Moving on to volume 2. Quite a lot of events are happening in this book, but the main focus are Subaru, Masaomi and Natsume. There’s also a not-so-subtle hint of the shadow in Iori’s heart.

After living together with the Asahina brothers for several months, Ema finally knows how it feels to have a warm and loving family. However, some of them are starting to grow romantic feelings towards her. The second volume covers an unexpected happening during Subaru’s birthday, watching movies with Fuuto, a parent-teacher meeting with Yusuke and Kaname, a culture festival date with Iori, and also Natsume’s first appearance in Miwa’s wedding party.

Chapter 5: 重なる身体、重なる唇、けれどすれ違う心は
[ Touching bodies, touching lips, missing hearts ]

Towards the end September, Ukyou asks Ema to bake a cake for Subaru’s upcoming birthday party. Subaru is turning 20 on September 21, but since it falls on a weekday, they’re going to celebrate it on Sunday instead. After buying the ingredients on Sunday morning, Ema returns home to find someone lying on the 5th floor hallway. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ It turns out to be a very tired Rui, and he was too sleepy to walk to the sofa.. so he just slept on the floor. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Rui can’t attend the birthday party because of his job, but he went back home just to arrange Ema’s hairstyle for the event. (*´∀`*) Fuuto also comes home looking for Rui when the latter is away searching for a curling iron, and upon seeing Ema with her new hairstyle, he suddenly says she’s really beautiful. Then he laughs and mockingly asks if she feels like a princess just by changing her hairstyle LOL. Congratulations Ema, you just got trolled. \(^o^)/ Despite his insults, Fuuto actually calls Ema “beautiful big sister” before leaving.

During the birthday party, Iori stops Kaname from hitting on Ema and asks why she changed her hairstyle. When she answers it’s because Rui arranged it for her, Iori seems relieved that she’s not dressing up on purpose — though she doesn’t understand why. Subaru is blushing nonstop by the edge of the table, but when Ema gives him a slice of his birthday cake, Subaru quietly thanks her for for making a cake for him.. and Ema is happy thinking that everyone has accepted her as a member of the Asahina family. Those who are over 20 — the legal age for alcohol in Japan — have a drinking party after that, while Masaomi brings the underage ones out of the living room.

However, Ema soon realizes that she left her phone in the kitchen. When she goes to retrieve it, she overhears Tsubaki teasing Subaru about how he feels towards Ema. Tsubaki notices that Subaru is falling in love with Ema, and he also mentions how Subaru is thinking that Ema changed her hairstyle for him today. When Tsubaki says he can help creating an opportunity for the shy Subaru to confess, Subaru snaps and says Ema’s presence is troubling him. After she came to live with them, they have to be careful when using the bathroom, he can’t walk around in underwear anymore, and he ultimately calls her a nuisance. Subaru then walks out of the living room to wash his hands and notices Ema standing in the hallway, but she quickly runs away and cries alone in her room.

Late at night, Ema returns to the living room and finds Subaru sleeping on the floor. He’s drunk, but upon seeing her, he immediately apologizes for what he said and asks her not to hate him. Subaru then starts feeling dizzy, and Ema tries to catch him when he falls down.. but it results in him falling on top of her instead. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He falls asleep right before he can confess to her, but he kisses her a second before floating off to the dreamland. Tsubaki and Azusa have to drag him away from Ema since she’s trapped underneath, and even though she cries from the shock, she explains that it was only an accident. The next morning, Ema goes to the living room and finds an unknown man who’s wearing a thick black, white and red make-up — just like a heavy metal band member. There are “demon”, “the worst” and also “women’s enemy” written all over his face, and when the man asks her not to look at him, Ema realizes that it’s actually Subaru. Tsubaki and Azusa gave him a extreme makeover as a punishment for what he did to Ema. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Several days after #005 – Side Subaru: ここより下はなく、上は果てしなく
[ Nothing below, endless above ]

Now do you think the kiss was an accident? No, it’s not. For the last few days, Subaru keeps thinking about Ema and how soft her lips were. He’s really distracted during a practice match in university, and after doing several mistakes in a row, eventually he faints after getting hit by the ball — right in the face. On the way home, Subaru goes to think alone by the riverside. He actually has been thinking about Ema ever since Yusuke brought her to watch his match one day, and her presence really brought out the best in him. Moreover, Subaru can never forget Ema’s smile when she praises his performance. He knows he’ll get removed from the regular team because of what happened today, and a harsh mail from a certain someone only makes his mood even worse. The mail calls his performance “the worst”, but Subaru then decides to think from a different perspective. He can’t fall any lower if he’s “the worst”, so all that’s left is only for him to climb back up.

Chapter 6-1: 夢はまだ遠くに
[ Still a far-off dream ]

At the end of October, Ukyou mentions about Miwa and Rintarou’s wedding party next month. Tsubaki and Azusa are going to sing at the party, and Tsubaki asks Ema to choose some nice wedding songs for them to sing. Ema then goes to rent some wedding song CDs after school, and she runs into Fuuto-in-disguise in the DVD corner. He quickly tells her not to call his name since it’ll blow his disguise, but she completely forgets this warning in only a minute and loudly asks “Fuuto-kun, are you going to appear in a drama?” (´・ω・`;) Obviously people start staring and whispering around them, so Fuuto thrusts the DVDs into Ema’s hands and runs off after telling her to rent those DVDs for him.

When Ema returns home, Fuuto asks her to let him watch the DVDs in her room. His room is incredibly filthy at the moment, and he sadly says that he really wants to watch them today.. because he rarely has any free time thanks to his busy schedule. Fuuto refuses to sit on the floor, and so the two of them end up sitting on Ema’s bed as they watch a movie about mafia gangs together. When the ending credits roll by, Fuuto tells Ema that he wants to become an actor. He doesn’t have much chance to practice acting because of his job, so he’s using his free time to watch DVDs and observe his favorite actor’s acting skills. Fuuto also wonders if it’s too late for him to start acting, and Ema cries for him because he looks really sad. Fuuto is surprised for a moment, but then he hugs Ema’s shoulder and apologizes for not realizing how beautiful she is. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Before they can do anything, Yusuke suddenly comes knocking on Ema’s door. He only wants to inform her that Masaomi will come for their parent-teacher meeting, but he’s shocked to see Fuuto in her room. It doesn’t help that Fuuto tells him they’re just “staying on the bed together”, and Ema explains it’s because Fuuto doesn’t want to “do it” (read: sit) on the floor. Obviously this causes Yusuke to get the wrong idea, so he instantly drags Fuuto out of Ema’s room LOL. Fuuto says goodbye and asks Ema to “enjoy” their time together again later, and Yusuke gags him before he can say anything more seductive. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Chapter 6-2: 気持ちの届く距離に
[ The distance which delivers feelings ]

Despite what Yusuke said before, the one who comes for Yusuke and Ema’s parent-teacher meeting is actually Kaname since Masaomi is sick. In her future career form, Ema stated that she wants to go to Meiji University.. and so Yusuke decides to do the same even though his grades are rather poor. The reason is because Meiji University has a faculty that she likes and it’s close from Sunrise Residence, but Kaname asks if she wants to follow Subaru — who’s attending Meiji university too. The question reminds Ema of the kiss again, but she brushes off the thought thinking it was only an accident. Ema’s grades are much better than Yusuke, who needs to take supplementary lessons everyday, but Kaname thinks she might need a private tutor because the entrance exams might be more difficult this year. He’s willing to become her tutor, but since she coldly refuses, he apologizes for kissing her back in summer. However, Kaname wants Ema to know that he truly loves her and cares about her. If she doesn’t want him to teach her, then he’s going to introduce her to a reliable tutor.

Chapter 6-3: 触れたらいけないものならば
[ If it’s something that shouldn’t be touched ]

The “reliable tutor” Kaname was talking about turns out to be Ukyou, and Ema goes to study in his room. Ukyou is smart and good at explaining, so it doesn’t take long until Ema understands everything he explains. Just then Ukyou receives a call from his client, and Ema tries solving the problems alone until she eventually gets stuck on a difficult question. Since Ukyou hasn’t returned yet, Ema decides to take a look around his room until he comes back. Among all the bookshelves in the room, somehow the small shelf in the corner pique her curiosity the most.. and there she finds an old notebook from Ukyou’s school days. An old picture falls out of the book when she flips through the pages, and it shows a younger Ukyou standing side by side with a beautiful woman. Just when Ema wonders if it’s his ex-girlfriend, Ukyou comes back and says she’s really rude for rummaging through his stuff without permission. Then he tells her to get out, saying he has nothing to teach her.

When Kaname finds Ema later, she’s wandering near the elevator and looks like she’s about to cry. He then takes her for a walk outside, and she tells him what happened with Ukyou. They both know that it was completely Ema’s fault, but Kaname tells her not to worry. Ukyou won’t be angry for a long time, and one day Ukyou himself will surely tell Ema the reason why he got angry. Kaname wonders whether Ukyou is keeping the old picture on purpose or not, but he doesn’t tell Ema anything. He tries to hit on her again after that, saying that he can be her tutor instead.. and he can teach her stuff she doesn’t learn in school. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン As the answer, Ema runs back to their mansion and leaves Kaname alone.

Chapter 6-4: 風が吹いて
[ The wind is blowing ]

The next morning, Ukyou asks Ema to help him prepare breakfast before she can apologize to him. Noticing that Ema seems sad, Iori gives her an invitation ticket for Bright Centrair’s school festival. He picks her up when she comes to his school gate, and he also guides her around the school area — though she feels terribly intimidated because his fangirls keep whispering whenever they see her standing beside Iori. Ema then says she’ll just go home because she feels bad for Iori’s girlfriend, but Iori answers that he doesn’t have one — in a surprisingly low voice. The wind suddenly blows Ema’s hair to cover her sight, and when she finally gets them out of her face, she realizes that Iori is staring straight at her without even blinking.

Not knowing how to react, Ema then decides to stay for a little longer and visit Iori’s class cafe next. The visitors can take pictures wearing Bright Centrair’s uniform, and one of Iori’s female classmates guides Ema to the changing room. As Ema is changing inside, she suddenly asks about Ema’s relationship with Iori.. and when Ema says she’s Iori’s new sister, she mentions about how Iori still hasn’t moved on from what happened back in junior high. Of course Ema doesn’t know what Iori’s classmate is referring to, but she doesn’t think it’s something she can ask him so lightly. After taking a two-shot picture with Iori, Ema goes home because Iori has to help out in his class cafe. The moment she takes a look at the picture, a shocking realization suddenly hits Ema. She looks exactly the same as the woman in Ukyou’s old picture.

Chapter 6-5: 僕とキミともう1人と
[ Me and you and the other one ]

After receiving the song list from Ema, Tsubaki and Azusa are discussing about which song to sing in the wedding. Soon both of them receive a mail saying a certain someone will come to the wedding, and Azusa mentions that it’ll be the first time that certain someone meets Ema. Tsubaki is more interested about what would happen if that someone meets Subaru though.

Chapter 7: そばにいると誓い
[ The vow to stay by her side ]

On November 23, everyone’s getting ready for Miwa and Rintarou’s wedding party. Rui’s busy since he needs to do Miwa’s hairstyle and make-up, but he still takes some of his spare time to arrange Ema’s hair. (*´∀`*) By this point Ema is extremely confused why Rui keeps calling her “Chii-chan” instead of her name, since the only one who calls her “Chii” is Juli. Upon arriving at the hotel, Ema runs into Kaname — who tells her that he went to talk his father’s grave earlier. His father really loved Miwa until he died 10 years ago, so Kaname was asking him to watch over Miwa without feeling jealous. Kaname believes his father will be happy to get a beautiful daughter though, and he thanks Ema in his father’s place. Inspired by Kaname, Ema also asks her mother in heaven to give Rintarou her blessing.

Before the ceremony begins, Ema goes to the chapel and meets an unknown man who looks strangely familiar. The man chases her out thinking she’s an outsider, but soon Tsubaki and Azusa comes to explain that they’re all siblings. The man is actually their triplet, Natsume (7th son, salaryman), and he looks familiar because he has the same eyes as Tsubaki and Azusa. Natsume came from a different egg cell, and that’s why he doesn’t look identical to the twins. Despite his rough attitude from earlier, Natsume shyly introduces himself to Ema when Azusa asks him to. He also reveals that he came so early to the chapel because.. he got lost. 8D

When Ema goes to see Rintarou, she also finds Miwa in his dressing room. Miwa gets excited and says they will be making Ema’s wedding dress next, and she asks if Ema likes any of her sons after living together for six months. As for preferences, Miwa personally recommends Masaomi. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Unable to answer the question, Ema flees from the living room and sits in a random sofa in the lobby — where she hears Natsume talking to Subaru behind her. The one who mailed Subaru after the practice match was actually none other than Natsume, and Subaru gets pissed when Natsume keeps criticizing his performance. Subaru wants Natsume to leave him alone, because the current Natsume is only a salaryman and nothing more. Upon seeing Ema behind them, Subaru asks Natsume to leave them alone. He apologizes for kissing her, but when she says it was only an accident, he clearly tells her that it was definitely NOT an accident. Subaru is about to confess to Ema again, but he gets interrupted when Yusuke comes to inform them that the wedding ceremony is about to begin. Yusuke isn’t pleased that Ema won’t tell him what they were talking about, but he decides to let it slide for now.

During the party, Miwa gives her wedding bouquet to Ema and wishes for her happiness — preferably with one of her sons. Ema keeps thinking about Subaru’s words though, and soon Natsume comes asking if she has any ideas why Subaru made so many mistakes in his last practice match. Of course she knows it must be because of the kiss, but she decides to keep quiet because it’s not something she can tell other people. Before leaving the hotel, Natsume gives Ema his business card and asks her to call him if she knows anything. Ema is surprised to see that Natsume is actually working in her favorite game company, and Natsume promises to give her free game samples next time. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

Since Ema is noticeably tired, Masaomi eventually decides to drive her back home along with Wataru — who’s fast asleep in the back seat. When Ema asks if he doesn’t have any plans to get married, Masaomi tells her that Wataru doesn’t remember their father’s face. He died when Wataru was really small, but Miwa said that Masaomi resembles their father the most.. and so Masaomi decided to become a father figure in Wataru’s life — making sure that Wataru won’t be lonely as he grows up. This reminds Ema about how she doesn’t have any memories with her mother either, and she starts crying.. because she feels glad that Wataru doesn’t have to suffer from the same loneliness. Masaomi hugs Ema as he apologizes for making her cry, and he promises to always stay by her side so she won’t be lonely anymore. |壁|ョ・_・*)キュンッ+。* They’re both blushing upon realizing how close they are, and Masaomi panics since the traffic light already turned green. When Wataru eventually wakes up, he gets jealous that Masaomi is getting along really well with Ema — which only adds to the latter’s panic. xD

Several days after #007 – Side Masaomi: 秘密はないから
[ Because there are no secrets ]

With Kaname’s help, Masaomi awkwardly informs Ema that he’s going to attend a matchmaking soon. He’s afraid she would get angry because he already promised to stay with her, but he suddenly feels complicated when she congratulates him instead. The woman he’s meeting up with is the daughter of the hospital director, and she has taken a liking on him ever since he saved her friend from an emergency situation. Her friend got something stuck on her throat, but she begged the doctor not to do an operation because her friend is a singer — her throat is really important. Masaomi managed to solve this issue without performing an operation, and the hospital director’s daughter was really impressed.. even though the reason why Masaomi knows alternative solutions is because he can’t stand blood and operations. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Masaomi couldn’t refuse the matchmaking offer since it came directly from the director, though his answer has been decided right from the start.

After the matchmaking is over, Kaname calls Masaomi and goes to see him in a bar. Kaname then asks about Masaomi’s future plans for his upcoming engagement and marriage, but he’s shocked when Masaomi reveals that he actually refused. When he said his answer has been decided, he actually meant he was planning to refuse right from the beginning. The reason is simple: because he already promised to stay with Ema. He only told her because he doesn’t want to hide anything from her. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ When Masaomi calls Ema and informs her about this, she’s really surprised because she already made a cake to celebrate.. though he doesn’t mind and says they can eat the cake together. As Masaomi walks home, he feels extremely relieved. All of those complicated feelings have disappeared from his heart.

So after Kaname, the next ones to fall in love are Subaru and Masaomi. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Masaomi is really laid-back and the hints of his feelings are really subtle, but I guess his side story pretty much confirms this? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Since Subaru has no resistance (and previously also zero interest) in girls, it’s so adorable how he always blushes around Ema. Yusuke admires him a lot though, so I’m curious about what would happen if he ever finds out that Subaru is in love with Ema as well. Oh, and I absolutely love Natsume. He has a deadpan expression most of the time, but when he smiles everything suddenly turns into shoujo sparkles. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I have to finish reading volume 3 first before posting anything, but be prepared for Iori. (`・ω・´)


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  1. Wow it was fast XD ♥ thank you for this! Things are getting more and more interesting, and aslrjgnlrkjgnsfryngg so many feelings ;o; I just love how fast they fall in love LMAO but we don’t know how and why though (or it’s just me?). BroCon is a whole lot more dramatic than I actually expected but, it’s not bad~

    I never noticed that the triplets had the same eyes… /kicked


    • Nah, it’s not just you. As much as I love BroCon and Ema as a heroine, up until now I still don’t get why everyone’s falling in love with her. 8D *shot* They do explain Subaru’s development in his side story, but Kaname and Masaomi just.. fall in love lmao. I see more events with them in the next volumes though, so maybe we’ll get to see more character development by then. xD

      As for the triplets, they all have stars in their purple eyes.. which makes it really easy for Ema to recognize I guess. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

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    This volume was pretty cute, even if I don’t like Subaru and Masaomi as much as the other characters. I’m looking forward to Iori in volume three though! Though my favorite character so far is Rui, so I’m looking forward to seeing him get more attention (whenever that is 8D;;)

    • Same here, I already have the rest of the novels shipped.. and all that’s left is to wait for them to arrive or for my mom to rage when she sees my card bill. 8D;

      Rui is so cute. ❤ He cares a lot about Ema, and I can’t wait for him to get his turn either. xD I believe he gets the spotlight in vol. 5, but there must be some chapters dedicated to him before then. Iori, on the other hand, is actually pretty dark.. lol.

  4. 棗キタァァァァァ!!!! \(@盆@)/ *stabbed for using the wrong emonji*

    Before I go fangirl on Natsume on this comment, let me point out the things I like in this volume. Maa-kun and ahhh Subarun! Despite being へたれ, Maa-kun is good at comforting Ema, while Subarun is honest with his feelings towards her. Too bad it gets interrupted.

    Nakkun time~ Ahhh dnfjdhfjhdjfhdjfhjdhfjdhjk!!!! なっくんには分らない妄想~ I feel so distracted about Nakkun recently and LOL you are aware of this already. His smile… @//A//@ Perhaps this also shows that I ‘m dismayed with PP’s delay. =u=;;;

    • *throws Nakkun’s towel at you*

      I think Subaru actually wants to confess to Ema ASAP, but lol he gets interrupted everytime. I’m more curious about Yuu-kun’s reaction though, since he doesn’t seem pleased to see Ema and Subaru talking in private. Ooh the smell of conflict~ 8D /shot

      ..though if I’m Ema, I’d take Miwa’s advice and marry Maa-kun. A_____A

      It seems like almost everyone who’s looking forward to BroCon / PP is pissed with the delay LOL. We need distraction to suppress all the rage, and for me summarizing the novels is a good distraction. As for you.. don’t worry, I’ll keep throwing Nakkun’s towel at you so you can continue your mousou until April 26. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

  5. GNNGHHHH Subaru is too damn adorable in this. Dem mukuchi sports-baka types my weakness!

    I dont feel sorry at all for Kaname for getting the cold shoulder pffft

    Ooh, Fuutan watching DVDs in Ema’s room came from here I see~

    Yeah I feel kinda the rate of the guys falling for Ema is rather fast. Classic otoge heroine syndrome or Mary Sue?

    • IKR all those blushing moments are just so djkahdkdjsd Subarun come here I’ll make sure your feelings are returned. 8D Kaname moved TOO fast lol, so yeah obviously Ema’s opinion about him is something similar to ( ಠ_ಠ ) now. xD I don’t know when and why Kaname fell in love with Ema, but it’s probably somewhere around when she saw his tattoo.

      By the end of this volume, Ema has been living with the brothers for half a year. I’m sure they develop feelings for her over time, but lol since the novel is moving pretty fast.. sometimes I just don’t see the development. 8D; Except for maybe Subaru LOL.

      • I just find it weird at how Ema behaves towards the guys, sometimes. She shuns Kaname after the kiss so she’s sorta aware he is gonna eat her (good for you, girl). Then she’s pretty lax/clueless around the other dudes (Nakkun in his cd lol). You’d think she’d be more cautious now…???

        No wonder Iori is frustrated with her. She gives off mixed signals lol

        then comes the weird reaction of crying because Fuuto looks sad. whut? I think a more normal reaction is being sympathetic to his sadness and trying to comfort him INSTEAD of crying lol

        idk this pretty much screams of pure-pure otoge heroine syndrome here. Why can’t they write a normal heroine ^q^ (her crying on Masa’s shoulder is a valid scenario though since she’s sad about not knowing her mom)

        > sometimes I just don’t see the development.
        Maybe we’d get the development from playing the game? lolol

        But anyway! Ukyo what drama lies hidden thereeee???

        • I guess she’s the type who won’t resist / walk away until she gets hit right in the face. She only starts avoiding Kaname after he kissed her, even though he constantly tries to hit on her lol. I also noticed that she’s not that alert when it comes to other guys, which is why she sits really close to Nakkun and even watch DVDs with Fuutan on her bed out of all places. xD; As for Iori, I think she doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.. which is a really wrong move when it comes to Iori. :<

          So far I noticed that Ema gets touched easily when she sees someone else suffering / looking sad, which is why she also cries happy tears that Wataru isn't lonely like her. It's also her first time having a big family (she's mostly alone before), so she can't leave her brothers alone when they're troubled. I think Masaomi made that promise only because he doesn't want Ema to feel sad, but LOL that side story is hinting that he's starting to grow more feelings. 8D

          By the end of vol. 3, Hikaru appears and drops a hint regarding Ukyou's past.. but I guess we won't really find out what happened until vol. 6, because that's where the spotlight falls on Ukyou LOL.

          • in Kaname’s cd she pretty much runs or acts violently when he hits on her lol Maybe these tracks happened after the kiss? lol

            Ema… your innocence is rly too much. I would understand if she’s lax with the ones who arent so forward with her like Rui. But some of them are rly on the offensive (Tsubaki, Subaruuuu) She should be more cautious of them as equally as she is of Kaname.

            I would understand if she’s lax around Fuuto because it’s hard to tell what his true feelings are. Because he’s such a troll.

            And Iori is gonna turn out like a drama angst storyline born out of misunderstandings from Ema’s part, isn’t it? oh man I’m not gonna enjoy playing this route.

            I guess it’s my cold heart talking but yeah I rly don’t like heroines who are so easily moved to tears about other ppl’s problems. I would rather they cry about themselves, instead of LEMME CRY FOR YOUUU. Idk it just screams of something like a holier-than-thou attitude to me

            The drama about Ukyo was so unexpected to me lol Σ(゚Д゚;)エーッ! So naturally my curiosity is growing…

          • Most likely, since Kaname’s CD took place on Valentine’s. xD I don’t get why she’s only behaving that way towards Kaname, but I think that’s because Kaname is the only one who goes from kiss → acting just fine around her → “hey I wanna kiss you again next time, k?” LOL. On the other hand, Tsubaki doesn’t (or rather.. hasn’t) kissed her on the lips yet and Subaru normally isn’t aggressive, so I guess that’s not enough to make Ema realize the danger? IDK how her logic works. :|

            Oh, and as for Iori.. it’s more like a misunderstanding on his part. Kaname already warned Ema to be extra careful / just leave Iori alone if she doesn’t love him as a man — which she should do since she loves him as a family — but Ema doesn’t really take the advice until Iori’s yandere meter explodes on Kaname. Then everything gets messy and the 1st season ends. il||li_| ̄|○il||li This should be in volume 7, so I’ll be posting the details when I get the book in summer.

            While I do like Ema as a heroine, I think she does cry a little too much. She cries when everyone else is suffering, she cries when she feels sad, she cries when she feels happy.. and the brothers are falling head over heels whenever she cries LOL.

          • since i have chapter 8… if Ema doesn’t start to be cautious of everyone after that, I DON’T KNOW HOW HER BRAIN WORKS / ( ^q^ ) \

            why do game writers think clueless heroines are endearing? they’re not orz And looks like Ema is turning into quite a nakimushi too. Just when I thought she was a step above the average otoge heroine since she can cook and is a gamer. (well maybe I can handle her being a nakimushi if she’s less clueless lololol)

            And about Iori… oh Ema, why didn’t you take the advice? D: It sounds like the whole mess could have been avoided if she didn’t act as the trigger orz Poor Iori.

          • Maybe Ema’s danger radar isn’t as honed as ours LOL. I don’t know, she’s acting mean towards Kaname.. but in the next volumes, sometimes she’s doing it on purpose to tease him. She’s also a bit tsun around Fuutan (thanks to his attitude lol), but she’s pretty much your typical goody-two-shoes clueless otome around the others.

            ..and yeah, I think the whole conflict with Iori could be avoided if only she actually listened to Kaname. But oh well, I guess Ema doesn’t have the heart to give Iori a slap of reality until it’s too late. >_>;

          • She being tsun around Fuuto is a welcome development ^3^)b She’s developing a personality instead of the usual blank slate/goody two shoes heroine lol I wish the writers would let her have a core personality instead of adapting her reactions to each brother.

          • Yeah, that’s the point LOL. Ema doesn’t have a core personality. She’s just showing different reactions towards each brother. She’s mostly nice to everyone though, aside from Kaname and maybe Fuuto.

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    To be honest I didn’t really like Subaru that much at first… he’s not really my type of guy I would go for but d’aww he’s so damn adorable in this volume (*´▽`*)
    I’m having a second thought about Kaname, I’m neutral about him now after reading this… but the first volume was like “Holy, this guy moves so damn fast” xD
    Haha I love that Yuusuke and Fuuto’s moment those two need to interract more
    Nakkunn~! Brilliance Blue where!? oh wait Passion Pink haven’t even come out yet OTZ
    Looking forward to the next summaries~ Thank you for doing this

    • No problem! (*´∀`*) I’ve set my eyes on Subaru because he’s so adorable in the drama CDs, and this volume sort of boosted my love for him LOL.. but I have to admit currently I’m more interested in Fuutan instead. (*ノ∀ノ) I know how you feel, I was like “lol Kaname’s so fast” too after reading vol. 1, but then again the romance between Ema and him sort of fades away in the later volumes. Because something more serious comes up.

      With Passion Pink delayed, I’m a bit doubtful if Brilliant Blue will reach us this year. I guess I’m still afraid to hope thanks to them delaying Passion Pink for extra two weeks. 8D;

  7. I-I think, I have a new fave to add to my list of fave brothers in BC –> (〃∇〃)

    Am I the only one thinking how it’s kinda weird that all of them fall for her? /shot Not that I’m complaining (nor do i have any right when it’s feeding me my brocon needs /o\), but it’s just…weird. ^^;;

    Anyway~ I’m loving Kaname! \o/ lol I feel bad for the guy for receiving cold treatment from Ema, I can’t blame her though D: And Subaru’s cute too! His and Yusuke’s feelings for Ema are just too cute (* ̄∇ ̄*)OMG Masaomi~! I’ll still love you even if you fall for Ema in an instant (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ I’m curious about Rui, Iori and Fuuto. I can’t wait to read their side of story (っ⌒‿⌒)っ

    OMG Rin, you’re love for this game is highly contagious! x3

    • Glad to hear that, since I want to drag as many people as possible into the fandom. I will never stop poisoning you tee hee hee. A______A /shot

      Kaname falls in love with Ema pretty fast and he never explains why, so I’m hoping he’s saving the explanation for later volumes. I don’t know, but it seems like he has some secrets too. Subaru has some development before falling in love with Ema, but yeah it feels really fast because they explained it backwards. If only the match was shown, probably it wouldn’t feel as sudden LOL. As for Masaomi, I don’t think he has completely fallen in love with Ema yet.. but the signs are there. xD Anyway, more events are coming in the next volumes, so let’s hope to see more character development. :3

      Rui and Fuuto will have to wait until later, but Iori will be in the next volume. His past is pretty dark though, just so you know what to expect. 8D;;

  8. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Subaruuuuuuuuuuu! I love you! But I also love Natsume! I’m sorry! OMG April 26 where??? I can’t wait that long Otomate! April 26 needs to be here soon… like right noww ⊙﹏⊙ *holding back tears*

    …don’t you think Natsume is seriously the perfect husband candidate? I want to marry him like nao. x333 I can feel his passionate and loyal love already! Don’t you? Don’t you? xDDD /smack

    • I do! I actually think Natsume and Masaomi are perfect husband materials, since they’re both so loyal and honest. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ From the hints so far, it seems like Ukyou also makes a good husband.. but that’s only if you can handle how 口うるさい he is LOL. It kills me inside when I think April 26 is only for Passion Pink though.. like how much longer do we have to wait for Brilliant Blue? ; v ;

      • Is this just me or Masaomi really resembles Waka-sensei from TMGS2? xDD. Even their first names aren’t too far off lol. I’m rather meh with Ukyou because the way he dresses himself makes me think of my uncle’s. I would rather have a cute and adorable husband than the 口うるさい ones. I can already imagine myself dressing up for a party, and there goes Ukyou criticizing every minuscule of dust on my dress! … or maybe I’m just thinking too much? xDD. I don’t want a nagging husband! >w<

        Oh yeah, that too… I hope the release date for Brilliant Blue wouldn't be too far off from Passion Pink's, though. I mean, really Otomate? I just don't get why did they have to push back the release date when they actually could just send it to the market. …And I initially intended to play them in the background during spring break but they pushed the date waaay off from my holiday. What a brilliant way to kill everyone's mood.

        • Yeah, you’re the third person who said that. I guess it’s the curly hair and the lab coat, plus their 天然 personality. xD Though I guess Masaomi is more like a kind father who loves kids, while Waka is.. a big kid. 8D; As for Ukyou, he’s only 口うるさい about things that are improper. Like how Fuuto has a bad mouth, or how severe Yusuke’s grades are. He’s also willing to help them fix those flaws, though Fuuto doesn’t appreciate the help and ignores him instead LOL. So yeah, Ukyou is a naggy mom. Like Nayuta from Beyond the Future, I guess.

          I was actually planning to play Elkrone (with GS3 in the background) and pick up Passion Pink once I finish, but LOL thank you so much for ruining my excitement, Otomate. It seems like they’re not the only one delaying games though, because Rejet also delayed TYB’s fandisk and Karin did the same thing with their Danzai no Maria port. I wonder what’s happening there in Japan. e_e;

  9. Everyone’s falling in love with Ema like rabbits!! The first thing which came to my mind was how horrified the parents would be if they found out =X then Miwa san comes along and tells Ema to go ahead and pick from her harem of sons O_o not complaining though \(^o^)/

    After reading your summaries for both novels, I have to say I’m hopelessly biased towards Masaomi. The gentle older brother is always irresistable. Was sorely disappointed when Ukyou took over as the tutor T ^T

    One thing I’d like to clarify– so Ema saw Ukyou’s photo in his room. But Ema only realized that she resembled the beautiful lady in the Ukyou’s photo after looking at the photo she took with Iori during the school festival? @__@ That’s kinda strange

    • LOL I know right. I was wondering about how Miwa and Rintarou would react, and she’s like “do you wanna marry any of my sons? do you like any of them? how about Masaomi?” xD Seriously if I were Ema I’d totally take the offer on the spot. /kicked

      You’re not the only one, since I also love Masaomi with a passion. Were you hoping that Masaomi will become Ema’s tutor instead? xD Masaomi is often away from home because of his job, so Ukyou takes care of their household instead.. and yeah, the first time Ema saw Ukyou’s old picture, she only thought “this lady looks strangely familiar.” Well duh Ema, of course she does. She’s like a grown-up, more evil version of yourself. =_= Just how slow you can be lol.

  10. Yay, you are so fast Rin san. Reading your summary I think I might like Masaomi, at first I don’t really care about his design lol (wearing doctor jacket with slippers and eating candy ^_^), but now I totally change my minds (*´▽`*)

    • And Natsume, the first time I saw him, he is becomes my fave ( I really like his design xD), always looks cool all the time, then I saw your picture ( the smiling Natsume), I went into this: (≧∇≦)/

    • It’s only because I’ve finished reading the first two volumes and already took notes. xD I’m not done with vol. 3 yet, so it might take some time before I can post the review. LOL now that you’ve mentioned it, Masaomi really does wear slippers. He also uses his lab coat as a jacket at home. 8D I love Natsume’s design too, mostly because of how refreshing he looks when he smiles. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

  11. Wahh I wanna play this game.but something that throws me off Wataru actually chaseable?? Lol hes like 10! But I heard he is a route in the game. I kept thinking pedobear jailbait hahaha.

    • LOL. He’s chaseable, but I’m not sure if you’ll get to date him (aka pedobear jailbait) or you’ll only interact with him as siblings. Wataru loooves Ema, but so far their relationship is purely family love since Wataru is really innocent. He does get jealous though, especially if Masaomi gets along too well with Ema. xD

  12. Thanks for summarizing Rin! It makes me want to buy the novels now LOL…and those character cds orz
    I can’t wait for the games now…but I’m expecting anything spectacular despite the hold backs (苦笑)

    • No problem. Come join the dark side~ ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
      It might help if you read the novels for the story, and hear the character CDs to get to know each of them better. I wonder what’s happening in Japan to cause all of these delays though. Hopefully they won’t delay Passion Pink (and Brilliant Blue too) anymore, or more tables will be flipped. (ノД`)・゜・。

  13. dude kaname is such an ero-jiji even tho he’s technically not an old man but just… >.> SEKUHARA MAN! (sry i just don’t like the whole “sexual harrassment as flirting” thing. =/)

    • LOL I understand your opinion since he stole a kiss from Ema.. but he never really sexually harassed her other than that? In fact, he does care about her.

  14. finally! i ended this volume and i was really surprised how it turns out! I never thought actually that Subaru would be the one who’s taking a step! and finally Natsume appeared, discovering he is the triplet is a shock! lol i have a high crush on him, actually they all have their good side, but i’m looking forward Natsume! and i think it’s so cute the wait Saotome acted toward Ema and when he said he would stay by her side i didn’t thought he would actually stay forever with her x3
    i will read the third volume soon >w<
    good job thank you :)

    • No problem!
      I know Subaru will fall for Ema pretty quick, but I never thought he’d move that fast. xD
      Natsume seems to be everyone’s favorite in BroCon. :3

      • Subaru seems to be the sports type which means he is usually focused on his sport rather than girls but poor Subaru fell for it lol
        oh i noticed that a lot of person likes Natsume too, he is kind of calm instead of his other twins,but since i didn’t played the game i can’t really tell who i love the most >w<

  15. Masaomi is still my favorite among the PP cast <3 I mean Subaru is adorable, and Yusuke is adorkable, but Masaomi is just ultra cute. I like how he's so kind and gentle, but still kind of clumsy. He reminds me a lot of Wakaouji from TMGS :3 Augh… my oji-san complex is showing.

    Thanks for sharing the summary, I don't really have much hope of this released in US but I love the brothers after I played the game :D

    • Masaomi used to be my favorite too. He’s so cute and yet so mature at the same time. Both Wakaouji and him are natural airheads, though Waka is more scatterbrained than Masaomi LOL.

  16. I’m not sure if you would reply to me after so long, but can you please tell me where do you go to read Brothers Conflict? I checked all over the web and it was hopeless. Thanks in advance :)

  17. Hi Rin!

    I came across your website and I am really thankful for this. I absolutely adore Brothers Conflict and my favorites are Natsume, Masa, and Iori. I hope I can get copies of the light novel. I’ve been asking my friends in Japan if they can get them for me. :D This really helped..

    • Hello, thanks for commenting. :D
      If you can’t get someone to buy it directly in Japan, you can try some online shops like Amazon, HMV, or CDJapan. They might have some in stock.

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