Atelier Elkrone – Erhard

Some of you might have noticed this, but Erhard is my main target in Elkrone. I absolutely love his appearance, and his antics never fail to amuse me. His route has a big surprise though. xD

Erhard is the captain of the 13th division of Schlissel’s Imperial Knights, in charge of protecting the city of Elkrone. His behavior is by no means knightly, and he’s labelled as a problem child among the knights because he constantly causes troubles for everyone. That aside, Erhard is friendly and loved by the younger knights, who all see him as a reliable big brother figure. He’s a flirt who maintains a “light and easy” relationship with all the ladies, calling them “little birds”.

The Flower Festival Arc

May 7

The Knights’ HQ Decoration
Client: Erhard. Reward: 100 cole.

Upon entering the knight’s HQ, Meri and Popote are welcomed by Dirk and a crying Erhard. The latter has a massive mountain of reports on his desk, but he’s more interested in the upcoming Flower Festival instead. Every year the people of Elkrone put a flower decoration to honor the spring goddess, and the knights want to have a gorgeous one this year — something flashy and cute. Since Meri needs to collect the materials first, Erhard and Dirk then take them to pick some flowers in Straus Hill. Erhard wants to have a picnic because the knights rarely have a chance to visit the hill, but Dirk protests saying he still has tons of reports to take care of. At first Erhard refuses since he has no motivation left, but when Meri encourages him to do his best at work, he finally agrees and says he can’t betray a girl’s expectations. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*
Meri then synthesizes a Krone Flower all for the knights, and she dyes it red to make it more flashy — based on Erhard’s image color.

When Meri delivers the flower ball to the knights’ HQ, she finds a sad Erhard working on the reports on his desk. It turns out Erhard has been asking every girl he met to make a bet over Oyaji’s hair, asking for a kiss if he wins the bet.. and that’s exactly why people are submitting reports to the knights. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He insists that kisses are just like greetings to him, which causes both Meri and Dirk to go “then greet them normally!” xD Erhard explains that he only wants to have a “light and easy” relationship with everyone, but since they’re seeing him as a pervert, he asks if Meri wants to have a deep kiss with him. LOL. WHY. How did it lead up to that!? Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Dirk scolds him saying these reports will never stop coming if he doesn’t control himself, but Erhard’s mood instantly lights up when Meri shows him the red flower ball she made. Meri also borrows the kitchen to make some tea for them, which sends both Erhard and Dirk to heaven. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Erhard then asks if they can employ Meri as their secretary, and when Dirk says no, he replies with “I see, can we fire someone then?” while looking at Dirk. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Of course Meri can’t accept the position since she has her atelier, but she promises to come and make tea for them again.

By the end of the day, Erhard’s desk completely snaps in two thanks to the report mountain.

May 8

In the morning, Erhard comes to see Meri in the atelier. Dirk said they can’t buy a new desk for Erhard since they have no money, so he wonders if Meri has any ideas about what he should do. Meri says Erhard can borrow Mathias’ old desk until they have money to buy a new one, but he gets extremely terrified at the thought of him breaking Mathias’ desk. Meri replies that’s why he should do his best to take care of those reports, and despite his fear towards “Demon Mathias”, Erhard eventually agrees saying he can’t let her down. He promises to protect the desk for decades, and then he leaves with a frightened expression. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After seeing all of this, Popote comments that Meri is quite a schemer LOL.

May 9

Training for a Rookie Knight
Client: Erhard. Reward: 300 cole.

Since there’s a lot of alchemists in Elkrone, it’s necessary for the knights to know how to work together with them. Margret used to teach the knights about this in the past, and today Erhard is asking Meri to teach a rookie knight about gathering materials. Of course Meri gladly accepts the request, and she follows Erhard to the Austen Gate with Popote. There they meet up with Dirk, who formally introduces himself as the vice captain of the 13th division, along with Basil, a newcomer from the capital. Erhard then leads them to have a cheerful picnic at Torene Lake, where Basil admits that he has always thought Elkrone’s knights are more serious and uptight. Right after the training session begins, Erhard quickly raises his hand and asks Meri the first question: “Teacher, what’s your three size?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard says it’s a tradition to ask perverted questions every year, but since Meri and Basil are like (´≖ ‸ ≖`), Dirk tells her to ignore him and continue the lesson LOL. After Meri explains the basics of gathering materials, Dirk asks if she prefers relying on the knights or the adventurers to guard her along the way. Upon hearing this, Erhard changes the question to make her choose between Johann and him instead. xD Meri answers she’d choose Erhard because he’s “reliable and assertive”, which makes him jump with joy.. while Dirk stares in disbelief. He’s happy that she chooses them, but he can’t believe she would choose that Erhard over Johann. xD

When Meri asks if they have other questions, Basil asks what should they do in order to have a fairy like her. If being an alchemist means he can team up with a fairy too, then he’s thinking of leaving the knights to become one. Dirk rages since he just joined the knights last month, but Basil says it’s because they’re different from what he imagined. Basil really admired the three legendary knights of Elkrone — Erhard, Dirk and Lot — and he thought he can change himself by meeting them.. but he’s disappointed since Erhard turns out to be a flirt, Dirk is pretty much the mom of the knights, and Lot’s name isn’t even listed among the members. The knights aren’t that busy either because Elkrone is always peaceful, so Basil is now thinking of changing his occupation instead. He’ll gain a lot of attention if he has a fairy, and the fairy will take care of his needs as well — including household chores, atelier management and even alchemy. Basil says he really envies Meri for inheriting her grandmother’s atelier on top of having a fairy, but noticing that Meri looks sad, Erhard punches Basil in the face before she could say anything. As Basil falls into the lake, Erhard says he’s now discharged and should never ever appear in front of the knights again.

When Basil protests saying it’s a leader’s job to understand his subordinates, Erhard answers that the world doesn’t revolve around him. He shouldn’t push his own selfishness onto other people. Basil angrily says it’s only normal for him to think that way, and he storms off saying he doesn’t want to work for a savage person like Erhard. Dirk notices that he’s heading to the wrong direction instead of taking the path back to the city, but Erhard says they should leave him be. Erhard then apologizes to Meri and Popote for what Basil said, because the knights’ job is to protect the citizens — not insulting them. Erhard also wants a chance to restore the knights’ honor in their eyes, but since Meri keeps saying it’s not their fault, Dirk then suggests helping her gathering materials around the lake. Meri gladly accepts this idea, thought Popote is disappointed since he was expecting Erhard to bribe them with food LOL.

However, they soon hear Basil’s voice screaming in terror. Erhard carefully guards Meri and Popote with Dirk as they follow the direction of the voice, which eventually leads them to an unconscious Basil on the ground. Despite his status as a rookie, Basil has enough strength to join the knights, so it’s highly unlikely for a normal monster to knock him out. Just then Erhard suddenly notices something, and he asks Meri and Popote to slowly back down. He also tells Dirk to take them back to the city, warning them NOT to look back no matter what. When Meri asks what he’s planning to do, Erhard calmly says they should make a bet about which one will win — him, or the thing he’s going to face. Before Meri could say anything, Erhard quickly takes out his sword and jumps away. Dirk is visibly concerned even after they return to the knights’ HQ, but he covers it up by saying it’s because Basil is still unconscious. Not too long after that, Basil wakes up screaming about a “monster”. When Dirk tries to calm him down, he asks about what happened to the “monster” he saw earlier. He describes the “monster” as an enormous creature which looks like nothing he has ever seen before, and he asks if it’s the rumored Elkrone’s beast.

While Meri panics saying Erhard is currently chasing after that “monster”, Basil turns pale and says a normal person wouldn’t stand a chance against such a thing. Popote protests saying Erhard won’t lose, and Dirk tells everyone to calm down. Elkrone’s beast is only a rumor at this point, but he thanks Popote for believing in Erhard.. because Erhard will never betray people’s expectations. The knights aren’t heroes, but they’re the sword of Elkrone who fight along with the citizen’s trust in them — they won’t lose so easily. Dirk is planning to send backup if Erhard doesn’t return in a while, but Erhard then walks into the room saying it’s not necessary. Both Meri and Popote are relieved to see him unharmed, and he happily kisses their cheeks saying he missed them too. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ When Dirk asks about the “monster”, Erhard confirms that it was indeed the one they were thinking of — the Demon Gargoyle. Basil says the one he saw doesn’t look like a gargoyle, but Dirk quickly replies that it must be a mistake on his part. Erhard explains that he chased the Demon Gargoyle as it tried to escape, though eventually he grew tired and decided to go back. Basil then protests that Erhard is too reckless by fighting alone, but Erhard admits that he actually doesn’t like fighting with friends. Because he doesn’t have the confidence to protect them. That’s why rather than following him, he wants everyone — including Dirk — to stay in a safe place. Dirk obviously wants to fight beside him, but it seems like Erhard wants him to stay back instead.

Upon seeing Meri’s relieved expression, Erhard asks if she thought he would lose. He takes out Carl’s apple pie saying it’s all his since he won their bet, but when Popote goes Σ(;∀;lll) beside them, he laughs and says it’s only a joke. Erhard then invites everyone to eat the apple pie together, but since Basil is only watching them in silence.. he slaps Basil and asks him to make some black tea for them. Of course Basil is confused since he’s been discharged, but Meri whispers that it means Erhard is willing to forget what happened between them earlier. If Basil refuses, Erhard is going to ask Meri to make the tea, cool it down for him, and then give it to him mouth-to-mouth. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Basil quickly accepts the task, and he happily makes some delicious bitter black tea for everyone. Erhard thanks Meri and Popote for the training session, and he asks them to have a picnic together again sometime.

May 10

Meri and Popote meet Basil in front of the atelier today, and he asks them about the weapon shop’s location. He’s carrying a lot of weapons in his arms, and he explains that the knights want Oyaji to upgrade their weapons. The Demon Gargoye from yesterday is a really strong A-Class monster, so all the rookies need stronger weapons just in case they have to fight it again. Basil admits that he’s still envious of Meri, and he’s still a bit disappointed after seeing the real Erhard and Dirk.. but she tells him that despite their personalities, Erhard and Dirk have their good points too. Besides, Basil hasn’t met the third legendary knight yet — Lot, the brain of the knights. Basil thanks Meri for the advice, and he excuses himself saying he’ll search for more information about Lot later. Then he falls down along the way to the weapon shop. xD

May 12

It’s the atelier’s day off today, and Meri is having tea with Popote when Erhard comes to ask her out. When Popote asks if he can come along, Erhard answers of course he can — Popote and Meri are a set after all. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Erhard carries Popote on his back as he runs through Realm Street, and he asks Meri to give him a kiss if she loses the “race” LOL. The two of them end up running all the way to Everlasting Summer Beach, and somehow she manages to win.. much to his disappointment. xD Popote thinks it’s still a bit cold to swim though, and since they didn’t bring any swimsuits, of course Meri can’t just strip barenaked and jump into the sea with them. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ However, Erhard says they’re not going to swim today. Popote asks if they’re going to build sand mountains, while Meri wonders if they’re going to pick up seashells. Upon hearing this, Erhard laughs saying they’re really cute. He says the girls he brought here mostly prefer sunbathing instead, though a long time ago someone said the same thing as her. Knowing Erhard has dated a lot of girls, Meri wonders if he’s really that much of a playboy.

Soon they hear familiar voices from the other side of the beach, which turns out to be Basil, Dirk, Fren and Johann. Dirk and Fren are bickering about who should gather seashells on the beach today, and Erhard is surprised since he actually took Meri and Popote here for the same reason. They obviously think Erhard and Meri are having a date, but he quickly denies it saying he doesn’t belong to anyone no matter how cute she is. He belongs to all the ladies in Elkrone, so they should be the ones to fall head over heels for him — not the other way around. Or as Dirk puts it, the entire city is his love “strike zone” LOL. Both Fren and Basil think Erhard is just a pervert, but Johann asks them not to say such a thing. No matter how lecherous he is, they only need to stop him whenever he’s bothering people. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! Erhard says they’re just jealous of his immense popularity, and he challenges them to duel him one by one. The winner will become the king of the beach for today, while the losers will become slaves and have to obey what the king says. The moment Erhard takes out his sword, Meri suddenly pierces everyone with a loud “STOP!” and scolds him for being so brutal. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She won’t allow them to settle things with violence, and so she makes them fight against each other in an arm-wrestling tournament instead. xD

After deciding the turns with lottery, Erhard ends up facing Johann right from the first round. Neither of them has the intentions to hold back, and Popote is overjoyed as he watches their fierce battle.. even though it’s only arm-wrestling LOL. Erhard nearly loses for a moment, but upon hearing Meri’s voice cheering for him, he instantly fires up and smashes Johann’s arm against the table SO HARD it breaks. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Meri notices that he cuts his arm on the table pieces, but Erhard says it’s fine and asks her not to worry. He’s 1000% pumped up for the next round, and he wants to continue fighting while her cheer from earlier is still ringing on his ears. (❤ฺ→艸←) Needless to say Erhard beats everyone else, and he challenges both Meri and Popote to fight him for the last round. Of course he doesn’t go all out on them, but they still lose against his monster strength anyway. xD By the end of the arm-wrestling tournament, he proudly shows them that his wound from earlier has healed completely. It appears that Erhard has an amazing regeneration rate, so all kinds of minor cuts will heal in only half a day. Σ(・д・ノ)ノ

Now that he’s become the king of the beach, Erhard orders Johann to call him “king” and gives Meri the mission to become his queen. He received his energy from her, so he wants to “rule” the beach together with her. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* When Erhard asks if there’s anything she wants to do, Meri answers that they should gather seashells together. She reminds him that he took them here for that reason, but her answer surprises him.. because someone used to say the same thing in the past. Erhard sadly whispers that he was supposed to make a promise and take that someone to the beach, and Dirk seems worried upon seeing this.. but Erhard quickly regains his energy and takes Meri to pick up seashells together in a secret place. It’s the first time she ever saw him looking so sad, and she wonders if he has a memory about gathering seashells in the past.

May 20

Obtaining Spirit Light

Today Meri receives a letter from Junger XV, which says that she needs “Spirit Light” in order to make Aoi Wakkakka. It can be retrieved from the Forest of Fairies, which means they have to walk through the Lost Forest. Since Meri and Popote need someone to guard them through the way, Meri then decides to invite Erhard. She finds him arguing with Fren.. or rather, getting scolded by Fren in the weapon shop, and the reason is none other than his attitude.

Recently, the adventurers have been receiving a LOT of requests from the knights. Two days ago, a knight asked Erhard to deliver a love letter for the girl he likes. Sadly the girl fell in love with Erhard instead, and the poor guy wants his first love back. Yesterday, Erhard introduces another knight to some girls.. but they’re all in love with Erhard, and the poor guy now wants his heart-throbbing moments back. Then today, Carl wants Erhard to stop asking for his wife’s home cooking because he’s the chef. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Popote says he should change his name to “Erohard” instead, and Erhard asks what he should do to become unpopular like Fren — which obviously makes the latter angry. xD When Meri asks Erhard to help guarding them through the forest, Fren grumbles saying people should rely on the adventurers more. Erhard then teases Fren by asking if he wants to accompany Meri too, and this leads to them getting scolded by Oyaji for troubling her LOL. Fren tells Erhard not to betray Meri’s trust, and Erhard promises to protect her along the way. He needs to inform Dirk first though, so he asks them to see him by the Austen Gate. After eating the fruit tart Popote made for them, he takes them for a “picnic” to the Forest of Fairies.

As soon as they reach the Forest of Fairies, Erhard goes to chase the monsters away while eating Popote’s handmade steak. Meri then finds a frozen heart-shaped stone on the ground, and soon a bearded fairy comes asking what business they have in this forest. After reading Aoi Wakkakka’s recipe, the bearded fairy reveals that the heart-shaped stone is actually the Spirit Light they’re looking for. The fairies call it a “Spirit Heart”, which is the crystallization of the hearts of the spirits. It’s frozen solid because the fairies don’t trust humans, and Meri has to wrap it with human kindness in order to make it melt. The moment Meri asks it to let her hear its voice, the Spirit Heart instantly melts in her hands.. and Erhard is amazed at its beauty. The bearded fairy also reveals that he’s actually the elder fairy who raised Popote in the Green Forest, but right now he’s the guardian of the Forest of Fairies — protecting the young fairies who live here. When Popote begs the elder fairy to take him along, he asks if Popote can really leave Meri’s side to live with them.. because unlike humans, fairies like them can’t erase the bond they have forged with someone. After asking Meri to take care of Popote, the elder fairy disappears into the forest — leaving Popote to wonder why fairies and humans can’t just live together.

Upon seeing Popote on the verge of tears, Erhard says he doesn’t know what to say in this situation. His tears suddenly start flowing out too, and he apologizes saying he’ll cry together with Popote. Meri also reminds Popote that he’s got her by his side, and Popote cries in Meri’s arms when she says that the atelier is his home. Erhard walks them home after that, and he stays with them until Popote falls asleep. He apologizes for crying too, but Meri says Popote seems happy to have someone to cry with. After seeing Meri’s alchemy today, Erhard says he can understand why Popote loves her that much. She’s a very warm person.

The Port Festival Arc

May 22

There’s an open market at the fountain plaza today, and Meri goes to buy some new flasks for the atelier. Soon she spots Erhard yawning among the crowd, and he looks incredibly sleepy. The reason is because he punched a big hole in the wall last night, when he saved a girl from some thugs. After getting scolded by the owner of the house, he was forced to fix the wall all night. He gives Dirk a “captain’s order” to carry him back to their HQ, but Dirk says he’d rather die. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Meri then wonders if she can make something for Erhard, and when Elie greets her soon after, she remembers that Elie’s cheesecake is infamous for relieving fatigue. Under Elie’s strict guidance, Meri eventually makes “Elie’s Special Cheesecake” for Erhard.

On the way to the knights’ HQ, Meri finds Erhard patroling with Dirk in Stolz Hill. Erhard couldn’t walk anymore and clings onto poor Dirk’s neck along the way, but he immediately regains his energy upon seeing Meri. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ When he asks if she’s inviting him to have a “night date”, Dirk protests saying he still has tons of work to do. He needs to do something about that huge mountain of reports, or else his new desk will break again. Erhard tries to escape from work by saying a knights’ duty is to protect the citizens and date the girls, but Meri replies that she’s not asking him out. The moment she gives him the cheesecake and asks him to do his best, he feels so happy he cries on the spot. xD Meri asks Dirk to have some too since she made a lot, but Erhard quickly says no. He’s going to eat everything by himself, so Dirk can watch and bite his own fingers in jealousy. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard promises to work hard after eating the cheesecake, and he takes Dirk back to the HQ after thanking Meri.

May 23

In the morning, Meri receives a letter from Erhard in her mailbox. Through the letter, he thanks her for the delicious cheesecake. He was really thinking of eating the whole thing alone, but since his men wouldn’t shut up about it, he ended up giving them tiny bits and pieces. xD The knights cried in joy upon eating the cheesecake, and they’re all asking for more LOL. As a sign of gratitude, Erhard asks if he can return the favor with a kiss. (❤ฺ→艸←) Meri is happy to hear the knights loved her cheesecake, but of course she doesn’t take Erhard’s offer seriously lol.

Seeking Judgement
Client: Erhard. Reward: 300 cole.

On the way to see Erhard, Meri finds Dirk and Basil doing their morning run in Stolz Hill. They tell her that Erhard is working in the HQ, and Dirk mentions that it’s a good idea to request for Meri’s assistance. When Meri comes to see him with Popote, Erhard is reading a list of display items from Schlissel’s Imperial Art Gallery. He grumbles saying what happened to the sender’s job as a secretary, but he feels glad that the sender — the knights’ brain — seems to be doing fine. Erhard takes Meri on a date after that, and when she reminds him about the request, he says their date is a part of his request. There’s still an open market at the fountain plaza today, and he wants them to go shopping with him. Since the fountain plaza is full of people, Erhard also holds Popote’s hand so he won’t get lost among the crowd. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Soon Erhard decides to visit a stand run by a scary pirate-like man, and noticing that Meri seems scared, he lends his charm to her — saying nothing will happen as long as she keeps it. The man clearly isn’t pleased that Erhard is bringing “women and children” along, but he calmly says “couples” like them are easy preys for a jewel dealer like him. At first the man refuses saying his jewels aren’t cheap toys for couples, but he changes his mind when Erhard says that his “girlfriend” is a famous alchemist. Not to mention Meri also has a fairy, which is a really rare occurence. Meri is surprised when Erhard says he’s willing to buy the jewels she likes with a high price, but he only tells her to leave everything to him.

When the man takes out his best collection, Erhard asks Meri and Popote to take a closer look at the jewels. Meri thinks they’re all very beautiful and can only be made by a specialist, while Popote notices that the gems were probably made through alchemy.. because normally gems won’t shine as bright. Next, Erhard takes out the display item list from earlier and asks them to read it. As they go down the list, Meri and Popote realize that the items listed look the same as the ones being sold in the stand. The jewels seem incredibly hard to make, so they’re sure that they’re actually the same items. Upon hearing this, the man rages and asks if they’re planning to ruin his business. Erhard answers that he doesn’t have any intentions to do so. He’s only curious about rumors regarding a smart group of thieves who accept requests to repair items from the art gallert in a large quantity, exchanging them with fakes during the process. There are reports about the stolen jewelry being sold in Elkrone, and an old friend has asked him to do something about this. Upon realizing that Erhard is a knight, the man immediately orders his men to kill him along with Meri and Popote.

Unfortunately for the thieves, Erhard is one step ahead of them. The “date” is actually a part of the investigation, and he already ordered the knights to surround them — which really excites Popote. Soon after that, Dirk comes to report that they already found the thieves’ hidden ship. They found a lot of alchemy-related items inside, and Basil is checking them right now. As the knights take the thieves back to their HQ, Erhard takes Meri and Popote to examine the stolen items in the ship. Meanwhile, Basil is talking to Junger XV about the items. Basil is amazed to find a giant glass tube among the stolen items, but Junger XV says the quality is really bad.. so it can’t be used to produce any homunculus. Of course Basil has no idea what a homunculus is, and Junger XV says he’ll take care of the items because it’s dangerous if they fall into the hands of those who don’t know their purpose. Erhard comes to the port with Meri and Popote after that, and he immediately destroys the remaining stolen items saying they’re dangerous. Basil mentions that “teacher” just said the same thing, but when he turns around, Junger XV is already gone. Basil also notices that a glass bottle is missing along with its contents, though he doesn’t think Junger XV stole it from them — because Junger XV said he’s a lecturer in an alchemy society. It’s only until Meri asks for the name and contact address of said “teacher” that Basil realizes he’s been tricked, and Erhard punishes the poor guy by asking him to make a list of the remaining items.

When Meri asks why Erhard concealed the investigation from them, Popote says he’ll come in the right attire if he knew about their mission — “Fairy Knight Popoteman is here! I will protect Elkrone’s peace!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard says that’s exactly why he didn’t tell them about the investigation, and Meri thinks he made the right decision LOL. He also says he increased the number of guards to ensure their safety today, but a long time ago, he used to work in a smaller group with his friend from the 18th division. Basil gets excited since it happened during the legendary three knights’ era, and he asks about what happened back then.. but instead of answering, Erhard only scolds him for talking instead of doing his job. However, Erhard clearly avoids the question when Meri asks about Lot. He asks them to let him rest for now, saying he feels glad that everyone’s unharmed. Because even if the knights are training and honing their skills everyday, nobody can tell what’s going to happen in the battlefield.. and he doesn’t want to have “that kind of experience” again. After taking his charm back from Meri, Erhard thanks them for helping out and tells them to get some rest.

May 24

When they wake up in the morning, Meri and Popote see Basil doing a morning run alone. He looks like he’s about to collapse, and he explains that Erhard ordered him to run around the city until he really faints — with 5 laps as the minimum requirement. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ They wonder if he did something to make Erhard angry, and Basil explains that he was in charge of organizing documents yesterday. He checked if there are any documents about the three knights, and he says their era ended six years ago. However, Basil then noticed something weird. There are a lot of records regarding Erhard and Dirk’s activities, but Lot is never mentioned. At first Basil thought it’s because Lot transferred to another location, but his name isn’t listed in the knights’ documents either. Not even in the official ones. It’s strange because Lot’s name should still be recorded somewhere even if he left the tea, but since Basil didn’t find anything, it seems like a knight named Lot never existed to begin with.

For some reason the knights keep their mouths shut tight when it comes to Lot, and even the adventurers are avoiding the subject. Basil isn’t too sure about what’s happening, but he did notice something else. Whenever Erhard and Dirk are looking at him, it seems like they’re both searching for someone else in him. It feels like the person they’re searching for isn’t there, and they’re looking at the wrong person instead. Basil admits he doesn’t want to be compared to Lot because he knows he’s inferior, but then he says it’s probably only because he doesn’t feel comfortable in Elkrone. He then apologizes for disturbing them in the morning, saying he finds it easy to talk to Meri because they’re close in age. She also thanks him for telling them about the three knights, and then he runs off to continue his marathon. While Meri thinks Basil is growing to be more knightly, Popote comments that Basil might have done something major without even realizing it.

It’s the atelier’s day off today, and Meri is relaxing with Popote when Erhard comes to ask her out again. He says there’s a “big incident”, but he doesn’t want to tell her the reason because she’ll only laugh at him. Erhard is about to take Meri out of the city when Basil eventually finds them by the Austen Gate, and he quickly captures Erhard together with Dirk. When Meri asks them what’s going on, Erhard immediately tries to stop them from revealing the truth.. but they ignore him and explain that he’s running away from the physical examination. It turns out that Erhard is extremely scared of injections, so this always happens every year. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Noticing that Erhard is quietly making his escape in the background, Meri quickly captures him and forces him to take the examination. Since he keeps resisting and screaming “ヤダヤダヤダヤダ!!” along the way, she shoots him down by saying “I’ll scorn you if you run away!” ..which works like a charm as he instantly slumps down in tears. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Meri then says she’s doing this because she’s worried about his health, and when Erhard asks if it’s a love confession, she replies she doesn’t mind if he takes it that way — as long as he receives the examination LOL. This causes him to scream “you demon! demon! demon.. (ノД`)・゜・。”, but of course she doesn’t care and drags him to the church. The way Meri controls Erhard amazes both Dirk and Basil, though he’s cursing them to be unpopular. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

In order to stop Erhard from resisting, Meri eventually decides to take the examination as well. He tells her not to run away and she promises that she won’t, but that determination crumbles down in a few minutes.. because the knights are looking at her like a bunch of perverts eyeing their prey. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Dirk and Basil feel sorry for her, while Erhard laughs saying this is the revenge for what she did to him LOL. Of course Meri doesn’t want to stay with the perverted wolves, so she follows Erhard to see Niklaus when his turn comes. Erhard keeps on protesting and even punches Niklaus for putting a stethoscope on his chest, but Meri does her best to help keeping him under control. Not too long after that, a very painful scream echoes in the church as NIklaus gives Erhard an injection — with Meri locking him in place. xD He continues resisting when she tries to get some of his hair sample, which only causes her to accidentally cut a LOT of his hair at once. Erhard is really afraid of turning bald like Oyaji, and he cries waterfalls as he screams “OH MY GOOOD!!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Just then they hear voices from outside, and Fren enters the church to inform Erhard that they received information about the Demon Gargoyle. It seems like the monster is approaching the city, and the adventurers won’t do anything regarding this case — they’re leaving everything to Erhard. Basil is surprised and says the knights will fight together, but Fren only tells him that if he doesn’t know anything yet, he should find out what happened six years ago.. and whose was erased then. Meri is about to ask if Fren is referring to Lot, but Erhard quickly stops them. He says both Basil and Meri has nothing to do with that case, so he doesn’t want them to get involved. Fren then tells Basil that the adventurers won’t move because they’re free. They’re not following rules like the knights, and each of them has their own definition of justice in their hearts. When Basil says the knights also have their own justice, Fren warns him to be careful if he doesn’t want to be erased too.

After Fren leaves, Erhard immediately orders the knights to defend the city. Their top priority is to protect the citizens, and as for the Demon Gargoyle.. he’s going to fight it alone. Both Basil and Dirk object saying they want to accompany him, but Erhard’s decision is final. It’s his order as their captain, and anyone who defies the order will be fired. However, Meri then asks him to take her along instead. She’s worried about him, and he can’t fire her because she’s not a member of the knights. Upon hearing this, all the knights are asking for the same thing — they all want to fight beside him. Erhard is surprised and says it can’t be helped, but then he quickly apologizes and runs out before they could stop him. Dirk immediately takes the command and assigns everyone into their positions, and when Basil says they can’t just leave Erhard alone, Dirk snaps and tells him not to be selfish. They’re knights. They move based on their captain’s order. He doesn’t want to let Erhard go either, but he doesn’t have a choice.

Meri returns to Realm Street after that, and she runs into Fren along the way. Just before she could ask him to take her to Erhard’s place, they suddenly hear Dirk informing the citizens that a giant monster has just appeared in Sunlight Forest. He assures them everything will be fine because the knights are taking care of the monster, but Fren sighs saying it’s only one stupid captain. Meri gets angry saying it’s so cruel to say such a thing when Erhard is fighting alone to protect the city, but she’s taken aback when Fren asks if she really thinks so. If he’s really protecting the ciy, Erhard should have taken the knights along. Meri then wonders why he left them behind, and Fren says he doesn’t know either. It might be because he can’t rely on them, or because he has a personal grudge against the Demon Gargoyle.. or both. In any case, it’s definitely not to protect the city. Soon Alex comes to inform Fren that Johann already went to check the forest with Niklaus, and he’s going to check each house to make sure the citizens are safe. Meri is happy to see the adventurers protecting Elkrone as well, but Fren replies that it’s only natural to do so. Different from the knights, who won’t move until they receive orders, the adventurers are free and do what they believe is right. They’ll always protect the citizens even if they didn’t ask for help, so she doesn’t have to worry.

Fren clearly doesn’t like how Meri is relying on the knights, but he’s willing to give her a hint as a fellow residence of Realm Street. In the past, the knights got rid of a certain knight. His entire existence has been erased ever since, but Fren can’t mention his name since the knights are keeping it a top secret. They can’t rely on the knights’ records anymore, but the church should still have some records about the lost knight — the medical charts from physical examinations. Following the hint, Meri then goes to examine the medical charts in the church. If she examines Dirk’s chart, she’ll find out that Dirk actually comes from a noble family. If she examines Basil’s, she finds two copies of the chart. One of them is inside an envelope labelled “recommendation letter”, and she wonders if Basil is going to transfer away. On Erhard’s chart, Niklaus wrote about his amazing regeneration rate. The last part of the chart has been erased, but Meri can still read what was written there: “If we can find the secret behind that regeneration power, we might be able to save ‘that person’.” After examining the older charts, Meri eventually finds Lot’s old medical record. Aside from his full name, Lot Melzer, and the fact that he’s an orphan, only the margin has something written on it:

“A month after that incident, I can finally hold a brush again. However, I don’t have any words to write. I can’t make charts anymore. After Lot’s defeat, the three knights are now disbanded. Pursuing information from the knights will be difficult as well. I don’t think anyone can recover after what happened, but it will be okay as long as Lot can be saved.. as long as that person is saved.. All I can do is to pray to God.”

The letters were clearly written with trembling hands, and Meri can see traces of tears on the paper. Right after she returns the chart to its place, Basil comes to inform her that Erhard has chased “Elkrone’s beast” away. Niklaus soon returns to deliver the same news, but different from Basil, he says Erhard already chased the Demon Gargoyle away. Realizing what he just did, Basil quickly excuses himself and takes Meri to Realm Street — where he finally tells her that “Demon Gagroyle” is actually the knights’ codename for Elkrone’s beast. The real name of the beast is actually Reidoll, a creature / golem made by ancient alchemy, though the kingdom is keeping it a secret. Meri gets even more worried about Erhard after hearing this, but Basil then says that for some reason, Reidoll avoids fighting Erhard. Whenever Erhard appears, it always changes its directions and goes away. The knights are actually doing an investigation about Reidoll, but they’re hiding all information and keeps its identity a secret. Basil is about to tell Meri the reason, but they get interrupted by Dirk’s voice — informing the citizens that they have defeated the giant monster. It’s obviously a lie to make the citizens feel relieved, but Basil thinks the knights might be hiding Reidoll’s identity since there’s no point of telling the citizens about it. He ends the conversation here, and he asks her to forget everything that she heard today. It’s for their own safety.

That evening, Niklaus comes to see Meri in the atelier. he wants to know what she did at the church when he was away, and she admits that she examined the medical charts because she’s worried about Erhard. When she asks him about Lot, he says it’s been years since the last time he heard that name.. but then he avoids the subject by saying time has passed since the three knights’ era. Niklaus thanks Meri for helping with Erhard’s examination today, and he returns to the church without answering her question.

May 25

Before dawn, Meri wakes up to hear footsteps approaching her room. Soon Erhard appears asking how much she knows about him, and he says he doesn’t like how she’s investigating his data while they haven’t even kissed yet.. so he’s now here to do the same to her. Or so he says. Erhard then cheerfully says it’s only a joke, and he’s here to retrieve the hair sample that Meri cut from the church earlier — saying she took some monster hair by mistake. He asks if he went too far because she looks really scared, but he’s really surprised when she angrily asks why would he go that far just to take hair sample. She then starts throwing books at him, as well as saying she hates him and telling him to get out.. but when he really escapes, she sadly whispers that she was really worried about him. Meri can’t go back to sleep thanks to Erhard, so she decides to make jam tarts until morning comes.

Later on, Erhard comes to greet them in front of the atelier. Both Popote and him are extremely terrified since Meri is obviously still angry, but Erhard explains that he’s only taking Basil to see her today. Erhard then takes Popote to eat at the inn, leaving Basil and Meri to talk alone. Basil then informs Meri that he’s transferring to the sapital’s Imperial Knights division, and he’s going to join a union camp with Vincestein’s army today. When she asks if anything happened with the knights, he says that Reidoll hasn’t been defeated ever since it was first seen six years ago. Erhard is the only one who has been fighting it, and thinking that Reidoll probably can’t be defeated alone, Basil wants to learn new battle techniques from Vincestein’s army. Instead of pushing this battle onto Erhard’s shoulders, Basil wants to fight beside him. Before leaving, he asks if he can have a strand of Meri’s hair. There’s a jinx among the knights which says they can return home safely by keeping hair as charms, and she gladly cuts off some or her hair for him. Popote feels sad to see Basil leaving, but Meri says Basil leaves because he already found an objective.. and they will surely see him again someday.

The Cold God
Client: Erhard. Reward: 100 cole.

Today Erhard is busy taking care of the reports in tears, but he instantly cheers up when Meri and Popote come to see him. Ignoring Dirk’s plea for him to return in time and continue working, Erhard then takes them to go out — saying they’ll escape far, far away from the reports LOL. In the general store, Erhard explains that the knights need a certain item for the upcoming Port Festival. The item is expensive, so he’s wondering if Meri can synthesize something similar for them. They’re now here to ask Anna about the item since Erhard can’t remember the name, but sadly Miranda already bought all of them. They keep calling the item “that” instead of saying its name, so Meri then asks what item are they referring to.. and Anna answers that it’s a brand new item called “Cold Crystal God Kleis Kreis Sanz Creeps Crown.” (  Д ) ゚ ゚ What the.. no wonder Erhard can’t remember the name LOL. It was a complex collaboration project made by 8 alchemists in the capital, so the item name is basically their names mashed up together. xD Everyone calls it the “Cold God” for short, and the price is high because it’s a delicate item. In come cases, it even gets ruined through the shipping process.

Based on Anna’s advice, Erhard drags Meri and Popote to see Miranda next. They drop by the inn to buy an apple pie for her, hoping they can trade it with her “Cold God”, and Carl chases them out the moment Erhard starts hitting on Carla. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Soon Dirk comes to eat breakfast, and Erhard runs out — still dragging Meri and Popote — saying they can charge the apple pie’s payment from the poor guy instead. xD Upon entering the fountain plaza, they find Miranda and Belinda shopping around the market. Erhard immediately runs over to hit on them, and he asks if Miranda is willing to share some of her “Cold God”. He offers Carl’s apple pie in return, but unfortunately.. she firmly refuses the deal. Miranda says she needs it for her job, and she describes the item as “easy to write on”, “can be used repeatedly” and “easy to cut with scissors”. Miranda also mentions that she shared some of them with Heidi earlier, and so before Meri could figure out what the “Cold God” is, Erhard’s already dragging Popote and her to the academy. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It turns out Erhard and Heidi are familiar with each other, as they’re both fellow delinquents who often escape from their studies or work LOL. Heidi was actually using the “Cold God” for her reverse alchemy research, but she got bored along the way and escaped to the forest.. where a wild goat ate the remaining “Cold God” she was carrying. xD She’s willing to give the goat for them, but since Erhard is clearly disappointed, she gives Meri the recipe of her research instead.

Reverse alchemy means dismantling an item to retrieve its raw materials, and so Heidi’s recipe listed all the materials she got upon dismantling the “Cold God.” Meri buys some ice crystals on the way back to the atelier, and Erhard gladly gives her a LOT of paper for the item synthesis. He keeps staring at her saying he loves this “nostalgic” atmosphere, but then he quickly looks away and changes the subject. Meri then synthesizes a mountain of Cold Papers by using the materials, and Erhard excitedly shows her the function by polishing his sword with the paper. Why yes, the “Cold God” is actually a paper for polishing swords. Everything just get way too complicated thanks to the ultra-long name. \(^o^)/ Not too long after that, Dirk comes to pick Erhard up from the atelier. Both Meri and Dirk remind him to work on those reports on his desk, but Erhard whispers that it’s impossible.. because the reports have turned into a mountain of Cold Papers. Thanks to Erhard and Meri’s wonderful collaboration, the knights now have a lot of quality polishing papers instead of “stupid reports”! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ While Meri and Dirk are holding back their tears, Popote calmly watches as the wild goat from earlier munches on the Cold Papers one by one — which causes Erhard and Dirk to scream in horror LOL.

May 26

In the morning, Ralf comes to ask if Meri and Popote know about Cold Paper. He heard rumors about it yesterday, and he’s wondering if they know anything. When Meri shows him the huge mountain of Cold Papers she made from Erhard’s reports, Ralf is impressed and asks if he can have the recipe. However, the wild goat from yesterday suddenly appears beside them and starts eating the Cold Papers again.. with a panicked Erhard chasing it from afar. Apparently the goat is now named Nora, which obviously comes from “野良ヤギ / nora yagi / wild goat”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Nora’s goat milk helps improving their budget, the knights decided to keep it in their HQ for now. Erhard proudly says he’s the kind and gentle caretaker of Nora, but Meri knows he’s just forced to take the responsibility for throwing his reports into the cauldron yesterday. xD When Ralf sarcastically tells him to do his best, Erhard says he wants to keep a good relationship with Nora — because he can feed Nora with his reports. \(^o^)/ Erhard then takes Nora back to the HQ, and Ralf cancels his plan to ask for Cold Paper’s recipe. The Cold Paper’s image has turned into goat feed in his eyes, so he has no more motivation to try synthesizing it. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

June 3

The Voyage Dance

Today is the Port Festival. In the afternoon, a lively music starts the festival’s Voyage Dance. Meri and Popote hears Erhard’s voice calling them from afar, and soon he comes to find them among the crowd. After teaching them how to do the dance, he then takes both of them to join the lively march. Popote panics since he’s floating in the air (considering his size xD) and Meri screams when the pace grows even faster, while Erhard cheerfully tells them to keep going without letting go of their joined hands. Erhard also says they should enjoy Elkrone’s festivals by doing stupid things and laugh together in the end, and Meri thanks him for inviting them to join the dance. Because of him, they can truly enjoy the festival today. Erhard then invites Meri and Popote to the knights’ HQ, where the knights are doing a secret performance contest — ranging from singing to telling ghost stories. xD Meri gladly accepys the invitation, and Popote gets excited when Erhard says their chef is making an incredibly delicious menu for the event. After that, Meri and Popote spend a fun evening with the knights — watching the performance contest as they enjoy the food together. As for Erhard, he performs a one-man show where he acts as a princess, an evil magistrate, a witch, a dog and a wedding cake which got eaten in the end. (゚▽゚ノノ”☆パチパチ

June 4

When Erhard comes to greet them in the morning, Meri and Popote thank him for the fun event last night. Meri finds it enjoyable to watch Erhard yelling out his lines with passion, and Popote still can’t stop laughing at how Dirk ate an apple pie with his face. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard then puts one vote each for his show and Dirk’s, explaining that they’re doing a polling for the performance contest each year. The unfortunate victim who receives the least vote will get a punishment game. Popote is curious about this, and Erhard jokingly answers that it might scare the living daylights out of him. He then laughs saying it’s a punishment game they can do in an all-men environment.. so Meri and Popote better off not knowing LOL.

Rescuing Duke Rosenheim

At noon, Meri hears the news that Elkrone’s ocean liner is drowning. She rushes to the port and helps everyone synthesizing medicines, but soon they learn that Duke Rosenheim — who was helping all the passengers to evacuate — is currently missing. Ignoring Johann’s attempt to stop him, Erhard immediately says he’ll go and asve the mayor. When Meri asks him to calm down and not let his emotions take control, Erhard smiles saying her words always reach his heart.. but then he apologizes and jumps into the ocean. Fren and Dirk quickly follow him with a boat, while Alex tells Meri not to worry. Erhard is really strong, so there’s no way he would lose to something like this. Not too long after that, Erhard returns to the port with Charlotte. He jokingly says they should make a bet over a kiss earlier, but upon seeing Meri crying for him, he apologizes for making her worry. Erhard then asks if he can really kiss her, and Meri can’t believe he can still joke around in this situation. Even though she’s glad that he’s okay. xD

When Charlotte invites Erhard to have lunch in the mayor’s mansion, Fren immediately objects. Erhard is surprised too and asks if she’s really sure about this, but Charlotte only tells Fren to not keep dragging things from the past. It turns out Erhard used to be Charlotte’s superior back in her days as a knight, and he describes her as the “brain” who always led their swords to the right path. He says the knights are like a ship without its steering wheel after she left, but she doesn’t think they ever needed one to begin with. While things seems rather complicated between her and the knights, Charlotte says it’s actually simple. Ever since a certain accident, Erhard has been putting some distance between himself and people. He never loves anyone nor devotes himself to a specific someone. The accident also put Charlotte in the same state, though he doesn’t think the accident is the only reason.

June 5

Journey to Vincestein

Following Charlotte’s suggestion, Meri travels to Vincestein — the Kingdom of Winter — with Erhard and Popote to search for the last material to create Aoi Wakkakka.

When they wake up in the carriage, Erhard complains about how narrow it is and asks if Meri could sleep last night. He also asks the carriage driver to prepare breakfast for them, and he explains that they have an extravagant travel plan. Their meals are provided three times a day, and they’re going to spend the nights in the forts along the way. As they eat breakfast, Erhard reveals that Heidi came to the mayor’s mansion yesterday. Both Charlotte and Heidi asked him to guard Meri to Vincestein, and he requested this high-speed carriage for their journey. When Erhard asks why she’s going to Vincestein, Meri answers that she’s looking for an item which is related to dragons.. but he quickly stops her saying he doesn’t want to learn about alchemy so early in the morning. He knows it’s important, but he prefers enjoying their journey instead. Like taking her to go shopping or watching beautiful sceneries, for example. Meri doesn’t think they have time for leisure since it’d probably be difficult to obtain the last material, but Erhard calmly says they’ll tackle everything on their way with their guts and fists. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Noticing that she seems worried about their journey ahead, he assures her that everything will be just fine. After all, a fight is one ofthe world’s greatest common language — along with alchemy, art and sports. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Rather than thinking about difficult stuff, he’d rather kick the dragon’s ass when the time comes. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Soon Popote wakes up beside them, and he wants to know why Erhard agreed to come along with them. Despite Heidi and Charlotte’s request, Erhard is the captain of the knights. His job is to stay in Elkrone and protect the city, and yet he’s joining their journey instead. When Erhard says it’s meaningless to protect a city without its citizens, Popote argues saying normally his superior won’t allow him to leave Elkrone however he likes.. and their argument continues until Popote eventually reveals that he doesn’t want to suspect Erhard as the black society’s spy.

Erhard: “Then don’t think that way, stupid!”
Popote: “Don’t call me ‘stupid’, stupid!”
Erhard & Popote: “GRRRRR!!” (@盆@)

However, Erhard is surprised when Popote tells Meri that he’s serious. The black society has been bothering her ever since she was searching for clues regarding Aoi Wakkakka, and they can’t do anything about what already happened.. but he wants to protect her. Upon hearing this, Erhard answers that he feels the same way. He only wants to protect what he wants to protect, and last night he made a huge commotion by telling his superior that “the knights can eat crap if they can’t do that much”. It resulted in him getting a two-week house arrest as the punishment, but it’s actually just an excuse so he can leave the city in the meantime. xD Erhard actually wanted to charm Meri by saying “I’m only your knight!”, but Popote completely trampled over his plan and took the spotlight LOL. The two of them make up after that, and Erhard says this is how a fight solve conflicts. \(^o^)/ He asks if they want to make a bet whether this journey will end up safely or not, but Meri rejects the idea right away. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

June 6

Early in the morning, Meri, Erhard and Popote continue their journey towards Vincestein. Since Popote keeps saying he’s bored, Erhard then takes out a card game saying they should enjoy their journey more. Knowing the knights often play cards for gambling, Meri quickly stops them and says a fairy like Popote shouldn’t do such a thing. She suggests playing Old Maid instead, and Erhard eventually agrees. He’s definitely not as excited without something to bet over, but he’ll gladly do it to see their smiles.

June 7

While Erhard is high-spirited as usual, Meri looks rather sleepy this morning. Popote complains that he can’t sleep in the carriage since it keeps rocking, so Erhard decides to entertain him by saying they’ll gamble today. Meri obviously protests, but Erhard then explains that they won’t gamble using money. They’re going to bet over each other’s secrets instead, which means the loser will have to confess their deepest secret. When Meri says she doesn’t have any, Erhard quickly stops her from backing out. If she loses, then she will have to tell them the name of the man she likes. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!! This makes Popote curious as well, so in the end he joins Erhard to gang up on Meri LOL.

June 8

Today is the fourth day of the journey, and Erhard feels sorry upon seeing Meri looking really exhausted. Popote, on the other hand, is snoring on the carriage couch, though he instantly wakes up when Erhard says they’ll continue their card game from yesterday. Both Popote and Erhard are 1000% determined to dig out Meri’s secret, but unfortunately for them.. she keeps on winning. xD Erhard, who keeps losing to them, ends up revealing all of his embarrassing secrets so much that he eventually cries. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He keeps playing to make them happy, but then he admits that he wants to embarrass her too for once. He wants to make her blush using all methods possible, and when she tells him not to cheat.. he lets out a suspicious giggle and says he won’t. 8D

June 9

After spending the last four days traveling in a carriage, Meri, Erhard and Popote finally reach Vincestein today. Meri wants to start gathering information by asking the citizens, but Erhard stops her saying that’s inefficient. Instead, he takes them to the Crystal Palace and deceives the staff by saying he wants to join the army. When the royal advisor — Lutz Reisengang — comes to see them, Erhard calmly reveals that it was only a lie so they can get in LOL. He then asks about the strongest soldier in Vincestein, and Lutz answers that it’s King Alexander, the grandfather of Queen Victoria. In the past, King Alexander defeated a giant desert beast and secured a vast land to build the entire kingdom of Vincestein. Erhard then asks if there are any beasts that can rival his strength, and Lutz mentions a mist demon living in Douste Mine. They have sent some soldiers to get rid of the demon, but sadly they couldn’t defeat it. Upon hearing this, Erhard suddenly says he’ll go exterminate that demon for them — shocking everyone. He explains that he needs to make a miracle with his sword, and defeating a mist demon sounds perfect. Erhard then asks Lutz to take care of Meri and Popote, as well as preparing a victory banquet with Victoria later. After telling Meri and Popote that he’ll be back at night, he runs off and leaves them in confusion.

In the evening, Lutz comes to call Meri and Popote to the throne room — where he introduces them to Victoria. Then suddenly, Victoria asks Meri to hold out her hand and puts the Dragon’s Tear on her palms. She explains that it’s one of Vincestein’s royal treasures, but she’s giving it to them because a certain someone insisted that he wants it as the reward LOL. Soon Erhard comes to join them, and Victoria takes them to an atelier in the Crystal Palace. Despite Erhard and Popote’s protests, Victoria says she wants Meri to prove her worth first by synthesizing Aoi Wakkakka in front of her. If she succeeds, then she can keep the Dragon’s Tears. Erhard tries to argue since he already defeated the mist demon for them, and Victoria calmly answers that he scarred the pride of the entire Vincestein’s army by doing that.. but she’s forgiving him. However, she also wants him to know that strength and justice are different. Especially when they’re dealing with politics. Meri decides to take Victoria’s challenge, but the result turns out to be Aokunai Wakkakka instead — a ring with a grey gem. It’s definitely not blue, but Victoria allows her to keep the ring because the item synthesis is successful. In addition, she also lets them spend the night in the Crystal Palace.

June 10

In the morning, Lutz sends Meri, Erhard and Popote off from Vincestein’s gate as they ride the carriage back to Elkrone. Victoria only watches them from afar, but she’s already satisfied by hearing the song Meri sang while synthesizing Aokunai Wakkakka yesterday. It turns out that Victoria actually knew about the “singing alchemist” of Elkrone, and the song makes her feel like her “old friend” has returned to her side.

In the carriage, Erhard says he never thought he’d get scolded for exterminating demons. He’s worried too because the materials turned into a different item, but Meri and Popote believe that it actually leads them closer to Aoi Wakkakka. Erhard then asks if they still have anything they want to do during the journey, and when Meri says no, he instantly rejects her answer saying that’s no fun. xD As the punishment, Erhard takes them to drop by the beach and tells Meri to keep them company. Victoria actually gave him two pairs of skate sandals as a present, and he helps putting one pair onto Popote’s feet. As Popote excitedly skates away, Erhard kneels down asking if he can put the other pair on Meri’s feet. At first she tries to refuse saying she’s not good at sports, but he won’t take no as an answer. They need to have fun since this is a journey with him, and he whispers “I won’t let you behave as usual” in a low, sexy voice that sent my ears to heaven. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン Meri blushes upon hearing this, while Erhard laughs saying she finally turns red. She asks if he’s taking a revenge for the card game, but he only gives her a vague answer and looks away. After he’s done putting the sandals on Meri’s feet, Erhard gets up and says “your hand, my princess” — which makes her blush even more.

June 14

After spending another four days traveling by carriage, Meri, Erhard and Popote finally reach Elkrone at night. When Meri thanks him for coming with them, Erhard replies that he really had fun too during the journey. Popote says he also enjoyed the journey as much as they do, and Erhard leaves after saying goodnight to them.

The Spirit Festival Arc

June 15

The Red Demon
Client: Erhard. Reward: 250 cole.

Erhard wants to make a new “trademark item” for himself before the upcoming Spirit Festival, and he’s requesting for Meri’s help. He says he’ll be waiting in Goddess Closet, but when they go to see him there, the twins say he got impatient and ran out. After searching around for a while, they eventually find him talking to Johann’s bird in Stolz Hill. Or rather, seducing the bird as he tries to capture it. Of course the poor bird flies away in fear, and Erhard goes Σ(´д`ノ)ノ when Meri and Popote come asking what he’s doing. Since they’re giving him the ( ಠ_ಠ ) look, eventually admits that he needs the bird’s feather to make his trademark item — his red jacket! When Popote points out that Johann’s bird has blue feather instead of red, Erhard takes them to solve the riddle by watching the birds in Torene Lake. It’s currently the mating season, and Meri quickly explains the meaning to Popote before Erhard says anything erotic. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ During the mating season, the male birds give red fruits for the females, who give their feather in return. They need those red fruits to make Erhard’s trademark red jacket, but sadly the fruits are mostly gone from the tree thanks to the male birds talking them away. When Meri asks if he has any ideas, Erhard reveals his grand plan to them — make a beautiful female bird and charm the males to bring the red fruits over! \(^o^)/ He says he only wanted to take some feathers from Johann’s bird, but Meri scolds him for being so brutal to the poor bird. xD

After gathering fallen feathers around the lake, Erhard and Popote make a “beautiful” bird and name her Lady Rempen.. but Meri only goes “why did it turn out like this?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The bird looks more like a penguin instead, and Erhard proudly explains that “Rempen” actually stands for “Realm Street Penguin”. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Meri scolds him for making an entirely different species, but not too long after that, a male bird comes to bring red fruits to Rempen’s nest. xD While Meri doesn’t find their bird beautiful at all, both Erhard and Popote actually think Rempen looks like.. her. Like her spaced out expression and her flat, no-curve body. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Rempen attracts more male birds after that, and Erhard thanks the “little bird” saying they have gathered enough fruits for his jacket. Popote then asks which “little bird” he’s referring to, and Meri blushes when he looks at her saying “of course it’s my little bird.” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Meri then uses the red fruits to synthesize three bottles of Passion Dye for Erhard, but on the way to Goddess Closet, Dirk suddenly stops her and confiscates one of the dye bottles. He refuses to return it despite her protests, and soon enough, Erhard makes a dramatic entrance to save her. However, his tension instantly goes down when Dirk scolds him to stop dying his jacket already. The red jacket is against the rules, but Erhard doesn’t care and tries to get the dye bottle back from Dirk.. which eventually causes the latter to drop the dye bottle, spraying them with the red dye inside. The dye is extremely spicy, and it’s burning their skin, noses and eyes. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Upon learning about the red fruits, Dirk rages saying those are the fruits of a demon tree. It caused a LOT of people to faint in the past, so the kingdom banned those fruits from being eaten since three years ago.

The three of them quickly wash off the dye at the fountain plaza after that, saying they never thought they would receive so much damage from a dye LOL. Fortunately for Erhard, Meri still has two extra bottles of dye. Dirk screams in terror upon seeing this, but Erhard calmly takes the bottles from Meri and gives her the payment. He happily says he can make an awesome new red jacket thanks to her, and he flees with Dirk chasing after him. xD When Meri returns home, Popote welcomes her with a delicious-looking.. red tart. They excitedly share the tart, but they instantly scream upon taking a bite. Because Popote, unaware of the deadly effect, actually put those red demon fruits into their tart. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

June 16

In the morning, Erhard comes to inform Meri that he safely protected the dye bottles yesterday. Popote mischievously asks if he wants to eat a “new kind of sweets”, and he offers a slice of delicious-looking red tart. Erhard, unaware of the ingredients, happily takes a bite and instantly screams on the spot. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then runs away looking for water, while Popote lets out an extremely mischievous laugh beside Meri. Popote apologizes when Erhard returns, but Erhard says there’s nothing to forgive because he finds it delicious. Or so he says. Erhard then takes all of the remaining demon tarts from Popote, and he runs off saying the knights will cry and breathe fire during today’s lunch. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

Sorting Letters
Client: Dirk. Reward: 300 cole.

When Meri and Popote go to the knights’ HQ, they find some of the knights having an intense argument. Some of them are saying they have to fight and erase the stain in their history, and one of them insists that it’s too reckless to jump into battle without backup. They turn to Erhard for the final judgement, but he only tells them to have a break for now — because they have a guest. Dirk explains the knights got emotional because of the Demon Gargoyle’s last attack, but Erhard quickly interrupts and says Meri is here for the request. Before Erhard could ask Dirk to trade places with him, Dirk refuses saying the knights are clealy irritated today. Erhard needs to control them as the captain, and so he unwillingly leaves when Dirk chases him out. For the request, Dirk asks Meri to help sorting out the letters addressed to the knights. Dirk also gives Popote a letter in a black envelope, labelled as a cursed letter. The knights receive this kind of prank letters every once in a while, so he wants Popote to get it purified at the church. At first Popote refuses to handle such scary thing, but he instantly agrees when Dirk bribes him with snack money LOL.

However, the cursed letter is actually safe. It’s already purified. Dirk only used it as an excuse to send Popote out, because he wants to talk to Meri in private. One of the knights’ duties is to examine letters for the citizens, and Dirk received a letter Basil sent for Meri.. but the contents are completely incomprehensible. In his letter, Basil wrote that Vincestein’s soldiers are aware of the existence of “jam tart”, and they’re curious about what happened six years ago. Based on their information, Basil said he might be able to learn and predict the movement patterns of “jam tart”. Of course Dirk knows “jam tart” is a code, and he asks what Meri heard from Basil. When she honestly admits that she knew about Reidoll, he mutters saying that fool has done something unnecessary. Next, Dirk asks why she tried to stop Erhard when he went to fight Reidoll alone. Meri answers it’s because she was worried, and she noticed that Erhard was way more emotional than usual. Upon hearing this, Dirk admits that he was happy back then. Meri said the words he wanted to say to Erhard, and he felt that she has become a part of the knights ever since. Dirk finally decides to gamble here, and he apologizes to Meri because he’s about to involve her in their issue. He then shows her a written order from Schlissel’s Prime Minister, and she’s shocked upon reading the contents.

After that, Dirk takes Meri to the mayor’s mansion. She wonders if he’s planning to seek help from Laura regarding the order, but he answers that they’re going to see one of the legendary three knights — the brain of the knights, Lot. Or rather, Charlotte. Even if she has been erased from the knights’ records, none of them can erase her existence from their hearts. Charlotte is surprised and asks if it’s okay to reveal everything in front of Meri, but Dirk admits he doesn’t have the confidence to convince her alone. When Charlotte refuses to listen to him, Dirk says he’s aware that she hates him.. because he was the one who erased her existence from the knights’ records. However, Charlotte says she doesn’t care about that issue. The knights are not allowed to lose in order to protect the kingdom, and yet she was completely defeated by Reidoll. She has no right to call herself an imperial knight after such a failure, so she doesn’t mind even if the knights erased her existence. What she can’t tolerate is the fact that Dirk also erased Reidoll’s existence from the records. She knows their superior put a lot of pressure on them — threatening to disband them if they don’t keep quiet — but now the world has no idea about what they’re truly facing.. even though fighting Reidoll is unavoidable in order to protect Elkrone. Dirk says that’s because Erhard keeps insisting that he wants to fight Reidoll all alone, but Charlote doesn’t like how they’re putting all the burden on him.

Just then Erhard enters the room, and he doesn’t look pleased to see them here. Earlier Popote told him that Dirk and Meri are missing, so he ran around searching for them.. only to find Dirk involving Meri into their issue. When Erhard tells him to return to the HQ, Dirk refuses and says the knights need Charlotte’s help. They failed to protect her in the past, and a lot of their squad members left and became adventurers out of utter disappointment. They lost an important thing back then, and he doesn’t want to experience the same thing anymore — he’s going to protect what he needs to protect. When Charlotte asks if something happened with the knights, Dirk reveals that Schlissel has officially stated that “Elkrone’s beast does not exist.” If people ever find out about Reidoll, they will definitely blame the knights — the kingdom’s strength — for not defeating the monster. When Duke Rosenheim is currently doing his best to seek aid from the capital, the kingdom itself has completely rejected Reidoll’s existence. Then finally, Dirk informs them about the Prime Minister’s order. The written order said that if Elkrone’s knights ever fight Reidoll again and lose against the creature, every single one of them will be removed from the imperial knights’ records. When Charlotte angrily asks who will protect Elkrone in this situation, Meri finally realizes the reason behind Basil’s sudden transfer. The union camp is actually just an excuse to place Vincestein’s army nearby for emergencies, which means that Schlissel is completely throwing this Reidoll issue into Vincestein’s hands. This means the knights won’t be necessary anymore, so it’s just a matter of time until they get disbanded.

There’s always an option to stop Reidoll even if the knights are disbanded, but what happened six years ago already put a deep scar in everyone’s hearts. After Charlotte’s defeat, Dirk was the one who found her. She was lying her own pool of blood with her leg completely crushed, but despite her condition.. she kept apologizing for staining the knights’ name with her failure. Erhard went wild and chased after Reidoll alone, but even after destroying his sword, in the end he only managed to cut off one of its arms. Even if they can’t defeat it, they don’t want to get disbanded without trying to fight Reidoll. That’s why they need Charlotte — as the brain of the knights — to devise a strategy for them to win against Reidoll. Charlotte then suggests a plan to fight together with Vincestein’s soldiers, who are all well-prepared to fight Reidoll, but Erhard rejects the idea. He knows Elkrone’s knights are the strongest when they’re fighting to protect their city, and so he won’t let anyone interfere with this issue. Not Vincestein’s army, and definitely not the Prime Minister. Charlotte already expected this to happen, so she gives them another strategy that suits them the most — confront Reidoll straight from the front. They don’t have to defeat it, they only have to treat it like a natural disaster. Defeating Reidoll would consume too much time and victims — which is why Erhard never took anyone along — and so they only have to chase it away. Someday it might return, but as long as the knights know how to handle it, Elkrone will always be safe. They don’t fight to win. They’re called “knights” because they’re fighting to protect what needs to be protected.

Erhard is satisfied with this strategy, and he suddenly turns to Meri asking if he can kiss her. To this, Charlotte replies by asking if Dirk and him wants to be punched or slapped for hitting on Mathias’ daughter. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She continues stabbing both of them with extremely harsh words before eventually chasing them out, so Dirk thanks Meri for the help and quickly flees with Erhard LOL. After they leave, Charlotte asks if Meri is feeling okay after listening to their discussion. Meri admits that it was really intense, but she’s glad to have come here and listened to everything. She’s always been worried about Erhard fighting Reidoll alone, so she feels relieved that he finally said they’re going to fight together. Charlotte then shows Meri her locket, which has a picture of Erhard, Dirk and herself during the legendary three knights’ era. In the picture, Charlotte is holding her beloved sword. It took quite a while until she convinced Oyaji to make the sword for her, but sadly she lost it during the fight with Reidoll.. and so she can only look at its picture now. The knights were actually ordered to get rid of the picture as well, but someone secretly sent a copy for her.

When Charlotte asks who she thinks that person might be, Meri says it must be Erhard. She noticed that he looked so angry when he went to fight Reidoll alone, and now she knows it’s because he’s blaming himself for failing to protect Charlotte. Meri then wonders if Erhard is in love with Charlotte since she’s clearly important to him, but Charlotte says she’s wrong. The knights are like a family who are bound together by “respect”, and there’s no such feeling as “romance” between them.. so Meri doesn’t have to hold back. She’s always free to fall in love with Erhard. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Not too long after that, Laura returns to the mansion. Upon seeing Meri, she mentions that Popote is crying because “Meri has eloped with Dirk.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Blame Mathias for this, since he’s the main source of this misunderstanding LOL. This finally reminds Meri that the poor fairy is still searching for her, and she quickly runs back home after thanking Charlotte for today.

June 17

At midnight, Meri and Popote wake up to the sound of someone knocking on their door. It turns out to be Dirk and Basil, who just returned to inform everyone that Vincestein’s army has been obliterated by Reidoll. The knights were ordered to rescue them, but Erhard suddenly vanished along the way. Their superior probably won’t allow them to search for Erhard since they have to prioritize the victims, so Dirk and Basil are planning to search for him by themselves. Sadly, the two of them won’t be enough to track him down. Dirk actually doesn’t want to involve Meri into danger, but she’s the only one he can rely on.. and so he asks her to help them search for Erhard. Popote then gives her the Deceitful Pendulum she got from Clemens, and she uses the pendulum to track Erhard’s location with Dirk and Basil. The pendulum eventually leads them to a knights’ charm on the ground, and Meri recognizes it as Erhard’s charm — the one he lent to her before. Basil is surprised since Erhard never believes in jinxes or charms, but Meri knows it must be because Erhard is actually scared too. He’s afraid of being unable to return to their side in Elkrone.

Just then something flashes nearby, and that’s where they finally find Erhard.. fighting Reidoll with a wild laugh. Both Meri and Basil are shocked to see him in such a state, but Dirk explains that’s just how he is. Erhard is insanely strong, but once he jumps into battle, he always turns into a berserker. That’s the reason why he can fight Reidoll alone. Reidoll soon collapses after taking Erhard’s attack, but Erhard doesn’t stop and continues slashing the creature. It’s clearly dangerous to approach him in such a state, but Meri runs to see Erhard and asks him to stop. She tells him that he already saved Elkrone by defeating Reidoll, and he words gradually bring him back to his senses. Not too long after that, the knights start coming one by one. Fren took the adventurers to help saving the victims, so the knights decided to search for their missing captain. They’re all shocked to see Reidoll lying on the ground, and Dirk asks Erhard to inform everyone that their wish has been fulfilled. However, that’s not the end of their fight. When Reidoll suddenly comes back to life, Meri pushes Erhard out of the way.. and then everything turns black.

The moment Meri opens her eyes, she finds herself in a dark, cold place. She can’t move her body, and she can feel her memories slowly flying out of her head one by one. She can hear Erhard’s voice calling out to her, and she sadly wonders if she’s going to forget his name too. Then suddenly, Meri hears Reidoll’s voice asking her to wake up. Reidoll says golems like him were created in the ancient times to fight with homunculi as their pilots, and he’s been fighting for a thousand years. Earlier he “mistook her for his pilot” and absorbed her memories — just like what golems always do to their pilots — but her memories made him realize that time has passed. His enemies are long gone. There’s no need for him to fight anymore, so now it’s time for him to fall into eternal sleep. Reidoll then returns all of Meri’s memories, and he thanks her saying he’s glad to have touched her memories. He also tells her to remember everything, and listen to his “pair”, his pilot, calling out to her. The next thing Meri hears is Erhard’s voice calling her name, crying as he asks her to answer his call. He’s blaming himself for being powerless in times like this, and as her memories slowly return to her mind, she thinks about how he’s not a person who would cry like that.

The knights’ attempt to rescue Meri is interrupted when Fren soon comes to deliver an order from Charlotte, as well as showing them the Prime Minister’s written order. They can’t rely on Vincestein’s army anymore, so now Charlotte wants the knights to return and protect Elkrone immediately. There’s no use to keep fighting a “losing battle”, and anyone who dares to object will be severely punished. Basil angrily says this isn’t a losing battle because Erhard has been fighting Reidoll alone all this time, but Fren calmly answers that he knows.. because he used to fight beside them in the past — as a knight. Charlotte said the citizens will lose faith if they lose here, but Erhard refuses to withdraw. While it’s considered a crime for a knight to break their oath to the royal family and do whatever they want, Erhard wants to keep fighting for the city. In the past, he didn’t know anything other than fighting. Aside from his “pair”, he couldn’t tell everyone apart. The ones who taught him everything were the citizens of Elkrone, which is why the city means everything to him. Dirk taught him that people have hearts, Charlotte told him how to use knowledge, the knights gave him the happiness of having friends, and all the ladies taught him.. well, charm. xD Fren says that’s exactly why he should withdraw and let the adventurers rescue Meri, but he firmly refuses. Erhard has always thought he treasures everyone equally, but he realized that his heart only belongs to Meri. She taught him what it means to deeply love someone, and he doesn’t want to lose her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Fren then confirms if that means he’s in love with Meri, and when Erhard says yes, he tells Dirk to give up on his stupid captain and the knights back to town.

However, Dirk orders the knights to draw their swords instead.

Fren: “Did you hear what I said, stupid!!”
Dirk: “As if I’d listen, you fool! I don’t care if it’s an order to withdraw or anything!”
Dirk: “The orders can go like this..! Take this..! This..!”

..then he goes wild and slashes the Prime Minister’s written order into pieces. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ It’s a crime to destroy an official order, but Dirk just couldn’t care less. He already made a mistake by erasing Charlotte from the knights’ record, and he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake by leaving Meri in Reidoll’s core. The imperial knights are fighting to protect the lies they made to protect their image, but Elkrone’s knights are different — they’re fighting to protect people. The knights cheer upon hearing his words, and Dirk tells Erhard that no matter what he says, they’re going to fight using the vice captain’s permission. Erhard laughs saying he loves them, and Dirk answers that he does too. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Fren then commands the adventurers to help the knights, and they work together to save Meri.

With her faint consciousness, Meri can hear Erhard’s voice admitting that he lied to her. On the night after the physical examination, he actually took his hair sample because he didn’t want her to find out about his real identity. He doesn’t know if he has any rights to stay beside her, or if he’s allowed to love her.. but even so, he doesn’t want to lose her. When Erhard calls her name, Meri’s memories fully return to her mind. She remembers that she has a lot of memories with him, and how her heart is filled with a lot of feelings for him. Erhard says his origins and his actions might be messed up, but his feelings for her are real. He can’t bear the thought of losing her, because he loves her. However, Meri answers that his origins isn’t a problem. No matter what he is, even if he’s not a human, she doesn’t mind.. because she loves him. When they profess their love for each other, Meri can see Erhard reaching out his hand to her. Then everything turns white.

June 23

After lying unconscious for a week, Meri finally wakes up in the atelier today — calling out to Erhard when she opens her eyes. She finds him sitting right beside her, along with a relieved Popote, Dirk, Basil and Fren. Meri asks if they’re okay after fighting Reidoll, and Fren says the mental damage is more severe than anything else. For the last few days, the adventurers are busy helping the knights with their job. Dirk keeps slashing written orders one after another, Basil keeps swinging his sword and cries that Meri won’t wake up, and Erhard leaves all the work to the adventurers. That includes dismantling Reidoll, taking care of the casualties from Vincestein’s army, and even working on his mountain of reports on his desk. Erhard teases Fren by asking if his justice is telling him to help with their work, and they end up bickering as usual while drawing their swords. xD Meri suddenly laughs upon seeing this, because despite their constant fights and denials, the adventurers and the knights always work together when they have to protect Elkrone.

Erhard then returns to Meri’s side, and he asks if she forgot to give him a kiss as the reward for saving her. She already learned everything about him, so he doesn’t believe that she’s not interested in him at all. Meri instantly turns red and tells Erhard that she needs time to prepare her heart, while everyone else are protesting in the background.

Dirk: “Hey, wait! If it’s a reward kiss, I have the right to receive it too!”
Basil: “Right! No, I-I mean! I’d be happy if you kiss me or allow me to kiss you.”
Fren: “You call yourselves imperial knights!? Be ashamed!!” (@盆@)

What. Basil. When did you turn into a flirt too? プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
Ignoring their protests, Erhard says Meri and him have reached a “forbidden relationship” they can’t tell anyone about LOL. He then grabs her hand and takes her to escape from everyone, and he refuses to let go of her.. because he already knows that she’s an important person to him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

Erhard brings Meri to the forest after that, where he shows her Reidoll’s giant arm that he cut off six years ago. He tells her that in the distant time, there were a lot of creatures like Reidoll wandering around the land. Johann and Mathias defeated them in the past, and while Erhard was rescued and brought to the city.. Reidoll ran away despite its nearly broken state. Erhard knew they have no reason to fight anymore, because the ancient kingdoms that created them already crumbled a long time ago. That’s why he’s been looking for Reidoll ever since, hoping that he can put an end to Reidoll’s long fight. After thanking Meri for giving Reidoll a peaceful sleep, Erhard says he’s finally free. Now that Reidoll is no longer roaming around the land, he doesn’t have a reason to stay in Elkrone anymore. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 When she asks if he’s going away, he asks her not to stop him because it’s something he has decided a long time ago. He loves Elkrone and its citizens, and he doesn’t want all the people he loves to get involved with someone like him any longer.. because he’s only a homunculus. He’s a doll who was created to fight. He says he can’t return to Elkrone, and he asks her not to get too close to him.

However, Meri knows how it feels to be an empty doll with no memories. She experienced the same thing when she was taken into Reidoll’s core. She knows the emptiness Erhard used to have, but she tells him that right now, his heart is already filled with emotions given by people. He’s just the same as them. She reminds him that he kept calling out to her when he saved her from Reidoll’s core, and she asks him not to leave her. Erhard isn’t sure if he has any rights to comfort Meri, but then he gives her a very vague kiss — between touching and not — to stop her tears. He asks her to keep what he said a secret from everyone, and he promises to date her a lot as an apology for making her cry.

June 24

In the morning, Charlotte comes to visit Meri in the atelier. She shows her the sword from the picture, which was found by Erhard deep inside of Reidoll’s body. Charlotte was devastated upon seeing attacks doing no damage against Reidoll, but Erhard has restored her pride as a knight. She says Erhard also restored the bond which the knight lost after her defeat, and Meri is about to ask how she feels about him.. but she gets interrupted by Erhard passes by with Dirk and Basil. When Erhard comes to greet them, Charlotte says she has a message from Lot. Since Erhard already brought the knights back to how they used to be, Lot can now retire in peace and start living her new life. Erhard replies that he still wants to be friends with Lot, so she should come and gather seashells with them next year — he’ll make a sand bath for her. Charlotte answers by saying goodbye, and Basil says that must be because he announced that he loves Meri everywhere. Now all the heartbroken ladies in the city will definitely reject him if ever tries to flirt with them again. xD

Erhard rages and drags them for 10 more laps of marathon around the city, saying they’ll keep running until he can regain the love of all the ladies in Elkrone. He yells “I love you too!” to Meri as he runs further away from the atelier, and Popote asks if their relationship has returned to how it used to be — “light and easy”. Meri isn’t too sure if Erhard’s flirty side will ever change either, but she admits that she also loves that side of him. Besides, she’s feeling happy that he mentioned “next year” earlier — which means that he won’t be leaving Elkrone after all — and she blushes upon remembering that he took her first kiss yesterday. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡

June 30

The Spirit Festival Eve

It’s the Spirit Festival Eve today, and Popote asks if Meri is going to participate. She tells him that women can’t join unless she receives a man’s invitation, but worry not — Erhard soon comes to ask her out. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* He says he’ll be waiting for her at the fountain plaza tonight, with red rose as the mark. While Meri panics thinking about what to do, Popote is still shocked that flirty Erhard has just seriously asked her out. xD Since Meri doesn’t have any dress, Popote then calls Belinda and Miranda to help her dressing up for the night. She also asks him to come along since she feels nervous, but he answers with “What are you saying!? You’ve been dating him nonstop after the Demon Gargoyle battle!” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ By the time Meri arrives at the fountain plaza, Erhard is sadly wondering if she’s rejecting him.. and if he should express his feelings more clearly. He’s extremely relieve when she finally shows up, and he says he looks as beautiful as an angel tonight. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

As they dance together, Erhard tells Meri that a long time ago, Johan and Mathias had to fight Reidoll in order to save him. Mathias was investigating Reidoll’s secret for the army, but even though Erhard was the pilot, they didn’t hand him to the kingdom. Instead, they brought him to Elkrone and treated him like a human being. Johann taught him about what happened since the ancient times, and Mathias gave him the recommendation to join the knights. Erhard can have a free life thanks to them, but Reidoll continued fighting alone even without a pilot. While Reidoll was seen as a terrifying monster, he was Erhard’s other half — they were a pair created to fight together. Erhard is glad that Reidoll’s long fight has finally came to an end, and he feels grateful to Meri for giving Reidoll a peaceful eternal sleep. Now it’s his turn to help her, and so Erhard vows to be Meri’s knight alone — she can rely on him all the time. Meri answers that she has nothing to fear with Erhard by her side, but deep inside, she actually feels insecure. She wants to grow closer to him, and she’s definitely not happy with their “light-and-easy” relationship.

Just then the countdown to the Spirit Festival begins, and Erhard tells Meri that couples who are dancing can kiss during the countdown. When the count reaches zero, Erhard calls Meri’s name and kisses her on the cheek. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He then teases her saying he made her into a tomato, and he asks if it’s okay for him to get serious about her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Erhard whispers that he’s going to steal a kiss from her, but when Meri blushes and freezes in place, he laughs saying it’s only a joke. Of course Meri gets angry, but Erhard says it’s because he loves her atelier.. so for now, he wants to let her finish her quest with Popote first. Meri then asks how many girls have fallen victims to that line before, and Erhard answers that she’s the only one who managed to go this far with him. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ That night, the two of them dance together until morning comes.

July 1

Today is the Spirit Festival. Meri wonders what Popote wants to do since he won’t be able to reach his dream anymore once the festival is over, but she decides not to ask him about this. In the morning, Erhard visits the atelier to see how they’re doing. When Popote shows him that their schedule is completely empty, Erhard tells them to go and enjoy the festival instead — he will watch over the atelier for them. Meri then asks if he doesn’t have work, but Erhard says it’s okay since he already left the patrols to Dirk. Now he can skip work without any problems. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Noticing that Meri seems concerned, Erhard tells her not to worry. He promises that he won’t open her closet and peek at her underwear. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ If they return to the atelier after that, Erhard jokingly asks if Meri wants to have a “home date” with him today. He admits that he’s already serious about her, but it’s his policy to do “those things” only at night. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Popote panics saying Erhard has turned into “Erohard”, and Erhard tells Meri to go enjoy the festival. Or else he might change his mind and attack them right here right now. xD When they flee from the atelier, he laughs saying they’re really cute.

July 2

Reunion with Margret

After escaping from the black society’s attempt to capture her, Meri finally manages to create Aoi Wakkakka with “singing alchemy” and Popote’s help. The ring then takes them to the world of the spirits, where they meet Margret and the king of the fairies. When Margret asks Meri not to blame the black society too much, Erhard protests saying they keep putting her into danger.. but Margret says that’s exactly why Meri has Erhard to protect her. Even though Meri cries a lot, Margret knows she’s a hardworker who will never give up even if the black society keeps bothering her. That’s why she wants Erhard to do his best too, or else he’ll only get dragged by her granddaughter’s pace. Upon hearing this, Erhard blushes and admits that he actually wants Meri to drag him along. (❤ฺ→艸←)

The king of the fairies then invite both Meri and Popote to come to the world of the spirits with them, but Meri refuses the offer because she loves Elkrone too much to leave it. After saying goodbye to Popote, Erhard walks Meri back to the atelier — where she cries all night since it looks so empty without Popote.

July 3

After the Farewell

In the morning, Meri is surprised to hear Popote’s voice greeting her as usual.. but it turns out to be her imagination, because Popote is no longer here. Not too long after that, Erhard comes to see her in the atelier. He knows she must be really sad after what happened, so he already bought a present to cheer her up — an extremely revealing swimsuit. \(^o^)/ Erhard then asks Meri to change into the swimsuit, saying they’ll go swimming at the beach together and make love as they forget about everything else. アヒャヒャ。゚(゚ノ∀`。゚(゚ノ∀ヽ゚)゚。´∀ヽ゚)゚。ヒャヒャ Meri obviously goes “what are you saying!?”, but she’s surprised when Erhard says he’s serious. Erhard wants to build a lively family together with Meri, and he asks her to make a babies like Popote with him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Just then a loud, familar “DOOON!!” surprises them, and suddenly Popote is already standing beside them — asking Meri to employ him. It turns out time actually flows at a different pace on the other side, and Popote is already satisfied after making a lot of fairy friends over there. Both Margret and the king of the fairies noticed that Popote has the ability to get along with anyone, and so they decided to send him back to the human world — saying that ability will only be wasted otherwise.

When Erhard says that’s the same as getting chased out of the world of the spirits, Popote attacks back by saying he won’t allow Erhard and Meri to make homunculi who look like him. Erhard argues saying he wants to make babies, not homunculi, and Popote replies that he’s always been suspicious right from the start. He keeps saying he wants to have a “light and easy” relationship with everyone, but he keeps sticking to Meri like a glue. Popote then asks if he’s been aiming for Meri right from the start, calling him “Captain Erohard”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Erhard admits Meri was actually outside of his “strike zone” since she was a kid, and he teases Popote by asking if his farewell kiss with Meri yesterday had a deeper meaning. xD Erhard then challenges Popote to make a bet over whether he would fall in love with Meri or not, asking her to change into the revealing swimsuit and tempt Popote with all her might LOL. Popote accepts the challenge saying he’s ready to prove his innocence, but Meri eventually yells at them to stop.

Meri: “W E L L, I’m S O R R Y for being a kid outside of your ‘strike zone’.” (´≖ ‸ ≖`)
Erhard: “Ugh..!” Σ(;∀;lll)

Meri then scolds Popote for asking her to “employ” him. The atelier is his home, so he needs to say something else when he returns. When Popote says “I’m home”, Meri and Erhard answer with a warm “welcome back!”

True Ending

Ever since the Spirit Festival, Erhard has been visiting Meri every week. Whenever the knights have a day off, he always comes to ask her out on a date. Meri became really popular among the knights since the battle with Reidoll, so Erhard says he’s protecting her from all “unwanted pests” — though Popote knows the reason is actually deeper than that. After the knights are done reporting Reidoll’s case to the kingdom, Erhard takes a day off and visits the atelier. He says it’s a “vacation”, but he actually needs to return to the HQ at night and work until morning comes. xD Popote knows Meri will be happy to help Erhard with the mountain of reports if he asks her to, but he totally rejects the idea of having a “report date” LOL. When Meri comes out from her room, Erhard asks Popote to give them a chance to be alone today — promising to give him a lot of presents later. Popote agrees to stay in the atelier, and Erhard takes Meri to the beach after that.

After changing into their swimsuits, Meri hides in the shadows out of embarrassment. Erhard asks her not to be shy and takes her out of hiding, but he instantly turns ・・・(〃д〃) when he sees her in a swimsuit. Noticing that Erhard is looking at her body with lecherous eyes, Meri quickly turns around saying she’ll go change.. but he stops her saying he wants to make a lot of unforgettable summer memories with her. When she asks him not to stare at her with such a perverted expression, he says he understands. The problem is her body turns him on, and he starts having a lot of evil thoughts in his head. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Erhard then mumbles “t-t-this is bad.. you’re more charming than I thought..”, and Meri replies with “in a way, your honesty is actually refreshing.” (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He then jumps into the sea to chase away the evil thoughts, and she follows him into the water — having fun until the sun sets.

As they sit on the beach together, Erhard apologizes for inviting Meri to go out every week. When she says it’s not like him to apologize over such a thing, he says time passes really fast when he’s with her. They see each other everyday and go on dates on their days off, and he always thought their relationship is more than enough to make him happy.. but he can’t take it anymore. Erhard always thought Meri would reject him if she found out about his identity, but she asked him to return and stay in Elkrone instead. The moment he heard those words, she has taken away his everything — his heart, his soul and his entire existence. Ever since the battle with Reidoll, he has completely fallen in love with her. Erhard then says he wants them to understand each other, and he wants to cross the line that separates them.. by becoming one with Meri. Σ(〃д〃)エッ!? He can’t hold back anymore. Not even if she refuses.

Before Erhard could continue, Meri stops him saying he needs to listen to her feelings too. If he wants them to understand each other, then he shouldn’t conclude that she’d refuse even before asking how she truly feels. Meri then lists all the facts about Erhard — ranging from his flirty side to his hatred towards injections — and when he asks if she’s praising or insulting him, she says it’s still not enough because he’s always in her heart. He’s the most human-like person she has ever known. Then finally, Meri tells Erhard that she loves him. She wants to be with him too. Upon hearing her answer, Erhard pulls Meri into his arms and promises that he will treasure her forever — loving her for the rest of his life. When Meri happily says yes, Erhard says they’re going to spend the night together today. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Following the proposal, Meri eventually marries Erhard and lives the rest of her life with him.. but their “report date” is a story for another time. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Good Ending

Several days after Popote’s return, Erhard comes to remind Meri and him about the main event of the Spirit Festival — the battle tournament. He already reserved two seats for them on the knights’ side, and he asks them to come and support him. At noon, Meri and Popote watch the battle tournament in the knights’ HQ. Erhard easily eliminates all of his opponents — including poor Fren — and makes his way onto the final round, where he’s finally up against Johann. Just like last year.. and the years before. After building up their concentration, both Erhard and Johann end the final round in one hit — with Erhard’s victory. As Meri and Popote cheer along with the knights, Erhard interrupts his own victory interview to make a grand speech in front of everyone. He announces that he loves Elkrone, as the city has given him everything that he lost before — memories, hometown and even words. He loves Elkrone so much he thought of leaving the city, but there was a girl who cried and stopped him from leaving.

Erhard then turns and looks up to Meri in the tribune, asking her to listen to what he wants to say. He tells her that she worries about him whenever he jumps into battle alone, she thinks about all the friends he left along the way, and she cares about the people he failed to protect. Erhard always runs ahead all by himself, but Meri collects all the things he dropped along the way and returns them to him. The current him exists because of her, and he knows he won’t be able to reach this happiness without her. Now for his futrue, Erhard calls out to Meri and confesses that he loves her — asking her to go out with him. When Meri happily says she’d be glad to, Erhard jumps in joy and asks her to come down. Dirk then lifts Meri up and throws her to the stage below, where Erhard catches her with his arms. Erhard once again tells Meri that he loves her, and he seals her lips with a kiss before she could answer. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ As the whole audience cheer that Elkrone’s “Red Demon” has finally found the one he really loves, Erhard tells Meri that they will always be together.

OMG how did this post turn to be this long? Σ(・д・;) I’m sorry, I love Erhard’s scenes too much to cut the details. He has a lot of funny moments, but the main story of his route is absolutely captivating. The last battle completely drains my tears, along with how Erhard reveals the truth to Meri after that. ヽ(;▽;)ノ I also love how the knights play a major role in this route, but now I’m wishing we can date Fren and Dirk as well. Why are you guys not capturable..!? (屮゚Д゚)屮 The relationship development in Erhard’s route is partly hidden behind his flirty attitude, but his endings are so much 萌え─♪。゚+.o(*´∀`*)o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ so I won’t complain. Erhard’s proposal is so エロい though, and it made me keyboard smash in the middle of the night because of the way he put it. Just as expected from our “Erohard”. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.


15 thoughts on “Atelier Elkrone – Erhard

  1. Erohard *ahem* I mean Erhard, his story is really captivating. I can feel his pain when he is revealing the truth to Meri. I love his flirty side, and even thought he is like that he is reliable. Ah.. makes me love him more (*´▽`*) I also love his interaction with Popote and the knights. And I love both of his ending, glad in best end they got married (≧∇≦)/

    FD please (≧∇≦)/, now I really want to see more of their love story and Dirk…. omg I love him more and more xD

    • I know right. Before doing Erhard’s route, I always thought Dirk is a player like his captain.. but this route reveals that he’s actually serious and hardworking. If we get rid of his flirting habits, he’s actually quite similar to Meri. xD The knights’ interactions with Meri and Popote are the best so far, and despite his dissatisfaction in the knights, I feel that deep inside Fren is actually still a part of them. Man, I want a fandisk with after stories PLUS Fren and Dirk’s routes. I heard Elkrone sold pretty well (though a lot of people are criticizing it because it’s not an RPG), so yesss work on that fandisk Gust and Otomate. (屮゚Д゚)屮

  2. Omg I think hes my favorite! I rolled around on squeals over reading his route so much. I love how Meri handles him and the way he hits on her . Erhard’s scenes with Dirk and Fren are gold!I wish they were capturable as well.

    • I still love Johann more, but I love Erhard too. Meri sure knows how to handle him, ranging from stopping him from escaping until scolding him when he’s being ero. xD I heard Elkrone sold pretty well, so I hope Gust and Otomate will make a fandisk for Elkrone. We need sweet After Stories, and routes for Fren and Dirk. I actually want a route for Lutz too, but not sure if it can work out since he’s in Vincestein. ;_____;

  3. (*ノ∀ノ)キャー♡ Erohard I’m in love with you!! Let’s become one!! /shot
    I was practically 萌え─♪。゚+.o(*´∀`*)o。゚+.♪─ ぇぇっ all the way throughout Erohard’s route, he’s so flirty and hilarious, it makes him so cute (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kyaa kyaa, he’s my top right now!! I’m sorry Stephan 8D;
    And his story was really sweet, I’m really touched. I was crying tears when I saw the scene between Meri and Reidoll because it was so BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。And Erhard is really sweet when he sees Meri in a swimsuit イヤン♡(*ノ∀ノ) Idk I was just falling in love with him when he said how charming Meri was. Omg FANDISK NOWWWWWWW~~~ Erohard LOVE 8D I wanna see their child!! … Or children 8D The more THE MERRIERRR /slapped
    Kyaaaa~ Erohard~ I’m glad I’m starting to like at least one guy in Atelier Elkrone OTL I was starting to get worried I had a frozen heart…

    • Oh, I forgot to add, I really love how they show the kinghts interacting here (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* I wouldn’t mind going for Dirk 8D /shot Dirk is extremely adorable when he drags Erohard back to work プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ And when they were all “I love you” I went “And I love BOTH OF YOU! WHO’S UP FOR A GROUP HUG?! 8D” /shot
      … And I’m sorry, I’m stealing all your emoticons here OTL

      • Dirk is basically Erhard’s wife when it comes to the knights, so yeah they obviously love each other. Erhard’s title was never made clear.. but if Charlotte is the brain, then Dirk is the heart. He also taught Erhard about feelings when the latter was still an empty doll, which is why their bond is really strong. Somehow Fren still feels like a member of the knights too, except he takes different actions instead. The more I think about it the more frustrated I get since these two are not capturableee C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

        Dear Gust and Otomate, please make a fandisk for Elkrone. I will buy it with all of my money, because married life with Johann & Erhard and having children with them will be SO worth it. ;____; ..and while we’re at it, please make Fren and Dirk capturable. カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ(゚Д゚щ)カモーン

  4. I was looking forward to Erhard’s route because he was so funny, but it went beyond my expectations- I didn’t expect him to have such a sad past! ;w; The scene when Meri regained her memories and where he tried to reach out to her was so sweet aksjfaslkjf ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

    It’s really tiring to hear some people complain about this game simply because its not an RPG, or on the other hand some people complain that its not romantic enough. =S The story is really touching, it carries such a beautiful message about friendship and love. It will always be on my favorite list. <3

    I love how Erhard treats Meri and Popote, and how he's always calling them cute. He kinda acts like Popote's dad when he carries Popote on his back or when they gang up on Meri in a game of cards ww.

    • Since this is Gust we’re talking about, I was expecting someone among the guys to be a homunculus / clone of someone else.. but I never expected Erhard to have such a sad past either. ;__; His feelings for Meri just flooded me with a lot of emotions during that last battle, and his endings.. I just can’t sjkadhsd ヽ(;▽;)ノ I love how Erhard treats Popote too. Johann and him are like Popote’s dads, while Ralf is like a big brother. I’m looking forward to see the rest, though I’m sure Popote will always be an important part of Meri’s relationship with her guy. xD

      As for complaints, I guess not everyone can appreciate a story’s depth. I noticed most people only want blatant ラブラブ moments instead, and so all of these touching details in Elkrone just.. fly over their heads. I agree with you on those people who complain about the “lack of Atelier elements” and such. The atmosphere of Elkrone is VERY Atelier, and why did they expect item synthesis and / or adventures when the genre is clearly ADV. :|

  5. Ufufufu~Ero…I mean Erhard has the best route by far. I was really looking forward to this route and it went waaaaay beyond my expectations. It’s so touching and hilarious. I did not expect Erhard to have such a past like that. Well, I expected something sad, yes, but not to this point. For that, I love him even more. Aha, he’s still Erohard in the end with the things he says to Meri. xD I love how he always tries to get out of doing reports or getting injections. xD Such a shame the other knights aren’t aimable.

    • Erohard is the best! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
      Okay not really since my favorite is Johann, but still.. xD
      Erhard hates reports with a passion. It’s like he’s willing to do anything as long as he can escape from those reports, though poor Dirk has to drag him back every time. Or else his desk would break again LOL. Both Fren and Dirk are really active in this route, but especially Dirk since he’s Erhard’s wife in the knights. I hope they’ll make a fandisk and let us capture Fren and Dirk..

      • I’m in a bit of a conflict between Johann and Erhard being in first place…I don’t wanna choose between them~~~DX
        There must have been A LOT of reports in order to break something as strong as a desk. Or maybe it reached its limit after all the years of Erhard stacking up the reports because he doesn’t wanna do them.

        • Yeah, there’s always a mountain of reports on Erhard’s desk. Like literally. Sometimes the mountain also multiples itself, and since he keeps running away instead of taking care of them.. eventually the poor desk just can’t take the burden anymore. That’s not the first desk he breaks either, so I guess some of the knights’ budgets are used to buy new desks for him. xD

  6. I just realized that I never commented on your new posts “orz

    Wow I was interested in Erhard from the beginning, but his route ended up far surpassing my expectations. Erohard indeed! I squeed so much reading this, since I wasn’t expecting anything other than “pure and clean” romance from this game. So Erhard was definitely a pleasant surprise x3

    And the way he interacts with his knights made me laugh

    • Don’t worry about it, I always hear from you on Twitter anyway. xD
      I was surprised too at how ero Erohard is. Ralf and Johann, whom I did before him, both have pure romance, so I didn’t expect Erhard to break through that image. Even his proposal sounds so erotic LOL. Oh, and the knights have the best interactions in the whole game. Their bond is really strong, and they love each other like brothers. Up until this very day I’m still wishing for Fren and Dirk to be capturable. 8D

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