Arcobaleno! – Basiglio Graziani

First impression? Wow, a blonde Silvio. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ The romance feels rather rushed because Basiglio only has three main events, but I actually love him. Princely + romantic = |壁|ョ・_・*)❤

Basiglio is the chef of Estremo, a famous Italian restaurant in Venice Garden. He often comes to teach in Murota Gakuen as a lecturer, and he’s extremely popular with the girls because of his refreshing personality and princely appearance. He studied cooking together with Haruto back in Napoli, but he doesn’t like Haruto due to a certain trouble in the past. Basiglio is the first person who notices Yuuna’s cooking talent, and he’s been chasing after her ever since.

On July 24, Yuuna spends her free time in Venice Garden before work. She takes a peek at Estremo and doesn’t find Basiglio inside, but then she hears a commotion nearby and finds him with an angry woman in the plaza. The woman, Matsunaga Nanako, is an actress who was rumored to be dating him.. but today she’s raging, calls him a womanizer and gives him a good punch straight to the gut. Nanako asks why he suddenly wants to break up, and Basiglio says it’s because she’s asking him to treat her differently from other people. He actually never had any intentions to date her — it’s all in her head. \(^o^)/ He likes her as a friend and thinks it would be nice if they can grow closer, but now it’s impossible for him to love a violent woman like her. When Basiglio turns around and walks back to Estremo, Nanako suddenly goes to get a signboard and hurls it towards him. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Fortunately Yuuna manages to push him out of the way, but Basiglio is shocked and asks why did she do such a dangerous thing. They’re actually thinking of the same thing — the safety of each other’s hands — because it would be bad if they can’t hold a knife and cook properly anymore.

Just then Nanako approaches them saying Basiglio is really pathetic for getting saved by a girl, but Yuuna only tells her not to do such a dangerous thing anymore. Despite the reason behind her anger, Nanako’s massive violence is causing trouble for a lot of people. Basiglio also says Nanako can punch him if she wants to, but he won’t forgive her if Yuuna gets hurt because of her actions. He apologizes for hurting her feelings, and he says goodbye since he won’t ever see her again in the future. Nanako only glares at Basiglio in silence, but she eventually leaves while stomping her feet. (´・ω・`;) When Yuuna apologizes for poking her head into their issue, Basiglio smiles saying she saved him. She risked her own safety just to keep him save, so he wonders if that means she has some feelings for him. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Up until now Basiglio has always thought he wants Yuuna as a chef, but when she pushed him down earlier, he feels all ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ inside.. and he realized that he’s in love with her. He wants her as a lover, not just as an apprentice chef. Σ(・д・ )

Yuuna answers that she only pushed Basiglio down because it was an emergency situation, but she blushes when he says she was really “passionate” earlier. She asks if he’s teasing her, and he replies it’s because he loves her. Basiglio wonders if Yuuna has anyone that she loves, but since she answers that she doesn’t, it means he’s got plenty of chance to make her his. Basiglio wants Yuuna to know that he’s serious about her, and he asks her to think about going out with him. He doesn’t mind waiting before she can give him an answer. During work, Yuuna keeps thinking about Basiglio and his sudden confession. She doesn’t think he’s joking, but she’s not sure if he’s really serious about her.

On September 15, Yuuna runs into Basiglio at Venice Garden’s market. She tells him that she’s here to learn more about Italian ingredients, and he offers his help because he can provide her with all sorts of information about Italy or cooking in general. He asks if she has any questions for him, and she says she wants to know more about.. him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Yuuna wonders why Basiglio decided to be a chef, and he answers it’s simply because he has a talent for cooking. He was actually planning to become the number one cameriere (waiter) in the world because of his good looks, and he started working in a restaurant which turned out to have absolutely terrible food. The chef challenged Basiglio to cook when he asked about this, and the food he made turned out to be much better than the chef’s. Basiglio changed courses right after that, but even though he’s talented, he always feels shallow in front of his teacher. The same goes for Haruto, because their teacher is a really great chef.

Noticing that Yuuna enjoys listening to his story, Basiglio tells her that a person who’s willing to learn like her will always improve. He also admits that he wants her to work with him not only for her sake, but because he’ll learn something new as well by teaching her. However, his feelings for her has grown past that area because he’s now interested in her — as a woman. Basiglio then hugs Yuuna and says this is the first time he ever felt this way towards anyone, and he tells her he wants to love her as a woman. If he can’t stay beside her as fellow chefs, then he wants to stay with her as her man. Basiglio asks Yuuna to accept him somehow, but she only asks him to let go since they’re in public. Just then a surprised Haruto appears behind them and asks what they’re doing here, but while Basiglio calmly asks him not to disturb them.. Yuuna panics and runs away. She feels really bad for leaving Haruto instead of giving him a proper explanation, but Haruto doesn’t ask her any questions about Basiglio during work, and so she doesn’t tell him anything. That night Yuuna also sends an apology mail to Basiglio, and he’s relieved that she doesn’t hate him. He won’t apologize for hugging her though, since he’s not giving up on her.

On the next day off, Yuuna finds Basiglio at a bar in Venice Garden. He buys a delicious panino for her, telling her that he relied on panini a lot during his training period. When Yuuna asks him about the restaurant he trained in, Basiglio describes it as a frightening place. A small mistake could cause frying pans or even big pasta pots to fly towards them, but the owner’s cooking skills are undoubtedly top-notch. Basiglio had to endure a lot of hardships just to get accepted, and he was really happy when they allowed him to work there.. until Haruto suddenly came to the restaurant. Despite being a foreigner, Haruto gained the owner’s trust really fast and was allowed to cook before Basiglio did. He was really pissed, and now he’s worried about Yuuna since she’s training under Haruto.

Yuuna then asks about why Basiglio hates Haruto that much, and he says it’s because Haruto hurt his cute little sister. Σ(゚д゚ノ)ノ It turns out Basiglio’s sister fell in love with Haruto at the first sight, and Basiglio was willing to set aside his personal grudge for her happiness.. but Haruto rejected her by simply saying he’s “not interested”. \(^o^)/ Basiglio is worried about Yuuna because Haruto doesn’t care about people’s feelings, and he asks her to tell him if Haruto ever makes her cry — he’ll come to protect her. Yuuna doesn’t think Haruto is a bad person though, so she only gives Basiglio a vague nod.

On the night of September 29, Basiglio mails Yuuna and asks her out on a date tomorrow. She gladly accepts the invitation, and he takes her to his house the next day. Basiglio is wondering if she knows why he invited her to his house, and Yuuna answers “because you want to do things we can only done at home?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He’s surprised because she’s right, but he’s not thinking of doing anything naughty — he only wants to cook together today. Basiglio says he’s really envious that Haruto can cook with Yuuna everyday, even though he’s the first one who noticed her cooking talent. Besides, she always refuses whenever he asks her to come to Estremo. Yuuna laughs upon seeing Basiglio sulking like a kid, and she agrees to cook with him all day. When Yuuna asks him to taste her cooking, Basiglio says that she has the ability to cook based on the person who will eat it. The first time they met, she made a lighter pasta for Kiyo knowing the latter was hungover. Yuuna really stood out among all the other students — who only followed the instructions without taking initiative — and Basiglio realized he’s been in love with her ever since.

Basiglio admits he feels a little sad that he can’t take Yuuna as his apprentice, but he’s already satisfied just by cooking together with her. He wonders if she enjoys spending time with him, and she admits that her heart is beating faster around him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Basiglio asks if that means she’s looking at him as a man, and since Yuuna only blushes in silence, he takes it as a yes. That night, Basiglio walks Yuuna back to the girls’ dorm. He seems worried because the dorms has no strict rules about curfews or visitors, and he makes he promise that she won’t let guys other than him to come into her room. When Yuuna promises that she won’t, Basiglio says her actions are leading him to think that she might really have some feelings for him. She admits that he’s right, because after spending the whole day with him, she realized that she’s in love with him as well. Basiglio happily says he wants to hug and kiss Yuuna right now, but he’ll hold back for today and goes home after saying goodnight.

Based on Haruto’s advice, the next day Yuuna is planning to inform everyone in Arcobaleno about her relationship with Basiglio. However, a panicked Ryuu suddenly comes before she could say anything. Ryuu shows them today’s newspaper, and they’re really shocked to see an article about Basiglio’s “new girlfriend” — complete with a picture of him hugging Yuuna in Venice Garden. Everyone’s surprised when Yuuna admits that she’s really dating Basiglio, but they’re not blaming her for anything. The one at fault is the person who wrote such a horrific article.. who’s actually none other than Shogo. He walks into Arcobaleno after listening in to their conversation, thanking her for giving him a big scoop. He wants to interview her for extra details, but she refuses and Haruto tells him to stop bothering her. Shogo then leaves saying he’s expecting to get more information next time, but Haruto tells Yuuna not to worry because her face isn’t seen in the article’s picture. Everyone in Arcobaleno actually supports Yuuna’s relationship with Basiglio, as Haruto even encourages Yuuna to “steal” Basiglio’s cooking skills and aim for the top. He will also ask Basiglio not to say anything unnecessary to the press, so there’s nothing to worry about.. right?

Not really.

Late at night, Basiglio calls Yuuna and asks if he can announce their relationship to the public. They’re both taking their relationship seriously, and he knows that she doesn’t want to keep it hidden either. Yuuna says she’s afraid that all the publicity will cause trouble for Arcobaleno, but Basiglio assures her that all the paparazzi will get bored and eventually go away.. then he reveals that he actually already told the press about them. Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll) Yuuna is shocked and asks why did he do such a forceful thing, and Basiglio answers it’s because he loves her. He was so happy when she said she loves him, so he wants everyone to know as well. Basiglio then says Estremo’s owner is calling him, and he drops the call even before Yuuna could say anything. The next morning, the paparazzi are stalking Yuuna everywhere — even at school.

Despte what Basiglio said last night, Yuuna feels terrible because the paparazzi are bothering Arcobaleno’s customers as well. Noticing that she’s feeling guilty, Haruto tells Yuuna that it’s not her fault — she’s only a victim of Basiglio’s action. Just then Basiglio comes to Arcobaleno looking for Yuuna, and Haruto gets angry at him for causing so much trouble for Yuuna.. even though Basiglio doesn’t seem to understand. Yuuna quickly stops Haruto saying she wants to talk to Basiglio, and they walk to the seaside park in silence. When Basiglio asks her to look at him, Yuuna snaps and tells him that she can’t stand the paparazzi. She might be able to take it if they’re only bothering her, but she doesn’t like how they disturb the customers too. Basiglio explains that he only wants people to know that she belongs to him, but since Yuuna doesn’t answer, he reluctantly asks if she regrets accepting his feelings. Yuuna honestly admits she doesn’t know, but she certainly didn’t expect Basiglio would do something like this.

Upon hearing Yuuna’s answer, Basiglio sadly asks if she’s in love with Haruto — which really surprised her. When Yuuna tells him Haruto is unrelated, Basiglio asks why did she run away when Haruto saw them in Venice Garden before. It turns out he already heard from Ryuu that she’s been admiring Haruto for a long time, and he felt that he doen’t have any chance to win. He felt terribly insecure after walking her back to the dorm that night, and he didn’t know what to do. Basiglio then apologizes for troubling Yuuna, and after promising that he won’t bother her anymore, he turns around and says goodbye — wishing that she’ll become a wonderful chef in the future. Yuuna is surprised and tries to stop him, but Basiglio already walks away.. and she doesn’t chase after him.

Ever since Basiglio said goodbye to her, the paparazzi suddenly stopped disturbing Yuuna. A few days has passed peacefully, but now her heart feels empty and she keeps thinking about him all day. Yuuna is sighing alone in her room when she receives a call from Haruto, and he informs her that Basiglio is actually planning to return to Italy today. Quite a while ago, Haruto got a call from their teacher in Italy. He’s looking for a person who can take over his restaurant in Napoli, and he asked either Haruto or Basiglio to return to Italy and take the position. Both of them refused since they have no intentions to leave Japan, but it seems that Basiglio suddenly changed his mind. Yuuna is shocked and starts thinking that Basiglio might be doing this just to make sure the paparazzi won’t bother her anymore, and Haruto says he already asked about Basiglio’s flight schedule from Estremo — she should be able to catch up with him if she goes to the airport now. Haruto asks Yuuna to give his regards to Basiglio, and she runs out after thanking him.

In the airport, Yuuna manages to find Basiglio among the crowd. He’s really surprised to see her, and he apologizes saying he regrets troubling her with his selfishness. He truly loved her, but he understands that he was the one who caused her to fall out of love. Basiglio then says Yuuna is not the reason why he’s returning to Italy. He actually wanted to take her along, but he can’t force her knowing she decided to become a chef because of Haruto. Besides, she’d only refuse even if he asked her to come with him. Basiglio admits he was scared that Yuuna would fall in love with Haruto after he returns to Italy, so he thought he’d let everyone in Japan know that she belongs to him.. but he ended up hurting her instead. After spending some time apart, Basiglio finally realized that he didn’t look at Yuuna properly either. She’s only a student, and she’s not a passionate Italian women who can throw away everything for love.

Basiglio then holds out his hand and asks Yuuna to take care, saying that he will always pray for her success despite the distance between them. After Yuuna shakes his hand, Basiglio turns around and walks away. He doesn’t turn around when she calls his name, and knowing she can’t let everything end like this, Yuuna loudly calls out to Basiglio: “I can’t follow you right now, but someday.. I will go to Italy to chase after you! Until then, I won’t ask you to wait for me. I don’t mind even if you forget me, but if we can meet each other again.. am I allowed to fall in love with you?” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. After a long silence, Basiglio finally answers: “I can never forget you even if I want to. I will wait even if you ask me not to wait, and I will always remember you. It’s a promise, Yuuna. If we can meet again in the future, let’s start over from the beginning.” |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* Yuuna gladly says yes, and she watches Basiglio’s plane as it soars into the sky.

Two years later, Yuuna finally receives a chance to train in Italy. Her destination is, of course, the restaurant in Napoli where Basiglio and Haruto spent their training days at. Before entering the restaurant, Yuuna hears someone calling her name.. and she turns around to see Basiglio running towards her. Before she could react, he suddenly kisses her saying he really missed her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Yuuna panics and asks him to wait, but Basiglio says he won’t wait any longer. He felt really lonely during the past two years, and he kept regretting not taking her along with him. Basiglio asks Yuuna to let him touch her more because the kiss isn’t enough, though she begs him to stop because people are staring. Even though they’re not in his field of vision. xD He wonders if they should move to the kitchen, but since she asks him to do this kind of thing only when they’re alone, he chuckles saying he understands. They will do the continuation in his room later. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Basiglio then takes Yuuna into the restaurant, saying he’ll introduce her to his staff. They’re all good and passionate men, but he won’t allow her to set her eyes on them. Yuuna jokingly says she’s can’t wait to meet them, and when Basiglio goes Σ(;∀;lll) she laughs and says he’s the only one for her.

So, why do I love Basiglio? Blond hair and blue eyes, romantic personality, and how he falls in love with Yuuna at the first sight. At first I was like Σ(・д・ノ)ノ because he confessed REALLY fast, but everything sort of falls into place after their cooking date. Basiglio can be annoying in other routes (especially Ryuu’s), but I actually started liking him since I did Haruto’s route. He’s really supportive despite being rejected repeatedly, so I’m glad he gets his own happy ending here. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* I’m biased towards the princely type though, so please keep that in mind.

14 thoughts on “Arcobaleno! – Basiglio Graziani

  1. Aahh the ending was so cute. I think I have a princely bias lol. I like his looks. Hes a sweet guy really despite being somewhat of a flirt he really loves yuuna. I think that’s all the guys in the game, so ur doing vs. right now? Somehow I look forward to see Basiglio and Haruta face off.

    • Hairstyle aside, I love Basiglio’s looks a lot. ❤ I have zero resistance towards guys with blond hair and blue eyes, except if they’re jerks lol. I still have Shogo to do, but his route is even shorter than Basiglio’s.

  2. lool omg he annoyed me so much but I guess it’s a matter of taste. everytime he called her seniorina i’d roll my eyes (and tell JP to stfu cause he’d echo a seniorina! too xDDDDD….sigh my otome gaming experiences are so different because of him orz;)

    • LOL JA JA JA → Senioriiii~na \(^o^)/
      At first I found Basiglio annoying too, but then the ending hits and I think it’s sweet.. so yeah it’s a matter of taste I guess. xD

  3. Even though I know it’s “Basiglio” I still spell it “Basilio” haha

    He was alright, I didn’t like him that much, mainly because I didn’t really like his looks. Like wot up with that hairband bro? But his ending was really sweet.

    Next up is Yagi right? Yeah…don’t expect too much from his route >_>

    • My brain keeps changing his name to “Basilio” too, so I had to fix all the spelling errors I made on his name before posting this. xD Back in 2009 I would think his hairband looks stupid too, but after capturing guys with funky hairstyles in newer otome games.. I guess I’m just resistant towards weird hairstyles now. Except if it looks really stupid lol.

  4. o.O his route is kinda short… but I like him too.. since the princely type is my fave lol. What I don’t like is his hairs, is he using bandanna or something xD.

    • Yeah he’s using a hairband. I think it wouldn’t bother me so much if only he doesn’t have those cat ears LOL. Toma from Amnesia wears a hairband too, but he looks normal with it. xD

  5. To be honest, Basiglio was pretty annoying to me at first. Especially the whole paparazzi thing, he seemed way to clingy for me. D:
    But that confession… It made me shed tears. QAQ So sweet~
    The ending was so sexy 8D LOL I wanna know what’s going on in that room~ (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Overall, Basiglio wasn’t as impressive as I hoped but he isn’t a “main character”, so I guess they had to rush through the romance in such a short route… I feel slightly disappointed…

    • I was half-surprised half-annoyed too at that point, but all those feelings just disappeared during the airport scene. (・∀・;)ゞ Mainly because Basiglio did realize that he did something terribly wrong, and he took responsibility by shooing the paparazzi away from Yuuna. I actually didn’t expect much since I know his route will be short and rushed, so.. xD;;

  6. Wow! I can say Basiglio is good at observing things, from the food Yuuna cooked to the fact the her dormitory doesn’t have strict rules. He can be persistent in a positive sense, though I find it sad that he had to leave Japan. However the ending made up for it. While I was reading this, I felt that everything happened in a matter of seconds. @A@

    I like his red hairband. xD

    • It did happen in a matter of seconds, especially since I skipped everything between his events. Yeah it’s sad that he had to leave Japan, especially since he actually stays in Japan in his VS ending.. but I guess they want to make at least one ending where Yuuna actually goes to Italy? xD

      Wolverione hairband FTW! ヽ(@w@)ノ

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