Atelier Elkrone – Common Route

Since Elkrone has a long common route, I decided to put it in a separate post so we can focus on the individual routes later. The request list is still incomplete for now since you have to do at least 2 routes to see everything, so I’ll keep updating this post with more details. (*´∀`*)

The city of Elkrone has “Three Grand Summer Festivals”: the Flower Festival, the Port Festival and the Spirit Festival. Popote’s request notebook is divided into three sections based on these festivals, and this post is also split into three parts for better flow. The individual requests and scenes will be posted in each guy’s route, but I’ll link them back here to connect their events to the main plot. The common route starts on May 7, one day right after the prologue.

The Flower Festival Arc

May 7

Starting from today, Meri can take requests from the citizens of Elkrone — which are listed in Popote’s notebook. In the morning, Mathias informs Meri that he needs to leave for work right away and can’t stay for lunch. He feels bad and apologizes for leaving her alone so much, but she understands that it’s his job as a member of the imperial army.

May 8

The Black – Red Tea War (Red Tea Party)
Client: Ralf. Reward: 100 cole.

Recently black tea has been gaining immense popularity among the knights, so the members of the “Red Tea Party” — Ralf, Johann and Alex — want to spread more love for red tea. Red tea is the academy’s main source of income, so everyone in the academy — aside from a certain traitor named Clemens — is in the party too. Oswald then goes to deliver a challenge letter for a “tea war” to the knights, and Ralf asks Meri to create a new kind of red tea for them to serve people with. xD By using the ingredients gathered by Alex and Johann, Meri then synthesizes a Tropical Tea — a refreshing tea, perfect for hot days like today. For those who doesn’t like the sour taste of the tea, she also prepares some Krone Flower Syrup to add sweetness. In the afternoon, they meet up with the knights at the fountain plaza for the “tea war”. They hand their tea to 100 citizens and ask them to choose which one is better. The tea which has more votes will win the war. After an hour of fierce competition, the “Red Tea Party” wins with the score of 51-49. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

The Black – Red Tea War (Black Tea Party)
Client: Erhard. Reward: 100 cole.

The members of the “Black Tea Party” are Erhard, Clemens and Stephan. The description says they want Meri to help spreading more love for black tea, but Erhard and Clemens are ready to crush the “Red Tea Party”. Stephan thinks the whole idea is stupid and wants to go home, but Clemens forces him to participate knowing he loves black tea too. xD A black tea merchant is currently eyeing Elkrone, and Erhard wants to make an event to promote black tea — hoping it will be more popular in the capital. Stephan is willing to write a song about black tea, and they want Meri to help by making a new kind of black tea for them. Hoping that combining music and alchemy might lead to a hint about “singing alchemy”, Meri gladly accepts the request. Not too long after that, Oswald comes to deliver a challenge letter for a “tea war”. Before leaving, he also tells Meri to return to their side once she realizes her “mistake” lol. Black tea isn’t popular among the ladies because it’s black and bitter, so Meri then helps Clemens synthesizing sweet Candy Muddlers to neutralize the bitter taste of the tea. If people use the muddlers to stir their tea, they can truly enjoy the taste of black tea even without mixing it with anything. That noon, the “tea war” takes place at the fountain plaza. After handing black tea and Candy Muddlers to the citizens for an hour, the “Black Tea Party” wins with the score of 49-51. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

May 9

In the morning, Meri and Popote meets Anna and Monika in front of the atelier. Anna actually loves both black and red tea, but she couldn’t join the “tea war” yesterday because she’s still breastfeeding Monika. When Anna says she will be looking forward to next year’s “tea war”, Popote suddenly wonders where he will be one year from now. Meri asks if he has plans to go anywhere, and she admits she’d feel lonely if he goes away. Popote says he doesn’t have any certain plans yet, and he apologizes for saying weird things.

May 10

Investigating Rumors
Client: Popote. Reward: n/a.

From Fren and Oyaji, Popote hears a rumor about mysterious huge holes in Strauss Hill. A lot of knights and adventurers went to examine the holes, but they all returned with no traces of confidence left in them. Some of them are also muttering weird things like “she’s my type” and “I fell in love”. Nobody can explain what actually happened thanks to this, so Popote wants to investigate the mysterious holes together. Meri agrees to solve the mystery with him, but since the holes might be dangerous, Popote suggests taking either Johann or Erhard with them.

Upon arriving at Strauss Hill, they’re welcomed by huge tremors and thick black smoke.. along with a girl’s voice mumbling about how she probably shouldn’t use Mega Flame or Tera Flame on a Puni. They eventually find the source of this problem on the top of the hill, who is actually none other than Marie — creating explosions with no mercy. \(^o^)/ Soon a bunch of Puni comes out to attack them, and Marie calmly asks them to leave everything to her. She reveals that she’s actually an adventurer, and she’s currently on a mission to exterminate 100 Punis in this area. In fact, she’s infamous as the “Adventurer Killer Marlone”. Marie then hurls her Tera Flame towards the Puni mob, which also blows everyone — herself included — away with a loud explosion. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Luckily this finally completes her mission, and Marie can return to town after spending 10 days massacring Puni on the hill. Even good adventurers would need at least a month to exterminate that amount, and that’s exactly why everyone lost their confidence. It’s because of Marie’s insane firepower. xD Since Marie is currently looking for her missing partner, Meri guides her to the inn so she can start searching in the city. She takes Marie’s ultra powerful bomb as the reward, though both Johann and Erhard ask her to NOT use such a dangerous thing. Not even in battle LOL.

May 11

Early in the morning, a loud explosion is suddenly heard from the inn. The source is, of course, Marie, who happens to throw a bomb in her sleep. Then she faints in Carl’s arms. xD Outside, Meri and Popote decide to forget about what they just heard from the inn. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Today Meri stays in the atelier with Popote all day.

May 13

Baby Toy
Client: Anna. Reward: 300 cole.

Just as the request subject says, Anna wants Meri to make a baby toy for Monika. Somehow Popote has a bad feeling about this though, so he’s staying in the atelier today. On the way to the general store, Meri runs into Marie on the street. Meri asks if she already found any clues regarding her partner, but sadly Marie doesn’t have time to gather information right now. Two days ago she completely blew up her room at the inn, and even though Carla urged her to look for her partner first, Marie is now collecting money to pay for the repair fee. Since she has no place to synthesize items in, she’s borrowing the academy’s lab with the help of Clemens — who’s actually her senior back in Salburg’s academy. Meri goes to see Anna after that, only to find out that she already gave the request to another alchemist.. who’s none other than Marie. The poor girl is penniless, so she offered to make anything in exchange of some goods. Anna accepted the deal, and Marie delivered a speaking fairy doll for Monika right away.

After leaving the general store, Meri runs into Marie again. This time Marie has one request for Meri, and she offers a generous payment of 1000 cole. Earlier she received a request to stop a married couple’s argument, and she was supposed to deliver a relaxing aromatic fragrance for them.. but she made a mistake and gave them a personality-changing incense instead. That one was actually requested by the knights to make it easier for them to deal with criminals, but Marie’s client already used the incense earlier. To make things even worse, the wind carried the scent all over the city.. so who knows how many unfortunate citizens out there who got their personalities changed. 8D; Now Marie wants to Meri to help capturing those poor victims and bring them back to normal, which can be done by hitting their heads with an Awakening Duster. Meri agrees to help, and she can either go to the academy or Stolz Hill.

If Meri goes to the academy, she finds Stephan and Ralf outside. The incense caused Stephan to passionately love alchemists and Ralf to hate alchemy, but Clemens comes at the right time to snatch the duster from Meri’s hands and smacks them in the head — instantly cancelling the effect. Clemens refuses to return the duster though, and he runs wild smacking every single person in the academy out of pure enjoyment. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ If Meri goes to Stolz Hill instead, she runs into a flirty Johann who instantly tries to hit on her. Soon Erhard, who has turned into a gentleman, comes to stop him, followed by a very thorny and selfish Alex LOL. Alex snatches the duster from Meri’s hands and hits their heads simply because they’re pissing him off, then he refuses to return it and runs wild around the hill — hitting everyone who enters his field of vision. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Eventually he gets bored and returns the duster to Meri, and so she uses this chance to smack him in the head — returning him to normal. xD

By the end of the day, Meri refuses to accept the reward knowing Marie needs money. As the payment, Meri wants to see an item Marie created and have Marie examine an item she made. Marie agrees saying she’ll make something nice, and she leaves after thanking Meri for today.

May 14

In the morning, Meri hears everyone talking about the appearance of a certain “phantom killer” in Stolz Hill yesterday. It’s definitely Marie and Clemens or Alex, but luckily nobody knows it’s them. xD Marie stays in her atelier with Popote today.

May 17

Miranda and Belinda both need help to prepare for the upcoming Flower Festival, but for some reason they submitted two separate requests. It turns out Goddess Closet is in charge of the festival this year, but the twins have completely different ideas about the plans. Belinda wants to make it gorgeous and flashy, while Miranda wants to keep the tradition by making it serene and simple.

Flower Parade (Miranda)
Client: Miranda. Reward: 100 cole.

Miranda thinks Elkrone is a wonderful place which isn’t influenced by the trend, so she doesn’t want to break the tradition just for the sake of promoting Goddess Closet. Since they can’t use sold flowers for the festival, Miranda then asks Meri to become the “spring goddess” this year by collecting flowers from Strauss Hill. For the guards, she also brings along the people who were chosen to be the spring goddess’ servants this year — Ralf, Johann and Clemens. They eat lunch together after collecting flowers, and Johann mentions that he only cooks with salt since he spends so much time outside. That way his ingredient stock will never rot because.. well, it’s only salt. xD Plus, he destroys his own cooking if it ever goes bad. Clemens is really interested and asks if Johann wants to try learning alchemy, but Ralf stops them knowing the result will definitely be chaotic. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ As she watches their interaction, Miranda mentions that Belinda and her had never fought before. Belinda always listens to her opinions, so she doesn’t understand why Belinda got so angry this time.

When they return to town, Belinda comes to talk to them in Stolz Hill. At first she’s still against keeping the tradition, but then Meri convinces her to accept Miranda’s opinion. Even though the flower festival might be plain, the citizens of Elkrone has been doing it for generations — it’s the proof of Elkrone’s warmth. This reminds Belinda that she created Goddess Closet because she wants Miranda to keep designing, and she finally says that she wants to see the tradition Miranda is trying to protect. Belinda asks if she can spread the flowers together with Miranda, who happily says yes.

Flower Parade (Belinda)
Client: Belinda. Reward: 100 cole.

The moment Meri and Popote enter Goddess Closet, they’re welcomed by the sight of Belinda and Miranda having an argument. Belinda refuses to use Miranda’s designs for the upcoming Flower Festival, and Miranda ends up running out. Every year for the Flower Festival, a girl is chosen to represent the spring goddess and walk through the city quietly with her servants. It’s to symbolize how spring always comes in such a serene way, but Belinda thinks it’s too plain and boring. In fact, no one has ever seen it directly. That’s why Belinda wants to make a gorgeous parade this year, and she asks Meri to help collecting some roses from the mayor’s mansion. Meri and Popote run into Miranda on the way back to Goddess Closet, and she asks them to share some of the roses with her. Popote doesn’t think it’s a good idea since she’s still fighting with Belinda, but Meri says she doesn’t mind. Miranda then borrows a pink rose from them, and she returns it soon after.

When Meri and Popote return to Goddess Closet, Belinda notices there’s a beautiful rose tiara on the pink rose Miranda borrowed earlier.. though she thinks it’s Meri’s creation instead. Now that Miranda — who was supposed to be this year’s goddess — has escaped, Belinda asks Meri to be the replacement for the goddess role. After forcing Meri to wear a gorgeous dress, Belinda takes her on a gorgeous parade around the city with the goddess’ servants — Erhard, Alex and Stephan. While Erhard and Alex kindly give beautiful roses to the citizens along the way, Stephan just doesn’t care and throws the roses towards them instead LOL. The parade is a big success, but Meri is worried since Belinda and Miranda haven’t made up yet.

May 18

When Meri wakes up in the morning, she finds a Krone Flower in front of her atelier. Today is the Flower Festival, so the flower must be from Belinda and Miranda. It’s also the atelier’s day off, so Meri decides to relax all day with Popote at home.

If you took Belinda’s request, in the morning Belinda comes to ask if Meri still has the tiara from yesterday. Soon they see Miranda passing by, but Belinda refuses to chase after her when she runs away. Knowing that Belinda actually wanted Miranda to have a gorgeous debut as the spring goddess, Meri then tells her to chase after Miranda. Luckily Miranda hears this from afar, and when she turns around, Belinda admits that she actually wants people to appreciate her sister more. Goddess Closet was made to showcase Miranda’s talent in designing, and so Belinda feels vexed that people are following her fashion sense instead. Miranda says she doesn’t mind working in the background as long as Belinda is happy, and Belinda replies that she loves Miranda’s designs. The twins finally make up after that, and Popote wonders if Meri and him will have a fight too sometimes. He’s worried whether they can make up for not since they’re not siblings, but she says it doesn’t matter. Even if she’s a human and he’s a fairy, they will be just fine.

May 19

Today Meri receives a letter from Heidi, who asks her to come and see some new materials in the academy. Since she doesn’t have any requests to take, Meri decides to visit the academy hoping she can find a clue about Aoi Wakkakka. They might be able to learn something if only Margret’s books are still around, but sadly everything in her study disappeared right after her death. The only thing she left for Meri were Gem Lupe and “The Tale of the Blue Moon”. Meri bumps into Oswald upon entering the academy, and when she helps him picking up the books he was carrying, she notices that one of the books seems really familiar. She quickly says it’s nothing though, and knowing Heidi won’t listen to anyone but her, Oswald asks her to deliver a reference book for Heidi — basically telling Heidi to study more.

While Meri can’t find any books about Aoi Wakkakka in the library, Heidi did find a book which might be related — “Recipe of the Fairy King”. In fact, she actually called Meri to the academy because she wanted to show the book. The problem is.. the book is now gone, which is really strange since Heidi kept people out of the library before Meri came here. Heidi then checks the library cards, and she chants a mysterious poem before saying she’ll chase after “Junger” — the person who took out the book. However, Meri tells Heidi to attend her class instead. Heidi falls into silence when Meri hands Oswald’s reference book to her, but she obediently goes to class after that. Or does she?

After leaving the library, Meri is looking for “Junger” all over the academy.. and the one who answers her call is a mysterious masked man in a cloak. He says he’s a free student who has no name nor identity, and that’s why he’s hiding his face under a mask. When Meri asks if he borrowed a book from the library, the man answers that he did. The library was empty when he came, so he just took it out without permission. The man says Meri probably won’t be able to read the contents though, which is true since everything in the book only looks like doodles in her eyes. The book feels strangely familiar (hint!) but Meri only thanks the man for showing the contents to her. The man then asks if she’s an alchemist, and when she answers yes, he proposes a request for her to become his assistant for today — saying his real assistant is in a rebellious mood recently. As the reward, the man offers to decipher Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe. Σ(・д・;) He explains that he’s interested in both Popote and Meri, so he already conducted his own research to learn more about them. Meri thinks it’s a good deal if she can really have the recipe deciphered, and so she agrees to become his assistant. The man then asks Meri to see him by the Austen Gate, and noticing that she seems reluctant, he suddenly pulls Popote out of the nearest room saying she can bring her small “guardian” along. At first Popote refuses to explain anything, but then he accidentally reveals that Heidi actually came to the atelier. Popote came to the academy because Heidi said Meri is going to meet a suspicious person, and that’s how the masked man captured him.

From the Austen Gate, the suspicious masked man takes Meri and Popote to the deepest part of the Sunlight Forest — the Lost Forest. He explains that they need to pass this area in order to reach the Forest of Fairies, which turns out to be their destination. Humans won’t be able to enter the area, but they should be fine because they have Popote. The moment they walk out of the Lost Forest, they can hear the voices of invisible fairies whispering about them.. and upon hearing their voices, Popote calls out to them saying he’s Popote of the Green Forest. He then asks them to show themselves, but they refuse because he’s bringing humans with him. The guardian of the forest said humans forget nature because of their own greed, and so the fairies who help humans won’t be accepted as their friends. Ignoring Popote’s plea to take him along, the fairies then disappear into the forest. However, one of the fairies drops an ancient crystal fragment and the man takes it saying it’s the material he’s looking for.

They go back to Meri’s atelier after that, where the man asks Meri to synthesize an item based on his instructions. When Popote offers to buy the necessary materials, the man asks if he’s really okay with this. He got rejected by the fairies for helping humans, and yet he still wants to help Meri. Popote answers that he loves Meri and her alchemy, so he wants to keep helping her as usual. He also believes the fairies will love her alchemy too if they see it, though sadly they didn’t even give her a chance. By using the ingredients provided by the masked man, Meri then creates an Ancient Pendant which looks similar to her Gem Lupe. Just then the Ancient Pendant suddenly starts reacting to her Gem Lupe, enveloping everyone in a blue light before showing a silent image of Margret in their minds.

However, the image vanishes when the masked man suddenly snatches the Ancient Pendant from Meri’s hands. Popote tries to stop him, but the man points out that Meri made the pendant for him. Besides, it would hurt Meri’s reputation if she takes her creation away from her client. The man promises to “do his best” in decipering Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe as the payment, which makes Popote angry because it means the man never knew anything about Aoi Wakkakka to begin with — he was only deceiving Meri. The man calmly says he didn’t deceive her, he was only teaching her an important rule in alchemy: “asking another alchemist to decipher a recipe for oneself is inexcusable.” He quickly leaves when Heidi comes to the atelier, but not before telling Meri than he knew Margret. After the man disappears, Popote tries to lift the atmosphere by cooking dinner for everyone.. but Heidi only apologizes and leaves. Meri also feels bad for failing to get any clues about Aoi Wakkakka, so Popote tells her that her effort weren’t in vain. After all, she could see her grandmother’s image and he could meet fellow fairies. He used to live with an elder fairy without having any friends, so knowing there are more fairies out there is more than enough for him. They didn’t find anything about Aoi Wakkakka, but they learned a lot of things today.

May 20

While waiting for Popote to wake up, Meri finds a letter from the church in her mailbox. It says the church received a letter addressed to her because she was away when it was delivered, which is strange.. because Meri never left her atelier since yesterday. Soon Popote returns to the atelier saying he went to get the letter from the church, and he’s beyond terrified because the letter comes in a black envelope — signed with a mask symbol. Popote thinks the masked man from yesterday is going to kill them, but they’re surprised upon seeing the contents of the letter — it’s the deciphered recipe of Aoi Wakkakka. The recipe says they need an item called “Spirit Light”, and it can be retrieved from the place they visited yesterday. Popote isn’t sure if they can really trust the man, but Meri still wants to give it a try. They ask Anna if she knows anything about Spirit Light, but unfortunately she doesn’t know. She does know a person who would know, but that person is currently traveling around the world — looking for items which haven’t been discovered before. Anna then warns them that Spirit Light will probably be hard to obtain, and they need a strong determination in order to reach it.

Obtaining Spirit Light:

May 21

At night, Meri sees a dream of her childhood. Margret caught her snooping around the atelier, and Meri said she wants to know where the fairies are. Mathias told her that the fairies are no longer around, but she wanted to believe that they still exist and will become her friends. As the answer, Margret told her that people used to have fairies in their houses a long time ago. Sadly, humans then grew greedy and wanted to use the fairies’ power for themselves. This caused the fairies to hate humans, and they returned to the world of the spirits — leaving the human world forever. However, there’s still a group of fairies living deep in the forest. They’re secretly looking for humans who can make their wishes come true, and Margret herself was wishing for a fairy to visit her atelier someday. Meri then made a promise to help Margret in the atelier and search for those fairies together. In order to prevent her from forgetting, Meri drew a picture on the very last page of Margret’s picture book.

In the morning, Meri wakes up with absolutely no recollection of the nostalgic dream. Soon she hears Popote’s scream from the atelier, and there she finds him with a boy in a cloak. The boy introduces himself as Junger VIII, and he came here under the order of Junger XV — the man who took the Ancient Pendant from Meri. When Meri asks if they’re members of an alchemist society, he explains that they’re both members of the black society — a free group that’s not influenced by any authorities. Based on the society’s order, he’s now here to interrogate her. After locking Popote in another room to prevent any disturbance, Junger VIII asks Meri a string of questions regarding her thoughts on alchemy. The last question is whether Meri approves Margret’s alchemy, and she answers yes without a doubt. Upon hearing this, Junger VIII says Meri is devoting herself to a dangerous alchemy due to Margret’s influence. He snatches the picture book saying he’s confiscating it under the black society’s order, but fortunately Popote manages to escape and calls Meri’s friends. They arrive at the atelier before Junger VIII could leave, though sadly he throws a bomb and disappears.

Not too long after that, Fren and Dirk come to ask for Meri’s cooperation in their black society investigation. They explain that the black society is actually a dangerous group in the world of alchemy, and they have all sorts of dangerous members — ranging from those who got their alchemy license deprived to criminals who are seeking after forbidden recipes. They’re using the freedom of alchemy as their shield, so the adventurers and the knights had no choice but to leave them alone.. but it’s different now since they have barged into Meri’s atelier and stole her possession. Ralf’s parents and Popote are against this idea since Meri still needs time to recover from the shock, but she decides to participate in the investigation. The blacksociety clearly knows more about Margret and her alchemy, so she wants to hear everything from them. Eventually Carla allows them to go, but under the condition that everyone comes along with them — Johann, Erhard, Clemens, Stephan, Alex and her stupid son. Fail, and the inn’s doors will be forever closed to them. (`・ω・´)キリッ

Fren and Dirk then guide Meri and Popote to the port, where they find a large ship surrounded by a lot of masked people. The ship is called S.S. Dawn of Intelligence — the black society’s main headquarter. However, Dirk then apologizes saying the investigation was actually only an excuse to get Carl and Carla’s permission. Before they could explain what they’re planning to do, suddenly a loud explosion is heard from the ship.. and Erhard enters the stage with an extremely charismatic line: “Where there is light, there will always be shadow. Where there is a cute girl, there will always be her boyfriend. That sad situation aside, Elkrone’s Red Flash, Erhard is here!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Erhard proudly announces that the knights are going to investigate the ship by force, and when the society members ask if he has a written order, he confidently says no. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard then commands the knights to raid the ship, but Ralf appears to stop him along with all of the academy students. The ship is a place to learn — just like the academy — and they won’t let the knights to stain it with violence. To make things even more complicated, Alex soon comes and asks Erhard not to hurt the academy students. The adventurers’ duty is to protect the citizens of Elkrone, so if Erhard refuses to withdraw, his knights will have to face the wrath of the entire adventurers’ guild. Stephan also lights everyone’s spirits on fire by playing a battle song, while both Fren and Dirk sigh beside Meri. Everything is actually an act gone horribly wrong, simply because they let Erhard write the scenario. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ While they’re creating all of this commotion outside, Johann is actually knocking out the society members inside the ship. After he’s done with his role, Johann comes out to explain everything to Meri.

After leaving Meri’s atelier, they actually searched for clues about the picture book and Junger VIII around the city. The only place they haven’t investigated is only S.S. Dawn of Intelligence, but sadly Johann couldn’t find the picture book inside the ship. It might be hidden somewhere, so now it’s time for “Plan C”. Just then another loud explosion is heard as Clemens makes his entrance, coughing thanks to his own smoke. Clemens then gives Meri a “Deceitful Pendulum” which will guide her to the picture book, but he explains that the pendulum sometimes leads to the wrong item or even try to deceive the holder. xD Normally it’s useless, but Clemens believe Meri will be able to handle it. After all, Meri can sense the heart in everything. He also equips Popote with his trademark bomb, and Meri sneaks into the ship with Popote while her friends cause more commotion outside to conceal her presence.

Following the pendulum’s light, Meri and Popote reach an atelier inside the ship. On the desk, they find a fairy’s hat. There’s also a painting of a woman on the wall, and Meri feels that she looks familiar.. while Popote describes her as “beautiful yet lonely”. Between all the alchemy equipments in the room, they find a glass jar which is large enough for Popote to fit in. They also find a familiar book on the bookshelf, which they recognize as the reference book Heidi got from Oswald before. Popote then wonders if the book is hidden somewher else, but Meri notices that the pendulum is pointing towards the cauldron.. where they finally find Junger VIII creating a duplicate of the picture book by using a strange solution agent and a piece of paper from the original. When Popote asks him to return the book, Junger VIII surprisingly hands the original book to them — saying he’ll hand the duplicate to Junger XV. Meri notices that Junger VIII looks really pale, and despite his attempt to resist, she asks Popote to take out a medicine. Junger VIII reminds her that he was the one who stole the book from her, but Meri replies that it’s an alchemist’s duty to help those in need. Upon hearing this, Junger VIII whispers that Meri is always helping other people like this. He quickly tells Popote to take Meri out of the ship, but sadly Junger XV then enters the lab saying it’s too late.

Junger XV slaps Junger VIII saying he’ll be punished later for rebelling, and he turns around to hear Meri’s reason for sneaking into his atelier. Meri asks him to tell her more about Margret’s alchemy, but he says she’s got the wrong idea about everything. He points out that fairies are disappearing while humans are having a prosperous life, and so he draws the conclusion that someone is recreating the entire world. Not for fairies, but for humans. That’s also why fairies are avoiding humans. Junger XV then says Meri’s heart has been taken over by a dangerous alchemy, so now he’s going to put her under the black society’s custody. As he tries to drag Meri away, Junger XV also explains that the world is “heading towards the wrong direction”. It’s a problem humans need to face, and he wants Popote to stay out of it since it’s none of his business as a fairy. Popote firmly refuses saying Meri is his family and the atelier is his home, so there’s no way he’s going to let Junger XV take her away. Popote then takes out Clemens’ bomb from his pocket and throws it towards Junge XV — teleporting Meri and himself away from the ship at the same time.

When they open their eyes, Meri and Popote find themselves in a forest. They have absolutely no idea where they are, but the pendulum guides them to a house nearby.. which turns out to be a pretty atelier. Meri gets a nostalgic feeling the moment they walk inside, and they decide to wait until the owner returns. However, they soon hear the fairies talking around them. They keep saying it’s strange how they’re waiting for the owner to return, but they refuse to tell her the reason because she’s a human. This makes Popote really angry, and he says those who has never seen Meri’s alchemy has no right to judge her. Popote doesn’t care about how they think about him anymore because his home is by Meri’s side, but he won’t forgive anyone who says bad things about her. The fairies fall into silence for a moment, and they drop a piece of scrap metal — asking Meri to prove that she’s not a bad alchemist by repairing it. Popote rages since that’s not how alchemy works, but Meri decides to give it a try. After all, both Clemens and Junger VIII proved that they can create duplicates just by using fragments of the original. Popote then uses all of his energy to synthesize the strange agent used by Junger VIII earlier — the Mirabelle Solution Agent — and Meri uses it to synthesize an Ancient Machine.

Now that Meri has gained the fairies’ trust, they drop the Ancient Pendant she synthesized for Junger XV before — saying it was hard to retrieve it from his hands. Following their advice, Meri then sets the Ancient Pendant on the Ancient Machine. Both of them instantly react to her Gem Lupe and shows an image of Margret again, but this time Meri can also hear her singing voice. Upon seeing the alchemy materials dancing to Margret’s voice, Meri finally realizes that her grandmother is actually a “singing alchemist”.. and this atelier feels nostalgic because it’s Margret’s second atelier. The fairies then start singing Margret’s song too, admitting that they really loved her song. They also reveal that Margret didn’t let them stay in the atelier because she had a promise with Meri, which finally reminds Meri of the picture she draw on the picture book. It’s a picture of Meri, Margret and a fairy — smiling together in an atelier surrounded by flowers. When Popote says the picture looks like him and Meri, she smiles saying he’s the best partner ever. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* The fairies guide them through the forest after that, and the two of them safely return to their atelier in Elkrone.

Since most of the citizens don’t know that S.S. Dawn of Intelligence is the black society’s main headquarter, Carla is really mad at the poor guys who caused a commotion in the port today. On top of continuing their “stupid fight” for half a day, they also caused the ship to flee from Elkrone’s port. xD Carla thinks they’re only fooling around while leaving Meri alone, and so she drags the poor things to the church — where they’re forced to face Oyaji’s wrath and Niklaus’ sarcastic prayers. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Before bed, Meri figures out that Margret’s song is actually a song about Aoi Wakkakka. From the lyrics, she draws the conclusion that they already have two of the materials — the Ancient Pendant and the Spirit Heart. Now she needs to search for the last material, with “the drop glittering in the dragon’s eye” as the only clue. Since her father knows more about dragons than she does, Meri then writes a letter to ask Mathias about this.

The Port Festival Arc

May 26

Apple – Cheese War (Apple Party)
Client: Alex. Reward: 100 cole.

Food war part 2. The members of the “Apple Party” are Alex, Ralf and Erhard. Recently Elie’s delicious cheesecake has been gaining popularity in the academy, and Alex doesn’t want it to overshadow Carl’s trademark apple pie. That’s why he wants Meri to help them search for an extraordinarily delicious apple, which Carl will use to bake a new kind of apple pie for people. Oswald soon comes to deliver a challenge letter for them, and he leaves saying the “Cheese Party” won’t lose since they’ve got Clemens on their side. The “Apple Party” will have to face the strongest lecturer duo from the academy, but they refuse to give up. ヽ(*´・ω・`*)ノ The two parties meet each other along their way to collect ingredients in the forest, and this leads to a chaotic competition since the “Cheese Party”‘s target goat is eating the “Apple Party”‘s target apples. xD Each party has to make sure the rival party isn’t destroying or chasing away their ingredient source LOL. Meri uses this chance to gather as much apples as she can, and they bring the apples back to Carl at the inn. At noon, the “Apple – Cheese War” takes place at the fountain plaza. After an hour of handing cheesecakes and apple pies to Elkrone’s citizens, the “Apple Party” wins the war with the score of 51-49. (゚∇゚ノノ”☆パチパチ

Apple – Cheese War (Cheese Party)
Client: Clemens. Reward: 100 cole.

Food war part 2. The members of the “Cheese Party” are Clemens, Johann and Stephan. Even though Clemens is 100% determined to crush the “Apple Party”, Johann doesn’t think the battle would solve anything.. and Stephan wants to go home since the whole idea sounds so stupid to him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ In fact, Stephan doesn’t really like sweets and only joined in because Clemens dragged him here. On the contrary, Johann loves all kinds of sweets and only came here because he was requested to help. xD Luckily the “Cheese Party” also has Oswald, and he manages to convince both of them to cooperate. Oswald asks Meri to help them retrieve an extraordinarily delicious milk for Elie to make a cheesecake with, and he delivers a challenge letter for the “Apple Party” while everyone else goes to find fresh goat milk. The two parties run into each other in the forest, and this leads to a chaotic competition because the “Cheese Party”‘s target goat is eating the “Apple Party”‘s target apples. They have to make sure their precious ingredients won’t run away or get eaten LOL. Meri uses this chance to milk the goat as much as possible, and Elie uses the goat milk to make a delicious cheesecake. At noon, the “Apple – Cheese War” takes place at the fountain plaza. After an hour of handing apple pies and cheesecakes to the citizens, the “Cheese Party” wins with the score of 49-51. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

May 27

Following the “Apple – Cheese War” from yesterday, this morning Alois visits Meri to ask about the members of each party. He only eats a minimum amount in the evening to keep his senses sharp, so he couldn’t participate in the war. Popote seems concerned since it means he can’t eat as he likes, but Alois says he eats a lot in the morning to make up for it. Alois then excuses himself, and Popote asks him to inform them if he hears any interesting information.

What is Alchemy?
Client: Popote. Reward: n/a.

As strange as it sounds, Popote is curious about alchemy. He’s using it everyday to help Meri in the atelier, but he wants to learn more. First, Meri takes Popote to the academy library since it’s the best place to learn. She tells him that reading books are really important in alchemy, but the only book that piques his interest turns out to be.. a book about sweets. It doesn’t help that Clemens soon finds them with the book, and since he has never read it before, he drags them to synthesize all the recipes. The sweets Clemens makes turn out to be really delicious, up to the point where Meri doesn’t mind putting their initial objective on hold. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Clemens also decides to help by giving Popote a mountain of books about alchemy, which only causes Popote to run away since he hates reading. xD

Since Popote says reading or synthesizing don’t seem to provide the answer he’s looking for, Meri figures out that he might be curious about what alchemy means to them. Sadly she can’t answer it yet because she’s still looking for the meaning herself, so she decides to take him to see Marie at the inn. For Marie, alchemy is her hope. Alchemy allows her to fulfill her wishes, and she needs alchemy to live her life the way she wants it to be. The meaning of alchemy is different for each alchemist, so Marie tells Popote to think about what it means to him. He might not find the answer right away, but one day he will be able to figure out what alchemy means to him. They also find Elie after leaving the inn, and when they ask her the same question, Elie answers that alchemy is her dream. By the end of the day, Popote thanks Meri for helping him. Nobody can give him the answer he wants, but after listening to Marie and Elie’s answers, he feels that he’s now one step closer towards the answer. Meri replies that she’s the one who should be thanking him, because she’s starting to see what alchemy means to her. For Meri, alchemy is a bond that connects her to everyone around her. Popote then asks if he can hold hands with her, and Meri gladly holds his hands as they walk back home.

May 28 – June 2

Meri stays in the atelier with Popote all day, serving the clients who need her help and relaxing at home during their day off.

June 3

It’s the Port Festival today, so Meri closes her atelier and enjoys the festival with Popote.

The Singing Bird Inn’s Stand
For this year’s festival, the inn is selling roll sandwiches in their stand. Their special menu is Ralf’s original creation — the “Ocean’s Fortune”. Just as the name suggests, the sandwich is filled with a lot of fresh seafood. It’s the first time they ever put Ralf’s menu for sale, so they want to hear Meri and Popote’s opinions. They’re also hoping that the feedback will be able to convince Ralf to take over the inn, though Ralf clearly has no intentions to inherit his parents’ business. The roll sandwich is really delicious though, and Ralf smiles when Meri says he has talent in cooking. His thin reaction causes Carla to go “That’s it? Do you love her happy smile so much you can’t give an honest reaction?”, while Carl goes “Why won’t you inherit my inn!? Are you being rebellious at this age?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Ralf can’t stand his parents’ teasing anymore, so he tells Meri and Popote to go away lol. Popote wishes him luck dealing with his parents, and Ralf only replies with “shut up!! (@盆@)”

The Adventurers’ Stand
Together with Oyaji, the adventurers are running a grilled wurst stand. The adventurers will cook it for the customers, and they can choose which adventurer they want — it’s just like a popularity poll. xD Meri can choose between Johann, Fren, or even Oyaji himself. If she picks Johann, he completely burns the wurst in the flames. Popote goes ・・・(゚□゚ ;) upon seeing the black wurst, but feeling sorry for Johann, Meri decides to take responsibility (for ordering) by eating the burnt wurst. Since it’s completely burnt to the core, obviously the wurst tastes so nasty that she doubts if it’s really food. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Apparently Johann is so popular that people keep asking for his grilled wurst even though it tastes nasty, so Oyaji asks him to train his cooking skills. For the sake of everyone and their stomach.

If Meri picks Fren, Popote finds it surprising since he thought she’d choose Johann. Then he asks if it’s because Johann has no sense of taste, which causes the poor guy to go (´・ω・`) in front of them. xD Meri says she only wants to talk to Fren since they don’t see each other that often, and when Fren admits it’s because he’s so plain, Meri rubs salt onto his wound by saying “No, no! I’m not thinking that I’ve never seen you anywhere aside from this stand!” LOL. It turns out Fren is a really good cook, and his grilled wurst tastes so delicious the knights are asking for more — much to his dismay. If Meri chooses Oyaji, he makes a delicious yet spicy grilled wurst for them. Sadly Popote can’t handle spicy food, and Johann quickly gives him a glass of water.. which turns out to be alcohol instead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Apparently Oyaji put the alcohol on purpose to make the men of Elkrone “more manly”, and this is much better than last year’s prank — when he gave chilli juice to people saying it’s tomato. xD To get his revenge on Oyaji, Popote yells “bye, bald Oyaji!” as they leave the stand LOL.

The Knights’ Stand
The knights are performing a sword dance for the Port Festival. A long time ago, sailors used to do mock battles to chase monsters away, tricking them to believe that there’s a warrior on the ship. It’s believed that by the time those mock battles turned into a sword dance, accidents have stopped happening during their voyage. Erhard doesn’t believe it though, and he’s simply doing it to entertain people. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Meri and Popote watch in awe as the knights perform their sword dance together, but Dirk looks tired by the end of the performance. Even though it’s only a show, Erhard is always swinging his sword with full strength.. and so Dirk is thinking of choosing someone else to play the captain in next year’s performance. xD Meri says the sea should be safe from accidents now thanks to their wonderful sword dance, but Erhard replies that she’s wrong. Accidents will always happen, so all they have to do is save the victims when it occurs — it’s their duty as a human. Both Meri and Popote are impressed, but they instantly change their minds the moment he asks if she wants to kiss him LOL. Erhard cries a river of tears when they leave the stand, but Dirk knows he’s teasing Meri on purpose. When Dirk asks if Meri is his favorite, Erhard only smiles and replies with “what do you think?”

The Academy’s Stand
The academy runs a bazaar every year, where they sell all sorts of second hand goods and alchemy-related items. Like Clemens’ bombs and Deceitful Pendulums. Clemens actually wants to do a “synthesis relay” for all the alchemists in Elkrone to participate, but since the academy didn’t grant him the permission to do so, he’s using his cauldron to cook kamameshi instead. xD Meri and Popote then decide to give his kamameshi a try, and it turns out to be really delicious. However, Clemens suddenly mutters “I see, so it can be eaten.” Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Why yes, he used them to test if his kamameshi is really edible. xD He’s immune to poison because he has eaten too many poisonous mushrooms before, so he needs a guinea pig since he can’t use himself as a standard. If Meri and Popote survive, then he can sell his kamameshi. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He also attached safety amulets on them just in case, but Oswald rages and drags him to see the principal along with Heidi. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Fountain Plaza
The fountain plaza is packed with people today. Meri and Popote find Laura among the crowd, and she tells them that Stephan must be somewhere around the plaza — doing something for the festival. Laura then asks them to search for Stephan together, so Meri guides both Popote and her to follow the faint sound of music.. which leads them to Elie instead. She’s judging the annual item synthesis contest, and she received a lot of Edeltones (musical instruments made with alchemy) because this year’s theme is music. Elie didn’t see Stephan today, but soon Meri notices the sound of laughter among the crowd. She takes Laura and Popote to check what’s going on, and that’s where they finally find Stephan. He’s playing with Monika, telling Anna that children are natural musicians. There’s a melody in every baby’s cry, because they’re singing to call their mothers. When Meri asks what he’s doing, Stephan says that he’s teaching people how to play musical instruments. He even prepared a lot of musical instruments, ranging from flute to violin. Music obviously requires a lot of money, so he wants to do something for people who can’t afford to learn music. Stephan only teaches Meri to play flute for very a short while before chasing her away, saying he doesn’t have time to deal with her. Because unlike most people, she can always synthesize her own musical instruments with alchemy. Laura tries to defend Meri, but Meri only apologizes for disturbing Stephan and leaves.

Vollmont Church
The church is doing a remake bazaar, with the help of Belinda, Miranda and Alex. Meri doesn’t know what to buy since everything Miranda makes is cute, so both Belinda and Alex offers to choose something for her. At first Alex apologizes saying Belinda has the best fashion sense, but Belinda says Meri will be happier if Alex chooses something for her. Since Popote doesn’t seem pleased about this, Alex teasingly asks if he’s jealous. They end up bickering again until Belinda eventually stops them, saying that’s exactly why Meri thinks of them as kids instead of men. Σ(´∀`lll) Meri also prefers shoes over dresses, so Alex chooses a pair of sturdy boots which she can wear to gather materials outside the city. When Meri and Popote leave with the boots, Alex whispers that he gets to learn more about her today. Beside him, Belinda excitedly says it’s so nice to be young. xD

The Voyage Dance:

June 4

Meri decides to stay in the atelier today, but soon Ralf comes to inform her that the academy is calling all alchemists to gather at the port.. because Elkrone’s ocean liner is drowning. By the time the reach the port, the knights are busy rescuing the passengers while the adventurers are helping Niklaus to heal the casualties. Ralf then takes Meri to where the academy students gather, helping the lecturers to synthesize antidotes for those who need it. Clemens explains that some of the passengers got stung by Uni Jellyfish when they fall into the ocean, and he asks both Meri and Popote to make 12 sets of good quality antidotes. They accept the task and quickly get to work, while Ralf goes to synthesize a large number of medicines with Clemens. The knights managed to save most passengers since the ship is close enough to the port, but they still have one problem left. There was a passenger who helped the others to evacuate, but now that person is nowhere to be seen.. and according to Stefan, that person is actually Duke Rosenheim — who’s returning to Elkrone today. Laura mentions that her father always says it’s a Rosenheim’s duty to help people at the cost of their lives, so she’s prepared for the worst.

Rescuing Duke Rosenheim:

However, the person who returns to the port isn’t Duke Rosenheim. It’s a woman with a cane named Charlotte — the mayor’s secretary. The mayor had a change of plans, and so he’s still in the capital right now. After thanking everyone for saving her, Charlotte then invites the guys to have a meal in the mayor’s mansion as a sign of gratitude. Laura also asks them to help her walk since she has a bad leg, and Meri only watches everything in silence. Fren and Dirk then say they’ll take care of the port from here, and Meri returns home with Popote feeling left out. Her melancholy doesn’t last long though, because Charlotte soon comes to deliver a letter for Meri with Fren’s help. It’s from Mathias, and he attaches a passport along with his riddle-like letter. Charlotte explains that it was delivered to the mayor’s place in the capital, along with a message for her to deliver it straight to Meri. It seems that Mathias thought it would be the most secure way for the letter to reach her, but Charlotte noticed that the seal has been opened by someone — most likely from the black society. There are no signs of the letter itself being altered though, so it must be Mathias’ answer to Meri’s question. The passport probably means Meri should go out of Elkrone, and there must be a hint in the letter. A hint only Meri can figure out.

When Meri asks about her relationship with Mathias, Charlotte explains that Mathias helped her in the past. Five years ago, she had an accident and severely injured her leg. Mathias asked the doctors to heal Charlotte’s leg, and he placed her to work as Duke Rosenheim’s secretary until her leg heals. Unfortunately, it was impossible for her leg to heal. Charlotte won’t be able to walk without a cane and couldn’t fight with a sword anymore, but it was the first time she ever saw someone like Mathias — someone who’s willing to risk his life to help others. Upon hearing this, Meri realizes that Charlotte was actually the number one female knight in Elkrone. She used to be Mathias’ subordinate until the accident happened. Charlotte then tells Meri to be careful since the black society might have a spy in Elkrone, and she’s suspecting the closest person to Meri. In fact, she invited the guys to the mayor’s mansion she can put them under observation today. Charlotte also tells Meri that leaving Elkrone will be too dangerous, so she should bring someone else and hide the fact that it’s a journey to retrieve the last material for Aoi Wakkakka. From now on Charlotte will be working with Oyaji to manage requests for the adventurers, so Meri knows where to find her if she ever needs any help.

Right after Charlotte left, Heidi suddenly comes asking if Meri had a guest earlier. Meri tells her that Charlotte delivered a letter from Mathias, and she discusses the meaning of the letter with Heidi without suspecting anything. Even though Charlotte just said the spy might be someone close to her.. (´・ω・`) The letter says “wait until winter before you seek”, but Meri knows it’s not referring to real time since Popote’s request’s deadline is only until the Spirit Festival. From there, she concludes that the word “winter” is probably pointing to a location. Popote jokingly says Heidi loves Meri so much it seems like she’s observing Meri all the time, but Heidi quietly apologizes and changes the subject. She notices there’s a reference book sitting on the table, and she seems shaken when Popote says they took it from S.S. Dawn of Intelligence. Before leaving, Heidi gives Meri a hint about the letter — think in opposites. The letter has the words “winter” and “Schlissel, the Kingdom of Spring”, so the real meaning of the letter is for Meri to visit Vincestein, the Kingdom of Winter, this summer.

Following Charlotte’s suggestion earlier, Meri and Popote spend the rest of the day looking for a person who can accompany them during the journey. Sadly they can’t find anyone, and they return home feeling tired.. but they don’t have to worry. That night Heidi comes to visit again, and this time she brings another visitor along with her. It’s the closest person to Meri, and he immediately takes her on a carriage to Vincestein.

June 5-10

Journey to Vincestein:

June 14

Before bed, Popote comes to apologize to Meri. She won’t be able to see Margret and hear her song anymore since the Ancient Pendant has turned into Aokunai Wakkakka, but she tells him that they’re now one step closer to Aoi Wakkakka.. so she asks him not to look so sad. After a short silence, Popote reveals that the one who asked him to draw Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe was actually the elder fairy — saying it’s a memento. The elder fairy was the one who raised him and taught him a lot of things, ranging from cleaning up to alchemy. He told Popote to look for an alchemist who can make Aoi Wakkakka, saying the item will take Popote to other fairies so he won’t be alone anymore. This reminds Meri of the stories Margret told her a long time ago, and she realizes that Popote’s dream is to go to the world of the spirits. Aoi Wakkakka is most likely a key item that will take him there, so creating Aoi Wakkakka means she will have to say goodbye to him. However, Popote admits his wish is starting to crumble as he spends more time with Meri. He has changed ever since he started living with her. He’s not wishing to see his friends anymore, because for the current him, Meri is his family and the atelier is his home. That’s why Popote wants to put his request on hold for now. He wants to think about what the elder said, what this world means to him, and how he feels about everything — including about her.

The Spirit Festival Arc

June 15

In the morning, Popote asks if he can think about his request for a little longer. Meri says she understands.

June 17 – 18

Meri stays in the atelier with Popote all day.

June 20

Oyaji-san’s Long Friend
Client: Oyaji. Reward: 500 cole.

Oyaji refused to give Popote the details of this request, but eventually he comes to see Meri. He’s really reluctant and tries to leave soon after, and since he looks really down, she thinks he’s either having a stomachache or is really hungry but too embarrassed to say it. xD Just when Meri and Popote are about to make something for him, Oyaji stops them saying they’ve got the wrong idea.. and after a long silence which seems like forever, he finally asks them to do something about his head. He wants a certain something that he’s been seeking for a long time — hair! \(^o^)/ Meri has two alternatives here. She can either make a hair tonic or a wig for Oyaji. The first one leads to Meri synthesizing Sprout Hair Tonic, an extra strong tonic which will cause an explosion of hair on Oyaji’s head. Somehow Meri can sense a dangerous aura from the tonic, but Popote assures her that everything will be okay — with a suspicious smile on his face. Popote then hands the tonic to Oyaji, and ignoring Meri’s attempt to stop him, Oyaji happily pays for the tonic and dances out of the atelier. Just then Popote reveals that he actually mixed in some Flames to the tonic — so Oyaji can literally have an explosion of hair — and Meri immediately runs out to stop Oyaji before it’s too late.

Outside, Meri can hear a commotion throughout Realm Street. From Erhard, she learns that a suspicious monster has appeared in the weapon shop. Meri then decides to follow Erhard and Dirk to the weapon shop, where she finds them getting attacked by extremely long strands of black hair.. which obviously comes out from Oyaji’s head. Σ(゚□゚ノ)ノ!! Oyaji is extremely happy with his long hair though, and he says Meri is the best alchemist in the whole world for giving this beautiful hair to him. xD The hair keeps growing even if they cut it, and Meri explains that it regenerates by absorbing energy from Oyaji’s body. Soon enough he runs out of energy and collapses, so Erhard and Dirk use this chance to shave the poor guy’s hair all the way to the roots. It successfully stops the hair from regenerating, but sadly poor Oyaji is now bald again.. and that’s the end of Oyaji’s long “friend” LOL. They try to comfort him by saying a man isn’t all about his hair, but when Oyaji says he’ll shave them bald too, they flee from the weapon shop with extreme speed. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ For the next few days, Oyaji will chase Erhard, Dirk and Popote if he seems them nearby — still aiming to shave them bald.

If Meri decides to make a wig instead, Oyaji immediately refuses saying he has a vow to never ever wear a wig in his life. Not even if he’s completely bald.. like now. Oyaji wants to grow his own hair, not covering his head with other people’s hair. Besides, he’d die of embarrassment if people find out that he’s wearing a wig. Oyaji soon leaves saying they should forget about this request, but Meri then synthesizes a Living Wig — a.. well, living wig which will look really natural on his head. At first Oyaji still refuses, but he’s really impressed when he tries it on. It looks really good on his head, it’s as if his beautiful black hair are back. \(^o^)/ However, Oyaji then takes it off saying he can’t break his vow after all. He apologizes saying he can’t accept the wig, but when Meri sadly says she’ll destroy it at home, he suddenly changes his mind and takes the wig LOL. Then he forces them to accept the reward, not giving them any chance to ask for the reason. xD The next day, Meri and Popote catches the sight of a happy Oyaji secretly wearing the wig before opening the weapon shop — cheerfully singing about his beautiful hair. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

June 21

A Once-in-a-lifetime Love
Client: Dirk. Reward: 300 cole.

Dirk wants to request a potion for “relationships”. When Meri says she’s not taking requests for love potions, Dirk explains that he actually wants the opposite. He wants her to create a potion to make someone fall out of love. Popote asks if he’s going to use it on his love rivals, and Dirk says he wants to use it on a girl who fell in love with him. One of the girls he dated “for fun” has fallen in love with him, but he doesn’t feel the same — serious relationships are too heavy for him. While Popote and Oyaji are against this idea, Dirk says he feels sorry for the girl since he can’t return her feelings. After thinking for a while, Meri decides to turn down the request. She doesn’t want to use alchemy to play with people’s feelings, so if Dirk wants to break up with the girl, then he should tell her directly.. even if it’s going to hurt her feelings. However, Dirk then says he’ll dump the girl by saying he’s dating Meri instead. Upon hearing this, Oyaji rages, breaks the sword Dirk asked him to repair, and tells him to apologize to Meri. Otherwise he’ll kick Dirk out of the weapon shop forever LOL.

Just then Erhard comes to see what’s going on, and Dirk chases him out before things get even more complicated. Obviously because Erhard is just the same as Dirk, if not even more flirty. xD Erhard throws a kiss towards Meri before he leaves, and this causes Oyaji to rage even harder since the youngsters these days aren’t taking love seriously. He mentions that love isn’t supposed to be like this when he was younger, and this instantly piques Popote’s curiosity. Popote then asks if Oyaji has ever fallen in love before, which causes a very sad silence to flow in the weapon shop. (´・ω・`) Oyaji says the woman he loved didn’t reject him though. She left the city and never returned, but he’s satisfied as long as he can live with her memories. When Dirk says he could barely remember what he talked about with the girls he dated, Oyaji replies that’s what he gets for getting into shallow relationships. Oyaji didn’t stop nor chase after the girl he loved because they both had their own dreams, but he will always remember the words she told him back then: “Even if we’re apart, we’re always connected under this sky.” Both Meri and Dirk are really touched by Oyaji’s long-lasting love. Dirk admits that he’s still enjoying his life with the knights right now, so he’s not really interested in love.. but he wants to experience that kind of love too someday. He still finds it troublesome to dump the girl he dated though.

Seems like it will take a while before Dirk can find a serious, once-in-a-lifetime love. 8D;

June 22

Apple – Cheese – Jam War
Client: Marcel. Reward: 300 cole.

Food war part 3. Much to Ralf’s jealousy, Marcel submits a request for Meri’s trademark jam tarts. She used to bake jam tarts for her friends back in the academy, and now everyone in the dorm is missing those delicious jam tarts.. so Marcel decided to represent them and asks Meri to make 10 portions for them. When Popote asks why she loves jam tarts that much, Meri says it’s because the jam tart is her first original recipe. The inspiration came to her when she was picking some Krone Flowers, and she could hear their voices saying “please eat me” or “I taste good as a tart”. Popote thinks it was only an illusion caused by her hunger though. xD At noon, Meri brings her jam tarts to the academy and waits for Marcel by the entrance. Soon he comes to see her along with Ralf, Kaya and.. err, all the students in the academy. They’re all craving for Meri’s jam tarts, and before long, every single tart in the basket is gone. She feels bad since Marcel and Ralf got pushed into the background, but Marcel says he’ll send another request for her jam tarts later. He also whispers that she should make one for Ralf too, since Ralf was the first one who ran towards the entrance when she came with the tarts. (*´∀`*) Ralf then grumpily asks what they’re whispering about, and Meri says it’s a secret — causing him to burn in jealousy even more. xD

Not too long after that, Elie comes to deliver a cheesecake for Clemens. She gets excited the moment she learns about Meri’s jam tart, but that’s only until Marcel says Meri’s jam tart won’t lose to her cheesecake or Carl’s apple pie. Elie then challenges Meri on a battle to determine the best pâtisserie in Elkrone, and before Meri could refuse, Clemens appears and gives his full support. Probably because he still wants to eat more cheesecakes. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Elie then drags Meri to inform Carl about this, and poor Meri obviously has no choice but to accept the challenge LOL. At first Meri feels really down thinking she can never win against Carl and Elie, but she eventually regains her spirit thanks to Alex — who reminds her that they’re not making sweets for the sake of winning. That evening, the “Apple – Cheese – Jam War” takes place at the fountain plaza. Meri can choose to make either an apple tart, a cheese tart or her trademark jam tart, but making the first two will cause her to lose. After an hour, the war ends in a draw with the score of 40 for all participants. Just as Alex said, Elie and Carl actually don’t care about the result. They only want to make sweets together, and they really enjoyed the competition. The three of them then make a promise to deepen their knowledge in the path of sweets.. until Meri realizes that she’s an alchemist, not a pâtisserie. xD Carl invites them to the inn after that, and Elie drags Meri along to discuss more about sweets.

June 23

Departure Day
Client: Carla. Reward: n/a.

For some reason, Carla submits a request for Meri to come and eat Carl’s apple pie at the inn. When Meri asks if they want her to taste their new menu, Carla reveals that she only wants to eat her husband’s apple pie together with Meri. The inn’s regular customers are mostly men, so she wants to have an enjoyable teatime with Meri for once. At first Meri doesn’t get why Carla submitted a request instead of asking her normally, but then she realizes that Carla is using the request to make sure Meri has time to relax. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Just then Marie enters the inn in a rush — though she still has time to snatch a slice of Carl’s apple pie — and she informs them that she will leave Elkrone tomorrow morning. Someone saw her partner in the western land, so it’s time for her to pack up and regroup with her partner. Marie hasn’t fulfilled her promise to examine Meri’s creation yet, but she gives Meri a bunch of ingredients saying she can’t bring everything on her journey.. though sadly most of them are already rotten LOL. Meri then wonders if she can make something useful for Marie, and after thinking for a while, she takes Popote back to the atelier. It’s her last chance to show her creation to Marie, so she decides to go with her specialty — a jam tart made from the heart.

June 24

Early in the morning, Meri catches up with Marie at the Austen Gate and gives the jam tart to her. Upon smelling the delicious scent of Krone Flower Jam, Marie says the tart has Elkrone’s scent. She knows the tart must be delicious, and Meri says it was made with her alchemy. Or rather, their alchemy — hers and Popote’s. It turns out Marie also has something for Meri, and she fulfills her promise by giving Meri a cute bomb with flower prints on it. Marie says it’s the best bomb she ever made, and she proves it by throwing the bomb — spreading rainbow all over the city. Meri feels sad thinking she probably won’t see Marie again, but Marie tells her to believe in every single possibility. It’s their duty as an alchemist. As long as they’re not giving up, nothing in this world is impossible for them. Marie then promises to visit Elkrone again with her partner, and Meri sends her off as she walks out of the gate — continuing her journey.

June 27 – 29

Meri stays in the atelier with Popote all day.

June 30

The Spirit Festival Eve:

July 1

Today is the Spirit Festival. Since it’s Popote’s first time seeing the Spirit Festival, Meri decides to take him for a walk around the town.

Meri’s guy is watching over the atelier for Meri and Popote.

The Singing Bird Inn
Fren and Dirk are fighting over food as usual. After giving cookies and vegetable rolls for Meri and Popote, Carl reminds Meri that Ralf is also a really good cook. Since Meri is busy managing her atelier, Carla says a man who can take care of the house will be perfect for her. In other words, they will always wait for Meri to join their family by marrying their son. xD If Meri asks Fren and Dirk if they have any recommendations about places to visit during the festival, Dirk will recommend the Summer Goddess Contest while Fren suggests watching the annual battle tournament. Last year Johann and Erhard fought each other in the final round, and they ended up destroying the whole stage. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! After receiving a long and sarcastic lecture from Niklaus, the knights got scolded by “Demon Mathias” in their headquarters.. while the adventurers had to face Oyaji’s rage in the weapon shop. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

Oyaji’s Weapon Shop
This is the adventurers’ first time running an event for the Spirit Festival, and they’re holding a Broom Wrestling Tournament for women only. The men of Elkrone have their battle tournament every year, so Charlotte decided to run a tournament for women too. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ If Meri asks Oyaji and Charlotte if they have any recommendations about places to visit during the festival, Oyaji will recommend visiting the port and the church, while Charlotte suggests visiting the inn for their Spirit Festival exclusive menu. Charlotte also mentions that Johann went out to see a special someone today, and Meri quickly gags Popote before he reveals that Johann’s “special someone” is actually her. (❤ฺ→艸←) If Meri talks to Charlotte, she tells them about how her old festival days with the knights. Apparently Fren and Dirk used to fight violently in the past, and she was the one who stopped them along with Johann. If Meri decides to participates in the Broom Wrestling Tournament, she has to fight against the Sick Brooms that she synthesized for them LOL. They’re counting how many brooms participants can take, and Meri becomes the new champion — breaking Heidi’s record of 20 brooms. xD

Elkrone Port
Oswald is firing the salutes in the port, and he asks if Popote and Meri wants to try firing one. If Meri asks about the meaning behind the salutes, Oswald explains that it’s a tradition to mark the beginning and the end of the Spirit Festival. It also has another meaning, which is to erase bad luck with the loud sound of explosion. Oswald then says Meri is being too diligent, and he tells her to just enjoy the festival instead of learning today. He already cancelled his afternoon classes so his students can have fun, though he feels bad that he couldn’t do the same thing when she was still in the academy. Oswald also admits that he actually felt down when Meri decided to run an atelier instead of continuing her studies, but now he feels proud whenever he hears people praising her atelier. If Meri tries firing the salutes, Oswald tells them the right timing to fire it. Meri is amazed at how beautiful it is, though Popote is more impressed at how cool Oswald sounds when he says “fire!” xD

Three-Star General Store
Anna wants to show the Spirit Festival to Monika, so the general store is closed today. Just then Monika suddenly says “Mama”, and Anna happily reveals that Monika has started talking since yesterday. Monika then says “Po-Popoto” as she shakes Popote’s hand, and Anna says it seems like she’s thinking of Popote as her big brother — much to his joy. Anna invites them to walk around the festival together tomorrow, and they gladly accept the invitation.

Vollmont Church
The orchestra group is present at the church today, singing sacred hymns for the festival. If Meri talks to Niklaus, he explains that they’re praying for Elkrone’s peace and prosperity. Their hymns can’t rival the powerful songs of “singing alchemists”, but they actually have a strange power as well. Just by singing the hymns, bad feelings and ill intents will be erased from their hearts. If Meri and Popote decide join the orchestra, they sing along until the orchestra ends.. though sadly it doesn’t go that well.

Fountain Plaza
The fountain plaza is full of people, and Popote nearly got carried away by the crowd. Alois is accepting entries for the Summer Goddess Contest here, which is a beauty contest for all the women of Elkrone. If Meri talks to Alois, he explains about the origin of the contest. A long time ago the kingdom suffered from a long drought, and people chose one girl to offer a dance for the summer goddess and ask for the rain to fall down. The winner of last year’s contest was Belinda, which isn’t surprising at all considering her beauty. Both Alois and Popote agree that Meri would gain a lot of vote if she participates, but she refuses saying it’s impossible for her to join the contest. If Meri decides to submit a vote for the participants, she can choose to vote for Belinda, Laura, Anna, Heidi, Carla, Charlotte, Elie or Miranda.

Goddess Closet
For the first day of the Spirit Festival, Goddess Closet is having a 50% sale on all items. If Meri talks to Belinda, she shows them this year’s auction item — a pretty decoration signed by the six most good-looking guys in the city. Popote wonders how did she collect those signatures, but Belinda only smiles saying she’s called “Stolz Hill’s Demon” for a good reason. If Meri talks to Miranda, she shows them some fairy clothes that she made. Some of their customers have seen Popote walking around the city, and they’re requesting the same model for their children. Miranda then asks if she can put the fairy clothes up for sale, which obviously makes Popote happy. She also gives one as a present for Meri, but Meri decides to wear it at home since it’s really short. xD If Meri says she wants to shop, Popote buys a pretty bird choker for her with his pocket money. It’s a sign of gratitude for always taking care of him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Before moving on to other areas, Alex suddenly comes to tell Meri that something is happening in the atelier. He then takes her to hide near the atelier, and that’s why they see Junger VIII — leading a bunch of black society members. Junger VIII says he’s here to close down the atelier because Meri is using a dangerous alchemy, but all the residence of Realm Street are 1000% on Meri’s side. They all know Meri is always working hard to help people, so they won’t allow Junger VIII to cause any troubles in her atelier. If he doesn’t stop bothering her, he will have to face them. However, Junger VIII then takes out an official order to close down Meri’s atelier — issued directly by the king of Schlissel. The royal family thinks Meri is a huge threat for them, because back in the ancient times, an evil singing alchemist completely destroyed the whole country. Or so he says. It’s only a baseless assumption made by the black society, but sadly the king is paranoid enough to believe it. In order to prevent the black society from hurting the citizens, Meri comes out of her hiding and says they’re free to examine if there’s any problems with her alchemy. She says she doesn’t mind even if they close down her atelier, but Popote then comes out to stop them. Meri still has to fulfill his request before the Spirit Festival ends, and the only ones who can make Aoi Wakkakka is Meri and him. “Students” and “kings” won’t do, and it “won’t work” even if they have the “materials” and an “atelier” — Popote needs Meri. Junger VIII agrees under the condition that Popote comes along with them, and despite Meri’s protests, Popote says he doesn’t mind. He believes she will make Aoi Wakkakka for him, and she should believe in him too.

Late at night, Junger VIII suddenly comes to visit the atelier. He hands Popote’s notebook to Meri, as well as delivering a message from Popote. Popote will buy some time by convincing the king to let Meri run her atelier, so Meri shoud use this chance wisely. Meri remembers that Junger VIII tried to protect her too back in S.S. Dawn of Intelligence, and she asks about who he really is. He whispers that it was her who “saved” him, but he quickly leaves saying they will never meet again. When Junger VIII returns to the ship after that, Junger XV slaps him for disobeying the order. He was actually ordered to capture Meri, and Junger XV knows that he didn’t fail — he protected her on purpose. Popote, who’s now inside the ship too, says Junger XV is the worst for treating his own friend like a tool, but Junger XV calmly says he’s aware of that. He also admits that while Margret’s alchemy is like a light that gives hope to people, his alchemy is like a darkness that spreads fear. Junger VIII angrily asks if that’s why he’s taking his revenge on Meri as Margret’s successor, but Junger XV says no. Margret refused to work with them, but she still tried to help them until the very last second of her life.. and that’s when Popote realizes that Junger XV is the one responsible for Margret’s death. Junger XV is fully aware that Junger VIII and Popote are working together to protect Meri, so he locks them up in the ship’s atelier and leaves — saying he still has one last job for Meri.

Meanwhile, Meri regrets letting Popote got taken away. She’s flipping through the drawings in his notebook when a page of doodles falls out, and it gives her the last hint she’s looking for. It’s a drawing of Meri and Popote, holding Aokunai Wakkakka at the stonehenge on the top of Strauss Hill. However, there’s a difference between the drawing and the real scenery of the hill. In the drawing, the flowers and the moon are all blue.

July 2

In the morning, Meri finds a brief note from her guy in the mailbox. He says he’ll do something about the black society, so she can leave them to him and do what she needs to do. Meri then decides to go to Straus Hill — hoping she can figure out the hint Popote left for her — but she notices some members of the black society are tailing her along the way. Before Meri leaves Realm Street, Carla chases after her saying Monika has a high fever. Unfortunately the church is closed during the Spirit Festival, so she wants Meri to check Monika’s condition. When Meri agrees, Carla quickly drags her to the general store — where Anna explains that everything is only an act. They’re helping Meri so she can leave the city without being tailed, and soon Oyaji comes with a carriage to “take the goods he requested” — an excuse so he can take Meri out of the city. The Austen Gate is heavily guarded by the black society, but everyone else helps clearing the way.. by throwing Clemens’ bombs at the guards and taking them to the knights’ headquarters as “witnesses” to a bomb incident. Poor things. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Thanks to their cooperation, Oyaji manages to take Meri to Strauss Hill.

After letting Meri out of the carriage, Oyaji reveals that the residence of Realm Street couldn’t do anything when Margret died. The black society took care of everything after her death, and they didn’t even get the chance to bid her farewell. Ever since Margret’s death, Oyaji always thought he can’t do anything because it’s an issue that can only be solved by alchemists.. but when Meri came to reopen Margret’s empty atelier, he realized that he was wrong. It’s not that they can’t do anything. They were just using their difference as an excuse not to do anything. Everyone in Realm Street received courage when they saw Meri reopening the atelier without complaining, and that’s why they’re protecting her with their everything.

Sadly this moment is interrupted by Junger XV, who suddenly throws a poisonous dagger at Meri. Oyaji takes the hit to protect her, which sadly causes his entire body to be paralyzed by the poison. When Meri asks why he keeps doing cruel things like this, Junger XV answers it’s because they’re different. Even though they’re both alchemists, Meri draws people’s hearts while he only receives fear — just like light and darkness. However, Meri clearly answers that she doesn’t think so. There’s a heart in everything, and if there’s really a difference between them, it must be because he doesn’t listen to his own heart. Sadly Junger XV doesn’t believe her, and he asks her to create Aoi Wakkakka with him instead. They’re both Margret’s “former students”, so they will be insanely powerful if they work together. Before Junger XV could get his hands on Meri, suddenly Mathias appears to protect her daughter — as the Kingdom Sword. Meri accidentally calls him “father”, but Mathias says he knows about Junger XV’s real identity too. They both have things they want to protect, and so Mathias tells Meri to go while he takes care of Junger XV here.

By the time Meri reaches Strauss Hill, the entire hill is covered with blue flowers.. and the blue moon is shining in the sky. On the very top of the hill, she finds the stonehenge in the drawing. From the letters on the stonehenge, Meri realizes that Popote needs to put Aokunai Wakkakka onto her finger — just like what the first alchemist in history did. She instantly regrets coming here alone, but she doesn’t have to worry.. because her guy and Junger VIII already rescued Popote from S.S. Dawn of Intelligence and took him all the way to Strauss Hill. At first Popote is unsure if it’s okay for him to do it, but he finally accepts the role as Meri’s partner — the one who always believes in her and supports her all the time. The moment Popote puts the ring on Meri’s finger, the gem on the ring starts responding to the blue moonlight. Meri realizes that the blue moonlight is the last material required to make Aoi Wakkakka, and with Popote’s help, she finally synthesizes Aoi Wakkakka by using the “singing alchemy” — just like Margret. The ring then envelops them in a bright light, and it takes them to the world of the spirits.

The first one who greets them in the world of the spirits is the elder fairy, followed by a really familiar voice revealing that the elder is actually the king of the fairies. He was disappointed in humans and took all the fairies to this world, but sometimes he visits the human world to test the bond between fairies and humans. When Meri turns around to see the owner of the voice, she finds Margret standing in front of her eyes. Meri thought her grandmother passed away a long time ago, but Margret actually faked her death on purpose in order to train Meri into a fine “singing alchemist”. Everyone can become one too as long as they study properly, train their hearts and keep helping others, but sadly most people won’t believe this. Margret also reveals that the black society has been targeting her and her family for a long time, and so she tried to protect Meri by faking her death — hoping they will stop bothering Meri after she’s gone. That was also why Mathias moved around a lot when Meri was younger. It was all to protect her. Margret says the black society also has their own reason though, and she asks Meri not to blame them too much.

Reunion with Margret:

As a sign of gratitude, the king of fairies then invites Meri and Popote to live in the world of the spirits — knowing they can heal the hearts of the ancient fairies. At first Popote is overjoyed because he can finally live among the fairies, but Meri can’t feel the same. Leaving the human world means she won’t be able to see her guy and her friends anymore. After thinking about this, Meri eventually decides to stay in the human world. Popote instantly changes his decision too, but Meri tells him not to lie to his own heart. He will always be her family, her number one partner even if they’re apart, but he can only meet his fairy friends in the world of the spirits. Refusing the offer also means Meri won’t be able to see Popote and Margret anymore, but her decision stands firm. Her heart truly lies in Elkrone, and that’s where she’s going to stay. Upon hearing this answer, Margret says Meri can always come to the world of the spirits when she becomes an old grandma like her someday. For now, she only wants Meri to live a happy life, get married, then have a lot of children and grandchildren. Before the path to the world of the spirits vanishes, Popote kisses Meri saying he really, really loves her. This isn’t the end for the two of them, and they believe that they will meet again someday.

At the same time, a nostalgic wind carries the blue flower petals throughout Elkrone.


First of all, I’m sorry if this post is confusing. I promise I will add all the missing details as soon as possible. m(_ _)m Some of you might think it’s not necessary to write a separate post for the common route, but I want to dedicate a post for Popote and the sub-characters. Everyone in Elkrone has such charming personalities, and it would be a waste if they don’t get as much attention as the main guys. (☆´;ω;p)p Especially Popote. His bond with Meri is as important as her bond with the guys, and the main plot of the game is just like a route for Popote.. or at least that’s what I think. I keep hearing complains about Popote’s high-pitched voice, but he’s seriously lovable and supportive. How could anyone hate him? (○・`Д´・○)

As for the black society, I sort of figured out their identities along the way.. but let’s see if the truth will be revealed in someone’s route. Junger VIII’s identity is especially obvious though. xD


23 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Common Route

  1. Whoaa, could never expected that common route is very long! But I like how Popote is charming and cute. He behaves cute without faking it (and the seiyuu is well-voicing him, I also like Meri’s voice). I couldn’t read it all because I haven’t reach some part but I love the atmosphere in this game, even if I’m just in the beginning. All the guys’ personality is well-made and every sub-chara are interesting to know. I guess it’ll take many times to end it for me though…

    • It’s just as expected from GUST actually. xD
      They write good and long stories with a perfect balance between serious and comedic moments. The atmosphere is very Atelier too. (*´∀`*) Despite what people say, I find Popote seriously adorable. He’s mischievous, but he does his best to help Meri.. and it’s so touching how he finds a place to belong in her. Elkrone has a thick volume indeed, but that’s because it has a well-written story and charming characters inside. I hope you’ll finish the game too as a fellow Atelier fan, even though it might take time. :D

      • Yup. I won’t neglect it for much until I’ve gather my mood again. And I don’t know why they can compare Popote with Orion ‘coz they’re different. I find Popote is cute from inside while Orion is just cute at his appearance. Orion’s behavior doesn’t look cute at all (maybe for his joke?).

        I like every characters, espc the main guy here. They have their own unique personality and secret. That’ll make me confuse to choose the most favorite before I can grab their real story.

        • People are comparing Popote to Orion because both of them are young sidekicks. Most people had no problems with Orion because he sounds older, but they can’t stand Popote’s high-pitched voice. I think it’s cute though, so that makes me feel a bit sad.. ; v ; As for personality, both Orion and Popote are equally sarcastic and supportive at the same time. xD

  2. Thank you for this summary! /o/ half the requests are food-related ww. I really like Popote too, I don’t understand how anyone can hate someone so adorable (q v q) and I got the sense that all the side characters were important in the story, the scenario was well-written! I am curious about the dark society, I don’t feel like I understood his goals…I wonder if Clemens route is closer to the truth? XD I don’t know if I want to play his route LOL.

    I’m really glad you love this game too, I wonder how well-received it is? /wants a fandisk alreadyyy

    • Ahh thanks for commenting! ♥
      Now that you mention it, there are a lot of food-related requests indeed lol. They have like 3 food wars, and 2 of them have 2 sides.. that’s already 5 quests there. xD Most people who hate Popote can’t stand his voice, and that makes me a bit sad since he’s such an adorable partner. ; v ; The Atelier series often give roles or background stories to sub-characters, so I’m keeping my eyes open for details. From the reviews I’ve read, it seems like Stephan’s route is the closest to the truth? But I feel that Clemens holds a lot of juicy details too. xD

      A lot of people on Amazon are raging that Elkrone isn’t “Atelier enough”, but 2ch and Japanese bloggers seems to have positive opinions. I hope it sells well though.. and fandisk please! I’m far from done with the game, but yesss fandisk come here! カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ)

  3. Flower Festival Arc: LOOOOL alchemist-loving Stephan, but Ralf hating alchemy… ;;; and LMAO Clemens as always!

    How dare those fairies hate on Popote! D< He's cute, cute and most of all he's cute! Did I mention he's cute? 8D //bricked Other than that, he can do some skills.

    “Where there is light, there will always be shadow. Where there is a cute girl, there will always be her boyfriend. That sad situation aside, Elkrone’s Red Flash, Erhard is here!” << LOL Erhard! I'm interested in knowing him more now. LMAO Stephan, you really have to accompany the atmosphere with appropriate music. xD

    For some odd reason, I keep on reading Junger as Hunger. |D

    Port Festival Arc: (@盆@) finally made an appearance~ @v@ If only I can taste Ralf's creation too. |D LOL bald Oyaji!

    Awww Popote ;w; Can I hug you? He's mischievous, but not selfish.

    Spirit Festival Arc: LOL Oyaji again! I can't imagine a bald Erhard, Dirk, and Popote. xD;

    I can see a jealous Nyof I mean Ralf. A__________A Ralf you're also nice for watching over the atelier for Meri and Popote.

    Awww Popote again! ;;A;; Don't worry you'll see Meri again someday when she becomes older. ;u; Also yeah, Hunger VIII's identity is obvious. xD //seriously mocking the name

    • Oh, I never stated it here but Popote is really good with his hands. He can sew, cook, wash laundry and even clean up the bath with Meri. Plus he’s super cute! (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Since Stephan is a musician, he mainly appears to enhance the atmosphere by playing a battle theme LOL. Erhard is such a ball of laughs along with Clemens, and I hope they will be this entertaining by the time I enter their routes later. xD

      ..and you’re not the only one.
      I keep thinking The Hunger Games too. /shot

      Oyaji is very sensitive about his bald head, so calling him “bald” so blatantly is like a very painful insult LOL. That’s one of the reasons I love Popote though. He might be mischievous and sarcastic, but he clearly cares a lot about everyone around him. Especially Meri.

      As for that atelier part, I’m not sure if Ralf will watch over the atelier in every route or is that a role for Meri’s guy. If it’s the latter, I’ll have to fix that part later. 8D; ..and for the ending with Popote, you’ll get a pleasant surprise once I post Nyof Ralf’s route later. A_______A

      • I love the lulz in this game! |D

        The black society became mad because of their hunger. //bricked

        I hope there will be more sidekicks like Popote. Aside from being cute and dependable, they should be really helpful. 8D

        I’m reading Ralf’s route now. A__________A

        • Yeah, they really should make more sidekicks like Popote. A lot of people seem to think that having a sidekick = getting cockblocked when it comes to romance, but Popote can read the atmosphere really well. Unless he’s disturbing them on purpose. 8D

  4. o.O a common route is very long. But this game has a nice story (≧∇≦)/

    Now I understand what you has said about Dirk’s personality lol. He is the type who dates a girl for fun. But seeing your review, I really want him to be pursuable (#^.^#) . I want to see his reaction/attitude when he falls in love with someone lol. And just like you said, teach him about a love (≧∇≦)/

    And Erhard, I think I love him more and more xD

    • Indeed, but that’s to be expected actually.
      Visual novel or not, Elkrone is an Atelier game after all. xD

      You know, after seeing Dirk’s quest.. I wish we can capture him and teach him what it feels to be in love for real. It’s always fun bringing an ex-womanizer back to the right path. ( ≖‿≖) Since he’s not capturable here, I’m wishing for a FD / sequel where he’s one of the available guys. They can also use said FD / sequel to explain all the plotholes in this game, maybe with a new heroine to create a different perspective. 8D

      /imagination goes out of control

  5. Man…I need to get this game soon! (Oh…my never ending backlog.) The way your wrote the gen route does sound like Popote’s route! LOL because reading this I felt like…screw the guys! Meri x Popote is this game’s OTP LOL

    • Don’t worry about your backlog Hazuki, mine is a blackhole too. 8D
      I actually wrote the common route this way on purpose, because Popote needs all the love he can get LOL. His bond with Meri is like the main highlight of the central plot, so we can’t leave him out. He plays an equally large role as the main guys! Heck, even Mathias thinks he’s the most reliable one out of the whole bunch. xD

    Actually when I was reading this I had to switch back and forth between Rath’s route and here LOL. I had two windows open for them, and a third window for my manga xD; Anyway, I’ve managed to grasp the storyline much better, but… POPOTE ( i _ i ) -rolls around on the floor crying- MY POPOTE. GIVE ME A FANDISK NOWWWW. WITH A ROUTE FOR POPOTE ((((;゚Д゚))))))) Or else I’ll kill anybody in my way /rage
    I’m so sorry, the ending made me cry so hard. Popote was too adorable so many times andandand… -cries more-
    Margret’s love for Meri is quite heartwarming though, she’s very wise huh? I like how she did everything to protect Meri. ;v;
    I love the plot BUT WHY DO YOU MAKE POPOTE STAY THERE?! I mean that was the whole plot BUT I LOVED HIM SO MUCH 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I’m just gonna bawl my eyes out over him now. OTL

    • Charlotte mentioned that the spy is someone close to Meri right? Didn’t a certain best friend came to see Meri after that? ..and as for Junger XV’s identity, did you remember who first have the familiar reference book from S.S. Dawn of Intelligence? Those are the hints I’ve picked up so far. xD

      Your reaction is basically how I felt by the end of July 2 LOL.

      • Oh yeah, I suspected Heidi as the spy, but that was it OTL … I’m sorry, I don’t remember 8D; /shot
        But the one I’m most curious about is Junger VIII ( ;´Д`) I’m such a failure at guessing. Sheesh.
        LOL nice to see we think alike xD

        • LOL I think so. It’s not as clear as Heidi = Junger VIII, but all the hints are pointing towards him. Like the reference book. Or the overall image of his stand-ins and voice. xD

  7. Such a long common route. It took me forever to skim through this (probably because I always had something else to do), hahaha… ha.

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted this game or not, but now I wish I had it. |D Popote looks so cute that I just want to hug him forever!

    • LOL I’m sorry for cramming nearly every single detail. Elkrone is such a great game, I don’t want people to miss anything. xD I wish more people would play this game since everything is so well-written, and Popote is adorable indeed.

      • But it was the amount of detail that made me sure I have to have this game in my collection to play it someday when I have time, so it’s not a bad thing. xD It’s just actually having time to read the details take forever. I’m so bad at reading things on a computer screen since I usually end up with painfully tired eyes pretty quickly. (=A=) (But games with tiny text in languages I’m far from fluent in goes really well… My eyes will forever amaze me on that matter.)

        • Oh, glad to hear that! xD A lot of people are complaining about Elkrone, but it’s a really good game.. I hope it gets more love, because I’m not even done with the game yet and I’m already wishing for a fandisk. 8D; My eyes grow tired rather quickly too in front of the PC, but just like you, they seem to be fine even if I game like 12 hours a day lol.

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