Arcobaleno! – VS Routes + Harem Ending

Sorry for the long delay. It’s just I got sleepy everytime because of the long skipfest you have to go through before reaching the VS routes, and I personally loved the original routes better..

To open the VS routes, first you have to clear the respective guys’ routes first. There are four VS routes in Arcobaleno: Kaname vs. Haruto, Kaname vs. Fuuta, Nikichi vs. Ryuunosuke, and Haruto vs. Basiglio. There’s also a harem ending after you cleared everyone’s routes, and I’m merging everything into this post because they’re really short. Especially Kaname vs. Haruto, which only lasts less than five minutes.

Nikichi vs. Ryuunosuke

On September 26, Nikichi caught a cold and takes a break from work. Yuuna does her best to make a soup for him, and just by looking at her, Ryuu can tell that Yuuna is in love with Nikichi. Ryuu supports them and tells Yuuna to see Nikichi upstairs, but soon she returns downstairs looking sad. While Nikichi praises her cooking, he doesn’t seem happy to receive the soup — telling her that she doesn’t have to go this far just for him. Nikichi already apologized for saying such an insensitive thing, and he also explained that he doesn’t want to cause any problems for them. Nikichi recovers and is back to work the next day, but worried that he’s only going to overwork himself again, Yuuna asks him to rely on her. She confesses that she wants to help him because she loves him, but he rejects her saying he can’t possibly answer her feelings.

After work, Ryuu finds Yuuna crying alone by the back door. Knowing the rejection isn’t how Nikichi truly feels, Ryuu asks Yuuna to pretend to go out with him in order to find out Nikichi’s real feelings. Nikichi is shocked when they told him that they’re dating now, but then he says he’s happy for them. (´・ω・`) On their next day off, Ryuu invites Yuuna to come to Arcobaleno and watch DVDs together. He already recorded a TV show focusing on Italy just for her, and she lets him sleep on her lap because he seems tired. Just then Nikichi comes home, and upon seeing them together, he tells them to have their いちゃいちゃ time somewhere else. Ryuu asks if Nikichi is angry because he’s jealous, and this causes them to have a fight because Nikichi realizes Ryuu is testing his feelings. Nikichi denies having any romantic feelings for Yuuna, but Ryuu calls him a liar. He knows Nikichi loves Yuuna too, and he only rejected her because he knows Ryuu is in love with her as well. Ryuu says he won’t be happy if Yuuna gets rejected for his sake, and Nikichi ends up running off outside.

Nikichi Ending

Ryuu tells Yuuna to go, and she chases after Nikichi all the way to Venice Garden. She loses sight of him among the crowd, and suddenly some guys appear to hit on her. They refuse to let go of her, but luckily Nikichi comes back to save her. He asks why she’s chasing after him, and she answers it’s because she can’t forget him after all. When Yuuna asks if what Ryuu said is true, Nikichi admits that he is indeed in love with her. At first he only wanted to watch over her from afar, but the feeling of wanting to have her gradually grows stronger. If the one who lies on her lap wasn’t Ryuu, he would have punched the guy already. He’s been holding back from telling her how he really feels, and he actually had to restrain himself from hugging her when she confessed to him. He always thought Ryuu needs her more than he does, but he instantly regrets rejecting her when she started dating Ryuu. Nikichi says it feels painful if he has to keep holding back, but Yuuna tells him that her feelings remain the same — the only one she loves is him. Nikichi then asks if he can touch her, and when Yuuna nods, he finally kisses her. Nikichi admits that he’s been using their age gap as an excuse to run away, but he admits that needs her. He promises that he will never fake his feelings again, asking Yuuna to stay with him forever.

The next day, Ryuu says he’s happy that Yuuna and Nikichi are together. He loved her just as much, but this is the happy ending he’s been wishing for. Nikichi has been relying on Yuuna ever since, and he shyly asks her out on a date next week. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Ryuunosuke Ending

Thinking that Nikichi will only reject her again, Yuuna tells Ryuu that she can’t chase after him. Ryuu sadly admits that the more time he spends with Yuuna, the more he wants to snatch her away from Nikichi. He asks her to leave him because he can’t hold back his feelings, but she refuses saying she wants to stay with him. Yuuna has been chasing after Nikichi all this time, but after spending the last few days together with Ryuu, eventually she can forget Nikichi and her broken heart. Yuuna is about to say that she has fallen in love with Ryuu, but he suddenly kisses her before she can finish her sentence — whispering that he loves her and won’t give her to anyone. He wants her so much that he wants to take her away from everyone else.

One week later, Nikichi apologizes for confusing Yuuna with his behavior. He regrets hurting both Ryuu and Yuuna, but now he’s glad to see them looking so happy together. When Yuuna tells Ryuu that she’s happy to be with him, he blushes saying he’s glad to hear that.. and she tells him that she loves him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

VS Ending

Yuuna refuses to pretend to be dating Ryuu, choosing to endure the pain everytime she sees Nikichi. Instead of crying over her broken heart, the next day Yuuna greets Nikichi cheerfully — erasing the awkward atmosphere between them. In December, Nikichi is showing some of their Christmas decorations to Yuuna when Ryuu comes with his new “creation”.. which is a snowman-shaped sweets made from anman and strawberry daifuku stacked together. Ryuu asks Yuuna to eat it, but Nikichi interrupts saying they’re still discussing about their Christmas decorations. They start bickering about who should spend time with Yuuna, and they ask her to make the decision. She answers that she can’t choose, and she thinks about how both of them have been acting this way recently.

This VS route sort of breaks my heart because I love both Nikichi and Ryuu, but wow.. they’re both so manly here. Especially Ryuu. I was wondering why they don’t have any kiss CG in the original routes, and now I know why — the kiss happens here. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ This route is rather dramatic, but I absolutely love it. ❤

Haruto vs. Basiglio

On September 30, Basiglio goes to visit Yuuna in the dorm. He gives her a translated book on Italian cooking, as well as an espresso cup which looks exactly the same as the ones Haruto bought for her. Basiglio took a long time choosing the cup hoping it will make Yuuna happy, so she couldn’t tell him that Haruto already gave her the same thing. Before leaving, Basiglio tells Yuuna that he loves her, and he’s expecting to hear an answer the next time they meet again. Yuuna knows she can’t accept Basiglio’s feelings because she’s in love with Haruto, but she doesn’t know if it’s really love or simply admiration. The next day, a big pot suddenly falls onto Haruto at work. Yuuna pushes him out of the way just in time, but it causes the pot to land on her foot instead. Luckily it’s just a bruise, but Haruto feels responsible and takes Yuuna back to the dorm — where he notices the espresso cup in the kitchen. Haruto is happy that Yuuna is using the cup, but it’s actually the one Basiglio gave her.

Haruto Ending

Yuuna honestly admits that the cup is from Basiglio, and this makes Haruto realize that Basiglio wants Yuuna as a woman — not just as a chef. Haruto leaves after telling Yuuna to get some rest, and she also realizes that she’s in love with him after all. A few days later, Yuuna gets a phone call from Basiglio after work. He says he wants to talk to her, asking her to meet him at the seaside park next Wednesday. Just then an unhappy Haruto appears and asks if the call was from Basiglio, and when she says yes, he asks what would she do if he tells her not to go. Haruto also asks if she loves Basiglio as well, and since Yuuna answers she doesn’t, he asks why she’s going to meet Basiglio then. Yuuna almost tells Haruto that she’s in love with him, but sadly he lets go and asks her to forget it. The next Wednesday, Yuuna goes to meet Basiglio and tells him that she’s in love with Haruto after all. Basiglio already knew her answer though, and suddenly he hugs her saying this is his “last present” for her. It turns out Basiglio is doing it on purpose, because he already called Haruto to come to the seaside park as well. When Haruto comes and asks what they’re doing, Basiglio tells him that Yuuna is now dating him. Haruto runs off after saying it’s got nothing to do with him, and knowing Haruto will show his true feelings now, Basiglio tells Yuuna to chase after him.

When Yuuna catches up to Haruto, she explains what actually happened and confesses that she loves him. She cries as she asks him not to blame Basiglio for the misunderstanding, and he wipes her tears away — asking her not to cry for Basiglio. Haruto then admits that he felt angry upon hearing that Yuuna is meeting Basiglio today, and he had to restrain himself from punching Basiglio when he saw them hugging earlier. Then finally, Haruto tells Yuuna that he loves her too. He admits that he’s not really good at dealing with women, but he promises to treasure her forever. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Realizing that he never tried to understand Basiglio at all, Haruto tries to fix their relationship by inviting Basiglio out for a drink. Sadly it doesn’t work that well because Basiglio wants Haruto to apologize for rejecting his cute sister first.. and Haruto doesn’t even remember that Basiglio has a sister. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Basiglio accepts the invitation though, and Haruto visits Yuuna in the dorm after that. He asks her to keep the espresso cup Basiglio gave her, saying they can use the cup when they have a new family member. (* ノ∀ノ)イヤン ..Yuuna doesn’t get it though, and Haruto is too shy to explain. xD

Basiglio Ending

Yuuna doesn’t tell the truth, but Haruto realizes that the cup isn’t the one he gave her because the handle has a different shape. Yuuna couldn’t bring herself to explain, and this lead Haruto to think that he’s only being a nuisance by giving her the cups. He walks out before she could explain anything, and she regrets lying to him.. but sadly it’s too late. A few days later, Yuuna bakes some bread to thank Haruto for taking her home, but he coldly refuses and tells her to give them to Basiglio instead — their relationship is now ruined thanks to her lie. After work, Basiglio comes to Yuuna’s room saying he wants to talk to her. He brings a cake to celebrate her recovery, but he notices that she looks sad. Yuuna cries after explaining what happened with Haruto, and Basiglio says he’s jealous that Haruto can make her feel so sad. After eating the bread she made for Haruto, Basiglio asks Yuuna to give him the answer. He says he will wait beside her until she can forget Haruto, and she replies that she’s happy with his feelings. It will take time until she can sort out her feelings, but she will stay with him from now on. As the first step of their relationship, Basiglio then kisses Yuuna’s cheek — saving their real kiss until she can truly love him.

The next day, Yuuna apologizes to Haruto for everything. He also apologizes for being so cold to her, admitting that he gets irritated easily when it comes to her. Yuuna then tells Haruto that she’s dating Basiglio now, and he wishes them to be happy together. Basiglio keeps coming to see Yuuna in Arcobaleno ever since, so much that Nikichi asks him to work for them instead.. though Haruto says he will quit if Basiglio works in Arcobaleno. xD After spending one month together, Basiglio thinks it’s about time they have their real kiss, so he invites Yuuna to come to his house next time.

VS Ending

Realizing how immature she is, Yuuna refuses to go out with Basiglio — saying she will give it another thought if he’s still single when she grows up a little bit more. She also apologizes to Haruto for lying, telling him that she’s going to focus on her studies for now. Love will have to wait until she’s really ready for it, and Haruto quietly chuckles saying both Basiglio and him wil become old men if she keeps them waiting for too long. One month later, Haruto shyly asks if Yuuna is free on their next day off. Before she could answer, Basiglio suddenly comes and asks exactly the same thing. They end up bickering in front of Yuuna, and they try to bribe her with food — Haruto with cake and Basiglio with dim sum. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Between them, Yuuna thinks about how difficult it is to become an adult LOL.

Even though I love Basiglio as well, seeing Haruto’s sad expression in Basiglio’s ending makes me feel so sad. C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Haruto’s ending is much longer too, which only makes it even clearer that he’s the main guy of the game LOL. I sort of feel sorry for Basiglio here because Yuuna jumps to him to forget Haruto, but oh well..

Kaname vs. Fuuta

On September 30, Kaname invites Yuuna to travel together. She keeps thiking about him during class, and Fuuta also tries asking her out.. though he fails since the teacher stops them from chatting in class. Before leaving school, Yuuna overhears Kaname arguing with Kiyo near the entrance. Kiyo knows Kaname doesn’t want to move from Arcobaleno because of Yuuna, but Kaname tells her that Yuuna is just a friend. Right now his only focus is to make a restaurant that can surpass Estremo, and so love is just a hindrance for him. Yuuna is shocked and runs off to the streets outside — where she realizes that she’s in love with Kaname. When Fuuta finds her and asks her what’s wrong, Yuuna suddenly cries in front of him. Fuuta then hugs Yuuna and confesses that he’s in love her, but before she could say anything, Kaname sees them and is surprised at the sight. It turns out Kaname knew that Fuuta is in love with Yuuna, and he wishes them to be happy together — which breaks her heart even more. Back in the dorm, Yuuna decides to forget Kaname.

The next day, Fuuta asks Yuuna out on a date and she agrees to go out with him on their next day off. After work, Ryuu finds Fuuta checking out date spots from a magazine. Fuuta happily tells them that he’s going on a date with Yuuna, and he asks Kaname for suggestions. Despite what he said before, Kaname gets pissed and tells them to do whatever they want. Then he runs out of Arcobaleno.

Kaname Ending

Yuuna chases after Kaname outside, where he suddenly kisses her and admits that he loves her. He also treasures Fuuta as a friend and wants to support their relationship — knowing Yuuna is Fuuta’s first love — but he can’t stand seeing them together. Kaname says he can’t give up on Yuuna after all, and he runs off without giving her a chance to say anything. After spending several days avoiding Kaname, Yuuna hears from Fuuta that Kaname is going to quit school and resume his studies overseas. Moreover, he’s leaving in only a few days. Kaname has been avoiding them as well, and he also quits working in Arcobaleno. On October 10, the day of Kaname’s departure, Yuuna goes to see him in the boys’ dorm.. but Fuuta tells her that Kaname already went to the airport. He only left a letter for her, which says that he won’t be able to support her relationship with Fuuta anymore should they meet again. He apologizes for the kiss, and finally thanks her for all the time they spent together. Realizing that Kaname and Yuuna are in love with each other, Fuuta tells her to chase after him.

In the airport, Yuuna finds Kaname and finally confesses that she loves him. Upon hearing her confession, Kaname hugs Yuuna and asks her to say it again.. and when Yuuna repeats her confession, Kaname answers that he loves her too. Sadly this doesn’t stop him from leaving. Kaname tells Yuuna that he will definitely come back after four years, and if their feelings are still the same, he’s going to marry her. Together, they will make a great restaurant that won’t lose to Arcobaleno. Yuuna promises to become a great chef by the time Kaname returns, and he kisses her before getting on the plane.

Fuuta Ending

Yuuna decides not to chase after Kaname, and Nikichi goes out to follow him instead. After 10 minutes, they return to Arcobaleno and Kaname tells Yuuna that he’s alright. On their next day off, Yuuna visits Venice Garden with Fuuta for their date. They promise to go on a trip to Italy together someday, and they go to Yuuna’s room after buying some Italian ingredients from the market. When Yuuna puts on her apron, Fuuta shyly holds her hand and kisses her hair. He asks if she hates it, and when she says she’s happy, he tells her that she looks so cute in her apron.. and that’s why he suddenly wants to kiss her.

A few days later, Yuuna runs into Kaname while waiting for Fuuta in the boys’ dorm. Kaname admits that he actually loved Yuuna too, but right now he’s happy to see her getting along so well with Fuuta. He would fight for her if it’s with another guy, but he gave up knowing Fuuta will always treasure her. Kaname is willing to listen if Yuuna ever has any complains about Fuuta, though he refuses to hear them bragging about each other.

VS Ending

Yuuna honestly tells Fuuta that she’s in love with Kaname. Knowing that Kaname loves Yuuna as well, Fuuta encourages her to confess to Kaname. When Yuuna finally tells Kaname what she truly feels, he admits that he loves her too.. but instead of dating her, he asks her to give them more time. They’re going to graduate in half a year, and they will see which one of them she loves the most until then. What the heck? The feeling is mutual, why do you have to wait? Sorry, but I just don’t get it. Not after Kaname clearly tells Yuuna that he doesn’t want to hand her to Fuuta. ( ಠ_ಠ ) In April, the three of them graduate from Murota Gakuen with top grades. Yuuna’s feelings actually remain the same, but for now she wants to work harder since she doesn’t want to lose to both Kaname and Fuuta.

Honestly, this VS route is completely unnecessary. Kaname lost his charm because he makes easy problems turn difficult, and Fuuta is really insensitive.. even though that’s just how he is. I don’t have any problems about Fuuta’s ending, but Kaname asking Yuuna to wait for him for four freaking years? And how he asks her to give them more time for something that turns out to be useless in the end? No thanks. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Kaname vs. Haruto

After work, Yuuna notices that she still has a donut she made at school. She’s really proud of how it turned out, and she starts wondering if she should give it to someone else or just eat it by herself. Just then Haruto and Kaname enter the office, and upon noticing the donut’s paper bag on Yuuna’s hand.. they start fighting over it. Kaname points out that Haruto already ate a lot for dinner, while Haruto asks Kaname to show some respect to his senior — which is the only time he ever brings up their age gap. xD When Yuuna tries saying something, they tell her to be quiet and she regrets not bringing two donuts for them LOL.

This ending has no drama and is pretty cute, but I spent around 30 minutes skipping the entire game just to see this short scene. Is it worth it? (´・ω・`) Oh well, at least that was amusing.

Harem Ending

Just as the title says, in this ending every single staff in Arcobaleno is in love with Yuuna. On September 30, everyone goes to play in an indoor swimming pool together.. and that’s where they compete over her attention. Fuuta asks her to play beach volley with him, Kaname invites her to play frisbee, Ryuu wants her to put sun oil on him so he can be as tan as Fuuta, Haruto interrupts saying he wants to break watermelons with her, and Nikichi points out that it’s just impossible for her to do everything at once.. so she should go swimming with him instead. 8D None of them wants to give up, and they tell Yuuna to just sit back and wait until they’re done determining the turns. \(^o^)/

Another half an hour spent to get a five-minute long scene… but it’s cute. ヽ( ;∀; )ノ

Overall, I think Arcobaleno is a really cute game. It makes you drool over the pictures of Italian (and not so Italian) food, and the guys have their own charms. The story is light with minimum amount of drama, so it’s nice to play when you need a break from longer, heavier games. The only drawback is that there’s a lot of daily schedule animation and map events. It’s good when you’re doing the original routes, but skipping for 30 minutes just to get a short event in the end feels so tedious. (ノД`)・゜・。 Other than that, Arcobaleno is really nice. I’d recommend it to any otome out there who’s looking for a light-hearted story.


17 thoughts on “Arcobaleno! – VS Routes + Harem Ending

  1. yay! the vs ends are up! I have to admit the vs ends make me excited and sad at the same time because omg hot mans fighting over you but sad cause choosing one over the other will break one of their hearts awwww><

    • LOL I know right. Plus, it feels weird too seeing Yuuna falling in love with another guy in only a few days. Except maybe for Basiglio, who has to wait for a month before she can truly love him. xD; Haruto looks so sad in Basiglio’s ending though, and it breaks my heart. ; v ;

  2. Ryuu and Nikichi’s VS route is my favorite since I think it’s the most well done, but it also breaks my heart. The part where Ryuu asks Yuuna if she’s in love with Nikichi made me go ; _ ; because he’s obviously upset but tries to hide it. His ending was so hot though–his voice! I think I replayed his lines a hundred times lol

    Haha originally I raged at Nikichi and Ryuu not having kiss CGs, but then I played the VS routes and was like oh…here they are xD;;

    • I agree, Nikichi vs. Ryuu is the most well-done among all four VS routes.. as in you can feel the progression and they wrap up everything nicely in both endings. Ryuu is holding back a lot in that route and I want him to be happy, but on the other hand I love Nikichi too. I think I can hear the sound of my heart breaking into pieces. (ノД`)・゜・。 ..but LOL Ryuu is so hot in his ending. 8D

  3. Yay~ You’ve finished Arcobaleno, congrats xD I honestly dislike the VS routes, ecause it makes me feel bad for not getting with the other guy 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
    Yes, Arcobaleno is really a game worth getting 8D I had a lot of fun reading the reviews (^∇^) I see you’re doing BROTHERS CONFLICT now?

    • The only ones I like here are Nikichi, Ryuu and Haruto’s endings. The rest feels kinda meh, especially Kaname’s LOL. I guess I’m just disappointed that he made everything so complicated and left Yuuna for four years in the end. (´・ω・`) Thank you for reading my reviews, I’m glad to hear you enjoy them. xD Right now I’m writing reviews for Brothers Conflict’s novels, because I’m still bitter about the release date getting pushed back. ヽ( ;∀; )ノ But I’m also playing Tokimemo GS 3 Premium in the background.

      • LOL I know how you feel -stares at new Hakuouki game- I can’t stand delays. They keep our hopes up until the last minute and then delay it (*`へ´*)

        • Oh, Reimeiroku for DS? xD
          Otomate first delayed Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku.. which I don’t really care for, but then they also delayed Elkrone. Just when I thought I’d skip Elkrone for Brothers Conflict, they delayed Passion Pink too. My goodness. Three delays already, and that’s only for the games I can remember. Please no more delays Otomate, it seriously pisses me off. :<

  4. Yay congrats for finishing the game ^_^ I like Haruto vs. Basiglio one, though it is kinda sad since you need to choose one over another. And Haruto is totally adorable ≧∇≦, but still I like all the guys in this game.

    • Thank you. xD I don’t really like Basiglio’s ending because it feels like Yuuna is using him as a way to forget Haruto, while in the other routes she already shows some signs of falling in love with the other guy. ; v ; I love Haruto’s ending though!

  5. Thinking of picking this game up while waiting for Brothers Conflict (*´・v・) I’m really in the mood for something light and fluffy right now. How long did it take for you to complete all the routes?

    • It took me around 2-3 weeks, but that’s because I was busy with work and fangirling over other things too. (・∀・;)ゞエヘヘ You should be able to finish one route per day if you don’t take notes of every single detail like I did, so it should be shorter. :3

  6. I’ve reached the VS routes at last. I can’t choose between Nikichi and Pink Cricket. orz In the ones with Mr. Spring Eggplant in it, I’ll definitely choose him simply because I like his replies. Some of those made me giggle even it doesn’t meant to be funny at all. xD Even the first two VS routes are short (but a bit longer compared to the last two), both stories are clear. The harem ending is cute. 8D

    Overall, I’ve liked all the characters, still with ranking though, sans Shogo. I even love Chako over him. 8D;;; All throughout reading the summaries, I can say that Mr. Spring Eggplant is like the only guy who does :| most of the time, while the others do variation of smiles. XD Then I like Yuuna as a heroine, since she’s perfect for a light story like this. As in she doesn’t give any unnecessary reactions. =u=

    Once I’ve strikeout almost all the titles on my backlog, I’ll be playing this. *will be writing my impression post about this game* I’ve enjoyed my reading marathon too! \(@u@)/

    I wonder how Pink Cricket arranges his hair without getting messy xD because I noticed his hairstyle on his ending here.

    There! Papa has showered your blog with love I mean comments. 8D

    • Thanks for all the comments, Papa! 8D
      The harem ending was cute, but LOL I was spacing out for 30 minutes as the game skipped itself.. and the ending lasted for only 5 minutes. Not very rewarding, but at least it was cute. ヽ( ;∀; )ノ

      Mr. Spring Eggplant is my favorite because he remains expressionless most of the time, but when he smiles my world just explodes into shoujo bubbles. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Glad to hear you’ll play Arcobaleno, because people nowadays seem to prefer heavy otome games instead. xD;

      About Ryuu’s hairstyle.. maybe he does it similar to how Yuu-kun from BroCon braids his hair everyday? LOL. According to the omake chibi 4 koma, he lets his hair down every night after taking a bath. :D

      • Mr. Spring Eggplant’s smile = your world is full of shoujo bubbles and rainbows. |D I need something light from time to time too. 8D

        I wish I can see Pink Cricket with his hair down. =u=

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