As some of you might have known already, Otomate has delayed Brothers Conflict’s release date again. Passion Pink will now be released on April 26, and I have to do something related to Brothers Conflict to erase my rage. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ So I’m summarizing the novels.

When her father decides to remarry, Hinata Ema suddenly has to live with her new brothers. There are 11 of them, with the oldest being a 31 year old pediatrician and the youngest is a 10 year old elementary school student. The first volume of Brothers Conflict delivers the shocking “first conflict”, the suspicious sight of the brothers, an exciting summer vacation along with a heart-throbbing night, and how the brothers take care of Ema when she caught a cold.

Chapter 1-1: 忘れられない日になったから
[ Since it became an unforgettable day ]

On May 22, Hinata Ema is moving to Sunrise Residence, an elite apartment located in Kichijouji, Tokyo. Her mother passed away soon after giving birth to her, and her father, Hinata Rintarou, is a famous adventurer. Rintarou is going to remarry with a well-known apparel maker named Asahina Miwa, so starting from today Ema will live with Miwa’s children — her new brothers. In front of the apartment building, a young boy nearly runs her over with his bike. Soon his big brother comes to apologize, and Ema thinks about how nice it would be to have siblings. Little did she know that both of them are two of her new brothers.

When Ema goes to greet her new brothers, the one who opens the door for her is Ukyou (2nd son, lawyer), and Kaname (3rd son, Buddhist monk) instantly hits on her. The boy from earlier is Wataru (youngest son, 5th grader), and the man who apologized to her is Masaomi (oldest son, pediatrician). Soon Tsubaki (5th son, seiyuu) comes and sticks to Ema — instantly trying to satisfy his 妹萌え — but luckily Azusa (6th son, also a seiyuu) stops him from harrassing their new sister. Tsubaki and Azusa are identical twins, though they have completely different personalities. Ema also meets Iori (10th son, 3rd year high school student), Subaru (9th son, university student), and lastly Yusuke (11th son, 2nd year high school student) — the last one being Ema’s classmate at school. They almost have a fight because Yusuke keeps saying he won’t accept Ema as a sister, but Masaomi calms them down by stuffing candies straight into their mouths. xD The day ends with Tsubaki repeatedly asking Ema to call him “onii-chan”, and she thinks about how it would be an unforgettable day for the rest of her life LOL.

Chapter 1-2: すべてを知ったその朝に
[ The morning when I learned everything ]

The next day, Ema finds Kaname and Subaru in the living room — resting after their morning road walk. Just like the day before, Subaru is really quiet and won’t even greet her properly, so Ema wonders if she did something that made him angry. Ema goes to help Ukyou cooking breakfast for everyone after that, and that’s when Rui (8th son, hairdresser) suddenly appears out of the blue to touch her hair. He tells her that she’s good at arranging her hair, and he also promises to give her a nice hair treatment next time.

During breakfast, the TV shows a famous idol named Asakura Fuuto, and the brothers start talking as if they know him. Ukyou starts thinking about what kind of souvenir they should ask Fuuto to bring home next, Tsubaki and Azusa are saying that he’s not good at singing, while Wataru points out that he’s good in dancing. Iori notices that Ema seems confused, and so he explains that Fuuto (12th son, junior high student and idol) is their brother too. “Asakura” is his stage name, and he’s often away from home because of his busy schedule.

Chapter 2-1: タイミグが悪すぎて
[ The timing is too bad ]

On June 22, exactly one month after Ema started living with the brothers, the shower in Ema’s room is broken and she goes to take a bath on the 5th floor instead.

9 PM:
Ema finds Tsubaki and Azusa talking in the living room. They say suspicious things which are hinting about a forbidden relationship between siblings, and this causes Ema to get the wrong idea about their relationship. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Afraid that she might disturb them, Ema decides to leave the 5th floor for now.

12 AM:
Upon returning to the 5th floor, Ema notices that someone is sleeping on the sofa. After taking a closer look, she realizes that it’s actually Fuuto. She’s surprised since it’s the first time she ever saw an idol directly, but then suddenly he wakes up and treats her like an intruder. Even after Ema explains who she is, Fuuto replies by saying she’s so stupid for approaching a guy when he’s sleeping. Fuuto also calls her “stupid big sister”, and Ema leaves the living room in anger. The smiling image of “Asakura Fuuto” in her mind has been destroyed into pieces.

5 AM:
No one’s around so early in the morning, so Ema finally takes a bath on the 5th floor and walks out of the bathroom only wearing a towel — ignoring Juli’s (her squirrel) warning. Just as Juli fears, Ema then runs into Subaru — who’s only wearing his underwear — in the kitchen LOL. It appears that Subaru always walks around in his underwear after training, and today is no exception.. except he forgot that Ema is now living with them. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Subaru turns deep red and only stares at Ema until Juli eventually rages, so she runs away and takes Juli out of the living room before anything happens. xD

Chapter 2-2: 守られる、とういうことは
[ How it feels to be protected ]

During breakfast, Rui suddenly glances at Juli and asks if he’s not talking today.. which really confuses Ema because nobody other than her can hear Juli’s voice. For other people, he only squeaks like a normal squirrel whenever he’s talking. Things are still awkward for Subaru and Ema, so he eats his breakfast really fast and leaves as soon as he’s done — clearly avoiding her. Since Tsubaki and Azusa are still being ラブラブ this morning, Ema bluntly asks about their relationship. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tsubaki jokingly answers they’re dating, but eventually they explain that they were only practicing last night. Tsubaki will be voicing a drama CD about a forbidden relationship, and Azusa was helping him by acting out the younger sister’s role. xD

Ever since she moved to Sunrise Residence, Ema has to take the train to school. The train is always packed in the morning, so the brothers tell Yusuke to walk to school with her already. Even though they’re living together now, they never actually go to school together. He even told her not to call his name at school, because people will be suspicious if she suddenly calls him “Yusuke-kun” instead of the usual “Asahina-kun”.. but eventually Yusuke agrees to walk to school together. The train is packed as usual, but Yusuke protects Ema from the morning crowd. They’re standing really close to each other since the train is full, and he’s blushing the whole time. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Ema thanks him when they finally get off, and Yusuke runs off to class while still blushing.

Chapter 3: 愛をつむいだ唇が
[ The lips that spun love ]

In July, everyone goes to Miwa’s private island for summer vacation. Ema wears a bikini to the beach, which causes Subaru to go Σ(〃д〃) upon seeing her.. then he gives her his parker and tells her to wear it. Kaname, on the other hand, wants to see some skin and tries to take off the parker instead. 8D When Wataru asks why he’s trying to strip Ema, Kaname answers that he’ll wait until the kids go to sleep at night — upsetting Wataru for being treated as a kid. On the beach, Rui builds a sand miniature of Taj Mahal until he eventually faints on top of Ema. It turns out he can’t stand the heat, and he always faints whenever they visit the beach every year. xD While Tsubaki and Azusa are helping Ema to carry Rui away from the beach, Yusuke and Subaru are having a swimming race in the sea, and Iori is studying with Fuuto near their cottage. When Ema comes to approach them, Fuuto says they’re both busy with a lot of stuff — unlike a certain flat-chested, stupid girl. Of course he’s referring to Ema, and she instantly rages even though she does admit that her chest is flat. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Iori quickly stops Fuuto from insulting Ema any further, but since Fuuto clearly has no intentions to apologize to her, Ema storms off in anger before it turns into a fight.

Not too long after that, Masaomi asks if anyone has seen Wataru. He’s nowhere to be seen, so they all split up to search for him around the island. Ema goes with Kaname to check the back of their cottage, and when it starts raining along the way.. Kaname suddenly hugs Ema to keep her warm. This causes her to feel all ドキ(*´・ω・`*)ドキ inside, until eventually Tsubaki comes to inform them that Wataru has been found. It turns out Wataru only went to take a nap without telling anyone, and he’s really upset when everyone keeps calling him a kid.. so Ukyou decides to punish Wataru by asking him help preparing dinner tonight. If he doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, then he needs to take responsibility like an adult. They’re all drenched thanks to the rain, and Ema pulls Subaru’s wet clothes saying she’ll wash it as a sign of gratitude for the parker.. which only causes him to go Σ(〃д〃) again LOL.

At night Ema takes a walk along the beach, where she meets Kaname again. Despite his usual cheerful demeanor, she notices that he seems different tonight.. and somehow she thinks this might be the real him. Just then a big wave splashes onto Kaname, and when Ema laughs at him, he pulls her into the water too. Here, she notices that he has a cross-like sword tattoo on his right collarbone. When she asks him about it, he only gives her a vague answer that pen is mightier than sword.. but there’s something that’s even more powerful than pens or swords — it’s love. As Kaname whispers those words into Ema’s ears, he suddenly pulls her closer and kisses her on the lips. Juli can only rage in the background until eventually Ema snaps to her senses and runs away from Kaname.

Chapter 4-1: 熱、めまい、ぐるぐるして
[ Fever, dizziness, and spinning around ]

At the end of August, Ema caught a cold and has a slight fever. Wataru finds her looking for medicines in the living room, so he tries to nurse her by following the rules of “aegu / あえぐ” (literally means “to moan”). “A” is for “atatamaru” (get warm), and Wataru takes out his own bedcover to the living room in order to keep Ema warm. “E” is for “eiyou” (nutrition), so Wataru takes out all the food in the fridge until Ema decides to share an ice cream with him — though she feels bad for Ukyou. xD Wataru can’t remember what “GU” stands for, so he decides to spin around with Ema thinking it’s “guru guru mawaru” (spin around) — definitely wrong LOL.

Eventually Masaomi comes to the living room, and upon seeing them spinning around, he asks if they’re dancing together LOL. When Wataru explains that he’s trying to nurse Ema with the rules of “aegu”, Masaomi is shocked and asks who taught him that word. Apparently it was Tsubaki, and Masaomi shows a frightening silent rage upon learning about this. xD Masaomi then examines Ema’s condition, but since he doesn’t bring any thermometers, he decides to take her temperature by putting his forehead against hers. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Ema gets really nervous because of this, and she accidentally lifts her shirt too high when Masaomi asks her to show her stomach. He blushes too upon seeing her bra, and especially because she goes “んっ…!” when he touches her stomach. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He says she should be okay if she gets enough rest, and he flees from the living room out of embarrassment LOL. At the end of the day, poor Wataru gets scolded by Ukyou for making a mess in the living room. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Chapter 4-2: また次も、今度はもっと
[ Next time too, will be greater ]

After hearing that Ema caught a cold, everyone comes to visit her. Yusuke gives her some medicines, though he got deceived by Tsubaki and ends up giving her a suppository instead. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Rui puts a get-well-soon letter under her door, Subaru leaves some ion drinks on her door handle, and Iori buys a bouquet of sunflowers just for her. Juli doesn’t approve though. He thinks everyone has hidden motives, and he just can’t trust any of them. Not even the gentle Iori, because sunflower means “I’m always looking at you” in flower language. Not too long after Iori leaves, Kaname also comes and gives Ema a cake.. but since Ema is clearly avoiding him, Kaname asks if she’s angry about the kiss. She thinks he can kiss any woman whenever he wants to, but he tells her that she’s wrong. He doesn’t just kiss anyone, and he kissed her because she’s cute — she made him want to kiss her. Kaname says he wants to have a greater kiss after she recovers, so despite everyone wishing for her to get well soon, Ema is now really afraid of recovering.

Chapter 4-3: ご褒美、ねだられて奪われて
[ The reward, asked and stolen ]

On the last Saturday of August, Tsubaki and Azusa invite Ema to their live event. She couldn’t go out and play recently because she was sick, so they’re hoping the event can at least give her some good summer memories. Both of them are doing an incredible job at entertaining their fans, and Ema feels really proud to have great brothers like them. After the event ends, Ema suddenly receives a mail from Tsubaki — telling her to come to their dressing room. Right after she walks in, a half-naked Tsubaki suddenly hugs her and kisses her cheek as a reward for entertaining her today. He actually wants to kiss her on the lips, but today he’ll hold back since Ema is resisting and Azusa is glaring at him. Then he kisses Azusa’s cheek too so the latter “won’t get jealous” lol.

Repeat #001 – Side Yusuke: 夜空に向かって叫べば
[ If you scream to the night sky ]

Looking back at their first meeting, Yusuke admits that he actually fell in love with Ema at the first sight. He first saw her in spring of their first year, but they were in different classes back then. His love only grew stronger over time, and they were finally placed in the same class on their second year. Tsubaki actually knew that Ema will be their new sister, but he didn’t inform Yusuke on purpose — simply because he loves teasing Yusuke. This causes Yusuke to get a strange feeling, and he started imagining various いちゃいちゃ situation with their new sister.. though he apologized to the girl in his delusions because his heart only belongs to Ema. ❤

On May 22, Yusuke actually talked to Ema at school, but he didn’t know until much later that she’s going to become his new sister. He returned home late because he was summoned by their homeroom teacher, and he was shocked to see her when he got home. Even though he harshly warned her not to call his name at school, Yusuke is actually worried that Ema might be angry because of his attitude towards her.

That night, Yusuke goes down to visit a convenience store. He meets Azusa in the elevator, and they find Ema with Iori on the first floor. Yusuke is surprised to see them together, but Iori calmly explains that he was guiding Ema around the area and showed her the locations of the 24-hour convenience stores nearby — just in case she ever needs anything. At first Yusuke actually felt lucky to live with the girl he loves, but now he realizes that he’s dead wrong. He’s surrounded by extraordinarily strong rivals: the princely Iori, the attentive Azusa, the frivolous Tsubaki, the flirty Kaname, and even a famous idol like Fuuto. As Yusuke screams “I won’t hand Hinata over to anyone! I won’t lose!” in his heart, Azusa holds his shoulder saying this is the difference between popular guys and non-popular guys. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Just as I expected, Kaname the ero monk is the first one who makes a move on Ema. I thought he would hit on her first, but LOL he went straight from flirt → hug → kiss. As expected from the pro. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ The first volume is mostly about introductions to the brothers, and I find the events in each chapter really entertaining. The chapters don’t really explain much about Ema and her background, so I had to take some details from the character page and put it into the summary for better flow.. but if you’re confused about anything, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll gladly explain. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

Oh, and since we’re talking about Brothers Conflict, please check Delphine’s lovely character CD translations at fangirl strikes back. ❤


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  1. It was great \o/ To be honest, I didn’t expect Kaname to go that far owo He doesn’t waste any time! このエロ坊主 (́≖◞౪◟≖‵) but it adds some spice, I wonder what’s going to happen between them! Oh and, Juli is just so right LMAO

    Looking forward to reading the next summary ♥ (and thanks for the pimp ;w;)

    • I know right. I had the feeling he’d be the first one to move, but I didn’t expect him to move that fast. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ After listening to Iori’s CD and reading the novels past Vol. 3, Juli’s comment regarding that sunflower bouquet suddenly has a new meaning LOL. Oh, and no problem. You deserve more love anyway. ❤

  2. Thanks for doing this \(^o^)/

    I’m planning on buying the first volume next week, but I’ve never read a light novel before and wasn’t sure how much I’d understand

    Just one quick question: does Brothers Conflict come with furigana? It’s not a huge problem if it doesn’t, but after a while I usually grow tired of reading books that don’t have it, since my kanji reading isn’t what it should be >_>;;

    • Unfortunately, no it doesn’t have furigana. ヽ(;∀;)ノ
      I has furigana for difficult / unknown terms (usually names of places or people), but that’s only for the first time the term appears. After that it’s only kanji, though some words are written in hiragana or katakana sometimes. The language level is similar to a standard otome game, as in no overly difficult terms but still has regular kanji.

      • Oh…that’s unfortunate ; w ;

        I’ll still buy it anyway even though I can only read like…maybe 60ish kanji on sight? OTL

        Well if it’s on the same level as an otome game then I shouldn’t have too many problems, even if I’ll have to read with my kanji dictionary nearby ID;;

        Thanks for answering!

  3. Ah, thanks for the summary :DD
    I recognized some scenes from the game website/drama cd, I guess they’re rly following the core scenarios from the novels ME GUSTA (I feel like I’m spoiling myself on the game tho ahaha /punched)

    And of course Kaname would go for first kill, このエロ坊主 (〃ノ∇ノ)
    I guess nobody finds out the kiss except for Juli? KanaKana would be slaughtered if anyone (non-squirrel) finds out lolol

    That Yusuke-centric short is so cute (〃゚∇゚〃) テレテレww

    -reins aka jilatlanun

    • Yeah, even the illustrations are the same. There’s a lot of pictures in the novels though, so I wonder if the game will have that much CGs too. 8D I heard the game won’t have conflicts between brothers though, aside from featuring two brothers fighting over you Tokimemo-style.. so they probably won’t show Subaru vs. Natsume or Kaname vs. Iori like in the novels. ; v ;

      Other than Juli, there’s actually someone else who found out about the kiss.. but you’ll only find the answer in the next volumes. xD If Masaomi ever finds out, I think he’ll unleash that silent rage onto Kaname too lol. IKR “Side Yusuke” is so cute, though I feel sorry for him.. because LOL AZUSA WHY SO BLUNT. 8D;;

      • i have a random copy of Sylph and it has chapter8 iinm (Ema finding out Rui’s ability, KanaKana gets scared by Rui lmaoooo)

        (o they probably won’t show Subaru vs. Natsume or Kaname vs. Iori like in the novels)
        oh, true. the darker?? plots in the novel are actually quite interesting but I don’t think they can fit it in ;3; Limited disc space lol

        Yuutan why do you make it so fun to bully you sobs Even I would bully you orz

        • Oh right, that’s in vol. 3.. which is what I’ll be doing next. 8D
          Yeah I think they can fit into the game, and I just noticed that most rival pairings are split into PP / BB. Like Subaru / Natsume, Kaname / Iori, and also Hikaru / Ukyou. The only rival pairing that stays together in the same game is Yuu-kun / Fuutan lol.

          To quote Tsukkun, Yuu-kun exists to be picked on. xD

          • From the preview book, it’s “make two guys fall in love with you and they can catch you dating / sleeping with the other one” LOL. That’s why I said Tokimemo-style. xD

  4. Wai it’s here now! \(@u@)/ お疲れ様

    Chapter 2-2: LOL Yuu-kun and being too tsun, but yay for protecting Ema from the morning crowd. >u<

    Chapter 3: Ruirui has an awesome talent, however too bad he fainted after he finished it. xD; Also LOL at Fuutan giving mean remarks at Ema *Looking at Kaname* さすがエロ丸出し坊主 I also love Subarun's reaction all throughout this chapter.

    Chapter 4-2: ROFL Tsukkun and I like Ema's reaction at the end. xD

    Repeat #001: Pffft what a harsh remark that Azusa gave to the por Yuu-kun. I find it cute that he fell in love with Ema at first sight. =//u//=

    This is such a fun volume and I'm looking forward for the next.

    • Oh come on, you know he actually wants to protect her. He’s just too tsun to admit. Tsunsuke. 8D *shot* Rui is really good with his hands, but he can’t stand the heat like Iorin. They’ll turn red and eventually faint lol. Also, in “Side Yusuke”, he asked you not to laugh as he explains how he fell in love with Ema.

      ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ ← totally laughed

      I’ll start working on Vol. 2 soon. 8D

      • I’m dying to find a site to read that manga since I prefer reading. Can you recommend any site with the first conflict? Cause I’ve misread once. I read the feat natsume one. Anyone help me please? Thx

  5. That was fast Kaname. (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ
    When the game comes out, I’ll be having a hard time choosing who to go after first since I’m liking almost all of them (except Hikaru and Ukyou I think) xD Everyone seems likeable and adorable! I envy Ema for having such awesome step-brothers D: I can feel the siscon in me awakening (〃∇〃)

    Thanks for sharing this! /hugs <3

    • どういた~❤(*´∀`*)
      Yeah, everyone in Brothers Conflict is so lovable. I have to admit I wasn’t really fond of Kaname at first, but he quickly grew on me as I read more of the novels. xD Hikaru appears rather late into the story, so we won’t get too see much of him. Not in the first season, at least. 8D

      I think my play order will be based on mood, but I’m going to start with Yuu-kun for sure. Poor guy needs Ema to return his feelings as soon as possible lol.

  6. Finally a BroCon-related post! I love you! You wouldn’t believe how devastated I was when Otomate decided to push back everything including BroCon and Atelier Elkrone (´;ω;`). Nevertheless, I’m looking forward for the remaining volumes’ reviews~ btw Subaru is SO CUTE OMG. xDDD

    • OMG I know right. I first saw it on Stellaworth’s website, and I was hoping it was only a mistake.. but apparently it wasn’t. (´・ω・`) At first I was looking forward to Elkrone too by the end of March, but they suddenly pushed it back to April 12 and I thought “oh okay then I’ll just relieve the rage with BroCon by then” I know how you feel when they delayed BroCon as well. There are just too many delays. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻

      If you’re liking Subaru’s cute blushing moments, take a look at vol. 2’s post. The focus in on Subaru, so I hope that makes you happy. 8D

  7. I understand why you’re afraid now Ema. (ಠ_ಠ) Not to be mean or anything but Kaname does get on my nerves ヽ(;▽;)ノ Maybe it’s because he looks like an ossan to me OTL But the scene with Wataru was so 萌ええーヽ(*´∀`*)ノ GAHHH LET ME HUG YOU TO DEATH WATARU-CHANNNN. And Yusuke is so cute xD “I won’t hand Hinata over to anyone!” D’awww. ♥
    To be honest, I’m not particularly looking forward to BROTHERS CONFLICT xD; I’m not sure why myself, but I’m not really interested in the game.

    • I know how you feel. I didn’t like Kaname too at first, but he grew on me from vol. 3 and beyond. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Oh, and if my memory doesn’t fail me.. I think “ossan” is a forbidden word for Kaname. Be careful, he might seal your lips if you say it in front of him. 8D I agree with you about Wataru. Usually I don’t like kids or shotas, but he’s just SO CUTE. ❤ I’m curious about how they will do his route in Brilliant Blue though. As in if they’re going to make Wataru grow up and love Ema romantically, or just a refreshing experience with an adorable little brother lol.

      Aww it’s too bad you’re not too interested in the game. I got really excited upon seeing the system since it’s a stat raiser, but my excitement sort of died down thanks to the delay. ; v ;

      • QAQ No thanks I still want my lips un-Kaname-fied. ヽ(;▽;)ノ I hope Wataru DOES grow up into a smexy brother xD Yeah~ From cute shouta to sexy man. 8D But I don’t mind just having him as a bro too xD
        I guess stat raisers are fun, but there’s something that makes me feel “meh” about it. xD; Maybe it’s the delay?

        • LMAO un-Kaname-fied. xD It’s too bad that the game only covers a year.. since Wataru is still 10 in the game, while he already turned 12 in the novels / CDs. When Ema graduates, I believe Wataru will also enter junior high and grow up into a teenager. But I guess we won’t get to see that until the second season of the novel start in summer. :<

          I know that feeling. I was interested in BroCon when they first announced the game, and that was back in 2010. I sort of lost interest along the way because they keep pushing it back, but the CDs dragged me back into the fandom. xD

          • One y-year?! Σ(゚д゚lll)Then most likely Wataru-chan would remain a shouta OTL Oh well but he’s so cute I don’t care \(^o^)/
            Aww, I really wanna see more Wataru D: /forever biased
            Woah, 2 years? I don’t know much since I only started getting into otome games since last year, but really Otomate? Two years? It’s kind of amazing how people can STILL have interest in it. If it were me I’d probably have buzzed off to some other game xD; Are the CDs that good? :D

          • I love the CDs since they dig further into each character, and there’s a section where the brothers (each CD features two) introduce and describe the rest of the brothers. xD So far there are 5 CDs, and two more coming up. The next one will be Ukyou and Hikaru’s. :3

  8. Thank you for the summary Rin san ^_^. Kinda sad too since they delay the brocon and atelier, but your post totally makes for it :) Hmm Kaname looks smexy and he is looks like a womanizer type ha2,

    • No problem. :D
      The delays make me rage so hard, so I have to do something related to BroCon or else I’ll keep raging everytime I see April 26 on the calendar. ; v ; Yep, Kaname is the womanizer out of the whole bunch.. except not really LOL. He hits on girls, but it’s still unclear if he actually plays with them or keep a safe distance away from them. So far he seems devoted to Ema though. xD

  9. I’m still sobbing like an idiot because of the delay. I got my own novels, but I want to read your summaries because I’m stupid like that /kicked.
    But seriously, kissing in the first volume already. I was expecting like, maybe in the 3rd, so you can probably imagine my face when I saw it. I just stared at it for about 5 minutes and started spouting nonsense. But that kind of made me like him more~ and then it just kind of skyrocketed in vol. 3.

    So again, thanks for the summaries~ love the mini BroCon talks we have on Twitter, too orz

    • /burns whoever kicks you D<

      I'm still upset because of the delay too, which is why I keep spamming my tumblr with BroCon stuff. I love talking about it on Twitter with you guys too. 8D

      Yeah, with Kaname the romance suddenly leaps in vol. 1 and sort of levels down in vol. 3.. but that makes me like him more to be honest. Despite his host-like appearance and attitude, Kaname cares a lot about his family. Iori's mental breakdown must have traumatized him too. ;w;

  10. Oh, wow! So much to catch up on!
    Brothers Conflict, there was and still is a lot of hype about it and I can see why. 8D
    Hmmm…So far, I like Tsubaki, Azusa, Rui, Masaomi, Ukyou and Iori a lot. Iori seems like he’ll have a dark side to that princely and seemingly perfect character of his. Something like…perhaps, yandere? I would still love him even if he is one. Also, because I have a thing for yanderes.
    Questions that keep popping up in my head are: How can you give birth to so many brothers???? How old is their mom anyways if Masaomi is 31? I wonder if Wataru is aimable in the game…I hope not, I do like shoutas to a certain extent. Wataru is too young. I’m sure there might not be an answer to some of them. =_=
    Kaname is funny, but it seems they enjoy inserting the ero-monk character in a lot of things. xD Yusuke is tsundere-like, isn’t he? Oh, and Subaru is soooo cute~ Fuuto seems kind of mean, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to Ema.

    • If you love yanderes, you’ll definitely love Iori. xD;
      He’s not the usual yandere though. He won’t lock you up and do questionable things to you. He’s still really kind, but he’s definitely dark. It all started in vol. 3, so you can read that one if you wanna read more about him. :D

      The first time I learned about BroCon, I actually had the same question. I mean, her oldest son is already 32 so she must be pretty old.. but they only stated “Age: ?” in her profile, and in the end I just concluded that she doesn’t age anymore LOL. Wataru is marked as capturable, but I’m not sure if it’s romance or pure siblings relationship. I do like Wataru though, just not as a love interest. At least not until he grows up. 8D

  11. Pingback: BROTHERS CONFLICT – Official Website Gallery Section, CG events translation (1) « fangirl strikes back

  12. Thanks for the informative posts Rin! :) You definitely get more of a “feel” of their personalities here, then reading their character profiles on the website. :D

    Although I got to admit, I was a bit skeptic initially about the whole premise of the series as I was thinking, sounds like a twisted version of the Brady Bunch.

    I was hoping they would release the Blue version at the same as the Passionate Pink for the PSP. :(

  13. thank you for the hard work!
    this story is really entertaining me!
    i really can’t wait to play the game, also Kaname really looks like the one who would take the first step, Ema had it rough lol

    • No problem. :3
      Kaname is definitely the one who’d take the first step LOL.
      I wonder if he’s going to make a move on her on the common route. xD

      • he looks like he would be the type to jump on the occasion!
        Tsubaki is also suspect to take a step as well since he is quite open to hug her and kiss her on the cheek naturally ^_^ i will go and read the second volume translation, i really am addicted to those brothers now c:

        • Tsubaki has no self-control, so yeah.. expect him to glomp Ema whenever he gets the chance to do so. xD Enjoy the rest of the novels, I hope you’ll love the series as much as I do. :3

          • i knew it ! after reading that part i knew and i am sure he will have cuddle time with Ema (meanwhile yusuke would just burst out of jaleousy xD)
            thanks i will continue once i’m done with other stuff!
            this title got me back in the otome game world, i left out for a year when i saw my favorite otomegame fandom becoming a yaoi fandom(hakuouki) and so i ran away but thanks to tmgs3rd story and brocon i’m totally back into it(and utapuri as well) i am feeling already that love ^_^

    • We can’t say for sure since they’re still making new developments. xD
      For a moment I thought it’d be one of the triplets, but at this point it’s unclear LOL. It’d be nice if Yusuke wins her over though, since poor guy’s keep getting pushed into the background.

  14. Again,thanks for summarizing!!I seriously have hard time playing Brother conflict passion pink without any guide AT ALL…T.T…i think i will stop playing until there is a guide for it and meanwhile,wait for Rin-san’s review on bc pp….XD

    • No problem! I wonder if I should type a guide for PP since a lot of people seem to be having trouble.. Maybe when I have time after reviewing PP. xD I’m currently still plowing through Elkrone at a snail’s pace, but I promise I will post PP’s reviews as soon as I’m done with Elkrone. :3

      • If you are free then type a guide please~I was so pissed to find out that I can’t unlock the love ending as I have missed out event3-5 for Subaru…Anyways,I have read your mini guide on PP,will try it when I play PP since I’m addicted to Jyuzaengi now XD…You MUST PLAY SOSO’s route!!!Both the good and bad ending!I cried a bucket of water when I played Soso’s good ending TAT…So far I find Soso’s route the best,then followed by Cyoun…Look forward to reading your review on Jyuza =3=

        • I already typed a mini guide and linked to a wiki, so please refer to the wiki for guide. I have Jyuza Engi up next, but that will have to wait until I’m done reviewing BroCon. :3

  15. I love Yusuke!! It’s so funny how he realizes that he has strong rivals and screams in his heart!!! He’s soo cute! Well, in my imagination since there are no chapters up yet. Thank you ssooo much for summarizing!!! I wish the chapters would hurry up and be uploaded already ^_^

    • Thanks for reading too. :3
      I’m only missing vol. 7 which will be released in summer, so once I got the book I’ll start reviewing!

  16. As I saw your latest post (vol. 7) I realized I haven’t read your summaries yet. So, I had to start from the beginning.

    Thank you loads for the summary. Very enjoyable. (`・ω・´)ノ

          • Well if I can survive 3 months of waiting for the anime (just) I can wait a while (=^▽^=) (I have alot of patience since I managed to survive without internet for a year…(*ㅡ_(#ㅡ_ㅡ)/…) anyway O( ̄▽ ̄)o thanks for replying o(ˇ▼ˇ o)(o ˇ▼ˇ)o (LOL at my overuse of emotios, I like using these expressions ┒(—˛—)┎)

          • Wow, that’s quite a lot of endurance. xD
            No problem, and don’t worry about it. I spam kaomoji quite a lot too. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪

  17. haha, blame me getting endurance from various moments of waiting (manga,books,games) -faceplant- ahhh but i cant wait for the anime (i can but every day im slowly losing my patience :P considering july is my birthday :D) lol what a coincidence xD

  18. I’ve decided to comment again after watching the first episode of the anime. Kinda disappointed D:
    The anime skipped out all the details in the novel. But there’s only 13 episodes after all, so I guess it’s only normal that they rush the story?

    • Same here. I understand if they’re rushing it, but the introduction didn’t have as much impact as they did in the novels. It felt so underwhelming. I don’t really mind the changes other than that, but we’ll see how the anime turns out from now on. :D

  19. All I have to say is:

    Wow. That’s a lotttt of kids, especially for recent times – and in Japan, no less!

    Oh, and thanks for the summaries 8)

    • LMAO yeah. Not to mention their mom still looks young and beautiful, even if her oldest son is already at his 30s. 8D Thanks for reading!

  20. Its amazing. And for a monk Kaname sure works fast! And as usual Juli always makes me laugh!! Good job!

    Thanks for the summary♡!

    • No problem. :3
      Kaname has more development in the later volumes, and it gives more depth to his character. It’d be nice if people can see him as more than a flirty monk.

  21. Hi Rin! ^-^
    For a while I’ve been reading your Blog, and I found it interesting your summaries of the light novel “Brothers Conflict” and the routs of the otome game

    “Passion Pink”. That’s why I would like to ask you a favor: Would you let me use your summaries so I can translate them from english to spanish? I would like

    to upload them to a Blog that I’m making with my sisters so other people could enjoy them.
    Obviously we’re going to include your credits at the beginning and the end of each post, because we think that your efforts deserve be valued and, for other

    hand, we think that will be people who surely will want to seeyour own work.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this! We hope you consider our petition ^-^/
    Ah! By the way, we really, really enjoy all your work. Thanks for take your time to do it.

  22. Hey do you know anywhere selling the graphic novels in English? I don’t speak a word of Japanese but loved the anime and was hoping to read the manga but have only found it in Japanese :(

  23. Hi,
    I really appreciate your effort because I wanted to read the light novel as soon as I had finished the anime and your work makes me stand a step closer. But if you knew where I can get the light novels in order to read them on my way, I would be very grateful!
    Thank you so much for taking time for this and for reading my comment<3

    • Hello! Thanks for commenting. :D
      I bought the novels from HMV, CDJapan, and Amazon JP. I got most of them from HMV, but switched to the other two if they’re sold out there. Hopefully you can get the books, it’s much more fun when you read them yourself. :3

  24. I have read your FAQ and know that you don’t mind letting us translate your summaries (as long as we give you credit, of course)… But I stillI think I should give you some words, … ehem, Please let me translate your summaries (I’m a Vietnamese), thank you for your hard work, I’m sory if I disturb you.

  25. Hi Rin,

    Thanks so much for these great translations of the novel. I am a big fan of Bros Conflict and greatly appreciate yout hard work and efforts. Thanks for sharing with us fans worldwide.


  26. Hi, I have never read a novel, and I really don’t know how they look, so I was wondering if this pictures are all the pictures that appear in the volume?

  27. Hello
    I’ve found BroCon not to long ago and I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve watched the anime eps 12+1 version. I really wanna read the manga and the novel ver. but couldn’t find it.. could you plz tell me where I could read these?? I also have a lot of questions as I’m very confused as to how many vers. does this story have? Like the novel and manga ver. are they different from each other and how many volumes do they have…? With the anime ver. are these the only eps.. the 12+1 eps and the 2 specials eps (valentine and Christmas)? Will there be season 2 coming? The games too… I am a bit confused?? Ahh also about the OVA.. where can I watch that?? Thx in advance… I’d really appreciate it if someone could reply to my questions ^^ since I am very new to this.

  28. Idk if you can still read this Reply tho haha :D I mean.. Was this based on the actual BroCon? Like, this was the real manga? If it is, maaaannn! I LIKED IT MORE THAN THE ANIME. In the anime was just like “awh..” It was sweet tho but compare to the manga damn! I would have been fangirling SOO MUCH If the anime was totally the same as what were in the manga.. It would be such an awsome reverse harem! But sadly it isn’t :'< But yeah, this was great!

    • Yeah, this is the novel. The anime ruined everything in my opinion, so everything else (even the surprising ending of the novels) would look better in comparison LOL.

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