Atelier Elkrone – Johann

At first I only had moderate interest in Johann, but everything changed the moment he appears in-game. This route gives me all the ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ I could ever ask for. Seriously.

Johann is the strongest adventurer in Elkrone, who has the amazing request completion rate of 100%. From mediating a married couple’s arguments to exterminating monsters, he always takes his job seriously regardless of the scale and reward. Because of his diligent and humble personality, the citizens trust him a lot and call him “everyone’s Johann”. For some reason he’s keeping a safe distance away from people, but he loves animals and can talk to them.

The Flower Festival Arc

May 7

The Weapon Shop’s Decoration
Client: Johann. Reward: 100 cole.

In Elkrone, people put flower decorations to express their gratitude towards spring during the Flower Festival. The weapon shop needs those flower decorations, and so Johann asks Meri to make one for them. It might be simple task that doesn’t require alchemy, but Margret used to make gorgeous decorations for them each year. Johann then accompanies Meri to collect the flowers in Strauss Hill, but Meri sadly apologizes and admits that she has no idea about what kind of decorations she should make. Upon hearing this, Johann says they’re not asking Meri to make the same decoration as the ones Margret used to make. They only want her to make a decoration which fit their image as adventurers, with her own way. This finally gives her an inspiration, and she synthesizes a Krone Flower Ball for them. Since Popote says it’s too cute for the adventurers, Meri then dyes it black to match their image — using the color of Johann’s eyes as the base. Oyaji is obviously surprised when she comes with the black flower ball, but Johann says he loves it. Especially after he learns the reason why she dyed it black. (*´∀`*)

May 8

In the morning, Johann comes to visit the atelier. He seems to love Meri’s flower ball a lot, and he’s wondering if she can make one for his house too. When she takes him inside and makes one for him, he happily accepts it saying it’ll make a certain someone happy. After he leaves, Popote wonders if Johann has a family back at home.. but Meri doesn’t know anything about him. Not even where he lives. Popote thinks everything about Johann is shrouded in mystery, but Meri says it’s simply because they never had any chance to ask him about these stuff.

May 9

Arrival of the Equipment-change Boom
Client: Oyaji. Reward: 300 cole.

Recently changing equipments is booming among the adventurers, and Oyaji is running out of weapon parts since everyone’s ordering new equipments. For some reason, Meri and Popote find Laura in the weapon shop when they come to see Oyaji.. but she asks them not to mind her presence. When Johann and Fren return from their missions, Oyaji explains that he wants Meri to synthesize a material for Fren’s new sword. If Fren has any specific requests, then he should discuss it with Meri since said material will determine the sword’s properties.Fren then hands his extremely heavy sword to Meri, and he says that he wants this level of height and strength. Johann seems interested in this, but when Oyaji suggests him to request a weapon material from Meri too, he replies that he’s already satisfied with his current weapon. Besides, Oyaji already made an awesome sword for him recently. Popote then asks if he can’t change weapons based on his mood, but Johann answers swords grow used to their holder’s hands with more usage. They can’t change weapons that easily. Especially not with the sword he’s using now.

Since Meri needs to gather materials for the weapon part, Fren says he’ll accompany her out of the city. It’s for his weapon after all. Beside them, Laura tells Johann that she needs a new dress to greet the mayor’s guests. She asks him to accompany her for a shopping trip, but he remains silent before eventually asking Fren to trade places instead. He’s going to guard Meri, and Fren can accompany Laura to Goddess Closet. Laura is really surprised and insists that she wants Johann to keep her company, but he firmly refuses saying he has absolutely zero interest in fashion. He says he won’t be able to provide much help, and guarding people suits him better anyway. After asking Laura to accept his decision, Johann takes Meri and Popote to gather heavy metals in the abandoned Mulvey Mine. Meri feels bad since Laura looks really sad, but Oyaji tells her not to mind.. because it happens all the time with Johann. Instead, Oyaji wants them to be very careful since there are rumors about a mysterious “tempting voice of darkness” in the mine.

Upon entering the mine, the first thing they notice is that it’s awfully quiet inside. Popote is a bit disappointed since he wants to see Johann fighting monsters, but Johann promises to protect them no matter what happens. Meri soon finds a mysterious metal, but suddenly they hear an eerie voice calling out to them — it’s the rumored “tempting voice of darkness”. Johann seems to recognize the mysterious voice though, and soon the whole mine starts shaking as a giant demon dragon appears before them. Johann quickly whistles to call a little bird — the one they saved in Sunlight Forest — and he asks the bird to take both Meri and Popote out of the mine. However, the dragon suddenly lunges to attack them. Johann shields Meri and Popote just in time, but sadly the hit causes a rockfall to injure him. Ignoring their worries, he only asks them to run out of the mine as soon as possible. As for him, he’s going to stay and fight the dragon. Dragons can sense thosee who have slayed their kind before, and it would be hard to escape from them.. so his only choice is to fight. Meri is worried about his safety considering the mine is narrow with a rocky ground, but Johann asks her to believe in him. After promising that he will return, he asks Popote to take her out. The moment they disappear from his sight, Johann draws his black sword — the one he used to slay the poison dragon — and fights the demon dragon in front of him.

Outside, Meri is wondering if there’s anything she can do to help Johann. She then takes out a page from Popote’s notebook and writes a letter, asking the little bird to take it to Oyaji. Popote asks if she’s calling help because she thinks Johann is going to lose, but Meri says it’s not that she doesn’t believe in him. It’s just that whenever she thinks about how Johann is fighting the dragon all by himself, she can’t leave him alone. Since Johann doesn’t come out after a while, Meri and Popote eventually decide to see what’s happening inside.. but right before they enter the mine, suddenly they hear a dragon’s cry followed by a loud crash. Meri screams Johann’s name in fear, but soon he comes out asking what happened. They instantly feel relieved upon seeing him alive, and he’s glad to see them unharmed too. Not too long after that, Fren comes to see what’s happening. He’s surprised to see Johann doing okay, and then he shows them the contents of Meri’s letter: “Help! Johann-san got buried under a dragon and is fighting rocks right now!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Apparently she was too panicked to write properly. xD

After returning to the city, Meri apologizes to everyone for causing such a commotion. Aside from writing a confusing letter, she also caused Fren to leave Laura earlier. Johann asks her not to apologize since he actually feels happy, but he wants her to believe that he will always protect what he wants to protect. Meri and Popote return to the atelier after that, where they learn that the mysterious metal from earlier is actually an Aizen Steel — a rare metal containing the power of the spirits. Meri then uses it to synthesize an Ingot, and she goes to deliver it to Oyaji. Meri finds Laura having tea in the weapon shop, but when she tries to apologize, Laura coldly tells Meri not to disturb her. Oyaji then forges a new sword for Fren by using the Ingot, and when Fren says “it’s a bit light”, Johann tells him to express his opinions clearly since Meri is clearly concerned about his feedback. Fren thanks Meri saying it’s a great sword, and he’s looking forward to grow used to his new sword. As the payment, Oyaji gives Meri 5000 cole for the rare Ingot.

However, Laura suddenly asks if Meri is done with her business here — indirectly telling her to leave already. Meri apologizes for calling Fren earlier, but Laura answers that she doesn’t care about Fren. Despite Johann’s attempt to explain, Laura starts blaming Meri for escaping and leaving Johann alone in the mine earlier. She says they should have cancelled the entire thing and escape together, but Johann replies that she has no right to blame Meri because she doesn’t know what actually happened. Laura argues by saying Elkrone needs Johann, and as the mayor’s representative, she’s going to make sure that he won’t accept “foolish” requests anymore. Johann asks if she’s abusing her father’s power to interfere with his job, and Laura says yes. Fearing that an argument will occur between them, Meri tells Johann that Laura has a point. The citizens of Elkrone trust him a lot, so it might be better if he starts setting up work priorities. When Johann says he wants to do his best to fulfill every single request that comes to him, Meri replies that Laura has been waiting for him even before she came to the weapon shop. If he takes requests based on order, then he should have taken Laura’s request and not hers. Upon hearing this, Johann eventually smiles saying he lost to Meri. After apologizing to Laura, he explains that he was bothered by the rumored mysterious voice. He had a very bad feeling when Meri said she’s going to the mine, and so he decided to prioritize her safety.

Unfortunately, it’s not the end yet. When Laura asks Johann to choose a dress for her next time, he answers that fashion is actually Erhard’s safety. Meri agrees and suggests inviting Erhard whenever she needs to go shopping, but sadly this only causes Laura to sulk saying she only wants Johann and not anyone else. Laura then accuses Meri of trying to pull them apart, and she accidentally spills the hot tea on the table onto Meri’s leg. While Oyaji asks Fren to get water for her, Johann takes off Meri’s shoe and starts treating her leg. Meri holds back saying she can make a medicine for herself at home, but Johann only asks her to stay still and keeps compressing her injured leg. Luckily the wound isn’t serious, and Johann tells Laura to apologize to Meri.. but instead of apologizing, she screams that she didn’t do anything wrong and runs off. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Johann then apologizes to Meri in Laura’s place, but noticing that Laura is crying, Meri tells him to chase after her. Not too long after Johann walks out, Meri asks Fren and Oyaji about his relationship with Laura. Fren only answers that “it’s complicated”, while Oyaji says Johann is like a guardian who watches over Laura during the mayor’s absence. Nobody wants Laura to become a spoiled person when she grows up, and Johann is putting a distance between them so she won’t be too dependent on him.

May 12

Today is a day off, and Meri decides to relax at home with Popote. During their teatime, Johann comes to invite them for a walk outside. Johann asks them to go shopping with him today, and then he takes them to Goddess Closet — where he asks Belinda to choose a pair of shoes for Meri. This causes Belinda to get excited thinking Johann is dating Meri, but he calmly explains that it’s not the reason. Meri’s shoes were stained when Laura spilled tea on her leg, and so he wants to buy a new pair of shoes for her.. much to Belinda’s disappointment LOL. Popote is relieved though, because for a very brief moment he thought Johann is trying to bribe Meri with presents. Just like how Erhard plays around with all the girls in Elkrone. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ At first Meri feels bad since she already washed off the stain anyway, but since Belinda and Popote keep telling her to accept Johann’s offer, in the end she gives in. xD

Miranda is actually busy with her new design today, but she comes out to the shop just to see Meri. Just like Belinda, she gets excited to hear that Johann is buying a pair of shoes for Meri.. and Belinda stops them from explaining because it will only disappoint her anyway. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Miranda shows them her shoes collection, Meri is amazed to see a shelf full of glittery pretty shoes and sandals. Since she has trouble choosing, Belinda then asks Johann to pick a pair of shoes for her. However, Johann asks for something which has more durability instead. He apologizes saying he doesn’t mean to insult their products, but he reminds them that Meri is an alchemist. She often goes out to gather materials, and he’s afraid these pretty shoes won’t be able to endure bad roads. Johann then takes two pair of shoes — an adventurer’s boots and work boots — and asks Meri to try them on. The work boots have adjustable length, while the adventurer’s boots are the same as the ones Johann is wearing. A lot of adventurers and knights are wearing the latter, but the only person who openly praises them is Johann.. since apparently Oyaji doesn’t really like Goddess Closet. He thinks the twins are being too flashy, but Belinda swears that one day she’ll turn Oyaji into a dandy old man with their products LOL. Johann actually wants to buy both pairs since Meri loves them, but eventually she decides to take the work boots because it’s similar to her old ones.

As they walk back to the atelier, Johann tells Meri that Laura has been blaming herself ever since the tea incident. Even more than the guilt, she thinks she’s not “perfect” anymore. Laura will become Elkrone’s mayor in the future, and so she was brought up to be perfect in every way. Laura herself wants to remain perfect too, but that incident has broken her perfection. Meri is surprised since Laura is only a normal girl despite her status, but Johann says she’s probably the only one who thinks of Laura that way. Johann also reveals that he bought the new boots for Meri to help easing Laura’s guilt. Even though he doesn’t want to help Laura too much, in this case he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. However, Popote says everything will be alright because they’re friends with Laura. For him, taking someone’s request means becoming friends with them. Meri chuckles saying he’s right, while Johann only smiles beside them. Soon Fren comes to inform Johann about a married couple’s fight, and Johann decides to go and stop them before anything happens — apologizing to Meri since he can’t walk her home. Meri thanks him for today and says she enjoyed their shopping trip, and Johann smiles saying he did too.

May 20

Obtaining Spirit Light

Today Meri receives a letter from Junger XV, which says that she needs “Spirit Light” in order to make Aoi Wakkakka. It can be retrieved from the Forest of Fairies, which means they have to walk through the Lost Forest. Since Meri and Popote need someone to guard them through the way, Meri then decides to invite Johann. When she comes to the inn, she finds him eating breakfast with Dirk inside. Both of them are asking for seconds, but unlike the carnivorous Dirk and Fren, Johann asks them to take out the meat. Carla calls this menu as “Johann Special”. xD Dirk asks if he’s a herbivore vegetarian, and Johann replies that he normally doesn’t eat meat. He CAN eat them if he wants to. He’s just not too fond of them. Dirk then says it’s impossible for him to hold back like that because of his lifestyle, but Johann admits that he actually likes the pleasant atmosphere of the knights. It’s so refreshing to see them enjoying their lives, and it’s all thanks to their blonde captain. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Despite his constant arguments with Fren, Dirk actually thinks that Elkrone’s adventurers have become much more attentive ever since Johann came here — though the latter humbly says the knights are doing a better job. When Meri asks him to help guarding them through the forest, Johann agrees and asks them to see him by the Austen Gate. After letting them play around with his sword, which is really heavy, he follows them all the way to the Forest of the Fairies.

While Johann goes to check their suroundings, Meri finds a frozen heart-shaped stone on the ground. Soon a bearded fairy comes asking what business they have in this forest, and upon seeing Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe, he explains that the frozen heart-shaped stone is actually the Spirit Light they’re looking for. The fairies call it a “Spirit Heart”, which is the crystallization of the hearts of the spirits. Sadly the Spirit Heart is frozen solid because the fairies don’t trust humans, and Meri needs to wrap it wit human kindness in order to make it melt. The moment Meri asks it to let her hear its voice, the Spirit Heart instantly melts in her hands. Beside her, Johann — who has been watching everything in silence — whispers that it’s just like magic. The bearded fairy then reveals that he’s actually the elder fairy who raised Popote back in the Green Forest, but right now he’s the guardian of the Forest of Fairies. When Popote begs the elder fairy to take him along, he asks if Popote can really leave Meri’s side.. because different from humans, fairies like them can’t erase the bond they have created with someone. After asking Meri to take care of Popote, the elder fairy disappears into the forest — leaving Popote in tears. Both Meri and the forest are important to him, and he sadly wonders why fairies and humans can’t live together.

Knowing how Popote feels, Johann gently says it would be nice indeed if everyone can live together in peace. Meri also reminds Popote that he’s got her by his side, and Popote bursts into tears in her arms. Johann walks them back to the atelier after that, and he stays with them until Popote falls asleep — comforting Popote with stories about adventures and manly battles that he loves. When Meri thanks him for keeping them company, Johann replies that everyone can tell stories.. but no one can replace her role. It’s something that he saw with his own eyes today.

The Port Festival Arc

May 22

There’s an open market at the fountain plaza today, and Meri goes to buy some new flasks for the atelier. She soon spots Johann among the crowd, and she notices that he looks pale — most likely due to overworking. Just when Meri wonders if she can make anything for him, Elie comes to greet her. Remembering that Elie’s cheesecake is infamous for relieving fatigue, Meri then asks Elie to teach her how to make a good cheesecake. Elie agrees, and under her strict guidance, eventually Meri manages to make “Elie’s Special Cheesecake” for Johann.

Meri then goes to deliver the cheesecake for Johann, and she runs into him outside on Realm Street. When Johann says he can sense a delicious smell from her, Meri gathers her courage and hands the cheesecake to him. Of course Johann is surprised since it’s so sudden, so Meri explain that she saw him looking tired earlier. He’s always working so hard for other people, so she wants him to take some time to rest every once in a while. Johann thanks Meri saying he actually loves sweets, but since she made a lot, he won’t be able to eat everything just by himself. Johann then invites Popote and Meri to come to the weapon shop, where they share the delicious cheesecake with Oyaji. He also wonders if she “notices”, but he quickly says it’s nothing.

May 23

In the morning, Meri receives a letter from Johann in her mailbox. The letter thanks her for the delicious cheesecake and the fun teatime they had yesterday, and Johann wrote that he was indeed feeling tired yesterday. The cheesecake completely healed his fatigue, and he’s happy that she noticed his condition even before he did. As a sign of gratitude, Johann promises to cook something for Meri too next time. While Meri feels happy to receive the letter, she admits that she actually wants to avoid Johann’s ultra destructive home cooking. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Secret Assistance
Client: Laura. Reward: 10000 cole.

Laura asks Meri to help her study by teaching her about item synthesis, but since the reward is insanely high, Popote wonders what kind of item she’s going to request. When Meri goes to see Laura in the mayor’s mansion with Popote, they see a beautiful rose on the dining table.. and Laura asks them not to touch it because it’s a “present”. She also asks Popote not to eat the food and slips out that it’s for her “big brother”, but she quickly covers it up by saying she’ll ask the chef to cook breakfast for them. Laura also asks if Meri got a new pair of shoes, and this makes Meri realize that Laura is still feeling bad about the tea incident. Laura then invites them to have breakfast together, and she watches with great interest as Popote happily eats the food she prepared for them. As for the request, Laura explains that she’s writing a report to enter an academy in the capital, and she wants Meri to help by creating a “Cursed Drop” for her. It’s a legendary item from the ancient times, and Laura wants to prove that it really exists. Of course Meri needs to find the materials first, but Laura says she’ll take care of everything. When Meri and Popote say they’re going to be lonely when Laura leaves Elkrone, she blushes and drags them to the weapon shop — saying they need adventruers to collect the material.

In the weapon shop, Laura asks Oyaji to give them an adventurer who can accompany them to Torene Lake. At first Oyaji refuses since there are rumors about a monster appearing near the lake, but Laura points out that the adventurers never met said monster during their patrols. Since Oyaji seems worried about her, Laura then takes out a pink gem called a “Rose Spinel” — the Rosenheim family’s treasure. It’s also called the “wishing gem”, because it can seek out the things its holder is looking for. Laura heard the material they need can be found around the lake, but that’s the only information she can find.. and so she’s hoping the gem can guide them to the material. Laura is the only one who can use the gem too, which means that she needs to come along. After asking Laura to promise that she won’t do anything reckless, Oyaji asks them to wait at the Austen Gate. In order to make it easier for the adventurer to protect them, he also tells Popote to stay in the atelier for today. Not too long after that, Fren comes to guard Meri and Laura to Torene Lake.

Following Laura’s information, the three of them take the boat to a small island in the middle of the lake. Their search soon comes to a dead end since the gem shows no reaction at all, but eventually it starts responding to Laura’s strong determination to obtain the Cursed Drop. Just then huge waves suddenly appear in the lake, and before Fren could take them to escape, a lake dragon emerges from the water. Meri quickly protects Laura — who’s still staring at the gem — when the dragon attacks, and she injures her leg upon taking the hit. Things only get worse when Laura accidentally looks up into the dragon’s eyes, which causes the dragon to absorb her soul and paralyzes her body — just like what the poison dragon did to Meri. Since Laura can’t move and Meri can’t run with her injured leg, they end up taking damage when the dragon attacks them again.. but that’s when Johann appears to save them.

Knowing that Meri’s leg is injured, Johann asks Fren to take Laura back to the city — saying he’ll protect Meri here. Right after they leave, Johann tells Meri to close her eyes and asks her not to open them until he says it’s okay to do so. With both of her eyes closed, Meri can only hear Johann’s voice as he talks to the dragon. Johann says the lake dragon wouldn’t have to face him if it keeps sleeping quietly in the lake.. but now that it already came out, the best thing Johann can do is to give it a peaceful eternal slumber. The next thing Meri hears is the sound of sword slashing, Johann’s quiet apology, and the dragon’s cry. When she opens her eyes, a crimson rain is falling from the sky. Meri notices the wishing gem shining on the ground, and she finds Johann standing not too far away from her — with black wings spreading from his back. The wings soon disappear though, and Johann tells Meri to hold onto him. Noticing that she’s shocked after seeing his wings, he tells her that it’s okay — he’s still himself. At least for now. Johann then takes Meri to take shelter in a cave nearby, and Meri takes the wishing gem with her. The gem is now dripping with crimson liquid from the rain.

After making fire in the cave, Johann gives his mantle to keep Meri warm and asks if her leg is okay. Luckily it’s only a light sprain, so it should heal tomorrow if she gets enough rest tonight. As much as she wants to know about what just happened, Meri couldn’t bring herself to ask. Johann doesn’t say anything either, and they spend time in complete silence until he eventually tells her that the rain is getting smaller. Back in Meri’s atelier, Oyaji, Fren and Laura are feeling responsible for what happened. Popote is worried since they keep meeting dragons recently, but Oyaji then explains that it’s been exactly 1000 years after the ancient kingdom fell into ruin, and monsters tend to go wild at times like this. However, Fren mentions that rumors regading dragons and beasts have been increasing since Johann came to Elkrone. Popote is surprised since he thought Johann has been living in Elkrone forever, but Oyaji suddenly warns Fren not to say anything unnecessary. Oyaji and Fren soon leave saying they’ll send a search party in the morning, and Laura asks them to save both Meri and Johann.

When Popote gives Laura a cup of tea and asks her to get some rest, Laura tells him that Meri got injured because of her. Meri couldn’t escape because of the wound, and Laura apologizes to Popote saying it’s all her fault. Of course Popote is surprised, but then he assures her that everything will be alright. Meri is a hardworker, and she won’t lose just because of an injury. All they have to do is for now is to believe that she will surely return with Johann. It’s already midnight when Johann and Meri finally return, and they find Laura sleeping in the atelier with Popote. Johann is about to take Laura home, but Popote asks him to let her sleep for a while.. because it seems like she was having nightmares earlier. While Johann drinks the tea Popote made for him, Meri takes out the wishing gem to synthesize the Cursed Drop. Upon seeing the gem, Popote recognizes the crimson liquid as a “Crimson Raindrop” — a liquid which can only be obtained through a certain process. He also mentions that it degrades really fast, so Meri uses the Crimson Raindrop to synthesize a mysterious crimson gem — the Cursed Drop.

Johann is surprised to learn that Laura requested the Cursed Drop from Meri, and he falls into silence when she explains that Laura needs it to continue her studies in the capital. Just then Laura suddenly screams about Johann’s black wings in her sleep, and when he tries to calm her down, she eventually wakes up and accidentally calls him “onii-sama” in front of Meri and Popote. She quickly apologizes to him, but Johann then reveals that Laura and him are actually siblings — though they hide it from the citizens. Before going home with Laura, Johann quietly asks Meri to forget what she saw today. When she asks him for the reason, he replies that he doesn’t want to answer.. because he doesn’t want to lie to her. Then he says goodnight and takes Laura home.

May 24

Today is the atelier’s day off, and Meri is having tea with Popote when Johann comes to visit them. He invites her for a walk outside, and this time he says he wants to do some research in the academy’s library. Sadly the academy is off-limits to public unless they’re accompanied by someone from the academy, which can be students, lecturers or alumnus; and that’s why he needs her to come with him. Johann apologizes for disturbing her day off, but Meri happily accepts the invitation saying she wants to visit the library as well. They soon run into Oswald in front of the academy, who informs them that the library is locked. Recently the academy is busy with a lot of conferences, so he locked it to prevent unwanted intruders. After giving the library key to Meri, Oswald also tells her to lock the door from inside — just in case. He says the academy has strict rules compared to how it used to be, especially since a major accident occured in the library. In the past, two young alchemists were drinking alcohol in the library as they engaged in a heated debate, but they ended up spilling the alcohol and caused the bombs they were carrying to explode one after another. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ One of them was Clemens, and despite Oswald’s attempt to hide it, the other alchemist was obviously himself LOL.

Upon entering the library, Meri immediately locks the door from the inside and asks Johann to call her if he ever needs any help. She then notices that he’s examining an ancient map in the geography section, but she decides not to bother him and reads a medical book instead. It’s the book Laura had when they were discussing about the Cursed Drop. Inside, she finds out that Cursed Drops actually have no functions by themselves.. but they can be used to create an item called the “Scarlet Holy Water”. It’s a legendary medicine which can cure all kinds of curses and illness, but nobody has yet to find a way to synthesize it. Meri decides to borrow the book, and soon Johann comes to ask for her help. He wants to find books about ancient monuments which were built with alchemy, and she hands him a few history books that might be related — though she wonders what he’s actually searching for.

Next, Meri reads a book about monsters hoping she can find a way to fight dragons — just in case she runs into one again. The book states that the poison dragon spreads poisonous mist, which kills its preys before they could even fight. The demon dragon tends to lurk around dark caves since it hates the light, and it lures its preys to come closer. The lake dragon lives at the bottom of a beautiful lake, and only a few people have seen it since it rarely comes out to the surface. Upon reading this, Meri realizes that she already met these three dragons. Just then Johann comes to ask for her help again, saying he wants to find books about phantom beasts or mythical creatures. She gives him the book she’s holding, and she wonders if he wants to know more about dragons. Meri then decides to read book she normally won’t read, and she takes a random book from the shelf. However, she finds a picture of a sword inside.. and it looks terribly similar to the black sword Johann was holding during the crimson rain. The book says it’s an extremely strong sword which allows the wielder to slay even dragons with one hit, but at the same time, it also curses the wielder with the destiny to fight.

When Johann returns to her side, Meri is really surprised and accidentally drops the book. He apologizes for surprising her and picks up the book, but upon seeing the contents, he asks if she came here because she wants to learn more about his sword. Even though she says it’s just a coincidence, the fact that she’s keeping a book about the Cursed Drop only causes him to misunderstand even more. Johann then asks how much does she know about him, so Meri admits that she saw the black wings on his back yesterday. She asks him for an explanation, but he only answers that the moment he received his destiny, he already made a vow that he won’t lie, won’t make people sad, and to keep living as a human. He can’t lie to her. Or rather, he doesn’t want to lie to her. That’s why he’s now asking her not to ask further.

Just then they hear Heidi’s voice asking Meri to open the door from outside, and Johann asks Meri to forget about this conversation. He only needs a little more time, and he wants them to behave normally until then. When Heidi enters the library, she mentions that Oswald is worried because Johann “reeks of blood”. Johann then asks Heidi to inform Oswald that he’s going to leave before summer, and before Meri could ask him anything, he says they should part here for today — apologizing that he can’t walk her home. That night, Popote finds Meri reading the medical book in her room. She’s wondering why Laura requested for the Cursed Drop since it has no functions by itself, and just like her, Popote thinks it’s because Laura wants to create the Scarlet Holy Water. Since Meri looks really sad when she came home, Popote is worried that something might have happened between her and Johann.. because even though Johann is kind and gentle, he also puts a distance between people and himself. This reminds Meri of what happened with Johann earlier, and she feels sad because it seems like he’s planning to leave Elkrone.

May 25

In the morning, Johann comes to see Meri the atelier. The situation was uncomfortable when they said goodbye yesterday, and so he comes here because he’s worried about her. When Popote asks if they had a fight, Meri instantly denies it.. but Johann said it was close to a fight. he feels bad for what happened yesterday, and he apologizes for saying cruel things to her. Johann is relieved to see Meri doing fine though, because Popote and her are like the symbol of Elkrone’s peace for him. Meri is also glad to see Johann being his usual gentle self, and she concludes that she was just thinking too much last night. After Johann leaves, Popote stares at Meri and wonders if she’s in love with him. She denies it and quickly changes the subject to work, which obviously only makes it more suspicious. xD

Salty Crystal
Client: Johann. Reward: 100 cole.

For the upcoming Port Festival, the adventurers are going to run a wurst stand together with Oyaji. Their wurst stand is always popular among the citizens, but every year they need an important spice to keep the good quality — salt! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Margret used to make salt for them each year, and they have been using imported salt ever since her death.. but it’s just not as good. Oyaji was wondering about what they should do about the salt this year, and Johann suggested asking for Meri’s help. They need her to synthesize some salt for them, and he can take them to collect the materials. When Meri gladly accepts the task, Johann guides her and Popote to Everlasting Summer Beach. He has accompanied Margret to the beach several times before, and he explains that she used to gather Salty Crystals to make salt. Meri soon finds a strange crystal lying on the sand, and Johann tells her to lick it. When she screams saying it’s salty, he laughs saying that’s what they’re looking for.

Johann then says they need around 10 Salty Crystals in total, and Popote motivates himself by thinking about the delicious wurst.. though Meri finds “continuing Margret’s work” to be more motivating than food. xD Meri then uses the crystals to synthesize a bag of Dream Salt, and when she delivers it to the weapon shop, Johann, Oyaji and Fren are really impressed with the result. The salt has exactly the same quality as Margret’s, and she has revived the taste perfectly as well. Johann says they made the right decision by relying on Meri, and he asks her to visit their stand during the festival.

May 26

Today Ralf comes to ask Meri about how to create Margret’s trademark Dream Salt, but before she could say anything, Johann suddenly appears and asks her to keep it a secret. It turns out the Salty Crystals need a year to grow into a good size, so if people are taking too much, they might not be able to get the crystals next year. Ralf then reveals that Fren mentioned about the salt when he was bickering with Dirk at the inn, and so Johann says he’ll give the poor guy a good scolding later. xD Since Fren already spilled the beans anyway, Johann then leaves the decision in Meri’s hands.. but he wants her to know that Margret never shared the recipe with anyone. Ralf promises that he won’t take that much material since he only wants to try making the salt, but Meri decides to trust Johann and keep it a secret. Ralf understands though, because the inn also has secret recipes they will never share. Besides, he’s already satisfied just by seeing the Dream Salt. After thanking Meri for keeping the secret, Johann takes his leave and goes back to the weapon shop.

June 3

The Voyage Dance

Today is the Port Festival. In the afternoon, a lively music starts the festival’s Voyage Dance. The citizens hold hands to form a circle, and they march around the city together. Meri hears Johann’s voice calling her name, and soon after that, he comes to find her among the crowd. Johann then takes both Meri and Popote to dance together, explaining that the dance actually symbolizes the citizens working together to “row a ship” — which is the city of Elkrone itself. They have to follow everyone’s pace too, or else they will lag behind and the circle will break. Popote panics since he’s floating in the air (considering his size LOL) and Meri screams when the dance is getting faster and faster, while Johann calmly tells them to do their best and not let go of their joined hands. Despite the panic, they really enjoy the dance and laugh together when it comes to and end. Johann tells them that the Voyage Dance the main attraction of the Port Festival, and Meri thanks him for inviting them to dance together. They can truly enjoy the festival thanks to him. Since Oyaji is going to grill fish BBQ in the evening, Johann takes Meri and Popote to have dinner at their stand after that

June 4

When Johann comes to greet them in the morning, Meri and Popote thank him for the delicious BBQ and grilled wurst last night. Yesterday Popote helped Oyaji catching fresh fish from the sea while Meri cooked everything he caught, and Johann is really grateful for their help. When Meri says it was Fren who taught her how to cook the seafood, Johann says that’s because Fren is good with his hands. He loves adventuring with Fren because Fren often teaches him how to cook, and he’s wishing that he can be at least half as good as Fren when it comes to cooking. Meri then mentions that Johann was learning how to grill wurst too last night, and he blushes asking if they saw him training. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He’s a bit worried since they went home at a really late hour yesterday, but now he’s glad to see them doing fine.

Rescuing Duke Rosenheim

At noon, Meri hears the news that Elkrone’s ocean liner is drowning. She rushes to the port and helps everyone synthesizing medicines, but soon they learn that Duke Rosenheim — who was helping all the passengers to evacuate — is now missing. Just before Erhard jumps into the ocean to save the mayor, Johann stops him saying he needs to calm down. Johann then asks Erhard to leave everything to him, and after telling Meri that everything will be alright, he jumps into the ocean and swims towards the ship. Erhard follows him anyway, so Fren and Dirk send a boat to help them. Noticing that Meri is worried sick, Alex tells her it’s okay since Johann is the adventurers’ role model.. and he will never do anything to make her sad. Not too long after that, Johann returns to the port with Charlotte. He’s surprised when Meri cries for him and apologizes for scaring her, but just as he said before.. he will never lie to her. When he tells her it’s okay, everything will really be okay.

Since Charlotte is working for Duke Rosenheim, she obviously knows about Johann’s identity. They have lunch together in the mayor’s mansion after that, and knowing that Johann has a new sword from Oyaji, Laura asks him to stop using the black sword he’s always carrying. She can sense a creepy aura from it, but Johann says he likes the sword. He tells her not to worry about his weapons, and she knows that he’s just creating a distance between them.. as usual. She always thought that’s just how Johann does his job, but upon seeing him with Meri at the port, she notices that he actually has changed a lot recently. However, Charlotte says he’s not the only one who’s changing — Laura does too. She used to hide her feelings so she won’t be a hindrance to her father and brother, but the current her can express her feelings clearly. Laura is surprised upon realizing the change in her, and Johann smiles saying they’re both changing for the better.

June 5

Journey to Vincestein

Following Charlotte’s suggestion, Meri travels to Vincestein — the Kingdom of Winter — with Johann and Popote to search for the last material to create Aoi Wakkakka.

When they wake up in the carriage, the first thing Johann asks if whether Meri is okay.. since unlike a certain fairy, it doesn’t seem like she could sleep last night. After Meri assures him that she’s fine, Johann explains that he’s joining her journey based on two different requests from Charlotte and Heidi. Charlotte wants him to protect Meri during the journey, while Heidi asked him to take Meri to Vincestein. At first Oyaji was reluctant because Johann will be away from Elkrone for quite a while, but eventually he gave up since Heidi kept insisting that she can only leave Meri in Johann’s hands. They’re currently riding a high-speed carriage from Vincestein’s royal army, which he borrowed to keep her safe throughout the journey. Now that he already explained everything, Johann wants to know why Meri is going to Vincestein. When she tells him that the last material of Aoi Wakkakka is an item related to dragons, he says there’s indeed a strong ice dragon in Vincestein — the Ice Königin. He asks if she wants to defeat it, but she says she’s not planning to go that far. Mathias is rather overprotective of her, so she doesn’t think he’d send her a passport straight to a dragon’s lair. Johann laughs saying Meri is right, and he decides to help searching for the last material in addition of protecting her.

Just then Popote wakes up beside them, and putting the requests aside, he wants to know why Johann joined their journey. Johann simply says it’s his policy to accomplish the requests he has accepted, and Popote replies that normally he’d agree.. but he’s worried that Johann might be a spy for the black society. In order to clear the suspicion, Johann then reveals that he actually received a request to visit Vincestein before summer. However, he had to change his plans because of a certain someone. Popote thinks it’s because the little bird he’s always carrying can’t stand the cold in Vincestein, but Meri notices that Johann seems to be thinking about someone else. Johann admits that he’s not sure if he can accomplish that request during this journey, but in the end Popote decides to trust him. It’s an important journey for Meri, and Johann wants to make sure she reaches her objective.

June 6

Early in the morning, Meri, Johann and Popote continue their journey towards Vincestein. After entertaining Popote with stories about a warrior and dragons, Johann explains that Vincestein is surrounded by monster habitats. They should be safe since there are forts along the way, not to mention that their carriage driver is also a soldier, but Johann wants them to get enough rest — just in case they have to fight monsters. Popote seems disappointed since he wants to hear more heroic stories, but Johann promises to continue the stories tomorrow. Beside them, Meri is thinking that Johann is a really good storyteller.

June 7

While Johann is completely fine, Meri looks incredibly tired when she wakes up this morning. Popote complains that he can’t sleep since the carriage keeps rocking, so Johann decides to relieve his mood by telling a story about a flame dragon. As she listens to the story, Meri feels that the warrior who fought the flame dragon is really similar to Johann.. especially because he did protect them from dragons before. After finishing the story, Johann says that’s all for today. He tells them to get more sleep, and Popote asks him to continue his stories tomorrow.

June 8

Despite his complains yesterday, Popote is snoring on the carriage couch today. Meri, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep that well, and Johann is worried since she looks really pale. When he wonders about what they should do today, she asks him to tell her more stories about the warrior and the dragons. However, by the end of the story, Meri says she feels sorry for the warrior and the dragons. They actually don’t want to hurt each other, and yet they’re forced to fight just because they have power. Even though she thinks the warrior is really cool, she’s also wishing that he can retire from his role as a warrior one day. Johann looks surprised, but he only listens in silence to Meri’s opinion. When she asks him about the continuation, he says he has spoken too much today. Before going back to sleep, Johann says they’re having quite a hard journey this time.. so he asks Meri to relax and enjoy their return trip to Elkrone later.

June 9

After spending the last four days traveling in a carriage, Meri, Johann and Popote finally reach Vincestein today. Johann praises them for enduring the harsh journey, and then he takes them directly to Vincestein’s Crystal Palace. It appears Johann is a special guest here in Vincestein, and Queen Victoria already assigned her royal advisor — Lutz Reisengang — to take care of them. When Lutz asks if there’s anything he can do for them, Johann asks him to take care of Meri and Popote. They’re both tired from the long journey, so he wants them to eat and rest in a comfortable room today. Lutz also asks about Johann’s plans, but Johann only tells the poor guy not to ask nor search about his activities. Johann then says he’ll retrieve the last material for them, so Meri can relax in the Crystal Palace with Popote until then. Meri is actually worried about Johann, but she has no choice but to agree.

As he serves meal for Meri and Popote, Lutz says it’s the first time he ever saw a fairy. He’s about to ask about Meri’s relationship with Johann, but then he stops himself because he’s not allowed to search about details regarding Johann. Since Lutz says Meri is free to ask him any questions, she then decides to ask about him. Lutz explains that he’s one of the royal advisors serving the queen, and his job ranges from protecting the queen to guiding travelers — pretty much the Crystal Palace’s jack-of-all-trades. Lutz is also a part of the army, and he’s always ready to fight for his country. When Meri asks about the queen, Lutz desribes Victoria as an incredibly “scary” person LOL. She’s just as ruthless as the Ice Königin, so much that people can’t tell which one of them is freezing the land of Vincestein. xD Meri also reveals that she’s searching for an item related to dragons, and she asks if Lutz knows anything. He answers that he does know a certain item, but since he can’t give it to them.. she has no choice but to leave this matter in Johann’s hands.

Meri actually wants to ask why Johann is so welcomed in Vincestein, but at the mention of his name, Lutz immediately apologizes saying he can’t answer that question. Johann’s identity is a top secret, and he will be beheaded for sure if he dares to leak any information to them. Just then Popote cuts off a fish’s head beside them, which causes this conversation to ensue:

Meri: “…..”
Lutz: “…..”
Lutz: “I don’t want to be like that! I don’t want to end up like that!”
Meri: “I-I understand! I won’t say anything, I won’t ask anything, I won’t tell anyone!”

PANIC ATTACK Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Not too long after that, Johann comes back saying he already took care of everything. He then takes Meri and Popote to an atelier in the Crystal Palace, where they find Victoria waiting for them. After introducing themselves, Popote asks about the “auntie” in front of them.. and when Johann says she’s the queen, Popote immediately panics and begs her not to behead him LOL. Victoria says she only beheads criminals though, so he can rest assured. xD Johann reveals that Victoria has a certain item which is related to dragons, and he wants Meri to check if it’s the material she needs. If it’s really the right item, then he’s going to negotiate with the queen. Victoria then takes out the Dragon’s Tear — one of Vincestein’s royal treasure — and just by holding it, Meri and Popote can feel that it’s indeed the material they’re looking for. To negotiate with Victoria, Johann then retells Meri and Popote’s quest to create Aoi Wakkakka in the form of a story. He says Aoi Wakkakka an important item required to fulfill Popote’s dream, and he asks if Victoria wants to know the continuation of this story. Victoria admits that she does, but first she wants Meri to prove her worth by synthesizing Aoi Wakkakka right in front of her. If she succeeds, then the Dragon’s Tear is hers. Meri accepts the challenge, but the result turns out to be Aokunai Wakkakka instead — a ring with a grey gem. It’s definitely not blue, but Meri successfully synthesized the item, and so Victoria allows her to take the ring. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* In addition, she also lets them stay in the Crystal Palace for tonight.

June 10

In the morning, Lutz accompanies Meri, Johann and Popote to Vincestein’s gate. Lutz mentions that Victoria doesn’t mind about Johann putting her request on hold, and Johann promises that he will surely fulfill her request eventually. Victoria only sends them off from afar as they ride the carriage back to Elkrone, but she’s already satisfied just by hearing the nostalgic song Meri sang while creating Aokunai Wakkakka yesterday. It turns out Victoria actually knew about the “singing alchemist” of Elkrone, and after hearing the song, she feels that her “old friend” has returned to her side.

In the carriage, Johann asks if their journey has accomplished its purpose. Popote cheerfully says yes, but Meri answers not yet. They successfully retrieved the material they needed, but he’s forgetting their promise to enjoy their return trip to Elkrone. Even though Popote and Meri had delicious meals in the Crystal Palace, Johann barely ate anything at all. Johann asks if she wants him to relax with them, and when she hesitantly answers it’s because they’re always troubling him, he chuckles and says he understands. They stop by the beach along the way, where they can see a high tower standing in the far off distance. When Popote runs off to make a snowman, Johann tells Meri that she’s looking at the North Tower — the ice dragon’s castle. Johann is surprised when Meri says she’s glad he doesn’t have to visit such a place, but then she stops herself and asks if he knew that the Dragon’s Tear was a royal treasure. When he says no, she asks him to tell her whenever he finds any important information for her requests. Johann always does everything by himself, so Meri knows he’d climb the North Tower if it was necessary to obtain the Dragon’s Tear.. and it makes her feel scared.

Upon hearing this, Johann smiles and admits that he’d really climb the tower if it’s for Meri. He doesn’t understand the reason, but it’s been a long time since he uses his sword to protect a specific someone. ゚♪ ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ To erase her worries, Johann then promises that he will share information with Meri from now on. Plus, he won’t jump into action without telling her anymore. He asks if that’s okay, and she happily says yes. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Soon Popote calls them saying he made a Johann snowman, but somehow it turned so ugly they fall into silence upon seeing it. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meri is worried thinking Johann might get angry, but after recovering from the shock, he asks if she knows about snowball fights. Johann then shows Meri how to make snowballs, and he teaches how to play.. by throwing his snowball straight onto Popote’s face. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! When Popote tries to throw a snowball at him, Johann swiftly dodges the attack and uses Meri as his shield. xD Meri returns the attack by throwing snowballs at Johann, and the three of them end up having a snowball fight together.

June 14

After spending another four days traveling by carriage, Meri, Johann and Popote finally reach Elkrone at night. When Meri thanks him for coming with them for the journey, Johann answers that it’s been a while since the last time he had such a relaxing time. Popote says he enjoyed their journey as well, and Johann leaves after saying goodnight to them.

The Spirit Festival Arc

June 15

The Dancing Tree
Client: Johann. Reward: 500 cole.

This year, the weapon shop is planning to participate in the Spirit Festival. It’s going to be their first time running an event for the festival, and so Johann requests for Meri’s assistance. They need Meri to synthesize a certain item for them, but Johann can’t reveal the details since Oyaji wants to keep it a secret until the big day. When Meri accepts the task, Johann takes her and Popote to retrieve the material from Qualm Mountain. The material is called the “Dancing Tree”, because it moves its branches to get rid of the volcano’s smoke. However, the Dancing Tree won’t move if it senses people nearby. A lot of adventurers came to search for it, but none of them managed to find the tree. Meri then asks if Johann has any ideas about how to find the tree, and he answers that he did notice something. He often comes here with Fren, and when they’re busy fighting the monsters, sometimes he can hear the sound of a tree rustling behind them — most likely the Dancing Tree. In order to lure it out of hiding, Meri then asks Johann to spar with her. xD He feels bad and tries to hold back, but she still finds a hard time reading his movements since.. well, he’s the best adventurer in Elkrone lol. Her hard work isn’t for nothing though, because not too long after that, they hear a rustling sound nearby. Popote immediately catches the thing that makes the rustling sound, which turns out to be a Dancing Twig. This is Johann’s first time seeing such a thing too, and he says the Dancing Tree probably has been living here since the ancient times.

Based on Johann’s request, Meri uses the Dancing Twig to synthesize a Sick Broom.. and for some reason, they can feel the broom staring rea~lly closely at them. Since it’s creeping them out, Meri then goes to deliver the broom to the weapon shop. Both Johann and Oyaji have no idea about the broom’s purpose either, because the one who suggested creating the broom is actually Charlotte. When she says the broom is “cute”, somehow Johann and Oyaji can sense that the broom is.. blushing. Even though it’s only a broom. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Charlotte doesn’t seem to find it weird though, so in the end Oyaji says it’s all good if she loves the broom LOL. Johann thanks Meri for doing this strange request for them, and Charlotte asks her to visit their stand during the Spirit Festival. She will see the broom’s performance there.

June 19

In the morning, Popote informs Meri that she’s got a letter from Laura. The letter says Laura is going to pick them up, and soon after, she really comes to drag both Meri and Popote into her carriage. Inside, Laura explains that Johann is missing. Johann is always busy with work and returns home very late at night, so Laura never really get to see him in the mansion.. but every morning, he always puts a rose on the dining table to let her know that he already came home. However, Laura didn’t see any rose this morning. That means Johann hasn’t returned since he left the mansion yesterday morning, and Laura knows it’s not because he has a quest to carry out. She explains that he actually received a letter from a distant place quite a while ago, and when she secretly took a peek, she learned that the sender asked him to go to Elkrone’s port today. At first Laura thought it might be for regular work or travel, but soon she realized that Johann might be planning to leave Elkrone. Even though Johann never said anything regarding this issue, Duke Rosenheim has been telling Laura that Johann will have to leave the city one day.. and when that day comes, she should send him off with a smile. This instantly reminds Meri of what happened in the library before, and she asks if Laura wants to stop Johann from going away. Laura answers that she can never stop him, so she only wants to express her gratitude before he leaves.

When they arrive at the port, Laura soon spots Johann walking nearby. They decide to chase after him together, but they quickly lose track of him since the port is shrouded by a thick fog today. Not too long after that, someone comes to see if there’s anyone nearby. He decides to leave them be though, and they follow him hoping it will lead them to Johann’s place. The siren of Elkrone’s sea starts singing along the way, but despite the utterly creepy atmosphere, they keep tailing the man until they eventually hear him talking to Johann. They stay hidden while the man and Johann starts sparring, but they can’t conceal their shock any longer when the man suddenly disarms Johann — sending his black sword to fly towards them. Of course Johann is surprised to find Meri hiding with Laura and Popote, and the man they have been following turns out to be Mathias.

After that, everyone goes to have breakfast together in the mayor’s mansion. Laura is hesitant to explain since she’s afarid she’d only be a hindrance, but Meri and Popote encourage her to express how she truly feels inside. They’re a family after all, so Laura’s concern will never be a hindrance for Johann. Driven by their encouragement, Laura admits that she thought Johann is going to leave Elkrone and never return. She knows she can’t stop him from leaving, but she wants to thank him for teaching her about a lot of things. If she has never met him, she would probably grow up into a selfish, spoiled girl.. and she wouldn’t be able to be friends with Meri and Popote. Laura wants to do something for Johann to return the favor, but he says having her as a sister is more than enough for him. His life was lonely before, and she was the one who gave him the warmth of a family. Johann’s only wish is to see Laura as Elkrone’s mayor in the future, and he wants to return as an adventurer by then — no matter how many years it would take. Laura promises to graduate as soon as possible, and Meri says she will always cheer her on along with Popote. Mathias then tells them to raise their glasses, and they toast to celebrate the birth of Elkrone’s future mayor.. as well as wishing for Johann to return safely from his journey.

When Mathias thanks Laura for bringing him to see his daughter again, Laura whispers to Meri that her father is a really cool person. xD Meri replies that she wants to see Duke Rosenheim too someday, and Johann tells Laura to introduce her to their father next time. Soon the music starts playing throughout the dining hall, and Mathias asks Laura to waltz with him — much to the latter’s delight. Then he turns to Johann and Meri — who are still sitting in the table — and says this:

Mathias: “Johann. What are you doing?”
Mathias: “You know what will happen if you don’t ask my daughter to dance, right?” (@盆@)
Johann: “I thought you’d kill me if I ask her.”


Since Mathias has given him the permission, Johann finally asks Meri to dance with him. When she says that she doesn’t know how to dance, he gently says he’ll teach her and guides her to the dance floor. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ As Popote gulps down everything on the table out of jealousy, Johann asks if Meri still remembers when Laura spilled hot tea onto her leg. Laura grew up under the strict guidance of the Rosenheim family, so she never expresses how she feels like she did today. Johann noticed that Laura’s heart was thrown out of order because of Meri, but he didn’t understand the reason.. until Meri said that despite her status, Laura is a normal girl. That’s when he realized that deep inside, Laura must be wishing to live her life as a normal girl, and she was really envious of Meri’s normal life. Meri might not realize it, but she always notices what’s inside people hearts even before they do.. and she’s subconsciously drawing them closer towards herself. Even today, she noticed Laura’s sadness and worries, and she helped pushing her back. It’s like they’ve been best friends for a long time.

When Meri says she can’t do that much, Johann firmly answers that she can. He always does everything perfectly — so much that he doesn’t need anyone beside him — but she closed the distance he tried to put between them. She’s the only person who can truly accept him, even after she saw the black wings on his back. It turns out Popote already told Johann that Meri is reading the medical book, and she admits it’s because she’s curious. Johann then says it’s the proof that Meri knows what he’s looking for, even though he never said anything to her. She gradually comes closer to him, and before he knew it, he’s already relying on her. She denies it saying she’s the one who’s always troubling him, but he tells her it’s not true. Johann asks Meri to take care of Laura from now on, and when she asks if he’s really going to leave, he answers that he doesn’t want to lie to her. Meri asks him to inform her when the day comes, and Johann promises to do so. When the song changes, Mathias tells Johann to dance with Laura.. and then he also tells Popote to dance with his daughter. xD

That night, Meri is thinking of Johann before she goes to sleep. He said she knows what he’s looking for after learning that she’s been reading the medical book, which means the answer must be inside the book. The answer to save him.

June 20

Early in the morning, Meri wakes up upon hearing something knocking on her window. It turns out to be Johann’s little bird, and when she looks below, she finds him standing in front of the atelier. Meri knows Johann is here to inform her that he’s leaving, and she asks him to take her along. She’s been thinking about how to say goodbye to him, but she couldn’t find the answer because she doesn’t want to be apart from him. Especially not when she doesn’t know what he’s going to face. If he can’t tell her about his destiny, then she’s going to see it with her own eyes. Meri says she will come along even if he refuses, but surprisingly.. Johann agrees and says he understands. He asks them to come with him, and the two of them leave the city on a carriage. Since Meri is clearly surprised, Johann then reveals that Mathias actually said Meri will definitely follow Johann on his journey. He also said his daughter is surprisingly stubborn, so refusing is not an option. (❤ฺ→艸←) There’s a high chance they will have to fight along the way, so Johann gives Meri a short sword saying it will protect her in battle.

After a while, Johann stops the carriage at Sunlight Forest. He took a detour on purpose just in case someone is following them, but it proves to be useless since Laura manages to follow them all the way from the city. When Johann warns her not to follow him, Laura answers that she knows. She followed them because she wants to talk to Meri, and she asks him to leave them alone for a while. Right after he walks away, Laura takes out the Cursed Drop and gives it to Meri. She reveals that the report was actually a lie, because the mayor wouldn’t give her the Rose Spinel otherwise. Laura says she can get into the academy with her own effort, but she knows Meri is the only one who can save Johann. She asks Meri to make sure the “other” Johann won’t take the Cursed Drop away, and not too long after that, he returns and asks if they’re done. Johann then thanks Laura for everything, saying it was only for a short while.. but he enjoyed the time they spent together as a family. Laura replies that she feels the same, and she sends them off as they walk into the forest.

When Meri asks if Sunlight Forest is really their destination, Johann answers that it’s their first destination. He then writes a letter to inform Popote that she’s coming along with him, and after sending the little bird to deliver it to the atelier, he says it’s time to move on. After asking Meri to keep what’s going to happen as a secret, Johann draws his black sword and chants a spell which envelops them in darkness. He asks her to hold onto him, and the next second, they got warped to an empty dimension. Johann was actually expecting Meri to cry in fear, but since she remains calm.. he asks if she’s not scared. Meri is more surprised than scared to see him unleashing such a huge power, and Johann explains that it doesn’t belong to him. Places with abundant nature tend to hold tremendous power of earth, and by combining that power with the dragons’ blood in his sword, he can use a large-scale power like this. The black sword is special, and Johann says it’s just like a part of him by now. He then tells Meri to close her eyes since they’re about to reach their next destination. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in Vincestein’s crystal palace — where she finally learns the truth about Johann.

From Victoria, Meri finds out that “Johann” is actually a fake name. He’s actually not the son of Duke Rosenheim, which also means that he’s not Laura’s real brother. As for his real identity, Victoria refers to him as a “warrior” who has been traveling around the land. He’s now here to carry out Victoria’s request, just as he promised to Lutz before. Victoria wonders why he takes Meri along though, and she asks if he’s staying in Elkrone for so long because he wants to find someone who can witness his fight until the end. Johann answers that his encounter with Meri was only a coincidence, as she suddenly appeared and walked into the path of his destiny. Knowing that Meri is a precious person to Johann, Victoria then tells her that he’s an important friend of hers.. and so she asks Meri to help Johann during his “last journey”. When Victoria asks why he keeps seeking dragon and slaying them, Johann answers that he’s not looking for dragons on purpose. It’s just his destiny forces him to keep fighting. Upon hearing his answer, Victoria finally releases the seal on the North Tower’s entrance and asks him to slay the ice dragon who has been troubling Vincestein — the Ice Königin.

Johann takes Meri to the North Tower after that, but at the entrance, he asks her to go back to Elkrone. The tower was built to imprison the ice dragon, so there will be a lot of sealed paths inside. Rumors have it that time doesn’t pass at the same pace inside the tower, so once they start climbing, they can’t go back until they reach the top floor. However, Meri firmly refuses to return. Even if his name is fake and he keeps taking drastic measures — be it fair or foul — in order to go on, Meri still believes in Johann. She doesn’t know what’s inside his heart, but she knows nothing can change the time they have spent together. Johann smiles upon hearing her answer, and he says he understands. After asking Meri to keep holding onto the short sword he gave her, Johann takes her inside the tower. There are a lot of traps and riddles along the way, and for some reason, Meri is the one who can solve them. When Johann mentions it’s because his power is similar to the dragons, she suddenly gets a very bad feeling.. because it means the tower might seal his power as well. She promises to do her best, but he says that she doesn’t have to. The ice dragon is the strongest dragon who has a high pride and picks her opponent carefully, so the battle will only be a duel between him and the dragon.

The moment they reach the top floor, Johann says he knows he’s going to win.. but Meri then asks why he looks so sad. He only says he doesn’t want to answer, and she knows it must be because he doesn’t want to lie to her. Knowing she can’t fight beside him, Meri decides to fulfill Johann’s wish by watching his fight until the end.. because it’s the only thing she can do for him. Upon entering the ice dragon’s throne, Meri and Johann find a beautiful woman inside — welcoming “the warrior” and “the young alchemist”. She’s none other than the ice dragon they’re looking for, and she says she felt tremendous pain whenever Johann slayed her kind. Johann bravely challenges her for a duel, and the ice dragon agrees when he asks her NOT to involve Meri in their battle. The ice dragon then turns to Meri, asking if she has anything to say before the duel begins. Meri’s message is simple. She tells Johann that she believes in his victory, and she asks him to return to Elkrone together once everything is over. Johann looks really sad upon hearing this, and Meri stops him from answering because she knows he will never lie to her. She’s aware that the ice dragon is much stronger than the other dragons, and she also knows that she won’t be able to stop him from leaving.. so she’s not expecting him to fulfill her wish. However, she won’t throw away that wish until the very end. As the answer, Johann smiles and says he accepts Meri’s feelings.

The ice dragon then transforms to her dragon form, and not too long after the duel begins, the black wings spread out of Johann’s back again. When he tells Meri not to come closer, the ice dragon also curses saying even a fine warrior like him can’t handle her power. It doesn’t take long until Meri notices that scales are starting to cover Johann’s body — just like a dragon — and the ice dragon asks Meri to kill her if she doesn’t want to lose him. The black sword he’s using absorbs power from all the dragons he fought, allowing him to use their power, but the ice dragon’s power is just too huge for him to handle. At this rate, he’s going to lose his human body and heart — turning into nothing more than a monster. Unfortunately, Johann says he’s prepared to turn into a dragon.. and he lands the final blow onto the ice dragon’s body. As she lies dying on the ground, the ice dragon whispers to Meri that Johann has saved her from her cruel fate as a dragon, but she’s the only one who was saved. Johann’s body is absorbing all of her power right now, and she can’t stop it anymore. As he endures the pain, Johann then asks Meri to stab him in the heart with the short sword he gave her. The sword has the same power as the tower, and so it can completely seal his power. She should know how much he loves the world and its people, so he wants her to kill him before he turns into a dragon and wreaks havoc onto the land. ワ━・゚・━・゚・━・゚・(。´Д⊂)・゚・━・゚・━・゚・━ン!!

However, Meri refuses to kill Johann. She tells him she’s an alchemist, and she throws away the sword saying she won’t rely on swords. What she relies on are knowledge, recipes and her own heart. Meri then takes out the Cursed Drop along with the medical book, and she asks everyone to lend the strength she needs to save Johann. Then suddenly, the ice dragon’s and Johann’s blood start glowing — responding to Meri’s voice. When Meri asks Johann to return, their blood merge with the Cursed Drop and turn into the Scarlet Holy Water. The moment Meri drops it onto the black sword, a blinding light envelops them.. and Meri finds a young Johann, who doesn’t know her, in the light. The next thing she hears is the ice dragon’s gentle voice, explaining that she used her remaining power to connect the present with the past. The one who’s standing before her is Johann after he slayed his first dragon, and the ice dragon tells Meri to tell him how she feels. She wants to use her power for a good purpose, even if just for once, and this is her sign of gratitude towards Meri. (ノД`)・゜・。

When the young Johann asks about who she is, Meri says she’s an alchemist who will meet him in the future. He then asks if he’s going to become a dragon and hurt people in the future, and she answers that he won’t. In the future, he’s going to become a great adventurer who’s loved by everyone. ゚+。:.゚シン(*ノェ・`。*)㍉ ゚.:。+゚ Johann won’t turn into a dragon, because Meri will never allow that to happen. Upon hearing this, Johann thanks Meri saying he will go to the city she lives in someday in the future.. and he promises that he will definitely come to find her one day. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Meri tells him she will be waiting, and the light takes her back to the future — to the current Johann’s side. The ice dragon already disappears and Meri cries upon seeing that Johann is still unconscious.. but soon he opens his eyes, asking if she’s the one who stopped him from turning into a dragon. Johann then says he saw a strange dream about the past, and realizing that Meri is the girl he’s been looking for, he smiles saying he has found her at last. 萌エエエェェェエエエエヾ(*;∀;*)ノ”エエエェェェエエエッ❤

After that, Johann and Meri leave the tower and return to Vincestein. Victoria wants to make a banquet to celebrate their victory, but Johann stops her saying he wants to ask for a reward. He always refused to receive any reward before, and Victoria realizes that he has found the thing he truly wants to have. Johann only has one wish, and it’s for himself to be adopted into the Rosenheim family. He wants to continue living as the son of Duke Rosenheim, as Laura’s older brother, and as an adventurer of Elkrone.. because that’s where he found Meri after his long journey. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Victoria then uses her authority to grant that wish, and so starting from today, his name is officially Johann Rosenheim — the son of Duke Rosenheim. Knowing that Johann and Meri want to return to Elkrone as soon as possible, Victoria cancels the banquet and sends them off. It’s already dark when they finally reach Elkrone, and they’re welcomed by Popote and Laura in front of the atelier — along with the little bird.

June 26

In the morning, Johann and Laura come to greet Meri and Popote in front of the atelier. Laura is keeping an eye on her brother since he’ll accept all kinds of requests if she doesn’t, even the trivial ones like searching for a lost cat. xD When Johann asks if they’re working today, Popote says he already told Meri to get some rest.. but she refuses saying she can’t stay still. Johann then smiles saying she’s being her usual self, and Meri happily replies that the same goes for him. Popote and Laura wonder if behaving as usual is THAT nice, and they both go ?(´・д・`;)? when Johann and Meri answer “yes” at the same time. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ After Johann goes to work, Meri notices that Popote is staring at her. She nervously asks if there’s something wrong, and he answers “Well.. you guys suddenly disappeared, then suddenly returned being all ラブラブ. Normally we’d wonder what you did during the journey, right?” WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPLY, POPOTE!? プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Of course he’s curious about what actually happened, but for now he’s glad to see Meri and Johann looking so happy. Then someday, he wants to hear about their journey together.

June 30

The Spirit Festival Eve

Today is the Spirit Festival Eve, and Popote asks if Meri is going to participate. She tells him that women can’t join unless a man asks her out, but soon Johann comes to invite her to the event — saying he’ll be waiting at the fountain plaza tonight. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Meri panics and asks Popote about what she should do, while Popote stares in disbelief since Johann — who seems to have zero interest in love — has just asked her out. xD Since Meri doesn’t have any dress, Popote then calls Belinda and Miranda to help her dress up for tonight. When Meri asks Popote to come along since she feels really nervous, he replies with “You went on a journey with him! Why are you being so shy now?” アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ He thinks Meri and Johann have a secret relationship they can’t tell anyone about, and then he shoves her out of the atelier LOL. By the time Meri arrives at the fountain plaza, Johann is wondering if she can’t come because of his sudden invitation. She apologizes for being so late, but he’s happy that she came to see him. As they dance together, Johann then tells Meri that he’s been fighting his destiny for a long time. He was prepared to lose everything, but she led him to the best ending he could ever wish for. Johann says it’s now his turn to help Meri, so from now on, he vows to become the sword that protects her.. and only her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

However, Meri feels insecure thinking Johann is only returning the favor for saving him in the North Tower. She was hoping she can get even closer to him after lifting the curse, but their relationship doesn’t really change at all.. or does it? (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Just then the countdown to the Spirit Festival begins, and Johann tells Meri that couples who are dancing can kiss during the countdown. When the count reaches zero, Johann pulls Meri closer, kisses her forehead, and confesses that he loves her. キャ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ッ!! He says she doesn’t have to answer right away, because he’s willing to wait for the rest of his life. Besides, he’s now enjoying every single day of his life with her in Elkrone. He never thought he can go back to live as a normal human, so he feels really grateful to her for returning those normal days to him. Meri says she enjoys her days with Johann too, and they dance together for the rest of the night.

July 1

Today is the Spirit Festival. Meri wonders what Popote wants to do since he won’t be able to reach his dream anymore once the festival is over, but she decides not to ask him about this. In the morning, Johann comes to greet them in front of the atelier. He asks if they’re busy with work today, and Popote reveals that their schedule is 100% empty. Johann says it’s because everyone is busy enjoying the festival, so he suggests using this chance to take a break from work. At first Meri is reluctant, but Johann tells her to go and enjoy the festival together with Popote. The adventurers are free too during the Spirit Festival, so he’ll watch over the atelier for them. He mentions that Oyaji and Charlotte are running an event in the weapon shop, and he suggests paying them a visit if they’re interested.

July 2

Reunion with Margret

After escaping from the black society’s attempt to capture her, Meri finally manages to create Aoi Wakkakka with “singing alchemy” and Popote’s help. The ring then takes them to the world of the spirits, where they meet Margret and the king of the fairies. When Margret asks Meri not to blame the black society too much, Johann raises a protest since the black society have put her in danger several times.. but Margret says that’s why Meri has Johann to protect her. She says Meri is a hardworker who will never give up even if the black society is bugging her, so she wants Johann to work hard too. When Johann blushes and says he’s prepared for that, Margret teases Meri saying her boyfriend is an interesting person. (❤ฺ→艸←)

The king of the fairies then invite both Meri and Popote to come to the world of the spirits with them, but Meri refuses the offer because she loves Elkrone too much to leave it. After saying goodbye to Popote, Johann walks Meri back to the atelier — where she cries all night since it looks so empty without Popote.

July 3

After the Farewell

In the morning, Meri is surprised to hear Popote’s voice greeting her as usual.. but it turns out to be her imagination, because Popote is no longer here. Not too long after that, Johann comes to inform her that he received a request to exterminate monsters in another area. He needs to leave the city for a while, and she admits that she would feel even lonelier when he’s away. Johann is about to say something, but suddenly a loud, familiar “DOOON!!” surprises both of them. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ ..and the next second, Popote is already standing next to them — asking Meri to employ him. He then explains that time flows at a different pace on the other side, and he’s already satisfied after making a lot of fairy friends. Noticing that Popote has the ability to get along with anyone, Margret and the king of the fairies decided to send him back to the human world — saying that abiility will only be wasted otherwise.

Noticing that Johann is looking at him with a worried expression, Popote says he doesn’t like how Johann keeps sticking to Meri even though he’s bound by a vow — because he doesn’t know said vow is already broken. xD Popote then asks if Johann has actually been aiming for Meri right from the start, calling him a “むっつりスケベ / sullen pervert”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ ..and Popote is actually right because Johann has been looking for Meri for a long time LOL. Johann says Popote also gave Meri a “passionate kiss” during their farewell yesterday, and Popote teasingly asks if Johann has never kissed her before.

Johann: “It’s not something to brag about, since it’s something we do everyday.”
Popote: “WHAT. Are you bragging!? Did you get THAT close to Meri over the night!?”


..and this continues until Meri eventually tells them to stop. She scolds Johann for adjusting his level to match Popote’s, and she tells him not to slack off even though he’s no longer a warrior LOL. Then she scolds Popote for asking her to “employ” him out of all things, while he needs to say something else when he returns. When Popote says “I’m home”, both Meri and Johann gives him a warm “welcome back!”

True Ending

One morning, Meri and Johann are taking a walk in the forest. She notices that he knows a lot about wild plants, and he tells her it’s because he’s been working as an adventurer for a long time. The junior adventurers in the guild keep asking him to teach them too, and Clemens even asked him to write a book about plants and history. When Meri laughs saying he has became even busier than before, Johann says that she’s right. Especially because he’s starting to deal with people more than he used to be. Meri also feels that Johann has grown even kinder than before, but he says it might be the opposite. Johann admits he now would strictly scold Laura whenever she’s being selfish, and he doesn’t hesitate to say harsh words to her either.. but Meri thinks it only shows his kindness even more. After they’re done gathering materials, Meri takes out a lunchbox and hands it to Johann. She puts a lot of vegetables inside knowing he doesn’t like meat, and he blushes as he accepts the lunchbox. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Johann then takes Meri to eat lunch near a small river, where they reminisce about their first encounter in the forest. She says he was like a cool warrior who appears in stories, and he jokingly asks if that warrior looked like a coward who runs away from people lol. Meri admits she knew that Johann had his own reasons, but she still felt sad back then since he wouldn’t tell her anything. However, Johann says that Meri could see right into his heart. She knew that he actually wants to return to Elkrone, and that’s why she did her best to save him in the North Tower. Even though he used to travel around the land, he has grown attached to Elkrone, and it was her words that made him realize how much he loves the city. Johann then asks if Meri remembers about the request letter, and she sadly asks if he’s going to leave Elkrone to carry out the task. Johann says he will have to leave the city whenever he accepts requests from other areas, but he promises that he will always return to her side. That’s why he wants her to wait for him to come home.. as his partner in life. 萌え─♪。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ Johann wants Meri to know that it’s what he’s truly wishing for, and when he asks for her answer, she happily says yes. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Following Johann’s proposal, Meri eventually marries him and becomes his partner in life.. but their life as newlyweds is a story for another time. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Good Ending

In the good ending, Meri tries to stop Johann from leaving Elkrone. She asks why it has to be him, and he tells her that he’s actually not Elkrone’s adventurer. He came to Elkrone in order to prepare for a certain quest, but he ended up staying in this city for far too long. He feels so comfortable here, and there are a lot of things that pique his interest.. but more than anything, it’s all because he wants to keep watching her forever. Johann thanks Meri for everything and bids her farewell, but she stops him and asks him to take her along.

A few days after Popote’s return, Johann and Laura come to visit the atelier. Johann actually asked Meri to make a new sword for him, and today she gives him the finished product. She was nervous since it’s her first time synthesizing a weapon, but he’s really satisfied with the result. The sword has all the properties he requested, and he finds the weight comfortable as well. When Laura says she can see why the atelier is so popular even among the knights and adventurers, Johann says it’s because Meri is always thinking of her clients. Meri asks him to take her along when he’s planning to test the sword, and he requests another set of medicine from her. Beside them, Popote is wondering how can these two talk about either alchemy or adventures without getting bored.. and Laura rages at Johann for seeing Meri every morning just to talk about those two subjects. xD She asks if he doesn’t have more important subjects to talk about, and Popote completely supports this opinion. For example, like asking Meri out on a date. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Even if their love will never end, they need to know that time will always flow. At this rate, the Spirit Festival and the entire summer will be over before they make any significant progress LOL. Popote and Laura force them to have a date today, and Meri gladly accepts when Johann invites her to look around the festival together. Soon after they leave, Popote says they both have troublesome older siblings.. and Laura laughs saying her brother and her “sister” are indeed troublesome. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

After walking around with Johann all day, Meri feels bad for leaving Popote and Laura to run the atelier. Johann says Meri can enjoy the festival with Popote and her friends tomorrow, so for now.. he asks if she’s willing to spend the rest of the day with him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Meri feels nervous since Johann looks so serious, but when she tries to flee by buying souvenirs, he grabs her hand and asks her to wait — something is about to start soon. Just then colorful fireworks start shooting up to the sky, and as they watch it together, Meri finally tells Johann that she loves him. No matter what kind of battle he has to fight, she will always protect him from now on. Before Meri could finish her sentence, Johann suddenly leans in and kisses her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He says his journey as a dragon slayer is like a spiral staircase. Even if he feels tired and runs out of breath, he had no choice but to keep climbing.. but at the end of that long journey, he finally found her. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ Meri then asks Johann to stay with her forever in Elkrone, and he happily agrees — promising to watch the fireworks with her every year.

♪゚+.o ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ o.+゚♪
I-I’m not sure about how to describe Johann’s route, except that it gives me SO MANY feelings that I found it really difficult to contain myself. His relationship with Meri starts out slow, but in the end everything explodes into a mix of 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 and ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ LOL. Johann’s relationship with Meri is absolutely beautiful and you can clearly see how everything develops. Johann gradually grows more and more devoted to Meri as he falls in love, and Meri has an extremely strong determination to save Johann. As if that’s not enough, they also have a promise from the past.. and thinking that Johann has been looking for Meri ever since makes me cry waterfaaalls. C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Oh, and the endings killed me with ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ overdose. I want to see their happy married life SO BAD. FANDISK PLEASE. カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ)カモーン


42 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Johann

  1. I HAVEN’T READ UR POST YET JUST YOUR THOUGHTS BUT I JUST WANT TO SAY MOEHANN IS MOEEE. I really did not expect this much moe www. The scene where they made a promise in the dream from the distant past was so sweet and made me feel like they were canon. He looked like a normal guy to me at first too and I would never have guessed that Johann was carrying such a heavy burden by himself, and he is so kind. I want a fandisk too sobss, ;w;

      I almost went crazy with ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ when Meri tried to save him, but they totally top with with a sweet promise from the past. That scene is my favorite, and is one of the reasons why I love Johann so much. The other reasons being his destiny, relationship with Meri and how gentle his voice is. 8D I never thought he was carrying such a painful burden either, though I was suspicious when he sent her out of the mine. I hope Elkrone does well enough for Gust and Otomate to make a fandisk. ;w; We have to see their married lifeee.

  2. … I’m so sorry, maybe I really need a game with more sugar content to move me QwQ I don’t really… Feel anything romantic, but it was heartwarming I guess. Maybe I have a frozen heart OTL The sword vow was really surprising though, and I’m really glad Meri saved Johann from that.
    Wait a minute. They had a vow in the past? /stares blankly/ I feel like I missed out too many important parts OTL
    Maybe Elkrone is not cut out for me, I’m glad I didn’t purchase the game or else I’d be staring at my PSP screen going “That’s it?” QAQ I-I’m so sorry!!! I think I can safely lower my expectations for the other routes, and hopefully they’ll make me surprised. Especially Stephan and Alexey. ;v; Erhard and Clemens will be hilarious I think, but I have a feeling I’m going to stone all the way ;_; /sets fire to my supposedly frozen heart/

    • Wait a minute!! The vow!! /rereads the vow part/ QAQ 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I… I… Meri is the one you’ve been looking for, Johann QAQ D’AWWW SO SWEET HOW COULD’VE I MISSED THAT. OTL I’m such a failure OTL

      • Ahh that’s too bad then.. ; v ;
        I really loved Johann and his entire route, because even if the romance starts out late, it’s really worth it in the end. I’m doing Erhard now and it seems like he’s carrying a big secret too. He’s kind towards Meri, but while Johann pushes everyone away, Erhard welcomes everyone.. so Meri isn’t special. At least for now.

        • Haha, I guess because it’s an RPG storyline people have a lot of secrets xD; But I’m curious about Erhard’s one, Johann’s one was really surprising already. 8D

          • Yeah, everyone’s hiding something. xD I’m sure Alex is hiding a big secret too, and so does Stephan. Not sure if Clemens is really “hiding” anything or just too cracked in the head to talk about it lol.

          • Lol I’d love it if Clemens’ route was full of lulz and romance though I bet he could make it to the top of my bias list like that xD

  3. June 20 = definitely the climax of his route @o@
    I can see my bucket is overflowing with e-tears while reading that part since uguuu noeeesss Johann! ;;A;; I also like seeing young Johann too. I think even before playing this, the Cain syndrome is working on me. xD Because seriously… that part made me cry like a baby and the moe explosion is so rewarding, it made me feel okay afterwards.

    Aside from that, I love how Popote points out something which turns out right. xD

    Following Johann’s proposal, Meri eventually marries him and becomes his partner in life.. but their life as newlyweds is a story for another time. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*
    ^ kfjskjfksjfkjfkjf!!!! FANDISK WHERE! @//A//@

    I want to discuss more things about Johann, but I’ll just do it one by one. x3

    • June 20 in Elkrone is the day I cry e-waterfalls. xD
      I had the feeling that he’s not planning to return safely, but when it happens I still went dhsajkdjsd noooess Johann! ヽ(;▽;)ノ The young Johann actually speaks with 俺 instead of 私, and even though it’s really brief, that scene successfully sent me to the ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ heaven. It left such a deep impression on me, I don’t think I’ll be able to forget it.


      • He’s throwing himself too much for the sake of people’s safety ;;u;;, but good thing he earned his happy ending with Meri. QuQ

        I hope we can see even just another bit of young Johann in our dream FD. @v@ *secret shotacon showing* I bet we’ll explode in more ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ heaven if we see their married life~

        • Yeah, that was his vow to the sword. He endured everything alone and avoided people so nobody would be sad if he’s gone. Those happy endings are so worth it, I wish they’d show us moar in the FD. (屮゚Д゚)屮 ..but wait, Johann isn’t THAT young back in the flashback so you can’t say he’s a shota LOL.

          • FD FD FD! (@盆@) I hope there won’t be delays if ever they will release the FD too~ x3 Young Johann from the flashback is like… Oh I thought my shotacon side is showing LOL. False alarm! |D

            Anyway, another thing that I have to say to this route is that Laura’s quite forgettable. Like at first she was annoying, then how many paragraphs later I forgot that that she what she did. I do recognize her character improvement though.

          • Actually, I don’t mind waiting as long as they make the FD and make it good quality. If the FD is too short I’ll probably complain anyway. Anything to see Johann again. 8D

            As for Laura, she actually plays a major part.. but well, she’s still a sub-character after all. I was still neutral-negative towards her until late June, but then again she calls Meri “onee-sama” in the end.. so all is forgiven. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

  4. Ah.. reading your post about Johann somehow cheer me up. (*´▽`*) When I played Atelier Rorona, there is a glitch and I need to restart my PS3, resulting a corrupt HDD (T▽T) Need to format the HDD and I lost all my save data (T▽T) ……….

    Anyway Johann is super adorable, I’ve never though he carry a big burden. So glad in happy ending they got married and the CG kiss….. (≧∇≦)/

    I want the FD to…. Pretty please (≧∇≦)/

    • Ehh!? There’s a glitch in Rorona that can corrupt your entire HDD? o____o OMG that must have sucked so much, I’m so sorry to hear that you lose all your save data.. ;;;; Can you back it up later? Just to be safe.

      Yeah, Johann’s route is really sweet. It starts out really slow and Laura was annoying at first, but in the end everything is so rewarding. Especially since they got married, and both endings are like proposals. xD Fandisk please!

      • Yeah I played the US version, there has a lot of freezing problem and I need to shut down my PS3 manually. When I turned on my PS3, it said my HDD is corrupt :( Luckily I brought it to service center and they manage to recover my save files. Yupz I already backing up my saves now haha.

        So who is the next guy you are playing right now? xD

        • I heard about the freezing bugs too, and apparently it stemmed from the Japanese version. If you keep collecting things (like taking water from the well) nonstop by spamming the button, the game will eventually freeze on you. D: Glad to hear your save data are recovered though!

          I’m doing Erhard’s route now. xD

          • Wew so even in Jap version, there are glitches? Yeah I almost quit playing this game because of the freezing problem. And the good news is Totori doesn’t has this kind of glitch from what I heard from my friends. Right now I learned from my mistake, I will backup my saves files every 1 week lol. Better safe than sorry lol

            Ah Erhard… can’t wait xD

          • Yeah, you can’t keep spamming buttons when you gather materials / synthesize items or else the game will freeze on you. It seems like Totori has more convenient system too? Ahh I need to save up and buy a PS3, for the sake of the huge Atelier fan in me. xD I lost all of my save data when my PSP MemStick suddenly got corrupted, so now I’m backing up my save files whenever I plug it into the PC. 8D;

          • Yeah they should release the patch or something for this glitch ( ̄□ ̄;) I don’t play Totori yet but I heard the battle system slightly different, and Sterk is still in there (≧∇≦)/ *ahem*

            Ha2 backing up save files is the must lol. But really… to back up the save in PS3 is kinda bothersome, since I need to do it one by one (ーー;)

          • Wherever Rorona goes, Sterk will always be there. 8D
            I saw their scenes together in Totori, and I was like “OMG you guys just get married already!” ..but then again Rorona turned back into a 12 y.o. girl in Meruru. ;_____; I think I’ve jumped into the Sterk x Rorona bandwagon, just like you LOL.

          • Right.. Rorona and Strek is so adorable ^_^ Ah so it is true in Meruru, Rorona turns into 12 years old lol. But I heard she returns back into her normal age xD Ah.. need to finish Rorona soon so I can play Totori and Meruru xD

          • Oh, that’s relieving to hear. If Rorona returns to her normal age, then Sterk can have his waifu back. ← shipping them as if it’s official xD

  5. Johann’s route is so adorable and sweet (despite the bits of sadness here and there)! I really liked how slow their relationship started and everything seemed to have developed quite nicely, and ending with a marriage is always a win! I especially love that it was Meri who Johann has been searching for all this time.

    Hopefully the game does well enough to get a fandisk which will have copious amounts of fluff and romance! =D

    • Yes! Johann’s sad fate only adds more sweetness to the ending, in my opinion. He’s been avoiding people for so long and giving up to have / make a family, so the endings are so perfect for him. /o\ When he says “I’ve finally found you”, I thought I was going to explode from too much ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ So glad you finally have a happy ending, Johann. ; v ;

      I hope Elkrone does well too! There’s so much potential for a fandisk. xD

  6. Gaaah Johann is so awesome. I thought he looked normal at first but his looks grew on me as the route went on. Hes actually a pretty cool and kind guy. I want to see their married life and more dere dere moments too.

    • OMG IKR. He looks so normal out of the whole bunch. Especially since he’s standing next to a flirty knight, a mad scientist, two tsundere and a mysterious amnesiac boy.. but that’s one of his charms. That black hair. That cape. Cannot resist. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ I hope Elkrone will really have a fandisk.

  7. OMG JOHANN IS SO MOE (*萌´д`从*)
    I like never talk in caps, but Johann’s route is so hnngh

    When Otomate first started releasing infromation about the characters, I had no interest in Johann because I thought he was going to be just one of those call-you-oujou-sama characters and nothing more. But I’m glad that I was wrong :>

    Here’s another vote for a fandisk ; V ;

    • IKR MOEHANN IS MOE ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑
      His appearance and description led me to the same thought, but I was intrigued by his sample voice. The one that says “I’m bound by a vow, so I can’t accept your feelings until I reach my objective.” From there I was expecting something more from Johann, but I never thought he would be THIS MOE ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

  8. I can’t say anything after i read this one except..

    I love his story!!!! JOHANN!!!


    *raises hands*


    • I’m so happy to hear you girls love Johann as much as I do. ;___; Most of the Japanese otome blogger love him too, so I wish they’ll listen to our opinion and make a fandisk for Elkrone.

      COME HERE FANDISK! カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ)カモーン ← obsessed

  9. Johann…PLEASE MARRY MEEEEEE~!!! >< I was really looking forward to this route as much as Erhard!!! He's so sweet~~~~~ I just wanna glomp him to death!!!!! KYA~ Fandisk, please! A-ahem, I'm calm now. I'm slightly confused by his past though.

    • Oh, which part are you confused about?
      Johann’s past was never explained. Looking at his uniform in the distant dream, it seems like he’s a part of the army. Then somehow he got his hands on the black sword, which cursed him with the fate of fighting dragons. He’s my absolute favorite in Elkrone, followed by Erhard and possibly Alex. :3

  10. l’ve read all the routes, but I don’t have a particular favourite character, but Johann is one that I like slightly more than the rest. The snowball fight is so cute and funny!One of my favourite parts of Johann’s route was probably when the music was playing and Mathias told Johann to ask Meri to dance .Don’t worry Johann, I thought Mathias would be angry if you asked Meri to dance, too. Though he probably wanted Meri to enjoy herself too, so he bore with it.-nods nods-That ice dragon was so nice…Johann’s love confession was so romantic! Woo—-I agree with you that their relationship development was beautiful!

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