This will be the last Brothers Conflict novel summary for now, since vol. 7 will be released in summer. Iori completely snaps in this volume, and Kaname’s reaction is so heartbreaking. ;__;

Knowing she can’t leave things hanging forever, Ema decides to accept everyone’s feelings and give them an answer. Following this decision, someone answers that he will wait for her, someone else is mocking her, and a certain someone is trying to destroy that decision with his blind love. In this volume, Tsubaki still finds it hard to visit Azusa, everyone goes on an autumn trip to Nagano, and an unexpected incident envelops this year’s Christmas Eve with darkness.

Chapter 18-1: 一つになれば
[ If we become one ]

Ever since Azusa got hospitalized, Tsubaki has been really busy with work. A few days after Ema’s visit, Azusa asks Masaomi to buy some mangas and games for him — so he can catch up with work even during his absence. Unfortunately, Masaomi doesn’t know much about the stuff Azusa listed.. and Tsubaki — the one who knows the most about these stuff — doesn’t seem to have any time at the moment. Masaomi then asks for Ema’s help, and since she only knows half of the stuff on the list, she decides to ask Yusuke for more details. Yusuke totally throws away his studies and goes to buy everything on the list for Ema, which sadly causes him to fail a test the next day. He actually wants to visit Azusa in the hospital with her, but he has to attend an extra class because of this. Azusa is surprised when Ema comes to visit him with all the mangas and games he requested, and upon hearing what happened with Yusuke, he says Yusuke is really a fool. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Yusuke should have studied for the test, buy all the stuff with Ema and visit Azusa together.. but oh well. Too late. xD

As they take all the stuff out of the shopping bag, Azusa accidentally touches Ema’s hand and blushes instantly. This reminds Ema of Azusa’s confession not too long ago, but knowing that she needs to answer everyone’s feelings, she quickly snaps out of it and tells him that it’s just a coincidence. Azusa is clearly bothered by this, but then he smiles and thanks Ema for giving him a reminder that he should focus on recovering for now. Ema then helps Azusa putting all the stuff on the side table, and as she puts his clothes onto the shelf, she mentions that he’s really good at keeping everything tidy. Ema also says it feels good to see how he keeps things in order, and Azusa answers that it’s the first time someone has ever said that to him. Tsubaki usually gets angry if Azusa cleans up his room and moves his stuff around. Ema notices that Azusa looks sad when he brings up Tsubaki’s name, and she realizes what it means. Tsubaki still hasn’t come to visit him yet.

On the day when Ema first visited Azusa, Tsubaki came home looking really tired late at night. After making dinner for him, Ema informed Tsubaki that she already talked to Azusa.. and that Azusa said he can come to visit anytime. Even though Tsubaki promised that he will come to visit Azusa, Ema heard him whispering “Why does it have to happen now? How could I face Azusa?” — obviously because he’s still confused about the offer. Feeling bad for Azusa, Ema then says that Tsubaki hasn’t come yet because he’s busy. Much to her surprise, Azusa says he knows that Tsubaki is working so hard lately to fill in the gaps he left at work. His manager already told him what happened, and he also knows that his remaining jobs will probably go to Tsubaki as well. However, Azusa then says that Tsubaki is thinking too much. A role will only be a role, and besides, Azusa thinks the anime role initially belongs to Tsubaki anyway.

Since Azusa needs some rest, Ema decides to get a vase for the bouquet in his room before going home. On her way back to his room, she hears his voice talking to someone else in the room. For a moment she panics thinking it might be an intruder, but soon she realizes that it’s the person Azusa has been waiting for. Tsubaki is standing near Azusa’s hospital bed, and even though Ema can’t see his face, she can hear that his voice is trembling. Before Tsubaki could say anything, Azusa hugs him and calls him “nii-san” — just like how it was on the night when he accepted the role. Tsubaki apologizes for not coming to visit earlier, and also for not listening to what Azusa tried to say.. but Azusa says he doesn’t mind. It was his fault too for not explaining the reason, and he understands that anyone would be angry to be disturbed in such a state. Tsubaki admits that he was a fool, and he promises to think carefully before he acts from now on. Tsubaki then asks Azusa to forgive him, and Azusa answers that there’s nothing to forgive since he’s not angry to begin with.

Outside of Azusa’s hospital room, Ema closes the door carefully so she won’t disturb them. She quietly apologizes to both Tsubaki and Azusa for causing such a conflict between them, and she feels really glad to see them together again.

Chapter 18-2: まぶたに熱を残した嵐は
[ The storm that leaves heat on eyelids ]

On the day of Hinode High School’s culture festival, Ema’s class is running a “Butler and Maid Cafe”. The one who suggested the idea was Ema’s best friend, Imai Mahoko — a huge fan of Fuuto’s who loves chasing idols. Mahoko wanted to open a butler cafe simply because there are a lot of good-looking guys in their class, but she decided to add maids in the last second since they don’t have enough helpers. The moment Ema enters the classroom, Mahoko thrusts a classic maid uniform into her hands and asks her to change.. and Ema accepts knowing she can’t go against Mahoko anyway. xD One of their classmates, Sasakura Kazuma, also asks if he can take a picture with Ema later, since he’s going to wear a butler uniform as well. When Mahoko says it’d be a nice picture for their flyers, Sasakura refuses saying the picture will be his memory.. and he won’t share it with anyone. (。・∀・。)

Soon Yusuke enters the classroom, and Mahoko rages at him for being so late. She says it’s hard to believe that Yusuke is Fuuto’s brother, and while Yusuke is clearly pissed, Sasakura tells him not to cross Mahoko for today — it’s useless LOL. Mahoko then pushes Yusuke into the changing booth, and after a while, he walks out wearing his butler uniform. The first thing he does is to ask for Ema’s opinion, and he blushes when she says he looks good. (❤ฺ→艸←) Ema changes into her maid uniform too after that, and Yusuke nearly gets a heart attack when she comes out of the booth. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ ..but he’s surprised when Sasakura reminds Ema to take a picture with him later. Poor guy, as if he doesn’t have enough rivals already. (´・ω・`)

After she’s done helping out in class, Ema goes to hand their cafe flyers by the school gate. She hears someone saying “I found a cute maid” before returning to her classroom, and she turns around to find Fuuto nearby — in a gorgeous vampire costume. It turns out the costume is for his photobook, since they want to take pictures with culture festival as the theme. They were initially planning to use a set, but since Hinode High School is having their culture festival today, they changed plans and use the school as the setting instead. Fuuto then asks Ema to visit his class’ haunted house, and when she tries to refuse, he sadly says he only wants to enjoy the culture festival with her. He doesn’t have a lot of free time as an idol, and they even ask him to work during the culture festival just so they can cut their budget. Feeling sorry for Fuuto, Ema eventually agrees to visit his class for a little while.

Upon reaching his class, Fuuto leads Ema to a different door saying she needs to pay if they go through the front entrance, so he’s taking her to enter from the back door instead. It’s really dark inside, and Fuuto quietly asks Ema not to call his name too loud or else the staff will come to disturb them. However, Fuuto suddenly locks the door and hugs Ema — covering her mouth with his hands before she could say anything. He reveals that his sad expression from earlier was just an act, and he tells her not be so trusting towards men. He also says it’s her fault for playing around with his brothers, and he asks how many of them will she charm until she gets satisfied. Fuuto then asks if Ema is just being indecisive, and he’s willing to help her decide by making her his. Unlike his brothers, Fuuto will never confess. If he likes anything, then he’ll just obtain it — he doesn’t need her permission. Fuuto then challenges Ema to run if she wants to, but his warm breath is absorbing all of her strength to resist.. until he says his brothers are so easy to be captivated by someone like her.

Ema regains her strength upon hearing those words, and she pushes Fuuto away with all her might. He’s really surprised by her resistance, but at the same time, he’s also impressed that she still has some strength left in her. Noticing that Ema doesn’t have any power to stand up anymore, Fuuto chuckles saying everything was also an act. It’s just an entertainment for him to enjoy the culture festival more, and he reveals that he didn’t lock the door either — he was only pretending to do so. Fuuto then says that Ema has become strong, but it only makes him even more excited to obtain her. He points out that she needs to get even stronger though, or else he will really make her his. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Before leaving, Fuuto kisses Ema’s eyelids and asks her to remember those words.

Before #019 – Side Ukyou: 誰もが無罪ではなく
[ Nobody is innocent ]

Late at night, Ukyou takes a warm bath after cleaning up the 5th floor. He already noticed that most of his brothers are falling for Ema, and he needs to do something since the conflicts are stressing her out. The problem is, he doesn’t know what to do in this situation. It’s not like they can solve this issue by law, and Ukyou himself thinks dealing with women is a difficult thing to do. When he comes out of the bathroom, Ukyou finds a drunk Azusa in the living room. Azusa has been discharged from the hospital recently, and today the staff made a celebration for his recovery after work. Of course Ukyou is worried since Azusa has just recovered, but when he asks Azusa not to force himself, Azusa says he knows and calls him “mama” — much to his dismay. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Azusa also refuses to eat dinner, so Ukyou gives him a glass of water to clear his head with.

After drinking the water, Azusa suddenly mentions that “she” won another case recently. He saw the picture on the internet, along with the article about a certain beautiful young lawyer who keeps winning cases on the court — Amamiya Reiko. Ukyou calmly says the article is so foolish since it doesn’t say anything about the real her, and he asks if Azusa knows what’s necessary to keep consecutive victories. It’s simple — don’t accept cases that will make you lose. Reiko has the ability to tell which ones she would win and which ones are no good, and that’s why she keeps winning. Just before Ukyou goes to sleep, Azusa suddenly asks if he’s seeing Reiko in Ema because they look really similar. Azusa seems unsure even when Ukyou says he doesn’t, so Ukyou makes it very clear that he’s not comparing Ema to Reiko. They look similar, but their personalities are very different. They’re two different persons.

When Azusa asks how he feels about Ema, Ukyou returns the question by asking about what happened during their island trip. He’s glad that Tsubaki and Azusa’s relationship has returned to normal, but he noticed the strange tension between them. Ukyou then asks if both of them already resolved the issue, and Azusa laughs saying Ukyou is really sharp whenever he’s in “court mode”. Azusa doesn’t have any intentions to reveal what happened though, so he tells Ukyou that he’s using his right to remain silent.. and Ukyou says he understands. Azusa soon falls asleep on the sofa, and Ukyou gently removes his glasses — thinking that a time for them to make everything clear will surely come. Then he says goodnight to Azusa and leaves.

Chapter 19: 星とキスの降る夜に
[ On the night when the stars and the kiss fall ]

For their autumn family trip, Ema and her brothers go to visit Miwa’s villa in North Yatsugatake, Nagano. The ones who join the trip are Masaomi, Wataru, Ukyou, Hikaru, Subaru, Azusa and Natsume — using both Masaomi’s and Natsume’s cars. The latter has no ideas about where they are though, so Ukyou has to make sure he knows where they’re heading. xD They stop to get some rest along the way, and Azusa blushes when Ema smiles at him.. though he tries to cover it by saying the maples are beautiful. Hikaru teases Azusa by saying he’s really good at acting, but luckily Natsume calls Azusa before it turns into a fight. Since Azusa runs away, Hikaru then decides to tease Subaru instead. He calls Subaru to stand beside Ema so he can take a picture of them, and this causes an awkward atmosphere to flow between Subaru and Ema.. until Wataru suddenly tackles Subaru saying he won’t allow it. Wataru is clearly jealous and refuses to let go, so Ema eventually tells him that she actually wants to take a picture with everyone. Wataru instantly calms down upon hearing this, while Hikaru keeps observing with a smile on his face. Before taking a picture of everyone, Hikaru whispers to Ema that she did a great job in handling the situation.

Upon arriving in the villa, Subaru helps carrying Ema’s belongings inside. He asks if he can talk to her in private before they return to Tokyo, and when she asks what he wants to talk about, he only says he’ll tell her everything when she has time for him. That night, everyone has BBQ for dinner. Natsume finds it unusual for Tsubaki to be absent during a family trip, but according to Azusa, Tsubaki is currently busy with work. Azusa receives a call from Tsubaki after that, and noticing that Ema seems concerned, Natsume explains that Tsubaki is replacing Azusa as the main character of the anime. The production staff can’t afford to wait until Azusa returns to work, so they have to look for another seiyuu to fill in the gap. It’s the role Tsubaki has been dreaming to achieve, but Ema feels bad for Azusa since it took quite a lot of determination for him to accept that role. However, Natsume then asks Ema not to look so sad. It’s the first time he ever saw such a tension between Tsubaki and Azusa, but he believes both of them know about what’s important — they won’t lose their bond. As their brother, Natsume asks Ema to smile for them. Her smile always make them happy, and he admits that he always remembers her smile whenever he’s feeling tired. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

After dinner, Ema stays in the terrace and thinks about Subaru’s confession along with all the things that happened after that. Soon Hikaru comes to tease her again, this time asking if she’s enjoying the pleasure of charming men. Ema angrily denies the accusation, but Hikaru remains calm and tells her that a “new stage” of the game is about to begin. Instead of explaining what that means, Hikaru asks Ema to make dinner for him.. and she agrees on the condition that he explains the meaning after eating dinner. Hikaru accepts the deal, so after eating the leftovers from today’s BBQ, he shows Ema a scoreboard of “Brothers Conflict” — the latest version of November 2011. The scoreboard is divided into 13 rows and 3 columns, which he explains as “entry number”, “group” and “dividend”. Hikaru doesn’t explain what “dividend” means, but it’s basically what each brother has to pay in order to be with Ema. In other words, the one with the lowest “dividend” is the closest person to her.

Hikaru also says these numbers are pretty much meaningless since they fluctuate everyday, and since Ema doesn’t understand what it means, he gives a hint for her to figure out — why didn’t Kaname join them in this trip? Ema answers it’s because he wants to help Yusuke with his studies, but Hikaru then says that Kaname is really kind.. that’s why sometimes he lies for love. (´;ω;`) After Hikaru leaves, Ema starts thinking about why Kaname would lie to her, and it doesn’t take long until she reaches the answer. Tsubaki, Rui and Fuuto are busy with work, and since Yusuke is busy studying in his room.. that only leaves Iori. Kaname must be staying in Tokyo because he wants to talk to Iori.

The next morning, Ema finds Ukyou — with his hair down — in the kitchen. She wants to help him preparing breakfast as usual, but he tells her to get some rest instead. Ema spent all night thinking about what Hikaru said to her, and Ukyou notices that she didn’t get enough sleep last night. He asks if she has any worries, but since she can’t answer his question, he decides to tell her a bit about his past. Back when he just became a lawyer, Ukyou erased his sleep time a lot in order to prepare for his trials, and that only led him to unsatisfactory results. Eventually he realized that in order to stay in the best condition, one needs to get enough rest and take a good care of their health. Ukyou says he’ll listen to Ema’s worries if she wants to, but for now he wants her to get some rest first. This makes Ema realize that she’s not alone, and she also realizes that she needs to listen to what her brothers have to say if she wants to give them a proper answer. Following Ukyou’s advice, Ema drinks the hot milk he made for her and returns to her room after saying goodnight to him.

That evening, Ema takes a walk around the villa after her nap. Her foot slips on a rock on the way back to the villa, but fortunately Subaru comes to catch her before she falls into the river. Ema knows she probably won’t have another chance to talk to Subaru, so she asks him about what he wants to talk about. At first Subaru is reluctant, but then he asks if Ema knows about Japan’s pro basketball league. It turns out Subaru got scouted, and he can become a pro if he accepts the offer. Ema is happy to hear the news, but Subaru only remains silent for a while.. and then he asks her to forgive him. The one who wants to recruit him is the Kyushu team, so he will have to move away if he takes the offer. It’s too far away, and he wants her to forget his confession — he can’t ask her to come and stay by his side. However, Subaru feels even more confused when his eyes meet Ema’s. Despite what he just said, he loves her too much to let go.. and now he doesn’t know what to do.

Ema actually feels happy to receive Subaru’s feelings, so she finally asks him to give her more time. She can’t answer his feelings yet, but she can say one thing for certain — she doesn’t want him to give up on basketball. Distance won’t be able to separate them if they love each other, but the offer to join the Kyushu team will fly away if he refuses.. so she wants him to grasp that chance and become a pro basketball player. After a short silence, Subaru smiles and thanks Ema for the answer. He didn’t expect her to think about his future that much, and he feels really happy with her concern. Subaru then promises to become a first-class player, and he asks Ema to let him know when she finds the answer. Until then, he will be waiting for her while continuing his basketball career. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Late at night, Ema finds Azusa in the living room — talking to Tsubaki on the phone. He drops the call and apologizes for being so noisy at night, but she’s more worried of interrupting their discussion instead. Azusa explains that they were only discussing about the script, and since Ema doesn’t seem surprised, he asks if she already knew about the role. Ema honestly admits that she already heard about that from Natsume, though she immediately regrets revealing the truth because Azusa seems irritated. Azusa then takes Ema for a walk under the starry sky, where he explains that Tsubaki is working really hard on the role. Aside from giving it his all, Tsubaki is also maintaining the nuance Azusa created before he got hospitalized. Of course Tsubaki can adjust his acting to match Azusa’s, but what he’s doing right now is way beyond that level — he takes over the role and revives the feeling Azusa gave. Azusa then says that it’s the real Tsubaki. Despite his usual demeanor, Tsubaki is a really straight and simple person who takes his job seriously. After seeing Tsubaki’s passion, Azusa realizes that he needs to become Tsubaki’s rival — both in work and in winning Ema’s heart — because Tsubaki’s wish is for Azusa to face him with all he’s got.. and even though Azusa admits that he’ll never win against Tsubaki’s passion, he doesn’t want to lose either. Or rather, he can’t afford to lose.

Just then Ema suddenly sneezes, Azusa hugs her and asks if she’s cold. Once again, Azusa says that he won’t lose.. and then he kisses Ema’s forehead as the proof of his determination — whispering that he loves her. The kiss reminds Ema of the night when Tsubaki first kissed her, and she realizes that Tsubaki and Azusa really do share the same soul.

After #019 – Side Hikaru: やがて手折るための花を今は愛でて
[ Admiring the flower that will be plucked soon ]

Back in the villa, Wataru comes to see Hikaru and takes a peek at his laptop screen. There he finds Brother Conflict’s scoreboard, though he obviously doesn’t know what it means. Since normal explanation probably won’t work on Wataru, Hikaru then retells the situation by using different words. He explains that there are 13 princes who are fighting over a princess, and he asks Wataru to predict which one of the princes will win her heart. Wataru quickly points to prince no. 13 because he has a huge score on the last column, which he thinks is a column for “attack power” LOL. However, Wataru then says he feels sorry for the princes. They’re brothers, and yet they have to fight against each other. Upon hearing this, Hikaru asks what would Wataru do if he’s one of those princes. Will he give up on the princess for the sake of having peace with his brothers? Surprisingly, Wataru says he won’t give up — because love is earnest and irreplaceable. Hikaru then praises Wataru for giving a great answer, and when Wataru says he’s happy because Hikaru always says “mean things”, Hikaru pinches his lips as the punishment. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Wataru is 100% ready to fight for Ema, Hikaru updates his “dividend” to 180. Wataru protests thinking prince no. 13 has grown weaker, but Hikaru simply says it’s actually the opposite. Before leaving, Hikaru asks Wataru to deliver a message for Ema: “the odds are under revision.”

Before #020 – Side Iori: 冬花へ
[ For Fuyuka ]

On Christmas Eve, Iori is thinking about his relationship with Fuyuka and Ema. He believes that Ema and him are in love with each other, so he needs to answer her feelings. Looking back at his past, Iori truly loved Fuyuka and gave his everything for her. After she died, he wanted to commit suicide and follow her to the other world. When a certain someone gave him the cross saying it’s Fuyuka’s memento, Iori was really happy and tries to strangle himself with the long chain.. but that someone keeps “disturbing” their reunion. Iori has been living life in misery ever since, until fate finally brought him to Ema — whom he believes to be his destined one. At first Iori didn’t have any particular opinion about Ema, but everything changed when she promised to stay by his side forever. Despite what she said during the summer festival, Iori still believes that Ema is deeply hurt after discovering her real identity. He also thinks that he’s the only one who can save her because she loves him, but before he can answer her feelings, the two of them needs to talk to Fuyuka first. Fuyuka has taught him love, and now it’s his turn to do the same to Ema.

On the way home, Iori finds Ema walking through the street. He happily thinks about how fate has lead him to find her again on this fateful night, and Ema has nothing to worry about since he’s standing right here for her. Tonight Iori will declare his love for Ema in front of Fuyuka, so he needs to stop Ema and inform her about this.

Chapter 20: 嘘ばかりの愛でも
[ Even the love that’s full of lies ]

In the evening of December 17, Ema is studying in her room when Masaomi invites her to have some tea. It’s only a month away from the center exam, and he wonders if she has any other options beside Meiji University. When Ema mentions several girls university as her secondary options, Masaomi carefully asks if she has any intentions to take the entrance exam to Jouchi University.. but Ema clearly says no, knowing it would be too difficult for her anyway. Before Ema returns to her room, Masaomi suddenly asks if she has any plans for the 24th. Ema says she will be studying at home, but soon she realizes that Masaomi might be checking her plans because he wants to ask her out. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Masaomi realizes this too, and he blushes saying he only wants to make a Christmas party with everyone. When Ema says she’ll join the party, Masaomi happily thanks her with a smile so wide it makes her blush.. and then he runs away upon realizing what he just did. xD

The next day, Ema takes a pre-test for the center exam in Meiji University. On her way home, she spots Kaname near the intersection of the Ochanomizu Station. Kaname is wearing a suit today, and he’s looking at the river with a serious expression. He’s really surprised when Ema goes over to call him, and even though he tries to conceal his reason for being here, he can’t escape from her. Ema directly asks why he didn’t join their trip to Nagano, and when Kaname says it’s because he wants to help Yusuke with his studies, she says he’s lying — he stayed in Tokyo to talk to Iori and she knows it. Knowing he can’t lie to her anymore, Kaname gives up and admits that she’s right. He tried talking to Iori when they were away, but sadly his attempt failed since Iori wouldn’t listen to him at all. One of his workmates in the temple introduced him to a to a psychologist, and he went to have a consultation about Iori’s case today. That’s why he’s here near the station. Kaname then gives Ema a new contact address and he tells her to save it under another name, asking her to contact him in this address if anything happens. He says this is all he can do for now, but he promises to protect her with all his life.

On December 24, Rui asks Ema to come to his salon. He can’t attend their Christmas party, but he wants to arrange her hair and clothes for the event.. and for some reason, Masaomi also urges Ema to accept the invitation. Since they’re ordering food and cake for the party, Yusuke offers to help taking care of the food delivery when Ema is away. After she’s done explaining about what to do, he informs her that he’s going to Meiji University as well. It might be difficult for him to get accepted, but he’s going to give it his all. Yusuke then asks if Ema can help him with the parts he didn’t understand, and she agrees since she still has some time before her appointment with Rui. Right after Yusuke leaves to get his textbook, Tsubaki enters the living room. He still has some work to do and only returns home to get a shower, but his tension is really low today. Instead of clinging to Ema like he usually would, Tsubaki only asks her to take a picture for him after Rui is done giving her a makeover. When Yusuke returns, Tsubaki sighs saying he really envies Yusuke.. because even if he got trampled and sidelined, Yusuke can always talk to Ema with the same feeling all the time. Then he lets out another sigh and leaves without explaining anything.

In Rui’s salon, Ema learns that her outfit for the party is a present from Masaomi — that’s why he asked her to accept Rui’s offer. After he’s done arranging her hair, Rui puts a cute ribbon hairband on Ema’s hair and says it’s a Christmas present from him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* It’s already past 7 PM when Ema leaves Rui’s salon, but she decides to walk slowly since her hair will be ruined if she runs back to the mansion. Unfortunately, Ema never made it back to the mansion.. because Iori catches her along the way. Even though she dressed up for the Christmas party, Iori thanks her thinking she’s dressing up for him. This year Christmas Eve falls on the night of a new moon, and Ema can’t see Iori’s expression since it’s really dark.. but even though Iori’s voice is really gentle, somehow Ema feels really scared of him. Iori then says he already got a car waiting for them, and this reminds Ema about Kaname’s hidden contact address. She asks Iori to let her inform Ukyou first so their brothers won’t disturb them later, and Iori watches her as she types a mail to “Ukyou” — informing him that she’s going out with Iori. The mail address under the name “Ukyou” is, of course, Kaname’s new address.. and as Iori guides her into the car, Ema can only hope that Kaname notices her mail.

After a while, Iori and Ema reaches a Christian graveyard. Iori asks Ema to wait as he takes a bouquet of white lilies from the back seat, and she uses this chance to check her phone. She finds a mail for “Ukyou” which says he doesn’t know the location of the main dish — referring to her location at the moment — and she quickly replies that they’re in a graveyard. Iori almost caught her and asks if she called someone, but she makes up an excuse by saying she only wants some light because it’s really dark.. which successfully erases his suspicion. Iori then takes Ema to the deepest part of the graveyard, where he puts the bouquet in front of a grave and whispers “Merry Christmas, Fuyuka. You’re beautiful.” (´・ω・`) After a LONG silence, Iori eventually thanks Fuyuka and stands up — telling Ema that Fuyuka has given her permission. Iori then hugs Ema saying they can finally become one, and he whispers “I love you” into her ears. However, Ema notices that Iori doesn’t look happy at all. In fact, he look so sad it pains her to reject him.. but she knows she needs to stop this misunderstanding. Ema stops Iori just before he kisses her, but before she could explain anything, Kaname suddenly appears and separates them — shielding Ema from Iori.

The moment Ema sees the change in Iori’s expression, she immediately regrets calling Kaname here. When Iori says he’s not seeking for salvation, Kaname tells him that he’s still living in the past. Despite his denial, Iori is still chasing after Fuyuka’s shadow. Kaname asks Iori to admit it already, but after yet another long silence.. Iori suddenly punches Kaname in the gut and asks him to admit his lies too. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Iori then takes out his silver cross and asks if Kaname still remembers what he said back then. Kaname said it’s a memento from Fuyuka. Iori was happy thinking he can be reunited with Fuyuka by using the cross, but Kaname always came to stop him whenever he tried to commit suicide. After a while, Iori realized that the chain of the cross is too long for Fuyuka.. which means that Kaname lied to him. Iori then says that Kaname’s lies only brought more pain for him, and he puts the chain of the cross around Kaname’s neck — strangling him saying he won’t lose to all those lies. Iori asks Kaname to bless his relationship with Ema as a clergy, but Kaname gathers his breath and refuses — saying he can’t hand his sister to Iori. Iori calmly says he understands, and he pulls the chain to strangle Kaname even more. When Iori thanks Kaname for all the lies he’s given, Ema notices that Kaname suddenly stops resisting. Kaname then looks her way and gives her a faint smile, and that’s when Ema realizes that Kaname is planning to die here in Iori’s hands. Knowing that she can’t let Kaname die, Ema screams at Iori to stop.

Since Iori refuses to understand Kaname’s actions, Ema tells him that Kaname lies in order to protect the people he loves. Iori doesn’t believe that a lie can protect anyone, so Ema reveals that she’s been lying to him as well. She didn’t lie through words like Kaname did, but she lied to him through her actions. Ema then says she should have rejected Iori’s kiss back then, and that she’s been lying to him through that kiss. Iori is taken aback upon hearing everything, and he asks if that means Ema actually doesn’t love him. His sad expression really hurts her heart, but she knows she needs to make it clear.. so she clearly answers that she doesn’t love him and can’t go out with him. Since Iori still finds it hard to believe, Ema also explains that he took her words the wrong way back when he was hospitalized. It was her fault for not making it clear to him, and she admits that she’s been lying to him ever since. Ema then apologizes for lying to him all this time, but Iori quietly says he understands. Everyone has been lying to him, so he’s going to get over his past alone — without anyone’s help. Iori then takes his cross and walks away, disappearing through the gate as the morning sun appears in the eastern sky.

After Iori is gone, Ema rushes over to Kaname and asks if he’s alright. She tries to comfort him by saying Iori will be alright, but he doesn’t seem to share her confidence regarding that issue. While it’s true that Iori won’t misunderstand Ema’s actions anymore, Kaname sadly apologizes saying he couldn’t do anything after all. He couldn’t protect Iori, failed to save him, and coudln’t do anything to protect Ema. In the end, the one who kept Ema unharmed was none other than herself. On top of failing to protect them, Kaname was about to throw his own life for Iori too.. which would only drag Iori deeper into the darkness. When Kaname says he can’t do anything despite his promise to save Iori, Ema tells him that it’s not true. The one who understands Iori the most is Kaname, and he’s the only one who can take Iori out of his misery. Kaname smiles upon hearing this, and he thanks Ema saying her words make him feel that he can really do it. However, Ema realizes something here.

Kaname’s gentle smile.

It’s the expression he makes when he’s lying to protect someone.

After #020 – Side Iori: 愛は続いてゆく
[ Love will always last ]

After leaving Ema and Kaname, Iori walks to a cliff near the graveyard. He has lost his reason to keep on living, so he’s ready to throw his life away.. but then he notices the cross sparkling on his chest. When he realized it, his feet has stopped moving towards the cliff.

OMG KANAMEEEE C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!
This volume gives me so much emotion. I’m impressed at Ema’s determination to give everyone a proper answer, and I love how she answers Subaru’s confession. I also love how Tsubaki and Azusa make up in the hospital, but seriously.. chapter 20 makes me explode with so many emotions I couldn’t write properly. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Iori’s yandere meter completely went out of control, and sadly I can understand how he feels. On the other hand, Kaname’s determination to save Iori is so strong and sincere. I never thought he’s willing to go that far for Iori, but even after everything’s over, he’s still thinking about Iori instead of his own safety. I can’t NOT love this man. (ノД`)・゜・。 Now excuse me while I wipe the tears I shed for Kaname. (´;ω;`)


83 thoughts on “BROTHERS CONFLICT Vol. 6

  1. haha Fuuto you so randy (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。)
    man it sucks that the game will probably never be this interesting (or ever get released for that matter >_>)

    • Fuutan is the definition of sexy in BroCon. 8D
      I heard the novel conflicts won’t be in the games, but I expect some actions since it’s Cero C. If they ever get released, that is. ; v ;

  2. Azusaaaaaaaa MOEEEE (●´艸`)ヾ And he made up with Tsubaki aaaahhhh These two are moeeeee Drunk!Azusa homgggg I need pics dammit (゚∀゚ )三 三( ゚∀゚)

    Fuutan (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ whoaaaahh that pic~ my ovaries lolol But dammit Fuutan be more honest and less koakuma, I KNOW U WANT EMA PFFFTTT

    Glad to see Ukyo making it clear he sees Ema as herself, not a clone of Reiko!

    Subarun…. WHY U GO AWAAAYYYYY ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ And Hikaru…. I HOPE U FALL FOR EMA AND TURN INTO A HETARE MESS hahah ( ̄▼ ̄)ニヤッ

    Like u said, this volume is primarily an explosion of drama, Kaname and Iori. OMG KANAKANA MY RESPECT FOR YOU JUST TRIPLED ( ´Д⊂ヽエーーン forever crying in your stead… His earnest desire to help Iori unfortunately fell on deaf ears. Ugh, Iori… he’s just deluded. I can forgive that but i can’t accept that part of him that always chases after Fuyuka. It’s just creepy, man! “Oh Fuyuka says we can date.” Are you the kid from Sixth Sense?!?! Let’s not forget his suicidal tendencies… geebus can someone get him admitted to a mental hospital already /punched (Sorry I’m not very sympathetic for ppl who would kill themselves over any reason.)

    Thank God Ema has some brains during this part and contacted Kaname. Eventho it did lead to tragic events….

    Kaname saying he can’t give his sister to Iori (ノД`)・゜・。 RESPECT SHOT UP 1000% (although you’re willing to die to atone for your mistakes is a no-no)

    Although it was late, at least Ema realizes what she did towards Iori was wrong. I guess this is why she wants to answer to the rest honestly. So she can avoid another misunderstanding.

    In the end, my feels goes toward KanaKana more than Iori lol Not only did he give up his love, he’s trying to save his brother and Iori is refusing to see reason…. all of my creys for u, KanaKana.

    • LOL yeah drunk!Azusa is so adorable. There was a chibi illust of drunk!Azusa and drunk!Tsubaki sleeping on the table, but no proper illust. ; v ; It’s so cute how he teases Ukyou. Once again the cover fooled us since this volume doesn’t reveal much about Ukyou or Hikaru. The hint given about Reiko is so vague, but well.. I guess we’ll see more in the 2nd season? xD

      As for Subaru’s decision, some people are saying it sounds so much like a 死亡フラグ it makes them cry.. ヽ(;▽;)ノ OMG Subaru you can go away and have a long-distance relationship with Ema, but please don’t die. I’d cry a waterfall of tears if he dies.

      I agree, Iori is so deluded here. I don’t know if he’s always been this delusional or is this caused by Ema’s actions, but his delusions made me ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) through the rest of the book. I know the accident put a huge scar in his heart. I completely understand, but when he actually asked for Fuyuka’s permission to date Ema.. (ノ`・ロ)ノ<嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌嫌!!!! デュノットワント!!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling he’d commit suicide sometime in the story, but now that it almost happened.. I’m not too sure about how to feel towards Iori anymore. I still like him, but if he’s not going to forget Fuyuka and face this way, it’s just impossible lol.

      Chapter 20 made me even more guilty for stamping “FLIRT” on Kaname’s head. xD I went back to his CD after I finished typing up the review, and his message to you is like “be it as your lover or as your brother, I’m wishing for your happiness” ← makes me cry a river of e-tears because he really means it. (ノД`)・゜・。 ..and his expression by the end of the chapter breaks my heart. He says he’s fine, but Ema can see that he’s lying. He’s not fine at all. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

      • oh no death flag DO NOT WANTTTTTTT
        Srsly, I dont want anyone to die in this story. Even Iori (lol)

        I’m starting to wonder did the romance between Iori-Fuyuka was pure as Iori puts it? I mean, they were in love when they were younger and it wasnt that long— considering how Iori was seriously deluded about Ema’s feelings for him, I’m starting to doubt the actual relationship he had with Fuyuka. Iori, you’re creepy for holding on to this ghost. Move on dammit, I’m sure Fuyuka wouldn’t want to see you hurting yourself like this.

        KanaKana, I srsly hope you get the help you need. He’s getting more tragic as the story goes on ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・わ~ん I feel sorry for hating your flirting, now I see you’re rly sincere about protecting Ema and your brothers RESPECT MAJI 1000%

        • IKR I don’t want anyone to die. There was this very misleading synopsis for the last chapter that made me think someone is going to die, and I was about to cry thinking it might be Iori. 8D; Thank God nobody dies. Some of them are just going away lol.

          You know, I’m starting to wonder about that too. It might be a normal relationship, but Iori valued it much more than what it really was. I mean both of them were junior high students, how grand can their romance be? :| It might be traumatic since he witnessed the accident, but he really should move on and stop clinging to Fuyuka’s shadow forever. Iori also made it sound like he can only love one person for the rest of his life, so if that’s really how he views love.. well, no wonder he reached this stage. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

          After everything that happened in the novel, I can’t go ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) at Kaname’s flirting anymore. Now that we know that he really does love Ema, whenever he flirts with her, most likely he really meant what he said. ;;;

          • With some of the guys being away… I’m hoping they’d come back in a future chapter. KanaKana COMEE BACCCKKKKK

            Yeah, seeing the accident happen right in front of him is a traumatic experience for Iori. I can forgive him for that. But you gotta let go of that ghost, Ioorriiiii~ It has made your thinking very very very warped. idk part of me feels like he pursued this tragic lover scenario for own benefit (are you a chuunibyou or something???) Dude, love exist in many forms~ Don’t waste it and move onnnnnnn~~ /punched

          • Yeah, Kaname has to return in the future. Or else many hearts will be broken. ; v ; I’m more worried about Subaru though, since joining the Kyushu team means he will have to live there forever. I hope he will still receive at least minimum spotlight and not entirely disappears into the background. You might already read the final chapter summary in tumblr, but Iori will also leave the house to live alone. Hopefully time will heal that trauma and make him less delusional, so he can truly move on. I also get the feeling that Iori thinks he needs love to keep living, and that’s why he’s clinging to both Fuyuka’s shadow and Ema as the replacement.. ._.;

  3. 18-1: Daaaw TTuTT I feel touched whenever Akkun say “nii-san” to Tsukkun. It makes him more moe. *bricked* I like Tsukkun’s change as well.

    18-2: dnjhjsfhjdhfjdh!!! FUUTAAAAAANNNNNN!!! Fangirling towards Fuu-tan aside, poor Yuu-kun. //pushes Sasakura aside

    Side Ukyo: I like it that Kyo-tan can get over Reiko easily, since he can’t see her in Ema. Also I think Kyo-tan’s a better mom than Miwa. xD

    19: The hint Hikaru gave was straight, and good thing Ema easily understood what it meant. Speaking of her, I like how he improves. Good thing she finally realized to listen to people’s advices. Thank you very much Kyo-tan for making her realize that. Then Subarun didn’t forced his feelings on Ema. Plus yay Akkun! \o/ You finally made a move.

    Side Hikaru: LOL Wata. Despite his age, I like his answer. xD

    Before Side Iori: Despite situation differences, my past self is like Iorin. He is deeply sad, I understand the feeling of not moving on so fast.

    20: LOL Maa-kun. I see what you did thar. @u@ *starts reading Iorin's part* White lilies?! O__O Grrr Iorin, choose a better bouquet next time. Then… KANAKANAAAAAA!!!!! QAQ As much as I can see that he's mostly right here, I feel pity towards Iorin too. But then I don't want KanaKana to sacrifice himself for the sake of protecting somebody. ;;u;; *stops filling up my bucket full of e-tears* He already worked hard on trying to save Iorin. If I were in his place, I bet I've stopped from giving my concerns towards Iorin.

    After Side Iorin: Three sentence summary is here now. *slapped* Iorin's heart is hard to heal, but I hope he can get over it soon and have a peaceful life with his brothers (& Ema).

    Even though Iorin's my least favorite now, it doesn't mean I dislike him entirely. Yandere meter exploded aside, I can't leave the poor guy alone. orz

    Before I forgot, お疲れさまにょ~

    • ありがとにょ(。・∀・。)

      I can’t hate Iori either. His mental state is completely chaotic, but I want him to recover and be happy. Please no more suicide. No more strangling yourself with the cross or jumping off any cliff. ヽ(;▽;)ノ Actually if Kaname sacrificed his life for Iori, that would only make the situation even worse. How would Iori feel if he killed his brother after losing Fuyuka AND Ema (because she’s planning to dump him anyway)? Thinking of the possible consequences makes me shudder.. (´;ω;`)

      I like Ema’s improvements in this volume too, because if she ever acts like she did in vol. 4, I think I’m gonna flip a table. We haven’t seen much about Ukyou’s past though, so I expect them to reveal this in the 2nd season. Or at least put a spotlight on Ukyou and everyone who didn’t receive enough attention up until now. Like Yuu-kun. Poor guy only receives like one page of spotlight while Fuutan fills the rest of the chapter. 8D; Oh, and I go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ too whenever Azusa calls Tsubaki “nii-san”. Their reunion is so touching, though in the end it was Iori and Kaname who blew my mind away. xD

      ..and Wata will grow up to be a fine man. ( ≖‿≖)

      • Iorin’s despair and depression will go haywire which is beyond his state right now if that actually happened. 8D;; Then he’ll seclude himself from his family. orz I realized that the novels only showed his princely side at Volume 1? I also thought that they didn’t categorize him straight as yandere because some girls might get scared.

        If she acts again like what she did on volume 4, I might want to punch her pretty face. *punched* I definitely need more Yuu-kun in the second season especially now that he and Ema are studying in the same university. 8D Also Kyo-tan needs spotlight since he’s one of the dark horses in this series (the other being Fuutan I guess). Kaname and Iorin’s chapters placed at the end of volumes 3 & 6 = forever mindblowing.

        I can’t wait to see Wata grow up when the second season comes. ( ≖‿≖) Wata and wearing pants yay~ \o/

        • Iori was still princely in vol. 2. There was a moment when the darkness sort of takes control, but he went back to his princely mode right after that. I agree, Iori isn’t your typical yandere because he won’t throw Ema into a locked room and kill anyone who tries to approach her.. but he’s still a yandere because of what he did to Kaname. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

          After everything that happened in the 1st season, I’m hoping to see less spotlight on the twins and more screentime for the rest of the brothers who didn’t get enough spotlight so far. Like Yuu-kun. Or Hikaru. Or Ukyou. Or Yuu-kun. Or Wata. Or Yuu-kun. Have I mentioned Yuu-kun? /kicked 8D Anyway, they should make it fair.

          ..and what do you mean by Wata and wearing pants LOL. He’s wearing pants in the 1st season too! xD It’s just.. erm, either pumpkin pants or panda pants. 8D

          • Ahh yeah he was still princely in the school festival. Yes, no doubt he became a yandere there. xD;

            I think they made the second season to compensate with the lack of exposure to characters particularly Yuu-kun. I still want more of Nyo.. i mean Natsume 8D

            Long pants. |D I meant Wata wearing long pants. x3

          • I hope so. Yuu-kun seriously needs more spotlight. It’s like he received some at the beginning, but then he got shoved more and more into the background. xD; I hope he got accepted into Meiji too, so he can be with Ema even in uni. ; v ; ..and I wanna see teen!Wata wearing a gakuran LOL.

      • Another thing, I noticed that Juririn’s not in this volume. Where did my lovable raging squirrel go? :C *shot* I can’t imagine him being alone in Tokyo, unless he has awesome survival skills. |D

        • Now that you mention it.. you’re actually right. Juririn didn’t appear at all in this volume. o___o I think he’s just not mentioned since Ema’s busy studying, or maybe with Rui when Ema is away. But then again Juririn also stayed in Tokyo when Ema went to Niigata for the ski trip.

          • I understand that he’s not bothering Ema in her studies, but disappearing all throughout the chapters is unreasonable. I understand chapter 20 is serious but… fdkffkdfkdjfk Perhaps he’s like a house dog of the Asahina family? 8D;

          • Admit it, you’re just upset because your favorite squirrel doesn’t make an appearance LOL. Oh wait.. Juli doesn’t hibernate right? o___o I remember him raging at Kaname at the beginning of vol. 3, which is last year’s winter, but he didn’t appear anymore after that. 8D;

    • Yeah, I’m upset because my favorite squirrel doesn’t show up anymore LOL /o\ I know squirrels hibernate, which makes Juririn a special case. xD His very existence is for lulz sake or maybe something else? I was thinking that he transforms into a human and he’s hiding somewhere.

      Creators, give us more clues! *slapped*

      • LOL you and your wish for Juririn to turn into a human. xD
        In vol. 3 I think Ema mentioned that she couldn’t bring Juririn to the skip trip because it’s snowy and cold, but his name wasn’t even mentioned in vol. 6. 8D;; Maybe while Ema was away, Juririn transforms into a human and reports back to his country / world. /shot

        • I can’t help it. I.. I can’t choose between the brothers! @o@ *cough* Though Natsume is an exception *cough* Seriously, why would they choose Kamiya if Juririn won’t transform into a human? *bricked*

          LOLOLL I want to see a Side Juli if ever there will be one. I would like to know the perspective of our beloved raging squirrel. @v@

          • Exactly LOL. I don’t think they’d choose Kamiya to voice Juririn if he’s just a talking squirrel, so I’m hoping to see a pleasant surprise. A_____A Who knows, all of our “prince from the rainbow warudo” theories might be true. Less capturable target in BB = room for Juririn. 8D

  4. Whooo Ema! You go girl! Reject all the brothers! (or most of them) And before I forget KYAAA!! MASAOMI~~~ He’s sooooo sweet (´ ▽`).。o♡

    Ukyou with his hair down? Visited the brothers conflict site and saw Hikaru with his hair tied up. Hmmmm not bad at all XD thanks for the tip off haha need to stalk the website more often. Hikaru’s adding excitement to the series with his dividend chart (Y) what does ‘group’ mean though? Like.. friendzoned, withdrawn?

    I honestly thought Iori was going to stab Kaname with the cross, that would have been very painful to read… So Kaname was lying about being able to save Iori and Ema realises that =(

    • I know right. While most of his brothers are fighting over Ema, Masaomi just.. stays there for her. And I think that’s really sweet. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

      I forgot to add this yesterday, but here‘s the scoreboard. Hikaru basically puts his brothers into groups and gives them dividends / scores as groups, not individually. The only ones who aren’t in a group is Masaomi, Ukyou, Iori and Wataru. Though you can count Iori out since he can’t be a part of the game in that state. As you can see from the chart, Hikaru groups the triplets together, as well as Rui & Subaru and Yusuke & Futo. I understand the triplets and Yusuke & Futo (the schoolmates), but I have no idea why he grouped Rui & Subaru together LOL.

      Actually, Kaname wasn’t lying about that. He really wanted to save Iori and Ema, but in the end he failed to do so since Iori went out of control. His lie is by the end of the chapter. He told Ema that her words gave him confidence, but he’s actually lying. He’s pretty much in despair and is blaming himself for failing to stop Iori. ; v ;

  5. Ah, Yusuke you baka <3 I don't care if the manga sidelined you, I'm glad you're in passion pink so I can go after you as soon as possible.

    And Iori is a delusional bastard. What kind of grand love must he have had with that chick to be affected this way…then again I doubt it was anything she did, he was probably always crazy. Glad he isn't in passion pink. Poor Kaname has to deal with all of this and Ema was rather mean to him compared to how she was when the other guys kissed her.

    And on a personal note, I do not really like Fuuto and that vampire outfit made it so much worse. It reminded me of Blood Dupre in Joker with his vampire outfit. He's my least favorite in that series and seeing that outfit did not help (especially since if he had kept his normal hat plus Ace's eye mask he would've looked like Tuxedo Mask in that thing). I never liked vampires, which is actually a good thing since it means I will not feel any temptation at all to play vampire sweetie.

    • Yeah, I’m going for Yusuke first too. I don’t care if they keep picking on him. I don’t care even if Hosoya said his route can be annoying. The poor guy needs Ema to return his feelings ASAP.

      Seriously, I don’t know why is it so hard for Iori to let go of Fuyuka. What you wrote is exactly what I thought — what kind of relationship did they have to drive him into this delusional state? As if getting over an ex-girlfriend isn’t enough already, they have to make him borderline yandere and delusional too. ( ≖_ゝ≖ ) Kaname did mention that Iori is a really sensitive person, but I never thought it would be this much. il||li_| ̄|○il||li I think Ema is mean to Kaname because he constantly hits on her, while the others aren’t so aggressive after kissing her. Except maybe Tsubaki, but that’s another story.

      On the contrary, I do like vampires and Fuuto. Seeing him in that outfit is like the ultimate eye candy in BroCon for me. (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。) ..and oh hai Ema, I can see that you have zero resistance against Fuuto.

  6. OMG!!!!!!! KANAMEEEEEE!!!!! (;___;)
    I understand why Iori is still suffering but it would be nice if he switched his perspective…like what if Iori died instead of Fuyuka – wouldn’t he want her to live happily? But I can’t hate him… orz

    I loved how Tsubaki and Azusa made up…so touching. (;_;)

    Subaru…so sweet. DO YOUR BEST SUBARU~N! :3
    I agree with Azusa about Yusuke being a fool…but that’s what makes him so charming. LOL

    Fuuto…you’re so 男前!I’m truly impressed! roflmao It’s hard to think he’s one of the younger brothers…seeing how he treats Ema. lol but I guess that’s showbiz for you…

    • I think Iori is too blinded by his delusion to notice. il||li_| ̄|○il||li
      Just as you said, Fuyuka must be crying up there if she knows that her death is driving Iori to reach such a state. I can’t hate Iori either, but Kaname took all of my feelings in this volume. ;__; I honestly never thought he would be this devoted. Now I feel really bad for pushing him towards the “flirt” category before.

      ..and Azusa is so blunt it hurts LOL. Yusuke is indeed a fool and the most normal among all of his brothers, but that’s what makes him adorable. As if competing with his extraordinary brothers isn’t enough already, now they give him another rival at school. Don’t lose Yusuke! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

      Yeah, I completely underestimated Fuuto too. I thought he’d just be this annoying tsuntsun 生意気 little brother, but LOL he’s SO much manly than I expected. KENN describes him as a good kid who doesn’t know how to communicate properly. xD

  7. orz I cried waterfalls when the Iori/Kaname conflict was coming. I don’t dislike Iori, but he’s creeping the shit out of me and I DO NOT WANT anymore. Seriously you guys…I know Ema is the heroine, but does it has to be her? There are so many cliche heroines like her everywhere, go out and meet some other girls, really. /kicked

    I really don’t know how to feel about BroCon. Is like the conflicts leave me emotionally drained or something xD things like Tsubaki’s overall dickiness (orz) and Iorin’s broken yandere meter make me really frustrated. Tsubaki: you be nicer to people. Iori: stop trying to kill yourself and go get help.

    Now I just want the OTP battle to happen, really. My top choices are: Natsume, Kaname and Hikaru (maybe even Juli lol. Maybe he’s actually a boy who was cursed and transformed into a squirrel!?)

    • LOL I understand how you feel. xD

      BroCon is much more intense than what I expected, but it actually makes me love the characters more. At first I didn’t want to read the novels thinking it must be filled of unnecessary conflicts like a general shoujo manga, so I was surprised to see that each conflict has a solid reason behind it. That being said, I can’t agree with how some of them behave either. Mainly Tsubaki unleashing her irritation on everyone and Iori’s delusions.

      So far Natsume and Kaname are the strong candidates, but Hikaru is like a hidden boss who might snatch the princess from everyone’s hands. 8D ..and Juli. I’ve been thinking about that too actually. Maybe Juli is a prince from another world / country who got cursed into a squirrel. Then one day the curse will break if he finds true love.

      /kicked for creating a cliche shoujo plot

  8. So many feelings for this volume, I don’t even know where to begin. . .

    First of all, Iori’s face while he was strangling Kaname is just Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ. He’s so calm and cold!! But even so, I still like him. I feel sorry for him and everything he’s gone through ; __ ; Having known people who have had suicidal thoughts, I know what sort of despair one must be going through to be in that sort of situation. So I guess I can sympathize? I want to make him happy, but Brilliant Blue is again, so far away!!!

    Yay for Rui and Masaomi’s scenes, they were so cute (´∀`) But sigh, if only they got half the screentime Tsubaki and Azusa get >_>

    Thank you for summarizing thse volumes, I’m really looking forward to the game even more now! And I’m looking forward to your Atelier posts too! (I have my eye on that game)

    Btw, thanks for the tip about WinRar :D

    • No problem! :D
      I’m slowly making my way through Elkrone now, and it’s pretty long. xD

      Yes, Iori was really calm when he was strangling Kaname. He’s like “bless us.. no? okay then die, bye thanks for the lies” before Ema stopped him. The pages are pitch black with white letters too during that scene, and it creeped the heck out of me.. ;;;; Sadly I can also relate to Iori, and that might be why I can’t hate him. I just want him to move on and be happy, but yeah Brilliant Blue is so far away. We don’t even know if Otomate will release it within this year. xD;

      The twins are like the main pillars of BroCon so far, so naturally they get more spotlight than the others. Now that their issue is pretty much resolved, I’m hoping to see developments for everyone else in the 2nd season. Like Ukyou or Yuu-kun. They have to give Yuu-kun more spotlight, since he got shoved aside way too many times so far LOL.

    I don’t know…how I feel. I feel immeasurably sad for him and just. Wow. I did not expect that storyline between him and Kaname to culminate to a murder attempt, that is really just intense and alghskjgha. My heart literally jumped to my throat, and it stayed there and dropped hard when Iori was at the cliff. Kaname was amazing though, so much love.

    Feeling happy and fluffy inside that the twins finally made up though, that was pretty cute. c: I get this nagging feeling that they’re the ‘mains’, but I’m not complaining…

    SUBARU. You are. Just. Soft spot for guys who wait!
    And kudos to Ema for not sitting on her butt like most heroines would, and finally returning feelings to people and being productive.
    Fuuto is too sexy to be 14. Gah. GAAAAH.
    Yusuke is cute, I wish he would get more spotlight because his crush on Ema is just about the cutest thing in the world.

    After listening to the CDs that are out and reading your summaries, the guys have all grown on me, flaws and all. They’re all pretty well fleshed out as characters and so is Ema.

    • OMG yes, Kaname is an amazing man. Now whenever I see people judging him just because of his flirty side / appearance, I feel like screaming “do you have any idea about what he’s really like!?” So much love for you, Kaname. So much love. ;____; No matter what he does, I can’t seem to hate Iori after all. His suicide attempt breaks my heart, and I just want the guy to move on and be happy. il||li_| ̄|○il||li

      Looking at how much screentime the twins have, you’re probably right. I noticed they’re always placed in the center of group pics, so yeah they’re probably the mains. Not too sure if Ema will end up with any of them though, since I can’t picture her choosing one of them. I love how she answers her feelings though. Asking them to wait is so much better than leaving them alone and letting them misunderstand her actions. :3

      Oh, and Fuuto is actually 16 here. He was 14 at the start of the novel. celebrated his 15th birthday in July, and turned 16 the next summer. Yusuke is already 18 in this volume. :D I wish he’d get more spotlight too. He only had like one page of spotlight, which ended quickly as Fuuto sabotaged the rest of the chapter.

      Glad to hear the brothers have grown on you. I have my likes and dislikes when I first learned about BroCon, but now I love all the brothers. And that’s why I’m trying to spread the love by summarizing the novels. xD

  10. Kaname…. I think for now he is my fave so far lol. His sincerity to save Iori moves me a lot. And I totally understand for Iori’s behavior and I don’t hate him, but still I don’t like him either ^_^. And the end of the book is a cliffhanger lol.

    Thank you for the summary Rin san ^_^

    • I’m so happy to see Kaname becoming everyone’s favorites. xD
      Some people seem to avoid him because he seems like a flirt (which is true, at least at the beginning LOL), but I want everyone to know that Kaname is such an amazing man. ;__; ..and yeah, this volume ends in a cliffhanger. I get the feeling that the last volume will probably be the same. xD

    Ioriii, don’t touch Kaname unless it’s nothing to do with hurting him QAQ
    Glad the twins made up though 8D And sexy vampire!Fuuto is sexy ;D
    Can’t wait for the second season though!! 8D And I’m glad to see you’re doing Atelier Elkrone ~Dear For Otomate~, I’m rather curious since I think it was originally a different type of game rather an otome game? I wonder how they transformed it~

    • Everyone is crying for Kaname. (ノД`)・゜・。
      Right after reading this volume, I felt blank because all of my feelings have gone to Kaname. The flow of the book is like heartwarming reuinion of the twins → (*´д`*)ハァハァ over vampire!Fuuto → adorable Subaru is adorable → ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ over Azusa’s kiss → ….. → …………. (´・ω・`;) → NOOO KANAMEEE C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

      So yeah, all of my feelings are gone. 8D /shot

      Wataru said Hikaru is mean because Hikaru is very blunt. He would say what he thinks despite the situation, like telling Ema that she’s capturing his brothers’ hearts right after the conflict between Tsubaki and Azusa. Hikaru pinching Wataru’s lips is so adorable though. xD

      As for Elkrone, so far I can say the atmosphere is very similar to the original Atelier series.. but it’s 100% an otome game. It has item crafting, but it’s a part of the quests / story so you won’t be lost. So far I noticed the sugar contents are pretty low, but I don’t mind since it’s really funny and heartwarming. :3

      • Haha I can imagine Hikaru doing that to Wataru-chan xD; Why did thy have to end off the first season so sadly?! QAQ I don’t mind blunt men though hehe Hikaru /shot for randomly switching back and forth between topics/
        Oh, that’s interesting. Item crafting in an otome game? XD Not something you see or hear of every day. Not to sound dumb or anything, but what are sugar contents? ;v; Sorry for asking a dumb question!!

        • This isn’t the end yet. There’s still vol. 7, but I’m pretty sure it will make me cry waterfalls for Kaname again. ;w; LOL yeah Hikaru is really blunt. Azusa is blunt too, but he still reads the situation before saying anything. Hikaru doesn’t. He just says what he wants whenever he wants to. xD His sample CG from the game looks romantic though.

          Sugar contents are the sweetness of the game. Like romantic moments. Elkrone is really heart-warming, but the romance grows in a slow-and-steady pace. It also has an entertaining main story, so I’m not complaining at all. xD

          • V-Volume 7?! Σ(・□・;)I thought since you were playing Atelier and all it was over already OTL
            Hikaru has a romantic sample CG? OAO Is it the one with manly Hikaru and Ema sitting on the bed? I thought he was giving her a taste of his job – Interviewing criminals for his novels? (;´Д`A
            Oh, I prefer slow paces cuz you can actually see how they fall in love 8D It’s not all “we hang out lots but there’s no hint lol oh wait it’s the ending LET’S MAKE LOVE” or something like that σ(^_^;) But hey if the main story is interesting, then the game is pretty worth it too 8D Can’t wait for your next post!

          • Vol. 7 will be out in summer, so I don’t have the book yet. The chapters were already published in Sylph, but the individual side stories are exclusive to the novels.. so I want to wait for that. :3 As for Hikaru’s sample CG, this is the one I’m talking about. He’s not wearing women’s clothes for once, and the scene looks romantic with the candle. xD

            I think it’ll take a while before I can post anything from Elkrone. There’s a lot of quests, and I’m still like halfway through the game? xD It’s definitely interesting though, especially if you like adventure or RPGs. The story feels a lot like Atelier series, and there’s definitely development in romance. It’s not as abrupt as some otome games can be LOL.

          • RPG? D8 I suck at RPG games OTL LOL but still it’d be fun and easy with a walkthrough ;w; Maye when there’s a walkthrough out for it I’ll go buy it xD;
            Ohh, the scene does look cute 8D All the more I want the game to be released already D8

          • Oh I meant the story, not the gameplay. xD If you like adventure stories like those in classic RPGs, you’ll find it fun. Elkrone is really easy since it’s a visual novel, so you only need to follow a good walkthrough and pick choices. :3 I was a bit skeptical at first, but I really love the game.

  12. My friend & I have been talking about how Iori is being …… well Iori >___> and w/ this volume we’re like “SOMEONE CALL THE COPS” etc. Iori you seriously needs help 8| If Ema didn’t stop him he could’ve committed murder, I would say Iori you are a psycho rn please seek help. I hope Iori moves on from the past and recovers eventually so he can lead a better/happier life.
    Kaname T____T My respect/love for him just keeps increasing. His character definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m sorry for thinking you’re just a flirt at first :c
    Sometimes I forget Fuuto is just 14 ……… gdi the way he is w/ Ema sdhgsdfhjskjha no wonder she finds it hard to resist him at first. I think I take back what I said about not finding Fuuto sexy LOL orz.
    Kudos to Ema for telling the brothers how she actually feels towards them. Though she should have made it clear to Iori that she doesn’t like him in that way, it’s better late than never that she told him the truth. I aqm glad she does something right. Tbh I haven’t been very happy w/ her character during the past few volumes (her reaction to finding out the truth about her birth, how some of the brothers – I see you Tsubaki – kissed her against her will).
    ALSO, is there more to volume 6?? Someone on tumblr posted snippets of the final chapter of volume 6 (apparently three of the brothers moves out by etc).
    Once again, thank you for the summary \o/

    • Okay I meant to say **how some of the brothers kissed her against her will ((Tsubaki)) and that she doesn’t (to be quite blunt) tell them to f*ck off lol since she doesn’t like anyone in that way.

    • LOL glad to hear Fuuto’s sexy waves have reached you too. xD
      Oh, and Fuuto is actually 16 here. He was 14 at the beginning of the story, but Ema has been living with them for almost two years in vol. 6. She just started her 2nd year back in vol. 1, but she’s going to graduate in vol. 7.

      To be quite honest I didn’t really like Ema too ever since she learned about her identity, but she’s been improving after that. Even if her current answer is only “wait until I find the answer”, I’m satisfied as long as she makes it clear to the brothers that she just doesn’t feel the same way. Too bad it doesn’t work well on Iori. ;___; I do understand how Ema feels though, since it’d be hard to reject someone in such a state. Especially because she mentioned about how he looked so sad.

      There’s still one more volume after this, so vol. 7 will be the last volume of the 1st season. The final chapter summary on tumblr is from vol. 7. :3 It’s going to be released in summer though, so I’ll be posting the summary as soon as I finish reading the book.

      • Oh right right Fuuto is 16 now. I don’t even need to listen to the character CDs to fall into Fuuto’s trap skdjhdskfhsdf ~_________~ gdi Fuuto why :C
        Yes she has, unlike some other female leads I’ve passed where they keep dragging things along even when they clearly don’t like that person. Yeah it’s hard to reject Iori when he’s like that, so a big pat to her for clearly telling him she doesn’t love him in that way, it’s definitely not easy rejecting someone who’s so unstable right now (and not to mention he wanted to suicide in the past). I hope this can benefit positiviely for Iori in the long-term.
        Oh so is the final chapter from volume 7 released in the magazine just not released as a book? /I don’t know how light novels work.

        • Because Fuutan is the ero king of BroCon. (*´∀`*)
          I used to think it was Kaname, but nope — it’s definitely Fuutan. xD

          BroCon is serialized in Sylph (ASCII Media Works’ shoujo comic magazine), so yeah the final chapter was released in last month’s edition. Sylph only releases the main chapters though, and they don’t publish the individual side stories — those are exclusive to the novels. :3

          • LOL and he’s one of the younger brothers sdkjhsdfkhdfdh waylt Fuuto ffffffffffff. It’s probably a good thing for Ema (and for us) that the other brothers aren’t like Fuuto.
            Oh I see so serialisation won’t continue until Summer :c? I want to continue reading BroCon q_____q

          • True. The brothers actually have a good balance. There’s the ero / aggressive ones like Fuuto, but there’s also the passive ones to heal your soul like Masaomi and Rui. :3

            BroCon already reached the end of the 1st season in Sylph. It’s just the book will come out later in summer, along with the start of the 2nd season. I’ll only summarize the novels for those extra side stories though, so yeah it will take a while until then. ; v ;

          • Yes ;w; Let’s not forget there’s one who DOESN’T MAKE A MOVE EVEN THOUGH HE RLY LIKES EMA. Looking at you Yusuke. I rly hope Yusuke gets more atttention in the book during the second season. Poor boy is the first to like her yet he’s lagging way behind comapred to some others.
            It would be great if the light novels are english licensed, I would buy it if they were ;a; Or a manga adaptation, ALL THE PRETTY *~~~*
            Thanks again for summarising these novels \o/ will be waiting for Summer :3

          • DAMNIT I WAS ADD THIS TO MY PREVIOUS COMMENT BUT I FORGOT ORZ. Does Natsume have his own route in the game? This person said he doesn’t but my friend said he does so I’m confused.

          • IKR. Yusuke is way ahead of his brothers at the beginning, but now everyone has made their moves on Ema and poor guy is still stuck somewhere around the start line. ; v ; As for adaptations, I don’t think BroCon can get a manga adaptation since these novels actually count as a manga. It has way too many pictures to be categorized as a normal novel, but it has way too many texts too to be called a manga. So I guess it’s somewhere inbetween? xD

            Oh, and yes Natsume is capturable in the game. His route is in Brilliant Blue though… ; v ;

    • The scoreboard is here. Based on this chart and the entry numbers, the triplets is the closest to Ema. After that comes Rui and Subaru, followed by Masaomi, Fuuto and Yusuke, Ukyou, and Wataru at last. Kaname is out because he gave up on Ema, Hikaru isn’t counted because he’s just a watcher, and Iori is out of the question.

  13. I’m in love with this novel. I’m in love with you for writing these summaries ♥♥♥♥♥ And I think I’m in love with Kaname.


    • Aww, thank you for reading them too. ♥
      I think most of us are in love with Kaname after reading the novels. xD
      Also, I know how you feel. I’m super excited to give everyone their happy endings in the games, but THOSE DELAYS /raeg

  14. Fuutan and Azusa are just so ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ I can’t help but to love them www. Love how Ema developed as a character in this volume too! :D

    OMG Kaname (´;ω;`)ウッ I never thought that both him and Iori would go that far for each other… I really appreciate how Kaname loves his brother, but I just can’t hate Iori… deep down he must’ve felt terribly sad and devastated too for losing such an important person. But why do you have to attempt to kill both your brother and yourself? Oh Iorin… (´;д;`)

    • I actually wanted to put a picture of butler!Yuu-kun, but in the end I erased that thought to make room for vampire!Fuutan and Azusa’s kiss. I-I’m sorry Yuu-kun, I promise I’ll put a picture of you sometime in the future. (´;ω;`)

      Yeah, I can’t hate Iori either. I know how he feels after losing Fuyuka, though I definitely didn’t expect him to go as far as strangling Kaname. ヽ(;▽;)ノ He tried to commit suicide to follow Fuyuka to death, and by the end of chapter 20, it was because he has no more reason to live. As of why he strangled Kaname, I guess that’s because Kaname keeps “getting in his way”? He did warn Kaname not to disturb them again back in vol. 5, so that might be why he snapped here. ;___;

  15. I think Ema likes Kaname cause he’s the only brother that makes her mad after a kiss and for a long time. And I seen a manga where one of the guys give up on the girl he loves because the other guys also loves her, and in the end she ends up with the guy, who actually cares for her the most and protects her, but hides his feelings. I think it was a Korean manhwa. Either way I feel that Ema is really at fault because shes to nice and she knows they have feelings for her. The reason why I’m mad at her is that she doesn’t resist after each brothers close contact with her. She could at least try to push them away or say she doesn’t have those feelings. So she shouldn’t be mad with what Hikari and Futa said about her stealing the brothers hearts. She knows there feelings and she doesn’t do anything about it. At least try not to get so close and to tell them how she feels on the spot. Why did she tell subaru to wait for her answer when she knows she doesn’t like him like that. She could have just tell him to continue with his sport and not worry about rejection and that he will find someone else. There’s so many things I could have done differently in Ema’s situations and I could definitely avoid close contact to the brothers, and I know she can too cause she avoids Kanme and shows how much she doesn’t like him. ( but deep down inside her, she might actually love him)

    • Actually, I think Ema likes everyone in a way or another. It’s not particularly Kaname. Remember that Ema never had a family before, so she can’t just push them away knowing that will only destroy the household. She did try resisting in Tsubaki’s, but she couldn’t get away since she obviously lost in power. Plus, she did try to avoid Tsubaki after that. It’s just Tsubaki didn’t give up and kept chasing her. The main difference between Kaname and Tsubaki is that while both of them kissed her, Tsubaki did it AFTER confessing to Ema while Kaname never said he loves her. Naturally Ema thinks Kaname is just fooling around with girls he doesn’t even love, hence the attitude towards him. Ema actually isn’t sure if she loves anyone in the family or just looking at them as brothers, so I think her answer to Subaru is for the best. With all the conflicts happening around her, she won’t be able to realize even if she’s falling in love with any of them.. so she asks him to wait until she can sort out her feelings. After all, it would be stupid if she rejects him only to realize that she actually loves him later.

  16. いおりん怖いですううう。。。(×_×;)He took her to a graveyard? Yandere never fails to freak me out lol. So glad he didn’t pull through with his suicide otherwise this series is gonna go the angst route so lightning fast. This volume has so much tension but I hope with this Kaname will go back in the running.

    The way Hikaru quietly observes and quantify the odds kind of scares me… like he’s so desensitized that he can put numbers to their feelings like that.

    • Yeah, to see Fuyuka. I love Iori and all, but taking your future girlfriend to your ex’s grave is.. no. Just no. ( ಠ_ಠ ) I’m glad Iori didn’t jump off the cliff either, or else Kaname will be the one who receive the biggest mental damage. As for Hikaru, he loves observing people and their behavior.. so no wonder. Not to mention he also writes stories about how criminals work, so yeah he’s not swayed by feelings easily. But don’t worry, he’ll fall for Ema sooner or later LOL.

      • Because no brother is safe from Ema right? LOL. Sometimes I wonder if Iorin really have that yandere tendency or it’s just Fuyuka’s death that triggered something in him to snap. The saddest thing about reverse harem is that not all of them can win… Even in BroCon I’m starting to think that nobody will win, the burden of the conflict will take it’s toll on Ema and she will just reject all of them.

        Now I’m kinda worried when I do Iori’s route in BB. (︶︹︺)

        • Not sure, but somehow I get the feeling that he’s been like that from the start. His view on their relationship and love is warped. The conclusion definitely isn’t pretty in the novel, but hopefully Ema can drag Iori back to sanity in Brilliant Blue later. In the last chapter of season 1, Ema actually rejects everyone and tells them she only wants to be siblings. We get season 2 as the result. 8D

  17. Man, Iori, why do you have to be such an emofag? D: I can only wonder what he’ll be like in Briliiant Blue…

    Btw, thanks for all these awesome novel summaries! My Japanese isn’t very good, so you don’t know how happy being able to read your summaries make me. ;w; Do you know when the release date for the next volume is?

    • No problem! Glad you enjoyed them. :D
      They haven’t announced the release date for vol. 7, but maybe in July / August? Since they said it will be in summer.

      • I checked CDJapan and it says that the release date for vol.7 is July 21st. Although copies for preorders are becoming very limited.

        • Oh, thanks for letting me know! I wish they would put it in the official site too..
          I’m preordering vol. 7 along with vol. 6 for lower shipping cost. :D

      • Whenever companies announce a release date for , I keep imagining a release for the beginning of that time… but most are released at the end of the season/year announced. D: whyyyyyyyyyyyy

        *sigh* Anyway, I’m looking forward to it! You do a great job at writing these summaries. c:

  18. Holy crap Iori is shit crazy D: And scary. Noooooooo run Emaaaaa. I knew something was wrong with him ever since I first saw him -______- Blank scary hollow eyes? No thanks :\
    Kana-nii T__T

    • To be fair, Iori has more than enough reasons to turn like that… but yeah, he needs to get over Fuyuka’s death first. In the end though, I think Iori actually does feel guilty for attacking Kaname like that. Hopefully he calms down and moves on in the 2nd season.

  19. well.. i loved kaname the most for his cool and carey attitude.. and now i am bursting into tears..well how many volumes r there in brothers conflict?? i wanna know.. pls tell me…

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