Atelier Elkrone ~Dear for Otomate~

After spending two months spoiling myself with lighter stuff, it’s time for me to go back to long adventure games. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ This is a must-play if you’re a fan of the series, but do keep in mind that Elkrone is a visual novel. It’s not an RPG, so don’t expect battles or free item creation.

Meriel, or Meri for short, is a young alchemist living in the city of Elkrone. Following her dream to help people with her alchemy, she reopens her late grandmother’s atelier after graduating from the academy. The first client who comes to seek Meri’s help is a fairy named Popote, and he wants her to make an item called “Aoi Wakkakka” until the Spirit Festival. Popote will pay for the request by helping Meri in the atelier, and so it marks the day they became partners.


The game opens with Margret, Meri’s grandmother, finding a young Meri hiding in her atelier’s cupboard at night. Meri says she couldn’t sleep earlier, and she remembered that Margret has a picture book filled with difficult symbols inside.. so she came here hoping the book will make her feel sleepy. Margret jokingly replies the book is her treasure, and anyone who takes it out without permission will be cursed. When Meri panics and puts down the book, Margret says she’s a very bad liar. Since her eyes are red and swollen, Margret knows that Meri hid in the cupboard so her father, Mathias, won’t see her crying. She then teaches Meri that everything in this world has a heart — including water, rocks and wind. In the ancient times, there were alchemists who can hear voices of those hearts. When those alchemists sang along with the voices around them, their alchemy materials will move and synthesize items by themselves. Those alchemists are known as the “singing alchemists”. Whenever she’s feeling lonely, Meri should listen and let those voices reach her heart. Everything around her will surely sing for her, letting her know that she’s not alone.

A few years later, Meri graduated from Elkrone’s academy and reopens Margret’s atelier.

May 1

Today is the grand opening of Meri’s atelier. As she gazes at Gem Lupe — a pendant Margret gave her a long time ago — Meri asks her grandmother to watch over her from heaven. After spreading promotion flyers all around the city, Meri returns to the atelier and waits for her first client to come. However, the first person to enter the atelier turns out to be Ralf — her former classmate back in the academy. Different from Meri, Ralf is currently resuming his studies by taking the Meister Rank. Meri finds it awkward to face him since they had a huge fight before their graduation, but Ralf actually comes to check if she’s doing fine on her first day of work. Noticing that Meri is extremely nervous, Ralf says she won’t be able to greet her clients with such a face. He knows that synthesizing items makes her feel calmer, and so he tells her to make some Krone Water to ease the anxiety. Ralf then gives Meri a bouquet from his mother, saying it’s a present for her atelier’s grand opening. He also teases her by asking if she does her promotions properly since her atelier is so empty today, but when she turns (´・ω・`), he immediately comforts her saying her atelier will surely gain popularity from now on. xD

Just then a voice surprises them with a loud “DOOON!!”, and before they could grasp what’s going on, a fairy enters the atelier saying he has a request. Meri and Ralf are shocked since fairies are really rare — even more than dragons — and yet her first client turns out to be a fairy. When Ralf starts slapping his own cheek to make sure he’s not seeing things, Meri does the same thing out of disbelief.. and by “the same thing” I mean slapping Ralf’s cheek LOL. This really amuses the fairy, who then introduces himself as Popote. He also calls Ralf “shoe sole”, saying it’s because his face has been trampled by Meri. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Popote then gives Meri a recipe for an item called “Aoi Wakkakka”, and he explains that his dream will come true if she can make it until the Spirit Festival — one of Elkrone’s summer festivals which will start on July 1. While the recipe only looks like a bunch of doodles, Meri thinks Aoi Wakkakka might be related to the ring on the last page of Margret’s picture book — “The Tale of the Blue Moon”. It was the ring worn by the first alchemist, also knows as the blue ring. Even though she has no idea about Aoi Wakkakka, Meri then decides to accept Popote’s request. Sadly he doesn’t have any money, so he decides to pay for the request with his body. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Starting from today, Popote will live with Meri and help her run the atelier.

May 2

Since the Spirit Festival is still two months away, Meri and Popote decide to focus on running the atelier for now. Today Meri wants to greet her neighbors in Realm Street, but she panics when Popote reveals that he’s planning to cry and beg money from them. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ He flees before she could stop him, and she has no choice but to chase him around. The list of shops in Realm Street are as follows:

The Singing Bird Inn
Ralf’s house, located right beside Meri’s atelier. Ralf’s father, Carl, is the chef, and his mother, Carla, is in charge of customer service. When Meri thanks Carla for the bouquet, Carla reveals that it was actually Ralf who chose and bought the bouquet for Meri. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Popote came and helped Carl in the kitchen earlier, but he left after gulping down 10 portions of food. Meri feels really bad because of this, but Carl doesn’t mind since Popote already paid for his meal by helping out in the kitchen — impressing Carl by how well he handles the knife.

Three-Star General Store
The general store sells anything, ranging from daily needs to imported goods. The owner is a woman named Anna, who tends the store with her baby Monika. Earlier Popote also came to play with Monika and fell asleep, but he’s already gone when Anna goes to wake him up. He only left a letter saying they shouldn’t look for him, and that they should give Meri some jobs if they want to save him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Anna doesn’t mind since she enjoys his company, but she notices that Popote was looking at her and Monika with lonely eyes.

Oyaji’s Weapon Shop
Just as the name says, it’s a weapon shop run by a blacksmith named Oyaji. It literally means “old man”, but I’ll refer to him as Oyaji since that’s what everyone calls him. The weapon shop is also where the adventurers take requests from the citizens, and Oyaji is the one managing the requests for them. Upon entering the weapon shop, Meri is welcomed by the sight of Oyaji talking to a black-haired adventurer. The adventurer leaves after asking Oyaji to upgrade it for him, and Meri can smell the scent of red tea from his cape. Oyaji can’t give her any information about him though, aside from the fact that he won last year’s battle tournament. As for Popote, he did come to the weapon shop earlier. Popote said he’s working for a great alchemist, and Oyaji paid 10 cole in advance for a certain something. Most likely.. or rather, definitely, related to Oyaji’s shiny bald head. He refuses to reveal the details though. xD

From Oyaji, Meri learns that some people witnessed “Elkrone’s beast” lurking outside the city. The latest rumor is that a purple fog appeared in the nearby forest, so Oyaji wants Meri to be extra careful. Meri runs into Ralf after leaving the weapon shop, and he mentions that he saw Popote walking towards the Austen Gate earlier. Thinking that Popote wants to return to the Forest of Fairies, Meri rushes out of the city and searches for Popote in the Sunlight Forest — a forest located just outside of Elkrone. Soon she hears him screaming for help, and she finds him beside a poisoned bird on the ground. Meri cures the bird by using the Krone Water she made yesterday, which really impresses Popote. He also explains that he came here to collect ingredients for her, and not because he wants to return to the Forest of Fairies. However, a thick purple fog suddenly appears in the forest. Meri tries to escape with Popote since the fog is clearly poisonous, but sadly it’s too late. A giant poison dragon comes down from the sky, and Meri’s consciousness is fading away thanks to the poisonous fog. It was then when the black-haired adventurer from earlier comes to save them, and he slays the dragon in one hit.

After the dragon and the fog are gone, the adventurer quickly gives an antidote to cure Meri. She then thanks him and introduces herself, but he simply says it’s his job as an adventurer. It appears that Ralf asked Oyaji to send someone to protect Meri, and he was the one who took the request. The adventurer walks Meri and Popote back to the city after that, but he vanishes before they knew it. When Meri thanks Ralf for worrying about her, he blushes and covers it up by acting マジツンデレ 1000% — telling her to jump to the bottom of the sea and get eaten by a giant fish LOL. Meri angrily answers that she’ll bring that black-haired adventurer again if she needs to leave town, mentioning that he’s strong enough to slay a dragon. Meri then runs into her atelier and slams the door, leaving the shocked Ralf outside.

May 3

To make up for the problems he caused yesterday, Popote gives Meri various kinds of solution agents today. He synthesized them himself, and since the quality is really high, she puts him in charge of creating agents starting from today. Meri also asks Popote to buy supplies from the general store regularly, because they have to make sure all the materials are ready whenever necessary. Popote then goes to see Anna in the general store, and not too long after that, he returns saying he already found a request for Meri. He happily says he’ll guide her to see the client, but since he’s running off at an incredible speed, she ends up losing track of him along the way. Eventually she finds him in front of the academy, though he disappears again as she follows him into the academy. Meri runs into Ralf along the way, who teases her again saying Popote might be running away from her. This obviously makes her sad, and when she leaves to resume her fairy search, he also sighs and regrets saying such a thing to her.

As she searches for Popote in the academy, Meri meets her friends who are still studying in the academy. First is Heidi, her best friend and also her former roommate. While normally cool and blunt, it’s really clear that Heidi cares a lot about Meri. They haven’t met each other since Meri’s graduation, but Heidi is glad to hear that Meri is now living with Popote — that way Meri won’t be lonely. Meri also runs into Marcel — Ralf’s roommate — and Kaya, but none of them has seen Popote. In the lecturer’s lab, Meri finally finds Popote napping beside an odd teacher whom she has never seen before. The teacher then introduces himself as Clemens, and he’s actually the client who requested for her help.. or so Popote thought. He was actually looking for an assistant to help him in the lab, and Popote mistook it as a request. xD Before she could explain that it’s a mistake, Clemens throws a bunch of materials onto Meri’s hands and tells her to synthesize an item and prove her skill. Depending on your choice here, Meri will synthesize either a pair of Escape Shoes or a Knitted Muffler.

Just by looking at Meri’s creation, Clemens can tell that she used to be an honor student in the academy. Clemens then points out that Meri is missing something as an alchemist — ambition. Without ambition, an alchemist will be nothing more than an inventor. In order to see if Meri is fit to become his assistant, Clemens asks her to help him synthesizing by throwing the materials into the cauldron. Clemens then opens a mysterious hole in the dimension saying Meri is about to become a witness of history, but said history ends up exploding instead.. and the explosion blows them away. \(^o^)/ Just then Heidi and Ralf comes to see if Meri is okay, and Ralf gives Meri an important piece of advice here: “When you see Clemens-sensei, IGNORE HIM.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Heidi actually heard that Clemens is luring a fairy named Popote into his lab with food, and Ralf came to stop Clemens from recruiting assistants (read: victims).. but they were too late LOL. After asking Oswald — Meri’s former teacher — to do something about the unconscious Clemens, Ralf walks Meri and Popote back to the atelier.

May 4

In the morning, Popote tells Meri that there’s a hole on his hat. He’s worried since there’s a jinx that either something really good or terribly bad will happen if his hat is damaged, but she tells him not to worry. After all, a jinx will only be a jinx.. right? (○゚ー゚○) Popote also delivers a letter he retrieved from Meri’s maibox, which turns out to be a written order for all the adventurers in Elkrone to protect Meri — signed by the “Kingdom Sword”. The letter is actually addressed to the weapon shop, and there’s a short memo asking Meri to deliver it to Oyaji. Meri then goes to the weapon shop while Popote fixes his hat at home, but Oyaji seems to be away. Instead, she finds two men bickering about the order of their appointment with Oyaji.

Just then an explosion occurs in the middle of the street, and Clemens appears out of the blue. He’s carrying a tiny hat that looks exactly like Popote’s, but he doesn’t seem to remember Meri. Clemens reveals that he created a duplicate of the hat by using a small part of the original, so just in case you’re wondering.. yes, it was him who cut a hole in Popote’s hat. 8D When Meri asks if he doesn’t remember her, Clemens wonders if she’s trying to swindle him or asking him to date her. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Since she denies both accusation, he eventually concludes that she’s lost — just like him LOL. He says people are always lost in a path called life, which is a cool thing to say.. but still doesn’t change the fact that he’s lost. xD Clemens then walks away to “capture” his new assistant, and Meri decides to ask the imperial knights about the letter.

In front of the knights’ headquarters, Meri finds one of the men who were bickering in Realm Street earlier. When she asks if he’s a member of the knights, he instantly rages saying he’s a proud adventurer of Elkrone.. but then he introduces himself as Fren and takes Meri to see a knight named Dirk, who turns out to be the man he argued with earlier. When Meri shows them the letter, both Fren and Dirk are surprised to see the Kingdom Sword’s name. Dirk immediately says the knights are going to protect Meri, but Fren argues saying the order was sent for the adventurers. They start bickering about who should protect her, but soon an explosion stops their fight.. and Clemens suddenly appears to make the situation even more complicated. xD It turns out the new assistant he wants to capture is Meri, and that’s why he keeps teleporting to her location. He still can’t remember her face though. \(^o^)/ This causes Fren and Dirk to think that they have to protect Meri from this weirdo, and Meri decides to flee before things get even more messy.

Sadly that’s not the end of Meri’s bad luck, since before she knew it, all the adventurers and knights in Elkrone (plus Clemens) are chasing her around the city. The reason is because they want to protect her — that’s all. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Eventually Meri finds Ralf at the fountain plaza, and he goes Σ(`д´ノ)ノ!! upon seeing what’s happening to her. Just before a war breaks out between the adventurers and the knights, the black-haired adventurer — whom Fren calls as Johann — appears to stop them. Upon reading the letter, Johann says the order is clearly addressed to the adventurers.. but suddenly a voice replies that it’s a knight’s duty to protect women. The owner of the voice soon reveals himself on the top of the church’s roof, proudly introducing himself as Erhard — captain of the 13th division of Schlissel’s Imperial Knights.

Fren: “The worst and the strongest problem kid in the knights’ history..!”
Erhard: “Non non! The hero!”
Ralf: “It’s Elkrone’s ‘Red Demon’..!”
Erhard: “Non non! Red Flash!”
Dirk: “Captain! What are you doing up there! What about your job!?” ヽ(`Д´#)ノ
Erhard: “Non non! You shouldn’t bring that up here, Dirk-kun.”

..and when he jumps down..

Johann: “Hello, delinquent knight.”
Erhard: “Even if you’re insulting me, can’t you at least give me a better name?”
Johann: “I’m sorry, my naming sense is quite lacking. Let me fix it then.”
Johann: “Elkrone’s Red Tomato-kun.”
Erhard: “You have such a refreshing expression, but..”
Erhard: “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”


Since none of them wants to give up on protecting Meri, Erhard and Johann eventually decide to settle things with a duel. Both of them are incredibly strong, and it appears that they always face each other in Elkrone’s battle tournament each year. The duel continues until Johann and Erhard knock each other out, and Oyaji comes to rage at them for fooling around LOL. He then drags them to the church, where Father Niklaus gives them a super painful wound treatment along with a sarcastic prayer — asking God to do something about these fools. xD

May 5

Today Meri receives another letter in her mailbox, but unlike yesterday, it’s actually a request to make an eternal flower for a loved one. The sender didn’t state her name, but the letter was clearly written by a woman with a high social standing. After asking Popote to investigate the sender’s identity, Meri goes to buy the necessary materials. Unfortunately, the general store is closed today. When Meri wonders out loud if she has to gather the materials out of the city, a girl who has been watching her from the street suddenly tells her not to leave the city alone. It’s too dangerous, and Meri should know that better than anyone. Just then Fren and Dirk — who just happen to be passing by — offer to guard Meri to the forest, but sadly Dirk ruins the whole thing by asking Meri to date him once as the reward. This causes the girl to get angry, and she tells Meri to stay away from these “insolent” guys. Even though poor Fren is innocent. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ After directing Meri to visit Alois Bar in Stolz Hill, the girl chases after Fren and Dirk saying they need to get lectured by Niklaus lol.

Just as the name suggests, the bar in Stolz Hill is owned by a man named Alois. Running a bar and dealing with people have given him amazing observation power, and he can tell that Meri needs help to search for someone who can guard her out of the city. Alois then says Meri will find good travel companions in Frasco Cafe, Breeze Terrace and Goddess Closet. Clemens is also present in the bar, though Alois doesn’t think he’s fit to be her guard. xD However, Alois warns Meri to be careful when inviting them to guard her. She needs to make it clear, or else they might misunderstand.. because Stolz Hill is also known as the “Lovers’ Hill” for a reason. No matter who Meri invites, they will misunderstand since Meri doesn’t know that asking a man out in Lovers’ Hill actually means confessing. xD

Frasco Cafe
A cafe run by Elfir / Elie. Ralf is here, tutoring Marcel so the latter won’t have to repeat another year in the academy. If Meri asks him to accompany her, he’ll give her a Four-Leaf Clover and she will make a Fortune Bouquet.

Breeze Terrace
An open terrace by the very edge of the city. Johann is here, helping Kaya to search for her missing pet. If Meri asks him to guard her, he finds a rare No-Doctor Fruit for her. She uses it to make a Health Flower.

Goddess Closet
A fashionable boutique for women, run by beautiful twins. The manager is Belinda, while the designer is Miranda — the girl who told Meri about Alois Bar. Erhard is here to help them with a fashion show. If Meri takes him along, they will find a Queen’s Rose and she uses it create a Frühling Rose.

Alois Bar
Clemens is here talking to Alois. If Meri invites him — much to Alois’ disbelief — he will give her a Deception-shroom.. along with a bunch of colorful, suspicious plants. She uses the shroom to make a Gespénton.

Since Popote has fallen into Clemens’ trap during his client search, Meri has to get him from the alchemy museum after that. It was a trap to literally “capture” Meri and make her his assistant, by the way. xD In order to stop Clemens from bugging them everyday, Meri decides to make a Fine Notebook for him. He’s impressed that she creates items to match people’s needs, and he finally writes her name on the notebook. Now he won’t forget her anymore LOL. Clemens also reveals that the academy actually received the same request for an eternal flower, and he’s handing the task to Meri. He has no idea about the sender’s identity either, but he does know her location — the mayor’s mansion. The sender is someone from the Rosenheim family. They go to deliver the flower after that, but nobody answers when they ring the bell. They can hear a beautiful melody instead, so Popote decides to just walk inside.

Beyond the mansion’s gate, Meri and Popote find a beautiful rose garden. The beautiful melody leads them to a man who’s playing a violin in the garden, and the rosebuds in front of him are blooming upon hearing the song. Popote seems to recognize the song as “a song that doesn’t belong to humans”, and he approaches the man thinking he’s a fairy. Popote is really excited to find a fairy friend, so he turns sad when the man smiles saying he’s not a fairy. He’s honored that Popote thinks of him that way, but he’s just a traveling musician. Just like Margret, the man then says that everything has a heart. People can hear their voices if they listen carefully, and they will answer if people play a song for them — so Popote isn’t alone. Meri is surprised, and she tells the man that her grandmother said the same thing in the past. The young man asks if she’s an alchemist, and when she says yes.. his attitude instantly turns cold.

Soon a young girl walks into the garden, and upon seeing Meri, she politely introduces herself as Laura Rosenheim — the daughter of the mayor. She’s in charge of the mansion when her father is away, and she’s also the client they’re looking for. However, Laura isn’t happy with the flower Meri made for her. It’s not good enough to bring smile to her loved one’s face, and she rejects the flower saying she doesn’t need it. When Popote protests saying Meri did her best to make it, the musician — Stephan — sarcastically says all alchemists are “shameless” and walks away. It’s obvious that he hates alchemist with a passion, and so Meri leaves the mansion feeling down. Laura says the quality of the flower isn’t bad though, so she indirectly asks Meri to give it another shot later.

Late at night, Popote wakes Meri up saying there’s a strange box in front of the atelier. Popote can sense a huge power from it, and he knows that it was set so that nobody except for Meri can open it. Upon opening the box, Popote and Meri are shocked to find an unconscious boy inside.. and he’s burning up with a high fever. After taking him into the atelier, Meri stays up all night to nurse the boy back to health.

May 6

When Meri wakes up in the morning, she finds the boy from yesterday standing outside. Since Meri is worried about his health, the boy then pushes his forehead against hers to prove that his fever is gone. (❤ฺ→艸←) The boy introduces himself as Alexey — Alex for short — but it’s the only thing he can tell her.. because he can’t remember anything else. Alex then asks if he can ask her some questions, and he floods Meri with questions when she says yes: “Is this your shop? What’s your job? What’s your favorite food? Your favorite flower? Do you have a boyfriend?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Meri says she’s an alchemist, Alex immediately asks her to let him stay with her — promising to do all household chores for her. Sadly that position is already filled by Popote, and soon Erhard comes with Johann to investigate about the strange box. It appears that some of the citizens saw the box last night, and they’re afraid that there might be a dangerous monster inside.. so they want to take the contents of the box for further investigation. At first Meri tries to protect Alex since the poor guy has no memories, but feeling touched by her kindness, Alex decides to reveal everything. They can take him to the knights’ headquarters for further inquiry, but he wants them to leave Meri out of this. He doesn’t want to cause her any trouble.

At noon, Popote informs Meri that they received a request from the church — where they find Alex again. Nobody knows his identity even after further investigation, so in the end they give him the permission to live in Elkrone under one condition — he needs to find a job. Alex will be staying with Niklaus until then, so now Niklaus wants Meri to help searching for a job that fits Alex, as well as synthesizing the tools he’s going to need for the job. The available jobs are:

The Singing Bird Inn
From Ralf: Kitchen Staff. Tool: Kitchen Knife.
From Erhard Dirk: Office Staff. Tool: Spring-colored Feather Pen.

Alois Bar
From Stephan: Musician. Tool: Twitter Flute.

Frasco Cafe
From Johann: Adventurer. Tool: Long Sword.
From Clemens: Oswald’s Secretary. Tool: Fine Notebook.

Everything leads to the same result.

Right after Meri is done synthesizing, Niklaus comes to inform her that Alex received a letter from the Kingdom Sword. Soon Ralf also comes to the atelier in a panic, telling them that the Kingdom Sword and Alex are currently having a duel with Meri as the reward. At the fountain plaza, they find Alex facing a masked man — the Kingdom Sword. Despite Erhard’s attempt to stop them, Alex bravely accepts the challenge knowing he will never discover his true identity if he runs away. The Kingdom Sword defeats him in an instant, but Alex’s hit breaks his mask too — revealing that he’s actually Mathias, Meri’s father. Σ(・∀・ノ)ノ He’s infamous as “Demon Mathias” of the imperial army, and he’s definitely not pleased to see the guys surrounding his daughter. In fact, he challenged Alex simply because the latter “spent a night with Meri” LOL. Mathias drags them to the atelier after that, and after interrogating them about their relationship with Meri, he throws them into the kitchen and forces them to cook for his welcome party. xD

In the end, Alex decides to become an adventurer.

That night, Mathias tells Meri to have at least one day off per week. He also wants her to put Popote’s request on hold for now, because he notices that Popote is still confused about his own path in life. Popote will surely lead her to Aoi Wakkakka when he’s really ready, so Meri should trust him and wait until then. As they reminisce about the past together, Mathias says he regrets not returning Meri to Elkrone sooner. She had to move around with him when she was small, but the summer they spent with Margret was everything to her. Sadly Margret died before Meri returned to Elkrone, and Meri’s tears start flowing out before she knew it. Despite her attempt to hide it, Mathias actually knew that Meri cried too on the last day they spent with Margret — the day when Margret found her inside the cupboard. Mathias feels proud to have such a hardworking daughter, but he doesn’t want Meri to hold back in front of him. Meri finally cries in his father’s arms, admitting that she wanted to run the atelier together with Margret.

To be continued to the common route. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ


43 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone ~Dear for Otomate~

  1. I think a lot of people are playing this game nowdays xD I really like atelier series, so I’m glad they make a VN game for this series. This game is totally cute, and so glad the heroine is voiced (≧∇≦)/

    Btw I think the romance in this game is kinda slow isn’t? But I’m not complaining since Elkrone is very cute (≧∇≦)/

    • I can’t help it. I’m an Atelier series freak, so expect me to get my hands on anything Atelier. xD Someday when I buy a PS3, I’ll marathon through Rorona, Totori, Meruru and Ayesha. ヽ(@w@)ノ I’m glad they make an Atelier otome game too. Even the sub-characters are charming in each Atelier game, so I was hoping they’d make a visual novel version someday. Elkrone is a dream come true. xD

      The romance in Elkrone is normal-paced actually. It’s just light and pure, the kind of romance that makes you feel warm inside. I heard the endings aren’t sugary sweet either, but it has a lot of ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ moments along the way.

      • Ha2 I don’t mind if the endings aren’t sugary sweet, I kinda like the light romance actually so this game is a total change ^_^

        I totally love all the characters here, so far I like Erhard the most. And Dirk… to bad he is not pursueable (*´▽`*)

        I am pretty slow at playing otome game so I really appreciate all your reviews/summary (≧∇≦)/ Thank you

        • Oh, if you like lighthearted atmosphere and romance, you’ll love the game as much as I do. ♥ Dirk is hot indeed! But sadly his personality.. 8D; You’ll find out later in the common route LOL. I honestly want to capture guys like him and make him learn what it feels to be in love. ( ≖‿≖) So far my favorite is still Erhard, but everyone else is growing on me. Even Clemens and Stephan, whom I have no interest with at first. xD

          No problem. Elkrone is rather long, so I’ll probably be slow too lol.

  2. The intro’s here now! @v@/ I can say that this will be the first Atelier game that I’ll be playing and I love the atmosphere. It’s so warm that I can’t even imagine any major conflict that will occur. @//v//@

    LOL I really love Erhard’s entrance the best! xD Also LOL at Father Niklaus’ prayer pffft. At least he’s honest |D I would love to see more of Ralf’s マジツンデレ 1000% moments, then Clemens… I think he’s like the crack version of Professor Snape! XD I’m looking forward for Clemens’ LOL interactions with Meri…Actually everybody (sans Stephan, I hope he’ll have one in his route though) had their LOL conversations and I find it so entertaining.

    As always, your posts make my eyes stuffed with rainbows. *slapped* I enjoyed reading this! \@v@/

    • The atmosphere in each Atelier game is always warm and lighthearted, mostly because of the character interactions and bonds. Even if they have major conflicts, the good amount of humor will always make up for it. I’m loving the setting too, the backgrounds look absolutely beautiful. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

      Seriously, a lot of characters in this game are crack.. but so far crack!Snape takes the trophy LOL. At first I thought he’d be the mad scientist who insults Meri for being too incapable or something, but he turns out to be a ball of laughs. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He seems to be hiding something big though (along with Stephan), so I’m looking forward to find out what it is. But first I need to get the common route and Ralf’s route up first. xD

      /pours moar rainbows into your head ヽ(@w@)ノ

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that they made a game VN for the series! I really like this series so this is a real sweet, haha.

    Elkrone is such a cute heroine. c:

    • Ooh, so nice to see another Atelier fan! xD
      I keep hearing people complaining about how Elkrone isn’t Atelier simply because item synthesis are limited / no battles, so I was hoping to see an Atelier fan who can enjoy it for the story.. not only because of its gameplay elements. ヽ(;▽;)ノ ..and yes, Meri is so cute. I was worried since heroines can have super annoying voice sometimes, but Meri’s voice is really soft. :3

      • My embarrassment when I realize I put Elkrone instead of Meri. >///////<

        It's looking to be very good though, so far!
        You can't just compare this with the other games, the medium is completely different. -__-

        • Don’t mind, don’t mind~ I often make mistakes in my review too. xD
          Yeah, I don’t get why people are comparing Elkrone to the other games in the series. They’re clearly RPGs (or at least alchemy simulation with RPG elements) while Elkrone is a visual novel. ; v ;

  4. 萌えええー\(//∇//)\
    I sense a tsundere -stares at Stephan- Which means STEPHAN LOVE 8D
    Roflmao but this was hilarious xD Everyone chased Meri around because they want to protect her HAHA 8’D Erhard the Red Tomato of Elkrone (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Anyways Elkrone looks fun 8D But Alex becoming an adventurer? He looks more princely than an adventurer… D; Y u no secretly be a prince, Alex?! I was expecting that ever since I first saw your design OTL
    Well, can’t wait to see the next post! Whose route are you doing first? OwO

    • If you love ’em tsundere, you’ll find two of them here in Elkrone. 8D
      Ralf is a major tsundere, but Stephan is even more tsuntsun thanks to his hatred towards alchemists LOL. I heard his dere is so adorable, so I’ll be looking forward to that. xD As for Alex.. who knows, he might really be a prince. Somehow I get that aura from him, and characters who has amnesia tends to be someone great anyway. ( ≖‿≖) ← inner hope showing through

      I’m doing Ralf’s route first, but before that.. I need to get this super long common route post sorted up. 8D;

      • I’m sorry to say but unfortunatey the usual “main-guy-does-not-appeal” problem occurs here gain for me xD; I mean I have a few main characters that I love (Haruto from Arcobaleno!) but I’m really sorry Ralf you just don’t appeal to me here OTL Of course maybe his tsunness will kill me with cuteness and he’ll win me over, but let’s wait and see shall we? 8D Until then… /forever biased to Stephan and Alex
        Dere Stephan? I want to see it ( ≖‿≖) Like really badly 8D
        I hope Alex really is a prince in disguise 8D He’d be so moe shouta-ish LOL. xD Add in princely and you’ll find yourself a victim of major nosebleed 8D (coughmecough) I’m not sure abot characters with amnesia being awesome though -stares at AMNESIA heroine- While she may be pretty and all but she was a doprmat because SHE NEVER SPOKE QAQ But most amnesia people have angsty wangsty pasts I guess so I hope Alex won’t have too much a tragic one or something. Or else, if it was too happy, how did he find himself in that box anyway? XD
        Common route huh? So there’s a route without getting together with any guys or something??? OAO

        • Ah right, I forgot you have that syndrome. xD
          I do think Ralf is cute, but not sure if it’d be enough to win you over since the game isn’t sugary sweet.. but at least you have Stephan for further dose of tsun and dere. ( ≖‿≖) Seeing guys who are so thorny like him makes me want to conquer him ASAP, but let’s see when I can put him lol. I wanna do Clemens somewhere in the middle, because as funny as he is, his quest to find the way of truth sometimes hurt my head. 8D

          I completely forgot about Amnesia’s heroine until you mentioned it.
          /kicks her away

          I was actually talking about guys who appear in games. Like those amnesiac characters being cursed princes / cursed heroes / cursed dragons / cursed etc. xD Hopefully Alex’s past won’t be tragic, since I get the feeling that the one who will cause tears to fall in Elkrone is Johann. Probably because he keeps saying he’s bound to a vow and doesn’t want to get too close to people until he reaches his objective. ; v ;

          Oh, what I meant by common route is actually the main plot of the game — the quest to make Aoi Wakkakka. It’s just as important as the guys’ personal stories, so I want to make a separate post for it out of my love for Popote. ♥ ..and so we can be more focused when it comes to the guys’ stories. :3

          • I know how you feel 8D It makes me want to punch them depending on how tsun they are but when they turn dere -drool- I want to hug them so bad xD
            C-Cursed people tend to have amnesia then…?! xD; I’m kidding~ Ehh? But Johann looks too nice to be emo QAQ
            Oh, I see xD Popote is really adorable 8D Heehee I just wanna pinch his cheeks and make him be my dakimakura /shot

          • You’re right, Johann is too nice to be emo. He’s not emo so far, but there’s just something tragic about him and the vow that binds him. ;w; I love him though. Probably even more than Ralf, because my heart goes キュ─+.(o´∀`o)゚+.゚―ン♪ whenever he calls Meri “お嬢さん”. xD His tone is so gentle I just can’t contain myself. 8D

            ..and you have no idea how happy I am to see a person like you, who can appreciate characters like Wataru / Popote for their adorable personalities. ヽ(;▽;)ノ All this time I keep hearing people complaining about how they don’t like shota / hate high-pitched voice and instantly reject these cute characters.. orz I want a partner like Popote too. (*´∀`*)

          • D: Who could hate them? They’re too 萌え for me to handle OTL I’d roll all over the floor when I see them in excitement xD; I would marry Wataru in a heartbeat despite being called a pedo bear /shot OTL Maybe when he’s older xD; High-pitched voices can’t be helped sometimes, they’re so young, they haven’t reached puberty yet, give them a break ;v;
            Kyaa, お嬢さん♥ Johann hngggg, I’d totally get him to be my butler and a boyfriend hehe then every morning he could go all 「おはよう、お嬢さん。」/nosebleeds Johannn~~ 8D

          • IKR, but there are a lot of people who hate them just because of their high-pitched voice. Or because they’re kids. In Wataru’s case, some people already start dissing him right from the start because he’s capturable yet much younger than Ema. Popote is a fairy, so I think he’ll sound like that.. forever? Not sure if he can evolve into an adult fairy. xD If Meri and her guy(s) have children in the future, I’m sure Popote will take a good care of them.

            ..and LOL yes that’s exactly my reaction to Johann. xD

            Johann: “こんにちは、お嬢さん。”
            Meri Me: /melts into a puddle of goo

      • But it would be cool if Popote turned into an adult 8D /prepares to jump on adult!Popote LOL but he’d be like Camus oh so adorable キュ─+.(o´∀`o)゚+.゚―ン♪

        • OMG YES. Camus received so little love even though he’s so adorable. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ Darn, now I want Popote to grow up into an ikemen too LOL.

  5. I’m really excited that they made a VN for the Atelier series (✿❛◡❛)
    I played Rorona and Totori but I didn’t get a chance to play the other ones T v T) I’m hoping to get Elkrone when they make the next game so it’ll be a lower price *is such a cheap bum*

    • Me too, Elkrone is like a dream come true for Atelier fans who are also otomes. (*´∀`*) On the contrary, I played everything except Rorona, Totori and Meruru. Are Rorona and Totori good? I heard mixed opinions from people, but I can’t play it until I buy a PS3 someday. ; v ; I’m sure they’ll lower the price after a few months, so you might be able to get it then. :3

  6. Whoo~! I am so happy your’re writing summaries for this game! It’s been on my rader ever since it’s been announced, but holding out for NISA to bring it to the States is but a sad dream. ;__;

    It sounds really cute so far, very similar to the others in the Atelier series. In an earlier comment you wrote that you’ve played all the others in the series (minus the PS3 ones)- how was Atelier Judie and Violet? Also, I HIGHLY recommend getting Rorona and Totori (waiting for the others to come out!), they’re very cute, and you can see definite improvements with each new game (the moe can get a bit annoying though… =\). They’re pretty slow paced and more similar to the older Ateliers it seems, rather than similar to Mana Khemia and Atelier Iris series. =D

    • Yeah, sadly Elkrone isn’t even listed as an Atelier game.. ;w;
      I heard some people are trying to get NISA to localize Elkrone, but the chances are very slim since it’s a visual novel and not an RPG. While it doesn’t have free item creations (as in you can’t make whatever you want, whenever you want) and adventures / battles, the atmosphere and overall feel of Elkrone is very Atelier. :3

      As for Judie and Violet, they’re both good games packed with a great story and GUST’s trademark comedy. Judie focuses more on adventures, while Violet is more towards shop management. :D As underrated as it might be, I also found Atelier Lina on NDS highly enjoyable. It’s nice to hear Rorona and Totori are great too, since I’m planning to buy a PS3 in the future just to play them. 8D; Yes, the older Atelier series are more slow-paced and focuses more on requests / item creations. I think out of the entire series, Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia are the ones closest to standard RPGs. As in they focus on adventures / battles instead of running an atelier. xD

      • Even though it’s not listed, I think I read that it was still part of the Atelier universe?

        *sigh* I wish NISA would just translate it and release on PSN or something. At least that way amount of money spend wouldn’t be too horrible! So, is this a straight VN, with some (risk free) alchemy then?

        I was so sure Judie and Violet would be released overseas! =X I heard that Lina had a lot of bugs? I got Atelier Annie, and found that to be quite enjoyable. I heard though, that the Atelier games aren’t super import-friendly, since there’s a crazy amount of text, and not all of it is easy? LOL- I didn’t realize how big of a fan you were! Viva la PS3! XD I’m super excited about Meruru and Ayesha (which hopefully will make it over here!)

        Ah, very true. It seems since the West was pretty much introduced to Atelier Iris and Mana Khemia first, most think the other Ateliers are too slow, and often have negative things to say about them. Reminds me very much of the issues people have with those who started with Persona and those who knew about SMT before, haha.

        • It’s definitely a part of the Atelier universe, but they didn’t put it in the “Atelier games” list.. (´・ω・`) Yeah, that’s the best way to describe Elkrone. It’s a pure visual novel with alchemy elements and requests. Item synthesize only occurs during those requests / the main plot. Gathering the materials is already a part of the story, so yes there’s absolutely no risk of failing.

          To be honest, Atelier series is one of the reasons why I learned Japanese. The other reason being visual novels. 8D; I think the only ones which got localized was Iris and Mana Khemia? ..and I’m sure that’s because those two are leaning more towards RPGs than the classic Atelier series. Grand Phantasm is a bit more like the older games compared to Eternal Mana and Azoth of Destiny though, with all the job requests and such. xD The other Atelier games mostly focus on taking requests and accomplishing goals before the deadlines, so they require time / item management too or else you’ll go past the deadlines lol. I didn’t find any major bugs in Lina, but Liese’s bugs were indeed terrible. I didn’t finish that one because I couldn’t stand the buggy system 8D;

          You made a good comparison there. xD
          People’s reactions when they go from Iris / Mana Khemia → classic Atelier is exactly like when they go from Persona → SMT LOL.

  7. Hee hee I’m totally looking forward to your Elkrone reviews. Especially Stephan, who I like the most (≧∇≦). Tsundere~

    But while Elkrone is a visual novel, there is item creation right? That’s what it looked like from Otomate’s site. How difficult is it? If it’s too complicated then that might bring down the enjoyment of the game for me >_>;;;

    • It will be a while before I get to Stephan, but I heard his route is the closest to the “truth”.. so yeah I’m also looking forward to that. xD Also because I want to see him getting all デレデレ after seeing his extreme alchemist hate LOL. Oh, and yes Elkrone has item creations. It’s very easy and impossible to mess up, since Meri will provide all the ingredients for you. You don’t have to run around searching for materials, and all you have to do is select the right materials and synthesize the items. The game will tell you the correct materials too, so you will never ever make a mistake. :3

  8. omg this game sounds so nice! I’m actually planning on getting it! sounds really interesting and all warm <3
    btw do you know if there's a guide out there for this game?? I hope you can answer me, so thanks in advance =)

  9. OMFFFF-! I just LOVE the Atelier series, buy I only found out now there was an actually otome game made for the female fans! xDDD And I’m so grateful you posted all the routes for the guys, haha.

    Btw, do you know who the artist/illustrator for this game is please?

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