Arcobaleno! – Yagi Shogo

The last route before I enter the VS drama warzone. While Shogo is incredibly annoying in all the other routes, we get to see a different side of him here. Shogo has his moments, I guess..

Shogo is a gourmet reporter who holds a great interest in Yuuna. He’s curious as of why both Haruto and Basiglio are interested in her, and he keeps coming to bug her from time to time. He admits that he’s a dirty person, since he tends to approach and deceive people in order to get all the information necessary for his articles. As long as people are demanding for an exciting news, Shogo doesn’t mind publishing exaggerated or even fabricated articles.

On July 28, Shogo comes to Arcobaleno just before lunchtime ends. Yuuna instantly puts her guard up, and Shogo says it’s so cold of her to do that. They already exchanged numbers and mail addresses after all, even though he tricked her into it by luring her with information about Haruto’s past. Today Shogo comes to eat as a customer though, so Yuuna serves him on the counter. When she hands him the menu, he asks her to cook something for him. She explains that Haruto hasn’t put her in charge of any recipes yet, but he doesn’t mind and directly asks for Haruto’s permission. Since Yuuna keeps on protesting even after Haruto approved, Shogo asks if she actually can’t make anything. Yuuna takes it as a challenge and makes spaghetti alla pescatora for Shogo, but after he’s done eating, he just leaves the payment and walks out without giving her any feedback.

When Yuuna chases Shogo outside asking for his opinion, he answers her cooking is neutral — just like a home cooking. It’s not good and not bad, but it’s still far away from Haruto’s level. He tries inviting her to visit an interesting Italian restaurant together, but she refuses because she’s currently busy with her studies. Shogo then asks if she enjoys working in Arcobaleno, and when Yuuna says she does, he suddenly pats her head and says she reminds him of his school days. He spent those days chasing after his dreams, but after he started working, he realized that there will always be a gap between one’s ideals and reality.. and whether people can get over that gap or not depends on each person. Shogo leaves after that, while Yuuna wonders if he’s actually worried about her.

On September 12, Yuuna spends time in Venice Garden before work. On her way out, she hears familiar voices and finds Shogo talking to Basiglio in the bar. Their conversation is really shady as Basiglio is asking for Shogo’s help, and he offers an exclusive interview in return. Shogo says he’ll think about it, but Yuuna can’t hear the details since they’re talking with low voices. Soon both Basiglio and Shogo leave the bar, and the latter is surprised to find Yuuna standing nearby. She greets him saying she’s just passing by, but when he lets out a heavy sigh, she asks if he’s plotting something. She points out it’s suspicious how he won’t look her in the eye, but he’s impressed that she observes her surroundings that much. Shogo answers he is indeed plotting something, and he leaves after warning Yuuna to be careful. She might get tackled if she drops her guard down, because a person who approaches others without holding back always have ulterior motives.

On the next day off, Yuuna meets Shogo again by the gondola river in Venice Garden. Shogo wonders if Yuuna is here to see Basiglio, but since she says no, he tells her to think carefully about her future. He’s not sure if working in Arcobaleno is really the best option for her, and she asks if he’s worried about her. While he doesn’t want to admit it, Shogo honestly answers that she might be right. He wants to know why Basiglio wants Yuuna that much, because he can’t see her charm at all — he’s sticking to her because he wants to find the answer. What.. isn’t this an indirect insult? (´・ω・`) Yuuna doesn’t know how to react, so she excuses herself and turns around to leave.. but she bumps into a passerby and falls towards the river below. Shogo quickly grabs her hand, though he soon apologizes because he can’t hold on and falls into the river with her. \(^o^)/ He panics and asks her to hold onto him, but that’s only until they realize that the river is really shallow LOL. Yuuna apologizes for dragging him along, but Shogo only says he’s glad she’s okay. He jokingly tells her they should swim back home, and when he laughs.. she feels even more confused. He looks so refreshing today, it’s as if he’s an entirely different person.

One week later, on September 27, Yuuna goes to Venice Garden again before work. On her way to buy a drink, she notices Shogo talking to Basiglio in the bar — just like last time. They soon notice her presence though, and Basiglio leaves after asking Yuuna to come to Estremo sometimes. Since Yuuna is planning to buy a take-out drink, Shogo asks if she prefers drinking alone rather than having tea with him. When Yuuna says having tea with him actually sounds fun because she’s interested in him, Shogo replies with “the youngsters these days can be so assertive.. or are you teasing me?” xD He then admits that he wants to stay and talk with her, but he needs to take his leave since he’s in a hurry right now. Before leaving, Shogo promises to drop by Arcobaleno later and eat her cooking again.

Just when Yuuna is about to leave, suddenly she hears the bar’s staff calling out to Shogo. It turns out Shogo left an envelope on the bar’s table, but since he already walked away, Yuuna offers to take the envelope saying she’ll deliver it to him later. She can’t find him around Venice Garden anymore, so she decides to inform him via mail and brings the envelope to work. Upon seeing the envelope, Kaname suggests taking a look inside because it might be a script Shogo needs to deliver in a hurry. Following Kaname’s advice, Yuuna opens the envelope and finds a single document inside.. which is a fabricated document about a nonexistent mice infestation in Arcobaleno. It says the staff don’t have the heart to exterminate them, and so the number of mice has grown past a hundred — even blaming Ryuu for feeding them. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ The article also states that the customers are actually suffering from food poisoning because of this, but Nikichi bribes them to hide the truth. If the article ever gets published, it will hurt Arcobaleno’s reputation for sure. They were wondering why Shogo wrote such an article when he comes into the office, obviously to retrieve the envelope after reading Yuuna’s mail.

Just by seeing everyone’s expression, Shogo knows they already read his article. He blames Yuuna for taking his envelope and reading the contents without permission, but Haruto stops him and asks why he created the article. Shogo sighs and explains that it was for Basiglio, as Basiglio actually asked him to help getting Yuuna to move to Estremo. Knowing Yuuna has no intentions to leave Arcobaleno, Shogo decides to crush Arcobaleno using the article. Basiglio offers an exclusive interview as the reward, and he agreed because he can use the data to write a best-selling book. Shogo says this is his job, but Yuuna insists that he’s not someone who would do such a thing. She asks if he has any specific reason for doing this, but he only smiles saying he wants to hurt a kind person like her. (´・ω・`) He wants her to know that this world isn’t entirely built on goodwill alone, and he leaves without taking his article from them.

Rather than chasing after Shogo, Haruto takes Yuuna to visit Basiglio after work. When they show him the article, Basiglio admits that he did ask for Shogo’s help to obtain Yuuna.. but he never asked Shogo to crush Arcobaleno. Besides, Shogo actually refused the offer saying he can’t help after all. Basiglio mentions that Shogo often writes positive reviews on not-so-good restaurants just for money, but he never bashes any good restaurants — it would damage his reputation if people find out that his article is fabricated. Shogo did show the article to Basiglio earlier at the bar, and they laughed at it as a joke because Shogo clearly has no intentions to publish the article. In fact, he gave Basiglio another article that explains Arcobaleno’s history and praises all the staff — especially Yuuna.

In the second article, Shogo wrote that he was actually disappointed to see Haruto working in a small restaurant like Arcobaleno, but everything changed when Yuuna and her friends came to work there. They make Haruto’s cooking feels even more complete, and the customers are happy because Arcobaleno becomes more lively thanks to them. After observing for a while, Shogo realized that Yuuna is the one who turned Arcobaleno into a better restaurant. Aside from cooking warm, delicious food, she also pulls out the strength from all the other staff.. and he’s sincerely wishing for Arcobaleno to maintain this perfect balance.

After showing the article to everyone in Arcobaleno, Yuuna says she wants to talk to Shogo again. They can see that he actually treasures Arcobaleno, and she doesn’t want to lose him. He doesn’t pick up his phone, so she mails him saying she will be waiting at the seaside park next Wednesday. Even though Shogo doesn’t reply, eventually he comes to see Yuuna after she spent an hour waiting alone. It’s not intentional though, because he apologized saying he was still at work an hour ago. When Yuuna asks why he didn’t tell them the truth, Shogo says he’s not sure either — suddenly he just couldn’t care less about clearing the misunderstanding anymore. He writes to gain money, but he knows nobody would want to buy his honest article about Arcobaleno. Even though he became a gourmet reporter to let people know about good restaurants, he always receives requests to promote restaurants which are neither good nor interesting. He only got paid for those promotions and not for what he truly wants to write, so he eventually stopped writing articles that won’t sell. However, after seeing Yuuna doing her best in Arcobaleno, Shogo starts feeling that he wants to watch over her. He doesn’t want to hurt her, and that’s why he refused Basiglio’s offer.

When Yuuna says his honest article makes her happy, Shogo laughs saying he lost. He says the article isn’t for nothing if it makes her happy, but she tells him that she’s not the only one — there must be people out there who wants to read his real feelings. She will read everything he writes even if nobody wants them, so she asks him to write more and more honest articles from now on. Upon hearing this, Shogo suddenly hugs Yuuna and gently tells her not to say it so easily.. but he admits that he’s been waiting for someone to say those words to him. Shogo asks if she really wants to read them, and when Yuuna answers yes, he says he’ll write for her. He’ll turn his feelings into words and send them to her. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Even if nobody reads what he writes, he’d already be satisfied if they make her happy. Shogo smiles when Yuuna looks at him, and they walk along the beach holding hands.

A few days later, Shogo visits Arcobaleno saying he wants to write an article about Yuuna. At first Kaname is skeptical, but he turns speechless upon reading the script. Shogo really did write a good article about Yuuna, though Kaname thinks he put his personal feelings a little bit too much LOL. Everyone can tell that it was written with a lot of love, as those feelings clearly reach the readers. Even though Shogo tries to deny it, Nikichi points out that he often comes to visit them recently, and he always sits on the counter so he can watch Yuuna working in the kitchen. He even keeps asking her various questions just to keep her attention to himself — it’s so obvious that he’s in love with her. xD

When Yuuna delivers his spaghetti alla pescatora, Shogo praises her because it tastes even better than last time. He asks if she’s free on her next day off, and when she says she is, he invites her to go out together — because he wants to know what kind of person she is in her private life. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Kaname instantly interrupts since it’s clearly a date invitation, and the others start planning to tag along with them lol. Shogo asks them not to disturb his private time with Yuuna, but unfortunately for him, they’re not ready to let go of her yet. 8D Shogo accepts the challenge by asking Yuuna to go on a date with him next week — just the two of them — and he smiles when she nods.

Shogo has a cute ending, but sadly it feels unfinished compared to everyone else. They all get a kiss — even Basiglio — but he only gets a date invitation. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I do like Shogo here in his own route, but the scenes are incredibly short and not deep enough to develop a romantic relationship with Yuuna. His second episode only lasts five minutes even with me taking notes of everything, so that might give you an idea about how short this route is. (´・ω・`;) It’s really too bad, because I will definitely like him more if only they give him more development.


18 thoughts on “Arcobaleno! – Yagi Shogo

  1. Well that was short xD At first I was thinking “What an asshole Shougo is” then I read the bottom and it was pretty funny for me to see him in love xD You’re right though, it does feel incomplete. It’s like they just added his route in at the last minute, running out of time to fully complete it. QwQ

    • That’s what I though too before Basiglio explains everything. xD Shogo’s second article is really sweet and he’s really cute in the ending, but it’s not even mentioned if Yuuna is dating him or not. Judging by their reaction, it seems like none of them has confessed yet… ヽ(;▽;)ノ It feels like they only added him for the sake of having another hidden character / make every guy in the game capturable aside from Takumi.

  2. I was thinking that after reading Shogo’s route that the ending is appropriate. It’s short, so ending with the date invitation fits on what could be the beginning of a really good relationship. But yeah, I am a little disappointed it wasn’t longer.

    • Yeah, but it’s sort of unfair for him. ; v ; Everyone seems to have a steady relationship with Yuuna, while Shogo’s hasn’t even started yet.

  3. Well I agree with everyone else, the ending is good but the the story is too short, it seems like unfinished script (* ̄m ̄).

    But totally love the CG when he fell into the river ≧∇≦

    • Well, unlike everyone else, Shogo’s second episode is like a really short intro to the third.. so he lost a big chance of having a proper story there. I do like him though, with or without glasses. And I have to agree with Yuuna, Shogo looks so refreshing in that river CG. xD

  4. Oh yeah. That river CG is also the one make my heart beat fast. I know he doesn’t have proper ending (that’s sad to most of unfavorite characters). The thing I like from him are his cuteness and funny dialogues with other. Despite the cuteness, he can also have cool CG (like the river one). Might be just me who want him more. That’s sad Arcobaleno doesn’t have FD.

    • That’s because Arcobaleno is already complete as a game. They don’t have anything left to be created into a FD, and even if they do make a FD, I’m afraid it would only be draggy in the end. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I agree though, Shogo is so cute when he’s in love. It’s really too bad that he had to play the antagonist in most the other routes.. and they didn’t develop him enough.

  5. Urrrr I did his route after reading ur review and I want more or do I want more sexy guys with glasses….. Both!!!!

  6. Shogo seems to be a forgettable character to me. xD; I mean he appeared in most routes yet he didn’t have much impact on me despite what he had done, and reading the first part of this made me go =_=. Upon reading the ending, my mind went “This is the ending?” They should have polished his story more because I felt it’s rushed. XD; He’s definitely my least favorite character and I’m not even sorry.

    • True, in the other routes Shogo is just an extra character. Or a not-so-important character used to advance the plot. :| I do like him as a character, but aside from the river CG and the ending, the whole route is just so bleh. It felt even more rushed than Basiglio’s LOL.

      • Basiglio’s route has effort at least yeah. xD I think this route only exists to satisfy those with megane fetish? But ahhh it didn’t worked on me. 8D

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