he’s weak against machines, Fuuta is really good with his hands and lights up the furnace in no time. Haruto is surprised to see how well Fuuta handles the crust, so Kaname explains it’s because Fuuta already practiced everywhere — at the dorm, at school, and even in his room. Fuuta successfully bakes his first pizza marinara after that, which impresses everyone since the result is so much better than they expected. Nikichi says the pizza tastes as good as the ones sold in pizza restaurants, and Haruto reminds him to keep this high quality everyday if he wants their customers to eat his pizzas. Fuuta happily says he’ll do his best too tomorrow, as he wants to make a better pizza for everyone.

However, Fuuta’s second pizza isn’t as perfect as his first. He didn’t change anything, but his second pizza crust lost the fluffy sensation the first one had. Haruto says this is exactly why making a pizza is difficult, because the crust changes depending on a lot of small things — the furnace, temperature, yeast, the person who made it, and even physical conditions of the one who eats it. It’s difficult to produce the same quality everyday, because one needs imagination and sharp senses which can be built through years of experience. Fuuta doesn’t give up and tries making his third pizza, but this time he ends up burning the whole thing instead. Σ(・д・ lll) The repeating failures obviously make him sad, and he wonders if he’s just not fit to become a pizzaiolo.. but he feels better when Yuuna tells him to keep trying. Even if he keeps failing right now, one day he will be able to improve as long as he doesn’t give up. Everyone encourages him to keep practicing too, and they spend the whole night in Arcobaleno — tasting the pizzas Fuuta makes one by one. At 5 AM, Fuuta eventually manages to make a pizza that surpasses his first one. Yuuna and Kaname find him sleeping beside the furnace, and they take him back to the boys’ dorm together.

Since Fuuta was initially aiming to become a Japanese chef, Yuuna wonders if his family has no problems with him becoming a pizzaiolo instead. Kaname thinks they will surely approve if they see how hard he works, because they’re a family after all. Both Yuuna and Kaname then fall asleep beside Fuuta’s bed, and when Fuuta eventually wakes them up.. it’s already 11 AM. They completely missed their classes. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Fuuta feels really bad upon learning that Kaname had to carry him all the way here, but he’s happy to hear that his last pizza was a success. Once again, Fuuta promises to become a great pizzaiolo.

Cooking Test 3
Theme: “Pasta” Fuuta’s Recipe: Japanese-style Seafood & Mushroom Spaghetti

Cooking Test 4
Theme: “Risotto” Fuuta’s Recipe: Conger Eel Risotto

Summer Festival

During the summer festival, Fuuta plays the hero by helping the kids winning prizes in the ring toss game. They’re all impressed by his amazing accuracy, but he it’s much easier to play ring toss here. Back in his island, the sea breeze was rather strong and made it harder to get the prizes he’s aiming for. When Yuuna says he’s got talent for ring toss, Fuuta laughs and says he’s really good in games like this. For the courage test, Yuuna draws out Fuuta’s name from the lottery. He happily pairs up with her, and Kaname is willing to take care of Chako until they return.. so he should be careful not to get too excited and get into trouble.

Even though the mountain path is so dark, Fuuta isn’t scared at all and carefully guides Yuuna so she won’t trip on the tree roots. Just then something soft brushes against Yuuna’s leg, and she screams along with Fuuta because that something also licks his leg LOL. Yuuna is scared to death and calls Fuuta’s name with trembling voice, and suddenly he hugs her saying there’s nothing to be afraid of — he’s here to protect her. His big brother always hugged him when he got scared, and he tells her that everything will be just fine. When Fuuta says she feels really warm, Yuuna realized that he’s a man too.. she just never looked at him that way up until now. Before she can say anything, suddenly they catch a glimpse of something brown running into the bushes. Realizing that Chako was the one who touched their feet, Fuuta laughs and says Chako must be following them because he feels lonely. Yuuna also laughs saying they should go back soon, or else Chako might return before they do. Or so they thought. When they come back to the temple, Kaname says Chako has been staying with him all the time.. which causes them to go Σ(´・д・`lll) because it means the thing they saw earlier must be something else. xD

Cooking Test 5
Theme: “Meat / Fish” Fuuta’s Recipe: Scallops Meunière & Spinach Sautè

On September 3, Basiglio comes to Arcobaleno after the closing hour. He heard rumors about their new Napoli pizza, so he’s now here to see it with his own eyes. Haruto tells him that the pizzas aren’t for sale yet because they’re still in trial stage, but Basiglio keeps insisting to have a taste. Yuuna is surprised to hear this, but she agrees when Kaname says it might be a good chance for Fuuta. He needs opinions from other people, and Basiglio should be able to give him a good feedback as a Napoli native. Fuuta is more than happy to receive the chance, and after asking for Nikichi and Ryuu’s permission, he cheerfully makes a pizza marinara for Basiglio. At first Kaname is worried to see Fuuta humming as he cooks, but Basiglio chuckes saying he has the ability to entertain customers — which is just as important as his cooking skills as a chef. Upon eating Fuuta’s pizza, Basiglio seems taken aback and asks how long has he been making pizzas. When Fuuta answers around two months, Basiglio is surprised since the pizza tastes really good. He can guarantee that Fuuta’s pizzas will definitely sell, and he tells Fuuta not to worry about failures. They will decrease as he continues making pizzas.

Before leaving, Basiglio invites Fuuta to join Pizza Fantasia Festa — a pizza-making contest in Venice Garden by the end of September. Both Ryuu and Nikichi encourage Fuuta to participate (though the latter is obviously aiming for the prize money), and Fuuta happily says he’ll join the contest. After dinner, Fuuta walks back to the dorm with Yuuna. He asks if she has any ideas regarding what kind of pizza he should make for the contest, and she suggests using the wild mushrooms he gathered from the mountain to give the pizza an autumn feel. When they reach the girls’ dorm, Fuuta asks if he can visit Yuuna’s room sometime. It’s been quite a while since they became friends, but he hasn’t visited her room yet. Yuuna answers she’ll cook for him if he comes to her room next time, and Fuuta blushes saying he wants to eat her home cooking. He then wonders why his face suddenly feels so hot, and he runs off to the boys’ dorm after saying goodnight to her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Cooking Test 6
Theme: “Dolce / Dessert” Fuuta’s Recipe: Cinnamon-flavored Apple Sautè

On their next day off, Fuuta takes Yuuna to the forest behind the shrine at night. She wonders why it has to be at night, but he assures her that there’s nothing to be afraid of. After walking through the dark forest for a while, eventually they reach a river — where they find beautiful fireflies dancing around them. Fuuta catches one of the firefliex and shows it to Yuuna, telling her that he discovered the wonderful view when he was exploring the forest before. Yuuna is amazed to see fireflies living so close to the center of the city, and Fuuta asks if she likes it. He was afraid that she doesn’t like visiting the forest at night, but she says it’s okay because he’s right here with her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Even if she knows about the fireflies, she wouldn’t be able to find them without him.. so it’s all thanks to him that she can see such a beautiful view. Fuuta smiles saying he’ll tell her if he finds something beautiful again, and Yuuna happily says yes. They watch the fireflies for a while longer before going back, and they make a promise to watch the fireflies together again next time.

The following week, Yuuna invites Fuuta to go out together. Since Fuuta says he needs some new clothes, Yuuna takes him to buy some clothes in the shopping district. She asks whether he usually chooses his own clothes or ask for the staff’s recommendation, and he admits that he always buys the clothes Kaname picks out for him. When Fuuta shyly asks if she’s willing to choose something for him, Yuuna takes a casual street-style T-shirt which fits his cheerful personality. He wonders if it will look good on him, and she says it’s perfect because he’s so cool and tanned.. which makes him go “c-c-cool..!? Σ(〃Д〃)” since it’s the first time someone ever said that to him. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Fuuta happily runs off to buy the T-shirt, and afterwards he tells Yuuna that he won’t wear it for daily wear — he’ll save it for special occasions only. She wonders if he’s going to be okay because he needs new clothes for daily wear, but since he looks so happy, she only asks him to go shopping with her again someday.

On September 17, Fuuta leaves school as soon as their class ended. Yuuna thinks he’s going to Arcobaleno with Kaname later, but Haruto then informs them that Fuuta just called saying he can’t come to work.. and he might leave Arcobaleno forever. Haruto is worried since he was crying, so he sends Kaname and Yuuna to check how he’s doing. When they come to Fuuta’s room in the boys’ dorm, Fuuta reveals that he received a call from his brother, Takumi, earlier. The moment Fuuta mentioned Arcobaleno and his training to become a great pizzaiolo, Takumi rages because he’s supposed to study Japanese cuisine — not Italian. If Fuuta isn’t studying properly at school, Takumi wants him to quit and return to the island. Fuuta then says he’s fine and tells them to return to work, but as he shoves them out of his room, Yuuna notices that his trash can is full of his designs for the pizza contest. Arcobaleno feels so quiet without Fuuta, and Yuuna knows they can’t let Fuuta throw his dreams away.

The next morning, Yuuna goes to see Fuuta in his room before their class starts. Fuuta is still feeling down and doesn’t want to do anything, so she suggests going back to the island and convince Takumi to let him continue his studies. They should be able to understand if they see Fuuta’s hard work, and Yuuna will visit the island with him if he’s too scared to go home alone. At first Fuuta is reluctant thinking his family won’t forgive him, but eventually he agrees when Yuuna tells him not to give up. Even if he fails to convince them later, it’s still better than giving up without even trying. Just when Yuuna invites Fuuta to attend class together, suddenly the door opens and an unknown man walks in. He panics upon seeing her and quickly apologizes before running out of the room, but soon he returns inside looking confused.. until Fuuta goes “Takumi nii-chan! It’s me!” Takumi whacks Fuuta in the head for getting a cute girlfriend before he does, and he asks if Fuuta left the island just to get a girlfriend and learn foreign cuisine. He also chases Yuuna out of the room, so she has no choice but to leave them alone.

After school, Yuuna returns to the boys’ dorm and only finds Takumi in Fuuta’s room — along with Fuuta’s belongings packed neatly in boxes. It appears that Fuuta wouldn’t stop crying, so Takumi sent him to go shopping to cool his head off. Yuuna tries to explain that Fuuta is doing his best to become a pizzaiolo, but sadly Takumi thinks she’s the reason why Fuuta suddenly wanted to make pizzas instead of Japanese food. (´・ω・`) When Fuuta returns, he’s shocked to find all of his stuff already packed up. Takumi says he’s taking Fuuta back to the island and knock him into shape, but Fuuta refuses because he’s not studying Italian cuisine with such a half-hearted attitude. He admits that he started working in Arcobaleno because of Yuuna, but he knows how hard she works to become a full-fledged chef. They’ve been working together all this time, and he respects her a lot.. so he doesn’t want to hear Takumi insulting her. Fuuta says he really hates Takumi for jumping to conclusions without even listening to them, and this causes Takumi to go ガ—Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll)—ン LOL. Fuuta then storms out of the room, and before chasing after him, Yuuna hands Arcobaleno’s business card to Takumi — asking him to come and see how Fuuta makes his pizzas.

Outside, Fuuta feels guilty for making Takumi angry. Takumi used to be kind and would always encourage him, so he only wants Takumi to love Italian food as much as he does. Yuuna takes him to Arcobaleno after that, where they explain what happened to everyone. For now they can only hope for Fuuta to get a chance to show his determination to Takumi, and their wish is granted when Takumi comes to Arcobaleno that night — even though he denies coming here to eat Fuuta’s pizza. What a tsundere. xD Noticing that Fuuta is nervous in the kitchen, Yuuna tells him everything will be alright if he makes a pizza like he usually does. Since Takumi gave them fresh fish and clams from the island, Fuuta decides to make a seafood pizza for him. His wish to make delicious food using the ingredients caught by his family will never change, and he’s hoping that feeling can reach Takumi. Yuuna helps him preparing the seafood, and she’s completely charmed upon seeing Fuuta humming as he bakes the pizza. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

At first Takumi is reluctant, but then he goes “d-delicious! o(≧∀≦)o” after eating the seafood pizza. Fuuta explains that he’s learning how to make Napoli pizza, and he admits that he loves Napoli pizza because Napoli is a port town.. and the taste reminds him of their island. Takumi is impressed when he learns that Yuuna was the one who prepared the seafood, and he says her cooking skills is even greater than a pro’s. It’s the first time someone has ever cooked the seafood he caught this way, but Takumi says it’s not bad at all. Fuuta promises to return to the island and open a restaurant once he becomes a great pizzaiolo, and Takumi finally tells him to aim for the top. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

The next day, Takumi goes back to the island. Before leaving, he tells Fuuta not to cause too much trouble for Arcobaleno’s staff. He also apologizes to Yuuna for saying terrible things to her, and he gives her a letter — asking her to read it later. Fuuta asks him to visit them again someday, but Takumi says they’ll meet again after Fuuta becomes a great pizzaiolo. Until then, he will be waiting in their island. That night, Yuuna reads Takumi’s letter and learns that Fuuta wrote a lot about her in his letters. Takumi was worried that Fuuta is having a hard time living in the city, but now he can see that Fuuta has grown up to become a fine man ever since he left the island.. and he knows it’s all thanks to her. When Fuuta returns to the island someday, Takumi is hoping he can see Yuuna by his brother’s side. Right after reading the letter, Yuuna suddenly hears Fuuta’s voice calling her name from outside. She finds him standing under her window, and he says he’s here to talk to her directly. After thanking her for trying to convince Takumi when he was away, Fuuta suddenly confesses to Yuuna: “I’m really glad to come to Arcobaleno. I.. love you, Yuuna-chan! That’s all I wanna say, good night!” (❤ฺ→艸←) As Fuuta runs off to the boys’ dorm, Yuuna blushes knowing everyone in the girls’ dorm probably heard the confession. xD

On September 25, Haruto asks Yuuna and Fuuta to make their dinner. Fuuta says he wants to eat a hamburger, because it’s his favorite and he hasn’t got the chance to eat them lately. He blushes asking if it’s childish, but Yuuna smiles saying she loves hamburgers too. Happy with her answer, Fuuta then says he actually has a request for Yuuna: draw a heart mark on his hamburger with ketchup. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ She blushes upon hearing this, but she agrees to draw a cute heart mark just for him. Fuuta also makes Japanese-style pasta to complete their dinner menu, and everyone is impressed to see both Yuuna and Fuuta’s current cooking skills.. until they notice the heart mark on his hamburger. When Kaname asks Yuuna to draw one for him too, everyone follows him and hands their plates to her. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Except Ryuu wants a bunny and Nikichi wants a bear instead LOL. After dinner, Fuuta shyly asks if Yuuna is willing to draw a heart for him on an omelet rice someday.. and she says she’ll make omelet rice for dinner next time. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When Haruto asks if he already has an idea for the contest, Fuuta says it’s still a secret for now. He designed his pizza based on something he loves the most, and he’ll reveal it in front of everyone when he wins the contest.

On Saturday, everyone goes to watch the pizza contest in Venice Garden. However, they’re surprised to see that all the other participants are Italian chefs and pizzaioli who clearly have much more experience than Fuuta. Basiglio also sends some of his staff, and he admits that he invited Fuuta to join the contest on purpose — hoping Fuuta move to Estremo after losing in the contest. They’re all worried about Fuuta, but soon he comes saying the challenge only makes him more excited. It turns out the news of Fuuta’s participation reached Kiyo’s ears as well, so today she’s also present as the head of the judges. She’s impressed that Fuuta has improved a lot, and she asks him to do his best today. When the contest starts, Fuuta steals everyone’s attention as he cheerfully places honey, tomatoes and oranges on the crust before baking his pizza. Fuuta really gives it his all, but sadly the victory goes to Estremo’s chef instead. (´・ω・`) In addition, he also fails to get into the top three since all the other participants are on a totally different level.. but Fuuta accepts the result with a smile. He really enjoyed the experience of cooking in front of people, and he even thanks Yuuna for bringing him to Arcobaleno. Without her, he wouldn’t be standing here today. Nikichi also says his cheerful performance is enough to promote Arcobaleno, and Fuuta promises to do his best in next year’s contest.

Just before they go to eat yakiniku, Kiyo suddenly stops them saying she’s been calling Fuuta and got ignored LOL. Even though he didn’t get into the top three, Fuuta actually wins a special award for his enjoyable performance. Kiyo asks if he’s not happy since he only goes (・д・ ) in silence, but the next second.. he suddenly lifts Yuuna into the air out of happiness. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Kiyo also mentions that Fuuta’s pizza was filled with “love and passion”, and she asks where did he get his passion from. When Kiyo hands him the mic, Fuuta answers that his pizza was actually made based on the image of the person he loves — Yuuna. She’s always there when he needs help, and this is the first time he ever felt this way about someone. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Fuuta then says he put all of his feelings into the pizza, and he gives a slice of his pizza to Yuuna — asking if she’s willing to receive them. After eating Fuuta’s pizza, Yuuna answers that it’s the best pizza she’s ever had. He happily lifts her into the air, while everyone around them claps their hands to bless the happy couple.

That night, Fuuta and Yuuna take a walk by the gondola river. He apologizes for confessing in front of everyone, but she says she doesn’t mind. In fact, she feels really happy that he made a pizza based on her image. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ Realizing that she hasn’t given him a clear answer yet, Yuuna kisses Fuuta on the lips saying she loves him too. He admits that he’s been wondering what a kiss feels like, and now he knows it feels warm and makes him happy. (❤ฺ→艸←) Both of them are blushing like tomatoes since it’s their first kiss, and he says he wants to kiss her again. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Fuuta then reveals that Haruto actually recommended him to study in Napoli after he graduates, and he invites Yuuna to go with him to Napoli. Before leaving the island, he was scared of the world out there, but now he wants to see and learn about the new things he has never seen before. Fuuta promises to become the best pizzaiolo in the world, and he wants her to become the best chef in the world as well. Yuuna happily nods, believeing they can overcome anything together.

Six months later, Yuuna and Fuuta visit his island before their departure to Napoli. Takumi and everyone in the island are blessing their journey abroad, along with Chako — who will stay in the island until they return to Japan. Arcobaleno has been receiving a lot of orders for Fuuta’s pizza after the contest, so everyone is looking forward to see the result of their training in the future. An old lady also says his future is now “secure” because he already found his “future wife”, which makes him go (〃´ω`)ゞテレテレ*:゚・☆ LOL. Fuuta then asks if Yuuna will come with him when he returns to the island and stay with him forever.. and she blushes because it can be considered a proposal. As she feels the sea breeze gently blowing her hair, Yuuna replies that the island has the same scent as Fuuta. She loves him, so she will surely love the island as well. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ From afar, Takumi is crying with joy to get such a cute sister-in-law. xD

First of all, I’m really sorry for the long delay. (´・ω・`;) I had zero motivation to do Fuuta’s route because everyone seems to hate him, but now I feel bad since I don’t find him annoying at all. I think the main source of the hatred is his voice, but it’s not as annoying as I expected. Fuuta is definitely not my favorite, but he has his cute moments too. Like the summer festival, the firefly scene and also his confession in the end. (。・∀・。) His ending is pretty cute, but I admit I’m a bit sad that Yuuna and Fuuta have to leave Arcobaleno for a while. xD;


16 thoughts on “Arcobaleno! – Katsura Fuuta

  1. Seems like even Fuuta can be pretty 萌 with a ツンデレ brother xD I like Takumi for bei supportive at the end. And, when Fuuta confessed, I just gave in lol~ He’s actually very sweet when he aske Yuuna to stay with him at his island(≧∇≦) The summer festival was funny, it wasn’t Chako, so who was it?! Σ(゚д゚lll)When they kissed I found his blushing face so cute~ Overall much better than expected :D I would love to eat his pizzas one day too xD

    • Probably a wild animal.. or a ghost. 8D
      Maybe it’s because my expectations were really low, but Fuuta actually surprised me with his cute scenes. I think my favorite is his confession scene and their kiss at the bridge. xD Aside from his pizzas, most of Fuuta’s recipes look really delicious too.. *drools over them as she waits for breakfast*

      • Yeah, his confession was quite adorable :D
        I AGREE QwQ I’ve never felt like eating Italian food so much before OTL
        Well, I’m guessing Basilio is coming up next? I guess he’s the flamboyant playboy type? XD

        • After spending days delaying and doing his route, I just realized that his name is Basiglio with a G.. 8D; At first it seems like he’s a playboy, but he’s actually pretty devoted to Yuuna since he’s only chasing after her lol.

          • LOL Basiglio that’s a funny name xD But I think I’ll stick with Basilio since it sounds cooler :D Heehee, he sounds different from the normal jackass– I mean, playboy xD I think I’ll like him~

  2. JA.
    is basically all I would hear from the guy sitting 2 meters away from me when I was playing this route ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
    So yea I probably hated Fuuta’s route for uh…other reasons xD

    • LOL oh JP.. didn’t he leave a similar comment on your review? xD
      Fuuta’s way of speaking bothered me at first, but I guess I grew used to it after spending all day listening to him lol.

  3. Guys like Fuuta just aren’t the type I usually like. His voice and style of talking just annoys me…and I see him more as a little brother than a potential boyfriend. Too bad because I really like tan skin ♥

    All the talk about pizza made me really hungry xD;;

    • Oh, so it was the voice too for you. xD
      Fuuta is the most immature guy out of the whole bunch, so yeah I can see why you can only look at him as a younger brother. It’s the puppy-type flaw actually, they can either be annoying or just hard to see as a possible love interest. (´・ω・`;) His pizza for the contest sounds yummy though.. *wipes drool*

  4. hmm i cant say i dont like him until ive actually played the route myself. He is kinda cute though ^^ . whose route is next?

    • Maybe that’s because I do like him. xD
      I heard so many people complaining about his voice, so if you can tolerate his voice and way of speaking.. maybe you’ll be able to like him too. :3

  5. Like Kaname, Fuuta’s also hard working and I like the dedication he has. It’s a good thing that his conflict with his brother about him making pizzas easily ended. I like the firefly scene and the ending the most. LOL Takumi is such a tsundere, then Yuuna was daring for kissing Fuuta first. |D

    • Everyone around Yuuna is hardworking. Even Ryuu, though they all want him to stop working in the kitchen. 8D That’s what I like about Arcobaleno actually, the conflicts are solved quickly instead of being dragged through the whole route LOL. As for the ending, Fuuta is clueless when it comes to love so I’m glad Yuuna takes the initiative. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

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